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Mr. Sharpe listened for the bell to start class. The Sophomore class was filled with 10 girls and two
boys, and they were all talking to friends and milling around the class, slowly meandering to their seats
before the bell rang. The classroom looked like most high school biology class rooms, with a long
laboratory table in the front of the classroom for the teacher to demonstrate on, with a sink in one end
of the counter. Under the table was cabinetry like a kitchen. This table was slightly different in that it
had a raised rim around the edge of the counter, and some unusual equipment mounted on the ceiling.
The ceiling had some high-intensity lights aimed at the counter, and a chain hoist sliding on an overhead

The bell sounded, and Mr. Sharpe stood at the front and waited for the class to quiet down.

"I have an important announcement. As you know, this class is for vivisection. We've spent most of the
semester studying the anatomy and physiology that we will use in our actual vivisection case. Well,
tomorrow we will actually get to our lab case. I am happy to announce that our subject has been
selected." He paused for a little dramatic effect as all eyes of the class were upon him, and there was a
hush on the students. They all knew it had to be one of the girls; each hoped she was the soon-to-be
center of attention.

"The subject will be Cheryl." A 15-year old girl sitting near the back with dirty shoulder-length
blonde hair clasped her hands to her mouth and looked wide-eyed at her brunette friend. Cheryl was a
cute athletic type, standing 5'4" and weighing 98 pounds. Here tits were B-cup sized, and here ass was
well defined by her narrow waist and long legs.

"I can't believe it's me," she said to her friend Kelly. "It's really me! And I'm going to be lying up there
in front of the class tomorrow while you pull me apart!"

"Yes," whispered Kelly, "I can't wait to feel your organs in my hand as I poke and prod you.
This will be fun! And I think I'll be sure to make it tantalizing for you!"

Mr. Sharpe continued: "I think I speak for the whole class when I say you're a fine subject, and we're
all going to enjoy tomorrow. Especially you Cheryl. Now there's some preliminaries that you need to
take care of with the school nurse. Please go there now, and we'll see you tomorrow morning here in

Cheryl gathered up her books and put her back-pack on. The straps pulled her crop-top tee-shirt
tighter across her shoulder accentuating her firm and perky tits as she stood up. "See you tonight
Kelly," she said as she walked down past the row of student desks and out of the classroom door. She
dropped her backpack off at her locker, and went down to the nurse's office.

The nurses office looked small and cozy for a nurses office. Nurse Jones sat behind her desk in the
outer office, and next to her were three beds. Students sometimes were lying on one of the beds if
someone was feeling bad, but not today.

Nurse Jones greeted Cheryl when she walked in. Nurse Jones was the school nurse, and everyone
knew her. She was about 40 years old, and dressed in the 60's style nurse outfit, all white, with a short
sleeve blouse and a knee length skirt. Nurse Jones was an attractive brunette, about 5'6", with good
sized pair of tits and a nice ass. "Hi Cheryl. I guess your the lucky vivisection girl?"

"You bet. Mr. Sharpe wanted me to come down and do some preliminaries with you."

"Great. Just come on in and strip and lie down on one of these beds. I'm going to give you a quick
exam, shave you, and give you a Sexual Response Test. This will be a lot of fun for you. Right over
here is good," she motioned to a bed.

Cheryl walked over by the far bed and took off her clothes, lying them down on a nearby chair. She
laid down on the bed, which was really more like a sofa with no back or foot, just a long narrow bed
upholstered with vinyl and a fixed headrest at one end. Cheryl was stretched out on her back on the
bed, her flat stomach dishing slightly inward between the arch of her ribcage and the noticeable bulges
of her pelvic bones and her pubic arch. Her crotch was lightly crowned with dark pubic hair. Her tits
flattened out on her chest, and her pert pink nipples were slightly hard and erect showing a touch of

Nurse Jones came over with a tray of instruments and a clipboard. "I'm going to give you an exam so
that your class can look for anything causing any symptoms I find. Mr. Sharpe likes to have the
students see if they can spot conditions inside the specimens. Please put your feet up in these stirrups,"
she said as she slid two stirrups into either side of the bed by the foot. Cheryl scooted down and put
her feet into the stirrups, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy covered with short dark hair.
Nurse Jones went on to check Cheryl's vitals, listened to her lungs and heart, prodded and felt her
abdomen, and performed a detailed check of her tits, anus, and vagina. Shed took out a hand-held
ultrasound scanner which looked like an electric shaver without the cutting head, and rubbed it over
her tits and several places on her belly. The scanner was attached with a cord to a laptop computer,
and Nurse Jones took and saved several screen images. She used a speculum to spread Cheryl's
vagina and look inside, and then put three fingers of one hand inside her pussy while feeling her ovaries
and uterus by pressing her lower belly with the other hand. Nurse Jones' hand lightly brushed Cheryl's
clitoris during the pelvic exam.

"That feels kind of good. How do I look?" asked Cheryl. "I’ve studied hard with the class, so I know
what to look for during a vivisection."

"Good. I feel one small irregularity on one of your ovaries, and your liver is supple. You should have a
really healthy abdomen to show tomorrow. Could you roll over please? ......Good, now up on your
hands and knees, please."

Cheryl rolled over, and nurse Jones gently stuck her lubed index finger up Cheryl's asshole. As it went
in up to the hilt, Nurse Jones felt around in all directions. "Good girl. I found one small internal
hemorrhoid, and your sphincter is tight. I'm going to shave you now. Could you follow me please?"

Cheryl followed Nurse Jones into a back room that was a large bathroom. The bathroom had a
lavatory sink, a row of five standard institutional toilets, and a bidet next to each. Next to the bidet on
the end by the sink was a small vanity with several barber’s tools on top, including an electric shaver.

"Please stand over that bidet facing me. I'm going to shave you with the electric," said Nurse Jones.
Cheryl went and straddled the bidet, and squatted down so that Nurse Jones could get at all areas of
here pubis.

"That sounds great. I want to look good for tomorrow, and I want everyone to be able to see
my pussy," said Cheryl.

"Yes, a well-trimmed twat exposes your sex organs fully. Students and really see when you're
engorged and your vagina is contracting. Just lean back against the wall so I can get around your lips,"
said Nurse Jones.

She pulled up a stool, and began shaving Cheryl's pussy with an electric razor. The pubes fell
into the bidet, and Nurse Jones ran the water to wash them away. Nurse Jones had to place a finger
inside Cheryl's pussy and stretch her lips tight during while shaving.

Cheryl cooed her approval slightly, and Nurse Jones smiled. "Oh, the sexual response test will
have you feeling much better than this," she remarked.

When she was done with the front of Cheryl's pussy, she asked Cheryl to turn around and bend
over facing away. She shaved Cheryl around her asshole and the back side of her pussy. When Nurse
Jones turned-off the shaver, she looked closely at her work, and had Cheryl turn around. Cheryl's
pussy concealed her inner lips, and her crotch looked as smooth as the rest of her. Nurse Jones felt
Cheryl's underarms and legs and said "that's all I have to do. You're very smooth all over now."

