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These are stories I've posted on my inkbunny account, but think are sufficiently gorey enough to also be worth posting here. The first story introduces the setting of Club Meat Grinder, the second and third stories going into how the two characters from the tour are snuffed. All in all it's about 30,000 words of nearly nonstop furry cub snuff, every 'victim' eagerly consenting to their fate. Enjoy.

Taking the Tour

(loli/shota/cub, snuff, consensual, futa, beheading, bathroom, asphyxiation, dolcett, electrocution, castration, abortion, urethral play)

In an alley between two of the tallest skyscrapers rising from the heart of downtown, two pedestrians turn off a main road, silhouetted against the light of a streetlamp as they gaze down into the dim, dank environment. They are smaller than most out tonight, a pair of young children out past their bedtime, looking excited and anxious to have found what they've braved the darkness to reach.

As they take their first short steps down the alley, the crunch of bottle glass beneath one of their shoes draws the attention of a bear standing midway down the alley. His shaggy head turns towards them, arms folded and expression impassive as he watches them approach, looking them over with a professional interest.

From the shapes of their shadows stretching down the alley, it was clear both were girls, height indicating neither could be much older than ten. Walking with synchronized steps, the shorter of the two leaned against the other, both of them coming into clearer view as they passed through a pool of lamplight.

The first child was shorthaired canine of a particularly unintimidating breed, fur colored in splotches of clean white and warm brown. Demure, she pressed close and held onto the arm of her friend, eyes looking down. Something about her very bearing suggested submissiveness, like she were simply showpiece putting herself on display, waiting for someone to tell her what to do. Her clothes were exaggeratedly feminine, making up for her prepubescent body with a tantalizing pink dress. The thin fabric clung tightly to her, conforming so perfectly to her budding breasts and soft stomach that it seemed like it had been painted on. A single stud gleamed dimly in one velvety ear, high heels clicking softly against the pavement as she walked. With her slight figure, just a shade too filled out to be called thin, she seemed almost a short, flat-chested woman. Only her childish face and proportions made the truth clear beyond a doubt. On her lips she wore a small, anxious smile, fingers tightening around her friend's arm as the two continued down the alley.

The other child was bolder, a horse filly with long, elegant limbs. Appearing utterly confident, she held her shoulders set and long face tilted slightly upward as she strode imperiously down the alley. Letting her puppy friend cling against her without concern, she held her arms relaxed by her sides, seeming used to providing comfort to her companion. From her very stride she displayed more maturity than the quiet canine, hooves making each step assuredly, as if she were in charge of this little adventure. Given her appearance however, it was more than possible her self-assurance was a mask over hidden embarassment. Nearly completely nude, nothing about the little equestrian girl was hidden, and there was plenty there to see. Her young, curveless shape was rounded by a pregnancy that seemed huge on her tiny tan body, full belly pushing out beneath lightly leaking little breasts, puffy brown nipples wet with milk. Her poise was all the more impressive for the weight she carried, gliding down the dirty alley like a model down the runway. As the guard continued to examine her, a stirring between her white-dappled flanks caught his eye. Between her thighs a small horsecock was pumping quickly to hardness, the erection pressing up against the lower curve of the girl's pregnancy.

Nobody spoke as the two children came close, both of them seeming to grow subtly more tense as they reached the guard, though the pregnant pony's cock began to leak precum as she made the last few steps. The canine girl trembled lightly as she tried to stand still, unable to look the great bear of a guard in the eye. Her nipples grew stiff, making little peaks against the tight fabric.

Without a word of challenge, the ursine bouncer stepped aside, revealing the small door he'd been guarding. Its top crossbar was set no more than four feet off the ground, so low that an average adult might walk right by without noticing it. If one did chance to look at it, they might have the thought that only children could fit through such a tiny entrance.

Such was the intent.

Glancing at each other with suddenly peaking anticipation, the two girls nodded shakily, the equine herm grabbing at the handle and turning it without a second glance towards the guard. As it swung open, warm, muggy air spilled out in a steaming cloud into the light chill of the alley. Both girls were enveloped in the creeping mist, forms growing indistinct as the odors of blood and sex surrounded them, faint echoes of the moans and happy screams of children reaching their ears.

"Welcome to Club Meat Grinder," the guard said quietly. The girls entered, still tightly grasping each others hands as he shut the door behind them.

Shivering in the last gust of cool outside air from the closing door, the children relaxed as the warmth of the club began to sink into their skin. Naked as she was, the filly's smooth sack had been tight beneath her cock, drawn in against the chill to nestle close to the warmth of her body. Now her scrotum relaxed, egg-sized testicles descending to hang between her dappled thighs. Her puppy companion mmm'd softly as her hard nipples grew warm and sensitive against the fabric of her dress, keen nose catching the vivid scents of the club. Both growing excited already, they descended the last, short staircase down into what awaited them below.

First laying eyes upon the club, they both gasped softly at the size of it. The huge underground building was shaped like a downward pointing cone, a single room with three tiers of balconies that ran around it. At the uppermost level, they could see down through the entire club, all the way to the massive meat grinder that was the club's namesake. It was placed at the base of the building, situated at the center of the bottom floor so that it could be seen from almost anywhere in the club. Even three stories up, they could hear its whirr, see the bloodstains on its spinning blades. Both girls shivered, wondering what it would feel like to fall in...

Even as they thought it, they saw a shape fly out from the balcony below them. A mutilated but still squirming child, spinning through the air in a long moment as they fell down, down... and disappeared in a spray of red blood and pink gore, chewed up completely by the grinder. It wasn't long before they spotted another one falling, holding each other's hands tightly as they watched in fascination. Soon their attention wandered to the balconies themselves, wide eyes taking in the endless variety of ways adults were fucking and snuffing children, filling the room with cries of blissful agony, screams of orgasm, and death rattles.

Neither of them able to take their gaze from the bloody orgy taking place across every floor of the club, the two watched in stunned fascination, standing side by side and hand in hand with twin trickles of wetness running down their thighs. After a few minutes of watching, a pair of white-furred hands lightly touched each girl on the shoulder, a slender panda woman lowering her head down between their faces. She wore a smile, following their gazes as she knelt behind them.

"It's just so much to take in, isn't it?" the panda said. Both girls nodded, remaining quiet. The woman's hands rubbed their shoulders slightly, making the puppy shiver and whine softly. Her filly friend had lost her air of boldness, the pretense gone the moment her thighs had started trembling in anticipation.

"Would you like a tour?" the woman asked the two, still watching with them. "I'd be happy to show you around... make sure you find the right place for that final fuck." Her smile turned devious, tone growing sulty. The horse's face flushed, eyes still locked on the snuffings going on before her as she vigorously nodded.

Curious, the puppy turned to look back at the woman, managing to tear herself away from the show to give their new guide a glance. She was slender, short for an adult but still a foot taller than either of the little girls. Age was difficult to determine, but she barely seemed to be out of her teens, perhaps only a few years past being eligible to be meat for the grinder herself. The pattern of her black and white fur drew attention to her cleavage and wide hips, pale pink nipples placed at the border between light and dark. However, what caught the eye most was the massive brand that had been burned into her belly, smooth scars spelling out a message in a pattern of furless skin. 'STAFF - DO NOT SNUFF'.

"I'm Lin," the tour guide said, smiling at the puppy. "What're your names?"

"J-Jesse," the canine stammered softly. She suddenly realized how close they were standing at the edge of the balcony, no railing between them and the long fall to the grinder. If she'd had the inclination, Lin was in the perfect positon to push both girls off the edge with no more than a simple shove. Jesse's heart started to beat faster at the thought, the massaging hand against her shoulder seeming suddenly threatening. It thrilled her, being so close to death, so much at someone else's mercy.

Lin gave her wink, then nudged her lips against the filly's ear, making it flick at the sudden stimulus. "How about you, little mommy? What's your name?" Her hand slid around the slender equine's body, resting on her pregnancy and stroking down to tap the tip of her cock. It was a way to draw the girl out of her reverie, proving effective as her flanks bucked so hard Jesse almost thought her friend might fall forward to her death. The pregnant horse gasped at the sudden shock of pleasure, closing her eyes to the entrancing sights as a shudder ran through her. Biting her lip, she panted for a long moment, nostrils flaring as she took deep breaths to keep her lust under control.

"Tala," the girl finally answered, sounding hoarse. She swallowed briefly before continuing, "Please... don't touch me so. I haven't cum in weeks. I want my last to be special..." Her voice had a slight Arabic lilt, almost musical with its rhythmic emphasis. Opening her eyes, she finally turned around to look at Lin, the older woman's hand finding a safer perch upon her ass. Some of her cool self-control seemed to return as she regarded the guide, glancing her up and down. "A tour sounds perfect. It will help me find what I want that much quicker."

Grin growing broader, Lin stood up, taking each girl by the hand. "Excellent! I love showing new little ones around! Come on, I don't want to make you wait any longer than you have to." Seeming to barely restrain herself from running, Lin started to lead the two little girls counterclockwise along the topmost ring balcony.

"In Club Meat Grinder, there are four sections on each floor, quadrants placed at north, east, south, west," she explained to them as they trotted, a tiny tour group. "Three floors, so 12 sections, in case you haven't learned multiplication in school yet. But a section on both the top and bottom floor are dedicated to entrances. So there's really 10." Pausing, she pointed back at the door they'd come through, a small, lonely staircase coming out in the middle of a large empty area. "That's the child entrance section, not much there except me waiting for any new little guests to greet. The adult entrance is on the bottom floor. If you make it down there alive, you're sure to get snatched up right away."

Tail wagging as she listened attentively, Jesse gazed over the edge, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of anything on the bottom floor. Besides the massive meat grinder there wasn't much she could make out through the haze of the air, but she knew at once she wanted to go to see it. Wanted to be where the adults were, so they could see her, use her...

A sharp sound of slicing metal drew the attention of both girls, the little group coming up upon the first of the top floor's attractions. Lin let them take it in for a while as they walked along the inside rim of the balcony, passing by the section without entering it.

It was a quadrant marked off by deep black tiling upon the floor, smooth ceramic joined perfectly to let the blood run in rivers off the edge of the balcony. Their feet splashed in it, the crimson liquid tempting them to slip and fall into the churning blades far below. Here the lights were kept low, the sensual shapes of adults and children writhing together in the dimness. They each fucked passionately, but in simple positions, with children laid down on strange waist-high tables.

Neither girl understood what was going on until they saw and heard a snuffing happen, getting an intimate view of a mouse girl and thick-maned lion rapidly pumping into her preteen pussy. Her moans were quiet, but increased in intensity as they drew nearer on their way past. Both children noticed her neck was locked in some sort of wooden stocks, keeping her in one place as she squirmed and bucked. Wooden rails extended upward from the outside edges of the stocks, disappearing into the shadows of the ceiling.

The girls legs tensed, her voice rising in a high pitched cry as she suddenly climaxed. "Daddy!" she moaned, hands gripping the edges of the table. "Kill me Daddy!" Her toes curled, thighs trembling as wetness trickled out around the lion's shaft. He reached for a rope that hung above the table from the ceiling, yanking down on it with one powerful paw.

There was a bright flash of light as a blade descended down the wooden rails of the table, slipping through a slot in the stocks and severing the girl's neck with a wet swish. Her orgasming body thrashed more violently, the lion's cock swelling and throbbing inside her as he came into her twitching corpse. Something rolled down the slight incline of the tiled floor, and Lin stopped walking, letting go of both girls' hands as she knelt to grab it.

It was the mouse girl's head, mouth open in an 'o' of pure ecstacy, eyes closed in pleasure. Jesse and Tala both flushed, staring at that shameless expression. Envying it.

Lin gave the head a kiss, and its eyes opened slowly, seeming to focus on the panda. Lin's tongue traced the mouse's lips, then she lowered it, grinning at the two girls. "The Guillotine Lounge is one of our more private areas, very secluded and romantic. Perfect for just having that last, lovely fuck before you're snuffed." Tossing the head away and into the grinder, the panda took the girls' hands again, leading them further along. "Of course, you might want your last time to be a little more... intense." Her grin was salicious as she looked down at Tala, though she missed Jesse's deeper blush at the words. Meanwhile, the equine simply appeared to ignore them, glancing away towards the next quadrant coming up. A light curtain obscured it from view, but she caught glimpses across the curve of the balcony. What she could see intrigued her...

Drawing the hanging cloth aside for the children, Lin spread her arm towards the area. "Here we have the Restrooms. Feel free to use them before we leave... it might be the last chance you get."

'Restrooms' did not do the area justice as a name. While it was true that there were toilets here, and adults and children using them, the porcelain thrones connected to no plumbing. Instead their pipes fed directly into the mouths and other holes of children bound beneath them, their bellies swollen with the shit and piss of strangers. Some of them had grown so full they had split, filthy insides spilling out, dying in the mess. New children would remove the corpses and toss them into the grinder before replacing them, eagerly taking up their last duty as a disposable septic tank.

Aside from these toilets, which stood in a row along the back wall, there were other attractions scattered about the quadrant. A giant piss trough was filled by the men of the club as they used it like a urinal, occasionally drownfucking a cub or two in the yellow liquid once they'd emptied their bladders. Waterproof daybeds were spaced throughout the place, adults and cubs having messy, excrement-smeared sex upon the soft slippery material. Water bottles, enema kits, and laxatives were provided upon a concessions table, some adults stopping by to refill after their previous plaything was dead.

"Go now if you need to," Lin said in a mockingly stern, motherly tone. "I don't want to interrupt the tour halfway through to come back."

Both girls glanced at each other, gauging their braveness and bladder capacity. Tara's stoic expression cracked slightly, and she stepped into the area. Lin lead Jesse behind her, keeping close so no other adult could snatch up the vulnerable child. They watched the filly start to tremble as she approached a toilet, the little kitten girl beneath it doing an impressive handstand so the toilet would drain into her pussy. Her wet whiskers twitched as she smiled at Tala, her orange-furred belly seeming almost as swollen as the equine's.

"Please, piss in me, mistress..." the kitten panted, her arms trembling from maintaining her handstand. Her legs were wrapped around the toilet bowl to help her keep upright, soft pink footpads smeared with globs of shit. Tala gasped softly as she carefully took hold of her half-erect cock, droplets of precum oozing from the tip as she aimed it downward. Piss dribbled out weakly at first, then the stream grew more powerful, jetting against the porcelain and swirling down into the girl's shit-stuffed pussy. The kitten mewed and moaned, finally quieting into a purr as the warmth of Tala's urine spread through her. "Thank you," she whispered as Tala's stream tapered off, seeming short of breath.

Nodding hesitantly, the horse stepped away, shyly refusing to meet Lin's eyes. Trotting over to the concessions to grab a water bottle, she missed seeing an adult donkey stride up to the bloated kitten, taking his turn next. The little feline was quivering, sure she wouldn't survive his deluge.

Sipping water and trying to get her embarassment under control, Tala took Lin's hand again as the panda continued the tour. Passing through another curtain at the other end of the quadrant, she saw that there were fans situated in the ceiling to blow the odors of the Restrooms back into it, keeping them from spreading into the rest of the club. Indeed, as soon as they were on the other side of the curtain, she could only detect the familiar scents of blood and sex that permated the air of the club everywhere.

Lost in imagining herself in the place of that kitten girl, Jesse almost didn't notice when they entered the eastern quadrant of the floor, the final one before they made a complete circuit around the topmost balcony. It wasn't until she heard Lin's voice that she finally looked up from the floor and paid attention, eyes widening at what she saw.

Right before them, a huge gallows had been built with room for over a dozen cubs to hang along its crossbeam. Nearly every space was filled, either by a blue-faced corpse or still squirming slut, adults attending those still alive. She watched one futa girl hang, piss dribbling down her leg and dripping off her toes as she choked and swung, hard cock enveloped by the mouth of a matronly cow in front of her. The gecko futa spasmed a final time, eyes bulging and lips an unnatural color, the bovine woman pulling back to let the girl unload onto her lactating breasts as she died.

Shooting a glance over at Tala, Jesse found the herm watching the same thing with an impassive expression. Feeling sure that her friend must only be supressing her excitement, the canine looked around some more, listening to Lin explain.

"The Breathplay area offers some of the most diverse snuff methods in the club, at least in my opinion. The equipment isn't too complex, but there's a lot of it. We have drowning baths, nooses, garottes, all that. The adults really get into it, plenty of them even preferring to do it with their bare hands."

Pointing out each of the things she mentioned in turn, Lin let the girls get a good look, standing behind them and enjoying their interest. Despite her attempt to pretend she didn't care, Tala's eyes were locked on where a woman was suffocating an otter boy with her toned ass, a specially formed chair making it easy for her to be comfortable with all her weight resting over his nose and mouth. The lithe gazelle looked almost bored as she sat upon the child's face, watching his hard cock twitch and throb while he ran out of breath. Finally he started to cum, weak jets of seed pumping out of him and trickling in thick globs down his shaft. Smiling and shivering in sudden apparent anticipation, she waited until his quivering stopped, then climbed on his stiff cock and rode the boy's corpse, scooping up the seed to rub into her slit.

Meanwhile, Jesse was breathing shallowly, hand clutched to her chest as she watched a game of real life Hangman taking place. Several adults and cubs surrounded a mechanized platform, a chubby opossum girl standing on her tiptoes on top of it with a noose around her neck tied to a beam above. Whenever the crowd got a letter right, she platform she stood on dropped an inch or so, bringing her closer to a slow death by strangulation. The puppy gasped as the word was finished, the platform dropping completely to the ground. Dangling, the opposum girl rubbed herself frantically with her shaking fingers, abusing her clit while her body swung erratically, neck stretching from her whole body weight being supported by the rope. Her final squirt sprayed the audience, who cheered or moaned in sympathic orgasm. An adult picked up the child who'd guessed the final letter, carrying them up to be the next victim.

"And that's the first floor!" Lin said cheerfully, giving both girls a squeeze as the targets of their voyeurism died. Kneeling in the same position she'd first greeted the girls in, she whispered to the both of them. "Of course, it only gets more brutal as you go down further... Want to keep watching? Or can't you wait to join in?"

Her fingers curled between Jesse's legs, giving the puppy a slow, shallow stroke along her soaking slit. Tensing against Lin's body, the girl cried out softly, pressing backward against the panda's breasts as her legs went rigid. Her clit twitched as a fingertip pressed gently against it, and she felt sure she would cum, almost gave into it before the touch disappeared. Lin giggled in her ear, leaving her whimpering needily, wanting to run off and find an adult to make her cum and die. Tala she left untouched, as per her request... though she did give the filly a kiss on the cheek. Blushing deeply, the pregnant horse anxiously ran a hand over her belly, then glanced over at the panting puppy.

Resting a hand on her friends forearm, Tala gave her a comforting little squeeze, murmuring to both her and Lin. "We'll keep going. Together. Until we each find the perfect way to..." Her blush grew deeper, her gaze unable to look in the direction of any of the child corpses strewn about.

"Die in the sexiest, most painful and exhilarating snuff fuck you can imagine?" Lin suggested.

Jesse whined, tail wagging so violently that her hips shook. Tala's cock gave a spurt of clear precum, the sticky strand splattering to the carpet in front of her. Both of them reached to take Lin's hands, shyly nodding their silent agreement.

"You shouldn't be so coy about it," the panda chided, leading them to a staircase set at the border of the eastern and southern quadrants. "That's what everyone here comes for. Maybe you had to hide it before, but not at Club Meat Grinder. Here, you can be bold, seductive. An honest, open masochist. After all, you'll have to ask at least one adult to kill you... some of them might go for the shy stutter, but most love a brazen snuff slut more."

Frowning slightly, Tala looked thoughtful as the trio descended the wide staircase. She knew what she wanted, but hadn't really thought about how she'd have to ask for it. It bothered her that she hadn't considered that, since she'd decided to come to Club Meant Grinder primarily because she wanted her final fuck to be perfect. Every one of her twisted kinks rolled up into one ultimate orgasmic release...

While Tala brooded, Jesse practically skipped along, only held back from dashing down the stairs by Lin's hand around hers. Not seeming to care about the advice, she only wanted to see all the ways she might die, to hurry so she could finally be used until she was used up. Perhaps sensing her eagerness, Lin immediately launched back into her tour as the group stepped onto the third floor.

"We call this quadrant the Toybox," she said, stepping over a huge dildo lying on the ground, the thick rubber cock nearly a foot around. The girls walked around it, staring into the busier parts of the area, eagerly taking in every detail. The northern section of the second floor was a colorful place, full of childishly bright colors and shiny objects, patterned linoleum covering the ground. All around, huge chests were stuffed with sex toys of all types, their lids unable to close due to the amount of fun fuck accessories loaded into them.

More impressive than the volume of toys was their sheer variety. No two were the same, each one some sort of mixture between adult sex toy, children's plaything, and torture device. Huge dildos of every shape stood about the area like trees, many of them with cute happy faces on them, streaks of blood coloring the latex where a cub had been split apart. Mechanical stuffed animals rocked their hips to thrust plastic cocks, holding knives above their heads in plush arms so they could stab down into a soft young belly. Tala's foot nudged a rabbit vibrator with sharp edges on it, and as it slid slightly across the ground, she saw it was really a pair of vibrating scissors that could cut while they fucked.

"You can see why of course, but toys aren't the only things that it offers. There's also a pair of lovely stallions back there, sort of behind that dildo if you look. And the kennels of course. Every child wants a puppy!" Lin rubbed Jesse's head teasingly, though the canine child seemed pleased by the praise.

Picking out the animals Lin referred to, the girls saw they were impressive specimens, both feral stallions sporting huge, hard cocks just as blood-streaked as any of the dildos. The feral dogs barked excitedly from their kennel, which had an open top for a child to leap in or be tossed. Little bones decorated the floor of where they were kept, one dog still humping at the corpse of a dead cub that clung to the bars in a death grip. Another dog bit at the soft belly, tearing it open and sniffing at the guts that spilled out. Smiling at the dogs, Tala reached up to touch a semicircle of tooth-mark scars upon one of her breasts, remembering fondly how she'd gotten it.

On their way out, they walked by an older zebra herm and little squirrel boy, barely older than a toddler. Neither noticed the passing spectators, too absorbed in each other as the thick futa let the cub nurse at her dark nipples, slipping tan anal beads up his ass one by one as he suckled. After the last popped in, she pulled him away gently, handing him a lighter and kneeling down in front of him. While she started to stroke herself, lifting up her balls to show him her pussy, the squirrel lit the end of the string that dangled out of his tight pucker. It started to burn, sparking as the fire crept up towards his asshole and the beads within. Trembling, he pointed his cock down at the woman's crotch, obeying some murmured instructions from the equine woman.

With a series of wet pops the anal beads exploded, the boy's cock shooting a jet of seed as he screamed. His ass became a meaty crater, legs giving out as his pelvis broke into shards. Blood and gore made a sticky splatter behind him, the force of the explosion pushing him forward against the ready zebra. One of his balls was half-gone, scrotum torn by the explosion, though his cock continued to feebly twitch and spurt as it prodded into the zebra's pussy. Tearful, he resumed nursing, suckling weakly at her nipples as his organs started to slide out of the open bottom half of his torso. As he went still, the herm's cock throbbed, sticky thick ropes of her own seed splattering all over her own breasts and face as she stared in complete arousal at his ruined body.

"Wow," Tala said softly, certain none of them had missed the show. She glanced up at Lin, her Arabic lilt making her words clear despite the near whisper with which she spoke. "I think... I might want to die like that. It looked so exciting, to be ripped apart." Blushing at her own feelings of awkwardness at the admission, her spine seemed to grow even stiffer as she tried to make up for the shy words with more of her practiced poise. Despite her reluctance, it was clear she'd meant what she said.

Lin gave her an encouraging pat on the shoulder. "That's more like it. Don't be afraid to practice more, I want you to be able to march up to the adults and tell them just how to carve you up!" They left the area, Tala smiling faintly as she held to the panda's hand, her fingers lightly resting atop her pregnancy.

Jesse paused and raised her nose, sniffing the air with a sudden focus. "Something smells tasty!" she said, licking her lips. Lin gave a knowing grin, and as they walked past another staircase, the source of the delicous scents came into view.

The western quadrant was an array of fully stocked little kitchens, with large ovens and sharp knives plentiful, spits and baking pans lying about in racks. Here, children were butchered as they were fucked, their guts cleaned out and hollow bodies stuffed before being shoved into ovens to cook. Tables were filled with children and adults eating, sometimes even with the former being eaten alive by the latter. They saw a panther woman holding down a canine boy, taking greedy bites off of his cock while he shuddered, being fed chunks of breast meat by a girl on the other side of the table. As the panther tore free the last inch of his shaft, his hips bucked violently, cum bubbling out of the ragged round wound as his torn urethra tried to pump it through a cock no longer there. Every variety of meat odor wafted through their noses as they watched, plenty of adults getting inventive in their cooking and cannibalism.

"Dolcett is one of our most popular attractions," Lin said as soon as the girls looked away. "There's a resturaunt in the back wall that takes leftovers and serves them outside, or prepares specialty dishes for adults and cubs that want to eat but don't know how to cook. There's so many ways to make a meal, and that means there's a lot of variety in the way you can be made into one!"

Walking around the inner edge of the quadrant, they got to see some of the specialty kitchen equipment in use. There was a spitting machine, spearing through children with a pnematic 'thunk' while their adults held them in place, then carried their impaled bodies away to turn over a fire. A huge microwave had a swelling lizard girl in it, their face one of agonized ecstacy while her body boiled, then exploded in globs of gore. There was even a few miniature meat grinders, adults passionately fucking their meat while feeding them into the churning blades. All this and more made the girls simultaneously grow wet while their tummies growled, wanting to taste and be tasted all at once.

Tala bit her lip, then murmured, soft and serious, "I think... I will come here, later. It gives me such naughty ideas." Her cock was half-hard, drizzling precum in a string down her leg, but it grew slowly harder as she lightly patted her baby belly. Both of her golden eyes were focused on the meat grinder,

The smell of ozone reached them before they saw what the southern quadrant contained, weaving in through the greater odors of gore and cum. Jesse noticed her hair starting to stand on end, making her slightly poofier. Stepping onto the rigidized steel floor, she let out a sudden yip as she felt current jolt through her pawpads to the ground, leg reflexively twitching upward. Lin laughed softly, though Tala took a more deliberate step, cockshaft pulsing and milk briefly squirting as she got her own shock.

"There! Now you've already gotten a taste of what this place is like," Lin said, leading them into an almost industrial setting of sparks and flashes. "This is the Voltage area, and it's a real heart stopper... and restarter... then stopper again." High capacity transformers decorated the support beams held up the balcony above, thick black cables leading from them to all sorts of machinery strewn about. There were electric chairs, banks of nipple clamps, conductive metal rods to stick inside a cub ranging from as thin as a toothpick to as thick as a soda bottle. Defibrillators and tasers were plentiful, and they even had to circle around where a cub lay shuddering on the ground, lightning-shaped burn marks crawling down her leg as two adults tended to her. One applied the defibrillator while the other fucked her mouth, the girl's pussy steaming from her juices evaporating after the shock.

"It's a little one dimensional for my tastes," Lin commented. "But the cubs that like it make a beeline for it, so, I guess that's why we have it. What about you two?" She eyed the pair, fixating on Jesse after Tala shook her head. "No craving to have that much juice running through your body?"

Jesse's demure gaze was turned down at the floor once more, but at Lin's questioning, she glanced over at a nearby occupied electric chair. The dragon girl in it was quivering, the man at the controls fucking her pussy after giving her what seemed to be the latest of a series of shocks. She heard the girl's moans, her sweet voice saying almost blissfully, "I've never been in so much pain... every nerve is burning, oh... oh please sir..."

The man pulled out of her, slamming a lever all the way into the red as soon as his cock was free of her wet confines. Her body seized, every muscle going completely tight as her eyes bulged. Her teeth cracked in her rigid jaw, arms dislocating at the shoulder as her overtensed muscles ripped her own body apart. The scent of cooking meat came to them as her eyes melted out of her face, piss arcing in a crackling stream that lead electricity in a path down to the metal floor. Her executioner turned off the power, slamming his cock back inside to use her meat for the only thing it was good for anymore.

Jesse looked up at Lin as they left the area, meeting the panda's gaze with a strange confidence for such a submissive girl. Her lips curled into an adorable smile, one that looked too innocent for a child that was where she was. "I love it. I'd be so happy to have someone snuff me here, especially if I made them cum. Even if I did it after they died." Her tail swished in a slow wag, brown eyes shining in excitement.

"Well, aren't you just the most sincere little slut," the tour guide said proudly, squeezing the puppy's hand a little. "I'm sure you'll make our adult clubgoers very happy."

Tail swishing even faster, Jesse let out a happy bark, eager for her fate. Tala smiled, imagining how her friend would look, grinning ear to ear as she was fucked and destroyed. Her mind wandered, gaze drifting towards the upcoming section of the club as she considered her own death... how would she look? It had to be perfect...

That was when saw it. Her eyes widened as she stopped dead, Lin taking a few more steps before glancing back, then following her entranced stare.

Sterile tiling covered the floor of a hospital-like setting, gurneys and surgery tables used as beds, sometimes hidden behind blue canvas privacy curtains. Few enough of those were in use that there were plenty of snuffings to see, castrations and amputations seeming to be merely foreplay in this place. Tala's attention was focused on one child in particular, held between two women who were licking his hard shaft, a urethral sound pushed deep into his piss slit. His balls were stapled to a board, one testicle crushed by a bloody hammer lying on a tray of tools nearby. Both women held knives as they delivered their double-blowjob, and as the boy came, the tenderly slid the sharp steel into his skin, slicing his throat open and removing his cock and balls while semen squirted out around the metal rod. By the time his orgasm ended, he was dead, one of the women still sucking his sticky severed shaft.

"I need that to happen to me," Tala breathed, all thoughts of Dolcett forgotten. Suddenly her heart was pounding as if she'd galloped through the entire club to reach this destination, adrenaline making everything bright and intense. Her cock had swollen to a painful rigidity, flare half-inflated while she stood frozen. "Oh... I want that more than I've ever wanted anything. To be taken apart like that, my cock cumming as it's cut away..." In her absorption, her fingers upon her belly wandered low, accidentally giving her shaft a stroke with the back of her hand.

Even that slight stimulus was too much for her after all she'd seen, and she felt the beginnings of climax start to tighten her pelvic muscles, that pressure from within that signalled her hot, white flow was about to burst forth. Her legs trembled, and she shut her eyes, ripping her hand from Lin's and suddenly interlacing her fingers tightly before her chest. Deep breaths made her nostrils flare as she shuddered, whispering softly, "Don't cum don't cum don't cum don't cum..."

Throbbing, her shaft seemed on the verge of shooting a sticky spray all over the sterile tiles. Both balls pulled up tight, the horse's flanks quivering slightly as she repeated her mantra. She tensed her inner muscles trying to hold back the orgasm, feelings of sharp panic and guilty pleasure overwhelming all else. Almost she thought she'd been too late, and it was half a minute before her shaft finally stopped twitching, precum sparkling on the tip as it caught the light. The filly exhaled in relief, taking a few deep breaths as she slowly relaxed, then opened her eyes to look up at Lin. Despite the interruption, her excitement was still fresh, eyes gleaming with lust.

"Nothing in this club could be more perfect for me," she said with confidence, her spine straight as she smiled up at the panda.

Lin nodded slowly, then asked, "Do you want to complete the tour?" Her gaze flicked to Jesse, who seemed interested in the scene, but not overwhelmed as her friend had been.

Tala shook her head. "No. You'll have to find your own fun without me, Jesse." Going up to the shy puppy, she put her hands on the girl's brown and white shoulders, leaning close to give her a kiss. It was deep, and lasted long, her pregnant belly pressed between them while the hem of Jesse's dress grew sticky with wetness and precum.

Finally, she broke away, whispering to her companion. "You'll be so sexy when you die."

The puppy grinned, shyness disappearing for a moment as she said her final farewell to her friend. "You too."

Sharing a final smile, the filly turned away, striding over to the two women as Lin gently guided Jesse along.

"Ah, it always makes me so happy to help one of you little ones find what you want," the panda sighed, idly pinching one of her pale nipples with her newly free hand. "Too bad she didn't get to see the rest of this place... she certainly fixated on that one cub's snuffing. Well, anyway. This is the Medical quarter. Every kind of evisceration, dissection, drug, surgery, injection, amputation, or abortion you could ask for can be performed with the tools available here. Plus some other stuff."

Waving a hand at all of the medical equipment, Lin let Jesse glance over it, though most of it was either beyond her understanding or just looked like a fancy knife. It was still intriguing, but not so much as much of the other things she'd seen. Some of them she could hardly wait to go back and visit.

"That's all four, right?" Jesse looked out towards the other side of the balcony, seeing all three other areas they'd visited on this floor. From their angle, the top balcony's occupants were obscured, but she could still see the occasional corpse being flung off the edge.

Nodding, Lin smiled at the puppy. "I don't suppose I have to ask if you want to see the third floor. Eager as you are, you seem to want to take it all in before you get yourself bloody."

Blushing, Jesse murmured, "I want to do it all... I want to see how much of it I can try, before I die. I want to be fucked by everyone in this club if I can manage it, adults and kids and... and even you." They started walking down the stairs. "I love being a slut," the puppy whispered, her voice soft and private, as if she'd never admitted it out loud before.

Lin stopped on the steps, turning to the little puppy with a considering expression. Then, she suddenly picked her up, Jesse letting out a surprised yelp as three of the panda's fingers shoved into her soaking pussy, the adult woman's mouth covering her own. Lin's hot, experienced tongue played against her own, and the puppy's lids flickered in a half-closed expression of ectacsy as she felt the pleasure of being helpless, used by an adult who could completely control her.

Whining and bucking her hips as her back pressed against the concrete stairwell, Jesse's juices dripped down Lin's forearm while the tour guide passionately kissed her in a moment of privacy between floors. No one saw them as the girl's belly fluttered, muscles contracting as the tension of climax built up in her. Her tight young cunt contracted around the fingers massaging her g-spot, a thumb knuckle grinding against her clit making shocks of pleasure go up her spine. Her moan was muffled by Lin's mouth as she came, squirt spraying over the brands in the panda's skin, her entire body convulsing in a paroxysm of pleasure and joy.

The two panted together for a moment, sharing another quick kiss before Lin gently put the girl down on shaky legs. "You're so cute," she said casually, grinning like they shared a secret. "I couldn't resist. Can't snuff you myself, but... I can do that for you. One less person to fuck in order to be the biggest slut this club has ever seen." She gave Jesse a wink. "Lets finish up the tour so you can get started on the others."

Looking down at the floor, the puppy reached up for Lin's hand, smiling in quiet contentment as her pussy tingled with residual warmth. Together they descended the rest of the way, finally reaching the bottom floor of Club Meat Grinder.

Coming out between the northern and western quadrants, the panda immediately directed Jesse down to the west, giving her shoulder an eager squeeze.

"Now, this area I've been waiting the whole tour to show you... almost a shame your friend is probably getting snuffed right now. I thought she might like it." They entered something strangely out of place in the large, open club - a hallway. Made with 'walls' of cloth hung from metal rails on the ceiling, the hall ran in a curving line directly through the middle of the western section. Occasionally there would be doorways cut in the cloth through which light and sound would filter through, showing the true nature of the quadrant in little glimpses.

Walking by, Jesse caught snatches of snuffings in progress, a variety of methods being used with no clear theme. Through one door she saw an adult wearing a hockey mask, shoving a running chainsaw through a boy and girl as they fucked. In the next, there was what seemed like a fake magic show. A deer girl stood in a wooden box with only her head poking out, her expression one of pain and pleasure as swords were inserted into slots in the box by other cubs, all under the direction of an adult leopard in a top hat. Another had a young bird plucked naked and quivering in a baking pan, an oven warming behind him while a badger woman seemed to talk to herself about the recipe she was using to cook the child.

After glancing in at one more room to see only an adult and child having loving, passionate sex on a bed, only with a dagger sticking out from the cub's belly, Jesse finally gave up and asked, "What's the connection? I don't get it..." In response, Lin laughed, stopping to spread her arms in a dramatic pose.

"This is the Film Studio! 90% of all cub snuff porn produced worldwide is filmed here, by the cameras all throughout these rooms. You can't really see them from the hall, but they're there, recording every gory detail. We let people film what they want to make, sort of improv, though some adults even write scripts. And of course, we provide them with the proper tools for their art." She stopped to pull aside part of a cloth wall, showing that there was a huge variety of hidden props. Costumes, sex toys, medieval torture devices, power tools, all were hidden between two layers of cloth wall seperating the hallway from the rooms - or rather, film stages.

"Wow," Jesse breathed, imagining thousands of people watching her final moments. It gave her a sort of thrill, like stage fright but more exciting than terrifying. Sort of the same way she felt about being snuffed. "That's amazing... I never knew. I must've watched some of those videos. They're really good."

Winking, Lin said, "It's even more impressive when you consider that they only ever get one take." Jesse giggled, covering her mouth with her free hand.

Coming to the end of the hallway, Lin stopped beside a table that had been set out, grabbing two sets of earmuffs for herself and Jesse. Confused, the puppy pulled up her ears to put them on, glancing at the guide to affirm she'd placed them correctly. The panda gave her a thumbs up, raising her voice to explain.

"They're to protect your ears, so you can hear the rest of the tour. If you come back here, I suspect you won't need them." Putting on her own set of earmuffs, Lin tucked her tiny black ears beneath the foam cups, then took hold of Jesse's hand to lead her along.

A scattered burst of gunfire prevented the panda from explaining the area for a moment, loud enough to be heard even through their earmuffs. Looking towards the source of the noise, the puppy saw a line of adults standing a firing range, each of them holding some variety of firearm. One even had a bow, a bull with powerful shoulders that flexed as he drew back and loosed a stone-tipped arrow.

Jesse's attention shifted downrange, expecting what sort of targets she would find. Her assumption was right - lines of cubs stood at the inside rim of the quadrant, the meat grinder churning right behind them as they touched themselves, waiting for their flesh to be torn apart by bullets. She watched with a tiny smile as a young colt was pelted with buckshot, his belly riddled with holes as his cock flared and throbbed. He fell backwards with a spurt of cum, blood running down his crotch and thighs as he tumbled into the grinder. It made her think of Tala, and how her friend might've liked to get her big belly shot a few times.

Taking advantage of a sudden lull in the shooting, Lin finally got to explain a bit about the area. "This is the Armory," she shouted, still barely audible through the earmuffs. "Every kind of weapon you could want to be at the wrong end of is here. I see you noticed the shooting range, but there's also swords, clubs, tasers... you name it." She waved an arm at the other side of the club, which Jesse hadn't noticed until then. Circular concrete brick walls like unfinished igloos clustered at the outer edge of the section, narrow door-like gaps allowing her to peek inside. There she saw cubs being treated to a more up close and personal sort of gun execution, fucked with rifles or merely having sex with the barrel of a pistol pressed to their head. The concrete walls were for the safety of the other adults, she was sure.

In between her and the little concrete bunkers, adults were perusing racks stocked with more up close and personal types of weapons. Small sand pits like little colosseums offered a place for them to try their new toys, spilling the blood or breaking the bones of girls and boys. In one, two twin canine girls wielded knives, fighting in a playful manner while they took cuts and stabs with winces of pleasure. An older wolf that seemed to be their father looked on, giving a grinning thumbs down as one of the girls sent the other to the ground. Defeated, the one on the sand dropped her knife, starting to stroke her cuts and play with herself as her sister knelt to slit her throat. In others pits, clubs and baseball bats crushed bones, swords sliding through stomachs and spears being shoved into holes. It was gruesome. It was glorious.

Stepping over a stray tooth knocked out of some long dead cub, Jesse started to look ahead at the next area, realizing with a sudden start that it was the final one she would see. Save for the adult entrance, there were no more quadrants left to show off. The tour was almost over.

That meant she was almost ready to die.

Her heart thrilled in her chest, and her breathing quickened as she squeezed Lin's hand slightly. Suddenly anxious and eager all at once, it was an effort to keep her legs from trembling as they crossed the border in to the eastern area of the third floor.

Seeming to sense her anticipation, Lin let go of her hand, running her paw up the puppy's arm to her shoulder, petting her soothingly as she took it in.

"This is the Gym," the guide murmured, gently massaging the child's narrow shoulders. "It's got some of the most excrutiating snuff methods we have in the club." Her lips tickled one of the girl's brown and white fuzzed ears as she bent down, making her shiver as she whispered, "I think you'd love it here."

Jesse couldn't even speak up to agree, her eyes wide as she watched children being beaten, broken, used. Here, a cub was little more than a punching bag, a piece of exercise equipment, or at best, a sex toy. She saw several children all hanging by their ankles, their bellies at shoulder height with their faces at crotch level. Adults, mostly burly men, pummeled them until their were covered in bruises and had so many broken ribs they coughed blood, occasionally interrupting the brutality to quickly slam their shaft in and out of their punching bag's throat a few times.

She saw a gangbang where a group of shrieking, happy bunny girls were being tossed about, stomped on, even torn apart. A dismembered ear lay on the ground beside one of the battered sluts, her mouth a wide 'o' of climax after a steel toed shoe had slammed into her pussy. Her broken femur bent unnaturally at a right angle, the corpse of one of her friends grinning in an expression of stupid pleasure beneath her, brains spilled in a gooey pink puddle from where her skull had been shattered.

There were cubs locked into stocks where they were fucked literally nonstop by queues of adults coming from the entrance area, one finishing and another taking their place instantly. All holes were used, the helpless but happy children raped until they died, bloody bodies stretched out and used up.

The sweet ache of arousal that had lingered in her pussy since Lin's quick fingering suddenly became a deeper, more insistent need. Feeling herself panting and quivering beneath the guide's stroking, squeezing hands, Jesse let herself watch, eyes following the final fucks of several children while her slit dripped and clenched, hard nipples throbbing against her sweaty, tight pink dress.

Two boys were forced together by a group of vulpine women, their bushy fox tails swishing in excitement as they grabbed the sheep and bat cubs. One of them held the boy's cocks, keeping them perfectly aligned and fully erect while her friends shoved the boy's hips together. Pressed tip to tip, their shafts squished slightly, but were too hard to give way. Precum threatened to make them slip past each other, but the woman holding them in place was strong, her arms steady. The sheep boy's eyes started to widen while the bat's started to close in pleasure, the immense force of the women pushing starting to make his cock push slowly into the urethra of the other child. Squirming, panting and moaning, the sheep watched in shock and petrified bliss as his cock was filled, stretched beyond anything it was ever meant to accomodate, seeming twice as thick as the bat boy's shaft slid inside. Finally bottomed out inside the other cub's cock, the bat boy twitched, squeaking in orgasm as his cum started to pump. His shaft swelled as he climaxed, and the final little bit of girth was too much for the meat of the sheep's cock to handle. It split, shaft tearing along the bottom from tip to base, freeing a sticky waterfall of cum and blood that the fox women shrieked in joy to see. Raising the bat boy's arms like a wrestling referee declaring the victor, they brought forth another boy for him to pit his cock against, dragging the loser sheep away to dispose of.

Nearby, a young panther futa was enticing an older otter to fuck her skull, smiling and licking her lips while he pushed his cock into the fluff of her ear. Her body trembled, the surprisingly large breasts on her little body giving a bounce when he finally pushed his way inside. A few inches buried in at first, blood trickling out of her ear as she jerked. Claws extending to rake at her own pillowy chest, she shivered and gasped, spasming occasionally as the otter grabbed her head and slid more and more of his shaft into her brain. Her tiny cock throbbed like a pink little finger poking from between her sleek black thighs, barely bigger than a clit. As the otter bottomed out, her eyes crossing and a dopey grin splitting her mouth while her body convulsed uncontrollably, her cock surged and shot a surprisingly large load out over the ground in front of her. It soon stopped as the otter began fucking her skull in earnest, her body slowly going slack as her brain was stirred into a useless paste by the rough strokes of his cock. Piss streamed out of her still hard penis, and her shivering stopped.

A little pregnant girl, a mouse that couldn't be much older than Jesse, held her legs spread apart as she lay on a table. Thinking of Tala, the puppy watched as a a beautiful, elegant kangaroo woman wrapped her knuckles, then made a fist. With a lightning quick jab, she punched the young mouse in the slit, eliciting a scream and a squirt of juices. Ignoring the clear spray on her face, the kangaroo hit again, and again. Moaning, the mouse clutched the table as her pussy began to swell and bruise, soft flesh splitting at the repeated impacts. Blood started to trickle onto the table as well as juices, and the woman's fist started to make wet, sloppy noises as it slipped inside the girl's pregnant pussy, needing to be pulled out for the next punch. Then, after several deep fistings, the kangaroo stepped back, winding up a more powerful blow. Her entire forearm slammed up into the mouse like a rod of steel, the shrill squeak of the young mother's pleasure able to be heard throughout the area. Ripping out the little mouse baby, the kangaroo whipped it backward into the huge grinder without a second glance, focused entirely on the girl squirting and squeaking nonstop on the table. She slammed her hand in deep again, and seemed to grab something, almost wearing the mouse as a glove as she braced herself and yanked. The child's entire reproductive system inverted, pulled out of her like a sock while her squeaks went still, expression one of utter shock and surprise. Then her belly fluttered, chest heaving, an expression of demented joy overtaking her face. Her prolapsed uterus convulsed, juices dripping off of it like the tip of a strange cock, squirt and piss making a puddle beneath the hanging pink meat of her pussy. She couldn't seem to stop cumming, not until the kangaroo took her head between her powerful hands and twisted sharply to snap her neck.

Reaching up to her own chest with trembling fingers, Jesse gripped her nipples through her dress, feeling the hard, puffy peaks. Taking a shuddering breath, she twisted, then fell to her knees in a soundless cry. Her shoulders shook beneath Lin's hands as she sobbed and climaxed, slit and nipples seeming to throb in sympathy as the pleasure overtook her in pulsing waves, slowly retreating until she could breathe again. Standing with the panda's help, Jesse smiled up at her, wiping away tears.

"Take me back upstairs, please, Lin," she murmured. Her body felt like it was on fire, every inch of her skin tingling. It felt like she would cum again from the very next thing to touch her. "I want to see how close I can get to reaching this place again before someone snuffs me. Maybe the reward of making it here will help me resist giving in before then."

She grinned, and Lin grinned back, taking her hand so they could walk back up together. "I'll take you by the adult entrance on our way back. It's not much, but you should see, just in case."

