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Well, a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by mail, asking if I would do a commission. I don't, but the idea he proposed intrigued me and I couldn't resist giving it a try. It helped that I managed to blend ideas from a few abandoned projects into this one, and I was in the mood for a consensual "dolcett style" story.

I don't know if this is what he had in mind, but I like how it turned out, and I thought I might post it here. Here is the first 1/3 of the story. If enough people like it I will post the rest next week, so let me know if you like it.

M/f, cons, sex, anal, incest, throating, snuff, beheading, impalement, noose, stabbing, meat girl

disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!

“I don’t wanna go, mom… please…” Valerie pleaded to her mom, for the fourth time in the last hour.

Truth be told, she didn't expect her to change her mind. They had argued about it for days and now that she was just a few miles away from the farm, it was too late and she knew it.

“We talked about this, honey. Your father and I need some time alone, and visiting your uncle for a while will do you good!” her mother answered a moment later, sounding both annoyed and tired.

The girl huffed again, and after looking out her widow she started fuming quietly.

“Why can't I go on the cruise with you and dad?” she pleaded once more. “Please…”

“Valerie. Look, we talked about this. It's not as if we never take you anywhere. We were in Disney two months ago… Please, you have to understand that sometimes, your father and I, need some time alone to ourselves…” her mother said, trying to reason with her.

A moment later the girl looked at her with open disgust.

“Please, mom… I don't want to know, okay?” she said as she shuddered at the mental image of her parents having sex.

“Ohhh, please… don't act like that honey. I thought that you would understand now that you have a boyfriend…” her mother countered a second later, smiling wickedly.

Gasping in shock, the girl looked out the window once more as she blushed madly.

“Mom!” the girl managed to say a moment later.

After that they both remained quiet as the car rumbled along the road. From time to time, Valerie saw a few farms along the way, but nothing otherwise it was just field and fields of crops. Then her mother slowed down and a moment later she turned into a narrow dirt road lined with trees.

“I have a lot of fond memories of the farm, Valerie. It's been in the family for ages now. I am sure if you give it a chance you will like it…” her mother said as she watched her daughter check her phone.

But Valerie's heart was broken and she wasn't listening to her mom. As she watched, the last signal bar disappear from her screen, replaced by a “No Service” notice.

She had been checking her phone constantly the whole trip, as she hadn't been able to say goodbye to her boyfriend. She had expected a message from him, or even a call, but he hadn’t and he seemed to be ignoring the messages she sent him.

“I don't know my uncle… and I don't want to stay here.” the girl said a moment later, just as her mother stopped the car.

They were still far away from the house, but she was starting to get worried about Valerie. She knew she had to try to convince her, at least one more time. But her daughter was just as stubborn as her father, or maybe even worse.

“Let’s do this. You stay a week, and we see if you changed your mind. If you still want to leave, I can call you aunt Jessica and tell her to come pick you up… what do you say?” her mother told her, hoping it would work.

“Just a week?” Valerie asked as she felt her hopes raising.

“Just a week. Today it’s Saturday, if by next Saturday you want to leave, I call your aunt.” her mother added. “I promise.”

Valerie knew it was the best offer she would get, but she still waited, knowing that answering too quickly would make her look weak in front of her mother. Instead she waited for a full minute, fuming quietly as her mother watched.

“Did you tell him I am a vegetarian?” the girl asked a moment later.

“I told her, honey.” her mother said.

And though it was technically the truth, her daughter hadn't really asked her what he had said about that. And since she hadn't asked, she wouldn't tell her.

Her brother ran a pig farm after all. He was a steak and mashed potatoes kind of man, and salads were a side dish at best, not a meal.

“Okay… a week, then I am gone…” the girl said, finally surrendering.

“Thank you, honey.” her mother said, looking relieved.

Then she got them moving again, and a few minutes later they arrived at the end of the road, where there was a small house. It was two stories tall, and its white painted walls looked brand new. A big porch faced the road, and next to it there was a barn, almost twice as big as the house, with a green and yellow tractor parked in front.

The place looked nicer that what she had expected, but she wouldn't admit that to her mother.

Instead, she unbuckled her seat belt and she started to get off, wanting to get to her bedroom quickly, but her mother grabbed her hand before she could leave the car.

“Honey… I have to ask again, are you sure it's a good idea to keep that nose ring on? And the makeup?” she said, wincing awkwardly. “I know they are all the rage nowadays, and I was a teenager once, but… in the farm…”

“No, mom. You already asked, and I already said no. I like my piercing and there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup.” the girl said firmly.

Her mother, looking defeated, finally released and she unbuckled her own seat belt.

“Okay, honey. If you say so…” she said with a smile as she climbed of the car. “I just think it's a little too much...”

Looking around the place, her mother marveled at how similar it all looked. She had spent her childhood there, almost all the way to collage, and her brother had always tried to keep the place intact.

“Let's find you uncle Merle, shall we?” she said a moment later, heading towards the house.

After they left the car, Valerie followed her mother towards the house.

The air felt hot and sticky, and even in her thin summer dress, she had started sweating a few minutes after arriving. The day was clear, with not a single cloud in the sky, and a faint breeze blew among the tops of the trees, making them sing and making the temperature tolerable.

With the dew still fresh on the ground, Valerie’s feet were soon soaked through, as her open sandals offered no protection against it, but the feeling was strangely soothing in the hot air.

“Merle! We are here!” her mother called a moment later, making Valerie jump.

The whole place was awfully quiet, making her nervous, but she still followed her mother inside.

“Mom, do you think uncle Merle has Wifi?” Valerie asked her mother a moment later.

“I don't know honey, I think he doesn't even have email, so I don't think so.” her mother said as she opened the front door.

“Why don't you ask him, though? He was a photographer when we were younger and I do know he has a computer and a digital camera, maybe he finally modernized a bit...”

Moving closer to her mother, Valerie nodded slowly as she looked around the house.

She had to admit that it was even nicer on the inside, and after following her mother into the living room, the girl stopped in front of the chimney.

The wall around it was full of pictures, from very old ones to more recent ones. It took her some time, but after a while she started to recognize some of the people in them.

There was her grandfather, her aunt Jessica and her mother when they were both little, and one in which both her parents were holding a baby. It took her a minute to realize it was herself, but when she did she smiled, realizing that at least it wasn't the first time she was there.

The rest of the people in the them, she didn't know, but they were obviously part of the family. There were a lot of group photos, and what seemed to be a lot of barbecues.

A moment later Valerie heard the wooden floor creaking behind her, and she turned around as a shiver ran down her back.

A man was standing there. He must have been almost three heads taller than her, who at 4 feet 9 inches was short even for her age. He was also massive, with big shoulder and thick arms.

Valerie gasped when she saw him, suddenly terrified, but the man was smiling warmly.

“Ohhh, you must be Jose! It's a pleasure to meet you! I am Andy, Merle’s younger sister.” her mother said a moment later, shaking the man’s hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Andy!” the man answered as his smile became even wider. “Please, make yourselves comfortable. Merle told me you were coming, but unfortunately he is in the field working. He should be back in the afternoon, though.”

Valerie watched the man, mesmerized at how big he was. Her mother, who she usually considered a tall person, looked tiny next to him, and as she swallowed nervously, she noticed he was watching her.

