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Mall Chop

Chloe Martin liked to believe she was a good girl. 18 years old in fresh out of high school not a day of detention in her life. Copper hair worn in a bob. Just your typical good girl.

So why was she facing the Mall guillotine?

Let's go back 20 minutes, to when Chloe and her brother Simon first entered the mall that day day. She saw her brother take off into the crowd the moment they got through the door.

She turned to her friend Vanessa and said "Well he'll be 40 minutes and we can't go back home until he's done trying to pick up chicks."

Vanessa tucked a strand of black hair behind her ear and said "It's nice of you to give you a little brother a ride even when he's a little shit."

"If I waited for him to behave I never give him a ride." Chloe grumbled.

The pair walked around the Mall after returning a dress that didn't quite fit Vanessa. The two wandered into a shop that sold small scented candles

Chloe turned her nose up at a specific candle and spoke to Vanessa "Who would ever want to smell like a barbecue?" Vanessa could only shrug her shoulders.

The slightly balding man behind the counter puffed his cheeks and rumbled "Some people like barbecues.Some people met family at barbecues, some people lost family at barbecues. Some want to remember them." he angrily glared.

Chloe never one for a confrontation tried to stammer out an apology but could not take the man's furious gaze.

Vanessa seeing her friends trouble simply grabbed her hand and walked her to the exit accidentally bumping into the man on the way out.

"Sorry." she quietly let out and the two tried to make good their escape.

Suddenly the man shouted "Hey are you trying to rob me!"

The pair turned quickly shaking their heads and wondering what he was talking about as a crowd started to look on

The man stalked forward and shoved his hand into Chloe's purse and pulled out a bottle scented candle. "You didn't buy that!"

Chloe looked shocked because she did not buy that nor did she steal that but before she could say anything a Mall Cop that had been been hanging around nearby to between them and inquired "Carl this this girl tried to steal from you?"

Carl simply nodded his head in the mall cop turned to Chloe and said "Missy this here Mall has a no-tolerance policy towards shoplifting. Let's go." as he pulled her arms behind her back and forced her towards the front of the mall.

"I Didn't Do It!" cried Chloe as she was taken to the front where a large Guillotine stood

"Wait doesn't she get a trial or something? Some way to defend herself?" Vanessa implored.

The rent-a-cop simply shook his head and said "Policies policy."

Vanessa stood back as Chloe was quickly loaded into the guillotine, her head shoved through the hole and arms shackled to the side.

The mall cop quickly proclaimed "Let this be a lesson to all shoplifters. At the closing of the mall the blade shall fall!" he pulled her jeans and underwear down around her knees and continued "All can use the malls property here as they see fit!"slapping her ass.

Vanessa tried to comfort Chloe "I'll call my dad! I'll call someone! We can stop this before it's too late!" and she ran off into the crowd.

Chloe's eyes darted around the entrance knowing that she was helpless. She had seen this before.Another girl had assaulted a shopkeeper and was sentenced to the same punishment.

For 5 minutes every time someone drew close Chloe flinched' waiting for the first one to rape her.

"It's not rape if I'm property."she thought ruly.

"Chloe!" Simon gasped as he saw his sister attached to the guillotine.One of his friends slowly walked up to the teen and started to unbuckle his pants.

As Chloe shook her head and tried to move out of the way Simon roared "Kenny that's my sister.." he paused " I get first shot." dropping his pants.

"No no please don't!" Chloe begged of her brother as he approached he only replied,

"I haven't gotten laid since they chopped the last one." as he took a firm grip on her hips. "Besides not like you'll get pregnant."

"It's a mistake they will let me out!" Chloe implored then Simon buried his dick to the hilt in one swift brutal stroke.

"They all say that."

As her brother started pumping into her formerly virgin pussy she looked up and saw Kenny move towards her face cock out and said "Give me a little sucklen they won't chop while I'm in your mouth."

As he shoved his dick down her throat Chloe thought wryly "They're not chopping me for 2 more hours you idiot." feeling a little numb to her situation.

Chloe wished she could say she started to enjoy it. Lose herself to the inevitability. But she couldn't. The feeling of her brothers constant thrusts caused her to feel more sick then the pecker down her throat

Finally Simon started to pant "I'm getting ready to come."

"No," Chloe thought "not in me. Hurry Vanessa."

Hot wetness filled Chloe and she knew Simon had come inside her.

Instinctive revulsion caused Chloe to Surge forward and instinctively bite down.

"Shit!" Kenny cried as he fell backwards clutching his cock.

Simon ask his friend "Did she bite your pecker clean off." jokingly.

Kenny checking his precious member relieved to find it's the attached and not even bleeding simply looked up "Fuck you Simon." The pair laughed

Chloe ,disgusted, couldn't even take small pleasure in the pain she had caused one of them.

"Did you hurt one of the customers?"a familiar voice called ,the mall cop was watching Chloe immediately shouted "It was an accident!"

The stern man only said "Two strikes and your out! Mall policy." as he lifted his hand to the Guillotines release.

Chloe's face froze in terror when her brother said "That's my sister can I chop her please?"

The rent-a-cop shrugged his shoulders and said "No policy against it. But she has to get chopped now."

Chloe begged and pleaded with Simon "Please try and convince him to at least weight for closing."

Simon looked at his sister and said "We got to follow the rules. You always told me that." as he pressed the button

Chloe figured it would be more poetic ,that she would feel time stand still as the blade fell. But the second her brother pressed the switch her head rolled forward quickly ,hitting the marble tile of the mall painfully.

Looking up as her vision faded she saw her brother pick up her severed head and turned to the mall cop "Can I keep it?"

The cop just shrugged "I don't make the rules. That belongs to Carl now, he likes making sex toys out of them."

As Chloe passed she realized that her head would be continuously violated by the man who falsely sentenced her to death.


Very hot, although the grammar was all over the place, I'm guessing English isn't your first language?


Honestly when I wrote, edited and posted this I had been awake for more than 30 hours straight and may have been little loopy.

Plus it's the second story I wrote in over 20 years. The first being the Black Widow one I posted earlier than this and wrote in the same sleep-deprived haze.



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