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Jaime's Block

It was almost Midnight, yet most of the residents of Marlow were not at home sleeping. Thousands of people were gathered outside the Marlow County Termination Center. The owner of the establishment, Ken Norris, was, among other things, an avid enthusiast for science and engineering. Every year he commissioned a new, deadly, execution device to be designed and constructed by the high school engineering teams. The newest machine was, like many of those standing in the field behind the Termination Center, designed to be quick, but inflict excruciating pain on the victim. Ken Norris believed that easy death was not enough to deter crime.

Jaime's Block, as it was named – after the leader of the engineering team that designed it – was designed to crush a convict's head to a pulp. It had three large cubes of solid concrete were suspended between an arch over a concert bench. The victim's heads were secured by harnesses on the side of the bench. As if that was not enough, each block had two sharp, thin, needles protruding right above where the victim's eyes would be; holes were drilled into the bench below to keep the nails from being crushed. Convicts were to be strapped in facing up.

Ken's new machine was not the only reason for such a large crowd, however; it's first day of service was also the first mass execution of minors in the town's history. Nobody felt bad for them, and, in fact, most of the people in the crowd were eager to watch them die. Four days prior, they attempted to rob a restaurant; the leader of the operation – a sixteen-year-old kid named Ash Richardson – pulled a gun and killed the owner and his six-year-old daughter, and put the man's wife in a coma. Ash was himself killed in a shootout with police, and his coconspirators were arrested. They were sentenced to death the next day.

The six girls who were to be first in trying out Jaime's Block were stripped naked, then escorted one-by-one to their doom.

The first was Melody Swanson; Ash's girlfriend and second in command of their group. She was thirteen, a little curvy at the hips, with full, melon-sized, breasts, and shoulder-length red hair. Even though she was about to die, Melody walked with the head up and fire in her emerald green eyes. There was nothing to regret, Melody thought, and she rather enjoyed the attention. She kept a smile even as they laid her on the ground and strapped her head to the bench.

Melody's hands were tied to her thighs, with her fingers resting on her crotch, and she was quick to take notice. "One more for the road," She thought to herself as she closed her eyes and started to rub her pussy. The guards did not bother to stop her, as the executions aired on cable networks and anything that would increase subscriptions was welcome by Ken Norris.

Holly Roberts came out next. Same age as Melody, she was slender with perky breasts, long platinum-blonde hair that went past her buttocks, and deep blue eyes. As she was escorted to the Block, she tugged at her restraints in a vein attempt to escape.

"Let me go you fucking pieces of shit! You can't do this to me!"

The guards ignored her as they forced her onto the ground. Holly tried to pull away one last time, but one of them forced her head to the block and locked her in. She thrashed around and tried to force herself off, but the harness around her neck did not budge.

"Stop being such a wuss and enjoy yourself," Melody said, laughing.

"How the fuck can I enjoy myself? How can you? We're about to die!" Holly snapped.

"That's how I can enjoy myself. We ain't going to get anymore opportunities."

"I don't want to fucking die."

"Well, we all have to someday. I for one am glad to go out young and in a blaze of glory. Beats getting old and ugly."

"Fuck glory!"

Melody rolled her eyes and shoved her fingers back into her pussy. "I'm wasting my last moments talking to you," she said as she closed her eyes again.

As Melody went back to masturbating, the guards secured the third girl to bench: Catherine Shields. An athletic girl of twelve, with a toned belly and legs. Her breasts were still small; only the size of lemons. Bubblegum-pink hair fell to her waist.

Catherine kept quiet as she was escorted out to the field and secured. Tears rolled welled up in her hazel eyes and rolled down her cheeks as she looked at the ton of concrete.

As Catherine closed her eyes and began to sob, Ken Norris himself – a tall man, wearing a black suit and matching top hat, of fourty-three – stepped in front of the machine and faced the crowds. He spoke

"For their assistance in the murder of Bryan and Lana Barton, two of our beloved residents, Catherine Shields, Melody Swanson, and Holly Roberts hereby forfeit their lives. The entrance into service of my newest arsenal of justice, Jaime's Block, will carry out their sentences."

Ken stepped into the crowd and, somewhere, a lever was flipped. Hydraulic pistons slowly lowered the massive blocks.

Catherine began to sob, while Holly screamed and thrashed against her restraints. Melody held her eyes shut and continued to rub her pussy, in a desperate attempt to reach her final climax. Melody rubbed faster with each passing second, as she heard the block get closer. Waves of ecstasy began to crash over her, and drowned every other sensation, only to be abruptly overwhelmed by a sharp pain in her eyes. The needles pierced her eyelids and began to sink through her iris. Melody screamed.

Catherine instinctively shut her eyes when the needles were centimeters away, but Holly's eyes, frozen like a deer in a headlight, were wide open as it pierced her eyelids; she watched the small pinpricks of metal grow closer, and then the world went dark as a powerful, pulsating, pain emanated from her eye sockets.

