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Paige Wilkinson had come to the agency after her diagnosis. She had an inoperable tumor that would start affecting her quality of life within a few months. A devout atheist she had no qualms about suicide. She had heard of an underground euthanasia program somewhere in Colorado a few months ago and after a few dead ends she had found herself meeting in a shady office in a mostly abandoned strip mall.

“So Ms. Wilkinson, tell me what you want from this experience”
A man in a lab coat and a ski mask sat across from her behind a stainless steel desk.

“Well I’ve given it a lot of thought...” she trailed off.
“I’ve never told anyone any of this but I think now is the time. Ever since I was a little girl I found myself getting turned on by violence on tv, or even playing doctor with my friends in grade school. I came to love being the victim. I loved writing in agony and the thought of dying a slow painful death gave me shivers. Over time I honed my fetish and I know what I want. I need to be stabbed. I know how I want to die, and it’s going to be messy.”

“We can provide any kind of death you’d wish, quick and painless, erotic, slow, whatever you’d like miss. Just sign this renewed will securing your assets for our organization and we can get started. Please fill out this paperwork and describe what service you’d like.”

A small time went by after she filled everything out. When the agent returned he asked her to follow him down the hall.

“So is there another room for this or?...”

“Yes ma’am. We have three current rooms, a surgical themed room, a dungeon, or a bedroom. We also offer assistants who are good with different methods of torture, humane death or sexual desires.”

“I’ll take the bedroom, and id like someone who knows how to keep me alive, the sex is secondary.” said Paige.

She sat her purse down on a side chair and looked around after the first agent left. She was about 5’3” and about 110 pounds. Her arms and legs were very slender with a small pudge around her midriff and a nice full ass. She pulled her sweater off over her large C cup breasts and had a seat on the bed. She was wearing a small polka dotted skirt and a green shirt. Her panties were starting to get a little moist as she thought about what was to come.

A light knock came at the door and a petite and sporty brunette came through the door. She was about 5’6” with a slim build. She was wearing a black button down and black slacks. Her lacy black bra showing through the opened buttons on her blouse. She came with a small sized duffel bag and sat it near Paige on the bed with a clunk. “I’m Alaina and I’ll be assisting you tonight, I hope being a woman isn’t off putting, you can always request someone else”

Paige smiled “No, it’s actually nice to have a woman. I think you’ll be more, I don’t know, thoughtful? Have they told you what I’m asking for?”

Alaina smiled and nodded “they told me your desires were... interesting, but after reading your file I requested this job. I see a lot of similarities between us. I mean why do you think I do this? It’s certainly not for the pay. To be honest I really just like the sight of blood. To have someone want the hard way is rare. I’m very good. I’ve done this 27 times before.”

Paige got suddenly nervous. Things were becoming real. This girl was obviously into her job of killing people. Hopefully she would make hers everything she wanted.

“Just tell me what you want honey” Said Alaina. “Do you want a safe word for when you’re ready for the pain to be over?”

Paige shook her head “No, after we start I want you to have fun with me. My only request is that the last thing you do is cut me horizontally from hip bone to hip bone and let me bleed out. I don’t want some knife to the heart. I want to die holding my guts in.”

Alaina was listening and nodding while putting on some blue latex gloves. She reached in her bag and got some handcuffs out. She motioned Paige toward the metal headboard. She put Paige’s hands up above her head and cuffed her to the bed. Paige was a little surprised. She thought there would be more time to prepare herself.

“Oh so we’re starting?” Asked Paige nervously.

“Glasses on or glasses off?” Asked Alaina.

Paige gulped “on, I want to see what’s happening”

Alaina took out a hooked razor knife and cut Paige’s shirt off. She cut her blue lacy bra off as well revealing Paige’s perky C cup breasts. Her nipples were puffy and light light pink from her ginger genes. Alaina remarked on their beauty. “A shame you don’t want me to have fun with these” as she returned the razor to her satchel. Paige wiggled her legs under her body. Her hands were now behind her head and she was kneeling with a pillow between her calves and her ass. Alaina reached up under Paige’s blue and white polka dot skirt and pulled down her pink panties down to her knees, bringing them closer together.