"I like this a lot. I'll be able to show-off all of my anatomy tomorrow, Nurse Jones. How do I compare
to the others who've gone before? I've seen some photos of the other girls, and they're pussies all
looked immaculate," said Cheryl.

"Oh, yours looks great. It's very nice looking with no labia minora poking out. When you're all
spread out and orgasmic, the class will be able to see your vaginal responses," said Nurse Jones.
"Now for the really fun part. Please follow me back to the bed."

Nurse Jones put down the razor and got up from the stool. She led the naked girl back to the
bed, and asked her to lie down again. Cheryl followed her, and laid down on her back.

"I'm going to wire you to some sensors, and then see if I can bring you to an orgasm," she
explained. "When they vivisect you tomorrow in class, we need to be sure you can achieve orgasm.
This test is called the Sexual Response Test, or SRT, and I'll record your physiological responses, and
note whether you're typical or not. As you know, one of the major demonstrations during vivisection is
going to be your orgasmic state."

Cheryl looked up at Nurse Jones with anticipation, and said "yes, that's the part I really liked. In
our books, class videos, and lectures we've discussed in detail how female orgasms affect our bodies.
I really liked studying that and seeing those pictures," she breathlessly said.

"That 's the part I liked best too, and I'm sure Mr. Sharpe likes it best," Nurse Jones replied.

Nurse Jones walked over to the bed with several cables connected to the laptop computer on the
bedside table. "I'm going to connect a couple of skin sensors to you, and place an anal tension
transducer inside you. The skin sensors will pick up your nipple muscle tension, your heart and
breathing rates, and the anal sensor will show the muscle contractions in your pelvis. My laptop will
show continuous traces of your responses on the display."

Nurse Jones leaned over the bed, and stuck small test leads to Cheryl's left nipple, the center of her
sternum, and just below her left breast. She then said to Cheryl "please grab your knees and pull them
up to your shoulders. I'm going to place the anal transducer in your rectum."

Cheryl grasped her hands together behind her knees, and strained to press her knees up against
her tits. In this position her asshole was fully exposed and lifted off of the vinyl bed. Nurse Jones
pressed a small plastic cylinder the size of a small finger into Cheryl's anus, and pushed it inside until it
was almost past her sphincter. A wire led back to the laptop.

"OK, you can relax now," said Nurse Jones. Cheryl let go of her knees, and let her feet go back
onto the bed. Cheryl felt a little odd with the sensor sticking out of her ass, and had the sensation of
having a bowel movement. Jones explained "It feels a little strange at first, but what I'm about to do to
you will take your mind off of it."

"Will this thing slip out? It feels like I'm going to squeeze it out any minute," Cheryl said.

"No, it's in there pretty well, and that's why I didn't use any lube" explained Nurse Jones.

Nurse Jones pulled over a stool, and sat down on it next to Cheryl's bed. She was next to Cheryl’s
pubic area. "Please spread your knees, and put the soles of your feet together. And then relax; I'm
going to start rubbing you and seeing how you respond," Nurse Jones directed. "Just relax, close your
eyes, and think of pleasant things as I stimulate your body."

Nurse Jones began lightly stroking her fingertips along Cheryl's sides, running up from the swell of her
hips to her ribs and back. After a few cycles, she began to rub her hands over Cheryl's belly in circles,
both hands alternating. Periodically, Nurse Jones glanced over at the laptop PC display to see how
Cheryl was responding. Cheryl remained still on the bed, her knees spread but feet together
sole-to-sole, and with her arms loosely at her side. She had her eye lightly closed, but the moistness
under her arms betrayed her nervousness. She had never had a woman touch her like this before!

"Looks good. Try to relax; this can be a lot of fun. Lets see how you like this," continued Nurse
Jones, and she began rubbing her hands higher onto Cheryl's rib cage.

Soon, she was rubbing Cheryl's breasts lightly, taking care not to disturb the sensor on Cheryl's
left nipple. "They feel very firm; I bet they're very sensitive," whispered Nurse Jones. She noted
Cheryl's visible nipple start to harden, and a glance at the laptop showed signs of increased heart rate,
respiration, and increased skin tension in Cheryl's left nipple. Nurse Jones was encouraged, and began
to kneed Cheryl's breasts more aggressively, deeply massaging them now. She stood up from the stool
and was leaning over the bed now.

Cheryl moved her hands up behind her head, and clasped them together under her head. She
was visibly aroused, and opened her eyes to look at Nurse Jones. "I can't believe I'm starting to feel
like this with another woman feeling my tits. You have great hands....I'm really starting to enjoy this."

Nurse Jones moved her left hand from Cheryl's breast down toward Cheryl's groin. She rubbed her
lower belly in slow circles, stopping to rub Cheryl's newly-shaven mount.

Cheryl let out a breath she had been holding with an audible "whewww...."

Nurse Jones glanced at the monitor and saw Cheryl was on her way to serious arousal. Nurse
Jones began to rub the outer lips, delving between her legs in smaller circles and staring to pay
attention to the cleft in Cheryl's vulva. She rubbed the outer lips slowly but deeply as Cheryl started to
move against her hand. Nurse Jones parted her lips and began to rub her clit in a circle. Cheryl was
now grinding her pelvis against the Nurse's hand, and was panting noticeably. The computer monitor
showed wildly fluctuating trace lines indicating her growing agitation.

Now nurse Jones moved her other hand from Cheryl's breast to her clit, and moved the hand
from her clit to begin penetrating her with two fingers. She rubbed Cheryl's clit directly with a vigorous
motion, while slipping a third finger into her vagina. Cheryl was becoming fully orgasmic, her breathing
producing short but sharp "ah, ah, ah," exclamations as pleasure contractions pulsated across her
abdomen. Cheryl was undulating on the narrow vinyl bed in time to Nurse Jones hands.

"That's the way. Such a good girl," said Nurse Jones as she slipped her full fist into Cheryl's
vagina and continued pumping her slowly but deeper now. With her other hand she rubbed Cheryl’s
clitoris. Soon she slowed her actions and allowed Cheryl to come down from the ecstatic high she had
been experiencing. Nurse Jones took her fingers away from her clit, and sat back down on the stool.
She kept her left hand in Cheryl's vagina, moving it slower and slower until she gradually stopped as
Cheryl caught her breath.

"Whew! I've never felt like that" Cheryl gasped as her breath returned, and she propped herself
up on her elbows. "And I've never had anything in there as big as your hand. I really am a virgin, but
my hymen broke last year while I was riding my bike. I'm glad this didn't just felt great!"

"Us girls can accommodate a lot up there if you take your time. You'll get to demonstrate this
tomorrow in class," explained the Nurse. She pulled out her hand, and wiped it off on a towel.

