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This is my first story here, so I'm not even entirely sure I'm doing this right! But here goes nothing :) I've been lurking at Gurochan for five years, might as well give it a go at writing something! Thank you in advance for reading!



All Carla could do was scream and run. Though, running seemed futile, as the giantess was so massive that Carla could run as fast and as hard as she could, and still not be safe from the giantess’s reach. Yet, she tried anyway. The young woman ran down the city streets, abandoning her heeled shoes behind her. Her feet and heart both pounded as she raced as fast as she possibly could, fleeing the scene, attempting to get as far away as she could. Weren’t giants just fairy tales? Didn’t they only exist in stories made up long ago? Obviously, they weren’t. Wherever she had come from, however she had ended up here, there was now a giant woman terrorizing the city. The giantess towered over almost all of the buildings, eye-level with even the highest of sky scrapers. She was as naked as the day she was born—had she been born?—and tromped through the city streets with clumsy ease.

Carla didn’t know where the giantess had come from, but she knew why she was here: she was hungry. Carla had been heading to her car after work when she heard the screaming, the thumping, the dull thunderous pounding of the giantess’s footsteps. Then Carla saw her, looming over the buildings. She watched in both horror and awe as the giantess lifted a man into the air, thumb and index finger squeezing him at the waist. He was struggling, frantically attempting to free himself, even though the fall would kill him should the giant woman drop him. The giantess inspected him, holding him up in the air to get a good look. She then smiled, looking pleased with herself. She tilted her head back, lifted the man up over her head, opened her mouth, and dropped him in. And that’s when Carla had started running.

The petite woman dodged into an alleyway, hoping the narrow confines of the building walls would prevent the giantess from being able to grab her. The human woman stopped for a moment, grabbing onto a dumpster and bending at the knees, attempting to catch her breath. On the streets, everyone was screaming and running, vehicles were frantically going this way and that. From the shadows of the alley, Carla watched the massive woman move. The giantess had picked up another victim, this time female. She didn’t hesitate this time as she popped the woman into her mouth with a devious grin. She didn’t even seem to chew, she just tossed the woman into her mouth and swallowed her whole. Carla watched as the massive woman looked about the streets. The smile on the giantess’s face seemed to falter, a look of almost concern apparent. The giantess placed one hand over her stomach and frowned a bit. There, in front of the alley way, the giant woman crouched down.

Carla backed further into the shadows, kneeling behind the dumpster. If she was seen, it could prove to be the end of her. Luckily, the giantess had her back to the significantly smaller woman, and was now squatting in the middle of the street. Carla peered around the corner. What was she doing? As the human watched, a cop car pulled onto the street, stopping a few feet away from where the giantess was now kneeling. The brave policeman stepped out of his vehicle, pulled his gun from his hip, and fired the entire clip into the giantess. It was useless. It was no different than a fire ant biting a human, or a flea biting a dog. The giantess smirked before picking up the cop. Carla watched on, fully aware of what was coming. As expected, the giantess stuck out her tongue and dropped the cop on with a slight tilt of her chin, consuming him as though he were candy. In one movement, the giantess had swallowed the cop whole. No other cops had come to his aide, so the giantess simply batted the unmanned vehicle out of the way. With that, the massive woman rested her elbows against her thighs. Carla cocked her head. Was the giantess just…taking a break? Had she grown tired of terrorizing the city? Carla contemplated using this as a chance to run, but somehow was too fascinated by the giantess to leave.

Carla watched as the giantess seemed to push her ass out a bit, leaning forward more. Was she…? Pfftttttptt. The giantess let out the loudest, deepest fart Carla had ever heard. Only a couple dozen feet from the giant woman, Carla could easily smell it, and quickly clamped her hand over her face. The giantess pushed and farted again, equally loud, but this time deeper. BRRRTTTTTT. The giant woman smiled to herself, straining and farting a third time, almost sounding wet. She shifted ever so slightly, then let go. Carla could hear the rushing as the giantess relaxed and released a torrent of hot urine onto the city streets. The massive rush of piss washed over the sidewalks, similar to the way a fire hose would. She continued, flexing slightly as the golden liquid poured out of her, pooling into the curbs and drains along the roads. Carla watched in wonder. Finally, the trail seemed to die off, and the last couple trickles ran down the giantess’s labia and buttocks before dripping onto the concrete below.

