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Stretch Goals

written by PogueMahone and JestInPieces

Chapter 1

There was a flicker of light as the webcam was turned on. The small room had pink walls, lit by a light hanging overhead. A bookcase filled with a mixture of textbooks and airport novels was on the right. Various items were visible on the shelves – a hairbrush, loose coins and some sort of comic book action figure, posing heroically for the camera. Across from it stood a small bed, covered in white sheets, hastily tidied. The door out was directly across from wherever the webcam has been set up.

A teenage head popped into view. She had fiery red hair that seemed wild and artless in a way that you only get with lots of care. Two emerald green eyes stared into the camera. Then the girl smiled.

“Aaaand we’re on!” she said, giggling. “Hey guys, Melissa here! It’s happening! ''Wooo''!”

Her eyes could be seen darting to her right, as if reading something just off-camera, before she started to speak again.

“Wow, there’s a lot of you guys in chat, huh? Okay, I’m gonna do a quick recap in case anyone came in who doesn’t know the deal, and to give people time to log in before we start. That cool, everyone? Yeah? Okay!”

She clapped her hands and rubbed them together before starting her introductory remarks.

“Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, my name’s Melissa, I’m a sophomore student here at the University of Illinois, and I’m studying history. Total history nerd. Total comic nerd. Like, for real, don’t get me started. Uh, anyway…” Melissa shook her head and laughed briefly, in such a way that her fiery hair briefly fell over her eyes before she brushed it out of the way.

“I kinda have a bunch of student debts to pay off, same as most of us, right? So I thought I’d do the usual camgirl shit, get some ''dolla-dollas'' that way. But I thought I’d do it with a slight, shall we say, ''twist''.”

As she spoke, Melissa turned her left arm around, and suddenly it seemed to twist itself into a painful, unnatural position, as though it were suddenly dislocated. She stood up and turned around before letting her now mangled-looking arm dangle in front of the camera. It was revealed that Melissa was a healthy-looking girl with a generous bust – D-cups at least – wearing a black shirt that ended just beneath her belly button, and a stylishly tattered pair of cut-off jeans that left most of her bare legs exposed.

Her face throughout all of this remained calm. In fact, as she held her arm that way and read the chat log, her freckled face suddenly broke out into a huge grin.

“Oh, come on, you guys, don’t act so horrified,” said the redhead, rolling her eyes. “Unless you didn’t read my bio, I guess? In which case… learn to read, haha!”

Her arm fixed itself in a mere second, and Melissa winked at the camera.

“So… yeah!” she said cheerfully, cocking her head sideways. “I kinda have this condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.” The medical term rolls off her tongue with a practiced ease, without emotion.

“Before everyone freaks out, I totally lucked out and got a mutated version. None of the really bad downsides, but I have kept some of the interesting parts, like hyper mobile limbs and…”

Melissa casually pulled on her cheek, causing it to stretch out much further than a normal human’s. Her tongue waggles out of her mouth as she laughed a wet laugh. The college girl tried to talk through this, only for her words to come out in an unintelligible mush. So she let it go, and it snapped back into place almost like elastic.

“…hyper-elastic skin. Pretty cool, huh?” she said, crouching down so that her face was closer to the webcam. Melissa stretched the skin of her forearm about four inches, holding it there casually as another demonstration as se continued to talk.

“I can do all sorts of neat stuff, with so many different parts of my body. Yup…” At this point the redhead gave the camera a sultry look, eyes half lidded as she licked her lips.

“And that’s where you guys come in. I’ve got a list of pledge goals on my bio page. If you meet them, I’ll treat you all to what I can really get up to when I’m feeling up for it.”

She lets go of the skin of her arm, and it snapped back into place.

“So if you wanna see me go wild, all you need to do is– oh, look!”

A pinging noise interrupted the redhead mid-flow. She laughed and cheered.

“$10 straight off the bat from YOLO. Thanks, YOLO!” she said. “That’s for a look at me licking my elbows. Which is easy! Seriously, I do this at parties all the time.”

True to her word, Melissa pulled the trick off with the greatest of ease. She pulled her elbow so far back it was practically next to her face, before she started to lick at the joint like it was an ice cream cone, closing her eyes sensually and going quiet. It wasn’t long during this performance before another ping was heard. By the time Melissa checked on her off-camera laptop, another ping sounded through the room. Then another.

“Woah, woah, calm down, guys!” laughed Melissa, eyes wide. “I wasn’t expecting ''this'' much interest! Shit, let me reread those stretch goals…”

A couple more pings could be heard as her green eyes moved left and right, scanning the unseen text. Her face, while still generally happy, did freeze a little as she read. Her lips moved, as if speaking to herself, but her words were inaudible.

“Oookaaaay… heh, some of those are a little crazy, but unless you guys have ''crazy'' money on you I think we can forget about those,” she said to the camera. Again, she froze.

“Oh, don’t take that as a ''challenge''. Some of those are just jokes, really, haha… hah…” she trailed off in thought as another ping was heard. Her eyes snapped to the right, then back to the camera.

“Okay! Let’s get some of these out of the way! First off… oh, another easy one.”

Melissa curled her left hand into a tight fist. She had small, delicate-looking hands, which was just as well considering what she was about to do. The teenager opened her mouth – wide at first, then ''really'' wide – before moving her fist towards her gaping maw. Red lips slipped over her fingers before they disappeared from view. There was a moment of brief resistance as her knuckles pushed against her teeth. Melissa’s eyes flicked towards the camera and widened, her brow waggling like she was an old vaudevillian performing a comedy routine.

Then, after a sharp push, in went her entire fist, down past the knuckles to the wrist. Melissa held this pose for a good half minute, filling the time by waving to the camera and even trying to push it down further, although going by the silly faces she pulled her efforts were clearly more of a joke than a serious attempt. Her nose flared wide as she took heavy breaths, her mouth being somewhat occupied. Drool could be seen dribbling down her forearm.

Eventually, her fist was slowly pulled out again, covered in saliva. Melissa moved her jaw about as if checking to see it was okay, before breaking out into another one of her infectious grins.

“Ta-daaa! I bet you all liked that one, huh?” she asked the chat.

She stopped to answer some questions.

“Anon asks ‘''Has that come in useful in the past?''’ Well, one time at my friend’s birthday party she had this crazy cake – like, custom made – and I tried to eat my slice in one go for a joke–”

Melissa paused and furrowed her brow, stroking a chin with her finger.

“Oooooh, I don’t think that’s what you meant, is it Anon? Well, the answer is… maybe!” she laughed, before reading another question.

“Okaaay… Dolan Turmp asks ‘''OMG can u dislocate your jaw?''’ You know, the truth is I’ve never tried to. My mouth can open that far without having to do anything super-freaky like that. Maybe we can find out together! Oh yeah, forgot to say actually–”

Melissa’s face went back into that neutral look she seemed to put on when talking about her syndrome “–one of the side effects of my condition is brittle bones. I’ve broken, like, way too many in my life. Especially when I started, uh , experimenting. So, just something to bear in mind, I guess!”

She grinned and shrugged in a ''c’est la vie'' kind of way, before choosing another reward.

“Ooh, something that any old girl can do – take my shirt off!” she said. The redhead giggled again, this time perhaps somewhat nervously, pulling on the collar and teasing it slowly upwards. The black shirt was soon in a heap on the floor. Her bra was, again, black, and the chat apparently commentted on this.

“Hey, black is cool. Don’t diss my fashion taste, okay?” complained Melissa, pouting. “I think I suit it – don’t you think so too?”

She cupped her bra in her hands – or at least as much of it as she could – before squeezing her cleavage together. There was a veritable volley of pings at this point.

At first the girl laughed, letting her hands go so that her breasts bounced back to their natural position. Then she looked right again and did some quick mental math.

“Holy shit! Triple digits already? You guys are amazing! Thank you, thank you so much!”

She clapped her hands, clearly excited.

“Okay, jonnyboy1 is asking ''Do you have a boyfriend?''”

She looked right into the camera and smiled deviously.

“Oh, wouldn’t you all like to know. Haha, come on johnnyboy1, a girl has to have ''some'' secrets! Now, next on the list– oh, shit, I hear something–”

There was indeed a muted sort of thud, followed by a voice. Melissa’s eyes went wide, and she held up a hand to the camera. Then she quickly reached down and picked up her discarded black shirt, throwing it over the camera. Now nothing could be seen, but Melissa clearly greeted someone by the name of Vicky. Two voices could be heard speaking for a while, Melissa’s cheery tone fading as if she was moving away from the camera. The newcomer sounded equally cheerful, and while the exact words were hard to decipher, it was clear that they were both being very friendly to each other.

It was about ten minutes later that the camera’s vision was finally restored, revealing the familiar redhead once more, crouching down in front of the camera. The way she was crouching gave the viewers a very agreeable shot of her cleavage; it wasn’t clear if she intended this or not.

“Sorry guys, sorry sorry sorry!” she said, smiling bashfully. “That was my roommate. Wasn’t expecting her back so soon. She doesn’t know about, well, you guys. Haha.”

Melissa laughed nervously, then clapped her hands together.

“So, sit-rep,” she said, her voice lowering in volume, “she’s kinda floating around the apartment right now doing god knows what, so I ''miiiight'' try to keep things a little quiet for a bit. I’ll do a couple more goals before calling it a night. That okay with you guys?”

She stopped and read the chat for a moment, waiting for the replies to come in. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Great. Thanks, guys! Okay, let me just get this one out of the way.”

Her hands started to undo the buttons on her cut-off jeans. Once she was done, the girl turned around. Melissa’s small, pert butt started to shake as she slowly pulled her shorts down, revealing a pair of cotton panties that were, of course, jet black.

Once the jeans had traveled down her legs and reached her bare feet, she kicked them off, sending them hurtling over to the far side of the room. She turned around again.

“Hmm… gimme a moment here, guys. Time to relocate.”

Melissa bent down again. The camera shook as it was moved from whatever low vantage point it was in previously to another angle – a cabinet beside the bed. The redhead knelt down on it, now clad only in her underwear, and motioned with a finger for the viewer’s attention. Her right arm suddenly contracted and folded in such a way that it was completely hidden behind her back – in a certain light, it was almost as if she had no arm at all. She did the same for her other arm, turning her into a sort of Venus de Milo in the flesh. She smiled and moved her body around, which made it more clear that her arms were merely folded behind her.

Then, she tucked her legs behind herself so that they were stretched out in an arc, her torso held up by her own hips. She flexed herself in such a way that her legs were completely hidden from the camera’s gaze. Her body shook, her core working overtime with the effort of keeping her upright – her abdominal muscles were clearly visible beneath the taut skin of her belly. She smiled at the camera, looking for all the world like a quadruple amputee.

“Ah, this feels so weird,” said the college girl, torso squirming. “I feel so vulnerable…”

Occasionally, a glimpse of elbow or thigh could be seen, but the effect was rather convincing if the viewer went with it. And, judging from the fresh wave of pinging sounds, it appeared as though her viewers were in fact going along with it. She laughed at this, wiggling with glee.

After a minute or so, Melissa changed her pose. Her arms came back out again, stretching out wide. Then her head started to move backwards. Slowly but surely, it started to also disappear from view. It was helped down along the way by her feet, which emerge above her rapidly descending hairline and planted themselves firmly on top. The effect, when she had craned her neck as low as it could go, was of an upper torso missing its head. Although her face couldn’t be seen, Melissa’s delight in her trick was still evident.

“Okay, I think I’m gonna– ''eep''!”

Melissa gave in and collapsed onto the bed, head and limbs springing into view again like coiled springs.

“Oh man, that one’s a bit of a workout!” she said, and indeed there were little beads of sweat on her bare skin. Melissa got back onto her hands and knees before crawling to the edge of the bed, reading the chat for a bit.

“Okay, guys, thank you all so much for tonight, but I think I’m gonna call it. Just ''one'' last little show for all of you watching. Don’t worry, I am definitely going to be back after tonight, I’ll let you all know when!”

Melissa positioned herself so that she was kneeling down with her back to the camera, legs spread far apart. She leaned forward so that her head and hands made contact with the soft covers of her bed, leaving her ass as the sole focus of the camera. She made sure to slowly wiggle it back and forth before continuing. Slowly, Melissa started to bend her upper torso between her legs. Her arms snaked between her legs and reached up towards her ass, her slight fingers digging into the supple flesh there as she dragged the rest of herself between her thighs. She didn’t stop until her face was pressing up against her black panties. The redhead seemed content to simply rub her face against the cloth, taking loud sniffs. The view was of course obscured by her own ginger head, but from the way she dragged her head up and down, it was apparent that the girl was licking the rapidly dampening garments.

“Mmm… this is definitely one of my favourite things to do. But something’s in the way…”

Melissa gently bit down on her panties and started to move her head back down, peeling her underwear off as she went. It wasn’t a completely smooth action, and occasionally she had to use her hands to help the process along, but she made slow and steady progress. Her asshole was revealed to the camera, and it seemed to clench instinctively. A casual look at it showed that it already has a small natural gape to it.

When her panties went down past her pussy, Melissa stopped and returned her head to her crotch – a little lower this time to give the camera a better view. Using her hands, she spread herself, and it was apparent that she was definitely stretchy down there as well, the labia offering no resistance whatsoever. She was clearly aroused, fluids dripping from the inviting passage. Taking her hands away and moving her head towards it, the flexible teenager gave her womanhood an Eskimo kiss, rubbing her nose into the soft wet folds, breathing deeply of her own scent.

“Oh my god, I want to drown myself in my own snatch…” she said, clearly intoxicated by her own lust, although she was self-aware enough to at least laugh at the silliness of her last statement. She tilted her head backwards so that it’s facing the camera upside down, her ginger hair flowing downwards.

“Okay guys, I wasn’t going to do this yet, but I really really want to show you all something special, so–”

There was a knock on the door.

“Mel, are you talking to someone in there?” asked a voice.

Melissa practically exploded out of her curled form back into a normal position.

“I–I’m on the phone!” she yelled, desperately. “Don’t come in! I’m indecent!”

“Ah… the phone. Sure, Mel,” replied her roommate through the door. “Well, when you’re done, ''ahem'', using the phone, I’ve made some cookies if you want any. Get ‘em while they’re hot.”

“Okay. Uh… thanks!” said Melissa, as cheerfully as she could manage. When she was sure that her cookie-making roommate had retreated, she let out a long sigh. Then she laughed, lying there panting on her bed.

“Phew! Close one, eh?” she said, turning her head towards the camera.

She smiled deviously.

“Such a shame for you guys. I guess if you wanna see some real stretchy action… you gotta tune in next time.”

She sat up and slid her panties back up around her crotch before moving towards her laptop. Her eyes went wide.

“''Holy shiiiiit'' that’s a lot of money. Man, I’ve got a lot of rewards to fulfill now…”

She stroked her chin thoughtfully.

“Let’s see, we’ve got dildo play, eating myself out, nipple play… lots of fun stuff to work through. Hmm… how about I make a fresh start tomorrow night?” she said, smiling at the camera.

