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We were friends since early college. Tom, Steve, Martin, Gerry, Toby. Alice and Toby were together from the start, Mina and Steve as well. Gerry had a girlfriend, but she wasn't into this kind of stuff and staid home. And me of course. Lydia. I've been part of the original group. I call them close friends, and if anyone had asked me if I'd mind a bit of benefits, I wouldn't have said no. But effectively I was single.

The trip was planned for late summer, and the weather agreed, too. I guess we had planned it for two years, although back then it had just been a silly idea after too much booze.

Somehow that idea had become more and more real, and now we were actually in Steve's minibus and driving out into the wilderness. For the barbecue.

We brought everything. Spits, charcoal, grill, even bricks for a fire-oven. Gerry had brought a ginormous kettle that looked like an evil witch would cook in it. All the gear didn't even fit in the bus, we had a trailer with that stuff and the tent.

What we didn't have was meat. And no, we weren't going hunting.

We were the meat. Well, not the boys. But Alice was almost the driving force behind it all. Without her we would have just discarded the idea. Mina, well she was a bit hesitant. I assume it scared her as much as it turned her on. Maybe it turend her on so much because she was scared. Some people are like that.

And me? Sure, I think its hot. And it would only be fair if I contribute, right? But I didn't think I'd take it all the way. I wanna watch. I'm curious. Sure, I'd try some stuff, too. Thats the coast of entry, can't be a spoilsport. What exactly, I still had no idea. I think noone had.

We knew exactly where we'd go. It was a designated grill and bbq place, but ever since they had closed the interstate and build the new highway, it was really difficult to get ther. You had to take backroads through the forest and the place was overgrown. Tom had even checked it out and made photos. We had a chainsaw and some machetes to clear the brush and make it useable.

On the first evening we were too exhausted. Building the tent had taken till ten PM and we only ate a few prepackaged granola bars for dinner and went to sleep, exhausted.

The next morning, Mina surprised us with fresh milk.

Mina had had a miscarriage. The baby boy had been deformed and her body had thrown him out lifeless, over a month early. But she had kept milking her Dcub breasts for the last few month and even without a baby suckling, she was lactating. Steve really got off on that, but somehow she had managed to pump some in bottles during the drive, and now we all had fresh woman-milk. Mina drunk some, too of course.

It tasted sweet. So much different from farm milk. But everyone commented her on it. They even wanted her to show off milking herself into another glass.

She did, pulling and squeezing her large nipples, squirting almost a steady stream into the glass until it was half full. But before Steve could pick it up she grabbed it and drunk her milk in one gulp. "Nuh uh. Not for you this time. You had your share."

Everyone laughed.

After breakfast we went to the lake. It was crystal clear water, although a bit cold. None of us had brought swimsuits. Alice just dropped out of her dress, and had nothing under it. I had jeans and a shirt and regular undies. But I didn't mind showing off my body to the boys. I was a C cup and had a bit of muscle, though not too much. I definitely could fish for looks and show off a bit.

The boys were also not too bad. Gerry had a sexy ass, Tom was hung like a horse. Martin looked like he was secretly doing martial arts training. Looking at them could get her a bit horny if she wanted to. Especially Martin, he looks like he could wrestle me down. That'd be fun, being held like in a bench wise, and then fucked senseless. Maybe I have a mit of a rape fetish. Too bad I'm not the girl any rapist would approach. If, then Alice could be a victim. A willing one at best though.

The water was cold, and made my nipples stand up very pointy. Mina's breasts not so much. Her nipples were standing out, but that was because they were huge from all the milking. Alice had goosebumbs all over and shivered a bit. I sneaked up to her and ave her a bearhug from behind, warming her breasts with my hands. "Cold? Don't get a cold, if you're sick we can't eat you."

She shivered again, but not from the cold. I must have pressed a button or two.

"Tease...." she responded, blushing and biting her lips.

After the bath we all dried ourselves dry. Alice was biting her lips, she was looking at me and Mina, then at the boys, then down on herself. She was still pointy, but not from the cold.

"Should.... do you guys wanna start? Should we build up a grill?"

Steve looked around. "Might as well. Let's all work together. If we build everything up, we have free choice later."

So they started working. Me, too. I went and grabbed a large grill from the trailer that would fit over the fireplace. Martin took an entire bbq oven on his own and made it look like it weighed nothing. Holy fuck he looks so hot like that. There's something about sexy men doing manual labor. I wished he'd pick me up like that and carried me behind a tree.

I guess that thought was still in my mind when I bent down a bitr further than necessary, showing everyone my ass and probably my pussy, too, as I put the grill where it belonged. I felt the cool forest air on it, which meant everyone had a nice look and I was a bit wet.

They were certainly staring, but noone made a move yet. Well, maybe later.

Alice didn't have sex in mind, she wanted to start grilling. I wonder if she had planned it out in all detail. Probably yes. Probably she didn't think of much else during the last few weeks, than which part of her to prepare how.

For the large kettle we actually had to heave together to fill it with lake water.

A smaller kettle was filled with oil. "For deepfrying" Tom explained.

I spotted the large spit. Holy shit, that thing was half an inch thick, from chromed steel, and pointy. More than 6 feet long, it could go straight through one of us. A slight shiver of excitement ran down my spine as I brusherd my finger alongside it. Alice would look good on it too, I thought. Likely it were her idea.

Roasting on a spit was definitely not something to start the party with. I knew Alice had no plans of ever coming home again, but I wasn't so sure.

We got everything ready, made a fire under the grills, under the kettle. Charcoal was crinkling in the heat and it already smelled barbecuey. The scent of starter fluid slowly made room for the smokey smell of burning wood and charcoal.

I wanted to know what the plan was, so I took the initiative. "OK, guys and girls. I think preparation look good, what do we start with? Any specific plans?"

I saw Alice bite her lips. Oh yes she had a plan. A masterplan. But even she looked uncertain to the boys.

Tom was the first to speak up. "You know, I always wanted to try a grilled boob." He cupped some air in the shape of a female breast. "I'm sure its really juicy."

Steve nodded. "We should wager that carefully. We have only six boobs between us, and two of them provide milk. And then we don't want to have all the gals boobless right from the start, that'd be boring."

I had to admit that was a good point. Mina was quick to agree. "If you want more milk tomorrow, then don't start with my boobs. I think they'd be tricky to get right anyway, they got so large. I don't want to have me burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

Alice bit her lip. She was obviously debating between two equally sexy scenarios. She started to say something, then stopped, then opened her mouth again. "Guys, I kinda have something special planned for later. But it'd kinda ruin it without my breasts. I'd really like to roast them though."

"Well, you can't have the cake and eat it." Gerry said. "How about you Lydia? Would you be willing to donate the first bit? Or are we all chickening out now?"

I felt my face get red and blush. My boobs also got pointy and I instinctively grabbed for one of them. I hadn't planned on going first, after all. But then again, hey, this was going to happen eventually.

"I guess. But only one. I'm keeping the other..." I demanded. "How... how are we going to do this? Do you want me to slice it off amazon style and then put it on the grill? Or marinade it?"

Alice turned to me. "You should totally grill it on you. Thats half the fun. If you cut it off first, it'd be just like anyone elses boob for you."

I opened my mouth, but I was afraid to speak. Roasting a part of me, on me? Holy shit that was hot, but it'd hurt like hell. Maybe I could take painkillers, we brought plenty. But they'd take a while to do anything.

I felt dizzy as I walked towards the large grill trying to convince me I could do that. I'd just lean over and press my breast against the roast until it stopped hurting. But I hesitated when a heat wave blasted my face still two feet away from it.

Behind me, Steve had gotten up and went for a small mini-grill. It looked like a mixture of a waffle iron and a bbq. It had to be to bbq a single burger. Or some toast. Or... a breast.

"Here, I think this would work better. On that one, with the heat that high, you'd cook your entire chest through.

I gave him a thankful nod. Yes, with the minibbq it could work. It was still cold, so I 'tried it on.' I opened it, pushed my breast in, and squeezed. The metal pinched me and was surprisingly cold. But the size was perfect. Almost as if made for just my chest-size.