Alaina pulled out a small kitchen knife which had been sharpened down on both sides. It was about 3 inches long and a bout a half an inch at its base. She held it up to Paige’s bellybutton right above her skirt. She noticed Paige had a small belly button ring in. She smiled and grabbed the bellybutton ring. “Well this is where we start. There’s no going back now. Are you okay with that?”

Paige was nervous as hell. Her clit was starting to pulsate with her heartbeat. She was so excited to finally have someone hurt her. “Make it hurt please.” Is all she let out.

Alaina pondered ripping the ring out quickly but backed off. She dug through her satchel and came back with some zip ties. “I’m going to zip your feet to the railing until you get a little weaker. I don’t want you kicking me and hurting yourself too badly too soon.” Paige agreed.

Alaina grabbed some pliers out of her bag and told Paige to look down at her belly. The ring was pulling on her stomach skin and distending it about an inch. Alaina looked at Paige and winked. She jerked the pliers downward ripping the ring through the top rim of Paige’s pale bellybutton. A small dribble of blood ran down and welled inside her belly button. A small dribble left it’s temporary well, dribbled down and soaked into her skirt. “Mmmhm” Paige moaned, taking the pain like a champ. Alaina grabbed the small blade and pressed the tip into the fresh tear in the gingers white belly. Paige winced. Alaina slid the small blade into Paige’s belly at an upward 45 degree angle. Paige was a small woman but her belly had a bit of pudge to it. The blade slipped through her skin and fatty tissue and into the first few layers of muscle.

“Unnhhhhhh, Oh god! It burns and hurts and it feels like everything I want it to feel like.” Paige squealed as her heaving belly wiggled around on the blade. Paige’s sex was throbbing now. She was in ecstasy over the pain. “I’m going to need someone to fuck me soon. This is too good.”

“Well if you don’t mind I’d like to be that person as well.” Alaina said calmly as she stroked Paige’s face with her free hand as she twisted the blade slowly in Paige’s belly. Paige was starting to sweat a little from the pain. Alaina got up and walked over to her bag, leaving the blade quivering in its flesh wound sheathe. She stripped off her black shirt and pants and got entirely naked. She walked over to the satchel and retrieved a vibrating massager wand and a rather intimidating strap on.

Paige said “You’re beautiful and what you’re doing to me is beautiful.” Alaina made her way to a cabinet and retrieved a blood bag and an IV. “Do you really want to have some fun? We can keep this going for a very long time. You said no safeword and I’m going to make you regret it” Paige was nervous at Alaina’s menacing tone, but all she wanted was to be fucked and stabbed some more. Her blood lust was at a maximum.

Alaina finished the IV line and grabbed the massager. She came in close and let Paige’s hair down. Her red locks flowed down just past her shoulders. It matted to the sweat on her brown. As Alaina brushed the hair out of Paige’s eyes she remakes “I really hope you’re strong. You’re already struggling a lot with this little blade.” Paige blushed a little and calmed her breathing. “I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve never been hurt badly. It’s really exerting. I’m going to try as hard as I can to stay conscious. You can use whatever you can to wake me back up if I pass out.” She winced a little with her breathes. The dinky knife was still hanging out of her belly.