“And you must be Valerie, Merle’s niece, am I right?” Jose said a moment later, moving towards her.

With only a couple of steps, he was suddenly standing right in front of Valerie, who tried her best not to look terrified as she looked up and into his big, dark blue eyes, just like hers.

Still smiling, he took her hand before she could realize what he was doing. His hand was rough and calloused, and as he shook her hand firmly, she felt a shiver running down her back.

“Hello…” she managed to say, her voice barely a whisper.

“Hello, miss.” Jose said a moment later. “Let me help you with that.”

After taking Valerie's bag from her, he turned towards her mother and they both started talking, but she wasn't listening. Swallowing nervously, she looked at Jose’s back in awe at his size.

Then, trying to calm herself, she returned her attention to the pictures.

There were too many, but suddenly one caught her attention. In it there was a man, maybe in his fifties, standing next to a fire. He was working meticulously as a pig roasted on a spit over a fire. The image made Valerie shudder, thought she didn't know why.

“That's your uncle Merle, honey.” her mother said a second later, pointing to another photo.

Valerie nodded slowly, watching the man intently. While not as tall as Jose, he was still pretty tall and big.

There was another picture of him right next to that one, too. In it his black hair shone darkly under the sun, as he looked handsome at the camera. He was sitting on top of the same tractor she had seen outside before.

The picture though, looked a few years older as the colors had started to fade away.

“Well, I have to go honey. Jose will show you to your room and you can calls us any time you want. No, wait… let me think…” her mother said as her face twisted in concentration. “Right, once we reach Venice you will have to subtract 7 hours to the local time, okay?”

Valerie nodded tiredly, already wanting her week to be over, but her mother just smiled at her. After one last hug, she turned around and she headed towards the car.

Just before she got in, her mother looked at her. Her face filled with sadness and regret, and to Valerie it seemed she wanted to tell her something, but she didn't. A moment later she got in the car, and she started the engine.

And just like that, without another word, her mother drove away, leaving her behind.

As she watched her go, Valerie felt the floor under her feet shaking as Jose approached her.

After turning around, she watched him standing just under the front door, his head almost hitting the frame.

Now that she was alone with him, Valerie was suddenly terrified of the big man, but he simply smiled at her, waiting patiently.

“Mmmmm… my room?” she said a moment later, her voice full of fear.

“Of course, miss. This way, your room is right next to Merle’s, on the upper floor.” he said, turning around and going up the stairs three steps at the time with ease.

Valerie followed him a few seconds later, looking around the house as Jose took her along the house. It was much bigger than what she had thought. There were at least 6 rooms upstairs, and just like he had said, hers was right next to her uncle's room.

Jose held the door open for her, and once she was in, he left her bag next to the bed.

The place was bigger than her own room, with a double bed and a big dresser on the opposite wall. There was no TV, and obviously no computer, but that didn't surprise her.

“Well miss, I have to go home now. Merle should be back in a few hours. There is something to eat on the fridge and he said you should make yourself comfortable.” he said as he started to leave. “And welcome to the farm.”

“Wait!” the girl said a moment later, suddenly worried.

“I thought you... live here too…” she said, suddenly blushing.

“Oh, no miss. I just work here from time to time, helping your uncle. I have my own place a few miles away. Maybe I can show it to you another day!” Jose answered as he laughed softly. “My wife makes a great stew, I am sure you will like it.”

After that, he finally left, leaving her alone in the big house.

“Ohhh, this is a nightmare…” Valerie moaned as she started sobbing.

A few hours later, after she had managed to calm down, Valery unpacked her clothes into the dresser and then she wandered around the house.

Merle’s room was locked but the rest of the rooms weren’t, thought they all seemed to be like hers. Feeling hungry, she headed down and into the kitchen, hoping to find something, but to her horror the fridge had mostly meat and an a few old vegetables that looked ready for the trash.

Dismayed, the girl grabbed a piece of bread and she slathered it in mayonnaise, hoping it would be enough to calm her stomach.

Then she returned to her bedroom, and after tying her long blond hair into a ponytail behind her head, she stood in front of the mirror.

Valerie looked at herself for a while, as any teenage girl usually does, hoping for it to change. She was tired of being small, as most people told her she still looked like a child. Even her boyfriend Noah said so.

In one swift movement, Valerie took of her dress and she looked at herself once more. She was wearing white panties and a white bra, though in reality she hardly needed it.

The only thing she wanted was for her breasts to be bigger, maybe like the ones her mother had, and her hips to become just a little wider. It wasn't much to ask for, not to her at least, but Valerie body remained as flat as it always had.

All her friends had already started to grow, but she still hadn’t.

“Just some curves…” she said softly to herself.

Feeling just as depressed as she always got when she looked at herself, she got dressed and then she finally left her room.

The day outside was just as beautiful as before, but the heat was becoming worse. Valerie wasn't used to the heat, and she preferred milder temperatures, but at least she was relatively fresh in her dress.

A moment later she sat under the porch, just watching the place. She still had her now useless cell phone in her hand, but she knew she should have left it back in her room for all the good it did her.

Not for the first time, she thought of Noah, and their last time together. She had gone to his house after school, hoping to spend some time with him, but as soon as she had arrived he had pushed her into his bed and they had sex.

It had been too fast for her to cum, as a few minutes after he started he asked her if she was still on the pill. The second she nodded, he came inside of her, filling her with his seed. A minute later he pulled out, leaving her on his bed, feeling sticky and used.

Her own orgasm had been too far away, and feeling frustrated, she had gone into the bathroom to clean herself up.

When she returned he was playing on his Xbox, and since she knew she would have no way to get him to leave it, she had kissed him goodbye and left, though he didn't seem to care.

Noah wasn't always like that, of course. But sometimes she just felt he just wanted to use her, and nothing else. He had know she was going to be away for a while, but he hadn’t said anything, and after that they had only seen each other in the school, and never alone.

Feeling frustrated, Valerie didn't hear the low rumbling sound that was slowly approaching. A moment later she saw an old, beat up pickup truck driving down the road and she got up from the porch.

It must have been white at some point, but now the paint was mostly gone and what was left looked more a pale yellow than anything else. The truck though, seemed to work just fine, and a moment later it stopped in front of the house before the engine died.

A man, her uncle Merle, she realized a moment later, jumped off the truck a moment later, but he didn't seem to have noticed her yet. Instead, he went around the truck and he dropped the tailgate down. With practiced ease, he picked up a pig from the bed and he lowered into the ground.

“Hi.” she finally said as her uncle lead the pig towards the house.

He had a leash tied to a thick looking nose ring, but the pig didn’t seem too worried about it and it looked as if he would follow her uncle regardless of the leash.

The girl, with her mother’s words still echoing in her mind, touched her own nose ring and she started blushing.

“Valerie?” he asked a moment later when he finally noticed her. “My god, you have grown! Last time I saw you were just a baby!”

Uncle Merle then rushed towards her, dropping the leash before he wrapped his arms around her. Valerie, let him hug her, though she felt slightly uncomfortable under the man’s embrace.

“Hi uncle Merle…” she said meekly once he had released her.

“Oh, please, I think my niece can call me Merle!” he said holding her at arm’s length. “Did you meet Jose? Did he show you your room?”

“Yes, he just left a couple of hours ago.” Valerie answered as her uncle watched her.

