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"No one can hide from my sight..." Widowmaker breathily moaned to herself as she gazed through the scope, eyeing her target. The Talon assassin was perched on a balcony high up a skyscraper, long-rifle mounted on a tripod and aimed at the plaza below. The right moment hadn't yet come to pull the trigger, perhaps because Widowmaker's long slender fingers weren't even on the trigger. Rather, the digits responsible for ending the lives of so many were busy pleasuring their mistress - one hand groping her pert breasts, the other working her slippery slot. The only sound on the balcony was Widowmaker's coos of pleasure, the thrill of the impending kill pulsing through her as she played with herself on all fours, shapely round ass raised in the air while swaying to and fro.

The assassin's normally haughty, emotionless face flushed as she felt her climax coming - a climax that once subsided, would mean the end of her target. This was the only time she could feel emotion - from the thrill of being an apex predator claiming its prey. Her fingers furiously worked her oozing cunny as the pleasure intensified.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!"

Widowmaker's head snapped around as a shout from behind her interrupted her ministrations. Her elegant face twisted into a scowl. A fat security guard stood there, no doubt some useless desk jockey hired by the building she had broken into. He held a flashlight in his hand, the beam falling square on Widowmaker's lovely ass.

The assassin snarled and cursed in French, furious at being interrupted from her impending orgasm by this worthless waste of meat. She briefly considered finishing up before finishing him, but decided to instead zip up her bodysuit and dispose of the intruder, not wanting him to glimpse any more of her lithe body than he had already seen.

That brief moment of hesitation cost her. She had intended to jump up and bury a Venom mine in the man's face, but as Widowmaker leapt into the air the security guard had already launched into a lumbering desperation charge to tackle her. The result was the guard's meaty shoulder lowering straight into Widowmaker's gut as she was airborne. Her grunt of surprise was quickly interrupted by a shriek of pain, as the momentum carried the pair straight into the balcony railing - Widowmaker taking the brunt of the impact. Her slender form was wracked with pained wheezing as the air was knocked out of her, her Venom Mine falling uselessly out of nerveless fingers. The assassin crumpled to the ground as the out-of-shape guard stumbled backwards and fell on his backside, the impact dislodging his balance. She cried out hoarsely, both from pain and from her arousal suddenly spiking as she fought for her life. Although the sniper had zipped her suit back up, her stiff blood-engorged nipples were clearly standing out through the sheer material, and her overheated pussy was rapidly dampening the fabric covering it.

Widowmaker's vision swam as she managed to struggle to her feet, trying to shake the suddenly unwanted thrills of pleasure out of her focus. She picked up her discarded Mine, trying to trigger its mechanism to release the cloud of poison she was immune to. Before she could trigger it though, she saw a flash of metal out of the corner of her eye. The security guard had picked up her rifle and was now swinging it baseball-bat style at her with all his weight. Widowmaker could barely brace herself before what felt like a giant's fist smashed her in her toned abs, completely stopping her motion and sending her high heels skittering backwards.

The French sniper looked up at the fat man, rage and pain clouding her face. A series of French-accented invectives was suddenly cut off by a whispered curse, the Talon agent's expression curiously changing.

"Merde..." Widowmaker breathed, her face flushing. Her body started quivering intensely as her cursing continued - first moaned, then screamed. Her eyes rolled back into her head, anger replaced with a look of ecstasy.

"Merde... merde merde merde... Merde! Merde! Merde!"

Her erotic repetition coincided with the wave of pleasure that had finally crested the dam. Built up primarily by Widowmaker's self pleasure at an impending kill, what pushed it over the top was the assassin's realization that there was even more pleasure in her own impending death. Heightened by pain, Widowmaker's climax roiled her body, her taut nipples at their limit against her tight clothing and lines of liquid running down the thighs of her outfit as she creamed her bodysuit. She again dropped the mine, fingers still scented with her sexual juices unable to keep their grip as desire consumed her. The lovely sniper's taut assflesh jiggled pleasingly as she pressed her quavering legs together, trying to bring her traitorous body under control.

That was taken care of for her by the security guard. He was unsure of what had come over the French seductress, but he wasn't going to let her play him. With another baseball bat swing, the rifle connected solidly with Widowmaker's softly-swelling breasts, forcing a scream mixed of pleasure and pain from the suddenly submissive sniper. Widowmaker fell backwards, arms grabbing onto the balcony railing for support, erect nipples stiff with excitement over the change in her fortunes. She tried to beg and plead with the man, telling him that the climax had robbed her of her strength and to do what he wished with her, but all that came out from her addled mind was a stream of panicked lust-tinged French.

It would have been useless anyways, as the security guard was already on his next swing in his attempt to put down the beautiful female intruder. The rifle connected with a solid crack to Widowmaker's skull, the force of the blow somewhat abated by her helmet and visor shattering and falling into the abyss. Her shapely dancer's legs gave out completely as the assassin fell onto her round ass, the impact causing her pert breasts to jiggle slightly. Widowmaker's back leaned against the cool metal of the railing as her head lolled, the combination of the beating and the unwanted orgasm forcing her into submission.