"Needless to say, you did well on the Sexual Response Test. You're all set for tomorrow. You'll
need to come back here first thing in the morning to prepare. I'll prepare you before you go down to
the class room. I'll need you to bring these forms home for your parents to sign. I also have an
instruction sheet for you to take home. Do you have any questions?"

Cheryl was sitting up on the bed now, facing Nurse Jones. "Can I eat between now and
tomorrow?" she asked. "I'd like to be able to, but I understand if it's a problem."

"Oh, by all means, young lady, please eat normally. I'll enema your lower GI tract out tomorrow,
and your stomach contents will be interesting for the class to study."

"Great, then I'll see you tomorrow first thing." Cheryl stood up and got dressed. She took the
forms and instruction sheet and left, while Nurse Jones went to her computer and completed the report
on Cheryl and e-mailed it to Mr. Sharpe.

The next morning, Cheryl arrived at the nurse' office at 0730 sharp. Nurse Jones met her in the
office, and ushered her back to a bed. "Please take off all of your clothes and put them in one of the
paper bags. Keep on your sneakers and socks, and go back into the bathroom. Do you have your
forms signed?"

"All set. My family would like to get my head back after the lab's done with it. Everything else
can go to the lab specimen collection." Cheryl said as she handed to paperwork to Nurse Jones.
Cheryl peeled off her tee-shirt and mini-skirt and put them in the bag; she hadn't worn underwear. She
was naked now except for her white sneakers and white ankle socks. She had freshly shaved her
pubis with a safety razor and shaving cream, so it was completely smooth.

Cheryl walked into the back bathroom. She saw four other girls in the room, each standing next
to a bidet. There was a short skinny brunette with a pixy haircut and a virtually flat chest and small pink
nipples, there was a taller voluptuous blonde with shoulder-length hair and large breasts, and a short
girl Cheryl recognized named Tammy with curly light brown hair and C-cup breasts topped with dark
brown nipples and large aureole. There was also an average-height oriental girl with long hair past her
shoulders and small breasts with dark nipples. All of the girls were shaved bare like Cheryl, and wore
sneakers and socks.

Nurse Jones followed Cheryl in, and announced "OK, girls, let's get started. You're all going to
get enemas this morning. Please move to a bidet, and I'll explain how this works."

Cheryl went to the only open bidet. Nurse Jones stood in front of all five girls and explained how
do the enemas. Each bidet was now fitted with a 10" chrome metal tube standing up vertically from the
water outlet in the center of the basin. The last 2" of the tube was stiff black rubber with a tapered end
that would easily insert into a sphincter. Nurse Jones had each of the girls squat onto the tubes, and
then she went around and turned on the warm water. The girls stood squatting over their bidets as
warm water filled their colons.

"What are you going to do today?" the short flat-chested brunette asked Cheryl as squatted.
"Jenny and I are going to be tomorrow’s lunch for the school. The lunch ladies are cutting us up

"I'm going to be vivisected today. I'm in the vivisection class, and I was the one selected to be
the subject for our final lab," explained Cheryl. "I'm going to be cut open and dissected while still alive
in front of the class. All my friends in the class will be touching me and examining my internal organs."

"Wow," said the blonde. "I heard the vivisection class was hard to get into. Don't you have to
have qualified for honors biology to take that elective?"

"Yeah, you had to do pretty well to get in. There's only 12 of us in the class, and we did a lot of
tough class work all semester leading up to the final lab. I got chosen randomly out of the 10 girls to be
the class specimen, but going into the class no one knows who the lucky girl will be that's going to be
vivisected at the end of the semester"

"My names Jenny, and I'm on tomorrow’s menu with Kate." said the blonde. Turning to the
oriental girl, she asked her what she was doing there.

"My name's Lee, and I'm going to be butchered today in the food service vo-tech class. We're
learning how to properly butcher girls for the commercial meat market, and a lot about commercial
uses for girl carcasses" she said. "Oh, I think I'm full and need to go to the toilet, Nurse Jones!" she
exclaimed. The oriental girl stood up and pulled off of her enema tube, and stepped over to the toilet
next to the bidet. She sat down and expelled the contents of her colon into the bowl.

"All of you should fill and drain 3 times to make sure you're thoroughly clean. When you think
you're full, let me know if you have any pain or discomfort, and I can help you out. When you're done,
please let me know and I'll give you a final going over before sending you on to your classes or the
kitchen," said Nurse Jones as Tammy and Cheryl both stood up from their enema tubes and sat down
on their toilets.

"Hi Tammy, what are you doing today?" Cheryl asked the curly brown-haired girl.

"Oh, I'm going to be cooked in home-ec class today. We've been learning about cooking girls
into some really cool dishes. Last month we ate Cindy, and this month I got picked. I think I'm going to
be stuffed and broiled."

Each girl filled her colon and drained it three times. On the second filling Cheryl started to feel a
little crampy. Nurse Jones came over and shut off the water, and then rubbed her belly with a deep
massaging action to ease the gas pain. She then turned the water back on and Cheryl took a
considerable amount of additional water to fill her. When Cheryl was done for the third time, she got
up from the toilet and went over to Nurse Jones, who was seated on a stool by the sink. Nurse Jones
asked her to bend over facing away, and she stuck a finger up into her anus to feel how clean here
large intestine was. Finding everything satisfactory, she had Cheryl stand back up, and she felt around
her pubic region for any missed hairs. Then Nurse Jones had Cheryl place one leg up on the sink, and
she probed Cheryl's vagina with two fingers of one hand while rubbing Cheryl's belly deeply with the

"You look great to me. I need to do one last thing, and that's give you a spinal pain blocker. We
don't want you writhing in pain up in font, you know." Cheryl squatted down on her haunches and
bowed her head forward, and held her hair forward out of the way of her neck with her hand. Nurse
Jones pulled a small pre-loaded syringe out of a case, and gently inserted the needle into the back of
Cheryl's neck.

"You're all set. Give them a good show," said Nurse Jones withdrawing the empty syringe.

Cheryl stood up and said good-bye to the other girls still draining, and then walked out of the
bathroom. She walked nude out through the nurse's office and out into the hallway toward the science
classrooms. A couple of teachers who saw her in the empty hallway waved and greeted her.

Cheryl arrived at the vivisection classroom, opened the door, and walked in. Mr. Sharpe was
just finishing a lecture on some of the procedures for vivisecting as she entered. Everyone in the class
including Mr. Sharpe was wearing a while lab coat that came to their knees. Cheryl knew that
everyone was nude underneath their lab coats because sometimes blood splashed and soaked through.
There was a locker room in the back with showers for when this happened.

"I see you're ready Cheryl," said Mr. Sharpe. "Please hop up here on the lab table, and we'll
begin. Class, please gather round as we start examining Cheryl."