She was standing on one of the steps that lead into the house, but even then, he was a full head taller than her. He looked just like in the photo too, though a bit older. His black hair was peppered with grey now, and he had a small belly in front of him.

“Mmmmh… I… mom said I should ask you if you have internet…” Valerie managed to ask him a moment later.

“Sorry, I don't even have a computer…” he answered as he smiled warmly.

Feeling even more depressed than before, Valerie nodded towards her uncle. Maybe she could find Wifi in the town she told herself as she promised herself she would ask her uncle for a ride.

“Did you find something to eat?” he asked her a moment later, finally releasing her.

Valerie nodded quickly, not wanting to sound like a spoiled brat, but she was still hungry. She thought that maybe she could get some vegetables and fruits for her once she got to the town.

“Don't fill yourself up, there will be a feast tonight.” his uncle said a moment later, patting his belly. “As a matter of fact, I think I have to get started. Why don't you wait around here while I get everything on its way, okay?”

After she nodded once more, her grabbed the pig’s leash once more and he walked around the house. and out of sight.

“Okay…” Valerie said once he was gone.

It never crossed the girl’s mind to ask what he was going to prepare, but she had a feeling that she should have asked, especially after seeing the contents of his fridge.

Regardless, it was too late, and she decided to return towards her room where she laid on her bed as the day drew uncomfortably hot and humid.

Almost an hour later she had finally had enough. Valerie was bored out of her mind, and she needed something to do. Walking out of the house, she started searching for her uncle, calling him in the barn and around the house, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Then, just as she was starting to doubt if it was a good idea, she heard a faint squeal in the distance. Not knowing where it had come from, she turned around and then she saw a small but worn path among the trees.

Without knowing why, she swallowed nervously, and she followed the path deeper into the forest. From time to time she heard a few squeals, always louder than before, and she knew she was getting closer.

A few minutes later she approached the end of the patch and what looked like a small clearing. She could see movement further ahead, but Valerie suddenly stopped, hiding behind a tree.

The clearing was surrounded by a thick wall of trees, but the center was clear and the grass was short and clean. There were no bushes either, though a circle of stones, maybe a couple of dozens, ran parallel to the edge.

In the middle of the clearing there was a lone oak tree, growing tall and wide. It branches, as thick as her body, extended out from the trunk in all directions. Next to it, there was a big fire going with a couple of stakes at either side, and on the other side, a table had been set.

Her uncle was working quietly under the tree, with his back towards her. She couldn't see what he was doing, but Valerie suddenly felt a chill running down her back and her stomach twisted inside of her.

Then he moved towards the table for a second and she was finally able to see it. Hanging upside down from the tree, was the pig from before. Her uncle had tied a branch to it’ rear legs, forcing them apart, and then he had hung it from one of the branches.

Despite the situation, the pig looked at ease. He was swaying gently into the breeze as his eyes looked around curiously. From time to time she could hear him give a faint oink, but that was it.

Swallowing nervously, Valerie leaned against the tree as she watched the pig once more. It was probably the same pig as before, or so she thought. It looked about the same, and it had the same nose ring, just like she did.

Then she noticed that it was actually a female pig, and the word sow came to her mind, though she didn't remember where she had learned it.

A moment later he uncle returned to the pig, carrying a big bucket and a knife.

Valerie watched in horror as he placed the bucket under the pig, and then he started caressing it’s head. The scene was both bizarre and terrifying, as she knew what would happen next.

“Noooo…” Valerie said, her voice barely a whisper.

She wanted to scream at him to stop, but instead she found herself frozen in place, unable to speak or even move as the scene unfolded in front of her. Fear bubbled inside her and she felt trapped inside her own body.

Her uncle, oblivious to her presence, started patting the pig’s head as if it were a dog. Unable to look away, Valerie saw it moving it’s head back, exposing her neck.

Then her uncle took a long, deep breath and he slit the pig’s throat in one swift movement. A second later blood started gushing out of the wound before it dripped down the pig’s neck and face, and into the bucket.

She had expected it to start screaming and fighting, but the pig made a single cry, more in surprise than pain and then it stayed still as it slowly bled.

Valerie, though, could feel her heart beating furiously inside her chest as she watched from the distance, but the fear was gone, she realized a moment later as her finger dug into the tree’s bark.

Though she knew she should be horrified by what she was seeing, she wasn’t. Instead she was mesmerized as she watched the scene unfold. The pig dying, her uncle holding it, almost tenderly. She couldn't see the pig’s face anymore, but for a second she thought it looked just as peaceful as it had when her uncle was taking it out of the truck.

A moment later her uncle finally released the pig. It was still bleeding, but most of the blood seemed to have drained away. Then it’s body twitched gently a few times, and it finally stood still.

The pig was dead, and Valerie couldn't take her eyes away from it.

She had never seen an animal dying, much less in person, and while she was still shocked, she also felt a morbid fascination towards it.

Then her uncle started working on the pig once more. With practiced ease, he cut the pig along its belly before he cleaned out the insides, pulling its organs into another bucket. With that done, he returned to the table, were Valerie finally noticed a long steel shaft.

It must have been no more than 5 or 6 feet long and with a thin tapered point. As she watched the sun reflecting on the smooth polished surface, Valerie felt another shiver running down her spine, as she knew what it was for.

A moment later her uncle picked up the spit and he tested it for balance, throwing it into the air with ease before he returned to the pig. He didn't seem to have noticed her, and unable to resist, Valerie told herself that she had to get a better view.

The moment her uncle started moving, she jumped to the next tree, and from there to the next, hoping to get as close as she could.

Finally, when she was no more than 15 yards away from the scene, hidden behind a rather small tree, she saw her uncle lining the shaft between the pig’s legs before he started pushing.

The tip moved with ease into the now dead pig, and then her uncle started pushing it further in, guiding it with one of his hands inside it’s chest. Not long after that the tip reappeared once more.

She saw it coming out of the pig’s mouth, it’s polished surface shining red from the blood. It looked grotesquely big next to the pig, but her uncle didn't seem to notice as he kept pushing it forward, until the pig was in the middle of the shaft.

Satisfied by his work, her uncle took a step back as Valerie watched the pig, now impaled from one end to the other.

Like before, she thought she should be been horrified. Killing animals for their meat was wrong, and it was the reason she had become a vegetarian. She had always imagined the butchering to be a grisly scene, full of crying, desperate animals, but she had never expected it to be like that.

Worse, she wasn't scared anymore. Instead she felt her body trembling in excitement as her uncle continued working with a satisfied smile on his face.

Then, without realizing her mistake, Valerie leaned forward a bit, resting her foot on a small, dry twig. Before she could realize her mistake, the twig broke under her weight.

“Valerie?” her uncle asked as he suddenly turned around. “Hey, I didn't see you there. Come on, help me carry it to the fire.”

Without bothering to wait for an answer, her uncle dropped another log onto the fire as she felt a shiver running down her back.

Valerie, now that she had been seen, started trembling. She was suddenly terrified at the idea of getting closer to the pig, and her first thought was to run as fast as she could, but she didn't. Instead she released the tree and she started walking towards the pig, just as she had been told.

As she got closer, the first thing she noticed was the smell of blood. It was overpoweringly sweet, and the closer she got the stronger it became, until she could taste it in her mouth.

