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At midnight Robert saw yellow glow of a fire in the distant, and could tell, even from his bedroom window, that it was too close to be at the campsite. He downed the last of his sweet tea and grabbed the Beretta 92 from the table.

"It seems like some campers pitched tent on our property again. You wanna come help me with 'em?"

His son, Johnathan, yelled back; "Not tonight dad! I'm a little too tired."

"Alright, but if I find anyone pretty you will have to deal with sloppy seconds!"

Robert slipped on his boots and made towards the woods behind his house. The trees were dark, but he could smell his way through, and he has certainly navigated those woods in even worse lighting than that. The fire grew brighter, and he soon saw the source.

It was indeed campers; they had a single large tent near the trees, and two girls sat on a log roasting marshmallows and chatting. One had short black hair, and the other blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. They were sitting with their backs to trees, and Robert crept quietly that they did not even see him emerge into the clearing. The girls continued to gossip and laugh until he placed his gun inches from the back of the dark-haired girl's head. The blonde quickly noticed as she glanced out of the corner of her eyes.

"Val! Behind you!" She screamed, and the dark-haired girl turned her head.

"Looks like a couple o' trespassers."

Val stood up and backed away with her hands in front.

"This is my property, girls. The campsite is across the highway."

"We didn't know. Right Julie?" The blonde nodded. "We're sorry," Val stuttered. She swallowed loudly and took a few more steps back.

"That's okay. We'll just take a walk back to my place and we'll get things settled," he pointed back through the woods, and both of them looked at each other.

"Please sir," Julie replied after a deep breath, "we'll leave and never bother your property again."

"You'll come back to my house, just like I said, or I will shoot you," he reiterated.

They both looked into the dark thicket of trees and gave each other another nervous glance.

"Well, get moving. Before I start pulling this trigger."

To prove his seriousness, Robert aimed just off-target and fired. Chills went down Val's spine as the bullet whizzed by her, only an inch from her right ear, with a loud swooshing sound.

Val started walking first, and Julie followed, quietly whimpering, into the woods. Robert was close behind them, with the gun aimed directly at one of them for most of the walk. They arrived in front of the house after ten minutes, and he directed them into an underground cellar through a small trapdoor in his backyard.

They both were shaking badly and Val started to sob as they looked around the room. It was poorly lit, with only the moonlight shining in, but they could see several harnesses along the wall, and a mattress at the back of the room.

"You, Blondie, over here!" He pointed at Julie as he stopped next to one of the harnesses.

"Please don't. Let us go," Val begged tearily.

He pointed at Julie again and then at the harness. She sniffled and slowly walked towards him.

"Julie," Val whimpered as Robert grabbed Julie's arm and forced her against the wall.

"You don't have to do this. We will do whatever you want willingly, as long as you let us go afterwards," Julie pleaded.

He locked each hand in one of the harnesses. "This is what I want, sweetheart," he replied as he strapped her feet in.

Tears rolled down her eyes as Julie tried to fathom what he had in mind.

"No! No!" Val said as he got closer. To her surprise, he walked past her and towards the trap door. At first Val thought he was going to leave, and temporary relief washed over her, but the sound of light switch being flipped brought brought to her the realization that he was planning to say.

A white light, seemingly like the flash of a nuclear bomb in the bleakness, flooded the room. It gave Val the impression of being in a doctor's office instead of some dude's cellar. After a few seconds her eyes adjusted, and the first thing to catch her eyes was a rope hanging from a metal beam on the ceiling. It wrapped over the top, with both ends dangling down on opposite sides; one end, she noticed, was tied into a noose, and her stomach seemed to drop out.

"Like it? You're gonna be swinging on it in a few minutes."

She turned around and Robert was next to her. He had removed the belt from his slacks and held it firmly in his hand. Val yelped and attempted to make a run for it, but he was too quick. She was on the ground before she knew it, and he strapped both of her arms together.

"Get off of her you asshole! Don't hurt her! Val!" Julie screeched.

"Help me! Somebody! Please?" Val vainly tried to break free from his restraint, but the belt was strapped good and tight around her wrists. Val screamed as her assailant dragged her up and pulled her to the noose. She tried one last time to jerk away, but he shoved her head into the noose and tightened it around her neck.

