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Hello folks, I've decided to share my first ever Snuff story with the community. I've been looking at this site for few months now, give or take, and the level of acceptance and genuine lack of judgement is great.

I'll post the story chapter by chapter below. You may find some spelling or grammar errors and I love someone to approach me about proofreading!


FOR THE GOOD OF HUMANITY - A Dolcett style story
Contains gore, cannibalism, torture and snuff

Chapter One: Jennifer becomes an Animal

Jennifer entered the college library. Even at twenty-one the girl was petite though not exactly childlike. She was a woman with perky little breasts, a slightly curved waist and slim figure. The librarian waved as she entered, a familiar face here, and watched as Jennifer went to find a book for her current essay.

She scanned the isles until she came across one labelled 'World History' and set about finding a suitable book. Not long later she came out with a book dedicated to her chosen topic. 'For the Good of Humanity' was printed in bold black letters while the background of the book was entirely white save for the photograph of a noose. Jennifer sat at an empty table and kicked off her sandals, happy to let her feet breathe in this heat.

The book detailed the crisis of the early 2200's where overpopulation had become a major issue. Food was scarce, animals typically used in livestock where now all protected species and while crop farming helped immensely, humans needed meat in their diets. The quest was, how do you satisfy that need when your predecessors banned hunting and fishing for fear of what happened to livestock?

Killing an animal was, and still is, punishable by death but there was one Animal that was still abundant, one that had been in front of them the entire time. A picture of naked male and female came into view of the next page with lines separating cuts of specific body parts. These weren't drawings either.

Of course back then eating a Human was wrong and a lot of people had trouble with the concept. The government responded by converting the status of a person destined to become food to that of an animal. This seemed to convince a population sick and tired of meat substitutes that it was okay after all. Prisons were quickly emptied and people started to enjoy meals consisting of the meat of rapists and mass murderers. Gender didn't affect taste either and the idea of eating a human quickly became normal.

Jennifer laughed, how could those idiots back then consider Meat Animals human?

This, however, presented a new problem. Severe crime dropped to levels never before seen when the idea of being made a meal out of scared people more than outright execution. Petty crimes were soon punishable by death but that quickly stopped crime altogether. In trying to feed and control its population Humanity had created a perfect Utopia.

A Utopia where people could add to the ever-increasing head count that would destroy the world. A decade later and a virus seemed to attack only the 'Y' chromosome making male births exceedingly rare. This only caused people to breed more when a father wanted a son and not a fifth daughter. It was like something out of a Dolcett story.

A short decade later and the world was again at square one. No meat, too many people and no crime to sustain the old system. It was then that the Lottery came into play. A fair system that chose any female citizen above the age of eighteen to become meat. Males were exempt from becoming meat due to their sudden rarity except under extreme circumstances such as committing a crime but the Lottery was targeted only at registered women only. The term 'Meat Animal' no longer applied due to 99% of meat being female.

A girl was always registered at thirteen. During her registration a young girl would be tested for diseases and lastly tagged. The tag itself wasn't like some old-fashioned cow tag but more of an earring designed to show a woman's status in society via a small light that was recharged by their body heat and always connected to the Lottery network.

Blue meant they were free, red meant they were meat and black meant the Meat was on the run or hadn't arrived before her time was up. When a tag turned red you had two weeks to set your affairs in order and report to a processing centre. Some came immediately, some went on that last holiday while others spent it with family.

Jennifer remembered her tagging. Thirteen years old and standing in nothing but her underwear while a woman did her tests before finally attaching her tag. At school, they heard horror stories of the little girls who never came back from their tagging in another school but thankfully it wasn't true and the rumour was quickly debunked. Eating children was illegal.

Prisons were converted into Processing Centres and within a year the first of many females arrived. They were instructed to arrive naked, as animals had no need for clothing, and then would be graded and finally sorted based on quality. Soon they would be slaughtered and shipped out to feed the populace. As a woman, to die a Meat Girl was a great honour.

You would die for the good of Humanity.

Jennifer spent the entire afternoon reason before finishing the book. She closed it, sighing as she deposited her notes and got ready to go home. Thankfully the book was short and had given her everything she needed. Jennifer got up, stretching her slim body to get the blood flowing, and made to leave.

“Jennifer,” said the librarian said suddenly, “Honey, stop a moment.”

Jennifer turned, raising an eyebrow and pushing up her nerdy glasses. “What's wrong?” she asked as the slim, rather young, librarian approached the twenty-one-year-old. Obesity was illegal in an adult female seeing as they could become Meat Animals at any given time so regular exercise was mandatory.

Jennifer shuddered as the lady took a hold of her ear and hummed in curiosity. “Your tag,” she stated, “It's red.”

“It is?” Jennifer held her hand up to her ear and sure enough a red glow was noticeable on her palm. “Well gosh, I wasted an entire afternoon studying.” It was blue this morning, she had seen it in the mirror. Jennifer looked back towards the librarian with an annoyed expression.

“Well,” the Librarian clapped her hands, “As the nearest consenting adult I'm required by law to ask you to strip, animals don't wear clothes.”

Jennifer blushed and held her arms to her chest. “C-can't I do it at home?”

“Nope,” the Librarian didn't wait before grabbing the bottom of Jennifer's modest blouse and lifting it over her heard. Jennifer squealed, covering herself. “Come on Jennifer no need to be modest, Meat Girls don't need to be.”

Jennifer took a steadying breath. Sure her life was over but that didn't mean she had to feel sad. A human life was nothing to cry over, and she had been raised properly to understand that if her number came up she should feel nothing but pride. With one movement she unclipped her bra and slid it off her shoulders before quickly pulling down her trousers and knickers and stepping out of them. At that moment she realised she had left her sandals under the desk.

“At a girl,” the Librarian gathered up Jennifer's discarded clothing, now totally useless to her anyway. “I'll have these donated for you, go do what you need to sweetheart, good luck.” The woman stepped forward, kissing Jennifer softly on the lips. “I bet you'll taste great.” Jennifer felt a hand clasp her round backside before the Librarian turned and let her go.

Jennifer, blushing heavily, took her leave and entered the still crowded hallway outside though nobody looked at her twice. Even among Blue Tags it wasn't uncommon for a woman to forsake clothing. When around 40% of women were processed before they turned thirty, why restrict them to a clothed lifestyle when they would most likely end up a Meat Girl?

While In this day and age a naked woman was common, Jennifer thought that she suddenly noticed it a lot more now that she was naked herself, like when she had first got her glasses she started noticing people wearing them a lot more too.

Jennifer left the campus. Red Tags were afforded a lot of privileges and one of those was free public transport. While waiting, she nervously smiled at a guy as he approached, sitting beside her. “Hey,” he said, looking a little shy himself, “How are you?”

Jennifer couldn't suppress a scoff of amusement. Naked in broad daylight with a red tag that basically gave her two weeks to live and all this guy could say was 'How are you?' He could do all manner of things and all he could say was 'How are you?'

Technically not being human she couldn't be raped. It wasn't uncommon for Meat Girls to be sexually assaulted but because they have no human rights, nobody would care.

Such was the mental divide between Human and Meat Animal.

Jennifer didn't know how to reply to his possibly sincere question. It was like a switch had been triggered in her mind. The years of being prepared for the moment her number came up assured her that she was indeed an animal now and that nobody would accuse an animal of acting on instinct.

As the wind caressed her petite, naked body Jennifer bit her bottom lip and faced the young man. “Horny,” she said in reply to his question. Just then the bus pulled in and the guy shook his head when she asked if he was getting on. She felt somewhat disappointed, he was cute in a nerdy sort of way.