Indeed, as they crossed it, Jesse found the most interesting thing about it was the people. Adults milled about, coming in through a pair of double doors. She caught glimpses of locker rooms behind those two sets of entrances, places where they could strip and store their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty with the blood of the cubs they killed. Some of the adults sipped drinks at a small bar set into one wall, the only other feature in the entire northern quadrant of the area.

Ascending the rest of the stairs in comfortable silence, Jesse felt the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter as they reached the top, warm melty feelings filling her up as she finally gave up her life for lost. All that was left to her now was to be the best slut she could be. Giving Lin one last kiss, she skipped off to see how she'd be used by the adults she found, already anticipating how it'd feel to be ground up into nothing at the bottom of Club Meat Grinder.


Tala's Snuffing

=(loli/shota/cub, femdom, snuff, castration, impregnation, lactation, abortion, meat grinder)

Tala cradled her pregnant belly as she walked through the Medical area of Club Meat Grinder, heart thrumming rapidly beneath her tiny lactating breasts. Looking far less nervous than she felt, the eleven year old filly held her tiny tan body with perfect poise, slightly longer black fur around her hooves and wrists swishing as she gracefully strode towards death. Already her piebald-patterened horsecock was painfully hard, swollen and snug against the bottom curve of her pregnancy, precum running in a river down the shaft and dripping off her dangling, egg sized balls. She hadn't cum in weeks, saving up her seed for this final release, one last load to give her killers as thanks for what they'd do. More sensitive and aroused than she'd ever been in her life, it had been an effort not to orgasm during her tour, her self-restraint barely holding through until this moment. She could still feel a tingling on her lips from when she'd kissed her best friend goodbye, unable to resist waiting for her snuffing for a second longer.

Anxious eagerness fluttered in her belly beside her baby, her breath coming quicker as she approached a pair of women at an operating table. With wide eyes, she gazed at the corpse of a goat boy lying on the metal slab, his cock severed and throat slit by the women as they'd licked his shaft until he climaxed. Seeing that had been what finally made her decide to embrace her death, knowing that it was what she wanted more than anything. More than even life itself, she wanted to cum while having her cock taken, her beautiful tall body ruined forever. It made her pussy clench and shaft twitch just seeing the goat's dead body up close, forcing her to avert her eyes towards her potential killers.

One of the two women, a white-furred ferret with black nipples and lips, still held the dead child's penis. She'd sucked the blood off of it to make it clean, inspecting the ragged end of it with a critical eye and seeming somehow disappointed. Shaking her head, she made a comment to her friend without looking at her.

"This one is not right either. The seminal tube is torn, from your stunt with the hammer..." She chastised gently, not seeming overly upset. Her voice was mildly accented, sounding somewhat Slavic. "I might be able to repair, but also the cut I made was not wide enough. It will not fit fully over the-" She cut off as her friend tapped her arm, having noticed Tala standing at the edge of their surgery area.

The other woman was already regarding her with a hungry stare, naughty grin quirking her tiger's muzzle. While her companion was thin and long, this woman was almost stocky, fit body packed with muscle beneath soft curves. Tala could almost see abs beneath her short white belly fur, black stripes encroaching over the front of her torso to draw dark lines above her belly button, across her chest, and just above her crotch. Blood stained her large breasts, dripping lightly off one hard brown nipple. Swallowing lightly, Tala made herself meet the tigress's gaze. Her eyes were bright yellow, afire with lust as they looked over the filly's belly and cock.

"I-I..." she started, then faltered, hating that she'd stuttered. Pressing her lips together briefly, she closed her eyes, then opened them to try again. Her voice lilted with a soft Arabic accent, emphasized by her nervousness. "I'd like you to please... do to me what you did to that boy. Please, take my cock, and kill me. I haven't cum in weeks, so there might be a bigger mess. You can do anything else you want, so long as you do that at the end."

The ferret woman glanced at her friend, and Tala felt herself trembling in excitement at finally having said her fatalistic desires out loud. It was the first time she'd ever spoken in such a way, and even that had her panting lightly as the two women let slow smiles spread over their faces.

"Of course, of course! My my, what a cute one you are... and such a perfect cock for a herm, too. I won't touch, I know how you children can be when you go into chastity for a while." The tiger purred her words, sweeping over to put an intimate arm around Tala's waist. The ferret quickly dragged the boy's corpse away as Tala was lead towards the operating table. Placing a possessive paw over the filly's pregnancy, the tiger lightly extended her claws, letting the points poke against the taut skin. "Who put this little bun into your oven, pretty pony?"

Tala's heart felt like it might burst, adrenaline making her almost shiver from excitement as she crawled onto the table. It was cold, but she didn't care, sitting half-reclined with the tiger supporting her back. Two clawed hands wrapped around her body, brazenly feeling her chest, squeezing out drops of milk from her tender brown nipples. The filly moaned, watching as the ferret spread her legs for her, a delicate finger lifting her balls to inspect her soaking wet pussy beneath.

"I-I did," Tala whispered. It was her secret fetish, ever since she'd been young. To impregnate herself, the ultimate taboo for a herm... on the day when she'd finally lost her will to resist it, she'd cum over and over, shooting out the next load from the excitement of shoving the previous load into her womb with sticky fingers, imagining she could feel it taking hold. Just being pregnant had made her so horny these past months that sometimes she'd cum while just walking around, the weight of her belly and the way her cock rubbed against it when she wore pants being too much for her to handle along with the knowledge of whose baby she carried. "I did... and... and the baby is gonna be just like me, because I'm its mommy and daddy," she panted. "A painslut, just like her parents. So it'll love getting snuffed too."

"Makes sense to me," the ferret said, her accented voice coming from behind Tala's swollen belly as she knelt. "And I am doctor. So it must be right, right?" Tala nodded, feeling the tiger woman's soft breasts pressing against her back, looking down at her own pregnancy and letting her cock throb. Each pulse made her imagine what it'd feel like to have it gone, permanently and irrevocably taken, her own life soon to follow.

"What are your names?", the equine girl asked, feeling it was only polite. Both women giggled, but the tiger answered first.

"Names don't matter much for what we're gonna do here... Just call me Mommy, and her Doctor. That'll do for the rest of your life, pretty pony... not very long, so we don't mind." The tiger nipped at Tala's neck, making her shiver. Then the ferret spoke up, distracting her from the overpowering woman at her back.

"Would you please hand me that scalpel? We'll do this right this time... I think you might be just what we've been looking for." Her fingers were expertly feeling all around Tala's crotch, making her breath catch and cock leak precum. She seemed pleased by what she felt, the tones of her accented voice warm with approval.

Blinking in confusion, Tala fought through a haze of lust and adrenaline clouding her mind as she looked around for a scalpel, finding one on a surgical cart beside the operating table. With trembling fingers she picked it up, almost dropping it onto her own thigh before handing it to the ferret. Practically hyperventilating, she was moaning even before the woman lowered the knife below her belly, pressing the sharp metal against her soft flesh.

"Now, I want you to just relax, little filly," the tiger whispered in her ear, massaging her leaking breasts in slow circles, stroking the nipples to make little squirts fly out to soak into her belly fur. "Relax while the Doctor slices off that pretty cock. No twitching. No jerking. Be a good patient and stay still while we take your naughty cock away... just cum, and cum, and stay perfectly still until I say..." Her assertive voice was hypnotic, words coming without stop in a breathy tone. Tala found herself going limp, supported by the strong arms around her and the table beneath her hips. The throbbing of her cock was like a constant beat that washed over her with waves of lust, making her body feel warm, buzzing with pleasure everywhere. Slowly, she gave in, hands resting on her belly as she watched the ferret staring at her cock, listened to the tiger purring in her ear.

The blade bit into her, and she gave a weak little cry, fingers barely curling as her lips parted in pleasure. Feeling her blood leak out, she hissed through her teeth in a barely suppressed scream as the ultra-sharp scalpel traced a burning line, starting from just below her belly and curving wide around her shaft, leaving plenty of skin between the cut and her throbbing horsecock. Tracing a wide oval, the ferret slowly brought her head closer to the twitching shaft as she reached the opposite end of her cut, which was just below Tala's heavy, sweaty balls. Tala wanted to shudder in agony, to let the knife move off track and slit her scrotum open. Instead, she did as she'd been told.

Without moving a muscle, Tala climaxed in pure masochistic release, letting out soft, blissful 'oh's of pleasure with each pulse of her painfully rigid shaft as the orgasm overtook her. The ferret was ready for it, mouth enveloping Tala's shaft, tasting the precum that had coated her cock before catching the first shot of thick seed on her tongue. The cut that circled halfway around her male genitalia throbbed hotly in time with the ropes of semen that pumped through her aching, tingling cock. Waves of buzzing warmth washed up her entire body, building like an explosion in the base of her cock before traveling along her spine to make her head swim with pleasure. Having the stimulation of the ferret's swirling tongue made the orgasm even more intense, and the filly whined, body somehow staying limp while she unloaded two weeks worth of cum into the ferret's sucking mouth. Her flare inflated, tip of her cock pushing apart the woman's jaws while her entire pelvis seemed to flex. Squirt dribbled out of her slit like clear piss, making a small puddle around her asscheeks on the polished steel table.

Crying tears of joy from the pain and bliss, Tala smiled dazedly as her orgasm ended, leaving her feeling warm and comfortable while the scalpel resumed its circular path around her cock and balls. She hadn't moved a muscle, her body feeling like jelly following the intense ecstasy from the orgasm. Only that sharp, hot finger of pain at the knife kept her focused, the radiating heat surrounding the cut keeping the sensations vivid in her mind. Behind her pregnancy, Tala heard the ferret swallow a few times, gasping for breath before cooing in satisfaction. Pride warmed her that she'd cum so much, more glad than ever she'd held back these two weeks.

"You did so good, so good," the tigress murmured appreciatively, nibbling Tala's ear, rough tongue darting out to tease the back of her neck. "But I know that's not all you have for us, sweet little stud like you. Fertile and virile enough to knock herself up..." Humming consideringly, woman audibly licked her lips before whispering, "I think I'd like to put one of your foals into me firsthand... to make up for the one we're gonna snuff."

Tala groaned in desire, blood pulsing out of the circular cut around her cock as it throbbed. The red liquid leaked in a thick lazy waterfall down her crotch, running over her slit and mixing with the puddle of juices between her thighs. The tigress was right... despite the volume and intensity of her last orgasm, her balls still felt heavy, cock not even beginning to soften. After a chastity like that, one climax wasn't nearly enough for her to be finished.

"You like that, huh?" The tigress sounded amused, her purr emphasizing the emotion. "Well, if you want it so bad, all you have to do is cum again." Her hand reached down around Tala's pregnancy, covering the tip of her cock and holding it so the flat top pressed against her soft paw pads. "Cum into my hand, and I'll let you watch me put it in. Shoot a nice thick load while your cock is taken... Be a good stud for Mommy."

Twitching as if in fear of the fate approaching it, her cock flexed between the two women's grips as the ferret took hold of the base, wrapping her hand around it to steady herself as she started to slice away the muscle and other connections that kept Tala's cock attached to her body. It was a deep, agonizing process, making the filly groan in masochistic happiness as she felt her most precious part being removed. The sense of doing permanent damage to herself made her entire being thrum with arousal.

Soon the skin surrounding her cock had been fully detached, slit away like a filleted piece of meat. Only the throbbing solid shaft was still attached, her testicles hanging inside her separated sack, feeling odd as they dangled, unable to be felt but still a part of her. Precum oozed between the fingers of the hands holding her shaft, the entire cock covered in the light pressure of their gripping fingers. The feeling of mutilation persisted, that wonderful bliss of knowing something wrong had happened with her body, something that could never be repaired. Tala gloried in it, chest rising and falling in deep, rapid breaths, her breasts pleasantly sore and crotch a throbbing mass of agony. The rest of her body was practically vibrating with the high of her ecstasy, and she whispered to the two women, eyes closing so she could experience this moment completely.

"Take it."

The scalpel bit deep, and her breathing stopped. As it sliced around the deep root of her shaft, she felt her entire crotch start to pull away, detaching in a sticky ripping sensation that sickened and aroused her. Her nerve endings throbbed constantly, heartbeat rapidly pounding against her ribcage as her shaft itself began to loosen, wiggling and starting to detach like a loose tooth. At the next slice, she came, whimpering as she shot her load directly into the tigress's palm. Each pulse made her ache, agony traveling up her shaft along with her semen. Then, even as she orgasmed, she lost sensation in her cock. One moment she could feel each pulse, the painful pleasure of her seed pumping up through her urethra, her swollen flare pressing against the woman's hand... then nothing. The ecstasy in her shaft disappeared in an instant, and she quivered in absolute bliss as she felt the cold air against the new wound between her legs, opening her tear-blurred eyes to see her own cum-coated cock held in front of her within the ferret's hand.

"Good girl..." the tiger moaned, turning over her hand to show Tala her palm. Her black pawpads were absolutely coated in globs of thick, gelatinous cum, sticking to her soft leathery skin. "Now, for my promise..."

As the ferret scurried out of view, the tigress moved in front of the filly, smiling with eager lust as she lifted one leg onto the operating table. Her mature cunt was trimmed, glistening with arousal as she spread her lower lips apart with two fingers. Her sticky palm pressed into her open slit, smearing Tala's last load inside her, then fingering herself to push it in deep. The tigress's thighs started to tremble almost immediately, and she huffed, eyes glazing as she played with her clit. Tala watched in rapt attention, breathless while her entire crotch screamed in agony. Never had she dreamt she would be allowed to impregnate someone but herself, yet she found herself almost as turned on as she had been as she felt her cock tear away, seeing her own cum inseminating someone else. Seed dripped out of the tigress, and her breath caught as her body tensed, powerful striped legs nearly giving out as a climax washed through her.

Letting out a final shuddering moan, the tiger panted, showing sharp teeth as her mouth hung open in exhausted satisfaction.

"That should do the trick," she murmured, meeting Tala's gaze with a lazy smile. Then she glanced down, seeming to notice the filly's neglected slit, her body clearly on the brink of orgasm. "And it served to warm you up, too... don't worry, we're not done with you yet, stud. Try not to bleed out." Smirking, she leaned over Tala's slumped body, giving the girl a deep kiss that left her head spinning. Keeping her eyes closed even after the kiss ended, the filly sighed in contentment, utterly relaxed against the metal table.

Feeling used up, exhausted, weak and ruined, Tala was happier than she'd ever been in her life. Afterglow thrummed through her, slowly seeping through her body like warm molasses flowing through her veins and spreading to her every extremity. The painful prickling of her gored crotch was its source, a hot patch of exposed muscle above her pussy that spread heat across her thighs and belly, but especially to her pussy just below. She was soaking wet, aroused despite the final magnificent orgasms of her cock. She felt like one of the women could slit her throat right now, and just the knowledge she was going to die in a few seconds might make her climax before she faded away. It was a pleasant thought, and she almost wished to feel the knife against her neck that instant.

Instead, there was a small pinch at the crook of her elbow, persisting for a moment while she dazedly opened her eyes. Focusing on her arm, she saw a needle held in the tigress's newly cleaned paws, clear medicine being injected into Tala's veins.

Seeing her looking, the woman smiled, finishing the injection. "You drifted off for half a minute there... almost thought you passed out from blood loss, but, I don't think we have to worry about that."

"What's that for, then?" Tala asked, more curious than anything.

The tigress pulled the needle out, then said, "Just a little something to make everything feel that much better... you're a good masochist, but we've decided to reward you. Your cock was just what we needed, so we're gonna send you out in a bliss like few cubs in this place get to experience." She was grinning exuberantly, seeming exceptionally pleased. Even moreso than she had been after impregnating herself with Tala's cum.

"Oh..." Frowning slightly as she tried to get her brain to work, Tala tried to look for the ferret. "You still have my cock? What... what did you need it for?"

"For this!" Sparing her the trouble of turning her head, the ferret strode into view from behind Tala, grinning even wider than the tigress. She looked as proud as a new mother, holding Tala's cock in both hands and gazing down at it.

Starting to feel flushed and warm from whatever the tigress had put in her, the filly looked at her dismembered dick, trying to think. Something about it seemed different. At first, she was intrigued by the mere novelty of seeing her cock from this angle for the first time. It looked different when she wasn't seeing it from above, more attractive...

As her gaze traveled down her own hard length, she suddenly realized something was attached to the base of her cock. The skin around the shaft that had been removed with the rest of her genitals was wrapped around a sort of round base, cleanly melding into a plastic shell. There was a handle attached to it, like some sort of cock-dagger, but with a vial of red liquid slotted in at the bottom. A switch and a button were visible up at the top of the handle, near where the plastic widened into the base her cock had been attached to.

"Wow... what is that?" she asked, feeling a strangely intense interest. For some reason, she wanted to hold it, but it was hard to move... her limbs were so weak, body too hot and relaxed.

"Well, I think I might call it the Holster," the ferret said, lifting the cock by the handle to thoughtfully tap it against her lips. Tala's eyes followed it, unable to look away. "Basically, it's a device to keep a severed penis alive indefinitely. More than that, it allows it to be used." She gestured, stabbing the cock forward as if she were about to shove it into Tala's pussy. The filly's thighs twitched apart, tugging at the raw wound between her legs in a way that made her moan.

"Mm, you like your own cock don't you?" The ferret grinned, teasingly moving it forward a few more inches. It came closer, closer... Tala was quivering, a wave of hot lust washing over her as her own cockhead brushed against her bloody pussy lips. The small, simple contact hit her like a bolt of lightning, and she suddenly realized just how drugged she was. Her body flushed from her toes to her face, blood bubbling from her raw crotch wound as she cried out. Echoes of the pleasure made her twitch, legs jerking on the table.

"Yes... we'll let you try it, girl," the ferret promised, smirking at her reaction. "But first, why we did it. Why I invented it." With gleaming eyes, she flicked the switch on the handle of the Holster. Tala's cock went limp, slowly pumping down into a cute soft little thing that hung against her heavy balls. Vertigo washed over the filly as her brain became confused why it couldn't feel the sensations of her limp cock, her unconscious not having caught up with her castration as of yet. Then the doctor flicked the switch back, and her cock hardened once more, stiffening into a proud, perfectly rigid profile.

"Ohhh..." Tala cooed, lifting her hips slightly in invitation. "I... I like it..." she said, though she wasn't sure why it was impressive. With her middle school education, she was more interested in having the cock inside her than the fact that it was a marvel of medical technology to make it soften then harden again.

"Then you'll LOVE this!" The ferret lifted the cock to her own mouth, opening wide and putting out her tongue as she pressed the button on the handle. Instantly, Tala's cock began to throb, bouncing up and down slightly as pearly white ropes of cum started to blast out of the flared tip, balls pulling up beneath the shaft while the ferret gave herself a long, messy facial. Tala's eyes widened as the simulated orgasm went on and on, dragging on for over a minute before the woman finally let off the button. She looked like she'd been bukkake'd from the face up by ten of Tala, licking the sticky mess off her lips and grinning.

"That's so... soooo... hot!" Tala exclaimed with genuine excitement, sitting up straighter as some of the fog cleared from her mind. "Can it keep going forever?" Her pussy gave a throb at the mere thought, wanting to be loaded with the thick seed.

"Only until this vial empties," the ferret said, her accent having grown thicker in her excitement. She tapped the clear plastic container, which was now slightly less than full with the red liquid. "There's a water reservoir too, inside the base, but this will run out first. It provides the nutrients for the cum, and to keep the whole thing alive." Pausing, she winked suggestively at Tala, and added, "The best part is, since it is your balls, the sperm are your own. They are viable... and can impregnate."

With a cum-caked smile, the ferret promptly swung one leg onto the operating table, slammed the hard cock deep into her wet slit, and pressed the button. Tala twitched, unable to breathe as she watched the vial of fluid drain. Cum started to drip out of the ferret's cunt, the woman closing her eyes slightly in appreciation. Though she didn't climax, she did seem to enjoy herself greatly, eventually pulling out the sticky shaft with a sigh of pleasure and a wet, obscene sound. Seed dribbled out of her in thick globs, drizzling onto the ground and running down her thighs.

"Perfect temperature," she murmured, lifting the cock to her mouth to clean it. With two of her holes messy, she looked more like a shameless slut than a medical scientist, especially as she shoved the entire hard shaft down her throat in a single thrust. Popping it back out, she admired how it glistened with her saliva, then glanced to Tala.

"W-why," the filly breathed, shock and arousal at war inside her brain. She could hardly think, couldn't make herself understand. She'd wanted her final fuck to be perfect, but this was beyond anything she'd imagined. Coming up behind the ferret and laying a loving hand on her shoulder, the tigress answered for her friend.

"We want to have plenty of little masochists to snuff, that's why," the tigress purred, making it sound perfectly natural with the assertive way she spoke. "We'll birth the first dozen or so ourselves... I'm looking forward to that. But once we have a good brood and they start to get old enough, we'll knock them up too, and once they've popped out a slut or two we'll bring them here." Grinning, she stroked a claw down Tala's cock, still rigid at the end of the Holster. "And it'll all be done with this. More reliable and easier than coming back here to get fresh masochist DNA for each generation. More fun than frozen sperm samples. You're gonna be the stud for an entire legacy of snufftoys, little pony."

Tala stared at the two of them, stared at her cum dripping from their pussies. Her cunt felt swollen, hot blood tickling it as it poured out of her crotch wound. It took a moment to click, to understand just how lucky she was, just how completely her dreams had come true. She was trembling, milk spraying from hard, swollen nipples, her skin crawling with agony and energy.

"Can I... please, can I try it. You can snuff me, I'll die happier than I ever dreamed now, just... I want to feel it myself." She reached out shaking arms, eyes unable to leave the Holster or her cock attached to it. Pausing briefly, the ferret handed it over, seeming only slightly hesitant. "I'll be careful," Tala said eagerly, gripping the handle in both hands as she marveled at it.

First bringing it to her mouth, she breathed the mixed scents of precum, blood, pussy juice, and semen. It was a heady mixture, making her brain spark with pleasure just from inhaling deeply. A dumb grin spread over her long face, and her legs spread farther apart, flared slit oozing with arousal. Losing all sense of the world around her, she lovingly brushed her lips over her own hard cock, feeling its smooth skin against her mouth for the first time. It was warm, and soft, but firm beneath the surface.

Shivering happily, she licked at her own balls, feeling their weight dangling against her tongue as she lapped at the heavy orbs inside her smooth scrotum. Tasting herself further, she stroked her tongue all the way to the tip, a shiver running up her spine at the flavor of precum and pussy juice. Her entire body seemed to throb, milk spraying onto her arms as she held them close to her chest. Her breasts felt engorged, the crawling pain of her crotch as sweet as the sensation of having her pussy licked. Starting to pant, she wrapped her mouth around the tip of her own cock, then pressed down on the button upon the handle.

Sweet, thick cum burst almost instantly onto her tongue, and she groaned deep in her throat, eyelids fluttering as she held down the trigger. It tasted better than any cum she'd made herself, but she didn't know if that was due to the drug or to the device. She didn't really care. All she wanted was that thick feeling on her tongue, to let her entire mouth fill with her own potent seed. Choking on it, she held back from swallowing, feeling the semen start to leak from the corners of her mouth and down her chest. It dripped over her nipples, seeming cold beside the heat of the drug thrumming in her veins. The voice of the tiger whispered into her ear, the woman unnoticed as she'd snuck up on her while she drank.

"Once you swallow, we'll take you away to be snuffed. This is the last thing you'll do before you die."

Moaning through a mouthful of cum, Tara suddenly gripped the handle of the Holster in both hands and slammed her still-shooting cock down her own throat. White stickiness spurted out of her mouth, displaced by the sudden movement. It stuck to her breasts, to her face, coating her in a mask of her own warm seed. Her entire body heaved, choking on the sudden intruder, spine arching in orgasm. Tala's eyes watered as a roaring wave of pleasure started in her pussy, spreading like fire into her open wound, up into her leaking breasts, through her throat, finally permeating her brain with a rush of quivering, unstoppable ecstasy.

Snorting and choking on her own cum and shaft, Tala stared at the ceiling, feeling her body give in to the greatest climax she'd ever felt. Her entire body twitched with lightning bolts of pure pleasure, every inch of her feeling as sweet an ecstasy as a cumming cock, pushing out everything she had to give in a release as blissful as an ejaculation. Piss poured out of her clenching pussy, mixing with juices that dripped off the edge of the operating table, blood spurting from her crotch around her wound. Milk sprayed from her tiny breasts, and seed continued to leak in hot sticky globs out of her mouth, pumping into her belly from her own cock rammed down her throat.

Someone pulled the Holster free, and Tala gasped, grinning wildly between each deep, ragged breath she took. Her body still felt loose, relaxed. Warmth radiated through her body in little pulses that started from either her soaked slit, missing cock, or sore throat. Now she also felt pleasantly empty, like she'd released something along with her piss and blood, poured out something she'd been storing her entire young life.

Looking at the two women, who were busily cleaning the Holster with eager tongues, Tala shakily began to sit up. They stopped at once, the tigress sticking the high-tech sextoy into her pussy for safekeeping before coming up to take hold of Tala, picking her up between the two of them.

"I'm ready," the filly whispered to them, lust flushing through her at the words. "Please... if you're to take my cock with you out of here, be the ones to snuff me." It seemed important, for some reason. A twisted kind of affection for these women had taken root in her, ever since she'd seen them breed themselves with her seed.

"Anywhere you want," the ferret whispered, one of her hands on Tala's back, rubbing her in a way that was almost orgasmic with the drug in her. The other was beneath her thigh, holding her in a seated position with the help of the tigress, whose hands were beneath her other thigh and on her swollen belly. "How do you want to die, girl? We will do it, and gladly. You've earned it."

Panting, held between the two of them, Tala coughed up her own cum down her cleavage, watching it slide between her breasts and over her belly. It was pleasantly warm. By the time it dripped over her pushed out belly button, she had decided.

"Dolcett... take me to Dolcett." The filly rested her head against he tigress's shoulder, feeling somehow simultaneously tired and eager, exhausted and aroused. The drug was trying to keep her up while her body was reaching its limits. "Feed me into one of the grinders... slow. Up to here." She indicated just below her breasts, then said, "After that... the big grinder. Kiss me goodbye."

Closing her eyes, she dozed through the short walk to the other side of the floor, lulled and gently stimulated by the way the women's hands slid along her thighs while they carried her. Juices and blood made a trail behind her, her missing cock seeming to throb to the beat of their footsteps.

She woke to the pleasure of a finger in her slit, opening her eyes to the sight of a stainless steel meat grinder. It was already messy, the mechanized blades whirring in a red-grey blur. A smile spread over her face, and heat centered itself in her slit, blood oozing out of her crotch as her body tried to erect a cock that was no longer there. Nothing in the word seemed more erotic to her than this destructive machine, her body yearning to be ruined after being so thoroughly fulfilled.

Lightheadedness washed over her as she was lifted up, her two killers still holding onto her, hands on her hips now instead of beneath her thighs. Her legs dangled, toes just above the grinder. Looking down, she imagined them disappearing, pinched in those blades and torn away. Twitching, she moaned to the two women.

"Snuff me... please... snuff me..."

Tender hands lowered her down, and she felt her first taste of true agony.

While having her cock removed had hurt, it had been slow, her mind able to focus on each cut, to expect where the pain would come next. It had been agonizing, beautifully so, and deep down in her a masochistic part of her would have loved it even if it had been done sloppily. Instead it had been done well, and so she'd enjoyed it even more.

For this, there was no elegance, no consideration. Just her body, and the machine that made it into meat.

Beginning to scream, she felt hot tongues of pain dig into her flesh, tugging hard at her toes until they disappeared into the hungry steel. Blood sprayed up over her calves, hot and fresh, and her pussy began to pulsate as even this incredible torment was transmuted into sexual thrill. There was no pleasure, not the faintest bit. Only pure masochism sustained her enjoyment of her own destruction, the rush of losing herself inch by inch, the joy of being mutilated. Tala's scream faded away as she ran out of breath, teeth clenched tight behind lips making a manic smile, tears streaming out of eyes half-closed in ecstasy.

As the grinder chewed up her legs, Tala found herself remembering a time she'd been bitten by a feral dog. She'd teased the mutt to do it, a young futa girl only beginning to understand the depths of her own depravity. Putting peanut butter on her nipple, she'd pulled away each time the dog tried to lick it off, until finally it snarled and bit. While it worried at her budding breast, she'd had her first purely masochistic climax of her life, the pain making her wet her pants with squirt and piss. The thought that had overwhelmed her mind was that the dog was going to literally rip her breast off, and that possibility had been what had made her cum most of all. It hadn't, letting her go once it felt it had proved its point, leaving her to finger the bleeding tooth marks on her breasts while feeling mildly disappointed.

The sensation of that dog bite was a powerful memory to her, one that she'd dreamed about, masturbated to. As her kneecaps popped and splintered in the meat grinder, her warm, shivering thighs following close behind, she thought that this felt a lot like that. Only instead of just one dog biting her, it was five or ten on each leg, and they were ripping away chunks, an entire pack of hungry hounds tearing away chunks of her body. She couldn't feel her legs anymore because she had no legs, pussy throbbing as the blades began to brush it, everything below her waist lost to that oblivion of agony. The last thing any part of her felt would be pure pain, then loss.

Her pelvis dipped into the grinder, and Tala's spine arched, muscles going taut as the entrance to her pussy was chopped into hash. Now pain and pleasure mixed, the hot tearing sensation of chunks of herself being ripped away functioning as stimulation to her drugged pussy. Pain and pleasure climbed up her spine in alternating jolts, but she held back, somehow keeping herself from cumming from sheer force of will. Like she'd stayed in chastity for two weeks to make losing her cock that much more perfect, she prevented her orgasm so her last climax would be as good as it could possibly be.

The moment arrived. Tala's hugely swollen belly had the bottom torn out of it by the mechanical strength of the meat grinder, and she felt her baby fall in. Imagining herself as that infant, she quivered in empathetic masochism as the vibrations of its little bones being destroyed in the grinder made her body jerk and sway. In that moment, she felt her orgasm slide over her like the sun rising to warm her skin after a cold night. Her body glowed with bliss and pleasure, and she smiled at her own depravity, proud that she was doing what was horrible, what was wrong... and loving every moment of it.

Suddenly Tala felt herself lifted upward, and she had a moment of dizzy confusion. Why wasn't she falling in the rest of the way, obliterated into hunks of meat and bone? A face appeared before her, and she recognized it. Mommy, a faint part of her whispered, a part that still thought instead of merely enjoying how far she'd gone in destroying herself. Lips pressed against hers, and she kissed automatically, heart starting to stutter. She turned, and another face appeared. Doctor. She kissed them too, smiling like the child she was.

Then, she was flying. The happiness and pleasure flew with her, keeping up as she fell downward. She'd given up her cock, ground up her baby, fed herself into a meat grinder, and was about to die. All for pleasure. All for that sexual thrill that was so sweet, so intense.

It'd been worth it, she thought, then landed headfirst in the massive churning pit of steel blades that was the center of Club Meat Grinder.


Jesse's Snuffing

(loli/shota/cub, snuff, consensual, futa, scat/watersports, urethral insertion, asphyxiation, dolcett, dissection, gutting, burning alive, all the way through)

Jesse felt like she must be glowing with happiness as she skipped along the inner edge of Club Meat Grinder's first floor. Her large soft ears bounced and flapped as she moved, canine muzzle pulled into a smile by the joy she could barely contain. Taking in each breath deeply through her sensitive nose, she let her head swim with the thousands of flavors of sex, blood, snuff, and other scents that wafted through the muggy air of her new most favorite place in the world.

Having already taken the tour, she knew where everything was, had decided which areas she most preferred to spend her last moments of life at. Honestly, while they were all alluring to her, she wasn't here for any particular attraction of the club itself. She was here for the people, the adults that so lovingly and casually snuffed the hundreds of cubs that found their way here every day. Giving herself up to such twisted and perverse people, putting her body at their mercy and letting them use her as they wished... the mere thought made her white and brown splotched fur prickle with goosebumps, aching nipples rubbing against the inside of her tight pink dress as they hardened. Hardly for the first time today, she felt that twinge of tension and heat between her legs that always had lead her into trouble before.

To most people, Jesse seemed demure, shy, sweet. A particularly unintimidating Beagle girl, always keeping her eyes down and making the minimum of social interaction. She'd practiced that guise for a long time, and was proud of how many fell for it, believed her to be nothing more than her mask. It made her disappear, let her do things without people objecting. Naughty things.

What Jesse really was, in her heart and now in the open, was a slut. Ever since she'd seen sex for the first time she'd been fascinated by it, loving how it felt of course, but loving more how it made others respond to her. Over the last few years, she'd honed her talents, learning how to trip people into letting her be used by them. There was an art to it, a certain kind of manipulation she could perform with the right mix of body language and submissive behavior, letting her targets glimpse past her mask of shyness to see a glint of alluring sexual attractiveness that made them lunge for her. It was a subtle game, one that she wasn't sure she could ever have explained in words.

The end result was always the one she wanted, though. After putting herself in place, unobtrusive and invisible enough to fit in almost anywhere, Jesse would rile up her target's lust. Not necessarily lust for her, specifically... she might draw their eye to someone else entirely, as long as it got them feeling hot, unsatisfied. Meanwhile, she would stay close, keep up her innocent and chaste mask of the cute shy puppy girl. Their arousal would grow, sometimes while they were barely aware of it, then reach a critical sort of peak that she could sense by their actions and their scent. At that moment, she would make sure they were somewhere private, and present herself in some simple way. A peek down the loose front of a blouse to her flat chest and puffy nipples. A stretch that displayed her small, lean body. Bending over to let them glimpse that she never, ever, ever wore panties. Sometimes, if they were used to withstanding such temptation, she'd even say something slutty, just for them.

After that, Jesse would usually find herself pinned up against a wall, or on the ground, or kneeling with a cock down her throat or her short muzzle stuffed into a pussy. She'd whine and let them see how willing she was, give them no reason for their conscience to stop them once they'd made the first move. Then, they would use her. While they did, she would watch their face, feel their climbing pleasure, pride and ecstasy building within her body from how much of a slut she was, how happy she was making them. Letting herself feel the sexual satisfaction of being just a toy for someone else to use to get off, and doing a good job of it.

It had worked on her father. It'd worked on her mother. On her teachers, and on her classmates. On strangers and on friends. It turned out it was awfully hard for someone who was turned on to resist a willing little sex toy like her, regardless of their orientation or whether they had any preference towards cubs. Some of them might feel guilty afterward, but she would smother those emotions beneath a blanket of sweetness and smiles, letting them see how happy it made her to make them happy. The best part was, none of them had ever known just how slutty she really was. Her very act of shyness discouraged the thought that she'd been approached by anyone but them, letting her targets use her again later as they wished, each thinking they had her all to themselves.

Her artistry had even worked on the tour guide, Lin. Jesse's smile quirked slightly as she remembered that, the panda surely thinking she'd decided to fingerbang the slutty little puppy all by herself. It'd taken quite an admission to get her to use her, but Jesse had enjoyed it all the same.

Now she had an even greater goal than seducing just one person to use her. Her body was hot, flushed with excitement, belly churning in eager anxiousness at the challenge she had laid out for herself. Today, she would be used, and used, and used, until she was used up completely. Snuffed, a broken little puppy giving her body, her life, her future, all for the pleasure of the adults in this club. But not immediately. She didn't want to die to the first person she met, not if she could hold herself back. She wanted to give everyone she could a taste of her, to use her practiced unobtrusiveness to slip from area to area, to help other cubs die and give pleasure to adults and children both before moving along. To be used by as many as possible before her life ended.

It would be the final, greatest test of her slutty skills. If she succeeded, she knew there was a reward for her waiting on the bottom floor. If she failed... well, she'd still have fun. And then she'd get a different kind of reward, falling down to meet her fitting fate in the eponymous meat grinder at the center of the club.

So Jesse circled the first floor, heading to the first of her chosen destinations. Though she slowed to take an appreciative glance at some of the cubs being decapitated, she skipped past the Guillotine Lounge without stopping. It was a lovely place, and the thought of looking up at a blade waiting to fall on her neck while she was fucked made her shiver in desire... but there would be no chance to move on to another area if she went in there. It was too fatal, albeit enticingly so.

Instead, she stopped before the thick curtain that blocked off the Restrooms from the rest of the club. The heavy synthetic cloth blocked any scents from permeating to the other areas of the first and second floors, along with the help of some industrial fans that blew air back into the quadrant. Slowly leaning forward, she stuck her nose through the curtain, tail wagging and body trembling as she took a deep, lung-filling sniff.

Odors from scat and piss of hundreds of cubs and adult mingled and swirled through her nostrils, almost drowning out the equally present scents of cum and sweat, arousal and death. Eyes still closed as she continued to enjoy the bouquet of the place, Jesse stepped through the curtain, feeling dirty already as she made her way towards the origin of the filth. It drew her as if by strings that tugged on her nipples and clit, making them throb the closer she came to the strongest smells.

Eventually, she could resist no longer. Opening her eyes to the delights of the Restroom, Jesse felt her face twitch in surprise as she saw she had almost walked facefirst into a herm bunny's ass. The white-furred woman was too caught up in using her current cub to bother noticing the little puppy, groaning in pleasure as she let a slender salamander boy lick at the tip of her cock. Even soft, the woman's length and girth were amazing, the boy having to hold her heavy shaft stretched out straight for over a foot of length so that the tip would be level with his lips as he knelt.

Jesse's surprise faded, well cultivated instincts beginning to take hold of her. Watching, she waited quietly just behind the woman's thick, plush ass as she started to grow hard. Nearly three feet of cock extended in front of her, the hugest dick Jesse had ever seen in her life. Considering her past experience that was especially remarkable, another reason she was glad to have come to this place. Her heart drummed in empathetic enjoyment as the little boy found his smooth, scaly muzzle being pushed into that thigh-thick cock, skin made slick by the cupfuls of precum oozing out of the woman's piss slit. Inch by inch his face disappeared into her urethra while the bunny herm shuddered and moaned, Jesse staring at her quivering pussy from mere inches away as strands of arousal began to drip from the woman's lower lips.

The boy's cock was rigid, a small spike of throbbing pink flesh thrust out from its scaly sheath. His arms laid along his sides as the rest of him started to disappear up into the woman's urethra, stretching her huge shaft as he was enveloped by it. Then, even as she shoved her hips forward to pull the boy deeper into her dick, the bunny groaned in sudden release, yellow piss starting to spray out around the boy's body. Her asshole flexed, the piss dripping down the boy's body and making a mess of the woman's legs as it spurted haphazardly around the shape of his chest and arms. Her stretched urethra didn't serve to direct the flow at all, and Jesse shivered as she found even herself getting soaked in it, her dress clinging to her body beneath the navel as it was saturated with hot gouts of urine. Her eyes stared up at that twitching pucker between the woman's plush asscheeks, breath coming in quick pants as the boy was swallowed up to the bottom of his ribs.

Slowly nosing forward, Jesse finally let herself be drawn into the action, extending a wide, strong tongue to stroke roughly at the herm's sweet pink asshole. It seemed to clench and relax in a sudden rhythm, the bunny woman gasping in surprise and pleasure as her piss continued to spray like a broken sprinkler in every direction, the bottom of the boy's body covered in it. He was cumming, sticky strands of hot cum spraying forward to stick to Jesse's dress and thighs. Shuddering violently inside the bunny's cock, he seemed to pleasure the woman as he asphyxiated inside her, drowned by her constantly pouring piss. Jesse didn't touch herself, glorying in the feeling of cum on her body and the bitter scents of fresh shit and urine. It made her feel so deliciously degraded, nothing like a person, only a plaything with no ego of its own. Slurping at the woman's ass with more vigor, she raised shaking hands to spread the woman's ass apart, thumbs pulling at the edges of her glistening hole.

Moaning in sudden release, the bunny herm relaxed her asshole, instantly allowing a warm, heavy log of scat to push out onto Jesse's tongue. Deep in her dog instincts, she felt pleasure simply at swallowing the shit, underlying the more complex enjoyment she got from being so casually used as a toilet. Using practice she'd gotten from deepthroating countless cocks, Jesse held her throat open so that the feces could slide over her tongue and straight down into her belly, settling just below her ribs with a comfortable weight and warmth. She didn't gag, didn't flinch back. Jesse only closed her eyes and relaxed, letting the burningly pungent scents and flavors sear her tongue and nostrils with hot filth, shuddering happily at the sensation of soft scat squishing on her tongue, filling up her throat and belly.

Swallowing as the woman finished her dump, Jesse panted deeply, not having breathed for almost a minute while she'd been used. Her pussy lips tingled, wet and wanting a cock deep between them. She felt full, like she'd just had a huge helping of her favorite meal, the dense mass in her stomach radiating a deep seated warmth that served to feed into her arousal.

The bunny woman had crouched slightly, legs bending at the knee while she shat into the girl's maw. Jesse noticed the trembling of her yellow-stained thighs, the corpse of the salamander boy still stuck halfway into her cock and a huge puddle of piss surrounding the woman's feet. Over the pungent odor of urine could smell that peak of desire, that sharp taste in the air that let her know someone was at the brink of giving in to lust. So, she pressed her mouth back against the woman's ass, slipping her tongue deep into the hot, bitter confines of her recently emptied insides.

Swirling her wide tongue slowly around, Jesse's paws reached for the woman's balls and pussy, cupping the huge heavy orbs in their soft furred sack. Feeling the small fingers stroking and circling her slit and clit, the bunny herm moaned, her hard cock squeezing down on the snuffed cub as it flexed in pleasure. He was still stuck, though it seemed to pleasure the woman to have him still inside.

Eyes closing as she focused on her tongue, Jesse continued to lightly play with the woman's crotch. Her hands moved automatically, teasing and stroking, pinching and squeezing. She brought the bunny woman close while her tongue sought out that special spot, the throbbing little bump that was where her prostate hid behind a thin wall of flesh.

Jesse found it, and immediately pressed down with all the strength in her tongue, the entire piece of muscle curling to rub three quick swabs across the herm's p-spot. Her clever fingers rubbed the woman's clit in a circle, hand lifting her balls lightly and rolling them in a palm that could barely contain them.

She felt the satisfying surge of the woman's body, the sudden tensing of muscles everywhere Jesse touched her. Her asshole tightened around her tongue, prostate pulsing more powerfully, a slower and stronger beat as it worked to pump out rope after rope of seed. The balls in her hand lifted, pulling up as they provided the potency to the orgasm, squirt spraying over Jesse's fingers and wrists as the breathless bunny came in a powerful rush of a climax.

Pulling away as the adult went to her knees from the ecstasy, Jesse quickly stood and stepped back into the general mix of spectators. Moving among the crowd so as to lose the gaze of anyone trying to follow her with their eyes, she continued to stare at the overwhelmed lapine woman. Body locked up by the power of her climax, her hands squeezed empty air, eyes rolled up and face in a seizure of ecstasy. Her hips were twitching, the loads of cum forcing up her stretched urethra causing the corpse of the salamander to push slowly out, birthed out of her piss slit and landing limp in a puddle of piss. His upper body was caked in sticky white semen, the urine that leaked from his still smiling lips spraying out in a gush as the bunny's legs gave out and she collapsed hard onto his chest. Smiling as she slipped away, Jesse dipped a finger into the salamander's still-warm cum stuck to her thighs. It had a deliciously strong flavor, and she suckled it greedily from her fingertip as she left the Bathroom quadrant behind. The aftertaste of scat lingered in the back of her throat, and after she finished cleaning her fingers she moved on to her wrists, licking off the squirt and piss to let all four flavors comingle on her tongue.

With the heavy shit filling up her belly like a few slices of poundcake, Jesse felt pleasantly contented following her little warm up. Sticky from the waist down, dress making a little camel toe as the wet fabric clung to her hot and twitching slit, she went to the stairs that lead down to the second floor. Part of her was ever so slightly dissatisfied with what she'd done, almost dominating that bunny instead of letting the herm direct the pace and pleasure. Yet she knew if she'd done things differently, she would have ended up dead on that huge cock, unable to resist giving in to the woman's advances. The possibility had been too tempting. So, she'd left before the woman had regained her wits following the orgasm. Some other cub would probably get snuffed in her place, and she felt a faint jealousy for that... but there were plenty other adults to fuck that feeling out of her.

Stepping slowly down one of the staircases between floors, the puppy considered stripping off her dress. While it felt nice as it rubbed and clung against her, it also made her stand out among the other cubs in the club. Part of her, the part that wanted adults to look at and grab her, really liked that... but she knew if she wanted to hold back from being snuffed until her reward came, she should take it off.

Stopping a few steps from the second floor, Jesse gripped the hem of her soaked dress and pulled it up over her head, letting out a little whine as it slid over her hard clit and nipples. It felt like it was impossible not to be aroused in this club, with death so near and all the lovely scents in the air. Part of her wondered if she'd ever stop feeling horny for the rest of her short life.

Balling up her dress and tossing it off the balcony to fall into the grinder, she felt the erotic freedom of being nude where so many others could see her, getting a little extra tingle of excitement just from someone looking at her. Her soft belly had a brown splotch centered over the navel, somewhat hiding the slight bulge from all the scat she'd swallowed. Little pink nipples stood out on her shallow chest, both of them hard and puffy.

Somehow feeling more confident now, the puppy jumped down the last couple steps, grinning as she landed facing Dolcett. She planned to visit almost every quadrant of the second floor, only the Voltage area having too little allure to be worth risking. With its many kitchens, chefs, and cubs being made into meals, Dolcett offered a promising start to her final hours as a slut.

Yet just before she could head off, Jesse saw something that made her stop stock still. It was in Dolcett, not twenty feet from her at the inside edge of the balcony, where all the special kitchen machinery was kept. There, she saw two women covered in cum and standing beside one of the meat grinders, one with what looked like a dildo sticking from her tightly clenched pussy. Between them they held a cub that Jesse could barely recognize, her body having disappeared up to the hips into the grinder, futa cock missing from beneath her pregnant belly. She was being chewed up by the intermeshing mechanical blades, body slowly lowered in further and further by the two women while bright red hamburger plopped out of the bottom of the grinder, filling up a bloodstained bucket.

Tala, the friend Jesse had arrived to the club with, was being snuffed before her very eyes.

