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I'm here again with a new story fresh from the bowels of hell itself. Jokes apart, this is something that I have had in the back of my mind for a long time after my last story of a female abducted and transformed by an alien. In some way this is a conceptual retelling: same basic premise but from another starting point and direction.

Be warned, this first post is only a prologue of sorts, and contains next to no smut, but in posting it I intend to commit myself to see the story finished at some point. Additional tags will be posted per chapter.


=The chronicles of a self made Queen=


The echo of the explosions and gunfire reverberates all the way down from the upper tunnels of the nest to the inner sanctum where my daughters are busy disentangling me from the walls in a desperate gamble to secure me before the military arrives.

My poor children. I can feel in the back of my mind whenever one of my offspring dies in their valiant effort to buy me just one more minute to escape to safety. Their natural weapons, their steely nails, their sharpened fangs, their toxic spit, amount to nothing before the bullets, machetes, flamethrowers and grenades of the army.

It really was a shame. Our little colony had just been just a few months away of acquiring some of that very equipment for ourselves. Until now we had relied on discretion and subterfuge to survive but, no matter how carefully we had tread, we have been discovered in the end. At this point my mind is more occupied with the mental reports of the advance of the enemy and the frantic efforts of my caretakers but, if I survive the night, getting that knowledge will be given maximum priority.

In the meantime, what I really want is to hate them, those ugly, stinking, military men. I really do. However, in my heart of hearts I perfectly understand them, their terror and disgust against me and my daughters. If they ever see me, and right now it is a fifty fifty chance, they will probably turn tail and nuke the whole place just to be sure. Hell, just three years ago I would have probably done the same if I had seen myself as I am now, even accounting for how messed my head had been then. In the end, I have always known this was a possible outcome of the path I had chosen when I had opened that package from Tanya, so I have little regret from that front. I have lived long enough to see my deepest, darkest fantasy come true, something not many people can brag about.

As my daughters carefully sever some of my many wombs from the floor to free me, I also admit that Tanya and me were probably the only two people on earth that insane to have fantasized with this. If my escape plan fails and I finally feel the hot lead on my flesh, I wonder what I will tell saint Peter at the doors, assuming I’m not headed downstairs, of course. The first thing that comes to my mind is that it was all the fault of my first boyfriend.

David was his name. I had known him since kindergarten, and our families assumed we would eventually marry. I did as well, in a romanticized kind of way, of course. When we got to the age when teens begin experimenting, though, I made the discovery that changed the course of my life and led me to this deep, humid cave. It happened one day we had been left alone at his home. His parents were at the doctor with his little baby sister who had gotten some kind of infection or another, the way little kids usually do. We, as responsible teens, had been left alone to finish some homework that, for the love of God, I can’t remember what was about.

My lifelong crush had left to the grocery store to buy us some snacks, and had foolishly left me with his laptop opened. I was incredibly bored from the homework, maybe it was History after all, so I mischievously decided to peek around his folders to see what kind of stuff came up. He would be outside a good half an hour, so I had some time to check undisturbed. What I got was season after season of his favorite Japanese cartoons, anime was what he had called it. I really didn’t mind that hobby of him, and some of those animes were really cool, despite me having next to none interest in animated characters. However, clicking randomly here and there got me to a folder that was well out of the way, called ‘Recycle bin’. The placement and name of that folder sparked my curiosity, so I got inside.

I only had time to watch a short fragment of one video before I heard the door opening and closing downstairs, but that fragment seared my mind with the force of the sun. A pretty naked girl was hanging from the ceiling, suspended by a myriad of tentacles which also were violating her in every conceivable hole. Despite the dire situation she was in, the girl was moaning in ecstasy, convulsing in what looked like powerful orgasms even as her stomach showed the outline of the appendages traversing her whole body.

It was completely silly. A lurid fantasy with no basis whatsoever on reality. And it would change me forever.

I closed the videos and the folders before David returned to his room, and buried my head in the book, pretending I had been studying all along. Young teen boys aren’t counted among the most perceptive people of the world, so he didn’t notice my flustered face, or my utter lack of interest in anything he was saying. After seeing that video, my thoughts were in another place far away from that small bedroom, and I wasted no time inventing an excuse to get out of there and investigate my discovery in the privacy of my own house. I am a quite imaginative person, which is part of the reason that video made such an impression in me, so I had no difficulties in convincing the poor, disappointed lad that I had to go.

Once I finally got home, I quickly holed myself in my own bedroom and used my laptop to find all I could about that particular genre of cartoons. I begun by learning its name: ‘Hentai’, and from that meager starting point I sunk deeper and deeper inside the proverbial rabbit hole.

Thanks to all the things I have seen and done between that first awakening and now, I have had time to reflect on what was the reason that genre so attracted me. It was the notion of going beyond the human limits. To have orgasms strong enough to kill and yet survive them, to be fucked in holes not meant to be fucked, to be transformed into something different, to give birth to monsters and aliens and yet love them as your own children, to discard any notion of morality and break each and every taboo known to man. I wanted all of that and more and, by a twist of destiny, I got everything and then some.

Now I can smell the acrid stench of gunpowder and the sweet aroma of the cooked flesh of my children, their tender meat seared from their bones by the heat of the flames of the enemy. They are almost at the innermost sanctum of our nest and my time is running short. My eldest daughter is being secured in my place even as her sisters finally prepare my immobile form for travel.

They are all so loyal to me, that sacrificing their lives is as natural to them as breathing. I always have the temptation of comparing myself with an ant queen, but my dear daughters are not mindless drones by any stretch. All of them have their distinct personalities, wants and wishes. Which makes their sacrifice so much meaningful and heartbreaking.

Will the military take the bait I have carefully displayed before them? Will they mistake my dear girl for me, buying me time to escape? If my luck holds they probably will, as the exact specs of my anatomy and physiology should be still an unknown factor to them. If I’m specially lucky, they will blast the nest with explosives to be sure, rendering everything an indistinct mass of unrecognizable meat, and gene tests won’t reveal anything useful, as all of my daughters are parthenogenetic clones of myself.

I smile to my oldest daughter, feeling in my head all her love for our family, and specially for me, a feeling we all share together. Closing my eyes, I give her a final mental goodbye and feel, for the first time since I had claimed this cave, how my body is moved by the small handful of my offspring that have been chosen to ensure my survival. The secret passageway I had the foresight of excavate as soon as I had settled here is completely dark and very cramped, but a convenient cave in triggered by the fake queen I leave behind will hide it for a very long time, maybe forever.

While I am moved towards safety, still not knowing if my gamble will pay off, I try to recall each and every detail of my life since I had known Tanya. I have a feeling that the answer to my current problems lies in the depths of my memory and, right now, I really have nothing better to do with my time.


Oh my, very promising start. My inner yuri fan is already excited to meet this Tanya woman.

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