The security guard approached the fallen woman, breath quickening. She seemed little threat now, but he didn't want to take any chances. He quickly handcuffed her arms behind her back to the railing to avoid any surprises while he thought of what to do next. These past few minutes had been surreal. Not only had he actually encountered someone while patrolling the high rise, the intruder had actually been the legendary Widowmaker! Judging from the setup, he had interrupted her both while she was about to murder someone, and also while she was doing... whatever it was that she was doing. From his time as a grunt in Overwatch before its disbanding, he had heard rumors of the beautiful assassin who only felt emotion when she was killing. He just didn't know it was *that* kind of emotion.

And to think, he had actually beaten her in a fight! Him, an overweight, washed-up never-was versus the killing machine that had rained terror on Overwatch's anti-Talon operations. As he looked down on the defeated form of the purple bitch that had put so many of his buddies into the ground, he felt a tide of cruelty rising up within him. The whore had quite a bill to pay, and now it was coming due. And besides, he noted as he observed the stiff protrusions on her erotically heaving chest, as well as the wet stains on her crotch and thighs, it looked like the sick and twisted slut was going to like it.

Widowmaker moaned as her senses started to return. The security guard was standing over her handcuffed form, unzipping her tight bodysuit. The assassin quickly shut her mouth and glared at the man. She could see his erection straining against his trousers. Widowmaker knew what was coming, and she would give him no pleasure at hearing her react to him. Her face flushed with shame, though, as the guard pulled her unzipped outfit to the sides, revealing her bruised and battered body. Widowmaker's pert breasts were exposed to the night air, her pretty lavender-hued nipples stiff with excitement. As the man continued downwards, the assassin's swollen purple pussy lips were revealed, slightly spread to reveal a hint of the silky pink inside, glistening girlcum still oozing out of the orifice. The scent of Widowmaker's honey filled the air, and her pussy spasmed in excitement as the smell of her humiliation reached her nose. It seemed as if the self-styled black widow was enjoying her compromised position much more than her title would indicate.

With Widowmaker's feminine bits exposed, the security guard started his work. Taking the bitch's rifle, he used the tip to rub at her tits, tracing along her areola and painfully taut nubs. The assassin continued her haughty glare at him, but a fresh trail of slutjuice and an arch of her back to rub her breasts against the cool steel showed her true reaction. Widowmaker's face continued to slowly flush more as he teased her tits, her silence breaking as he moved the weapon down to slide along her pussy.

Widowmaker let out a quavering moan as the metal traced an outline around her desire-inflamed labia, tongue licking her luscious purple-hued lips as she tried to stop her hips from humping forward. That effort became fruitless as the rifle barrel made its way into her silky vaginal folds, tip easily sliding into the bitch's aroused cunt tunnel. The assassin cursed as her ass jumped forward, her body trying to force the penetrating weapon deeper and deeper into her orifice. Her smooth pussy walls squeezed in delight as they sucked the makeshift dildo in deeper, Widowmaker's curses turning into gasps and yelps as her lust broke her facade.

Soon, the haughty and prideful expression on the French sniper's face was completely gone, replaced by helpless lust as she gave in to the pleasure. The guard didn't even need to thrust the rifle in any deeper - Widowmaker's well-trained body was doing the work, her womanly hips thrusting against the penetration. She shrieked as another wave of pleasure and humilation washed over her, honey streaming around the rifle impaling her as her body quaked in ecstasy. The man almost had the rifle yanked out of his hand as Widowmaker thrashed in the throes of ecstasy, her tight pussy gripping its penetrator closely. He looked down at her lips making a perfect O, lust rising in him. He badly wanted to fuck that sexy French mouth, but he knew better than to do something like that while the bitch was still alive.

Finally, Widowmaker's writhing subsided somewhat, her chest rising and falling as she panted in exertion. The man removed the glistening rifle from her pussy, resulting in a wet sucking sound and a fresh splatter of girlcum in the small puddle that had formed beneath the assassin. As she realized what was just done to her, Widowmaker's expression shifted back to a hard scowl. Her mouth opened to make some cocky French-accented remark, but it never came. Instead, a howl of pleasure and pain erupted as the man twisted one of her legs to the side and used the now well-lubricated rifle to penetrate Widowmaker's most-treasured asset - her plump, taut, perfectly-shaped ass.

The cheeks rippled and jiggled as the sniper's puckered purple asshole was forced open by her own weapon and then deeply fucked, the barrel easily sliding in and filling Widowmaker to the brim. All rational thought was lost as the humiliating lust of having her perfect ass plundered washed over the French assassin. Widowmaker's bruised pussy, still spread to reveal the delicate pink depths from her earlier violation, twitched yet again in pleasure as her captor slid the barrel of her gun in and out of her derriere, a streamer of her honey falling to the ground.

Soon, that effort was not needed either. Widowmaker's pert, erect-nippled tits bounced as she contorted her bound dancer's body to the limit, trying to force the rifle deeper into her nethers. Shame and humiliation filled her voice as her heavy-lidded eyes rolled back into her head, the sniper's pale lips now mouthing a heavily-accented stream of begging for more punishment to her conqueror. Her body squirmed against the floor of the balcony, desperately seeking more anal ecstasy. As the pleasure of having her ass fucked by her own rifle overcame her, Widowmaker's cries of lust filled the air, causing her quivering quim to launch a crystalline spray of her appreciation into the air.

