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I'm sitting and waiting for her to make a loud noise, I look at her slender body, spidery limbs lazily bound to the chair at the wrists and ankles, her head drooping aimlessly about, too heavy for her to carry so that all she can do is sway back and forth, dragging along her golden waterfall of sweat frizzed hair.

I wait for her to make a loud noise, but it doesn't come. When I first put the tape over her mouth, she had so much screaming she tried to let out. I thought her parents might've been able to hear it up stairs if they weren't already well on their way up to heaven. She would stomp and tense, and her chair shuffled along randomly on the floor, I had to hold it down to keep her from kicking herself over. She had so much energy then, that was about 16 minutes ago. But now I wait for her to make the same noise, and I don't think she can.

When she looks up to me, it's only for a moment before she gets too tired holding up her head and her neck cranes back down, dropping it. When she looks up at me, her eyes just flit across mine and lose focus, finding nothing of interest in the ceiling and slowly rolling up into her head before she lets it drop again. When she looks up at me, I get a little rush of pleasure, waiting for that big sound, the anticipation grows higher as I realize it won't come. I look at her face, soaking hair matted to her forehead. The red color slowly running from her cheeks. The tape from the beginning of our play date pushed over her mouth. It's become a little loose, and when she breathes in the loose flap is sucked up to block her nose. She's starting to shake, she looks cold, I go to her.

She's nearly glistening under the warm cellar light, the smokey dust of the unused basement flirts with her form like the aura of a dream. She tries to look up at me and doesn't make it all the way, her head drops back down before she can raise up to met even my chest, so she just shivers. When I'm this close, I can hear her wheezing against the wrinkled grey tape as she tries to breathe in. I can see her back heave and drop randomly. I help her, I take my hands to her cheeks and lift her face gently. Now she can make eye contact with me.

Dialated eyes focus on random parts of my face, they don't look like they're taking in any more than a blur. They're blue, they're bigger than ever, and more beautiful than ever as well. I can see them focus and null out and repeat and repeat, I see her eyebrows wrinkle with fear and worry and pain, but then relax, and she goes back and forth between these emotions as she rides the waves of consciousness. Eventually she finally takes a deep breath in, or attemps to. It pulls the tape completely over her nostrils, and not even a wheeze of air gets by. Her entire body becomes tense, she has more energy than I've noticed in her ever before. Her arched back, her shoulders up to her ears, curling stiffly around my hands on her cheeks. This is the sound I was looking for, the beautiful sound of silence. It's almost there. Her eyes fall back and back, looking higher to the ceiling as her back arches desperately in vain, and then...

Quiet. She's heavy in my hands in an instant. Her eyebrows relax and her bloodshot eyes dialate in a way they shouldn't be able to while she's staring at the ceiling light. I rip the tape away from her lips, it's difficult and it pulls on them but I manage to do so and am rewarded with a sudden puff of air from her lungs. She doesn't look anywhere though, she doesn't seem happy ore relieved to have the freedom to breathe. I kiss her lips, I twine our tongues, I wet the glue off her lips and gently nip and lick and flick her tongue with mine. There's no breath, but she responds. She makes a little twitch of her eyelids that eaves them half closed over her dusty, massive eyes. There's a little shudder of her body that rattles the chair for a moment or too. And there's a sharp, distinct scent, once she calms back down. And the young blonde girl is reduced to nothing, sleeping beauty lies infront of me, never to wake up.


I love this so much. Slow suffocation stories are my favorite, and you rarely see them here.


Thank you, comments make it worth it

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