Cheryl hopped up on the lab table top in the front of the class. The students stood up and
gathered around as Mr. Sharpe turned on the overhead high-intensity lights. He had Cheryl sit on the
table while reclining against a back rest he place on top. He asked Cheryl to sit back with her legs
spread so the class could see what he was doing.

"Cheryl's been examined by the nurse, who reports Cheryl's a healthy 15-year old with a good
sexual response. We're going to first demonstrate that before we open her up, and then look at the
same physiology with her abdomen opened," Mr. Sharpe began. He took a long cable from the
computer next to the lab table and brought it over. It was a single cable ending in 4 separate leads.

"Kelly, would you please place the physio monitoring sensors in the proper locations," asked Mr.
Sharpe. Kelly, a cute brunette about 5' 5" with a pony tail and 34-C tits walked overt in front of
Cheryl. She took the leads and attached the skin leads just as Nurse Jones had yesterday. She then
took the anal sensor and looked Cheryl in the eye.

"I've never seen you like this, and your anus looks tight. Let me know if I'm hurting you." she
said. Kelly took the finger-sized black plastic cylinder with its wire lead and then placed it against
Cheryl’s pink puckered asshole. She began pressing it in as Cheryl tried to relax her sphincter muscle.

"I don't think it's going in right," said Kelly with a note of concern in her voice.

"Cheryl, please grab your knees and pull them back," said Mr. Sharpe. "That's it. Now Kelly,
start by pressing your finger into the sphincter to relax it, and then swapping the sensor for your finger

Kelly pressed her index finger against Cheryl's pink rosette, and felt it go in. Cheryl's muscle
relaxed somewhat as the soft finger entered, and Kelly felt it relax. "Oh, that's good," said Kelly as she
quickly pulled out her finger and pressed the sensor into Cheryl's hole until it was almost out of sight,
and only the wire protruded from Cheryl's anus. Kelly placed the three skin sensors on Cheryl's chest
and left nipple.

"Good job, Kelly," noted Mr. Sharpe. He looked at the PC and saw that all of the sensors were
working. "You can now see Cheryl's normal physiological state on the screen. Who would like to start
bringing her to orgasm? I need three people to help."

Mr. Sharpe selected three girls to begin exciting Cheryl. "Just lean back and relax. Spread your
legs as wide as you comfortably can," he said to Cheryl.

Mr. Sharpe positioned the three girls around Cheryl. "You should start massaging her breasts,
Anne" he said to a nice looking blonde with small tits and a thin build. Barbara, you and Carol will
stand on either side and begin stroking Cheryl's sides, legs, and belly until she starts to show signs of
arousal. I've turned the PC screen so you can all see from where you are. Everyone else, please watch

Anne began lightly massaging Cheryl's tits, first with her fingertips, and then moving on to
kneading them slowly. Cheryl's small pink nipples hardened, and her aureoles wrinkled up noticeably.
Anne was standing behind Cheryl, and leaning over the counter to get to Cheryl's tits.

"That feels so good," said Cheryl, closing her eyes and arching her back. Her legs were spread
with her knees bent and her feet aiming back toward each other.

Now the two other girls started to rub Cheryl all over her belly and legs. Mr. Sharpe had
Barbara begin to lightly rub Cheryl's outer pubis, lightly at first. With Cheryl’s legs spread, her outer
lips had parted slightly exposing a small pair of inner lips and a small delicate looking clitoris.

One of the boys in the class was sporting an obvious hard-on poking the front of his lab coat out.
He was watching from the back, and eased up to rub his hard dick against the ass of the girl standing in
front of him. She began to rub back, and soon they were grinding into each other as they watched
Cheryl become more excited.

Mr. Sharpe noticed this, and said to the class "it's OK to couple with someone next to you.
Vivisection is very arousing for some people, so you can disrobe if you want while you watch. Just
make sure you pay attention, because this is all testable," he smiled.

Anne, the blonde now deeply kneading Cheryl's tits, unbuttoned her lab coat with one hand
while still rubbing Cheryl's tits with the other. Barbara began to focus on Cheryl's clit with one finger.
Cheryl was now bucking slightly and moaning audibly, and her hips were writhing in small circles. Mr.
Sharpe asked Carol to begin finger-fucking Cheryl with two and then three fingers.

"As you can all see from looking at the screen, Cheryl is definitely at the plateau of an orgasm.
Her respiration is rate is up around 30, and her heart rate is elevated to 150. Look at her skin tension
on her aureole; this scale represent 18 times normal muscle tension compared to when she's not
aroused. And here you can see the spasming in her anus. All of her pelvic muscles are regularly
contracting now, and I bet Carol can feel Cheryl's vagina contractions."

"Oh yes, Mr. Sharpe," said Carol. She now had three fingers inside Cheryl, and had unbuttoned
her own lab coat and was rubbing her clit with her free hand.

"OK class, it's now time to see what's inside of this fine young woman. Bob, would you bring the
cart out from the back room, please?" asked Mr. Sharpe.

Bob, the boy who had begun grinding against the girl had hiked up her lab coat and taken off his
own. He had been fucking her from behind when Mr. Sharpe asked him to help.

"Sure Mr. Sharpe," he said, and he pulled out of the girl who was bent forward, and walked into
the back room. He returned with a long lab cart that had a tray of surgical instruments laid out on it,
and several stainless steel and glass pans arranged on the top and bottom shelves. Some were as large
as a large turkey pan, and some were the size of a lunch box.

"Please pull that right up here, and put two large pans up on the lab table," said Mr. Sharpe.

Bob did as he was asked, and then walked over to the girl he had been fucking. She had
pulled-off her lab coat too, and was bent forward over the lab table watching Cheryl in the throes of a
full orgasm. Bob took his place behind the girl, and re-entered her as she stood on her tip-toes to
provide a better angle.

Mr. Sharp now told Barb and Carol to stop massaging Cheryl's clit and vagina, and asked them
to step back to give him room. Anne continued to kneed one of Cheryl's tits while fingering herself. He
picked up a scalpel from the tray and moved over by Cheryl.

"Cheryl's been given a spinal pain blocker, so she should feel no discomfort during the
procedure. This blocker is unique in that it only stops pain signals from her neck down, but not other
sensory nerve signals. After all, we want her able to feel pleasure during vivisection don't we? Cheryl,
how do you feel?"

"Oh, I feel really good," she replied as her breathing began returning to normal. "Barbara, you
and Carol were really getting me off. I can't believe how good it felt."

Mr. Sharpe moved the scalpel to just above Cheryl's slit. "OK, now to start the first incision.
Cheryl, please let me know if you feel any discomfort." He pressed lightly and dragged the scalpel up
to her navel. Cheryl's skin parted, and a long red line appeared behind the scalpel as if it were a pen
drawing a red line on her belly. Then a small amount of blood began to ooze from the wound. The
class had become quiet as the students watched this cut.

