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Kate was an avid bow hunter. She had learned from her father as a young girl and grew to really enjoy the hunt. Kate was raised Christian in a strict household. Her sister was a beautiful girl and they had always been strangely close. She had improper thoughts about her younger sister for as long as she could remember. They were only two years apart. They had discovered their own bodies together and in their teenage years even masturbated together. As time went on her attraction and guilt grew together.

She was a beautiful woman. She was short and stocky with milky white skin and long flowing black hair that ended around the small of her back. Her bellybutton was low on her body between the start of her wide hip bones. She had fended off advances from men for the past 25 years and her family was starting to get impatient with her. Her future was starting to look very grim from her point of view.

She fantasized about killing her self in all kinds of ways. Strangulation seemed appealing but after looking up what auto erotic asphyxiation victims look like post mortem she started leaning towards more violent impulses. She grew to enjoy the idea of her beautiful white body covered in blood. She started thinking about shooting or stabbing her self while masturbating. She would take a knife and poke at herself as she masturbated.

On a hunt one day she hit a deer a little low in the stomach. It took her forever to track it and when she found it, it was suffering and bleeding everywhere. It took a very long time to expire. She eventually finished it off with another arrow to the heart. She had a thought. Maybe if her death was slow and terrible enough, god would forgive her for taking her own life. She was constantly masturbating and was hopelessly in love with her sister.

Her sister was engaged now and planning her wedding. It was coming up in 6 months. She knew she would be gone forever. Her depression grew and grew. Her vibrator and her weapons were being used non stop. She didn’t smoke or drink much. Her only vice and release was her own body. She focused more and more on her belly area. She loved pushing scissors into her deep belly button until blood ran down in a small trickle. It drove her wild.

She wanted to die. She needed the ultimate release and she was sure she knew how to get there. She searched the internet for ways to keep herself alive a long time. She studied arrow velocities and types. She wanted the arrow to penetrate, but not to go sailing through her body. She needed to suffer for more reasons than she understood.

She wanted the arrow to penetrate her the way no one had penetrated her before. She wanted it low in her belly. She got in bed and held the arrow tip in her belly button and pressed down. She came hard. These would be her final days. She had made up her mind.

She bought a crossbow the next day at a sporting good store along with some bullet nose arrows. She bought some limiters and low tension string for the close quarters of her living room. She bought a laser sight and some twine to pull the trigger. She came home that night and bolted it to her counter top and aimed it at her bedroom wall. She gave it a slight incline. The further away she was the higher but less power she would receive. The closer the deeper and lower. She tested the distance and the power, aligned the laser sight. She practiced reloading. She practiced removing arrows from ballistic jell. It was hard. Either you pull with pliers or cut down beside it with a knife. The cocking action was very easy with the low tension. She figured she might be able to get three or so in her body before she collapsed. She was horny as hell.

She prayed to her god one last time for forgiveness. She was totally overcome by bloodlust for her own body. She pulled out a kitchen knife she kept in her bedroom drawer in case she needed to end it faster or retrieve a stick arrow. She got her pliers just in case. She put on some white lacy underwear and left her bra on the table. She let her long hair down over her breasts and looked at herself one last time in the mirror. Her big blue eyes welled up with tears. She regained her composure and smiled a villainous smile.

She walked out into the living room and loaded an arrow. A wet spot on underwear was starting to grow. She rubbed her clit a little. She couldn’t help it. She prayed again. She was so sorry for who she was. She didn’t want to be a lesbian. She didn’t want to love her sister. She didn’t want to want to die the way she wanted to die. She wanted to be normal. She couldn’t back down now though. She rubbed herself to the edge and walked over in the line of the laser. She backed up until it pointed right into her deep bellybutton. She held her hands out straight to her side. In her fucked up little head a crucifix made sense. She was a martyr for her vagina today. Unable to overcome its impulse to be penetrated.

She tugged the twine and with a thwack the crossbow bolt hit her milky slightly pudgy belly right in the natural bullseye. She looked down at the 8inch bolt buried four inches or so in her gut. There wasn’t much blood and the pain didn’t register at first. In the first few seconds the adrenaline is high she managed to think to herself. She stumbled back a bit but remained on her feet. She rubbed her clit, carefully avoiding the arrow in her stomach. She moaned. The pain wasn’t nearly what she thought it would be. She grabbed the shaft and winced. It wasn’t so bad. It was only about two inches in her inch and a half deep button, and nowhere near anything vital. She had her thick frame to thank for keeping this going. She didn’t have any rolls, but a beautiful incline down to her innie pussy. She wiggled the bolt around until a think dribble of blood ran down to her panty line and made a tiny stain. She came hard still standing. She walked slowly to reload, moaning with each step as the bolt jiggled in its rest. She placed another bolt in and cocked the crossbow with the lever.