Seconds after, all three of them felt an enormous pressure push down on the tip of their nose. Their cartilages cracked as their nasal bones sank into their skulls. Their legs kicked and thrashed on the ground, and more fervently as their skulls cracked. They bellowed grotesque screams, and attempts to speak were no more than a slurry, garbled, mess. For five seconds, massive headaches ravaged their senses, and felt to them to last an eternity, until their consciousness faded. Microseconds later, the build-up of pressure exceeded what their skulls could withstand, and their head burst; an explosion of blood, bone fragments, and brain tissue coated the concrete in red. Their bladders and bowels relaxed, and emptied their contents onto the ground.

The blocks stopped thirty seconds later and, when they ascended, a red paste was the only remnant of the young ladies' pretty faces. The guards unfastened the harnesses and laid the headless corpses in front of a tree.

Ken reappeared, this time accompanied by three well-built guards, and carrying a big lamented piece of paper which read;

"$10 for for five minutes, 15$ for twenty, 20$ for twenty-five. Neither Ken Norris or the Marlow County Termination Center is liable for any diseases contracted, sexually-transmitted or otherwise."

Ken stepped to the side as several people – mostly men – formed three lines. For forty-five minutes, as a crew cleaned off Jaime's Block, their bodies were fucked, fundled, and licked. Each of the three guards kept took the money and kept track of time, and, when necessary, shooed anyone who stayed longer than they paid for.

Finally, Ken's guards chased the halted the remaining perverts, to much groaning and swearing.

"Okay, now, let's see round two!" Ken shouted as everyone moved back to the Block.

The next girl was brought out: Sabrina Swanson. She was Melody's nine-year-old sister. The guards dragged her along, as she screamed and flailed on the ground.

Like Melody, Sabrina had red hair, although hers' was curly. She was still very flat in the chest, and petite even for her age.

"Please let me go!" She screeched. "I won't ever break the law again! I promise I'll be good!"

They forced her back against the block and prepared to her in. Sabrina bawled and tried to kick at them, but one grabbed her feet while the other fiddled with the harness. She continued to scream and thrash after they left, until her voice and muscles gave out to fatigue.

They returned moments later with their arms around Jana Pae. Another nine-year-old, and friend of Sabrina. She was a slender Korean girl, with raven-black hair to her shoulders, pasty, doll-like, complexion, and flat-chested.

Unlike the rest of the girls, Jana was the least guilty of the group; she was only at the restaurant as a costumer when it the robbery took place, and attempted to help her best friend escape when she saw what happened. She failed and, in Marlow, all attempts to assist a criminal are punished the same, no matter their intent. Yet, she walked calmly with the guards. Tears filled her eyes, her cheeks were damp, and she walked with her head down. She could not bring herself to look at Sabrina, and, she was thankful that Sabrina's position prevented her from glancing over.

They reached the block; Jana turned around and closed her eyes as the guards strapped her in. She resolved to quietly sobbing as they left.

Silvia Anderson was the last girl to come out. A fifteen year-old, with a light caramel complexion on account of her African grandmother. Silvia was short, with a narrow waist and hips, but large, melon-sized, breasts. Brown, frizzy, hair went to her lower back.

Silvia's piercing brown eyes pointed at the ground as she walked, and her body trembled. There were no tears, but her intestines felt as if they were in a knot; one which contracted with every step. She was quiet, and felt that she would most likely vomit if she were to try to say anything or scream.

The guards faced no resistance in strapping her in; she turned around and laid her head back as they secured the harness. As soon as the guards left, she quickly discovered the fact that her hands were tied near her crotch and began to rub herself; albeit, more out a nervous-driven desire to do something with her hands rather than an actual desire for a final orgasm. Being the last for this round, Silvia did not have the time left for that, anyways.

Ken once again emerged to read aloud their sentences, and then rejoined the crowd. The machine was turned on and the blocks descended.

Jana and Silvia remained calm for the first few minutes, but audible whimpers could be heard from the former. Sabrina screamed the entire time, while her chest rose and fell with her rapid, frantic, breathing. As it drew closer, Jana's whimpers became longer and higher pitched, until the needles were inches from her eyeballs; Jana screamed, and a pitter patter of piss sprayed from her urethra, the sharp points pricked her eyes; her vision faded to black and her eyeballs were coated in crimson.

The world also went black for Sabrina and Silvia, all three screamed as the tiny slivers of metal drove through their ruined eyeballs. Their bodies thrashed as the enormous pressure crushed their brains, until their heads exploded into a flurry of gore. Their bodies twitched for several minutes; piss and shit hit the dirt, as all bodily functions shut down.

Ken had their bodies lined up next to a tree, where lines of perverts paid to defile every hole crevice for an hour. Their remains were left there to either fertilize the soil or provide a will animal with an easy meal.

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