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Part I: Planning for Pleasure

Amanda and her mother were discussing her options

"Mom, I think I really want to find a vivisectionist. From everything I've read, there's just no substitute for the sensual experience they provide. They bring you to twice the ecstasy, and they make great meat."

"Well, I guess we could afford it. We'll have to make some appointments and interview a few. Are you sure you don't want me to butcher you myself? I once helped Molly butcher her friend, and it was pretty good. We butchered her for parts, and had a good steak cookout," replied Amanda's mom Francine, who was sitting at the table, looking up from the paper.

"I'm sure you'd do a good job. But how did she feel during butchering? I'm really looking for the whole package; pleasure from all directions. I just know vivisection will make me happy. I think about it all the time now," explained Amanda. Amanda was standing at the counter in the kitchen, looking at some ads in the phone book.

"I remember there being some pain. When we gutted and killed her we did it just like a pig," responded Francine. "I don't think she got as much pleasure out of it as a vivisectionist would give her."

"If you could afford it, I'd really like one mom. I really would want the pleasure to last and to feel an actual gutting, but not the pain. I feel like one pleasure goes with another, and I want combine the sensation of emptiness with freedom and pleasure. And I want someone to take charge and make all this happen," said Amanda looking up.

Amanda had grown into quite a good looking girl. She stood about 5'5" tall and had yellow blonde hair that reached to her shoulders. She weighed 105 pounds, with slim arms, legs, and waist. A well-rounded pair of 36-C breasts made her look slightly top-heavy over her small derrière. Her face had classic good-looking models' features, with a small mouth framed by voluptuous lips, high cheekbones, and a well defined pointed chin. She made heads turn when she walked down the street, and the highschool boys all took notice when they saw her among the cheerleaders.

Francine had had Amanda when young, and had bonded to her when Amanda's father divorced her. Francine was 38, 20 years older than Amanda, and still had a good figure. She was 5'4, weighing 120 lbs with a 38-C bust, shapely legs, and a slightly thickened waist. She had a good looking face, and dark hair bobbed below her ears like Dorothy Hamil in the 70's.

"OK, I'll start looking," said Francine. "When do you want to have a garden party?"

"How about next month. My birthday is tomorrow, so then we can go out and pick a vivisectionist and get that all set." Amanda continued walking over to the kitchen table where her mother was. "And we'll have time to invite all of the family and my friends. I want to keep it intimate, but I also want it big enough to have a good time. I can only do this once, and I want to capture the fantasy."

"I know, honey. This is so important to you. I've been to parties where it just didn't come off right, and there's always the underlying feeling that it could have been better. I want you to be happy and satisfy your sensual needs. We'll get a vivisectionist and have a great garden party."

"Oh, thank you mom. You're the best, said Amanda. She sat down and leaned over and rested her head on her mom's shoulder.

"Hey, look at this ad: 'Dr. Kutz Vivisectionist - Empty your belly, your inhibitions, and free your mind. Prices slashed.' He looks like what I may be looking for," said Amanda glancing at the paper.

Francine agreed, and picked up the phone to make an appointment for an interview. She hung-up and then turned to Amanda, "It's set for tomorrow. We'll go see Dr. Kutz, and see if he's what you want, and if we can afford him. I hope he can shoulder some of the catering too."

"Thanks mom. I can't wait to tell Maureen." Amanda stood up, and left the kitchen to go change clothes.

Later, Amanda was at Maureen's house. The two girls were in Maureen's bedroom, looking at fashion magazines. Maureen was lying on her bed, and Amanda was sitting on the floor. They had been talking about boys, but now Amanda was talking about her upcoming visit to the vivisectionist.

"I really want this to work. I'm so excited about being vivisected. They say it's the ultimate thrill, you know," said Amanda.

"Yeah, so's the trip to the butcher. Is there really a big difference? asked Maureen.

"I think so," answered Amanda. "I mean, I went on a field trip to the butchers, and it seemed like it's all over so fast. He cuts you and guts you, and then you're gone. There's no lingering sensation, there's no dwelling on what's happening. And you know I hear the vivisection always brings you to that, you know, 'peak."

Maureen looked over at Amanda and smiled. "the peak? You say it like it's a dirty word. I like to say 'mind melting orgasm'."

"Yeah, it's just you don't talk that way with your mom. I've been working on her while we've been planning this, and I have a hard time saying that I want to be panting with pleasure while being gutted," said Amanda putting down a magazine. "It needs to be a transcendent experience. It's more than just being made into meat. I'm meat now, but I have a mind too."

"I know," said Maureen. "You've always been the smart one. I wish I had your brains."

"In a month you can. I would recommend using them to tan leather," giggled Amanda.

The next day, Amanda woke-up and got dressed. She put on a short sun dress that showed her shoulders and hinted at cleavage, and also prevented her from wearing a bra. She went downstairs and saw her mother at the table.

"All set," said Amanda. "This is so exciting."

"Happy birthday, baby girl," replied Francine. Here's your present, and a package arrived from your father.

Amanda went over to the table and picked up the smaller of the two boxes. It was a blue velvet jewelry box, and she opened it. It contained a pair of medium-sized gold earrings with blue jewels in them.

"Thank you," said Amanda. "They'll look great on me."

"Yes, they match your eyes nicely. Are you ready to go?"

"You bet mom," she replied. I'll open this other later.

They stood up and went out to the car. On the drive to Dr. Kutz's office, they talked more about what Amanda wanted at her garden party. Francine pulled the car up in front of the office building. I was a professional office building with a directory inside the front door. Dr. Kutz was on the first floor across the hall from a dentist.

A nice-looking secretary met them as they came into the reception area of Dr. Kutz's office. "Come in please. How can we help you?"

Francine walked over to the reception desk, and said "Francine and Amanda for a consultation. I believe we have an appointment."

"Oh yes, he's expecting you. Please go right in," the receptionist replied.

Amanda and Francine walked into the back office. Dr. Kutz stood up from behind his desk and walked to over to greet them. "Hi, I'm Dr. Kutz. You must be Mrs. Gretna, and this must be Amanda," he said, looking Amanda up and down.

Dr. Kutz was average height, about 40, with short brown hair that was balding on top. He ushered them in to his office, which was equipped with a medical exam table, several wing chairs, and his wood desk. On the wall were several medical posters showing a female body and the skeletal muscles. One showed the organs of the abdomen.

He ushered them toward two chairs, and then he sat down at his desk. "I understand you're considering a vivisection. Why don't you tell me what the occasion is, and any ideas you have about what you'd like."

Francine began, "Well, Amanda's always wanted to be made into meat. So we're planning a Garden Party to consume her and celebrate her gift to us. When we began discussing it, she thought she might want to be vivisected instead of simply going to the butcher. She's very interested in the pleasure vivisection can bring."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that," said Dr. Kutz. "Vivisection will make your passage into meat more intense, and present you very well at your party. And of course, vivisection is packed with pleasure. I always focus on vivisecting to satisfy."

"How about presenting my, you know..., my meat when it's done?" ask Amanda. "I want to go out in style, and I want my meat to be prepared the same way."
"I have a catering partner that works with me," responded Dr. Kutz. Here on the side table I have a book with several party plans and general themes for vivisection events. Why don't you look them over, and we can discuss our options."

Francine bent over and picked-up a thick portfolio from the side table, and opened it on her lap. Amanda scooted her chair closer to her mom's and leaned over to look.

"The themes are organized around events and locations, such as Barbecues, beach parties, dinner parties, outdoor parties, and formal parties," continued Dr. Kutz. Francine was thumbing through the pages, which had suggested menus and activities for the parties. There was a section showing a drawing of a vivisectionist and a shapely girl on the table in front of him, and he was working on her belly. Amanda stopped to stare at this picture, and her breath came in short bursts as she became excited.

"Amanda, why don't I examine you while you mom keeps looking through the book. That way I could tell you what your options are for vivisecting?" asked Dr. Kutz. He had noticed Amanda's excitement. He stood up from his desk and walked over to the examination table behind where Amanda and Francine were sitting. Amanda followed him with her gaze, but did not stand up.

"It won't hurt a bit," he said. "And then I can tell you more about recipes and what I can do for you."

Amanda stood up, and walked over to the table.

"You can hang your clothes here," he said, motioning to a clothes tree where a white coat was hanging. He picked up the coat, and put it on over his shirt and tie.

"Do you need me undressed?" she asked, glancing at her mother.