"How does that feel?" asked Mr. Sharpe stopping just below Cheryl's navel.

"I can't feel any pain, but I do feel the pressure of you pressing down," she responded.

"Good. I'll proceed with the first incision the. Barbara, would you get the sealant from the cart
and a couple of large retractors?" asked Mr. Sharpe.

Barbara had also unbuttoned her lab coat, and had been lightly rubbing her crotch watching Mr.
Sharpe start to slice Cheryl's belly. She picked up a tube of surgical sealant and a small brush from the
tray, and two retractors.

Mr. Sharp continued to slice open Cheryl's skin, proceeding upward through her belly button to
a point just below her breasts. He took the tube of sealant and brush from Barbara and spread the
sealant along the edges of the skin to stop the bleeding. "You can now start to see the thin layer of fat
over the abdominal muscles. Cheryl's layer is very thin, so we'll go through it and the muscle layer all at
once. I'm going to be very careful cutting through down by Cheryl's pubic arch, because her bladder is
right behind the bone and peeks over the top when full. Do you feel like you need to pee, Cheryl?

"I could go if I had to," replied Cheryl. "Where would I go?"

"We're going to expose your bladder first, and then one of us will drain it with a catheter so we
can see the urination function exposed from the abdomen. Now to open the abdomen completely."
Mr. Sharp picked-up the scalpel, and handed the sealant back to Barbara. He went back to the
bottom of the incision and began pressing deeper into it. He smoothly dragged the scalpel up the
wound, and Cheryl's belly began to part behind the scalpel, with bluish-pink organs becoming visible.
He put down the scalpel, and took the sealant from Barbara and painted the muscle and fat layer to
stop the blood that had begun to slowly ooze out from the muscles. He looked up at Cheryl to see
how she was, and she was alert and watching her belly intently. Anne had stopped massaging Cheryl's
tits, and was standing by Cheryl's head also watching intently. Mr. Sharpe used his hands to spread the
sides of the abdomen open, and took the two retractors and placed them to hold the sides of the
wound spread open about 12" wide. Cheryl's abdomen was a tightly packed mass of wet-looking
tubes and round organs.

"OK, Carol, please point out the bladder, small and large intestines, liver, stomach, and spleen."
said Mr. Sharpe.

Carol, standing by with her lab coat open and revealing a pair of large tits with small pink
nipples, leaned over and pointed out each respective organ.

"Very good." Mr. Sharpe looked up at the PC screen. "Now everyone, you can see from the
monitor screen that Cheryl is doing fine. Her vitals have returned to near her baseline as you can see,
and she's not excited. Cheryl, from your heart rate it looks like you're a little nervous."

"Just a little. I can't believe this is really happening, and that this is what I really looked like inside.
I was a little nervous about the pain, but there isn't any. I'm getting a little aroused looking at all the
others with their lab coats open. I feel like I'm totally exposed, and it makes me tingle in my clit."

"That's perfectly normal. Vivisection is very arousing and I expect most of you to seek some
form of release. Just keep paying attention," Mr. Sharp smiled. "Barbara, please hand me the catheter
and collection bag from the cart. Carol, I'd like you to place the catheter in Cheryl's urethra opening."


Carol took the catheter tube and uncoiled it. She hung the collection bag on a hook on the side
of the lab table, and moved to a position looking up between Cheryl's spread legs. Carol reached up
and spread Cheryl's lips and stuck the finger of the other hand into Cheryl's vagina. She began feeling
along the top of Cheryl's vagina near the entrance.

"Could you rotate your hips back so I can see better?" asked Carol. Cheryl shifted her ass and
spread her legs more.

"How's that?" asked Cheryl.

"I think I'm in," said Carol as she found the urethra hole and began pushing the catheter tub in.
"I've pushed it in a little and got some resistance," Carol continued.

"Good. You should be right at the urinary sphincter," replied Mr. Sharpe. "That's right where we
want the catheter. OK, Cheryl, could you please try to pee. This will relax your urinary sphincter.
Class, please look at the bladder as it empties."

Cheryl began peeing, and urine started flowing through the catheter into the collection bag. The
students watched as Cheryl’s bladder shrank and emptied.

"OK, now notice that the bladder nerves are not visible from here. They approach from below,
and we'll have to be careful removing the bladder not to sever any nerves in Cheryl’s vulva doing it. So
we're going to leave the bladder for later. I'm going to remove the small intestine now. "

Mr. Sharpe a handful of small plastic clips that looked like hair berets from the cart, and turned
back to Cheryl’s open belly. He began to pull at the loops of exposed intestine near the top of Cheryl's
ribs. He pulled the intestine out slightly, and placed two clips on the intestine where the stomach
connected. He then cut between the clips, and the clips kept the intestine and stomach from leaking its
contents. He then moved to the end of the intestine that entered the colon and performed the same
procedure. Next he began pulling the intestine out from the stomach end, and placing it into one of the
large pans on the lab bench. As he pulled the intestine out of Cheryl's belly, he placed plastic clips on
the several arteries and veins supplying the intestine. Then he cut the blood vessels and ligaments
holding the intestine to Cheryl, and placed the entire length of intestine in the pan.

Mr. Sharpe continued lecturing while he worked. "As you can see, the typical adult has between
30 and 40 feet of small intestine. Later, we'll stretch out the intestine and see how long it actually is.
The clips I've installed will let us keep the stomach contents contained, and keep Cheryl from bleeding

"Wow, this is so cool," said Cheryl, watching her intestines being pulled-out. The monitor
showed that she was becoming aroused slightly, and her nipples began to peek.

Anne, who had been watching from next to Cheryl's head, took off her lab coat completely, and
began to finger herself with one hand. Anne had small tits and a thin build, and a light covering of light
brown hair on her pubis. Anne reached forward to gently stroke Cheryl's breast with the other hand.

"Excellent. Now for the large intestine or colon as it's known. Who can name the three parts of
the colon and point out the appendix?" asked Mr. Sharpe.

"I can," said a freckled red head. She had been watching intently and had also taken off her lab
coat to reveal a small but firm pair of tits with puffy pink nipples, and a small firey red fuzz on her twat.
Her shoulders, breasts, arms, and legs were covered with freckles. The red head came up to the lab
bench and pointed to each part of Cheryl's colon.

"Ascending, traversing, and descending," she said pointing to the three parts of Cheryl's large
intestine. She then touched a small finger-sized protrusion hanging near where Cheryl's small intestine
had attached. "The appendix is here," she said taking the appendix between her fingers. The red head's
nipples visibly hardened while she was point out these items.

"Looks like your enjoying this quite a bit, Denise," said Mr. Sharpe. "Good job on the anatomy.
Thanks very much."

