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Curse of the Tomb Raider

written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

Chapter 1: Welcome to Darsah

Sam looked at the rocky island of Darsah in the distance, shielding her eyes with her hand against the glaring sun. For what had to be the tenth time in the few minutes she had spent watching the island slowy grow larger as the boat sailed towards it, she ran her hand across her brow, wiping the sweat off on her light grey sports bra. With a grimace, she pulled at the back of her matching lycra shorts, which, after some initial incursions over the past half hour, had now launched a full-scale invasion of her buttcrack. Or maybe it was a mining operation. It sure felt like one, at least.

Under normal circumstances she would have worn something a little more comfortable, but the heat that was extreme even for the area of the world they were in made it uncomfortable to wear much of anything, and the sporting outfit was the least warm thing she’d brought on their expedition, short of walking around in her underwear, but she had no intention of giving the captain even more of a show than he was getting already.

The half-asian girl turned her head to look at the stocky bald man steering the ship. He was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt that had probably been white at one point, but which was now more of a grayish yellow, with over a dozen tiny and not-so-tiny holes and massive pit stains. The man’s salt-and-pepper stubble clearly hadn’t seen a razor in days. When he caught her looking, the corners of his mouth turned upwards in a lecherous grin, causing the half-smoked cigar that dangled out of his mouth to rise up, almost as if it was having an erection. He cupped the crotch of his shorts, tugging upwards twice as he winked at her.

‘''In your dreams, you little perv''’, Sam thought to herself. She made the mistake of briefly picturing what sex with the guy would be like and couldn’t suppress a brief shudder of revulsion. She thanked her lucky stars that her lover was everything that the captain was not. Such as beautiful. And sweet. And female. The longer she spent under the man’s lascivious gaze, the more exposed she felt. With as much as haste as she could get away with without making it look as if she was fleeing, she quickly walked to the door to her cabin. Unfortunately for her, that door was right below the bridge, and as she hurried along, she caught another glimpse of the captain, who had raised his hand up to his mouth, keeping his middle and index finger spread in a V-shape as his tongue darted up and down between them as his eyes followed her. His lips were curled a little, allowing her to see his teeth, which ranged in color between yellow and brown.

“Oh, ''hell'' no,” muttered the raven-haired girl. “I’d rather rub my clit with sandpaper.”

She quickly slipped through the open door into the interior of the ship, and suddenly gained a new understanding of what it had to feel like to be a pizza. While it had been uncomfortably warm out on the deck, the ocean breeze at least kept things somewhat tolerable. The inside of the dilapidated small cargo ship felt more like an oven, and she could already feel new beads of sweat start to form on her forehead. She walked down the hallway and stepped through to open door to her cabin.

“''Fuck me'', it’s hot in here,” she said, fanning her hand in front of her face in an attempt to bring some relief to the stifling air.

The brunette with whom she was sharing the cabin looked up from the notebook, an ancient scroll and a series of maps that were spread out on her bed with a grin.

“Normally I’d be happy to take you up on that offer,” she said, “but I’m afraid in this weather we’d just slide right off of each other.”

To emphasise her words, she grabbed the hem of her blue henley shirt, which was darker in color than Sam remembered it being, and wrung it out, causing a few drops to fall to the floor.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” said Sam. “Besides, we don’t want that creepy fucker of a captain walking in on us. I bet he’d love that.”

“Yeah, Miguel isn’t the most… refined,” said Lara. “But he was all I could get on short notice. Now that I finally have the geographical descriptions I need to narrow down the location of king Parahu’s tomb mentioned in my father’s notes I just couldn’t wait any longer to go find it. Sorry about the last-minute trip, by the way. Probably should have taken the time to read a weather report, huh?”

“Gee, you think? Frankly, I’m amazed you haven’t boiled to death in those clothes,” said Sam, gesturing at the British woman’s long-sleeved shirt and dark grey pants.

“It sure feels like I have. But I only brought one change of clothes, and they’re no thinner.”

“Well jeez, girl, why didn’t you take some of mine?”

Sam knelt down next to her duffel bag, rummaging through it for a bit as she looked for her second skimpiest outfit. She handed Lara a pair of brown canvas shorts and a turquoise tank top.

“The top might be a bit tight because your boobs are bigger than mine, but the pants should fit just fine, I think.”

The brunette gratefully accepted the articles of clothing before grabbing the hem of her henley shirt and starting to pull it up over her head. She scrunched up her face, since peeling off the shirt that was practically plastered to her skin wasn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world.

Sam looked on appreciatively as her lover’s toned belly was revealed and her ample bra-covered breasts popped out from under the shirt.

Because the shirt was soaked with sweat, Lara was having difficulty getting it off. As she pulled the shirt up higher, it got more and more difficult to move her arms. By the time she had pulled it ujp to her chin, she was completely stuck.

“Uhm, Sam? Little help?”

With a snicker, the half-asian girl sat down next to her friend. She was about to start helping to pull off the shirt when she noticed Lara was wearing a front closure bra. Never one to pass up an opportunity, she undid the bra’s clasp and pulled the cups to the side, revealing the British girl’s tits.

“Ha ha, very funny,” said Lara sarcastically.

“What? I think it’s a big improvement,” Sam laughed.

“I meant help me with my ''shirt''.”

“Oh fine, lean forward for me.”

Grabbing the edge of Lara’s shirt near hear armpits, she managed to pull the shirt off completely, freeing the struggling girl, who went to reclasp her bra.

“Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to take that off? The temperature’s not much better outside.”

“Hm, you might have a point. Normally I’d prefer the support, but today it’s just too damn hot.”

She shrugged off the bra, leaving her topless, before donning Sam’s tank top.

“You were right; it is a bit on the tight side,” she said. “Then again, it might just stop my boobs from bouncing all over the place.”

“Aww, but I ''like'' your boobs bouncing all over the place,” said Sam, giving the brunette a pouty look.

“I’m sure you do, little miss perky-tits, but I can assure you my back won’t.”

“Spoilsport. Need some help with your pants?”

“Yes, please.”

As Lara undid her zipper, Sam curled her fingers around the sides of the top of the girl’s pants, making sure to hook her fingers behind the waistband of her friend’s panties as well. As soon as she started pulling them down, however, Lara stopped her.

“Hey, just because ''you'' like running around without your knickers on doesn’t mean all of us do.”

“What?” said Sam, raising one hand to her chest in mock indignation.

“Are you suggesting that I’m some sort of hussy?”

“Oh, I’m not ''suggesting'' anything,” snickered Lara. “I’m flat out stating it. Though ''hussy'' isn’t the word I’d use. Probably something more along the lines of ''nympomaniac''. Or ''raging whore''.”

“Wow. Do they even teach those words in whatever posh private school you went to?”

“Nope, I learned them all from you, babe,” said Lara, giving the other girl a quick peck on the lips.