Completely lost in her ecstasy at being defeated, bound, tortured, humiliated into semi-unwilling orgasm, and now assfucked into very, very willing orgasm - Widowmaker didn't even notice the rifle assfucking stop as her captor adjusted his grip to hold the weapon's trigger. Her climax was still rolling through her body at the same time the bullets did, her screams abruptly turning into gurgles as the slugs sliced through her organs and lungs before leaving her through her heaving chest in a spray of red. Crimson droplets littered her outfit and purple flesh, now riddled with bullet exit wounds. Widowmaker, no, Amelie - the deadly assassin reduced back to brutalized woman - wheezed as searing pain consumed her. Bright red blood dripped out of her luscious lips and whatever was left of her insides was an inferno of pain, as her captor had switched her rifle to full auto before delivering the coup de grace.

Widowmaker looked down over her bound body, vision rolling over her lithe body blasted full of holes, and noted her lovely breasts were somehow still mostly intact, with only a few bullet holes puncturing their rolling slopes. Her blood-engorged nipples still standing proudly at attention, seeking out a man's touch. She realized with horror that despite the pain in her shredded innards, she could still feel the steel of the rifle buried in her lovely ass. And whereas before that steel was slightly warm from its penetration of her feminine flower, now it burned red from a full clip's worth of gunfire. The result of that, of course, was that her cold ass-flesh was now cooking from the intense heat and fusing to the rifle barrel. Her eyes bulged in horror at the realization and the pain, and then rolled into her skull as her face flushed.

Somehow, through her annihilation, Widowmaker's arousal had only intensified. As her impending demise became obvious, the assassin came to terms with the fact that she was so turned on by being utterly destroyed and put in her place as a useless whore. Previously, the sniper had only experienced pleasure as she squeezed the trigger to snuff out another hapless target - but now, she knew what she really wanted was to be on the receiving end. And not just on the receiving end of a stray bullet - she wanted to be destroyed, put down like the slut she was. She deserved this - she deserved being exposed not as a predator, but as the most delicious prey. A thrill ran through her as Widowmaker envisioned the pictures that would be shared of her demise - the lovely, confident Talon assassin reduced to an exposed, violated, bullet-riddled corpse with her own gun stuck up her ass. A fresh surge of dewy honey budded on Widowmaker's bruised pussy even as her blood slowly dripped out of her numerous wounds, and the sniper mentally thanked Talon for slowing down her bloodflow enough so that she could enjoy her last moments.

But her captor was not done with her yet - in one of his hands he now held the assassin's grappling hook, cruelty crossing his face. His revenge was almost complete - it was time to finish the deed and take advantage of her twitching corpse after. Walking up close to the dying sniper, he kicked Widowmaker's legs apart, the thick thighs twitching as they flop to the ground uselessly. He was pleased to find Amelie's pussy was swollen and yearning with arousal even after he had filled her full of hot lead. The guard grinned as he stomped down hard on her aching vagina, planting his boot into the center of the drooling pink petals. Widowmaker convulsed helplessly as pleasure shot through her from the cruel act, the pain lighting her nerves on fire as her addled mind reveled further in the humiliation. She tried to use whatever strength she had left to grind her clit against the dirty bottom of the man's boot, hoping to light a spark to one final burst of ecstasy.

That burst came when the guard shot the grappling hook downward, directly into Widowmaker's slender throat. The sharp metal claws burst through the bitch's elegant neck and sliced deep into her flesh, windpipe, and spine. Looking straight into the dying slut's eyes, the guard pushed his boot down even harder into her squelching pussy as he pressed the retract button on the hook. One last wave of shame spread throughout Widowmaker's annihilated body as she realized what was about to happen, soon replaced by ecstasy as her grappling hook began its work of severing its mistress' head. As Widowmaker's head was pulled from her body in a spray of blood, her pussy squirted a spray of its own in a shower of feminine juices onto the bottom of her conqueror's boot. Widowmaker's eyes went blank as she creamed herself, face flushing and mouth opening in ecstasy. That expression would be the one permanently inked onto Widowmaker's face via rigor mortis, the whore's head jaggedly separated from her erotically spasming body.

The guard couldn't contain himself any longer. With a wet tearing sound, he ripped Widowmaker's head from the hook using her ponytail. Quickly unzipping, he inserted his erection into her slack mouth, moaning in pleasure as he felt her tongue wash over the head of his cock. The bitch's screams of ecstasy at being brutally butchered had gotten him quite turned on, and he knew he was going to leave his seed all over her face, tits, and squelching pussy before the night was done (shame about the gun fused into her ass). As he looked down at Widowmaker's dead eyes, he grinned. No more sneering from the bitch now - those lips that were cursing him out before were now obediently wrapped around his cock. The only questions then, were twofold. How many times he could fuck the whore's corpse, and how was he going to explain to his superiors that yes, the exposed, violated corpse that he had "found" on his patrol was Widowmaker's?


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