"Don't kill her! Please!" Julie screamed frantically and tried to break free. Robert ignored her.

He grabbed the other end of the rope and began to pull.

"Please don't do this to me! I don't wanna die! I don't deserve thi... ugk"

Val's screaming was suddenly cut off as the rope dug deeply into her delicate throat and her feet lifted off the ground. Val gagged and kicked out her feet, desperate to reach the ground that very quickly grew further. Robert pulled until her flailing feet were almost a meter off the ground, then he tied his end firmly to a hook jutting from the wall. He kicked off his boots, then his pants and underwear. Robert took a seat on the mattress and softly stroked himself as he watched her hang.

Val kicked out violently for the first ten minutes, and her arms constantly pulled against the belt in a vein effort for freedom. Saliva foamed up in her mouth and long strands of drool fell from her tongue as her mouth hung open, desperate to get fresh air to her burning lungs as they quickly filled with carbon dioxide. Julie screamed Val's name repeatedly, and begged several times for Robert to end their torment, until her voice became hoarse; then she resolved to shrilled sobs. Val soon tired out herself, and after fifteen minutes her flailing had slowed to the occasional involuntary spasm. A dark spot formed in the crotch of her pants and quickly expanded down her legs, and her final piss pooled into her shoes before pitter-pattering on the floor.

Robert let her hang for another ten minutes just to be sure. Julie sobbed and found it unbearable to look at her friend's dead; when she did her sobbing turned into ear-splitting wails. When he was satisfied that she was dead, he untied the rope and let gravity carry her corpse to the ground with a thud. He slowly walked over and removed the noose from her neck, then lifted her body into his arms.

"She's gone," he said, smirking at Julie as Val's head and limbs dangled uselessly. Her sobbing remained unchanged, but Julie's insides seemed to burn as she heard those words. He laid her next to the mattress.

"Leave her alone you sicko!" Julie screamed as Robert crouched over her body.

He ignored her protests and proceeded to tear open Val's dark-grey T-shirt. He threw the shreds on the floor and quickly removed her bra, and licked his lips as her perky breasts popped out. He squeezed them together and suckled on each nipple. Then he moved up to her face; gazed into her vacant green eyes as he softly kissed her dead lips and tasted her protruding tongue. He sat up and lifted her right leg to pull of one piss-soaked shoe, and then the one on her left leg, and tossed both across the room. Her socks followed. Then he lifted her ass and removed her jeans, and then ripped off her dark-blue panties to join the pile of rags.

He picked her up again and this time plopped her nude corpse onto the mattress, then climbed on top of her, with his erect dick in her face. At the same time, he thrust he hard member down her throat and slipped his tongue between her dead slit. He tasted every inch of her doomed womanhood, and lubricated her hole with his saliva, while his balls continuously smacked her nose. It was awhile since he had been with a woman, and he was already close to cumming after masturbating during her hanging, so he did not last long. He climaxed after three minutes and strings of cum sprayed into her esophagus. Robert pulled out and quickly squeezed her tits around his member and let the last bit of seed squirt between her titties. Just for good measure, he wiped the rest off on her nipples and aureoles.

Robert repositioned himself with his hands rested on her breasts, and inserted his member into her pussy. Her body jumped around as he rode her dead cunt; his hard member pounded her cervix hard. After ten minutes he sprayed another load of cum; into her uterus this time. He pulled out again, and squirted her tits again.

He stood up and picked his pants off the floor.

"Well, it's your turn." He pulled the gun out of the pockets and tossed his pants on the floor.

"Please God! Don't let this happen to me. Please! Please! Please!" Julie closed her eyes and tried to look away from him.

"There is a silver lining; In have decided not to make you dance on the rope for me. I need to sleep and don't want to wait that long to sleep. So I'm just going to finish you off and get it over with."

"No! Please don't kill me!" She pleaded and shook her head. "I don't want to die!" Plea..."

Shots rang out, and pain rippled through Julie's body as eight bullets tore holes in her pink shirt, along with her breasts beneath, and punctured her lungs. Her breaths became raspy and gurgly as her lungs filled with blood; she felt an agonizing burning sensation throughout her chest and respiratory system as she tried to scream. Blood poured from her mouth in great sticky globs.