“I love being a bad influence,” smiled Sam. “But for the record: you’re wrong. I’m totally wearing panties.”

The brunette eyed the other girl critically, raising an eyebrow. There was a barely perceptible quiver in the black-haired girl’s lips.


“Am too.”

“Are not.”

“Am too.”

Lara took a breath, as if she was going to reply, but rather than continuing their bickering, her hand shot forward, grabbing the waistband of Sam’s shorts.

“Hey, no fair!” yelled Sam, her mouth falling open in surprise.

The half-asian girl tried to grab her friend’s wrist, but it was in vain: Lara had already pulled her hand back, giving her a clear look at Sam’s labia, revealing that she was, in fact, not.

“You slut,” said Lara, rolling her eyes.

“Only for you, honey,” replied Sam, closing in to give Lara a deep open-mouthed kiss.

The next minute or two were spent slowly rolling Lara’s pants down her legs. She stuffed the two items of clothing into her backpack before pulling on the brown shorts.

“Ah, much better,” she sighed happily.

“Wow, those look much better on you than they do on me,” said Sam. “You should wear them more often.”

“Really?” Lara said, looking down at herself. “Okay, I’ll consider it. They would be nice in warmer climates.”

“Yeah, you can have them if you want.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“Seeing you in this outfit is all the thanks I need,” said Sam, giving her friend a slap on her butt. “Come on, let’s grab our stuff; we should be almost there by now.”

Some fifteen minutes later, the two girls were sat in the front of a small motor boat as the captain guided it through the surf.

“I think this guy is steering into every wave on purpose,” said Sam as she wiped some of the spray off her arms. No sooner had she said this than a big wave came crashing over the bow of the boat, drenching the two adventurers from head to toe.

They turned around, trying to wipe the soaking wet hair out of their eyes, just catching the tail end of a quickly suppressed smirk on the bald man’s face. Lara followed his eyes and looked down at her chest, quickly covering it with an arm when she noticed that her areola were visible through the now somewhat translucent material. Sam quickly followed her example, shielding her own partially revealed nipples.

“Ugh. Fucking pervert,” Sam huffed.

As soon as the two girls had turned their backs again, the smirk creeped back on the captain’s face. They didn’t address him again until the boat landed on the rocky beach, which suited him just fine. He was more of an ass guy, anyway. Once he had left the two dripping girls standing on the shore, he turned the boat around, setting off back towards his ship.

“Well, at least we’re here,” said Lara with an apolegetic smile.

“I’m just happy to be rid of captain horndog. If the tomb you’re looking for isn’t on this island, you owe me a new wardrobe,” said Sam, zipping open her duffel bag and inspecting the drenched contents. She frowned.

“Hey! That fucker stole all of my underwear!”

The captain whistled a tune as he skidded across the waves. Tonight would be a fun night.


Chapter 2: Uncovered and defiled

The sands of Darsah were hot to the touch – Lara made a note to maybe not go barefeet until the place cooled down, lest she end up roasting her own feet. Standing on the shore, she fished out a notebook. The island was very small, but the temple would still be hidden well. Good thing she had her fathers note’s.

“Hmmm, let me see…” she said, flipping the pages as Sam leaned her chin on Lara’s shoulder, peeking at the notes.

“Where’s that page I had bookmarked…”

“Uh, Lara?” said Sam, pointing. “I think your book’s not had a good time of it on the way here…”

Frowning, Lara looked at the old ink that was supposed to guide her way to the hidden temple. It had smudged badly, the old paper stained with water to the point where she couldn’t even read the words.

“Shit. I knew I should have laminated this old thing.”

“No, ''I'' said that, you wanted it ‘authentic’, remember?” teased Sam.

Lara pushed the smug face of her girlfriend away, before thinking. She went over to her backpack and whipped out a towel, before laying it down on the sand. Sam wandered over, curious.

“Weird time to go sunbathing.”

“Not for this it’s not,” said Lara, putting the book down on the towel. “Once the pages dry, I’ll know what we should be looking for. Besides…” The brunette plopped down on the towel. “I’d quite like this to dry up as well,” she added, pointing to her almost completely transparent shirt.

“Hm, this might be the first good idea you’ve had so far this whole trip,” said Sam, fishing her own towel out of her duffel bag and spreading it out next to Lara’s. Before lying down, she unlaced her shoes and put them down next to the towel, followed by her socks, her sports bra and her shorts.

“Uhm, what are you doing?” asked Lara as her now completely nude girlfriend lay down on her towel.

“They’ll dry faster this way. Besides, this is a desert island. It’s not like anybody’s gonna see.”

Seeing the logic in her friend’s words, Lara spread out her own clothes on the rocky shore. She kept her panties on, though. There were limits.

The sun made swift work of their wet gear, and barely an hour later the two girls stood ready to set off in search of the entrance of the tomb in their now dry and toasty warm clothes. Even the journal was vaguely legible again.

“Okay…” said Lara. “We’re supposed to walk north-northeast for about half a mile until we find a rock carved with a symbol of a bird… or a bull… it’s hard to tell. You know what? Just shout if you see any kind of carving.”

They walked on through the rocks and sand, the sun still high and impossibly bright in the cloudless sky. The two archeologists scanned every even vaguely important-looking rock along the way, looking for some sort of sign. After twenty minutes or so, after deciding to stay on the coast and move around a huge cliff, they spotted something.

“Sam, over here!”

Lara pointed to a rock jutting out of the bottom of the sheer cliff. It was slightly paler than the others. It also had what was very clearly the carving of a bull on it. They looked at each other, nodding excitedly as their sense of academic curiosity mingled with their lust for adventure. Lara squatted down and pressed on the rock. There was a subtle click, and then a stone trapdoor started to open just beneath her feet. Lara scrambled out the way as it opened up, revealing a long ladder downwards.

“Cripes, that would have been a hell of a fall, Lara…”

The brunette peered down into the hole, looking at the small square of floor down below that was illuminated by the sun, which was almost directly overhead.

“Eh, there aren’t even any spikes at the bottom. I’m almost disappointed.”

“Well, if you’re so confident, you can go first. Ten bucks says you walk into some kind of trap before the day’s done.”

“Alright,” said Lara with a smile, “I will take that bet.”

She started climbing down the ladder, followed soon after by her friend.

“Thanks for letting me go first, by the way; the view from down here is much better.”

Sam looked down between her legs, catching the British woman staring at her ass.

“By all means keep staring at it,” she grinned. “It’ll make it that much easier for me to win my ten bucks.”

Tempting as her current view might be, Lara decided to heed her friend’s words and look back down. After climbing a dozen or so rungs more, she stepped off the ladder and made space for Sam. They were in a narrow hallway, which led to an antechamber.

“While we don’t have much information about the land of Punt,” said Lara, “these murals seem to match the art style of the period we’re looking for.”

“Any hints as to where we’re supposed to go?” asked Sam, indicating the three hallways in front of them.