“Yeah, sounds good to me. See you guys tomorrow!”

Melissa reached a hand towards the camera. It switched off.


Chapter 2

It must have been about 10 in the morning when the apartment buzzer went off. It didn’t quite get Melissa out of her bed straight away, but the sound of her roommate answering the door woke her up a bit. She listened as the door shut and then braced herself as the door to her room opened.

“For you, sleepy head,” said Vic, standing in the doorway holding a small cardboard box. The dozing redhead blinked her eyes open and rubbed them clean, but stayed in her vertical position.

“Thanks,” she mumbled, smiling at her roomie, before frowning. “Wait, are you dressed already? Jeez, I’m not getting out of bed till like 12.”

Vic was indeed fully dressed – she was wearing a fashionable black skirt and long-sleeved white shirt, both of which looked like they cost more money than Melissa would normally earn in a month – before her latest project started, at any rate. Her dark-brown hair had been done up into her trademark chopstick bun.

“''Some of us'' take our classes seriously,” replied the Asian girl, walking into the room, and placed the box on the drawers by the bed. “Late night?”

“Eh, sort of,” answered Melissa, hoping that Vic wouldn’t notice her blush. “Think I’ll just keep snoozing for now though. You enjoy seizing the day.”

“See you later, Mel. Oh, what did you order, if I may ask?”

“Oh, just laptop stuff. New mic,” said Mel, waving a hand dismissively.

Vic nodded, satisfied with this answer. “Alright, sure. Sweet dreams, my hard little worker.”

“Eat me.”

With that, Vic shut the door and left the apartment. Melissa sat up and grabbed the box on the bedside drawers. It was indeed the new mic she had ordered. She had made more money than she had planned on, so why not put some of that towards making the actual cam show better? Of course, depending on what her eager viewers suggested, there might be additional production costs. She only had the one actual toy, after all, and that might not cut it if the current rate of interest kept up.

Well, she was up now. Time to grab a shower, have something to eat, watch some cartoons… and then prepare for tonight. Mel smiled to herself as she got out of bed, rubbing her eyes again. Last night was just a warmup. Tonight she would really get to work.


When the video started, Melissa’s face was right there, filling up the whole screen. Her green eyes lit up as she saw that the camera was on. She grinned, and asked if the chat could hear her, if the video was working, and so on. When they confirmed that everything was fine, she nodded happily. Then she started to move backwards, and as her upper body came into view it became clear that she was sitting down backwards in an office chair with wheels that obscured everything below her chin. Her arms rested on the edge of the chair rest, and she leaned her head lazily on its side.

“What’s uuuuuuup, my peeps?” she said, waving a hand. “We excited for tonight? We’ve got a lot to get through, so I’ll try and just, you know, blast through a lot of this stuff. But there is one thing I thought of when I was passing my roommate’s room, and I just had to show you guys! So she’s a big old nerd with a big old nerdy computer, and she uses this chair for it.”

Melissa patted the chair with her hand.

“And I had this cool idea…”

She started to shimmy away further from the camera, revealing her legs as they pushed her around the floor. They were facing away from her, feet pointing 180 degrees in the opposite direction from her face.

The sly teen waited a few moments for this to sink in before smirking for the camera.

“Surprise!” she said. Then she spun around on the pivot so that the chair did a full rotation. As the chair turned, it was revealed that her upper body had twisted itself in such a way that she was facing backwards as the rest of her body faces forwards. Her midriff was fully exposed, owing to the fact that Mel was clad only in her underwear. This meant that her spine could be seen visibly flexing around, with the area between her chest and her hips contorted to the side in a way that looked unnervingly unnatural. The camera got a good view of her torso as she spun in a circle, legs extended behind her, before she completed a full spin.

“Pret-tay cool, huh?” she asked, obviously pleased with her own creativity. “Hang on, let me give you all a better view.”

She re-positioned herself on the chair so that her upper body was facing the camera while the rest of her sat backwards, her ass to the camera. Mel placed her hands on her firm cheeks, her index fingers slipping under the black panties obscuring the rest of her butt. She started to spread her cheeks, very slowly, until just a hint of her asshole was visible peeking around the edges of her underwear. Then she let go and smiled.

“We’ll get to that fun stuff later!” she said.

Her upper body spun around until she was facing the ‘right’ way around again, and she reshuffled herself until she was sat in her chair in a way that most human beings would consider normal.

“Okay then, let’s do this. Let’s see what we got.”

Mel started to read from her laptop again, biting her lower lip as she did so.

“Mmmhmm, yes, think I might as well go straight for that. Okay, guys, good news is: I’m taking my clothes of for you all!”

She got to work stripping herself of her remaining clothes. Her bra was unhooked and launched onto her bed with an underarm toss. Her breasts were pale and round, her pink nipples and areola appearing unusually large on her body. Then she slid her panties off. The way the camera was positioned gave the viewer a perfect view of her crotch as she dragged the garments off of her legs and up over her feet, after which they joined their fellow underwear on the bed. Mel sat naked on the chair, legs still mostly together but with her hands on her thighs, tracing circles in a way that betrayed her excitement.

“Hmph, I felt like such such a cam girl there,” said Melissa. “I mean, don’t get me wrong; love to all the camgirls in the world. But I’m hoping to put on something a bit wilder, you know? Something crazy. I mean, I’ve got the body for it, might as well, right?”

She stared off into her laptop for a minute, letting the chat reply to her. She laughed.

“Oh, you guys are so sweet. I’m so happy you’re all here for this.”

There was a ping, and the redheaded teen laughed even louder.

“The money helps, haha! Thanks!”

Melissa spread her legs. Given her flexibility, this was no small statement – she easily hooked them up behind her head as her upper body leaned forward, completely exposing her pussy and ass to the camera. Her fingers drum on her inner thighs as she addressed the camera.

“Okay class, before we begin, anyone have any questions or small requests?” she asked.

It wasn’t long before she has a few to read out.

“Memphis_boy asks ‘''how stretchy are your pussy lips?''’ Well, that’s a good question, MB! Let me show you. Today’s theme is: What can I fit inside myself?” she said. She hooked her fingers inside herself and spread her pussy. It easily stretched outwards, showing off her elasticity and the warm, wet depths of her hole.

“The answers may surprise you! Let’s start with a favourite.”

Mel withdrew one hand from her folds but kept the other one there, and started to insert more fingers, impatiently mashing her hand into her twat. Given her stretchy nature, it wasn’t long before the cheeky redhead had fit her fist inside her slit.

“Ah we all remember our first fist,” she said, sighing happily. “I was so proud of myself.”

Her happy look was directed at the camera, and morphed into her familiar smirk.

“To think I was so happy to settle for just one.”

Her second hand flew down, and once again Mel started to force her fingers inside herself. Whereas most women would have been struggling to find space and would have to spend considerable time and effort exerting themselves, this pussy was all too happy to cede ground and expand around the invading digits. Mel grunted with pleasure at the feeling, and a bead of sweat formed on her forehead, but considering that she was double-fisting herself the lack of effort was startling.

“Hah… yeah, this was a much prouder moment for me,” she said, looking directly at the camera when her hands were stuck securely inside of herself. She moved them in and out a little, producing wet slurping noises that complimented her occasional heavy breath, and of course the fresh wave of soft ‘pings’ from the laptop as viewers rushed to donate to her page.

“Oh wait, I can’t scroll down the chat like this. Gimme a minute.”

Mel moved her hips to wiggle her chair forwards and angled her elbow towards the unseen laptop. A tongue stuck out of her mouth as she concentrated on the task at hand, swearing as she messed up, before eventually succeeding.

“Ah, yes, this works. Hmm… Cloud182 asks ‘''can u fist ur womb''’. Nice and direct, I like it!” read Mel, smiling at the camera. “Well, Cloud, yes and no. It’s actually not really possible for a girl to go that deep on herself. Yes, even me, and yes I have tried, thank you. Buuuuut…” Mel winked at the camera and shook her head. “Well, you can find out soon! Okay, let’s see what other weird ideas you guys gave me– oh, please, really? Well, you did pay for it…”

Mel withdrews her fists at once with a splash, and for a very brief window her pussy was gaped for all to see, like an invisible tennis ball had been shoved up her hole. But she quickly unfolded herself from her exposed position and moved away from the camera to rummage about underneath her bed for a bit, throwing old magazines and dvd cases around as she searched for her prize. When she eventually returned, Melissa was holding what was unmistakably a bright red dildo, about 10 inches long and around 3 inches wide.

“So, confession time– oh wait, you guys are upset! Oh no!” Mel put on a sad face as she leaned over to read the comment. “My pussy was gaping open and I didn’t show it off… oh no… you poor little guys.”

She starts to wipe away tears that were 100% imaginary.

“A bloo bloo bloo. Haha. Guys, trust me, there’s no part of me you won’t be seeing by the end of this, okay? Let me just get some of these easy ones out of the way.”

Mel sat back down with her legs spread on the chair, revealing a vagina that had returned to a somewhat normal shape.

“Anyway, as I was saying! Yeah, I don’t really use dildos that much, honestly.”

She paused for effect as a hand circles around the head of the toy, eyes reading the chat.

“No, really. No bullshit. I prefer being creative, you know? A girl like me can do weird and wonderful things if she has imagination.”

Mel nevertheless placed the tip of the dildo on her labia and began to massage it, teasing it inside herself slowly, until the head disappeared from view. The next 10 minutes or so were devoted mostly to the toy, with occasional interruptions from Mel to read whatever chat comments she found funny at the time.

“Babekilla asks ‘''if regular dildos bore you, have you thought about horse dildos? P.S. loving your videos so far you absolute babe.''’ Awww, thanks babekilla! Wait, does that mean you want to kill me?”

The masturbating redhead pondered this for a moment before shaking her head and returning to the point at hand.

“Uh, anyway: the answer is… sort of? I live with a roommate, you know? I don’t mind if she finds a dildo, we all do it. But a horse-shaped one might invite some awkward questions. But it’s a nice idea…”

As she talked, a small bulge could be seen just under her belly button, pressing upwards. She patted it with her spare hand.

“Ah, I must have pushed past my cervix without realising,” she said nonchalantly. “It happens sometimes. I’ll show you all later. Let’s keep going… ah, anal play, eh?” continued the redhead.

“Hmm, only got the one dildo on me, I’m afraid, and it’s currently in use.” She pushed the red toy further into herself for emphasis. “What to do, what to do…”

Melissa rubbed her chin, staring off into the distance in apparent thought. Meanwhile, her left foot lifted itself off the floor and planted itself between her legs. She bounced it up and down, still not looking at it, and eventually she turned the toes inwards, towards herself, twisting her foot beyond a normal human’s capacity. Her other foot also raised itself up in a similar fashion, joining its counterpart between her legs. The redhead started to raise herself slightly up in her chair, tucking her legs in further and further, manipulating her body, until eventually she was sitting on her own feet in twisty take on an Indian sitting position, toes resting against her anus.

Due to the position of the camera, it was a little hard to make out exactly what was going on. One look at the growing smile and pink blush on the face of Melissa, however, was enough to tip off that she was planning something very dirty. It wasn’t immediately apparent, but it quickly became clear that there were at least a few toes tucked inside her asshole.

It was only at that point that the stretchy teen addressed the situation, turning to face the camera and raising a sultry brow.

“Bet you’ve never seen a girl do this before, right?” she asked, knowing the answer full well. The fresh salvo of beeps from the laptop signified that this trick was going down very well with her audience. Rather than try to force her feet in any deeper, Mel instead went sideways. Her rectum was pulled apart like elastic as she moved her feet back and forth, toes hooked inside herself. She continued to do this for a while before eventually reaching her hands down and giving her feet a little help, pushing them in further until they were ankle deep, at which point she stopped.

“Okay, that’s enough for now. Time for something else that I’ve been eyeing up for a while.”

Mel dragged herself towards her desk with her hands, feet still stuck up her own ass, then rummaged through the drawers for a while until she produces two normal pens. She held them up to the camera like a magician showing a prop to an audience before using it for a trick. Then, slowly, she brought the two pens towards her nipples.

“So, this is something I’ve only done once or twice during my little, uh, home experiments,” said Mel, tapping the tips of the pens against her perky nipples as she talked. The taps went from light and brief to longer and heavier, before morphing into sustained rubs, the points jabbing into the flesh. Then, suddenly, the metallic tips disappeared inside.

“Ooh, that always feels strange,” muttered Melissa, almost inaudibly. Both pens were now inside her tits. She let go of them, and for a few seconds they hung down from her breasts, still attached, until gravity took over and they slid out, landing somewhere amidst the chaotic scenes happening around her waist. Laughing, the redhead fished around down there for them.

“Wow, this chair might need to be washed after this,” she said as she felt around for the stray pens.

“Hope Vic doesn’t notice, haha. Oh, probably shouldn’t say her name. Oh well!”

Retrieving the pens again, Mel went to pop them back in before stopping. She moved her chair closer to the camera, showing off her nipples. They both had a small but still very noticeable gape. She traced them with her fingers, but her digits were still a little too big to fit in right now. Frowning, the teen got to work with the pens, shoving them in roughly and moving them in circular motions, trying to create more room.

“Come on… that’s it…” she said, visibly flustered. She moved herself up and down, working both the dildo in her pussy and of course the extremities in her ass. Moaning and groaning as she got into it, Mel suddenly gasped, and all at once she seemed to unfold like a structurally insecure origami figure. The dildo was pushed further inside herself while, at the same time, her feet flew out of her anus. This proved to be so disorienting for poor Melissa that she toppled off of her chair with a startled yelp, limbs going everywhere like a rag doll. There was a brief moment of silence before she clambered back up into view, laughing.

“Hah, that was scary!” she said to the camera, looking somewhat out of breath. She checked herself over for any damage before continuing.

“Okay, cool, no broken bones. Got lucky. I’m kinda fragile, cause of… oh, shoot.”

Melissa regarded her own chest. She must have landed directly on it, because the pens that were previously tip-deep inside her nipples had now been forced in almost all the way, leaving only the push button sticking out. Mel’s lips pursed and gasped as she regarded the strange intrusions into her body, and she couldn’t help but put her hands to her breasts and squeezing, feeling out the hard rods.

“Oh… so… this wasn’t part of the plan,” she said simply. One hand tried to pull the alien object out of its new home, but her fingers slipped off the button. A few more tugs met a similar end. Frowning, the college girl tapped out a frustrated rhythm on her tits as she thought about how to proceed. Then she snapped her fingers and rushed over to her bedside drawers. She came back over to the camera and sat down. In her hands was a pair of tweezers.

“Yes, this should do,” she said. She grabbed one pen with it and tugged, but again there was little movement. She inched the tweezers downwards and then, with some force, dug the ends down inside her nipple about a third of the way in, before clamping them shut again. This time when she pulled, the stuck pen moved backwards, until eventually it was free. Her nipple was now gaping open, a sight that once again set off a flurry of beeps from the laptop. When she was done removing the other pen, Melissa sighed and wiped her brow.