Then she looked at the pig, from its peaceful looking face, to the cut along its belly. Except for the blood, it was nothing like what she had imagined before, and as the girl swallowed nervously, her uncle finally returned.

“Undo that rope, Valerie. I will hold it so it doesn't fall to the floor.” her uncle said before pointing to the tree trunk.

A moment later the girl did as she was told, releasing the rope. Her uncle picked up the pig with ease, and then he took it to the fire, placing the steel shaft over the stakes she had seen previously.

Once it was done, he took a step back and he stood next to Valerie, who was now watching the pig roast.

“Have you ever had roasted pig like that? It takes a long time to cock on the spit, but…” her uncle said to her, his voice full of excitement.

Valerie, unable to talk, shook her head slowly.

“Well, I promise you it will be the best meal you will ever have!” her uncle answered a moment later.

It was then that Valerie finally took a moment to look at him. His arms, almost all the way to his elbows, were covered in the pig’s blood, and a few drops had splattered his shirt.

Somehow, he looked even bigger and more imposing than before. But there was something else in him now that she didn't fully understand, like a fire burning from within that she found both scary and exciting at the same time.

Suddenly, the idea of saying no to him became an impossible task. Instead she nodded slowly as her eyes returned to the pig. Besides, despite everything she had thought about eating meat before, the sight of the pig roasting over the fire, was making her stomach rumble in hunger as her mouth flooded in saliva.

“Why don't you go take a look around the farm and have some fun?” her uncle told her a moment later. “Just don’t go into the barn, I don't want you to get hurt on one of the machines, okay?”

Then, before the girl could realize what he was doing, he touched her cheek with his blood covered hands. The girl recoiled a moment later, but it was too late. She could feel the pig’s blood already drying on her face.

Her uncle, though, didn't seem to noticed, as a moment later he left her alone as his attention returned to the pig.

Valerie, wanting to be alone with herself for a while, returned to the path and then to the house as she tried to understand what she was feeling, though she didn't have much luck.

Not long after the sun had set, her uncle returned to the house and then he knocked on her door.

“Valerie? The pig is almost ready, what do you say we eat outside, next to the fire?” he asked her through the door.

Valeria had been laying on her bed since she returned. Her mind was a jumble of conflicting emotions and she felt lost in them. Every time she closed her eyes she saw the pig, bleeding as her uncle slit its throat.

She could even smell the blood, and even after washing her cheek a couple of times, she could still feel it on her skin.

“Okay. Give me a couple of minutes, uncle Merle.” she said a moment later.

Through the closed door, Valerie heard her uncle grunting in satisfaction before he left. His footsteps rumbled on the old wooden floor, while her stomach did the same inside of her.

She was starving, and her meager launch seemed to have done nothing to appease her hunger. Closing her eyes she imagined the pig, still turning over the fire and her mouth started to water.

Her mind had been torturing her with images of the pig roasting over the fire for the past couple of hours, and Valerie had finally surrendered to the temptation. She told herself that it would be rude to refuse her uncle, especially after the obvious effort he had gone to.

But even if she couldn't admit it, even to herself, she was dying to try the pig. Strangely enough, there was more to it that the meat itself, thought she couldn't explain what it was.

Trembling in excitement, she finally got out of her bed and she stopped in front of the mirror that hung from the door.

Valerie had thought for a moment about taking off her makeup and maybe even her ring, but she decided against it. Her uncle had already seen her like that, so it didn't make much sense, even though it felt a little weird to have the nose ring now.

Instead she made sure that she looked good, though she didn't know why, and then she headed outside. There was little light left, but she could still make out the path from before, and she quickly approached the clearing, where the smell of roasted pig was overpowering to her.

Moving slowly, she approached the fire as her uncle finished setting up the table.

The pig’s skin shone a dark red under the fire as small beads of fat dripped onto the fire. Unable to take her eyes from it, she watched as her uncle started carving some ribs and a piece of ham for her, and then they both sat at the table.

After giving her an encouraging smile, he started eating while Valerie watched her plate.

It looked mouth watering delicious, and Valerie couldn't resist any longer. Any doubts she might have had left, disappeared in an instant and she started eating silently, savoring each bite with patience.

In all her young life, she had never experienced something so delicious as what she was having, and just like her uncle had said, it was her best meal yet.

After gathering her courage, Valerie managed to ask her uncle for more. He returned a moment later with another slice of meat, it’s juices flooding her plate.

“Belly… you have to give this a try...” he said enthusiastically.

As Valerie continued eating, she felt herself relaxing and she started noticing her surroundings more. She could hear the fire crackling behind her and the wind blowing among the treetops. The air was cool, but not cold and as the darkness around her became total, she looked at her uncle.

The girl smiled shyly at him, maybe for the first time since she arrive, and then she started blushing.

“Well?” he asked her a moment later.

“It’s… it’s really good. Delicious.” she said. “Thank you, uncle Merle.”

Her uncle leaned back into his chair, patting his belly as he looked at fire.

“You are welcome, honey.” he said.

That night she stayed with her uncle until midnight, just talking about her life and her mom. Valerie really enjoyed herself, and when her uncle told her that he was tired, she felt a little disappointed.

Still, she helped him put everything away and together they carried the rest of the pig into the house.

Despite her protests, Valerie felt herself dozing off the moment she arrived at the house, and as soon as she laid on her bed, she fell asleep, feeling happy and more satisfied than in all her life.

The next day her uncle told her he had some errands to run on the town and he took her along.

Feeling happy at the opportunity to explore, she followed him happily. Once there, they split apart and she started walking along the main street.

It soon became obvious that it was a small town and she wouldn’t be finding much to do there. What few shops she found there, were either hardware stores or they sold jeans, jean shirts and cowboy hats, which she found a little clichéd.

Feeling a little depressed, she bought herself a milkshake from the gas station and she headed into the small park she had found earlier to eat. Hoping to escape the stifling heat, she sat under a tree as she sipped from her milkshake.

Not long after, a couple of girls, maybe a few years younger than her, approached.

“Hi!” they said as she finally noticed them.

“Oh, hi…” Valerie said a moment later.

“We haven't seen you around before, are you knew here?” the tallest of them asked.

She must have been no more than 12 years old, and thought she was tall compared to the other girl, she must have been no more than 4 feet high. Skinny, and with her long blond hair tied into a ponytail behind her head, she looked at her with open curiosity.

“Mmmm… I don't live here, I am just visiting my uncle.” Valerie finally said, as she placed her milkshake on the ground.

Pushing herself up, she then brushed the grass from her dress.

“I am Valerie.” she said, shaking the girl’s hand.

“I am Maggie, and this is my sister Andy.” the girl said pointing at the girl next to her.

Andy was smiling shyly, though she didn't seem to talk much.

“Are you staying in the town or in one of the farms? Maybe you can come play with us later. There is not much to do around here…” the girl asked a moment later.

The idea of playing with the younger girls wasn't very appealing to Valerie, but she knew that there wasn't much to do but work on the farm, so she nodded eagerly.

“I can ask uncle Merle to pick me up later. Where do you live?” she asked the girl.

But a moment later the girls face filled with fear and Andy took a step back.

“Your uncle is Weird Merle?” Maggie asked her.

“I… guess?” she said slowly as Maggie shook her head.

“Ohh…” Andy said as she took yet another step back, her face twisting in fear.

“You… you should be careful… your uncle is weird… everybody in town knows about him…” Maggie said a moment later.