"I do to do you justice," he responded. "I want to look over some of your more, ah... desirable parts, and get a measure of your body fat ratio."

"OK... sounds reasonable," said Amanda. She walked over to the clothes tree and pulled her sun dress over her head and hung it on a hook. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her white bikini panties and looked up at Dr. Kutz.

"Those too please," he said responding to the unasked question. Francine glanced up from the book, and then put her head down again, flipping slowly through the pages.

Amanda peeled off her panties and hung them on the hook with her dress. She had dark golden pubic hair closely trimmed covering her pubis, and a pair of pendulous breasts with large pink nipples that were partly erect. She stepped up to the exam table, and lay down on her back, with her arms at her side. She nervously shifted her hands not knowing what to do with them before setting them down along her sides.

"OK, I'm going to use the ultrasound to look at some of your internal organs," said Dr. Kutz. He sat down on a low wheeled chair next to the exam table, and pulled out a laptop PC with a small plastic device attached to it by a long cord. He hit a few keys, and the laptop was ready. "I'm going to hold this against a few places on your body to look inside you," he added. "Just relax... this is kind of interesting." He placed it against Amanda's belly, and grainy black & white images of her internal organs appeared on the laptop screen.

"Looks good," he continued, as he slowly ran the sensor up Amanda's stomach and then to her left breast. "See, you can see the milk ducts and the underlying muscle," pointed Dr. Kutz to the screen. Amanda was watching the screen and found it interesting to look at her own insides displayed there.

Dr. Kutz finished the ultrasound scan, and then began to gently feel Amanda's breasts. "I think these will do nicely. Have you had any lumps or problems?"

Amanda said no, that she had never had any health problems except having her tonsils out when she was 6. Dr. Kutz then did a pelvic exam using his fingers. He had Amanda spread her legs, and he had three fingers inside her vagina. He felt the outside of her lower belly with his other hand, feeling her uterus and ovaries.

"Muscle tone feels good, and I can feel your ovaries. Everything looks great."

"How do my, you know, sex parts look," asked Amanda.

"Very good from here," said Dr. Kutz, slightly pumping his three fingers in and out while still feeling her belly. "Very nice muscle tone. Are you starting to feel any pleasure?"

Amanda leaned back and enjoyed the sensation, since Dr. Kutz's thumb was "accidentally" pressing on her clit.

"Oh yes, mmmm..." she answered. Her eyes moved upward, and she rotated her hips slightly. Her knees were fully spread open, and her feet were together sole-to-sole on the exam table.

"Well actual vivisection is even better still. I'm going to stop as I've seen everything I need to." Dr. Kutz pulled out his hand, and went over to a sink and washed his hands.

When he was done, Dr. Kutz said "Good. I think you would be perfect for a vivisection and your meat is great for catering." Returning to his desk, he spoke to Francine.

"Have you narrowed your selection? I can discuss options and menu items with you, if you'd like," he said.

Amanda finished getting dressed again, and returned to her seat next to her mother. The three of them discussed entertainment, hors d'oeuvres, a menu, and how the general event would unfold. They settled on a garden party in their back yard with guests arriving in mid-morning, and the main course served in late afternoon. There would be catered hors d'oeuvres and drinks before and during vivisection, and then the guests would be served Amanda in a buffet 3 hours later. There would be a drinks between hors d'oeuvres and the buffet. Dr. Kutz and his catering partner would provide the equipment, food, and serving stations. They had planned for about 50 guests.

Amanda and Francine became very cheerful as they went over the plan with Dr. Kutz. When everything was settled, they got up to leave.

"I'll send you the final contract in the mail. It should arrive in a week, and I'll need it back a week after that. Then I'll see you early on the morning of the party. And this will be a great time," he smiled, shaking hands with both of them.

"I'm so excited planning this," said Amanda. "My friends will have such a good time, and I can hardly wait!" she beamed.

"I'm really looking forward to this too," said Francine. She looked at Amanda, "I've never seen you so happy."

"Good bye. I'll see you then," said Dr. Kutz as they left his office.

Together they drove home and chatted excitedly about their plans. They discussed details of seating, who would come, who would wear what, and what friends and family would like.

For a month Amanda talked to her friends in school off and on about her upcoming vivisection. She was more cheerful than usual, and she seemed to shed her worries about school work and making end-of-semester grades. Her cheerleading routines were more energetic, and she exercised every day early in the morning to make sure her muscle tone was its best.

The day before her garden party, she was talking to Maureen as they drove home from school. Maureen was driving them in her dad's car.
"So tomorrow's the big day, huh? How do you feel?" asked Maureen.

"Really excited, but a little nervous. I'm really looking forward to the build-up. I read the booklet Dr. Kutz mailed out, and there's a lot to do. He's going to give me a massage and get me, you know, "going" before we get to cutting," she answered.

"I really envy you," responded Maureen. "Do we get to, you know, 'participate' with you?"

Amanda looked at Maureen as she drove, "I hope so. So much of my fantasy with this is all of my friends and family taking their turn with me. I want to feel laid out and exposed, with you all bringing me to new heights of ecstasy. And I really want to become your best dish ever when this is done," Amanda said breathlessly.

"Sounds like fun. Are we all going to really get into you?" asked Maureen? "And what should I wear to a vivisection when we get to handle you? Is it going to be messy or is it more like street clothes? I've got a really cute sun dress and a new hat you haven't seen."

"I think the protocol is skimpy swimwear you can get wet. I'm going to start off in a string bikini and work from there. Mom and some of her friends will be in nice swim suits too. All of the stuff that you'll be expose to will wash out. And you guys can go hose each other off if things do get messy."

"Oh this sounds so naughty," said Maureen in her conspiratorial voice. "I'll be sure to be suitably ready for some fun. I'll pass the word to the other cheerleaders too. We'll all be in out flashiest bikinis for you."

Amanda looked out the window again, "I can't wait, you know. I'm getting tingly just thinking about it." Her hand drifted toward her crotch, and gently feeling her moistening clit through her jeans.

Maureen pulled up in from of Amanda's house and let Amanda out. They said good-bye, and Amanda rushed inside with her backpack and said "hi" to her mom. She ran upstairs to her bedroom, and closed the door. Stripping quickly, she stood naked in font of the full-length mirror on her closet door. She examined herself in the mirror, turning sideways to admire her large breasts and small ass. She fretted that her hams might me too small, and thought that her back was muscular enough to provide some good meat. Her hands drifted to her crotch, and she began rubbing herself with spread palms in a circular motion. Soon, she was squatting to spread her legs more, and leaning back with her eyes closed feeling herself come. In her mind was racing her fantasy of vivisection while begin ravished by dozens of mouths and hands.

That evening Amanda and her mom had a quiet dinner. After dinner, they set-up the tables and chairs in the back yard for the next day. There were serving tables, a butchering table, and tables and chairs for the guests. The caterer had come that day and put up two small tent canopies to shade the tables, and had hung a hoist from the large oak tree in the back yard. Amanda then hugged her mother goodnight, and went to bed. Francine stayed up a little longer, then went to her own bed, falling asleep gently stroking her sex through her thin sheer nightgown.

Part II: The Big Day

Francine got up first that morning before sunrise, and went in a woke up Amanda.

"Time to get up and get in the bathroom. Enema's up!" she said.

Amanda bounced out of bed, and peeled her nightshirt over her head. She was completely nude underneath. She and her mother went into the bathroom, and Amanda got down on all fours on the bathroom floor. Francine had piled-up three bath mats to pad Amanda's knees. When Amanda was ready, Francine moved behind her with an enema bag. Francine hung the bag from the shower curtain rod, and bent down behind her daughter.

"OK honey, here I'm going to stick in the hose," said Francine, as she spread Amanda's buttocks with one hand, and pressed the hose nozzle into her pink anus with the other. When it was in, Francine turned on the valve, and began to fill Amanda's large intestine with warm water. After a while, Amanda said it was starting to feel full. Francine closed the valve and pulled up the hose, and Amanda jumped up to expel the water into the toilet. They repeated the procedure three more times to ensure Amanda was well cleaned out. When they were done, Amanda also drank some syrup of ipecac and vomited the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

"Yuck, I don't like that part," said Amanda when she was done.

"I know honey. It's just one of those things. Come on, get dressed and they'll be here soon," said Francine as she went out of the room.

