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This is my first story in a very very long time. I have had the idea for ages but I just never got round to putting pen to paper.
Writing isn't really my strongest point but I've been inspired and motivated recently to see what I can do.

This is part 1 to maybe 3 or 4. If people like it I will continue, especially seeing as I kinda have part 2 generally blocked out already.

Apologies in advanced if it either doesn't make sense or I repeat words/terms, or if my writing generally if a bit all over the place. I likely will repost an edited/improved version of part 1 with part 2 in the near future.

And of course, Feedback is much appreciated. Good and Bad. Hit me with what you honestly think. I generally want to improve.

In it's most basic form, the story is about a reporter being captured and executed by terrorists.


Katie was dragged further by her captors. The Sack on her head preventing her from seeing anything after just getting out of the vehicle she was captured into.
It seemed like hours, but finally it was pulled off her head and she was hit by the bright light of the middle eastern sun, unable to shield her eyes with her hands due to them being bounded tightly.

One of the men came out of the truck and set up a very expensive looking camera in-front of her and jokingly turned to her saying "HD HD HD 4K 3D. People will see everything!"...and then briskly left.

Her curly red hair seemed to bounce each time she moved her head to look towards her captors and the hot outdoor environment, tied back so it wouldn’t get in the way of seeing the agony in her face and deep blue eyes. Her small but perky red lips trembled slightly at the thought of what is to come and slightly paler complexion was going to contrast perfectly with the blood that will pour from her body.

She tried to focus on what the men were saying. Being a reporter for one of the biggest news broadcasting networks in UK, and specialising in reporting developments in the middle east, the had taken the time to pick up the common languages there on a basic level.
What she heard and recognised made her shriek and scream for help.

“They…they’re going to kill me!?” She thought in a panic.

They started by striping her, tearing off her clothing against her struggles and screams until she was completely naked.
Her body was incredible, a flat stomach and well-toned back showed the world that she took pride in her fitness and appearance. Her tits were perky and nicely shaped, with nipples that seemed to take your attention.
As a red head, her skin was naturally paler…although she had developed a slight tan after reporting in a more tropical climate recently, shown by the developing tan lines around her naked body.
Despite being 24 she was quite petite, standing at around 5ft 6 inches and being around a B in chest size, but her training gave her hips and ass that perfect shape that women strive for.

She tried her best to conceal herself, but the masked captors forcefully chained her neck to a wall like an animal . She could move, but was limited to how far and how much…which is just what they wanted.

The men looked her up and down, while talking to each other in their language, and a look of fear rose in Katie’s face.
She pleaded with them, offering money, jewellery and other material things…but it failed.
One of the men crouched bedside her and pulled at her hair, raising her head up to face the camera and said the following…

“This a message to western world. If you happy for your media to spread lies about our country, then we respond with blood.”

Katie’s face frowned in despair once she heard that as clear as the skies in slightly broken English . She let out a useless shriek for help as she struggled against her restraints and her head being held.

“Now watch what happens to those who do not know their place and go against us” he continued towards the camera, drawing a knife and bringing it towards Katie’s throat.

She began to shake in panic and fear at the anticipation of having her throat sliced open and being bled to death.
The blade rested on her neck as she braced herself for the end of it all…but he pulled it away.

Katie opened her eyes and with a look of confusion locked eyes with her masked captor.

“No…to easy. To quick.” He said. As he got up and walked over off the camera.

Katie was left alone on screen with a look of further confusion. Looking over at the men as they debated with each other in their language once more…and then she saw it.

“No NO NOOOO!” she screamed, as the captor walked back into shot, holding an axe.

“And you pretty. We get few attractive women to kill. Only stupid men and very few stupid ugly women. Let’s make good example from of her.” He explains to her and the camera, as he suddenly slammed her axe down on her right leg at the knee.

Katie screams in agony and her body jerks as she watched through pained eyes as the axe sliced into the joint of her knee further and further with each blow.
“STOP PLEA-GAHHHHH!” She choked, as the axe fell once again.

It felt like an eternity until that last final swing of the axe went clean trough and hit the stone ground beneath. Cleanly severing and dismembering her limb, much to the joy of her captor. He grabbed the limb by the ankle and held it up to the camera for a few seconds, and then threw it into the bushes nearby.

She looked in horror at her leg flying through the air and being thrown away like a piece of meat. Then looking down at her fresh stump, twitching and the burning pain with a look of disbelief and shock. The feeling was unsettling, seeing something that should be there, that was part of her…now gone.

“And now, other one!” The captor shouted as he walked over to her left-hand side.
Katie’s eyes bulged and she grit her teeth as she saw him raise the axe once again. She instinctively tried to move her leg out the way, ended up with an axe to the shin. The weapon sliced into it and shattered the bone In two, making her leg bend at a sick angle.

A jolt of fresh pain blasted through her body, as she screamed once again at her broken leg. And again, as the axe fell once more.

