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This is my first venture in writing porn. Criticism is more than welcome.

Chapter one: the introduction.

"I herby declare you to be wed"

That's the last thing Brelyna heard as a free mind.
For, in the kiss, Arch mage Lani cast subtly cast a spell, and used her fangs to inject a few drops of blood into her tongue. Instanly, she went from lusting, to worshipping. From person to thrall. From bride to pet.

They left quickly. Taking congratulations from the jarl on the way out, and made a beeline for their new house. Brelyna's crotch was staimed before the door was closed. While pulling at eachother's clothes, they both cast spells of fire, ice, and electricity. Fire to light the candles and haerth, the others, to tease eachother.
"Did you notice something during the wedding?"
"No, love."
"Can I tell you something?
"Anything, my beloved."
"I own you."
"Y-yes, my love."
"Don't call me "love"! I am better than you. We are not equals. I married you to avoid suspicion. I am only equal to the one you will call "Lady Serana". In public you will call me "Love". When no-one who is not me or Serana can hear you, you adress me as "Mistress Lani". I am now your god, and your queen. If I order you to take your own life you will do so. Instanly. Be a loyal thrall, and I will reward you. Undertood, Elf?"

"Yes, Mistress. But who is "Lady Serana"?"

"Me" she called, from the corner. Only when she opened her glowing eyes was she visible in the dark corner.

"Yol" whisperered Mistress Lani. As candles and torches lit, revealing the nude, pale figure of a young woman.

Lani's clothes suddenly dissappeared. Indicating that they were in fact, illusions.

"Now, undress." said Serana. You will never wear clothes, ever again. If we go outside, we will cast an illusion spell on you. You'll look clothed, but not feel it.

"Marcurio!" cried Lani. Before an equally nude, castrated Imperial man came running into the room.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"This is Brelyna. Your new colleague." said Lani

"She was even more eager to fall for the trap than you." interjected Serana.

The now nude Brelyna stood, dripping. Awaiting orders from her new gods, eying the Imperial's member.

"Brelyna." said Lani in a stern voice. "Do you see that beige plank you're standing on?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Cast the biggest ice spike you can muster into it"

Without looking, she put her hands together, and conjured a sharp spike of ice. Sending it straight into the floor board. It was mostly buried. But ten inches portruded.

"Again. Two inches closer to me." barked Serana.

And a similar shape of eleven inches appeared next to the first.

"Melt them a little. Rounden their tips. Remove all sharpness." said Lani.

And nigh instantly the two icepicks were transformed into perfecly clear cones, with rounded tips.

"Sit down on them." They both said

Marcurio's face revealed envy. Clearly knowing what comes next.

Brelyna sat down, legs stretched at 60°. Her holes full of ice. Instanly, she began to shiver.

"Open your mouth" said Serana.

Brelyna obeyed, but was clearly scared. She locked eyes with Lani. As Serana conjured a perfectly shaped 7 inch ice object, bent 90° at the 3 inch mark. She shoved it in without mercy, and instantly Brelyna couldn't breathe.

Still looking her thrall in the eyes, she shouted "Liz Slen Nus", and Brelyna was completely encased in ice.

Her eyes darted rapidly, in panic. No air, and unfathomable cold. The ice formed by her mistresses was seemingly three times as cold as the now relatively warm feeling cones in her rear.

Lani began casting a healing spell at Brelyna, preventing her from asphyxiating and hypothermia, but not from chocking and freezing. She just couldn't die from it.

Serana began casting a fear spell with one hand, and electricity surged into the petrified girl from the other.

"Marcurio. Get down on your knees right in front of her. Look her in the eyes the entire time. Never. Even. Blink." said Serana.

This went on for hours, then nearly a day, before the ice had melted.

Brelyna began screaming as soon as her mouth became free. And both vampires cast calm spells with all their might. She instantly stopped.

"Marcurio. Stand over her." said Serana, again.

"Brelyna. I am about to cut his throat. You may either place your lips against the wound and drink him dry for warmth, or return to your previous state for a whole week." said Lani.

Serana knelt down before Marcurio, and began sucking and biting his member. Instinctively, he put his head back and moaned in pleasure. At that moment, Lani produced a black, wavy blade, cut his throat, and pushed him straight onto Brelyna.