Alaina grabbed the small blade and pulled it out slowly. The blood dribble came faster. Alaina cut off Paige’s skirt and threw it to the side. Then she cut through the panties. She stuffed them into Paige’s mouth. “Sorry. You need something to bite down on.” Alaina turned the vibrator wand on and sat it near Paige’s knees. She took the small blade and aimed it downward in Paige’s belly button. She slowly pushed. Paige’s belly distorted at first but the tip of the blade was superbly sharp. It quickly sunk into the rim of Paige’s belly. Another flesh wound. Paige moaned a bit and bit down on the cloth while thrusting her bare bloody pussy toward the vibrator. Alaina placed it on top of the pillow that was pinched between Paige’s kneeling legs and her ass. She moved it toward the three inch circle of blood that had formed and soaked into the pillow directly under her pussy. Alaina touched the wand to Paige’s clit as she pulled the knife out of the rim of Paige’s belly and plunged it back in straight on. This was the first wound that penetrated Paige’s belly Wall. The pain seared through her belly, but was met by a wave of pleasure from the wand. She bit down hard on her own panties and thrust her crotch wildly at the vibrator. The blood was flowing a little more now and was making an excellent lubricant on the wand. “I hope you like this. I’m going to twist the blade in you for a second and let you enjoy the pain level. It’s about to get worse.” Paige nodded as her eyes rolled back in her head from the first waves of orgasm. Alaina was twisting the blade around gently as to not rupture Paige’s intestines.

Paige’s ecstasy was mixing with the pain. The tiny blade felt like it was 5 inches inside her. As her muscles contracted new searing pain came from her wounds. She looked down and came hard at the sight of blood pumping slowly but steadily out of her belly with Alaina’s delicate fingers soaked in her precious fluid up to her knuckles. Alaina slowly withdrew the blade and Paige could feel the suction from its withdrawal. She came hard.

“Nothing is sexier than a pale girl with dark blood.” Alaina remarked. “Now here comes the first fatal wound. Of course it’s not fatal for nearly a day if left untreated, but here’s where you really start dying.”
Paige gulped a bit and spit out the panties. “Can I have some water please?” Alaina would have said no under other circumstances but she had given the girl an IV and had several bags of blood. As long as she didn’t knick a major artery, a little hydration wouldn’t kill the girl. “Sure. It’ll make the next part a bit more of a show anyways.”
“My hands are going to sleep above my head, can we do something about that?” Asked Paige.
“As long as you aren’t going to come at me with my own tools.” Alaina said as she uncuffed Paige. Paige’s arms fell down to her sides, numb and limp from being over her head for the last 45 minutes. As she regained feeling she poked and prodded around her damaged belly button. She poked in at her upper belly to look into her new hole. Pain shot through her again and her back arched. Blood welled up and ran down. Alaina leaned in and cut the zip ties on Paige’s ankles. Paige winced as she pulled her legs around in front of her. Alaina grabbed the glass of water and handed it to Paige. Customers like Paige were asked to keep their digestive tracts clean before the appointment. It makes everything cleaner. Alaina began stacking a few pillows up at the headboard and one thick body pillow horizontally just below them. She then stacked up all the throw pillows in the room at the foot of the bed.

“Breaks over.” Alaina said as she she jangled the hand cuffs. “Lay down on those pillows, and put the small of your back on this body pillow.”

Paige winced as she moved. The drying blood between her legs cracked and her belly oozed. She scooted across the bed and put her hands over her head as she laid down. Alaina grabbed her hands and cuffed them through the metal headboard again. This time Paige was horizontal with her belly poking up from the pillow under her upper ass. Alaina came over and propped Paige’s head up to where she could see her belly. She then stacked pillows under Paige’s legs until they made a 30 degree slant to her heart.
“This will keep the blood in your head and heart longer” Alaina remarked. She grabbed some shackles and shackled Paige’s feet to the bed putting downward strain on the pillows. Alaina wrapped a popsicle stick in a wet cotton cloth and put it in Paige’s mouth and slid her glasses down so she could see her belly in focus. Alaina grabbed a blade that looked like a miniature gladiators blade. It was about 4 and a half inches long with a blade that grew from a small tip to a wide base almost triangularity until a blade width of about 3 inches by one inch. “This is made to create a large opening for blood flow but less damage internally. It’s for effect.” She said as she put on the strap on and turned on Paige’s IV drip. “This IV is state of the art. It monitors your blood pressure and will continuously pump blood at high rates. I can clip an artery and you could stay alive long enough for me to patch it.”

