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Hello and welcome! To a selection of stories all set on the spookiest, kid filled nights of the year! A day filled with terror and candy and not suprisingly a hand full of very messy situations. I will be writing a couple of stories that are all set on that most magical night, each with a different character and situation.

I haven't decided on all of them yet, but there will be a mix of boys and girls, lots of poop and pee, some vomit and potentially some rape! More kinks and such may be included but for now thats all i have planned. The first story should come within a day or two, I will post it here in this thread and then at some point in the future I will post the next one here as well. The plan is to post at least three Halloween stories (maybe more) before Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy, Ill be here to scare the shit out of some kids soon!


Can’t wait, love your writing! Make sure you put some smelly farts in it !


The little Fox (Shota, Soiling)

Cassidy was two hours into his first time ever trick or treating alone and was doing quite well for himself, his little pumpkin bucket was nearly half full and that was with him constantly snacking on candies as he made his way through his neighborhood.

The young boy's particularly adorable costume likely helped in his quickly growing candy stash. He wore a soft, fluffy fox onsie, complete with a fluffy tail and a hood with ears on it. Only smiling brown eyed face showing, his short brown hair hidden away by the hood. He walked down the block, popping another peice of chocolate into his mouth, pausing to savor the taste as he walked up to the next house and rang the doorbell

"Trick or treat!" He chimed brightly as a woman opened the door and promptly comented on how cute he was in his little fox costume, tossing a few bite sized peiced of candy into his bucket. Cassidy smiled brightly and quickly turned to rush off to the next house, grabbing another peice of candy as he did so and popping it into his mouth. Though his hasty walk was slowed to a stop as he laid his eyes on the next house, a large, dark looming property with corpses hanging from the porch and skeletons in yard. For a moment the young boy considered just walking past the big spooky house, but caught a glipse of some other kids walking away, chatting to eachother about the large candy bars they had been given.

So Cassidy approached, slowly, some of the lawn ornements going off as he neared, skeletons laughs and witches cackling. Cassidy suddenly paused, his insides squirming. Be it nerves or the large amount of chocolate he had eaten, he didn't know, but shortly after a sudden cramp gripped his young stomach. He held it and let out a little groan, waiting for the pain to pass before continuing to walk slowly up to the front door.

He hesitated to ring the doorbell, gulping as a chill ran up his spine. His insides felt like they were moving and every once in a while he heard his stomach bubbling ominously. The closer the young boy got to the door the more nervous and unwell he felt, but soon he managed to reach the doorbell, his finger hovering as he was afraid of what might answer the door.

Yet before his finger ever touched the doorbell the door flew open and a horrid disfigured form lurched out him screetching, its face ripped off and hanging as it let out horride screetch and rushed the young boy. Cassidy gasped and froze, his eyes going wide. He opened his mouth to scream, a shrill girlish noise that was interupped half way through by a sudden strange grunt.

"Ahhh-ughhngghh" he screamed and grunted as fear and an ill timed cramp constricted his abdomen.

-Flrrttt- the wet sound of his fart could be heard as mess suddenly began to spill out of his young hole and into his white breifs. His knees bobbed as a look of fear and discomfort ovetook his face, he looked up at the horrid creater...only to discover that it was little more than a teenager in a mask.

Cassidy grunted in discomfort, trying to stop the surge of filth flowing into his underpants. The seat of his onsie bulged out as his underwear filled up, a wet squelching noise could be heard as his tiny undergarments could no longer contain his mess. The dark brown, wet filth spilled out from his underwears leg holes, leaking out from under his butt and spilling down his thighs, dripping all the way down to the back of his ankles, all contained within the onsie.

"Oh my god, did you just shit yourself" the teen snickered, the voice clearly male. "Holy shit that reeks, wow get the fuck out of here kid. Sick!"

The teen promptly turned around and walked back into his house, slamming the door behind himself. Leaving Cassidy alone on his porch with a suit full of shit. Cassidy sucked in a quaking breath, feeling hugely embarassed, though he had more pressing matters and couldn't break down crying. He had the all too difficult task of walking all the way home with a massive heap of shit in his underwear.