Jennifer simply walked on and stood at the front of the bus. Every eye was on her naked body and it was exciting. More than a couple of men were leering at her and a single elderly woman gave her a knowing smile. Lucky old bag, getting to reach old age.

Jennifer moved to the back of the bus and almost instantly a few of the men who had been eyeing her up moved to join her. They sat at either side of her and Jennifer just knew that they were going to do something to her.

“How long have you been Red?” one asked after a minute of staring in silence and Jennifer thought for a moment.

“Ten, maybe fifteen minutes, since I found out,” she said simply and the guy smiled.

“Fresh Meat then,” he ran a hand along her thigh and Jennifer blushed even harder, she could fight him but nobody would stick up for her now that she was an animal. “I think you need some tenderising, what do you say?” A pointless question, even if they took her here in this bus filled with people it was lawfully the same thing as jerking off in public.

“I'm going home,” she simply said, “I want to see my family before I go.”

The guys took the hint thankfully, well for the most part. Jennifer had never even been touched before today but now in the space of half an hour she had gone from Blue to Red and effectively became an animal. The boys happily roamed over her naked body, touching every exposed part and even going as far as stroking her slightly hairy pussy.

She was brought to orgasm on that bus ride and came into a strangers hand. Jennifer felt giddy with excitement however, embarrassed as she was, Jennifer loved every sordid second of it. They actually moaned when she got up to leave, one reached over to smack her butt one last time before she got off and walked the rest of the way home just as it was starting to get dark.

“Mum,” she called into the hallway, “Come see what happened to me...”


Celebrating with family is always a wonderful thing, also delicious.

Chapter Two: Celebratory Hanging

Jennifer's mother, Jenna, appeared from the kitchen in naught but an apron. Being married, her life was given to her husband, Jennifer's father, and he had declared that her mother had no need of clothing. By his right as her father he could have easily imposed this rule on Jennifer but had decided not too.

“Oh my gosh you're Red!” Jenna exclaimed in delight. She walked over and embraced her naked daughter. “I can't believe it honey, good for you!” Jennifer blushed, never good at receiving praise. “So,” her mother continued, “When are you going to report in?”

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. “I honestly don't know, a part of me is eager to get it over with but-”

“But another part of you wants to live?” Jennifer nodded and her mother smiled, “There's no shame in it but I didn't raise a coward, you won't try to run will you?”

Jennifer shook her head quickly. “No way, I'm not that selfish!” Becoming a Black Tag wasn't as simple as being on the run. Every adult female in the immediate family would be slaughtered in retaliation if the girl was found to be actively avoiding her impending slaughter.

“I thought so,” Jennifer almost recoiled when her mother kissed her full on the lips, then she reminded herself that she was a Meat Girl now, an animal, and this woman was no longer her mother. It still felt strange to be kissing her mother like this however. “Oh honey you're so beautiful.”

Just then the door opened and Jennifer's father, Albert, arrived home from work. “Oh my god it's actually happening,” he pulled out his phone and waved it in front of them, “My app went off when your tag went red, Jennifer I'm so proud!”

“Mum, what's going on?” Jessica looked at the staircase from which her younger sister, Abby, had descended. The girl was eighteen and fresh out of high school.

“Well Abby,” Jennifer felt her father turn her towards Abby, “You're getting a bigger room, Jennifer's number came up.” He indicated to her red tag and Abby looked a little shocked. Jennifer looked at Abby's tag, it had turned blue only recently.

“No way, sis,” Abby wrapped her arms around Jennifer, “I'll miss you.”

“We all will,” her father assured her, “But we'll save you the best cut, since you did so well your final exams.” Jennifer felt her father, or rather 'once father', run his finger between her slit. “We'll have to burn that hair off I think.” He slapped her butt and had her follow him into the kitchen. He had his family sit around the breakfast bar, his naked wife and Meat Girl daughter along with his youngest and soon to be only child.

“So when I got the alert on my app I called a few friends,” he suddenly stated, “We're going to have a barbecue.”

“But dad,” Jennifer protested, “I still have two weeks before you can snuff me without my consent?”

“I know honey don't worry,” he then looked to the girls mother and smiled, “We'll be roasting your mother.”

The two girls looked wide-eyed at their mother who seemed just as shocked. “Honey I'm a year out of date,” she explained, referring to the fact that she wasn't on the lottery any more due to turning thirty last year, “Nobody wants to eat me surely?”

“My love you're only thirty-one,” he reminded her, “Nobody will care, I bet more than a few of my friends have been wanting to sink their teeth into those tits of yours.” Jenna blushed, staring down at her mother's hefty boobs.

“Doesn't she have a choice?” Abby piped up, staring at her parents with confusion, “Like, can't she just say no?”

“No Abby I'm her husband,” Albert explained, “It should be her honour to feed her family, right dear?”

“Of course,” Jennifer watched as her mother stood up and took off her apron. Jennifer had seen her mother naked all her life but now it felt strange to be joining her in forced nudity.

“We have an hour to get things set up, I'd like to snuff you as entertainment for our guests but I'll let you choose the method if you-”

“Hang me,” Jenna cut in quickly. Jennifer was taken aback by her decisiveness on how she wanted to die. She looked to her father who was chuckling.

“Alright then my love,” he looked towards Abby who gave him a pitiable stare. The girl was still naïve and didn't grasp what an honour it was for a woman to give her life for the greater good and especially to feed her family. “Abby, go get some rope from the shed outside, we'll use a tree in the garden to hang your mother from it.”

“Dad I don't want mum to die,” the teenager sobbed.

Mother and father exchanged pitied looks. Jenna approached Abby so that she could hold her daughter in her arms. “Some day,” she said softly into Abby's ear, “I hope one day you'll understand how proud I am to do this.”

“Remember, I'm a woman, our lives mean little,” she added, “And you're both old enough now that you don't need me around,” she kissed Abby on the head and sent her to get the rope. “Don't mourn me, just enjoy my meat and I'll he as happy as can be.”

Abby left through the kitchen door, leaving Albert with his two Meat Girls. “Right then ladies,” he stood up and looked at Jennifer. “Sit on the table Jennifer, we'll see about that pussy hair of yours.” Jennifer nodded, eyeing her mothers bald sex. She obviously kept it short on her father's orders. From a tool drawer he produced a blowtorch and set it to a low flame.

Jennifer sat on the table, legs wide open for her father. He eyed her pussy hungrily, perhaps for pleasure and nourishment, but snapped out of it quickly. “Hold still,” he warned the Meat Girl, “I do this all the time, it won't hurt a bit if you don't move.”

Sure enough it didn't, yes there was a hot sensation but it was bearable and maybe even pleasant. The hairs burned away safely and quickly, leaving only the smell of burnt hair and a light smoking from her nether region. Jennifer gasped when he ran his hand over the now bald patch. Jennifer twitched her legs, making to close them but being stopped by his shoulders.

“Easy,” he said with a chuckle.

Jennifer blushed, biting her bottom lip nervously. Fucking her father seemed so wrong but then remembered that she wasn't a human any more, or his daughter, and once again the mindset that been drilled into her throughout her short life told her to just let go of these taboos and enjoy what time she had left.

“Fuck him all you like, you're going to die soon anyway,” she told herself.

Abby came back in just as the blowtorch was put away. In her small hands she held a large length of rope which Albert took with a happy smile. “Good girl,” he told her, ruffling her short mop of hair, “Will you help daddy set it up?” Abby looked at her mother, who just smiled assuringly, so the girl nodded.

Together the entire family went out into the evening sun. A cool breeze had chased away the heat of the day and the sky was turning a warm shade of orange. It was a pleasant evening to watch her mother die. The two doomed females sat on the grass while Albert and Abby worked.

