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[Loke] The Hanging of a Sinner [2016]

”Come on, it’s time to go” the woman dressed in long black robes said to me. I was standing in the hallway of the most prestigious Christian private school for girls in the country, naked and with my hands bound behind my back. It was just before lunchtime and the hall should have been bustling with activity at this time, but today every student at the school had gathered in the courtyard for today’s very special event; my execution. I had committed one of the worst sins a girl at my age could commit, at least in the eyes of this extremely conservative school. I’d had sex before marriage, which was punishable by death. Of course I’d heard of many girls that had done it anyway, the only difference between them and me was that I was stupid enough to get caught. For me, it meant that at the age of fourteen, my life would shortly come to an end.

All the students stood along the walls of the main courtyard looking at the gallows that had been set up in the middle of it. It was late September and the autumn had made its appearance with a chilling wind and a light drizzle falling from the sky. As the cold rain hit my bare skin the nipples of my pert breasts stood at attention. Being naked in front of everybody made the situation worse and I felt myself blushing heavily. Even though I was freezing my face was bright red and I kept my gaze planted in the ground as I made my way to the centre of the courtyard. I didn’t see them, but I could feel everybody’s eyes staring at me, judging me as the sinner they thought I was.

The scene was eerily silent as I arrived beside the noose that would soon end my life. The headmaster was standing there too, and after giving a short speech about the sins I had committed he signalled for the hanging to begin. The same woman who had escorted me from the hallway placed a small stool below the noose and I stepped up on it. The headmaster then placed the noose around my neck, adjusted it and fastened it to the frame of the gallows, so that the rope would catch me when they removed the stool. The woman said a short prayer, and after a collective amen from the audience she kicked the stool from under my feet.

I fell only a couple of inches before the rope caught my neck and forced my throat shut, and by instinct I gasped for air as hard as I could. I managed to suck in a tiny amount of air but as my windpipe was crushed by my own weight it became impossible to breathe. My feet were searching for something to stand on and found nothing. In desperation I kicked aimlessly hoping to somehow gain enough leverage to escape the tightness of the rope for just a second, but that did not work either. I must have given the onlookers a good view of my nether parts in the process, and as I kicked I felt my breasts bouncing in response to my movements.

My lungs soon started to burn and added to the sharp aching pain coming from my neck. I was really panicking by then as I realised that there was no way out and that my death was imminent. I opened my eyes for the first time since the drop and saw the headmaster standing there, his gaze moving up and down my young body while his lips formed a sly smile. I felt the hate against him flowing inside me and I became very frustrated that I was powerless to do anything about it.

The burning pain in my lungs was spreading though my whole body, each cell screaming for oxygen. I felt my strength slowly leaving me, and my frantic kicks were getting weaker every second. Surprisingly, a familiar feeling slowly made its appearance between my legs; the same feeling that had gotten me into this trouble in the first place. Desperate for relief from the pain and without much time left to live I tried to rub my thighs together to pleasure myself. Somehow it worked, and it wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building up inside me. At that point I didn’t care if I did it in front of all my teachers and fellow students, the only thing that mattered to me at that point was to get away from the immense pain I was in.

As my orgasm was approaching I tried to relax the best I could. I didn’t want to pass out before it came, and apart from my thigh rubbing my whole body was limp.

Suddenly, the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced hit me. The incredible pain mixed with the immense pleasure into a new, extraordinary feeling. Wave after wave rolled through me, spreading from my pussy to my whole body causing every muscle I had to spasm uncontrollably. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy, but I couldn’t make a single noise.

When my orgasm started to fade, I felt the pain disappear as well. I opened my eyes again, but I could hardly see anything, only vague shadows in black and white. My strength was leaving me and my limbs felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each. I felt nothing apart from a warm calmness inside me, and an ice-cold void outside. I could feel myself loose consciousness, and as I did so I lost control of my bladder, and shortly afterwards my bowels. I would have been embarrassed, but where I was heading now there were no feelings, no sights and no impressions, there was only calmness, peace, and an endless void of nothing.

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