The young boy turned around, cringing as he felt the hot brown filth squish around in his underwear. Smearing between his legs and squirting all the way up to his little balls. He moved to the stairs, walking awkardly as the hefty mass of shit swayed with each step. He moved to the stairs and took his first step down, groaning immediately as the motion caused a great deal of his shit to spilled down the the back of his leg, splattering on his ankle and into his sneaker.

He pushed forward, each step only causing more warm filth to spill down down his legs and splatter all over his sneakers. The stench was foul, but at the very least, with most of it having spilled down his legs, the bulge on his rear was now much smaller, and the fuzzy material didn't show the stains of his filth. This would help him descreetly get home...but with a small bulge still showing he did the one thing he could think to do before setting off to walk home

He reached behind himself and pressed hard on the bulge, squishing in and the shit contained within. Cringing as the slowly cooling shit mushed into all of his little creavices and further spilled out onto his legs. He took a breath, his nose wiggling as his own stench assaulted his nose before begining to walk home, endevouring to walk as 'normally' as he could despite his pants being full of shit.


cant wait to see the loli ones :3


Great story! Only wish it was some solid stinking shit instead of diahrea but i'll take it


Hmm nice start but I expected something more erotic, like maybe that monster being some girl who later helps that poor boy to clean up with all appropriate consequences.
But oh well, I will consider your story ending a twist ending ;)




hoping for more shota stories!


whens the next?


Sorry for the lack of sex in this one, I don't typically have a lot of time to write and tend to just focus on the soiling aspect of it.

As for it being soft poop, well I love a good solid turd as much as the next guy, but everyone needs a little variety!

Im not sure if there will be more shota stories, but like I said I don't know what stories im going to write or how many.

Finally, as for the next story, I may get to writing it this weekend. If you've read my other stories, expect to see a familiar face...or about a familiar face....


tbh glad it didnt have sex, i dont read your stories for sex, i read them for gas, nasty poop and humiliation. your one of the best writers, keep it up


I don't like nothing about shit, but this is a nice story, I can't wait for the next part


The pumpkin (Loli, desperation, scat, pee)

She wanted to run, but was already well past the point of being able to. The little green hair girl groaned and gripped her abdomen as she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the street, fight off a wicked cramp. She was dressed as a little witch, a dark puple robe purple robe and pointy top hat with a long cape. Her sneakers were the only thing that she wore that wasn't part of the costume, a simple pair of ratty beat up green and white sneakers.

Her name was Lizzy and she had suddenly succumbed to a series of wretched cramps only an hour into trick or treating. Though it was far from the young girls fault, her parents had recently started eating healthier but thanks to that, she hadn't been so constipated she hadn't been able to poop for two days now, despite visiting the toilet three times today. Yet now, after eating some chocolate and at the worst possible time she started having cramps and could feel a thick turd pounding against her sphincter from the inside, like a ram trying to bust down a castle gate.

She groaned in pain, she wanted to rush back home, but was fearful she could hardly make it a few steps. Desprate the young girl sucked in a breath and stood up straight, clenching her fists as well as her buttcheeks. She tigthened her sphincter as much as she could, feeling the massive turd contained within her rectum slowly slipping back inside her. She whimpered, the pain of the cramp was intense, but through sheer force of will and after nearly a minute of standing there, it passed, leaving her panting and exausted, and acutely aware that she wouldn't last through another.

The young girl had no choice she moved hurriedly over to the next house, a lazily decorated home with no lights on. She lacked rhe endurance to make it home, or to any nearby store that had a bathroom. She would have to ask a stranger to use their toilet, as embarrassing as that might be. A single jack o lantern sat on the porch. She rushed up to the door and knocked franticly before rigning the doorbell.

"h-hello! HELLO!" She shouted desprately. She felt her insides shift and gurgle.