The puppy stared, heart suddenly beating rapidly, shock and excitement thrumming through her veins. Tala looked so happy, the tall horse girl grinning with dazed delight as her pregnant belly popped and was chewed up into meat, her barely budding breasts spraying milk in multiple streams. Watching her friend shiver in apparent orgasm as she was destroyed, Jesse suddenly felt the reality of what was happening in this club crash down on her. She'd known, abstractly, that she would die here... but now she felt it, understood it. She'd known Tala her whole life, played with her, ridden the school bus with her, sucked her cock at slumber parties. Watching her get snuffed made Jesse understand, truly understand deep down in some visceral part of her just what kind of fate she'd chosen for herself by coming here.

The two women dragged Tala's barely-living upper torso out of the grinder, passing the remaining upper quarter of the filly's body between them as they kissed the girl goodbye, just as Jesse had before parting ways with her friend. Then they tossed her down into the center of the club, watching her fall down into the spinning metal maw and disappear in a brief splatter of gore and blood. Jesse watched with them, staring in stunned exhilaration at the spot where her friend had died. Her legs were trembling, heart thudding. The two women walked past her, speaking praise about Tala's cock before going down the stairs to leave out of the adult entrance. Unlike the entrance Jesse and Tala had come through, it went both ways. As she now truly understood, cubs never left Club Meat Grinder... not alive, at least.

Suddenly horny beyond anything she'd ever felt, Jesse turned away from the grinder, her mind filled with the expression of bliss her friend had worn as her belly was chewed up into meat. A tingling crawling need had consumed the slick flesh of her inner pussy, everything from her womb to her clit suddenly burning with lust. She'd never felt anything like it before, not to this degree. Almost it reminded her of how her lungs had burned after she'd jogged around the school's running track for as many laps as she could, a deep and visceral need for oxygen, heat swelling through her chest. Only the fire was not inside her ribs, but within her clenching, twitching slit. Instead of air, she needed cock, needed it more than life itself. She'd never been in heat before, but imagined it was something like what she was feeling now.

Knowing in a thrilling, guilty pleasure sort of way that she was risking her plans for this, the puppy went to where rows of tables were set up beside the kitchens. Adults and children alike ate cub meat dishes here, like some sort of perverse cafeteria. Some cubs ate parts of themselves, or were eaten alive while splayed out over the blood-stained plastic surface of the tables. Not many were fucking while eating, but enough were for her to try what she had in mind.

Her eyes locked on a long, bobbing horsecock, sticking up above the general tumult of people messily eating each other. Following it, she found a teenage zebra boy lying across the table with his head tilted back, a pregnant bat woman making out with him while he bucked and moaned. Without asking for permission or even acknowledging the two short-term lovers, Jesse stepped onto a chair, then onto the table, swinging one leg onto each side of the zebra's hips. Kneeling down, she felt heat radiating from her slit as she reached a hand to her pussy to spread it apart, eyes closing as she remembered Tala again, thinking of her face, her joy and pleasure in the last moments of her life.

Lowering her hips onto the throbbing cock, the puppy bit her lip and whined like a dog that knew it'd done something bad. The boy was as thick as Tala had even been, and as she remembered her friend, she found it easy to imagine it was the futa filly fucking her instead of this piece of snuffmeat. Not that Tala hadn't been that, too...

The thought made her hips buck, and she replayed over and over in her mind the way her friend had twitched and shuddered as her belly popped, baby and guts being chopped up in the mechanical blades. The satisfied smile, eyes rolling up in climax, fingers flexing tight in ecstasy. Out of control, Jesse was bouncing on the boy's cock so hard it hurt, ravaging her own hypersensitive insides, adrenaline making the pain and pleasure both hit her like hammer blows into her brain. She rode out the mixture of exhilaration and thrill, panting as she imagined Tala doing this to her, Tala's big cock battering at the entrance to her womb, hurting her so sweetly. They'd taken her cock, those two women, probably snipped it off after squeezing out every last drop of-

Cum flooded her insides as the huge shaft flexed within her gripping slit. Jesse's hips dropped, her ass pressing snugly down against the clenching balls of the boy as he unloaded. Pelvis rocking spasmically, the puppy's back arched as she began to climax, the peaks of her nipples pointing at the ceiling as she tossed her head back and cried out. In her mind, she replaced Tala's face with her own, imagining herself dying in that grinder, becoming meat. Orgasm swept over her, the boy's throbbing, pumping cock filling up her pussy completely with wet hot seed. She imagined she was falling, a sudden lightheadedness making it easy to envision. Falling, down into the grinder, about to die. The boy's hips shuddered violently, rapidly thrusting a half dozen times in a few seconds. An aftershock climax made her gasp, another lance of pleasure lighting up her nervous system.

Breathing deeply for a few minutes, she kept her eyes closed, pretending she'd been snuffed. Pretending she and Tala had been fed feet first into a meat grinder while they fucked and fucked until they had nothing to fuck with. Until this moment Jesse hadn't even realized how disappointed she'd been when Tala had left early on their tour, ready to be snuffed before Jesse was. In fact, Jesse hadn't realized she wasn't actually ready to be snuffed... not until she saw Tala die. Now though... now she could hardly wait, knowing from the depths of her soul that she was ready to feel that final ecstasy.

Opening her eyes at last, she looked down at the boy she'd been riding. Two puncture marks bled weakly at the side of his stretched out neck, his entire body splayed out and limp. He was dead, face a pale mask of pleasure with the black of his alternating stripes seeming washed out compared to how he'd been before, body mostly drained of blood. Jesse looked up to see the bat woman licking her lips and holding her belly, small painted claws at the tips of her long webbed fingers. Two fangs poked out of a mouth red with blood, pressing against her full lower lip in a way that was all too erotic. Her black eyes were intent on Jesse's pussy, which overflowed with the dead boy's cum.

"You stole my dessert, you little slut," she commented. "I was craving something thick... filling..." Not seeming overly upset, the woman lifted a hand to trace her sharp fingertips down Jesse's sternum, through her belly fur. It made the puppy shiver, clenching around the stiff cock still inside her. Grinning, the woman parted her lips, extending a long, long tongue.

"Guess I'll just have to eat you in a different way. Shame... I always wondered what dog tastes like. Get off that cock, pup. I want you presented properly." The tone of motherly command in the bat lady's voice made Jesse feel a jolt of excitement, and she pulled herself off the dead zebra with a ripping wet noise. "Hips up, hips up! You're spilling it all!" The bat said, voice exasperated as cum immediately started to leak out of the little girl's slit. "I won't lick at the table like your ilk do, dog!"

Blushing in happiness at the abuse, Jesse obediently rolled onto her back and held up her hips, cradling the huge load of cum inside her pussy like a deep cup for the woman to drink from. Huffing in satisfaction, the woman wrapped her long webbed fingers around Jesse's thighs, holding her upright while the woman's baby belly pressed against the middle of her spine. Relaxing slightly, Jesse looked up into the eyes of the woman as she pressed her lips to the puppy's creamy pussy. Despite the harsh words, the bat's dark eyes were alight with amusement and lust, fangs pricking the soft outer labia of Jesse's cunt.

Feeling the woman's tongue slowly extend into her, Jesse whined softly, fading into soft panting as her insides were circled and scraped for seed. The slender wet muscle coiled and writhed, stroking over the puppy's most sensitive spots, leaving no inch of her pussy untouched as the bat's tongue drew cum from its depths and into her mouth like a bucket drawing water from a well. Throat working in occasional swallows, the woman's gaze unfocused in apparent enjoyment, brain utterly focused on the task of extracting her treat. Anticipation made Jesse's ecstasy swell as much as the pleasure, knowing that the adult would almost undoubtedly hurt her after she was done... mutilating her either as punishment, or as a reward.

Swallowing another mouthful of secondhand seed, the woman's tongue suddenly encircled Jesse's large clit, sliding around it in a wet stroking sensation that made the girl's legs go weak. Having her entire clit licked in such a way was so pleasurable it almost hurt, causing her to insides cramp as they tried to convulse nonstop from the overwhelming stimulation. Cum squirted from deep inside her as her pussy squeezed and twitched in a forced climax. Warmth blossomed in her belly at the blush of pleasure from her cunt, leaving her midsection feeling weak, legs draping loosely over the bat's elegant shoulders. Catching the last spurts of cum out from Jesse's tightly clenching slit, the bat finally drew her tongue back into herself, sighing happily as she swallowed.

Straightening up with a grunt, the woman smacked her lips, large ears fluttering in satisfaction as she rubbed a hand over her belly. Then, with a casual turn of the wrist, she reached for a knife that had been stuck into a slot in the plastic table.

Her lower half still limp with pleasure, Jesse stared at the gleaming edge of the blade as the bat took it, tail wagging eagerly between her legs as she lay sprawled over the zebra's corpse. All her hopes of reaching the bottom floor seemed irrelevant as she thought about how that steel would feel inside her, how beautiful it would be to see her own guts spilling out after she'd cum.

Giving her a teasing smirk, the bat reversed her grip on the knife, then slammed it downward in a quick stab and slice.

Jesse yelped, wide eyes staring as she twisted her head to see the blade buried into the belly of the dead boy. His guts pushed slowly out of the long cut the woman had just made in his stomach muscles, the reek of offal and blood potent as Jesse practically shoved her nose into the mess. Her head swam, the surprise of not being stabbed almost as shocking as if she had been.

A clawed hand took hold of her chin, and the bat woman forced her muzzle forward, bringing her own face down for a sudden kiss. Jesse's thrilling heart made her tremble as she felt the lady's heavy breasts hang against her hard nipples, getting them wet with a little milk. The tickling of it was a torture after the overstimulation of her clit, Jesse barely able put any skill into the play of her lips against the woman's own, sloppily making out with the bat while she mostly twitched and let herself be used.

Twin sharp stabs through her lower lip drew her out of her submissive daze, the puppy yelping and reflexively trying to move, finding herself slammed back down and lightly choked. Blood dribbled down her chin as the fangs of the bat woman pulled out, leaving her mouth aching, her blushing face feeling even hotter as pain made the heat pulse to the beat of her heart. A long tongue slipped into her mouth, chasing down her own tongue and intertwining with it, wrapping entirely around it like the fingers wrapped around Jesse's throat. Whining happily, Jesse bared her neck to the woman, feeling the sexual thrill of offering up her life.

Instead, the bat drew back, a strand of glistening saliva linking her tongue to Jesse's muzzle before it broke. Sighing faintly in regret, the woman patted her belly with her free hand.

"All full," the woman murmured mournfully. "Drained that boy dry, after all... Couldn't drink another drop, delicious as you are." A glint in her eye let the puppy know that she knew exactly how much she was teasing Jesse, loving to leave her wanting more agony. Releasing Jesse's throat, she waved her webbed fingers in farewell, turning her bulging belly about as she started to walk away. "Good luck, pup... I won't spoil your meat for someone else. Should've seen your face when I stabbed at you, though... eager little bitch." Voice fading as she strode toward the stairs, the bat's parting comment rang warmly in the puppy's ears as she left Jesse behind.

Sitting up slowly and sliding off the table, Jesse reached up to her face, fingers exploring her new lip piercings. They were surprisingly clean, perfect little holes just inside of the corners of her mouth beneath her lower lip. Both stung pleasantly as she poked her tongue against them, tasting the blood while she walked off the shakiness in her legs. She'd had bigger plans for her time in Dolcett, but her close brush with death had her feeling like she ought to move on rather than risk being made into meat too soon. The bat had been right. She was too eager for her own good... but seeing Tala, riding that boy while he died, that was enough of a taste of Dolcett for her. Save for one thing. Something she absolutely had to try before she was snuffed.

Stopping at the outer edge of the quadrant, Jesse looked around at the surrounding tables, spotting a small scale cub barbecue at one of them. In the center of the seated collection of children and adults, the full body of a perfectly browned pig cub was laid out on display, steam rising off the crackling skin and filling the air with the smell of pork. Coming closer, Jesse patiently waited in line, stomach growling as she breathed more of the scent of the dead cub's meat. From here she could peek between their legs, smiling as she saw the genitals been sliced away before the child had been cooked - likely while they were still alive. The deep incisions suggested the roasted cub had been a girl, though now stuffing was all that lay between her legs.

"What would you like, sweetie?" Jesse turned away from the cub to see she was next in line, a kind looking owl man peering at her with a knife and barbecue fork in his hands. Suddenly unsure, she glanced back at the body, biting her aching lip and humming softly in thought.

"Ribs, please," she answered politely. The owl bobbed his head in acknowledgment, sliding the knife into the girl's chest and making a few quick cuts. Jesse struggled to contain her drool as she watched the cooked skin part beneath the blade, her mouth not the only part of her that began to drip. Cracking off three full ribs wrapped in tender meat, the man brushed them with warm barbeque sauce before handing them to her without a plate, clearly anticipating that she wouldn't care. Thanking him sweetly, Jesse started to walk away from Dolcett for good, thighs squeezing together as she stared down at the piece of cooked cub flesh. Imagining how she could've ended up just like this cut of meat.

Eventually she could resist the smell no longer, and brought the ribs to her salivating maw. Ripping off strips and chunks of tender flesh, she devoured the pork of the snuffed cub, licking sweet tangy barbeque sauce from her muzzle as she messily ate. It joined the scat still sitting heavy in her belly, leaving her feeling even more stuffed, yet unable to stop herself from swallowing every last morsel. In her greed and lust, she let her shy decorum slip, practically turning rabid as she sucked and chewed at the bones until they were bare. Jesse tossed them down into the grinder and sucked her fingers clean of sauce, feeling somehow like she'd helped pleasure the cub whose meat she'd eaten.

With the aftertaste of barbeque still in her mouth, Jesse walked casually through the Voltage quadrant, catching a brief shock from the metal floor on her way in. The smell of ozone and overcooked flesh were harsh in her nose after the delectable odors of Dolcett, and she moved along quickly to leave them behind.

Approaching the Medical quadrant, the full puppy started to feel a pleasurable discomfort from her overstuffed stomach. Her tummy was realizing how loaded it really was, pushing at her insides and making her belly feel tight. Part of her wanted to go back upstairs to the Restrooms and unload into a cub, but the thought of meeting the bunny herm she'd halfway humiliated held her back. Instead, she let herself enjoy the idea of her stomach rupturing at the next punch to her gut, how satisfying it would be to have that taut tension rip and relax as everything just spilled out...

Shivering, she licked her lips, tongue lingering again on the bleeding holes. Now deep in the Medical area, she looked around, uncertain what to do next. She saw several surgeries in progress, each with varying degrees of sex taking place during the slicing and stitching. The scents of fresh blood and offal filled the air, as well as the harsher, colder smells of latex, bleach, and sharp steel. This was where Tala had gone to die, and so this was where Jesse was most wary of being snuffed unwittingly - though not unwillingly. Waiting around for someone to grab her with their own plans on what to do to her seemed like a bad idea. Deciding to play it safe, she snuck into the closest surgery in progress, keeping herself small as she ducked between a gap between two privacy curtains.

Within the blue cloth walls, she found herself blushing as she interrupted some heated foreplay. Though the frog girl on the steel table didn't look up, the antlered head of the buck that had been teasing her lifted in surprise, wedge shaped ears swiveling towards Jesse. Dark amber eyes glinted in the bright surgical light, his open doctor's coat exposing a lean, powerful chest beneath white fur. He snorted in anger and annoyance, lifting himself up to a towering height as his expression turned cold. All at once Jesse felt fear and eagerness at his harsh gaze, an instinct deep within her telling her to run, or to bend over and let him take her.

Instead, she swallowed imperceptibly, and kept her head down. Shuffling her feet, she moved closer to the frog girl and the table, climbing onto a stool that raised her head to an adult height. The buck didn't move, only his head turning to follow her while his hands made fists by his sides. Between his legs she could see the bright red shape of a thick shaft, fully erect and ready for action. Breathing in deep as she stood beside him, she realized this man was at the peak of his arousal, the point where he was both most dangerous, and most malleable to desire. If she frustrated him, he might rape and ruin her... or just ruin her. Both were tempting. But if she did the opposite...

Looking down at the frog girl's young body, Jesse saw it had been laid out horizontally before her and the buck. Her torso was right in front of them, the doctor standing beside her shoulders, Jesse standing beside her hips. The preteen's light green skin had been drawn on extensively with black marker, the positions of her organs marked, dotted lines drawn along the paths of planned incisions. Her mouth was wet with saliva, hairless slit making a puddle around her corded, trembling thighs. Large red eyes blinked open in confusion, looking up at her buck, then at Jesse. The girl was panting, clearly lost in her own arousal after being so excruciatingly teased by the man giving her a play by play of how she would be snuffed.

The buck still hadn't spoken, still giving Jesse a stare filled with death as his body gave out that powerful peak smell. It was a musk so potent Jesse could barely breathe, though no one else ever seemed to notice. Her head swam with animal arousal, but her trained instincts guided her into the right action. Reaching down to the stainless steel surgical tray set between her and the angry adult, she kept her gaze demurely pointed downward, handing him the scalpel.

"Scalpel," she said in her best nurse's voice. "For you, doctor..." She swallowed again more audibly, letting herself tremble. Letting him see her vulnerability, her excitement. The hand not holding the scalpel reached up, circling one of her hard nipples. An obvious signal, but sometimes effective.

For a long moment, no one moved. The deer kept giving off that maddening scent, making Jesse want to bend over for him and see whether she got stabbed by a cock or a knife. The frog continued to pant, webbed and oddly flat fingers and toes flexing as she squirmed, wanting more. Finally, the amphibian spoke up, her voice a cute, creaky croak.

"Dissect me, doctor," she murmured. "She can help... I like her here... I want someone for you to fuck after I'm all... all..." The girl shuddered.

"Taken apart," the buck murmured, speaking in a chocolatey bass tone. It made both girls shiver just to hear it, to have those words spoken in that voice. The sharp peaking scent faded, rapidly replaced by the spicy smell of pure lust. Taking the scalpel from Jesse's fingers, his focus shifted away from the puppy as his annoyance at her faded away. Instead he leaned back down to give the frog one last kiss, deep and tender, his muzzle pressing against her wide mouth. Watching the two of them, Jesse pinched and tugged at her own nipple, left hand sliding slowly up the frog's calf and thigh while the little green girl quivered in anticipation and pleasure.

A jerk ran through the girl, her cry muffled by the muzzle of the buck still pressing down over her lips. The man's eyes were open, focused on the point where he had just sunk the scalpel in above the frog's pubic mound. Blood began to swell from the simple cut, placed squarely along a marked line that would lead his blade to the bottom of her sternum. Meeting the buck's gaze for the briefest moment, the puppy bit her lip, moving her hand the rest of the way up the girl's leg to touch her soaking slit. The frog jerked again, managing to squeak her joy out through the corner of her mouth. Cock giving a throb, the buck nodded to his new nurse with the barest dip of the head, then started to drag the blade upward as he straightened up.

Slowly fingering the frog as she shuddered with increasing intensity, Jesse stared with wide eyes as her smooth green belly was opened up to the air. Colorful organs pushed out, the two edges of her cut pulling apart into a glistening slit. Turning her head, the girl on the table panted, dazed eyes facing the red cock of the buck. It leaked thick precum in a stream as he slit her apart, some of it dripping over the frog's cheek like hot wax. Licking her lips, the girl strained her neck, stretching the few inches to latch her mouth over the tip of the deer cock before her.

The blade paused in its track over the girl's chest, interrupting the first of two diagonal cuts across her ribcage. Not even an inch from her dark green nipple, the scalpel slipped as the buck groaned and thrust his hips slowly forward, sinking his shaft deeper into the girl's throat. Responding eagerly, the frog moaned at the venison sliding deep inside, short neck bulging.

Jesse's tail was wagging so hard she had to restrain herself to keep from knocking over the surgical tray, fingers deep in the cunt of the half-opened frog. Her other hand strayed downward, pushing into her own wet cunt, and she began to quickly thrust both sets of her fingers to pleasure herself and the frog. The girl lifted her hips slightly off the table at the touch, and Jesse tried to stay quiet, suppressing her own moans, happy to be almost forgotten beside the passion between the frog and buck.

Hips coming against the frog's lips, the buck finally seemed to remember himself, letting out a low gasp of ecstasy as he braced his free hand against the steel table. The girl suckled his cock lovingly, large eyes half lidded as she swallowed around the nine inches of meat buried down her throat. Firming his grip on the scalpel and letting his patient tend to his pleasure, the buck resumed his surgery. Almost at once his trailing blade passed straight across the girl's nipple, the dark green spot letting out a spray of blood as the erectile tissue was slit in two. Three fingers buried up the frog's cunt, Jesse felt the girl's masochistic enjoyment surge, and she slowed her fingering for both of them so as not to make the frog cum too soon. Edging the girl, she waited for the right moment while the slick amphibian flexed her slit around her.

The second diagonal cut came, another ruined nipple causing a more subdued cry, yet no less pleasure than the first. Then, the moment of beauty.

Setting down his bloody scalpel upon the tray, the buck reached for the edges of the flaps of skin he'd cut. Whimpering in anticipation, the frog girl's pussy squeezed down upon on Jesse's fingers like the hand of a lover seeking comfort. Strong fingers gripped slick flesh, then pulled. The sound of wet ripping filled the space between the square of privacy curtains, and the frog's eyes squeezed tightly shut, then opened up to look down at herself.

Laid out like an anatomical textbook, all three of them saw the frog girl's bare organs, her ribs pulled back with her skin to show every little piece of specialized meat that worked to keep her alive. Her lungs expanded and contracted rapidly with her excited breaths, arteries pulsed in fast waves outward from her surprisingly tiny heart. Her esophagus was visible trailing down to an empty belly and coiled pile of guts, the soft tube of her gullet swollen just as it entered her chest cavity, the buck's cock still deep inside.

Reaching up, the buck adjusted a hanging mirror that Jesse hadn't noticed before. It didn't show the puppy anything from where she was standing, but she could tell it would let the frog see all of her splayed out body, giving her a birds eye view of herself as she lay utterly exposed upon the surgical table. Staring raptly, the frog girl's heart seemed to almost bounce in her chest, her throat working spasmically around the buck's shaft. Frantic cries came muffled through the mouthful she still suckled on, and Jesse felt the girl's pussy spasm in a wave. Realizing what was happening, she began to work her fingers rapidly, rubbing the g-spots of both herself and the patient as they both rushed towards climax together.

Letting out a little 'yip' of joy, Jesse's insides seemed to jump from how hard her slit responded to the sudden attack. Still barely fifteen minutes from being overstimulated by the bat, she was sensitive, cumming hurting almost as much as it filled her with bliss. The frog girl could only squirt and squeal, her bladder visibly deflating as she pissed in her mad ecstasy, unable to close her eyes as she took in her own organs like they were the most erotic pornography ever created. Her tiny womb descended, muscles around her lower body jumping and twitching as she came.

Then, just when Jesse thought the girl was done, the buck's arm whipped downward. Ripping out a kidney, he tossed it to Jesse like a meaty baseball, not even looking at her. His eyes were locked on the girl's expression as she sucked him, the half-lidded eyes opening slightly wider as he stole her vital parts, a smile curling the edges of her wide mouth. Jesse looked around, then found a bucket with a clear bag inside. Picking it up, she dropped the kidney in, weak legs protesting any movement following her orgasm.

More organs came, and Jesse was forced to pull her fingers free of the frog's slit as she caught and disposed of each. Liver, guts, stomach. She handed the buck the scalpel so he could cut away the girl's womb, slice her esophagus so they could all see the tip of the buck's cock poking into her chest cavity. The bucket filled as the frog girl's body emptied, her heart beating slower and slower as her expression of ecstasy grew more complete.

Finally, there was practically nothing left inside the frog but her heart and lungs. Her body lay slack, barely focused eyes still staring at the mirror that showed her herself. Jesse was panting, trembling fingers clutching the handle of her bucket. Nothing could have made her look away, her entire attention focused on how this girl's life would end.

Moving slightly, the buck began to pump his cock slowly through the girl's mouth, letting her help with a slowly swirling tongue. It didn't take long for him to reach the peak of his ecstasy, staring at her empty body and feeling her smiling mouth suckle his shaft. Potent cum poured out of him in thick, leaping shots that splattered over the frog's heart, making her softly moan. Cum made a puddle in the bottom of her chest cavity, flowing along the shape of her spine. Breathing hard, the buck slowly pulled back, still holding the scalpel in one tightly clenched fist.

Strands of saliva linking her lips to the sticky shaft of her lover, the frog blinked once slowly, then smiled a sleepy smile.

"It's warm," she croaked. "I feel... warm... w..." She shuddered, Jesse's lips making a seal around her clit as she gently sucked the sensitive nub. "Ah!" The frog cried out, one last orgasm shivering through her weak body.

With a sudden slice, the buck slit the girl's heart in half, letting the last of her blood bubble out to mix with his cum in her chest. The girl's entire body twitched, then relaxed, a final breath passing through her lips.

Both of them stood there for a long moment, staring at her corpse. Then the two looked up, meeting each other's eyes. Trying to contain her trembling, Jesse slowly put down the bucket, not looking away.

Striding over to her, the buck lifted Jesse easily, hands beneath her arms pulling her into the air. She whined, legs already spreading before he even lowered her onto his cock. He took her hard and fast, both of them working towards their second orgasm of the last five minutes, neither needing anything in the way of foreplay. Jesse came almost at once, clinging to him with arms around his neck and eyes fixed on the cooling body of the frog girl behind him. He'd barely thrust into her three times. The next half minute was a stupid daze of prolonged ecstasy, aftershocks and happiness blowing through her empty brain like tumbleweeds while she let herself simply enjoy the sensation of his muscles moving against her, the puppy's body nothing but a cock receptacle for the buck to take his pleasure from.

He came with a hot snort of air against her ear, his shaft stretching her pleasantly as he buried the entirety of it inside, tip kissing her womb while he filled it with potent, musky seed. Jesse smiled as she breathed the smell of it, dripping out of her as he continued to unload. A secret smile of pride, happy for what she'd done for this man and the dead girl, happy he'd enjoyed her body.

There were no words exchanged as he carried her to the surgery table, carelessly sweeping the corpse of the frog off it so he could lay her down instead. Already feeling drowsy, Jesse couldn't manage to protest as the man opened a cabinet of medical supplies. Whatever he did to her, she would just let herself enjoy it. Why did she care if she reached the third floor anyway... she was already as happy as she'd ever been in her life, each area she visited making her feel new highs of slutty fulfillment. Better to be snuffed while she was ahead, before one turned out to be a disappointment...

Something pressed over her face, and Jesse breathed in, looking up at the buck. Meeting those intense eyes, and smiling. Breathing in again, she started to feel fuzzy, confused... The thing over her face was a mask. He was putting her to sleep. Maybe he was going to-

-dissect her too? Jesse blinked, a sudden soreness stretching down her belly, lightly aching as she stretched. Her eyes swept around the room, finding the buck again, now standing on the opposite side of her. He was wiping his hands clean at a sink, partially obscured by a bucket on a surgical cart beside where Jesse was lying. It was a different bucket than the one the frog guts had gone into.

Heartbeat starting to quicken, Jesse quickly sat up, breath leaving her at a lance of agony that stabbed through her as her stomach muscles flexed. Wide eyes took in the stitches holding together her belly, fingers exploring the raw edges of the unbandaged wound. The operation had already happened, the anesthetic making it seem to her like no time had passed at all. The buck had gone inside her guts, done something to her... she shifted experimentally, feeling light. Looking like she'd lost a few pounds...

"What'd you do?" she asked, trying to keep the tremor out of her voice. "What..."

The buck turned to her, and she saw fresh cum on his cock before he wiped it clean with another cloth. Her pussy gave a little throb, and she realized he'd fucked her again during the surgery. The soreness of it was covered up by the greater ache of her gut, but now that she focused she could sense it, enjoy it.

"Took out most of your digestive system," the doctor commented simply. As before, his deep voice magnified how much the words aroused her, the thrill of having parts of her body taken from her increased by the cool, sensual way he delivered the news. "Checked your stomach... surprised it didn't burst before you got here. Someone else's shit, someone else's meat, so much of both that you couldn't have been comfortable forcing down either... you've been traveling throughout our delightful little club. Trying things out. Makes sense, with how you stumbled in here."

A note of his previous annoyance entered his voice, but left quickly, and he toweled off his hands before offering one to help Jesse off the table. She took it, blushing as she felt the peculiar way her empty stomach shifted. Organs seemed to swing like pendulums beneath her ribs, no longer supported by the cushion of guts.

"Figured it'd be a waste to snuff you myself... besides, I don't like to be greedy. Instead, I did you a favor. Now, instead of a messy maze between your mouth and ass, you have a straight, simple tube." He gestured with a finger, tracing a quick line from her lower belly to her chin. "So... you can take something big straight through." Shrugging charismatically, the buck smiled at her for the first time. "Maybe it'll help you have a little more fun. Your insides are beautiful, by the way.... fucked you all through the surgery. If you're lucky, you'll get to see them yourself before its your turn to go in the grinder."

Leading her by the hand out of his little privacy-curtain room, the buck ruffled Jesse's head, scratching between her ears in a way that made her feel deliciously degraded. Her tail wagged, and she turned shining eyes up at him, an innocently joyful smile covering her face.

"Thank you, mister," she whispered, taking his large hand in two of her tiny ones, then kissing it. "Thanks so much. I'll try to enjoy my new body before I die."

Grunting, the man let her hold his hand a moment longer, then gently pulled away. Brushing a finger across her cheek in a gesture of parting, he closed the curtain behind him, starting to clean up the offal of the children that he'd cut open.

Putting a hand over her newly emptied stomach, Jesse strode along, feeling pleasantly strange as she walked. Her weight was distributed oddly, severed muscles twinging whenever the effort of keeping her body upright caused her core to tense. It was a sharp contrast from her previous feelings of overstuffed discomfort, and part of her was sad she'd had the hard-earned scat and delicious meat taken from her. More than that though, she enjoyed the death sentence she'd been given. Without a small intestine or stomach, there was no way she could live for more than a few weeks... not that she'd planned to survive even that long. Still, this was the first promise of death she'd been given, her body changed in a way that would eventually kill her. It felt exciting to be a dead cub walking, making it hard not to smile constantly while she continued along.

Drifting into the Toybox area, Jesse looked around for another cub, wanting to try something before she moved down a floor. There were plenty playing here, alone or with an adult, some even in groups of only children.

One in particular was wandering around just like her, a six or seven year old giraffe futa with a long, elegant neck. Her shallow chest was rising and falling with rapid panting, parted lips almost forming an expression of ecstasy as she moved about. Steel bands wrapped around her narrow hips and the base of her long floppy cock, holding a thick smooth dildo inside her pussy. Jesse could see a bump in her belly where the tip of the ceramic dick pressed against her insides, deliciously deep. Stopping the girl, Jesse gave her her best shy smile as she shuffled her feet.

"H-hey... do you have a sec? I'm, uh, new here, and I wanna try something. It's really naughty, but... I think I'll survive." Batting her eyelashes at the frantically aroused futa, she touched a paw to the tip of the girl's cock, seeing if she could excite it to its full length. It didn't even throb, leaving her faintly disappointed.

"O-oh, ok," the giraffe said, licking her lips and looking down at the puppy's paw upon her. "I can't fuck you, though... an adult already got to me." She shivered, seeming to barely hold back her excitement for a moment before bursting out, "They put this on me! I can't cum, I can't even get hard, not until the dildo in me goes off." Grinning shakily, she touched the base of the ceramic toy. "When that happens, I won't be much use to you. It'll snuff me for sure..."

Suddenly more interested in the device, Jesse inspected the bands around the girl's cock and waist more closely. They held her balls and cock, the metal rings strangely shaped to prevent an erection or orgasm. Her soft cock was leaking pre pretty copiously, but that seemed all it could manage. The hip loops were just for support, yet she could see they were hooked up by short wires to the dildo, just as the cock and ball rings were. Tiny electric hinges would let the entire toy snap open at the right signal from the dildo, which had a small LCD clock counting down on it. Only three minutes left.

"Oh, well, we can hurry!" Jesse said quickly. "We'll use a toy, that'll work even better anyway. I just wanna try this." Looking around, she snatched up the first long dildo she saw, a black rubber toy that was three feet long and tipped at both ends by squat spike-shaped anal plugs. It was a little thicker than her ass was used to, but she wasn't going to be worried if she tore something today. Holding one end beneath the giraffe's drizzling cock so that it got nice and lubed up, the puppy explained her plan.

"You just gotta shove this through me, ok? I'll bend over and you push the tip in my ass... and just, keep pushing until you see it come out of my mouth." She smiled confidently, rubbing the spike at the tip of the black sex toy against the futa's leaking piss slit. Already she was imagining what it'd feel like to have something completely going through her, able to still walk around while almost literally spitroasted.

"I don't think that's how it works," the girl said dubiously, reaching forward. "But... sure. It sounds like something exciting to try before I die." Taking the rubber dildo from Jesse, she continued to slick it up with her cock juices as the puppy bent over a cartoon-patterned sex couch, tail wagging as she lifted it to expose her pink little asshole.

"What did your adult say that thing was gonna do when it went off, anyway?" Jesse asked, biting her lip slightly as she felt the wet tip of the anal plug press slowly against her pucker. She tried to relax, sighing in pleasure as the toy's girth started to slip inside. Cum leaked from her well used pussy, the smell reminding her of the buck.

"They said it was gonna shoot napp... napim... napalm. Napalm, yeah! Said it'd be like the most sexy slow death ever. If this thing didn't stop me I'd be cumming twice a minute, I'm so excited! Will you watch me when it goes off?" The giraffe seemed almost pleading, clearly a bit of an exhibitionist. Leaning her weight into her push, she finally popped the tip of the dildo into Jesse's ass, making the puppy bark as a thick glob of cum was forced from her pussy, displaced by the huge anal intruder.

"Ooh, that feels... way nicer than normal," the puppy murmured, settling against the couch as the dildo slid deeper and deeper. "Yeah... I'll watch you. Just make sure this thing gets through me before you go, ok? Don't have to be gentle..."

"You got it!" Suddenly seeming even more excited, the giraffe gripped the rubber shaft in both hands, suddenly shoving it up through Jesse a quarter foot at at time. As her fingers bumped against the puppy's severely stretched asshole, she would slide them down another few inches, then hold tight as she braced herself for another push. Jesse started panting, heart thrilling as she felt the path the dildo was taking inside her. It was going straight. Traveling towards her throat like a train going down tracks.

"It's... working," she breathed, fingers gripping the cushions. "Don't... don't stop... it's in my throat, oh fuck, oh fuc-glk." Her happy cries were cut off as the dildo shoved past her epiglottis, the very tip of it tapping her uvula. She gagged uncontrollably, but had no stomach to empty. Instead her throat convulsions only served to help the giraffe push the last few inches through, a tremor of delight passing through her as she felt one end of the dildo emerge from her lips while the other still dangled from her asshole, both mouth and anus stretching wide to let the toy through.

Now mute, Jesse waved her hands at the futa for her to stop, slowly rolling off the couch and getting onto her legs. Oddly, she felt more normal now, her body the proper weight with the rubber inside it. Yet with each step, her straight digestive track shifted deliciously against the intruder, sending sparkles of pleasant stimulation up her entire body from her asshole to her tongue. Moaning happily in a muffled voice, Jesse reached down and grabbed the end of the dildo, barely four inches of it still sticking out. Pulling, she made the cock slide downward out of her ass enough so she could speak, the tip of the dildo lodged just beneath her voicebox. The sensation of the entire length of it moving down through her was somewhere between the sensation of scratching a deep itch and someone fucking her ass.

"Thank you. Thank you, so so much..." A mischievous gleam entered Jesse's eyes, bottom tip of the sex toy rammed through her brushing against the ground as she slowly knelt down. "Here... when that thing pops open, how about you unload on me. It's the least I can do. Maybe I'll even get caught in the blast, if that napalm stuff explodes." Starting to finger herself, she felt that now-familiar guilty thrill of risking her life, dancing at the edge of death with each orgasm.

"Sure... yeah, but... wow... it actually worked," the giraffe breathed, speechless since she saw the dildo pop out of Jesse's mouth. "That's... that's the sexiest thing I'll ever see."

With those fitting final words, the giraffe's dildo activated. Cock starting to harden almost immediately as the steel ring sprang away, the surprised futa glanced down at her newly freed dick, then back up at Jesse. Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated as she shuddered in arousal. The moment of her death had come.

(cont. in next post)


The wet sound of ejaculation came from the giraffe's womb, dildo still clinging to her thighs by its supporting loops. From her low vantage, Jesse could see past the girl's brown-fuzzed balls, reading the LCD clock. It blinked '00:00', then read, 'FIRE'. There was a click, like a lighter being flicked, and the giraffe's pussy ignited.

Spreading her legs and screaming, the giraffe slumped back against a dildo as thick as a tree, letting it support her while she looked down at her own belly and crotch. Bright yellow flames licked around her pussy lips, burning her, the fire quickly spreading to her balls. Jesse could see an intense light glowing from inside the girl's womb as the combustion spread upward through her pussy, igniting the napalm as it spewed out from the fatal dildo. Running out of breath to scream, the openmouthed giraffe started to shudder as flames crawled up her belly, the fire eating her from within and without as even her wet meat started to burn like tinder. Holes began to show in her skin, like a bonfire eating through a piece of paper, the entire lower half of her body radiating heat from how far the conflagration had consumed her. Only her cock was spared from the devouring glow, throbbing and twitching madly as it poked out of the inferno.

Rapidly flicking her clit, Jesse moaned above the roar of the fire as the reflected flames danced in her eyes. Charred chunks of meat started to drop out of the futa's gut, her pussy completely burnt away and balls little more than black coals. Her long narrow cock was beginning to turn brown as it cooked, yet it still managed to swell and throb as the giraffe finally shot her last masochistic load. Sizzling and steaming, the ropes of cum flew with force to splat against Jesse's face and chest, feeling especially warm as they oozed over her nipples and belly scar. Opening her mouth to try and catch some, the puppy glanced up at the giraffe's face, meeting her eyes as she felt a large glob land on her tongue.

The little girl was grinning, pinching her own nipples as they too started to burn. The agony danced in her eyes, but her mouth showed her true nature, jaw hanging open as she panted out her last breaths through teeth exposed to show her masochistic glee. Still cumming, she collapsed, legs sliding apart in a gruesome split as her body tore in half up to the sternum, fire having eaten away the entire lower half of her torso.

Watching the blazing girl's meat split and tear, her cooked cock falling off as the giraffe started to die, Jesse's legs twitched hard as another orgasm took her. The increasingly familiar high of floating bliss passed from her pussy to her spine, and she fell backwards onto her ass, the dildo slamming up through her throat and out her mouth as it was forced up through her. The sensation only added to her climax, the tugging friction of it through her body reminding her how much she'd already been used, how dead she was going to be soon. Collapsing fully onto her back, she relaxed as her hips twitched and bucked, trying to hump a cock that wasn't there. Cum dribbled out of her slit, running over the dildo that had almost disappeared into her asshole.

Breathing slowly through her nose for a long moment, Jesse eventually raised a hand, shoving the dildo back down her throat so she had enough poking from her asshole to grip, pulling the upper tip back down below her collarbone. Her throat was pleasantly sore, and she climbed to her feet feeling strangely invigorated, ready to face her last perverse challenge. Stepping past the charred campfire of meat and bones that was all that was left of the giraffe, she skipped over to the stairs without a backwards glance, tail and dildo wagging behind her as she rapidly descended.

Having planned out her route, Jesse knew exactly where this staircase would bring her out. It was the place she'd wanted to reach, her reward for surviving each chance to be snuffed. Her bare paws stepped onto the border between the Adult Entrance and the Gym, the part of the club with the heaviest traffic of the most brutal adults that came here. Her insides clenched in excitement around the toy speared through her body, pieced lip and stitched belly throbbing. This was where she would die. Her body yearned for that final, ultimate release, to be used up completely after slutting around the entire club, to give one person everything she left had in order to get them off. To be like Tala, and smile as she climaxed from the privilege of being snuffed.

Toy bouncing slightly inside her with each step, the naked, cum covered puppy skipped towards the Gym, the last of the buck's seed leaking down her leg as she slipped into the throng of adults and cubs. Violence surrounded her, so brutal and unceasing that she'd cum practically just from watching it all during her tour. The enticing smells of cum and blood, pain and pleasure all wafted through the air, making her feel like at any moment someone would grab her and fuck her to death. It was thrilling.

Twirling in pure joy, Jesse stopped to stuff her muzzle around the cock of a boy being crushed by a stack of weights. Breathless, the raccoon's ribs crackled as another ten pounds was added onto his chest. Cum pumped out of him prematurely, Jesse sucking the seed down to coat her throat, the load collecting around the tip of the toy lodged within her. His ribs gave as he pushed out the last spurt, chest flattening as the weights slammed down the last few inches. Heart popping and lungs collapsing, his wide, black rimmed eyes stared at the elephant woman who'd crushed him, gaze glowing with love.

Moving along quickly, Jesse walked a few dozen feet before turning again, slipping behind a girl being used as a punching bag. The lioness cub hung by her neck from a horizontal wooden stocks, loops of iron supporting her beneath the arms so she didn't asphyxiate. A thickset koala was beating on her mercilessly, slamming rapid punches into her belly one after the other, leaving her to jerk and cry out as she hung helpless. Jesse spread the girl's asscheeks apart, her twitching black pucker placed conveniently just at head height. Feeling the muted impacts through the lion's body as she started to lick at her hole, Jesse closed her eyes, fingering and rimming the girl deeply throughout her final moments. The koala never even noticed her, just as they didn't care to notice that their punching bag had perished, a final drizzle of juices and piss leaking down her leg before the puppy moved to service someone else.

As she made towards a more traditional set of stocks, thinking she might like to get fucked to death by a nonstop sequence of men and herms, she was suddenly stopped by a hand slamming down onto her shoulder from behind. Jumping slightly as she squeezed another inch of dildo out her ass, the little puppy slowly turned her head, looking up into the smiling face of a thick, white bunny futa. Jesse recognized the lapine instantly by her cock, a three foot long monster that brushed up along the puppy's back. It was the very same bunny she'd ditched in the Restrooms, running away after swallowing her shit and making her cum so hard she collapsed.

"Found you," the bunny cooed in triumph, her grip loosening on Jesse's shoulder, fingers stroking down across the puppy's chest. "You've been running from me allllll night, little one... whether you meant to or not. Now I've got you, and I think you owe me a few things... What were they again? Oh, yes!" Full lips brushed against Jesse's ear as the woman lifted it up, speaking directly into it in the sweetest, softest whisper. "Your body. Your life. Your death."

Trembling, Jesse reached behind her, laying a paw on the thick cock she could feel rubbing between her little ass cheeks. Unable to see it, it felt even bigger to her, surely half again as thick around as the dildo currently shoved through her body.

"You're right, I-I'm sorry..." Swallowing, the puppy turned around, pressing her body up against that monstrous shaft. It was soft, but still hung from her lips down to her belly button as she kissed the base of it, tongue tasting the flavors of other cubs that had died for this woman's pleasure. "Please, miss. Snuff me. Use me so you can cum as hard as possible." Her voice came out full of breathy desire, little child's voice lending the words a perverse innocence. Her body felt like it was vibrating with arousal, fresh adrenaline starting to trickle through her veins. Wrapping her arms around the huge cock, it seemed like it was growing hotter against her fur as she became more sensitive to its warmth, precum burning a trail across her belly scar as she unintentionally milked out a fat droplet.

Humming consideringly at this reaction, the bunny woman cupped Jesse's head in her hand, stroking along her muzzle with a thumb. Growing wet, the girl started to slowly hump against the hardening cock as the tip extended down between her thighs, the feeling of her clit grinding against its thick meat almost setting her off.

"You're an even better treat than I thought you'd be, slut," the bunny finally said, then grinned. "Eager as a bunny in heat." Two graceful arms lowered and swooped her up, the woman's strong legs bearing the weight of both of them as she carried Jesse towards the back wall of the club. The place the lioness cub had died.

Springing upward, the herm's semisoft cock cleared the way for them as it batted aside cubs, hanging so far ahead the woman that she had to lean back slightly to keep her balance. Eventually it hardened completely, the tip coming up to lie against Jesse's side, tip between the woman's huge, perky breasts. Precum oozed out onto the tip, and Jesse licked at it, earning a gasp and a reproachful squeeze from the woman.

"No, you're not doing it again. I'm the one supposed to be in charge here," the bunny huffed. A little more brusquely than she needed to, the curvaceous herm flipped Jesse upside-down, holding her by her calves as she lifted the girl's ankles to fit them into a different kind of horizontal stocks. Snapping the wooden restraint closed and latching it, she knelt down to smile at Jesse, who was feeling dizzy from the flip. Her soft floppy ears hung down beneath her head, the world reversed to her as she looked up at the woman's cock, down at her smugly satisfied face. "Now, little puppy... I've got you all to myself. You've made me fond of that sweet little mouth. I think I'll use that first."

As the bunny started to stand, Jesse felt a brief moment of alarm, most of her 'digestive tract' blocked by the toy still poking out of her ass. How to explain? For some reason, she couldn't think of a way. Instead, she simply called out, "Wait!", then opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes, relaxing her throat and asshole completely.

Almost at once, the dildo began to slide slowly downward as it was pulled by gravity, picking up speed as the cum in her throat lubricated its passage. The cream-coated tip emerged from her lips, inch after inch of black rubber pouring out of her as the other end disappeared into her ass. Mute with amazement, the bunny could only watch as the three foot long sex toy dropped out onto the ground, strands of spit and cum linking it to Jesse's panting lips. Having it slide out like that had felt amazing, like the relief of taking a shit combined with the euphoria of vomiting at the same time, overlaid by the simple pleasure of feeling it move through her, stimulating her entire body like it was just one big cock sheath.

Once she'd caught her breath, Jesse looked up at the woman, who hadn't said anything since the toy had flopped out. The lapine's cock was throbbing, her mouth open in an 'o' of amazed arousal. One hand raised to the puppy's belly, finger tracing down her body in a mirror of how the buck had first explained her new anatomy. Licking her lips, she asked a soft, short question.

"All the way through?" Her tone conveyed a perverse glee in the idea, a hope that something so magnificent might be true. Jesse nodded, and the bunny squealed, thick thighs jiggling as she hopped in excitement. Eager hands grabbed the puppy's face, the girl eagerly opening her mouth, ready beyond words. She had to reach up to pull the woman's cockhead to her mouth, forcing it to stay between her lips long enough for the woman to push forward and upward with her hips.

Instantly, Jesse knew that this cock was far, far wider than her toy. The first evidence of this was the mounting agony of her jaw slowly dislocating as the meaty cockhead forced between her tiny teeth, then the brutal stretching sensation of her throat, tongue practically crushed beneath the shaft that so tightly filled up her mouth. Tears trickled from her eyes as she gloried in her body being ruined, listening to the bunny's moans of pleasure and feeling the heat build up in her slit.