Amanda stayed in the bathroom and took a shower to clean off completely. When she was done, she put on a red string bikini and a pair of strappy high-heels, and went downstairs. Francine had been busy getting the kitchen ready for the caterer. She had cleared the counter tops, and was checking to make sure there was lots of room in the refrigerator as well as the freezer in the basement. When Amanda came into the kitchen, Francine turned to look at her; Amanda's ample tits were barely contained by the flimsy bikini top, and the bottom was gathered narrowly in front of her crotch.

"Oh honey, you look simply edible!" gushed Francine, eyeing Amanda up and down. Amanda's exercising had defined her waist more, and her limbs has less fat and better muscle definition. Francine was dressed in a blue sporty one-piece swim suit with some shorts over it. She looked good in the tank-top suit and shorts that showed her cleavage and legs nicely.

Just then the doorbell rang. Francine answered door. Dr. Kutz was at the door, and Francine showed him in. He was followed by a completely nude oriental girl, and a medium-height brunette in a polo shirt with the catering company "Kindest Kuts" logo and khaki shorts.

Dr. Kutz carried a box of supplies into the kitchen and set them down. He turned to the women following him, "This is my catering partner Melanie, and this is your hors d'oeuvres, Lin," motioning to the brunette and oriental girl in turn.

"I purchased Lin from our overseas supplier in the Philippines," said Melanie, putting down a box in the kitchen and walking over next to Lin. "I'll whip up some quick hors d'oeuvres with her, and we'll also use her as the center piece in the hors d'oeuvres table until I put the first course on the serving table. I've already prepared Lin, so we can get her set right away." Lin was a slim light brown oriental standing 4' 8" with shoulder-length hair, and very small nipples on top of pert and small breasts. Her pubis was bare. Lin's face was round, and her eyes were more rounded than slanted as is typical in the Philippines. Lin smiled broadly smiled during the introduction.

"OK, lets go outside and get the hors d'oeuvres started," said Dr. Kutz. "Amanda, you and Francine will probably want to see this. This isn't the full vivisection treatment, but you can watch me eviscerate Lin up close. Melanie, I'll have Lin ready for you in about 20 minutes."
Melanie went to work unpacking the boxes in the kitchen, unpacking supplies and some trays of implements.

Part III: Hors d'oeuvres

Dr. Kutz led Lin outside to the butchering table. He carried a tray of both kitchen tools and some medical implements. Amanda and Francine followed behind. At the table, Dr. Kutz laid-out his implements on a table next to the butchering table, while Lin hopped up and sat on the edge of the butchering table.

"Are you excited?," asked Lin turning toward Amanda. "I am. I've waited my whole life for this moment," she said.

"Oh yes. I really want to feel the gutting as it happens," said Amanda, stepping closer to Lin, and putting her hands on Lin's knees. "You know, they say it really pushes you over the edge if your getting aroused" she continued.

Lin spread her knees slightly, and grasped Amanda's hands, pulling them to her own small swell of a breast with a coy look, and said "It would feel so good to get friendly with you while I still can."

Amanda looked Lin in the eyes, and began rubbing her small mounds, first with a circular rubbing action, and then moving to kneading her breasts. Lin swiveled and laid down lengthwise on the butchering table, and arched her back while stretching her arms up over her head. Amanda moved to massaging Lin's stomach, then downward toward her crotch. Lin responded by spreading her knees to expose her crotch and rocking her pelvis in a circular motion. Amanda began to gently rub Lin's pubis with the ball of her hand while stroking Lin's leg with the other. Francine and Dr. Kutz approached the butcher table from the other side and stood watching.

"That's good... orgasm improves the flavor," said Dr. Kutz. "I've already prepared Lin with a spinal pain blocker so we shouldn't have any off-flavors from pain neurotransmitters."

Now Amanda was fingering Lin's clitoris, while Lin was gently writhing with her eye's closed. Amanda slipped two fingers into Lin, while using her thumb on the same hand to massage Lin's clit.

"Wow mom, she's really excited. I hope I get this kind of treatment," said Amanda to Francine while watching Lin's face."

"OK, we're almost ready to start cutting. Francine, could you please help put the straps on Lin? They'll help hold her while we're pulling and pushing on her," motioned Dr. Kutz. Francine and Dr. Kutz placed some nylon straps on Lin's ankles, knees, and her upper arms that held her to the table. Lin was secured with her knees spread and her ankles together, fully exposing her crotch. Amanda was now fisting Lin with four fingers. Lin was panting and arching her back in pleasure, thrusting her belly out to meet the coming cutting.

"All right Amanda, please pull out... I'll need to get at Lin here," said Dr. Kutz. He moved up to Lin with a small paring knife and a liquid applicator bottle. He took the knife and forcefully began cutting into her pubis right above the pubic arch, slicing upward along her belly to a point almost between Lin's nipples. A slight trickle of blood began to flow, but Dr. Kutz took the applicator bottle and spread surgical sealant along both edges of the skin.

Dr. Kutz described what he was doing, "Lin's going to be with us for several hours, so we don't want her to bleed to death now. Please note, you can see Lin's impressive muscle layer peeking out from beneath the skin. The next incision will expose her viscera, which we'll remove immediately."

Amanda was watching with rapt attention, and one hand drifted inside her bikini bottom as she watched Lin being opened. Francine was looking at both Amanda and Lin while Dr. Kutz was talking. Lin was lying still with her eyes closed and her back arched, feeling the new sensation of cold steel parting her from one end to the other.

"Now for the good stuff," said Dr. Kutz. He took up the knife again, and pressed through the muscles, starting at the top and drawing the knife down toward Lin's crotch. "Just have to make sure we don't nick her bladder and spoil some meat," he said as he put the knife down and sealed the newly cut muscle layer. The incision was gaping widely now, and Lin's pink and blue organs were peeking though.

Dr. Kutz placed a large pan on the ground by the table, and reached into Lin's organs with his hands. He pulled a mass of intestines partly out of her until they were draped over the edge of the table and extending down into the pan. He located key blood vessels and applied small metal clips like hair berets to them before severing them and the ligaments holding the organs. After a few minutes the whole mass slid with a "squisshhhhhh" sound into the pan on the ground. Dr. Kutz was working quickly on other organs now, and Lin's pancreas, stomach, and spleen followed into the pan.

"Ah now we can get to her liver. Melanie makes an awesome pate with these you know." Dr. Kutz reached in and cut away Lin's liver, which he put in a small pan and handed to Francine.

"Melanie will be here in a second for that," he said, as he turned back to Lin's emptying belly. He clamped-off the bladder and added this and the kidneys to the gut pan.

Amanda was watching with her breath coming faster, her heart pounding in her ears. Soon she would be laid open like Lin, only more slowly and on the throes of ecstasy. Amanda had shed her bikini bottom on the ground, and was vigorously fingering herself with one hand.

Melanie appeared from the house, and took the pan with Lin's liver in it back to the kitchen. Dr. Kutz cleaned out Lin's remaining organs, cutting out her uterus with the ovaries still attached and dropping them into the gut pan on the ground. Lin was lying with her eyes closed, breathing rapidly as her organs were pulled and cut out of her. She was in a state of extreme pleasure.

"I think that does it for her evisceration," said Dr. Kutz. "Please help me undo the straps, and I'll move her to the serving table."

Francine and Dr. Kutz undid the straps, and Dr. Kutz picked Lin up in his arms and carried here to the serving table located under a small tent. Lin had lost 20 pounds on the butchering table, and Dr. Kutz easily carried the 70 pound girl to a large stainless steel bowl on the serving table. He laid her in the bowl, her head, arms, and legs draped out of the bowl. A headrest held her head up, and the bowl was inclined to display Lin to the serving side of the table.

"Melanie will get the hors d'oeuvres bowl in a bit," said Dr. Kutz. "In the meantime, Amanda, you can explore her some more if you'd like. I'll shave you in a minute, but I've got to get ready first."

Amanda moved over to Lin splayed out on the hors d'oeuvres table. Amanda bent over and began licking Lin's vulva gently, and Lin looked down at Amanda's blonde head covering her crotch. Lin gently stroked Amanda's hair, and leaned her head back, enjoying the increasingly vigorous tongue lashing her clit was receiving.

Melanie appeared carrying a bowl of vegetable dips in several compartments. The bowl was oval shaped, and molded to sit in Lin's abdomen and straddle Lin's spinal column. Lin's spinal column, now visible in her empty maw, looked more like a small tree trunk dividing the space in her belly. Melanie stretched one side of Lin's abdominal wound, and forced the bowl to sit down inside Lin's belly, held firmly by the stretched sides of Lin's abdomen. Lin now looked like a human dip holder, the large dip bowl filling her belly from pubic bone to rib cage, the bowl having a wide flange that overlapped the edges of Lin's wound and the bowl shaped to fit the form of an empty belly.