Jennifer wanted to be held by her mother one last time, so she moved her head onto her mother's lap and lay on the grass on her back. Jenna began to stroke her eldest daughters hair. “So when are you going to report in?” Jenna asked out of the blue.

“I'll just go when I feel like it,” she decided, “No real reason to rush it, I'd rather live before I die.”

“That's my girl,” she stroked her daughters arm gently, “Goodness, I wonder how Abby will cope living with your father, just the two of them.”

“They'll be fine,” Jennifer said hopefully, “She's such a tomboy, I bet they'll have a blast.”

“I'm just going to get the camera,” Albert had walked up to them. Jennifer looked at the tree and saw that Abby was tying the rope around the tree trunk while a well-made noose hung on the other end.

The reason for the camera was for more than just filming the snuff. If a man decided to snuff his wife or any one of his daughters, so long as they were of age, he was required to film it by law and send the video in as proof that he killed his wife legally. If a woman suddenly went missing with no proof to her slaughter it would count as murder and a waste of food. This was one of the crimes a man could be slaughtered for.

Of course the videos were all on a public database. Jennifer recalled watching her first snuff video at age twelve in school. It had scarred her at first to see the woman hang from the gallows but all throughout it their teacher kept on saying what a wonderful thing this woman was doing for Humanity.

They were told it was okay to be aroused by this, that it was okay to look forward to their own slaughter. That dying for Humanity was the best thing a woman could hope to do and there was nothing horrific about it. Since that day, Jennifer had developed what some would called a 'healthy' obsession with snuff.

Jennifer eyed the noose and then looked at her mother. “I want to be the one who tends to you while you go,” she said suddenly, earning at first a look of shock from her mother but then the woman smiled happily.

“That would be wonderful darling.”

At last all the preparations where complete and the first of the guests arrived. Every adult woman in attendance was naked, as was a tradition for barbecues. “Hi Jennifer,” the girl's aunt came and hugged her doomed niece, “Are you holding up okay, there's no shame in being scared?”

“I'm excited,” Jennifer readily admitted, “But tonight is about Mum, I'm going to be her Butcher.”

“I can think of no one better, your father maybe but you'd been training to be a Butcher in college right?” Jennifer nodded, “I suppose it's a shame you won't get to be one, at least you have tonight.”

Jennifer hugged her naked auntie once more before she went to see her sister. As the sun finally set the outdoor solar lamps came on, fully charged for the evening. The tree which her mother would soon hang from had a few surrounding it, giving the guests a good look at the naked woman who now stood upon a simple stool with her hands tied behind her back.

Unable to cover herself, doomed to die naked for the amusement of guests. The woman was humiliated but that only added to the excitement.

Jennifer stood beside her, both women naked before the crowd of friends and family. “Tonight we gather here to say farewell to my mother,” Jennifer began a traditional speech of thanks and respect for the Meat about to die, “Though I myself am destined to become Meat, it is my honour to still be regarded as her daughter and my pleasure to snuff her tonight.”

“For the good of Humanity!” Jennifer said loudly.

“For the good of Humanity!” her audience replied.

Jennifer turned to face her mother, stepping on the stool with her so that she could reach for the noose and slip it around her neck. She tightened it then stepped off the stool. “I love you so much,” she said quietly to her mother who just smiled lovingly down at her eldest daughter. Jennifer took a step back and put one foot on the stool, ready to kick it.

“Ready?” she asked her noosed mother who nodded. “Alright, goodbye mum.”

With a strong kick the stool was pushed aside. Jenna lowered only slightly, a painful grunt escaping her body as her short drop came to a sudden stop. Jennifer took a few steps back to admire her handy work. Her mother swung lazily on the noose, not yet panicking but more hanging with a happy smile.

Then her body began to demand air and the naked woman began to dance on the noose, earning cheers and claps from the gathered crowd. Her hefty breasts bounced as she convulsed, her long shapely legs kicked and her face began to turn blue ever so slowly.

Jennifer stood with Abby in front of her. She tried to turn away but Jennifer kept her head straight, it would most likely be her duty as a woman to die for Humanity so watching this now would get her used to the idea.

Soon though Jennifer had to let her go, the dance had begun and it was time to honour the Meat.

Jennifer, with practised hands, held her mother's legs steady before leaning in and planting her lips upon her mothers pussy. It was already moist and the daughter lapped up what juices she could before slipping her tongue between her mother's slit. A pained chocking sound was all she got but her twitching became slightly less frantic as pleasure overtook her dying body.

Jennifer wrapped her hands around the woman, clasping her fleshy butt in both hands so that she could push the woman into her face but being careful not lift by accident. She slipped her tongue in as deep as it would go, took her clitoris between her teeth and even scratched down her backside, doing everything she could to make sure the woman was feeling her ministrations.

The woman came and her juices gushed into her daughters waiting mouth. She took as much as she could manage before allowing the remainder to coat her face then drip down her naked body. Her mother's body was beginning to twitch much less and Jennifer stood back just in time for a stream of golden piss to run down her mother's legs.

“Not long now,” she said to her dying mum, “Thank you for the Meat, mother.” Not long later and the woman was hanging limp. Dead and ready to go on the spit.


This one is a tad more brutal

Chapter Three: The Black Tag

Jennifer awoke early the next morning. Nestled in front of her was Abby, her younger sister, who had climbed into her bed sometime in the night. It was understandable, both girls had lost their mother when their father decided to snuff her in celebration of Jennifer's impending slaughter. Soon this tomboyish girl would be a motherless, only child.

Jennifer slid out of the bed and stretched her naked body, leaving Abby sleeping in her pyjamas. By law Jennifer was a Meat Girl, an animal in the eyes of society, which meant she had no right to clothing. The naked twenty-one-year-old left her bedroom and went downstairs. Her mother had fed a lot of people last night but there was still leftovers. The bones were useful as stock but most families buried them like they had done along with the head.

It had been a sombre end to a night of good cheer. This was the final act of respect given to a loving mother who had now fed her family and friends, dying as a noble Meat Girl. Of course a proper gravestone would be prepared but for now the grave was marked with a simple wooden cross.

As she peered at the cross from the kitchen window Jennifer decided that she wanted her bones and head to be buried beside her mothers.

Jennifer opened the fridge and began to prepare some thick cuts of bacon from an unidentifiable part of her mother's now de-boned body. The smell of cooked meat roused the rest of the house and sure enough Abby and her father came downstairs not long before the long bacon and eggs were ready.

Jennifer plated up and served the food. “Thanks mum,” she heard Abby say before piercing a greasy slab of meat and biting into it. Albert, the girls loving father, watched as his daughter happily partook in the meat that had once been his wife.

“So, any plans today Jennifer?” he asked his eldest daughter.

Jennifer, who was cutting up her bacon, shrugged her bare shoulders. “I don't have money to go on a trip like some people, if it's okay with you I'll just hang around a little longer?”

“So long as you don't become a Black Tag,” he said with warning tone, “You know what happens to a Black Tag right?”

“I know dad,” Jennifer assured him, “I'd never do that to Abby.” Abby smiled at her sister, Jennifer smiled back. Execution wasn't the same as being slaughtered. Being slaughtered was meant to be erotic, even fun, for the brainwashed women of the 23rd century while an execution was meant to humiliate and torture the victim.

The now family of three finished their breakfast in good cheer. The afternoon rolled in slowly and Jennifer was bored. After lunch, Abby approached her sister who had been snoozing on the sofa.

“Let's go out,” she said excitedly, getting to her knees and resting her head in her arms as she leaned on the sofa, “I'm bored!”

“I have no money,” Jennifer said with a sorry smile, “Animals don't need it.”

“Stop calling yourself an animal,” Abby retorted angrily, “You're my big sister.” Jennifer hummed in amusement, oh to be a naive again.