"Holy fuck," the woman breathed, ignorant of how she was breaking the girl just from burying the first foot of her shaft into Jesse's throat. "It really does go all the way through... this is where I always hit the stomach, but you just... keep going..." She sounded almost dreamy with lust, slowing her thrusts so that she could enjoy the sensation of sinking inch after inch into the puppy without meeting resistance. Fingers shoved into Jesse's ass, making her whine through the cock as her recently stretched hole was pulled open like a drawstring bag. There was no mess, all her scat having been removed by the surgery. Audibly breathing harder, the bunny moaned, cock twitching violently inside Jesse as she whispered, "I see it. I see the tip..."

Her entire body flexing with the throbbing cock inside her, Jesse forced herself to relax, to let go. Part of her wanted to work to pleasure this woman, but that would be futile. Her arms felt weak, her body restrained from its impalement. All she could do was... let herself be used. Become a cocksheath, a living fleshlight for this woman to fuck until it broke. Filling her mind with that thought, the puppy's body went limp, breath coming slowly and regularly as the hot pit of tension deep in her slit started to tingle and twitch. Thinking of herself as nothing but a hole to fuck, she found herself enjoying each little motion of the shaft sliding through her, sensitive to the tiniest pulse up the length of cockmeat buried in her body.

Having taken the toy from the other end, Jesse had never before experienced what it was like to have a cock push out of her ass. The sensation was oddly familiar while completely wrong, like being fucked from the wrong direction. Somehow it felt nothing like shitting, mostly because the harder she clenched, the better it felt. Both the bunny woman's arms were wrapped around Jesse now, the woman no longer speaking, only watching in pure delight as she saw her own cock tip emerge from a still squirming cub. Kissing and suckling the tip of her own dick, the futa rabbit pleasured herself until Jesse's body stopped shuddering, becoming more used to having a dick entirely through it.

A tongue stroked at Jesse's slit, causing the dazed cub to jerk in response, squeezing in a wave down the bunny's shaft. Her eyes were open but the world was dark, her mind vaguely aware of heavy balls covering her face. Agony throbbed in her jaw, the pain of being stretched through her entire body making a counterpoint to the delicious feeling of the entire length of cock stimulating her with each little movement. Hands gripped her thighs, and she weakly tried to do something, anything, before remembering herself. She was just a toy. All she could do was let herself be used, take what was given to her and let her body provide pleasure until it broke.

Warm wetness stroked along her pussy again and again, the limp girl letting out soft whines. It was too much pleasure for a slut like her, too sweet a reward when she already had this beautiful cock rammed through her. Arousal was the only thing filling her mind, the warmth of it crawling through her flesh, burning her up with a fire that started around that lovely, agonizing dick.

Sharp teeth sank into her clit, and Jesse spasmed, fresh tears squeezing from her eyes and soaking into the bunny's balls. Squirt sprayed from her as the heat in her pussy transmuted into liquid ecstasy, dribbling through her body to soak into her useless brain. Her belly flexed, stitches tearing and blood dribbling down her chest, her hard nipples pressed against the woman's fur. It was so good, so easy to cum when she was so helpless.

Still feeling the tremors of that agonizing bliss, her clit throbbed, blood and pussy juice trickling down her fur as the injured little button prickled with heat against the open air. The bunny murmured something, but Jesse was past hearing. The only thing she noticed was the way the cock slid a few inches out of her mouth, the entire shaft tugging at her clinging throat and ass like it might pull her insides out. The thought of that made her moan, trying to communicate to the woman how much she'd love that.

Instead, the herm thrust her cock back into Jesse, and then slowly pulled back out once more. Thrust again, out, in again, over and over, harder and harder. Friction started to heat up the puppy's entire body, precum percolating down from her ass to her mouth until it leaked out like drool, making the thrusts smooth and sweet.

Jesse couldn't help herself, she tried to move, tried to make it go faster. Until she'd felt her whole body being fucked at once, she hadn't realized that this, THIS was what she was made for. This was the perfection of being used. Throbbing cock sliding through her throat and ass at once, pushing past her other meaningless organs, using the only parts of her worth anything. Ceaseless stimulation, heat and pleasure resonating along her one long hole like an oscillating wave, sexual energy building up inside her. Her heart felt caught in the center of it, hammering out a rapid beat mere inches from that pounding cock, a burning spot of joy and excitement that sent throbbing waves of sensitivity through her body, making her pussy feel swollen and needy, her clit aching with pain and desire.

The ankle restraints that kept her hanging from the stocks popped free, causing a brief moment of vertigo as Jesse was forced to remember where she was. She'd been lost in her own universe of pain and pleasure, focused entirely within her own body while blinded by the soft sack smothering her face. The sounds and jostlings of footsteps came to her as if from a long away away, her body held by the hips while she was continually fucked. Everyone would see her. Everyone in the Gym was seeing her speared through by a cock, the bunny herm humping at her while she walked, using her body like a fleshlight.

Squirt sprayed from her again as the pleasure that had been building inside her ignited in a flash like napalm, the meltingly sweet bliss burning through her with such intensity that she thought she might fall apart. Her arms were wrapped around the bunny's wide hips, but she didn't remember raising them. She was using the last of her strength to slam her face over and over against the futa's balls, wanting something, needing it for her orgasm to be perfect.

It came in a gout of sticky warmth, seemingly irresistibly strong arms pulling her body upward so that only half the herm's shaft was inside her. Light reached Jesse's dazed eyes for the first time in nearly ten minutes, and she stared at the sticky length of cock extending before her, watching it flex as it shone in the club's lights. Still extraordinarily sensitive, she felt the bulge of each load moving the bunny's urethra before it burst out the tip of her cock, loading up Jesse's body with cum as the woman slowly pulled out of her. Seed oozed from her asshole, slowly flowing through her entire throat and ass until she could taste it in the back of her mouth, the woman's cockhead hanging heavy against her tongue. It popped free with a throb of pain like a slap upside the face, Jesse's dislocated jaw hanging open while her blissfully broken expression was painted in ropes of pearly white cum.

Staring blankly and quivering while her body throbbed with ecstasy, Jesse slowly lowered her eyes, looking down at herself for the first time since the bunny had began to use her. Her gut had busted open, cum bubbling from the surgery scar. Somewhere along her stitched together length of colon and esophagus something must have torn, her once empty abdomen now swollen with the rabbit's seed like a ripe fruit. More thick cum drooled from her stretched asshole, a spreading puddle forming beneath her feet. And even more dripped off her tongue, though she wasn't sure if it came from her throat or just was running off her face, which had been painted almost completely over. Her pussy was red and swollen from pain and arousal, juices glistening on the labia and blood running in a stream from her half chewed off clit.

At that moment, Jesse realized that at long last, she had been all used up.

Looking upward, she saw her bunny mistress smiling at her, cock soft and covered in cum and blood. Glancing behind herself, the puppy saw the edge of the bottom balcony, the massive meat grinder churning and screaming its harsh siren song just a few feet below. Her body itched to dive in, but she looked back to the bunny instead, eyes pleading for this final release.

Leaning over, the herm pressed soft lips against Jesse's muzzle, holding her dislocated jaw closed for her so she could properly receive the kiss.

"You were my favorite so far, little pup," the woman whispered. "I almost wish I could keep you... But I wouldn't be allowed. There's only one way out of this club for cubs like you."

Standing up, the lapine drew back an athletic leg, thigh and calf muscles tensing before she swung her foot in a massively powerful kick. It punted Jesse squarely in the slit, her body spasming in pain as she flew three feet upward as well as five feet back, spinning slightly from the impact. Cum marked her path through the air like smoke behind a missile, and she felt a final blossom of ecstasy as the ache of her newly broken pelvis warmed her clenching, climaxing cunt.

Then, she fell. Weightless, lightheaded, hot with pleasure and pain, Jesse stared upward as her broken body began to descend down towards the whirling blades. It was hard, but she forced her broken jaw into a smile, wearing it proudly until her cum filled body burst apart, ripped into pieces as it was totally obliterated by the churning pit of metal at the heart of Club Meat Grinder.




this story is awesome


Definately the type of amazing writing I come here for.


Janice's Snuffing

(loli/cub, snuff, consensual, bestiality, maiming, dog, hard vore, disembowelment, futa/herm, asphyxiation, drowning)

Janice bounced eagerly down the stairs between the top and middle balconies of Club Meat Grinder, perky breasts jiggling and pierced nipples sparkling in the light. Huge green eyes took in everything with happy excitement, the slender red panda girl doing a twirl just for the fun of it as she stepped down onto the second floor. The momentum of her spin made her whirl about faster as she drew in her fluffy tail, hugging it to her bare chest like a favorite stuffed toy as she peeked over its tip with mischievous glee. Her dreams were about to come true, and this lovely place was going to make it possible.

Doing a half-dance as she hummed to herself, the young teen made her way toward the Toybox quadrant with a childish skip to her steps that her body indicated she ought to have outgrown. A filled out ass and set of hips swayed with every step, shapely thighs soft with short fur and slick along the inside with trickling wetness. Letting go of her tail, she swished the thick brush of fur behind her as she entered the forest of dildos and underbrush of deadly toys that was the Toybox.

When Janice had taken her final, irreversible steps into Club Meat Grinder, she had been looking for one thing and one thing only. She was a girl with a singular interest, something she'd dedicated her life to, and soon would dedicate her death to as well.


It was an obsession particularly deep rooted in the red panda, so intrinsic she barely even questioned it. As a younger child, Janice grown up with a feral dog as her constant companion, the puppy given to her as a newborn. She'd spent her formative years playing with it every day, training it and loving it. She'd never flinched from its sloppy wet kisses, never been bothered by cleaning up after it. Her sweet puppy had slept in her bed beneath the blankets with her at night, staying always by her side, comforting her when she was sad and barking in excitement when she triumphed.

In return, she'd pet and hugged her puppy, loved it and fed it, protected it from anything that might hurt it. She had shown it as much love and devotion as it showed her, the emotions feeling natural to her when directed at the animal. And when her poor dog had grown old enough to feel horny, humping everything in sight with desperate whines, she'd been determined to learn how to relieve his discomfort.

A few months of experimentation and wide-eyed internet research had subsequently lead the five year old Janice to develop an overpowering kink for canine bestiality, her daily play and nightly cuddles with her dog taking on new meaning and new pleasures as she learned to suck, stroke, and squeeze his knotted cock with her mouth, hands, and holes, both dog and girl training themselves to copulate in mutual comfort. Before long even the barest sight of his red rocket would set her slit to soaking, Pavlovian response training her cunt to always be ready to be her best friend's bitch. The red panda's early childhood became centered around the joy and ecstasy she got from feeling his knot swell in her, hearing his happy whining as she milked burning hot seed from his doggy balls. Love and lust beyond her years became ingrained into Janice, pounded into her soul by the beautiful red cock of her dog.

Sadly, dogs don't live forever. Much to the sorrow of the mostly innocent child, she lost the love of her young life barely a week after she turned 10, crying for days as she ached in loss and need. In her grief, she turned to anything that might make her feel like he used to make her feel, seeking out other canines to rut the sadness out of her. Neighbors were more than happy to let her walk their dogs, hoping it'd console the child to be near their friendly mutts. She'd take their leashes with a sly smile, leading a veritable pack of puppies before her as they all walked along to whatever private place she'd picked out.

There, the preteened Janice would strip and spread herself, smiling as her smell enticed the half-trained dogs to come and use her. Breathing the musk of their precum as shafts slid from sheaths, warmth and pleasure would replace the ache of loss as she took the dogs into her mouth and holes. Every dog would get a turn, filling her up until her slit was red and stretched, legs quivering from multiple orgasms as the dogs roughly and mercilessly fucked her to the point of torture by overstimulation. If that didn't sate her, she'd even sneak out at night to crawl into the neighbor's doghouse, riding him while she moaned quietly in the dark.

Eventually the need to console herself faded, and her canine sluttery became simply part of who she was. Not a day went by where she didn't feel the familiar swelling sensation of a knot inflating in her hand or in one of her holes, even going to school with a thermos full of milked canine seed to drink at lunch, telling her friends it was cream of mushroom soup. Doggy cum became a constant presence in her belly and womb, the scent of it on her fur like perfume, comforting to her by how it reminded her of her beloved companion and happier days of youth.

As she grew, even this level of debauchery stopped being enough for the young girl. While her friends began to grow interested in breeding with their middle school classmates, Janice was starting to realize how much she liked the dogs that weren't as gentle as the good boys as she'd previously played with. The scrape of claws across her back or a sharp-toothed muzzle gripping the back of her throat turned her on more than she could understand, the feeling of being hurt by a dog making her feel like nothing more than a mutt herself, a submissive bitch to be knotted and used. She loved it, and tried to find more, pushing her boundaries in the search for the thrill of danger and degradation.

Eventually, Janice realized her true desires, searching online for porn on a night where she hadn't been satisfied by the three gentle mutts she'd found to pump her holes. On accident, she clicked a video with an innocuous seeming thumbnail only to watch in shock as she saw a young herm being completely torn apart by dogs. The canine futa was set upon by the wild mutts, her muzzle stuffed and pussy knotted while the rest of the pack started to tear at her belly and breasts, turning her into food, into prey. The girl's own knot had inflated, sticky seed shooting onto the ground to mix with her blood as her throat was torn out.

Janice came over and over to that video as she looped it, fingering herself until her wrist started to ache, then finding a toy so she could ride it. Nothing had ever turned her on more than imagining her body being eaten by the animals she so loved, so desired. Her masochism matured into full-fledged snuff fetishism, and she began to try and entice dogs to kill her the very next day. To her immediate disappointment, the mild-mannered mutts wouldn't bite. She'd been too sweet to them for the neighborhood dogs to want to do anything but nip, their killing instinct unable to be directed at the red panda that gave them so much pleasure. Even the rougher, worse behaved canines she knew were hesitant, biting but not going for the kill no matter how much she teased. For a while, she contented herself with that, letting them chew on her during their mating, all the while wishing for more.

Then, she'd finally heard about this place. Club Meat Grinder, where any cub with deadly desires could find their perfect final fuck, no matter what it was they wanted. The video she'd watched had been recorded here, and so she knew this was where she could find dogs trained to rip and tear as they rutted, where she could die in agony while feeling that sweet pleasure of mating with mutts. As soon as she could she'd hopped on a bus to the city, finding her way down to this hidden place of snuff and hedonism. The first and only question she'd asked the tour guide at the entrance had been simple, direct.

"Where do you keep the dogs?"

This was where she'd been pointed. The back wall of the Toybox came into Janice's view as she stepped around a row of huge rainbow-painted cocks, her eager grin growing at the sight of the kennels. The cage full of canines reeked of all the familiar scents she loved, her black-tipped nose lifting in the air as she closed her eyes in appreciation, taking a deep breath of the smell of dog musk and cum. A shiver ran through her, making her tail quiver before she firmed her resolve and approached the metal bars of the large cage.

Immediately dogs turned heads and noses towards her, every variety of big and brutal breed represented among the over a dozen animals she saw. Some came up to the edge of the cage, barking at her, tails wagging as they smelled her arousal. She smiled, holding out a hand to pet them, as she always did. Dogs always seemed to like her, even one's she'd never-

Teeth sank around one of her fingers, ripping her left pinky off as she reached for the head of a calmly staring mastiff. The culprit, an excitable pit bull she would have bet money was a sweet and playful boy, quickly bolted down the entire digit. Janice was left to stumble back, staring at her savaged hand, shock making her heart race as she felt the pain start to sink in. Blood bubbled from the small stump, sharp pulsing agony lancing down the nerves of her arm to the beat of her heart.

A strange smile curled her lips as trembling took hold of her, adrenaline thrilling in her veins as she used her intact hand to slowly rub her slit. It felt better than normal, her body's pain response making it hypersensitive, compounding her growing arousal so the simple touch felt so good that she almost couldn't make herself stop as she came to terms with what had just happened. Yes, these dogs were a very different sort than the ones she was used to. Vicious. Trained to go for blood.

Feeling her pierced nipples swell to hardness, Janice breathed in quick shallow breaths as she scanned the bars of the cage for a way to open it up and get in, wanting to be savaged by all these brutal dogs at once. Abusing her clit, she whined as she saw the only unlocked entrance was way up high, meant for cubs to be thrown in without risking the dogs getting out. Bones about the floor of the large kennel showed that not a few had perished in the way she wanted, but she couldn't climb up without being lifted. The bars of the cage were vertical, slick with blood and humidity so as to be impossible to scale. Between them, the gaps allowed just enough room that Janice was tempted to try and slip in, though she knew she wouldn't fit. Her hips were too wide, butt too thick. Perhaps if she'd been younger, less developed...

Scanning the kennel for a way up, her eye caught on an inconspicuous set of hinges practically hidden within the construction of one of the bars. Her arousal was pushing her to frustration, needy lust burning in a warm tension that fluttered like flames in her lower belly. Pulling at the cage where the hinges seemed to indicate a door, she grunted, her slender arms unable to budge the heavy metal construction. The new made stump bumped against the solid metal, pain snapping through the flesh like an echo of the bite that had maimed her.

Childish tears of frustration leaked from Janice's eyes as she yanked over and over in futile effort, her emotions running high with the endorphins and adrenaline and pain all twirling through her brain. All she wanted was to feel the sweet release of doggy jaws tearing off her flesh, her bitch pussy and mouth used one last time before she came and became dog food. Why couldn't she just have that without any more work? It wasn't fair! She stomped a foot in childish petulance, feeling a hot flush of anger and arousal all through her body, arms aching and missing finger throbbing.

"Need a hand, sweetie?" A warm feminine voice came from behind the red panda, long smooth fingers stroking along her tail in a way that soothed away some of her spiteful mood. Whirling around, Janice looked up in consternation at a tall iguana woman, her deep green scales glinting prettily in the club lights as she gave the little girl a sharp-toothed smile. A respectable bust curved out her lighter colored belly and chest, tattoos across her skin making a pattern that pointed to a wide pink slit between her legs. With colorful spikes sweeping down the center of her skull like a punk mohawk, the nude stranger seemed somehow... cool. Janice found herself embarrassed at being seen acting how she had in front of this lady, wanting to impress her for some reason.

Fur blushing an even deeper shade, the red panda nodded her head, noticing with mingled pleasure and surprise that the woman was still touching her. Talon-tipped fingers trailed over her ass, squeezing it lightly, making her want to squeak. Despite how many dog cocks she'd sampled, Janice was still a virgin when it came to fucking other furs. It was something she'd never minded until this moment...

"More like a finger, maybe," she muttered shyly, rubbing her ruined hand and forcing a smile. The iguana laughed as she saw the joke, and Janice grinned in earnest, the rest of her frustrated mood washing away at the sound.

"Well, in either case, how about I open that for you a crack? Only a little, mind, or else the dogs will get out. That's why we're supposed to use the hole up there to throw you in, but... honestly, I've never preferred that method. No fun really. In fact, if you like, I could even close it with your back half still sticking out... maybe help you enjoy your final moments that much more." A devious gleam entered the iguana's gaze, and she extended a long reptilian tongue, stretching it so far she could trace Janice's lips while the two of them stood a foot apart from each other. Retracting the pink protrusion, she added, "After all, sending little snuff sluts like you to a happy death is what I'm here for."

Blushing even harder, Janice nodded eagerly, caught up in the woman's charisma. There was also the thought of how that tongue would feel, moving through her body with the intent to please, something she had never gotten from her animal lovers... After all, if she was about to be snuffed, she should try a few things for the first time in her final moments.

"O-okay," Janice murmured, approaching the bars and shakily lowering herself onto her knees. "Just, um, open it when you're ready and I'll... lean over for them to... get at me." She swallowed, the heat that had been filling her up feeling like it had begun to boil over, her previous impatience now combined with a sudden focus. Her eyes were locked on the dogs waiting just on the other side of the bars, green eyes staring at their cocks. Their vividly red shafts seemed more real than anything else, her mind entranced by the patterns of veins, head filled with the scent of their musky precum.

The door opened. As if in a trance, Janice came close to the narrow gap, the bars having moved apart just enough for her to fit. She leaned over, eyes still unable move from the huge dog cocks as her hands touched the floor, leaving her on all fours as the door closed just above her hips. Steel bars pressed against either side of her waist, holding her in place. There was a click as the door latched, locking her in.

At the sound, the waiting dogs came forward, barking and snapping at each other as each of them tried to mount her face at once. Paws scrabbled at her shoulders, and Janice's eyes closed as she reveled in the feeling of so many canine cocks pushing at her face as the dogs fought for her mouth, their shafts smearing her with their scent and bouncing against her face. She let out a pathetic whimper as taloned hands gripped and spread her ass, ready for the pleasure and pain, ready for her mouth to be raped and her body to be chewed.

What she wasn't ready for, what she hadn't expected in the slightest, was the feeling of a hot, living cock prodding at her asshole. Her eyes opened wide, but all she could see was the bellies and legs of the dogs trying to thrust themselves into their new bitch toy. She twisted, yelping as her virgin pucker was spread apart, throbbing flesh pushing inside. It hurt, burned, stretched her so fast she thought she'd tear. Tears leaped from her eyes and she bit her lip to hold back a scream as she finally got herself turned so she could see who was fucking her.

It was the iguana. The same scaled woman before was smiling at her, long tongue hanging from her mouth as she concentrated on pushing her hips closer and closer towards Janice's ass, filling up the the red panda's guts with the huge cock she'd somehow hidden. Her wide pink 'pussy' had apparently been a subtle sheath, the woman somehow managing to suppress any erection until the right moment to surprise her prey. Her talons bit into Janice's flesh, piercing and hooking into her shapely ass to give her a good grip as the woman giggled at her stunned expression.

"Sorry sweetie, I just love the look I get when I whip it out all unexpected!" The iguana winked, grunting as she thrust a little deeper before continuing. "Don't worry... you'll enjoy this even more than I will. Now go play with the puppies, pet. Let me take care of things back here..."

Despite the sharp stretching pain pushing deeper and deeper inside her, Janice couldn't help but obey. Her slit was soaking wet beneath her increasingly wide ass, the heat of the agony only further feeding the flames of lust inside her. Once her shock faded, the dog slut instincts she'd spent her whole life cultivating began to take hold once more, and she turned back to the pack of eager puppies. Letting the iguana reaming her ass become nothing but background sensation, she focused on the buffet of canine cocks arrayed before her. Reaching out, she stroked two rough-furred bellies, fingers trailing downward as she felt the dogs respond to her touch, tightly gripping their shiny smooth shafts. Yips of pleasure rewarded her, making her feel a glow of joy and satisfaction.

Starting to stroke the two dogs in time, she used the technique she'd learned was best, tight as she could manage and very fast. Both animals stopped snapping at the others, starting to twitch their flanks in response to her, paws pressed against her back. She couldn't see their faces, but just knowing she was being a good bitch for them was enough. The poor pups must have so many inexperienced snuff toys tossed in here for them to rip apart, girls and boys who'd never even mated with a dog before. Janice was determined to give the entire pack such good memories of her that for the rest of their lives they'd get excited just seeing a red panda walk by, remembering her and how good she'd made them feel, how tasty her meat had been.

Feeling the iguana's cock finally fully bury itself within her, Janice opened her mouth to let out a moan. The tip poked inside at strange places, so deep she thought it might tear through her... the idea was exciting, the feeling of her ass being slowly broken by the unexpected fucking doing more for her pleasure than she'd expected. Yet before she could get lost in the feeling of that full length of throbbing shaft, her attention was taken up by the sudden presence of a dog dick sliding through her open lips, intoxicatingly strong precum pouring onto her tongue. She whined in her best impression of a good bitch as her entire mouth was filled, one of the mutts finally having displayed dominance and taken possession of her open hole. Warm rough fur pressed against her face, more paws resting weight on her bowed back as the cock pushed down her throat. She sucked it eagerly, suppressing her gags as she'd learned how to for this very purpose, giving the massive dog the best blowjob she was sure he'd ever receive.

Tongue swirling, throat squeezing, Janice pumped her hands over the warm cockflesh of the two canines to either side of her, servicing three dogs at once with expert ease. This was no different from the doggy gangbangs she'd done for years, though she was spared having to coerce the pups to cooperate in raping her. Yet... it wasn't perfect. Her missing pinky throbbed, reminding of her why she was here, at this place of death and pleasure. Reminding her of how short a time she had left to enjoy this.

Suddenly picking up the pace, Janice rapidly stroked one dog until she felt the warm spray of dog cum coating her arm and shoulder, some splattering satisfyingly onto her face. Giving the swollen knot a parting squeeze, she let go and reached to one of her own pierced nipples, gripping the diagonal metal stud. The little bit of flesh was hard, so sensitive she moaned through the dog dick jammed down her throat, the simple touch buzzing with ecstasy. Her fingers found the right grip, her ass squeezing on the iguana's cock in anticipation before she ripped the piercing out.

Pain overwhelmed her breast, blood dripping down as she gasped and choked, the agony more intense than she'd expected. Her nipple felt like it was screaming in pure torment, torn nearly in half. The bloody bit of metal slipped from her fingers as she was forced to hold herself up to keep from collapsing, muscles going weak. It hurt worse than anything she'd ever felt... but she loved it.

As the second dog she'd been stroking unloaded onto her, Janice let go of the pulsing, squirting cock, squeezing her own ripped nipple, each twinge of pain as her fingertips slipped in the bloody wound somehow addictive to her. She pulled the ruined bit of her, happy tears streaming down her cheeks and mixing with the dog cum plastered around her chin. This was only the beginning, only the first taste. The dogs were catching the scent of blood.

The very same two that she'd jerked off were now nuzzling at her chest, sniffing, licking her torn breast. She let go of herself, shuddering in pained ecstasy as saliva burned in the raw wound, thrusting her hips back against the cock slowly pumping into her ass. The iguana was watching the show, taking her time, but Janice wanted her to go harder, faster. To make the little red panda scream in pleasure as she was rutted, broken, eaten. To die no longer a virgin, to make her cum around a stranger's cock while strange dogs ripped at her.

Teeth sank into her bloodied breast, Janice's eyes opening wide as she spasmed. This was it. Her body began to jerk as the dog biting her snarled and worried at her chest, exhilaration flowing through the girl as she felt her flesh being yanked, the connection of muscle to muscle, of flesh to body slowly starting to give. The dog buried in her throat climaxed, and she gulped down the seed eagerly, the hot thick cum flowing down into her belly while the knot popped out of her lips.

Groping blindly, disoriented in her excitement, Janice ran a hand down her own sweaty body to rub at her crotch, feeling how her asshole above was stretched tight around the cock pushed into it. Another dog began to bite her, and between the two sets of jaws gripping at her breast, she immediately felt it start to rip in half. The pain of puncturing teeth bled away into insignificance as she felt the magnificent sensation of fatty flesh splitting, blood splattering the ground as she groaned and grunted around the canine still unloading into her mouth. The taste and smell of dog cum was all she thought about, the only thing filling her mind beyond the sensation of her breast becoming dog food. Two uneven chunks of her tit tore free, the pain from them disappearing into a sense of mutilated nothingness as she lost the nerve endings there, the separate pieces of meat already being chewed and swallowed by the happy dogs.

Salty seed spilled out her mouth as Janice tried to cry out, cumming with a suddenness that left her unable to breathe. Startled, the mutt mating with her face pulled out, letting her moan of joy fill the kennels as her shuddering body strained at the bars keeping her from sliding into the cage. Her savaged breast felt like it was on fire, other dogs starting to bite at the remaining one even as she climaxed, adding to her pleasure. The iguana was ramming her asshole so hard and fast she could feel things breaking inside her, blood leaking out around the cock tightly squeezed between her supple asscheeks. Squirt sprayed around her fingers as she rubbed her slit, barely needing to touch herself to sustain the wave of ecstasy that was carrying her away, making everything in the world seem unimportant except the things making her feel so sweet, so naughty, so happy. She loved these dogs, loved their dicks, loved dying.

Her stomach was swelling up, feeling tight and hot in a way that wasn't just perceived. The sensation confused her for a moment until she became aware of the iguana's shaft, flexing and pulsing inside her stretched asshole. The tight seal it made prevented the climaxing lizard's cum from leaking out of the little red panda, pressure building up in her gut until it ached, then agonized, sharp pain pushing at the inside of her belly until finally something gave.

Janice screamed as her stomach split, soft brown fur tearing along the middle of the taut stretched skin. The two dogs pulling at the remains of her breasts like chew toys let go, stepping back and licking their lips in uncertainty as a wave of cum and organs fell from the red panda's split belly, her midsection suddenly feeling weak and empty as she panted following the orgasmic rupture. Her vision swam as she stared down at her own intestines hanging from her stomach, a shaky smile forming on her lips as the dogs started to sniff at her insides, biting and pulling at loops of her guts. The tugging sensation wasn't painful at all, almost pleasant... like stretching after a long sleep.

Raising her head as wet noses nuzzled around her abdominal cavity, Janice looked up to see a familiar canine face. The same pit bull that had stolen her finger was panting with a huge doggy smile on its face as it sat before her, stiff cock pointed up between its forelegs. Trying to speak, Janice found herself gurgling, mouth full of dog cum still. Taking a breath with difficulty, she swallowed, a splatter of seed leaking out of her open belly a moment later. One shaking hand reached for the dog's cock, grabbing it as she cooed to the mutt, drawing it towards her gently.

"C-come here, boy. Good boy, good... Come here and fuck me, good, good..." As she spoke in a soothing tone, the dog stood, raising itself up and putting its forepaws onto her shoulders. The iguana was seemingly gone, her cock missing from inside Janice's body. It made her feel strangely empty, her gaping ass leaking cum and blood in a tickling stream down her twitching slit. But there was still this nice doggy, smelling so nice as it rubbed its cock over her face, its belly fur warm on her forehead. "Good doggy... put it in. Fuck me. Fuck your bitch one last time," she mumbled, trying to guide the pup in with her tongue. It finally found the right spot, sliding into her stretched throat completely with a single jerk of its flanks. A soft hum of pleasure left the red panda as the dog began to rut.

Closing her eyes, Janice floated in a sea of sexual pain. Her world narrowed down to the sensations of her breasts and belly being eaten, teeth tearing away pieces of her that stopped being able to feel as they parted with her body. Her ribs were bare, stomach skin torn almost completely away, leaving her feeling hollow and exposed. Every inch of naked muscle throbbed in pain to the beat of her heart. Her pulse was growing slower and slower... like a clock winding down. Compared to that, the rapid pumping beat of the pit bull mounting her and raping her mouth seemed so fast, so alive. So much more meaningful. She was just dog food, giving herself up to make a few animals a little happier, debasing her body for them and loving every moment.

With the last of her strength, Janice pushed at the bars of the cage, weakly trying to shove the bottom half of herself inside. She didn't want to deny the dogs the meat of her ass and thighs, didn't want to leave any part of herself that these dogs couldn't desecrate. Hopefully, once she was only bones, they'd piss on her to mark their territory. That'd be nice... a final touch to her existence as a canine slut.

Struggling, still focused on sucking off the pitbull on top of her, Janice whined again as she found herself too weak to break her hips and force her body into the cage. A dog tore a strip of flesh off her insides, leaving a burning stretch of bleeding agony, but also somehow robbing her of all sensation in her left leg. It went limp, depriving her permanently of any chance to find a way to push herself into the kennel completely.

Just before she could give up, Janice felt the return of a familiar pair of taloned hands, pressing and shoving at her rear. Cum leaked out as they heaved against her supple ass, and the red panda wiggled frantically, loose guts swinging from her belly and dogs growling at her as she moved. Trying to get through the bars was nowhere near as painful as the teeth chewing at her soft insides, but it still ached, hurting more and more as the force increased.

There was a snap, and a feeling of folding. Janice's pelvis gave in in the most peculiar sensation of her life, cleanly broken bones collapsing together to leave her hips strangely angled, but narrow enough to finally slide through the bars. Joy overrode pain as Janice finally wriggled her dying body through and into the kennels, fully joining the countless numbers of cubs that had died in this place. As a beautiful reward for her trials, the pitbull chose that moment to finally cum into her weakly sucking muzzle, his knot swelling within her jaw and locking his shaft inside her throat.

Disoriented, Janice tried to swallow the cum, but instead found herself breathing, drawing the hot sticky load into her lungs. Choking, she tried to correct herself, but then realized there was no point. There was nothing more for her to do. If the dogs wanted to rut her more, they now had her pussy and ass as well as her mouth, and didn't seem to mind mounting corpses. She could die, fulfilled. Satisfied with her snuffing.

Janice breathed again, coughing once at the feeling of potent dog seed pouring through her lungs. It had nowhere to go. She couldn't have inhaled anyway, her throat blocked by the canine shaft that was making her throat bulge, knot forcing her jaws open so wide they hurt. Her vision was going dark, but she tried to inhale anyway, straining to bring some of the air in the kennels through her nose. Partially successful, she closed her dimming eyes, focusing on that scent while her body ran out of oxygen and blood. That comforting smell of dog, so sweet to her, reminding her of happiness and love and pleasure.

With her half eaten body dangling limply from the pit bull's crotch, other dogs nuzzling at her open belly and beginning to sniff interestedly at her slit, the little red panda let go of life, trusting her corpse would be well used. Hours would go by before someone finally dragged her corpse from the cage, cum and blood making a trail across the Toybox as they took her to the inner edge of the balcony. Despite her ravaged state, a smile of contentment could still be seen on her stiff, stretched lips, lingering even as she was tossed down for her bones and gristle to be destroyed at the bottom of Club Meat Grinder.



Thank you all, there are at least two more stories set here that I'm planning to publish, though the one just posted and those next two are commissioned works. They'll still be consensual cub snuff though, so not much different than I'd write normally.


This is like a 3D version of Dolcett, i would love to see this as a manga even a comic, i really liked it, good stuff!


Why not do the comic?


Why not do the comic?



Wouldn't be opposed to seeing this in comic form, but I don't know many artists willing to do both cub/loli and snuff. I also don't have the kind of cash to drop on paying for a commission of that size. If there was an artist interested in making it, and I thought they could do it justice, I would of course be happy to let them.


Capoline's Snuffing

(loli/shota/cub, snuff, consensual, futa, incest, plastination, transformation, inflation, popping, knotting, deepthroat, penectomy/castration/nullification, necrophilia)

Capoline and her siblings trailed along behind their guide, clinging to each other in excitement as they finished their quick tour through Club Meat Grinder's three floors. Even after asking the panda woman to give them the brief version, the small pack of prepubescent wolf pups was clearly impatient for their party to begin, three tails wagging hard, two canine cocks pulsing in red glory, two pussies wet and ready to be filled.

Turning around to face them, their cheery guide concluded their tour with a flourishing nude curtsey, showing the youngest child an exaggerated deference. Lin had been told at their first meeting that it was little Rudy's birthday, the trip to Club Meat Grinder his big sisters' present for the now six year old masochist. Delighted at his choice of venue, she'd given the little birthday boy a blowjob on the spot as a present, swallowing his cum after making him climax in barely twenty seconds of skillful attention. Ever since then she'd been acting as if Rudy was king of the Club, earning smiles from the boy as he quickly warmed to her.

"Now you've seen all your options, my lord," the panda intoned, her over-the-top formality spoiled by a playful grin. "You may choose where you'd like to go... but choose well! You deserve the best on this special day, the last and most happy of your life."

Capoline and Susi looked to their little brother, the youngest wolf pup currently being carried in Capoline's arms, body held against one of the 11 year old futa's wide hips. Rudy's ears were perked, brow furrowed as he cutely cocked his head in thought. One hand idly squeezed his big sister's breast, fingers pressing over her puffy nipple and making her bite her lip. The older futa's hard red cock was drooling copiously over the little boy's thigh, the soft gray fuzzed leg tucked beneath her shaft from how he was cradled against her side. His own shorter cock was equally stiff, hot and throbbing across her belly fur like a red wound while it leaked a trail of precum down her pubis. Susi panted softly as she held to Capoline's other hand, the 8 year old's pink slit flared and visibly dripping as the female waited to see where her brother wanted to die. Their parents had made sure their masochist cubs would enjoy their little party at the club to the fullest, even giving the children a ride to the entrance after they'd all chowed down on aphrodisiac frosted cake. All of them were starting to feel the effects of the drugged confection by this point, though it seemed to be hitting Susi the hardest.

"I want... the Toybox!" Rudy proclaimed, high cute voice accompanying a tiny throb of his cock. His hand raised and pointed at some nearby stairs, everyone starting to hike up them to the second floor. Susi lead the way, soaked rear jiggling as urgently jogged upward. Behind her, Lin turned to smile over her shoulder at Capoline and Rudy.

"An excellent choice," the panda said to the birthday boy. "But if I may, what made you decide on that one? You seemed to like the Dolcett area more when we passed it... given how tasty your sisters look, I understand why." She winked at Capoline, and the futa felt a blush of slight heat through her face and lower belly, cock and cunt pulsing at the thought of her meat being eaten.

"Cause," Rudy said, seeming eager to explain. "I wanna be a toy! Like, for a pretty futa lady like my sister. They can make me into a toy there, right?"

Sighing, Capoline fought down her lustful thoughts, trying to patiently explain this to her brother for the hundredth time.

"Rudy, transformation stuff isn't real," she said, exasperated. "We can't really make you into a dildo or a blow up doll or whatever you saw in your weird porn comics. I know you want to be a toy, but it's just not possible. You can get snuffed though, that'll be fun right?" Trying to cheer him after shutting down his fantasy, Capoline jiggled the boy a little on her hip, smiling as she gave his butt a squeeze. It didn't work. The boy was already pouting, growling softly in frustration.

"Actually..." Lin said slowly. "If that's really what you want, we do have something... It's even in the Toybox, funnily enough." Rudy and Capoline both perked up, interested. Ahead of them, Susi had reached the next floor, rubbing her thighs together and whining impatiently as they took their sweet time.

"I wanna be a toy no matter what my sister says!" Rudy was squirming to get down, suddenly as eager as Susi. "Show me, show me!" Lin laughed, taking his hand once Capoline had carefully put the boy down, both of them running up the stairs while the futa trailed along behind.

As the panda and little boy ran off with Susi joining them, Capoline was forced to jog to keep up with the group, thick red cock and small breasts bouncing. Lin took them on a twisting path through the forest of differently sized dildos that helped to make each little part of Toybox feel private, eventually ending up at a spot near the very center where a shiny new machine seemed to have been recently installed.

Resting a loving hand on one metal panel, the panda stroked it, smiling at a wide-eyed Rudy as Susi started to grind herself against a nearby rubber cock. Capoline started to step towards her sister, humming innocently as Lin began to explain.

"This is a plastinator," the guide said to Rudy. "It does... well, science and chemistry stuff. Formaldehyde fixing, plastic cell impregnation..." At the childrens' blank looks, she shrugged. "It turns any flesh put into it into semi-rigid, durable plastic. Like a sex toy. When it was installed, we tried it on this kitten girl. Tossed her whole body in after snuffing her. She should still be around here somewhere, actually..."

Glancing around, Lin was joined by the wolves as they all started digging through nearby chests of toys, tossing aside bladed dildos and other devices as they searched.

Taking advantage of the distraction to grab one toy in particular, Capoline casually came up behind her sister, grabbing the eight year old by the throat and gently nipping her ear. Susi had always had sensitive ears, melting when they were touched with the slightest stroke or scratch. Freezing and moaning, the smaller girl quivered as her futa sibling tugged with her teeth, reaching down between Susi's legs while squeezing her neck until her voice came in a squeak.

"What're you-" A gasp squeezed through her throat as Capoline pressed something cold and metal across her crotch, sharp teeth still holding firm on her sister's ear. They'd long ago established which was the dominant bitch between them... but a playful reminder never hurt. The older girl smiled as she released Susi's throat, needing both hands as she clicked a clasp closed, giving the ear a last tug before stepping away and admiring her work.

Twisting and looking down at herself, Susi began to look frantic as she saw what her sister had done. Locked firm around the female's hips and crotch, a shiny aluminum chastity belt covered her fur like a pair of underwear, concealing her dripping slit. Twirling the key around her finger, Capoline smugly turned away from her sister's pleading gaze as she heard a call from her brother, breathlessly excited.

"She's here!" A grunt came from behind a pile of toys as the little pup pulled and heaved, dragging a stiff shiny corpse out from behind two closely placed toyboxes. "Oh, wow! Look at her..." Voice full of envious lust, the little boy was joined by his sisters in staring at the preserved corpse of the kitten.

It was clearly made of plastic, but aside from that, it looked completely lifelike. Orange fur still coated the smooth skin, not a bit of her rotted or torn. Periodic puncture wounds showed across her entire petite body, spaced a few inches apart and appearing almost invisible, as they'd been filled with whatever soft resin had been injected into the girl to preserve her. Most impressively, her mouth and pussy gaped enticingly, labia pulling apart with ease as Rudy's fingertips prodded and tugged. Their sharp canine noses detected no odor, neither of rot or of fur or flesh. Even her asshole was pliable, the corpse's rectum pulling apart to let light filter into an invitingly clean hole.

"You should fuck her," Capoline suggested to her brother. Her eyes were locked on his little cock, twitching nonstop now as he stared at the girl. "Let off a final load... then we'll toss you in the plastinator too." She glanced at Lin, who nodded encouragingly before beckoning Susi over to learn how to operate the controls. The pent up puppy girl glared at her sister, clearly frustrated by how her needy pussy had been locked away while the drugs in her system made her want to rut everything in the room. Despite that, she acquiesced to the older girl's dominance, trudging off to learn how to properly preserve her brother once he'd been good and snuffed.

Barely noticing anything but the corpse of the kitten, Rudy's blue eyes were wide, chest heaving with excited panting as he took her by the hips. Capoline silently knelt behind her brother, watching him as he poked his stiff little puppy cock into the plastic pussy. Her own dick was painfully swollen, seven inches of red dog meat needing release. She mastered herself, holding back the desires forced on her by the drug, focusing on what she needed to do first. Take care of her brother. Give him the greatest birthday present he could ever have asked for.

Shivering in pleasure, Rudy slid his little cock into the dead kitten, slumping down over her chest and licking at her permanently stiff nipples. He started to hump at her like a feral mutt, hips twitching as he moaned and whimpered, tail wagging behind him while he pumped the corpse's soft plastic slit, lubricating it with his drooling dick and warming it with the friction. Soon each thrust was making a lewd and sloppy sound, almost as if he were pounding a real pussy. The sound of it filled Capoline with warmth, remembering all the times she'd let her brother use her cunt for his relief, each time threatening she'd strangle him if he ever told anyone she liked his little cock. That'd only turned him on more of course, the hopeless painslut.

Despite the fact that he'd managed to keep that secret for her, the futa now wrapped her hands around Rudy's throat from behind as she pressed up against him, feeling him moan and relax his asshole for her in anticipation. He knew his place, too. Capoline was a good big sister, and looked out for her siblings' happiness... but that didn't mean they weren't her fucktoys whenever she needed one. She popped her cock into Rudy's ass with a growl of pleasure, feeling the familiar tightness of her brother's warm hole as he struggled to keep from squeezing down in pleasure, waiting until she was fully inside before he clenched.

Sighing in comfort, Capoline licked her brother's cheek, making the little boy squeak happily through his constricted throat. Stroking his fur, one hand trailed down his body, gripping beneath his waist and pulling him tight against her, leaving no space between their bodies. She could feel the warm little pulsing bump inside him that was his prostate, working hard as it filled the kitten with drippy precum. Still buried deep in his ass, the futa began to slowly move her hips, moving her brother so they rocked their bodies in tandem. His cock pulled out of the kitten as she swung her pelvis backward, his motion serving to keep her cock fully within the pup's ass. She pushed forward again, and he buried himself back into the kitten with a quiet whimper.

Slowly, she picked up the pace, using her cock and hand to guide him as he fucked the plasticized corpse until the body was bouncing beneath him. It was almost like she was the one fucking the corpse, moving her brother's body for him like a puppet, hips tied to hers by imaginary strings. This was something they'd done before, a way for both of them to fuck Susi or their mother at once. Doing it like this felt intimate, having their bodies in sync, dicks moving as one. Even though it didn't provide much pleasure for Capoline to try and keep herself fully bottomed out in her brother at all times, she loved this kind of sex, getting a sort of tantric ecstasy from so thoroughly controlling Rudy's cock.

The little boy was quivering, lost in submitting to his sister and almost passed out from the continuous choking. His face was an expression of shameless pleasure, eyes staring at the face of the sex toy that had once been a living little girl, imagining how he'd soon be just the same as her. A rising whine from him gave Capoline warning, and she finished her brother off by guiding his cock into a series of rapid thrusts, plunging the little shaft deep into the kitten with a final stab. The prostate rubbing against her swelled, throbbing rhythmically as the birthday boy knotted the dead girl, pumping his last load into the plastic pussy.

Hugging him to her chest, Capoline cooed sweetly to the young pup, her own cock throbbing in empathy as she changed up her strangulation, not wanting to use her hands to finish him off. Instead she slid an arm around his neck, squeezing her arm around him in a chokehold that compressed his carotid arteries. Blissful, the little boy continued to smile, barely realizing he was being snuffed as the blood to his brain cut off until he fell unconscious. His eyelids drooped, the pulsing of his cock slowing and stopping as she maintained the hold.

Normally, this was when she would stop. Take her arm away, pick up her brother, and tuck him into bed. It was how she'd done it hundreds of times in the years since he'd started being her second cocksleeve, taking some of the load off Susi. But today, she knew what her brother wanted. Knew how to give it to him.

Slowly thrusting into his asshole, Capoline kept up the chokehold, starting to pant as she felt his pulse slowing. He no longer moved in tandem with her, his body as limp and lifeless as that of the kitten, lying atop the plastic corpse with his cock still buried inside. Her thrusts grew faster, until she was rutting his soft asshole as hard as she could without losing her perfect grip, arm firmly squeezed around his throat as she felt that warm pressure start to build at the base of her cock.

Rudy's pulse stopped, and Capoline came with a howl of arousal. So many times, she'd come so close to this moment of snuffing her painslut brother. Now she'd done it. Permanently and completely. Her thick knot swelled in his ass, but instead of pulling it out as she always had, she let it expand, stretching out the pink pucker as her seed pumped powerfully into him. Piss and cum dribbled out of the used kitten as Rudy's knot slipped free, his red cock still rigid even as it leaked the last dribbles from his bladder. The scents of sperm and urine only enhanced Capoline's pleasure, and she grunted in joy as she shot the last sticky rope of seed into her slutty dead brother.