“Phew. That was a trip to the doctors I did ''not'' want to make,” she said, laughing now that it was done.

She flicked at her gaping nipples with one hand, before gasping.

“Oh hey, this would be a good shot for you guys! Let me show you the goods now!”

Mel got back onto the chair, spread her legs for the camera, and made sure to use her hands to show herself off as fully as possible, holding her labia and pulling to the side. Her pussy was now as wide as it was before during that brief, teasing glimpse post-fisting, but now it was on full display. Her cervix was also visibly open, meaning that technically speaking viewers could see the inside of her womb, although it was too dark to make out much of it. Her asshole was just as wide even without assistance from her hands, red-rimmed and hungry-looking. And, rounding off the display, Mel’s nipples stayed gaped by about half an inch. She had never been so open in her life.

The redhead smiled as she read the chat and heared the sweet, sweet sound of donations coming in.

“Oh, thank you all so much!” she said, squirming happily in her chair, legs high above her head. “I think this is a nice place to call it, though. Same time next time, okay?”

The thoroughly gaped Melissa said her final goodbyes before leaning forward. The camera went black.


Chapter 3

It was about eight in the evening, with rain softly pattering against the windows of the apartment. Outside it was fairly tepid, but it was reasonably warm in doors at least, which meant that Vic could get away with wearing a red t-shirt and gym shorts as she sat hunched over her desk. She was beginning to feel her temples throb as she stared blankly at the presentation she had been writing up. It was due in two weeks, and she wasn’t one of those people who would wait until the last minute and then cram it. Oh no, not Vicky. Not that she was being judgemental. After all, she did know a certain someone who did exactly that. She shared an apartment with her, actually.

Taking another sip of tea, the black-haired girl sighed and leaned back in her chair, patting her thighs with her hands as she thought. Not only did she have this presentation to do, but she had volunteer work up in the office to do for her CV, plus she had to deal with an even more difficult problem: an invitation to a classmate’s 21st birthday party. Vic was not one to go out and get hammered. Or, to be honest, to go out at all. She was here to study, not party, after all. Sometimes she wondered if anyone else but her really understood that.

There was a loud hoot of laughter from another room. Melissa, no doubt watching TV, or browsing the internet, or reading a comic – anything other than study, basically. Not that she was stupid or anthing; Vic knew that Mel was very knowledgeable about history, specifically Medieval history. She could rattle off all the monarchs of England, or a series of famous battles and events right off the top of her head. Vic would have to ask what her secret was. If Mel knew a way to learn without ever actually having to read or work at all, then Vic wanted in. Then again, what would she even do with all that spare time? Probably find more work to do…

The doorbell rang, and Vic realized she had been staring at the same page now for five minutes. She shook her head, trying to summon up some willpower so that she could power through and really get this section over with. As she typed out some thoughts, she became aware of a rather delicious aroma wafting in from the hallway outside.

“Is that pizza?” she called out after the door shut.

The door to her room opened, revealing a very happy-looking Mel holding a ludicrously large pizza box.

“It’s not just pizza, Vic. It’s a ''lot'' of pizza,” said the grinning redhead, opening the box a little and revealing the cheesy contents within.

Vic felt her stomach grumble at the sight, and apparently Mel heard it as well.

“Awww, does my hard widdle worker want a slice?”

“There is literally zero chance that you finish that by yourself. It’s way too big for you,” said Vic.

Mel giggled at this, looking away for a second and muttering something.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing,” said Mel, before turning around. “Well, if you do want some, I’ll be on the sofa. Go on, live a little, have some pizza with me!”

Vic went to reply, before getting a good look at her roommate now that there wasn’t a gigantic pizza getting in the way. She was wearing a very loose white shirt, hanging off of her right shoulder. There was no visible bra strap, and she didn’t seem to be wearing any shorts or pants either, judging by the flashes of flesh Vic could see as Mel walked off with her dinner.

When she was gone, Vic rotated on her chair and stared at page 1 of her presentation for the 100th time. She tapped on the keys for a few minutes, sighed, and then folded the laptop screen down. Getting up, she walked into the apartment’s living room. The TV was on and Mel was flicking through the channels at warp speed, trying to find a movie she could watch. Vic moved around the sofa and sat down on the left hand side.

“You win. But only because I’m hungry after smelling that thing,” said Vic, picking up a slice. “Besides, I’d hate to see this going to waste. How much did this even cost?” she asked, taking a bite.

Mel laughed, eventually settling on some 90’s feel-good film and helping herself to a slice.

“Oh, er, about seventeen dollars or something. I dunno. I was hungry,” shrugged Mel, nearly causing the Asian girl beside her to choke on a piece of salami. “Hey, it’s good though, right? Nothing wrong with being good to yourself.”

“Yeah, if you can afford it. Do you even have a job?”

“Uh, working on it,” said Mel, biting her lip and suddenly getting very interested in what was going on in the movie.

“You always say that.”

“Well, I am!” The redhead pouted. “You’ll see. Okay, job talk can go in the trashcan; we’re meant to be relaxing, remember?” She sidled up the couch until her shoulder was pressing up against Vic, and she rubbed her head against the taller girl’s own shoulder. “This is the comfy-zone now. No stress allowed.”



Seeing that resistance was futile, Vic felt herself relax into the sofa and her muscles starting to lose a bit of tension. Looking down, however, made her tense up almost immediately. Mel wasn’t wearing a bra, and her shirt was so loose that her boobs were pretty much on full display from Vic’s current seated position. It wasn’t like it was anything Vic hadn’t seen before, but something about getting a peak without Mel knowing made it seem so much more erotic than usual.

“This movie is so corny, isn’t it?” said Mel, who had thankfully not taken her eyes off the screen.

“Yeah, totally,” replied Vic, who was doing the exact opposite. Craning her head slowly, she tried to get a better angle. The more she looked, the more she was convinced that her roommate was completely naked underneath that shirt. Vic let her mind wander for a moment, imagining herself snaking an arm down inside the collar of her friend’s shirt, fingers brushing over those well-formed breasts, before travelling further south…

‘''Woah, where did that come from?''’ thought Vic, shaking her head and looking away. Bad thoughts. Bad. She turned to a slice of pizza to distract herself, and chewed meditatively on the crust. She knew Mel was single, but Vic didn’t really ask about personal details like orientation and such. Hell, she mostly didn’t even ''think'' about that kinda stuff. Until recently. Maybe there was just something in the air. Or maybe Mel was just an attractive, friendly young girl wearing just a t-shirt and sitting so close that Vic could feel that wonderful body-heat coming from her–

“Uh, Vic? You’re chewing on your finger.”

Vic slowly took her finger out of her mouth. Her roommate was staring at her, bemused.

“Geez, you’ve been so out of it today,” she said, cocking her head. “Oh, wait, I get it…”

“Y–You do?”

“Hah, you can’t fool me!”

Mel rubbed her head up and down Vic’s arm, smiling knowingly.

“You’re stressed out over studying! You need to go out more, you know? Hey, why don’t you go to Ashley’s birthday party tomorrow? Get hammered for once!”

“Hmm… are you going?”

“Oh, I have stuff to study for, you know?” said the redhead quickly, waving a hand. “But you should go and say hi on my behalf. Just a suggestion.” She stood up and moved towards the exit. “Oh wow, that was a lot of pizza. I’m away to do my best to digest that bad boy.”

“I’ve no idea how you manage to pack so much into you,” laughed Vic from the spot on the couch.

Mel said nothing, giggling with a strange look on her face, before turning to leave, giving one last flash of ass.

When she was sure that her roommate wasn’t going to come back into the room, Vic’s right hand flew down into her skirt and panties. She bit her lip and tried not to make too much noise as she wrestled with her thoughts. Mel hadn’t always been this sexy. Something had changed, she was sure. Her left hand stated to rub against her bra as she imagined herself just whipping that ugly old t-shirt right off of that shapely body. Maybe Mel’d be cool with a little casual nudity around the house? How do you propose something like that without blowing your cover though? The pace of the rubbing increased. Fuck cover. For all she knew Mel was teasing her anyway. Maybe she ''wanted'' this, wanted to drive her roommate crazy with every stupid sexy step she took–

A door creaked open. Mel stuck her head back into the living room.

“Oh, by the way, we need more kitchen roll– hey, are you okay?”

“''Yes'',” Said Vic, whose hands were above her head like she was surrendering to someone, eyes wide and beads of sweat dribbling down her face. Mel stared at her, doubtfully, as Vic tried to make her pose look natural. Eventually, the pale redhead retreated out of the room. Sighing and relaxing, the Asian girl wiped her forehead with a hand. She’d just have to be patient, it seemed…


The camera turned on. It was in a different position from the last sessions, facing more onto the bed this time. Mel was off to the side, crouching down and typing into the laptop and making her final checks. She was wearing a simple bra and pair of panties, both a dark green. Eventually she stood up and flopped onto the bed, spinning around until she was on her belly facing the camera, resting her cheeks on her hands.

“Hey guys!” she said, smiling. “How are we all today?”

The chat started to beep as her viewers exchanged their own greetings, and the first five or so minutes consisted of pleasant conversation, with Mel airing petty grievances about her day and even finding time for some brief comic book chat. But everyone was here for one reason, and eventually Mel repositioned herself so that she was lying on her back facing the camera. Her fingers slipped undernearth the green fabric as she talked.

“So, today we’re gonna get through some real freak-ay stuff,” she said, lolling her head on a pillow as her fingers moved about.

“I’ll be honest: I’ve been waiting for today since I first started this.”

Her spare hand moved undernearth her bra, and Mel moaned as she continued to work on her arousal.

“I hope you guys are ready for it. Because –'' mmmhh'' – I am ''so'' ready.”

This continued for a few minutes, the ginger girl gently masturbating on camera for her attentive audience. When her fingers emerged from her underwear, they were slicked in her juices, and after sitting up she made sure to lick her digits clean.

When Mel took off her bra, her nipples were both rock hard and, after close inspection, slightly open. The gaping had gone down since the last time she was on camera, but it was still noticeable. Mel pinched them right at the base, squeezing them and watching as the tiny holes opened and closed at her ministrations.

“They look hungry, don’t they?” she said. “Like tiny little mouths. Well don’t worry, my little pups. Momma’s here for you both.”

Mel cradled her boobs in her arms like babies, before dissolving into laughter.

“Haha, sorry everyone, that was really dumb. I’ll get back to them later, though.”

Her panties were next to go, flung over her shoulder without a second glance. Mel scooted over to the edge of the bed and lifted her legs up so that they were behind her head, which seemed to be her favoured position for her cam-work. Much like her tits, there were noticeable gapes in both of her holes. Her ass in particular seemed like a small round pit, and she fingered it immediately as if sensing a gap to be filled.

“So, this next request is something I’ve been getting since day one, and since you met the stretch goal target for it, like, days ago, I think we should just get to the good stuff, yeah?” Mel said, looking as excited about things as her viewers probably were. Her pale face was lit up with the grin of a kid on Christmas morning as her hands descended below, pulling at her labia and giving her cunt a few warm-up stretches. In a familiar and practiced way, Mel worked towards fisting herself, working her fingers in one at a time before curling her hand up and shoving it inside her waiting pussy. It took a few minutes less than previous attempts, which did not go unnoticed.

“Wow, this really is getting easier since I started doing these vids,” said Mel as she started to work in her other hand. Her previously pale face was now getting redder as she reflected on this.

“I wonder if there’s any long term consequences to any of this?” she asked herself. Her reflection lasts less than a few seconds.

“Oh, who cares, I’m way too fucking horny to care. Let’s do this, gang!”

Her hands retracted, although her fingertips still lingered so that she could pull herself open. Inside of her, the cervix was clearly visible. This she had done before; what she did next, however, was new. Concentrating, she started to squirm and push, sweat forming on her brow. Her cervix descended downwards. As it moved closer and closer to her entrance, one hand disappears inside of herself, blocking the view of what was going on.

“Hold on, I’ve got this,” she said, panting. “Just need to hook this in…there!”

Mel’s hand moved down now, quickly. As it exited her pussy, something came with it: a pink and fleshy thing, like a sock. Mel laughed as she let go, collapsing back onto the bed and spreading her legs to give the camera a good look.

“Ta-daaaaa!” she said, her arms moving up into the air and waving around even as she continued to pant and stare at the ceiling.

“Everyone, meet my womb! Say hi!”

There was an onslaught of beeps and dings as the chat collectively lost their shit. A few drops of a sticky-looking liquid excreted from the prolapsed womb as it hung there, just off the edge of the bed, going down about five or six inches. Mel soon sat up and immediately tended to her exposed reproductive organ, clasping it in her hands with a visible shudder.

“Oooh, you guys have no idea how sensitive this is,” she said. “Heh, obviously. Show of hands for those in the chat who have done this before! No one? Hehe, thought so!”

She stroked her pink walls as she talked, gently and with great care, treating it like a delicate little kitten. She stared off-camera as questions started coming in.

“Hey Dolan Turmp, I’m fine, thanks! Do I do this often? Well, I wouldn’t say ''often'', but I do it every couple weeks or so. When I think no one’s gonna barge in, haha. Wouldn’t that be awkward?” Mel laughed as she continued to tickle her prolapse.

“Cloud182 asks: ''is this how u can fist ur womb, can u fst it ples''. Finding it hard to type with one hand, champ? Haha, just joshing you. I can do that for you, sweetie!”

Positioning her womb so that it was lying against her crotch and facing up towards her face, Mel’s right hand moved down over her cervix, and she rubbed her finger along the entrance. Any pretense of going nice and gentle with what was usually an impossible task was quickly shattered as the horny college girls shoved not one, but two fingers inside her most feminine organ.

“Oh, this is going to be ''so hard'' to do…” said Mel, dramatically bringing her left hand to her head like a fainting aristocrat. “Oh my, how can I ''ever ''even– ''naah'', this is easy.” She stretched and flexed the fingers of her right hand to emphasise how unnaturally stretchy her cervix was: it parted easily as her index and middle fingers made a v-shape, opening and closing like a fish’s mouth. Soon she started to slide her other fingers inside, stabilising the pink tube with her left hand so she could start really forcing her digits inside. After fiddling her thumb inside, Mel gave one final push, and her hand disappeared entirely.

“Done! Another goal off the list then: fisting my womb. Hope you’re happy, Cloud!” said the redhead, still pumping her wrist up and down. Despite her casual ways, it was obvious that Mel was extremely turned on by her actions. The usual playfulness was making way, second by second, to a baser attitude, something only hinted at in her previous shows. She lolled her head back, rolling it around as she continued to stretch out her womb. Suddenly Mel gasped and pulled her hand out. She half-quelled a yelp as she came, trembling at the force of it all before collapsing back onto her bed.

“Phew… haha… that ''owned'',” she said, through tired breaths. “Man, I dunno what it is today but I am ''so'' in the mood.”

Mel rose, sitting up and taking stock of her prolapsed hole. The cervix stayed open about 4 inches or so. She went to touch it then retracted her hand.