Denise walked back to where she had been and put her hand over her slit and began rubbing
slightly. Kelly was standing next to her and reached over to rub Denise's ass lightly. Denise looked at
Kelly, who had her lab coat unbuttoned, and put her hand between Kelly's legs as Kelly slightly

Mr. Sharpe watched this an noted to himself that he would have to keep the vivisection moving
before the class became an orgy. He felt his own erection start to grow, and the front of his lab coat
was beginning to be pushed out. He noted that most of the students had shed their coats except for
two of the more modest girls, and they had theirs unbuttoned and opened at the front. Bob was gently
fucking a girl from behind, and everyone else was either rubbing their own crotch or the person's next
to them.

"OK, we're going to pull out the colon," he announced. He picked up some clips and blocked
-off the rectum 4" from Cheryl's anus, and clipped off the supply blood vessels . He then cut the colon
free and lifted it into the other large dish on the lab table. "As you can see, the colon or large intestine is
about three to four feet long. Normally it would be filled with feces, but Nurse Jones cleaned Cheryl
out this morning."

Mr. Sharpe to Carol, "Could you please pull these pans down to the other end of the table
please? Barbara, would you please get three smaller pans from the cart."

Barbara took three smaller square glass pans from the cart and placed them next to Cheryl.
Cheryl continued to have her eyes half closed, as Anne was now deeply kneading both of her tits.
Anne was rhythmically squeezing Cheryl's small tits by gathering them into handfuls and then relaxing
and letting them flatten back out.

"OK class, we're now looking at the key digestive tract organs that also have metabolic
functions. Who can tell me what's left composing Cheryl's digestive tract?"

"I can," said Kelly. Denise the redhead was down on her knees licking Kelly's clit, but Kelly was
paying attention to Cheryl's open abdomen. "There’s the liver with the gall bladder, the stomach, and
the pancreas."

"Very good. Could you come up and point them out to us?" asked Mr. Sharpe.

Kelly broke away from Denise, and stepped over to the lab table. She leaned over from a point
between Cheryl's legs and reached up to touch the three organs in Cheryl's open belly. After touching
the organs, she leaned over further to lick Cheryl's exposed clit several times with her tongue.

"Oh, that feel really good, Kelly," said Cheryl. "I never knew you liked me like that."

Kelly stood back up and looked at Cheryl and said "It's hard not to think about eating you when
your opened-up in front of me like that. I wish we'd tried this earlier." Kelly walked back behind
Denise who was now standing, and began rubbing Denise's crotch from behind by reaching up
between her legs.

"All right class. This vivisection shows the stomach partially full. Did you have breakfast this
morning, Cheryl?" asked Mr. Sharpe

Cheryl answered "Oh yeah, I had a dish of corn flakes, orange juice, and a muffin. I didn't know
how long this would take, and didn't want to get hungry."

"Well good. We'll be able to examine the contents of your stomach which should be a good
demonstration of enzyme action and starch conversion," said Mr. Sharpe. "Now let's have the rest of
the digestive organs out. Bob, could you please call nurse Jones and tell her we'll be ready for her in
about half an hour?" Bob, who had been fucking a good-looking blonde from behind, pulled out and
walked over to the interphone. He picked up the handset and dialed the nurse's office and told Nurse
Jones the message.

Mr. Sharpe took a handful of clips and closed-off the blood supply to the liver, the entrance to
the stomach from the esophagus, and the blood vessels for the stomach and the pancreas. Then he
picked-up the scalpel and cut the stomach and pancreas loose, and put them each in a glass pan

"The liver one of the hardest organs to remove. You have to be careful to get the major and
minor blood vessels leading to it," said Mr. Sharp. He had cut three arteries leading to the liver and
clipped the bile duct leading from the gall bladder. He then asked Carol to hold the liver up and
partially out of Cheryl's body while he clipped and then cut the blood vessels behind it. "There we are,"
he said as he lifted the liver free and placed it in the third glass pan.

"Now we see the female abdomen with only the urinary and reproductive tracts in place. Here
are the kidneys' which were behind the intestines and colon, and you can now see the ureters leading
from them to the bladder. Since Cheryl's already drained her bladder, we can remove it fairly easily.
I'm goings to remove the entire urinary tract intact. Carol, could you please slide these pans down by
the others at that end of the table? Barbara, please get a large and a small pan from the cart please."

Carol grabbed the three square glass pans with the digestive organs in them and moved them
down by the dishes with the intestines in them. Barbara put a large and a smaller pan on the bench next
to Cheryl. Anne was continuing to rub Cheryl's tits, and was kissing her on the cheek.

"The urinary tract is fairly simple class. The kidneys filter the blood and pass the urine to the
bladder. We've seen Cheryl's urinary function, so we don't need the catheter any more. Carol, would
you please pull out the catheter, seal-off the bag, and put that over on the bench. Barbara, you could
start massaging Cheryl's vulva again. Don't bring her to orgasm to quickly, but I'll need her stimulated
for this next part."

Carol moved over between Cheryl’s legs, and used her fingers to spread Cheryl’s inner lips.
With the other hand she reached up and gently pulled the catheter out of Cheryl's urethra. She then
held it up in the air while she place a clamp on the tube where it entered the urine bag. There was
about a cup of urine in the bag. She then wrapped the tube around the bag and placed it on the bench
by the pans containing organs. Carol returned to Cheryl's side as Barbara was beginning to rub the
outside of Cheryl's twat with one hand.

Mr. Sharpe blocked-off the blood supply to the kidneys with four plastic clips. Then he cut the
kidneys loose from their recesses in the back of Cheryl's abdomen and let them rest in the cavity. He
then turned toward the bladder, and put clip on the base of the bladder where the urethra exited.

"How do you feel, Cheryl?" He looked at the PC screen and saw that she was becoming
excited. He was becoming aroused too, and unbuttoned the front of his lab coat. His rigid erection
poked strait out from his body. "You look like you're getting excited, and you're definitely getting me

" feels great," whispered Cheryl breathlessly. She was slowly moving her hips and her
shoulders to meet the rubbing and massaging of her groin and her chest.

"I was wondering how long you would last," said Barbara toward Mr. Sharpe. "We've all been
getting really turned on by this, and I've seen that bulge in your coat for a while."

"Well, I'm human too. One of the great aspects of vivisection is we're seeing one of us react to
what's happening to her, and not just dissecting a body. When I see a belly opened like this it gets to
me sometimes," he explained.

"OK, now I'll be able to tell if I nick any nerves around the bladder that I don't want to. Cheryl,
please let me know immediately if you loose any feeling in your clitoris or vulva." Mr. Sharp took the
scalpel, and using one hand pulled the bladder to one side and severed the ligaments holding it on top
of the uterus. He pulled it to the other side and did the same, and then severed the urethra at the

"Here is the entire urinary tract," he said, lifting the two kidneys connected by the long ureters to
the bladder into the large pan. He laid the bladder between the two kidneys in the pan.

