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Everyone I know – my friends, coworkers, relatives, wife, and kids, and pretty much the entire town – has heard the story of how my sisters were brutally gunned down when I was fifteen. It was Winter of 2021, and a cult of anarchists had formed and gained influence in the United States. The Obliterators, as they called themselves, created a new form of terrorism which involved invading homes at random and killing everyone they could find. My house was one of the first to be targeted by this new tactic. Based on my personal testimony, investigators, as well as the media, believed the terrorists left under the assumption that I was already dead, after I tumbled and knocked myself unconscious. That story is ludicrous, and the fact that they believe the Obliterators left without making sure I was dead is amusing; responsive or not, they would have shot me anyways to be sure. However; this misinformation was beneficial to me, and I always agreed with the official story when I was asked. The truth of the matter is, I was conscious through the whole ordeal; I survived because they never found me, and I never let them know I was in the house. That is not the main reason I kept this a secret.

We moved into that house just a few months earlier, so my dad could be closer to his new job. Although it was a big house, the bedrooms were spacious, and there was just three of them. My parents got one, my sisters, Courtney and Rebecca, each got their own room, so I ended up with the attic as my room. Not that I had an issue with it; it was bigger than the bedrooms, I could always tell when my parents were coming in, and it was secluded. It got even better; just two days before the shooting, I discovered a small hole in the floor, and it was directly over the bathroom. And it was directly above the toilet.

Now, I don't really know how common it is for a sibling to have a crush on on another; I would be willing to bet a lot more than most people would guess, but I could be wrong. I do know that I was one of them.

Courtney, who was only two years older than me, was the first girl I ever had a crush on. Frizzy dark hair, which she kept down to her waist, and a slender frame. I first noticed how pretty she was about the time she turned eleven, when her buds began to sprout. They blossomed as she turned into a teenager, and her low cut tops left very little of her watermelon-sized meat sacks to the imagination.

Rebecca, being two years younger, only gained my attention a few weeks before her thirteenth birthday. She had the same slender frame as Courtney, chestnut brown hair to her shoulders, that she normally kept in a ponytail, and a smooth, milky, complexion. Her breasts came in later, but, when they sprouted, they blossomed quickly. I truly noticed when she reached across me to grab the remote from the back of then couch, and I got a face full of cleavage. As she never wore a bra, I got my first real peak of nipples.

Other than the incident with Rebecca, I never actually saw either of them nude. Over the years I caught myself glancing out of the corner of my eye when they walked by in tight shorts or pants, or whenever one of them bent over. I jerked myself off thinking about them in the tub or in a changing room, but for one reason or the other I did not attempt to get a glimpse of them in the buff until I found the hole in my floor.

The second day after my discovery I was peeping down the hole as Courtney took a shower. While the view inside the curtain was blocked by the curtain, I was waiting for her to come out. Then the door opened.

"Who is it?" Courtney peaked around the curtain as Rebecca stepped through the threshold.

"Just me. I gotta go number two," my little sister replied.

Courtney nodded and went back to her shower. "Please use the air freshener before you leave."

"Okay. I'll remember this time." She pulled down her pants in underwear, unknowingly giving me a brief glimpse of her tight ass, and sat on the toilet.

I listened for the plopping of her shit hitting the water, when the sound of heavy footfalls rapidly coming down the hall caught my attention. Rebecca looked at the door as it slammed open, and a tall masked man clad in black camouflage stepped brandishing a Colt AR-15. Rebecca raised her posture and her chest expanded as a scream approached her lips, but the man fired before she could even squeak.

Her body thrashed and danced with each impact; several dozen bullets ripped through her chest, and shredded her heart and lungs in a flurry of blood. Her body slumped back with her tongue lolling uselessly from her mouth, and a blood oozed from her lips. The plop I expected moments ago came, accompanied by a tinkling, as her body emptied her bodily wastes into the toilet.

I could hear Courtney whimpering loudly, and the gunman could too. He reloaded his weapon and pulled the curtain open.

"No! Please no! No! No! No..." He shoved the barrel of the gun directly into her mouth and pulled the trigger. Her muffled scream abruptly stopped as more than a dozen bullets blasted a hole in the back of her head and spattered pieces of brain on the tile. He body went limp and she slid down into the tub, with a trickle of piss running down her legs.

I laid there looking down at the ruined, naked, bodies of my sisters, with my mouth agape and eyes widened, for almost fifteen minutes. Until they left, after searching all of the bedrooms and closets; I was lucky they neglected to look in the attic.