"Oh no...oh noo..." She whined as she spotted what was just to the left of the door. To her, it was rhe most horrifying thing that entire night. A bowl of candy, mostly empty, with a little sign that said 'Please take only one'. The realization hit her at the same time as another cramp. No one was home and she was about to shit her panties. The cramp quickly grew more intense as tears welled up in the young girl's eyes, she didn't know what to do.

Her stomach hurt so badly, she didn't even want to try and fight the intense cramp, knowing she couldn't hold it back any longer. She did the only thing she could, she turned away from door, so at least her back wasn't facing the street, where people might see her heaping filth into her panties. Yet luckily for her there were few people around, and only a couple of kids across the street, slowly walking out of sight. Just then, the little girl got a brilliant idea!

Witht the cramp growibg more intense she moves quickly, dropping her candy bag and hobling over to the jack o lantern. She yanked off its top and tossed it asside before reaching under her robe and slipping her panties down to her ankles. The small girl dropped her pale ass down on the top of the jack o latern. With a sigh she loosened up her tightened muscles and was greeted with a hissing fart that squeaked and crackled through the thick turd that slowly began to breach her opening sphincter.

Lizzy groaned and dubled over, seeing the face of the jack o latern as a thick turd pushed much too slowly out of her little asshole. The Jack o latern was a simple one, a big mouth with spikey teeth, menacing eyes and a little triagle for a nose with a little candle inside. Lizzy winced, the cramp continued getting worse, even as she gave in, but her whole hole was blovked by the sheer girth of the turd, now hanging an inch out of her asshole.

"Come...on!" She whined, tears in her eyes. She began to push, her little asshole aching as it was stretched to its limit by her own turd. It slipped out another inch and then exploded out of her asshole with shocking force

-Prrff plfffllll-

The thick turd was followed by a rope of much softer shit, it dropped down, visibale from within the jack lanterns mouth as the thick turd collapse and was soon burried under softer turds . Lizzy moaned her mouth dropped open as an intense releif rendered her mind blank. Droll spilled down from her mouth and she continued to shit two days worth of meals into a pumkin. Her bald little pussy gushed piss, spraying in a forceful stream right at the nose of the jack o lantern. Piss splattered wildly, spraying all over rhe back of her legs and spilling out onto the pavement. Some runnding down her calfs and seeping into the back of her socks.

Yet the little girl wasn't able to care, the relief was too intense for her to think of anything. She farted loudly, sending flecks of shit flying into the pumpkin. The candle long since burried under shit. Another wet fart sputtered out of her hole, and a soft stream of hot thick shit spilled out of her, like warm mud. It splatter grossly atop the heap and soon flowed out of the mouth of the jack o lantern. The massive heap of shit only contained within thanks to it being solid, but the softer shit just flowed out, spilling into the pavement as if the jack o latern had vomitted it out.

Lizzy was finished in less than a minute...and stood, her knees wobbling. She thought about what to do next and realized pulling up her panties would just ruin she did the only thing that made sense. She used her own under garments to wipe her ass before dropping them into the pumpkin. Lizzy sighed, feeling like a whole new girl, and a few pounds lighter. She grabbed her candy bag and swiftly skipped away, leaving a fetid mess of a jack o latern behind, fill of shit, sprayed with piss and reeking like death!


Actually, that was pretty funny especially the ending when she left her panties. along with her shit. that will be a good gift for the owner of that house LOL

Maybe you just missed the opportunity to add one or 2 sentences how she is going back bare bottom as that would be quite hot.
Otherwise excellent work


I decided to make a few pictures for that story as it looks quite funny and cute.


i hope you come back


Gurochan was down for a while, but I'm around, I haven't written anything in a while, but unfortunately gurochans downtime ended my anthology early. Maybe I'll do something new within a couple of weeks if there's any demand for it.



Well, I'D love to hear (and maybe fap to) some more loli and shota scat/pee lewe fiction.


please, i love your writing. having fart stories with loli is SO hard to find. and you do it best!


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