“Let me see… burial rituals… highlights of king Parahu and queen Ati’s reign… something about a curse to ward off grave robbers…”

“You mean like us?”

“''No'', I ''don’t'' mean like us. We are not some run-of-the-mill tomb raiders.”

“Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night, babe.”

Lara gave her an annoyed look over her shoulder before returning to the murals.

“Besides, all this curse stuff is just superstitious nonsense anyway.”

“You ''do'' remember that time when the spirit of a long-dead Japanese queen tried to possess my body, right?”

“That was an exception.”

“''Sure'' it was. Fine, don’t come crying to me if you end up with some horrible curse. Now, anything on there about directions?”

“Nnnnnope, doesn’t look like it. Let’s go in the left one.”

“Any reason?”

“It’s as good as any of the others?”

“Ugh, why do I keep letting you talk me into coming on these trips?”

“Because you love me?”

“Oh yeah, there’s that.”

Sam gave Lara a quick kiss.

“Go on then, miss ‘''I’m not a tomb raider''’, lead the way,” said Sam, giving her girlfriend a firm smack on the ass.

Lara didn’t bother to hide the giddy smile on her face as she stepped into the tunnel.

The tunnel halls darkened as the two adventurers proceeded into the tomb. Luckily, unlit torches were on hand, and after producing a lighter from their gear, Lara and Sam were bathed in the glow of a fresh fire. Lara was used to the sense of claustrophobia by now at least, but it sure felt nice to have a friendly hand to hold as she went further in. They walked slowly and cautiously, looking for traps, but it was all very…

“Too quiet” said Lara, aloud.

“Yeah,” agreed Sam. “''Too'' too quiet.”

Lara felt a gentle squeeze on her hand, which she reciprocated. She felt a certain weight of responsibility to keep Sam safe on this trip; she scanned every square inch of the halls as they went, but there wasn’t even a hint of danger so far, which just put her more on edge. These trips never went well, after all. Eventually, they came to a large set of metal double doors. They both nodded at each other, and each took one side of the door. It was much heavier than it looked, as they both struggled to make any headway.

Eventually though, a crack formed, getting wide enough to see through. Lara slowly peered through it and gasped.

“What is it?”

“Sam… I think we found where king Parahu was buried…”

The two girls kept pushing, widening the crack just far enough to be able to squeeze through sideways. Lara studied the sarcophagus for a few minutes, examining the elaborate paintings the covered the outside. In many places the artwork was covered in gilt leaf. She took her phone out of her backpack, taking several photos.

“Just in case,” she said, looking up at Sam. “In my experience, tombs like this have a tendency to… crumble apart.”

“It’s as if they don’t like you or something.”

Lara rolled her eyes and stood up.

“Come on,” she said, pushing her hands against the side of the sarcophagus’ lid, “help me push this thing open.”

Sam joined her and together they braced themselves, pushing against the heavy stone slab. Like the door, progress was slow, but they persisted and soon enough they had shifted the lid enough to open up a little gap in the corner. As soon as they did, a cloud of purplish dust blew out, hitting the two girls right in the face, giving both of them a coughing fit.

“Yuck,” sputtered Sam once they had calmed down a little and wiped the tears out of their eyes, “not exactly minty fresh, is it?”

“Well, at least you can say you’ve gotten a smell of what life was like in ancient Somalia.”

“Yeah, and a taste,” replied the half-asian girl before trying to spit out some of the dust.

“Alright, all good? Let’s continue then.”

They pushed the lid all the way off, and it clattered to the floor with a loud, dull thud. Both of them peered into the contents within. Laying there was a single human skeleton, grinning up at the two of them as if it had been waiting for them. Its hands were clutching at something round and golden. Lara reached a hand down and grabbed hold of the object, lifting it upwards as the bony hands still clung to it.

“This must have been his crown…” she said, reverently.

Sam took hold of the crown with one hand and yanked hard. The skeleton’s hands promptly collapsed into bone and dust, and Sam fell backwards onto her rear, clutching her prize.


“Sam, be more careful!” scolded Lara lightly, looking down at her girlfriend as she layed spread-eagled on the ground in front of her.

“Not that I mind that pose, usually. Just feels… inappropriate here.”

“I doubt he minds.”

“Remember Himiko?”

“Ghost possession lightning won’t strike twice, right?” laughed Sam, getting to her feet. Then she gasped.

“Oh shit, the doors!”

She pointed at the metal doors, which had at some point had started to swing shut with surprising speed. The two girls sprinted over, but the gap was too small for them to squeeze through.

“Hurry, pull it open before it closes!”

“I’m trying!”

It was no good. The doors slammed shut, leaving the entrance – and their planned exit, for that matter – closed to them.

Both girls started scanning around for another exit, having no intention of joining the king in his eternal slumber. There didn’t appear to be any.

“Start pushing against the wall,” suggested Lara. “Many of these tombs had some kind of hidden emergency exit in case the builders got stuck.”

Running their hands all over the paintings on the walls, they started inching around the room. Lara had searched every inch of one of the four walls and most of another when her fingers touched the figure of a man in a white skirt holding a hammer and pushed it into the wall a fraction of an inch.

“A builder,” said Lara to herself. “Makes sense.”

With another low rumble, a small section of the wall near the floor sank down, creating a rectangular tunnel about two feet wide and a foot and a half high.

“Hope you don’t have claustrophobia,” said Lara, shrugging off her backpack. “I’ll go first to see if this leads anywhere. If it does, I’ll shout back to you and you can push my pack and your bag in front of you as you go.”

“Sounds good, go for it.”

The brunette lay down on the ground and started worming herself into the narrow passage, crawling forwards using her elbows. It was Sam’s turn to get a good look at the other girl’s ass, and she didn’t mind the view in the slightest. It wasn’t long before Lara’s ass disappeared into the wall, followed by her shapely bare legs.

“I’m through!” Sam heard her girlfriend call out. “You can follow me!”

Mimicking her friend’s movements, Sam started crawling through the tunnel too, pushing their bags in front of her. Once she had gotten far enough, Lara pulled them through to the other side before giving Sam a hand.

Dusting herself off and pulling her shorts back up - her scurrying along the ground had almost pulled them down far enough to expose her clit - Sam looked around. They were in a bigger room now, which only had one exit.

“You owe me ten bucks,” she said. “That was totally a trap.”

“You walked into it too, so it doesn’t count.”

“What? Bullshit. We never said anything about ''me'', just about ''you'' walking into a trap.”

“It was implied that I would be the only one.”

“Oh, fine. I’m sure it won’t take us too long to find another one. Speaking of which, let’s get going. You get to go first.”

Lara grumbled, but it was more for show than out of genuine annoyance. She was happy to take point, confident in her ability to detect traps and other dangers to keep Sam safe.