“Here,” Albert came into the room, offering the girls some money, “This was your mothers allowance for the week but you can have it.”

“Dad there's, like, two hundred pounds in here?” Abby stated in shock after counting.

“Well yeah, I loved your mother,” he said with a shrug, “Go, have fun.” Jennifer smiled, although he had technically 'owned' his mother in marriage she was given every freedom a single woman was afforded.

The two girls happily departed the house, taking a bus to the city centre where they would grab some lunch and maybe buy clothes for Abby. Once again being naked in public was a little embarrassing but Jennifer still felt an erotic rush of excitement when people stared at her naked body.

Abby sat beside her on the bus which meant Jennifer was left alone. She felt slight disappointment as her bus ride home last night had been fun. When they arrived at the city centre Abby led Jennifer to a small cafe that she and her friends ate at for lunch sometimes. Their father had always been well off and could afford to give his girls a large allowance so long as they did their chores and did well in their studies.

They partook in a delicious cunt steak sandwich with thick cut chips and a side of peas before ending it with a large ice cream sundae each. “Remember what dad said?” Jennifer said to Abby after finishing their meal, “You'll be getting my best cut.”

Jennifer ran her hands along her bare pussy as they left and Abby squealed in disgust. “Stop it you pervert,” she giggled, “You can't do that in public right?”

“I'm an animal, we do whatever the fuck we want,” Abby blushed as Jennifer stuck a finger inside her own, now moist, cunt.

“You're so bad,” Abby moved away quickly from her perverted older sister so Jennifer ran to catch up. Suddenly the girl stopped before a large crowd and when Jennifer looked towards the head of it her face paled.

Two naked women were standing on stage, hands bound behind their backs while one woman was kept apart from them. She had been whipped, clearly, and when Jennifer looked closer she saw the undeniable tint of a Black Tag.

This was the execution of an entire family. “Let's go,” Abby said nervously, “I don't wanna see this.” Jennifer grabbed her sisters hand, giving her a hard stare.

“Didn't they show you a Black Tag Execution in High School?” Abby shook her head to Jennifer's question which caused the older sister to click her tongue, what was this country coming too, “Then you need to see this, to understand what happens when some selfish bitch thinks their better than other Meat Girls.”

Jennifer, being the snuff loving Butcher in training that she had once been, was eager to see justice be done. She pitied the family of the Black Tag of course but these laws were made to keep Humanity sustainable and nobody was above the law.

A woman approached in what looked like sexy BDSM gear, she was clearly the Executioner. “This woman,” she said venomously, grabbing the Black Tag by her long mop of black hair and pulling her along the floor to the front of the stage, “Thinks she is too good to become meat,” the bound Black Tag moaned in pain as she was forced to stand, “The law is clear, her family is now forfeit.”

The Black Tag was tied to a post and made to watch as the executioner approached the first member of her family. This girl looked barely old enough to be here and Jennifer pitied her the most. She was a thin little thing, not a boob to her name.

“Step forward Meat,” she said to the girl, “You are to die by impalement.”

Murmuring ran through the crowd. Impalement was a painful way to die and the doomed girl knew it. “Stand still,” she said to the girl just before they reached the podium where she would be lowered onto a long metal spike from. The executioner bent down and waved over an aide who handed her a piercing tool from a table laid with several other nasty looking tools.

She opened the girl's pussy lips and pulled back her clitoral hood, baring her most private space to the still murmuring crowd. The gun was placed over her clitoris and when the needle jammed through it the young woman cried out in pain.

“For you I will show some mercy,” the woman offered, her voice gentle, “As you are impaled this ring will vibrate, bringing you to orgasm as you die.” The Executioner stood up and kissed the girl on the cheek, a goodbye kiss.

“Th-thank you,” the quivering girl said as the ring started to vibrate. Next she was led up the podium to a trapdoor that had a small hole in the centre through which poked a long, cruel spike. The girl stood over it and the spikes' height was adjusted so that it just entered her moist cunt.

The girl squirmed as it began to enter her. “Once it reaches your diaphragm we will open the trap door,” the executioner explained, “Then you will be left to die for however long it takes.” Without another word she left her alone to her fate as the spike made its way slowly inside her, unimpeded due to the powerful hydraulic machine pushing it.

Once the spike was secure, and she was unable to climb off, an aide freed her hands and placed them on her spread open cunt. This was the last act of mercy, assuring her that she could masturbate on the spike to her hearts content. “That's right sweetheart,” Jennifer whispered under her breath as the girl began to masturbate in front of the crowd, “We're animals, don't be ashamed.”

Next came the oldest of the group, the mother. The elderly were spared from public execution if someone in their family went Black, the idea was to execute the attractive members in public to gather a crowd and enforce the law better. If there was a grandmother in the family, chances are she was already dead by lethal injection and buried.

“Your daughter is scum,” the executioner said bluntly, “And you are a failure as a mother.” The executioner untied the scared mother from her post and led her to a large wooden rack attached to a guillotine. “You are to be beheaded but not before you are punished for raising such a cowardly little cunt of a daughter.”

The woman was forced to lie on the rack and her arms and legs were bound to a corner each, leaving her spread and open to whatever torture was coming her way. “I am going to cut off your legs,” the woman traced the mother's thigh, “And your arms,” she stroked up her arm as she circled the rack, “And then, when you are close to bleeding out, I will behead you.” The mother was kissed goodbye on the forehead. The rack was raised so that the crowd could see the dismemberments though the guillotine would work regardless, it was an upgraded model.

Suddenly a loud, piercing scream rang across the crowded street as the youngest daughter fell through the trapdoor. The spike pierced her internally and now she would slowly die. She shook and screamed louder as an orgasm racked her tortured body, the clean metal underneath her impaled cunt glistened with girl juice. The Black Tag's head fell forward as she sobbed pitifully, unable to watch her sister slowly die.

The Executioner picked up a machete from a table of implements. “I will dismember you with one strike on each limb, it will be clean.”

Jennifer watched as the blade was raised then quickly lowered. A dull thumb followed a loud crack as the sharp blade cut cleanly through her leg, bone and all. Blood spurted from the opened wound and the woman let out a blood-curdling scream. The executioner was sprayed with the gushing blood from the open wound but didn't seem to care.

She circled around and raised the blade above the mother's arm before cutting that off too. The limbs dangled limply in their bonds and her body tilted as one side of her was effectively freed though she was held in place by the strap on her neck keeping her in line with guillotine blade. She began to choke as her body tried to fall.

The girl on the spike had another orgasm. There was a bulge in her stomach which was going further up, almost reaching her chest. Executioners were skilled at taking lives in cruel ways, the spike would miss her heart and, with luck, come out of her mouth so that she could be easily roasted.

The mother's last leg was cut off and her screams began to die down as she lost consciousness. She would die soon, one way or another. Jennifer placed her hand between her open legs and started to frig herself off to the gory sight before her. Abby was standing in front of her, transfixed to the brutal scene.

As the mother's last limb was cut from her body, Jennifer came into her hand. Someone beside her noticed. He reached between her legs, sticking two fingers inside her still moist cunt. Jennifer was too horny to stop him so the Meat Girl allowed this to happen.

Jennifer looked back at the girl dying on the spike. Her face was contorted in pain, and yet, she was masturbating in front of the entire crowd, eager to feel pleasure if it numbed the pain. The strangers hand between Jennifer's legs probed deep with rugged manly fingers well versed in pleasuring a woman. Jennifer grabbed his hand and began to thrust, humping it as she rode the waves of pleasure in this crowded street.