I was almost hyperventilating, as I went for a spatula and shoveled glowing charcoal into the device.

"You totally should put on some marinade. I could put it on for you." Tom suggested. He had a bottle of some odd bbq marinade in his hand already.

The other males gave approving murmors.

I laughed and sat down, left the mini-bbq on the floor to heat its iron up.

"Sure, I never say no to a free boob massage. Tenderize them nicely, but don't make me sore, it's gonna hurt enough later anyway." I told him and leaned back, giving him free reign.

Like a masseur he squirted bbq sauce on his hands then went down on my breasts. Both of them. The sauce was cold, and had my nipples not already been erect, they'd have been it now.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to moan in pleasure. Playing with my boobs was usually a good way to turn me on. And I was already turned on. So was everyone else, if their cocks were any indication. Locked and loaded. Alice I already knew she was close to fingering herself to climax. Mina, I think enjoyed it more internally, but she had a dreamy look on her face.

"Oh yeah, those babies are gonna be tasty." Tom teased. "So juicy and tender."

I let out a little moan, maybe. I looked at my breasts, and they had turned colour, dark red brown from the marinade. Whatever it was, it really seeped into my skin and started tingling and feeling warm. Probably had some chili in it. Especially on my nipples it burned a bit. Oh boy were they hard and pointy, it almost hurt.

I yelped, as Tom gave me a final slap. "There, all ready for the grill."
I felt a little lightheaded and afraid. I had to prevent myself from thinking about loosing my breasts here. That was a slippery slope on which I knew I'd chicken out. I had to go with the flow.

"Alice?" I called with more trembling voice than I expected.

"I'm gonna need you here. This is. Oh hell this minigrill is really hot. That's gonna hurt like hell. I need you to keep me distracted. Finger me crazy, keep my mind hazy, would you?"

Alice beamed. "Sure, just spread your legs, I'm gonna do you well." she said grinning.

She went to work between my legs. Not with her fingers, oh no, she opened her mouth and started giving me cunnilingus. I tensed up and shivered. "Oh yes!!!" I approved, then grabbed the mini-grill. I opened it. It's metal top had heated nicely, like a waffle iron. The bottom was a grill, underneath the charcoal was glowing red. I'd have to hold it, stick my boob in between and squeeze it together. And then hold it until...

Until I was done. I realized. Holy hell, I was really going to roast myself like a piece of meat. And my precious boobs no less. No, don't think about it, I told myself. Do it now.

"Here, we go, don't mind me if I scream this is gonna hu..."

I did it quick, so I wouldn't be able to stop myself. I felt the heat, it was much hotter than I thought. And then the hot metal touched my skin. It hissed. I clenched the lid down, hoping that my boob would fit in between. I should have done a fit check while it was still cold, I realized, now I just pressed and at the same time screamed.

There was a little notch in the grill where the lid could arrest itself. I let go, because it hurt too much, but it had itself arrested, and now the grill was stuck firmly on my boob and felt like only searing hot metal against skin could feel.

"Aaaiiiii! Aaaah Get it off get it ... holy fucking christ, it huuurts.....uuuuuh."

Alice took her job serious. That moment she bit down on my clit. I hadn't realized I was that close, I arched, and watched the steam rise from the grill, like through a haze. I was still screaming, although it sounded more like a moan now. Alice really knew how to do this. I grabbed my other breast and clenched hard, trying anything to offset the excruciating pain in my chest.

It sizzled, I realized. My boob sizzled and hissed, like a steak put on the grill. I could even feel the sizzling. The pain wasn't uniform, I could feel how my skin cooked and vibrated with the noise. Tiny steam bubbles came out of my skin and rose. It smelled of burnt skin, and then... I could smell roasting meat.
"Oh fuck I can smell myself roasting..." I yelled. "Keep going Alice, don't stop. Please..."

Of course Alice had to check and see for herself, which meant she neglected my cunny. Luckily she went back to work with even more fervor. She seemed to enjoy, feeling my body writhe under her in a mix of agony and pleasure.

The pain turned number. Physics had mercy with me. As my boobs started getting cooked, the parts exposed to the most heat stopped feeling anything. Instead I now started the heat inside my boob. It felt like it was growing. Expanding on the grill, like a sausage. It hurt so much, I don't know how to even describe it. I was rocking and trembling, and I think I couldn't even have taken it off if I really tried. My arms were way too uncontrolled. I pinched


my other boobs nipple and I took the grill by the handle and tugged a bit. Not enough to make it come off, just to give me any other sensation that wasn't just burning.

Alice really did a good job. I came. Right in the middle of being grilled I came. My legs trembled, my breath went in short, quick bursts, my fingers tingled, and my left breast was being roasted in a grill.

I was still coming down from the climax, when the sensation became a bit odd. My breast had gotten number and number, thankfully, I barely felt most of my boob anymore. But I did feel a increasing pressure, like a swelling. And then suddenly there was a popping sound, and the pressure suddenly went away. It hissed, and more steam was rising, followed by a flame out of the grill.

"Holy shit, take it off Lydia. It's too much, you're burning it." Gerry shouted.

I was still puzzled what that weird sensation had been. Something had popped. But the flame was definitely not good. I wanted to roast my boob for my friends. The thought of having waisted my breast meat by burning it... I pushed the handle and tried to peel it apart.

"Let me help!" Martin announced and took the handle, twisted it, opened the grill and yanked it free. It hissed and sizzled as it fell to the grass. There was oil in the charcoal, but the flame stopped after a few seconds.

Everyone stared at my boob. Me too.

It was charred. Pitch black stripes ran over it. It had been squeezed flat and staid that way, but along the edge it had split and burst open like a sausage on the grill. Steam was rising from it, and it smelled like slightly overdone bbq meat.

Gerry went to me and held it up a bit.

"A bit overdone, but this will do. How... how does it feel?" he asked me.
I reached and touched my own grilled chest meat. "Ouch.... its hot!" I explained and shook my fingers. Like a sausage fresh from the grill. Touching it, I felt something move on my chest, but I had no more sensation in it. Only further back, I felt the stinging pain from having been burnt.

I felt the underside and got black fingers. The bottom was burnt more, charred. I scratched and a flake bit of black charring flaked away. I winced. This wasn't perfectly done, it was definitely over.

"I can barely feel anything anymore." I told them. "I didn't overdo it did I? It can still be eaten?" I asked hopefully.

"Sure, no problem." Gerry said. "It's just a bit charred on the bottom. Most of it is fine. Tom, can you bring me a plate and that knife? Or better that cutting board over there.

I guess it would have been neat, to eat it directly of my chest, but with 8 people that was not really practical. Being served like that was also kinda neat though.

"Where should I cut? Here?" Gerry asked me. He put the knife relatively far outwards where my meat was definitely cooked. I couldn't even feel the touch.

I shook my head. Having cooked meat left on me was probably a bad idea. I wanted this to heal without complications. Together we found a spot where I had some sensation but I hoped it wouldn't be too bad.

Then he sliced through. I wasn't prepared for the sensation at all. I was expecting only pain, but this was feeling oddly... satisfying. I must have moaned, as everyone looked at me.

I giggled and made a step back, looked at the roasted, somewhat flattened breast on the cutting board, then down at my chest. The wound was oval in shape, and pinkish. There was some blood but not much. I wondered if I should bandage it or if that could wait.

But then I turned my attention to the piece of roasted meat on the board.

"Who wants some?" gerry asked.

"I do, too." I told him. It was the least, if I sacrificed my breast, I wanted to at least taste it.

"You get one of the best pieces then." He promised.

He cut it into eight slices. Obviously the two outer ones were a bit smaller. The inner ones he had made thinner. The two innermost slices had half of my nipple each, and he gave me one of them.

With a pounding heart, I tried.

"Mhmmm. Crunchy!" Alice summarized my thoughts. She had eaten the other centerpiece.