“Actually, let’s give my tired little pussy some time to recover, okay? Let’s change course.”

Her hands moved up, brushing over her nipples as she looked down at them lovingly. Her fingers started to circle the stiff flesh there, ordinarily so taut and small, but now open to her advances in a very literal sense. Mel prodded them with her index fingers, alternating between right and left, each one pushing in harder and deeper than the last.

“Which one’s gonna give first? Right or left? Place your bets, everyone!” Mel said, as the pace of her finger-thrusting quickened. There was only time for a few votes from the chat before her right finger slipped in all the way to the second knuckle. Instead of pushing her other finger in to match its counterpart, Mel brought her hand over to her right nipple, tracing around her half-buried digit. She side-eyed the camera and waggled her eyebrows; she had clearly just had an idea. Sticking her tongue out, Mel started trying to push her left finger inside as well. The one inside her tit started to move with great vigour – not just up and down, but also twisting and turning, trying to create space.

“Mmph… I’ve kinda… not done this before?” said Mel as she worked at abusing her right nipple. “But I’m sure I can… ''aha''!”

Sure enough, the tip of her finger squeezed inside. Keeping the momentum going, the hyper-stretchy history student bit on her lip as she continued to force her finger down, her two hands linking together and working in tandem as she fingerfucked her own tit. Eventually she bottomed out. All she could do then is pull her fingers apart in opposite directions, stretching her nipple out even more.

“It feels so weird in here,” said Mel. She watched as a bump appeared and disappeared underneath her skin as she waggled her digits about inside. Making sure the camera got a good long shot of this, she eventually – and with a certain degree of difficulty – retracted her fingers. The result was one nipple on her left with a tiny little hole, and one with a massive gape, big enough for a coin to fit into.

“Hah, I kinda like this. Assymmetrical. Very arty,” said the redhead, scooting closer to the edge of the bed and leaning forward to give everyone a good look.

“But that was just a breather. We’ve still got so much to do! Let’s see…” Her wet fingers moved off-camera as she scrolled through her list of kinky goals.

“Wow, we’ve come a long way, guys. Massive thank you to everyone for watching and especially those of you donating!”

Mel kissed the air and winked before returning to her goals.

“Ahh… I should have done that one earlier. Oh well, I can do it now, I guess–”

Mel paused as she heard something, and her body tensed up for several seconds. Then she relaxed.

“Oh, it’s just our neighbours,” she said, visible exhaling and letting that tension go. She laughed.

“For a second there, I thought that was Vic, my roommate. She’s out with friends all night, unless she flakes out like a total wuss.”

She paused.

“Actually, that’s pretty possible. Oh well, hope she doesn’t!”

As she talked, her fingers snaked over the skin of her stomach and moved towards their next target. Mel spread her legs, but rather than moving back down to her exposed womb, the stopped just north, over the entrance of a different hole.

“Okay, so…” began Mel, as she tried to make her urethra more visible. “People have been asking if I ever do stuff with my pee-hole. Or if it can stretch at all. So, honestly, the answer to the first question is ‘not really’, cause…” she shook her hips, causing the pink sock beneath her hands to wobble. “kind of my preferred option down there, you know? But as to the second point: ''really''?” she said, looking somewhat annoyed with her chat. “You guys are still acting all sceptical? How many times do I have to tell you all…”

Her fingers hooked inwards with sudden force. Mel somehow managed to keep her expression of mild disapproval as she stretched her urethra out by a couple of inches, before slipping a finger inside of it.

“Show some more faith in me, yeah?” said Mel, smiling as she worked her finger around.

“This hole’s kinda shallow compared to my pussy. Or my ass. Hell, I reckon my tits had more room, really… hmm, anon is asking if I can do the same to my bladder as what I’ve done to my womb. Huh.”

She looked down at her inverted womb, shaking it around some more, before looking up at the camera.

“Do we want to see that, folks? Do you want to see me prolapse my bladder?”

The chat started to bleep its support for this motion.

“Well… tough! Cause it’s not in the stretch goal list! Hahaha!”

Mel whipped her finger out, her uretha staying a little gaped but nowhere near the extent of her other holes. Without thinking, the horny student sniffed her fingers and made a face.

“Eww, not my best move that. Hang on, I’m gonna go wash my hands. I don’t want to get my laptop all gross.”

She stood up and trotted off out of the room, her womb still dangling in between her legs as she exited. When she was done, Mel jumped back onto the bed and winced.

“Ooo, I just landed on myself!” she said, a little theatrically, adjusting the pink flesh between herself and rubbing it, sucking air between her teeth.

“Ooh, now I know how guys feel.”

She started to curl up on the bed, moving her face closer to her apparently injured part. Her head turned to the camera, and Mel brought her hand up to her face.

“Hmm… maybe I’ll try to kiss it better?” she stage-whispered, licking her lips before turning back towards herself.

Her form contracted, twisting and coiling into a wreathing mass of flesh atop the white bedsheets. When the girl finally settled into a shape, she was upside down on her back, her head nuzzling the dangling pink flesh that still sprouted from her cunt. The redhead rubbed her cheek against it, cooing softly. Her tongue darted out and licked the shiny walls. If the normally chatty girl has anything clever to say, she kept it to herself for now; it appeared for the first time as if she has forgotten about the camera as she fellated her prolapse, kissing and licking it, making her way up towards the gaping cervix.

A cacophonous symphony of noises came from the chat at this point, and the volume only seemed to increase the minute Mel took her womb inside her mouth. If she heard anything, she gave no sign of acknowledgement, continuing to pleasure herself. Mel took more and more of herself inside, pushing her ass down towards her head. As she did so, her hands suddenly appeared as if from nowhere and began to work her asshole, her fingers once more delving deep inside herself. At times she let her womb fall out of her mouth as she concentrated fully on fisting herself, or perhaps just to give herself a break.

Given her natural stretchiness, it wasn’t long before her forearm was buried inside herself. Resuming her autocunilingus turned full-on fellatio, Mel wasted no time in forcing her other hand in there as well as she slid her first hand up and down, trying her best to accommodate both of her fists. The rim of her butt was now bright red and obscenely stretched around her forearms, which were about halfway inside. At the same time, Mel started to work her tongue inside her cervix. It proved difficult since her arms were occupied, but she gave it a try all the same, straining her neck upwards towards her crotch and trying to give the inside of her womb a good tongue-bathing.

When she was sure that both of her hands were firmly embedded inside her rectum, Mel started on the finale of the show. Her arms started to retreat from their hidey-hole, and she made no attempt to be gentle about it. She practically dragged her arms out, and suppresed her moans and screams by stuffing her throat with her prolapse again. This time she went so deep that her nose actually pressed against her labia. When her arms did finally come out, they took something with them: something long and red still wrapped tightly around them until eventually her arms freed themselves with a loud, wet pop. Her ruined asshole had now also been prolapsed, the red tube hanging out and dangling on top of Mel’s hair. She shuddered violently as she came again, and it appeared as though she actually bit down on herself in the processes.

Then the lights came on.

“Mel?” said a voice. “Are you…''HOLY SHIT, WHAT''?!”

There was a muffled scream from Mel as she sprang out of her coiled shape, sending various bodily fluids everywhere. Something collided with the camera; it spun off somewhere, landing on it’s side. The last thing viewers saw before the feed died was an open door, looking like a trapdoor due to the camera’s position, and a single shocked face.


Chapter 4

Mortified, Mel clawed at the bed sheets as she lay on the floor, desperately trying to cover her body. She probably should have checked if she hadn’t broken anything after a fall like that, but given the situation that was pretty far down on her list of priorities. Once she’d gotten a grip, she yanked the covers off the bed and pulled them over herself. She cast a worried look at Vicky, who hadn’t moved an inch. Her mouth still hung open, her blinking eyes the only thing about her that wasn’t frozen in place.

“So…” tried Mel. “How much did you see?”

“I don’t… I can’t even begin to…”

Vicky genuinely looked lost for words, running a hand through her black hair as she shook her head.

“You had… your…”

The Asian girl pointed a shaky finger at the now covered Mel.

“Were you inside out?” she asked, quaveringly.

Mel couldn’t help herself, and a snort of laughter escaped her lips.

“Pffft, ‘inside out’? You make it sound so weird,” she said, walking over with the sheets still obscuring her form.

“It’s fine. I’m sorry if, like, you got a fright, but it’s fine! Really!”

Mel put on a big, desperate smile.

“So, uh, how ‘bout we just forget this ever happened–”

“You were ''streaming yourself''!” hissed Vicky, now coming back to reality and moving on from the shock she had been frozen in. “On the internet!”

“Well, obviously it was on the internet–”

“Mel! You’ve been shooting porn in my apartment! Really ''weird'' porn!”

“''Our'' apartment,” said Mel, all smiles and sugar-sweet tone.

Vicky clasped her fists together, trying to articulate why she felt so mad. She decided to change tack.

“Just… tell me you’re okay at least, and that you’ve not fucked up your body for some… I don’t know… internet pimp.”

Mel cocked an eyebrow.

“Really? That’s what you’re going with? An ''internet pimp''? What was the last time you heard or read anything about an internet pimp?”

“Well, I don’t know!” huffed Vicky. “It’s not like I have any experience with stuff like that!”

Mel chuckled.

“No, I’m afraid this was all me. Frankly, I doubt this fictitious internet pimp would’ve come up with something like this.”

Vicky seemed to calm down a little.

“Okay, that’s good, I suppose. But… why?”

“Well, the money is definitely one reason. Not all of us are lucky enough to have rich parents like you. But I don’t know, this whole ‘pushing my limits’ thing has become rather…”

She hesitated for a second, trying to gauge Vicky’s reaction.


Vicky looked at her, still trying to process things. She tried to form a sentence several times, each time giving up halfway through uttering the first word. In the end, she settled for a simple question.


“That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? This’ll probably take a while, so why don’t we sit down?”

She guided her roommate, who was still too shocked to protest, over to the bed. When they were both seated on the edge of the bed, she asked “How much have I told you about my condition?”


Vicky’s brow furrowed.

“Oh, I think I remember you saying. It was called… er… El…”

“Ehlers-Danlos syndrome,” said Mel, with practiced precision. “Born with it. Hyper-mobility and stretchiness.”

She drew out the ‘stretch’ part of that last word, waggling her eyebrows for emphasis. Vicky cast her mind back to what she had seen, which she had already halfway tried to forget.

“So, wait, you can just ''do'' that?!” she said, incredulous. It was like finding out your roommate had a superpower, in a way. “Like, at will?”

“Well, as I said. Been pushing the boundries. I wouldn’t say at ''will'', hehe…” said Mel, modestly. “But, recently, I’m starting to think I was way stretchier than I thought before. Like, way, way, ''waaaay'' stretchier. I kinda need to know now, you know?”

“I guess…”

“And I might as well make some dolla-dolla in the process, right?” continued the budding camgirl, sensing that she was, against all the odds, bringing Vic round to her way of thinking.

“That’s the sensible thing to do, right?”

“I don’t know if I’d go ''that'' far, but… yes, you have a point” admitted Vicky, nodding.

There was a sudden calm, both girls accepting that this had not destroyed their cosy relationship. Obviously, though, Mel needed to push things further. It was kind of her thing now. “So… wanna see?”

Vicky took a long, steadying breath.

“I’m sure this is going to be a terrible idea.”

“There’s that positive attitude I love about you,” laughed Mel. “But I bet you’ll be enjoying yourself before we’re through.”

She started undoing the sheet that was wrapped around her before remembering her current state.

“Actually… why don’t you give me a minute or two to make myself presentable again? I think it’s probably better to ease you into things than to throw you into the deep end right away.”

Vicky nodded.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Just holler when you’re ready.”

She walked out of the room, casting a curious look back at her roommate as she did so. She closed the door and leaned against the wall to steady herself. Now that she was alone, she finally had a second to think about things. And more specifically, about the fact that, if she was reading the situation correctly, she was about to get a very intimate look at her roommate. Her very naked roommate. She had hardly forgotten about the events of the previous night, nor about her budding feelings for the redhead. Her heart started thumping a more rapid beat in her chest. She had barely been able to keep her cool around the girl while clothed – more or less. Her face flushed at the thought of seeing her in all her glory. Was it getting hot in here?

Mel, meanwhile, had shrugged off the sheet and took a quick inventory. The first thing to fix were her prolapsed holes, which she pushed all the way back in. Clenching the muscles between her legs to prevent them from coming back out, she retracted her hand, wiping it on the sheets. Fortunately, everything seemed to stay in place. Her nipples, however, weren’t as easy to fix. Try as she might, no amount of pinching could get them to close all the way; the left one had a hole about an eighth of an inch in diameter, the right one about a quarter of an inch. She shrugged. It probably wouldn’t be too long before they were stretched again. She looked in the mirror and tried to restore her hair to some semblance of order before throwing on the sheets again like a sort of robe.

“Okay, come on in!”

Vic gently opened the door, stepping into the room. When she saw that Mel was still ‘clothed’ in her bedsheets, she calmed down a little. Mel beckoned her over, and when her roommate got close, she gave her a playful shove so that Vicky ended up lying on her back on the messy bed. This was unexpected. Vic had been having a hard time coming to terms with sweet, oddball Mel being some sort of porno star, in all honestly. But now there was a new erotic confidence pouring out of the diminutive redhead, striking a pose in her bedsheet robe. Her hands reached behind herself, and Vic felt her heartbeat quicken. She watched as the white sheets fell away, leaving Mel totally nude. It didn’t take long for Vicky to notice some peculiar details.

“Woah, what happened to your boobs?”

“Urgh, I know, I know,” said Mel, her confidence sapping slightly as she looked down and tried to pinch her gaping nipples closed again.

“I’m sure that will sort itself out over time though, right?”

“They shouldn’t be like that in the first place! That’s… preposterous!”

“Yeah, I’m uh, really stretchy, Vic. Like, I don’t think you quite get it yet.”

“Why don’t we start off with something simple?”

She sat down next to Vicky, who sat up to get a closer look, and held out her hand with the palm facing downward. With her other hand she grabbed the index finger and started pulled it up and back, bending it 45 degrees, then 90…

Vicky’s eyes went wide at the sight of Mel bending back her finger until it was bent all the way back, lying flat against the back of her hand.

“Holy shit…” stammered the Asian girl. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“No, I’m perfectly fine,” said Mel, letting go of the finger. It curled back to its natural position of its own accord, and she gave her roommate a little wave with her fingers to prove she was.

“Do you want to have a go?” she asked.

“Well… I–I guess,” said Vicky uncertainly, reaching for Mel’s hand.

“Doesn’t have to be my finger, you know. I’m stretchy everywhere,” said the redhead, wagging her eyebrows.

Vicky’s hand stopped, hovering over her roommate’s apparently rubber-like digits. She gave them a quick feel, as if she was convinced they should be broken somehow, but her index finger showed no sign of injury.

