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I'm just going to dump all my stories as quickly as possible. Life changes are under way, and I don't anticipate I'll post for a while. All of these stories are fictional/fantasy. Any resemblance to any persons, real or fictional, are coincidental. I do not condone any harm to anybody. If you plan on hurting yourself or others, please do not, and seek help. I enjoy feedback, so if you enjoyed the story, please leave a comment below!


Chapter 1: Raj

Raj Patel stared at the television in disbelief.

"Breaking news," the anchorwoman spoke with a somber tone, "Actress Katherine Robertson, has gone missing for the past three days."

A picture displayed itself on the screen. Katherine. Robertson. Unreal, Raj thought to himself. She was probably the most famous twelve year old girl on the planet. Missing? Couldn't be. She's probably hidin out at her friends' place. Or maybe she ran away. But that can't be, Raj thought. She's too famous to do even THAT. Everywhere she'd go someone would recognize her. A clip played on the television. It was a scene of Kat (her friends called her Kat for short) in her latest movie, Nigel Cutter and the Disappearing Hounds. Raj remembered watching that movie. He had read all the books in the series. There were five of them so far. He loved them all. He even had a replica hat that the kids in the movies wore that he had ordered online. And he was hopelessly obsessed with her.
He was her biggest fan. Except he wasn't the only one.

Raj actually went to the same school as her: Haley-Cromwell Preparatory School for the Arts and Sciences. It was a fancy school, of course, and it was for grades 1 through 12. It was a private school, and very well-funded. Raj was keenly aware of it. His parents paid an arm and leg just to get him enrolled in it. He was the only child, and they were both lawyers, so they could afford it. But he remembered applying. There was interview after interview. And his parents stressed out over it for years and years, doing whatever they could to get Raj in. He remembered the day
he was accepted. His parents were so proud. Raj wondered if Kat ever had to apply, or if she even had to interview.

He never interacted with Kat anyways, even though they were in the same grade. For one, they mostly had different schedules. He had one class with her, actually, but she was protected by layers of fawning students. The closest to her were like her bodyguards. No one could get close to her. Even though she was so physically close to him at times, she was still light years away. She was untouchable. And he was a geek. He loved computers, and he spent most of his time playing games on his laptop or studying for his exams, but when he wasn't playing games or working on homework, he would spend his free time perusing Kat's Facebook page, combing through her photos, imagining that maybe it was him that her arm was around in some of those photos. She had a Twitter account that he followed too. What would it be like to have her 'friend' him on Facebook? He could only access what the general public could access. How he wished that he was closer to her. But that was impossible. Sometimes he would spend hours daydreaming what it would be like to get to know her. What if
she liked playing computer games too? They could play for hours on end together. And then they could talk some more. And maybe, at the very end, right before her parents picked her up, maybe he could give her a long hug. Maybe even a kiss? But it was just a fantasy.

Probably every other boy in the classroom felt that way with her. He didn't want to be like the others, though. He never stared. He would briefly give himself a glance or two every day, though, and admire her from a distance. He had to be careful not to be noticed. She was always in the center of the commotion. Even though her posse was often disruptive, the teachers never really seemed to care. They were a little starstruck by her too, apparently. But she was quite the spectacle. Although she was a very pretty girl on screen, in person, believe it or not, she was even prettier,
and by far the prettiest girl in her group. She had light brown hair. It was long, wavy, and it flowed down to the small of her back.

Raj could daydream about her for hours on end. But his attention
returned to the television which buzzed in the corner of his room.

"You may remember her from the controversy last Spring during an awards ceremony..."

Another scene of Kat plays on the television. It's a scene of her at
the the ceremony of last year's Film Actor's Guild awards. She wore a white summer dress. It was slightly risque. Raj remembered that it caused quite a stir among the press. An eleven year old girl with a dress that showed so much skin. The critics were up in arms! But her popularity rose nonetheless. Everyone
was talking about it. Her dress had a tube top, and exposed her bare slender shoulders. It curved to the shape of her body too, with the bottom of her dress resembling more of a short skirt than anything else, revealing much of her young legs to the public. Parts of the dress were see-through, but it didn't show anything more than a bikini would have shown anyways.

Despite how skimpy the dress was for some, there was elegance in her tyle at the same time. Raj couldn't describe it. She had her hair done up, and you could see a flowing floral sash that ran across the front that tapered down to the bottom of her dress. People focused on how inappropriate it was for a girl her age to wear something that revealing for an event so formal, but they couldn't see that she looked so beautiful in the dress. And that smile. Boy, when those cameras were flashing from every direction, Raj swore she glittered like a star as the rays of white
light reflected off her skin and eyes.

Raj turned on his computer and opened his web browser. The story had already gone global. CNN was airing the story non-stop. Her face was all over the internet. A Twitter page had been made, #HelpFindKat, which linked to her Facebook page, and another dedicated solely to any tips or clues on how to find her. The world was watching with a keen eye. Where did this budding beauty queen go?

And then suddenly, Raj saw something on the Twitter page that caught his eye. It was a post from Kat. Could it really be? But it was strange. It wasn't a message. It was a link. It said: 'Watch Me'. He hovered his mouse over and hesitated. The link looked suspicious. But...

Raj clicked.

A video popped up on his screen. The word 'Live Streaming' was showing on the bottom corner of the video. Raj had a video recorder app on his laptop that he used to record gameplay with his friends, and he didn't know why, but he hit the 'video record' button as soon as the video started to play. Whatever it was, he didn't want to miss the opportunity.

Seconds passed. Nothing. It was a black screen. But then after a few more seconds, the black screen cleared, and there she was. Kat. She was standing in the center of a small pale grey room. The room was well-lit, and light seemed to emanate from all directions. She looked scared, and it appeared as if she had been crying. She was wearing a short yellow skirt and a small white blouse. There was a dark stain in the center of her skirt.

The video was silent for the first minute. Raj was confused. There was no sound. He checked his volume settings. Normal. His speakers. Nothing was out of place. Everything was plugged in. She looked like she was listening to a conversation, and intermittently responding. And then suddenly the lighting in the room became brighter. He could see everything in much greater detail. And then he could hear a soft blanket of white noise in the background, and then Kat's voice, loud and clear. He turned down the volume so that it wouldn't be too loud.

"My name is Katherine Robertson," she said quietly.

She started to cry.

"You have five seconds to comply..." a low but loud computerized voice ordered from the background.

Kat looked up again at the screen, still sobbing, and nodded her head slowly, looking resigned. Raj stared at the video in disbelief.

"My name is Katherine Robertson," she said again, "And I know..."

She looked very distraught. She shook her head, sniffled, and took a deep breath.

"I know that I... I am being watched."

And then she began to undress.


Chapter 2: Kat

Kat stared at the man in front of her. He was sitting down in front of her. He was not moving. He had a hood on his head, so she couldn't see his face. She was tied down to a chair. Her arms were secured to the armrests. She felt groggy, but she was becoming more and more aware by the minute. Her feet were cold. They were bare.

"Please state your full name," a low computerized voice could be heard.

Though he was hidden in the shadow, the voice didn't seem entirely to be coming from him. He was in front of her. But the voice came from above. She shuddered when her eyes began to adjust to the dark.

"Please state your full name. You have five seconds to comply."

Kat was confused. Where was she? How did she get here? Who was asking these questions? And then suddenly, a few seconds later, an intense pain for just a brief second fired up into her legs. It felt like it had originated at her two big toes. It was painful. Extraordinarily painful. It felt as if her toe had momentarily caught fire, and from that nydus a wave of pain and contraction gripped her seizing legs.

She began to panic. More questions swam in her head.

"The next round of punishment will double in length of time. Please state your full name. You have five seconds to comply."

Kat was a slurry of emotions. She was terrified. Confused. And
absolutely furious. Where was she? Who was doing this to her?

"Where am I? Who are you?" She shouted, "Why are you holding me? Let me go! Do you know who I am?"

Another jolt of electricity, but this time lasting two seconds, shot
through her legs. God that was painful! It felt similar to the cramps she would get sometimes after playing tennis for too long with her friends, but instead of one muscle, it was hitting all of the muscles in her legs and feet at the same time. And it was much more painful. And that sensation in her toe. She had been burnt once when hot water from a cup had once fallen on her thigh. This felt like the same burning pain, but several times worse. It was unbearably intense, painful, and uncomfortable all at the same time. It was difficult to describe.

"Once again, please state your full name. The punishment will be
doubled again to a total time of four seconds if you fail to comply. You have five seconds to answer."

Kat was dumbfounded, and in the middle of an anxiety attack at the same time. Confused, dazed. Scared. She had so many questions. But that pain. And that voice. She knew she didn't want to feel that pain again. And that voice seemed to control the pain. Her anger had quickly turned into fear. She knew she needed to give an answer, but before she could, another wave of electricity hit her toes.