"Oh, my..." Lin's voice came from just behind Capoline, barely giving her half a second to catch her breath following the powerful orgasm. Turning, the futa found her sister and the panda standing side by side, clearly having watched the whole show from a few feet away. The tour guide was grinning, two fingers rubbing along her slit as she looked down at Rudy's body. "You managed to keep him pristine... we had to poison the kitten, but you did it very cleanly. He'll make a lovely toy now!"

A faint glow of pride at filled Capoline at hearing she'd snuffed her brother well, her still stiff cock making her bite her lip at the overstimulation as she pulled the knot free of Rudy's ass. His gaping hole leaked cum copiously, surprising the wolf girl from how much was there. Now that she focused and looked at herself for a moment, her balls felt a little swollen, and a little sore too... Clearly her parents had slipped a little something extra into that cake mix. Rudy seemed to have benefited from it too, the plasticized kitten's slit still leaking cum and piss long after he'd unloaded.

Staring at the spreading puddle of creamy canine seed, Susi seemed nearly at the verge of tears, shivering and squeezing her nonexistent breasts as juices dripped around her belt. Almost Capoline felt bad for locking her clit in chastity... but she would make sure her sister got hers before she died. In the meantime, it was fun to see the cumslut squirm.

"Let's get him in the plastinator," Lin said, bending to help pick up the pup. Susi took the boy's legs, lifting his ass to her mouth as she helped carry him and cleaning out his hole with a shameless greed. The panda had to wait beside the plastinator, tapping her foot as the wolf panted and slurped, finally swallowing with a heaving, satisfied sigh. Sheepish, the girl hastily heaved her half of Rudy's body up into the opening at the top of the machine, both her and Lin taking care to position the boy's corpse properly along the industrial coffin-like interior.

Taking a few large cock-shaped injector nozzles from clips along the inside of the machine, Susi filled up the boy's holes with the thick metal dildos. Hoses trailed from the base of each one, the perforated serving to keep the mouth and ass stretched and more able to easily receive the proper curing and plastination process. Closing the airtight lid over Rudy's body, Lin turned a dial on a control panel, setting a timer that looked almost identical to one that might be found on a washing machine.

"How much did your brother weigh, girls?" She glanced at them. "Fifty pounds? The machine is in metric but I can do the conversion for you."

"Umm..." Susi looked a little cum-drunk, struggling to focus through the haze of her pent up lust. "Forty five-ish. I think."

Nodding, Lin pressed the start button after setting the dial to 20 kilograms. Immediately the machine began to hiss with the sound of fluids gushing through its interior, putting Rudy's body through the same process that had made the kitten into such a perfect toy.

"Won't suppose we'll need this one anymore, then..." Picking up the dead kitten, Lin turned back to the girls with a smile of farewell. "Your brother will take her place, so I'm gonna go dump her in the grinder. After that, I'll be going back upstairs to be ready for the next cubs to come through, so you two are on your own for finding someone to snuff you." She waved her free hand, disappearing behind a wall of dildos with the plasticized kitten in tow. "So nice that your brother got his birthday wish. Have fun with the rest of the party!"

With the panda's giggles fading away, Susi and Capoline glanced at each other, standing side by side beside the machine converting their brother into a sex toy. A predatory grin split Capoline's muzzle, her younger sister giving a little shiver as she met her sibling's gaze with wide eyed anticipation.

"Let's go get you good and snuffed, sis..." Reaching down to claw at Susi's rear, Capoline pressed her cum-sticky cock up against the shorter child's belly fur. "I wanna come back and pump one last load into Rudy before I find something for myself." Checking the timer on the plastinator, she saw they had fifteen minutes. That'd be plenty of time.

"W-will you take this thing off me, at least?" Susi pleaded, getting dragged along behind her older sister as the futa strode away from the grove among the dildo forest, weaving between multicolored plastic cocks as she sought out something fun to make Susi suffer. "You wouldn't be mean like that, right Capoline? I want... I wanna get fucked, one more time. Please?"

As something caught Capoline's eye, the taller child pulled up short, humming in consideration at her sister's words. The desperate girl pressed up against the futa's rear, whining with a pathetic note that both girls knew turned Capoline on like nothing else. Both her hands slid around her older sister's waist, starting to stroke her swollen red shaft, fingers squeezing the still inflated knot. Precum and leftover seed pushed out of the wolf futa's piss slit as she gave a grunt of pleasure, letting the locked up slut hug her from behind as she performed her two handed pawjob.

After a few moments of enjoying Susi's attempts to seduce her, Capoline stepped away from the fixated girl, ignoring her tantalizing whimper as fingers broke free of their grip around her cock. Something about the little clearing they'd just found seemed intriguing, though she couldn't figure what. She hadn't seen any balloons anywhere else in the Toybox, but this little area was covered with bundles of them, strings attached to every free surface.

Walking further through the clusters of colorful floating globes, she found a huge box of uninflated balloons sitting beside a strange spigot and short hose. There were picture instructions etched in a plaque on the floor, no text, so even very young cubs could understand the step by step guide it gave. Susi came up behind Capoline as the futa began to grin, eyes flicking from each diagram to the next. This would be perfect.

"What's tha-" Susi began to ask, cut off as her sister turned and grabbed her, slamming her down onto a conveniently placed daybed beside the spigot. Its smooth blue plastic surface was bloodstained, decorated with cute cartoon characters that smiled as they displayed broken and mutilated bodies. The balloon-lined enclosure was filled with the sound of sudden and passionate kissing as the two sisters' muzzles pressed together, Susi lifting her hips eagerly as her mouth was invaded by her sister's tongue, chastity locked slit soaked behind the aluminum barrier.

Distracted by her own ploy to divert her little sister's drug-muddled mind, Capoline moved slowly as she slipped the chastity key from where it had hung with the key ring snug around one of her digits. Taking it between her fingers, she casually slipped it into the keyhole, turning slowly and feeling the belt pop free. Susi gasped immediately, a groan of need leaking from their conjoined lips as she tried to sit up and grab Capoline's cock once again. Stronger, the older sister shoved the little slut back down, slowing in her frenzied makeout as she calmed the girl for a moment, fingers moving in soothing spirals over the eight year old's sensitive chest.

Soon Susi was melting against the daybed, little squeaks and squeals of pleasure coming from her throat as she was pleasured by her skillful sister, entire body shivering in lust as she submissively spread her legs. The belt was tossed away to the side, the scent of her juices filling the air and making Capoline's cock throb. Smiling eagerly, the futa took a balloon from the box, snapping it over the nozzle at the end of the short hose with a deft motion. A lever at the base of the metal bit slid a ring down the conical nozzle head, pinching the balloon's open end to hold it in place as the gas began to flow.

Shocking her sister with the sudden entry, Capoline shoved the nozzle up into her sister's soaked cunt, the well-trained hole stretching easily. Her small hand filled up her sister's clenching cunt, warmth and wetness surrounding her upper arm as she pushed the balloon tip into her sister's womb, already feeling the rubber sac start to stretch and fill with helium. The younger wolf slut was gasping, cumming from the violation of her sensitive depths. Combined with the drug and seeing her brother get snuffed, the brief denial of pleasure had had Susi aroused beyond reason, her chastity making her all too easy to set off.

Withdrawing her hand, Capoline enjoyed the sight of her sister's spasms as she licked her fingers clean, climbing onto the daybed atop her only surviving sibling. Tear-stained happy eyes tried to focus on her face as Susi managed to heave in a breath, trembling fingers caressing her own stomach as the balloon inflating inside her womb started to swell and stretch her. The precum coated point of Capoline's cock pressed up against the little girl's tight pucker, a shiver of pleasure running through them both before the older girl began to slowly push forward, murmuring sweetly to her sister as she entered her ass.

"You always beg us to cum inside, little sister... You think I didn't figure it out? I knew what porn Rudy watched, and I know what you watched too. Impregnation." The futa giggled quietly. "Well... you're not gonna live long enough to get bred. Kinda too bad. But..." Capoline's hand pressed lightly over Susi's growing belly, her little womb beginning to stretch as the balloon filled inside. The futa's knot started to strain against the girl's stretched asshole as it struggled to fit through, both girls pushing themselves together, each savoring the sensation and anticipation of building pressure. "This is almost the same," Capoline panted, watching her sister's stomach round out, growing until it looked like she was halfway to term. "You almost look like you've got my cubs in you. Maybe you can imagine that, for the next few minut-"

Two small hands clasped around the back of Capoline's neck, the normally dominant girl giving a yip of surprise as she was pulled back down into a kiss, body tightly held by her loving sister. A sudden relaxation of Susi's sphincter let the fat knot slip inside easily, the futa gasping in pleasure as she felt her cock enveloped completely by the tight clinging warmth of her sister's insides.

"It's perfect," Susi whispered, caressing her sister's skin, tongue playing against her lips. "I love you, Capoline... I love this feeling, my womb so full, your cock in me... Haah..." A shudder ran up the girl's spine as she came again, cutting off as her slit squirted around the hose stuck inside it, feeding gas to the balloon growing in her belly. "Fuck me till I pop," she pleaded, voice breathless. "Cum in me, hurry. It's growing so fast... it hurts... oh it hurts so fucking good, I'm gonna..."

Squeezing down on her sister's red shaft, the slutty eight year old pissed in a pungent spray as her bladder was pressed against by her expanding womb. Sweat dampened her fur as the pain of the swelling globe inside her began to really hit, the masochistic cub groaning happily as she felt her insides start to break. Holding her little sister in a close embrace, Capoline kept up the kiss as she started to slowly thrust her hips, enjoying the way her knot kept her from pulling out. The aphrodisiac wasn't just affecting her sister, as evidenced by how every stroke of her cock made Capoline feel like the entire throbbing length of flesh was melting into a pleasurable puddle, shivers of ecstasy running through her as little shocks of bliss made her heart skip beat after beat. Hot wetness soaked her lower belly and around her thighs, Susi's piss feeling warm against her skin despite the heat that was filling her up, the ache starting to throb in her balls. Her tongue brushed and twined against her sister's, drool covering her lips as they both became lost in their own pleasure.

Just as she felt herself begin to draw close to the point of no return, Capoline's reverie was interrupted by a soft whimper from her sister, the quiet sound of ripping reaching both girls' sensitive ears. Pulling up suddenly, Capoline gasped in delight as she realized her sister's stomach had swollen so huge that she looked like she was stuffed with triplets, pink skin visible beneath her gray fur as the stretched outside of her body caused the follicles to become spaced further apart. Stunned by the sight, the futa knelt with cock buried in her sibling's ass, her shaft throbbing at the brink of climax as she watched Susi begin to burst.

It began at her belly button. The cute little divot of her flesh was too weak to withstand the internal pressure, splitting at the top and bottom in tiny tears that soon expanded, tracing red lines down the swollen curve of Susi's belly. Capoline's sister was limp, hands weakly playing with her hard nipples while she felt herself rip apart, eyes closed in an expression of contented ecstasy. A tiny smile was on her lips as her womb popped in a sudden release of tension, a single helium balloon floating out of a mass of entrails and stretched skin, torn muscle and pooling blood. Her entire abdomen had been rent apart, displaced by the huge balloon that dripped blood and drifted on the steam spiraling up from her cooling organs.

A happy sigh left the little girl as her destruction was completed, her blue eyes opening to meet Capoline's gaze in a look so sexually charged that it made the futa flush, the base of her cock pulling tight as it throbbed in arousal. That simple twitch was enough to set her off, cum suddenly pouring in hot gouts and sticky ropes that filled up her sister's guts, white oozing from the torn tubes of her exposed intestines as Capoline filled them up completely with her potent seed. The deep ache in her balls redoubled, the futa feeling almost lightheaded as she poured everything she had into her dying slut of a sister, staring in amazed arousal at the sight of Susi's bleeding and broken body while she came in what felt like an endless moment of pulsing flesh and pure release.

Gasping and panting for breath, Capoline shuddered, feeling warm and relaxed even as her chest heaved in deep, slow inhalations. Sweat beaded at the tips of her hard dark nipples, the outline of her rigid cock still visible inside her sister's colon behind a tangle of scattered guts. Susi's empty abdominal cavity was filling with leaking cum from the tight filled hose of her intestinal tract, the long organ bloated with seed like some sort of strange balloon animal. Coughing some of the white stickiness up, the dying pup made a soft sound of pleasure, closing her eyes in bliss while holding some of the flavor on her tongue.

Still knotted in her sister's broken body, Capoline leaned forward, pulling her sister into a tight hug as she kissed her. Tasting Susi's blood mixed with her own cum, she pulled the girl off the daybed, hose and nozzle tugging free of her pussy as the little girl was carried one last time by her big sister. The eight year old's weakening pulse was evident as the blood leaking from her slowed with each step Capoline took through the clutter of Toybox, her body supported entirely by her older sister's cock and arms, little sighs of pleasure leaking from her lips whenever her dangling guts got caught on something.

Eventually, Capoline found her way to the inner edge of the quadrant, standing at the rim of the ring balcony and facing the giant meat grinder one floor below. Susi could hear it, squirming slightly at the sound. She knew what was coming.

"Great party," the little girl said in farewell, smiling against her sister's cheek as she was held. "Most fun I've ever had... hardest I've ever cum. Go get yours, Cap." Her muzzle pressed against Capoline's cheek, giving her a last little kiss.

Ripping her knot out of Susi's ass, Capoline cried out in a grunt of exertion and overstimulation as her stiff cock screamed in pleasure, red flesh crawling with a wave of painful ecstasy as clinging flesh slid off it. The eleven year old wasn't particularly strong, barely managing to make her sister clear the edge of the next balcony on her way down. Susi's broken shape became a few messy chunks of meat as she hit the whirling maelstrom of metal, her upper torso flung up out of the grinder like popcorn popping as the force of the counter-spinning blades chanced to toss her upward. She fell again, landing more towards the center this time, obliterated completely after her brief flight.

Not realizing she'd fallen to her knees, Capoline breathed in slowly, having watched every instant of her sibling's demise. Her cock and balls ached with a soreness that bordered on agony, the repeated powerful orgasms taking a toll on her sexual endurance. Despite the drug in her body keeping her cock stiff, she didn't feel like fucking anything else. Despite what she'd said about doing to Rudy, her brother was snuffed. He wouldn't mind not getting reamed as a corpse. Then again...

Dragging herself upward with a groan, Capoline felt her thighs tremble as she walked back into Toybox. Though she felt worn out, she wanted to continue. Being worn out felt... right. She was almost about to die. Before that, it was good to give everything she could. Like her siblings had.

Returning to the plastinator, the futa wolf saw that it had reached the end of its timer. Popping open the lid, she wrinkled her nose at the chemical scents that wafted out, but they soon dispersed into nothing as she looked down at her brother's corpse. Rudy was a perfect little plastic doll, slightly shiny skin pliable and soft beneath her touch, his gaping hole and open muzzle inviting anyone to take his body for a ride. Even his cock was ready to be used, the stiff little pole erect and knot inflated, ready for a cub or adult to use it like a morbid dildo.

Reaching into the machine, Capoline dragged her brother's body out, the corpse still warm from the chemical processes it had gone through. It made her smile to think that, long after she was gone, her brother might still be getting fucked in this place.

Carrying Rudy alone, the preteen chanced to pass by the balloon grove yet again, frowning as she saw the single bloody balloon that had killed Susi simply floating about, untethered. Dropping her brother with a careless thump, she went to a spool of string, getting a length of it and tying off the balloon before adding it to one of the bundles that covered the entire section of the Toybox. The thought occurred to her that each of these balloons must've been filled in a similar manner, and she suddenly saw the hundreds of colorful, floating orbs in a new light.

Her cock gave another throb, and Capoline groaned, closing her eyes for a moment as a lance of pain went down her shaft. It felt good... but not good enough, without something more. Taking up the plastic body again, she went towards the back wall of Toybox, letting her nose guide her along as she took deep breaths. The burden of her Rudy's corpse was small, but he weighed enough to make her glad to let him down when she reached her destination.

Smiling, the futa stood before the small stable that had been set into the back wall of the Toybox, looking out at the two magnificent stallions that waited within. The beautiful beasts huffed at her, large heads turning as they inspected Capoline and her cargo with interest. Beneath their huge bodies their long heavy horsecocks hung at full mast, piebald skin wet with blood, precum, and pussy juice. These two animals had claimed more lives than any adult in the club, Capoline felt sure.

It would be a pleasure to be another kill on their record.

Dragging Rudy's plastic corpse along on its back, Capoline left him beside the stable before turning back into the Toybox, quickly rifling through a few of the nearby chests to see if she could find anything fun to play with in her final moments.

After a few minutes of searching, she emerged with an intriguing sort of fleshlight. The soft latex orifice was placed in a plastic barrel slightly wider than seemed necessary, some struts and straps allowing the device to hang off Capoline's cock without her holding it, using a buttplug and a belt to attach to her body. Two slots along the outside of the plastic barrel allowed the fleshlight to slide up and down even when she was wearing it, and once she had the entire assembly on she found it was surprisingly lightweight. Looking at herself, squeezing down on the buttplug with straps coming out the base of it that wrapped around her hips, she thought it looked almost like some sort of thong with a fleshlight on the front to conceal her cock. Only once she'd fully rigged herself with the device did the futa happen to notice a small switch on the top of the toy, the little plastic knob hiding on the black plastic barrel.

Hesitating for only a moment, she flicked it.

Immediately she yipped in surprise and pleasure, feeling lubrication spray into the orifice wrapped around her, the warm wet substance making her stiff shaft tingle. Something bumped against the tip of her cock, machinery whirring inside the fleshlight's overlarge barrel as the toy activated, sliding a long thick rod straight down Capoline's urethra. The preteen futa moaned as she felt it enter her cock, her own precum lubricating its passage as it reached deep into her, so far down her dick that she thought it might stab through her bladder.

Instead it stopped, and she gasped again as the tip of the sound sent out spikes, small barbed hooks sinking into the meat of the inside of her cock just below the base where it disappeared into her body. Whining in excitement and uncertainty, Capoline wondered if the fleshlight was about to do something truly torturous, feeling a thrill at being so utterly at the mercy of the machine wrapped around her dick. There was no way she could take it off, now. Her ass squeezed around the plug inside it, pussy dripping beneath her balls as her stiff cock flexed in a reflex response to the pain, trying to push out the invading rod. Thanks to the barbs, it was stuck tight.

Using the anchor deep in the base of her body, the machine instead began to do something amazing, almost sending Capoline to her knees as it started rapidly sliding the entire barrel, fleshlight and all, up and down her shaft. Lubricant dripped out of the latex hole gripping around her, her knot popping in and out of its tight wet confines as she groaned. She could feel the stiffness of the metal rod just beneath her skin, staying firmly put within her urethra while it used its hold on her flesh to pleasure her cock.

Stumbling back to the stables, Capoline grabbed her brother's body and dragged it into a stall with one of the horses, sure she wouldn't last long with the device pumping up and down her cock. Already the overstimulation was a torture, her cock pulsing with agony with each thrust, an amazing orgasm promising to arrive if only she could endure a few more minutes of the painful pleasure.

Her chosen horse stayed patiently put as she dropped her plasticized brother beneath it, Capoline panting eagerly as she fell to her knees, straddling the sex toy that had once been Rudy. Spreading her slit, she shuddered in lust as she lowered herself onto the six year old's stiff little cock, feeling its familiar shape enter the tight hot confines of her pussy. Her brother wasn't alive to enjoy it, but his dick felt just as good inside her as it ever had when he lived, and she began to bounce her hips up and down with eagerness.

At the same time, she lifted two hands to the huge horsecock hanging before her, greedily opening up her muzzle to suckle the huge flat tip. The horse whinnied in pleasure, clearly used to such attention from the many cubs of the club. Swirling her tongue around the animal's piss slit and tasting the flavor of its precum, it occurred to Capoline that these animals must be taking the same sort of drug that she currently had in her, keeping them stiff and ready at all times. With that in mind, she went a little more slowly, kissing and licking with gentle movements of her mouth against the bestial cock before her.

It didn't take long for the futa to find a rhythm, using the tempo of the machine stroking her cock as a beat for the music of her movements. With it as a guide, she took the entire length of Rudy's plastic shaft into her once for every two times she felt her own knot get enveloped and squeezed by the latex pussy, being fucked by two toys at once while she moaned against the horse's cock. Moving as quickly as she could without disrupting the pleasure building inside her pelvis, Capoline opened her mouth wide, starting to guide the long equine shaft into her throat.

Though she'd been in charge when it came to her siblings, Capoline was no stranger when it came to proper deepthroating. Her father had been a proper man, and fucked all three of his children regularly, using their mouths while they were too young to take him in their other holes. She knew how to relax her gag reflex, how to breathe in the brief times between thrusts. Despite that, she found herself struggling with the length and girth of the horse before her.

Tears leaked out of her eyes as the futa felt her throat stretch, neck bulging as she choked and coughed around the wrist-thick cock pushing through her muzzle. It hurt, but also filled her with a certain euphoria, a pride and satisfaction at feeling such a huge shaft fill her throat. It throbbed beautifully, feeling so warm and alive as it slid down her esophagus, her breath stopping as she reached her limit of how much she could take. The tip was somewhere beneath her collarbones, a little more than half of the long horsecock pushed into her mouth for her to suck and lick.

Capoline began to tremble, the ecstasy that had been building in her lower belly starting to blossom and spread through the wolf's two sets of genitals. Her canine cock oozed precum around the rod that had been stuck through it, twitching lightly as her final orgasm approached, inevitable. Whimpering and whining with a pathetic shamelessness she'd never in her life shown before now, Capoline braced herself, then reached up to give the horse's flank a firm, encouraging smack.

Neighing, the horse began to thrust, jerking forward at first in a move so sharp and sudden that it sank another five inches of dick down the little girl's throat. Capoline felt things tear inside her, blood and drool leaking out around her muzzle, tongue crushed to numbness beneath the cock stretching out her jaw. Her body quivered, feeling like nothing but a sheath for the huge dick inside it, Rudy's little penis still stirring up her pussy seeming barely noticeable by comparison. It was a small sweet spot beside a massive intrusion of pain and euphoria, the futa's cock almost seeming to float apart from the rest of her as it was tormented with unending pleasure, the thrusting fleshlight regular and unyielding in its mechanical service.

Body jerking as the animal above her twitched and shook its powerful flanks, Capoline struggled to keep Rudy's cock inside her as the horse tried to drag her off him, yanking her with its dick lodged in her throat. The struggle seemed to serve to pleasure the animal, its knickers and whinnies somehow conveying increasing satisfaction, flare beginning to inflate within her stomach. Vision blurred with tears, heart thudding in her chest, the preteen wasn't sure how much longer she'd last like this. Part of her hoped it would go on forever, but more of her wanted the end.

Relief washed through her as she felt the cock in her throat swell, throb, and pulse with the equine's orgasm. Tension disappeared across her body as she gave up her fight to stay on Rudy's cock, simply sitting down with the plastic prick buried fully inside her, kneeling and feeling his little knot press against her g-spot as she quivered. The climax that had been threatening to overtake her finally arrived with a screaming power that wiped her mind blank, making her eyes roll up, mouth trying to let out sobs of pleasure from the overwhelming bliss. It felt like she was glowing with warmth, pulses of lightning ecstasy starting at the base of her cock, then shooting up her shaft and spine simultaneously. Cum pumped out of her urethra, squeezing around the rod in her cock to leak into the still-thrusting machine. In that moment, Capoline was hyper-aware of every little sensation, the very air currents around her seeming like little kisses on her fur.

So, when the fleshlight device activated, she had a moment to anticipate before the pain truly came.

Triggered by the flowing cum pushing back against the rod in her dick, the toy clamped around her cock detonated, the shaped charges stuffed into the plastic barrel directing the force of the blast directly into her shaft and crotch. In an instant her dick became a ragged ruin of red meat scraps mixed with globs of cum and blood, erectile tissue deflating as it leaked out its vital fluid following the explosive penectomy. Her crotch became a shallow crater, what was left of her cock dangling by a few stringy bits of skin while her charred balls hung in a tattered scrotum, the pearly glands visible through tears in the soft fuzzed skin.

Startled by the sound of the blast, the horse ripped its cock out of Capoline's throat, sending the wolf girl sprawling forward onto the ground as the only thing supporting her was taken away. Her wide eyes stared dumbly, the shock of her cock suddenly disappearing just starting to catch up to her. She was still cumming, still climaxing, even though she no longer had the dick that had set off her orgasm. Cum kept leaking out of the charred wound between her thighs, Rudy's cock still grinding around inside her squeezing pussy.

Finally, slowly, she gasped, air entering her raw stretched throat while she was freed from the grip of that overwhelming dopamine rush. Heaving breaths of air through her aching pharynx, Capoline reached a hand down to her blasted off cock, feeling the place where the missing shaft ought to be. Still stunned by the suddenness of it, the felt herself begin to giggle, fingers squishing in the bloody mess of exposed muscle. The pain felt warm, radiating through her lower belly and thighs, making her want to relax.

Piss dribbled out of her, stinging as it ran through the rough terrain of her ragged flesh. That felt good... but somehow, she thought there was still something to do. Lying on the floor beneath the horse, face down with Rudy's cock still inside her, it took her a few long moments of thought to remember what it was.

Despite the pain all through her, despite her violently removed cock, and despite that mind blowing orgasm... Capoline was still alive. The party wasn't over. Not yet.

Giving the horse a pat on the leg, Capoline groaned, then began to pull herself along with her arms. Dragging her body along, she left a trail of blood behind her as she crawled out of the stables, abandoning Rudy's plasticized corpse for someone else to use when they found it. There was a relatively clear path from here to the inside balcony, and the mutilated futa found herself growing excited as she slowly made her way along, this last effort feeling somehow special. Contentment glowed in her breast, each beat of her heart like a drum that made up the marching beat of her final walk towards oblivion. The afterglow of her explosive climax was as good as any orgasm she'd had before, filling her with a low level thrill, almost a high of drug-like euphoria.

Before she knew it, she was looking down into that tempting maw of sharp swirling steel, somehow having heaved herself up onto her legs. Entranced by the sight of her soon to be final resting place, Capoline swayed, barely even noticing as she lost her balance and toppled forward. All she knew was that the blades seemed to be getting closer, the noise of the massive machine growing louder. Her missing dick gave a final little squirt of cum and blood as she realized she'd fallen, the thought zipping through her mind in an instant of excitement as it caught up with events, just in time for her to land among the churning metal. Capoline's entire body was destroyed even more completely than her cock had been, and the futa thought no more, bringing an end to her family's time in Club Meat Grinder.


Your stories are awesome! ^_^ Loved Capoline's the best so far.


Where does the grinder empty out? Thats a lot of dung and spunk filled cub-burger


Just wow, so many wonderfull themes^^


kinda surprised the toilet section doesn't have a supply of adult and cub sized diapers, seems like an unfilled niche. Also got me thinking about all the ways you could kill someone using a used nappy


Would love to see a short chapter on the grinder.


Not to mention spent ammunition, explosives, and other hazardous materials from the toy box, medical section, and armory. The slop that comes out of the grinder definitely wouldn’t be fit for consumption.
Gotta agree, even just a quick paragraph or two with some details. Wonder what’s its nightly throughput is, and yeah, where it empties out.


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still hoping for more, particularly about the central grinder


As you asked for, a small chapter on the functioning of the grinder and how it handles the meat. Keep in mind the setting of the story is very different to what reality is like - something this short piece alludes to.

The Grinder

(exposition, cannibalism, dolcett)

From 'Club Meat Grinder - A Primer'

The Meat Grinder

Even before they arrive, many visitors are of course familiar with the titular feature of our famous Club. Well known as being the largest industrial meat grinder in the world, the machine is used primarily as a disposal for the countless number of corpses that are produced by the adult clubgoers, the final resting place of the multitudes of cubs that come every night to have their masochistic fantasies fulfilled. A marvel of industrial engineering, it has a potential throughput of an entire ton of meat per hour, working with an often highly contaminated product to produce delicious ground meat fit for consumption.

Comprised of 12 concentric counterspinning blade rings, the widest of which is nearly two hundred feet across, the uppermost layer or 'face' of the grinder is the only part a living clubgoer will get to see. It provides a lovely show for any adult to watch after they've finished with their fun, consuming the remains of a cub and ripping it into successively smaller pieces until the child seems all but obliterated. Though the triangular sawteeth look sharp from a distance, any close observation will show that the true destructive power comes from the flat vertical front of the teeth catching the carcasses between them as they spin past each other, shearing it apart into smaller and smaller chunks until they slip through the gaps between blade rings.

Of course, this is only the first step that the cub meat goes through in its processing. The wide flat pit of death at the center of the Club is but the surface of a machine that continues fifty feet further down, cleaning and treating the remains of the children until they're fit for consumption.

Immediately beneath the uppermost blades, the now fist-sized chunks of cubflesh fall through a powerful inductive magnetic field. This catches any bits of ferrous metal mixed in among the meat, a particularly important step. A little known fact about the Club is that every non-metallic toy, weapon, kitchen implement, surgical device, and prop provided for the use of patrons is impregnated with metallic particles, primarily for the very purpose of being captured by this step of processing. This removes most of the solid contamination mixed in with the meat, though it does not catch everything.

After passing through the magnetic field, the chunks of meat and bone land in a bath of water, where remaining heavy contaminants sink to the bottom. The water spins in a slow whirlpool pattern, floating pieces of meat skimmed off the top and edges while bone and other dense waste collects at the bottom.

At this point, the meat chunks that have passed through this process are often still recognizable as pieces of anatomy from a given cub, many pieces still containing skin, even some whole organs occasionally passing through unscathed. This is soon rectified by the meat pieces falling into a pit where they are squeezed through the gap between two hollow spinning barrel drums, which are perforated so as to allow the squished meat to ooze through into their interiors. This mechanically separates skin from flesh, as the flat skin cannot be squeezed through the holes in the barrel. Organ meat mixes with muscle at this point, the two becoming indistinct from each other.

The skin is disposed of after passing between the two barrel drums, meat collecting in the insides of the barrels and rolling outward to land on a conveyor belt. Here it undergoes another magnetic check, also receiving x-ray sterilization as it passes to the final grinding. This x-ray bath eliminates any pathogens lurking in the meat, as well as serving to denature certain chemicals that the cubs might have subjected themselves to while living.

At this point, the meat is technically edible, though the texture of it must be improved, and lingering bone chips and sinew must be removed. The conveyor belt splits to feed into four typical industrial meat grinders, the same make and model which are also stocked above in the Dolcett area. These chop up the meat and pass it through an auger, which forces it up against a spinning blade with a grinder plate behind it. A special channel in the grinder plate collects bone and sinew that resists being chopped and pushed through the plate, guiding it instead into a waste tube to be sucked away while the chopped ground chuck oozes out, ready to be packaged for consumption.

Though cleaned of all bone, sinew, skin, and pathogens, the end product of this process still contains trace contamination by feces, sexual fluids, drugs, exploded ordinance, and other chemicals. Given the ratio of meat to contaminant, the FFDA considers it to be of low grade, though still passable.

Despite this official rating, the meat produced from this process is often considered quite tasty. Combined with the fact that the children are often quite relaxed following orgasms just prior to their slaughter, removing any potential stringiness due to fear, the inherent tenderness of the young cubmeat creates a juicy, savory end product once cooked.

As the general population is accustomed to cannibalism as a large source of dietary meat (although typically not from bodies so thoroughly processed), it is not difficult to sell the meat on the open market. Given that it is produced and sold in industrial quantities, the most common buyers include local resturants, pet food manufacturers, and school cafeterias.

Since those cubs attracted to the concept of being eaten as opposed to merely their own self destruction typically find their fantasies fulfilled in the Dolcett area, the Club does not make it widely known to its clientele what is done with their remains. Nonetheless, it advertises this feature of the club prominently, as evidenced by its name. As a symbol, the Meat Grinder represents much of what cubs come to the Club to find - agony, complete destruction, erasure from existence, and to be made into meat to be used for whatever purpose is decided for them. In this way, this machine has come to represent both the literal, and spiritual, heart of Club Meat Grinder.


Your stories are epic! Thank you for not abandoning us.


Love it, wish it could turn me into slutburger too<3


Curious if NoPantsRelationship is interested in continuing to use this setting for their own stuff or if its only gonna be added to by commission


Lone's Snuffing

shota/loli/cub, consensual snuff, futa, cbt, castration, dolcett, bestiality, anal, rimming, torture

Lone idly squeezed his sheath in a slow, rhythmic way, tufted tail perked in interest as he looked down through the center of Club Meat Grinder. Like many children before him, the preteen goat was enraptured by the sight of so much carnal murder, fascinated by the droves of cubs just like him being fucked and killed throughout all three floors. Even though the humid haze of so much sweat and blood in the air made details hard to make out, the obfuscation only made the motions of the silhouetted clubgoers that much more erotic, the little goat's mind imagining what he could not see. He could've watched for hours, touching himself until his legs gave out and buckled, toppling him down into the deadly grinder far below.

A sudden shudder ran through his body, slowly buzzing up his spine as a gentle hand stroked Lone's sand colored fur. His slit pupils rolled up in his head, exposing more of the dark sclera as fingers scratched just between one of his horns and his large floppy ears. It felt amazing, so much so that he almost forgot about the sights of snuff and sex for a moment. He swayed, and another delicate hand covered his belly, rubbing the sensitive place just above his sheath. Whimpering in pathetic pleasure, Lone pressed his head back into the scratching fingers, instinctively wanting more. Instead, he heard a feminine giggle from just above him, both hands going still as he was pulled back until his head rested between a pair of petite breasts.

Looking up, Lone focused half-dazed eyes as he saw who had so easily conquered him with a few delicate touches. A young panda woman met his gaze, smiling down at his childish expression of confusion and bliss. Her hand started to slowly circle his sheath, her smile falling away after a moment when no cock emerged to press into her waiting fingers.

"Well now," she murmured to him, tone carefully devoid of disappointment. "Usually the little boys like you can't help but get hard after seeing what's in store for them... Aren't you excited? You seemed to melt well enough from a bit of petting."

"Oh! Yeah, I'm super excited miss!" Lone nodded eagerly, wide eyed as he felt his interest in the Club's activities return to the forefront of his thoughts. "It's just, um... I did something." A faint cerulean blush showed across the small goat's cheeks and snout, feeling a flush of heat spread down his face and to his belly, the embarrassment and arousal as sweet and warm as a swallow of hot chocolate. Inside his sheath, he felt his soft cock squeeze out a thick drop of precum. "I-I... tied it. I tied it up. My cock." Pressing his paws together before his chest, he flicked his gaze away from the panda woman's. "I kinda... like to do stuff like that. Hurt my cock. Or my balls. Bind them up, or cage them, or... um... oh... ah..."

His hips started to tremble as the panda slid a curious finger into the opening of his sheath, feeling the slick insides of his cock's hiding hole. They were soaked with precum, and he squeaked and squeezed out another droplet of the clear lubricant as she stroked the tip of his soft shaft, feeling its sticky smooth surface. His legs started to tremble as she dug in deeper, sliding her fingertip down his contracted length until she felt the string tightly bound around the base of his cock, as far down as he'd been able to reach. It kept the blood from flowing in and filling up his shaft to make it stiff. He liked how it felt there, aching slightly as it dug into the smooth sensitive skin, making him stay soft and small and pathetic.

"Well, isn't that just adorable," the panda said, extracting her finger and popping it briefly into her mouth. Humming considering as she tasted it, she took it out and tapped Lone's nose with the warm wet digit, letting him smell her sweet saliva as she spoke. "I bet you'd just love to have some sexy adult to ruin that little cock, wouldn't you?"

He nodded again, suddenly feeling shy. His eyes looked up at her, pleading, unable to voice what he wanted. Still, she seemed to understand from his expression. She shook her head, laughing fondly as she stood and ruffled the fur between his horns.

"Not me, eager little boy. I'm just the tour guide. My name's Lin, by the way." She started to scritch gently between his horns again, and Lone looked down, staring at her naked, branded body for the first time, reading what the smooth scars on her breasts and belly spelled out. 'STAFF - DO NOT SNUFF'. The thought of how much it must've hurt to get those brands made him drift off into masochistic fantasy, zoned out and staring at her breasts as he imagined hot irons clamping onto his cock. He didn't even realize how obvious he was being until she stopped, snapping him back to reality. Blushing at her giggle, he managed to stammer out his own name.

"L-Lone. I'm... Lone." Nervously tapping his paws together, he glanced back at the club. "Well, I kinda... know the layout already. I was super excited to come here, so I did some research before. I didn't know there was a tour." He'd been picking out the areas he remembered as being the most promising, looking down through the club to try and plan his route. Lin has been right. He was looking for someone to ruin his cock... but also more. He wanted to be used by more than one person, to be abused and fucked until his body gave out. There were a few places he might get that, and he intended to check each and every one. "Can I just go by myself? I think you might just... distract me." He blushed deeper. "Sorry. You're just really... really good at petting me. And way too hot."

Lin grinned, seeming to find him endearing. Of course, that meant she had to pet him again, something he leaned into eagerly. Almost drooling as she stroked the top of his head, Lone let her hold him up, hearing her hum consideringly.

"Well... traveling through the club without me is dangerous. The patrons know what's up when they see me with a cub, but they might just snatch you before you're ready if you're alone. It's implied consent just with you being here." Lone nodded absently, eyes closed as he listened and felt her fingers caress his huge ears. "Although..." Finally taking her hand from his head, Lin stepped away. "I think we do have something. We used to have these tag things, back before we established a regular clientele who knew all the rules."

Going back to the outer wall of the entrance area, the guide opened a door to a hidden closet, leaving Lone to collect himself while his head and ears tingled pleasantly from the aftereffects of her touch. After a few moments of rummaging, she emerged smiling, holding up a small white rectangle.

"Here we are!" Trotting back to Lone, she knelt before the little goat, showing him what she'd found. As she'd said, it was a tag, made out of the same sort of stiff plastic as a credit card. Stamped on it on large, easily readable letters, it proclaimed 'TOURING - Don't Snuff... Yet!'

"That's perfect!" Lone grinned at Lin, reaching for the tag. Then he paused, hesitating as he noticed a problem. "But... how can I wear it? It doesn't have a strap..."

Giving the goat a wink, the panda flipped the tag over, showing him the blank backside. Affixed there was a safety-pin sort of contraption, meant for fastening the device to clothing. She popped it open, the sharp tip of the metal pin glinting as it was exposed, then sharply stabbed it through Lone's nipple. The goat didn't even have time to gasp as he felt the cold little pin slide through his sensitive flesh, sharp pain coming after a moment's delay as the spot began to throb pleasantly. Lin casually clicked the tag closed, then gave it a teasing tug, making the boy squeak in masochistic delight.

"T-thanks..." Feeling even warmer, Lone stepped back, admiring his new temporary piercing. Even though he knew it'd be less noticeable, he sort of wished he could wear the tag through his cock... or even better, speared through both of his balls. As he imagined how that pin would feel, sliding through both his soft little testes, he knew he didn't want to linger here at the entrance any longer. It was time to go and see what awaited him. "Thanks, Lin, for everything. Especially for the pettings..."

Blushing one last time, he waved goodbye to the smirking panda, quickly trotting away towards the stairs as he tried to banish the memory of her finger sliding around in his sheath. As much as Lone appreciated the attractions of the first floor, they simply didn't lend themselves to the sort of abuse he craved. For that he'd need to descend farther, climbing down to the lower tiers in the nearly literal pit of depravity that he'd crawled into.

Hopping down the southeastern staircase with a ready step, the goat raised his twitching nose as he caught the scent he sought. His skin began to crawl as his fur puffed out, an excited thrill running through his body as he suddenly became aware of just how delicious he might seem. Dolcett was before him, and he found himself slowly walking towards its beautiful kitchens like a moth flapping closer and closer to a flame. Entranced by the sight, he swallowed, mouth hanging slightly open afterward while his wide dark eyes drank in every detail.

Weaving between tables packed with furs feasting on cubflesh, he swung his head back and forth, dazedly staring at the pieces of meat that had once been children like him. Butchered, baked, dressed and served, cooked carcasses were splayed across tables, hogtied in baking pans, bulging with stuffing or sliced into filets. His tied cock began to poke slightly from its sheath, the string digging even more tightly into his skin his body tried to pump his little shaft to painful hardness. Instead it barely grew, only extending far enough to start drizzling his soft fuzzed balls with a heavy flow of precum.

Heart thudding in his narrow chest, Lone finally found his way past the bloody banquet, too fixated to even notice the eyes that had followed his tender body as he passed between the tables. Sizing up the goat as the cut of meat he was, the predators sitting at the tables each reluctantly turned away as they eventually caught sight of his tag. Even then they did not dismiss him from their attention, occasional hungry glances passing his way as he strode up to the nearest kitchen, wide eyes fixated on a snuffing in progress.

Unaware of his own brazenness, the wide eyed goat almost walked straight into the middle of the action in his trance-like fascination, staring at the boy being prepped for butchery. On the other side of the table upon which the victim laid, a small crowd of women waited with eager eyes, ready to watch the show about to unfold. Some few of these flicked their eyes towards Lone as he stumbled, catching himself before blundering in and interrupting. Though they were all too focused on getting their cut to look for long, the goat still felt embarrassed.

Trailing sheepishly along the outer edge of the kitchen, Lone found an unobtrusive spot from which to watch the show, peeking his face out from behind the end of a countertop as he eagerly took in every detail.

Lying in the center of the kitchen upon a knife-scarred table, a spotted hyena cub squirmed and squeaked, vulnerable belly and neck exposed as pleasure made him tilt his head back. The women in the crowd giggled at his adorable display, some of them touching themselves as they watched the little boy's cock being slowly pumped by his own mother's skilled fingers. The female hyena was smiling mischievously as she pleasured her son, clearly happy to have brought him. Standing stiff and proud from between her legs, the woman's fat dark pseudopenis brushed against the boy's balls, nuzzling them with the bulbous cocktip while he twitched his hips at her every touch.

"My little boy has been so excited," she cooed. "I promised to bring him here one day and he's just so eager..." At the delighted laughs from the women waiting for his meat, the little hyena moaned, turning his head to the side as his cock as squeezed tightly in his mother's grip. "I've had him on a special diet the last few months, and he's eaten nothing at all the past few days, just a little IV drip to keep him going. He should be delicious and clean for you, ladies. Now... who wants to make the first cut?"

Immediately the little boy gasped eagerly, pleading eyes fluttering open to look out at the crowd. While the women fussed about who would get the honor of opening him up, the hyena's mother reached over and slid a drawer out from the counter near where Lone crouched, briefly catching the goat's eye. Giving him a brief wink, the sadistic woman selected a wickedly sharp knife from within, light glinting off its hooked tip before she closed the drawer and handed the blade to an approaching member of the audience.

"Dibs on his liver!", the woman said, turned to speak over her shoulder at the others as she took the handle. A chorus of groans came from the others, but their disappointment didn't seem too severe. All quickly quieted as she smiled at the boy, reaching down to caress his cheek as he stared upside-down at her. At the other end of the table his mother had begun to stroke her giant clit, the pseudopenis pulsing and oozing juices all over her son's crotch. It was all the better to lubricate her unending handjob, expertly edging her son as his belly rose and fell from rapid breaths, frantic whimpers leaking from the child's muzzle as the blade pressed against his skin.

"Gut me," he begged, as pathetic as could be. Lone's breath caught in anticipation, feeling the suspense as he squeezed his own balls, rhythmically crushing them a little as he oozed precum and watched, waiting for the blood. The knife stayed still however, a knowing smile spreading across the lips of the woman ready to cut him open.

"How do we ask?" His mother's voice was chiding, but the grin on her lips was pure enjoyment. The hyena cub was trembling, his mother's hand gone still so as not to stroke his cock to climax. Clearly he was very close, desperate for release.

"Please! Please gut me, take me apart!" The boy whined out the words, then gasped as he was immediately given his wish. His wide eyes stared upward at the ceiling, body convulsing in tiny tremors as the hooked blade tip bit through his skin, then started to slide through him. The cut began above his crotch, a tiny rivulet of blood running down to flow around the base of his cock, dripping past his balls as he moaned in a long, drawn out expression of pure fulfillment and joy. A tremulous smile covered his muzzle, and the hyena boy's mother smiled with him, slipping a finger into the tip of her cock and fingering her urethra as she watched her son open up.

Lone almost drooled as he saw the delicious organs begin to spill out from the quivering child, imagining them as his own insides falling out, ready to be eaten. Steam rose from the offal, glistening guts making a tangle that the woman casually scooped out from the still living boy. His entire intestinal tract was lifted from him like so much waste, plopped to the side to slowly unfurl and ooze across the table. While the woman dug around deeper inside him for her prize, the hyena cub reached out a trembling hand and pressed it into the warm pile of his small intestine.

"Those don't go back in, you know," his mother told him, breathy voice showing her own excitement. She was fingering herself in a rapid pace, her wet finger popping in and out of her pseudopenis's opening, the other hand slowly caressing her son's balls. Lone caressed his own aching orbs in a mirror of her motions, panting from arousal as he watched the other cub twitch and groan in ecstasy. His tender liver was yanked out of him by the woman that had opened him, the organ quickly carried away to another kitchen to be used in a recipe. Both Lone and the hyena followed it with their eyes, watching as it was slapped on a cutting board and quickly sliced into strips, which the woman then scraped into a pan to fry.

Motion drew both boy's attention back to the harvesting at hand, another woman taking her place at the head of the table to select a piece of the tender meat for herself. A grey-furred canine, she was clearly interested in the boy's flesh more than his organs, at least now that his liver had been lost to her. Still, she seemed content to help her fellow cannibals, using the strength in her thick matronly arms to crack the boys ribcage in half as easily as Lone could shell a peanut. The goat gasped at the sound of the snapping bones, which drowned out the hyena's scream of agony.

With the cub's chest cavity exposed to the open air, all could now see the rapid movements of his lungs and heart, desperately working to keep him alive long enough to cum one last time. Lone couldn't see the boy's face, but he could hear his half-coherent attempts to invite the other women to rip him apart, pleading with them to eat him. Another crackling rip sounded, and the canine woman stumbled back, looking satisfied as she held a tender rack of raw hyena ribs in her hand. She left, and the next woman in line stepped up without a moment's further delay.