“You okay?” asked Mel. “Your hands are shaking…”

“I know, I know, this is weird, okay?” replied Vicky, taking a deep breath. She let her eyes trail along her friend’s body, focusing on those bizarre nipples. She subtly moved her hand in that area, glowing bright red at this point. When Mel simply smiled and nodded, her trembling digits reached down and gave the right breast a gentle squeeze. It felt… well, like a boob. ''Nothing obviously weird about the feeling at least'', thought the nervous girl, as she continued to cop a feel. Eventually Mel cleared her throat.

“Er, are you gonna stretch anything, oooor…”

“Oh, right, sorry! Haha. Let’s see then.”

She pushed the tip of her index finger against the small hole in the center of the nipple, giving a small gasp when it sank inside almost immediately. She looked up at Mel in shock, but the redhead just gave her an encouraging smile. With morbid curiosity, she pushed a little harder, pushing her finger inside up to the second digit.

“Don’t be scared, I can take it.”

“Okay, if you say so…”

She carefully inched her finger further forward until it was engulfed all the way up to the knuckle.

“Wow, this is crazy.”

“If you think that’s crazy, try adding another finger.”

Vicky looked at her roommate in disbelief.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Try it and see.”

The smaller of the two girls was skeptical, but she decided to humor Mel. Pulling back a bit to allow her middle finger some room to maneuver, she tried worming her second fingertip into the stretched nipple, but obviously this was never going to wo–

''Wait, what? Was this actually working?''

“Oh, is it in?” asked Mel casually, stiffling a yawn. “Sorry I didn’t really notice–”

“Fuck off, you ''cannot'' be serious!”

“If you really want me to feel it, get the rest of those fingers in there, alright? And I do mean all of them. I do have two tits, you know.” Vic looked across at the other nipple, still open and inviting. She swallowed, then nodded. First, she put her free hand over and sank her index finger all the way inside the empty nipple. The second finger followed easily, leaving her with four digits inside two breasts. What followed was a process of one finger from one hand working it’s way in, followed by the other. When Vicky was three fingers deep in each hand, Mel laughed.

“Haha, okay, think I’ve proved my point.” she said.

Vicky was staring straight ahead with laser focus, though, and if she heard Mel, she didn’t offer any sign. Instead, she got to work squeezing in her pinkies, shoving her hands back and forth, working and stretching out her roommate’s ridiculous nipples even further.

“This is… holy shit…” panted Vic, obviously flustered, heart hammering away. She became aware of Mel staring at her, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

“Um… too much?”

Mel shrugged.

“Probably. This is further than I’ve gone before. Might even do irreparable damage. On the other hand, it’s also might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, so don’t you dare stop. Just give me a moment to get comfortable…”

She shifted backwards a little and drew up her legs, extending them up into the air before hooking them behind her neck. She slowly lowered herself onto her back, giving Vicky the time to move with her and not have to take her fingers out. When she was lying down, she slipped one hand into her glistening cunt.

“Do your worst.”

Vicky looked at the scene in front of her. Less than a day had passed since she had first realized she might be attracted to the girl on the bed. Now that same girl was lying butt-naked beneath her with nothing left to the imagination and a look of lust on her face. Moreover, she was eight fingers deep into the girl’s nipples! Admittedly, that last part had been an unexpected surprise, but she wasn’t about to complain. Despite the fact that she had never considered herself a religious person, she silently thanked whatever deity was looking out for her before getting back to work.

She twisted and turned her hands inside Mel’s boobs, trying to make enough room to add her thumbs. When she could feel the tips going in, she started moving her hands up and down, pumping her hands in and out of Mel’s breasts. Slowly but surely, she reached the first joint of her thumbs. Then the second. By this time, however, her other four fingers were starting to hit Mel’s ribs, preventing her from going deeper. Unless…

She curled up her fingers and pushed hard. To her surprise, her hands sank in all the way, the rims of the redheads’s nipples now wrapped around her wrists.

“Oh fuck yeah,” moaned Mel. “Fist my tits!”

Vic did not need to be told twice, pushing her balled-up fists against the bones of Mel’s rib cage, twisting and turning her wrists, making sure she ruined those silly tits forever. The actual flesh of Mel’s breasts had been compressed and flattened over the course of this, but Mel showed no sign of discomfort, her own fist wedged inside her sopping wet pussy as she writhed on the bed. Both girls were lost in feelings of unimaginable pleasure, and of the thrill of the moment. Mel shuddered, thinking about the damage she suspected was being done to her body, and the possibility that this was barely the limits of her abilities. It was unbearably hot, and, as she felt her friend’s wrists widen her nipples out even more, she came hard, bucking back on the mattress and getting herself rather soaked. Her head felt odd as she pressed it against the bed – no doubt she was just light-headed from the mind-blowing lewdness she was partaking in.

“Phew… hah… heh…” she managed, smiling up at Vicky. “Wish we were recording this…”

“Why? So you can show it to the people watching your porn stream?”

“Well, I ''was'' only thinking about something for my own, err… ''personal use'', but now that you mention it, that would be an awesome idea! How would you like to join me on my next stream to help stretch me out?”

“What? Are you nuts? I’m not going to appear in a porn vid for everybody to see! What if my family sees it? Or a future employer?”

“I know you haven’t seen my streams, but as I’m sure you can imagine based on what we’re doing right now… they’re pretty niche.”

“I guess, but still…”

“Ooh, I have an idea! Let me go get something,” said Mel. She was just about to push herself off the bed when she realized the position she was in. “Uhh, Vic? Could you pull your hands out of my boobs for a sec?”

Not even trying to process the absurdity of that sentence, Vicky gingerly retracted her hands from her roommates breasts, leaving the nipples gaping open at least two inches.

The excited redhead didn’t bother attempting to fix them as she clambered off the bed and opened a closet. Several items were tossed carelessly behind her as she rooted through the closet, before emerging victoriously with the item she had been seeking.

“Here you go. How’s this?”

She handed Vicky a white porcelain mask in the shape of a girl’s face. The eye holes were surrounded by butterfly wings painted in red, black and gold, which were outlined by gold filigree. The lips were painted red as well, and more gold filigree lined the edge of the mask.

“Wow, this… this is beautiful,” stammered the Asian girl. “Where did you get it?”

“It’s a Venetian ''volto'' mask,” said Mel. “Ever since I saw one in one of my lectures I’ve loved the style, and I finally saved up enough to buy one for last Halloween. It’s a good deal less tacky than wearing cat ears and a slutty outfit like most girls.”

Vicky raised an eyebrow.

“This coming from somehow who makes internet fetish porn.”

“Never said I wasn’t slutty,” laughed Mel. “Just that I want to be a tad more original.”

“All right, fair enough,” Vicky relented.

“But how about it? If you wear that, no one will be able to recognize you.”

Vicky contemplated the offer. This was so far beyond anything she’d ever done that she barely knew what to feel. She felt scared. But intrigued. And hesitant. But horny. And timid. But very, ''very'' horny.

“When’s your next stream?” she asked, trying to postpone the decision.

“How about tomorrow night?”

So much for that idea. She took a deep breath. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she made her decision.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me.”

Mel clapped her hands together, smiling and giving out a delighted “Wooo!”

It was definitely a cute sight, even if the cuteness was offset by those nipple gapes big enough to stuff a nickel inside. Mel leaned forward and gave her roomie a big hug, which Vic awkwardly reciprocated, trying not to just blatantly feel up her nude friend’s body.

“Thanks for being a cool, awesome roommate,” said Mel. “We’re gonna make a ton of money, you know.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Vicky, feeling her heart flutter a little as she thought of the stream she had now committed to joining in on. “I guess…”

“Oh, don’t be like that, you’re a beautiful girl! Here…”

Mel suddenly reached down and tugged at the red shirt Vic was wearing.

“Take these things off.”


“Well, you’re going to need to learn how to be comfy when naked, right?”

The logic was, it had to be said, foolproof. Mel smiled mischievously.

“Plus, it’s only fair. You’ve seen me, right?”

“Umm… yes, that’s true, I suppose. Umm… Okay.”

Vicky undid the zipper at the back of her knee-length black pencil skirt and pulled it down her legs. She stepped out of the pooled skirt and removed her black high heels before starting on her long-sleeved ruffled blouse. Mel could feel herself salivating a little as she watched Vicky undo the buttons one by one. She shrugged off the garment, leaving her standing in a black bra and matching thong. At this point, self-consciousness took over and she stood there awkwardly, not knowing whether to continue or not.

“Go on,” Mel encouraged her. “Trust me, from what I can see you’ve got ''nothing'' to be ashamed of.”

“It’s not that…” said Vicky. “It’s just… I’ve only ever really been naked with one other person before, so this is all still a bit new.”

“What?” asked Mel, surprised. “A pretty girl like you? I know you’re studying most of the time, but I assumed you’d been asked out by plenty of guys before. Or girls, for that matter.”

“Well, I’d hardly call four guys ‘plenty’, but I was always busy with other stuff. Josh was the only one I ever said yes to, mainly because he was very persistent. The other boys gave up after a couple of rejections.”

“Their loss,” Mel shrugged. “Still you ''have'' had sex before, right?”

“Twice. Sort of. I guess.”

Vicky blushed.

“Wow, that bad, huh?”

“Yeah, you could say that.”

The redhead stepped towards the shy girl and cupped her face in her hands.

“I guess the task of giving you your first proper sexual experience falls to me. It is a momentous task, but I shall shoulder it regardless, and I give you my solemn vow that I will see it through to completion. Rest assured, I am up to the task.”

The Asian girl couldn’t help but smile at her roommate’s antics.

“There you go, that’s more like it,” said Mel as she closed the distance and softly pressed her lips against Vicky’s.

Vicky’s already speeding heart was now going into overdrive as she felt a soft, warm, and yes, clearly very flexible tongue work its way into her mouth, sliding and slipping over her own. Vicky didn’t fight it, letting that muscle make itself at home as she leaned into her roommate. The two girls made eye contact, nose to nose, before Mel drew back. They shared a quick giggle, both blushing at how bold that had been. Mel pressed home, leaning in and locking lips again, while her arms snaked around Vicky’s body and fiddled with the clasp of her bra, soon unlocking it and letting it fall to the floor. Vicky wasted no time reaching her hands down and sliding her black panties off. When the broke their kiss for a second time, the black-haired girl was completely nude, lying back on the bed, with Mel standing over her, one finger already fingering one of her gaped nipples.

“See? Doesn’t that feel so much better?” she asked, as Vicky continued to smile in a happy, if embarassed way.

“You’re super sexy… even if you’re a little tight-looking.”

“Oh, well, ''excuse me'' for not having tits you can fist,” replied Vicky, dryly. Her eyes drifted downwards. She hadn’t really gotten a proper look at Mel’s lower parts yet. From this angle they looked… well, relatively normal.

“Okay then, Elastigirl, you gonna show me what you got?”

Mel followed her gaze downwards.

“Oh, I’ll show what I got alright,” she said with a smirk. “I’ll give you a real good show.”

She planted her left knee on the bed on one side of Vicky’s legs, and her right one on the other. Leaning forward, she crawled forward on her hands and knees up her roommate’s body, like a jungle cat stalking its prey.

The look in the redhead’s eyes alone was enough to cause a considerable buildup of heat between the Asian girl’s legs, and a quick glance down at her pendulous breasts, which seemed even larger now with gravity aiding them, did nothing to cool it back down. Unconsciously, she licked her lips, drawing a smile from Mel, who settled down at the height of the girl’s shoulder, pinning her arms in place with her lower legs and resting her butt lightly on Vicky’s chest. She leaned backwards and spread her legs, giving the other girl an unrestricted view of her crotch and asshole. Reaching down to her cunt, she stuck four fingers of each hand inside and pulled it open as wide as she could.

Her cunt was stretched so wide, Vicky was sure she could stick her face in there and keep her ears dry.

“Holy shit!”

“Yup. My cooter’s more like a crater at this point,” said Mel, turning her head just a little more than was really natural. She let go of herself, and for a second or two her hole stayed in that preposterously wide shape, strands of lubrication connecting the roof to the floor of her cavern. Then it sunk into a more normal shape, albeit still open. Vicky, pinned to the bed, was unable to explore it like she now so desperately wanted to. All she could do was strain her head forward, eliciting a laugh from her stretchy roommate.

“Heh, and that’s just my vag. Wait till you see my asshole go!” she said, reaching her hands back in a similiar way to before and cramming as many fingers as she could into her backdoor, then dragging herself open once more…

The lower of the two holes was stretched just as unnaturally wide as the top one had been, allowing Vicky to see down Mel’s bright red tunnel for almost a foot before the light from outside gave way to darkness.

“You’re crazy, you know that, right?” Vicky said as she stared wide-eyed into Mel’s depths.

“Yep. All the fun people are.”

“But… doesn’t that hurt? I’ve never tried masturbating with more than two fingers, and that felt pretty full already. I can’t imagine what it’d feel like to have eight in there, never mind pulling them apart like that.”

“What, really? Oh honey, you’re missing out! Trust me, you’ll be fine. After all, babies are supposed to come out of there, right? And they’re a lot bigger than two fingers.”

“I… suppose…”

“I could give you a hand if you want… literally,” said Mel, waggling her eyebrows.

Vicky bit her lip.

“Don’t worry,” said the redhead, caressing her cheek, “I’ll be gentle.”

The Asian girl smiled, squeezing her eyes closed. She could barely believe this was happening.

“Okay, go for it. But careful, okay? Not all of us are built like Stretch Armstrong.”

Mel crawled back down Vicky’s body, and lowered her head to the girl’s pussy. She pushed her roommate’s legs apart to gain better access and gave a long, sensual lick along her labia.

“You like that?” she asked.

Vicky didn’t respond, shuddering and biting her lip in what was silent agreement. Mel continued her tongue-bathing, enjoying getting to work with another girl for a change. Not that this was work, of course. Yet. After a few teasing minutes of drinking from her friend’s flower, Mel snaked a hand up and parted those delicate lips. This time her tongue slipped inside Vicky, who gasped and banged her head back on the pillow. Mel wiggled her tongue around as much as she could, absolutely astounded that someone could have a vagina this tight. How did the poor girl manage? She felt a genuine sense of duty to give Vicky a cunt to be proud of now. As she lay there, face pressed against her roommate’s crotch, she contemplated trying something. Mel was able to stretch it further than an average person, of course, but it just failed to connect with the cervix. Sighing, she retreated and smacked her lips together, savouring the taste. But she still had work to do. Moving her face away slightly, Mel worked her finger inside Vicky’s pussy. Then another…

She started sliding her hand back and forth, listening to the moans and whimpers of the petite girl. There were no signs of discomfort, so she added a third finger and pushed back in. She could feel why Vicky had never gone beyond two fingers; her pussy squeezed her fingers like a vise, barely allowing her to move. She tried to resume her thrusting motions, but Vicky’s tightness reduced her movement speed to a snail’s pace. So instead she slowly pushed her hand deeper, until she could feel her fingertips bump into the back wall of the girl’s vagina. Much as she would’ve liked to ram right through, it would take a lot more practice before she would be able to fit down there. For now, she settled for rubbing circles across Vicky’s cervix with her middle finger, causing her roommate’s moans to steadily rise in pitch.