She walked back to the center of her living room into the laser beam. She had gone a good few minutes since her first orgasm. She was ready. The blood stain on the front of her panties was about the size of two quarters. Her belly button wound was pretty superficial. She walked two steps forward and the laser pointed between her bellybutton and her vagina. Right at the top of her panties. She thought about it for a second and pulled her panties down another inch or so in front. It revealed a beautifully shaven innie vagina. She didn’t want them getting pinned to her, but it wasn’t time for them to come off. The blood trickled down between her vagina and her thigh. She started getting very horny again. She twisted the bolt in her button a bit and the sting got her instantly wet. She put her hands out to her side.

She closed her eyes and pulled the string. At this distance the power was a good bit more and the bolt buried up to the stabilizing feathers. It had hit the top of her vaginal cavity. Her g spot now had a sharp metal and carbon rod piercing through and stopping about two inches from her spine. Her velocity work had paid off. She hadn’t maimed herself in a way she couldn’t walk. She fell back onto her couch both her hands around the buried bolt with her finger tips rubbing her clit furiously. Her legs were up on the arm rest. She knew that blood to her brain would keep her conscious. She gripped the bolt in her bellybutton and turned it as hard as she could. It started to spin and the pain was amazing. She moaned exceptionally loud. She ripped the bolt out with both hands and blood welled up and ran over both sides of her belly. She looked down at the crimson spidering out across her midriff. The bolt in the bottom of her belly was almost out of sight from the curve of her belly as it went back down towards her sex. It was burning with every breath. Blood started to drizzle down her belly from her flesh wound in her belly button. It was steadily dripping from her sex. The internal damage was done but the arrow was limiting the blood.

She had thought she would get three arrows in her but she wasn’t sure she could get up and reload. She pulled at the arrow way down in her guts but she almost screamed when she tugged. She got herself sitting upright on the couch, panting hard. Sweat glistened on her bright white breasts. Her dark black hair was matted to them and to her back. She brushed her bangs off her forehead and left an smear of blood on her cheek. Every breath hurt with that arrow in her. She carefully slid her panties down over her bloody inner thighs. Blood smeared down her shaven legs.

She tried to masturbate more using the blood as lube. She was careful to not rip her hymen. She had been masturbating for years without ruining her virginity. It was ironic to her that she was so into the sight of her own blood. She hadn’t even gone into shock. She loved it. She built into another extraordinary orgasm. She coughed a little at the end. The pain was starting to take over from the pleasure. The bolt in her lower guts needed out.

She looked at the knife and the pliers. She needed to get it out without using the knife. She bit down on the edge of a blanket and put the channel lock pliers on the bolt end. Just the act of getting a grip on it was excruciating. She put the pliers on long ways with the handle facing up and tried to pull. Her belly extended a bit and the pain was more than anything she had felt yet. Blood started sleeping around the wound and from her vagina. Her belly button had started to clot and her torso from her belly button down was a mix of fresh and dried blood. Her chest and stomach heaved and she she twisted as she pulled. She couldn’t budge it.

Her enthusiasm was beginning to wane. She had came several times and this stick in her guts was driving her mad. The searing pain was no longer dulled by her lust. She couldn’t get the bolt out. She wasn’t dying anytime soon but she couldn’t possibly reload the bow. This couch would be her last resting place. She was getting this arrow out no matter what.

She took the half sharp half serrated steak knife she used to pretend to stab herself with. She put the blade between her vagina and the bolt only about an inch and a half above her clit. She pushed in with all her might and the blade slipped in. She was instantly aroused again. The pain searing into her vagina cavity was captivating to her. She looked down and realized she put the blade in the wrong way to cut up to the bolt. She slowly twisted the blade in her guts while gripping her boob with her left hand getting it bloody in the process. She started whining and crying a little. She was exceptionally strong willed to do this amount of damage to herself.