Paige squirmed against her bonds. She was feeling a little more alert with her blood pressure coming back. It had been about an hour and a half since they started. The blood on her bellybutton was starting to dry. Alaina mounted her legs and crawled forward doggy style over Paige and pressed the 8 inch strap on tip into her bellybutton slightly. Paige winced. Alaina put some of her weight onto it as she leaned in to kiss Paige’s forehead. Paige winced more and squirmed.

“A little mouth blood on a redhead drives me wild.” Alaina said. She had been taking it slow with this girl. Toying with her belly was getting her worked up but the idea or really messing this girl up was what got Alaina off. Paige didn’t know who she was in the room with. Alaina took the wide blade and placed the top of it right between the bottom of Paige’s sternum and the top of her belly button. She pressed down slowly. Paige’s belly made a divot around the tip. Alaina pressed very slowly but consistently. The tip broke through the skin with a small “pop” and as it slid through Paige’s milky white skin and into her fatty tissues Paige began to squirm involuntarily. The pressure was immense feeling as it hit her muscles. Alaina jerked back and reapplied pressure with a quick thrust. The knife slid into Paige’s stomach and Paige squirmed violently. “Easy now or you’ll hurt yourself” Alaina quipped with a wink. Paige’s eyes were wide with terror as she helplessly looked down at the blade buried deep in her body. She bit down hard on the stick so much that it cracked. She withdrew the blade to a steady stream of blood erupting from Paige’s belly and to Paige fighting against her bindings to staunch the blood flow. Paige felt a new sensation, a terrible feeling of needing to purge. The wound in her stomach was filling it with blood slowly. The water she had drank earlier had made bright red runny blood pour from her wound and she started puking up bright watery blood. As she puked out her bit of stick Alaina jammed her thumb into Paige’s old belly wound. Paige’s back arched hard and more blood poured down each side around her ribs from her upper stomach wound. Paige’s breathing was heavy and she was sweating profusely. Alaina knocked away the pillows under Paige’s legs and put her legs on her shoulders with her head through the shackles. Alaina pushed the dildo inside of Paige’s blood encrusted pussy but found it to be a bit dry.

“We need to get some lubrication down here” Alaina said as she fingered Paige’s clit. Alaina took the long blade and pointed the tip right above Paige’s pubic mound. She pushed down with one fast swoop and twisted the blade quickly downward toward Paige’s vagina. The blade sliced through Paige’s uterus and through her sensitive pussy nerves. Paige screamed a blood curdling scream, followed by the coughing up of more blood. Blood flowed out of her vagina from her internal wounds.

“That’s more like it” Alaina said as she withdrew the blade put the tip of the dildo up to Paige’s quivering vagina. She shoved her way inside. Blood bubbled up from the low wound. Paige screamed from the pain of the dildo rubbing over her punctured g-spot. Paige realized her eyes had been closed since she first puked the blood. She was sure she would go into shock if she saw the damage, but she wanted to look.

The angle of her body on the pillows was irrigating her upper stomach blood up under her breasts and down over her ribs. A stream ran up to her throat down the center of her chest and met the sticky vomit blood from her mouth. She opened her eyes wide and looked down at Alaina thrusting into her. She saw her upper stomach purging blood up toward her chin. As she looked down her chin slid around on the gore. Her belly was mostly crimson with splashes of brilliant white. She coughed more and focused on the dildo. The pain was so intense from all over her ruined torso. Every thrust was agony mostly, but the ecstasy was coming. Slowly she was able to relax. The IV was keeping her conscious. She had to focus on the sex or she would go into shock.