Brelyna wasted no drop. She made a perfect seal as her lips instantly froze to Marcurio's skin. She drank at the rate of his pulse. He began to spasm, but resisted the urge to pull away. As his resistance to his own instincts wavered, he began to thrash. But was being held in place. Serana holding his feet, and Lani keeping his arms pushed onto the frozen shoulders of the guzzling Elf. When his thrashing stopped, he hadn't reached orgasm. In the last seconds of life Serana cast a spell on him, and stabbed him in the head. Immediately a black cloud emerged from him, and was a absorbed by a black star mounted on the wall.

"Lust unsated, and soul stolen." said Serana, wiping the blood from her mouth before continuing.
"That's how we will dispose of you. Until then, if you fail to fulfill any command by either of us within two seconds, you will spend a week like that."

"However," continued Lani. "That's only if we dispose of you. We grew tired of Marcurio. So we used him in your training."

"Until such time, you will serve us in all bodily wants and desires. We will feed on you, and you will pleasure us. You will enjoy it, too. I guarantee it."

The two vampires dragged their new pet into the glorious radiant heat of the hearth. And left her there for a few hours, occasionally spraying her with healing magic.

After she was back to a normal temperature, Lani ordered her to stand on all fours, with her breasts and face up, atop a table.

"Wait there" said Serana, as she and Lani cast spells at eachother, and their bodies were covered in black cloth.


Chapter two: the journey.

Serana barged in, and cast a spell at Brelyna.

"Let's go." she said, as her toy clambered down from the table.

"Yes, Mistress." she stuttered, as spectral replica of her former clothes manifested around her.
She was still very naked, and felt like it, too. But she didn't look it.

As she stumbled outside, she remembered her orders. Outside, she is married to Arch-Mage Lani. Not her pet.

"Beloved, get into the carriage. We must go on a trip."

"Yes, my love. But where are we going?"


They boarded the carriage, and Serana enthralled the driver.

"To Winterhold" she said. As the carriage departed Riften.

Once safely away from Riften, Lani cast a spell, and a canvas appeared over the bed of the carriage. Or, looked to appear. As they still felt just as nude and chilly.

"Brelyna. You've earned a week in the block."

"Yes, Mistress Lani. But why? I only wish not to dissapoint you again."

"Two weeks. You are not allowed to ever ask questions.
Once we arrive in Winterhold, I will find a spot for your punishment." said Serana.

"The roof. The Arch-Mage's quarters has plenty of soul gem pylons. I'll use those to cast the spells for the two weeks. Four black souls should suffice to power it for such a period of time. I know there's three there. But where do we get a fourth?"

Serana simply nods towards the driver of the cart.

A few hours later she ordered him to stop with a simple tap on the shoulder.

"I don't have time to make this pleasurable for you." as Lani sank her teeth into his neck, and Serana hers into his leg.

Within a minute of beginning, the spell was cast, and his head spiked through.

"Brelyna. Eat him." said Lani as she grabbed Serana by the hand and ran off toward the sea of ghosts. And she did just that. Hours passed, as she ate his muscles, raw. Leaving only a skeleton with intact guts.

She then simply waited, in the cart.

Another hour later, Serana and Lani emerged. Covered in snow. They didn't seem to notice.

"Take the reins, Thrall." Serana said, coldly. As the group rode the last miles into the small town.

"Brelyna! Oh, you look wonderful. I'm so happy for you and the Arch-Mage."

Quietly she replied "th-thanks, Ondmund. It's been wonderful. I really must get back to her now" before heading into the Arceanium.


"No. Arch-Mage or not. My rules about books still stand. So no book or scroll will ever leave the campus. Especially the scroll."

"Very well. Come with me to the roof. I'll show you why I need it."

"I suppose I can do that." muttered the orc.

Once on the roof, The vampires swiftly locked the doors, and cast a calm spell on him.

"Brelyna. Begin your punishment."

The thrall immediately drove two spikes of ice into the stone below her, which even after melting off the points, were still twelve inches long. She also replicated the bent rod of ice Serana had made her deepthroat before.

She sat down in a slightly more graceful manner than last time, and closed her eyes. As soon as she was penetrated, her "clothes" disappeared, and she inserted the throat rod.

"Liz Slen Nus"

And she was frozen. Serana held the healing spell, and Lani set up the totems.

Once the array was stable, and all spella were carefully balancing torture and survival, Urag was released from the spell. He immediately ran to Brelyna. Her gray skin twitching in agony, but her eyes calm.


"Showing you what I do to those who disobey."

"Give her the scroll, and we'll kill you quickly, without trapping your soul."


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