The bottom was indeed a bit burnt and bitter, but overall, I liked my flavour. I tried to make it last and ate in small bites, savouring the once in a lifetime taste.

I looked down at my second breast. It was red brown from the massage it had received earlier, and basically ready for roasting. Then I noticed the hungry gazes of some of the boys on it. They had already finished their pieces and looked hungry.

I covered my breast and glared at them. They grinned. "You're not getting both my titties at once. This one is for later! It's a delicacy, not against hunger."

Steve agreed with me. "She's right. If we are all that hungry, we need to eat something with a bit more substance. An arm, or a leg, or something.

At the mentioning of "more substance" everyone had been already looking at Mina.

"Me?" she asked fearful, but I could tell that this was exciting her. I nodded. I felt like I had the authority, since I had gone first.

She looked down at her legs, blushing, then grabbed her right thigh with both hands.

"Do you think this is enough meat for everyone for today?"

Steve put an arm around her. "You don't have to if you don't want to." He said.

She bit her lips, then shook her head. "No, its fair. If Lydia can do it, so can I."

Something seemed to bother her though. "I... I don't think I can stand the pain of roasting. Could you cut it off first?" she asked.

Everyone looked at Gerry. He lifted his hands. "Hey, I'm a butcher, not a doctor. Are you sure you want to have me make a leg amputation?"

He stepped up to Mina, wanting to make sure.

"I guess... at least you know anatomy, right?" she asked meekly.

He was obviously unsure about that. "What if I do it wrong and you die?"

Mina smiled. "Then I'm going to be really pisse at you because I didn't get to taste any of me, and you have a lot more of me to eat." She stated matter of factly. "And no more milk." she added. "So better don't kill me. Right Steve? He can do that." She asked her boyfriend.

Steve gulped. Looked between Mina and Gerry. "I can help you. How... how about you lay down on the table over there and I go get some painkillers. We're not in the middle ages after all.

Minda ate some painkillers, but I doubted the dose she had taken would have too much of an effect. If at all it'd be a bit numbed. Then she and Steve went 'behind the bushes'. Apparently he wanted to have one last proper romp before we started eating her. Fair enough. I took a pill, too since my breast was throbbing and stinging. Then I went and got some bandages wrapped around me. It felt better that way. I looked like an Amazon now, with one breast missing and flat. I licked some of the bbq marinade from my other nipple, teasing myself.

Eventually Mina and Gerry came back, arm in arm. She was lactating so much, drops of milk were oozing from her chest. He helped her on the table, then they bound a belt really tight around her upper thigh, just where it met the hip. Mina flexed her toes, giggling. I could imagine how she tried to anticipate how it would feel if she coudn't feel them anymore because they weren't there. Kinda a hot idea, I could get into that.

"Ready?" Gerry asked. He stood next to the table, basically between her legs, since she had her other leg dangling of the side, so it wasn't in the way.
He had brought a really big cleaver. Mina nodded, squirming a bit, but she held her leg still. Gerry placed his hand on her thigh, a bit above the knee.

"I always wanted to butcher a woman. In case this goes wrong, thank you so much." He told Mina.

"Don't worry, it won't go wrong. Just cut my leg off already. I think me toes are falling asleep with that belt on." She said and wriggled them, eyeing the cleaver with anticipation.

"OK, let's do this." He said and lifted the knife high above his head.

Mina squirmed a bit, and her chest was heaving in fearful excitement.


Mina moaned. She lifted her leg, but only a short stump moved. The rest of her leg was still on the table.

"Oh wow.... Oh my god.... Oh my...." she moaned and sat up, staring at her leg stump. Then at her leg. The cleaver was stuck in the cutting board, Gerry had overdone it a bit. Behind it, her leg was undisturbed and motionless, until Mina picked it up and turned it in her hands.
"Oh wow... it's so heavy."

Blood was dripping out of the severed leg. The thigh bone was visible right in the center of her cut thigh, then a ring of red muscle, and then a white layer under her skin.

She probed it with a finger, then turned it around and took one of her toes between her fingers. The ones she had just wriggled.

"It's so hard to believe that this is mine. I can't feel a thing..." she said and held the leg against her stump, the way it had been a second ago. Of course that didn't reattach it, but she seemed to enjoy it. Holding it there, then taking it off again.

"So now we grill it?" She asked eagerly.

Gerry shook his head. "Now we need to sew the stump, or you bleed out like a pig the moment that belt gets loose" he said. "Lay back down, and I'm going to treat it, and then we hope it holds."

I was absentmindedly stroking my clit. This was so hot. Already worth loosing a breast for.

A few minutes later, Gerry had somehow sewn her blood vessels. He then picked up a pan that had been sitting on the grill empty for a while and told her to hold her stump straight up.

It hissed a lot, and Mina screamed, as he pressed the pan down over the stump. "There, that should have cauterized the rest."

"It hurts..." Mina complained.

Gerry ignored that and reached for the belt.

"OK, let's see. If it bleeds too much, the belt has to stay on." he said and carefully loosened it.

Mina moaned. A few drops of blood dripped from her stump, but then it stopped.

Steve was already there with bandages and started wrapping them around her wound. They soaked through red pretty quickly, but it was only to protect the wound a bit.

"Can you stand up?" Steve asked his girlfriend and helped her up.

"This is so weird..." she said, moving her stump as she was hopping on one leg. She reached for her other, on the table and brought it over to the grill.

Gerry put the roast a bit higher away from the charcoal, so the leg could roast slowly. We watched it, having our mouths water.

I felt Martin's strong hand on my shoulder.

"What do you say Lyra, wanna have some fun before we eat?"

How could I say no. Soon later, we were behind some bushes on the ground, and he was on me, and his dick in me. My chest throbbed a bit, but he made up for it by playing with my other, licking the remaining sauce from my nipple. The skin kept its darker colour though, apparently the marinade had really soaked in.

We were both close, when he suddenly asked me.

"When Alice was eating you out earlier, It got me thinking..."

"Oooh...." I answered, hoping he wouldn't stop.

"Would you let me eat your pussy? Right there, between your legs? I kinda wanna sink my teeth right into your cunt and chew and gulp, while you come."

I came. Oh fuck that thought, right during sex, made me come hard. He came too and squirted into me. We weren't using a condom, but if we did what he had just suggested, that barely mattered.

Once I had caught my breath I had to ask. "How do you want my pussy? Raw? Medium or Well done?"

He grinned. "Medium rare. I don't want raw meat, but I still want you to feel it all."

"Won't the others be disappointed though, that you get all of my best part?" I wondered, feeling a bit guilty about this idea.

He smirked. "We can do it in front of them. I'm sure they like to watch. And if they want some, there's two more pussies to be had."

"So my pussy is going to be your desert." I said lightheaded. I could feel his cum ooze out of me, past his cock which was slowly deflating. I squeezed my pussy a bit, teasing him.

"You could give it another cream filling, just before I cook it. How's that?" I suggested.

He grinned. "Why just me? It's gonna be the last time you have sex, you should get everyone involved"

Oh fuck that was a hot idea.They'd all fill me up, and then ... sizzle!!! I'd roast my well marinated cunt for the most sexy of them! Totally worth it! That's at least what I thought that moment. Martin was so fucking hot, I think he could have asked me anything.

We came back, I was literally dripping his cum from my cunt, and Mina was at the grill drooling over her own leg, which Gerry was inspecting from time to time.

"OK, we can eat!" He finally proclaimed. Mina would have loved to carry her own leg to the table, but she could only hop, leaned against Steve, so Gerry brought the meat. She got to choose and wanted her foot. Her entire foot.

Everyone else got neat slices of meat. There was plenty for all eight of us. We really gorged on Mina's leg, commenting her on how good it was. She blushed every time, while she was slurping and gnawing on her own toes. I had the suspicion she had a bit of a foot fetish. Occasionally she gave her foot over to Steve, who gave it a lick and took a bite, then gave it back. He had hardly touched his own piece. Eventually Tom asked him if he could have some of it, he had already finished with his share of Mina-calve.