Amanda had stopped sucking on Lin's twat while Melanie placed the bowl, and took off her bikini top. Amanda was now completely nude except for her high-heeled sandals. Amanda stopped to look Lin over, having never seen a living dip holder. Melanie placed other trays of vegetables and fruits on the table around Lin, and then began placing the chaffing dishes for the hot hors d'oeuvres around the table. Lin spread her legs with her hands as Melanie placed a carved cucumber into Lin's tight vagina, and a carrot into her anus. Lin looked absolutely scrumptious with her new garnish.

As Amanda was watching Melanie arrange the hors d'oeuvres, guests had begun to arrive. Maureen arrived with another cheerleader named Candy. Maureen's thin and athletic body was dressed in a blue stretch bikini, and Candy was wearing a gold string bikini that showed-off her voluptuous blonde body well. Two of Francine's sisters arrived with their husbands and their daughters. More of Amanda's school friends drifted in, some bringing dates. Most of the women were wearing bikinis or swim suits, and the men were wearing only shorts. Everyone hugged and kissed Amanda as they came in, and complimented her nude body. At first Amanda was self conscious, but she quickly adjusted to being the center of attention. She felt like a beauty queen after winning the pageant. She smiled at everyone, and even enjoyed it when some of her relatives gently tweaked her erect nipples. The guests helped themselves to the hors D'Ourves, and several helped themselves to a taste of Lin's glistening clitoris.

Part IV: The Party Starts

Francine had posted the party schedule at the gate to the back yard. It read:

Party Events
Amanda Shaving
Vagi-lifting contest
Amanda's Vivisection
1st course served
Amanda Served

Dr. Kutz had changed out of his clothes, and was wearing only a butchering aprons and sandals now. He had prepared a table for shaving, covering it with a large beach towel, and laying out the shaving gear. There were also some dildos set-up on the table for the later vagi-lifting contest.

"OK we're set for shaving," Dr. Kutz announced.

Amanda walked over to the shaving table and looked at Dr. Kutz. He motioned her to sit down on the table, which she did. Dr. Kutz asked for someone to help spread the shaving cream on Amanda pubis, and Maureen stepped up. Maureen took the can of shaving cream, and released a handful of rich shaving cream into her hand.

Then she turned to Amanda, and said "could you pleas lie down? I think this will feel pretty good."

Amanda lay back on the table, and spread her legs with her knees up slightly.

"Wider," said Dr. Kutz. "Maureen, you'll need to get the cream into her crevasses and around her anus too." Dr. Kutz had taken up the straight razor and was stropping it on a leather strap.

Maureen took the shaving cream and began spreading it around Amanda's mound, covering the trimmed golden hair with rich, thick, white lather. Maureen worked the later into the crack extending back to Amanda's anus.

Dr. Kutz said "thank you. Here we go, Amanda." He leaned over, and began scraping the lather off of Amanda's mound down toward her slit. Then he pulled her labia tight to scrape it clean. His fingers pushed against her clit while doing so, and Amanda spread her arms out over her head on the table as a sign of her growing pleasure. Dr. Kutz continued to shave Amanda as some women in the crowd around the table rubbed their own crotches. Maureen peeled-off her own stretch bikini, showing a narrow and well-trimmed stripe of golden pubic hair above her slit. Francine pulled-off her shorts, and felt herself by slipping a finger into the crotch of her one-piece from the side of the leg opening.

"Please turn over and get up on your knees," asked Dr. Kutz. "I'm going to shave around your anus."

Amanda rolled over and got up on her knees and elbows. She spread her legs, and pushed her buttocks back to fully expose her pink rosette to Dr. Kutz. Dr. Kutz shaved around her pink anus and shaved the rest of her slit and around her perineum.

"OK, I'm done. Who wants to oil her filet," asked Dr. Kutz, turning toward the crowd. "I've got a great sesame oil here that really flavors a cunt filet well, and will ease the razor burn."

Candy, the voluptuous cheerleader with large tits stepped forward. She took the bottle of oil from Dr. Kutz, and squeezed some out on her hand. Then she started to spread the oil around on Amanda's exposed crack and puckered asshole, using her fingers to reach all of the crevice. Then she re-coated her fingers, and started to work forward toward Amanda's labia and mound. Candy kept her thumb at the entrance to Amanda's anus, and gently started to rub the entrance. Amanda responded by arching her neck, and spreading her knees more to give Candy better access. Candy gently inserted her thumb into Amanda's anus, and simultaneously began to part her labia with her middle finger, searching for her clitoris.

Amanda now closed her eyes and began to gently rock on her knees. Candy inserted two fingers into Amanda's vagina, and pushed her thumb into her anus up to the first joint. Candy gently tried to rub her fingers and thumb together inside Amanda, feeling the thin walls of her rectum and vagina separating them. Amanda responded by starting to moan, and then progressed to panting. Candy kept up her simultaneous plunging with her fingers and thumb, now using all four of her fingers in Amanda's twat while keeping her thumb in Amanda's anus.

Candy was now getting very excited, and with her free hand undid the bottom of her own string bikini and let it fall to the ground, revealing a well-trimmed light brown bush. Candy began fingering her own clitoris in time with Amanda's thrusting. Other guests watching were also pulling-off their swimwear too; Francine pulled her one-piece off her shoulders and down, stepping-out to reveal her shaved pubis and a pair of soft C-cup tits hanging low on her chest. Francine walked up behind Maureen, and wrapped her hands around Maureen's front and began fondling her mound.

Now Amanda had begun panting with exhaustion, and had clenched her teeth as an orgasm overtook her. She was glistening with sweat, and her movements were becoming rapid but jerky. She pushed fully back on her knees, and remained there as Candy's skilled fingers and thumb worked her past ecstasy. As her orgasm subsided, she laid flat on the table on her stomach, and caught her breath. Candy ceased pumping her with her hand, and pulled her hand our of Amanda with an audible "pop" sound.

Around 50 guests had drifted in during the shaving, and many had shed their clothes while watching Amanda being shaved and pleasured. A lot of the guests were having a good time with Lin; they had pulled out Lin's cucumber garnish, and multiple guests had bent to taste Lin's tight and glistening twat. One of Amanda's uncles had filled her vagina with come, and a young girl was busily sucking out Lin's vagina and enjoying the taste. Other guests had shed their clothes, and the atmosphere of an orgy had started to develop.

Francine walked over to the hors d'oeuvres table and announced that the vagi-lifting contest would be starting soon, and anyone who wanted to play should come over to the shaving table and check-in with Melanie. The winner would get to be eviscerated by Dr. Kutz in the evisceration harness hanging in a corner of the yard, and her meat would be served later on that day. Several girls and women went over to Melanie and checked-in to play. Melanie had a clipboard, and she entered name into a single-elimination bracket diagram.

After Amanda recovered from her shaving, she got up and began to mingle with the guests. Melanie set-up the shaving table for the vagi-lifting contest. She set-out two medium-sized dildos standing on the table. The bottom of each dildo was connected by a foot-long cable to a small weight-holder that looked like a small three-pronged candelabra. The cable connected to the center prong, and the two prongs on either side would hold weight rings. The object of the contest was for each girl to hoist the weight by grabbing the dildo in her vagina, and holding the weight suspended for three seconds.

Eight women and girls signed-up for the contest. The contestants all stripped naked, except for their shoes and jewelry. Francine got the show started by having the first two girls step up onto the table. A well-built black girl with D-cup breasts and a bare slit, along with a stocky blonde woman with large breasts and a thick waist stepped up onto the table. Both women stepped over the dildos, and stood with their feet on either side of their dildo, facing the guests, the weight trident behind them. Together, they spread their knees outward, and squatted down on the dildos burying them in their vaginas. When both looked ready, Francine said "Lift!," and they both stood up. Both girls lifted their weight, but the blonde's dildo slipped out after a second, while the black girl stood with the weight trident gently swaying between her knees at the end of the cable connecting it to the dildo.