They found themselves in a narrow corridor, surrounded by dusty sand-coloured stone in a passageway barely big enough to go single file in. The two of them pressed onwards.

“You keeping an eye out for traps, Lara?” asked Sam, trying to keep their spirits up. “I don’t want a repeat of Mozambique.”

“That was ''not'' my fault, Sam!” laughed Lara, turning her head briefly. “That tiger was very well hidden… hey, at least I’m actually looking for traps and not just at the hottest arse in the area.”

“Not a single thing you just said is true.”

“Is so! Sam, you are such a–”

There was a subtle, yet distinct, clicking sound as Lara stepped forward. She was still looking at Sam when something shot out of the wall beside her…

A large blade swung out from a barely perceptible groove in the wall. Sam opened her mouth in an attempt to shout a warning at her friend, but before she was able to utter so much as a single syllable it struck Lara in the nape of her neck, slicing through it like a hot knife through butter. Sam’s mouth fell open in shock as she watched her lover’s head arc down the corridor, trailing a thin stream of blood as it sailed through the air. The brunette’s body instantly collapsed to the floor in a tangle of limbs.

Lara went from looking at her friend, who was just beginning to form a look of surprise on her face, to suddenly having her point of view spin like crazy.

The blood drained from Sam’s face as she stood rooted to the ground, unable to move for several long, agonizing seconds. A small series of thuds as Lara’s head hit the floor and rolled to a stop about 15 feet down the corridor snapped her out of her stupor. Dropping her bag, she rushed forward, sinking down to her knees as she cradled her friend’s body.

Lara felt a few bumps as her head rolled along the ground, until it lay in the darkness ahead. She saw a headless body drop a lit torch and collapse like a sack of potatoes, with Sam watching on. Actually, Lara recognized that body; it was her own. She had been decapitated, and was now about to die. Her thoughts swam, muddled and confused and wrought with a mixture of numbness and emotion that made it difficult to fully process anything. The young adventurer’s mouth opened and closed silently, trying to speak, but without any lungs no words came out.

‘''Sam… I’m sorry…''’ was all she could think before everything started to go dark.

Even though Sam had always known on an abstract level that it would probably end like this given the lifestyle they led, seeing it happen was something else entirely. As the initial shock wore off, she could feel tears welling up in her eyes at the realization that her girlfriend was dead.

All of a sudden Lara was sitting up, taking a deep breath like she was waking from a falling dream. She looked down at herself; naked, but very much alive. And this musky old tomb definetely wasn’t the afterlife. If it was, she must have ''really'' pissed off some deity or other… getting up off the floor, she realized she had awoken next to the old resting place of King Parahu, his long-dead remains still inside. Dead… suddenly, it all came back to her.

Sam could feel her throat close up in anticipation of a bout of uncontrollable sobbing when she was suddenly startled by a very familiar voice behind her.

“Woah! What the ''fuck''?”

Sam’s head snapped round to the sound.

“Lara?” she managed to choke out, a glimmer of hope in her voice.

“Sam? Is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

She let go of Lara body and scrambled back towards the exit of the small tunnel, towards the source of the voice.

“What just happened?”

“You… you died,” said Sam, trying to peer through the tunnel to see her friend.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Except I’m still here.”

“Lara, could you come over here? I’d ''really'' like to see you right now.”

“Sure, just give me a sec.”

The brunette knelt down before lowering herself onto the floor and crawling into the narrow shaft. The journey through was somewhat less comfortable now that she was naked, the rough stonework rubbing against her nipples and labia. As soon as she was through and was starting to get back up, she was knocked back down to the ground by a tackle-hug from her friend, who held her in a death grip for a good minute before she calmed herself and pulled back, allowing the two girls to look each other in the eye.

“Oh Lara, thank the spirits you’re still alive…”

Her eyes shifted downward.

“And you’re naked.”

“I’ve felt sexier,” admitted Lara, seeing a shape out of the corner of her eyes that she knew she had to look at. The two looked down at what was, indisputably, Lara Croft’s headless corpse. They had seen strange, impossible things in their lives, but nothing quite like this… Lara knelt down and put her hand on the neck, just below the stump.

“Uh, no need to feel for a pulse, doc.”

“No, no, I just… wanted to touch myself.”

“You do that all the time.”

“Sam, not ''everything'' is a sexy innuendo,” grunted Lara as she moved her hand across her former body, digits trailing down the still-warm skin. She thought about how this could be possible.

“The smoke.”


“When we opened the sarcophagus. I thought that dust or smoke or whatever it was had a funny color. Maybe it’s some form of magic.”

“Or a curse. Like Tutankhamun’s curse?”

“That was just trumped up by the media. Besides, if you wanted to curse grave robbers, wouldn’t you want them to die instead of coming back to life?”

“Hm, I suppose I would…”

“Still, we have no idea if this was a one-time thing or not, so let’s be even more careful from now on, okay?”

“Yeah, let’s. I almost lost you once today; let’s not try and make it stick.”

“Ill try my best,” Lara laughed. “But before we go, give me a minute to get dressed.”

She straightened out her dead body a bit and started pulling off her tank top.

“Sam? Could you take off my pants?”


Sam looked over at her friend, unsure she had heard her friend right. Lara continued to calmly strip her own corpse, pulling off her tank top right over where the head should have been. The brunette noticed that Sam was staring and shrugged.

“Well, I’m not bloody well going on naked, am I? The body’s fucked, but the clothes are still intact. Chop chop.”

“Lara, that’s a terrible thing to say, considering.”

“Oh, relax” replied Lara, looking like she was already getting a good handle on the whole ‘being killed’ thing.

Sam bit her lip as she turned her attention to Lara’s brown shorts, the ones she herself had given Lara earlier that day. She hooked her fingers down the front and pulled downwards. She really couldn’t help herself from staring at Lara’s cunt, which was technically dead, as she pulled it down. Sam noticed that Lara was busy putting her top on. Acting on insinct, she pressed her nose against those gorgeous, if slightly pale-looking lips, and flicked out a ligtning-quick tongue. It was shockingly normal to her, but Sam still had to repress a squeal and an erotic shudder as she pulled off those shorts. It felt so taboo, but… oh wow, she really was kinda messed up, huh?

She slid the two items of clothing down the corpse’s legs, unlacing the pulling off her friend’s boots when she reached them.

“Here you go,” she said, tossing the items next to her bottomless friend, who turned and continued getting dressed. This left her with her back turned to her decapitated former body, giving Sam a moment of privacy with the now naked cadaver. She licked her lips. There was something she’d always wanted to try with Lara, but hadn’t dared to suggest yet. Thanks to her sheltered upbringing, the girl had a lot of catching up to do in the bedroom. Sure, she was eager enough and Sam was more than willing to be her guide on that journey, but it would be a while yet before she would be totally comfortable with some of the freakier stuff, such as fisting.