"Gahhhhh!" she cried out in agony as the current coursed through her legs.

After four seconds, she gasped for air.

"Katherine Alice Robertson!" she cried out. She began to cry.

"Please state your birthdate and current age."

"I'm twelve years old," Kat said between her sobs, "I was born January 28th, in 2004."

"Please state your address."

Why her address? What did he want to know that for? She was still confused, but she feared another shock. She didn't know if she could handle eight more seconds of that kind of pain. She quickly gave a response.

"I live at 4653 Willowcreek Drive, in a suburb just north of New York City."

"Please give the name of your school and what grade you are in."

"I'm in seventh grade. I go to Haley-Cromwell."

"What are the names of your parents?"

"It's Jessica Robertson and Michael Robertson."

"And what are the names and ages of your brothers and sisters?"

"I have a younger brother. His name is James. And I have a younger sister. Her name is Michelle. James is nine. Michelle is nine, too. They're twins."

"Who is your best friend?"

Kat was confused. Why all these questions? And they were all so
personal. She barely had time to process the purpose of any of them. But she knew the answers. And she did not want to be hurt anymore.

"You have five seconds to respond."

"I... I... I don't have a best friend? I have a lot of friends, but I
don't know if I have one?"

"Name five of your closest friends then."

"Well, uh... well there's Grace," Kat said in between sniffles, "And
then there's Jacky, Jessica, Rebecca, and then... maybe Sam?"

"Do you like Sam?"

"Wait, what? No, well, no... I don't like Sam, he's just... a

"Does Sam like you?"

"I... I don't know! How would I know that? He's never said anything about that."

"Do you like anybody?"

Kat was starting to feel extraordinarily confused. And embarrassed.

"You have five seconds to comply."

These questions started out fairly personal, but she had given her name and basic information many times. Asking whether or not she liked anybody was not something she felt comfortable talking about. And certainly not to a stranger. But if she didn't answer soon, she knew the next thing she would feel would be extreme pain.

"I... I..."

And then she felt the shock. It caught her mid sentence, and she cried out in a loud voice that lasted nearly the entire length of the shock. All eight seconds of it. If four seconds was bad, eight seconds was several times worse. The pain was so bad she felt like she could not breathe. When it was over, she felt winded. She needed to catch her breath.

"Who do you like?"

Kat stammered, "R-r-roy. Roy Feldman."

She began to cry again. This was getting too personal.

"And who is Roy Feldman?"

"He's a boy. He's actually in the tenth grade. He plays football."

"And where did you meet him?"

"I met him at church, actually."

"What do you like about him?"

"I don't know? He's cute? He's nice, I guess? I don't know. It's
just a stupid crush."

"Are you Facebook friends?"


"Do you have a Twitter account? And email?"

"Yes, I guess. Of course I do. Everyone does."

"Do you go through his pictures on Facebook?"

"Who, Roy? Yeah, I guess."

"What is your Facebook login and password?"

"Wait, what? I can't give you that!"

And then almost instantly a jolt of electricity coursed through her
legs, except it was for sixteen seconds. Those were the longest sixteen seconds of her life. She didn't know if she even breathed during the shock. Her legs were shaking now. Her forehead now dripped with perspiration. Her lips trembled.

"What is your Facebook login and password? You have five seconds to comply."

"I... hold on. I need time to remember it. I can't remember it. You need to give me more time, please!"

Thirty two seconds of electricity coursed through her feet and legs.
When the current ended, Kat was nearly delirious with pain and exhaustion. Her legs were trembling violently now. She could feel a warmth developing in between her legs. She had wet herself.

"You have five seconds to comply. If the login and password are wrong, you will be punished. And the time will be doubled."

"Oh god," She cried, "I'll tell you. Please,"

"The first letter is capital T," she choked in between sobs, "Capital T, then the rest are lower case. T, i, g, e, r, g, i, r, then l. Then the numbers 5, 3, 1, 8, and 9."

"And the password is, 4, f, i, s, h, 1, n, the 'at' symbol, b, a, r, r,
e, l, 2, then 4."

Almost a minute elapsed. And then the voice returned.

"And your Twitter account and password."

Without hesitation Kat gave her Twitter account and password. Another minute elapsed.

"Your Social Security number."

Kat gave that too. It was hopeless to resist. This voice was
eventually going to get everything from her anyways. There was no sense. The pain was too great. And it doubled every time. Kat didn't remember how long exactly the last episode of electricity was supposed to go for. But that last time was too long. Having it doubled for the next round of electricity was not an option for her. She was going to tell the voice anything.

But then questions ended.

"Pay attention carefully to what is said next."

Kat was paying attention.

"From now on, you will do exactly as I say. If you fail to comply
within five seconds of every command, you will be electrocuted. The next round of electrocution will last approximately one minute. Every additional round will be doubled in length. If you try to remove the electrodes from your toes, you will be punished severely. Remove the electrodes on your toes, and they won't go on your toes anymore. They will go in your pussy. They will go on your nipples. And you will be electrocuted for hours. Do not, I repeat, do not remove the electrodes."

Kat froze in fear. Did he just say 'pussy'? Nobody had spoken to her like that before. She knew what it meant. It meant that he was talking about that area 'down there,' or her 'private parts.' Who would do such a thing? Nobody was supposed to touch it, let alone talk about it. She was in total disbelief. That area was supposed to be private. It was supposed to be a secret, a special place. Did he just say he was going to hurt her there? And with the same thing, whatever they were, electrodes, that was creating such terrible in her toes? And did he just say nipples? She was confused. There was too much going on. She hardly had any time to process it. Whatever the case, she got the message. She wasn't going to touch the electrodes on her toes. She was just going to do whatever the voice told her to do. Anything to avoid those shocks again.

"By now, everybody is aware of your disappearance from home. You've been gone for three days. While you were sleeping off your sedatives, everyone has been looking for you. You've made the news. World-wide. Already. See for yourself."

A flat-screen monitor turns on in one of the dark corners of the room. CNN was playing. It's volume was on fairly low, but she could make out most everything that was being said on it. Kat could see her face in the corner of the broadcast featuring the anchorwoman who had been reporting her disappearance. Another monitor turns on. It's FOX news.

"As if you weren't famous enough already... It's been a few months since you've been on the big screen. But this time the whole world is going to see a different side of you. Katherine, the star of the show. Or is it Kat? I can see that's how your friends have been addressing you through your messages with them. How interesting. Kat, then. A perfect face, a perfect body, with perfect talent, from a perfect family, living in a perfect world..."

Kat's head started to swim. The man in front of her moved quickly to remove the table in front of her. He undid her wrist restraints. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her up to stand, and then he removed the chair from behind her, leaving the room shortly after. She was all by herself now. She was shaking. She had never been this scared before. The boomed again from above. It wasn't coming from the man in front of her. It was coming from someone else. And they were looking through her accounts.

"Well you're certainly going to perform for us again. Are you ready? I've set up TV monitors on the wall in front of you so that you can see. Some of them are playing the news, others are showing your live Twitter feed. This one though, and because I want you to pay attention to it, it's right in front of you, next to a playback of the live feed. It's showing live anonymous comments. I've set up a link next to your streaming video so they can comment on it anonymously. This way you can see that you're being watched. A million eyes or more are on you now. Look at all those comments, streaming in already! The public is certainly showing their concern. I bet they're anxiously awaiting news that you're OK. That you're alive. What better way to show them you're still around by posting your first tweet in days? But look. There it is. A link to a live streaming video that I posted a few minutes earlier. Want to see what happens if I click it? No? Well too bad. Let's click it anyways."

A video of her appeared on the screen in front of her, to the right of the monitor showing her Twitter feed, and just below it the screen showing anonymous comments. It was like staring into a mirror. On the other side of the live video feed was CNN, reporting live on her story. It was prime time for news. And she was the center of attention.

Hold on, she could hear the anchorwoman say quietly in the distance. 'More breaking news to this story. I'm being told that the missing actress has just posted a tweet. It appears to be a link to a video of some sort. This is live, breaking news, folks. We're being told the video is showing the young girl standing alone in a room. She appears to be safe, thank goodness.'

Kat could hear everything that was being said. Her head was spinning. This wasn't really happening. Was the whole world really watching her like this?

Suddenly more lights in the room turned on. Her pale skin accented against the dull grey background of the room's walls. Kat closed her eyes to protect them from the sudden increase of light.

She looked down at her feet. She could see a loop wrapping around both her toes, and wires that traveled from her toes to the front of the room, disappearing into a hole at the bottom.

"Look into the camera," the voice commanded from above.

Kat looked ahead and spotted a semi-spherical camera just above the monitor displaying the live video. It had a dark reflective lens and a blinking red dot on its side. It was attached to a hydraulic
multi-segmented arm. In fact, now that the lights were on, she noticed four more cameras at the top corners of the room, all with blinking with red lights.