After the first round, there were 4 women remaining in the contest: Jackie the black girl; Niki a small, slim, long-haired brunette girl with a flat chest, small brown nipples, and a mound shaved bare; Monica a 35-year old voluptuous red head with large soft breasts, a slightly bulging tummy, and a trimmed fiery red pubic patch; and Odessa, 19-year old blonde athletic cheerleader with medium sized firm breasts, a flat stomach, a shaved crotch, and a small, round ass.

To start the second round, Niki and Jackie stood over the two dildos. Jackie spread her knees and squatted down slowly on her dildo, sliding down up to the hilt. Niki, the small brunette, squatted down so the dildo was at the entrance to her slit. With both hands Niki spread her small hairless lips, and grimaced slightly as she pushed her weight down on the dildo. Very slowly the dildo inched into her; everyone in the audience watched the ungreased plastic phallus slowly disappear into Niki's stretched vagina. After about 20 seconds, Niki was ready. At Francine's signal, they both stood up. Both girls held their weight on the first go, so they both squatted back down and added another weight ring to one of the trident prongs. On the second lifting both girls also held their weight, but Jackie's was starting to slip out when they both were squatting back down. On the third lift Jackie's dildo slipped out, while Niki rippled her stomach to hold her weight with a vacuum created by her abdominals. Niki had to have Francine help pull out the dildo, and the next two women took their place.

Francine commented that Niki "probably had one of the best toned twats around," and she hoped Niki won a trip to the evisceration harness. Francine rubbed Niki's small lips after the dildo came out, and gently caressed her clitoris for a couple of seconds before turning back to the contest.

Monica and Odessa squatted over the dildos now. Monica, the 35-year old redhead squatted onto her dildo slowly and deliberately, as Odessa slowly and evenly slid down the shaft of hers. Both waited with knees spread, their labia split by the dildos and their clitorises exposed. At the signal they both stood up, and their weights held momentarily. But Monica's dildo began to slip after a second, and slowly drew out and fell within three seconds. Odessa proudly stood swinging her hips back and forth gently, swinging the weight between her legs suspended from her dildo.

More guests gathered around the table for final round; one of these two sexy girls would be eviscerated shortly. Both Niki and Odessa had been letting guests feel their impressive muscle tone. They were getting excited, and both knew that orgasm helped their muscles contract and hold better. Amanda had been fingering Niki, and commenting how she could not fit more than one finger into her tight vagina.

Francine stood on the table between the two dildos and made the opening remarks, introducing each finalist describing each one's relationship to Amanda. She looked impressive standing nude up on the table with her full physique, her shaved pubis, and her large, soft breasts capped with large brown areolae and nipples.

Niki and Odessa took their places standing behind their dildos, and toweled them and their crotches dry. Then each spread her labia and squatted down on her dildo. Niki was visibly slower to slide down her dildo. Once in position, both looked to Francine for the signal. Amanda was watching from front and center, looking at both girls' tightly stretched lips and exposed clitorises.

At the signal, both lifted their weights up easily, and held them. The guests cheered this time, and both girls smiled and looked at the others' weight. Another try brought the same result. Francine added more weight to both for a third lift.

"Ten pounds ought to bring one of you to the limit," Francine noted. "And I thought one of you would get excited and start getting wet and slippery."

At the signal both lifted their weights up and stood with them slightly swaying by the cables. But this time Odessa's was starting to pull out as her dildo soon as she lifted it clear of the table. She was visibly working her abdominal muscles, trying to make a vacuum in her vagina to hold her dildo in place, but to no avail. After two seconds, her dildo slipped out, and both weights and dildo fell to the table. The guests cheered Niki, who smiled while looking around.

"Congratulations Niki," said Francine, standing up onto the table and hugging her. Odessa also leaned over and hugged her.

"That was impressive Odessa. You must really do a lot of Kegels to get the kind of tone," said Amanda.

"Yeah, I practice on my fingers in the shower," answered Odessa. "I was looking forward to getting slaughtered today, but I guess it's not in the cards. I'll have to settle for a taste of Niki's lean meat."

"I hope I get to help with her cleaning," said Amanda. Amanda helped Niki down from the table, and gave her a big hug. The hug turned into a kiss as Amanda placed her lips on Niki's and began to embrace her, while pulling Niki toward her with both of her hands on Niki's small buttocks. Niki was a full 9" shorter than Amanda, standing at 4' 8", and weighing about 80 pounds.

"Oh, that's new and exciting. I've never been kissed like that," said Niki, and she began kissing Amanda back very excitedly, placing her hands around Amanda's neck, and kissing her with a fully opened mouth.

"OK Niki, we'll get back to that in a little bit..." interrupted Melanie. "First we need to enema you out. You'll like it a lot, and we'll be done quick."

Niki turned from Amanda and walked with Melanie toward the house.


Part V: Good-bye Lin

Melanie looked over toward Amanda and Francine, and spoke, "Amanda, you might want to go over by the evisceration harness. I think Dr. Kutz is ready to dispatch Lin now." Then Melanie turned and followed Niki into the house.

Amanda, her mom, and bunch of the guests drifted over toward the hors d'oeuvres table. Melanie had taken the bowl of dip out of Lin's belly, and Lin was lying propped up on the bowl. A large man had just finished fucking her, and now a middle-aged woman wearing a one-piece striped swimsuit was sucking on Lin's clitoris. Lin was lying back with her eyes shut enjoying the attention. Her belly gaped open, the inside red and looking like raw meat.

Dr. Kutz came over. "Time to finish cleaning her up. Lin, your' set to be the first course and we need to get you ready," he said. He walked over by the evisceration harness and made some adjustments.

The middle-aged woman pulled up and away from Lin's groin, and Amanda and Maureen pulled-up on either side of Lin.

"How about a good cleaning before Dr. Kutz does you?" asked Maureen looking over into Lin's face.

"Oh yes, that would be great," said Lin with half opened eyes. She had been orgasmic for almost a full hour.

Maureen handed Amanda a long straw, and taking one herself bent over Lin's belly. She placed the straw in a pool of seaman that had accumulated in Lin's abdominal cavity and began to drink. Amanda followed suit, the two girls standing naked and slurping sperm out of Lin's belly.

Dr. Kutz returned from setting the harness up, and looked at the scene. "Good job. I'm going to take Lin and prepare her now. Amanda, do you want to do some cutting?"

Amanda pulled out her straw, and looked up excitedly, "Oh yes, you bet. What do I get to cut?"

Dr. Kutz walked over and picked-up Lin in his arms, and picked her up from the bowl she was in.

"I was going to have you sever her main artery. She's going to bleed out through her belly and that way we don't have to sever her neck. We'll drain Lin for a little bit while waiting for Niki to get back," he said.

Dr. Kutz carried Lin over to where the evisceration harness was hanging from an overhead tree. Next to the harness was a small tray table with some implements and a double-ended dildo, and a large flat roasting pan on the grass. Dr. Kutz put Lin down, and she stood unsteadily, leaning on Dr. Kutz. Amanda helped steady her on the other side. Dr. Kutz attached strong nylon cuffs to Lin's ankles and wrists, and then snapped ends of the harness onto rings in the cuffs. He then pulled on the free end of the rope holding the harness up, and hoisted Lin up off of her feet. She swiveled forward once free of the ground, and her ankles and wrists pulled together to a point behind her back. Her empty belly now closed under the tension of her arched back, but the Lin's waist folded backward dramatically since she had no internal organs to constrict movement, and since her abdominal muscles were severed. Lin was now suspended about a yard off the ground, with her knees slightly parted, and her limbs bound together at the apex of the harness.

"Here Amanda, maybe you'd like to use this," said Dr. Kutz handing Amanda the double ended dildo.

Amanda took it, and without hesitation she placed one end against the entrance to her vagina and pressed it inside herself several inches. Then as Dr. Kutz held Lin's legs spread, she pushed the other end between Lin's shaved labia, spreading Lin's inner lips to accept the soft rubber dildo. Amanda took hold of Lin's knees, and leaning back began to gently pump back and forth. Lin closed her eyes and let her head lean forward as if slack.

Dr. Kutz gently spoke to Amanda while steadying Lin, "That's it. See how good it can feel? You'll get your turn soon, and you'll be feeling your belly being emptied organ by organ when I'm working on you."

Amanda continued to pump, each thrust growing slightly longer and faster. Both Amanda and Lin were starting to breath harder as their shared rubber dildo was sliding into and out of both girls. First Amanda, and then Lin started to pant, and Amanda broke a sweat as her excitement increased. Amanda was striking with her large tits swaying back and forth, slapping together when Amanda thrust back from Lin.