But now that she had access to perfect copy of her girlfriend’s body that wasn’t going to freak if she shoved her whole hand up her cunt. Seizing the opportunity, Sam give her fingers a quick lick before thrusting three of them between the corpse’s folds. Adding her pinky wasn’t too difficult, but the thumb took more work. The British girl was one of the tightest girlfriends she’d ever had, and she had to put some serious effort into wriggling her last finger inside. She grinned when the first digit sank in, casting a glance at the brunette. She’d pulled on her panties and shorts and was just about to start on the first boot. She had some time, but she would have to hurry.

Her hand started to move backwards and forwards as Sam tried to force that last digit inside. Her heart almost stopped when Lara spoke up.

“Urgh, stupid things are always so tight…”

“W–what?” said Sam, freezing up with her hand halfway inside Lara’s former twat.

“These boots…” muttered Lara, having not looked up from her task.

Sam chuckled, relieved, before returning to fisting the headless corpse. When she finally managed the trick, her first curling into a tight ball and well inside the now stretched-out vagina, Sam looked up again, and gasped as she saw Lara tying up her second boot. Sam withdrew her hand, making a sort of ''schlorp'' sound as she went, and stood up with her now soaking wet hand clasped behind her back, whistling innocenty. Lara seemed not to notice anything as she stood up.

“Well, that feels better.” said the English girl, brushing her clothes down.

As Lara made to continue on, Sam stopped her.

“Um, should we… I don’t know… bury you? It seems wrong to just leave your body lying here.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the only sarcophagus around here is back that way,” said Lara, pointing over her shoulder, “and it’s occupied. Besides, I doubt anyone else is going to come by any time soon to see it.”

Sam shrugged.

“Okay, it’s your body. Or, uhm… ex-body I suppose.”

The two girls left the sprawled-out body where it lay and started walking down the corridor, carefully checking the walls for other grooves. After a number of yards, they encountered Lara’s chopped-off head. The former owner picked it up, holding it up in front of her with both hands.

“Huh. It’s uncanny.”

“Well, as they say: two heads are better than one, right?”

“Double the pleasure, triple the fun,” Lara laughed.

Sam rolled her eyes.

“What?” asked Lara.

“Come on, you dork, let’s continue our ‘excellent adventure’.”

“Sure thing. But let’s be careful, okay?”

She gently set the head back down on its neck stump and caught up to Sam, casting her eyes all around as they continued on. She wasn’t going to be taken by surprise a second time…


I placed a comment yesterday, but apparently, it didn't stick.

This was a really great start. You haven't gotten into the real meat of the story yet or finished fleshing out Lara's and Sam's new abilities, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it done. I'm also excited to see what fetishes you explore this time. I'm personally hoping nipple fucking gets a bigger part than the passing glance it normally gets in your stories.

As far as ideas go, I don't have many due to the early stages of the story, but perhaps you could perhaps the girls can control how they respawn to a degree, such as stretching out their vaginas and then dying. Whatever had been done to their bodies, minus the blow that killed them, would stay and they'd be reborn with all the changes done to their body as if those changes had always been there.


Nice story. Seem very promising, and the idea dont look like anything I read! ?


Chapter 3: On the precipice

“So you don’t remember anything after getting your head cut off?” asked Sam as they walked through the corridor.

“Nothing. I recall seeing the blade approaching and feeling it enter my neck, but the very next thing I remember is waking up.”

“Weird. Not to be morbid or anything, but I would’ve expected that your brain would have had a least a couple of seconds of consciousness left before actually dying… or, I don’t know, reincarnating, I guess?”

“Maybe it’s a side effect of the magic, or whatever it is,” suggested the British woman.

“You mean the curse.”

“We’re *not* calling it a curse.”

“Maybe you’re not, but I am. This is totally a curse.”

“Whatever you insist on calling it, there’s no such thing as–”

The only warning the two girls had was a brief rumbling sound, but they were too distracted by their argument to jump out of the way of the large rectangular block that fell out of the ceiling. Lara ducked instinctively, which was the only thing that prevented her from getting crushed like a can of beer. Instead, the stone crashing into her back sent her sprawling to the floor. The block landed on her torso, destroying everything between her hips and her neck and cutting her off mid-sentence. Her legs twitched briefly before falling still.

Sam had her hand raised to her mouth in silent shock, having avoided death by mere inches. She knelt down by Lara’s head to see if her friend was somehow still alive, but there was no movement, the eyes staring at nothing.

The young woman took some time to steady herself. The fact that she had already see Lara die today didn’t make the shock any less powerful. Sam focused on her breathing, trying not to hyperventilate. She closed her eyes, counted to three, then opened them again.

“Fuck,” she said to herself, staring at her lifeless girlfriend’s face, before looking down. There was blood splattered around the edges of the block, but most of the no-doubt gruesome damage was hidden from view. There was enough room to navigate around the block, and Sam knelt down by the lower half which had by now stopped twitching. Lara’s long legs and shorts were entirely untouched.

Sam paused. They had walked for about five or ten minutes – she had still been a little shook up from nerves and excitement from what she had dared to do with Lara’s corpse the last time. The asian girl looked down, then up again, at the tunnel which turned left. She’d hear footsteps when Lara came back. If she was jogging back, that would still give her five or so minutes…

Sam swallowed.

Oh, hell, I’ve already fisted a dead body today. In for a penny…

With that, she quickly turned around and started to shimmy Lara’s shorts down her legs once more, until she was bare. Her pussy was still perfectly intact. Making sure she was absolutely alone for now, Sam got down on all fours and spread Lara’s legs. Or her former legs, rather.

She licked her fingers and slid them across Lara’s sex, feeling her girlfriend’s pussy lips rub glide along her digits. They certainly didn’t feel dead; everything was still warm and even slightly moist, presumably with sweat. The inside of the tomb was only slightly less sweltering than the weather outside. She curled her middle finger, slipping it into the familiar folds and swirling it around in slow circles. She pulled her finger back out and popped it into her mouth, savoring the juices.

Tasty as always,’ she thought.

This, however, she could do at any time. While she preferred Lara’s pussy to be attached to the rest of her, she might as well take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t. She slurped her other fingers into her mouth as well, coating them with a generous layer of spit before pressing them against the entrance to the other woman’s cunt. Her fingertips pushed inside one by one, followed by the rest of her fingers. She had to increase the pressure to get her knuckles inside, but once she had passed the widest part of her hand the rest followed suit fairly easily, leaving her embedded up to the wrist. One of these days she would have to try to convince Lara to finally allow her to do this for real. For now, however, this would have to do.

She tilted her head, listening for any footsteps, but aside from her own breathing everything was as quiet as the grave – which was appropriate enough, she supposed. Wasting no time, she started fisting Lara’s lower half for real, not wanting to waste this opportunity.

The noise of her fist pushing in and out of Lara’s hole was almost embarassing, but seeing as no one was around it Sam let herself enjoy it. It was to her ears an ode to her own depravity, hidden to even herself until now. She leaned down and found that magic nub of flesh she so enjoyed, biting at it with her teeth, rougher than she ever had before.