It was kinda fascinating to see the remains. Gerry collected all the bones and put them down in an arrangement, similar to what they had been before. Mina burped. "Scuse me..." and held her belly, wriggling her stump.

I exchanged a glance with Martin, if we should announce our desert plans. But Alice stole our show.

"I have an announcement to make." she said, standing up.

"You all know what we are here for. You have the fantasy of eating some tasty girl meat. But... there's a part I haven't told you yet. Although you might have guessed a little bit..."

She made a pause, blushing, running her hands over her body. "I want you to eat all of me. Everything. I want to cook for you, whole. We just... weren't decided which way. You all saw that giant pot, so one option is a tasty Alice stew. Another idea we had is a full body roast, maybe on a spit. Or... I could let Gerry butcher me, and prepare my meat in the best possible way, and then roast me on the grill. Or... well, that's the three options we could come up with, but there's probably other ideas, too. Thing is, I want you guys to eat all of me. And... if possible, I'd like to last as long as possible, so I can enjoy myself cooking for you. That'd be ultra hot. But I'll go with whatever you decide, as long as


I get eaten. Let's collect all suggestions how we could 'do' me, and then make a vote, should we?"

I gaped open mouthed. I had some suspicions that she'd fantasize about this, but that she was actually going through with it... Whichever way, she wouldn't survive this. She'd be... gone.
Holy hell, that was hot.

Steve was the first to say something. "Well, each method seems to have some pro's and cons. Cooking would get your meat nicely evenly through, and you'd probably last a while if we keep the broth below boiling temperature. But cooked meat isn't the best girl meat, maybe even a bit of a waste, and we can't really start eating before she's all done and gone."

Gerry picked up the string. "Spitroasting sounds fun. She'd roast from the outside in. We could probably eat her most exposed parts already, then keep her roasting longer. It'd be even more agonizing than cooking, but taste better and last long. Now if I butcher you into pieces, the meat would be absolutely perfect, but you'd not have much of it. You wouldn't see anyone actually eat you.

Everyone nodded, weighing the options.

Tom had another idea. "Well, we brought that deepfrying vats. We could fry you. That would cook you from the outside in really quickly. We could do your arms and legs first, then eat them. And then your torso... you'd probably survive this, while your muscles and everything on the outside gets nicely fried. Really tasty. Really painful too, but only for a moment."

I suddenly grinned. "Hey, why not combine it a bit. Put you on the spit, then use it to lower you first in the big pot for a bit of simmering, with a lot of hot spices to soak you through. Then a quick dip in the hot oil, while you're still alive. And after that you could relax a bit on the grill, for a bit of a crust on each side."

Gerry picked that up. "We could stuff your belly, too. Get your guts out but leave the vitals in and make a nice tasty stuffing. I can't guarantee that you'd survive until dinner time, but if you're strong enough and we don't overdo it , there's a real chance.

Alice seamed to love it. She was beaming. She hadn't thought about combining all the methods, but it seemed almost obvious.

"Oh please please, can we do that? This sounds awesome!" she begged.

Martin rose his voice. "Do we even need to vote? I think the choice is kinda obvious. Who's for this?"

Alice was the first to rise her hand. The only one who didn't was Toby.

"Toby darling, what is it? You don't like that?" she asked him.

"I do... it's.... Alice, I love you. I don't want you to die."

A murmored 'aaaawww' could be heard. I think it was Mina.

Alice went to her boyfriend and gave him a kiss. "That's really sweet of you, but I want this. We talked about it, right? You can have my best pieces, too. I'd be happy to see you eat them. I'll stay awake through everything to see that. It's my deepest wish."

Now we all went 'aaaaw'.

Toby hugged her and gave her a kiss, his cock throbbing hard. "I know, my love, I know. I'm not saying you can't , I just. I can't vote for a method in which you die. If that's the majority vote that's ... that's the way it is. I just... I abstain. I can't vote for you to die. But I'll accept that if everyone else wants it. Especially you.

She gave him a kiss. "I'm going to make it up to you. I'll feed you my best pieces. You'll always have me with you. Forever."

Some where close to tears. But it was decided.

"You aren't going to do that now, are you?" Tom asked. "I'm stuffed."

Toby agreed. "No, not today. I want to spend the night with Alice. We'll eat her tomorrow."

After that, they left, arms in arms to find a secluded place somewhere to have their last and probably best sex ever.

I snook up to Martin and told him "Let's not do my pussy tonight. That was kinda heavy, and we have a whole week. I think that's more something like a finale anyway, isn't it? For the last day."

"But then Alice won't see it." He considered.

I bit my lip. That was a dilemma. "Wait a sec." I said, and ran after Alice and Toby.

"Alice, do you have a second?"

I told her about the plan we had had, and what she thought. She obviously liked the idea. "You know what? Do that while I'm cooking. Then I can watch you taking everyone, while I sit in the pot and slowly get stewed. I'm so gonna finger myself until I can't feel my pussy anymore..." she said promising.

I smirked. That sounded indeed like a plan.

"Giving your cunny to Martin would make a great appetizer, too. Maybe I can spread my legs on the grill, so Toby can later eat mine the same way. Wouldn't you like that? And if I'm still awake, all the better."

I hugged her. That was the best way to do this. She played a bit with my marinated titty and licked it. "Your other tit was delicious by the way. I hope mine are going to taste as good. You really should roast this one, too. Would be a waste if you didn't" she said with a wink.

"Aaaw, not you, too..." I groaned. "I'll think about it." I promised. "Have fun!"

Next I went to Gerry. He was obviously the expert on roasting meat, so I asked him how to best do my cunny. I didn't want to repeat the mess with my breast on my best piece.

"Well the trick to get good results is to have the right temperature and timing. Not too hot. Also not too long. And you need to apply the heat evenly. The best way to cook a pussy, if you ask me, is to heat up a metal dildo, with a nice thick base. Then push it in, so the base pushes against your labia. That cooks your cunt both from the inside and from the outside. It's going to be through in seconds, probably too quick for all the nerves to die off, and the right mixture of juicy and cross. But we might have to build something. It needs to have the right shape."

So we spent the evening, matching metal pipes and cut out a part of a metal grill roast, bent into shape. I tried it on, shoving it in my cunny, then we corrected, banged it into shape more, until it fit perfectly.

"In the back, we push a wooden stick. That way you have a handle that's not too hot. The metal is thick enough to hold enough heat. And with the hollow pipe, any steam from inside you can escape. It's gonna be the perfect pussy cooker, just for you." He told me and watched eagerly, as I tried it out once more.

"Thanks." I told him, and gave him a kiss. He blushed.

"Maybe if I can take that home afterwards. If I can ever convince my girlfriend to try something like this, it would be perfect. Especially if I tell her what we used it for."

"Sure, when we are done here I probably will have no use for dildos anymore. Good luck convincing your girlfriend." I told him, and took my freshly made BBQ didldo with me.

We were going to have some quality time together practicing, my dildo and me. And my cunny would better get used to the thought of getting roasted. Oh fuck, how horny that made me.

"What's that? Is that a pussy grill? Are you going to roast your pussy for us? Man, I'm really looking forward to that."

Tom had apparently been peeping on me.

I smirked at him. "Sorry, dear, my pussy is already reserved for someone else. But you can have a taste right now, if you want to sample and know how to eat a girl out." I offered.

"Awww." He looked disappointed. "I know there's only three pussies, but I was kinda hoping to score one. Well, I won't say no to a bit of licking, it's gonna taste extra nice knowing that you'll roast your cunt tomorrow."

I giggled and spread my legs wider in an invitation. Out of habit I grabbed my tits, only to find out that I only had one left. That'd take a while to get used to. But better than losing a leg.

Tom was good. Oh boy was he good. His tongue was 1A material. However, he was a biter, and I had to smack him when he went a bit overboard. "Ouch! No nibbling!" I told him off and smacked him a bit. He got the hint and went back to more pleasant licks. The soreness made it quite nice though.

"Are you going to roast your second tit, too?" he asked me, when I was close to climax.