Of course her actions had garnered more attention and eventually she felt hands all over her body, groping her breasts and bottom alike which only served to arouse the animalistic Meat Girl more. Abby took notice of course but the poor girl just blushed and looked away. Finally, the blade of the guillotine was released and it cut off the suffering mothers head in one clean downward motion.

The dismembered body slumped off the wrack and landed in a pool of blood that had dripped onto the floor below. With a pained gurgle the spike finally left the impaled girls mouth. It was mercifully quick, Jennifer had heard that impalement could last for hours. She eyed the girls naked body, unnaturally straight thanks to the metal spike going through it. Her pussy was wet with her own juices and only a small trickle of blood escaped.

The hand between Jennifer's legs brought her to one last orgasm as another stranger pulled and twisted her nipples. They weren't done though and a man moved in front of her, placing his hands under her arms to stop her from collapsing.

The Executioner finally approached the Black Tag who was still whimpering and crying. “They didn't have to die like that,” she was told, “You clearly valued your life over your family's, so I will let you keep it.”

From her tool table the Executioner picked up a heavy looking metal collar and then fastened it around the Black Tags neck. “You are now a slave, less than Meat and less than Human,” a hard slap impacted with the sobbing girls cheek though she didn't react to it, “May whoever buys you treat you like the scum you are, slave!”

Slaves were the lowest of the low. Only Black Tags ever got that status and their days would be filled with hard labour and cruel torture, but they would live on just like they wanted too. From her studies as Butcher, Jennifer knew there was a couple more things to do before the Black Tag would be sold. The Executioner brought her blade to the Black Tags nipples, taking one in her fingers, before slicing it off cleanly.

As the woman screamed, blood seeping from the open wound, a hot iron was pressed into it to stop the bleeding. The same happened to other and the woman was effectively branded. Her last humiliation was a chastity belt, one where she could use the toilet easily but would never again be granted pleasure from her sensitive nipples or wanting cunt.

All she would ever feel again was pain, pain which she deserved. Jennifer felt only slight pity for the woman but all in all she was in agreement that this was a well-deserved punishment. Two innocent women died for her selfish act. As her final orgasm racked her body her eyes fell on Abby who couldn't watch the torture further and so settled on watching her sister be molested.

Their eyes locked and Jennifer smiled, feeling only love for her darling little sister. The teenager was watching with interest, her cheeks rosy with an adorable blush.

Jennifer didn't want to risk Abby dying like that...

Tomorrow she would go in for Processing...


I loved writing this one!

Chapter Four: Choose your Method

Jennifer stood outside the local Processing Centre. It was fenced off my large walls that had been there back when this place was a prison. She had been here once before, during her tagging, and was happy to note that the old cells were now comfortable bedsits used as temporary housing for Red Tags until their time came.

Jennifer didn't know how she wanted to go yet, all she had decided on was having her bones buried beside her mother's. She still had roughly two weeks to decide but once she entered the Processing Plant and submitted herself, she would never leave alive.

Jennifer thought back to the Black Tag she had witnessed being executed the day before and of how it scared her into coming here so that her sister Abby, who was here with her, could have the same luxury of choice should her number come up.

Jennifer squeezed her sister's hand for comfort who smiled back up at her big sister. “We don't need to do it now,” Abby tried to convince her, “You can come home then we can...I”

“No I have to do this now, no point in dragging it out,” Jennifer was trying to convince herself as well. Abby, still not fully grasping the honourable decision her sister was making, saw only a future without her and it broke her heart.

Abby broke out in tears, sobbing loudly outside the gates. Several other women on their way inside glanced at the crying teenager. “Abby,” Jennifer said sternly, “Women don't cry at Processing Centres, they die happily for the-”

“Fuck the good of Humanity!” she yelled loudly, “I just want my sister to live!”

That was a dangerous sentiment and already a few guards were looking their way. Jennifer hated to do this but it was for Abby's own good. She raised her hand and slapped her little sister across the cheek as hard as she dared.

“Quiet,” she hissed, “That's a dangerous thing to say you stupid girl!” Jennifer took her sister by the shoulders and made her face her, “Say sorry, say it loudly and that you didn't mean it or these guards will come and take you away!”

Abby looked over at the men and sniffed loudly. “Sorry,” she said to them, “I-I didn't mean that.”

“You have to let me go without a fuss now,” Jennifer kissed Abby on the lips and turned away from her, “I hope you live a long and happy life.”

“Poor Abby,” Jennifer thought as she walked away, “I'll miss you so much as well.”

Jennifer stole one last look at her kid sister who waved, a forced smile on her pretty face. Jennifer waved back and approached the doors. “Just you?” the guard said to her and Jennifer nodded, “Good thinking with your sister, you just saved her life.” Jennifer was buzzed inside and the doors closed behind her. She wished she had taken one last look at the sky before coming in here but it was too late. The only way she would leave here was as Meat.

“Hey sexy,” said a small voice at the reception desk, “I can already tell your high grade, why don't you come here so that we can get this done?”

Jennifer smiled at the bubbly receptionist. She was naked as well but a tag in her nipple showed that she was an employee and not for slaughter. “Name?” she asked when Jennifer approached.

“Jennifer Granger,” she told the woman.


“0078442,” she had memorised her ID since she was given it at her Tagging. The receptionist typed in her name and number.

“Red tagged two days ago?” Jennifer nodded to the question, “Says here you were a Butcher in training, good for you.”

“Thanks,” Jennifer beamed happily, it had been her dream to see the brave women who came here to their ideal deaths.

“Well, in your last grading you scored an A-,” the woman then stated, impressed with the score, “That's nothing to scoff at, all I ever see are B and C grades usually.” The woman typed something into her computer. “There, your slotted in for Tuesday, that's two days from now.”

“You mean I can't be snuffed today?” Jennifer asked and the woman shook her head.

“We get a lot of Meat Girls coming through here every day,” she was told, “We only have so many butchers to see to them,” she looked at Jennifer apologetically, “Don't worry, the Centre is quite luxurious so you won't be bored,” The woman smiled at Jennifer. “You should know that though right?” Jennifer nodded, she did know that.

The Receptionist then produced a piercing gun from under her desk and stuck a sticker with her grade onto a plastic tag. “Lean forward,” she told Jennifer. She couldn't help blushing when the Receptionist took her breast in her hand.

A sharp pain coursed through her nipple as the tag was applied and Jennifer was allowed to stand up. “In you get,” a small gate opened and Jennifer was allowed to pass into the Centre proper. The centre wasn't too crowded though each and every current resident was naked. Most of them were Meat Girls while some were staff like waitresses serving their honourable charges as they lived it up before they died.

In the centre of the room was a large pool where most of the women were situated, either swimming, playing or relaxing by the pool side. Jennifer looked up and was happy to see that this was an open courtyard, the sky wouldn't be gone forever after all.

She descended the metal staircase, a relic from the old prison, into the courtyard and stood by the pool watching as the other Meat Girls enjoyed their final days or even hours. “Each and every single one of us is doomed,” she reminded herself, “And yet not a sad face among them.”

She spent the day by the pool. It seemed that her higher than normal grade drew some attention and more than a few Meat Girls wanted to see what an 'A' standard Meat Girl looked like. One was very hands on, touching every inch of Jennifer's body while another two held her down.

Her hands roamed her naked body, gently caressing her soft breasts or hairless cunt and bringing her to one sweet orgasm after the other. Neither one of those involved, including Jennifer herself, could refrain from laughing joyfully. Her day was filled with sex. She had never been attracted to girls before she became an animal but now that she was free to act as she pleased she found great pleasure in fucking another women in her position.

The day passed quickly and the evening meal was delicious, served in a large cafeteria. As she was heading to her room for the night Jennifer was happy, full and utterly spent sexually. It was then that she saw something that would dampen her day.