"You will look into the camera and state your full name. And this next part is important. You will then say the words 'I know I am being watched.' And then. Are you ready for this? And then, you will take off all your clothes. Do you understand?"

Kat felt herself slipping. Was this a dream? This was all happening so fast. It was one thing to answer all those personal questions. It's a totally different thing to take off all her clothes. She had never been naked in front of anybody before. Well, except her mom. And maybe the doctor. This was unreal. She was in pure disbelief. Was she really being filmed right now? And was the voice being truthful? Was the whole world truly watching? Everyone. In the world. Was going to watch her undress?

"Do you understand, Katherine Robertson? You have five seconds to state that you understand."

Kat took a quick breath. She remembered what would soon happen if after five seconds she did not do as she was told.

"I... I... think I do."

"Do what?"

"Understand. I think I understand," Kat's voice trembled softly.

"Then repeat what you are to do once I tell you to do it."

"You want me to," Kat said quietly, tears welling up in her eyes, "You want me to say my name. And then you want me to say that I know I am being watched. And then... then... you want me to take off my clothes. In front of the world."

Tears were streaming.

"Good girl. That's exactly what I want you to do. And if you don't,
you know what happens next. Are you ready?"

Kat stared dumbfoundedly ahead. Everyone was watching. Everyone all around the world. She didn't believe it.

"You may begin. Time starts now."

Kat stared at the camera blankly. A red dot began to blink on the side of the camera.




"My name is Katherine Robertson."


Chapter 3: Raj

With his mouth agape and his eyes wide open, Raj fixated his gaze on the computer. He couldn't believe what he was looking at. That was Kat. That was definitely Kat. And why did she have a wet stain in between her legs? Why did she look so scared? Why was she crying? Who was doing this to her?

The questions seemed to flow endlessly, but his questions quickly
shifted into a state of pure fascination with what Kat did next.

She removed her blouse first, revealing her soft white belly and a white laced bra covering her adolescent breasts. Raj couldn't believe his eyes. What was happening?

And when she hesitated to remove the next article of clothing, Raj could hear a muffled voice in the background boom once again, telling her she had five seconds to comply. Five seconds to comply, or what? The voice seemed to terrify Kat. Raj didn't think that she would go any further but then her thumbs slid over the sides of her skirt, as she pulled them down slowly.

And there she stood. In her underwear. She was now only wearing the light pink panties, soaked in pee, with a ribbon on the front, and a bra. Her knees were knocking against each other. Raj felt extremely guilty, but he couldn't look away. And he couldn't believe what went on in his mind next. Boy, he thought to himself, was she pretty. He was so fascinated by what he saw. She had a GREAT body. This was more skin than she or any girl that he knew had ever revealed before. But even then he thought to himself. What would she look like if she took off all her clothes? Including her underwear?

He could barely process any of what was happening. But before he could make any sense of what was going on, Kat moved her hand behind her back. Was she taking her bra off? Raj had never seen a girl's breasts before. He had maybe seen them a few times at the movies, but his mom always covered his eyes. It was always for just a moment. And his internet was filtered from adult content by his parents. He never dared to bypass their settings. But this? This was new. He didn't know what to expect.

And then the bra came off. He barely noticed as it dropped to the
floor. All Raj could do was ogle at her soft tiny breasts. They were the most beautiful things he had ever seen. She had little mounds just behind her nipples, which had a soft light brown, almost pink color. His mouth had been open for so long that his mouth was dry. Raj closed his mouth and swirled his tongue around his inner lips to wet them again. He swallowed. Did he just swallow some air?

Kat quickly covered her bare breasts with her left arm. She used the other to pull down her panties. She quickly covered up her tiny slit with her other hand, but not before Raj caught a momentary glimpse at Katherine Robertson's privates. What... in the world... was going ON?

Raj's head was spinning.

Raj couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen a girl's privates
before. He had seen a rough sketch of it before, at his sex ed class in 6th grade. And while it looked a little bit like that sketch, it was so much more interesting. It had the little slit down the center, just like the drawings. But there was no hair, like one of the diagrams seemed to indicate. Did she shave? Or maybe hers hadn't grown in yet. Regardless, it was perfect. It was beautiful.

And then the voice commanded her again.

Raj could make it out fairly clearly. It was hardly believable what
came next. But the words were unmistakable.

"Spread your legs open," it said.

And she did.


Kat shuffled her legs slightly apart.


She waddled her legs wider.

"Wider, and if you do not move them wide enough, you will be punished."

Kat opened her legs up.


"Now put your arms up, raise your hands up above your head."

Kat looked scared. She looked like she really didn't want to raise her arms and expose her nakedness to the camera.

"You have five seconds to comply."

But Kat did not budge. Her hands remained over her most private areas, shielding them still from the world.

And then Raj watched Kat scream and fall. The camera panned down to capture Kat's body, now writhing in pain on the floor. She screamed and screamed. Is this what he meant by punishment? What was happening to her? Was she being hurt? Who was doing this to her? How was she being hurt? And then Raj saw the two wires attached to her toes. It didn't take him long to figure out that that was what was causing her pain. Her legs were extended, her muscles were taut, and her toes were outstretched. She was
being shocked with electricity.

Raj felt helpless. She was being tortured. That was how they were
getting her to take off her clothes. He wanted to do something. He wanted to stop her pain. But he couldn't. All he could do was watch. What had been a slightly curious dive into his first glimpse of the naked female body in its entirety was now a confusing storm of emotions. He was angry. He was helpless. But he was also curious, and while he was tempted to close the window and forget everything he had just seen, he wanted to see what would happen next. Raj began to hate himself.

A minute elapsed. And when her body was relieved of the current, Kat was still sobbing on the floor.

"Get up," the voice boomed.

Kat struggled, but she was able to get back up. Her legs buckled, and looked barely able to hold her own weight. Pee dribbled slowly from between her groin. It looked like she had wet herself once more.

"Legs apart. Wider. Good. Arms up in the air. Good. Higher. Good. Now look at the camera."

The camera panned up and down her body slowly, this time zooming in for every detail. Her feet were wide apart, but she pulled her knees inward towards the center of her body. Her arms were barely over her head, and her shoulders were shrugged towards her ears. Her eyes were looking straight into the screen but her head was still lowered, and lips forming a very prominent frown on her face. She had an unforgettable expression of helplessness. Her eyes, wide with fear, were begging for mercy. Her face was wet and dripped of sadness. Tears traveled down to her chin, where they dripped onto the floor. Kat's ribs could be seen, her chest heaving rapidly, up and down. Her soft belly pushed in and out and labored with every breath. And then the camera zoomed in between her legs, the center of her nakedness and vulnerability. The picture took only a second to focus. You could see every detail, every droplet of moisture that hung onto her bare skin in her most sacred of spots.

"Turn around."

The same process was repeated on her backside, the camera slowing down and pausing once more when the camera's field of vision captured her buttocks. They were round and shapely, but also firm and toned, largely because she kept in shape. She had to. She was s star.

"Now bend down, and with both hands, grab your ass. Spread those cheeks."

Kat complied, this time, with little hesitation.

"Lower. Move your hands lower. Good girl. Now pull your ass cheeks far apart. Farther. Pull them farther. Good girl."

The camera moved forward, and zoomed in, focusing on her anus in full detail.

"Now get on your back. On the floor. Bring your knees to touch your chest. Good girl. Spread those legs a little bit. More. More. Very good. Lift you feet up high. Higher. Now use your fingers to pull your pussy lips apart. More. Pull them apart more. More. That's good, little girl."

The camera zoomed in again with unbelievable focus and clarity. In between her slit was a pink valley of flesh, and in the center were two holes, one larger than the other. Raj felt something inside of him build up. He was excited. But he knew this was all wrong. He was conflicted about his feelings, but he didn't know how to control them. He knew what he was watching was wrong. It was blackmail. But it felt so good. She was still beautiful, even though what was happening to her was ugly. His eyes were glued to the screen.

"Good girl. Now use your fingers from one hand to keep them apart. Like that, good. Using your other hand, push your middle finger in, all the way up to the knuckle, push it as far as you can into your pussy."

Raj stared intently.

"You have five seconds to comply."

But Kat wasn't moving. And then suddenly, just seconds later, Raj saw Kat shudder as if she had just exited a trance. He watched as she parted her lips in between her legs with her left hand, and pushed with her right middle finger into her vagina. The camera zoomed in extraordinarily close. The clarity and resolution of the picture was remarkable. Who was doing this to her? Whoever it was, it was someone who knew what they were doing, and had thought this out well.

She seemed to fiddle around for a bit. But after a few seconds,
following a low grunt, Raj could see the tip of her finger disappear into her. And then slowly more and more, urged by the monotonous phantom behind the voice, pushing her finger in until most of it had penetrated her.

"Now remove your finger, and suck on it."

