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Cordy was enjoying her day. She was enrolled as a college student, and she was spending a sunny spring afternoon studying at home. When the doorbell rang, she wondered who that could be. She opened the door, and it was her uncle Jake at the front door. He worked for Hills Meats, a quality girl meat dealer, and had his prominently painted "Hills Meats" truck parked in front. His job was "harvesting" women who had been selected to be butchered by the nation-wide female meat lottery.

"Oh, hi Uncle Jake," said Cordy. "This is a surprise."

Cordy was dressed in a crop tank top and short flower print miniskirt. As she glanced at the truck she knew was full of female corpses on their way to Hill's slaughterhouse, her nipples hardened visibly. She hadn't worn a bra today. Her hard nipples looked like two small, hard rubber erasers on the front of her massive, soft breasts.

"Hi, Cordy. Sorry this isn't a social call," he said looking down at her nipples protruding out through her thin top. "Your number came up on the computer, so I'm here to collect your body," he said almost apologetically, with a cheerful smile and soft voice.

"Oh shit," said Cordy. "I guess my luck's run out." She swallowed hard. "What do I have to do?" she asked, focusing on helping her uncle.

"Not much. Just strip and pick how you want to be 'whacked'," he answered.

"You mean I get a choice?" asked Cordy, with a puzzled and slightly happy look. She felt comforted that she had some choice in the matter after Jake had dropped the bombshell that soon she would be meat stacked for sale in Hill's store.

"How many choices do I have?" Cordy asked, with a finger to her mouth showing she was deep in thought.

Jake answered "Three. I can hang you, cut off your head, or shove a high voltage cattle prod up your ass."

Cordy couldn't decide between hanging or having her "bonnet popped." "Wow, tough decision. Any suggestions?"

Jake shot a glance at Cordy's luscious tits, and responded "Well, I brought all three, but I'd recommend the ax."

Cordy quickly took off her top, letting her pendulous breasts swing free and wobble on her thin chest. She kicked off her white sandals, and then unfastened her miniskirt. She was pulling her thong bikini down when Jake showed her the implements of her impending death. In his right hand he held a rope noose, a razor-sharp ax, and long, thick cattle prod with an extension cord.

Cordy stood up with her thong half-way down her thighs, exposing her totally shaved pussy. She had been surprised that her uncle was recommending simply lopping off her head. He had made his reputation in the meat trade as an expert in live butchering, and he had done Cordy's sister last year at the Memorial Day family barbecue.

"Kind of messy, isn't it?" she asked, as she thought of her hair being messed up as her head fell, and then being soiled by the cascade of blood that was sure to follow.

"What about hanging? That doesn't seem so bad." As she said this, she felt the first twinges of real desire in her crotch, and subconsciously rubbed her thighs together to answer the urge to feel her vagina filled.

Jake reached up and touched Cordy's delicate neck. "Well as much as I'd love watching a young, pretty girl swing her ass, it's not the quickest way to die. And believe me, the cattle prod up the ass is only if you want to go out slowly and painfully."

Cordy looked at the thick cattle prod, and felt a wave of desire in her sphincter.

"Too bad, I always liked being fucked in the ass," responded Cordy. "I guess it's a little different when the switch is flipped. Then again, I've always been good at giving head, so I guess it's the ax."

Cordy finished peeling off her bikini while Jake put away the robe and prod. Cordy then walked over to the ax, and felt the edge.

"Oh God it's so sharp. Are you good at this?" she asked. She rubbed her nipple with her other hand, and the tension became almost unbearable. She had an overwhelming urge to feel anal penetration one last time. Her vagina was now sopping wet.

Jake reassured Cordy. "I've done seven girls today, and three were head jobs," he smiled.

Cordy answered in a breathless and sultry voice that betrayed her arousal. "That's kind of exciting, in a weird sort of way." She shifted her stance to part her legs slightly.

Jake reached down to rub Cordy's twat, and slipped a finger into her vagina. "Yeah, I can tell!" he grinned. He slipped two fingers into Cordy's moist quimm, fingering her clitoris with his thumb while probing her moistening depths with his fingers. Hooking his two fingers firmly on her G spot, he led her by her crotch out into the back yard. Jake set-up his chopping block, and rested the head of his ax on it with the sharp edge down for a moment.

Cordy came and straddled the ax head, which was at crotch height. She faced Jake, and placed both hands on his shoulders. She was rubbing her clit against the dull side of the ax head as it rested on the block.

She looked at Jake with a wide, cheerful and excited expression, and asked "Um, uncle, I know you have a schedule to keep, but if you have time, you could kind of grant me a last wish."

"Well, I am on my lunch break, so I suppose I could butt fuck you while I tie you up," Jake responded with a knowing grin.

