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The Orgasm

Zoey lynn backet was sentenced to die by lethal injection. She was woken up in her death row cell. “We need to move you to a death watch cell. ” the gourd said. She was resigned. She took a deep breath. She presented her hands to the gaurds.

She wore an orange jump suit. She was barefoot. Her hands waist and feet were placed in shackles. She was used to the procedure by then. Sense arriving at the death row sense She was formerly sentenced she did not leave any room without being shackled. She was used to this. This was old hat to her.

She had figured out how to walk with while shackled. The chains were praticlyoa part of her now. It hardly brothered her any more.

She had been a petty thef. She had been in and out of jail. She had not committed any serous crimes. During a robery a shop owner took out and she schot him. He died of his wounds a few days later.

She got away. The police discovered her dna and the evidence lead to her. She fled. She was trapped at a cabin. She opened fire. She schot and killed a police officer.

A witness saw her and called the police. She was arrested. The evidence waa rock solid. Her lawyer tried to get the prosecutor to agree to life in prison but the d.a would not budge. The d.a was determined to push for the death penalty.

Her lawyer had her dress like the girl next door. Had her braid her hair. Her lawer tried to potray her as the girl next door. The jury did not buy it. She was formerly sentenced to death.

She did not want to prolonge her wait to be executed. She waved her appeals. A date of her executuon had been set. Soon she would be put to death. She was at peace with it.

She was taken to a death watch cell. ” can you strip naked please. ” a female gaurd asked.she pulled off her orange jump suit. Then she took off her bra and panty.

She was given an enima. Her rectal area was totaly iragated. A saline solution was placed in her rectum. The contents were removed. They wiped her off.

She was given a shower. The female gaurd bathed her. “I am required yo bath you. ” she said. She washed her boobs. Shw washed her legs and feet ans belky and hair.

She spent most of the day naked. Then as the day got closer, she was moved to an area right next to the death chamber. She was naked as she was escorted there.

The warden arived. He sat down and explaned to her what would he described the proceedings, she got horny. She trued to hide it. “Your getting arosed. ” the warden said. “Why am i getting aroused? ” she asked. ” it is actualy quite normal. ” the warden said.

“You have been poked and proden. Your vegina has been put though a lot of stimulation. ” the gaurd said. She did not like it. She did not want to het turned on by her impending death. She tried to stay calm.

It would soon be time. The gaurd arived. “We need to get you dressed. ” amy the gaurd said. She was given a diaper. Women have weak bladders. They are routinly diapered during execution. She put on the diaper. The diaper made her even more horney. She tried to fight it.

She put on a fresh orange jump suit. She zipped it. She was barefoot. She huged amy. She was shackled. She made that last walk to the death chamber.

She arived at the chamber. She was unshackled. She saw the visitors. Sge was even more horney. She was turned on by people about to watch her die. She was unshackled. She was told to lay down. She did so.

She laid down. A gaurd had her lay down on a pillow. The pillow was firm and comfortible. A blanket was placed below her waist. Her legs were spread and placed in restrants. Her hands were spread out and put in restrants.

She got even more horney. She just wanted to plesure herself. Her vagional area was so wet. Her face made clear evidence of her being turned on. She breathed in and out.

Her charges were read and the sentence by the warden. She was asked if she had any last words. She apologized to the families of those she kiled..she apologized to her own family.

She was so aroused. She was put to sleep. She moaned before the machine was turned on. She was put to sleep. She imagined having sex with amy the gaurd. Amy licked her pussey. She urged her to keep going.

Then she was given a muscle relaxant. Her muscles contracted. Her chest went up and then down. Then the last toxin was given.her eyes closed. She peed on her diaper. She died.

The attending physician checked her over. She was pronounced dead. She was unstrapped. She was turned over to the medical examiner.

Her body was turned over to her family to be buried. The news media learned that she died horney.


The hanging

Ema rease miller was sentenced to hang. She had been accused of stealing funds from her compony. The compony wanted to make an example of her. She had insisted on her innocence.

