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This story was originally written by Ravishment University poster Badsammie, who is quite frankly a master of her craft. I am posting it here to help rebuild /lit/ after the fuckening.


I don’t know why he lets me have this journal. I think its to tease me, to taunt me, that someone will one day know my pain. I always wasn’t like this, broken, beaten, wishing for death or just an end. I used to be human once. I used forks, spoons, even knives. Now, I eat cum, piss, shit, and dog food. I used to have pens, pencils, computers to record my thoughts. Now, I have a soft piece of charcoal.

When he took me, I was 13. I was young, cute, long blond hair. Smooth pale skin. Just starting to grow a chest, to flower, to become a woman. Now, I’m older. I don’t know how much older. Years but how many? I doubt I’m cute anymore, he reminds me daily I’m an ugly piece of shit and I know it’s true. He’s destroyed my body, my mind. My body is covered in cuts, bruises, scars. No longer pale, but shades of black, blue, red, and jagged. My chest is full now, but my hair is all gone. He says only women have hair, not cunts.

I used to have pretty handwriting. He even shows me sometimes, my early journal pages. Even with the charcoal my writing was smooth, with beautiful loops and hearts for dotted eyes. Now, it looks like a small child’s writings, as my hands shake so bad. He’s hit my head so many times I can’t focus anymore and my hands never respond. Even sitting still I tremble. He says they’re tremors and he says it’s because I’m a broken dumb fuck they shake like that. He’s right. He’s right about everything.

His friends came by today. It must be poker night. They have the table in the basement. I take care of them, chained under the table. There is just enough slack in my chain for me reach them and just stick my head out. I take turns, sucking their cocks. They love me enough to cum down my throat, allowing me food. As they drink, they share as well, pissing down my throat. I’m so lucky to have them. They smoke their cigars and ask me to hold out my mouth, tapping their ashes on my tongue. Eventually one of them finishes smoking and he grabs my tit, putting it out on me. I scream as he burns me, but then he gives me more food to eat. It’s hard to chew the butt of the cigar but I do. I never throw up food anymore. Another man puts it out on my shoulder. I cry and thank him. He gives me food too. I feel sick as I chew and swallow it but thankfully I’ve given more piss to drink, even if most of it goes in my eyes and nose. It’s a joke, I can tell because he’s laughing. I laugh with him.

They finish and then they strap me down, whipping me, then fucking me. I tried counting the scars on my back once but then I realized I have trouble once I run out of fingers. I pass out and when I wake up, I think its a different day. The men are different, but they’re fucking me so I’m loved. I cum when they love me. They show that love me for in so many ways. Breaking my nose, choking me out, hitting my head until I cry and stumble about, fucking me until my cunt is swollen shut. I’m so lucky.

Another day he brings in the cameras and the dogs. 5 dogs fuck me. They love me too. I smile for the camera. He says my parents love the videos. I feel that’s wrong but he’s always right so I must be wrong. They fuck my cunt and my ass. I get to eat dog food and dog cum today. It’s a wonderful day.

It’s time for darts today. It used to be really thin darts but he says I’m too ruined now for anyone to care so they use real ones. I scream so much for them. They like them in my tits, my ass, even in my cunt. I bleed so much but he says it’s OK, things won’t matter much longer for me anyway. Before I pass out, I know there are more than ten fingers of darts in each of my tits, each of my cheeks. Then a man shoves one right in my clit because he loves me and I fall asleep.

He lets the mean men have me next. They hit me so many times I pass out. Then I wake and pass out again. One of them breaks my pinkies. I scream and I cum and I beg them hurt me forever. I start getting dizzy and can’t focus again. I forget my name, walking is hard and I cum and they cum in me. I pass out again.

I scream so much one day, they nail my tits to a wooden horse. I cum from the pain alone. He fists my pussy and my ass at the same time. I cum again and again. He tells me it’s a special day. Cameras are brought in and he boxes at my insides, punching my cervix and my ass. I’m too fucked out. I’m boring. He’s right, he’s always right. One last show he says. He pulls out an ice pick, and I jerk as he stabs in in my nailed tits, again and again. Then my ass is stabbed. I can’t stop cumming. I ask him if I get to go home now and he says only if my home is a junkyard. It must be, because I’m trash.

He stabs my sides, my legs, I can barely stand. I feel weak. Then he pulls out a gun with a silencer. I know they aren’t silent, I saw the other girls head gain a hole and it was loud. He shoves it in my ass, then my cunt, fucking me hard with it. It’s cold but I love it, he even lets me suck it. Then he fucks me again with it and tells me to look at the cameras and say my name. I say my name is cunt. I honestly can no longer remember the old name. I say I’m cunt and then I feel heat and hear muffled sounds. I don’t cum, something feels wrong. The sound comes again and again and I slump, I can’t stand. He comes and offers the gun again. I suck on it, my lips burning, and then, he pats my head and nothing, nothing, ever again.

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