"You're doing so well, my sexy little cutlet. Mommy is so proud of you..." The hyena woman panted out her praise, staring as another woman's paws scooped out her son's pancreas, ripping it free of its attachment to the body. She was stroking her pseudopenis now, the shaft throbbing in her fingers while the wet hole at the tip gaped open wider than any urethra should be able. One fingertip circled her son's bulbous cockhead, the stiff little member looking painfully hard as it was teased. Despite the constant edging, the child seemed happy, a dazed smile on his lips as he watched his pancreas taken, then his intestines. The two women that had stolen his vital organs chatted to each other as they walked away to their respective kitchens, talking about how they'd cook up some sweetbread and sausage.

"Snuff him!" One of the women called out. All that remained of the crowd were masturbating openly now, one even holding a cub's face against her cunt while she stared at the eviscerated boy on the table. These were clearly here more for the show, not caring about the meat itself. Lone couldn't blame them really - he was here for the same reason. He fingered his sheath slowly, sticky thick precum coating his finger and making strands of his juices cling to his crotch. Leaning against the end of the countertop, his legs were trembling, barely breathing as he played with himself. He couldn't cum... but knowing that somehow made playing with himself feel better, not worse. His soft cock bent and oozed between his fingers, too slippery to grip, the scent of his own arousal almost overwhelming the odor of blood and offal. A chorus of more cries came out from the watching women, some of them sounding rather pleasured, as if begging for release instead of for the death of a child.

Openmouthed as she panted, the hyena mother grinned faintly, two fingers gripping her son's cock by the base. Taking the hooked knife from the table in her other hand, she bent over her child, looking into his dazed, happy eyes as her breasts brushed against his exposed organs - those that remained, at least.

"Cum for Mommy," she said sweetly, slipping his shaft into her gaping pisshole. The boy convulsed, his heart literally lurching in his chest as his eyes went wide, muzzle opening in a howl of release as his entire lower body vibrated from the force of his climax. Lone could see his balls flexing, the goat staring at those little fuzzy orbs as they unloaded, thinking about how alike to his own they looked. Since he was staring, he caught a piece of the snuff show that no one else did, a private display that seemed just for him.

Lowering her hand holding the knife, the hyena mother slit her son's soft little scrotum along the seam, rapidly jerking off her own clit and groaning as she mutilated his sack. The boy only whimpered, sucking at one of his mother's breasts as she clutched him against her body, practically fucking his cock with her own. After being edged for so long, she was now torturing him with pleasure and pain both, stimulating his still-stiff shaft even though he'd just came. Cum oozed out from around where his little dick disappeared into her huge pseudopenis, his load clearly having been exceptionally large. It would be the last he'd ever produce.

Dropping the knife as she felt with desperate fingers, the moaning hyena woman continued to stroke herself, slamming his cock through hers while she dug into his open scrotum. Gripping the two little orbs inside, she yanked, mercilessly castrating her child in a single motion. Tears leaking out of his eyes as he was helplessly used, the boy hugged his mother tightly, happily accepting the agony of unending stimulation and permanent mutilation.

Gasping in climax, the boy's mother lifted her hand to her muzzle, greedily slurping down her child's gonads, destroying them beneath her sharp teeth as her hips shook, false cock flexing as she squeezed it tightly in her other paw. Lone was on his knees, tugging the tip of his soft little dick as he watched the boy's empty scrotum drip blood. He wanted nothing more in that moment than to receive the same treatment, to have his balls ruined... but even more slowly, even more agonizingly than what he'd just seen.

Coming down from her orgasm, the panting hyena woman stepped back from the table, staring in contentment at her eviscerated son while she took a moment to catch her breath. The boy gurgled, cock going soft as he coughed, lungs visibly contracting. His heartbeat seemed slow, the table coated in blood. Nearby, the women waited like carrion feeders, only holding back from pouncing on their prey because it still drew breath.

Taking up one of the many knives placed throughout the kitchen, the cub's mother bent to give her son a last kiss, slitting his throat as her tongue delved into his mouth. His final act was to give a weak little shudder, eyes closing in happiness as his blood pumped through a half-severed neck.

Immediately, the women that had waited for the end of the show started to approach, these final three collecting the boy's heart and lungs for haggis. The one that had used another cub to eat her out during the boy's snuffing commented on how they could use her snufftoy's liver for the dish, since the hyena's had been taken.

Lone remained on his knees, legs feeling weak from the lust that had him in its grip. He felt... slutty. Like someone could just come up and fuck him and he would just smile and let them snuff him. Anyone would do, really... or better yet, everyone. Yet he left his tag stay on for now, content to let the pure sexual need fill him up, to feel some of the denial that boy must've felt before his final climax.

Watching as the woman picked up her son's corpse, the quivering goat drew sticky fingers from his sheath, idly licking them clean as she carried what remained to the inner edge of the balcony. Tossing him down into the grinder, she turned and left without a backward glance, still wearing that small, contented smile. Cum dripped from her pseudopenis, her son's last load leaking out of her like it was her own.

Closing his eyes for a moment, Lone trembled in a powerful convulsion of happiness, shivering from his toes to his horns. This was a beautiful place, the best place in the world for cubs like him. He'd thought it was even before coming here, but after what he'd just seen... even if it was possible to, he would never want to leave this place.

Standing on shaky legs, he ran off with a stumbling step towards the Toybox area. His tag flapped and flipped up and down as he did, bouncing from its hinge upon his nipple. Though he knew what he wanted, Lone couldn't let himself die until he saw more, not until he saw every excruciating end that he thought he might enjoy, every area that he'd dreamed of visiting.

Skidding into the back part of the Toybox, the eager goat nearly faceplanted as he slipped on a dildo, eyes too focused on the cage built into the rear wall of the quadrant to look where he was going. A pair of hands caught him under the arms as he started to lose his balance, heart thudding in his chest from the surprise of almost taking a spill.

Taking deep breaths through his mouth as he forced himself to calm down a little bit, Lone glanced upward, cream fur discolored by a faint blush once again as looked up at the one who'd caught him.

He found himself meeting the gaze of a smirking bat, one pierced eyebrow cocked at him and dyed hair hanging around her face. She was a sharp contrast to the matronly women he'd just witnessed in their butchery, slim and small-chested, seeming barely out of her teens. Her hands didn't leave his body as she helped him regain his balance, sliding down to his hips as she pulled him against her legs. Fingers rubbed across his belly, and suddenly he felt frozen, trapped by her bold touches.

"What's the hurry, little cutie?" Slowly circling a fingertip around his sticky sheath, she smiled, showing a set of sharp fangs that poked against her lower lip. "Almost bit it there, and not in the sexy way either. Need some help getting somewhere? Or... getting off somewhere?"

Opening his mouth to respond, Lone found himself speechless, breathing shallowly through his nose as he stared at the woman's metal-adorned face. It was like Lin all over again, his body overwhelming his brain as the simple stimulation of skilled fingers on his skin made him stupid with bliss.

"Gonna... watch someone else die..." Barely managing to focus long enough to form the words, he bit his lip, one foot thumping rapidly against the ground as the woman lightly scratched between his belly button and sheath. A feminine moan came from his mouth, and he blushed deeply at the sound of his own pleasure. Despite the embarrassment, he couldn't resist, couldn't even make himself move.

"Ohh, that's cool. I'm here for the same thing, sorta." Speaking casually, the bat sat down, drawing him into her lap and continuing to play with his body. "See... I don't like to hurt people? But, I DO like to watch them hurt themselves, and make them feel good while they do. So, it's kinda weirrrd." Barely even looking at him, she started to caress his balls, continuing her dialogue. "I just think it's hot when people are so INTO it, y'know? Especially little kids, the kind that come here. You're so cute, but like... so fucked up! I love it, right?"

Lone nodded dazedly, wondering if it might be possible for him to cum without an erection just from having his balls stroked. He thought it might be, though it'd take a few hours... a few perfect, heavenly hours, with this woman just doing that thing with her fingers, almost scritching his sack, making it feel so warm and good.

"But, when I do that, you always want me to snuff you!", she complained. "So like, I come here to the Toybox, right? That way, you can pick out a cool toy, then use that and have it snuff you, and I'll just... help out, ok?"

Finally turning her gaze back toward the melting goat, the bat raised her pierced eyebrows, waiting for him to respond. Lone drooled, breath coming in barely audible moans of shameless bliss. Clearing her throat, the woman stopped her ministrations, snapping her fingers in front of Lone's face to shake him from his trance.

"Hmm?" Blinking his dark eyes, the goat's slit pupils focused slowly on the bat as he tried to dredge up a memory of what she'd asked. "Yeah...", he said dreamily. "That's... oh, wait!" Before he could automatically agree to whatever she said, he remembered his plan, how he wanted to see more before he was destroyed. "I uh, actually... actually don't want to be snuffed, just yet. Like I said, I just wanna... see someone else get snuffed. Then, if I like it more than the other stuff I've seen, maybe..." He trailed off, tail giving an excited twitch.

"Oh, well, sick! That's perfect!" The bat grinned, putting her hand around Lone's and standing up, helping him to his feet. "Well, what do you wanna go see then? We can hang out, watch it together." Winking at the little goat, she opened her mouth, poking out her tongue. Lone's eyes widened as the tongue extruded out farther and farther, the tip extending inch after inch past her lips until the long pink protrusion hung down to her shallow cleavage. Drawing it back into her mouth, she blithely added, "Maybe I'll do something with my tongue you might like. We'll see what happens, yeah?"

"Uh..." Staring openmouthed, Lone took a moment to nod his head. "Yeah... yeah! Um, I was gonna go see if there's anyone in the kennels. I kinda wanted to watch to see what the dogs do to them. Where they bite." Running his hand across his sheath, Lone absently squeezed his balls as he thought about it.

Watching the little goat with an attentive eye, the bat hummed consideringly, leading him along towards the huge cage set into the back wall. The smell of dog grew stronger the closer they approached, weaving past huge dildos and stepping over perverted children's toys.

"Well well... looks like you're in luck, cutie," she observed. A boy bluebird had apparently just been dumped into the kennels, his feathered little body being inspected by several curiously sniffing mutts. Lone ran up at once to get a better view, the bat laughing as she was dragged along by her held hand.

Not paying any attention to either of them, the avian cub clung upside-down to the sleek undercarriage of one of the biggest dogs, beak stretched wide by a thick red shaft. His tiny birdfeet flexed in pleasure as his throat worked to swallow a load of canine cum, the happily whining dog unloading into his mouth.

Lone grabbed the bars, staring intently at the swelling knot of the dog as he pressed his face against the outside of the kennel, utterly absorbed in the facefuck going on in front of him. Behind him he heard the bat woman hum happily as she sat down, letting her manipulate his body as she gently drew his hips backward, seating him on top of her short muzzle.

Shivering at the feeling of her hot lips kissing his sensitive asshole, Lone let her hear his pleasure, gasping softly and rocking his body a little back against her. Delicate fingers stroked up his inner thighs as he watched the little bird spread his bright blue legs, exposing a cloaca that gaped slightly, a slender conical cock poking from the uppermost edge of the all purpose orifice. The sniffing dogs redirected their noses towards the newly available hole, red rockets popping from sheaths all through the kennel as they caught the familiar scent of a new bitchhole to mount.

Feet planting against the ground, the bluebird managed to lift his hips, shaking them enticingly while his stiff shaft bobbed up and down. Still sucking the same dog's cock, he was struggling to keep hold of it, the impatient hound trying to get away from the slut's cum-hungry mouth. It snarled and snapped, twisting to bite at the bluebird's upper arm. The child let go with a gasp and a groan, blood soaking his feathers as his upper body thumped down against the ground.

"H-he fell," Lone muttered, keeping the bat up to date. After all, she'd said she liked to watch too. "He got bit, and now... all the dogs are ganging up on him. They're all hard... fighting to see who gets his holes."

The bat hummed in appreciation, one hand lightly cupping his balls, squeezing them ever so tenderly while the tip of her tongue swirled just within his asshole. Lone's pucker flexed in anticipation, her teasing making him crave the full bliss she could offer. Just above the extent of her tongue's exploration, his prostate throbbed in a constant beat, providing the precum that continued to ooze from his barely erect cock. Despite not being able to get hard, he felt a familiar sense of pleasure building at the base of his shaft as the bat continued to rim him.

Paws trampled the bluejay's extremities and head as the dogs vied for position around him, the sound of snapping jaws filling the kennels. It was mostly shows of dominance, with few dogs actually retreating after taking a bite. Still, at the end there were two clear winners that stood ready to rut. One, a doberman mix by the look, immediately started thrusting towards the boy's cloaca, slobbering and panting over the bird's soft-feathered chest while his dick bumped against the child's belly and thighs.

The other was licking at the bird's face, the great wrinkly mastiff encouraging the boy to action as he was assaulted with kisses. Smiling, the child rolled over, earning a bark of surprise from the one trying to mount his other hole. Repositioning onto all fours, he lifted his hips and face both, opening his mouth to invite the mastiff to use his throat for all it was worth.

"He's taking two at once," Lone panted softly, gripping the bars more tightly now as he used them for support. "On all fours... like a bitch. They're both such big dogs..." His legs had gone weak, turned to quivering jelly by the woman's amazing tongue as it coiled and stroked around his prostate. One of her fingers dug into his sheath, touching the tip of his soft dick and circling slowly, making the sensation of his building orgasm grow even faster. She'd noticed the string, and seemed pleased by it, starting to finger herself with her other hand while the one in his sheath had stroked along its circumference. Still playing with herself, she alternated hands, using the one now wet with her pussy juice to reach up and stroke Lone's limp cock, pinching it between her fingers while she rubbed his precum all over her clit.

Whimpering with every exhalation, the little goat lost all sense of self as he watched the bluebird finally get both cocks inside him. Sticking from his cloaca like an overlarge clit, the avian's cock spurted thin precum in tiny sprays with each thrust of the animal inside him, his squawks of happiness muffled by the even bigger shaft stuffed into his beak. The mastiff seemed more determined than the dog that had been blown prior, pushing forward into the boy's mouth until every inch of red dick had delved through his small beak, bulging out his throat with violent, merciless thrusts.

Meanwhile, the other dogs were starting to cautiously approach the bitch bluebird, heads lowered and tails between their legs as they sniffed, hoping for another hole to use. Some even started to approach Lone where he was at the edge of the cage, prompting the bat to pull him back, not pausing in her tonguing as she seated him fully on her face. Kneeling over her head while she laid down, fingering herself with increasing urgency, Lone felt himself approaching the brink of climax. Ecstasy slowly built in his lower belly, the woman's tongue doubled over inside him as it writhed against his prostate, thrashing about in his asshole like an eel. He felt like he could barely breathe from the bliss of it, eyes glazed as they watched the boy meeting his death in the kennel.

The doberman barked out at the pack as it started to cum, flanks shivering as the huge dog's knot swelled within the avian's cloaca. The child could barely hold himself up, limbs shaking from exhaustion and enjoyment, tail feathers raised to give Lone an excellent view as his feathered hole was stretched out, slender cock shooting out a watery thin precum in a constant squirt. A quizzical dog sniffed at the resulting puddle, then sniffed at the boy's leg, nose making its way up towards his crotch.

Suddenly, the boy's arms jerked upwards, causing both Lone and all the other dogs to jump slightly. Tutting against his ass, the bat reaffirmed her grip on one of his thighs, lightly patting him to prompt him to give some details.

"He's... trying to keep the knot in his throat. The one in his mouth, it's starting to cum," the goat explained breathlessly, tiny tail fluttering back and forth. It was so hot, watching the other boy intentionally choke himself with dog dick, embracing death as he forced the knot to swell within his beak. Already he was weak, not being able to breathe well during the deepthroating he had performed, but with the knot inflated he would be utterly without air. This was what he seemed to crave, cock twitching energetically as his throat was filled up by the thick bulb of red flesh.

Knotted at both holes, the bluebird started to go limp, hanging between the two dog cocks like a clothesline between two poles. The dog knotted into his cloaca lifted his leg, looking back at the boy and licking the place where they were joined. At nearly the same moment, another one of the dogs sniffed at the boy's drizzling dick, nostrils flaring repeatedly as it inhaled the scent of the thin liquid leaking from the child's pinprick cockhole. Extending its tongue, it gave the salty fluid an interested lick, stroking along the thin pink shaft.

Immediately the bluebird convulsed, body seizing as a muffled cry of pure ecstasy came from the asphyxiating child. The cock pulsed, then shot a surprisingly thick rope of cum, startling the dog that had licked at it. The canine retaliated at the sudden threat, snapping its jaws and biting the cock, a single yank of its jaws tearing the entire shaft away. It worked its jaws, chewing the unexpected treat before swallowing, then returning to lick at the bleeding stump. Seed continued to weakly leak out and mix with the blood pouring onto the canine's lapping tongue, the bluebird trembling in paroxysms of bliss.

"Ohmygosh..." Lone whispered, entire body shuddering. "His cock got... torn off... it got bit off while he came, that was... so hooootttt!" He dragged out the last word as he doubled over, groaning his release as his soft, tied little prick finally reached the point of no return. The bat redoubled the motion of her fingers, pinching her clit and lifting her hips as she cried out into his ass, tongue simply pushing hard against his prostate and flexing to rhythmically milk him.

Together they came, Lone unloading a thick waterfall of cum that poured from his soft, aching cock, squeezing past the string to drip out of his sheath and down his balls, coating the bat's tiny cute tits, drizzling over her nipple piercings. Chest heaving and hips shaking, the bat flicked soaked fingers against her clit, squirting lightly onto the floor while she let out a squeal of climax so high pitched it faded into ultrasound. As his orgasm washed over him, the goat watched the bluebird choke, slowly going still as he ran out of breath, until finally the wound that had been his cock utterly ceased to bleed. There was no more heartbeat to push out the blood.

Shakily, Lone stood up, legs cramping from the intensity of his shaking during the orgasm. Wincing, he rubbed them, still looking on as the eager pack of dogs started to tear apart the bluebird's body, apparently fond of the taste of fowl. The bat stayed on the ground, grinning dopily as she ran fingertips over her short gray fur, caressing herself slowly, spreading Lone's cum across her chest.

"Man... I love cubs like you," she murmured. "You really got off on watching that kid, I could feel it. Damn. Such a cute little slut." Sighing, she lifted a hand to her mouth, idly licking it clean with her extensive tongue before grunting and getting up onto her feet. Looking down at his own messy crotch, sheath filled with his own cum, Lone tapped his paws together before himself, slightly embarrassed.

"Yeah... I really, really did. I don't think I've ever cum while soft, before... thank you." It'd been incredible. Such a different feeling than cumming from stroking his cock. He hoped that before he was snuffed for good, he'd get to experience it again.

"No problem, little dude." The bat winked, then without warning dropped to her knees, grabbing Lone by the hips and locking her lips against his sheath. The goat yelped, then groaned as she sucked powerfully, drawing all the cum from his cock's hiding hole in a single amazing gulp. Her tongue pushed into the shallow slit, filling it up like a snake in a bag, enveloping his cock as she lapped out every last strand of his seed. It felt almost too good following his orgasm, leaving Lone stumbling backward when she eventually let him go. Licking her lips, she steadied him as she stood once more, stretching slender limbs in satisfaction.

"Tasty," the bat commented, stepping away with a smirk. "Well, I'd say see you around sometime, but... you're not looking to be around much longer. Too bad. You'd make a cute pet." With a casual wiggle of her fingers in farewell, she strode away without another word, clearly having had everything of the little goat she was interested in taking. Lone squeezed his asscheeks together as he watched her retreat, feeling her warm saliva still wet on his tingling hole.

After a moment's pause to collect himself, the little goat started back on his way, smiling in happiness as he half-pranced his way towards the stairs. Both his floppy ears bounced and swung against his back, waving in the air as he quickly took the steps down to the lowest floor.

Landing with a thump of paws against carpet, the little goat looked across the expanse of his final destination. The third floor was the most densely populated by adults of those he'd seen, though that only made sense with the entrance located to his left. Several of them passed by him as he looked around, giving him considering glances before continuing on their way up the stairs to more moderate areas.

For a while, Lone simply admired all of them, sadistic adults coming and going through the two doors of the Adult Entrance, laughing or in groups, some of them eager, others casual. A few dozen stood at a small bar set within the bounds of the quadrant, sipping at drinks, some even sharing their liquor with giggling, tipsy little cubs they'd collected.

After that, he turned his gaze in the other direction, looking at the concealing black cloth that was all he could see of the Film Studio. The soundproof partitions hung down, partitioning off each separate film set and leaving only a central corridor open for traffic to pass through. Hidden behind those curtains were some of the most visually erotic snuffings in the entire club, recording cameras running nonstop to capture every gory detail. Though he couldn't see what was being recorded right now, Lone's mind's eye filled in the absence with memories of snuff videos he'd watched before coming here, his favorite pornographic clips replaying in his mind. Imagining those gory scenes he'd cum to so many times, he reveled in the knowledge that each one had been filmed right here, less than a hundred meters from where he was standing.

Where Lone did not look, could not look, was across the pit of the main meat grinder. Despite the way his eyes avoided it, he knew what was there. The area frequented by the most brutal, most sadistic of the adults. The ones with cold eyes who stalked straight towards the Gym without a glance at the rest of the cub's attractions, baring their teeth or flexing their fists in impatience. They knew their tastes could only be satiated by the kinds of cubs that came looking for the most mercilessly agonizing of ends. Snuffings there could last hours as multiple adults raped the same child until their body gave out from the strain and exhaustion, having given up all they had to offer. Others would last barely 5 minutes, picked out by an adult too impatiently bloodthirsty, too eager to kill to drag out their murder. Both prospects called to Lone with the siren song of shrieking, screaming cubs coming from that direction, too loud even to be drowned out by the sound of the grinder so close.

Lone knew what he wanted, knew if he looked at it he wouldn't be able to resist. So instead, he kept his gaze firmly focused southward, striding forward toward the darkly curtained corridor that ran through the middle of the quadrant.

Walking into the central hall of the Film Studio, Lone glancing in and snuck peeks at the stage entrances as he passed them. He wasn't the only one doing this, several other adults and children trailing ahead of him or passing by, each browsing for an available stage or ongoing scene that caught their interest.

Looking in first on a sexualized horror movie reenactment, then a educational video on how to properly time a final orgasm when snuffing, he eventually found himself trailing behind a girl a few stages ahead of him. The longhorned cow calf was lingering longer at each entrance than he was, tufted tail flicking and swishing across her quivering flanks as she played the part of voyeur. After briefly considering a mock nature documentary and a flaying striptease, he caught up to her at one of the open black curtains.

"What's this one?", he whispered as he approached. Her wide bright eyes shot towards him, and she gave a startled half-moo. Despite being even younger than he was, the fur of her dark-dappled chest pushed forward with a pair of budding breasts, nipples hard and ever so slightly wet beneath the dim light of the hall. He had to keep his distance to not get clocked by one of her horns when she turned her head to face him, sheepishness briefly overcoming her arousal.

"Sorry, um..." Turning back, she forced him to retreat from her horns once more as she looked once again into the stage, apparently already forgetting what was going on inside. "It's, like... a guy punching kids. I dunno. He's hardly raping them at all, so like, what's the point?"

Intrigued, Lone slid behind the curvaceous cowgirl, peering over her horns to get a better view. Together they watched as a harsh-eyed boxer dog wound up a vicious punch, taut shoulder muscles flexing in a snap of action that drove his gloved fist straight into a lamb girl's chest. Her ribs crackled with a sound like thin ice being stepped on, collapsing to her knees as she gasped for breath, wide-eyed with panic and lust. True to the calf's observation, the boxer barely seemed interested in fucking the dying slut, kicking her out of the ring to land in a pile of bodies. The little lamb squirted as she desperately rubbed at her own slit, her collapsed and punctured lungs uselessly straining for air until she finally died. The clear liquid of her climax gave way to yellow as her bladder let go, and Lone stopped watching her, turning instead to the boxer's next contender.

A male kitten about his age was already climbing up into the ring, tail flicking in nervous excitement while the boxer casually chugged from a water bottle. Lone found himself intrigued, leaning past the cowgirl to peek in at the area inside the stage that the cat boy had come from. His horns clicked against hers, catching briefly in a way that tugged annoyingly at his head, but he managed to get a brief look at a small stand of bleachers where cubs could watch the ongoing show. Above them a camera filmed all, to be edited and uploaded later on the Club's website.

Disentangling her horns from his, the young cow huffed a hot breath against the back of his head, clearly not caring much for what she saw.

"I'm gonna go see if there's anyone doing gangbangs," she said. "Wanna come with?"

Staring at the kitten boy as he finally took his place in the ring, Lone's gaze was drawn towards the child's crotch. His soft-fuzzed balls were as large as any he'd ever seen, heavy tennis ball-sized globes hanging beneath a thumb-sized cock bristling with small wet spikes. The eager feline wasn't just leaking precum but spurting it, little jets of clear sticky fluid shooting from his cock as it pulsed with arousal. The prospect of being brutally beaten to death had the child trembling with lust, reminding Lone of how he'd felt as he'd watched the bluebird's last orgasm.

Feeling more and more drawn in, Lone slowly shook his head at the cowgirl's offer. Annoyed, she chuffed indignantly, striding away down the black corridor of the Film Studio to try and find something more suited to her tastes.

Ignoring her reaction, the goat boy entered the studio, unable to take his eyes off the show. The hard-eyed canine had drained the entire water bottle, his toned body glistening with sweat beneath the studio lights. As he slipped his boxing gloves back on, Lone was enraptured by the play of muscles beneath the short fur. So much brutal power, ready to be let loose.

Feeling his way over to the audience area, the little goat carefully avoided interfering with any of the recording equipment, dodging obstacles spotted in his peripheral vision. When his calves and thighs finally felt the familiar shape of bleacher benches pressing up against them, the round was just beginning. Three short rings of an unseen bell announced the start of the miserably unfair match, and Lone eagerly plopped down to watch, taking a seat in the front row.

As he sat, the surprised goat jerked, going still at the shocking sensation of a cock sliding deep inside his ass. His hot relaxed hole had accepted the unseen intruder easily, and now the petrified child was frozen in a straightbacked posture, the pain of sudden penetration starting to sink in. Precum started to ooze up through his soft shaft, heartbeat rising slowly as he clenched around the unexpected shaft.

Reaching behind him, he felt for a body, but there was no one there. However, his fingers caught one something even more peculiar - another cock. Following the shape of the shaft downward, his fingertips felt a smoothly brushed weld line where it merged with the metal bench. It clicked in his mind, and he relaxed as he understood. They were just dildos, attached to the benches for the enjoyment of the audience. The one in him seemed a bit bigger than the one he was feeling, but it had the same simple shape, smooth and slightly cold against his insides.

Tilting his hips so the cock pressed more firmly against his prostate, Lone's attention fully focused back upon the impending boxing match. The bell had just been struck, three sharp rings signaling the start of the pathetically mismatched bout. Wearing a pair of undersized gloves, the little kitten took a few shaky steps closer to the middle of the ring, wide eyes dreamily taking in the fit form of the boxer dog. Lone shared a moment of warm admiration for the perfect canine, humming appreciatively as he watched the flexing of those powerful arms, so much brutal strength packed into each fiber of taut, chiseled muscle. He wore no boxing gloves, only some tape over his knuckles and a pair of tight shorts, showing a delicious bulge. The metal cock in Lone's ass seemed warmer, precum oozing out of the tip of his cock just from looking at the adult, imagining how overpowering they would be to fight.

The first punch came in a snap so quick that both boys jumped in surprise, Lone's hole squeezing around the shaft inside as he gasped. Mewling, the kitten stumbled back, heavy balls swinging like a pendulum. It took the child a moment to realize he hadn't even been hit. The boxer had thrown a feint.

The kitten's brain caught up with events an instant before his cock did, too late to stop the orgasm that he'd been riding the edge of since Lone had started watching. The spurts of clear precum were replaced by more powerful jets of pure white, the violently trembling feline looking ashamed and pleasured in equal measure as he splattered his seed across the canvas. His feargasm subsided slowly, and the cub didn't waste any time once it had completed, meeting the boxers contemptuous gaze and stepping forward once again. Pink little pawpads squished in puddles of his own semen, threatening to make him slip as he squared up.

This time, the punch was no feint. In the instant after the little cat tossed out a halfhearted swing, the boxer stepped to the side and drove his bare fist into the child's gut, slamming him backward to stumble against the ropes. Crying out in pain, the cub leaned against the ropes, clearly breathless as his claws extended and retracted slowly from bliss, digging into the canvas of the ring. Tail curling up around his own leg, he managed to draw in a breath just in time to have another blow slam into the side of his head. It drove him to the ground, and he collapsed in a limp pile. Lone leaned forward, a shiver of pleasure and excitement running through him as the dildo dragged through him. For a moment, he was almost convinced the kitten was already dead.

Instead the child stirred, then stiffly swayed back onto their feet. A black eye purpled the skin beneath their pale fur, and a dazed smile stretched across his lips. Staggering towards the boxer, he bapped his paw against the dog's taut abs.

Giving a snort, the fighter struck again. The sucker punch he delivered was brutal enough to make the kitten cry out, but Lone noticed how it had been pulled. Compared to the earlier blow, it barely knocked the air from the boy's lungs. Bending over double, the child rested his head against the dog's chest, moaning and caressing the arm pressed into his belly. Blood dripped from his lip, his eye starting to swell shut.

After a moment the boxer shoved the child back again, then brought up his knee. It crushed up against the boy's nuts, making Lone feel a flush of heat through him as he watched the other cub's testicles squish so suddenly. His ass flexed around the dildo, and he wished for a moment that it was a real dick, just so it could enjoy his little tremors of pleasure.

Mewling in agony, the kitten spread trembling thighs as the boxer drew his knee back, looking down at his own crotch. His balls looked pink beneath his white fur, and his little chest heaved happily as he dragged his fingers over his stiff little cock, groaning as he squeezed his tender nuts again. Taking his hand away, he gave up any pretense of fighting back, spitting blood to the side and smiling invitingly at the big dog before him. Loud purring reached Lone's ears, pink-tinged precum pouring from the kitten's cock like a faucet as the canine set his feet to begin the true pummeling.

Crouching to keep his center of gravity low, the dog's expression grew focused. His fists flashed out over and over, cracking against the child's face, kidneys, belly, and nuts. Lone squirmed on his dildo, the insides of his thighs sticky from his own dripping precum as he watched the hits come harder and harder. Back bouncing against the corner pole, the kitten seemed aware of how the boxer was building towards a climax, eyes closed and head tilted back as he simply enjoyed his beating. Blood trickled from cuts on his face, leaking from his lips. More blood thickened by precum made sticky strands on its way to the floor as it pumped out of his cock in time to the rapid thrill of his heart, his broken balls deeply purpled beneath the fur.

Finally, cock straining against his shorts, the boxer gripped the boy's shoulder. Bracing him against the side of the ring, he held him steady while he snarled, snapping his fist in a series of full strength jabs against the cub's cock and balls. The short little shaft bent, almost snapping as it was crushed against the kitten's pelvis, his balls showing just how damaged they were by the liquid way they squished when struck. The scrotum split, one steaming testicle showing its pale surface marred by broken blood vessels.

Choking the child, the boxer delivered the last punch with a grunt of satisfaction. His fist crushed the catboy's skull at the temple, caving it inward as the bone broke into pieces that shifted beneath the skin. Good eye snapping open, the kitten gave one last pathetic mew, sharp little teeth making a smile as he slumped slowly down to the canvas. His bent cock seemed to erupt, bloody cum and piss squirting from it at high pressures as he drooled. Quivering from the intensity of his orgasm, the little boy went into a palsy of death that lasted nearly a minute. His damaged brain enjoyed every last moment of its function, his cock never ceasing in its constant outpour as both Lone and the boxer watched his snuffing's conclusion.

The kitten went still, and the enthralled goat breathed in deeply, having forgotten to inhale all throughout the final few punches. His prostate throbbed against the metal cock inside him, and he quickly stood up before he could cum. The sensation of the dildo rapidly exiting his ass almost was enough to do it, but he made himself stand still as his gaping hole squeezed on empty air, body trembling as hot arousal thrummed inside him. He couldn't stop staring at the dead cub, especially as the boxer picked up his limp little body and started to fuck its face. The canine's thick knot started to swell almost instantly, locking the kitten's muzzle with his crotch while the cub's battered corpse hung from his dick like the cumdump it was.

Before he could watch any more, Lone turned, sprinting out of the set and out of the Film Studio. Panting with a desperate lust that filled every inch of him, he pumped his little legs, hurrying across the Adult Entrance to the place where he would finally get what he so deeply craved. Reaching up as he ran, he yanked on the tag driven through his nipple, squealing with happiness as his sensitive flesh tore, the metal pin coming free with a delicious release of tension and hot red spray. What blood stayed inside him felt like it was thrumming beneath his skin, eager to escape. All the pain and pleasure, every sensation of his body was acute. Vivid. Adrenaline was already flooded through him, making him ready for his final choice. The precum oozing out of his pulsing soft cock felt like molten lava, hot essence of his arousal overfilling him and leaking out.

Stumbling into a slower pace, Lone crossed the borderline of the Gym, stomach doing excited flip flops in his belly. He was finally here. In the place he'd fantasized about for months... There were so many tempting ways to die here, each drawing him in with a fatal attraction. Above all the rest though, the stocks called to him. Over a dozen of the bloodstained wooden contraptions were laid out here at the northwest border of the area, the quick stop for any sadist looking to find a defenseless cub to rape without mercy. Some of the stocks were simple, traditional bisected boards with half-circles cut in their adjoined sides, perfect for clapping over the neck and wrists of a snuff toy and leaving their rear unconstrained. Others were more complex, full tables with straps and clamps, or wood-beam frames with leather cords to tie up a cub spread-eagle, totally defenseless to blows and cocks alike. Each example of static bondage was an art piece unto itself, a paragon of sadomasochistic creativity. He'd heard that the Club kept nearly a hundred of them, bringing out a random selection each day for the enjoyment of cubs and adults alike.

Practically swooning, Lone held his paws pressed tightly together beneath his nervously smiling face, coming closer to the closest of the stocks. He had to weave past a crowd of people to get a good view, sidestepping them with a thudding heart as he saw they were drawing and quartering a dildo-stuffed young futa. He felt so exposed without his tag, open for anyone to grab and snuff without warning or consequence. It was such a lovely thrill, especially knowing that if he waited long enough, someone definitely would.


Circling around, Lone stopped as he finally got a good look at the stocks, standing barely five feet away as he stared at the face of the cub being broken and wondering why it seemed so very familiar. It wasn't until he heard her softly 'moo' in pleasure that he recognized her without her horns. It was the cow girl. Or at least, what was left of her. Both her magnificent skull projections had been snapped off, one even used as a weapon to impale her developing breast through the nipple, the remaining intact tit lactating in a constant stream. Her belly had been torn open, entrails dangling down between where she hung between two wooden restraints, one clamped beneath her breasts, the other just above her waist.

The evisceration hadn't been clean, and it took a long moment of looking before Lone realized that it'd happened automatically. Hidden among the hanging loops of intestine were strips of sharpened, serrated steel, stretching between the upper restraint to the lower. As she'd been fucked, body jostling back and forth slightly from the multiple men and futas using her holes, the razor sharp cutting board pressed against her belly had ripped her insides open, hooked serrations catching and pulling at her tender guts. She was still being raped, two of the dicks pounding her tagging out even as Lone watched, leaving hot creampies in her mouth and newly made tit-hole. Blood-smeared lips smiled in an expression of bovine pleasure, unfocused eyes dripping tears as her throat was filled again and pounded by a double-cocked shark futa. Both cocks swelled as the pelagic woman climaxed almost at once, a deluge of seed shooting down the calf's throat. The pressure was too much for her already stretched jaw. It dislocated with a crack, leaving her mouth to hang slackly open, drooling cum as the shark retreated and another stepped up to replace her.

Hands gripped Lone's hips and lifted him from the ground as he continued to stare at the girl's broken face, stuck in a trance of fascination at how a girl he'd just seen so alive and intelligent was now just a half-dead dumb fucktoy, broken and bleeding out. Just like he would be.

Lone's vision was finally blocked by a pair of mature breasts, the woman who had taken him flipping him around to look towards her and lifting him so they could look eye to eye. It was surprisingly far up until he did, with a long expanse of elegant, brown-splotched yellow neck to admire before he finally saw his captor's face. Her beautiful brown eyes examined him for a long moment of shared silence, looking down his body to his soaked sheath, then back up.

"Something wrong with your cock, boy?" Her voice carried a clipped English accent, making the question sound accusatory. "Someone take it?" Blushing, the little goat explained for her.

"N-no, ma'am. I just, um. Tied some string around it. So I wouldn't cum until I was gonna get snuffed. I kinda did anyway, but, that wasn't my fault really... and I k-kinda almost did again, a few times... in the past five minutes. I'm really excited, honest." Her unexpected question had briefly smothered some of his arousal underneath a thin layer of half-confused shame, but now his masochistic desires were back in full force as he considered what was about to happen. Her hands against his sides felt so strong, and he felt so fragile, especially after seeing how easy cubs were to break. Tremors started to run through him, his entire body vibrating with snuff lust.

"Hmmmm." Eyeing him critically, the giraffe took him to a newly freed-up set of stocks a small ways away, setting him down on the flat surface and making him lie on his back. Still shivering with anticipation, Lone looked around, seeing adults waiting, ravenous for the chance to rape him. He felt like his heartbeat was going to make him bounce up and down on the table from how hard it was pounding in his chest, all his holes tingling with anticipation for cock.

"Here we are. We'll fix you up, then get you locked in properly." Turning his glance back to the woman as she spoke, Lone noticed first that he'd failed to realize she was a futa. Her smooth-skinned black cock was as long and elegant as her neck, though it seemed far thicker proportionally. Pointed straight at his face, it gleamed slightly in the light from a thin wet coating of precum and blood, the scent of it utterly divine. He trembled eagerly, then went still as he saw what she held. Drawn out from a purse hung expertly in the crook of her elbow, a pair of gleaming sharp scissors slid open with a whisper, promising the death of strings.

Sticking two fingers deep into his sheath, the woman yanked out Lone's cock with a firmness that made him squeak, the light pink spike of soft flesh shining beneath the Club's lights for the first time. Sliding the cold metal scissor blade along his shaft, she snipped the sodden string at the base, catching a bit of his sheath skin in the follow through and nicking it. It began to bleed, sharp pain lancing up through Lone's body at even a tiny cut in so sensitive a place. Yet before even a single drop of blood could ooze out and down Lone's achingly hot balls, he felt himself grow suddenly hard. Completely erect, almost painfully so. It happened faster than he'd known was possible, his cock pumping up in two heartbeats to its full, modest size. The little pink spike pulsed, sticky with precum and oozing out more in a constant flow.

"There. Now, lets flip you over. There's a hole for that cute little bit of you, try and find it." Helping him roll onto his stomach, the giraffe caressed his soft ass as Lone rubbed his cock against the polished wood, trying to find the hole she spoke of. Having his stiff dick sandwiched between the firm wood and his own soft belly was threatening to be too much for him, and he didn't want to cum before he even started being fucked. So it was with a sigh of relief that he finally found the opening, slipping his cock through without a second thought. It was only once the woman started to lock the clamps over his ankles and wrists that he began to think about why, exactly, there might be a hole for his cock in this set of stocks. All sorts of exciting possibilities leaped into his mind of course, but there was no way to know until the action started.

"Perfect," he heard from behind. There was the sound of a purse thumping against the ground, then, unexpectedly, the table folded in half. Whereas previously his butt had been situated safely in the middle of the table, now his legs were now effectively hanging downward off an edge, the back half of the table having folded down toward the ground, leaving his hips resting on the lip of the table and ass pointed out for easy access. Floppy ears tingling with anticipation, Lone made himself stare forward, not looking as he felt the giraffe's cock start to prod against his asshole.

His first dick of his day slid in easily enough, slowly stretching him out as his hole spread for her. Little buzzing shocks of pleasure went through him as the intruder sank deeper, and he started to moan, eyelids half-closing as his prostate gave out a pang of ecstasy. Hands gripped his hips, and a thick drop of precum dribbled from his cock beneath the table as the giraffe bottomed out, his eyes squeezing shut in bliss.

"These go in too," she murmured to him, fingers touching his balls. He didn't understand what she meant until she start to push at them, prodding them through the hole his cock had gone through. It was barely big enough to let them pass, and there were a few beautifully excruciating moments that passed while she shoved them in, squeezing them past his cock. Eventually his entire package was securely dangling from the underside of the table, even further heightening his anticipation for whatever rapturous ruination was in store for him.

"Mm... yes. You're set now." She leaned over him, long neck letting her crane around and face him even as she started to fuck his ass. A pleasured smile was on her lips, some of that sadistic spark lighting up her eyes. "Time to let the others at you."

Lone only had a moment to clench his ass in eagerness before she straightened up, giving a sign to some waiting adults, even calling to one by name. "Sabra!"

Feeling his ass being used, he watched wide-eyed as a small group headed towards him, two adults and another cub showing signs of lust at the prospect of abusing his helpless body. With his wrists bound he couldn't even wriggle, having been relegated to nothing but a fucktoy, something to be used, tortured, or both. It made him want to say something, to spout slutty nonsense until someone shut him up with a dick down his throat and raped him so hard he started breathing cum instead of air. Yet he couldn't think straight enough even for that. Just the prospect of what was about to happen to him had him melting, relaxing against the restraining stocks like it was the softest bed imaginable.

Sabra turned out to be a lithe, mature lioness in her early thirties. Leading the pack of predators descending on him, she gave a sharp-toothed smile, leaning forward to kiss the giraffe deeply. Without any further exchange, she knelt down, disappearing beneath the stocks and out of Lone's sight. Delicate pawpads began to touch his exposed genitals, and the little goat bleated in surprise and pleasure, shooting a strand of precum as his shaft gave a throb.

"Ooh, he's fully intact!" A purring voice came from beneath him, muffled through the wood and a thick French accent. "Mm... such a tasty little morsel too. So pink. Shame there's not much here to eat~" Her barbed tongue stroked him, and Lone's body stiffened, jerking against the clamps at a sudden rush of stimulation, agony and delight both overwhelming him for a brief instant. "Hmm-mm..." More purring followed, sharp claws prodding at his balls all over, kneading them. The cock in his ass picked up speed, and he felt his shaft swing back and forth from the momentum of the giraffe's increasingly violent thrusts. Heat was starting to build up in his achingly stretched colon, the deepest parts of him being pummeled by her. He hoped she'd be able to tear him open, just like the calf. His cock gave another powerful twitch at the thought, and he moaned in a drawn out cry. Somehow the sound seemed to express every slutty desire he'd ever had, the little goatish bleat of subservience his admission that whatever came next, it was exactly what he always wanted.

"So responsive! I love it, tres bein! But, enough chat. Je le sentir en vous, mon petit chevreau... Give me a taste of what's in these heavy hors d'oeuvres. I'll be sure to get a full course after the appetizer." A throaty chuckle preceded the sensation of claws gripping at his cock, pulling it down into a velvety warm mouth. Sharp teeth and rough barbs stroked down Lone's length, and he thrashed in pleasure, whimpering at the perfect balance of agony and ecstasy as she teased him, making his cock convulse against her tongue until she flicked him over the edge.

Squeezing down on the giraffe as she tried to pull out of him for her next thrust, Lone's cry of climax was cut off as yet another cock slammed into his tiny body, squeezing into his throat after sliding through his mouth. His eyes watered as he gagged, cumming even as he tasted the sweet tang of sweat on the shaft. Seed pumped from his balls, rocketing out of his urethra and coating the woman beneath him. Clawed fingers caressed his sack while he unloaded, the purring growing louder as she lapped occasionally the the spurts he let out.

The orgasm never seemed to end, forced to carry on by the violent tug of war between his ass and the giraffe trying to rape it. Tears trickled down his cheeks and blood trickled down his balls, his asshole tearing from the violence of his own contractions and the giraffe enjoying them. Whoever was using his mouth gripped his head and slammed their cock home, leaving him with the sensation of nearly a foot of hot shaft throbbing in his throat as he finally came down from his high.

Entire crotch aching, the little goat slumped in his restraints, breathless and dizzy as he barely managed to inhale between thrusts of the dick between his lips. He couldn't even see well enough to tell what species or gender the person was, too disoriented to remember if he'd seen them when they approach. His world narrowed to the stroking feeling of the two adults inside him, pushing in and out so violently that he could feel his body breaking. That, and the claws and tongue teasing at his crotch. Sabra had gone silent, but he could feel her appreciation, her growing bloodlust. The sharp points digging into his scrotum, the teeth nipping at the tip of his shaft... for now it was only an undercurrent of sharper pain and pleasure beneath the rhythms of throbbing agony in his ass and throat, but he was ready for more.

Padded fingers took hold of his cock, stroking to keep it stiff. Through a haze of bliss, Lone felt mild surprise at how hard he still was, after so long being soft. Perhaps it was to be expected, but either way, it was lovely. With what little degree of freedom was left to him, he started to move his hips, thrusting against the lioness's palm. Immediately she stilled him, reprimand coming in the shape of teeth clamping along his length. Captive, his cock flexed, a muffled gurgle of happy helplessness coming from his chest as he felt the shafts inside him start to cum. First the giraffe, her endurance giving way with a wash of warm seed flooding into his ass. Then his mysterious face-fucker, the whole long length tensing, flexing, making his body move in response as he was tube-fed cupfuls of thick semen. His belly started to swell, pressing up against the wood stocks, uncomfortably tight. Rutting forward hopefully, he felt his insides shift at the increasing pressure, fullness of a type he'd never experienced overcoming all other sensation. Almost he thought he'd burst.

Instead, the cocks pulled away, leaving him feeling empty. Then even emptier, cum leaking from him in thick gouts. He whined, tasting the heavy flavor of seed in the back of his throat, craving more.

Immediately his desires were satisfied, strange hands gripping his horns, his hips, and a fresh pair of cocks taking him. His body shook as two even larger dicks rammed deep into his holes, his ass stretching, ripping, his neck bulging. He felt too small for the girths that were trying to invade him, on the point of breaking already. Jerking against his restraints, he tried to take them deeper, to break more. Instead, he was stopped by something new.

Sharp teeth caught at his cock, squeezing it and latching on without warning. Not Sabra's. Some sort of clamp, slightly serrated to give it grip, but just barely too dull to cut. He squealed, feeling a sudden sensation of weight after a moment's delay, pulling at the clamp and stretching his straining, flexing shaft. A subtle purr came from just below his head, barely audible over the internal sound of cockflesh sliding through his esophagus.