The captor shouted in his language in frustration, repearing the words “Dull Dull Dull” and walked back off screen. Katie’s eyes followed him and she let out a pitiful sob after seeing him return with a Saw.
Once again, she tried to move her remaining limb, trying to scurry away and shift her body to avoid the inevitable, but it was no use.

She grit her teeth and tightly closed her eyes as the masked man began to brutally saw away at her knee joint. The blades ripping through her flesh and cartilage with a sickening grinding sound. Blood sprayed over the two of them once again as he got half way through.
The pain was too much, and Katie couldn’t hold in her screams any longer between her bared clenched teeth.

He continued to saw…back and forth, slicing further into the joint but growing frustrated once again with the time it took.
“We will keep this one” he muttered, proceeding to grab the still barely attached leg. He rested his foot on Katie’s chest to keep her in place against the wall and proceeded to pull…while pushing with his foot.

Katie opened her mouth with a silent scream and her eyes widened with pain. She looked at him, helpless and in agony as he mercilessly tore her apart.

With a sick tearing and popping sound, her leg ripped away with a torrent of red and her body jerked violently with its sudden removal.
She finally screamed once again, starting to choke as her throat became raw and horse with the intensity.

“You….you….sick fucking….fuck you” She sobbed. Shaking and panting in disbelief at what just happened to her, and just staring at the stumps that were once her legs.

The captors debated further, leaving her for a few minutes on camera. The film recorded her…twitching and convulsing as blood spurts from her stumps, her face revealing a look of shock and agony through her heavy breathing and groans.
She slowly looked up towards her captors as they focused their attention on approached her, each of them holding a knife.

Once again, she was held up. The chain wrapped around her neck now hooked along the back wall with her arms above her connected to it as she lightly “hung”. Her body dangled helplessly with her dripping stumps as she slowly raised her head to look in front of her…but was met with a fresh a sudden jolt of pain in her left shoulder.

She screamed once more as she felt the cold steel rip into her flesh. Blasting the side of her face with a quick splash of blood. Before she could even process it, she felt another, just above her collarbone on the right-hand side of her body.

The blade went straight through her, the tip clashing with and dragging against the brick wall behind her as it protruded from her body.
Her captors laughed, as they looked at her. One on each side of her helpless body, with a strong look of pain and discomfort on her face.
The framing for the camera was perfect. It faced her directly in-between the two men, and with a brutal twist and jerk of the blades inside her, her face became more and more contorted in pain with her mouth slowly widening with pain…the camera was getting all of this.

They forcefully removed the blades, and with a quick jerk Katie gasped with a deep groan.
Again she looked up and braced herself for the next attack. She took a deep breath and swallowed, her body tensed and trembled as the next two captors brought their blades back and prepared to attack her once more….


Awesome! Please continue. Would love it if the slit her open and showed off her entrails or heart.


It’s a little rough in some areas and I see the parts you might want to touch up, but I like the premise and the way you describe violence and emotions.

I look forward to how this ends!


Nice, I hope they go for the tits next!


Thank you all for the feedback. Will take your suggestions an wishes into consideration as I chip away at the next parts!


Part 2

The blades ripped into her again. This time in her midsection with a disgusting pop as they slid though her flesh. Jerking with agony, her eyes bulged as she was stabbed twice on each side of her abs. Her breathing became erratic as she thrashed around trying to deal with the pain, but the blades ripped out of her just as quickly.

She had no time to brace herself however as a flurry of blows approached her. One of the captors deciding grab her by the throat and keep her still against the wall.
"No no no_AGHK" she pleaded, only to be cut off with a knife to her stomach again, her eyes widening and her jaw shot open. In a flash, the knife moved in and out of her three more times, spraying the area with blood once more in a burst of violence.
Within the space of 10 seconds, she had been stabbed about 15 times.

Katie’s mind began to fragment. The feeling and realization that she was being butchered alive like a fucking animal pushed her to the edge of insanity. She wasn’t sure how much she could take, but she prayed for her mind to break fully so she could ignore this torment.

She was briskly turned around, her face now facing the wall and her back towards her captors, moaning and shaking with pain…but mainly fear…now not knowing at all what was going to happen. She could only anticipate the agony that was about to come.

“Please please don’t.” she weakly squealed. She knew it was hopeless, but she couldn’t fight her body’s will to survive. It was almost ironic, she wanted to just have her body fail so she didn’t have to suffer, but it wouldn’t let her. Its only concern is to try and survive as much as possible, regardless of the destruction it was going through, almost as if it was betraying her and prolonging her suffering.

But her thoughts were interrupted just as the knife punctured her once more, this time entering her lower back towards the left. Katie choked again and her eyes widened with despair as the steel ripped out of her back and reinserted five more times.
Crimson splashed across them both, as she felt the blade slash suddenly across her back in a cutting motion, leaving a deep gash across her nicely toned muscles from the top right to the bottom left.