Jake set the ax aside, and Cordy sat down on the block. Gently Jake embraced her, placing his lips on hers, feeling her quivering lips purse tightly for a trembling kiss. Both closed their eyes for what Cordy knew was her last kiss. Jake wrapped his arms around her, then slowly moved to fondle a breast while still kissing her and holding her close. She started to open her mouth, and accept his tongue which flitted over her lips at first, then began to probe her mouth. Jake moved his hand down slowly to rub her pussy, cupping her mound, and then pressing his fingers against the outside of her labia with a slow, circular motion. He felt her wetness moisten his hand.

Jake gently broke off the kiss, and moved behind Cordy. He picked her up by the waist, and lifted her up onto the block. Then he picked up a length of rope, and moved up against Cordy's backside. She felt his hard dick against the back of her legs, and she squatted while bending forward to give him access to her pink rosette. She ached to feel his strong man pole enter her.

Jake took Cordy firmly by the elbows and leaned her chest forward while pulling butt back toward him. Cordy took the hint, and spread her legs further to receive Jake. She was now breathing rapidly in anticipation. Jake surprised her by first entering her thoroughly moist vagina, and taking two or three quick strokes. She gave a series of involuntary "uh's" at each stroke, and her crotch transmitted waves of excitement up to her.

"That's so I don't hurt you," he said, pulling out quickly, and placing the wet head of his penis against her anus. "Here it comes, so enjoy!" he called out as he braced her elbows firmly in his grasp, and drove his stiff rod into her rectum, forcing her yielding sphincter apart. Cordy tried to relax her anus, and sucked in her breath as her ass was filled by Jake's massive meat. She thought to herself how she would be meat shortly, and began to feel renewed tingling in her crotch as Jake started a strong, slow, pumping rhythm.

As Jake was pumping Cordy's asshole, she leaned her back against him. He drew her elbows together against her sides, and swiftly and skillfully tied her arms to her sides with the rope. He maintained a rapid and continuous rhythm as he tied her, and Cordy closed her eyes, reveling in being tied while being filled from behind. Once she was tied and her arms forced to her sides, she started to feel the first inklings of an orgasm begin. She loved being tied up, and surrendering control to Uncle Jake.

When she was tightly tied, Jake pulled out, and took Cordy down from the block. He set the ax back on the block, and grabbed Cordy by her hair, and forced her to bend low at the waist. He stepped to the far side of the block, and brought her face to his still erect pole. She opened her mouth and accepted his manhood into her mouth as Jake pumped her face back and forth. Cordy half closed her eyes, and saw the ax just inches below her chin. She thought how in just minutes that same sharp and shiny edge would sever her pretty head from her body, and she would instantly be dead. She wondered if she would feel anything after the ax fell. She had heard that people could still hear and see after their heads were cut off, but of course no one was really sure. Soon she would have that special knowledge, and she thought it ironic that she wouldn't be able to pass that along. There's some things that every girl has to learn for herself, she thought, as she dragged her tongue along Jake's shaft.

Jake pulled Cory's head slowly along his engorged member, and said "Umm, sorry to cut this short, but I have four more girls to do before quitting time."

As Jake's head left her mouth, Cordy slurped in a string of drool, and replied "I....I understand. I guess you'd better do me know." She could hardly believe she was talking so matter-of-factly about her head leaving her body. She stood up, and looked at the ax now in Jake's hand.

"OK, Cordy assume the position," said Uncle Jake quietly.

Cordy knelt in front of the chopping block, and Jake guided her chin to it's notch in the block. He tapped her round butt with the flat side of the ax, and said, "OK Honey, Neck out, ass up. Give me a nice clean target."

As she was putting her head down, Cordy glanced at Jake's prick standing at attention.

"You're still hard....Too bad we don't have a guillotine; you could fuck me and cut off my head," she noted. She remembered reading in her sex education book that a woman's vagina contracted during violent death throes, and men really liked that.

Jake set himself in his spot, and turned squarely facing the beautiful girl. He took his ax, and placed the blade barely touching her neck. Cordy jumped as she felt the sharp edge brush her neck. Her heart was pounding, she was breathing hard, and she felt her nipples were rock hard and aching again. Here cunt was suddenly moist again, and her bung hole and clitoris were on fire. Any rubbing would put her over the edge. If only she could reach her crotch, she thought. But her position and bound arms would only let her touch the ground underneath her to hold her neck in the right position. She wriggled to rub her legs together to bring relief, and started to cum as she perceived the shadow of of Jake's arm approach the back of her head.