Then the girl grabbed her sister’s hand and she shook her head.

“Sorry, I just remembered that my mom wants us to help her do the laundry… maybe another day?” she said.

Before Valerie could say anything else, the two girls turned around and they started walking away. Andy gave her one last look of fear and then she moved closer to her sister before they both disappeared from her sight.

Not wanting to believe the two girls, Valerie tried to push the idea away, but it managed to stay with her for the rest of the day, and when her uncle finally picked her up at midday, she just wanted to be back in her room so she could think.

The next few days passed slowly for Valerie, as she didn't have much to do in the farm. Her uncle had told her she could help him with the pigs, but the idea of being surrounded by them all day long was still unappealing to her.

Not wanting to offend her uncle, she told him she was feeling tired and that she wanted to rest as much as she could, to which he simply nodded warmly.

Whenever she could, though, she tried to stay in bed until late in the morning, and then she would walk around the house or in the forest. If the day was nice, as it usually was, she also liked to lay under the sun for a few hours before the heat became too strong, but she was still bored.

On her second day, though, she had discovered that if she left her phone near the window of her room she could get a little bit of signal. There was no internet, but she could at least send a few text messages to her friends.

There was still no answer from her boyfriend, though, and for Valerie the silence was driving her mad.

By then she was sure he was cheating on her with another girl. She was angry with him, and other times sad, as her friends and even her mom had told her that Noah was just playing with her. It hurt more to know that they had been right, that she should have listened to them, than to lose him.

But the pain was there, and with nothing to distract herself with, it was slowly driving her mad.

The girl’s words also echoed in her mind. Sure, her uncle was a little weird. He lived alone, and he had a pig farm, but he was always nice to her and her mother had told her he had always been a great man.

Still, as the days passed she grew restless, and she started counting the days until she could go back. Suddenly a week seemed much longer than before.

Then, on the fourth day, she woke up late in the morning only to find the house deserted.

Her uncle had left her a note on the kitchen table, saying that he had to go to the town to pick up a few things and that he would be back in the afternoon.

Feeling left out, she headed outside and into the porch. Despite the promise of heat, the day was still relatively cool, and for awhile she simply enjoyed the wind blowing around her as the birds sang.

“Fuck...” Valerie cursed out loud.

Knowing that she wouldn't be able to stand the heat in the afternoon, she decided to go walk while she still could.

Wanting to change her shoes, she headed into her room but before entering, she stopped.

Her uncle had left the door to his room slightly open. She had never been inside, and feeling curious, she approached it slowly. From outside it looked just like hers, but Valerie couldn't stop herself.

Pushing the door open, she stopped under the doorway and she looked around, but a second later she gasped, when she noticed a laptop sitting on her uncle’s dresser. He had lied to her when he told her he didn't have a computer, though she didn't know why he would do such a thing.

Then she started wondering if he had internet, as surely a computer without internet was useless. Maybe he had lied about that too, and since Valerie was becoming mad with grief, she knew she had to try it.

After looking around the hallway, she entered her uncle’s room and she picked up the laptop. The hard plastic shell felt cold and heavy, and with trembling hands she took it towards the bed.

After sitting down, she placed it on her lap and then she stopped. Surely she would listen to his truck before he returned, or at least that’s what she told herself.

Valerie felt bad about entering her uncle’s room without permission, and even worse for grabbing his computer, but she told herself that she would only check Facebook, to see what Noah had been doing, and then she would leave it in place.

Biting her lips nervously, she finally opened up the screen and the laptop roared to life.

With trembling hands, Valerie waited until it was ready and then she opened up the browser. As she held her breath, she typed in the address and then she waited, but a second later she realized that there was no internet connection.

Despite that, she tried a few more times but it made no difference.

“Noooo…” she moaned as she sat on her uncle’s bed.

Sighing tiredly, she placed the laptop on the bed as she tried to calm down. Not for the first time since she had arrived at the farm, Valerie felt like crying. She didn't want to be there. Why hadn't her mother left her at home? She was old enough to look out for herself.

But Valerie didn't want to cry again, so she cleaned her face with the back of her hand, and after taking a deep breath, she grabbed the laptop once more.

With no internet, it was useless to her, but she had to make sure that her uncle didn’t notice she had used it. After exiting the browser, she started to close the laptop when she noticed the lone folder on the otherwise empty desktop.

It felt wrong to spy on her uncle, and for a moment she was about to put the laptop away as it was, but Valerie told herself that he would never know. Trembling in excitement, she double clicked on it and then waited as it finally opened.

A moment later the screen filled with hundreds of porn pictures and Valerie gasped in shock. She wasn't naive, and she knew that her uncle, who lived alone, must have had something like that, but the sheer number of pictures astounded her.

Swallowing nervously, she looked out the window as she listened carefully, but there was no sign of the truck, so she returned her attention to the computer.

With trembling hands, Valerie started looking around, feeling weird by the fact that she was looking at her uncle’s porn collection, but that didn't stop her.

It was mostly blowjobs, amateur pictures and a lot of anal sex, though mixed in among them, there were other much more extreme things.

As she looked at the pictures in front of her, Valerie felt a shiver running down her back. She wasn't as naive as people thought, and she knew what most of what she was seeing was, but it still shocked her a little to find it in her uncle’s computer. After all, he didn't strike him as the sort of man who watched porn.

She had never watched porn on her own, either. Noah was the one who liked to show it to her, usually as a way to convince her to try something new. After watching a few videos, Noah had convinced her to give him a blowjob, and after that he started giving her tips on how to improve, until he told her she was really good at it.

Anal sex had been his next task, and thought she had been horrified at first, he had finally convinced her to try. It had hurt horribly the first time, as despite his earlier promises and her cries of agony, he hadn't been very careful. But the second time it had hurt less and the third she had actually enjoyed it, even if she hadn't managed to cum.

When Noah saw he could convinced her, though, he started showing her other things, like golden showers, throating and bondage. Valerie had always refused, at least so far, but she knew that it was just a matter of time before he managed convinced her.

And her uncle, it seemed, had a similar taste. As she found more and more pictures like the ones Noah used to show her, Valerie started to feel more curious, and soon she was thinking of her boyfriend once more.

Then she stumbled upon a folder, mixed among the pictures. It had no name on it, but Valerie couldn't contain herself. After clicking on it she looked out the window once more, just to make sure her uncle was still away, and only then did she return her attention to the computer.

Inside she found even more folders, though this one's had women names of them.

Feeling even more curious than before, Valerie opened up the first one, named Abby. Unlike on the other folders, this one only had nude pictures, though a moment later Valerie realized that they all looked somehow familiar.

It took her a minute, but she finally realized why. She didn't know the girl, but the pictures were taken in the farm. She was absolutely sure it was the same tractor, and though the house was painted differently in the picture, it was the same.

The girl, completely naked except for a pair of white canvas shoes, was posing around the farm. She was always smiling, and there was something incredibly attractive in her that made Valerie smile too.

A minute later she reached the end of the folder and she started thinking about her mother's words. Uncle Merle used to be a photographer, she had said, but she never said what kind of pictures he took. Maybe this is what he used to do.

Next to Abby’s folder, there were a few dozen more, all with women names.

Feeling even more curious than before, Valerie opened up another one at random.