I glared at him and clenched my legs around his head, to make him continue. No stopping now. He got the hint, and I played with my jiggly lonely tit, considering it.

I wondered how I'd get off though, if I had neither tit nor pussy left. I might have to consider getting into anal. Although there were some really kinky ideas there too, what I could do with my crotch one my cunny was gone. I had always wondered what extreme circumcision would feel like. To just have ... nothing there. I couldn't tell why that thought made me horny, maybe because I was receiving tongue from Tom, but it was definitely a horny thought.

I had some pretty good orgasms. I rewarded him by letting him fuck me, which he was pretty good at, too. I went to arms and knees and he took me doggy style. If you are a girl and haven't tried that yet. Try it. It's really nice. And he can reach around you and squeeze your tits. If you still have any that is.

Afterwards I was just spent, so we slept together until morning.

Once more Mina surprised us with a serving of fresh milk for breakfast. We decided we might as well spend the day hiking and swimming. Alice, who was still whole, did that full heartedly, while I stayed back with Mina to keep her company. She said her foot was taking revenge on her. Apparently it was itching, which she couldn't scratch since she had eaten it the previous day.
Swimming was out for both of us, we would just get our wounds infected, which no one wanted.

My breast bugged me less than the previous day. I assumed that meant it was going to heal well. I didn't replace the bandages.

When we put new bandages on Mina's leg stump, it also didn't bleed anymore.

"It's kinda useless actually" she said. "I know you could mount a prothesis to it, but I think it would be neater if I didn't even have a stump."

She made traced the line around the uppermost part of her thigh. "Having no leg at all would be kinda cool. Really easy access. I think Steve would like that."

I looked at the stump, unsure. "I don't know Mina, I think the stump is kinda neat. You can wriggle it so nicely and helpless. Are you gonna feed us your second leg, too?"

"I might..." she pondered. "I think, I'm going to watch Alice today. If it works for her, I might deep fry it. Without cutting it off first. And maybe my stump too."

She spread her pussy with two fingers. "Do you think my pussy would taste good if I accidently put it in the frier as well?"

I chuckled. "Just you wait until tonight. There's going to be a surprise with my pussy, too. I'll tell you all about it afterwards." I promised.

I had to say, she had gotten a lot more adventurous and courageous about all this.

In the afternoon, the boys started preparing everything. So far they didn't know about the gangbang plan yet. I helped as well, chopping a few vegetables for the Alice broth. We put a fire under it and heated it until the water was nicely warm but still bearable.

Alice had taken a lot of time cleaning herself, probably inside and outside. She went one last time to the lake to rinse herself, then came and we helped her in the pot.

"Mmmmh. Salty. And tasty. I'm sure I'll taste awesome after this." She explained and sat in the pot down to her neck.

"Don't forget to stir yourself every now and then" Tom joked, which got everyone laughing. She giggled and washed herself with the brew, rubbing it over her breasts.

She started breathing heavier, as the temperature rose. Moaning, she started fingering herself.

"Someone watch the temperature. We wanna have her simmer a bit, not cook to death. Make sure she doesn't faint and go under." Gerry advised, taking a few of the burning logs away from under the pot.
I exchanged a glance with Alice, then climbed on the table to make my announcement.

"Guys, I have a surprise for you. Yesterday, I promised to let Martin eat my cunt. See this baby here?" I held up my special dildo. "I'm gonna roast my cunny, and then Martin is going to eat me out like no one has eaten me out before. But before that, I was hoping you all could give me a nice creamy stuffing. Martin, do you wanna go first or last?"

I earned some cheers. Mina was clapping applause and wriggling her bandaged stump.

Gerry was first. He was very careful and gentle, and probably felt guilty for cheating on his girlfriend. He also tried hard not to look at my marinated breast with too much hunger. He came pretty quickly, he must have been pent up.

Toby was second. Alice didn't mind, she was cheering him on from the stew pot. Meanwhile Gerry took my dildo and placed it into the fireplace to heat up nicely. Then he checked on Alice. "You OK in there? I think we shouldn't make it too much hotter."

"I'm fine, don't worry. I'm stewing nicely." she answered, very red in her face.

Toby was gentle, and he threw glances back at his cooking girlfriend every now and then, which seemed to turn him on, so he pounded me more. He didn't have much to fill me with, I assume Alice took it all from him in the night.

Steve was more or less voluntold by Mina. "Fill her up for me!" she said and groped his bum, then started fingering herself, waving her stump.

He went at it with fervor and I started getting really close. All of them had been very nice so far.

I came a bit before he did, arching and shivering. Probably I sent him over the edge.

Alice came, too. She was moaning in the pot and splashing, her legs kicking under the surface. Both her hands were in her cooking cunny, her breasts were almost beet red.

Gerry watched her, grinning. Toby was a bit concerned for her, but also found it obviously hot.

Tom was next."I'm gonna fill you to the brink." he told me, and got me close to a second orgasm before he held word. I felt so full of cum, there was quite a bit leaking.

"Stay still." he commanded, and held me by the thighs, then stood up. "Don't want to waste all the filling. Relax your belly.

Martin was already there and took my legs from him, holding me head down. He was so strong. Tom had slipped out, and I grinned at the idea of being handled like a bucket.
"Ok Tom, her pussy is so nicely gaping, I can just cum into her from jerking off. I don't wanna displace all of the nice cream in there." he said. Hold her right leg. Steve, could you hold her left? Keep her spread!" he commanded.

I giggled at being manhandled like that. From underneath I had a nice view at Martin's balls and rock hard dick. He started stroking himself, first slow than feverishly.

"OK, here I cum!!!" he announced and dipped the tip


into my gaping hole. Then I felt his squirts add to whatever was already pooling inside me. This was so hot. I could actually feel myself overflowing. Cum oozed from my cunny lips and down my belly towards my breasts.

"Ready!" he announced. Gerry, bring the hot dildo. Cook her right to the point!"

Oh fuck. I had assumed I'd be doing this myself. Well, after the desaster with my breast, it was maybe better if the expert would.

Martin also took hold of my legs, I had now three strong guys holding me in position. I couldn't have moved if I had wanted to.

In anticipation, I clenched my pussy, squirting a bit of cum out in a goopey gush. This felt so weird, so depraved. And then there was the hot dildo. It was smoking hot!

Gerry aligned carefully. I could feel the heat near my poor pussylips. And then, in one quick motion he plunged it in.

I screamed, but my voice failed me after only a split second, as my whole body tensed up. Cum and a large cloud of steam hissed through the hole in the pipe that was now stuck in me, while I heard and felt the sizzling of the hot metal against me and in me.

I was so tensed up, I couldn't even breathe, It was cuiziating pain. Utter agony. Heat that seemed to cook me right into my core.

And then, after what was maybe fifteen seconds but felt like hours, he pulled it out. Probably as my skin had cooked just enough to stop being glued to the searing hot metal.

My tit had been numb and ruined after the grilling. My cunt was a different matter. It throbbed and burned, and at the same time felt swollen and aroused and I felt horny and urged for release at the same time.

"Put her on the table. Spread eagled!" Martin commanded, and took my arms. Then they carried me on the table.

I had one leg dangling down on each side of the table and was breathing in short bursts.
"Alice needs to come out, now!" Gerry warned everyone.

Martin was with them to help the slumped, dazed girl out of the simmering pot.

She was still breathing. Her skin was red like a lobster, and she probably smelled delicious.

They put her on the same table as I was, her head next to mine. I could feel the heat radiating of her.

"You OK Alice?" I asked?

She moaned.

Momentarily neglected, I decided to give my pussy a touch. It was hot. Hot enough to burn my finger, and a bit numb. It felt just like touching roast meat. With a bit of a crust, yet I could still feel it. Holy hell was that hot!

I rubbed my finger around the rim of my entrance. It was now permanently gaping, cooked inside and out. It itched, urged for attention. I took my finger out and licked it.