She grabbed the wooden handle with both bloody hands and sawed upwards toward the bolt. She could feel her connective tissue resist and tear. She bit down hard on the blanket edge while squirming and moaning on the blade. A 3 inch gash that was about 6 inches deep opened up in the thick girls belly. She kept cutting till the blade hit the bolt. Blood was pouring onto her brown couch. She withdrew the knife and pulled at the back of the bolt with bloody hands. It finally lurched free followed by a few inches of gore and intestine. She grabbed at her falling innards. She fell over, laying on her back and holding her guts in. She shimmied on her back and slid into the floor. She made sure she kept her legs on the couch. She needed to stay awake.

Her hair was spread all over the wooden floor and the puddle of blood gathering around her lower body was about to start matting it to the floor. She looked at the steak knife which had bits of her skin and belly fat stuck into the serrations. She put the tip up to her belly button which had nearly stopped bleeding. She rammed the blade in deep. The steak knife had two rivets holding the tang and it was buried up to the first rivet in her bellybutton. She fingered herself with her left hand while holding her guts in with the pressure from her palm and wrist. She squeezed her nipples with her right hand and rubbed her body. She was reveling in the beautiful death she created for herself. She looked down at the blade wiggling in her belly with every breath. She came hard, a mix of sexual fluid and blood. Her beautiful blue eyes rolled back in her head. She bit her lip and moaned and gasped in and out.

Like the moment you cum from watching a bad porn regret sank in quickly. With the ecstasy gone all that was left was pain. She looked down at the blade in her belly. It was pumping blood around the rough wooden handle. She pulled at the blade but it was too slippery with all of her intestinal gore on her hand. Her left hand was still low on her body holding in her guts. She needed to end this agony now.

She crawled on her side shimmying with her left hand as she held her guts in with her right. Her little pot belly jiggled with the blade protruding slinging little spatterings of blood onto the vinyl wood floor. Her legs smeared the droplets into a thick sliding pattern. At least it was easy to drag her legs she darkly thought to herself. She made it over to the twine and laid flat on her back. She took a few deep shaky breathes. She poked it deep into her bellybutton wound with her finger, under the beginning of the handle and tied a knot. She started crawling away from the crossbow. She was sliding around in her own blood a lot, but she grabbed the edge of the couch and pulled herself backwards. The knife shifted and lurched out of its suction with a slurp. Her bellybutton bled freely again. She felt a feeling of accomplishment. In crawling backwards without holding her lower belly a loop of her small intestine had slid out of the 4 inch gash. She stared down at her gut in front of her. She was panting hard. Sweat glistened off her bosom and her white upper belly. Smears of blood were like abstract art on her breasts. She held the knife firmly in two hands and held it up to her upper belly. She was ready. She pushed down but she was growing weak. She couldn’t penetrate herself. Kate sat up against the couch, then pushed herself over onto her knees. She was in a form that looked like downward facing dog.

Her bloody vagina and asscrack sticking up in the air with her intestine flopping out between her legs. The blood that had welled in her body cavity was pouring out her gash and the stab wound in her bellybutton. It was running up her belly and off of her chin. She pushed forward with her legs with her hands over her head in a V shape barely supporting her weight. She took the knife and put it up to her upper belly again while supporting her weight with her left elbow and her knees. She managed to get the blade standing against the floor board and picked herself weakly up off the floor with her left hand. She straightened out her knees a bit and let her arm fold under her. Her whole 136 pound body fell down onto the blade burying it deep into her stomach. It was up to the second rivet, handle and all inside of her little round tummy. She gasped deep like someone had punched her solar plexus. And rolled over grasping at the two inches of handle protruding from her belly while gasping deeply. Blood flooded up her esophagus and out her mouth. She started violently heaving up blood. She knew this was the end. She wanted to make it beautiful for whoever found her though. She shook and spasmed kicking towards her cell phone on the coffee table. She hit “call” on a number that was already entered. It was her sister. She answered “hello.... hello Kate are you okay?!”

“Hnnngggg guuhhh, I.... love you.” She said as she grabbed her intestines with both hands and pulled as hard as she could. “AHHhHhhhhHhIiiiii Love gnnnnnnnnnnhhhaaaaa you!”
Her guts spilled out over the floor. She spasmed and twitched and gurgled blood up onto her cheeks. Her big blue eyes opened wide and saw her own beautiful death one last time. She hoped she would be forgiven.

“Hello, Kate! Hello! Please Kate! I love you!” Her sister called out to a dead line.

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