Raj watched as Kat removed her finger. The camera moved to focus on her face. A look of disgust spread across her face as she looked at her finger. Then she closed her eyes and put the finger in her mouth.

"Push it in deeper. Suck."

Her eyes shut tighter as her lips pursed together and her cheeks took on a concave shape.

"Now the other hole. Push the same finger inside your ass. Deeper. Push harder. Good girl. Now suck and clean your finger off."

The camera zoomed in on her face as Kat opened her mouth to suck on her finger. Whatever disgust Raj could see when she sucked on her finger the first time, it was certainly amplified this second time around. As her lips closed around her finger, her could see her holding back retches.

"Now get up. On your knees. Hand behind your back. Look up at the camera. And say the words on the screen above."

Kat looked just above the camera. Raj could her hesitate. Tears welled up in her eyes once more. She shook her head and looked down, but quickly looked back up.

And then she spoke. Softly. Slowly.

"I have no name. I am nobody and am nothing. I am worthless. I am not even human. I am flesh and meat and nothing more." Kat began to cry again, "Are you not satisfied? I am here for your entertainment. And I will be back."

And then the camera zoomed in on her face, streaming with fresh tears. Then, the video ended.


Chapter 4

...It's what's trending now...

...the horrific story of celebrity superstar Katherine Robertson, who had gone missing just four days ago...

...a live streaming video that surfaced on her Twitter page, posted under her account...

...good morning London, we are live from the BBC...

...a video we cannot show due to the disturbing nature of its content...'s top story is...

...over ten million views and hundreds of thousands more downloads before authorities were able to remove the video link...

...the video, almost too disturbing to discuss on live television, but involved somehow coercing the twelve year old girl to strip and perform heinous sex acts...

...And you know what, Bill? Here's what I think. I mean I personally stopped watching the video within the few minutes, it was just so terrible. I had to hear it from other people what actually happened later, and even then, I felt like vomiting. I mean it was that disturbing. How did the authorities let this video stay online for so long? How come Twitter let this happen? Why is this monster who is clearly blackmailing her still running around free? Where are our police, and why are they so incompetent? I mean, I'm angry. A lot of things went wrong here people, we have a lot of people we need to be pointing fingers at...

...we have with us chief director of the FBI's cybercrimes department Mr. Jeff Brigby to join us for discussion...

...authorities are scrambling to remove all links to the video, which has reportedly been downloaded, retweeted, and re-posted in various website, the links seemingly too extensive to fully eradicate...

...a whole community of Twitter followers denouncing the video as it was being streamed live... question is this: if this video is so disgusting, so morally
reprehensible, and so disturbing, why were there eight hundred thousand downloads while it was streaming? Morbid curiosity? Maybe. But why then hundreds more links being generated all around the web? Why is this video so hard to get rid of? Federal police are reporting that dozens of underground sites, not just in the deep web, are still offering free downloads of the video...

...words like 'disgusting, abhorrent, reprehensible,' used to describe the video on Twitter as it streamed live... unprecedented tragedy, not just in what happened, but in how powerless we are to prevent the spread of that awful, and not to mention, illegal video...

...we need to make it a crime to download. That's what we need to do. And we need to find the monster that did this, and we need to bring him to justice...

...police still unable to locate Katherine, or find any clues as to
where she is...

...why was there even a download counter? The whole thing behind this is just gut-wrenchingly creepy...

...that's eight hundred thousand people and counting, Melissa. You're going to put all those people behind bars? I don't even think that's possible...

...if you have information at all that could help lead to the rescue of Katherine Robertson, please call this toll free number below...


Chapter 5: Kat

Kat could remember every detail. She remembered reading the comments on the Twitter screen while she was stripping. 'This is so terrible...' some of them read. 'Please somebody stop this...' or 'I can't watch anymore.' And then there were the comments from the anonymous screen. 'So hawt...' or 'holy fuck i can't believe i'm watching this!' or 'make that bitch suffer, I want to see her
cry!' It was unbelievable. She knew how to handle hate mail and messages. She dealt with that all the time from her accounts. But there she was, exposed. And to read some of those comments. It was surreal. She was naked to the whole world. She had to show everyone her privates and spread them open. She had to penetrate herself with her finger and lick them. And she peed herself in the middle of it all. How utterly humiliating. It crushed her soul.

And these past few days have been hell as well. Locked in a cage no bigger than one reserved for a dog. Having to pee and poop in bucket. Eating dog food from a bowl with her face because every time she used her hands the man in the hood would shock her with a cattle prod. And yesterday she was hosed down with cold water because she was starting to smell really bad. But today was different. She was dragged out of her cage and pierced.

She looked down at her body. Earlier the man in the hood had pierced her. It was horrible. She already had a huge fear of needles, but to be pierced where she had been, she nearly fainted from the panic it induced. There were three rings total. Two through her nipples and another one in her clitoris. It was painful, but it was over quickly. What made her more scared, though, was that attached to these rings were wires that all connected to a battery in the shape of a collar around her neck. And then
the took her to another room. Full of cameras. But that wasn't what had her scared, nearly ready to pee herself again. It was what was in the center of the room.

Suddenly, the computerized voice spoke. It broke her from her train of thought.

"It's been trained to rape little girls," the voice droned monotonously from above.

Kat stared at the drooling beast for a good long minute. She had been captive for days now. She had been made to do all sorts of degrading stuff, but she hadn't been penetrated. Until now. She wasn't too innocent. She knew what the dog was there for. She knew what rape meant. It meant that her first time, would be with this dog. An animal. It made her sick to her stomach. It was a Great Dane. It looked about 180 pounds. She looked at the cameras. Then she looked at the horizontal bar in front of the canine. There were cameras everywhere.

"We've given him a very high dosage of a drug that's supposed to keep him hard longer. And then we've pumped him full of drugs that slow his progression to ejaculate. We've tested him out already. Amazingly these drugs work just as well on dogs as they do on humans. What does this all mean? Well, you're probably unfamiliar in the ways of sex, much less rape, but it means our canine friend here will be fucking you hard, and for a long, long time. It's going to hurt. A lot. You will tear, and you will bleed. And while he's pumping you, but especially at the end when he fills
you up with doggy semen, the base of his cock will turn into a hard
baseball, so it won't be pleasant. Actually I picked a Great Dane because their knots are supposed to be the size of a softball. Isn't that wonderful? Can you imagine a softball inside your little girl body? I can't, that's why I have to watch this. I'm not even entirely sure you'll survive this. You two will be stuck together for some time. Normally it takes about half an hour for his cock to soften again, so you'll just have to bear it. But don't worry. He won't bite."

It was a joke, of course. The dog was muzzled, so it couldn't. Kat was utterly confused. And terrified. She had seen dogs mate before. She knew she was going to be mounted, and she suspected that the horizontal bar was going to keep her in place. But she was too small. The dog was too big. It was twice her size. It was going to rip her apart. She knew it. This was how she was going to die. She didn't know whether she welcomed death or not. She had been through so much.

The thought of the current running through her nipples and clitoris was awful. She remembered the current that coursed through her toes a few days ago. It was the worst pain she had experienced. It felt like her toe was on fire. But it was indescribably strange as well. Whatever the case, she didn't know what was worse. Being raped by a large dog, or having the shocks run through the most sensitive parts on her body.

Moments later the hooded man walked in the room, carrying a large roll of duct tape. He ripped off a small piece and pushing Kat's legs apart, carefully taped over the entrance to her vagina. And just as soon as he entered the room, he left. It didn't take Kat long to figure out which hole the dog was going to use now.

"On the table to your left is a tube of lube. I recommend you apply a generous amount to your anus. It might hurt a lot more if you don't."

And so Kat did. She didn't know how much to put on, so she just
squirted out a quarter-sized glob. She had never done this before. She didn't know what was enough. She reached behind herself and rubbed it over her butt hole. It was cold and gooey. Certainly not pleasant. Somehow in doing this she felt complicit in what was to come.

"Now walk over to the dog."

She walked a few steps over.

"Using only your mouth, you will suck its dick until it has an erection. At which point, you will bend over the horizontal bar so that it lies underneath your waist and then proceed to place your hands on the red markers. And when you assume the position, it is critical that you face and look directly into the camera ahead. If you do not, you will be punished with electricity through your clit and nipples. Time will start at five seconds, and will double after each punishment. Do you understand?"

Kat nodded slowly. She understood. But what she was asked to do was so disgusting. She didn't like dogs. She was more of a cat person, if anything. But she had never touched the boy parts of any person or animal before. And now she was asked to put her mouth on one and suck? It was beyond gross.

"If you understand," the voice continued, "then proceed now to the dog and suck."

Kat just stared. Maybe she was in denial again, but once again in her mind, she thought for one second that if she tried hard enough, that maybe she could will herself out of what was clearly a bad dream. A nightmare that would simply disappear. This couldn't be happening. This just wasn't--

"Gaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Kat screamed, as current ripped through her pubescent genitals and tiny breasts.