"Let's see how much you can take... before you tearrrrr." Trailing off into a deep throaty growl, he heard his unseen tormentor move away, shifting back toward his crotch. A slight decrease in the tugging on his shaft, then a sharp and sudden increase, past what it had been before. She was adding more weight, hanging something off the clamp on his cock. Stretching him more and more, the turgid flesh of his member experiencing tension beyond anything he'd experienced in any part of him. He realized this must've been how the cub being drawn and quartered felt, only that the only part of him being pulled free was his dick.

More and more weight came, each additional bit stretching him, bringing him closer to that point of no return. He quivered, anticipating it. Tongue circling frantically against the underside of the cock in his throat, he eagerly pushed it towards climax, rhythmically clenching around the dick deep inside his ass with a muscular control he hadn't known he possessed. Milking both shafts became his only purpose, his mind utterly given over to the task of being a fucktoy for the rest of his life. How long that would be was measured by the clock of how long his cock would would last until it gave beneath the weight. When it tore, life would hold nothing better to offer him. Or, so he thought.

The prickling caress of claws against his scrotum had become almost unnoticeable with the increasing weight, the simple snagging of sharp points in his loose skin nothing in comparison to the tugging weight trying to tear his rock hard member free. Lone was lost in a half-thought of whether his precum and blood might make the clamp slip loose, his throat working around a cock that felt equine, trying to swallow it deeper into his increasingly bloated belly. His ass felt utterly broken, unable to tighten any longer as it was demolished by the bulldozing thrusts of an ox behind him. Still, the hot waves of pleasure and pain seeping through him were heavenly, and he was content to relax and let himself be fucked to death, his cock free to pop off like a cork at any time it so chose.

Instead of being left free to dazedly die in a euphoria of masochistic submission, Lone was dragged back to lucidity with a sudden blaze of beautiful pain. His weakened limbs strained as he screamed through the cock stuffed halfway through him, half a second passing where disorientation prevented him from recognizing where the new source of agony was located. It quickly came to him as the sharp ache stretched, growing as his wound was widened. Sabra had finally broken the skin, sinking one of her razor sharp claws into his stuffed scrotum, starting to slice it open to expose his aching testes. The goat moaned, experiencing a delicious spreading sensation as his divided nutsack gaped apart like an open zipper, whimpering with happiness as he felt his heavy testicles fall free, dropping half a centimeter before dangling by his exposed spermatic cord. Sharp teeth sunk into the loose flap of skin that had protected his precious orbs, chewing it with relish, tearing it free with all the agonizing care of a student ripping notebook paper along the perforated line.

Panting, Lone came back to himself just in time to realize he had taken another load, the equine gone from this throat. It already felt unnatural not having a dick buried deeply through his throat, being able to breathe without timing it for when the shaft withdrew from his mouth. Whining, he uselessly tried to swallow some of the cum left on his tongue, but his throat muscles were too far gone to handle it. Each little breeze that drifted into his mouth seemed to carry through all the way to his stomach, his gaping hole of a throat no longer able to close properly.

Breathing with effort, the increasingly ruined little goat bleated in agony and bliss at the sudden scrape of a barbed tongue across his bare balls, the rough sensation made even more excruciating now that his testes had been flayed clean. The exposed structures of his gonads twisted and screamed as they were stroked rapidly by the lioness, tasted and licked like two pieces of her favorite candy. The purring from beneath him was practically deafening, and he could hear brief murmurs whenever she paused in her eager torture.

"Jouis pour moi encore une fois... j'aime tes petites couilles, une derniere fois... avant que ne tombe ta bite."

The meaningless words passed through his mind like dust through a sunbeam, barely dimming his focus from the blazing pulses of pure pain lancing through his lower belly with each caress of warm wet barbs across his testicles. They were starting to tear, unable to withstand the assault of a tongue meant to strip mean clean from a bone, little scores and cuts digging into the smooth pearly surface of his nuts. Each one stung like nothing he'd ever experienced, a thousand pins being stabbed into his testicles over and over, each time more excruciating than the last as she scraped away the outer layers. It was too much. His cock was surging, trying to twitch but dragged down too firmly by the weight to do anything but flex. Each movement of his shaft was a spike of agony straight into his skull, and his body responded by building to a rapid, uncontrollable climax.

Swollen stomach squishing obscenely against the bloodsoaked wood, Lone's little cocksheath of a body flexed, back arching as he let out a small, pathetic squeal. Sabra's mouth enveloped one of his testes completely, sucking it so hard he thought it would tear free of his seminal tube, her rough tongue enveloping the unloading testis with a sensation like steel wool on a sunburn. Several perfect things happened at once, sending the broken goat into a spiral of unquenchable ecstasy and pure, unending bliss.

Cumming, his cock gave its last, tensing with the most powerful pulsations it had ever mustered. Straining and swelling, it shot a thick, blood-tainted load across the crotch of the lioness beneath it, strands of semen sticking to her fingers as she masturbated, squishing into her slit. It tried to shoot a second, flexing as the seed traveled upward from the flayed testes that were being so agonizingly attended to. With the flexing, the weight hanging from the clamp swung slightly forward, adding just a little bit of extra tension to the connective tissue of Lone's barely affixed shaft. Strained past its ultimate strength, the flesh ripped, then tore, rapidly separating as the action of its detachment further lessened the force required to pull apart the remaining meat wherever Lone's cock was still connected. His next spurt of cum dribbled out of a ragged stump, drizzling across Sabra's thighs, mixing with the blood staining her fur. Fibers of flesh stretched from the deflating erectile tissue still inside him, his detached cock finding its way into Sabra's fingers as the eager lioness claimed her prize from the clamp that had been fastened to it.

At the same moment, both cocks inside the goat began to unload, pumping a deluge of potent hot cum directly down his throat and ass. Distracted by the fulfillment of his most bloody genital mutilation fantasies, the goat cub had barely registered the destruction of his insides, many of his internal organs bashed and crushed by the rough invasion of cock after cock. His stomach was stretched, bulging to both sides by the way he was kept pressed firm against the surface of the stocks. With these two loads at once combining with the paroxysms of his own climax, there was no hope of his battered body holding together.

His stomach tore at the strike point of an errant thrust, a canine cockhead stabbing through his skin before the small opening tore into a wider rent. Cum began to flood across the surface of the table he'd been strapped to, dripping from every edge while the woman beneath bit off both his balls in a single gulp, cumming and purring with her fingers glued to her clit. Her body was painted with red and white, a smile of pure sadistic satisfaction stretching her lips to expose a grin of gleaming sharp teeth. One half-squished testicle was still clamped in her jaw, slowly splitting as she relished the sensation of breaking the precious piece of anatomy.

Going slowly still, Lone stared blankly for a moment, seeing only the belly of the adult before him. Dimly he felt the cocks inside him retreating, the next pair taking their place. It was still a lovely feeling, blood and bits of his insides sticking to the shafts as they withdrew, new ones stabbing into him like knives. But he was fixated not on what he felt, but what he didn't feel. His own cock, his own balls. They had been replaced by agony and a sense of absence, like missing teeth. Where before he had felt his privates stuffed through the little hole in the stocks, the constraint of having them squeezed, pinched, played with... he felt only pain, now.

Shuddering violently, the little goat was roughly held down as he experienced a dry orgasm of amazing potency. Lightheadedness from bloodloss and the pure euphoria of being castrated combined to fill him with a rush of pure beatific pleasure. His faintly beating heart stuttered, his bruised insides giving their last bit of life to sustain a final moment of happiness. Eyes slowly closing, Lone relaxed, falling into a deep, warm darkness.

It was barely half a minute before one of the adults reaming the goat's body noticed their fucktoy had coded on them. Biding her time beneath the table, Sabra smiled, tail flicking as she listened to them grunt their disappointment. It didn't stop either one from finishing into the child's still warm holes, and she lingered a moment longer as they wiped their cocks clean on his fur. Once they left him, she slipped from beneath the stocks and gave a magnificent stretch, feeling her limbs revel in the extension after being folded up during her torture session.

Turning to the broken boy, she lifted him up, one strong hand holding the bottom rim of his ribcage like a handle as she pressed her other hand against his mouth. Pushing his own severed cock between his lips, she drew the body close for a brief kiss, licking her chops clean as she sauntered over to the inner rim of the balcony floor. The grinder was close below, its endless song of violent steel loudest at this level. The only ones who ever heard it louder were those fortunate enough to fall in still breathing.

Sabra heaved the child forward, turning in the same fluid motion to return back to the Gym and find more morsels to snack on. She didn't see the boy's body fly in an arc, didn't see his little limbs twitch in a final stutter of life. Barely conscious, Lone woke for only a brief moment, tasting his own shaft on his tongue, feeling for a final instant how broken he'd become. Even if he wasn't falling to his destruction, he wouldn't have lived to see the next tick of a clock's long hand. He'd lost too much. He'd lost everything he'd wanted to.

Carrying that thought, he landed amongst the spinning blades, ending the fulfillment of his dreams to come and experience Club Meat Grinder.


Nice new addition, tasty little goat cumdump was thuroughly used


Nice new addition, tasty little goat cumdump was thuroughly used


Kara's Snuffing
*(loli/cub, snuff, consensual, female, flaying, drugging, amputation, watersports, extreme masochism, nullo, scat, beheading, head fucking)*

Kara stepped onto the uppermost balcony of Club Meat Grinder with a cool expression on her reptilian face, acid colored eyes sweeping the options on offer in the three areas surrounding her. She saw the distant figures of children and adults as they cavorted and coupled, the former eventually falling still as their lives were taken for the enjoyment of both. She heard the Grinder in its central pit far below churning and whirring invitingly, obliterating the flesh of used up cubs that fell down into its merciless blades. She felt the humid warmth of the air, smelled the scents of hot gore and constant sex. Taking it all in, she wore a mask of mild boredom, seemingly unimpressed.

Appearing uninterested, the young girl moved no further into the club, not even approaching the inner edge of the balcony and its tempting views into the deeper levels. Instead of acting as most cubs would and eagerly continuing forward, she stopped and waited with arms crossed, long tufted tail making a circle about her feet as taloned toes tapped impatiently upon the tiles.

The tiny click of sharp claws upon the floor continued to count out the seconds for nearly half a minute, the child impassive as she waited. Then, from a hidden alcove just beside the entrance, a black and white face slowly slid out to peek at the little raptoress, expression somewhat perplexed. The child's lean little body twisted towards the movement, fixing the emerging panda woman with a casually contemptuous glare. Her foot went still, arms unfolding to expose more of her pale-scaled chest.

"You're the help, I presume," the girl said peremptorily. A moment passed as she considered the tour guide, unimpressed by what she saw. Lin had emerged fully from her hiding place, seeming to accept that this was the introduction she was getting. Eventually, the child seemed to reach a decision. "You may assist me, then."

Mildly bemused, Lin smiled, offering out her hand for the raptoress to take.

"I'd be happy to, little one. My name's Lin, and you're right; Helping cubs like you is what I'm here for." Despite the nonplussed look directed at her outstretched paw, Lin kept it extended out until the cub reluctantly took it. Smiling wider, Lin started to slowly walk them around the upper balcony, headed towards the stairs. A hunch told her that was where they'd be heading regardless, but she still had a duty to ask. "Do you think you'll want a tour?"

"No," the lizard girl said, curt. "I know exactly what I want." Despite her firm conviction, she paused for a moment, seeming to have trouble telling her desires to the pleasant panda woman. After a few seconds of expectant waiting, Lin gently prodded her to continue.

"And what would that be, little one? I'm sure I can find it for you. We have every kind of snuff or agony you could want, so don't be afraid it's not here."

Huffing softly at the reassurance, the child turned her gaze away, looking down at the grinder for a moment. Her pace slowed, expression becoming briefly distant as she watched it spin, hypnotized by the circular motions of the serrated blades. For a moment she seemed to relax. Despite her dismissive attitude, it was clear from the way her eyes lingered on the machine that she was here for the same reason as every cub that came. A desire to be broken and used, to end among those spinning sawteeth.

"I want…" She breathed in slowly, seeming to come back to herself. Standing up straight again, she tore her eyes from the grinder and met Lin's gaze. "I want you take me to the most brutal, sadistic adult in this club," she said, face utterly determined. "After that, I will make my desires known to him, and you will be free to go."

"Uh-huh." Lin's grin grew with each sentence out of the lizard's mouth, leading her even more confidently towards the stairs. "I think I can deliver that, certainly… though we'll have to check if he's free." The raptoress nodded in acceptance, becoming a bit more complacent as Lin began to lead her down to the second floor. "Although I should say, you might want be a little more polite when you talk to him… I don't think he'll take it as well if you treat him as stiffly as have me."

"Of course I'd be more respectful." The preteen scowled, as if annoyed Lin would even try to advise her. "The one I want is a predator, a prime killer. Someone to be feared, respected, obeyed. You… you're just prey. And a servant, to boot." Her contempt was nakedly on display, utterly unashamed and unaware of how childishly overserious it all sounded. Lin humored her, smirking in genuine amusement as she humbly replied.

"You're right, of course… I'm as submissive by nature as any cub here. But, as you say, I'm prey… and so are you. Wouldn't that make us equals?"

Lin glanced questioningly down at the cub as the reached the second floor, but the little raptoress only rolled her eyes, exasperated.

"Of course not. I'm a predator by BIRTH." She showed her sharp rows of teeth, one clawed hand pressing proudly to her pale-scaled chest. Her tail lashed self-importantly, flicking towards Lin's soft weak body in a way that seemed to indicate dominance. "No matter what, I would be above the likes of you." She seemed to quiet for a moment as they approached the Dolcett quadrant, poisonous green eyes rapidly scanning nearby adults for the one that might be her final mate. Softer, she continued as she sought out her killer. "But just because I am a predator doesn't mean I wouldn't love to die the death of prey… Nothing could be sweeter or more exciting than to be slaughtered like meat. It only means that I want my partner to be worthy of snuffing me, a predator even greater than myself. Someone who has murdered more cubs than anyone, who knows how to do it in the most agonizing, excruciating way possible…" Her tone had faded from the stiff self-important tone she used on Lin, becoming almost girlishly dreamy as she described her ideal killer. Between her legs, her naked slit shone with wetness on the surrounding scales.

Some of the amusement that Lin had felt at the girl's attitude left her as she saw the raptoress's masochistic feelings laid bare, the scaled little cub warm with lust at the prospect of her own destruction and death. Something glimmered in the panda's eyes, a perverse mixture of affection and sympathy, the desire to help see cub's darkest desires made manifest.

Squeezing the girl's hand slightly, the guide asked, "What's your name, little one?" Her smile flickered back across her face before she added, "If one such as me may ask."

Eyeing the panda woman as if she suspected just how silly Lin thought she was, the scaled child scowled before answering. "Kara."

Letting go of Kara's hand, Lin took a step back, making a sweeping bow that seemed oddly well-practiced. Face composed into a mask of servility, she addressed the child with formal respect.

"Well then Kara, I would be honored if you would allow me to introduce you to your superior predator." Straightening, Lin pointed at a man near the inner balcony railing, singling him out from the dozens of other pairs of adults and cubs fucking and snuffing in the kitchens and on the tables. The little lizard swung about to see, wide eager eyes immediately drinking in the sight of him.

Two and a half times tall again as the cub he was fucking, Lin's selection for the title of 'most brutal adult in the club' seemed to be actively working to prove her right. His hulking white shape was currently hunched over, the definition of muscles visible beneath his close-trimmed fur as they flexed and pulled. Claw tipped fingers dug into soft bloody gums of the cub he was using, a thick black cock buried in the child's throat as the tearful young cheetah was defanged with slow, agonizing care. The shaft flexed with each muffled squeak of pain from the mutilated kitten, making her armless torso twitch, bloody stumps useless for pleasuring her sticky slit. Between her trembling thighs the parted lips flung droplets of moisture whenever she spasmed, each tooth torn away making her moan through the cock obstructing her throat. Sharing a silent understanding that interrupting would be unconscionable, Lin and Kara both watched from the side, enjoying the show even as they awaited the finale.

Paying no attention to anything but his task, the polar bear removed the final few teeth from the little cheetah with grunts of carnal satisfaction, dropping them into a nearby trash bin. Blood dripped out of the corners of her mouth, streaming down her stretched and bulging neck and staining her spotted fur in wide, rust-colored rivers. Her broken tail twitched weakly upon the ground, vibrating with a long drawn out moment of bliss as the adult gripped her head in two huge hands and closed her muzzle tightly about his cock. The pain from her raw gums must have been excruciating, Kara knew, watching with hot arousal and even hotter envy. One of her arms was clutched to her chest, the other hanging uselessly as she tried to imagine the sweet helplessness of being amputated. Even from here, she could hear the cheetah's gurgling purr.

With his fucktoy properly edentated, the white bear began to reap the profits of his labor. Gripping the cheetah's skull so tightly his claws threatened to scalp her, he held the drooling bloody maw of the cub closed and began to rape the limp girl's throat with violent, rapid strokes. Blood and saliva squirted from the child's lips, her eyes rolling back in her head as raw pain caused the strength to go out of her all at once. Overtaxed beyond the limits of her small body, she gave in to her final ecstasy with a pathetic mewl of joy. She trembled violently, squirting hard in agonized orgasm, then slumped.

Unconscious, she was held up entirely by the polar bear's savage grip, causing him to snarl in apparent frustration. He stroked his swollen shaft a few more times through her relaxed throat, but seemed to get no satisfaction from it. Without her little reactions, her quivers and cries of agony, there was no more pleasure in fucking her than in coupling with a slab of meat. Growling in anger, he yanked the passed out slut off his cock, still gripping her head between his paws. It seemed small within his tremendous grip, mouth oozing blood and eyes streaming tears, a pathetic little doll before him.

Looking down at it, he pressed his paws together sharply, squishing the skull with a SNAP that made Kara jump and gasp in shock and lust. The sound of breaking bones had never accompanied so sweet a sight, the lizard girl practically in love as she admired the way the powerful adult lobbed the ruined cheetah's corpse over the railing. Beside her, Lin smiled brightly at the bear as he turned towards them.

"Hey there Ulric. That your second today?"

Cold coal eyes swiveled towards Lin, then cut straight across her down to Kara. Staring at the lizard girl expressionlessly, the bear grunted a reply.

"Fourth. Only that first one was worth anything, though. The rest snuff out too soon." He snorted derisively. "Little weaklings." He wiped his blood and brain smeared paws on a nearby kitchen towel, turning away from Kara for a brief moment as he made use of the cloth. Only when that stare left her did she remember to breathe, awareness of her body flooding back to her in a rush of trembling lust and fear. Her pussy was pulsing like a raw wound, lower lips pink with arousal and clit so stiff she could feel the air currents brushing between her thighs.

"So," she thought with a thrill. "This was what it feels like to be prey."

"You're too good at your job, big guy," Lin quipped cheerily. "Most patrons are a little gentler to start out, instead of ripping limbs off in the very first round. The cubs love it, but it's a little counterproductive to getting your rocks off, huh?"

Scowling, Ulric flung the messy towel into a sink, sounding a metallic thud. "How about these little sluts show a little respect, and keep breathing long enough to suck me off, huhhh?" Repeating Lin's last word mockingly, he waved a careless paw. "But no. None of your little jokes today, woman. Give me the girl, and get out of here."

"Give her to you? Just like that?" Her tone grew playful, edged with perverse enjoyment of how she bothered the big bear. "How do you even know she's for you? I mean, don't you want me to introduce her?" Lin smiled, stepping behind Kara and putting her hands on the little girl's shoulders. "I'm sure it'd be-"

Shrugging off Lin's touch, the raptoress stepped forward, flicking her fingers in a sharply dismissive way.

"You may go, Lin. I will introduce myself." The panda's disrespect was threatening to encroach on her all consuming lust, her need to feel what it was like to be utterly at the mercy of this magnificent man. Behind her, she heard a moment of silence, then a small laugh. The sound of steps, moving away from her until she could hear them no more. There were still other people around, as there always were, but Lin had left them alone. It was just her, and her predator.

Falling to her knees, Kara looked up at the great bear from a height even lower than before. Her heart was thudding hard in her flat chest, lightning surging through her in dizzying pulses as she met his gaze. Despite not looking at it, the thick murder weapon of his cock was a burning brand in her awareness, hanging before her face just a few feet away.

"I've always wanted this," she whispered up at him. A shiver ran through her from teeth to tail, Kara's eyelids fluttering briefly as she felt a contraction of pleasure in her cunt from the admission. "To be prey. Like her." She jerked her head back at where Lin had gone, then down towards the grinder. "And her."

"Better than that, I hope," Ulric grunted. He was moving slowly towards her, unhurried as they talked.

"I would never-" Kara started, then stopped as she realized how affronted she sounded. Trying again, she put all the meekness she felt at that moment into her words. "I will be better, sir. I only ask, please… Ruin me. Degrade me. Do whatever you want, but destroy me, utterly. Show me how far my body can break, and I'll hold on until you tell me I can die. I want to feel it all. I want to scream and bleed like worthless prey."

His hand slammed into her throat, squeezing sharply in a way that made pain lance straight up into her brain. She blinked, grinning wildly. Ulric's hungry expression filled her vision as the bear bent over her, hot breath puffing over her face. It smelled like blood and meat, her mind swimming with the scent, proof of his power and brutality. For as long as she could, she kept herself from gasping as he stood there, choking her out while staring straight into her acid eyes. Her lids were half closed, hands still at her sides. Between her legs, her pussy throbbed like a second heartbeat.

Finally, when the little scalie's vision had begun to blacken around the edges and her lungs were convulsing desperately for air, the bear dropped her, her legs collapsing beneath her as she bumped against the ground. She started to slump fully downward, but caught herself with a slap of palms against linoleum, inhaling in wheezes as she stared through tear blurred eyes at the greasy floor of Dolcett. Before she could even catch her breath, he grabbed ahold of her again, scooping up between her legs, one huge paw gripping her by the crotch.

Dragging behind him along the ground, Kara bumped along dazedly, breath ragged and eyes blank as she felt air move through her sharply sore throat. Her pussy was soaking against his palm, every little brush of the rough paw pads along her slit making her whole body twitch. She was so turned on she couldn't even move, immobilized by the ecstasy of being so helpless, by knowing how soon and how brutally she would be snuffed.

Seeming particularly aware of her responses, the great bear chuckled deeply as he pulled her along. "Enjoy yourself now, little slut. I think that you may do well for me… but I'm not taking any chances of you clocking out as soon as you've cum. This will be the last pleasure you ever feel. In Medical, we'll be eliminating that pesky cunt of yours. If you manage to live through that, well. We'll see how long you last." With his words, he gifted her a single thick finger, pushing the digit deep into her tiny squeezing slit.

The claw at the tip of his poked painfully against her cervix, and his fingering was rough and unpracticed. Despite that, Kara began to squeal in pathetic enjoyment, unable to hold back the keening cries of overwhelmingly potent pleasure that rose in her every time he stroked her insides. Adrenaline and excitement had her hypersensitive, her thighs squeezing together around his wrist involuntarily as her bliss rapidly peaked. Practically convulsing on the end of his arm, her shudders grew increasingly violent, orgasm slamming into her so fast that she was caught off guard.

Hissing through her teeth, Kara squeezed her eyes shut as her climax overtook her. She felt her pelvic muscles squeeze, felt the claw at the tip of his digit pierce her cervix within as she forced it deeper. Squirt lightly spritzed the bear's forearm, soaking short white fur with her juices. Her body quivered minutely, every muscle tensed as she breathlessly rode out a wave of the most pure ecstasy she'd ever experienced. From the moment her climax had begun until the final weak twitch of her cramped thighs, the lizard's mind was filled with a single thought, prolonging her orgasm by almost pure will as she focused on a single, all important truth.

This would be the last time her pussy would ever cum. From now on, there was only pain for her, only pure agony.

Nothing could have excited her more.

Panting in pure satisfaction following her orgasm, the limp little lizard smiled faintly as she was dragged along like a fresh kill. She felt hot and helpless, ready for whatever was next. Awareness of her surroundings gradually returned, and she realized Ulric had picked up his pace. The thud of his heavy footfalls could be felt through her spine as it scraped along the floor, quicker than before. He was eager, too.

Around her, the space was filled with the many surgical and euthanatory apparatuses of Medical, towering up from her eye level as they jutted from the floor. Her predator hunted through the sterile corridors, searching for something to destroy her with. A smile formed on her face as she watched him from behind, happy beyond words.

When he eventually seemed to find something that satisfied his plans, Ulric yanked her up into his arms with an easy motion, pivoting her body around her crotch and making the claw in her cunt scratch along her womb in a way that made her almost want to cum again. With only a short glance, he slammed her own onto a cold steel operating table, letting her spread herself out and lie flat on the metal surface.

The finger and claw withdrew from within her with a final rake across her clit, making her squeal and seize up at the sharp spike of pure agony that tore through her at the touch. Blood trickled slowly from her pink puffy slit, thighs warmed by heat radiating from her aching hole. Her insides throbbed around the damage that had been done by that careless claw, the worst pain she'd ever felt in her life. Yet, it was only the beginning.

Fingers clutching at the edges of the table, Kara turned her head this way and that, looking around the small surgical space she'd been brought to. Sharp scalpels and less elegant instruments waited for her on a tray beside her arm, and a set of what looked like carpentry tools hung in a rack upon the wall. Some devices managed to be menacing despite her inability to guess what they did, lurking in the shadows beyond the surgery lights trained upon her body. On the side opposite the tray, she heard Ulric rummaging through what sounded like a cutlery drawer, the clattering sounding increasingly impatient.

A shiver ran through her, then another. Fear and panic seized her heart in a cold grip and she let the emotions overwhelm her, reveling in the euphoria of helplessness. Pulse skyrocketing, she trembled violently upon the table while her mind flicked between all the ways she could die, imagining each end, knowing she could do absolutely nothing to save herself from any one of them.

A delirious smile split her muzzle as the hyperventilating began, the screaming high note that was her only coherent thought singing a song of her most perverse dream. She felt like a rabbit, caught in a trap.

Piss arced from her, and the sensation was sweet as it stung her raw slit, dripping and spraying forcefully from her in her fear. Even as the flow began, Ulric turned to her, dark eyes sweeping over her tiny body in a single lecherous glance. Still pissing, she grinned at him, shivering with terror and happiness and relief.

"Good to get it out of you," the bear murmured, watching her urinate with a thoughtful expression. His nose twitched at the scent as he moved between her legs, uncaring of how she soaked his short fur with her pee. A small syringe in his hand pushed into her leg, but she hardly felt its minor bite as she was injected with a cocktail of medicines, stimulants and vasodialators. She was too preoccupied with the huge shape of his cock as it pushed between her thighs, soaking briefly in the stream of piss before prodding against her tailhole, pressing forward with inexorable force. It slid in slowly at first, then slammed in deep, making the small scalie groan in pain and happiness at the intrusion in her gut. He murmured to her, continuing as he started to lightly thrust, warming up before they began. "It will make things cleaner when I rip you apart."

With that promise delivered, he stabbed down at her without warning, making the little lizard shriek as a blade plunged into her belly. Wide disbelieving eyes stared down at the bottom of her sternum, feeling her own rapidly refilling lungs brush against the cold blade inside her body. Around the wound blood oozed out lazily, hot on her scales. Ulric began to fuck her faster, his hand firm upon the knife handle.

For a moment, there was no pain. Just shock, anal sex, and the weakening stream of her emptying bladder. Her fingers gripped the sides of the table with white knuckles, tendons taut. She stared at the knife, stared at the hand that held it, barely even feeling the rape. There was an instant of understanding of what was about to happen. Then, events moved forward too fast for thought to follow for a while.

Yanking his knife down her belly in a single sharp slice, the merciless bear showed Kara her own guts as he screwed her, her own internal body pressure pushing out the tangle of intestines and organs as he split her open like a ripe fruit. She screamed herself breathless in a timeless moment as she saw and felt it happen, unable to blink, unable to stop watching as her own insides oozed and shifted outside of her, shoveled out by the thrusting of the massive cock within her ass. The best part was the sensation of her own skin as it parted, spreading wide like an eager pussy. The tension of her own intact skin was something she'd never before been aware of, but now that she could feel it release, she was eager to feel it even more.

Less agonized that she had expected, she breathed in after her scream, wild-eyed as she took stiff hands and plunged them into her own belly. The movement of Ulric's shaft within her colon was amazing to her as she squeezed him through her own intestinal wall, making the bear grunt in pleasure. Feeling her own hands within her belly was a muted sensation, nowhere near the richness of pain she'd experienced while being split open, but she enjoyed every bit of what she got. Little prey-like squeaks of agony squeezed out of her with every thrust, slipping past clenched teeth as she blissfully endured her own destruction.

Grabbed harshly, the little raptor went complacently limp as Ulric's rough hands manhandled her, flipping her over without removing his cock. The twisting torsion it exerted on her asshole made her tear, her already stretched and aching rectum splitting at the seams. The sheer rapidity at which she was breaking excited her, filling her with all the anticipation of someone in a car headed at top speed towards a wall. Looking back over her shoulder at Ulric, she watched him as he took his pleasure of her, feeling her own guts dangle out of her and drag back and forth on the cold steel table. Blood spattered out too, but less than she'd expected, no doubt a result of the drugs she'd been given.

Then, for the first time, Kara felt her killer cum in her, watching him while his expression twisted into sadistic satisfaction. She couldn't have suppressed her constant cries of pain even if she'd wanted to, but Ulric seemed to enjoy hearing them even more than she enjoyed making them. As the thick rod of his cock started to flex within her, she loudly vocalized every stab of pain that came from her ruined ass, gasping and crying out as the intruder swelled, pulsed. Face slumped down on the table, one eye watched him as she raggedly groaned from the sudden pressure within her gut, cum pumping into her in unending loads. Part of her wanted to be bathed in this cum inside and out, but she was content to receive it like this, in this beautiful moment.

Breathing slowly now, she whimpered as Ulric pulled out of her, cock streaked with the mess he'd made of her insides. Blood and cum dripped over her twitching pussy and half-mangled clit, making sharp shocks of pain lance up her spine with each drop that ran down.

With effort, Kara lifted herself onto all fours, arms trembling as they supported her weight. Her hanging guts swung sickeningly, tugging at her insides as she stared with glazed eyes, panting from the pain and potent sensation of being used. White overwhelmed her field of vision, and she vacantly realized Ulric was in front of her. Warmth bloomed in her empty belly as he grabbed her skull, remembering for a moment the cheetah he had killed just before her. Would he finish her the same way? Inside its fragile shell of bone, her brain eagerly anticipated being crushed, squished to pulp between his powerful paws.

Instead, she found her face slammed against his crotch, mouth forced to open and accept his cock. Foul with the flavors of blood, scat, and potent cum, it filled her throat like a worm, sliding in deep and making her gag violently. Tears streaked from her eyes, soaking his fur and running off her cheekbones while she began to automatically clean him off. It was her mess, after all. Her own insides, smeared across his skin. Huffing and choking, she worked her throat more eagerly, tongue swirling over his skin as she tasted her own body on him, little bits of intestine and drops of blood.

Within minutes she had polished his entire length, forcing her throat through the painful stretching required in order to fully deepthroat and worship Ulric's cock. Her vision was blurred with constant tears, her breathing irregular and shallow as she sucked upon the meatstick like a babe upon the breast. In her mind she meditated on her injuries, fully focused on the nirvana of her open belly, her ruined ass and slit. Everything throbbed to the still-strong beat of her heart, her whole body seeming to pulse with pain and warmth.

Still with Ulric's shaft stuck in her throat, she felt his strong paws take hold of her once more. Her arms had grown weak, barely able to hold herself up, and she accepted his support with relief. Almost she felt like she could just drift off and die right now, to succumb to her injuries and close her eyes, content with the torture she'd received.

That thought was dangerous, disgraceful. For herself and for Ulric, she had resolved to last for as long as she could, to leave her last breath until the latest possible moment. Persisting through pure will, Kara came slightly out of her trance as the big bear lifted her by the ankles, waking and wondering what he had in store for her next. He brought her feet together, holding them up at his head height. Something cold and metal brushed against one leg.

A spring released at the press of a claw, the snap of the mechanism audible before the pain hit her. Suddenly Kara's universe narrowed to the sensation of the sharp spikes stabbed through her calves, the scalie's stretched out body twitching and tensing up, blood dripping out her stomach and guts hanging over her heaving chest as she let out a muffled scream. Writhing in an unconscious effort to escape the pain, she channeled her instinctive desire to move into a violent deepthroating of Ulric's cock, swinging her body slightly as she sobbed and sucked him hard. It was the only thing she could do to keep from thrashing in a struggle to flee, a fresh wash of adrenaline surging into her bloodstream.

It was a futile effort. Ulric's cruel promise had come to the moment of its fruition, as the panicky girl realized at the first touch of sharp steel against her labia. As the slicing began, soft aroused flesh splitting as it was scored, blood and juices spraying and mixing, there was nothing she could do to control herself. With all the strength still in her she screamed, grateful for the hardening cock in her mouth so that she was muffled enough not to deafen herself and the bear. Euphoria accompanied each cry, pure bliss at the admission of her agony and helplessness. She continued as skin was separated from flesh, feeling the peeling of her scales away from her own quivering cunt and ass. In the assault of agony and stimulus from her most sensitive parts as they were destroyed, she couldn't be sure she hadn't cum again, somewhere in that unending explosion of sensation. She might've climaxed as her clit was cut free, or orgasmed when the final piece of skin was torn off like a stubborn bandage. For all she could tell, she could have cum nonstop since the first cut, or not at all. It didn't matter to her.

Her focus was on the pain.

Bare muscle screamed beneath the smallest movements of air, her fully naked vagina feeling as equally torn open as her gutted stomach. Hanging upside down, blind and helpless to do anything but pleasure her own tormentor, Kara could only imagine what her raw crotch must look like. Her mind had been whited out by the agony, and she had given herself to that all consuming sensation until it faded to a bright red background glow. Every second she was alive, she would be in pain. It was inescapable now, even more than it had been when the first cut had been made in her belly.

Something stabbed into her, and in the disorienting noise of naked nerve endings Kara almost thought it was nothing more than a toy, a dildo pushing into her ruined hole. No pleasure came from it, but she understood pleasure to be something beyond her ability to feel anymore, a luxury pathetic prey like herself weren't given. It wasn't until the intruder began to saw through her that she began to understand, realization dawning on her as connective tissue was parted by cold steel, sensation disappearing in swathes as nerve pathways were severed.

Ulric wasn't just ruining her cunt. He was removing it entirely, excising her vagina and womb.

Shudders ran through Kara with every tug of the serrated steel between her legs, amazement at what was being done to her flitting into and out of her mind in the moments between pangs of pain. Not even her wildest dreams had prepared her to be in this situation. If she wasn't so busy being ruined, she might have squealed in joy and excitement, dancing with undignified glee. Instead, she let out another hoarse, hollow scream as the meaty core of her pussy was pulled out of her, her entire reproductive tract removed like a stereo jack. Following the moment of her final hollowing out, she realized her asshole had been taken as well. No longer did the ruined ring of her anal sphincter burn and bleed from being stretched and torn. Instead, there was only an aching emptiness, an echo of the absence where her pussy ought to be.

No time was given to her to exult in her new mutilation. Ulric's unceasing sadism drove him to ruin her even more, despite all that had already been done. Beyond what feelings had already grown in her, Kara loved him for that, for being the deliverer of her total destruction. More pain followed as the same blade began to bite once more into her scales, starting to cut through at the ankles this time. Her tough but sensitive hide was traced in deliberate patterns, going around the circumference of her legs, just below where the spikes stabbed into her flesh and held her. Further cuts were made along each inseam, and she was given her earlier wish of feeling her skin relax, freed from the tight tension it had been under her whole life as it split and spread apart. Blood ran in runnels down her legs, pooling in the hollow place where she had once had a pussy, pouring down her body in hot, stimulating streams.

Now only weakly suckling at the great bear's cock, the little lizard continued to nurse his black shaft like a babe at the breast, focusing mainly on maintaining consciousness. Clarity came and went, but through the thread of her thoughts, one fact about what was happening to her was clear. She was being flayed, skinned alive. Pain flowed over her body in a wave, burning sharp and sweet wherever Ulric's knife touched her, carefully peeling and scraping her pelt away from her musculature after making an initial cut. With her belly already open, it had been an easy matter for him to continue to separate her skin from her torso, once he was done with her legs.

The sensation was fascinating to Kara's muddled mind, each little stroke of the knife like a scratching finger that was dispatching an itch she hadn't known she had. Even though her pain was ever growing as more of her scales were split from her body, part of her was relieved to have her tender insides bare to the elements, to be free of her cumbersome pelt. Ulric would find a better use for it than she was putting it to, she thought drowsily. After all, wasn't that what he was going to do to the rest of her body as well?

Eventually the upside-down raptoress was cloaked in a curtain of her own skin, hanging off her shoulders like an inverted cape while she slowly coaxed Ulric's throbbing cock towards another climax. Pain had subsumed every inch of her body, as if she had been slowly dipped into a vat of some boiling acid that was agonizingly sizzling against every part of her below her neck. It was relaxing in a way, like being in a hot tub. After her legs had been skinned, she'd almost lost sight of the pain, lapsing into pure enjoyment of her own raw flesh as it screamed from every little gust of air or gentle touch.

Ulric, professional that he was, had refocused her. Starting from her hips, he had begun to intersperse periods where he cut her skin free with sharp moments where he instead roughly ripped it from her body, removing large swathes of her back skin with this brutal method. Each yank had triggered a scream of pure pain from Kara's gagged mouth, then an expression of subservient gratitude that came as a brief increase in suction on his cock. It was a procedure not unlike ripping off a bandage, save that afterward the stinging never faded.

Finally the knife came away, the tugging sensation retreating as Ulric let go of her hanging pelt. For a long minute, Kara dangled at the edge of anticipation, knowing what must come next as she worked her mouth around the polar bear's cock with increasing speed. She had been suddenly seized by the desire to have Ulric to cum on her naked flesh, to hurt her with the mere act of his orgasm. It was the only goal she had, the only control she had over anything in her brief time left, so she clung to it and tried her hardest to make it happen.

Ulric's length ripped from her throat in a sudden movement that left the mutilated cub gasping, tear-stained eyes blinking in surprise. Her throat and upper chest felt hollow, like the place between her legs, but she didn't have any time to dwell on the sensation. Before she could even accept that even her tiny piece of control had been torn away from her, strong hands plunged into her exposed belly, shoving inside her in a violation so incredible she could barely understand what was happening.

Huffing in arousal, the big bear thrashed his sharp claws, and Kara felt something deep in the core of her draw taut, then tear free. His great paws pulled, scooped, and then drew out of her all the meat that had kept her alive until today, now unneccessary. All her intestines, her digestive organs, practically every piece of offal that had contributed to her survival now dripped and hung from his bloody paws. Only her heart and lungs could be left, or so she reasoned, gasping and feeling her thrumming heartbeat at the moment of her evisceration. Clearing her eyes of her own pained tears, Kara saw him holding her insides, saw how he was looking at her hollowed out body. A little smile came over her stiff, stretched muzzle, proud of the desire in his cold black eyes.

Dropping the raptoress's guts on the floor, the relentless predator gave her one more agony to enjoy, grabbing her skin and yanking with a strength so great that the spikes in her ankles nearly slipped free. She felt the final few inches of her pelt rip from her flesh, and screamed with her uncovered mouth for the first time since her flaying had begun. Thrumming and throbbing, her naked body seemed to vibrate with that scream, trembling in agony and joy and pure, potent submission.

As soon as her skin was fully torn free something shoved into the absence where her guts had once been, and Kara felt hot seed pump into her body, what seemed like cupfuls of hot semen splattering the inside of her gaping abdominal cavity as Ulric fucked her emptied belly. The deluge of seed from Ulric's dick dripped down through her, searing her flesh with its heat, stinging with every droplet that touched her flayed body. More came through her throat, and she felt it ooze out and down her tongue, dripping out of her mouth.

Skinless, sexually mutilated, the once-proud lizard child felt the cock throb inside her in the place where her guts had once been. She was satisfied simply to have been a receptacle for Ulric's orgasm, a toy for him to break. A long moment passed where she silently reveled in her fate, taking stock of all that had been done to her, remembering each wound and humiliation that had been heaped onto her fragile little self. It was enough for her, enough for any painslut to be happy. Hanging here, helpless, the little girl slurred out a simple question through the mouthfuls of cum, glazed and teary eyes staring at the puddle of blood, cum, and guts below her.

"May… I… Die?"

She heard the polar bear catching his breath, saw his feet shift as he stepped slightly away, then knelt down before her. Dark eyes took in her upside-down face, her expression practically paralyzed in a gaping mask of slutty compliance. His answer was short, succinct.

"Not yet."

Blinking in understanding, the broken raptoress took a slow, cum-choked breath, gathering her will. Forcing herself not to fade away. For now, she could hold on. Just a little longer. Every moment she was alive hurt so much, and there could only be more to come. That was what bolstered her, what gave her the strength to make what was left of her cling to what little pathetic life still remained.

Pain ceased to become a surprise, once every part of the body was experiencing it at all times. So it was hardly concerning to Kara when she felt a hot line of fresh agony dig into her wrists, or when she lost the feeling in her hands. Her arms were already skinless - their nerves could report little more intensity of pain than was already being sent to her brain. The loss of her hands was almost a lessening of that constant intense ache, and she welcomed it as she welcomed every perverse pleasure left to her. In a way, she was already in her own kind of heaven - one reserved just for masochists like her.

Her feet came next, and she whimpered in pain at the searing sensation of Ulric's bare palm upon her raw calves, the agony of his steadying paw hurting more than the ragged blade. Compared to that simple touch, she barely even felt her muscle and tendons splitting, her feet and toes twitching madly as they were severed. She wished she could have been flayed from the very beginning, to have experienced this delicious, all-consuming agony for just a little longer. It was so intense, so unceasing that she could hardly think, only sob and writhe in her own perfect powerlessness.

Falling to the ground like a hunk of meat, she screamed as her bare flesh slapped against cold tiles, scrabbling with useless stumps of her wrists and ankles as she instinctively tried to push away from the pain. Only then, in the sudden clarity of adrenaline and shock from her fall, did she fully understand her own amputation. Before it'd been almost like a dream, a fact detached from reality. Now, she truly comprehended it. Her hands, her feet. Without them she couldn't even crawl away from the torture, couldn't even flee in the most pathetic possible way. The sense of helplessness redoubled, climbing in an exponential curve that left her keening on the floor before Ulric's feet, hyperventilating in a panic attack that had been slowly building since she first knelt before the great bear to offer him her life.

And as her heart hammered and the mindless note of hysteria tore from deep in her ruined throat, Kara looked up at him, gazing up at her killer through a world that suddenly seemed too bright. Lying on her back, bare muscles twitching in rhythms along her barely functioning body, she grinned at Ulric. Baring her teeth to show her determination not to give in, not until he had done all he wished to do to her.

Something approaching respect briefly touched the white bear's cruel expression. It faded quickly though, leaving Kara to simply squeak out her happy cries of agony as he reached down to grab her by the throat, the only part of her beside her face that still wore skin. Carrying her shuddering little shape over one tremendous shoulder, the bear walked with her to a staircase, climbing up with a hurried step. What was left of the small scalie was jostled so badly that she briefly blacked out, the sensation of bristly bear fur rubbing roughly across her skinless chest too much for the child to take.

When she opened her eyes, she let out an immediate sigh of relief, simply grateful to have not disgraced herself by dying too soon. Following her return to consciousness, Kara took a long moment to re-establish herself, bloodloss making her mind slow to catch up to its change in surroundings. Despite whatever drugs Ulric had pumped into her, it was clear she couldn't last much longer like this. Her body was small, and only had so much lifeblood to lose.

The smell was what made her realize it first. Sharp tangy flavors that might have made her skin crawl, if she had any left. Potent piss and fresh scat, odors of waste and sex and blood mingling in a melange of disgusting, debasing death. She was in the Club's Bathroom area, propped up beside the long row of living toilets that was set into the back wall.

Unlike the cubs positioned beneath the porcelain thrones lined up to her left, Kara was uncovered, freely visible and unhindered except by her own state of extreme destruction. Her bare flesh stung constantly in the ammonia-laced air, prickling with pain so sharp that it felt like needles were savagely stabbing all across her body.

Managing to keep herself sitting upright, Kara looked up at the huge adult standing by her side, noticing the knife still held within one of his huge hands. A tremor ran through her leg muscles, twitching near where her pussy had once been.

"Is this where I'll die?" Her voice was so weak, she couldn't be sure he'd heard at first. After a moment of waiting, he responded simply with a shake of his head.

Before she could ask more, the white bear beckoned to a passing adult, drawing the eye of an equine herm with a cock dripping with soft, creamy scat. A dead young raccoon cub dangled from one of her hands, all of its holes smeared with shit of the same consistency, belly swollen with more of the semi-liquid waste. It dripped out of the corpse's orifices in a spray as the woman turned curiously towards them, and Kara barely resisted a flinch as a glob of it came dangerously close to landing on her ankle stump.

"Yes?" The woman seemed intrigued almost at once, eyes flicking up and down Ulric's impressively huge body, then glancing at Kara. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the broken little girl, her messy cock twitching suddenly as she realized the extent of what the scalie had been through. For her part, the child summoned what was left of her dignity, meekly meeting the herm's aroused stare.

"My slut would like to clean your cock. You should oblige her," Ulric ordered simply. He instructed the adult woman with the same casual certitude with which he had told Kara he would remove her cunt, and the little girl felt a shiver of pride run up her spine at his inherent assertiveness. She had truly been taken by a prime predator, a magnificent specimen. If the corpses of cubs nearby were capable of it, she was sure they would feel envy.

Barely considering it for a second, the horse herm bit her lower lip and stepped forward, wrapping elegant fingers around her own scat-coated cock.

"Of course I'll let her clean me," the woman breathed, seemingly unable to take her eyes off Kara's trembling, skinless little body. Accepting her place, Kara simply opened her mouth, silently greeting this final degradation with a bloom of submissive joy in her heart. Then the cock touched her tongue, and her body twitched in disgust, a gag instantly seizing her aching, ruined throat.

Despite this reaction, she soon found her mouth stuffed completely full of horsecock, a vile and bitter flavor coating her tongue and seeping up through her nose. Tears streamed fresh from red-rimmed eyes, and she choked and heaved, forcing herself to suck the herm's shaft with all her strength, tongue weakly scraping off scat. She must have looked even more pathetic than she felt, for the woman began to harden almost immediately, stiffening up and throbbing within the raptoress's throat as she was serviced.

