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Disclaimer: This is more for sharing an idea than a full story for now. Feel free to spin this further as you please. Main focus is "her" experience and fascination with her own guts coming out.

Lisa sat down, after she had recovered from the first shock of falling from her bike and hurting her belly on the sharp corners of some farming equipment that had been left on the field road. Now she looked at the red, bubble like thing that bulged out of her belly. She was only wearing shorts and a bikini top, so her belly had been free. Oddly enough It barely bled and looked almost pinkish, so she wondered what it was. At first she thought it was a piece of plastic. It shifted slightly as she pushed against her belly skin next to it. The sight was mesmerizing as it bulged a tiny bit further out as her skin shifted. Almost like some kind of balloon. Curiously she touched the pinkish bulge. It was sticky, and she felt a numb poke somewhere inside her belly. She pressed on the other side and saw it slide out a tiny bit further. Oddly curious she squeezed her belly muscles and put a bit of pressure in her belly. Not much, after all the wound was painful. With the added pressure it bulged further, sliding ever so slowly, until suddenly, with a relief of tension and a jiggely jerk, the bubble popped free and somewhat unraveled. Gasping, she gaped at what was now clearly a loop of her entrails, coming out of the hole in her belly - coiled once on itself around her bellybutton, and then went back inside of her. It even moved slightly on its own, like a worm. It was mesmerizing. Gross and fascinating at the same time. She should have been panicing or afraid, but all she felt was curiousity and fascination and maybe a bit of arousal. Hesitantly she touched the loop with a finger, felt the loop of digestive-tract-muscle clench and propel its contents through itself as if it was an animal on its own. Playfully she squeezed it with two fingers, halting the progress of whatever she had eaten for breakfast that was in process of being digested...

Lisa hesitated for a bit, playing with the part that was supposed to be inside herself, but it did not particularly hurt. Not more than doing nothing. Feeling increasingly aroused she decided to be a bit bolder and gently tugged on it. It was the weirdest feeling in her belly, like someone was sucking on her insides. Slowly but without much resistance, more of her colon came out. In school she had learned her colon would be over two meters long, if it were to be stretched out straight. She was somewhat hesitant to pull further and relieved the tension, which prompted her entrails to slowly suck themselves back in - although still more remained outside than there had originally been. Could she stuff it back in?

Pushing slightly with two fingers, this time she did the opposite and instead of pushing her belly she made it hollow. That however was pretty uncomfy. There was a sting from where she had hurt herself and she let go of it and grimaced.

Would she be able to stand up?

Lisa was still pondering that when she heard happy barking. She knew the curious black dog. It belonged to one of the farmers and was very playful - although not well trained. She sometimes played fetch with it and the animal recognized her when she drove by. Usually it was running free...

"Hey Charly" she greeted the dog, who came running for her, tail wagging. The furball approached her, drooling and slobbering as usual, then started sniffing her belly.

Lisa shielded her partly spilled loop of guts a bit, while pushing the dog's snout away with her other hand. "No, Charly, leave that alone, that's not a toy..." she said sternly, but she could as well have talked Mandarin, the dog looked at her happily, then bypassed her barrier.

Holding her belly and her dangling guts with her other hand, she pushed her legs under her and tried to get up. That send a sting through her midesction and made her wobbly on her legs. She was standing...

But of course Charly had ceased the moment of weakness of getting to her. Now that she was higher than him, he jumped up, standing on his rear legs, while licking her belly close to the wound. A few drops of blood had been rinsing down and it tickled when he licked them up.

"Nooo... Charly, that tickles.... No..."

Apparently Charly thought this was a game. The dog also liked the taste and while Lisa had tried once more to push him away he had taken the loop of entrails into his mouth.

She noticed what he had done when he went back down on all fours and she felt a tugging on her belly that almost made her fall forward. A foot or two of guts were pulled out before she could stop the dog from eviscerating her completely by grabbing on to her own entrails.

"No! Charly let go, that's not a toy!" she screamed at him.

The dog just waged its tail and started playfully growling as it pulled against her, pushing back with all fours and of course not letting go of her guts. She felt a tearing sensation from within her belly, although she knew quite well it was not really *in* her belly right now.

She moaned, and her grasp lapsed, which allowed Charly a few more steps back, wagging his tail victoriously. he was winning this tug of war over a really tasty treat that Lisa had braugh for him. She had brought him treats occasionally but never anything this fresh or tasty or bloody. It was like being in dog heaven.

Lisa suddenly felt dizzy. Her vision blurred and she fell on her knees. The dog didn't relent, he pulled once more and with a wet sensation, more or less all of her guts were pulled out of her and spilled.

Lisa felt weird. All light and empty, her complaint was cut short as she gasped for air. The dog was delighted. So many tasty treats. He sat down and started gnawing and eating on Lisa's colon, which promptly came apart and spilled its tasty contents - much to the dog's delight.

Lisa whimpered as she saw and smelled that. This couldn't be good. It didn't add much to the pain, but how was she ever supposed to get her guts back in like that.

"No.... Charly you idiot dog, I'm not food. Let go of that!"

Somehow the animal sensed that she was in distress. he gulped down a chunk of entrails, licked his lips, then came over to give her an affectionate lick on the face.

She didn't even have the strength to push him away. Charly went from licking her face to sniffing between her legs. Lisa felt deep embarrassment. She could feel how wet she was down there, and being aroused by getting gutted was deeply embarrassing for her. She didn't understand how her body could mix these things up so badly, but at the same time, the sensation of the dog nose pressing against her through her shorts made her moan.

"Nooo... Charly.... not there...." she moaned, but did nothing to push him away.

The dog noticed the liquids that had soaked through her shorts and started licking. Lisa held on to some of her spilled bowels and shuddered in disbelief and bewilderment. If anyone saw her like that... please, make noone see me like this, she begged to whatever deity might hear her.

Then the dog took the hem of her shorts in his mouth and started pulling. He wanted to get to the source of this delicious smell. Lisa could see the dogs cock, et was pink and long and throbbing. And there was just no way how the thought could even turn her own - but somehow it did.


Keep going...


Pls continue, its great.

Where can I read about your another stories?


Inkbunny and FA.


This is a very fun idea! I like to imagine she escapes from Charly (after some fun) with most of her insides still intact, if not inside. From there you can do a lot with a girl who's been disemboweled but is still alive and trying to hide it. Like work/school, trying to act casual around friends.

"Why are you still wearing your shirt, Lisa? It's so warm!"

"Oh, I know, haha, I'm just a little shy today I guess..." as she subtly tucks in some hanging entrails, shifting uncomfortably on her seat...


Thats definitely a fun possibility. I was musing with the idea that she might spot the farmer (Charly's owner) come on the horizon. She wants to hide her mishap from him because its so embarassing, but her bowels are too messed up to just stuff them back in, so she quickly feeds them to the dog and urges him to finnish up before his owner is there.
There's a few ways this can be taken, I was hoping someone would just pick up the story and continue it however they like it - for a bit. Obviously killing her would be unfun because then the story ends. But other than that theres many many options.



I'm certainly not ruling out doing something with the set up. As you say, lot's of ways it could go...

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