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Tell me your thoughts, it'll definitely effect weather I make more.

White clouds, the ever blue sky, the rainbow patterns of bright sunlight piercing gemstone walls. In this ascended place not one soul follies into accidental sin and so much the same, none go without rest, food, and jubilee. Their ages reach upwards of the billions but not a human face goes beyond 25. Glass armor and gold swords like children prepped for play, every human knows this place so well.


On cherished wings, in hallowed halls, in the shadow of every pillar and at the peak of every night, there in every bit of darkness sleeps a single untouched vermin. Gathering strength, crawling up the opalescent pillars and sinking into every stagnant crystal blue puddle in the street, there is a disease. Making it's way ever faster towards the heart of the highest city.

The rot...

"Please! Help me!"

Candy like blue hair and matching sapphire eyes glare sadly at two demons half her size but carrying many times her weight in muscle. One holds a club, the other a knife, kobolds by the looks of them. Leathery red skin and thick, snaking tails.

"Please! If you come near me, god will--"

"God will what?!"

They were surrounded by pests, small slinking creatures with sharp teeth. Dark red with bright neon green polka dots. Leeches. They bit into the walls and pillars of the dark, hidden alley. Everywhere they bit was covered in glimmering, opalescent gem stone... And every time they bit, the stone calcified and rusted and turned dull, and then shriveled up slowly into a hardened, organic shape, so that the walls where the leeches had been which were once flat stone walls were transformed into rocky masses of random interconnected organs. In some places on these disturbing forms, more leeches could be seen spawning.

The angel didn't care about this, and was more focused on the two kobolds infront of her. She held a small silver knife, and the tiny cuirass that covered only her upper chest did nothing for her mid section which was covered only by a flowing blue sundress. She was too afraid to cry just yet, and she looked back and forth between the two lizards with her sword held out towards them, switching targets over and over with a little huff of breath each time she changed her mind.

It made sense, her indecisiveness, angels weren't used to fighting. And her fear made sense as well, angels weren't used to being mortal. But she knew she was... When a leech bit her heel just minutes before, the weight of her armor suddenly felt heavy on her shoulders, her small feathery wings failed to carry her body, she was relatively young and knew this feeling from a few thousand years ago... How it was to be human.

"Please." She said "Just let me go... I don't want to be human, I gave up that right... No, I gained my right to be an angel when I died in that life! Please don't take that away from me!" She cried, tears welling up in her eyes and coming in long streams down each of her cheeks.

"I will take her top!" said the mace holding kobold in a raspy voice, holding tight to his ball and chain. On that cue, the knife holding demon closed in on the girl, whos knees buckles in fear as she fumbled with her own knife and eventually dropped it to the ground.

"Please, please save me. I will do anything, I will renounce everything for you, I will replace my god with you just please!"

With the girl disarmed-- though it wasn't very difficult, the Kobold lept towards her head, shouting
"You are to weak to save!" And swung his ball and chain hard, but the ball did not connect with her face. Instead, the chair hit her neck, the ball wrapped around and around 3 times wrapping round her kneck. The Kobold was still holding the handle end of the weapon, and had planted it's feet on her shoulders where he could use all his strength to pull up on the chain and tighten it like a noose.

The angel jumped, startled, and let out a "Hik!" before her ability to breathe was completely cut off. It wasn't taking minutes, but seconds for her vision to blur and darken and close in around her. She was much worse than afraid, horrified ,petrified. She'd forgotten to kobolds existed in these moments of complete terror. By the time she came to her senses, all she could do was reach up to the kobold standing on her shoulders and softly pet its thigh in a faint attempt to try and hit it. She felt to her knees, feathers falling from her wings. She tried to protect herself from the ground but wasn't able to reach forward fast enough as the ground rushed towards her. With a "Crack" her head slammed into the ground.

Blood poured down from the unfortunate victims forehead and became a puddle that soaked the heaven eating leeches. In those last moments of concussion she lost much of who she was, what she meant. Some strong childhood memories and a few early visions of heaven flashed in her mind, but she wasn't let to dwell on them as the Kobold tightened the chain even further and drove the world completely dark for her.

The knife weilder was disappointed, he let out a hard "tsk!" and slashed at her thigh, and her bottom, which was turned up towards the air as she choked on the ground. She responded to the cut with a light kick and a little shuffle of her weight before falling back into darkness again.

"She's kinda pretty, what are we gonna do?" Asked the knife weilder
"She's still got kick left in her, do whatever you want!" Replied the mace weilder, still pulling with all his might.

The Angel felt a knife get jammed deep into her thigh and catch in her femur. But this time there wasn't even a little kick. No matter how hard she tried and how much it hurt, she could not react.

"Where am I? Why can I move? It feels bad...Help me... It feels bad..."

She feels her panties get pulled down off her hips before her expression goes slack and her head falls lazily over in the chain.


I ended up talking more about the leeches and "The Rot" than the characters, huh? I didn't really name the characters. Anyway, I will change that stuff next time, I only have so much time to write... But should I spend my free time writing more? Tell me how you liked it or did not.


Having deep background descriptions and imagery is good, especially when you plan to write more of it. This is a nice read, but, come on, there's gotta be more than just kobolds there, right?


There are many more demons both conventional and not. Next time I think I want to use succubus.


Can I get more detail on that necro


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