The case by the prosecution was shotty at best. The compony had a lot of influence in the town. The country alowed private prosecution where a private entity could prosicute someone who had them wrong. The compony hired a former attoney general to lead the prosecution. She could not compete with there masive prosecution machine.

The jury only deliverated for an hour.they came back with a guilty verdict . the compony was very popular in the town. The compony was the biggest enployer in the county. It employed a lot of people. The compony spurned off schoots. It inspired other business that complimented the compony.

The compony had become a power base in the general reigion. County and town oficials were almost hand picked by the compony. This nation did not have some of the same jucidual protection as the u.s did.

In the case of a private prosicution, all death penalty cases were revewed by the sate supreme court. Many of the judges were loyal to the compony.despite her lawyers atempt to get the court to throw out the guilty plea, the appellate court help up the guilty plea and the death sentence.

A few years erlier, the comerce guild lobied the sate legislachor to make embezzlement eligible for the death penalty. It was very controversial. There were protest. The equivalent of the American cival liberties union tried to stop it. They did not have a lot of influence in this sate. There were other states that did have more of an influence.

Ema rease was part of a rags to ritches story. Her dad was a junkie who could bearly hold a job. He died from an overdose when she was seven years old.

Her mom worked several jobs but still could not make ends meet. Emma was smart. She had practical smarts. She loved math. She was good at it. She graduated from high school top in her class.

She got a scholarship to attend a prestigious school. She got good grades. She had been elected Her class financial secratary. She did a summer internship for the compony she later worked for.

She graduated first in her claherat hwr university. The compony she interned for tried to recruit her to join the compony. She started off in the accounting department and later on was elevated to department manager.

She was then given the coveted post of vice president of finance. She was well liked by the c.e.o of the compony. She had a lot of suporters. She also had detractors.

There were new technologies and inovation. This was creating brand new industries. There was a new industrial revolution. While the conpony was booming the older gaurd was nervous.

Manny of them were growing older. Many were nearing retirement. They were getting nervous about being margilized and side lined. They feared being let go and losing there seleary and there equivalent of 401-k.

Ema had become a rising star in the compony. She was becoming a kind of protégée of the c.e.o. She was not interested in the top post but they feared if she was pressured she would probably take the job. Who would not.

When there was a scandal concerning musing funds, the old gaurd feard that the ceo would use this as an excuse to cleen house. They decided to frame her.

From the moment she was arrested, she knew her goose was cooked. The deck was definitely stacked against her. She knew that.

She had been taken to lock up. She was striped from her dress suit. She was put in an orange jump suit. She was denied bail. She had to stay in jail during the trial.

After her conviction, she was given two days to prepare for her execution. She would be put to death two days after the conviction.

While her lawyers did everything they could think of to save her life. She knew that any eforts would be futile. She knew the power that the conpony welded. She knew that nothing would work. She did not even want to try but her legal team would not just give uo. She alowed them to do that but she knew that it would be fruitless.

She spent her last days relaxing. She was not agitated. She was at peace. She knew that she was innocent. She knew the truth. She hoped that the truth would come out. If it did not, og well. She knew she was not disloyal or unlawfull. To her that was what mattered.

The day of her execution a matron arived. “Hunnie we need to get you get ready. ” Katie said. She took a deep breath and said ok.

She took off her orange jump suit and bra and panty. She was given an enema. Then she took a shower. She was alowed to paint his finger and toe nails. She used orange. She was required to wear a diaper.

She put on a purple dress shirt abd black skirt. She put on a black sports coat over her blouse. She put her hair up in a bun. She tried not to make it look too severe.

“Ok. I need you to open up your shirt?” the matron asked. “Really? Why?” she asked. ” all female condemned are required to show cleavage! ” she said.

She decided to go along with . She unbuttoned the top buttons. She pulled her bra down. Her boobs were clearly visible.

She hugged katie. She hugged the gaurds. She was not shackled. She was able to walk on her power. Sge was hower surrounded by armed gourds. She had no intention of resisting.

She did not make any satement. She went to the gallows. The noose was put in her head.