Instantly Kat fell to the floor gripping her crotch.

"Unnnnnnnnnnnngh," she grunted through her clenched teeth.

Five seconds of current through her sensitive parts felt like five
hours. Immediately a layer of sweat draped the surface of the skin over her body. When the current passed, she crawled over to the dog. This was clearly not a bad dream. She would do anything for that not to happen again.

When she got to the dog she grabbed its hind legs and thrust her face into its groin. Where was its penis? Kat was still reeling from the pain in between her legs and on her chest. She was hit hard by one of the foulest odors she had smelled in a while when she buried her face in its underbelly. She searched with her lips. And then finally she felt what was probably its member and began to lick. And as she licked it began to grow, and when it was long enough she put it its penis in her mouth and began to suck. It was disgusting. It tasted as bad as it smelled. It was pungent, certainly an unpleasant taste, but it was also a little salty. God, she couldn't believe she was doing this. It was so humiliating. She had thought that her first blowjob would have been on a boy, but on a dog?

The penis grew quickly. She stared in horror as the shaft grew from one inch, then to three inches, then to five inches, then to eight inches. And it was thick. About two inches in diameter.

"That's good enough. Good girl. Now go ahead and lean over the bar, like that, good. Put your hands on the red markers. Good. And look directly into that camera. Never close your eyes. If you shut your eyes other than to blink, you will receive ten seconds of shock."

Kat looked straight into the blinking camera. She knew what was going to happen next, but she didn't know how it was going to feel. He said it was going to hurt a lot. Of course. It was massive. It was easily two inches longer than the average human penis and half an inch thicker in diameter. But what was going to happen next?

The dog didn't wait long to mount her. Oh god, he was heavy. He felt like five hundred pounds. She couldn't lift herself up even if she wanted to. And then she felt it. His penis searching for her hole. He pumped a few times, but missed. He went underneath the hole, slipping under her duct taped vagina. And then in less than a second his member pushed into her anus, but it was just the tip.

"Owwwwwww!" Kat yelped, "No, no, please God, no! Oh god no!"

The lube she had put on earlier was too little, and in fact most of it had dried up while she was sucking the dog hard. She had made the mistake of not putting any of the lube inside, just having rubbed a little bit of it on the outside. And so almost immediately, at the start of her rape, the Great Dane had already made a small tear at the rim of flesh that was her anus.

The dog pushed hard and fast. He was not gentle like a human would have been. Even if the lack of lubrication hurt him a little bit, he didn't seem to care, as he pumped harder and harder into her, faster and faster. And as he thrusted, his penis went deeper and deeper. The blood from his violent entrance served as the lubrication for his frenzied entry into her rectum.

It was painful. Certainly. But it was also fearsomely strange. When her anal rim tore, it felt not unlike when she was younger and had tore herself after she had pushed through a piece of poop that was too large, after being constipated. It was extremely painful, but it wasn't the first time she had felt that pain. And when his shaft poked deeper into her, it felt like another familiar feeling, like she was taking a really large dump. She felt really full inside her bottom. But it didn't end. It. Just. Kept. Going.

And it got worse. She could feel his member swell and firm up. And as it hardened further, it no longer felt like she was pooping. It felt like she was getting ripped apart, over and over again. She could feel a trickle of fluid down her thighs now. She was bleeding, no doubt. She was being stretched beyond her limits, but it was an unrelenting feeling of being torn. It was unbearable. Kat's face began to contort as the canine's member approached its full size. She could feel the knot at its base inside of her, stretching the walls of her girl rectum to its limits. She clenched her teeth hard. And then she shut her eyes.

A blast of electricity searing her nipples and sex woke her up from her trance of pain, sending her further into the pits of hell. Her eyes shot open as she screamed, letting go a blood curdling cry of anguish. Tears streamed down her face. Her entire body began to shake, including her jaw, which trembled up and down, jittering uncontrollably from the pain.

When the current ended, she could barely think. All she knew was to keep her eyes open and her face pointing forward. She did not want to feel that again. She didn't know what was worse. The anal rape or the current. The electricity was by far more painful, but the dog pumping away in her from behind was horrible in its own way. Sweat began to bead up on her forehead. It didn't take more than a minute before the giant dog's member was fully erect and pumping away at full speed. Every thrust sent her body forward, sending tiny droplets of perspiration and tears from the tip of her nose and chin. It was humiliating. She could see the camera looking straight at her. Everybody was watching. They could see her pain. The entire world was witness to it. They could see her sobbing. She was in such deep shame. Kat. The actress. The child star. Being humped by a dog in her butt. Her first time. It was all wrong.

Minutes passed. In between her sobs, she grunted rhythmically as she tried to cope with every blow. Though the experience was still intense, she could start to feel herself slip. The pain wasn't getting worse. All she had to do was look forward. She tried to think of a happy place, somewhere she could go and hide while this was happening, but the pain just kept reminding her, holding her back from leaving. After a while, she became exhausted. She no longer had the energy to cry, to scream, or even grunt. All she could do was moan as she stared blankly ahead, her expression being one of extreme fatigue and sorrow. She didn't know how
long she was in the position. It had felt like hours. And then, just like that, as the dog ejaculated, while thrusting forward with all his might, the base of its penis swelled up into a giant ball, and the dog stopped thrusting. Kat cried out in agony as the base of the massive member expanded a little more in size, stretching her to beyond her limits, ripping her old tears even wider to accommodate the massive knot. At the same time, she couldn't hold her head up any longer. Her neck was starting to cramp, as was her back. In an display of defeat, she slumped her head down. No electric shock followed. Despite the grapefruit now lodged in her rectum, she was grateful for the rest. She didn't know if she could take any more.

The Great Dane then dismounted, but realizing he was stuck, he reversed his position, hoping to find some rest himself from the mounted position. His head was now facing the opposite direction of Kat's. He waited patiently for about a minute or two, but in a moment of restlessness, or maybe it was because he was hungry, he began to slowly pull away towards his bowl of food nearly ten feet away.

Kat was exhausted. The thrusting had ended, but she could still feel a massive ball of flesh inside her rectum. It was enormous. She had barely even noticed the dismount and the dog having turned 180 degrees around. It felt like a bowling ball was stuck inside of her butt, and her insides ached with a deep, dull constant pressure. Just as she thought she was going to get a minute or two of rest, she felt the giant dog pull away, but the knotted member was in too deep and was too large. She felt the giant
beast pull again, but this time he pulled harder, and this time, she could feel her knees slide a few inches across the smooth floor. Kat was too exhausted to resist, and moments later the giant animal had pulled her entirely off the horizontal bar, giving Kat the room slump her head down to the floor, resting most of her body weight on her knees, elbows, and forehead.

It was a bizarre spectacle indeed, and the cameras around the room caught it all on tape, as the giant 180 pound animal with his massive member towed the 85 pound girl across the room towards his bowl of food, and at times in his haste, even lifting her up off her knees, forcing her to use her toes for support. Kat tried her best to crawl backwards on all fours to keep up with him. His pull hurt her bottom so much that she would do whatever she could do to try to keep up with him. And so for a good long while, she was at his mercy. When he laid down to rest, she had to spread her legs so that his weight wouldn't crush her legs. And when he
moved around the room, he dragged her with him. She had never felt so helpless and degraded in her life. She was being pulled around like a rag doll by her butthole.

Thirty minutes elapsed, and finally when the Rottweiler pulled away, his member finally pulled loose, followed by a slow sticky trail of pink semen and clots of blood that ran down her left inner thigh.

Finally, Kat was able to curl into a fetal position on her side. And in her depleted physical, emotional, and mental state, she fell fast asleep.


Chapter 6

It was amazing to me that she had even survived the ordeal. I was impressed. That her intestines didn't rupture from the rape was extraordinary in and of itself. But I was more impressed how compliant she had been throughout the rape.

I had honestly not known what was going to happen, but it turned out beautifully. I had initially thought a German Shepherd was going to be enough, but when I first bought one, I knew that it had to be bigger. So I got a Great Dane instead. Those dogs were huge. I hired prostitutes to give it head and have it get used to becoming erect from human oral stimulation. And then I molded a lifesize doll in the proportions of a twelve year old for the beast to hump. But the dolls were made of a thick rubber, and were not only much heavier than Kat, but they also stuck to the floor more, and so the dog typically had to wait for his knot to decrease in size before he could move away. But what happened was amazing.
Watching her getting dragged around the room by her ass was so satisfying. I was surprised she didn't prolapse her intestines, but maybe that was the benefit of being so young. All her flesh were still so firm and tight. For now.