“No,” cried an unfamiliar voice, “Please I'm not ready just one more day!”

“Come on love,” said a male, “Your times up, we can make it painless if that's what your worried about?”

Jennifer approached the source of the noise and found two guards wrestling with a Meat Girl in her room. It seemed it was her time but fear and nerves had taken hold of her. “Come on Meat, you don't want us to convert you to a Black Tag do you?”

“Hold on,” Jennifer approached them, “Let her go, I'll talk her round.”

“Back to your cell Meat,” the Guard raised a cattle prod and flared it at her.

“Hey new guy,” said the other, “You don't speak to a Meat Girl like that,” he thwacked his subordinate on the back of the head then faced Jennifer with a friendly smile. “Think you can convince her to come quietly, I'd hate to drag her family into this?”

Jennifer looked at the pathetic creature, naked and huddled against the far wall of her room. She was scared of dying. “There's no shame in it,” her mother's words rang through her mind and Jennifer nodded.

“I can convince her,” she promised them, “Lock the door and let us be alone, okay?”

The two men left and Jennifer sat herself on the comfortable bed, yearning for the one in her own room. “There's no shame in being scared,” Jennifer said to the woman, she looked a little older than her but not by much, “What are you afraid of?”

“Nothing,” she said simply, “I just want a little longer.”

“So do I,” Jennifer admitted, “I want to sit with my family at breakfast, I want to see my sister walk down the isle and have beautiful children,” she stared whimsically into space, “But I can't, I'm going to die in two days and I intend on doing so with pride and honour, not crying and screaming like some spoilt little bitch.”

“Fuck you,” the woman spat, “Who are you anyway?”

“Just a Meat Girl who was training to be a Butcher,” Jennifer moved to sit, cross-legged, in front of the cowering Meat. “So, how do you want to die?”

“I don't want to die yet!”

“Yeah I know but you had to have given a preference before they came and got you right?” Jennifer chuckled, “Come on, what did you choose?”

The girl smiled nervously. “I-I wanted to be treated like cattle,” she admitted, “Hung upside down and disembowelled.”

“Old school, I like it,” Jennifer grinned at the woman, “You know they can numb the pain, they even pierce your clit with a vibrating ring so that you orgasm all the way down the line?”

“I know,” the woman snapped.

“So why are you fighting it?”

“Well I...I asked for a female Butcher to do it,” she admitted, “But there was none available tonight, so I asked to wait,” she shrugged her shoulders, “They said no and I just fought back but I guess that was selfish.”

“It is a little but selfish but I understand,” Jennifer smiled assuringly, “Hey, I was training to be Butcher remember, maybe they'll let me do it?”

The woman's eyes beamed with hope. “Yes,” she said excitedly, “If you can I'd be so happy.”

Jennifer stood up and offered the woman her hand which she gladly took. Together they left the cell and Jennifer relayed the Meat's final wishes. “Are you sure?” asked the senior of the two, “Do you even know how to disembowel a Cow properly?”

“I've had practice with the dummies,” Jennifer admitted, “But not on a real one.”

“It's easy, all you need to do is slice down and pull the guts out,” he told her, “We numb the area before hanging them, they'll still feel the ring on their cunts and anything above the neck but not much else.”

“So you're sure about doing this?” he asked again and Jennifer nodded, “Alright, come with us Meat.”

Jennifer and the other girl were led into a room filled with other girls who had chosen this method. They weren't even Meat Girls any more but simply Cows. There was an air of excitement in the room, some were smiling while some looked nervous but all were aroused at the idea of their impending death being so debasing.

It was intoxicating.

“Alright Cows,” shouted one of the men who brought her here, “In a moment your clitoris will be pierced with a ring that will make your last moments on Earth one hell of a ride, after that we'll hang you upside down and inject you with a tranquillizer that will numb you to the pain of your disembowelment.”

“Unless you want to feel it of course.”

A few nervous laughs sounded as the Cows got excited. Finally, they were told to line up for their piercing before they would be moved to the production line. Jennifer wanted to stay and watch all the lovely ladies squeal as their most sensitive organ was pierced but sadly she was instead guided to the next room.

“The Cows will come out from this side,” indicated a Butcher, a man wearing industry standard health and safety clothing such as a hairnet and face mask. “They won't be able to move their arms thanks to the injection, they'll still feel below the waist and above the neck though but don't ask me how that works.”

Jennifer nodded her understanding and he continued. “Remember these girls asked for this so don't hesitate to cut them open although try not to vomit from the smell, it'll catch you by surprise.”

Jennifer was kitted out in thick black gloves and given a freshly sharpened knife with a long blade. She twirled it in her hands and the Supervisor have her an approving look. “Good knife control,” he told her, “But can you actually cut correctly?” She was told to practice the motion before the first Cow came through.

“What about their preference?” Jennifer asked, “One Cow wants a girl to do it.”

“We know that, but they're Cows,” he grinned behind his mask, “They don't have a choice who guts them any more.” Jennifer couldn't help smiling at the light deception, to be denied their last human wish was...well...dehumanizing.

At last the Cows started to come through. They hung upside down, feet tied by rope with a hook holding them up by it. Their arms hung limply, almost comically, as they proceeded down the line and those with big boobs had it hardest. The line stopped once everyone had a Meat Girl in front of them and much to Jennifer's relief, she would be able to keep her promise.

“Hey,” she said to the girl she had convinced to come here but only received a smile.

“The Cows can't talk back,” the Supervisor indicated to his throat, “We've frozen their vocal cords.” Jennifer noticed that the Supervisor was fingering a Cow as he spoke to her, roughly inserting his fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Looking around, it seemed everyone was pleasuring their current Cow.

Jennifer smiled down at the Cow, twirling the blade in her hand again before raising it to the Cow's moist opening. Wordlessly she inserted the handle into her cunt and a light moan escaped the Cow as she was fucked with the knife handle. “Clever,” praised the Supervisor.

Jennifer smiled back at him and gave him a wink. Her Cow came quickly and when she did the Supervisor instructed her to end it during the orgasm. Jennifer didn't hesitate, all her life she had been eager to snuff a pretty girl and now it was happening. She cut into the smooth skin of the fit young woman then grabbed the handle with both hands and ran it down her stomach, stopping just short of her pussy.

A look of pain and shock crossed the Cows face, a silent scream escaping her mouth. Jennifer loved it. She bent over and kissed the Cow on the lips, she responded for a few seconds before fading away. Next Jennifer got to work gutting her. The urge to vomit from the smell alone quickly rose though she fought through it.

Blood had spurted out of the wound, covering her front in it as she did her work. When an intestine wrapped itself around her arm she nearly threw up there and then as well but the naked Meat Girl had waited all her life for this, she was wasn't going to fuck up by looking unprofessional.

The Cow was cleaned out now, just Meat on the line. Jennifer watched her first kill dissapear into its final destination where the head would be removed and preserved for burial by the family. The next girl was a little younger this time. Despite that she looked to be having the time of her life. Without a word Jennifer grabbed the young lady's firm little bottom in her hands and pulled her towards her, wrapping her lips around the easily accessible pussy on display. The girl managed to orgasm twice before Jennifer cut her open.

Eventually the last Cow was snuffed and Jennifer turned to look at the supervisor. She was covered almost head to toe in blood now, save for her back. He approached her and took her bottom in his hands, stroking her cute globes freely. “Not bad Meat,” he said to her, “Why don't you go shower?”

Jennifer found the showers and sighed happily under a torrent of hot water, watching as the blood ran off her naked body and down the drain. Suddenly hands wrapped around her and took her smallish breasts in their hands. Jennifer didn't try to fight, knowing it would do no good.