A group of about 20 guests watching were also becoming excited, and Maureen put her arm around Francine as they watched. Soon Maureen had stepped behind Francine, and was reaching underneath Francine's crotch from behind, fingering her clitoris.

Dr. Kutz let go of Lin, and stepped over to the tray. He picked up a pair of poultry shears with medium-sized curved blades, and stepped back toward Lin. He placed the large pan underneath Lin, and spoke to Amanda.

"Are you ready? I'll reach-in and guide the shears, and you squeeze them when I tell you. You're going to cut her aorta." he explained to Amanda, who opened her eyes and looked at him while maintaining her steady rhythm.

Dr. Kutz placed Amanda's hands on the shears, and guided her to lean over Lin. Amanda stopped pumping, and used her other hand to hold Lin steady in the harness.

Dr. Kutz guided Amanda's hand on the shears around Lin's front. He held open the sides of her incision, and the shears disappeared inside Lin's empty abdomen. Amanda was now leaning over between Lin's upward-bending knees, and was resting her upper body on top of Lin's back. Dr. Kutz gave Amanda the word, "squeeze the shears." as he held Amanda's hand steady.

Amanda squeezed her hand, and all of a sudden blood began pouring out of Lin's belly in a pumping rhythm. The pan on the grass underneath caught most of it, but some splashed onto the ground. Dr. Kutz withdrew his hand and wiped it on his apron. Amanda pulled out the shears, and handed them to Dr. Kutz. The shears and her hand were covered in Lin's blood, which was now pouring freely into the pan below.

Amanda began to quickly pump Lin's pussy again, while a 40-ish woman came forward to massage Lin's small breasts from the front. Lin's eyes were tightly clenched in orgasm, and her head was hanging down, with her long hair almost hanging into the blood pan.

Amanda kept pumping, and Lin's blood flow slowed to a trickle. Amanda was sucking her breath in through clenched teeth, while Lin had slipped into unconsciousness. Dr. Kutz stepped forward and felt for a pulse in Lin's neck. The woman massaging Lin's breasts stopped, and stepped back from Lin. After about a minute, Amanda's orgasm subsided, and she pulled back. The dildo slipped out of Lin's vagina, and hung between Amanda's legs.

"That's it... she's dead. And what a way to go," said Dr. Kutz, speaking to the silence. "We'll let her drain a little, and then take her over to the table for Melanie to butcher." Dr. Kutz had been excited by the bleeding, and his butcher's apron was now pushed out by his obvious erection.

Amanda squatted downward and pulled the dildo out of her vagina, then walked over and placed it on the tray. She brushed her sweaty air away from her face, and said "I know I won't survive this day, but I don't know if I'm going to make it to my vivisection." She then walked over and hugged her mom, who had finished coming from Maureen's finger attentions.

Part VI: Niki's Evisceration

Niki and Melanie appeared from the house. Niki was naked and walking holding Melanie's hand, and was smiling radiantly. Melanie let go of Niki's hand, and walked over to where Lin's body was slightly dripping blood. Melanie detached the harness from Lin's limbs while Dr. Kutz held her body, and then they carried Lin over to the butchering table. They laid Lin's body on the table with her legs together and her arms up over her head. Melanie remained to butcher Lin into meat, while Dr. Kutz returned where Niki was waiting.

The crowd around the harness had grown to about 30 guests. Many were interested in seeing tiny Niki eviscerated. Niki stood at 4' 8" tall, with long dark brown hair that reached to her lower back. Her face was innocent looking with a small nose and small pointed chin, and a narrow mouth.

Dr. "Here Niki, I need to give you a pain blocker. This is going to let you enjoy getting cut just like Lin did." He went over to the tray of instruments, and picked up a small syringe.

"Who wants to hold Niki for me?" asked Dr. Kutz toward the guests.

"I will!," answered a 30-ish woman. She was slightly overweight, with large breasts. She was naked, and her large dark aureole's showed she had nursed children before.

Dr. Kutz had the woman sit down in a nearby folding chair. Then he directed Niki to sit on the woman's lap, straddling her legs and facing her. Then he had Niki put her arms around the woman's neck like a hug, and rest her head on the woman's shoulder. Dr. Kutz moved behind the seated woman, and brushed Niki's hair away from her neck. He gently inserted the needle near the base of her head into her neck, and emptied the syringe.

"OK, well give that a little time to work," said Dr. Kutz. The woman with Niki sitting on her lap began gently kissing Niki. Niki turned her head to face the woman, and they were joined at the lips. The woman reached around to Niki's ass and gently massaged her ass cheeks. Amanda came up behind Niki, and began fingering Niki's anus. Amanda used her ring finger to probe Niki's tight sphincter while the 30-ish woman was now probing Niki's tight vagina and clitoris. Niki responded by sucking on the woman's large nipple.

Dr. Kutz placed a Champagne glass on the grass, and then walked over by Niki. "I'd like you to empty your bladder one last time. Urine really flavors the meat badly. I've got a glass ready for you to use."

Niki got up from the woman's lap, and walked over by the glass, and squatted over it. She spread her legs so the guests could see clearly, and then let a small golden stream of urine dribble into the glass.

"Melanie had me go back in the house when she enema'd me out. I wasn't sure if I could go again."

Dr. Kutz helped Niki stand up and step over to the harness. He motioned Amanda over to help him. Together Amanda and Dr. Kutz placed Niki in straps that attached to her thighs and her shoulders. Then Dr. Kutz pulled on the rope holding the harness to the pulley above, and Niki was hoisted up about a foot. Dr. Kutz tightened two straps, and now Niki's thighs were spread with her knees bent. Niki was sitting upright in the harness held by her shoulders and her thighs. Her arms were free to move, and her legs were bent as if she was in a chair, except they were spread out to the sides as far as then could go.

"Amanda, could you test Niki with the needle?" asked Dr. Kutz.

Amanda took a needle, and stuck it in Niki's small but erect nipple.

"Didn't feel anything but the cold metal," said Niki, watching the needle slide in and out.

Dr. Kutz looked at Niki, "Good. Amanda, how would you like to pleasure Niki to start?"

Amanda looked Niki in the eye, and replied in a low voice "I think with some slow kissing like this."

Amanda wrapped her arms around Niki's waist, and began kissing her. Niki opened her mouth to accept Amanda's probing tongue, and soon they were locked in a passionate embrace and joined at their mouths. Niki closed her eyes, and moaned her approval as she wrapped her arms around Amanda, and brought her hands to rest on Amanda's small ass.

Maureen came up behind Niki, and began massaging Niki's ass. Soon she was probing Niki's bung hole with a finger, and working her way inside her tight sphincter. Amanda had progressed to licking Niki's chest with long caresses of her tongue. Slowly, Amanda worked her way down Niki's flat chest toward Niki's small shaved slit. Niki's open legs exposed her inner lips, which were small and regular, and they were moist and clinging together. Amanda's tongue flicked Niki's inner lips, and began probing the hood over her clit. Niki moaned softly, and began to lean her head back, eyes closed with pleasure. Soon her orgasm built, and her stomach muscles showed the first ripples of a trembling orgasm. Through it all Maureen was fingering Niki's anus and rectum deeply, stroking and rubbing her on the inside.

Dr. Kutz brought over the large pan to place underneath Niki. He placed the stand with tray of implements within arms reach of Niki.

"I think were ready to eviscerate her. Amanda, why don't you help me. Niki, are you ready?"

Niki gently nodded her head with her eyes closed, still feeling her orgasm, and waiting for the coming thrill. Amanda stood up next to Dr. Kutz as he moved in front of Niki.

Dr. Kutz took a small knife and sliced gently sideways into Niki right above her pubic arch. He put the knife down, and then picked up a skinning hook. "Have to be careful of her bladder at the bottom. Even though it's empty, we don't want to rupture it," explained Dr. Kutz. "Her small size means her organs will be smaller than normal, and you have to be careful lest your meat end up tasting like urine."

He inserted the hook into the small cut, and with a quick and smooth motion brought the hook up her belly to a point almost even with her small erect nipples. Niki tensed at the feel of the cold steel. A bright red trickle began running down her belly, and dribbled off her inner labia into the pan. Slowly the incision began to gape open, and some loops of wet intestine were peeking out.

Dr. Kutz put the scalpel as aside, and turned to Amanda. "Would you like to pull the intestines?" He held the sides of Niki's incision open, giving Amanda a clear view of Niki's pinkish small intestines.