The ax had a slight "swishing" sound as it fell, and then cleanly sliced through Cordy's neck, burying itself into the block with a solid "Kathunk". When the ax hit the back of Cordy's neck, she made an involuntary grunt, and she was pushed over the brink of her orgasm, cuming as her neck was severed. Cordy's head did a somersault, and landed hard on the ground. Cordy had felt like she was struck by a dull object on the back of her neck, and had a hard time distinguishing between pain and her all consuming orgasm. She quickly opened her eyes, and was astounded to see the sky, and Jake upside down in her field of view.

Jake picked her head up, and the world turned right side up. He started talking, and she realized she could hear, too.

"Well young lady, if that fall didn't knock you out, you'll still be able to hear me for another minute or two."

Cordy watched her body jerk up onto its knees, her arms flailing at the elbow and blood shooting out of her neck like a red fountain. Her nipples were still erect, and she was surprised to still feel them, or imagine she was feeling them. Cordy tried to talk, but her jaw only opened slightly. She also notice she couldn't move her eyes anymore.

Jake pulled her head toward his erect organ. "Now you can finish sucking my cock," Jake said as he pulled Cordy's mouth onto his hard on, and began humping her face. In short order he pulled her head back and shot several spurts of white seamen into Cordy's open mouth, with most of it running down her tongue and dripping off of her chin.

Cordy tasted Jake's cum as it flooded her tongue, and felt the slimy drip running down her chin. Jake then took her head, and moved it toward headless body.Her ass was still up in the air, but her torso had fallen with the stump of her neck laying on the ground, a red stain growing on the ground under it. Jake moved her head so her cum covered tongue ran up and down her own slit. She tasted the new sensation of eating her own snatch, except she couldn't move her tongue to flick her clitoris. After running her tongue and face up and down her now dead slit a few times, the cum on her tongue and face was spread all over her slit and anus.

Jake set her head down, and then moved behind Cordy's headless corpse. He picked-up her body so she was ready for doggy style, and then inserted his erect penis into her well-lubed anus. Jake completed a few strokes, and then pulled out, leaving a long string of jism connecting to Cordy's gapping asshole.

Cordy noted that now that she was dead, her asshole didn't close anymore. Suddenly Cordy noticed her vision was fading to gray, then her vision faded to black. Death took her consciousness from her, and her head became as dead as the rest of her body.

Jake got dressed and gathered up Cordy's body. He hung it in the back of his truck, in a special rack next to the bodies of seven other girls. Three others were headless, with blood dripping from from their necks into pans underneath their bodies. Cordy's head went on a stand to let it drain as Jake made his rounds that afternoon, killing four more girls.

At the end of the day, Jake took the 11 girls out of the truck into the Hills Meats warehouse. Cordy's body remained in the back of the truck, and Jake headed home. At home Jake slung Cordy's body over his shoulder, and walked into the kitchen, dropping off both body and head on the counter. He kissed his wife Penny hello.

"Hi sweetheart," he said coming up from behind

Penny turned her head, and asked "Oh hi honey. Did you remember to bring something home so we can barbecue tonight?"

"Sure did, come see," answered Jake. He motioned for Penny to walk into the kitchen.

Penny entered the kitchen, and Jake held up Cordy's head for her to see.

Penny's studied the face, and then recognition dawned. "Wow, my little niece was on the list. Hmmm... she always did look tender," she noted, prodding Cordy's sizable tit.

Jake agreed. "Grade A. I can't wait to get her cooked."

Jake worked quickly to build a fire and gut, stuff, and spit Cordy. Later Penny came out to see how things were going as he was turning her over the fire .

"Cordy is a beautiful roast. But you are going to get in trouble for not taking her in to the plant. I mean if we get caught you loose your job, and I end up processed," said Penny with a slight note of concern.

Jake smiled back. "Don't worry sweetheart. I didn't have your niece scheduled for a they won't miss her. Besides, if anyone's going to roast you, it's going to be me," he said, casting a glance at Penny's large breasts that were straining against a thin crop top.

Penny responded with mock irritation. "I can't believe you did this to my poor little niece... Hmmm... maybe we could do my sister next week?"

"Hmmmm... Good idea. I practice spitting her alive, that way I'll be better prepared when it's time to roast your tight little ass," Jake answered. He looked forward to the day he would be snaking a spit into Penny's tight vagina. And good meat like that should be treated with good technique.



I think it is some form of rewrite^^
Good classic.


Still should still credit the original story inspiration.
It's just good manners even if the original is semi well-known.


Still should still credit the original story inspiration.
It's just good manners even if the original is semi well-known.


Maybe Vivisectionist credit original story back in 200x when it was posted. Maybe credit part was lost when reposting.

In DGF thread after title it is written: "Based on Dolcett's picture story "Head or Tails"


Fair point


love this!

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