“You did good Meat Girl,” said a familiar voice behind her, it was the Supervisor. He had pulled her against his own naked body, his penis erect between her legs. “Now bend over meat, I'm going to take your ass while we walk.” Jennifer did as instructed, quite sure that this strong man could easily overpower her anyway. She felt his cock line up with her ass then he began to push past her cheeks and into her anus. Pain racked her young body soon to be replaced by pleasure.

“Watching you finger and gut those Cows was hot,” he said to her as he began to thrust, “Did you like it?” Jennifer managed to nod though her voice failed her, “Good, I think you have a future here,” he added, “Not as a Meat Girl however but as a Butcher.”

“Y-you mean I get to live?” she managed to ask.

“Yep,” the man growled as he fucked her ass, “We don't have enough Butchers and to let one as gifted as you die would be a waste,” he began to fuck her harder, causing Jennifer to cry out in pain and pleasure, “So,” he said with another grunt, “What do you say?”

Jennifer couldn't stop smiling, the only reason she became a Butcher in the first place was because they were immune from Slaughter and even a Black Tag Execution of family members. To be a certified Butcher and earn immunity meant you had to stand above everyone else in your class which was why she never made any friends in college.

When her status turned red a few short days ago she had been convinced that this was it and all she had to do was worry about how she wanted to die. But now there was no need. She would be the one doing the killing.

“Yes,” Jennifer said happily, “A thousand times yes!”

The man came, filling her ass with his seed. He didn't just up and leave however, next he brought her off with his mouth before helping Jennifer get clean. When she went to her room, thoroughly spent, Jennifer couldn't have been happier with her luck.


A month passed and Jennifer was now a fully fledged Butcher. She was a fast learner and even before becoming Meat she was top of her class. Women who worked for a Processing Centre weren't Meat Girls which meant her Humanity was restored although women were still forbidden from wearing clothes in a Processing Centre, Meat or not, so employees were pierced through the nipple with a name tag and job title similar to the grading tag.

Jennifer had just finished with a Meat Girl. It had been a one on one snuff, they had made love at first before Jennifer grabbed a knife and cut her throat. The small bedsit was covered in blood, it was like a crime scene in there and Jennifer was in desperate need of a shower which she took quickly, knowing full well that another Meat Girl was in need of a good death.

After showering, she was approached by the Supervisor however. “You've been requested by name,” he told her, “Head to room fourteen.”

“Yes sir,” Jennifer said with a polite nod. She turned her naked body around and headed for the room. Who could have asked for her? She didn't really have friends because she had shunned everyone in her class in favour of getting the highest possible grades and most of her family lived out of the Centres pickup range.

Most, save for...

“Hey sis,” said a familiar person on the bed.

Jennifer's stomach did a back flip. “Abby!”


Last chapter folks and my personal favourite!

Chapter Five: Paying for Mistakes

Jennifer stared stupidly at her little sister as she sat, naked, on the bed. “Abby why are you here?” she asked but this was a dumb question, the only reason a girl arrived here naked was because their number had come up.

“Well you haven't been home since you told us you were a Butcher,” she said aloofly, “Nice belt by the way.” Jennifer looked down at her waist, the only item of clothing she was permitted to wear was a belt that held a knife, some rope and hand gel as well as an electric taser for complicated Meat Girls who tried to escape.

Abby got her attention again. “Anyway sis, my tag went red a week ago.” Jennifer snapped back to the situation at hand.

“Oh honey are you okay?” Jennifer moved to sit beside her naked sister. “I know you've always been a little sensitive to this whole Meat Girl thing.”

“I'm fine with it,” Abby assured her worried older sister, “But only if you're the one who kills me.”

Jennifer had an inkling that was why she was here. Final goodbyes weren't allowed in Processing Centres, even if someone in your family worked there, as it tended to cause second guesses and disruptions. Jennifer couldn't help wrapping her arms around Abby though, pulling the eighteen-year-old into a warm hug.

“I'd be honoured to send you off,” Jennifer said happily, “I'll do anything you want, any kind of scenario you can think of, I won't judge!” Abby sat with her hands on her lap now, looking nervously down at them. Jennifer smiled wickedly. “Do you have an idea already?”

“I-I want to be r-roasted alive, I've even donated myself to the Centre so you could enjoy my meat,” she slowly admitted, “Back when mum was cooking, the smells and the sight of her beautiful body turning a crispy brown,” she licked her lips at the tantalising thought, “It got me so horny, I came into your room that night wanting to fuck but I...I never worked up the courage.”

“Dirty girl,” Jennifer teased, “Wanting to fuck you sister.”

“Technically you weren't my sister at that point,” she corrected her, “Just an animal.”

“And here I was thinking you hated it when I called myself that.”

Abby slapped Jennifer on the arm. “Okay I get it I'm a hypocrite,” she said loudly, “But seriously, can you do it like this?”

“Of course, a spit roaster is one of the most basic tools we have,” she gave her sister a serious look now, “It can take you a while to die over the coals Abby, are you sure?”

“If I smell myself cooking that would be so hot,” Abby rubbed her thighs together, clearly getting aroused, “I also want you to have my cunt steak, for being such a good big sister.” Jennifer smiled at the offer and nodded, graciously accepting it. Jennifer left Abby alone to go find a spit. As Abby's Butcher, Jennifer would be in charge of making sure she was cooked.

That involved spitting her obviously but also making sure she kept turning on the electric rotisserie to cook evenly as well as basting her. There would be an audience of course, the cooking would be done by the pool so that every lady present, Meat included, could enjoy this meal seeing as Abby would be cooked on site over the usual slaughter and export of the carcass.

Within the hour an electronic spit was brought out. Jennifer was to return to Abby's cell and make sure she was ready to proceed. “I'm ready,” Abby said bravely, standing up from the bed and looking at her sister with confidence.

“Not so fast Meat,” Jennifer approached Abby, her beautiful little sister who meant everything to her as she was growing up, who was now a Meat Girl. Without warning, she placed her hands between her sister's legs and fingered her already shaven pussy. Abby went a deep shade of red, her full lips parting as a small moan escaped her.

Jennifer leaned in, kissing her softly and using her free hand to stroke her beautiful, meaty backside. Abby moaned into Jennifer's open mouth as her clit was twisted by her sister. They parted and Jennifer smiled at Abby. “I'm going to tenderise you first,” she told her, “Lie down Meat.”

Abby shivered with excitement, knowing that she had no right to refuse seeing as she wasn't human any more. “When that spit goes in your cunt I'm going to be working your sweet pussy with my hand,” Jennifer told her, “You're going to cum as many times as I can make you before you finally die.”

“Th-thanks sis,” Abby gasped as Jennifer climbed on top of her, “I love you so much!”

Jennifer kissed her again, long and passionately. “I love you too Abby,” Jennifer kissed her again, this time pushing her fingers deep into her sister's sopping wet cunt. Abby would have screamed aloud if not for Jennifer's kissing.

She wasn't gentle to her sister either. As her hymen broke and her virginity was taken, blood began to soak her two fingers, but she didn't stop as this was nothing compared to how much blood she would get covered in with other girls. Abby had her first orgasm, one of the many more she would experience on the spit.

Jennifer began to grow restless however, Abby was nothing but Meat in hands now and her Butchers mindset played up. She couldn't wait to snuff her little sister now. Before she could stop herself Jennifer grabbed the long knife on her belt, drew it and run the sharp edge along Abby's little throat. Blood spurted from the wound, soaking Jennifer's front and a wild smile spread over her lips.

Then the sudden realisation hit her. She had just killed Abby.