Alaina shoved her thumb deep into Paige’s raw bellybutton and through into her abdominal cavity. Paige gurgled though blood “unnnhhhhhhh! gggaahhhh” her head flew back with the new agony. Alaina pulled her finger out to a new stream of blood welling up. She took two fingers now and rammed back into the gingers gorey belly hole. “Nnnnghhh nnnnngh nnghgghhhh!!!” Paige was grunting with every millimeter Alaina forced her fingers in. Alaina got two fingers in deep and started fingering her belly as she thrust. “St...... unnngghh, st, stop please....” Paige whimpered.

Alaina looked up at the blood bag in the IV machine and paused. It was running low. She withdrew the dildo and pulled her fingers out of the gingers belly. She replaced Paige’s legs onto the pillow stack. “Wow you got lucky with that timing, hang in there!” Alaina sarcastically quipped as she changed the IV bag.

Paige was quivering as she took shallow breaths. She looked down at her belly. Blood from Alaina’s fingering was smeared all over her midsection. The IV must have really worked. She was laying in a puddle of blood on top of the cheap comforter. A wave of pain shot through her from her pussy to her stomach and she tensed up. Contracting her penetrated muscles only increased the pain.

Alaina walked over and uncuffed and unshackled Paige and unbelted the strap on. Paige’s left hand immediately went to her upper belly wound and her right to the low stab that went through to her g spot. She was instinctively trying to staunch the blood but the pressure only hurt worse.

“Well it’s about time for that big finally. You wanted to be gutted seppuku style? I figured I could unshackle you because you’re weak now and I’m sure you’d like to hold your guts in for a while. I’d like to see that at least. I’m just going to leave you after you’re gutted until the blood bag drains. You said no deathword so, I kind of want to see how long you’ll last before you’re begging to die. I’m sorry I’m so cruel but I am a murderer after all.”

Alaina grabbed a tanto style blade from her bag and wrapped the handle in cloth. Paige was staring at her gore and rubbing her hands over her bloody wounds involuntaryily. Her mind had withdrawn from the pain an Alaina could see she was going into shock. She reached in her bag and withdrew some smelling salts an injection. It was her own blend of adrenaline and other things that she kept to herself. She injected Paige in her shoulder and cracked the cap on the salts.

Paige shot awake and gasped several timed. “I’m.... really dying..... now. Mmmmmmhhhhh” she was hit by another wave of pain. “Here Paige, we’re going to do the last bit together here, then I’ll bring you to the edge of the bed and you can choose where you want to die.”

She took the tanto blade and held it up to Paige’s left hip bone. Being so short and with her belly button low on her body, the cut was going to pass about an inch below her belly button and about two inches above the wound that was inflicted just above her pussy hair. Alaina took Paige’s left hand and wrapped it around the tanto and held it with her right. She then took Paige’s other hand and wrapped it under her left. “We’re going to do the last part together”

Paige nodded in return and smiled a half smile between the pain. Alaina pushed down until the blade was about three inches into Paige’s body. She sawed slightly as she moved the blade from left to right. Paige’s grip tightened hard under Alaina’s hand but she offered no resistance to what was happening. In fact she was helping. Paige was ready for this to be done, but she didn’t realize that doing the cut was far from the end. The blade slid past her bellybutton. Blood erupted behind the blade. Her intestines pushed through on the left side. As they finished the cut and Alaina removed the blade she inspected the cut to make sure no muscle was holding back Paige’s innards. Paige was back to grunting but this time she whimpered a bit.