Awesome. I wish I could be in Martin's place now and eat my own pussy, but unfortunately I wasn't flexible enough for self-cunnilingus. I kept stroking myself, then licking my fingers, which Alice noticed of course.

"You know what Gerry is going to do to me now?" she whispered, smirking.

"No?" I asked, curiously.

"Watch!" she demanded, and I turned my head, my finger on my roasted clit.

He had a bucket and a knife. He sat the bucket next to her, took the knife...

Oh wow! He WAS going to butcher her. She tensed, moaned and arched. Gerry had pushed the knife into her belly and was now slicing her open. Opening her like a pig.

She was steaming. Her insides were as hot as her outsides. She shivered and grasped her rock hard nipples, moaning.

"It... hua.... Hurts.... Whoaaaa. Don't stop, this is so... depraved.... Butcher me...." she moaned.

Gerry smiled. He finished zipping her open, then started piling her entrails out and into the bucket. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. After a bit he reached inside her and made a cut, then another, and then he placed the bucket away.
"How do you feel?" he asked.

Alice was whimpering, but with an excited face expression. "E.... empty...."

Gerry smiled. "I only removed your entrails, your guts. Not any edible stuff. You could live for weeks like that." he ensured her. "Mina, do you have the stuffing?"

Mina had. Alice arched and moaned, as the empty space in her belly was replaced by cooked vegetables and what looked like bread dough. Then Gerry took needle and thread and started sewing Alice back together.

I could swear she came once or twice during the process. I think I came too. My gaping roasted pussy alone was enough to make me come.

Martin gave me a few greedy looks, licking his lips. I winked at him. But the action was with Alice right now. Gerry had left a hole in Alice belly to reach in. The purpose became clear when Tom brought the large metal pole. It, of course, went into Alice' cunny. She tensed, as its tip punctured her vaginal channel. Then Gerry reached in and guided the pole with his hand. I assume he punctured her esophagus or something. As Tom gently pushed further, Alice started to gag, grasping her breasts and stretched her head as far back as she could until she was looking straight at me.

I reached towards her and grabbed her hand, juices from my roasted pussy still on it.

"This is awesome..." she whispered. "I can feel it coming up my *uuuglp*"

She shivered as the tip came out her mouth. She gagged a few times, around it, until her throat had gotten used to it. Tom pushed it a bit further until it almost reached my shoulder.

I held Alice hand. She smirked around the pole tip and pulled my hand to her mouth, then started licking my fingers. Her other hand reached down towards her pussy, stroking her clit.

Gerry looked at Alice. "OK, for the deep frying, we are first going to fry your legs. Then your arms. Then we bind them up and fry you whole, but only a few seconds. It's gonnna hurt, you're gonna scream. If you wanna finger yourself to another climax, now is the best time.

She nodded - as little head movement as the spit allowed her, and started stroking herself frantically. They mounted a clamp under her pussy and another around her torso to keep her from slipping, locking her into place around the spit, with her arms and legs still free.

Then they lowered her into the frying vat into a kneeling position. She thrashed, splashing boiling oil on her own naked body and some on the men that held her, but the held firm and forced her down.
She creamed. Louder than I had thought would be possible with the spit going through her. She stopped when she was out of breath and her nerves could no longer feel pain. The oil was boiling and roaring around her legs, and her pussy got a good soaking in boiling oil too.

Her face expression was somewhere between bliss, agony, and inability to pretend anything. But I could see her chest heave as she gasped for air.

It took over two minutes until Gerry announced. "Enough, legs are done." By then Alice eyes had lost their focus a bit, but she was awake.

Her legs looked - fried. Pretty tasty though.

"Your arms... are next..." Toby told her with tears in his eyes. He couldn't hold them back as her gaze focused on his and she nodded. Still with us.

There was no scream this time. She turned her head away from the oil as good as she could, while she stuck first one arm into the frying vat, and later the other. They cooked a bit less long, then came out like her legs.

I could see her stare at her fingers, fried into a permanent arrangement. I wondered if she could still feel anything in them.

"Last round!" Gerry announced. "Bind her legs up and her arms down."

Alice had her legs tied into a frog-position. Spread eagled of course with a good view of her cunny. It had a few burn marks from the frying oil, other than that she was pretty moist, oozing girl juices down the metal pole.

Her fried limbs bound in place, they put the pole end first into the frying oil, then removed the clamp that kept her pussy and torso in position and lowered her down, pussy first, into the boiling oil.

"Careful, keep a good hold at her."

Once more she was screaming. I was fingering myself so frantically I was worried my roasted pussy could rip apart. But the show was worth it. One hand on my remaining breast, I watched her scream in agony, writhe and squirm helplessly on the pole as she was fried alive.

They left her in there much longer than I anticipated. It must have been almost half a minute, then Gerry gave the command to pull her out.

Her gaze was unfocused. She seemed to be gone.

Toby had tears in his eyes.

They placed her on the table, when Tom noticed. "There, she's breathing!"

I could smell her. I can tell you, deep fried lady smells amazing. As much agony as she had just been through, I almost wished I could be her. Toby cooled her forehead with a moist rag, and eventually her eyes focused again on us. She tried to say something. Her fried breasts, a nice shade of brown, heaved and trembled.

"Ready for the last round? You're gonna watch my pussy getting eaten." I asked her.

A tiny nod. And a hint of a smile.

They unbound her arms and legs and tried to spread her out flat. She flexed and squirmed, apparently her fried joints didn't move that easily anymore, but eventually they managed. Poles were stuck through her arms and her legs to hold them in place in that position. She barely seemed to notice.

"Ready?" Gerry asked and took the spit on the front.

"Ready" Martin announced.

Then they lifted her and carried her to the grill. She was placed face down, but thankfully with her face itself not above the coals. Everyhting else touched the hot roast and once more sizzled.

I could see her squirm, but she didn't seem to be in agony this time. Her nerve ends were already fried, now she was only getting a bit of a tasty roasting tan.

I rearranged myself so she could see everything when Martin ate me.

And then he was between my legs and gave the first tantalizing licks.

I moaned, wishing I could taste what he tasted now.

From the corner of my eyes I could see the others. Toby was mostly concerned about Alice, Gerry too, although for more professional reasons. The rest were watching both of us. Steve was fingering her and fondling her breasts, while she leaned against him for support.

I felt a pulling, ripping sensation between my pussy lips, and then I felt Martin chew. I heard a crispy crunching sound. My inner labia, I realized. They had roasted crispy cross, and he was just eating them. A shudder went through me. I grasped for my breast. I felt him suckle on my outer labia, roasted tenderly, but still able to feel it. Cross on the outside, soft on the inside, and then I felt his teeth. He squeezed, he suckled. And then he took a bite!
I squealed and arched, as I felt my meat give in to his teeth and explode into his mouth with all its flavor. I shook, and arched, and squirmed, and shook again. I don't know if I begged him to stop or to never stop, or if my moans were intelligible at all. But my gaze fell on Alice, past him, and whatever I did stopped for a second as I comprehended what I saw.

She had her eyes open, an expression, as close to climax as one could get. And she was - literally - humping the grill. As much as the pole that still went through her and her fried body allowed, she rubbed her sizzling pussy against the searing metal of the roast. I don't know if she did that because she couldn't feel anything else anymore, or if it was simply the only motion she was still capable of. But I had to guess she was doing it because what Martin did to me looked so fucking indescribably hot from the outside, that she even forgot about roasting for a second.

I didn't have much more time to comprehend anything, because Martin obviously liked the taste of my labia so much, he decided to go for the main course and bit down on my poor clit.
In retrospect, I assume it must have more or less popped in his mouth, freeing its taste and juices in a way few dishes could compare. But that moment, in my head, something else popped. It was a firework of an orgasm unlike any I had had before, and it would be very unlikely to ever have anything again that came even close. That was the nature of having my pussy eaten in the process. But that second, all of that didn't matter, it was just a wave of pleasure that washed me away, and drowned out all of reality with it.