Abby lay on the bed as blood gushed from the open would, coughing and gasping for air. Jennifer stared down in shock at what she had done, she had dishonoured her own flesh and blood by taking her life this way. “Abby,” she gasped, “Abby I'm so sorry!”

Despite her shock and horror, a smile slowly crept up her lips. Though she couldn't speak she mouthed something, Jennifer felt hot tears run down her cheeks when she realised what she was trying to say.

“I love you.”

Abby's blood stained hand reached up and stroked down Jennifer's cheek before her body finally went limp...Abby was dead...


Jennifer walked into the crowded courtyard carrying Abby's body in her arms. The Supervisor was present and a look of shock spread over his face. “Jennifer, what have you done?” he said softly after walking up to her, “Did you slaughter this Meat against her last wishes?”

Jennifer nodded and lay Abby's body on the preparation table where she would have rammed the metal spit into her cunt then put her over the coals. Jennifer wiped tears from her eyes, succeeding only in getting blood on her face. Getting her teeth, she unfastened her belt and grabbed her tag, yanking it off her nipple.

Pain shot through her body though she didn't even flinch. “Take me instead,” she said, her voice shaky, “I offer my meat in place of my charges.”

“Jennifer your a trainee Butcher, this happens to everyone,” she was assured, “I've killed more than a few by accident during their tenderising, it happens.”

“She was my sister,” Jennifer then admitted and gasps rang through the crowd of Meat and employees, “I disgraced my own sister so now I'm going to make amends by going on the spit in her place.” Jennifer eyed her butchers tag. The pin was stained with blood and a bit of flesh from her torn nipple clung to it. She closed her eyes and threw it to the floor.

The Supervisor looked at the sobbing woman, a sympathetic look on his face. He approached Jennifer and held her in his arms, stroking her long hair gently. “As you wish Meat Girl,” he simply said then turned to his staff, “I want her sister's body on another spit, we'll eat her as planned along with Jennifer.”

He clapped his hands and looked back at Jennifer who was still crying. “You're doing a noble thing,” he assured her, “You're a fine Butcher Jennifer and I'm sad to see you go.” Jennifer watched as Abby's body was impaled by the spit. The other end came out through the gash in her neck so it was decided that she would have to be beheaded.

Abby's smile hadn't left her pretty face. It was a look far more pleasant than the pained look she often got from dead Meat Girls. Jennifer was allowed to hold the head as it was separated and when she held it in her hands, now cut from the body, she couldn't help planting one last kiss on Abby's smiling lips.

Jennifer was quickly hosed down and tried and once the table was clean she was told to get on it. She knelt on the table before leaning forward, ready to be impaled. “Any last words?” the Supervisor offered.

“If you spoil my meat or burn either one of us then I'll come back and fucking haunt this place,” Jennifer said, earning amused laughs from the audience. Her hands were unbound so when she felt the cold metal of the spit on her shaven pussy she couldn't help moving a hand between her legs and grabbing her clit.

The audience watched as the Meat Girl began to frig herself off as she was impaled. It felt wonderful at first as the spit filled her moist cunt and Jennifer managed to orgasm twice before it pierced through her womb. The pain was severe, near blinding, but the spit would stop any blood from leaking out.

Jennifer began to twist and pull her clit harder and harder, soon enough the pain only added to the pleasure. She could feel the eyes of every human and animal on her, watching as she tried to orgasm while having a spit rammed into her cunt. It was humiliating but intoxicating, she was an animal and animals did whatever the fuck they wanted.

Soon enough she felt the spit reach her throat and breathing became hard but manageable. She opened her mouth, looking down as the sharp, bloodied end of it poked out. Claps resounded as the spit came out perfectly, a testament to the skill of the Butcher in charge. Next a stabiliser was slid up the length of it which was basically a large inflatable butt plug designed to allow the whole body to rotate, not just the spit.

Jennifer felt a hard slap on her exposed bottom, she tried to see who it was but the metal rod in her very body prevented any movement save for limbs. It was a strange feeling, being unable to even bend over. “That's 'A' quality meat for you,” said a female voice, “Nice meaty rump and her tits look delicious,” the hand on her butt began to squeeze and rub her fleshy globes.

“But that cunt,” the woman had now bent down beside her. A soft warm feeling rode up the side of her wide open pussy and Jennifer began to masturbate again. “She's going to be so fucking tasty.”

“Look she's going again,” laughed a man in the crowd, “Dirty beast.”

“Should we tie her hands?” offered the female but was told no.

“We'll tie them when she's done.”

Jennifer's heart skipped a beat. She would soon be dead and there was nothing she could do to stop it. The spit impaling her was the only thing keeping her alive, ironically enough, and the second someone removed it she would most likely bleed out. Suddenly she felt her feet being manhandled so that a Butcher could bind them with rope.

“Can't have her feet dragging in the coals,” he explained, “Burnt foot is disgusting.”

“You like feet?” asked another Butcher, “I always feed it to my dogs.”

“No way, de-boned and de-nailed toes taste great with veggies on skewers!”

“I'd much rather have a tit,” said another new voice, “They don't look too fatty either, perfect.”

Jennifer blushed, being talked about the way they were talking about her was making her hornier. She managed yet another orgasm as their dehumanizing grading continued. Eventually she was lifted from the table, a beautiful and very much naked female Butcher looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Still with us Jen?” she said playfully, “How're you feeling hun?” Jen managed a happy, near gleeful smile. “You look so beautiful on the spit dear.”

Jennifer was lowered onto the electric rotisserie that would turn her over the hot coals. The heat was intense already even though she hadn't been fully lowered yet. Finally, Jennifer was in place and ready to start cooking. The female who helped carry her kissed her on the head. “Thank you for this meal sweetie, you're doing a brave and noble thing.” Jennifer choked out a sound of agreement, succeeding only in dribbling which the woman wiped away with a cheerful giggle.

With a final slap on her ass she started spinning. It wasn't fast enough to make her dizzy and the butt plug insured that her whole body did indeed turn. The full feeling in her butt and pussy caused her to masturbate to orgasm once more before she started to feel weak from the heat. As they basted Jennifer, her arms finally went limp though they were caught before hitting the coals.

For a brief moment she stopped turning so that they could tie her arms safely behind her back. Half an hour passed and Jennifer started to feel sleepy. Though her vision was blurry, she noticed that the woman who had carried her was staring into her eyes the entire time.

Her voice echoed, barely audible, but she heard her say. “Smell the air honey,” Jennifer sniffed and, to her surprise, a lovely meaty smell filled her nostrils. It was her meat she could smell, combined with the aromatic baste.

“I...I bet I...will taste amazing...” Jennifer's final thought caused her to smile one last time before the shine her eyes went out. She was dead.

The meat was served, well basted and crispy and when it was cut, fatty juices leaked out. The meat was cooked perfectly. As a last show of respect, the heads of Jennifer and Abbey were laid beside their cooked bodies, facing one another across the table.

Both heads had smiles on their faces...


There we have it, I had fun writing this so expect some more in the future ^^ Since I'm moving over to here I may involve some Loli characters but I need to be sure if that's against the rules or is it as simple as not saying their age?


There are no rules about lolis over here. No photos of real people is close enough to the only rule at all. If you want to cull a middle school a bit, it's allowed here.


And nice story! The last chapter made me a little sad, which is always a plus with a story like this, it means you made me care first


Thanks for the kind words, Abby in the original version was 14 and I hadn't really planned on her being snuffed but Dolcettish still didn't like her being around naked women as they still call it being involved. I don't mean to rag on the site, I love the work some of the people do over there.

Abby's inclusion in Chapter Five was totally last minute, it was just meant to be a generic girl but when I was told to age Abby up I just went for it...

Still, glad you like it


Noticed a lot of spelling errors, this is why I need a proof reader


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