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This is my original work and also my first submission here, critics and comments are always appreciated.
P.S: I'm not a native English speaker, apologies for typo or shit grammar.

Hitman: The Saints' End
Part 1

Agent 47 was laying low in some piece of shit motel when The Saints are ordered to kill him.
Little did they know, the legendary hitman had already prepared for their arrival, because earlier he had hacked into their communications line and gather all the required information to set up traps for nine trained assassins.

The first victim that falls into the hands of the hitman is Jennifer Anne Paxton, he knows it because 47 had already read all of The Saints member's data, she has blond hair and blue eyes with a scar near her right lips that turns out to be a glasgow smile, but despite the scar, she looks beautiful and hot wearing those skimpy nun uniforms.

She was standing in front of 47's ruined hotel room to check if the hitman was still breathing after the explosion from strategically planned assault using an RPG, and while she was checking under the debris, 47 surprise her with an attack from behind, holding the nun using chokehold, but the nun isn't going down without a fight.

She was an expert in close quarter combat, having participated in numerous illegal kickboxing match where she always ended as the victor, she throws well placed punches on 47's chest and stomach and even kicks him to the ground, but 47 being the legendary hitman that he is doesn't waste time to plan a counter, when Paxton throws a right hook, 47 grab her arm and pull her to the ground, don't want to take any chances, he breaks her arm and take the other arm just to break it also.

She doesn't scream loudly because the moment she open her mouth, 47 gags her with his tie that he was wearing, and he was wondering what it feels like to have sex, of course he knows how to have sex, but being a hitman doesn't really do you any good in the sex life department, and in front of her lies a beautiful girl that won't do any harm while 47 fucks her.

So he grab his Silverballers pistol and shot both her kneecaps so she couldn't run, she was crying at this point, muffled screams and begging that wouldn't do her any good, and I think she knows that, but maybe she is just clinging to hope that 47 will just let her go.

She is mistaken.

Because the next thing she knows is 47 yanking her veils to uncover her short ponytail hair, and 47 was licking her ears, going from the left and to the right, licking her lobes and even biting her playfully.
Then he un-gag her and said:
"I'm going to let you live if you stay quiet, but if you make any sound, any sound at all, I will make your death as slow and painful as possible, do you understand?"

She nods.

Then he proceed to kiss her lips, he feels her lipstick, strawberry flavor, then he suck on her lips so hard that it becomes red, then he starts to lick the inside of her mouth, it feels fantastic to him, but Paxton was sobbing silently.

He looks Paxton in the eyes and and kiss her forehead.

"Just be quiet and everything is going to be okay, alright?"

Paxton can't help but smile at those words as she feel comforted by him. Then the hitman was kissing her, giving her deep kisses and french kisses until their mouth feels wet by each other's saliva, and this time around Paxton is also enjoying it and actually asking 47 to kiss her neck.

He started by kissing her lips, then to her cheek, slowly getting closer to the neck, and when he reaches her neck, he started sucking her neck, her neck tasted salty and sweaty but he likes it, so he continues to do that while his left hand hold her by the hair and his right hand groping her big and round tits.

She moans softly and that made 47 rock hard, so he started to unzip his pants and pulled out his dick, he grabs Paxton's hand and guide it to his throbbing manhood, then she started jacking him off with her soft hand, all the while he's kissing the back of her neck and sucking it.

Then he unzip her skimpy suit, he does not remove the suit because he thinks she looks hotter in it, and pull out her breast, it's soft and round flesh feels good on his hands so he gropes both of them while sucking her tongue, and surprisingly Paxton change the pace and starts to suck 47's tongue instead, well it's a change, but a welcomed one.

But after a few minutes of lips and tongue sucking, 47 moves to her pair of tits and kisses them on their nipples.
Paxton ask him:

"Don't you want to suck them?"

"Oh I will, be patient darling, the real show's about to begin." He replied.

They smile and give each other a deep kiss.

47 pulled out a pocket knife and cuts the crotch of her outfit and ripped it apart, showing her clean shaved pussy that's tight and an asshole equally inviting.

47 started to give her pussy a proper licking and sucking, and even biting her playfully, just enough to make her moans barely audible over the sound of burning wreckage around them, he continued to do that until she cums in his mouth, he then pull her up by the hair and started to kiss her madly, and Paxton is licking his mouth to clean her pussy juice.

But after tasting her pussy, he wants to know what does her beautiful ass taste like, so he flip her around, spread her legs wide open as she moans in pain over her busted knees, and dive in.

She arches her back as 47 spit, lick, and bite at her tight asshole, she actually enjoys it so much that he has a second orgasm, 47 waste no time to clean her up, and Paxton chuckles at the treatment.

After several minutes of asslicking and pussylicking, 47 got her to turn around, he gazes deeply into her beautiful blue eyes and put his cock around her pussy and tease her a bit until he thrust his cock deep as he could inside her, he thrust while kissing her cute lips, sucking her ear and neck, and sucking her nipples so hard it turns red, then she started coming the third time.

47 was nearing climax, but he wanted the full experience, so he lifted both her legs, aim for her anus, and thrust slowly, she was moaning and crossing her eyes when he did that, her beautiful face with crossed eyes looks so hot that it's sight makes him blows his load inside her rectum.

Both of them was breathing heavily and smiling.

"Never thought I would enjoy a contract this much" Paxton said.

47 then reposition his cock in her pussy, pushing deeply but doing no thrust, he just enjoys the warmth. He then position her to a sitting position so she sits on top of her cock while her face is facing his.

"Well, it's been a pleasure Ms. Paxton, but it's nothing personal, you just shouldn't try to kill me in the first place" said 47.

Then the happy looks on Paxton's face disappear as 47 put right hand under her jaw and his left on the base of her neck, she tries to fight but her busted knees and broken arms are useless.

Eventually she cries and with teary beautiful blue eyes she said:

"But you said you weren't going to kill me..."

With that, 47 wrings her neck to the far left side and snap it back to the far right, effectively killing her, but before she dies, she had a postmortem spasm and release her bladder on 47's cock, he then hold her by the waist and keep fucking her for a good 15 minutes until he came inside her corpse. He then close her eyes and leave her alone.

One down, eight to go.

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