Amanda's pulse quickened as she reached in with her hands, and grabbed two handfuls of the slippery tubes, and began gently pulling them toward her. She had to pull harder to make them move after encountering some resistance, and Dr. Kutz held Niki steady. Slowly at first, and then with gathering momentum about half of the small intestine mass slithered forward and then fell out of Niki, cascading down into the pan in a large loop.
"That's the way, keep pulling until you've got them all and have both ends exposed," encouraged Dr. Kutz.

Amanda kept pulling, and soon all of Niki's small intestine was in the pan, with the two ends leading upward and still attached to Niki's stomach and her colon. Niki was starting to bleed more now, and a steady dribble of blood was flowing down the intestinal tube into the pan. Amanda flicked her hands to get the excess blood off of her fingers.

Dr. Kutz explained, "Niki, you're going to bleed out while we eviscerate you. We're not going to cut your neck, so you'll have no discomfort. This will be the ultimate thrill." Niki was leaning forward now, watching her viscera being pulled into the gut pan. Maureen was maintaining the steady pleasuring in Niki's anus.

Dr. Kutz moved in closer to Niki, and began cutting loose her colon and rectum. Maureen stopped while Dr. Kutz was working, and then resumed her fingering when Niki's colon dropped into the gut pan. Dr. Kutz was now cutting away the other end of her small intestine, and her stomach fell with the end of her small intestine onto the growing gut pile in the pan. Amanda leaned over his shoulder as Dr. Kutz cut away Niki's pancreas and it too fell into the pan.

Niki was bleeding strongly now, a steady stream of blood coming out of her open abdomen and running down from her crotch. Niki was feeling both light-headed and orgasmic as she contemplated her emptying cavern that had been her washboard stomach just a few minutes ago.

Dr. Kutz had Amanda pull Niki's kidney's, bladder, and adrenal glands as he cut them away. Then he carefully clamped the urethra at the base of the bladder before cutting it away. Then he and Amanda cut-out Niki's reproductive tract, severing it at the cervix.

"Here please pass me the plate there, " motioned Dr. Kutz to a naked woman standing nearby. He swiftly cut Niki's liver from it's place just inside her rib cage, and placed it on the extended plate.

"Could you bring that over by Melanie at the butcher table please?" he motioned toward where Melanie was working on the cuts of meat that had been Lin. The woman walked over and gave the plate to Melanie.

Niki was now bleeding heavily from multiple blood vessels in her belly. Her head was slumped down on her chest, and her breathing was shallower. Dr. Kutz walked around behind her, and pushed her forward in the harness so that now she was bent forward with her belly extended. He adjusted the harness to suspend her by her shoulders and thighs at the same height with her arms behind her. Maureen quickly knotted Niki's hair and attached the knot to a hook in the harness to hold her head up and keep her hair out of the blood streaming down from her belly. Dr. Kutz then raised the harness so Niki was suspended waist high above the ground with her belly at the lowest point.

Amanda moved between Niki's legs, and squatted down to lick her crotch. A man came over to Niki's mouth and began fucking her open mouth. Niki was semi-conscious, but her vagina responded to the new pleasure, and she writhed slightly in the harness. Maureen came up behind the squatting Amanda and behind fingering her from behind. Another nude woman came up and began rubbing Niki's small but rock-hard nipples. Dr. Kutz looked surprised when an older woman knelt in front of him and brushed aside his bloody apron to lick his erect penis.

After several minutes Amanda noticed that Niki was only dripping blood and her movements had stopped. Dr. Kutz said to let her drip some more, but she was dead. Amanda responded by delving deeply into Niki's bare twat, and biting off her clitoris in her front teeth. She chewed and swallowed the raw clit as other guests looked on with approval. Maureen kept teasing Amanda's own clit, bringing her off in a near-continuous orgasm.

The party was a major success. Melanie had turned Lin's backstrap steak into a beautiful plate of steak tartar served cold on a metal platter laid on a larger platter of ice on the hors d'oeuvres table. Lin's roasts were in the oven, and her skin was hanging up to be scraped and tanned later. Francine was sampling some tartar and gave a mouthful to her daughter. Everyone was naked now except for Melanie, who was busily moving dishes on and off the hors d'oeuvres table, and cleaning up the butchering table for the next girl.

By noontime, Niki was butchered into parts and was in the oven. Her liver became the second helping of pate and liverwurst sandwiches on the table. Francine was looking at Amanda knowing that her time was upon her, since Amanda was to be the main course at dinner.

Part VI: Vivisection

Francine walked over to the blanket Amanda was spread out on. Amanda was on her back at the bottom of an orgy pile, as one of Francine's brothers had his dick in Amanda's mouth, and another had his dick buried in her vagina. Two cheerleaders were sucking Amanda's ample tits.

"I think we're ready now, Amanda," said Francine. "When your set for the ultimate thrill, come over to the table. Dr. Kutz is all set."

Amanda nodded in acknowledgment, and then began sucking Francine's brother in earnest. She was rewarded with a mouthful of semen shortly, and her vagina was filled in the same minute. In another few minutes the pile broke-up, and Amanda walked over to the butchering table. Dr. Kutz was standing there in his apron, with a tray of tools laid out on one end of the table. He had Amanda lean over the table with her head down, and he injected the spinal blocker into her neck.

Most of the guests began to gather around too. This would be the actual vivisection that Amanda had been expecting for a month. Amanda was leaning against the table looking at the impressive array of implements Dr. Kutz would be using on her. Most were surgical instruments, but there were a couple of skinning knives, and a gut hook used for gutting deer. Jackie was standing next to Amanda with her arm around her. They were talking about what the implements were.

Dr. Kutz chimed in, "That's the scalpel. I'm going to start with that first to open you up. Since you've helped with an evisceration, so you know what to expect. I'm going to block off your blood vessels like I did for Lin so you'll be able to experience everything."

"Oh wow. I'm getting wet all over again thinking about this," responded Amanda.

"How about hopping up on the table, and I'll get started," said Dr. Kutz, motioning to the table.

Amanda hopped up on the table, and laid down. Her ample breasts flattened out over her chest, and she kept her legs partly spread to show her moist and bare slit.

"Would anyone like to fill her mouth?" asked Dr. Kutz. One of the neighbors came over and placed his penis in Amanda's mouth. Amanda arched her neck to get a better angle, and then began sucking and licking his penis. Dr. Kutz helped Amanda scoot down the table so her head was just hanging over the end of the table.
"How about some attention for her other end?" asked Dr. Kutz.

Jackie, the black cheerleader with large breasts, climbed onto the table, and put her had down between Amanda's legs. She began to gently lick Amanda's slit, working her way up toward Amanda's clitoris.

"OK, here we go," said Dr. Kutz, picking up the scalpel. He took the scalpel and gently traced a line from two inches above Amanda's pubic slit up over her gently curving belly to her sternum. Dr. Kutz took a tube of surgical sealant and applied it to the edges of the incision, stopping the bleeding immediately.

"Here you see the incision into the skin and subcutaneous fat. This sealant will stop any bleeding so we can enjoy the view, and so Amanda won't loose blood unnecessarily"

Then Dr. Kutz asked Francine if she wanted to slice through the abdominal muscle layer. Francine said she'd like to, and she came over next to Dr. Kutz. Dr. Kutz took the scalpel and placed it in her hand, and then guided her as she made the cut. He swiftly applied sealant to the edges of the new incision through the muscle layers.

"Now Francine, if you'd like you can help pull apart the edges of the skin and muscle layers. You'll be exposing Amanda's organs while I place a couple of retractors to hold the incision open."

Francine reached with her hands and parted the edges of Amanda's wound, spreading the sides to expose the glistening loops of intestine and other organs in Amanda's abdomen. Dr. Kutz placed two large retractors in near the top and bottom of the wound, holding open about 10" across.
Amanda was now receiving an orgasmic blast into her mouth, and she swallowed a load of semen. At the same time, Jackie's attentions to her clitoris and intensive tonguing in her vagina were making Amanda squirm. "Mmmmmmm" she kept moaning, as louder slurping sounds came from Jackie's talented mouth.

