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“Its coming out!” Tay squealed in distress, gripping her mother's hand as the pair waited in a disastrously long line for the porta potties. It was Tay's 9th birthday and the little caramel skinned girl had been treated to a lovely day at the local theme park, chowing down on hot dogs, fried oreos, cotton candy all on top of her huge birthday breakfast. Tay’s mother didn't see a problem with letting Tay eat to her heart's content on her birthday, the young girl had a huge appetite which but good parenting and a solid metabolism kept her thin, so going a little wild on her birthday didn't seem like such a bad idea….at least it wasn't until nature called and girl found and her mother found themselves stuck in a long line for handful of porta potties available at the park.

“Its okay, just hold it a little longer, we are almost there” Tay’s mother lied to her, hoping it would help her daughter bring her urge under control.

“I can't Ma! I…can't!” She whined, her hands reaching behind her to grip her aching rear. He stood awkwardly, legs tightly together with her bum clamped as tightly as she could. The 9 year old wore a pair of denim overalls with only white t shirt underneath, on her feet a simple pair of black and white converse sneakers. Tay groaned and squirmed, making a scene that was noticed by some of the others on the line. Yet, none were kind enough to offer the struggling girl their own spot in line. The line moved finally, yet not by much allowing Tay’s mother to take two steps, Tay on the other hand had been unable to move at first but with a tug of her hand she stumbled forward.

“Mooom...Nggghh” She groaned, feeling her sphincter bulge out against her will. Her cramped tummy pushing hard to void her over filled bowels. She loosed a crackling fart, her little hole opening up to loose the unmistakable sound of hot air slipping past a soft turd. In front of the two, a little boy and her mother waited, the mother seemed disinterested but the boy snickered at the older girls plight. She tightened up her body as much as she could but she could feel her sphincter beginning to fail. It was opening up little by little, the only thing stopping the flood of filth was her effort and will.

Tay's mother realized she wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer, and with the way the line was moving they were not likely to make it to the porta potties anywhere within ten minutes. So she chose to do the only thing she could to help her struggling daughter.

“Okay, okay babe, hold on” she said as she walked over and undid the clasps on her overalls and slid them all the way down, exposing her light pink panties to everyone around. If Tay hadn't been so desperate she might have been mortified...but the girl was on the verge of shitting herself, the whole of her mind consumed by her efforts to not.

Plrff Pllff Plleerfft

Tay was fighting a losing battle, farts ripping out of her young rear as a soft turd began to crawl out into her clamped cheeks, mushing between them. Tays mother grabbed her panties and quickly yanked them down, no sooner did her panties slip past her thighs, a soft light brown turd rocketed out of her ass with shocking speed. The little girl groaned and bent her knees, too consumed by the stress of holding it, and the coming relief to be concerned with the fact that she was now half naked in front of a crowd of people. Tay's mother did what she could to hide the girls privates, but she could only cover so much.

“Ewwww!” The little boy, who seemed no older than six, cried out loudly. His mother turned, a look of disgust coming over her face as she watched the scene unfold in front of her and her young son

“absolutely disgusting” she said simply before turning her back on the two. The little boy however, couldn't help but keep looking and he wasn't the only one. A few men and women in the line behind as well as in front of them peered over to watch the scene unfold.

Tay squated, shit flowing out of her asshole in a smooth rope as it splattered into the dirt and began to collapse atop itself, leaving s fetid stinking pile of light brown filth. Her young mind went blank as she was finally able to empty her pained bowels, and despite herself a stream of golden piss erupted from her exposed slit shooting forward and spraying right onto her panties and overalls, drenching them with piss as she voided herself entirely. The smooth turd broke off and plopped to the ground, leaving an awe inspiring heap of filth, yet Tay didn't seem finished, she grunted, her body pushing out a thicker harder turd that popped out of her rear and plopped into the softer filth, followed by a loud fart and a shitty spray of liquid filth. Her stream of piss weakened to a dripp, leaving her standing in a puddle, with a filthy bottom and the eyes of dozens of people on her.

A passing teenager walked by, averting his gaze as he did so, but making sure to turn on his cell phone camera and record the entire display. Tay sat there panting, exhausted from the massive shit. Her mother contemplated what she should do, she didn't have any napkins or anything she might use to clean her daughters bottom...with no choice she grabbed her daughters already piss drenched panties and slid them up, the seat of them stained immediately with her soft brown shit. She then pulled her overalls back up and redid the clasps, it was likewise drenched in urine, all over the crotch, pants legs and top portion, only the back had been spared getting pissed on. It was at that point Tay began to come back to her senses

A look of distress overcame her face as she turned to look over the massive pile of filth she had left on the ground in the middle of a public place. Her mother felt terrible, imagining the shame the little girl must be feeling and indeed Tay was overcome with embarrassment...yet only for a few seconds, a strange sense of pride swelled in her chest as she imagined she had just taking the biggest poop ever, followed by anger for how rude everyone else was for staring and laughing. As Tay's mother led her quietly off the line, head hanging low, filled with shame. The spunky young girl turned away to shout at the crowd

“I hope one of your jerks steps in it!” she said defiantly before following along with her mother, to head back home and get cleaned up.


so disgusting. love it. u should take commision


Heh, I doubt theres much demand for tailor made filthy stories =p


Not the other guy, but I'd sure as hell pay. Just share your email or whatever and I'll go for it




Definitely well made.

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