“Oh… please… don’t stop, Mel. Hnnggg! Aaahh! Fuck… fuck me… ooohh! Mel… please… pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase!”

Mel’s mouth went wide in silent pain as Vicky’s contracting pussy squeezed her fingers so hard she thought they were going to break. She slowly withdrew them giving a sigh of relief when she had her hand back and the pressure relented.

“Oh my god,” panted Vicky. “I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard.”

“You’re telling me,” said Mel with a grimace, trying to shake some life back into her abused digits, “I thought I was going to lose these down there.”

“Wow. Is this what it feels like for you when you stretch yourself?”

“I might be a little more desensitized to it than you, but yeah, it feels pretty damn good.”

“Could I try to… touch you?”

“That is an incredible idea, yes.” said Mel, grinning as she swapped placed with the flushed Asian girl. When Mel spread her legs her holes both opened up on cue, which was slightly startling. Vic was almost intimidated by the prospect of touching them, but she eventually summoned up all of her courage and stuck one finger inside Mel’s pussy. This was not considered impressive.

“Pffft, come oooon!” said Mel. She shimmied forward slightly, which had the effect of swallowing up most of Vicky’s hand.


“What, fisting my tits is fine, but this is weird?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t just slip all the way in like this! This is crazy!” replied Vic, her mouth now hanging open in awe as her wrist dissapeared inside that wet cavern, followed by more of her arm. She only felt a slight squelching as her limb travelled upwards, eventually hitting the abused inner barrier of Mel’s cervix. If she thought that would be the natural stopping point, she was mistaken. Just as she gave an experimental push forwards, Mel shimmied towards her once again, This was more than enough to send Vic’s curled-up first past the cervix and into the womb. This was more then Vic could handle mentally, and she reflectively drew her arm backwards.

“Woah, hold up–” But Mel was too late, as she felt her uterus lurch forwards…

Although the grip of Mel’s cervix on Vicky’s wrist wasn’t especially tight, it held on as it traveled up her vagina, only releasing its hold once it had been pulled two or three inches outside of her cunt, leaving a pink bulge with a slightly gaping hole sticking out between her pussy lips.

Vicky’s other hand flew to her mouth.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry!” she cried out. Hesitantly, she reached back out to the redhead’s cervix but stopped an inch short, not daring to touch anything for fear of doing any further damage.

“It was just… it all happened so fast and you surprised me so I instinctively pulled back and thisisallmyfaultandpleaseforgivem-”

Mel reached out, cradling the shocked girl’s hand between her own.

“Hey, shhh, it’s okay. I know this must be weird for you, but this ain’t exactly my first rodeo. I prolapse my pussy like once a week at least.”


“Putting stuff on the outside that’s supposed to be on the inside. Like this,” she said, grabbing an edge of her yawning cervix and pulling it out another inch. With the other, she guided Vicky’s hand back towards its entrance.

“Go ahead, feel free to explore.”

Vicky’s digits trembled slightly as it grabbed the pink bulge and gave it a squeeze. Mel squirmed a little.

“Hah, that’s the spirit. Do that again…” she purred. Vicky did so, feeling the wet flesh give way and then the tremors from Mel on the bed, the redhead digging her fingers into the mattress. Then Vic leaned down and gave it a lick, which got an electric reaction as she dragged her tongue all along the outside of her roomie’s inverted pussy.

“Mmm… does your other hole turn inside-out too?” she asked. There was a different look in her eyes now, as though she had passed through some unseen personal barrier and was now fully on board with this project.

Mel panted with excitement.

“Of course it does, why are you asking? Just fucking do it! Then me-mmmmmf!”

Mel was silenced as Vic bit down on her prolapse. At the same time, her free hand came down to force its way inside Mel’s anus, slinking along down that dark cavern, looking for purchase…

She had to push her arm inside over halfway up to her elbow before she encountered a bend in the slippery canal, which she squeezed between her fingers and her palm. More slowly this time, she withdrew her arm, trying not to let the slimy fold of Mel’s intestinal walls slip out of her hand. As she neared the exit, Mel’s asshole gaped open one more, revealing not just her hand, but also vibrant red, heavily wrinkled flesh that blossomed from her asshole like a rose before growing longer as Vicky kept pulling, turning into more of a sausage shape.

“Holy shit,” said Vicky in a soft voice. “I’m pretty sure this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re welcome,” grinned Mel.

Vicky took a good long look at her roommate’s body, from her cute face to her gaping tits to her nether regions that were now lying exposed between her legs. Normally she wasn’t one to masturbate very often – probably once every one to two weeks – but she suspected she would be doing so a lot more frequently in the foreseeable future, commiting the scene before her to memory for that very purpose.

“So is this the furthest you’ve ever stretched?” she asked.

“Pretty much,” answered Mel. “But if you want, we could try to go further…”

“''Further''?” laughed Vicky incredulously. “I’m not sure I could even think of anything further to do.”

“Oh, don’t sell yourself short. You’re a clever girl, so I’m sure you can think of something,” said Mel, cocking an eyebrow.

Vic blinked, then looked down at her hand, still covered in Mel’s intestine. She pulled herself out; it fell to the ground with a splat, hanging off the edge of the bed, pulled out around six to eight inches. It looked like a fleshy tail. Her hand was now sticky, and she felt the – sigh – ''anal-compulsive'' need to wash herself. Looking at her roommate’s cute, and still umblemished face, she smiled suddenly.

“Alright. I think there’s on hole we haven’t stretched today.”

“Ah, yes, you’re right,” nodded Mel, drawing her hands downwards and pulling her urethra open with a sharp wet sound.

“Go on then.”

There was an awkward pause.

“…You can do that?”

“Yes, Vicky, I think we’ve established that I am quite stretchy by now, thank you,” said Mel.

Vicky was honestly amazed at Mel’s capacity to still amaze her after all she had seen, but for now she had other ideas.

“Maybe later. Right now my hand needs a wash, and that would be… the opposite of that,” she said, standing up close to the seated redhead. Her knees even managed to catch her trailing anal prolapse, giving it a nice squeeze as she leaned in towards Mel’s face.

“Open wide, dear.”

Mel had to admit she was a little surprised at the other girl’s choice, but she obeyed with little hesitation. She had never really stretched her mouth before, aside from occasionally pulling on her cheek at parties and such. She opened her jaws as far as she could, which wasn’t all that much wider than a regular human.

Vicky, now clearly having gotten her initial hesitation, pushed her fingers together into a beak shape and plunged her hand between Mel’s teeth. Mel gagged a little when the Asian girl’s fingers slipped down her windpipe. She had some experience deep-throating dildos, but despite her petite size Vicky’s hand was a good deal bigger than they were. Her head was pushed back as Vicky pushed more of her arm inside until she was looking straight up. As Vicky’s arm moved deeper and deeper, it also got wider, and Mel could feel her jaw muscles start to strain. Her roommate, however, was focused on her task and kept pushing. Suddenly, with a pop, the redhead felt her jaw dislocate. Vicky must have heard it too, because she froze. Mel tried to tell her that everything was okay – she had some experience popping bones back into their sockets – but all that came out was “Hrghhlgh,” so instead she gave the black-haired girl a wink. Vicky gave a sigh of relief and continued her efforts. Dislocating the jaw had removed a good bit of resistance, and she found she could move her arm pretty freely now. In fact, there might almost be room for… She almost dismissed the idea out of hand as crazy. Then again, yesterday she would have written off everything that had happened today as completely bat-shit insane, so instead she positioned her other hand at the entrance of Mel’s mouth as well, searching her eyes for permission. Another wink was all she needed.

The second hand had to go in basically completely flat, pressed up against the sides of Mel’s mouth and then throat. Vic could really feel how tight the inside of her friend’s neck was when she was trying to fit a second hand down there. She could feel the hot breath trying to get out, snaking around her fingers as the travelled along the back-end of Mel’s tongue. Once her elbow reached Mel’s lips, the redhead gagging and wheezing but still looking much more comfortable than she really should, Vic stopped just to take in her good work. Her knees continued to knead that tube of warm flesh that was sticking out of Mel’s ass, which got a few appreciative gurgles from Mel. Vic looked at her throat – it was impossibly wide, her hands clearly pushing out. She wiggled her fingers and pressed them out, watching that pale skin bulge out as she pushed. The sight was enough to give Vic the uncontrolable urge to orgasm again. She started to withdraw her arms, one after the other. The first one slopped out with a pop, followed swiftly by the other, leaving Mel’s jaw hanging down over her neck. She reached up and started to try and pop the bone back into place as Vic’s hands flew to her clit and pussy…

Vicky’s hands were almost a blur as she furiously rubbed and fingered herself. Not wanting to miss her usually so demure roommate violating herself, she quickly forced her jaw back to its proper position. There was a bit of soreness as she opened her mouth a few times, but she knew from experience that would soon pass. She carefully pulled her prolapsed ass out from under Vicky’s knee before turning around and lying back down, placing her head between her roommate’s legs. This gave her a front row seat to the girl’s frenzied masturbation.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh!” cried Vicky rhythmically as her orgasm built.

Mel, meanwhile, had joined in too, keeping her prolapsed pussy stretched with one hand as she fucked her urethra with the index finger of her other one, her eyes glued to the petite girl’s tiny pussy lips.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” yelled Vicky, now on the brink of orgasm. She closed her eyes and pictured the redhead, spreadeagled and gaping open before her. She barely lasted two seconds.

As a loud cry filled the room, Mel was surprised by a large squirt of liquid splashing into her face, followed by another. And another. She licked her lips, tasting it. It was sweet, tasting a bit like honey. As Vicky collapsed to the bed, her energy completely spent, Mel shoved her middle finger up her urethra as well. The added pressure, as well as the memory of seeing Vicky cum on her face, did the trick and she was sent hurtling over the edge as well.

The two girls didn’t move for several minutes, recovering from their respective orgasms. When Mel could finally summon up the strength to move her head, she turned to Vicky and said “So, you’re a squirter, huh?”

Vicky blushed a little.

“Um, not usually? This is my first time, actually.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” laughed Mel.

“You’ve earned it. That… was incredible. Even unbelievable, had I not seen it with my own eyes.”

“Just wait until tomorrow. I bet you’ll be seeing even more.”

“Wouldn’t miss it. I’ll clear my calendar.”

“Oh please, we both know you were going to sit at home and do homework.”

“Bite me,” said Vicky, sticking out her tongue.

“Is that an invitation?”

“What if it was?”

“Well, then I couldn’t help but RSVP: Rapidly Suck Vicky’s Pussy.”

Vicky rolled her eyes.

“Come here,” she said, spreading her legs. “Put that smart mouth of yours to better use.”

It wasn’t long before Mel’s room was filled with giggling and moaning.

The next morning, Vicky missed her first two classes. In the past she would have been horrified at that, but now she found she didn’t really mind. In fact, she was happier than she’d been in quite a while. She looked at the clock, then back at the gorgeous redhead lying next to her. She shrugged. Who needed Econ 104 anyway?


Absolutely amazing. I'd started to think you'd abandoned this story given the long hiatus(like with what happened with Terrigenesis and Dungeons and Deathtraps). Luckily, I'm glad to see you didn't.

I especially loved the nipple-fucking and the throat-fisting. Those were two fetishes I think you've only done once before in your MLP story and in The Interview. Something you might want to do with those two kinks, however, is have some kind of end goal for them. For example, with fisting Mel's pussy, the end goal is likely to eventually get to her ovaries and eggs. For her anus, it's to either go all the way through her or prolapse her rectum entirely. With nipple and throat fucking, that goal isn't as clear. For nipple fucking, you could easily do something with breast milk and milk ducts/glands. Perhaps have Vicky try and milk her for cereal. That or you could somehow figure out a way to prolapse her nipples and/or figure out a way for Vicky to get to Mel's heart.

Throat fucking is a tad more complex due to its similarities with anal prolapse. You might be able to make something out of Mel swallowing something and Vicky having to reach down to her stomach to get it out. Bonus points for Vicky getting stuck and Mel essentially prolapsing her throat/stomach as a result.

You could also probably make use of Mel's navel as an entrance to her body and go about removing some of Mel's bones and perhaps organs from there. Her pelvis could be removed to improve her stretchiness. You could also have Vicky play a prank on Mel by having her remove Mel's bladder and route her ureters directly to her urethra.

As for brainplay. That one's bound to be difficult with the rules you've set for this story. If you bend them some, however, you could perhaps have one of the girls gain access to some form of portal technology and/or healing nanites. Then you'd be able to do whatever you wanted without too much issue and playing with portals is always fun.

Can't wait for the next chapter for whatever story you two decide to work on next. =)


I think I said this before, but it seems to have been lost somewhere. Your story is completely amazing and I really want to see where do you take it. For me, the logical next step in their expansion quest is what is found in this doujin (more so after reading the 'squirting' bit).


fuuuuck yeees chapter 4 by the team

Vicky's gonna get some good old fucked up action later, right? It won't be your story if someone can't join the fun


Also, I'd like to see Mel's limbs all dislocated, then fucked silly or what have you. Quad amputee fun without the amputation!


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Chapter 5

As the stream went live, viewers saw Mel lying topless on the bed, her upper body propped up on her crossed arms, which obscured her nipples. Since she was facing the camera dead-on, it was impossible to tell yet if she was completely naked.

“Hi guys,” she said with a big smile. “Is everybody ready for some stretchy fun? Because I know I am!”

She turned her head sideways, eyes scanning over the messages that were starting to fill up the chat.

“Wow pussylover98, you’re already hard?” she chuckled. “Ease up, dude, we haven’t even gotten started yet! Save some for the rest of the show! Speaking of which: I’ve got a surpriiiiise for youuuuu…” she said in a sing-song voice. She rolled onto her side and shifted backwards a little – revealing that she was, indeed, completely naked – and patted the bed beside her.

Another girl jumped into frame and, with a thump, plopped onto the bed next to Mel. The Asian girl was also butt-naked, save for a beautiful white mask with a decoration in the shape of a butterfly around the eyes.

“I’ve got an assistant today! Everybody, meet my friend Mei Ling, who kindly offered to help stretch me out for you guys. She’s a bit shy, though, so she won’t be showing her face on camera yet, or say anything. But trust me that she’s every bit as freaky as I am. Say hi to the viewers, Mei.”

‘Mei Ling’, or rather, Vicky, gave the camera a little wave.

The girls turned back to the laptop to read the chat.

johhnyboy1: Sure… “friend”

xxxSephirothxxx: i like her, shes hot

Anonymous: show us your ass!

Vicky giggled and blushed – though nobody could tell underneath her mask – but turned around and wiggled her butt in the air. The thought occurred to her that her mother would probably have a heart attack if she could see her now.

“Looks like the chat approves of you,” laughed Mel. “Now guys, this whole thing was a bit unplanned, so I haven’t had time yet to make any new stretch goals, but we have a few things in mind that we think you’re going to enjoy regardless, and we’ll probably tick off some of the ones you’ve already paid for along the way. But I’m sure most of you are on the edge of your seat – and yes, I know some of you are jerking it already – so why don’t we get started?”