She only required one ten second episode of current through her nipples and clit to keep her face looking forward and her eyes open. Either she was a very tough girl or those electrodes were more painful that I imagined. I did turn down the voltage a little so that it would induce fewer and less extensive muscle contractions. I didn't want her seizing on the floor again. I had tried them once on my fingers for half a second on a low setting, and those things were painful. Boy did they sting! Maybe it was because I was using a moderate intensity on her? Or maybe it was because they were on her most sensitive parts combined with the fact that it had penetrated her skin. There was much less electrical resistance
underneath the skin in the tissue. I didn't know for sure, and I wasn't particularly interested in trying those parameters out on myself. It was the girl who had to suffer after all. And she was going to suffer more. For the next session, I was going to turn the current up to its highest intensity, but not to the point that would cause any significant rise in temperature too quickly. I was going to start with an initial punishment of twenty seconds. The maximum punishment would be eighty seconds, but that was the limit. I tested the current carefully on raw meat from the store with thermometers embedded adjacent to the electrodes, and eighty seconds was right at the limit that amount of current started to heat the meat. Just ever so slightly. Of course I didn't want to burn her. I didn't want any of those nerves damaged irreparably.

I had spent two years designing these rooms of torture for Katherine, well, Kat. I began to wondered if I could have some fun with that nickname. I remembered watching her in her very first movie. She was a cute little eight year old. And she just kept getting prettier and prettier. When she was ten, that's when I decided he would go through this. Did I have a point? Did I have a message I was trying to get across? Maybe. Maybe not. No, no message. Maybe I'm just a sick bastard who can get away with such a thing. But boy was it fun to watch.

I knew there would be tens of millions of people who watched the first video. But what I didn't expect, is how many of them stuck around to watch the second one, where she was raped. Of course, my first video was publicly denounced, and comments everywhere with a real identity attached to it universally condemned the brutality and repulsiveness of the video. But everywhere I looked, especially in the underground channels, the video was being redistributed, in the millions! And the comments, if they were from anonymous sources, were extraordinarily diverse. Some still condemned the video for sure, but still many others were lewd and on the other end of the spectrum even approving.

I wasn't sure how many people would stick around for the second, but it was still a significant number of people, hundreds of thousands of downloads. This was far more successful than I would have ever imagined. A significant drop off from tens of millions, but still, far more than I expected.

And still I was going to go farther. I was going to post my third and final video. And to top it off, even though I was being hunted by pretty much every cyber police force on the planet, I was still going to try to stream it live. I would post the link on her Twitter page again, and it was going to go to a separate secure site. It would take the authorities at least half a day to figure out how to shut it down. I was a master of encryption, and I knew they were never go to trace my location in time. That they kept her Twitter page functional was somewhat a surprise, but maybe they were hoping that I would keep posting videos, giving them what they thought were more clues to catch me, at the expense of her dignity. Such a shame, I thought. For her. But not for me. And not for the others who were awaiting the finale to my masterpiece.

And so I turned my attention to the actress, who was now standing in the third special room I had prepared for her.

There she stood. Naked once again, wearing only the rings and the electrodes that connected to her collar battery.

Her ass and pussy were a violaceous purple from the beating she received two nights ago. She was refusing to eat, so I had my assistant beat her ass with a thick wooden paddle and cane her pussy until both were purple, swollen, and bleeding. We had her beaten so bad she shit herself. It was disgusting. So we made her clean it up. With her tongue.

She was going to eat and drink to stay alive. No way this bitch was going to take the easy way out and die on me before her final show.

To hammer my point home I had her spend the night straddling a pole that tucked itself neatly in between her labial folds, with her full weight, legs dangling in the air. She didn't weight that much, but still, that had to hurt.

And here she was. We bathed her this morning, and to boot I had her put on makeup and do her hair. Boy did she look hot. Like a little slut. And I made her wear six inch heels to boot, so that her ass was always jutting out, accenting the beating she received just two days ago. Oh did I forget to mention? I had her put on a headband with cat ears. My little Kat. So cute.

I read out her instructions on my microphone. I explained in detail the punishment if she did not comply, the length of time the current was going to start at, and the fact that I was going to turn up the intensity. All while making her look at what was in store for her.

And boy did the little one look. I mean her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She never took her eyes off of them. It should have been pretty obvious what she was supposed to do with what was in front of her. But no doubt the task appeared impossible. She was a pretty tough girl, I thought to myself. But she could do it. Right? Well, hopefully. Surprising, given how pretty she was and how much was handed to her so early in life. Well if she survived this she could survive anything.

And of course I could see what she was staring at. She was staring at the toilet brush.

That wasn't going to be the hardest, by the way. Visually, it was the most frightening. I had four dildos that I wanted Kat to fuck. The easiest were on the left, and each to the right of it was harder to fuck.

I had actually paid several hookers to try each of the dildos, and all were feasible. Of course, these were adult women, and not only were they getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to try these dildos, they were only putting them in once or twice. I placed the dildos in an order from left to right, based on how much money it took to get these prostitutes to try putting them in. The toilet
brush was hard to push in for sure, for many of them, but there was another dildo, the last one in line, that was the hardest by far.

Kat was required to fuck each of these ghastly appendages at least fifty times each. I was hoping she would fuck herself raw. Can you imagine a twelve year old girl fucking giant dildos with a bleeding and thoroughly raw cunt? But what if she finished? What if she actually succeeded? Well then. The price that was promised to her was freedom. Those locked doors were going to unlock. And I promised that she could walk out. (If she could still walk.)

The first dildo was simple enough. It was a rubber dildo, about the size of a human penis. It wasn't there to hurt her, but to open her up. To stretch her hole. And it was going to be her first vaginal fuck. Without lube. So it had to be reasonable. She needed to start with something doable. I hoped it would give her the motivation to continue.

The second dildo was significantly larger. It was the size of a coke can. This is where her pussy might start to rip. I had to remember that she was still technically just a child, on the cusp of adolescence. And while a twelve year old vagina can handle sex with an adult male, it was more uncertain whether it could survive the Olympian feats an adult vagina could, like birth a child. I knew she was smaller, but how much smaller I wasn't sure exactly. Some twelve year olds look like they've finished puberty, with full breasts and a lawn of hair on their cunts. But I guess Kat was a late bloomer. She had buds on her tits, and really only a fine
layer of thin hair on her pussy lips. You had to look really closely to
see it. So she pretty late to the game. And, to boot, she was still
technically a virgin, at least from the pussy's standpoint. Unfortunately, if she made it past this second dildo, then she had to deal with the toilet brush, which was the third challenge.

It was actually one of the larger ones I could find. It had white, hard bristles that jutted fearsomely in every direction. Boy did it look like it was going to hurt.

And lastly, the final dildo. It was slightly thicker than a coke can,
but what made it the ultimate punishment was its material. It was made mostly of a tight coil of hemp rope, and not the smooth kind. There were rough microscopic fibers poking out in every direction. This thing stung when it first arrived from my online order as I ran it through my fingers. If this was painful on normal skin under light pressure, imagine how bad it was going to be for sensitive mucous membrane under high pressure. And it was absorbent. No amount of lubrication or blood could make this fuck any easier. Only two of the hookers I hired could put this in their pussy, and not without a significant amount of cajoling with hundred dollar bills. And when they finally got it all the way in, they told me pulling it out was much worse. Would they do it again for the same amount of money? Hell no. Hell no those whores with loose-ass vaginas who fuck for a living would do it again. And that's how I knew this dildo was going to be the ultimate challenge for Kat.

Three of the dildos excluding the toilet brush had cameras attached to the tip. Each dildo had a glass dome with the wire camera inside, so I could film her sex canal as it was being fucked. I didn't want to miss any action, including what was going on inside of her girly insides.

Another set of cameras were set up at the base of each dildo, so that I could have full vision of the exterior of her holes. Another great view. And of course, there were cameras placed all around the room at every angle, including ones that could focus on her face, even if she bent her head down.

To ensure that every penetration was sufficiently deep, I installed each dildo on top of a stool. At the sides of each stool were bar handles that she could use to either support her weight as she was going down, but also (especially for the last dildo) to pull herself down if her weight alone was insufficient to get the job done. Each stool had a pressure sensor that would go off only if her full weight rested on the entirety of the stool. That meant that she had to lift up her legs off the floor as well in order for one single fuck on any of these dildos were to count.

A successful penetrative repetition would be marked by a split second shock to her clit and nipples, and she could not begin another repetition without fully disengaging her pussy from the tip of the appendage.

And on top of that, I wasn't going to be nice this time and provide for her any lube. She had to do all of this dry. At least to start, until the bleeding began. Maybe she could use the blood for lube.

I knew these rules were a little complicated, so I made sure that I went over them twice, having her repeat all the directions. I even had her practice on a stool with no dildo right before, just to make sure she knew all the motions.

But seeing her look for the first time at the stools with the "dildos" attached. Priceless. She had to put those inside herself. I'm sure she had her doubts.

And so began the recording.