Another six shots rang out. Four tore threw her stomach, one through the crotch of her shorts, and the last right between her breasts. Her heart burst as the bullet and shrapnel of bone fragments ripped it apart, and another torrent of blood spilled from her lips. She faded in and out of consciousness as her organs began to shut down. Robert then placed the barrel against the center of her forehead; her head jerked back with the force of the impact as the bullet embedded itself in her brain, then slumped forward. A faucet of blood poured from the hole as her eyes went vacant. Piss soaked her pink running shorts and drizzled down her legs. Robert loosened the harnesses and Julie's corpse crumpled to the ground.

He carried her body up the trap door and laid her body in the dirt.

He yelled out, "If you're still awake I have a young girl out here by the cellar!"

Robert closed the cellar door and walked back to the mattress. He laid down, with Val's body wrapped in his arms. He played with her breasts and rubbed his cock between the cleft of her dead ass until he fell asleep. Meanwhile...

Johnathan was awake, and heard his dad's call. The teen got up and looked out the window. Sure enough, there was the body of a young blonde woman next to the cellar. He slipped into his sneakers and grabbed a sleeping bag before heading out back. He tossed the sleeping bag next to a tree in the woods before going to collect his gift, as he knew his dad would be pissed if he disturbed him with his grunting and panting, and he also would not want the girl's corpse to stink up the house. He then scooped Julie's body into his arms, with one hand squeezing her ass through the fabric of her shorts, and carried her with him. There were plenty of holes oozing blood, but she was still warm and Johnathan intended to enjoy her before she got cold.

He laid her on the ground and immediately began to rip the already shredded shirt off her torso. He threw the bloody pieces of cloth into a pile for his dad to use as rags, and fumbled with her bra until he had it off. He squeezed her firm boobs and watched as more blood squirted from from them. His he kissed her right nipple and then circled his tongue around the areole. The left nipple was gone, with only a hole filled with blood where it should have been. Johnathan only prodded at the wound with his index finger, then wiped the blood off on a nearby leaf.

"Boob blood," he remarked as he threw the bloody leaf aside.

He removed her shoes and socks; he sent them flying, to land in the branches of some tree. Then he pulled off her shorts, followed by a pink pair of piss-soaked panties. He threw the shorts in the pile with the pieces of shirt, but the panties went into his pocket.

Johnathan examined the wound in her pussy to see how far in the bullet was lodged. The bullet had pierced her soft mound, and a quick examination of her ass confirmed that it went all the way through; her asscrack had a new hole, above the one she was born with.

Satisfied, he pulled out his cock and mounted her corpse. He let out a soft, long, groan as his stiff member slithered into her tight womanhood. He looked straight into her blank eyes and fucked her pussy hard and fast, slapping his balls against her crotch each thrust. He came, and, with another long groan, sprayed his warm seed into her cooling belly. He slowed his movements as he drained into her womb. He pulled out; cum oozed from both her natural pussy hole, as well as the one his dad made.

Johnathan got up and unfurled the sleeping bag. His was pretty tired, but his dick was still hard. When he laid down he grabbed Julie's right leg and pulled onto him, with her pussy resting on his chin. He was not about to taste his own cum, so licking her snatch was out of the option, but her asshole was still quite clean; he only needed to use a clean scrap from the pile to wipe off some blood, and stuff into the wound to keep it from leaking. He then stuck his tongue to her rosebud and slipped in, as his lips kissed and suckled the rim. He then reached down and grabbed her the sides of her head, and aligned her mouth with his dick before shoving her face into his crotch.

He forced her head up and down his shaft as his tongue probed her anus. He pumped jizz into her mouth six times before he dosed off.

The next morning Johnathan woke with his penis still in Julie's mouth. He rolled her cold, stiff, body off and got up.

After he pulled his pants and underwear up a large pile of dirt and a shovel caught his attention, then he quickly noticed the hole next to it. He nodded and lifted Julie's corpse.

John walked over and was slightly surprised to see Julie's dark-haired friend laying at the bottom; he then realized that his father would not have dug the hole solely for Johnathan. He shook his head and tossed Julie on top of her friend's corpse. He grabbed the shovel and spent the entire morning filling in the hole. After they were gone, he deposited Julie's panties into a plastic tub with the others he has collected over the years and hopped in the shower.


This was great!!


This was great!!


Loved this story very much

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