Dr. Kutz was now standing behind Francine, who was leaning over her daughter. "Francine, why don't you help me pulling some organs. We can start with her intestines here," he motioned to the long convoluted loops of pink tubing coiled inside Amanda's open belly. Francine reached in and grabbed some loops of intestine and started pulling. Dr. Kutz helped her, and applied small metal clips to all of the major blood vessels they exposed. Soon Francine had pulled a large pile of intestine out of her daughter's abdomen into a pile on the table beside her.
"Here, I've got a gut pan on the ground here," said Dr. Kutz as he swept the gut pile into the pan on the ground. The intestine slid over the edge and draped down into the pan still attached to Amanda. Dr. Kutz took the scalpel and cut away both ends of the small intestine, plus Amanda's pancreas, and let the rest of the mass slide into the pan.

Francine was now leaning over Amanda, and rubbing her ass against Dr. Kutz who was behind her. He responded by pushing his apron aside, and placing the head of his stiff penis in the entrance to Francine's vagina. Francine pushed back into him, while moaning her approval. "Mmmmmmm, this feels really good," she said.

Dr. Kutz continued to work on Amanda. He blocked off more blood vessels, and then cut out Amanda's large intestine a few inches from her rectum. He dropped the 6' tube onto the gut pile in the pan. Then he turned to Amanda's liver.
"Amanda, you've got a nice liver there. Any druthers on how you want it prepared? I was thinking of more pate."

"Oh, that sounds great. Everyone really loved Lin's, and I'd like mine to the last liver everyone gets to taste today," responded Amanda. She had her eyes closed and was concentrating on the long licks Jackie was applying to her clitoris.

Francine was now grinding into Dr. Kutz with some energy. "How do we get her liver out?" she asked.

"Very carefully if we don't want Amanda to bleed out too son," he responded. He had Francine hold up the lower edge of Amanda's liver while he clamped-off the major arteries and veins. Then he cut the liver loose and placed it on a nearby plate. He cut the gall bladder off of the liver and dropped it onto the gut pile.

"Here," he said to Candy, who was licking Amanda's nipples. She took the still warm and bleeding liver inside to Melanie to prepare.
"Now to finish cleaning you out, Amanda," said Dr. Kutz. He quickly cut out her stomach, kidney's, bladder, and adrenal glands and dropped them into the gut pan. All that remained was Amanda's reproductive track.

Dr. Kutz had Jackie stop licking Amanda's pussy and lean back so she wouldn't get cut. Jackie leaned back and started fingering herself as she looked at Amanda's empty belly.

Dr. Kutz had Francine pull up on Amanda's uterus as he cut it away just below the cervix. He pulled the uterus with the ovaries still attached out, and held them up for Amanda to see.

"Here is your very womanhood, Amanda. These are your ovaries with hundreds of eggs in them," he said pointing to the two small masses at the ends of the fallopian tubes. He dropped the organs into the gut pan. Then Dr. Kutz put the scalpel down and reached inside Amanda.

"I bet you've never felt your clitoris being stroked from the inside," he said, and he stuck his finger into Amanda's severed vagina. He started fingering her from the inside, and Amanda started moaning slightly louder. Francine, with Dr. Kutz still inside her, started bucking with more vigor at the site of her daughter gutted and pleasured.

Amanda clenched her eyes closed and began grinding her teeth in a grimace of pleasure as her orgasm built, peaked, and then subsided. Jackie was kneeling on the table between Amanda's legs and fingering herself with three fingers. The crowd around Amanda was full of women and men either pleasuring themselves or each other with hands or fingers, and fucking openly. Francine was now enjoying long, slow strokes on Dr. Kutz's penis.

Dr. Kutz pulled out of Francine, and asked Jackie to step aside. He jumped up on the table and began fucking Amanda. Francine started sucking on one of Amanda's nipples, and a nude blonde cheerleader was sucking on her other one. Soon, Dr. Kutz was arching his back in orgasm, and spurts of white semen were visible flying out of the end of Amanda's severed vagina, and splashing into her abdomen. Dr. Kutz pulled out, and one of Francine's brothers took his place.

The party became an orgy with Amanda pulling a train. Several men took the opportunity to fuck her with her belly cut open and displayed. Several women and girls took turns working on Amanda's breasts and her clitoris, and one even stuck her head into Amanda's belly to lick-up the accumulated seam pooling there. Dr. Kutz took a break to get a tall cool coke to drink, and talk to Melanie. I was now about 1:00 in the afternoon. Melanie had just set out Amanda's liver pate.

"When do we need to butcher her for dinner? asked Dr. Kutz
"In a couple of minutes. It'll take some time to cut her up, and 3 hours to cook her roasts," responded Melanie. Melanie was the only one left at the party still wearing her clothes.

"OK, I'll go dispatch her," said Dr. Kutz, putting down his glass.

Dr. Kutz walked over to Amanda, who was enjoying the attentions of Francine, Maureen, and Jackie. "OK Amanda, I think it's time. Are you ready to say good-bye?"

Amanda sleepily nodded her head, not breaking her concentration from her orgasm. Maureen was giving her clitoris a particularly fast-paced tongue flicking.

Dr. Kutz asked Francine, who was on Amanda's other side, if she wanted to do the honors. Francine stood upright from sucking Amanda's nipples and said yes. Dr. Kutz picked up an odd-shaped scalpel with a long triangular blade. He explained to Francine that they would sever Amanda's brain stem, and death would be instantaneous. Dr. Kutz rolled Amanda toward him, exposing the back of Amanda's neck to Francine. He positioned the blade at the base of her head, told Francine to wait for his signal. Francine cradled Amanda's head, holding the blade softly against the base of her head.

Maureen watched Dr. Kutz motioning for her to lick harder and get Amanda really going, so she redoubled her tongue's efforts to tease Amanda's clitoris into a frenzy. Another cheerleader was sucking one of Amanda's tits, and a 30-ish woman was sucking the other. Dr. Kutz was monitoring Amanda's building orgasm, and awaiting the peak moment. Soon, Amanda was arching her back, and rocking her head back and forth in time to Maureen's nibbling on her clit. She was starting to pant in ecstasy, and Dr. Kutz gave Francine the sign to plunge the blade home.

Francine wrapped her arm around Amanda's head firmly, and pressed the scalpel into her neck. At first she thought the blade was positioned against bone, but then it skidded off of a vertebrae, and slid into the crevice between her skull and the neck bone. Amanda immediately stiffened as if in a rigid seizure. Dr. Kutz placed his hand over Francine's' hand holding the scalpel, and moved the scalpel back and forth, severing Amanda's brain stem. Amanda's body fell relaxed, and her breath escaped from her lungs in a slow, easy sigh. Everyone stopped, and fell silent as they watched Amanda breath her last.

"Good job, Francine. She became meat at the peak of her pleasure, and never lost her smile," pointed Dr. Kutz to Amanda's face still frozen in a gentle smile.

"Wow, Dr. Kutz, I didn't know it could be like this," responded Francine, letting her daughter's head down gently onto the table, and pulling out the scalpel.

"Here, can someone help me move Amanda over to the harness to drain?" asked Dr. Kutz.

Maureen offered to help, and together she and Dr. Kutz picked her up and carried her over to the evisceration harness. She was now 20 pounds lighter and very easy to handle. Dr. Kutz suspended her in the harness with her feet and hands bent behind her back, and her abdominal slit lowermost. He helped Maureen to cut Amanda's aorta, and blood gently streamed out of her onto the ground. After about a 30 minutes, Dr. Kutz removed Amanda's heart, lungs, and diaphragm, and let her drain for another 20 minutes. He cut out her cunt filet, and passed it to Melanie.

Melanie butchered Amanda into several nice roasts, including two awesome rumps, breasts, and rib roasts, plus two backstraps for steaks. When Amanda's meat was served for dinner, Francine had the privilege of eating Amanda's fillet, which was juicy and tender. All the guests agreed that Amanda tasted great, and complimented her muscle tone and flavor. Francine credited it all to Amanda's rigorous exercise program, and Dr. Kutz's expert vivisection, which slaughtered her at the peak of her orgasm.

The party ended around darkness, with the guests finally getting dressed and trickling out. Dr. Kutz and Melanie left as soon as the meat was finished cooking, having stored large sections of Niki and Amanda in Francine's freezer for later. Maureen and several other guests had taken home Dr. Kutz's business cards, and Maureen had said that she would like to be vivisected soon, just like Amanda. Francine kissed Dr. Kutz and Melanie good-bye, thanking them for making Amanda's vivisection party a fantasy come true. This was the best butchering she'd seen, and thought that a really good vivisection really did begin with preparation at home. She wondered when she would next see a beautiful girl eviscerated and served as meat.

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