Paige could feel her guts trying to push past her open skin. After she let go of the blade she instinctively put her hands on her gash trying to hold herself together. The pain was excruciating and her fingers kept slipping inside her gape. She stayed conscious though. Alaina pushing her fingers in must have been to prepare her for this. Alaina grabbed her ankle and pulled her toward the side of the bed. Paige screamed as she was moved. The pain could reach peaks she never knew. Alaina grabbed both ankles and hung them off the edge of the bed and pulled down a little. Paige slid toward the edge of the bed on the cheap comforter on her own blood. As her legs fell off the bed her belly distended and opened. Her guts slid out all around her hands. She couldn’t keep them in. She landed on the floor with a plop, her back against the bed and her feet out in front of her. Her guts were half in her lap half in her body. Her glasses slid off and into her guts. She tried to get them and put them back on her face but as she moved her left hand her intestines began to shift and she just quivered. She puked more blood water into her own lap and then put her head back against the bed. Alaina walked over and picked up the glasses out of Paige’s gore and cleaned them. She deposited them back on Paige’s face.

“Th..... thanks..... nnnghhh.” Paige had a sharp view of her mangled guts. She wanted release. “K....ill, me. Puh...... please.” Alaina stepped away.

“No.” Alaina smiled. She was covered in Paige’s blood. She picked a medium sized suction cup mounted vibrator and stuck it to the ground next to Paige. Her blood made an excellent seal on the hard wood floor. Alaina stood on the bed and picked up Paige under her armpits. Paige fought hard to keep a grip on her guts but eventually her arms gave out and more innards spilled. She let out a terrible groan. Alaina dropped her onto the dildo violently. Paige’s eyes grew wide again and she again felt terrible pain from the wounds in her vaginal cavity. She tried to scoop her guts back into herself weakly as Alaina turned on the vibrator from her remote. Paige was quivering and groaning. Alaina cranked the vibration to 10 and sat the controller down. She walked to a chair and started masturbating to Paige’s ruined form.

Paige’s thoughts were racing. She was dying now for sure. She was sure that injection and the IV were all that was keeping her here. The pain was more dull now. Her guts were sensitive and cold. Everything was cold. The few parts of her that weren’t covered in blood were even more pasty than usual. She tried to focus on the vibrator but there was too much damage to her belly to concentrate. Every shift was agony. The blood bag was about half full and draining at a steady pace. No major artery had been hit but her wounds were severe. She eventually moved her right hand from her gut pile and tried to squeeze her pale breasts. The gore made it slippery and warm followed by cold as the air cooled the liquid. Her puffy pink nipples became erect under the blood. Her left hand searched for her clit through her gorey lap. She eventually found it, wrist deep in guts she started rubbing. “Gnnnng, gnnnh, uhh-ahh uhh-ahh, gnnnhhh” She tensed up with every movement. Her torn muscles seared with pain as her guts rubbed the exposed nerves. She rubbed her clit as it was her last salivation from the pain. She burbled more clearish mouth blood.

Alaina was cumming hard at the sight of the redhead fighting through the pain to feel one last good thing. The IV bag was down to its last quarter. Four hours after they started Paige’s body was ruined. Alaina walked over to the tanto and back to Paige. Paige looked up with her big hazel eyes, red hair matted to her forehead and bloody shoulders. She puked some more blood and said “nyhhhhh, uhhh it’s..... so..... painful. Rrrrrggghhh. It’s.... beautiful.” Alaina took the large dagger and placed the tin Paige’s upper wound and slid it back into Paige’s stomach. Paige grabbed at Alaina’s wrist with her right hand but kept pleasuring herself with her left. Alaina cut straight down through her belly to her bellybutton. Paige pushed back against Alaina and Alaina removed the blade. The only thing holding Paige’s stomach together was a thin strip of skin below her bellybutton. The rest of the watery contents of her stomach flowed out over her guts and her whole body clenched tight.

Paige knew it was the end. She was coughing and puking dark dark blood and could no longer speak. Her body started spasming. She tried all her might to rub her clit into another orgasm but it was in vain. The IV was almost dry and her brain was loosing blood flow. She started breathing in short violent bursts. As she slipped in and out of consciousness she saw Alaina masturbating in her chair. Paige smiled. Her body convulsed several times and she started agony breathing. Her whole body quaked for several seconds and finally she was free.


Cool story. I liked that cons nodeathword thing.

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