"How does everything feel Cheryl," asked Mr. Sharpe

"Pretty much wonderful," responded Cheryl, who was leaning her head back with her eyes
closed and breathing rapidly. Barbara was vigorously fingering her clit, and the PC screen showed her
becoming very excited.

"OK, what’s left in here, anyone?" he asked the class.

"I know," said a thick-set girl with short dark hair, glasses, and large pendulous tits. She had
normally been the quietest girl in the class and rarely spoke. But now she was naked, and had been
getting very excited watching and fingering herself. "There's the reproductive tract with the uterus,
ovaries, and fallopian tubes."

"Yes, that's correct. These are also the female sex organs, connected via the vagina to the outer
vulva and clitoris," lectured Mr. Sharpe.

Just then Nurse Jones walked into the class room. She was dressed in a long lab coat and a pair
of white sneakers with ankle socks. The students in the class room wondered if she was naked under
her lab coat like they had been. She carried a tray with a large empty blood bag on it and some other

Mr. Sharpe looked over, and said "Oh , good timing. We're just about ready to bleed her out
after this procedure."

Nurse Jones walked over, and put her tray on the cart, and stood behind Barbara.

"Now, to turn our attention to the sex organs," continued Mr. Shape. Carol, please begin fisting
Cheryl to demonstrate how flexible the birth canal is. I'd like you and Barbara to bring Cheryl to full
orgasm, and then I'll remove her reproductive tract."

Carol began with two fingers in Cheryl's pussy. She slowly but rhythmically began finger fucking
her, and then slipped in a third. By now Cheryl had placed her hands on her knees to pull them back a
little and provide a better opening. Cheryl was leaning her head back over the backrest with her eyes
closed and panting. Carol slipped a fourth finger into her cunt, and was now working her hand with
some effort. Barbara was fingering Cheryl's clit in small circles from the other side of the lab table, and
her fingers were constantly bumping against Carol's thumb. Carol pulled her hand almost all of the way
out of Cheryl's pussy, and placed her thumb in the center of her fingers, then plunges her hand back
into Cheryl.

Cheryl grunted an "ahhh..." as Carol's hand went in. Everyone in the room was watching raptly
as Cheryl began to climax in earnest. Nurse Jones unbuttoned her lab coat to reveal a good sized pair
of low-hung tits with large dark nipples, and a neatly trimmed bush on her twat. Mr. Sharpe had a
raging hard-on, and Nurse Jones moved over and began to gently stroke it.

"Very good. We've brought Cheryl to her final orgasm, and now we'll remove the last of her
organs. Carol and Barbara, please stop so I don't accidentally cut you." Mr. Sharp leaned over and
applied clips to block-off the blood supply for the uterus, and then severed the womb from the vagina
at the cervix. Cheryl was leaning her head forward watching the last of her organs being removed from
her gaping belly.

"Here are the sex organs," explained Mr. Sharpe, placing the uterus with the ovaries attached in
the remaining small glass pan. "Now I'm going to demonstrate the female sex function. Please gather
round so you can see what happening in from the sides."

Mr. Sharp got up on the lab table on his knees and prepared to mount Cheryl.

"Oh, wow Mr. Sharpe! You're going to fuck my empty belly...oh how excellent," said Cheryl as
she watched.

Mr. Sharpe rubbed the head of his dick against Cheryl's lips, getting his glans lubed with Cheryl's
juices, which had covered her outer lips and had been flowing down around her anus. He began to
push into her, and he leaned forward on his arms to support himself up off of Cheryl so the students
could see clearly. The head of his dick almost poked through the end of Cheryl's severed vagina as he
began deeply stroking in and out.

Nurse Jones spoke "If you look at the monitor, you can see that Cheryl's vagina and anus are
beginning to rhythmically contract," pointing at the PC screen with one hand. She had the other hand
buried in Barbara's cunt with three fingers in Barbara’s slot.

Mr. Shape and Cheryl were both breathing heavily now. He was leaning back with his back
arched, while Cheryl was pulling her head forward to look into her yawning abdomen, and see Mr.
Shape's dick moving within her contracting vagina tube. Mr. Shape let out a faint "Arrrgh...." as a spurt
of white come arched out of Cheryl's vagina sheathing his erupting dick, and landed in her empty
abdomen. He continued to pump out 3 more spurts, slowing his rhythm as his peak subsided.

Mr. Sharp pulled out, and stepped back over by Nurse Jones and Barbara. "Whew, that's one
of the better parts of the job." He stood while Nurse Jones bent down and licked his dick clean. It was
coated with seaman and a little bit of blood.

"Now the vivisection is essentially over. We're going to bleed you out, Cheryl, and Nurse Jones
will take the collected blood for the local blood bank," explained Mr. Sharpe. "This will be painless,
and you'll experience it as a combination orgasm then gently drifting off to sleep."

Nurse Jones stood up, and took her tray over next to Cheryl. She picked up the blood bag,
which could hold 6 quarts, and hung it on a hook on the lab bench. She uncoiled the clear plastic tube
leading from the bag up to Cheryl's abdomen. She then picked-up a large needle from the tray, and
twisted it onto the end of the plastic tube.

She explained toward Cheryl, "This is how I'm going to collect your blood. I'm going to pierce
you’re aorta just above where your renal arteries branch off, and you'll bleed-out into the bag. You'll
enjoy the experience. You've been a wonderful subject, and this has been a great vivisection."

Nurse Jones bent over Cheryl's opened cavity, and stuck the large needle into the pulsing aorta.
Bright red blood began to pass down the tube into the collection bag.

Mr. Sharpe turned to the students. "Please form a line, and we'll take turns stimulating Cheryl as
she bleeds out."

The students lined up behind Nurse Jones. Nurse Jones moved between Cheryl's legs and
brought her head down to Cheryl's hairless vulva. She licked Cheryl's clit several times, slowly tasting
her juices mingled with a slight amount of blood. Then she stood up, and moved to the side to let Carol
assume her place. Carol began licking Cheryl's twat, and Tom stood behind Carol fucking her from

"I feel a little strange," said Cheryl, with a smile. "Could you please hold my hand, Mr. Sharpe?"

"Of course, Cheryl." Mr. Sharpe took her hand, and stood beside her stroking her breasts with
his free hand. Anne moved from Cheryl's head where she had been kneading Cheryl's breasts to
assume her place in the line of students waiting to eat Cheryl. Nurse Jones moved beside Mr. Sharpe,
helping to hold Cheryl’s legs apart.

Nurse Jones motioned to the PC monitor. The heart rate trace was growing faster, but weaker.
"As you can see Cheryl is both beginning to climax, and feel the effects of blood loss. Her heart rate is
rising, brought on both by orgasm and her body's need for blood, which her heart is pumping out fairly
efficiently into the bag."

The collection bag was starting to fill out with deep red blood flowing from the tube leading from
Cheryl's open abdomen. Cheryl was now letting her head lean back, as she began to moan softly.