Before she could straighten up from pissing, she farted again. The giantess pushed hard. Pfftttttptt. The huge woman smiled to herself and pushed again. Pllllpt. Another fart, but this time, the slightest bit of soft, mushy diarrhea sprayed out, forming a small puddle on the street. The giantess smiled. Pllllllpft. Again, the giantess let out a sloppy fart, more soft mush falling to the street and forming a pile. Clara’s eyes widened in amazement. The young woman had never even imagined anything like this before in her life. The giantess bent forward and pushed her ass out further, Carla watching on as the massive woman’s asshole gaped, revealing the head of the biggest piece of shit Carla—or anyone—had ever seen. With a bit of pushing, the massive woman forced out the head of a massive log. Her pink ring spread wide and a long, thick rope began to push its way out, half-solid and half-mush. The massive turd began to coil on the ground, forming a neat, albeit massive, pile. The giantess flexed her muscles and pinched it off, then shifted ever so slightly, repositioning her ass. Carla, too, shifted in hopes of getting a better view. The smell of the hot shit was absolutely rancid, almost sulfuric. The immense woman pushed again and another thick log pushed its way out, though it was slowly becoming less solid and turning to pure sludge rather quickly. BLLLLLLFt. As the prior log fell away, a hot torrent of barely-solid diarrhea sprayed out, coating the streets below.

Carla remained in her hiding place, fascinated. The giantess pushed one last time. Brrrrrrrlt. A thick, sticky glob of diarrhea splashed onto the streets beneath. At last, the giantess stood, obviously done with her massive shit. Once standing, she farted once more. Blllllllllllt. Barely visible, a bit of diarrhea trickled from between her ass cheeks. She frowned, reaching behind herself and touching her backside. She scowled at the wetness, but suddenly placed one hand over her stomach. BLLLLLCHT. Without warning, the giantess let loose another massive fart, this time spraying the windows of the building behind her with a sudden, massive splash of liquid shit. The thick, dark mud seeped from between her ass cheeks, staining her porcelain skin and sloshing onto the streets below. Plllllllch. Her “snacks” from earlier must not be agreeing with her. Doubling over and bracing her hands on her knees, the giantess pushed hard. With the most horrific, disgusting, wet sounding fart ever, she unleashed more loose, wet shit onto the building. As the spray died off, the last bit ran down her buttocks and the back and inner parts of her thighs. She smiled contently, seemingly done. And then she turned her head ever so slightly.

Her eyes locked with Carla’s. “Shit!” Carla hissed, dropping down and pressing her back to the dumpster. Maybe, just maybe the giantess wouldn’t bother, or hadn’t noticed her at all. A shadow loomed over her, and Carla looked up just in time to see a giant hand coming down over her. “NO!” Carla screamed out, but the giantess already had her in her grip, holding her the way a child would hold a toy. The colossal woman brought the human up to face her. At last, Carla was face to face with the giantess. She knew what was coming. In absolute, immobilizing fear, Carla felt the crotch of her panties become soaked as she lost control over her body functions, wetting herself in terror. As her urine ran down her thighs from under her skirt and fell to the ground below, her panties sagged behind her. Pffffflpt. All at once, she involuntarily voided her bowels, hyper-aware of the massive, hot pile of shit rushing into her panties, similar to what the giantess had done to the streets moments before. Squlech. More almost-liquid shit bubbled from her asshole, but was too much for the cotton panties to hold, forcing the poop out of the sides of her panties and falling onto the pavement far below. The giantess noticed and smiled, despite the woman’s screams of terror. As she had done with the others, she tilted her head back, opened wide, and dropped the girl inside.

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