Soon the stern-willed girl got control of her reactions, and established a rhythm of suckling and licking that began to remove the mess from the equine's crotch. The throbbing of her heart and stabbing pain of her flesh seemed matched to the pulsing of the shaft inside her, and the repetitive task began to lull her into a red haze of meditative agony. Part of her realized just how wet her pussy would be, how many times she would have cum by now if she were able. But she was spared from the distractions of pleasure, her body instead given fully to torture. As it should be.

Fingers curled around the lizard girl's jaw as she suckled, and in her beatific torment she briefly didn't realize whose they were, assuming somehow they belonged to the herm whose cock she was dutifully cleaning. Then she felt the claws, large sharp points poking into the skin of her cheek, the hot breath of the predator hunched behind her back. Her heart seemed to skip a beat just as the knife edge touched her throat. A sudden expectation of death overwhelmed her, a joyous moment where she truly believed she was about to die, to be killed while being humiliated like this.

Ulric was not so merciful.

The blade bit her throat, and she felt her blood start to run in rivers, the blood that had barely trickled from her various wounds so far. Despite the medicines in her restricting her bleeding, they could do nothing to prevent the force of flow that was leaking through the gash across her neck. It was too much.

Yet, the blade cut only shallowly. Gagging constantly on the shit-flavored cock in her throat, Kara could clearly feel how much her skin and flesh had split, could gauge how much blood was pumping from her bulging neck. It was hot, and oddly soothing as it flowed across her naked muscles. Even more beautiful to her than the feeling of it across her skin was the knowledge that, sooner or later, the loss of that blood would spell her death. Like sand through an hourglass, time was truly running out for her now, her end already assured by that small, sweet slice across her throat.

Strands of saliva stretched from her muzzle as the herm withdrew her spotless cock, leaving the tip barely within the girl's mouth as she whinnied softly in climax. Cum pumped over Kara's tongue, and her eyelids flickered happily at the familiar taste, instinctively swallowing the seed down to splatter against her empty abdominal cavity. It fell straight through her body from the torn end of her esophagus, pooling at her pelvic floor before dripping out the mutilated hole between her legs with the rest of the mess she'd swallowed. Streaks of white cum and brown scat clung to her bare flesh inside and out, burning her with pain as intense as any brand, making her constantly aware of just how much filth she'd taken in.

The equine herm disappeared and another cock replaced her at once, invited to use Kara's mouth by the merciless predator at her back. Almost as soon as it within her, piss poured through it, hot and excruciating as it stung her insides with its copious quantity. Combined with the flavors of anal juices and blood upon the shaft's skin, it was enough to induce constant retching gags in the quivering little girl. Yet even with that, even amputated, eviscerated, flayed and soaked in filth, the helpless raptoress found herself in a state of slowly growing excitement. Blood spurted from her neck even as urine sprayed through her throat, and she could feel herself growing weaker. Her entire body pulsed in alternating waves, agony and ecstasy switching places in her mind with every heartbeat as a succession of men and herms used her. She wanted to cry out in joy, but with her mouth filled with cock after filthy cock, she could only channel her happiness into giving the best blowjobs ever delivered, putting her last moments to good use as she served every adult that obeyed Ulric's summons.

Losing count of the adults she serviced, the dying slut only was dimly aware of the growing amount of filth clinging to her insides, burning and aching and soaking into exposed muscles. Towards the end, she lost the strength to even hold her broken little body upright. Ulric showed her a small kindness then, supporting her below the arms so she could continue her work. His huge paws fully embraced her skinless ribcage, leathery pawpads pressing into her flesh, making her feel an odd warmth within her chest while she diligently slurped scat and intestinal lining off of one last dick.

In some way, she anticipated Ulric's next movement before he lifted her. Perhaps it was because she felt so lightheaded that she was at the edge of unconsciousness. Or it might have been because her chest was as soaked with dried blood as her insides were soaked with filth. Anything might have been the reason to expect the end of her life. In her heart she simply felt it as the panicky thrill every prey feels, just before it's death takes it from behind.

As she was carried within his huge paws, the broken cub felt almost like she was flying, too dazed to fully focus on her surroundings. Heat radiated from her bare, bloody body, pain stabbing into her skin everywhere, but most intensely at her shit and piss caked thighs. Her mouth hung open, tongue out in an expression of slutty pleasure that had frozen there during the countless cock cleanings she'd performed. Red lifeblood had continued to slowly pour from her throat, trickling in streams down her body, dripping off the ends of her amputated limbs. Each moment she was alive was a gift of overwhelming agony, an amazing miracle given to her by the bear that held her in his cruel claws. After everything her body had been put through, she should be dead. Very soon, she would be.

Gasping and gagging still, the scalie girl blinked the tears from her eyes as she noticed the light around her grow noticeably dimmer. It took a moment for her fading mind to understand where she was, to recall the things she'd read online so long ago. She'd glimpsed this place when she'd first entered, full of pride and contempt. Her eyes had passed straight over it, dismissing it as something she'd never be interested in, nothing cruel enough to suit the sort of person she wanted. Now, she understood.

After everything she'd endured already, the Guillotine Lounge would deliver her a last mercy. Death, quick and clean. Part of her was disappointed, but it was soon smothered by an overwhelming eagerness, a twitching itch to have her head cleaved from her unclean body.

Slapping her down upon one of the many beheading tables scattered about, Kara was once more given the gift of seeing her killer's face, staring down at her with the same cruel lust that had engendered her current state. His short white fur was stained with her blood, a spread-armed silhouette of her amputated shape painted red across his chest from when he'd held her. Between his legs his thick black cock was fully hard once more, aroused by her constant debasement, or perhaps simply by the sight of her ruined form. Perhaps both.

Blinding knives of pain stabbed through the raptoress's gape-mouthed face as she forced cramped, oxygen-starved muscles to move, overpowering agony with the determined will that had let her survive till this moment. Tears streamed from eyes that ached from constant pained crying, yet she made herself smile at him, to show him a glimpse of the tremendous gratitude and satisfaction, even love, that she held for him. For her predator. Then, through even more pain, she asked him again.

"May I… die?"

She knew the answer, saw it in his eyes even before she asked. Kara just wanted to hear him say it.

"Not yet. But soon, strong one."

Happiness blossomed in her heart, pride and joy beyond anything she'd felt in her life. To receive a compliment from him would have made all this torture worth it, even if she hadn't already reveled in every moment, every agonizing second. Her weakening heartbeat surged, and she realized suddenly that he'd stabbed another needle into her chest, injecting something directly into her heart. New pain spread out from the insertion point, pain like fire in her veins. She tried to scream, but it only came out as a tremulous gasp, her whole body shaking on the guillotine table as Ulric pulled her into place.

As waves of pulsing agony rippled anew over her dying body, the lunette was lowered over her bleeding throat, locking her into her fate. Ulric knelt before her, looking into her contorted face. Something like admiration still glimmered beneath his merciless mask of an expression, and she was not too far gone to feel it when his cold nose nuzzled against the side of her head, whispering to her.

"I would hate to leave your pelt incomplete, little one. After how well you've endured, I would give you the kindness of doing this after you were dead, but I know by now not to try and spare you any piece of your pain. I must warn you though… if you move your face, scream, or blink, then you will ruin the skin. Try to stay still, and your mercy will come." He moved away, and soon a sharp, cold point came up at the nape of the lizard's neck, waiting there for her acknowledgment.

Nodding slightly to show she understood, Kara took a few deep, burning breaths through barely functional lungs, then closed her eyes and mouth. Almost at once, the blade bit into her, slicing quickly and expertly up the back of her neck and scalp. It didn't hurt as much as she expected, but she still had to hold in a scream. Her entire being seemed to throb pleasantly when the knife drew away, anticipation making her tense. Her inner thighs and belly were crawling with a filthy sensation, a reminder of her debased body. She longed to have her head separated from it, and eagerly tilted her head back to give Ulric a better angle as he gripped the edges of her split skin. He made one final remark, a compliment to his prey's appearance.

"Your pelt will make such a lovely fucktoy, once I have it stuffed."

With that, Ulric began a slow pull that increased rapidly in speed, until with a final jerk he fully tore the skin from her scalp and face. Like some sort of bloody butterfly, it hung from his paws, limp and thin, looking utterly unlike how it had appeared in the mirror every day of her life. A moment of odd detachment passed through Kara as she looked at it, the mask she had worn since she was born. Now she was truly naked, bare before her killer.

Then the pain hit, and her entire body began to spasm. Densely packed with nerve endings, her facial muscles screamed in a way she could not, blinding agony overwhelming her brain and driving her to the brink of madness. Like a small animal caught in a trap, she thrashed in her bonds, breaking her body further as she instinctively tried to escape the source of the pain.

Her efforts were in vain, and she continued to suffer, heaving and sobbing while her panicked body pumped out nearly the last of her blood. There was only one escape, and she could not reach it. Only Ulric could.

Raising one bloody paw, the white bear tugged on the rope beside the guillotine. A blade flashed down from the ceiling, riding the rails that guided it down to Kara's neck, landing it squarely on the slit that had been carved across her throat.

The pain suddenly stopped, save for a small prickle across her recently removed face. Falling, the raptoress experienced the sudden freedom of being nothing but a head, a skinless skull with an asphyxiating brain trapped within. She saw Ulric as he picked her up, smiling again at him before he turned her towards her body.

It was even more pathetic of a sight that she'd anticipated. Still twitching, her once-pink bare flesh had turned a dark red as the surface dried and oxygenated throughout her torment. The stumps at the end of her limbs added a note of helplessness, and in the cavity beneath her breastbone was a mess of piss, shit, and cum that would have looked more at home in an unflushed toilet than it did inside her body. Dried streaks of the mess ran down her legs, seeming as if she'd been incontinent, if one did not notice her missing cunt and asshole.

Seeing it, she felt nothing but pride, fully satisfied with everything she'd put her body through before abandoning it. For her own enjoyment, and for Ulric's. If given another body to ruin, she'd have done it all again, no differently than before. As far as she was concerned, her death had been purely perfect.

Leaning down, her killer scooped the limp little body up in his arms, carrying it and her head slowly towards the inner edge of the floor. Pointing her face for her, the huge bear gave her the full advantage of his height and the length of his arms, holding her out over the lip of the balcony so she could look straight down at the churning maw below. Spinning noisily, the huge blades far below seemed to call to her, their violent song promising an end. Her vision was starting to fade, darkening around the edges so the brutal blades were the only thing she saw. Then, from where Ulric stood, her body was flung into view. Leaking blood and waste, it tumbled slowly down, then landed directly in the middle of the great grinder. With her last moment of sight, she saw it spin, breaking in half and then tearing into chunks before being fully destroyed between the counterspinning blades.

A final agony came to her then, unexpected but not unwelcome. Sharp and sudden, a claw plunged into her left eye, pulling it out like a ripe berry. After that, the right soon followed, leaving the quickly fading remnants of Kara to nothing but darkness. That, and the sensation of the bear's paw surrounding her, holding her safe in its grasp. She was so small now, more helpless than ever.

The now familiar shape of Ulric's cock pressed against her lips, and the raptoress used her last strength to open her mouth to him. It was all she could do. Welcoming his taste upon her tongue, she listened to him huff in pleasure, felt him rapidly pound her one last time.

"I'll be fucking your skull all day," the huge bear groaned. "Thinking about all you went through. Magnificent. You fucking painslut, you fucking beautiful piece of meat. I'd snuff a cub like you every day, if there were enough. I'd snuff you every day. Die, you little whore. You've fucking earned it."

Dimly, Kara understood. Blind, bleeding out, the last thing she experienced was Ulric's cock throbbing in her throat, then pulling out to spray her skinless face and fill her mouth with his seed. Despite his permission to die, she held on long enough to feel it, to know she'd given him every last moment of pleasure she could. Then, with a final burst of satisfaction, she let herself slip into oblivion, content in the knowledge her killer would continue to enjoy her remains even beyond the walls of Club Meat Grinder.


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Xan and Xandria's Snuffing
(loli/shota/cub, incest, pregnant, spitting, dolcett, consensual snuff, beastiality, impalement, amputation, gutting, chainsaw, abortion, beheading, neckfucking)

Xan and Xandria's tails twined together in an intimate helix as they walked side by side, twin blue-scaled faces wearing matching grins as they reveled in the sights of the Club. Half-listening to the tour the guide was delivering, they trailed behind the panda woman while looking for things they liked, pointing them out to each other so they could share their perverse appreciation.

Despite their eagerness, the twin dragons' pace was moderate as they made their way, slowed down by swell of Xandria's belly. The dragon girl's hands anxiously stroked and cradled the late pregnancy as she carried herself along, all too eager for the ruin that would come to her body and its passenger. The child was Xan's, of course. On the day that they'd finally decided to come to Club Meat Grinder they'd made it in a blaze of passion, spending half a day and night thoroughly ensuring the conception.

Ever since then their lives had been a nearly ceaseless buildup of anticipation, constantly teasing and fucking each other while their baby grew. Night after night the masochistic dragon twins would giggle and moan to each other about what they would do, what would be done to them once they were here.

And now, they were.

Lin spoke her spiel on autopilot as she lead them through the paces, familiar enough with her job to know when the cubs were looking more than listening. The two children whispered to each other every so often when they passed through a quadrant, quietly deliberating the best way to die. Of course, their basis for judging their options was obvious: Which area offered them the best simultaneous snuff?

"We could hang together," Xandria pointed out, young voice seductive as she watched two children swing from the gallows of Breathplay. "I bet you could fuck me until our last breath, if I got my legs around you before we fell."

Her brother seemed to like the idea, evidenced by the slow emergence of his cock as it stiffened out of its sheath. He seemed fascinated by the hanging cubs and the adults that used them, but despite having drawn his attention to the gallows, Xandria's eyes were locked lovingly upon her brother's cock. The ridged shaft was Xandria's favorite sight in the world, the shape of it utterly familiar to her eyes and body. Even given where they were, it was an effort for her to resist reaching out to touch him… as she knew it was equally difficult for Xan to keep from mounting her, in the moments where her own arousal was evident. They each held back for the sake of their final pleasure, letting the anticipation build.

"Maybe," he said cautiously, finally turning away from the choking cubs. "Let's see if there's anything better…"

Stroking himself slowly, the young drake coaxed his cock to its full length as they continued through the voyeuristic snuff show that they'd waited so long to come see. It twitched before him while he walked, the heavy eight inch shaft staying rock hard even after he took his hand away completely. Dripping from the ridges along his shaft in generous quantity, the precum poured out ceaselessly, Xan unable to keep from leaking in the face of all he was seeing. Xandria was in a similar state beside him, panting as the scales of her inner thighs grew increasingly sticky with each life she saw snuffed out, the dark blue nipples of her small breasts stiff and slightly wet. Enjoying themselves, they continued on to the second floor, eager to see what more was in store.

Xan was next to point out two of the many dying cubs around them, tugging his sister's tail with his own to get her attention as they perused the options of Dolcett. Wordlessly, he directed her gaze to a boy and girl of different species, their crotches sticky from repeatedly mating with each other before their snuffing was to occur.

Together they watched as the rabbit girl and her young puppy mate he'd noticed pulled free of each other, popping the little boy's knot free in a gout of thick canine cum. It was clear they'd been at it for a long while, the bunny's legs trembling and her pussy puffy and red from repeated reaming. Holding both hands clasped with one another, they climbed together into a spitting machine under the instruction of a masturbating skunk, visibly excited as they followed the adult's directions. Finally positioned properly with their bodies aligned mouth to mouth, the lapine and canine pressed towards each other for one final kiss. The twins' tails twined tighter as they watched, anticipating what was about to happen. Eyes closing as their tongues passionately intertwined, the rabbit and puppy had a long last moment of innocent intimacy, little bodies relaxed as they waited.

Then, with a pneumatic 'thunk', the spit slammed through them both.

Both bodies jerked in the direction that the steel had passed through them, the eyes of the two children going wide as their kiss was interrupted with a two inch thick steel rod. Seed coated the spit past the point where it had passed through the girl's pussy, masking the blood that doubtless lay beneath the outer creamy layer. Despite how many times he'd doubtless cum already, the little canine child's cock throbbed, stiff knot pulsing as he shot another load with the steel stuck through him. A muffled moan made the rabbit's whole body vibrate as her legs kicked uselessly, eyes rolling back as she experienced her own final climax.

While the spitted little lovers were picked up and placed in an overlarge oven to slowly cook, Xan and Xandria reached out to each other, taking each other's hands and squeezing tightly. Their tails were not enough contact, and even their interlaced fingers were a far cry from the tight, sexual embrace they both longed for, to be pressed together and mating in a mutual outpouring of arousal at what they'd just seen. Xandria's developing breasts bounced slightly with each powerful throb of her heartbeat, Xan's swollen cock throbbing even more visibly.

The female dragon spoke to her brother without looking at him, knowing in that moment that if she caught sight of his cock, she wouldn't be able to resist climbing on top of it.

"We should… finish the tour."

"Yeah…" His hand squeezed hers tightly, communicating in a single word and touch just how difficult it would be to wait even that long.

Xandria swallowed, resolve faltering. "But, I think… I think I'd like…"

"Agreed." Then, a thought crossing his mind, Xan paused. Forcing his eyes away from the dead dog and rabbit, he looked away from Dolcett entirely, head turning slowly as he swept his gaze across the half of the Club they had yet to see. Neither of them paid any attention to Lin, who was experiencing her own surge of arousal as she slyly admired the two children in her charge. She was better at masking such urges of course, Xan failing to notice anything amiss even when he turned to look right at her.

"Is there more stuff like that?", he asked innocently, pointing at the spitted children now turning slowly in the oven. "I mean like… stuff where we can both get snuffed, at the same time. We aren't really interested in the other stuff… we want to go out together, really together." Nodding vigorously beside him to show her agreement, Xandria looked pleadingly at the guide, free hand impatiently caressing her pregnancy.

Putting a finger to her lips, the panda woman's eyes turned upwards for a moment as she considered the options. She glanced back at the little dragons, mentally measuring them before she answered.

"There are a few things," she said slowly. The twins both leaned eagerly forward at her words, prompting a teasing smile to spread over her face. "How about I show you a few of the highlights… or we could keep going through all of the quadrants, if you're feeling patient."

Both of the cubs were practically vibrating with pent up lust, unable to let go of or look at each other. Their choice was clear in their very expressions, not to mention the amount of juices dripping from cock and cunt. Grinning in satisfaction, the panda drew them along, hustling across Dolcett with the children in tow.

Just across the quadrant border into Toybox, the small tour group turned towards the back wall of the area while Lin spoke in eager tones.

"These two beauties have been very popular lately, and since there's one for each of you, I think it'd be the perfect way to send each other off." Briefly lifting onto her toes as they came closer, the short panda woman raised her eyebrows as she peered over a rack of sword-like dildos. "Oh, my. Maybe a little *too* popular. They're actually both being used right now."

Settling back onto the flats of her feet, she thoughtfully put hands to her hips before looking back at her two eager charges. "Well… I guess you could still watch for a bit… if you think you could stand it."

Having calmed down slightly, the twins shared a quick glance, meeting eyes while avoiding looking at any other part of each other. Avoiding temptation. Turning back to Lin, they reluctantly released one another, tails slowly uncurling from around each other as they deliberately took a step apart. Coming towards her, they each took one of the panda's hands.

"We can do it," Xandria promised, sounding no less excited. "Let's go see." Xan nodded, showing his shared approval.

Squeezing both children's small hands within her own, the guide led them around a few shelves of sex toys, bringing them into view of the stables. Both dragon siblings went suddenly still, feet stumbling as they laid eyes on the beasts before them.

Within the garishly painted paddock sectioned off for the use of the horses, one of the trained animals had hooked its forelegs onto a horizontal bar hanging from the ceiling, putting its shaft at the perfect height to use the all young cocksleeves that came to it for a final pony ride. Looking even more enormous than its actual size, it towered above both the dragons and Lin with its head lifted up in ecstasy, pumping away whinnying happily as it destroyed the latest cunt it had been given to claim.

Lovingly held in place by an older panda woman, its current ferret fucktoy was gasping squeakily as her long body was put to use, bruised belly bulging out obscenely with every thrust. Considerably more filled out than their thin tour guide, her adult companion had her wide ass on display as she bent over the child's flat chest, seeming to be ceaselessly sucking the girl's nipples while keeping her in place. Tears streamed out of the ferret's eyes as she reciprocated, weakly nursing from the panda's huge hanging breasts while her body was broken and used by the merciless beast above her.

Off on the opposite side of the paddock, a second horse was receiving an even higher level of service by a lone child kneeling beneath its belly. Snorting in pleasure as it passively stood in place, the animal's huge throbbing cock was fully encompassed within a fox boy's bulging throat, swallowed to the balls by the intrepid slut. The cub choked and gagged constantly as he rocked his body back and forth to pleasure his feral partner, internal organs surely being destroyed with every stroke delivered along the twitching equine cock. Between his russet thighs the fox's pathetically small prick drizzled an inordinate amount of precum, soaking the hay scattered about the ground as he relished slowly giving up his life for an animal's pleasure.

Standing at the outskirts of the clearing that contained the horse enclosure, the twin dragons looked on wide-eyed, almost shy as they half-peeked from behind Lin's hips. Far closer to the action than they had been in the other areas, their desire to see everything warred with fear of interrupting the show. Watching breathlessly, the attention of each of the siblings gravitated towards a different horse as they imagined themselves in the place of one of the cubs.

Muzzle pressed absently against Lin's left thigh, Xan stared in stunned fascination as the young fox cub finished off the horse, the climax of another child's life playing out its final moments right before his eyes. Body buckling with each throb of the shaft stuck through him, the little boy fought to keep from losing his footing, pushing back with all his strength to keep himself fully impaled upon the orgasming equine. The dragon voyeur witnessed his reward, touching his own belly unconsciously as he saw the fox's stomach start to bloat, bulging unhealthily just below the sternum. Conscious movement lapsing into pleasured twitching, the little vulpine when mostly still while he was unloaded into. Less pacified, the horse shuffled its feet, stepping forward to better drive its cock into the hole it was filling. Then somehow, small as it was, the fox's toddler-sized cock found its way beneath those merciless hooves as they moved.

The horse's one simple movement set the nearly motionless cub into spasms of gagging screams, hips bucking wildly as instinct made him try to pull his cock free from beneath the weight of the huge beast. It was hopeless, of course - the animal barely seemed to notice it had stepped on something. Tiny as he was, the fox's trampled shaft was completely crushed in mere seconds, a few final spasms of seed squirting out from beneath the hoof before the flesh finally gave. Meat splitting and flattening, his dick popped like a ripe fruit, turning into a gory puddle underhoof before he managed to tear free of it. His belly followed in bursting soon after, a less dramatic release as cum sudden gouted from his navel, the flow growing and pinkening as his body tore further. Yet even despite the loss of his dick, the child kept up his eager service. His body milked every drop of cum from the equine cock it was wrapped around, sticky semen flowing heavy from the small blowout in his belly. Only when at long last he had taken in every drop the animal had to give did he let himself stop, slowing until only weak trembling showed any sign of life remaining in his little body.

The horse stepped back, satisfied for now, not even seeming to notice as its used up toy slipped off its softening cock and slumped into a puddle of cum. The messy piebald shaft started to retreat back into its sheath as the animal stepped towards its stable, long haired tail flicking as if in mocking farewell to the dying fox. Gurgling quietly, leaking blood and cum from mouth and stomach, the little slut stared dazedly at the red stain upon the hay that had been his dick, smiling until he finally bled out. Xan watched him raptly until the end, shivering in secondhand bliss.

Xandria stood further from their guide as she enjoyed her own side of the show, holding Lin's hand in two of her own as she unconsciously clutched it between her breasts. Staring past it, her eyes followed the shape of the horse's cock as it was silhouetted through the ferret girl's skin, outlined so clearly each time it pressed up against her belly. With every thrust the dragon was sure the little slut would burst, or at the very least that it would happen when the beast's pleasure finally reached it's peak.

Yet the adult panda with the child seemed to have a different plan. Cradling the cub in her arms, she carefully controlled the angle at which the shaft stabbed through her little pet, pushing the ferret further and further onto the cock each time it slammed up against her yet not letting it bring its full force to bear against her abdominal wall. Slowly the cock pounded its way through the child's body, as relentless as a jackhammer. With each inch further in both females grew more excited, even as the child started to fade.

Finally, the motherly panda woman gave the child's chest one last kiss. Xandria understood at that moment how the adult had been using her lips, the most sensitive part of her, to feel how the cock was moving through the deepest parts of the ferret's body. Delivering pleasure to her painslut had been secondary, nothing compared to her ultimate goal. Dropping to her knees, the suddenly quivering panda grabbed the ferret child by the head, pointing her face straight towards her. Meeting the child's eyes, the woman had an up close view as the flat head of the horsecock pushed up through the girl's throat, making her neck bulge before popping out her mouth. The flare inflated, and the panda opened her mouth and closed her eyes, eagerly accepting a full body cumshot of horse seed, pumped straight through the still living body of her very own equine cocksleeve.

Memories of the spitting she'd seen flashed through Xandria's mind, and she missed the conclusion of the ferret's life as she turned to Lin, impatiently tugging at the woman's fingers to get her attention. Lin looked briefly down at her, then winked, nodding her head towards the other panda.

"No relation, by the way. Not that I'd mind…" The young woman giggled, glancing back in that direction.

"What?" Xandria's thoughts tumbled, pushed off track for a moment by the non-sequitur. The question she'd meant to ask came back to her quickly, though. "No, I wanted to know something else, about the club. Is there anywhere else where I can have something… shoved through me? Like… not a cock… but, something." Her fingers played against her slit as she tried to define her desires, primary school vocabulary failing her. "And through Xan, too… I want it through our bellies. And it should be messy." Peeking past Lin's crotch at her brother, she saw him listening intently, giving her a small smile of shared excitement.

Looking away from the finale of the ferret's life, their guide shrugged, looking down at each cub in turn.

"Actually, you've seen most of what we have dedicated to that specific snuff method. You might luck out in Medical or the Film Studio and get something like that, but besides Dolcett and here, there's really only one other quadrant that you're guaranteed to find death by impalement…" Lin turned, pointing down and directly across the club. "The Armory."

Following where the panda pointed, the two children pressed together to peek past tall dildos, bundled balloons, and a dildo-equipped rodeo machine. Through an narrow unobstructed sightline, they glimpsed muzzle flashes, glinting blades, and fountaining blood. From this distance little else could be made out through the haze, save for the omnipresent shapes of cubs and adults pressing together and falling apart.

Xan looked up at Lin, curious. "Why'd you say it like that, really dramatic?"

Dropping her outstretched arm, the panda sighed slightly as she took them by the hands once again, leading them along towards the stairs.

"Well… I dunno, I feel like I have to play it up a little. It's a lot of the same things you've seen already. We have spears and swords, but they'll stick through you just as well as a spit or split you as nicely as any cleaver. Any of half a dozen things in the Toybox could do both, but you'd have to dig around a bit first to find them."

Contrary to Lin's misgivings, Xandria's face was alight with sudden joy, a grin spreading over her muzzle as soon as she heard the word 'swords'. "Oh my gosh… we have to see that! Xan, doesn't a sword just sound perfect? It could stab through us and cut us both up, then take our heads off!" Excitement sparked in both dragons' eyes as they considered it, their bottled up lust boiling over in impatience. Together they tugged at Lin's hands as they rushed forward, practically pulling the tour guide along as the panda laughed and smiled, hurrying to keep up.

Clambering down stairs and hurrying through the black curtained corridor of Film Studio, Lin barely managed to rein in the twins in time to let her grab a pair of earmuffs for herself, snapping them over her black fuzzed ears. Giving the impatient cubs a thumbs up once they were secure, she approached the curtain of soundproof cloth that lay between them and the Armory. Continuing to play with the children's anticipation, she grinned at them holding the edges of the curtain in her hands, waiting until they were practically ready to run blindly past her before she dramatically flung the fabric apart.

Both children pressed past the panda at once, rushing into a cacophony of gunshots that startled and excited them. After realizing they hadn't been hit, both of them followed the source of the thunderous sounds, appreciating the possibilities of the living target range that hugged the inner edge of the area to their left. Fucking and masturbating at the lip of the grinder itself, other cubs were constantly pelted with bullets as adults set their small, sexy bodies in their sights. Some waiting their turn to be executed even humped at the perforated corpses of previous bullseyes, using the still-warm meat as they anticipated being snuffed themselves.

Lovely as that was to watch, the twins soon turned away towards the other features of the area, seeking out a more personal and destructive tool for their own deaths. It wasn't a long search - practically right beside them were racks upon racks of melee weaponry, honed steel edges begging for a taste of cub blood as they gleamed in the Club's lights. Wordlessly looking over their options, the two cubs finally let themselves slowly start to move back together, a wordless understanding passing between them.

This was the place where they'd meet their end.

Two pairs of blue-scaled hands stroked over Xandria's pregnancy, Xan pressing up behind his sister as the twin dragons stood before the assortment of weapons. Both began to quietly pant, imagining each finely crafted implement stabbing through them in that moment, sliding through Xandria's full stomach, through her into Xan as he fucked her one last time. There was no question in either of their minds that they would go out screwing each other, a last incestuous climax before they were snuffed for good.

"Which one?" Xan whispered, stroking his shaft between his sister's thighs. The tip of his cock stroked along the underside of her swollen stomach, painting it with hot precum while she shuddered and gasped. She covered him in equal measure with the leaking juices from her slit, pure heat radiating against him while she filled the air with her scent.

"I-I don't know…" Her eyelids fluttered, and she looked around, dazed with lust. "Shouldn't we find an adult? Someone has to put it through us…"

Her brother hummed consideringly, but his thoughts were quickly drifting towards how sweet it would feel to push her sister towards the ground and fuck her, close contact and long-building arousal making him no longer really able to focus on any task less immediate.

In the moment before their wills eroded past the point of restraint, both twins felt a bump from behind, someone shoving through the curtain through from the Armory knocking up against them. It roused them, and both turned to look at who had interrupted their imminent mating.

"Excuse me," Lin was saying graciously, bowing slightly to the person who had entered. It appeared she'd been collided with as well, one hand rubbing her thigh slightly to massage away a painful prod. Neither child looked at her for long, though. Their eyes were drawn towards the interloper that had disturbed them, who was now staring back down at them with eyes that were wholly black, mascara swept eyelashes unblinking.

"No trouble," the shark woman said. Her eyes lingered on the two embracing cubs, but she seemed familiar with what Lin's presence meant. The panda made way for her, and the muscular predator brushed past without another word, making her own way deeper into the Armory.

However, neither child missed noticing what she carried, what had poked against Lin's thigh as the woman entered. Swinging from her hand and reeking of gasoline, the bloodstained chainsaw caught and held their attention in an instant, leaving them both speechless, standing stone still in the positions they'd been in when they first caught sight of it. The possibilities for being ruined by such a machine flashed through their minds in an instant of depraved insight. Cock and pussy of brother and sister pulsed, swelling and twitching before they slid apart, sticky strands of juices stretching and glimmering before snapping as their bodies rapidly moved. Turning back and hugging Lin, they both looked up at her with grateful eyes.

"We're gonna go try and catch that chainsaw lady," Xandria panted, squeezing the panda's slender thigh.

"Thank you for helping us!" Xan smiled up at her, then both children let go, linking hands and running after the shark woman as they shouted to her. "Hey! Hey, wait!"

Mildly bemused, Lin bent slightly at the waist as they caught up with their potential killer, fingers wiping off the sticky clear juices both children had smeared over her legs during their hug. Collecting up the mess, she casually licked her hands clean as she made her way back out, pleasantly surprised to find both twins tasted the same.

At the same time, the shark woman swung to face the two children calling to her, cocky smile making it almost seem as if she had expected them to chase her down. Seeing her face-on as they skidded to a stop a few feet away, the cubs realized for the first time that she was a futa - and an impressively equipped one at that. Two stocky spike-shaped shafts sprung from her navy colored crotch, pink flesh half-erect already. In their infatuation with the chainsaw she held, neither one had even noticed her cocks.

"Well, if it isn't the two cutest doorstops in the Club," the shark drawled. Her sharp toothed smile was a sadistic promise in itself, showing she took pleasure even in teasing those she knew full well she was about to snuff. "What can I do for you, sweetmeats?"

Looking at each other for an instant, Xan and Xandria clasped their hands more tightly, tails intertwining in resolve.

"We've been looking all over for something that could snuff us both at the same time…" Xan started.

"But make us into a big mess first! Stab through us and just mess up our guts, like… mmpfh." Xandria's thighs rubbed together, eyes dropping to the chainsaw. "We were gonna do swords but, that thing is perfect! Would you please please please *please* snuff us?" Blinking big blue eyes, the pregnant dragon child looked pleadingly up at the shark, her brother exactly mirroring her pitiful expression beside her.

Looking back and forth between the two, the shark dragon chuckled, then laughed once loudly.

"Damn if you two aren't just the definition of two peas in a pod. If it weren't for the big belly and big dick, I don't think I could tell you two apart…" A gleam entered the woman's eye, wicked plans already taking root in her mind. "Sure, I'll snuff you… I'll even promise to mess you up as nice as you'd like before I finish you off." She lifted the chainsaw slightly, tapping the tip of it against Xandria's belly. "Your daddy put this in you, little one?"

Smiling, Xandria shook her head. Her brother lifted his chin slightly, perverse pride making his shaft swell as his sister lovingly stroked his arm. The shark's eyes widened, both cocks giving a twitch as she understood.

"Naughty," she breathed appreciatively. "Mmm. I'm gonna love carving you two up… and junior, too." The tip of the chainsaw continued to circle around Xandria's navel, the little dragons growing increasingly excited with each promise of punishment. Xandria was especially eager, unable to help letting out a soft moan whenever the shark spoke of destroying her baby. Then the chainsaw pulled away, and the shark's grin widened even further.

"But first… Since you two are obviously such loving, caring siblings, I think I'd like to see you go at it first. Give me a little show before I send you off. That way I'll be nice and ready to rape your corpses." Gnashing her teeth dramatically, she chuckled as the cubs twitched in excitement, both pairs of blue eyes wide at her suggestion. "Come on now, over here, over here. Let's get a little privacy. I don't want anyone else stumbling over you."

Taking the children towards the back of the quadrant, the shark indicated an odd construction of cinderblocks. It looked like an igloo without a top from the outside, with sandbags sandwiched between two layers of simple bricks and impact-absorbing padding hung from the inner walls. Once inside, the smell of gunpowder and blood became more potent. To the dragons' surprise and delight, a small simple bench was placed here, perfect for a quick, frantic last fuck.

Wasting no time after so long waiting, Xan and Xandria moved in sudden concert, sister swinging down onto her back with her brother's help, legs spread for him in the instant that he thrust forward. Both of them let out sweet, harmonized moans as they finally felt the coupling their bodies had been begging for for so long, Xandria trembling upon the bench as Xan climbed up to better mount her. With her pregnancy in the way, it was harder for them to press chest to chest as they preferred. However, they'd grown used to this during the last few months; Neither had any issues clinging to each other in a full body embrace, melding together to the fullest extent as every inch of Xan's cock pushed into his sister's welcoming slit, tip prodding against her cervix and making her squeal in sweet, gentle pain.

Her belly shifted, breasts leaking against her brother's chest as they both looked into each other's eyes, panting in satisfaction. Feeling each other, sensitive to every squeeze and twitch. Behind them the shark was grunting appreciatively, free hand brushing along her twin cocks as she watched.

"I'm so happy I get to die with you," Xan whispered.

Xandria smiled, kissing him deeply before whispering back.

"I'm so happy you knocked me up before we came."

With that, they began their final fuck with a rush of urgency, muzzles locking together an outpouring of shared passion. Slick thighs slapped together as the ridged length of Xan's cock plunged into his sister's pussy over and over, roughly stroking her insides while she gripped at his back and moaned like a slut into his mouth. Both their legs began to tremble almost at once, Xandria's locked around her brother's hips, holding him in and making him hurt her with every thrust. Just how she liked. His adult sized cock stretched and broke her tight pussy, threatening to push through into her womb each time he bottomed out. She wanted that, longed for it to happen in this final chance they had. He drove for it with equal lust, violently stabbing into her while he grunted in satisfaction.

Small bodies starting to heat up the confines of their little execution chamber, both siblings started to approach orgasm at a rapid pace. After so much voyeuristic denial they could hardly help themselves, knowing each others bodies too well to hold back from pushing every button, focusing on every sweet spot. Their audience seemed in tune with their ecstasy, sensing that whatever plans she had, now was the time to start putting them in action.

Neither cub paused when they heard the chainsaw roar into life, revving deafeningly in the tiny concrete chamber. Their fucking only grew more frantic, more excited. Their small sharp teeth nipped at each other in their increasingly passionate kiss, hearts thumping rapidly in sync with one another through chests pressed together in love.

The first cut came with a sudden horrific squeal of metal against bone, pain ripping into the children at the shoulder as their embrace was complicated by the slow severing of one arm apiece. Blood sprayed, coating their faces with hot liquid while their preteen makeout kept on. Xandria licked their mixed blood from her brother's lips while they both whimpered in pain and lust, new levels of agony pouring through their young minds. Together they felt their arms go slack, then detach, all sensation disappearing as the limbs thumped to the ground. Their hands were still tightly clasped, even as inanimate meat.

Without two arms to hold on with, the rhythm of their lovemaking grew slightly stilted, slower and less smooth compared to the practiced way they'd previously enjoyed. It was almost a relief, delaying the onrushing climax that they both knew would be their last, postponing it to a more perfect moment.

They had barely gone two thrusts when the chainsaw came down once more. Pussy and cock flexed in hot liquid embrace, thrust together as deeply as could be managed while the children reveled in the removal of one leg apiece. The cut came on the opposite side of the arms already taken from them, diagonally across their torso. The pain from the two removed limbs seemed to stretch across their bodies, put at a distance by shock and the pleasure of mating, but still vibrant enough to put both masochistic cubs into a happy haze of pre-snuff euphoria. Soon they began to slowly move against each other once more, improvising now. Xan did more of the work, using his remaining leg to stroke himself through his sister's pulsing pussy, feeling how close she was, knowing he was at the brink himself.

He felt the shark's cocks brush against his ass briefly, but it was only an incidental contact, the sadistic futa focused solely upon the destruction of him and his sister. Xandria saw the woman's face through tear-stained eyes as she kissed her brother in a long, happy goodbye, heat blooming in her belly at the cruel smile that she glimpsed. Their remaining arms came away more cleanly, the ripping chain finding a path between the joint of socket and bone.

Pain was a constant now, the ghosts of limbs reporting an unceasing throb of torturous absence. Yet instead of feeling loss with their increasing mutilation, the two siblings found themselves more focused upon the sensations that remained to them. The contact of their bodies, skin to skin, coupled at the crotch. Their tongues interlaced as their tails had been, stroking each other inside interlocked mouths. Anticipating further pain, they shifted while still able, Xandria pulling Xan deep while he pushed forward. Locking his cock inside her at the maximum depth, her pussy squeezed tight to keep him in for the rest of her life.

The last leg of each twin tore away in a rush of hot agony that was almost freeing, leaving them each utterly limbless, two strange fuck toys laid atop one another. Blood was pumping out of them in every direction, mixing as it poured out onto the floor. Consciousness grew hazy as euphoria swelled to overtake all thought. Both of them twitched, shifting their bodies the last little bit needed. Xan's shaft slid an inch along Xandria's pussy, their oversensitive sex organs sending screaming signals up to their fading minds. Groaning, they both came.

Behind them, the shark watched with breathless excitement, holding her whirring weapon. Her own twin cocks pulsed at full mast while she enjoyed the sight of a brother's long, thick cock pulsing, pumping seed into his sister's rhythmically contracting cunt. Squirt dribbled out of the girl's steaming slit while she received the load, thick seed starting to leak from her after a few long seconds of continuous cumming. While they were both still in full climax, the shark excitedly lifted her saw, lining the tip up along the male dragon's scrotum.

Xan felt the bite of the blade first, gasping in happy surprise as it suddenly split his hanging balls. Popped like paintballs, they splattered pale meat and sperm across everything in the room, obliterated in an instant. Then he began to quiver, whimpering to his sister while she kissed his cheek, sharing what she could with him before her own time of agony came. The chainsaw split his cock up its length, scoring it down the middle without removing it, sending blood and cum squirting out of the opened interior.

With only a few inches of his shaft not within Xandria, there wasn't much time before the chainsaw also found his sister's slit in its merciless path. Body jerking and vibrating as the spinning chain began to chew through her outer labia, Xandria moaned in high pitched squeals of anticipation, knowing that the moment she'd been craving was about to arrive. Her brother rutted with a ruined cock, fucking her pussy even as both she and him had their genitals converted to bloody hash. Their cries of pain and pleasure mingled with the song of the saw, making a brief rising harmony while the weapon shoved deeper into the pregnant girl's pussy. Freshly unloaded cum mixed pink with blood, oozing out down her ass and onto the bench, carrying with it pieces of cock and cunt.

Finally, with more than half a foot of chewing chainsaw whirring within her, Xandria screamed in wicked, purely perverted pleasure. She felt the kiss of pain against her cervix, the small ring of soft muscle ripped apart like the rest of her pussy. Her water broke in the worst way possible, a spreading coolness through the heat of her hot, ripped slit. Completely castrated now, her brother's cockstump oozed cum over the shark's wrists as he felt the abortion happen beneath him, pulling his sister close and kissing her as it did. Her belly bulged and deformed sickeningly, more meat splattering from the gaping wound between her legs, a parody of birth.

Then, the chainsaw jerked upward.

Both children convulsed, almost falling off one another and the bench as their bellies were torn open in one swipe. The mangled pieces of their baby clung to the chainsaw as it caught and ripped at skin and guts, swirling them carelessly around, mixing the contents of each child's insides. Xan's spilled guts fell into Xandria's empty belly, then the whole sloppy mess splattered up back into him, dripping down once more in finer, messier pieces. Feeling it all, they writhed together, bodies barely able to convey to one another the bliss they felt in being destroyed like this, as a family. The meat of brother and sister ripped and tore, shredded and mixed up with the flesh of their child in an amalgamation of gore. Kissing deeply in an agonized passion, the two siblings enjoyed the snuffing of their child even more than they'd enjoyed its conception, feeling their own ruined flesh squishing together with its remains, a mangled mating of hot sticky meat.

The chainsaw pulled free of their bodies with a gruesome wet noise, somehow still running smooth despite all that it had done. Between both children's legs now lay identical gashes, made as the shark had yanked her weapon upwards through stomach and pelvis alike. Pulverized meat slopped from the messy holes, guts oozing out on a tide of bloodstained cum and chunks of child. Ripped intestines so thoroughly tangled that they couldn't tell where one of them ended and the other began, Xan and Xandria gazed at each other, muzzles pressed tip to tip as they each felt their progeny within themselves. Happy to have shared in its snuffing, and in each others, they closed their eyes as the chainsaw came close for one last cut.

Blood sprayed in twin founts more forceful than any before, liquid red covering and running down one padded wall as the heads of the dragon siblings were cut free. Their expressions grew increasingly slutty as their connection to life was so violently removed, utterly shameless by the time they fell free to thump against the ground.

Face up, both of them were given the final gift of seeing their killer drop the bloody chainsaw, circling around their corpses and kneeling down to line up her cocks with their spurting, twitching neckholes. Slamming the twin cocks into their throats, she rapidly fucked the headless corpses, groaning loudly as the world started to grow dark for the two cubs. Side by side even in death, they each smiled as they saw the futa start to cum, happy to be used. Consciousness winked away, and Xan and Xandria's lives fully snuffed out.

But their time had not yet come to an end. As corpses, their service continued, used first for the better part of an hour by the shark futa as she spent load after load into their messy remains. Mentally replaying the scene of their deaths, it was a long time before the woman felt sated enough to stop, exhausting herself before their bodies had gone fully cold. Only then did she carry out the two lumps of dead meat slung over her shoulders, skulls hanging from her hands as she took them over towards the shooting range.

Yet instead of tossing them straight into the grinder, she stopped next to the line of cubs waiting their turn at the end of the shooting gallery, smiling at them before dumping the two snuffed siblings down.

"It used to be a boy and a girl," she said casually, walking away from the gathering group. "Twin siblings. See if you can guess which was which."

With those simple words, she set off a game that ran for the entire rest of the day, passed along by word of mouth from cubs about to die to newcomers just getting into line. With their heads removed, crotches mutilated, and bellies torn, the only hope the children had of guessing by sight would have been which twin had tits. However, the shark had been a step ahead. After sawing the tits off of Xandria's body, she'd made identical marks on Xan, complicating the game past visual inspection.

So the cubs turned towards the intended method of 'deduction'. In their final moments before it was their turn to face the firing squad, they mount the ruined bodies, taking turns in pairs to fuck what was left of the masochistic twins. When they came, adding to the increasing messiness of the already mutilated shapes, they would guess which one they thought was which.

In the end though, which one they thought felt more like a girl or boy didn't really matter. Though the game was for fun and pleasure, the true purpose was far more direct. For those about to willingly face their final fate, some with no true concept of how it would be to die before death came to them, the corpses showed them in vivid detail how soon they, too, would be nothing but meat. It was a gift, a lesson that only lead to greater anticipation, stoking the fires of masochistic lust. In the moments as they unloaded their cum or spritzed squirt in their final orgasm, those that used the snuffed dragons truly understood what fate was in store for any cub that came to Club Meat Grinder.


The whole series is simply amazing. Even if I'm not into furry or futa, I'm still enjoying it a lot. The whole idea of such a club, the creativity through its various areas, the eagerness of the participants combined with their young age. But that last one chapter was beyond everything else. Can there even be anything sexier than twins? To be together with someone from birth, no, actually, from the very conception, it's the most intimate relationship imaginable. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the characters carry this relationship through their life… and to their death. I could hardly get any sleep this night as after reading this chapter the vivid images of twins lovingly dying together kept haunting me through the night making my heart beat like crazy. It reminded me why I love guro in the first place. As much fun as death and gore are, what really matters is the love behind them. And this masperpiece really made me feel it. Bravo!



Thank you, I am glad you appreciate my stories. Content for any gore or snuff fetish, especially consensual, is all too rare. I do what I can to increase the amount that is out there.

I'm not particularly inclined towards furry myself, but it is the community that the bulk of my commissions come from, and it does allow for some creative characters..

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