When I came down enough from that high to comprehend anything anymore, he was already finished. He had eaten the inside of my roasted vagina from my spasming depths, as I came repeatedly and heavily and probably gave him plenty of sweet sauce to go with his dish. Now Martin was done, and was sprouting a silly grin.

Gerry must have turned Alice around at some point in the meantime. She was on her back and was looking at nothing in particular. She was either dead, or so zoned out, she couldn't see anything anymore. I hoped for the latter.

"That was awesome!" Martin commented me on the taste of my pussy. From what I could see, all that was left was a bleeding oval hole with few features. It burnt a but, but gave me little pleasure in the process. I could make it twitch with my muscles, so some part of my inner workings were still intact.

Gerry and Toby were lifting Alice from the grill to bring her to the table. I smiled at Martin, showing him that I was happy he enjolyed me. Then I moved a bit to the side. Hesitant to get up yet. I wanted Gerry to look at me first, but he was busy.

They put Alice on her back, then removed the clamp downs and eventually pulled the spit out of her.

"Is she breathing?" Toby asked concerned. Tom leaned over her and for a few seconds nothing happened.

"Yes." Gerry was the first to spot it. "Quick, cool her head a bit, give her that wet rag again." He told Toby, who was quick to comply.

Alice looked like a well done full body roast. It was remarkable that there was still enough living flesh somewhere deep inside her to keep her breathing, let alone awake. But the miracle happened, her eyes focused on Toby, and she smirked. Then she saw me, and my concerned look.

Her voice was but a whisper. 'How was it? Watching you was so fucking... hot..." she told me.

"It was the best orgasm in my life." I answered , probably truthfully. "But you made it." I told her. "The way you humped the grill was incredible!"

Alice smiled weakly, then her eyes searched for Toby. "We did it. I... I'm ready for eating." she told him.

There were a few tears in his eyes, but he nodded.

"Are you OK, Lydia? Can you eat, too?" Gerry asked me, a bit worried about how my crotch area looked. I had had enough time to think about what to do 'afterwards', so I had a plan.

"Can you fix me up? Just, take some needle and thread and close it. Seal it up."

"What, completely? What if you need to pee?"


I was about to tell him I didn't care, but then I reconsidered. "OK, leave a hole for that. Or... if there's enough left for a connection, make it go through my ass."

Gerry had a look in the mess down there and shook his head. "I can stick a straw in for you to pee through and seal the rest up. But your womb is in there too. Might be better to take it out, or you might get problems later.

I shook my head vehemently. "No Gerry, my womb stays in. I want to get off on the thought of no longer having a pussy. Without a womb I'll never get off without hormone shots."

Gerry shrugged. "Your decision. Would have made a great roast, especially stuffed."

I giggled, but I stayd with my decision. Two breasts and one pussy, that HAD to be enough. Right?

The stitches hurt. Afterwards he bandaged my hip up until it looked like I was wearing a diaper. Everyone else had already taken place around Alice, waiting for Gerry to carve her up.

"This is the best gift you guys could have done for me. Please... eat me! Enjoy me..." Alice whispered when we were there.

The way she was arranged, her legs were pointing towards Toby. He had a prime look at her pussy.

Gerry had a good look at her. "Alice, I don't think you will make it past dinner, so I'd cut off your arms and legs and keep them as leftovers for tomorrow. They are properly cooked through. Then you can enjoy your body with us as long as you're able."

She smiled at him. "That's a great idea. Chop me apart like the roast I am..." she giggled weakly, making her roasted tits jiggle.

He chopped off her arm at the shoulder. Meat juice was pouring out, but no blood. She didn't even wince. Her second arm too, but her thighs twitched a bit, as Gerry arranged them for the chopping. Just in case, Gerry arranged a string around the very top and pulled. Then he chopped.

Alice twitched and moaned slightly. She exchanged glances with Mina, as she was reduced to nothing but a roasted torso. "Toby gets my pussy." She declared.

"Of course." Gerry said. They put her closer to Toby, until her roasted pussy was right in front of him.
Toby bent over Alice and gave her a little kiss, then he grabbed fork and knife.

Alice squirmed slightly, gleaming with anticipation. Her pussy seemed to twitch a tiny bit, still gaping open from the spit, and roasted nicely. She gasped and moaned, as he poked his fork in and started eating her very civilized, by cutting tiny bits out of her and eating her with fork and knife.

Likely they had agreed on that procedure beforehand. They exchanged glances and they both seemed to be in utter bliss. Noone dared to disturb them. A twitch went through Alice, as he poked his fork into the last bit, right in the center, including her clit, then cut it off.
This he didn't eat. He fed to her. Alice opened her mouth and did I would have liked to do but was denied. She ate her own roasted clit, chewed, and gulped, with the silliest, happiest smile on her face.

Next, Toby plunged his fork into her depths, twisted, and pulled. Alice squirmed, as he pulled her womb out through the hole he had just made. Even that internal organ looked pretty cooked.

A shiver ran through me, thinking about what it might feel. Gerry had offered that to me, but I had declined. With Alice... well it didn't matter anymore. She was meat. It was only fair she could experience that fetish with her boyfriend. She had problems keeping her eyes focused though, so we decided to not wait any longer. Gerry exchanged glances with her to make sure it was alright, then started carving her for all of us. Starting with her breasts.

The second time now I tasted a woman's breast. And I had to say, gerry had cooked Alice to perfection. She was much better than I had been. Both I and Mina received a nipple. Small courtesy of Alice, to share some of the best pieces with her fellow meatgirls. The rest went on everyone else's plates, and Alice tried to keep awake to see it.

Once they were gone, Alice was barely alive. Gerry wanted her to feel it, so he started carving deeply into her belly to get to the stuffing she had been filled with. Her internal organs were still functional and started bleeding, as he cut out piece after piece out of her. She watched every piece, even though she no longer had the strength to lift her head. One after the other she made eye contact with us, and we knew she was saying good bye.
Then a shudder went through her.

But Gerry didn't let her go without a grand finale. Her gaze was hazy, but her eyes focused when she felt a cold sensation against her neck. With a questioning look she looked at Gerry, then at the large clever, and a smile of understanding crept in her face. She was awaiting it with anticipation, her mouth open for a silent moan, as he lifted the cleaver.

If I had still had a pussy, I would have fingered myself crazy by now. But the area was sore enough to tell me that I hadn't. I was still horny.

*Chop!* the cleaver made and stuck in the board, Alice head severed from her roasted body.
She gulped, realizing the finality of what had been done. But her eyes were beaming with excitement.

Gerry gently took her head and lifted her up. Now she could see what was left of her body from above. We could see her eyes, she took it all in. Then her eyes went to all of us once more. She was smiling almost silly. Her mouth opened and she mouthed two silent words.

And that was it. No final closing of the eyes, no going cross-eyed. She just stopped moving, her mouth still open to form the last syllable she had mouthed, her eyes still directed on us, but they did no longer follow, as Gerry placed her head down on the top end of the table.

Her expression never changed, not even when Gerry oped the back of her head and decided to put her brain on the grill for a special delicacy. Meanwhile, we ate what was on the plates and on the table and gorged ourselves silly in Alice honor. She had wanted that after all, more than anyone else, so anything else would have been being a bad friend.

That evening was very muted. Toby was the last eating. He ate against his sorrow and to keep as much of his beloved Alice for himself. I think he ate most of her brain all by himself.

Some of her inner organs needed another quick round on the grill. Her heart, her lungs, her liver, all of those were still pretty raw. But there were seven of us, so we finished her pretty good I think. A bit more meat on her ribs. Arms and legs. And Gerry suggested to deep fry her face, because it would be a shame if her smile would come sad. So once more we fired up the frying vat and dipped her hollowed out head in until her face was as nicely roasted as everything else.

That night, my stitches were itching, and my belly was so stuffed, I thought I could never ever eat anything again.

But the next morning I felt better. I needed to pee, and to my delight, the straw Gerry had put in me worked. It didn't even burn too badly, as I emptied my bladder from my excitingly devoid of anything but stitches crotch.