With that, Mel threw her hands up into the air, did a little spiral, and fell face first onto the bed so that she was spread out into a star shape, sticking her butt up and outwards. Vicky quickly got down on her knees in front of her roomate’s crotch, only to feel a subtle knee tap on her shoulder. Mel jerked her head towards the camera. Vicky turned around, and realised that she was blocking the camera’s view of Mel. She quickly repositioned herself to the side, feeling a little nervous as her lack of experience in front of a camera showed. Not to mention how hot it felt underneath this mask, cool as it must have looked… at least the eyeholes were big enough that she could see what she was doing, and speaking of…

She hooked her fingers into both sides of Mel’s pussy lips and pulled them apart. She’d almost forgotten how stretchy Mel was, and found herself pulling further than she had anticipated, giving the camera a good look at Mel’s vaginal cavity. Then she slipped out and did the same for the redhead’s asshole – a hole which should have been much tighter than the hole below it, but which honestly seemed just as elastic. She didn’t even have to work that hard to fit the two fingers of each hand inside.

Vicky alternated between holes for 2 or 3 turns, stretching each out wider and wider, before trying the same move on Mel’s urethra. Sure enough, it was a cinch to stretch her peehole like putty, and that let the masked girl practice her dexterity by repeating her process on three invitingly gaping holes. Stretch, hold, release, move. Stretch, hold, release, move. Stretch, hold, release, move

“Mmmmm, yes, warm me up, Mei Ling,” said Mel, trying not to giggle too much at that nerdy name she had come up with. Then she drew a sharp breath as Vicky, using all the fingers she had available, stretched out all three holes at once, drawing her arms back like she was playing the harmonica with her friend’s holes.

Now that Mel’s holes were suitably prepared, Vicky curled up her fingers and pushed her closed fist into the depths of her friend’s vagina. While she could feel the silky walls brush her knuckles and the back of her hand, there was barely any resistance until she bumped into Mel’s cervix. Clearly something more was called for, so she pushed in her other hand as well until both hands were side by side at the back of Mel’s cunt. She intertwined her fingers and pulled her arms out almost all of the way before slamming forwards again.

“Ooooff! Again!” Mel grunted when Vicky slammed into her cervix.

The Asian girl picked up the pace, settling into a steady rhythm of pistoning her arms in and out of the redhead’s hole. She could clearly see how deep she was going by the buildup of whitish liquid along the front half of her lower arm.

“More! Harder!” yelled Mel.

Rather than increase her pace, Vicky pulled out all the way and pulled the other girl’s urethra wide with one hand. She paused for a second to give the viewers a chance to see what she was doing before plunging her other hand into the entrance to Mel’s bladder. This hole was certainly tighter than the other one, and she could feel Mel’s flesh clinging to the invading limb as she thrust her hand through the short tube and into the space beyond. Since her other hand was unoccupied, she shoved it back into Mel’s pussy and started double fisting her. She soon realized, however, that trying to fuck her friend’s vagina with just one arm was a rather useless endeavor now; there was barely any resistance at all.

She considered her options for a second. Mel’s urethra was snug, but nut uncomfortably tight. It was time to see just how stretchy the other girl was. She pulled her hand out and lined up her middle and ring fingers along her other arm, their tips poised against the stretched entrance to Mel’s urethra.

Then she plunged in. Mel buried her face in her bedcovers, her ass shaking as she felt two hands invade her urethra. One fist was pressing against the entrance of her bladder, and the other was flat, fingers snaking up to prod against that very same entrance.

“Mrph!” she cried, before lifting her head up and turning towards the camera, managing a smile. “T–That’s right, everyone. Two hands up the peehole! Mmmm… Let me just…” The redhead reached her hands back and spread her cheeks as far as she could, as though trying to suck as much of Vicky’s arms inside herself as she could. Vicky, for her part, kept pushing and pumping as hard as she could, until suddenly there was a tightness around her fingers, and a warm, wet feeling. She almost said something, before stopping herself from speaking on camera. Instead she just waited for Mel to react. Which she did.

“Yaaaaargh! Yes! Right inside my bladder!”

Vicky tried to pull her arms back to start fisting this hole as well, but that was nearly impossible. Mel was gripping her arms like a vise, so she had to settle for moving her arms back and forth about an inch. With every push, she could feel the warm liquid splash across her fingers with a faint sloshing sound. When after a few minutes it became clear that double fisting Mel’s urethra wasn’t going to happen, she started extricating her right arm. She almost felt like it was going to get crushed as she wormed it through the tight confines of Mel’s piss tube, but with a loud plop she finally pulled it free and quickly wiped it on the bed. Once she was sure she’d gotten most of the urine off, she turned her attention back to her friend, who was looking at her with an amused expression.

“Come on, Mei, is that all you got? Give me something bigger than those puny hands of yours! Ooh, I know: shove your foot up my cunt!”

Vicky looked down at her foot, then back up at Mel, arching an eyebrow under her mask. The redhead gave her an enthusiastic nod. Shrugging her shoulders, the masked girl pulled her other arm free as well and, after giving it a thorough wipe, shifted her position to allow her to sink the toes of her right foot between Mel’s labia. She pushed forward, feeling the sole of her foot slide along the bottom of the redhead’s vaginal canal until her toes bumped into the same obstacle her fingers had. Her heel was still sticking outside, though. Figuring Mel wouldn’t be satisfied with a job half done, she started wiggling her big toe around until she found the small divot in the center of the cervix. Making sure she had centered her toe properly, she began pushing forward once more.

Mel’s cervix was hardly able to withstand much pressure these days; it let Vic’s foot enter without much pushing. It was like slipping into a cosy slipper… albeit a little wetter. Vicky felt her big toe press into Mel’s fallopian tube, and she tried to wiggle as much of it inside as possible. Mel moaned her approval.

“Oh, lovey, yes… hey, hope you guys are enjoying this extended warm up!”

Vic looked around to check the chat. Sure enough, the replies were pooling in. Most were about Mel, but a few were commenting on the ‘hawt’ Asian girl in the cool mask, which made Vicky’s heart flutter in her chest. They liked her, it seemed. Oh, what a rush… so this is why Mel did these cam-shows after all, huh? Well, the money was nice, of course. But now that she was experiencing the thrill herself, it was easy to understand how this could get addictive.

Turning back, Vic decided she might as well put her other foot to use, this one now sliding against and then inside Mel’s anus. After some pushing, she too had dragged her heel inside that dark hole, so that now she had both feet inside her roomate. Vicky leaned down over the side of the bed, trying to make sure the camera could fully see what was happening, and that her own nude body was still visible…

With the other foot bottomed out, Vicky focused on the one up Mel’s ass as it went deeper and deeper. She could feel the ridges and folds of the girl’s bowel engulf her leg like a stocking as her calf slowly slipped inside. She was almost up to her knee when she encountered a bend. She tried to angle her foot to make the turn, but she wasn’t making much headway.

“Oh god yes, fuck me deeper,” cried Mel.

Vicky tried again, jerking her foot left and right as she rotated it to no effect.

“Please baby, I need it deeper,” Mel whined.

“I’m… trying,” groaned Vicky, trying to make her voice sound as deep as she could to disguise it. Sadly, it seemed her leg wasn’t up to the task. Then again, maybe her arm would be more dexterous. She pulled her foot out of Mel’s pussy, then placed it against her friend’s ass cheek to brace her as she started the process of extracting her leg. By the time she was pulling out her ankle, she saw something red coming out of Mel’s asshole as well. She freaked out for a second, fearing she had hurt her friend, but quickly calmed when she realized that it wasn’t blood. It was wrinkly, and it clung onto her heel as she withdrew her foot, blooming into something that almost looked like a rose when her toes popped out.

Taking a quick mental inventory, Vicky reasoned that the mass of red flesh had to be Mel’s intestines. Not wanting to worry her friend, she quickly pushed them back inside with her hand before plunging deeper. Thanks to the stretching she had done with her leg, the redhead’s insides didn’t put up much of a fight, and she quickly sank in up to her elbow. After another inch or two, she encountered the bend again. This time, however, it was much easier to guide her fingers through it and she kept pushing. Once she had gotten her whole hand around the corner, however, her progress stopped again, because the rest of her arm couldn’t make the turn. Instead, she started rotating her whole arm to the left, trying to make the path a little straighter.

“What are you doing in there?” asked Mel, feeling her insides being pushed around. “It feels weird.”

Vic said nothing, deciding that the less she spoke the better. The strong and silent type, that was her character for this; let Mel do the talking. She concentrated on turning her arm around inside of the redhead as she squirmed on the bed. Bit by bit she was able to force more and more of hereself up and into the bend. She could occasionally see a slight bulge in Mel’s tummy when she made another push forwards, and she had to bite her lip inside her mask to stop herself from gasping at the thought.

The masked girl inched closer and closer to her goal, and realised it was within her grasp. Almost… there… With a final few short thrusts, Vic felt the soft flesh of her friend close up against and around her armpit, just beneath the shoulder. Mel had her legs spread as wide as she could, yelping all the way.

“She… did it! How do you like that, everyone? An entire human arm, stuck up my slutty ass! Hah, I’m the world’s sexiest puppet now!” Vic leaned her head down and nibbled on the extended outer rim of her friend’s hole, giving the taut flesh a long lick as she flexed every muscle she had inside Mel. This was probably as far as she was going, sadly. Shame, she had been hoping for her hand to pop out of Mel’s mouth…

Still, that didn’t mean she couldn’t give the viewers a show. Pulling her head back so that she didn’t block the shot, she lifted up her arm, causing a big bulge to appear on Mel’s belly. As she moved her hand from side to side, so did the bump.

“Oh wow, that is so freaky-looking,” said Mel, reaching down and enclosing the protrusion with her own hand, following it as it moved around her abdomen. “It’s like I’ve got one of those chestbursters from Alien in there.”

Mel’s comment, combined with how much she was able to shift around the redhead’s insides, gave Vicky an idea. It was a little crazy, but that just meant it’d probably be right up Mel’s alley. Besides, less than a day ago she would have called what she was doing right now absolutely insane, so who was she to judge?

She slowly pulled out her arm to a few inches below the elbow before reversing direction. This time, rather than trying to follow the natural course of the intestines, Vicky instead used her fingers to pull Mel’s guts into a straight line, forging a path directly upwards. When she was in a little past the elbow, her fingers bumped into some kind of stretchy barrier. Vicky’s vague memories of high school biology class told her that this was probably the diaphragm. She grumbled in annoyance that her plan wasn’t going to work. Unless… there had to be some kind of hole for Mel’s digestive tract. Perhaps she could push through alongside it?

Not knowing where she should be looking, Vicky started moving her fingertips along the membrane, exerting a light pressure in the hopes of finding the opening. Her eyes lit up when she felt her middle finger push forward a quarter of an inch or so. Quickly moving her other fingers to the same spot, she began trying to squeeze Mel’s intestine through the hole.

Mel watched with interest, trying to get some kind of idea of what her roommate was doing. Judging by the look of concentration in her eyes, the Asian girl must have had something specific in mind, but aside from some pressure somewhere deep inside her the redhead had no idea what it might be. She wished the mask wasn’t in the way so she could see the girl’s entire face; she bet it would look adorable.

Then, all of a sudden, the breath seemed to explode out of her, causing the camgirl to panic briefly as she wheezed for breath. Vic felt her own blood run cold. Had she gone too far? Thankfully, Mel just propped herself up on her elbows, and eyes followed a visible bulge going up beneath where her ribcage started.

“Holy shit, is that…?”

Vic just nodded, smiling under her mask. With more caution than before, she explored this new part of Mel, slowly brushing her fingers past what had to be her friend’s lungs as they filled with air, then deflated, over and over again. If she pressed her hand up, he could feel hard bone – the ribs. She tried her best to make a good drumbeat with them.

“Hey, I can feel that! Do do do, do do…” laughed Mel. “Okay, for you guys watching who are a little confused, Mei Ling has used her mystical sex powers –” Vic groaned under her mask a little at this “– to reach her fist all the way inside my freaking ribcage.” As she spoke she arched back on the bed, her cunt drizzling freely. “I feel like I’m about to fucking explode here, shit. Keep going!” The next thing Vic could feel almost stopped her heart. Which was fitting, because a heart was exactly what she now felt beating against the tips of her fingers. She tried her best to make eye contact with Mel, and as she did so, Vic could feel both heart and lungs speed up, the latter pressing against her wrist. All the while, her arm was getting pleasantly massaged by Mel’s bowels and rectum.

Vicky tried to reach her fingers around Mel’s heart as best she could given the confines of the intestines her hand was in. She ended up cupping the pulsating muscle, whose rhythm was palpably speeding up. She gave it a gentle squeeze, eliciting a gasp from the redhead.

“Oh fuck, do that again.”

The masked girl gave another squeeze, longer this time.

“Jesus, that’s hot. Okay, I know you guys won’t be able to see this, but believe it or not she squeezing my freaking heart right now! I’m not sure I’ve ever been this turned on!”

Being able to take a hint, Vicky started rhythmically clutching and unclutching her hand, matching the heart’s cadence. Mel, meanwhile, was becoming increasingly vocal, moaning louder and louder, interspersed with the occasional high-pitched yelp, growing ever more frantic until, with a squeal, a shower of cum sprayed forth from her pussy, splashing all over the mask of Vicky, who was embedded almost shoulder-deep in her again.

“Ah… ah… man,” she stammered as she lay there panting and staring at the cealing, waiting for the stars in front of her eyes to dissipate, “that was… intense.” She could feel her friend’s arm slowly slithering from its prison, leaving behind a rather empty feeling. “But I do feel kind of bad that you guys didn’t really see anything. This is supposed to be a *show* after all, so let’s do something that you guys can enjoy next. Just uh… give me a minute or so to catch my breath and I’ll have a look at the chat for an idea about what to do. Unless you’ve got any ideas?” she said, looking at Vicky.

Her roommate tilted her head, considering this for a moment. Her eyes fell on the redhead’s asshole, still gaping open from having her whole arm shoved inside it just seconds ago. A few days ago she could never in a million years have imagined she’d be getting this intimate a look at her roommate, let alone that she would find it as hot as she did. Her eyes flicked to the camera that was watching their every move. She probably wasn’t the only one…

She bent down, placing her face next to Mel’s ear and whispered something.

“Ooh, I like that,” said Mel. “Yeah, go and get some.”

Vicky got off the bed and walked off through Mel’s bedroom door.

Mel rolled over. “She’ll be right back, folks. But when she returns, we’re going to get…” she crawled forward until her face filled the entire frame. “up close and personal.”

While she waited for Vicky to get back, she answered a few questions from the chat. It was amazing how much her channel had grown in the short amount of time she had been doing this, with a viewer count that honestly scared her a little now that she was looking at it. Would she be outed it she kept getting more popular, more notorious? The pale girl put on a smile and tried not to think about it too hard.