A moment later another girl, named Zoe, apparently, appeared on the screen. Like before, she was completely naked as she laid on a fallen log.

To Valerie, it looked like an amateur photoset, like the kind she had sometimes imagined herself doing in her fantasies.

Picture after picture, the girl appeared along various places in the farm, until the pictures changed.

Suddenly she was in a room, her uncle’s room, she realized a second later. Looking around herself she saw the same dresser, the same curtains and the same headboard.

In the next picture, the girl was lying on the bed as she opened up her legs, showing her pussy to the camera. She was smiling shyly, and then she started touching herself.

Valerie watched mesmerized as the girl masturbated. The camera got closer and closer, focusing on the girls sex. Her face, twisted in pleasure, was next, and then her breasts as she played with them too.

A couple of dozen pictured later, the photo set ended with the girl smiling shyly to the camera as she clutched one of the pillows.

Swallowing nervously, Valerie opened up another folder, this time named Charlotte.

There were no pictures in it, but instead she found a single video file.

Valerie knew she was pushing her luck, and it felt wrong to spy on her uncle’s computer, but she couldn't stop herself.

After lowering the volume, she opened up the video and she watched.

A black girl was standing nervously under a tree, with her hands clasped behind her.

She was slim, with small breasts and narrow hips. Her skin, almost as dark as chocolate, shone under the sunlight, and she had short curly black hair.

A few seconds after the video started, she finally looked into the camera before she nodded timidly. Not long after, a man entered the frame, walking towards the girl. He was wearing a mask that covered his face, but besides that he was as naked as her.

After stopping next to the girl, he started caressing her back as she slowly relaxed. Then they started kissing as he touched her, and not long after than they were laying on the grass while they had sex.

Valerie watched with excitement as the girl moaned under the man. She wasn't sure, but she thought it was the same tree in the clearing, the one where her uncle had killed the pig.

And then it struck her. Merle wasn’t just a photographer, he made porn movies too.

A moment later, the man flipped the girl onto her chest, as Valerie licked her lips nervously.

Unable to contain herself, she advance the video a little. The girl, still on her chest, was getting her ass fucked by the man. She had her eyes closed and her mouth hung open in ecstasy, though she was silent.

Valerie felt her body responding to the video. There was something incredibly arousing about it that she couldn't explain. Maybe it was the way the girl acted, or maybe it was the fact that she was just horny, but whatever the case, she felt her body trembling with excitement.

Then, before she could stop herself, Valerie advance the video once more, but a second later she froze.

It seemed to be much later than before, as the light had changed, almost as if the sun had just set.

The girl, now standing, had her hands tied behind her. She was looking nervously into the camera, and like before, she nodded slowly.

The same man as before appeared a second later, and without a word, he grabbed the girl's arm and she moved her back. After forcing her onto her knees, Valerie finally noticed the log stump in front of her..

The girl looked at it with fear, but when the man released her, she laid her neck on it, leaving her head hanging on the other side.

Valerie watched the scene unfold as she trembled in fear, unable to stop the video.

Then the man kneeled behind the girl, and he started playing with her pussy, but the girl shook her head.

“No, please… don’t…” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

After nodding, the man got up once more and then he disappeared from the frame. When he returned, he was holding a double handed axe. He moved slowly towards the girl, who was now trembling as she watched him approach.

Then man stopped next to the girl, and the girl looked at him. Valerie couldn't see her face, as she was looking to the other side, but she did saw the girl nodding once more. It was a tiny movement, almost imperceptible, but she was sure of it.

Then the man grunted and he took the axe in both hands, testing its balance.

A moment later the girl looked into the camera for a second. She looked scared, but there was also something else.

Valerie was horrified as she knew what was going to happen to her, but she was frozen in place.

Unable to move, she watched as she girl closed her eyes. After taking a deep breath, the girl smiled warmly, and then she looked down at the ground under her face. And next to her, the man raised the axe behind him.

“Don’t move.” he ordered.

A second later, before Valerie could even blink, he brought the axe down in one quick movement and he cut the girl’s head off.

“Noooooo!” Valerie cried in horror as she jumped on the bed, almost dropping the laptop.

In front of her, the girl’s head rolled onto the ground as a fountain of blood suddenly erupted from her neck.

The man left the axe buried in the wood and he looked into the camera. Valerie couldn't see his face, but he seemed satisfied by his work. A moment later he picked up the girl’s head from the ground and he showed it to the camera.

The girl’s face, now frozen forever, looked calm and relaxed, almost happy.

A few seconds later, the video stopped, leaving the screen completely black.

Suddenly, Valerie felt sick. She started sweating as her breathing became fast and shallow. She was horrified by the girl’s death, and as her stomach twisted inside of her, she thought she was going to puke.

But a moment later she managed to calm down, even if only a little.

She was in danger, she suddenly realized. What if her uncle found out she knew about the video? What if he knew the man?

As her terror became even greater, Valerie closed the video. There were dozens of folders like those, and for a moment Valerie wondered how many videos like that she find if she kept looking.

But she couldn't, at least not yet. With trembling hands, she closed everything and after closing the lid, she left the laptop on the bed without realizing her mistake.

Unable to stop herself, Valerie ran towards her room where she closed her door. She felt just a little safer inside, but she knew her uncle would be back any time soon. How could she look at him again, knowing what she had seen.

As she started crying desperately, Valerie started thinking about the girl. She didn't look much older than her, and though she wanted to forget about it, she couldn't push the girls face out her mind.

Why had she let the man kill her, and why had she smiled just before he chopped her head?

As Valerie sobbed into her pillow, she tried to forget what she had seen, but she knew she wouldn’t.

It was late in the night when her uncle finally returned.

Valerie heard the roar of the engine until it finally stopped in front of the house. A few minutes later her uncle climbed up the stairs and he knocked on her door, making her jump.

After hours of fearing his return, Valerie was terrified of him, but when he asked her if she wanted to have dinner with him, she managed to say she wasn’t feeling well. He asked her if she wanted him to check her up, but as her panic grew inside of her, she simply said it wasn’t necessary and he finally left.

Later that night, when he went to sleep, Valerie finally left her room. She ran towards the bathroom, and then into her room again, and after pushing a chair under the doorknob, she got in her bed and she tried to sleep.

Despite her fear, Valerie was exhausted, and the moment she laid her head on the pillow she started to drift away into sleep.

She prayed for a dreamless night, but with the girl’s face still fresh in her memory, she knew it would be impossible.

The next morning Valerie woke up later than usual. The sun, shining high in the sky, filler her room with light, and the air inside was already hot and heavy.

Despite that, she felt much better than yesterday. She felt her body tingling with excitement, and that was when she realized her panties were soaked trough.

“What the…” she moaned into the empty room as she pushed the sheets away.

There was a damp spot on her pajamas and her tights felt wet and sticky. A moment later her face turned red when she realized that she hadn’t peed herself. It was suddenly obvious that she had a wet dream during the night..

With trembling hands, she touched the fabric of her panties, and she felt a shiver running down her back.

It was the first time it happened to her, but some of her friends had told her about them, and she knew boys had them too. Surely if they did, so could she, though the idea of having one after what she saw the day before, felt wrong to her.

Valerie was desperate to remember what it had been about, but even if she tried, she couldn't remember anything about it.