That day we had Alice for breakfast. Gerry heated up her nose, her cheeks and her tongue on the grill, and Mina gave us a lot of milk.

The late morning was lazy and everyone was in thoughts, contemplating Alice's laughter and horniness. We missed her already, and we hadn't even eaten all of her yet.

We did that in the evening. Her arms and legs were delicious. Her fingers cross and crunchy, and her toes. Well, I was sure she would have liked her toes. Mina had one foot and I had the other.

"What do we do with her bones?" Gerry asked Toby. "Do you want to take her home, or should we bury them here?"

He thought a bit, then decided. "Cook them. Make a nice broth from them for tommorows gravy. Then throw them into the fireplace so she gets used when we cook something tomorrow. What do we make?

Everyone looked towards me and Mina of course.

Mina blushed, then turned to Steve. "Steve, darling, would you mind carrying me everywhere if I were to lose my other leg too?" she asked innocently, but with a hint of excitement.

He beamed. "I'd love to, darling. Alice looked so delicious with both her legs cut off. And I could fuck you all day and you can't even run away."

Mina moaned in anticipation. "Gerry. Prepare the frying vat for tomorrow, I'm going to do some deep frying!" she demanded.
Everyone cheered. But some glances turned back to me.

I looked down on my naked self. My single nipple was still dark brown from the marinating. And really pointy. "OK..." I sighed. "You can have my tit for desert. But Gerry has to do the honors, I don't want to ruin the other one too."

Laughter, and applause. Even from Mina.

That night I had a visit. From Martin.

He fucked me in the ass like a pro. I was on my knees, taking it up the ass, and he was kneading my tit while he still could.

And just in case you wondered if I could still come, yes I did. And I was loud enough that everyone else knew it too.

My respect for Mina grew even higher, when she deep fried her leg all by herself. She had help from Gerry and Martin, the two strongest, to hold her, while she was lowering her leg into the sizzling fat. It bubbled and she howled, shaking her other stump, but keeping the frying leg still.

Then she was silent and waited it out, fighting tears, clenching her teeth, and waiting for Gerry to tell her it was enough.

"How does it feel?" I asked, when they placed her on the table.

"Odd..." she said. "I can still feel it, kinda, but it won't move." A vicious grin came on her lips. "Gerry, would you help me put my leg on the grill for a second, like Alice did?"

So they did. They held Mina, and she held her leg on the grill and watched it sizzle. She didn't feel too much in it anymore.

Then we all sat on the table, and Mina sat on the table. Gerry was grabbing the carving knife, but Mina stopped him.
"Don't. I want you to eat my leg the way Toby ate Alice pussy. Nicely, proper, with knife and fork, and I am your plate and your meal at the same time. I'm even going to join in."

So that's what we did, and it was excitingly naughty, to eat her leg, all together, and she just ate from it too. Thick with the gravy we had made, her leg was soon basically reduced to just bones, except for her foot, which Tom was currently cutting a piece out of, when she suddenly squirmed.

"Oooh, that tickles!"

Everybody stared at her and at the stripped bones, at which's ends she was apparently ticklish.
She couldn't keep the facade. "Just kidding, guys. I don't feel a thing anymore. Would have been neat though if I could." she admitted giggling.

Tom took a larger slice and kept eating, until her leg was stripped to the bone except for an even smaller stump than on the other. Gerry then chopped the bone off, which left Mina a bit out of balance. Without her legs she fell over on her back, surprised.

We found it funny and laughed.

I exchanged glances with Gerry. Time for desert.

While Mina had gotten more adventurous, I had learned my lesson. Gerry heated his clever until it was almost glowing. I placed my tit on the chopping block, he aimed carefully, and then sliced my tit off with a hissing sound.
I gulped, then took a step back. I hadn't even screamed this time. My breast just sat there, marinated, and no longer able to feel anything. All I felt was a dull throbbing where it had been, the wound already cauterized. It smelled pretty nice though.

I let Gerry do the preparation and watched. It wasn't like I had any more tits to roast on myself, but you never knew what the skill could be useful for.

The result was delicious. I settled for one of the smaller bits this time, leaving the large pieces to Mina and Toby. I watched them eat my nipple and wondered what it would feel like if my nipple could still feel. That fantasy was something for some wet dreams later. I enjoyed my last breast, but more so I enjoyed how everyone else enjoyed it. I closed my eyes and imagined the sensation I had when I pinched my nipples and rubbed my clit, and I squiremd a bit on the bench, rubbing the stitches, which itched, against the wood. I was horny, and I knew perfectly well, how I could get off. All I needed was Martin. After dinner. And his giant cock hilted deep in my ass.

The last day, we didn't cook. We just cleaned everything and made sure we got rid of all traces. Alice bones had turned to ashes, indistinguishable from the charcoal remains. Toby only took her teeth home. And every single piece he had eaten of her. But he didn't seem to mourn her anymore, he cherished what he had.

The cooking utensils we put back on the trailer, and then we got ready to drive home, getting dressed for the first time in a week. Minda settled for a skirt this time, Her pants did no longer work without legs.

"Should we do the same thing again next year?" Mina suddenly asked.

Everyone's head turned. First to her. Then to me.

I blushed a bit, hesitating. "I dunno guys, with just two girls for all of us? And I'm really just barely a girl anymore. Wouldn't that be kinda unfair?"

Gerry smiled. "Hey, don't worry Lydia. I guarantee you, by then I have convinced Tanja to come, too. I only have to tell her what she missed out on. She just HAS to try your dildo next year. I'm sure, she will!"

"Yeah, come too, it will be sooo fun." Mina tried to convince me.

I looked at her and had a feeling she would be donating more than just her milk heavy breasts if we did that. She was fiddling with her leg stumps and visibly excited.

I sighed. "OK, guys, I'm going to come. But same rules, nothing against anyone's will. And I can't promise you any meat this time around. I might just watch you eat."

"Fair enough." Martin said. "Besides you said the exact same thing last year. And we had sooo much fun."

I grinned at him. That, indeed, we had.

The end ....

Tom, big dick, single, a bit of a showoff.
Gerry has a sexy ass and has a gf, Tanja, who didn't come.
Steve is wearing glasses and is the smart guy, He's with Mina
Mina has the large breasts with milk. She's a bit hesitant.
Alice is the one who wants to serve herself to the others. She's not as muscular as Lydia but leaner than Mina and looks just right for a meal
Martin looks like he does marial arts. He's athletic and a bit on the nature trip
Toby is the shyguy, a bit small, and more hesitant to eat anyone. But his GF Alice is all the more willing
Lydia is more muscular than Alice or Mina, and really curious. Also a bit of a voyeur. Taking her down would be tough for anyone but Martin


The fuck Gurochan, no replies for this? This was super well done, I'm loving the creative roll you've been on BR2. I thought Toby choking at the last minute and asking Alice not to go through with it was genuinely sweet, even if I'm obviously rooting for Alice to get on that spit :P


Excellent story. Liked every bit of it. Added to the best of best list. ^^


Some kind of excellent consensual mutilating snuff story. It hit all my buttons. Way to go. Maur please...


Very Very Good. One of the best stories I have seen in a while.


The story itself is quite good, and I have enjoyed it. The grammar is, however, atrocious, to the point of ilegibility in some, fortunately few, points.


Well that was a good time! This'll be one to keep around.


Nice story ! I love it !
It's totally in my kinks and it made me hope that I have same friends for going to a BBQ trip... :)



Thats because it wasn't proofread. Just posted hot from the pen, not polished. I usually don't bother unless its paid commissions or feature pieces. I didn't even read it through once one after writing - yet ;)


If that's what it takes to make a story this hot, then don't change a thing!


Bump to save from faggot spammer


Real nice story
Good Job


Totally agree!! I was hoping for a good beheading even while I was like "aww"...


I haven't finished reading this story yet because I'm trying to enjoy it in fap-sized parts but it's really well written and hits some of my sweet spots.

So thanks for that and keep writing!


Great work BR, i'm glad the site is back under cntrol now, gurochan is such a rollercoaster :D

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