Nurse Jones moved around by Carol, and installed two stirrups in the lab table, placing the steel
arms into sockets in the side of the lab table. She then gently placed Cheryl’s feet in each stirrup. As
she did this, Carol moved from Cheryl's crotch, and Tom stepped up and began fucking Cheryl.

"I'm elevating your feet to help you bleed out Cheryl," explained Nurse Jones. Cheryl was
looking groggy now, and she looked at Nurse Jones through half opened-eyes.

Tom began moaning he was coming, and shot a huge spurt of white jism into Cheryl's empty
belly. Nurse Jones said "step over here and let me clean that off for you." She knelt down, and Tom
stepped over to her. He placed his still erect dick in her mouth, and she began licking it with long
strokes of her tongue.

Kelly stepped up to lick Cheryl's twat. Cheryl was noticeably paler now, and the blood bag half
full. Cheryl was leaning back very still, breathing hard as her heart pumped at over 180 beats per
minute trying to keep up with both the waves of pleasure emanating from her belly and her crotch, and
the demands of her blood-starved body.

Kelly first sucked as much come as she could out of Cheryl's cunt, and then began licking her
pussy lips upward to her clit in slow, even strokes. Mr. Sharpe watched the PC monitor for signs
Cheryl was approaching heart failure.

Nurse Jones stood up from cleaning Tom's dick, and approached Cheryl with a bone saw from
the cart. Kelly stood up from licking Cheryl's very moist pussy, and Anne assumed her position. Anne
focused on sucking Cheryl's clit between her teeth rapidly, and then relaxing and letting her clit relax
back over her teeth. Cheryl was completely limp now, in full orgasm and approaching cardiac arrest
from lack of blood to her heart muscle.

The heart line on the PC began to show continuous small fluctuations. Mr. Sharpe asked Anne to
stop, and everyone to gather around.

"Cheryl's now in ventricular fibrillation. In a few seconds her heart will stop, as it has become
oxygen starved. Does anyone know the metabolic state her heart muscle is in now?" asked Mr.

Anne said "I thinks it anaerobic respiration. That's the cycle that uses no oxygen to conduct

"Right," said Mr. Sharp. Cheryl's heart had now stopped vibrating, and the PC screen was still.
"OK, Anne, please pull the monitor leads, and put them in a small dish on the cart. Carol and Barbara,
would you help me with beheading and draining the corpse?"

"I'm going to take this blood down to the refrigerator. Thanks for a great finish on an excellent
vivisection. I hope you all learned a lot about female anatomy and physiology," said Nurse Jones. She
buttoned her lab coat, and pulled the needle out of Cheryl's abdomen. She capped the needle, coiled
the plastic tube up, and left the room with the bulging blood bag.

Mr. Sharpe had Carol remove the back rest from behind Cheryl, and lay her upper body flat on
the lab table. He went over to her head with the bone saw, and placed it against her throat. He began
to saw through the soft flesh of her neck, the teeth of the saw ripping through the soft skin and muscle
with each push of the saw. Soon he cut through the vertebrae, and picked-up Cheryl's blonde head,
and held it over the sink. A few drops of blood dripped from the severed neck, and the face was
frozen in a sleepy statement of contentment.

Mr. Shape asked Barbara to get a large glass jar with a head stand. Barbara retrieved a large
round jar, and then took out a 10" long stainless steel tube with a large round base. She placed the
tube upright in the jar, and Mr. Sharpe placed Cheryl's head on the tube, pressing her head down until
the tube entered her cranium. A small amount of blood drained into the jar.

Mr. Sharpe motioned toward the contented looking face, "Cheryl's family will want her head
back. We'll prepare it later for presentation. Notice that the look of her final orgasm is preserved in her

"Oh, she looks so good," said her friend Kelly, bending to examine Cheryl's features. "I might
ask my dad to vivisect me. I would want to become meat too, though."

Mr. Sharpe walked back to the headless corpse. He asked Carol to place two plastic shackles
around Cheryl's ankles, he stopped at the cart to get a plastic hand shackle and an "S" shaped white
plastic anal hook. He rolled Cheryl onto her side, and secured her hands behind her back. He then
attached them to the anal hook and placed the anal hook into Cheryl's relaxed sphincter. He then
moved the electric chain hoist over Cheryl.

"Anne, would you please lift the feet, and catch the hook on the foot shackle?" he asked.

Anne, still naked, lifted Cheryl's feet which were still clad in spotless white sneakers and socks to
meet the hook Mr. Sharpe was lowering. She caught the shackle on the hook, and Mr. Sharpe hoisted
Cheryl's headless corpse into the air, and positioned it over the sink in the lab table. Blood dripped
slowly from the severed neck. Cheryl's empty abdomen gapped open, the retractors still in place.

Everyone in the class beheld the sight of their classmate now vivisected and slightly dripping
blood, her organs in pans spread out on the lab table, her body suspended on the hook.

"That's it for this portion of the class. I'm going to let the body drain for this afternoon to remove
the residual blood. I'll need three people to stay behind to help put Cheryl’s organs in preservative, and
to help me put her body in the tank. After lunch, we'll return to begin examining some of the digestive
tract." He continued, "Please remember to fill out your lab manuals, and to answer the questions on
physiology of vivisection. Who volunteers to help with preserving the organs?"

Several girls raised their hands. Mr. Sharpe selected Denise the red head, the thick-set girl with
glasses, and Kelly to help. They all looked excited to spend more time in the lab handling Cheryl's
eviscerated body. Mr. Sharpe eyed Denise's young body hungrily, and she looked back with a
knowing smile.

"OK then, class dismissed for lunch. Don't forget your lab coats," said Mr. Sharpe. The students
filed into the back room to change back into their street clothes, as the three girls gathered around the
lab table to await Mr. Sharpe's direction.

"Too bad we're not doing any more vivisection’s this semester," said Kelly. "I would like to be a
subject if it makes me feel like Cheryl felt."

"Yeah, I really got off watching her come again and again after we pulled her apart," said Denise.
"I wonder how it felt to have your belly become empty and feel the tingle from your clit?"

"Well, there's always home-ec class," said Mr. Sharpe. "They butcher girls pretty regularly over

Kelly and Denise exchanged knowing looks. Perhaps one of them would be next in line for
gutting and eating.

"Yes, there's always that," said Kelly. The three naked girls looked at each other and smiled.


Thank you very much for posting these stories. I immediatly remember this story - it was reposted on dgf in 2008 (it was corrected in terms of age).

Now I found another stories on DGF in CCF part of site (Thread "Dolcett public library: Vivisectionist (story thread)" by MariusVI):
"School Lunch"
"Real Cheese"
"Hanging Together in South Pacific"


Can you link the thread or specify what you mean by the ccf part? I too am on dgf but cannot find what you are talking about


You can find it here if you have access (sort by thread name or author):

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