She didn't have all the time in the world to try. Every first
penetration had a time limit of one minute before I would send the current through her. Every subsequent repetition had ten seconds. I was making a short video for Christ's sake. I couldn't film her all day.

And lo and behold, Kat struggled right off the bat. I knew it hurt. I knew the beating on her pussy a couple of days ago probably made her cunt lips more swollen, making it all the more difficult and painful. And I knew sitting on that rod all night probably didn't help either. You couldn't blame me for beating her pussy. The little bitch wouldn't eat. I couldn't be nice. Rules were rules. And when she had spent a minute repositioning herself and grunting, and pushing a little in, but not more than half an inch or so, I had to press the button. Time was up.

And so Kat doubled over forward. For twenty seconds the electricity traversed the the fine nerves in her clit and nipples, and the little bitch shook and screamed in abject agony.

The second time around, still rebounding from the pain in her pussy from the shock, she got back on the stool and pressed the tip of the dildo harder against her sex, until finally her hymen broke, and she impaled herself on her first dick, a rubber one at that.

The dildos were not lengthy. Vaginas are only a few inches long
anyways, and she was just a girl. They were six inches in length each. Plus, there were few nerve endings deep inside the vagina, and they only give a dull ache. The ones that really give a girl pain are mostly at the rim of the vagina, and I wanted to hurt each and every fiber there was there. I had done my homework. Anatomy books were not hard to find on the internet.

And so the next fifty reps continued with little fanfare. It was
fascinating, however, to look at her insides as she performed her first fuck.

But her insides were, interestingly, different. I had tested this
device out on adult women, and their vaginas were lighter in color, and packed with more ridges and folds. Kat's was darker red. And there were almost no extra folds. Whatever room she had in there was sparse at best. She was really going to have to stretch to accommodate the larger devices. I watched with tense excitement as the camera rubbed up against her cervix and nestled deep in her posterior vaginal vault at the completion of each penetration. What a treat it was to see the outside of her hole as well, as it struggled to envelope the dry shaft, involuting its edges each time as the poor girl forced herself down each time. Her vaginal rim had to be
getting raw from all the abrasion by now, I thought. It looked definitely red. But the best part was watching her face strain with effort, pain, and anguish. Gone was the look of shame. By now, I thought, I may have beat the dignity out of her. Her world wasn't her pre-teen life anymore. There was no more school or friends. No more movie-making, or being a celebrity superstar. Her world was just pain. Pussy pain. There was no more shame left.

And then Kat tried the second dildo. This one was much trickier. She was able to part her lips with her fingers to get her folds to envelop the top of the dome. But as she sat down, I could see on his camera that her introitus was simply not accepting the width of the dildo. Or maybe she didn't know the proper technique. But she was going to learn.

One minute elapsed, and you could tell that had been sitting on the dildo with all her weight, and it still wasn't going in. Too bad, I
thought. She needed to use the handle bars to pull herself down. Or maybe change the angle up a little bit. She needed to wiggle around some more. She needed to at least try that. And so I delivered her next round of punishment. Forty seconds of it.

It was so intense that this time when she doubled over and rolled onto her sides, I could see that she was starting to shit and piss herself again. I had to take a time out. She needed to wipe the shit from her ass, or it was going to ruin all my shots. And yes, she had to lick her fingers clean. We did it until I was convinced there was no more shit left to see. And if she vomited like she did last time, she would need to lap her vomit up until she could learn to keep everything in. But she was lucky. She didn't vomit. Good girl. This was the second time she had lost her shit. I was beginning to wonder if the dog fuck last week had permanently
destroyed her anal sphincter. Maybe. Either way, that's not a good enough excuse. And I certainly wasn't going to let that offense slide.

And so she gave it another try.

It's too big she cried. I can't fit it in. It's too big. It hurts too
much. After a minute of complaining, it was time to administer yet another punishment, this time eighty seconds long. She crumpled to the floor again, clutching her pussy, where I'm sure it hurt the most. I noticed she had stopped breathing. The pain was too intense.

"Just breathe," I said, "Breathe through the punishment, girl, or we'll be here all day, barbequeing your pussy and tits. You won't pass out. Trust me. You think you're the first one to go through this?"

(I lied. I had never done this before. I had no idea what to expect.)

"Breathe, catch your breath. Feel the pain. Don't run from it .I own you, and you can't do anything about that, but you can own the pain. You can make it through. Now breathe. That's good. That's a good girl."

You could tell she had had enough of the electricity torturing her girl flesh.

After the last round of electricity had finished, she struggled back up. Thirty seconds elapsed. Still nothing. After sitting on the damn thing for that long, she then decided to pull herself down. Still nothing.

"Lift your legs up, girl. All your weight. And pull. Lift your legs
up, dammit. Put all your weight in it."

But by then a minute had already elapsed. I sighed. I didn't want to do it. But after closing my eyes during a few brief seconds of frustration, I pressed the button once more to roast her sex and tiny tits. What happened next, though, surprised me. Just before the electricity hit her flesh, she had lifted her legs up and even started to bend her knees to her chest. And when the current hit, she lost control of her arms (which had held up most of her weight) and quickly slid down the thick shaft, landing with a resound thud on her ass, impaled in the pussy by the dildo resembling more of a soda can than a dildo.

I watched in awe as Kat bucked her hips, snapped her legs shut, leaned forward slightly, and tensed her stomach to bear that current. I could hear her grunt and yell loudly to try to accommodate the pain that was no doubt coming from the dildo and the electricity, which was no doubt making her cunt contract and grip the fiendish device splitting her open.

And when the session was over, she was still motionless.

"Get up, girl. Get up, and do fifty more. Or I swear to god I'll hit
you again with the current. You only have ten seconds for every subsequent penetration"

And I could see her try to get back up. But she was too slow. And so I had to push the button again, and while she was almost up out of the dildo, she slid back down as soon as the current racked her flesh, all eighty seconds of it. By now, she was already dripping wet with perspiration. Her hair was matted. Drenched. She had put on a tiny bit of eyeliner, and the tears had already nearly washed all of it out.

She was quicker the second time around to lift herself off.

And now I could start to see where the damage had been done. There was a pretty significant tear on the side of the pussy closer to her asshole. The tear extended maybe two inches up into the pussy. It was a bloody mess. I couldn't even tell if the tear tore through her pussy into her asshole. When the camera was out of her body, I could see nothing because it was covered in blood. The cameras underneath her were covered in shit (she shit herself again!), and you couldn't see anything from them either. But
whatever. If I made her clean up again, we'd never get this video
finished. But when pushed the dildo inside of her for her subsequent penetrations, boy oh boy, did the image clear itself up. That's when I could see the tears, and yes, it did look like it tore a connection into her asshole. Hot damn that toilet brush was going to hurt then.

She was pretty bloody by the time the third challenge was up.

Truth be told, I expected to dole out some more punishment for this third round, but I didn't have to do any of that at all.

It really took me back by surprised. She pushed the toilet brush in like a pro. It seemed like much less of a challenge to get the brush in than the previous dildo. She screamed like an animal the entire time, as I'm sure the bristles scratched her vaginal walls raw, and soon the brush was covered in red, but she really powered through it. Only a few minutes later she was finished, and about to embark on the fourth dildo. Don't get me wrong. I was worried. If she had done so well with the third dildo, what if she breezed through the last? What if I didn't make it hard enough?

But that last one didn't disappoint. To boot, as she started to try her first fuck of the last dildo, I could see with camera at the dome's tip what damage the toilet brush had done. I could see not only that the tear had extended a little more, creating a fairly sizeable fistula, but that the entire inner cavity of her pussy had been rubbed raw as well, the surface layer of tissue just, gone. And what was left was a deep angry red in color. Whatever top layer on the membrane that had been there was no longer there, and what was left was a sensitive lawn of open nerve endings.

And so began the fuck of her life.

I don't know how many times I had to press the button to electrocute her.

But it was a lot. It had to be more than twenty times.

It took her several tries just to get the damn thing in the first time. And yes, she ripped even more.

But I could tell it wasn't getting any easier for her every subsequent penetration. The hemp was working beautifully in absorbing any blood. And even when it was drenched with blood, it was still I imagine beyond painful. It must have felt like she was fucking sandpaper.

That little girl's display displayed a symphony embodying every stage of grief, exhaustion, and agony you could ever imagine. It was beyond beautiful. She went to places I don't think I have seen any human being go to. When she was too tired to go, the electric shocks reminded her that there were worse places of agony for her to be. And so she had to keep trying. By then I'm sure her entire body was sore from the fucking. When the shocks or the fucking was too painful, she sobbed from the despair and hopelessness of her situation. Many times it appeared as if she had given up. One of those times I'm not sure if she had passed out. But she did
regain consciousness. Some of those times she was stuck to the base of the torturous dildo. But every round of current had its end. And at every end she was given ten seconds of reprieve. Time to think. Time to experience what it was like without an intense pain burning through her sex.