A moment later she started to panic when she remembered the video from her uncle’s laptop, but she quickly pushed the idea away, burying it in the deepest part of her mind..

“Just a wet dream. It’s normal, perfectly normal.” she repeated over and over again, almost like a mantra.

Then she jumped off her bed and she peeked outside her room as her face burned in shame.

Seeing it was clear, she ran towards the bathroom and she turned on the shower. Once she was under the water, she started cleaning herself as her body trembled with both fear and excitement.

The hot water felt delicious as it ran over her naked body, and not long after she started, she felt her body shuddering in pleasure as her pussy started dripping down her legs.

“This is wrong… so very wrong...” she moaned, but she couldn't contain herself.

After sitting on the bathtub with her legs open, she started touching herself. Despite her arousal, it was hard to concentrate at first. She kept seeing Charlotte having sex with the man, and though she tried to think of her boyfriend, she simply couldn't.

Still, her arousal grew with every passing minute, until she had to bite her lips to stop herself from moaning out loud.

She didn't know if her uncle was still in the house, and if he was, the last thing she wanted was for him to hear her masturbating.

Desperate for release, Valerie pushed a couple of fingers inside of her still hairless pussy as she fondled her breasts, and then she held her breath, trying to push herself those last few steps before her orgasm.

It seemed to take forever though, and just as her lungs started screaming for air, she finally felt her body tensing and she came.

Unable to hold any longer, Valerie gasped in shock as waves of pleasure rocked her body, and a low and throaty moan escaped her mouth.

It didn't matter, though, as the room around her seemed to disappear along with her fear, and she forgot about everything.

She didn't know how long she was out, but when she returned the water was noticeably colder. Her body felt weak and she was a little dizzy. Despite the cold, Valerie just wanted to rest, but she knew she shouldn't. If her uncle was still in the house he might get suspicious.

With some effort, she managed to get up and then she started washing herself once more.

A few minutes later, now back in her room, she felt better than before.

Her mind felt much more clear, and the more she thought about it, the more she told herself that her uncle would have no way to find out she knew about the videos. Surely she was safe. Her mother knew she was there, too.

Feeling a little safer than before, Valerie changed into another summer dress and after looking at herself in the mirror she went into the kitchen. She couldn't even remember how long it had been since she last ate, so with her hunger pushing her along, she didn't notice that the light was still on.

“Hey, Valerie!” her uncle said as she entered the kitchen, making her jump. “I thought you would stay in your room all day. Are you feeling better?”

Unable to speak, Valerie nodded to her uncle as she felt her face burning.

“That’s great. Maybe it was the heat, it's getting pretty hot, even for me.” he said laughing as he got up from the table.

Valerie couldn't hold his gaze any longer, so she nodded again. There is no way he knows, she told herself once more, but no matter how many times she repeated it, she was still scared of him.

“Okay, I gotta go, see you later.” her uncle said.

Valerie just wanted him to go, but she couldn't. It would be better if she managed to get to the town. She would feel better there.

“Uncle Merle… can you… take me into town again. I wanted to… go shopping.” she said weakly.

Her uncle left his coffee cup on the kitchen sink and then he looked at her.

“Sorry, honey. I have to go help Jose with his tractor.” her uncle told her as he smiled warmly. “He might be a great help around the farm, but when it comes to machinery the man is completely lost...”

Valerie felt her hopes disappear in an instant as the girl’s severed head suddenly appeared in her mind.

“Maybe I can take you tomorrow, if you still wanna go.” her uncle said.

“Sure…” she said, her voice barely a whisper.

After that, he smiled once more and he left the kitchen as Valerie watched him go.

“I might be back late into the night, don’t wait for me if you get hungry!” he screamed from the door.

A moment later he was gone, and Valerie was once more alone in the house.


For Valerie, time seemed to crawl to a stop and she couldn't stop thinking about the video.

After her uncle had left, she had locked herself up in her room once more, but it made no difference. Her mind kept playing the video inside her head until she thought she would go mad.

Why had the girl allow the man to kill her? To her it made no sense, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. She was still terrified about it, but at the same time she was intrigued. The girl had looked calmly into the camera before she was killed. Why? Had she been mad, or maybe sick?

At the same time, she couldn't stop thinking about the other folders. Were there more videos like that one?

After hours of torture, Valerie finally gave up. Her uncle had said he wouldn't be back until the night. She could go into his room again and have a look. It would only be a few minutes, she told herself, and even if he came back early, she would hear his truck arriving.

A few minutes later, she managed to gather her courage, she left her room. With trembling hands she tried to open her uncle’s door, fearing that it might be closed.

It was unlocked, through, and laying on the bed, was his laptop.

Valerie felt nervous, but a moment later she was inside her uncle’s room. From the bed, she could see the driveway, and from time to time her eyes darted towards the window.

Still, despite her fear, Valerie sat on the bed, and with trembling hands she picked up her uncle’s laptop. The computer booted up a moment later, and she watched the screen as her mind filled with turmoil.

She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself.

Like before, she opened up the folder on the desktop, and then the folder without a name. The same folders as before appeared in front of her, all with women names. Her eyes darted towards the one named Charlotte, but she already knew what was in it. The same with the one’s named Abby and Zoe.

The rest were a mystery, but despite her fear, Valerie opened up another one named Paula.

Inside there were a couple of hundred pictures, all from the same girl. She was tall and slim, with long auburn hair and small breasts. Like Abby and Zoe, the girl posed around the farm, naked as the other girls.

She was always smiling, and from time to time she played with herself in front of the camera. Besides the pictures, there was nothing else.

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Valerie opened another folder, this one named Lucy.

Inside she found another video with a generic name.

Unable to continue, Valerie stopped as she looked at the screen. Suddenly she was sure what she would find inside, and despite the horror she knew she should feel, she was mostly curious. It didn't mean she wasn't scared, but she couldn't stop herself.

After opening the video, she tried to relax as yet another girl appeared on the screen. She was standing nervously inside what looked like a barn, with rusty equipment all around her and a dirt covered floor.

She was naked, but she was covering her sex with her hands as she looked shyly at the camera.

“Hi…” she said a moment later as she waved.

A moment later Valerie heard a man chuckling off camera. Then the same man as before appeared on the screen, walking confidently towards the girl.

Valerie knew it was the same man as before, but he was older now. His body was slightly fatter, and he had a belly now, but he was wearing the same mask and he moved with the same confidence than before.

Without saying a word, he stopped in front of the girl. A full two heads taller than her, the man towered over her like a giant.

Then the girl looked at him and a moment later she kneeled on the floor. Without hesitating, she took his already hard cock and she started sucking it with practiced ease.

Valerie watched in silence as the girl swallowed him deeper and deeper, until her nose was pressing against his belly. She could see his cock stretching the girl’s throat as tears streamed down her face.

Meanwhile the man simply watched in silence as he smiled in satisfaction.

A moment later, when it became obvious that she couldn't hold on any longer, she finally pulled back.

An explosion of saliva flew from her mouth as she started coughing, but a moment later she looked up into the man’s face and she smiled.

Again, his only response was to grunt in satisfaction, but the girl seemed pleased by it. Without bothering to clean her face she started blowing him again, and from time to time she held him in her throat for as long as she could.

Minutes passed as Valerie watched in silence. It was incredibly arousing to watch the girl blowing the man, and more so when she took him into her throat.