After I was sure they were not going to come back I climbed out into the hall. My first thought told me I should call the police and then my parents, who were in Berlin for their anniversary. Something – my hormones and curiosity, no doubt – took over. I walked towards the bathroom. The killer left it open, so I just walked right on in.

My first sight was Rebecca sitting there on the toilet, legs spread and rivers of blood poured from her chest; some went in the toilet while others fed into a crimson puddle on the floor. I had a perfect view her smooth pussy. My dick pushed against the fabric, and I felt a little disgusted with myself that I was getting hard over my little sister's dead cunt. Yet, I was unable to control myself, and before I knew it I was crouched in front of the toilet and my left index finger prodded her labia. It was still warm, and quite moist.

I softly rubbed her pussy for several minutes, then inserted my fingers into her slit, and into her tight little hole. I pulled it out moments later dripping with her juices. Then my attention shifted to Courtney.

She laid against the wall of the tub; fat drops of blood dripped from her mouth and splashed on between her legs, to be carried into the drain by the water still pouring from the shower head. I sat down crisscross in front of the tub and reached out to stroke the side of her face. I grabbed one of her breasts; caressed and squeezed it, then licked her puffy areole and suckled on her nipple. Then I dropped it, and watched it droop uselessly. I lifted up her face, stared into her vacant green eyes, and, after wiping the blood from her mouth with a wet rag, softly kissed her lips.

I pulled away after about a minute and let her head slump. I told myself it was time to go make some phonecalls, but I had to do something about the massive erection, and masturbating would not have sufficed.

As I stood up, I grabbed Courtney's upper arms and pulled her limp body up with me; chunks of brain fell out of the back of her head and plopped down into the tub as I lifted her. I pulled her body out and dropped it onto the floor, with her legs spread wide. I unbuttoned my pants and pushed it, along with my boxers, to my ankles. Then I crouched in front of her, held wrapped my arms around her thighs, and shoved my member into her pussy. It tight and wet, and it only took a minute of thrusting to climax. I grunted as I sprayed my sticky white too into her womb.

I collapsed on top of her, with my head nestled between her breasts, as I took in air. I was filled with both self-loathing and disgust, but also euphoria and a feeling of accomplishment; I just lost my virginity, and to the first girl I had a crush on, but at the same time she was my sister and she was dead. And I was not satisfied.

After I regained my strength, I got up and lifted Courtney's body back into the tub. I went back to the toilet and grabbed Rebecca. I laid her out and front of the tub, legs open. I lifted what remained of her t-shirt over her shoulders and fondled her breasts; there was very little left, and her nipples were certainly gone, but they were still soft, firm, and squeezable.

I mounted her and thrust my cock forward and entered her girlhood. Blood trickled from her pussy, and I realized that I was her first, and only, sex partner. The fact that she was a virgin made my member stiffen even more, and I pushed all the way to her cervix; there was no need to worry about hurting her, and I rather enjoyed squeezing into her tight hole, so I thrust hard and fast. This time I was able to control myself and hold back when I felt it coming too soon. I fucked my young sister for almost half an hour before I allowed myself to orgasm. I shot my seed into her, but kept going for another half-hour, Cumming two more times before I finally pulled out.

After I placed Rebecca's body back on the toilet seat I stood over her, watching cum drip from her cooling vagina. I finally left after another hour, to call the police and then my parents. I told them I fell out of the attic and woke up hours later, to explain why I took so long after the murders to contact someone. The killer was caught down the street, so, to my luck, an autopsy was deemed unnecessary. The true events were kept a secret, and this journal will be buried with me when I die.


Fuck that's amazing


Person from the future: So you two girls are going to have an interesting day! Your brother is going to have sex with both of you.

Sisters: (in unison) over our dead bodies!

Future person: Correct. You will be dead when he fucks you.


Sister on the toilet had a good shit lol


Could use this cult for my gf...


I wish there was more stories like this one!


I especially liked the shitting part. Do more stories with shit and farts mixed with guro, it's rare!!


Not that much into shit.. piss is fine tho. But really. We just need more "accidental" situations like this.. where someone have a chance to have sex with dead body he found..




Do this 4 a mother and son 2!


If the author reads this or anyone else who can make stories reads this, we definately need more shit and incest snuff stories!



Im so mad nobody wanna write something similar… T_T Its hotest story here!


I agree! So message to the writers, this is not a comisson but a request from the readers here at gurochan, write similar stories for us and receive our infinite praise!


Awesome story, we need more!


A few stories here are good, the rest are crap compared to this one!


Hottest story!

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