She was barefoot. She was asked if she was ready. She indicated that she was. The lever was pulled. Her feet fell. She strugled to breath. It was a losing battle. Her body kept moving. She stoped moving.

She was pronounced dead. She was allowed to stay dangling. Then her body was cur down. She was burried in a family cemetery.

A few months later, the real culprit confessed to the underlying crime and the frame up. She was acquitted posthumously.


Diapered lethal injection

Jamie had been convicted of multiple counts of murder. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection. All of her apeals were exhausted. While the governor could still commute her sentence to life in prison but given the saverity of the crime, that seemed highly unlikely. In all likelihood the execution was goung to happen as scheduled.

She was at peace with it at this point. She accepted it as a foregorn conclusion. She was ok with it. At this pount it what was. There was no avoiding it so she decided not to even try so she did not try. It was inevitable and she treated it as such.

She waa waiting in her death watch cell for them to arive. She waited for them to arive to get her. They would take her to the place of her execution. They would finish the final preparations before the mane event was to occurred.

She was laying down on her mattress. She was confortible in her small cott. She was wearing an orange jump suit and was barefoot. She was at peace. She was not agitated or jittery. She was perfectly calm and sirene. If you did not know better, you would never know that she was about to be put to death.

She was twenty two. She had brown hair she put in a poney tail. She was five six. She was atteactive. She looked like a girl next door. She did not look like a hardened criminal. Few hardened criminals do fit the mold.

She had been a good student. She graduated high school first in her class. She had a four.0 from a university. She was enployee of the mounth at her job several mounths runing. She hardly seemed like a candidate for the death penalty. What happened that caused this? It was one misstep that led to others that led to this.

One day in a bet she stole a candy bar from a convineient store. She never thought she would not get caught. She fully expected to. She figured she would get a fine. She was a pillar of the community so she figured that it would not be a big deal.

She lifted a candy her shock she got away with it..she vowed to never do it again. She felt si guilty she refused to even eat it. She threw it away. She was so disgusted with herself.

She vowed to never do it again. She had an urge to try it again. She had a kind of adrenaline rush. She tried to ignore it. It was like a junkie needing a fix. She could not resist forever.

She tried again. This time she stole a bunch of stuff. She never thought that she would get away with it this it this time. To her shock she did. No one knew what she had done. She got away with it again. She was thrilled. She felt horified over it at the same time.

The more she got away it the more she wanted to do it. At first she felt bad about it. She vowed to never do it again. She was sincere. She believed herself to be.

After several successful thefts from convenience stores she stoped attempts to turn from this. She eventually graduated to bigger stores. She then turned to robbing stores at gun point. She stole mony. She wore a mask. She had not gotten caught.

She started robbing banks as well. She got away with that as well. She was gerting ritch from her thefts. She got rid of the mony. It was not about the mony. She did not spend one cent of it. It was only about the was only about the adrenaline rush. That was only what it was about.

Her luck went out. One day a security gaurd opened fire in her. She schot him. He died from his wounds. She got away.

They had no idea that it was her. She was not on there radar. She tried again. She robed abother bank. A customer used a knife to stop her. She left blood.

Some one saw her car. The car was linked to her. The police went to her apartment. She opened fire and two cops died in the shoot out. She got away but after a full fledged manhunt she was arrested.

All of the evidence incriminated her.the prosecution had her dead to right. The jury convicted her and sentenced her to death.

The gaurd arived at her cell. ” hunnie! Its time ” a gaurd said. She got up. She was shackled and was escorted to the death chamber. She saw all of the witnesses. This included family of her victoms and members of the law enforcement community who she had targeted in her battles with them.

The gaurds removed her shackles. “Will you remove your jump suit? ” the warden asked. She unzipped it. She pulled it down and pulled it off. She only had a diaper under neth her uniform. All condemed were required to be diapered during her execution. That was standered operating procedure.

She was asked to lay down on the gurney.she was helped up.she waa told to lay down. A pillow was put behind her head. She was told to spread her arms. She complied. She offord no resistance. Her arms were put into restraints.