She jolted and arched her back as she let out a sharp scream. The slash across her back was a fresh wave of pain that shot through her. Despite the painful experience of being perforated a countless number of times, it was a pain that she was weirdly starting to get used to. The slash across her back reset everything back to zero, thrashing around desperately as her back burned.
Once again, she was held against the wall by her neck. Her erratic movements were entertaining but the framing was of much better quality with her being still within the centre of the shot.

Her attacker then brought his bloodied knife back up towards her back and rested the tip of it just above the back of the left shoulder. Slowly he applied pressure, as the edge of the blade sliced cleanly into the top of her shoulderblade and flesh.
Katie hardly made a sound as her mouth opened in pain, slowly feeling the metal tear into her back and begin to drag downwards. Gashing her muscular flesh from top to bottom.

It felt like an eternity until the blade made its way to her left ass cheek. She grunted further as her body twitched, feeling the blade rip into her ass that she was so proud off.
Her ass was hard. She focused immensely on her squats and butt exercises that she worked with over the years, strengthening and toning the muscles that made it what it was…but she cursed herself now. Her muscles seemingly fighting against the blade and forcing the captor to be far more forceful and brutal with his methods as he cut through it.
He grunted in annoyance as the blade got half way between her left cheek and seemed to struggle.

Katie barely had a moment to breathe before he yanked the blade from her and jammed it back into her left shoulder, violently making Katie jolt with the sudden change of pace. He twisted the knife inside her, boring a hole and slicing sideways as it collided with the upper part of her spine and making the deepest gash yet.

Katie screamed again as her back was torn to pieces. The knife embedded inside her was jammed, and with her blood coating the handle, it proved to be difficult to remove.
Her attacker cursed, frustrated at the fact he struggled so hard remove it from her back to do more. He spun her around to face the camera once more and then with a sudden yell, he slammed his foot in the middle of her chest against the back wall.

Katie felt the wind rush from her lungs and a lound crunch was heard, as a couple of her ribs snapped from the blow, but that was nothing...She felt a terrible pain jolt through her left shoulder once again, and was greeted with a sudden silver flash that flew past her. Her face was coated a fresh splash of blood as the blade ran straight through her with the force of the kick against the wall. It protruded out from under her collarbone, scraping against it and poking out from the top of her left breast horizontally.
She stared at it in shock. Trembling as every slight movement she made was agony having it being embedded in her up to the handle. Her shoulder burned with pain as it radiated all over her.

Katie turned her head to face her captives and the camera as two of them came either side of her. She let out a pitiful gasp as the one on her right pinched her perky nipple on her right breast between his fingers and brought his knife up to it.
Seemingly with no warning, he swiftly began to saw back and forth, savagely cutting into her nipple from the areola.

Katie couldn’t even process what was happening before her. Her eyes bulging as she felt the sharp pinch of the knife mutilate her further. Her perky nipples tearing and ripping as he pulled the last remaining connective skin apart with a slow tug.
Her teeth bore like an animal, following her severed nipple in her sight as he walked backwards, admiring it in his hand and proceeding to show a close up of it to the camera.

“They just…my nipple.” She thought in a panic. Still not believing what happened. They really had every intention of tearing her to pieces alive, and it seemed like her tits were next.

Just as she gained her thoughts, she turned her head to her left…just in time to catch the other captor brutally slash horizontally across her left breast and leave a deep gash across the top of it.
She screamed once again, feeling her flesh split once more, but across one of her most sensitive areas. The cut revealed the inner workings of her breast, showing off yellow fatty tissue and various glands that made her tit.

Again, he slashed the opposite way this time but lower, and leaving another horizontal gash across her perky left tit. Just above her remaining nipple, and her tit seemed to ripple with the blow…the cuts seemingly exaggerating the jiggly qualities the breasts have as her inner mammary tissue began to expand with the sudden free space.

Katie jolted with a fresh wave of pain and let out a bellowing moan…only to be interrupted once again by the final part of this vicious 3 hit string. She jerked suddenly and her eyes widened with agony as he drove the blade upwards and under the fold of her breast. It cleanly sliced upwards, skewering her tit like a kebab as the tip of the blade ripped out from the top, with the blade flat on its side.
Her face was almost inhuman, she couldn’t even make a sound. All she could muster was gagging noises as the pain of the knife tearing directly thorough her delicate tit shot through her immensely.
She looked into the masked face of her attacker with desperation and panic and fear…but her vision started to strain as she felt the knife inside her tit begin to saw its way towards the side of her body, slicing though anything keeping her mutilated but precious left tit connected to her…


Always love debreasting and tit destruction.

I wonder how much more she can take before she did off?...


Any word on the next part?



About 70% through part 3. Should be up by beginning of next week...ish.


Where did the writer went? Maybe because how the site is hard to reach, it get discontinue. Can anyone that want to write start another terrorism story like this? Thanks.



Im still here! Gurochan doesn't seem to work for me most of the time for life has me by the balls at the moment.

Im almost done with it though so bare with me ;)

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