“Oh Lara, you’re so dirty when you’re dead, you know?” Sam whispered, and she could feel her heart beating with excitement at what she was doing. This was so much more intense than she had ever felt before. Her free hand reached down and felt some arse. Hmm, in this position there wasn’t much she could do with that.

As she thought about that, her fist hit something hard. Sam looked down, her eyes moving to the boulder that had crushed her girlfriend’s torso. She moved the hand inside Lara’s body, feeling it whack against solid rock. It actually made her laugh a little. How strange. Sam withdrew her hand, and smiled broadly at the huge gape that she caused before the dead pussy sprang back into shape. Then she put her hands on Lara’s hips – or what was left of them – and pulled them back away from the boulder…

The block’s hadn’t just crushed Lara’s midsection: its giant weight and almost perfectly straight sides had acted more like a guillotine, cleanly cutting through the British woman’s torso. Only the skin of her belly had still been attached to the flattened part underneath the stone, but it was so thin that it tore through as soon as Sam had pulled Lara’s lower half by an inch or so. Disconnect pieces of intestine fell out of the now open top, at which Sam wrinkled her nose. She gave the hips a good shake, causing a small pile of guts to spill out. Once she thought she’d gotten everything, she pulled the legs away to get a better look at the inside of her girlfriend. The inside was now mostly empty, save for a couple of vertebrae of her spine, a short section of intestines that was attached to her asshole, and, more interestingly, Lara’s sex organs; Sam could see the vagina, the womb, Lara’s two dangling ovaries and even her bladder.

While she had seen her hand disappear into several pussies from the outside, she had never seen what that would look like on the inside. Given that this was probably going to be her only chance ever, she might as well satisfy her curiosity, right? A quick listen revealed no approaching footsteps yet, so she pressed her fingers together again and smoothly slid them back into her girlfriend’s folds, watching in fascination as they caused a growing bulge in the tube of Lara’s vagina.

The bulge grew in size and depth as Sam’s hand moved further inside- one of the advantages to this… activity was that her partner didn’t find it uncomfortable when she went so deep, so quickly. As she tried to shove her hand through the cervix of this bisected corpse, Sam thought about why she didn’t consider this necrophilia. Technically, maybe, but this wasn’t really in the spirit of that, right? After all, you don’t commit necrophilia on someone and then have a pleasant chat with them afterwards. Really, this English piece of meat wasn’t strictly Lara at all, given that Lara would be reappearing any moment now. This was more like masturbating with a very elaborate sex toy; that was what Sam told herself, and she was sticking by it.

She cooed as her fist entered the uterus, the little pink thing growing before her eyes. When Sam flexed her fingers, she saw each digit move individually. It made those interesting little white bits move about. She leaned in closer , touching the smooth walls of the womb and fist-bumping herself. The ovaries were so very squeezable, and as Sam rolled them around around with her fingers, she wondered what Lara would do if she’d been able to feel it…

Just as she was starting to really get into that fantasy, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps. Shit! Why hadn’t she been paying more attention? She pulled her hand out of the tomb raider’s cunt like it was on fire, which, due to the tight grip Lara’s cervix had on her wrist, pulled it right along, turning Lara’s vagina completely inside out.

This was not what she needed right now. She frantically prodded the prolapse back between the other girl’s labia until the pink walls were barely visible.

It’ll have to do,’ she thought. ‘Now: pants, pants, where did I put her damn pa– ah.’

She leaned over and grabbed the brown shorts, shoved Lara’s feet through the two holes and roughly hiked it up her legs. When she had pulled the up around Lara’s hips, she quickly closed the button and did up the zipper before dragging her friend’s lower body along the ground in one smooth motion, trying to scoop up as many of the intestines as she could until it once more rested against the block. Some of the lengths of intestines spilled out around the sides, but Sam hoped Lara would attribute that to the block instead of to her. No sooner had she stood up and turned around than Lara rounded the corner.

“Hey,” she said with a smile. “I’m back. Did you miss me?”

“Always,” smiled Sam. She ran over to her girlfriend and gave her a peck on the lips while wrapping Lara in a big hug.

“Good, because it looks like you’re stuck with me for a while. Normal couples have the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing, but it looks like even that won’t save you now.”

Sam chuckled as she held her girlfriend crushed in her bear hug. Feeling her arms pressed against the skin of Lara’s back, she realized the woman she was hugging was completely naked. Still feeling horny from before, she let her hands slowly drop to her girlfriend’s butt before squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands.

“Hah, you really did miss me, huh?” said Lara, making no effort to stop Sam. She instead placed a hand on her lovers chest, and gasped.

“Sam, your heart is racing!” she said, sounding genuinely concerned.

Oh, if only you knew why…’ thought Sam.

“Ah, well, it is kinda stressfull watching you die, Lara,” she replied, not unreasonably. “I tried to talk to you after that boulder came crashing down, but you just… went, right there in front of me.”

“I can barely remember, to be honest. It all happened so fast,” confessed Lara. “Last thing I remember was talking about the… not curse.”

“Hah. Ah…” Sam’s hand left Lara’s ass, and instead held the hand on her chest. “This is all so fucked up.”

“Oh, Sam, it’s okay. I’m here, see? Your Lara.”

“I know, I know…”

Sam wondered if she should have been an actress rather than an archeologist, because she was doing a damn fine job not letting on how insanely fucking turned on she was. She looked down at the shorts on the old Lara body.

“Hey, let me get you your clothes back.”

“Oh, I can get that–”

“Hey, you just died, let me do some work, okay?” insisted Sam, kneeling down by the bisected half and getting to work peeling those shorts off.

She knelt down, undid the button and the zipper she had closed so hastily barely a minute ago and tugged the shorts down Lara’s shapely ass. She had them almost down to the knees when she registered something pink at the edge of her vision. Sam cast her eyes upward a little and froze when she saw that Lara’s prolapse had spilled out of her cunt again. She grimaced. Any second now, Lara was going to ask the obvious question…

“Sam? What are you waiting for?”

Sam looked over her shoulder at the waiting naked woman, back at the corpse’s crotch, then back to Lara. Due to where Lara was standing, Sam’s back blocked her view of the incriminating pink mass.

“Uh, nothing. Just got distracted for a sec. Hold on.”

She couldn’t very well push it back in now that Lara was watching, so she slowly walked backwards as she pulled the shorts all the way down the legs and over the feet, slowly standing up more and more as she did so to keep the view blocked.

“Here you go,” she said, extending the hand holding the shorts as far towards her girlfriend as she could so that Lara wouldn’t have to come closer.

“Thanks, hon,” said Lara, and thankfully turned around to pull on her shorts.