But in the end, I don't think she finished because she used what little hope was left to drive her through her ordeal. I think it was the pain. I think it was the fear (a well-founded fear) that I wasn't going to stop frying her cunt and her tits. That if she passed out she was going to regain consciousness. That maybe she wasn't going to bleed to death (and believe me, even I wasn't sure she wasn't going to bleed to death) and die. But I guess she didn't. She was probably close to it, though.

Anyways, I think she kept going because the only way to move on was to move on. And that pussy, inside and outside, was
now pure raw flesh. She had fucked that hemp dildo so many times that her inner labia had been shredded away.

But finish she did. And I kept my promise. She had fucked her way to freedom.

But not without one last act of goodbye. As the doors swung open, setting her free from my cruel dungeon, I bid her one last goodbye with a final gift.

"My dear Kat. You are now free to go. You've certainly earned it. And I must say, I'm proud of you. I knew you could do it all along (another lie). You truly are a special girl (this was not a lie), and your strength is awe-inspiring, truly. Before you go, you must know that as you get further away from this room, the current coursing through your pussy and tits is going to get stronger. And when you get far enough, and the collar on your neck can no longer detect the signal from his room, the current will be at maximal intensity. But I am sure, especially after what you have been through, that this will not deter you. Good luck, my Kat."

And that was that.

I watched her as she crawled out of the room. Poor girl couldn't walk at first. I watched her as the intensity of the current rose and rose. She had made it out of one room, but she still had to climb a set of stairs to make it out of the basement. I had had her tortured in an old mansion, so she had quite a ways to travel. Each time, she crawled ten feet forward she had to pause to adjust to the increasing pain. But each time she crawled ten more feet. Until finally she reached the front door. And she just laid there for a minute. What was she doing? She looked like she was
in prayer. She was so close. And then I swear to god, this is what she did. I watched her rip the rings out. Just yanked those suckers out. (I didn't think of that. Smart. Why didn't she do that earlier?) She hunched over on all fours for a minute or two, and then after kicking off her high heels, struggled up, opened the door, and just hobbled out.


Chapter 7: Raj

Raj didn't watch the other videos.

Just out of morbid curiosity he started the first few minutes of the second video as it was streaming live, but as soon as he figured out what was going to happened, he turned his computer off and sobbed. He couldn't bear to watch.

He had heard later that his worst fears were confirmed. Kat was indeed filmed being raped by a giant dog. Most had feared she had died. No way a twelve year old girl could survive an ordeal like that.

He had actually hoped that she had died. She had suffered enough at the hands of this monster. If she died then she would at least be at peace.

But then a week later another link appeared. And he clicked on it
again. He had of course been stalking her Twitter page religiously. Hoping for some good news. Maybe this next video was one of her being released.

But it wasn't. It was Kat again, in the same torture outfit she was in before, except this time all done up, in heels and with cat ears on her head. It was disgusting. But Raj couldn't turn the live video off this time either. Until he saw the dildos, one of which was a toilet brush. He couldn't bear to watch what she had to go through. And once again he turned his computer off and sobbed. And prayed. He prayed that it was going to end. He felt like he was being tortured too. But he knew that was a silly thought. Shame on me, he thought. For thinking that I am suffering. Kat is suffering. Kat is the one who needs help. And so he cried some more. And prayed.

He desperately wanted help. So he turned on the TV. Maybe watching others talk about would help him feel better. Maybe give him some release. An outlet. He turned on CNN. No, he hated the news these days. He settled on a sitcom instead. He watched for a couple of hours, but he certainly did not feel any better. There was a vigil in Kat's neighborhood tonight. A candlelight vigil. Maybe he was going to go. Actually, yes, he was going go. He didn't live too far away from Kat. He knew his parents would disapprove of him leaving so late at night. So he snuck out. His bedroom was on the first floor, so he could easily leave. He had never snuck out before. But Kat needed him. He needed to feel like he was doing something. He grabbed his hoodie and a couple of candles plus some matchsticks and started walking.

She lived maybe forty minutes away on foot. There were hundreds if not thousands of people who had gathered alongside the street. The area was swarming with journalists, news crews, and police. People had gathered to pray. Candles were lit. Some were singing hymns. He made it actually a block away from her house, because the area was so crowded and packed with people. But it didn't matter. Raj lit his candle and prayed for her deliverance.

And just like that.

She appeared.


Right before his eyes. There she was.

There she was not more than twenty feet away. She was dimly lit. Was he going insane? Was he hallucinating? But the shadowy figure came closer.

Raj walked forward. No one else in the crowd noticed.

It was her.

It was undeniably her. She was naked. Blood stained her inner thighs. She was barefoot. She looked woozy. Unsteady. A ghost of a former self.

But she still had on her headband with the cat ears. It was most certainly Kat. Raj rushed towards her. He stretched his hand out to touch her. She reached forward as well, and their fingers touched. She was most definitely real. And then she fell forward. Raj quickly grabbed her to prevent her from falling onto the pavement. Raj yelled for help. Louder. And louder. Help, he cried. Help me! I've found her, he screamed! He took his hoodie off and covered as much of her as he could. She was safe. She was alive. She was with him and he swore nothing would ever come to harm her.

He remembered very little of what happened after that. The paramedics took her. They rushed her to the hospital. Over the next few weeks there were no visitors allowed. She was in stable condition. She stayed in the hospital for a month. There were rumors she required multiple sessions of reconstructive surgery. She had been badly injured. She was then transitioned over to some psychiatric facility. And there she stayed for several more months. Raj didn't see her in school for another year.

They caught the bastard too. His name was Edward Keaton. Turns out he was some rich asshole living out in California. Started out as a computer programmer, but made enough money to become a venture capitalist. He invested in a few key companies and became filthy rich. And then one day he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease, and nobody ever heard of him again. Disappeared into obscurity. He said he had wanted to be caught,
but Raj knew that was bullshit. They caught the bastard, and the world was safer because of it. They caught the other guy too. (So there WERE two guys in on this). The two had met online, and for millions of dollars, the other guy would set everything up
for him. Keaton's disease pretty much paralyzed him, so he needed some muscle to help with the project. In any case, those two were now behind bars, waiting for trial. Raj had heard about the trial. Keaton apparently took more videos during her captivity. He even kept a journal of everything he did. More than enough evidence to put this guy away for good. Maybe even capital punishment. It's what he deserved. The details of the case were so disturbing, that jurors, lawyers, even the judge when reviewing evidence were witnessed walking, some of them running, others stumbling out of the courtroom, needing to escape. Some vomited in the hallways. Others fainted on their way to the restroom.

In any case, even though they had caught the perpetrators, it didn't really feel like justice had been served.

And then one day Kat came back to school.

But she was different. Her hair was dyed black. Her nails were painted black. She wore all black. She usually wore a hoodie. At first her friends were all ecstatic to see her. But she pushed them all away. Said they were fake. Said they only cared about her fame. You could hear her screaming at them. And maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. Raj felt bad for them. He felt bad for Kat.

She sat alone most of the time. She ate lunch by herself usually. She didn't talk to anyone. She developed a reputation for being a "bitch." She picked a corner in the courtyard just outside the cafeteria to eat each a meal brought from home every day. Anyone that came close to her was usually chased off.

And so Raj kept his distance. For weeks he did not dare approach her. She probably didn't even know who he was, even though he was there when she had been rescued.

But then one day. Well, it was a windy day. Kat was eating her
sandwich and looking at piece of paper. She placed the paper down to grab her drink, but a gust of wind blew the paper away. Dammit, she yelled, as she got up to chase the loose sheet of paper.

And where did that sheet of paper land? Right next to Raj's feet. He had moved to sit on the other end of the courtyard to eat his lunch just to be closer to her. And once again, serendipity seemed to be his best friend.

Raj picked up the paper.

Without looking at it, he walked over to where Kat was.

She looked angry, and flustered. But when she got closer, her eyes softened. Did she recognize who he was?

"I think this is yours," Raj said, eyes trailing down towards the

Kat snatched the paper from his hand. But she did not leave. She just stood there. Raj lifted his eyes. He cleared his throat and smiled awkwardly. And then he went for it. He looked into her eyes briefly. Still just as beautiful. He couldn't help but feel happy.

"I'm Raj, by the way."

Kat didn't move a muscle. And then, after two very long seconds, she responded awkwardly back.

"Good to meet you, Raj... (pause)... I'm Kat."

She paused for another second.

And then she smiled.


Fucking awesome. Mad respect to you.

It was magical, the writing, the setting, the atmosphere... Just incredible. Keep it up


This was amazing, great writing, amazing skills, juicy and lovely humiliation and torture! Great job, absolutely classy! I was hoping Kat would preish at the end or at least would be less intact... but still cool! Plan to write more?

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