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Author's note Marvel owns all the characters
For those who care timeline placement is in between Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron

Natasha Romanoff was walking through the halls of the newly-christened Avengers Tower in search of a room she knew was somewhere on one of Tony Stark's properties.

The`Island of Misfit Inventions' Tony had called it. Full of devices created not for any specific purpose but just to see if he could. Natasha had found out about it when she was spying on Tony for S.H.I.E.L.D. and one particular device had found it's way into her dreams and long cold showers.

'Auxiliary storage 3' the sign next to the door had said but Natasha knew better.

"The invention you are looking for is in the back Miss Romanoff. "Jarvis said from the small pad attached to her belt as she walked into the messy room.

Inventions and gadgets of all sorts sat on tables and shelves, a pen that would change the color of its ink on voice command, a holographic mirror and other assorted Hi-Tech but ultimately trivial devices lined the room but Natasha steadfastly walked to the end of the room.

It was small only about the size of a backpack but completely made out of metal Natasha knew its small size was deceiving as many of Tony's inventions could unfurl into greater sizes and complexities

The H.F.R. 9000 was designed for one purpose, to cook people.

Of course Tony was not without his compassion and dark sense of fun.
The device would only activate after the young woman had achieved orgasm and even then it would activate on a random percentile and that's what intrigued Natasha so.

The risk

She cleared a space in the workshop/storeroom and took and Arc Reactor she had 'borrowed' from Tony's main workshop and attached it to a special fitting in the device.

"Okay Jarvis connect to it." She said holding up the pad. She knew Tony had not finished designing a true interface for the H.F.R. 9000

The box unfurled into a dozen mechanical tendrils that looked towards Nat expectedly.

"Once the device is active I will no longer be able to shut it down." Jarvis clipped

A shiver of excitement ran down Nat's spine, that's what excited her most

"Okay Jarvis let's start off easy and set it for one orgasm, and set the termination chance at 5 billion to 1." She smiled confident but still enjoying the relative small chance of catastrophic bodily harm.

At the unseen command of Jarvis the dozen tendrils struck out at Natasha with incredible speed. Small surgical lasers quickly disrobing her of the clothes she was wearing and wrapping around her arms and legs bringing her to a kneeling position 2 feet above the device leaning forward as if on her hands and knees in the air she saw the 3 foot spike slide out of the base and extend to its full 6 feet ,a tendril grasping the spit and raising it towards her.

Another tendril wrapped around her waist as the six remaining tendrils started to open. Small gel like ends covered the tips and began to stroke and caress her breast and ass cheeks causing a little suction every so often.

One darting between her legs through short red pubic hair and gently suckling on her clit for only a second before retreating elsewhere. Moans escaping the beautiful spy's lips.

The tendril holding the spit slowly rose into position ,the pointy tip gently easing towards her moist pussy.

A Sharp gasp escaped Nat as the cold metal tip entered her slowly inch by inch until finally 8 inches of deadly cookery was inside her.

Jarvis watched silently as the H.F.R 9000 began in earnest ,biomedical sensors allowing it to stimulate all her erotic zones with expert precision.

The spit pistoning in and out of her with speed and delicacy no human could match. Tendrils teasing to the point of breaking and backing off just long enough to allow the pleasure to build without crashing over into release.

Natasha felt like she was lost in ecstasy, barely realizing she was being turned over so that she appeared to be lying on her back legs still spread the device not stopping for one second, the spit never leaving her cunt and continued it's divine pleasures on her.

Minutes past that felt like seconds and hours, eternity in pleasure, and finally with a long throaty moan Natasha came.

Jarvis saw the notification as the spit begin to furiously spin and release electromagnetic stimulation and Natasha began to orgasm again and again, growing in intensity with each and every one.

He sent a message to Tony.

Finally Natasha stopped orgasming. Her entire pelvis numb, ragged breaths falling from her chest as the six tendrils retreated to the device and the spit removed all but 1 inch of its length and then slowly pressed forward.

She felt the length going into her deeper in deeper, hazy mind not yet realizing it had gone more than one foot into her piercing her and continuing, numb to the pain.

Her mind slowly clearing she realized the spit kept going in and not coming back out. Fear gripped the the super heroine as she desperately called out" Jarvis help! stop it!"

She received no answer as she felt pressure reaching her chest in to her throat gagging has the metal tip pushed it's way into her mouth.

She closed her eyes and desperately hoped this was some trick, some scheme, some horrible brainwashing technique to break her. But a slow electric whine brought her back to reality as she looked forward and saw the tip of the spit about a foot from her eyes. The tendrils holding her quickly tying her arms behind her back and her legs to the metal pole running through her.

The H.F.R. 9000 was quickly reconfiguring underneath her and numerous nozzles began spitting flame.

Natasha felt the heat wash over her in the spit begin to turn. Pain from her impaling slowly entering her mind. Dull, but there.

Rotating over the open flame two tendrils began to spray sauce over her supple form. She did not have the presence of mind to question why they had been filled in the first place.

Time passed slowly as Natasha felt her world spinning in hot agony but the electromagnetic stimulation continued to provide some pleasure. Slowly at first but quickly overcoming the pain and discomfort as she began to try and grind her clit against the pole in her.

Arousal overcoming her mind she slowly began to accept her fate. A muffled moan escaped around the spit has another orgasm rocked her body.

She heard a door open and footsteps approach her spinning form.

Tony Stark appeared in her vision looking somewhat bemused he muttered to her "Oh Nat, not again."

Natasha tried to convey her confusion through her eyes and Tony explained.

"This wasn't the first time you snuck around with this machine."

He continued "The first clone I made to cover up your little fun run with the Human Female Roaster 9000 took some effort but now ,by the 8th clone, I perfected the technique."

"A mind scan every night to keep the memories fresh but never the fateful encounter with the spit." He continued" I tried to stop number four but you still went around me " he sighed.

"Oh well another romantic dinner for Pepper and me tonight." he started to walk off Natasha spinning in multiple ways behind him. "They never figure out that the percentage chance is FOR termination, not against."

And Natasha slowly turned and turned, then turned golden-brown.

Finally, after many more orgasms, Natasha passed away.

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