Sam took the opportunity to take a few steps back until she felt the heel of her shoe connect with the corpse’s groin. Putting her foot flat on the floor, she tried to push the prolapse back in with the back of her shoe.

Come one, come on,’ she thought, but she was having no luck. Seeing Lara start to move, she stepped down onto the protruding vagina, squishing it beneath her shoe.

As Lara walked towards her, she could feel her heartbeat accelerating like a Ferrari.

“Don’t want to leave these behind, now do I?” asked Lara as she squatted down at the corpses feet and started undoing the laces of her boots.

Sam gulped. “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

She stood there, trapped in place for what felt like hours as her girlfriend pulled off the boots, put them on her own feet and tied up the laces once more.

Sam had to stop herself from breathing a sigh of relief when she stood up and said “Guess I’m going to have to go without my shirt or backpack, huh?”

“Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to be able to lift this thing,” said Sam, turning to look down at the block while keeping her foot firmly in place.

“Think you can handle me topless without getting distracted?” asked Lara with a wink.

“No promises,” laughed Sam. “Lead the way, my little coalmine canary.”


“What? It’s true, isn’t it?”

“Sure, I guess, but that doesn’t mean you have to say it like that.”

“Okay fine, you’re not a canary. Clearly, you’re a booby.”

Lara rolled her eyes.

“Remind me again why I like you?”

“Or a tit,” said Sam, now on a roll.

The British woman shook her head in resignation and started walking down the corridor.

Once Sam was sure she wasn’t going to stop, she lifted her heel. The tread of her shoe was clearly outlined in the delicate flesh. She grabbed it, yammed it back in as hard as she could and pushed the corpse’s legs together to keep it in place before running after the other woman.

The tomb path started to slope downhill as the two girls moved deeper inside. Sam was half expecting a huge boulder to start chasing them down the slope, but whoever had built this deathtrap-laden place was obviously not a fan of Indiana Jones. Either that or they had just managed to avoid setting off a trap for once.

The air grow heavier somehow, and the darkness thicker. Lara walked in front, watching carefully as she went. Sam had to admit, a horrible part of her was rather hoping something would happen.

Oh man, I wonder if I’ll need to talk to a shrink after this,’ she thought to herself, the feelings of lust and shame intermingling in her chest.

“Oh, hey, look,” said Lara suddenly, pointing. Before them, a large golden door loomed. Above it was a scornful looking female face, mouth wide as if mid-speech. “Looks important.”

“I’m not sure I like the way she’s looking at us.”

“Agreed. Stand back, let me see if anything happens if I try to open the door,” volunteered the topless brunette.

Sam couldn’t help but smile at this.

“Hah. You’ve grown bold.”

“What can I say, make the best out of what you have. In this case, immortality.”

“Well, I won’t stop you,” smiled Sam, truthfullly, as Lara turned and faced the ominous door.

“Hm, that’s strange,” she said, “these are Egyptian hieroglyphics. What are those doing in a Puntian tomb? Let’s see… this section here describes a trade expedition led by queen Hatshepsut… a meeting with king Parahu…ah, this entire door must have been a gift they brought on that expedition, which means it’s from the… 15th century BC, if I’m not mistaken.”

“Has anyone ever told you you’re adorable when you get all nerdy?”

“Well, yes, in fact; you have. And I’ll have you know that this is not nerdy.”

“Says the girl who has a mini-orgasm every time she finds something predating the alphabet.”

“Oh, you’re just jealous.”

“Of course; I’m supposed to be the one giving you orgasms.”

“As if you don’t.”

“And don’t you forget it,” said Sam. “And there’s nothing mini about them, either.”

“And I’m very grateful for it,” chuckled Lara, “but right now I need to focus on this door for a sec, or we’re going to be here forever… or at least I am, given my newfound immortality. Right… here it says that the Egyptians offer this door as a sign of the favor of the gods, and that to open it you must enter the name of the god of the sun. Ah, the door must opened by a password.”

Beneath the inscription were several rows of buttons, each one carrying one of the pictograms of the Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet.

“This is easy,” said Lara, “the sun god is Amun-Ra.”

She located the button carrying an image of a vulture, signifying the ‘A’ sound, and pressed it. A brief foomph was the girls’ only warning as a jet of flame shot out of the mouth and straight onto Lara. Her shorts and shoes caught fire instantly.

“Aaaahhhh!!!” screamed Lara as she tried to rip open the button of her pants despite the burns the flames were causing on her hands, while trying to pull her feet out of her burning shoes.

But the flames were too hot, turning the fabric into blackening wrecks after mere seconds. Sam watched from the sidelines, horrified by the scream she had heard as her girlfriend tried to pull her shorts down. Lara only succeeded in pulling down charred skin and melted flesh along with it. For a second she held that almost comical pose of having her bare arse pointing up as her form turned black. She even managed to make eye-contact with Sam, the scream seemingly dying in her throat as the flames reached her hair.

Then her head was set fully alight, her face disappearing behind the golden light, and she collapsed face-first onto the ground in a burning heap. She did not move, the flames continuing to crackle and burn like Lara was a bonfire on Guy Fawkes night. Sam found herself staring passively, and then something awful hit her: she wasn’t utterly traumatized by this. Probably because she knew that somewhere behind her, Lara was waking up whole and refreshed and no doubt feeling very silly.

In the meantime, she carefully walked over to the burning body, her nose wrinkling at the smell – like overcooked bacon, with a side of burning hair and something else that smelled very unpleasant indeed. Leaving it to burn right now, Sam considered making a start on the puzzle, to impress the tomb raider when she returned. But the lingering smell reminded her not to take that chance. Best to wait for Lara to come back to talk it over first, yes…

“The worst part is, there’s not even a hot body left behind while I wait,” the young archeologist muttered to herself, before letting out a nervous giggle over what she’d just said. “Haha. Hot. I guess she is kinda hot, just not in the way I want her to be! I should tell Lara that when she gets back.”

Sam turned to stare at the hallway from before.

“…Which will be… a while. Hmmm…”

Well, she still had very recent memories to think about. She sat down by the wall and slid a hand under her own panties, settling in for now.

Her fingers, which still had some of the dried juices of Lara’s pussy on them if you looked close enough - thankfully Lara hadn’t - now explored the familiar folds of her own depths. She closed her eyes, picturing her girlfriend’s exposed reproductive organs as they were stretched by her own hand. She could feel herself grow wetter as she stroked the inside of her vagina, and it only took a few minutes before she whimpered and her body convulsed in a shuddering orgasm. She saw the fabric of her pants darken, but given the temperature she could just write it off as sweat.