Her feet were spread out. They were put into restraints. They found a vegn and put several iv needles into her vegn. Everything was set up. The warden asked her if she had a statement. She apologized to the victims and there families. She made a breef statement.

The warden ordered the procedure to begin. The first injection was administered. She fell asleep. Her eyies closed. She looked relaxed and at peace.

Next she was given a muscle relaxant. Her body conteacted. Then the toxin was administered. It caused her body to convulse. She peed and pooped. She was pronounced dead.

She was buried in the prison cemetery. Justice was served.


The firing squad

Blackburn corectional facility was a maximum secuity facility that only housed those on death row. Many of the prisoners were political dissidents. Others were those who made disparaging remarks against the president and his administration. Some made a political coment an old lady disliked. She called the department of public safety and reported it. They were arrested and many were sentenced to death.

In this era, sentences for disent ran the gamut from short sentences to hard labor to death. Sentences for political duscent was at the discretion or whims of the judge. Someone sentenced to death could get a pardon or comutation but the judge could change there mind. The officer who ordered the commutation or pardon could be reversed by another judge or oficial. No action was final.a professor known for political activism got his death sentence commuted and was released. Ten years later, he was rearrested for the crime he was pardoned for. He was excicuted this time.

A favorite method of execution of the president was death by firing squad. Most crimes that warranted the death penalty was punisible by firing squad. The congress streamlined apeals process. Apeals were now at the discretion of the justice department. Most judges were appointed by the president and would not go against him.

A new program began where five death row inmates were chosen at random. They were procesed, lined up and schoot. It became a daily occurrence. Eleven am five inmates chosen at random processed and schoot.

All death row inmates Could be picked. Not just political prisoners but any condemned.

Blackburn only house female inmates. Any women in Blackburn could end up on the busdiness end of a gun.

Anna joy was pacing in her cell. She wore a prison uniform that resembled a potatoe sack. She was barefoot. The uniform was made of course material and was uncomfortable. Some inmates decided to just go naked. She wanted to perserve some if her dignity. They were not alowed underwear.

Anna had been an english literature major. She got good grades. She was on the deens list. She edited the school news paper. She grew up in a poor country area. Her parents bearly eaked out a living. She had beried herself in her studies in high school. She was valedictorian of her high school. She played sports as well.

She got a scholarship with chancellor’s university. It was a network of community colege which had networks thoughout the country.the coleges were a partship between private universities and the federal department of education.

She did well in college. She seemed to have a bright future. Then she messed up. She loved penut butter cookies. She was obsessed with them.she routinely made them in the dorm’s kitchen and let her floor have some.

The president hates anything punut butter. He put a tax on anything with penut butter in it. She thought this was arbitrary and unfair. As it has been said, ‘the power to tax is the power to destroy. ‘ she saw no need to destroy punut buter.

She wrote an editorial for the student newspaper. She wrote a scholarly letter. She came at it from a liberterian perspective. It was thoughtfull and reapectfull. No attacks nothing. It was hardly dissent. She voted for the president in the last election. She was a proud member of the president’s political party. She was a member of the local party executive bored. It was a disagreement on an insugnificant iasue.

The president did not tolerate any disagreement . no dissent, no opposition. You were one hundred percent for him or one hundred against him. There was no middle ground.

When the department of public safty saw the article, they sent it to the juatice department. The attoney general informed the president and he was furious. He ordered her arest at once.

She was taking an exam when the federal police arived. She was wearing a pink blouse and gray skirt and sandles. She was not told what she was being charged with. Het clasmated were shocked. No one was more pro president Michael Ellis washburn then her. She was not very polutical but she adnired the garbege colector turned sate rep turned congressman senator then vice president and president.

There was plenty of evidence that she was guilty. The way the satute was writen she violated the law. Her lawer tried to present evidence that she ment no disrespect. She disagreed with this one issue. The prosecutor argued that discent wrong. It was dangerous. She was found guilty. She bagged for mercy but the judge sentenced her to death.

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