“Okay, so, Mei Ling!” she said. It was no surprise that her masked assistant was the number one topic of debate and discussion. “So, you all wanna know where I found her, if we’re dating, blah blah. Well… sorry, but that’s between me and my assistant! Use your imaginations!” she laughed, waving her hands around. “Does she speak English? Some say she lives in a cave, and that she is invisible to ducks. All we know is, she’s called Mei Ling.”

As Mel tended to her audience, ‘Mei Ling’ was leaning a hand on the kitchen counter, trying to get her breath back. She’d never felt such a high. It was like she’d just ran two marathons. It felt like her mind was about to break. She tore the mask off and ran a hand over her face, flushed red and covered in sweat, and took deep breaths. A part of her knew already that this was just the beginning. Oh, the things she could do to that girl… and on camera!

Not to mention being buck naked on camera for the whole internet to see. For all she knew, her classmates were watching this right now… possibly cumming like crazy at her antics, too. Cause this was some sexy stuff. Confidence flowed into the asian girl. She turned her mask around, looked at it hard. When she wore this, Vicky transformed into a godess of sex. She put it back on, breathing normally again, and searched the cupboards for what she was looking for. Ah, there it was…

Clutching the two items in her hand, she made her way back to Mel’s bedroom. As she stepped through the door, her roommate turned to her with a big smile.

“Ah, there she is! Let’s get this party started again!”

She rolled back from where she was sitting on the edge of the bed, sending her legs flying up into the air in one smooth motion until she was lying on her back folded in two, her feet having landed next to her head. With practiced ease, she hooked her legs under her arms, crossing her ankles behind her neck. When she had gotten comfortable, Vicky knelt down on the bed next to her, tucking her legs beneath herself, and slipped four fingers of each hand into Mel’s pussy. She pulled them apart slowly but forcefully, trying to gape the redhead’s cunt as wide as possible. The two inches separating her hands became three, then four. When she almost reached five, she pulled out her fingers and grabbed the roll of clear plastic tape she had brought with her.

While the cavernous hole between Mel’s legs very slowly began to shrink back to its original size, she pulled off a section about two inches long and cut it loose with the scissors she’d taken as well. Returning her hands to her friend’s depths, she quickly forced her walls apart again to a five-inch gape, then stuck half of the piece of tape to the pink walls of her vagina and half to the skin of her hips, preventing it from closing. She repeated this five more times, until each side of her pussy was held in place by three pieces of tape. The viewers could clearly see Mel’s g-spot, and every time she leaned forward a little they could see flashes of her cervix.

“I thought it was time I opened up a little to you guys,” said Mel with a wink. “Literally. One hole down, plenty more to go.”

They repeated the process almost move for move with the hole just beneath. It was still gaping from the night’s activities anyway, so it took practically zero effort to tape it up the same way as the her vag. That left one more hole in that area.

“Hokay, this will be a little trickier!” said Mel, bracing herself as she looked down at Vic. The masked assistant, her fingers soaked with juices by this point, scaled back her ambition a little by ‘only’ fitting three fingers from each hand into Mel’s urethra. The first time she tried to apply some tape she was too slow, and the little hole returned to its normal dimensions, so she had to be quick when she stuck it on. A part of Mel recognized that this was gonna be painful to get off later, but it was too hot not to try.

When Vicky finished, she went over to the webcam and picked it up, bringing it closer to the holes on display. Very close, in fact – now the viewers could see all three holes, each one gaped wide enough to fit a fist inside comfortably. The top hole has little drips coming out of it, and the middle one had more than just drips…

“Triple gape, complete!” said Mel, happily. She shook her hips as much as she could in this position. “But we’ve still got other holes to work with, right Mei Ling?”

The masked assistant nodded silently, setting the camera back in place and moving over towards the side of the bed.

Working her way upwards, Vicky focused on the next available set of holes. Mel’s nipples had closed back up almost completely after their first lovemaking session. Only if you looked really closely could you see a tiny hole that was a little bigger than usual. This lasted all of about five seconds under Vicky’s ministrations, who got to work thrusting, twisting and spreading her fingers inside Mel’s milk ducts, until they too were taped open to form holes almost two inches in diameter.

Having finished with the redhead’s chest, Vicky shifted sideways another foot or so and settled beside Mel’s head. The redhead looked up at her expectantly before obediently opening her mouth.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhh,” she said theatrically as she gaped her mouth wide.

Taping her mouth open, however proved to be a challenge. Vicky first tried curling back Mel’s lips and taping them like she had done the other holes, but as soon as her friend closed her mouth most of the effect was lost. Next, she tried using long strips to tape Mel’s teeth to her chest, but they weren’t strong enough to keep her mouth open.

Vicky was tapping the mouth of her mask in thought when Mel had an idea.

“Ooh, I know, you can dislocate my jaw!”

The Asian girl leaned down.

“But won’t that hurt you?” she whispered in Mel’s ear.

“Nah, I’ve dislocated my arms and legs dozens of times before. Shoulders, knees, you name it and I’ve probably dislocated it at one point or another while being careless in my youth. It doesn’t really hurt, it just means I can’t use my muscles anymore until I push everything back into place. Granted, I’ve never tried to dislocate my jaw before, but I don’t see why it should be different. Just exert steady pressure and you’ll feel it start to shift at some point.”

Vicky sat back up, giving Mel one more look to make sure she really wanted to do this. Mel nodded and opened wide again. Placing the heel of her hand against the teeth of her friend’s lower jaw to be able to apply the most amount of force, the masked girl started pushing. There was resistance at first, but as she slowly increased the pressure she suddenly felt something give. Pushing a little harder still, there was a ‘pop’ sound and Mel’s jaw gave way, opening impossibly wide until it lay against her neck. Vicky froze immediately, afraid she had broken something. Scenarios of how the hell she was going to explain this in the hospital started flashing through her head, which were interrupted when Mel gave her a thumbs up. Letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding, she resumed the show, grabbing Mel’s tongue and wiggling it around for the audience.

Mel could only stare and wave her hands around, unable to speak with her jaw dislocated. It did rather look like she was smiling as Vicky pulled her tongue out, until she felt it tug at the base of her mouth. Vicky realised that, with her gimmick of being mute, there wouldn’t be a lot of talking going on here, either to the audience or even between themselves. She would have to be careful. That being said, she continued to give the tongue a few tugs, confident that Mel would signal if it was getting painful or dangerous. The slimy muscle was pulled on for three, four, five tugs… Vicky let it go eventually, and now it dangled down noticably longer than before, although not quite enough to overlap her chin.

Vicky picked up the lower part of the broken jaw, feeling the hard bone and the rows of teeth in her hand. This somehow felt a lot weirder than, say, shoving a hand inside a uterus. Maybe because she had at least conceived of that act beforehand. This was totally unheard of, to play with a dislocated jaw, to feel the weight of it in her hand as she pulled it up, moving it around and making Mel’s face look so incredibly bizarre. Of course, there was only one thing for it. She’d have to stretch this too.

Grasping one side of the jaw in each hand, she started applying steady pressure, slowly pulling Mel’s jaw downward until her chin touched her collarbone. This caused the redhead’s throat to open up further and further, creating a very inviting hole. Tilting her friend’s head back with one hand so that her head was out of the way, Vicky sank her other hand down Mel’s gullet. It felt rather like slithering through her bowels, to be honest. When she had about half of her forearm embedded in Mel’s esophagus, the redhead started to make choking sounds. The Asian girl quickly pulled her arm back allowed, allowing Mel to take a few much-needed breaths. When she caught Vicky’s questioning look, she gave her a little nod to indicate she could continue. The masked girl decided to be faster this time to avoid accidentally choking her friend. She plunged her arm in three quarters of the way to her elbow before immediately pulling back out. Once Mel had taken a breath, she went back in, and again, going a little deeper each time until she could feel her elbow slipping down the redhead’s throat. She paused for just a second to give the viewers a good look before pulling out for the final time.

No sooner had Mel gotten her breath back than she was surprised by Vicky jamming her index and middle fingers up her nostrils and trying to spread them. It seemed her roommate wasn’t going to stop until she had gaped every hole in Mel’s body. Who knew her uptight roommate was so into this? And, more importantly, why hadn’t anyone told her months ago?

It was of course no surprise to learn that the nostrils were a rather tight pair of holes, but, Mel being Mel, there was room to play with. Vicky had used her index and middle finger on her right hand, and took to thrusting her hand in and out in short little bursts. There were a few crackling sounds as the cartilage that made up Mel’s nose shifted around her fingers, which she had managed to get about as deep as the second joint. Mel was only capable of moaning in a way that was impossible to understand, her mouth stuck in a perpetual yawn.

The masked assistant started to put a bit more thrust and power into her hand, and there was a satisfying crack as her fingers went in past the second joint, allowing her to slide in pretty much up to the knuckle. For a brief moment she wondered if this would lead to her poking her roommate’s brain by accident, before shaking her head and smiling under the mask.

Silly girl, noses don’t work that way.

Still, it was an amusing thought. When she felt that the moment had been milked long enough, Vicky put her other hand on Mel’s now rather abused face, to give herself something to push against as she extracted those digits from deep inside Mel’s nose. With a pop straight out of a comedy film her hand flew backwards, her fingers freed. Mel wobbled, before facing the camera. Her nostrils were now flared impossibly wide, each on the size of a small coin, and she immediately started fingering them herself, curious.

As she explored this new pair of holes that she had neglected up until this point in her life, Vicky didn’t sit idly by. She moved on the Mel’s last set of unviolated holes, grabbing the shell of Mel’s left ear with one hand while sticking a fingertip in her ear canal with the other. The hole grew slowly larger as she pulled her hands apart, until it was big enough for a second finger. She didn’t stop there, however, and over the course of a minute or two she managed to add a third finger, then a fourth. Her fingers spread out into a square, pushing the elasticity of her roommate’s skin to its limit as the little hole was stretched far wider than it was ever intended to.

The bigger hole also let in more light, and gradually the darkness inside was replaced with a yellowish white. That had to be her friend’s skull! Except… skull’s weren’t supposed to be all cracked, were they? Curious, she replaced the two fingers of one hand with two of the other, keeping the hole spread as she reached in and picked up a small chip of bone between her thumb and index finger. Surely this couldn’t be right. She dropped it on the bed and fished out another. And another. After removing about a dozen of them, she had created a big enough gap to see what lay beneath. It had a wrinkly texture, and its color was a grayish pink. The hand with which she had been keeping Mel’s ear spread flew to the mouth of her mask in a reflex to cover her shocked gasp.

“Mel!” she hissed urgently, the camera momentarily forgotten in her consternation. “I can see your brain!”

Mel let out a gurgle that honestly could mean anything before turning her head around, now with two fingers up each nostril. Vicky pointed at her jaw, still dangling against the redhead’s collarbone. Nodding, Mel slowly slid her fingers out form her nose, blinking as they emerged. Vicky helped her get the jawbone back in place, essentially holding it where it should be as Mel moved her head around it. There was a loud click, and then a sigh.

“Aaaaargh… that’s better. Was starting to worry I’d swallow a fly like that!” joked Mel. “What were you saying before? I kinda couldn’t hear, on account of you turning my ear into a future dildo insertion site. Haha.”

Vicky shook her head, trying to express that this was serious without talking. She pointed at the camera and made a cutting-off motion, generally seeming urgent. Mel, to her credit, got the message. She turned back to the camera, smiling.

“Hope you guys are enjoying the show–” she said, eyes scanning the chat. “Oho, seems like you are! Yeah, pretty crazy stuff, right? And trust me, we’re just getting–”

At that point, Vicky tapped her on the shoulder, making a “Hurry it up” gesture. Wow, whatever this was, it had sure freaked Vicky out…

“Okay guys, we’re gonna take a quick break. See you soon!” She put her hand over the camera, then turned around at her roommate who had whipped off her mask. “What is it, Vicky? Did I go too far?”

Before she replied, Vicky walked over to her and pulled the USB cable out of the camera.

“No, you didn’t. But I think I might have. I’m so sorry, if I’d known I’d have never–”

Mel’s heart melted at the sight of the guilt-ridden Asian girl and she pulled her into a hug.

“Oh, come on, it can’t be that bad. Just relax and tell me what happened.”

The redhead listened patiently as Vicky recounted the events of the past few minutes.

“If I had to guess I’d say I broke it pretty recently,” she said when her roommate told her about her cracked skull. “I’ve crashed to the floor twice this week, so I probably just hit my head a little harder than I thought.”

When Vicky finished her story, Mel was quiet, her mouth hanging slightly open, her eyes focused on a point somewhere behind her roommate.

“Holy shit…” she muttered.

“Again, I’m *so* sorry. I understand that you’re mad, and of course I’ll pay for the hosp–”

“That is so cool!” interrupted Mel, the corners of her mouths curling upward in an expression of delight. She raised her left hand to her ear, one finger already outstretched to enter her earhole.

“Wha– are you crazy?” asked Vicky, quickly grabbing Mel’s wrist and keeping it locked in place.

“Uh, did you just, like, forget about what we’ve been doing?” replied Mel, brow furrowed. “Yeah, I am kinda crazy. It’s great!”

“Mel,” began Vicky, trying to play Serious, Responsible Friend, “this is totally different from–”

“From what, you shoving you entire arm up my butt?” the redhead shot back, finger still lodged in her ear as she stood up for herself.

The other girl didn’t really have a reply to that, but she didn’t give up yet.

“You could die!” she said, going direct. “This isn’t a game; I saw your actual god damn brain and I’m kinda freaked out right now.”

Mel was silent for a few seconds, her expression softening as Vicky felt herself get emotional.

“If I was… normal, I’d be dead by now anyway,” said Mel, her other hand caressing her friend’s shoulder. “And hey, I’m not gonna shove a dildo in it or anything.” She paused. “Although…”


“I’m kidding! Maybe. Look –” Mel pulled her finger out of her ear and raised it like she was swearing an oath. “I will go straight to a medical professional after this, but we both know we’d spend the rest of our life wondering what might have been if we hadn’t at least tried to do something cool in this moment. So let’s test it out right now, and if it’s all good, we put on a damn fine show and then you can act like my mom about this, okay?”

“Does your mom often stop you lobotomising yourself?”

“You’d be surprised. Deal?”

A hand was extended. Vicky took a huge breath, staring Mel right in the eye.

“…You’re lucky that I’m extremely horny today. Okay, deal.”


So happy to see you back here, at it again with the amazing stories


Wow, that was awesome! Especially the heart part. Can't wait to see what they can do with the brain.


Thanks, I enjoy your work and ideas so it's very nice to see you enjoyed this.


It feels nice to finally get into the actual gorey parts I've had planned for years. Hold on to your butts, we're just getting started.



Ok, I've just read your Tomb Raider story on HF…
Please. PLEASE for the love of god write more of it!!!


Well, you're in luck, since that's the next chapter we're working on. We've already got the plot outlined; writing will start in the new year.


Nice, I love your stuff!


Oh my God it's been only two months since the last chapter but I'm really, really thirsty for more.

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