She sat there waiting for several minutes when her stomach rumbled. The smell of cooked meat coming off her dead girlfriend was reminding her that it had been a while since she last ate, and she was feeling rather peckish. Some bacon wouldn’t go amiss right now…

Sam eyed the crispy body next to her, then quickly turned her gaze away. No, that would be too weird; fucking her dead lover was one thing, but eating her? That was something for freaks. And movies starring Anthony Hopkins. Admittedly, many people would say the same thing about the sort-of-necrophiliac acts she’d performed today. Her glance drifted sideways again. Maybe just a nibble.

having learned her lesson, she pushed the corpse onto its back. This time there was not a stitch on the body worth saving, so all she’d have to do would be to turn the body over and Lara would never know.

She cast her eyes over the brunette’s burned skin, which ranged from charcoal-black to only mildly singed. While she might have like to eat Lara’s pussy in a more literal sense, she had no intention of eating the charred remains of her shorts. Instead, she selected a nicely browned patch of meat halfway down her thighs. Lacking a knife, let alone a fork, she leaned in and sank her teeth into her friend’s leg, biting down as juices rand down her chin. Keeping the leg in place with her hands, she pulled her head back and tore loose a small morsel, which she chewed thoughtfully. It was a little under cooked and could use a bit of salt, but it wasn’t the worst piece of meat she’d ever eaten. Perhaps another part of her would taste better…

She looked further up. The chest was mostly ruined, the boobs having sadly been fried down from their usual pleasant size. But the ribs beneath…Sam kneeled down, scrapping some loose skin and fat away to reveal what looked just like a proper cooked rack of ribs, glazed with melted boobs. Sam wouldn’t be able to crack it off, obviously, so she settled for chewing the meat off the bone like a dog. Maybe it was the rib-meat, or her getting used to the taste, but this was even better than the thigh!

“Not bad…” she announced to herself as she stood up, looking over the burned corpse for any more bits to ear. The head was a total write off, just a red and black skull really. She briefly considered caving the skull in with a rock or something to feast on the insides, but that would probably look a little obvious– oh shit, footsteps! Sam quickly nudged the body back over with her foot and turned around, wiping her face clean with her hand just in case. Lara appeared, panting gently, clearly having been hurrying back.

“Lara, you’re back!”

“Yeah, huff, but knowing I got a puzzle wrong really… really annoyed me. Let’s try that again, yes?”

“Wow, you’re all fired up, huh?”

“Oh, ha ha. I’ll have you know that getting barbecued is not as fun as it might seem. I have some vague memories of the first few seconds, and they were not pleasant. Fortunately they cut out before the worst of it - at least what I assume was the worst.”

“Yeah, let’s try to avoid the flamethrowers this time,” said Sam with a smile, letting her eyes roam down her girlfriend’s body, “you’re plenty hot already.”

Lara looked down and blushed. She’d actually forgotten she wasn’t wearing anything; waking up butt-naked was quickly becoming the new normal.

“I don’t suppose any of my clothes survived the fire?”

“Not a stitch. Anything that didn’t burn completely is now charcoal. Looks like you’re going *au naturel* from now on.”

The brunette watched as Sam slowly strode over to her, almost looking like a tiger stalking its prey.

“Which suits me just fine,” said the Asian girl as she came to a halt barely two inches from Lara, invading her personal space.

The tomb raider gasped as she felt two hands grab her ass cheeks, but her gasp was quickly muffled by their mouths crashing together in an open-mouthed kiss.

“Because that means…” breathed Sam before locking lips again, their tongues dueling for control, “there’s nothing to get in the way…”

She let her hands roam all over Lara’s body, grabbing a boob here, tracing an elegant curve there.

“…of doing this,” she finished as she slipped four fingers into her girlfriend’s sex.

Lara mewled in pleasure, grinding her crotch against the invaders. She gave the most adorable little cries of desperation. Sam was more than happy to oblige her, and with a little twist of her hand she plunged in her thumb as well. After barely a couple of thrusts Lara’s legs started to wobble, and she grabbed Sam’s shoulders to keep from falling over as her arousal splashed across the girl’s fingers.

They remained standing in that position for a minute or so, panting as they slowly regained their breath.

“Wow… that was…” stammered Lara.

“Yeah, you should not wear clothes more often,” smiled Sam.

“If you make me cum like that every time, I just might,” said the brunette, winking.

“Oh, I guarantee I will. But for now… off you go.”

The sound of Sam’s hand smacking Lara’s ass reverberated around the room as if a gunshot had gone off. Lara stared at her friend, her mouth hanging open in a mix of shock and indignation.

Sam gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “Go on,” she said, “go do that tomb-raiding thing that you do so well.”

Lara looked over her shoulder all the way to do the door, giving Sam an ‘I’m going to get you back for that’ expression. Turning her attention back to the puzzle, she slipped back into archeologist mode.

“What did I do wrong? The text is asking for the sun god, and the sun god in the Egyptian pantheon is Amun-Ra, which I ente–”

She smacked her forehead.

“Except Amun-Ra is an amalgamation of the gods Amun and Ra, which got combined somewhere during the 18th dynasty, right around Hatshepsut’s reign. These doors must have been made before then. Which means the answer is just Ra.”

Eyeing the mouth above the door like a hawk, prepared to jump out of the way at the first sign of trouble, she located the button with the mouth-like shape on it that was the Egyptian ‘R’.

She pushed it.

Everything remained quiet. There was no fiery death from above, which was promising. She pressed the vulture. There was a deep rumbling noise. Lara didn’t hesitate a second and dove out of the way, landing sprawled on the stone floor. Several seconds passed. She wasn’t on fire yet. She hazarded to look up, which was a mistake. She was greeted with the sight of Sam doubled over in laughter, struggling to take gasping breaths of air. Lara looked behind her. The stone doors, which by now had swung open completely, stopped against the walls with a thud. Annoyed, she got to her feet. This door was really beginning to piss her off.

“Oh my god,” wheezed Sam, “the look on your face–”

“Not. A word,” bit the tomb raider. She turned on her heels and marched off resolutely down the new corridor, followed at some distance by Sam, who was still trying to compose herself.


Oh god. Please do more of these. Although maybe mix it up a bit. Fisting is nice but we can have more necro fun. Like when Lara got decapitated, Sam could have used her head (tounge) to get of :3

Or maybe even have Lara (the alive one) join in on the debauchery fun.


I faped hard to this! :D Shame there are only the two of them. But damn its hot! I hope next we gonna get some anal and breast/head play! :D


I checked your other stories and they are ok (skin suit part in that zombie one was HOT) but they are 90% happy "noone important dies or get hurt for reall" kind. In this one at least Lara body is actualy dead even if she respawn in a new one. I prefer my dead bodies to be dead. :) But despite that and how silly(if not borderline retarded- sory but its true) some of the characters act in those other stories they are well made and writen.



Haha, we cater for a very specific kink and our focus on kinda silly and non-lethal gore is not gonna be everyone's preference. I'm glad you can get some sort of enjoyment out of them though!

And yes, I have a special place in my heart for skinning


>>15611 well at least this story have a proper necrophilia. And I hope you will do more symilar stories with some sexy Dead girls! :D


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