Suddenly she understood why her boyfriend wanted her to try it, though she had no idea how she could manage to do something like that without choking.

Licking her lips nervously, she advanced the video a few minutes.

Suddenly the girl was bend over her waist, holding one of the workbenches as the man fucked her from behind.

His big meaty hands were grabbing her hips, but even so, with every slam of his cock the girl jerked forwards. Unable to see her face, Valerie could only imagine what she was feeling, but the loud moans of pleasure coming from her were enough.

The man, lost in his own pleasure, looked up into the ceiling as he picked up his pace, fucking the girl savagely.

A moment later, though, the girl looked back at him, and she bit her lips nervously as she blushed.

“Can you…” she said before she stopped.

The man looked at her for a second before he stopped, and then he pulled out of her pussy.

His cock was covered in the girl’s juices, but he didn't seem to mind as he was soon stroking it lazily with one hand.

The girl blushed even harder before she looked away. Then she grabbed the workbench again and she hung her head down as her long hair fell all around her.

The man lost no time before he pressed his cock into the girl’s sex once more. Valerie couldn't see it from that angle, but she didn't need to.

A moment later the girl’s face twisted in pain as the man started pushing his cock into her asshole. It obviously wasn’t her first time, though, as a second later he moved forwards in one go and he slammed his hips against the girl’s ass,.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned as her body shuddered in pleasure.

Without giving her time to recover, the man was soon fucking her ass just as savagely as before.

Valerie’s own body started shuddering as she watched the girl being fucked, and she remembered the last time she had had anal sex with her boyfriend.

As a shiver ran down her back, Valerie looked towards the window, but there was no sign of her uncle yet.

When she returned to the video, she started to feel her body responding to her arousal, and with the memory of that morning orgasm still fresh in her mind, she felt her pussy becoming wet.

Minutes passed as Valerie watched, excited with the scene in front of her.

Then the girl on the video took one hand between her legs and she started playing with herself. Her hand soon became a blur as she played with her clit and her moans became even louder.

The man, though, had other plans, and soon her grabbed her hand before he pulled it back behind her back.

“What…” she managed to say before he reached around and he grabbed her other hand.

As he pulled her arms behind her, the girl stumbled, falling against the workbench with a broken cry of pain.

The man gave her no time to recover, though, as a moment later he kicked her legs apart. Then he pulled hard from her hands, forcing her back to bend, and he started fucking her again.

The position forced the girls face and breasts against the dirty workbench, and the girl's face suddenly twisted in pain as he started slamming his cock violently into her ass.

“Yes… please…. yes… I’m… just… there…” she managed to moan a moment later, despite the obvious pain.

And the man obliged her, fucking her as hard as he could.

It couldn't last forever though, and a moment later his whole body tensed and he pushed himself as deep as he could before he finally came inside the girl’s bowels.

“Aaarrrghhhh!” he grunted as he emptied his balls into the girl, whose face twisted in shock.

“Noooo, not yet!” she moaned in frustration.

But the man didn't pay her any attention. Lost in his own pleasure, he simply held the girl in place as he finished cumming, and then he pulled out in one swift movement.

Once she was free, the girl collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily as she looked up at him.

He was standing in front of her, and his cock still hard, was covered in cum and the inside of her ass. The girl looked at it with fear in her eyes, but without having to be told, she grabbed his cock and she took him into her mouth.

A moment later she was blowing him like before, while she sucked his cock clean.

Looking down at her, the man smiled in satisfaction as he breathed deeply, stretching his arms high above him.

The girl took her time, apparently enjoying the blowjob just as much as the man, and when she finally stopped, his cock glistened with her saliva.

“Good girl…” the man said, his voice deep and rumbling as he patted her head.

The girl blushed once more, but Valerie wasn't paying her attention.

Only then did she realized that she was rubbing her pussy over her panties, which were already soaked through.

“Ohhh, god…” she moaned the moment she realized, pulling her hand away.

But before she could do anything about it, the video went black for a second, and when it returned the scene had changed.

It was obviously dark outside, as the only light now came from a few naked light bulbs that hung above.

It was the same barn, though the camera had moved to an empty corner. The floor was empty except for a single sawhorse, sitting just in the middle of the frame, and a few piece of rope laying under it.

“Are you sure?” the man asked off camera.

“Yes.” the girl said firmly, thought the voice was filled with fear.

“It will hurt, I can give you something for the pain, though... “ the man sad a moment later, sounding concerned.

Valerie could heat the girl breathing deeply before she finally answered.

“No, thanks… I… I wanna a feel it…” she said, her voice low and husky. “Do it just like we agreed… please.”

The man grunted in acceptance, breathing heavily before answering.

“I love you.” the man said a moment later.

Valerie heard the girl chucking softly before she finally answered.

“I love you to…” she said, sounding both happy and sorrowful.

Then the two of them moved into the frame, and Valerie saw them walking hand in hand towards the sawhorse. Both were naked, and the girl’s face was flushed with excitement despite her obvious fear.

The man, though, lead her in silence, and when they arrived at the sawhorse, they both stopped.

The girl looked at it for a second before she looked into the man’s face.

He looked at her, and despite the mask, Valerie knew that he was filled with sadness. Then he kissed her softly on her lips, before they hugged each other, while the man’s cock pressed against the girl’s belly.

Valery was suddenly trembling, as she knew what was about to happen, but despite her fear, she didn't stop the video.

She wanted to see what happened to the girl, and even if she wouldn't have dared to admit it, she was still incredibly aroused.

A moment later, the two of them broke the hug and the girl nodded. A second later the man grabbed the girl’s hair, and he pulled hard, forcing her to stand on the tip of her toes.

“Come.” he ordered, his voice now hard and unforgiving.

The girl, unable to resist, simply let the man push her onto the saw horse. Seeing that the girl offered no resistance, the man pulled her over the saw horse, before he kicked her legs apart.

Then he pushed her down, forcing her to lie down on the narrow wooden beam.

Without releasing her hair, he picked up a piece of rope from the floor, and he tied it around her waist, locking her in place.

Then he released her, and he started tying her legs and arms one by one to the saw horse’s legs. The girl stayed quiet as the man restrained her, though it was obvious to Valerie that the ropes were too tight.

As soon as he finished tying her, her arms and legs started to turn a light purple color as the ropes dug deeply into her flesh.

With that done, the man undid the rope around the girl’s hips, before he did it once more, this time much tighter than before. Then he did the same around her chest, until the girl couldn't move at all.

Then he grabbed something from the floor that Valerie hadn't noticed before. It was a big metal ring with a couple of leather straps at either side. Once he had it in his hand, he grabbed the girl’s hair once more and he pulled hard, forcing her head back.

“Ahhhhhh!” the girl screamed as he painfully stretched her neck.

A second later, the man had forced the metal ring into her open mouth, locking it in place. Once he releaser her, he forced the ring even deeper, and then he closed the leather straps behind her head.

The girl, now unable to speak, looked into the camera. The ring stretched her mouth obscenely wide, and soon her saliva was dripping down her chin and onto the floor below.

The man then grabbed the last piece of rope from the floor, and he pulled her hair once more. The girl didn't resist this time, as she probably knew it was futile. Her face twisted in pain though, as he lifted her chin before forced her throat against the wooden beam.

The position seemed deeply uncomfortable, but he didn't seem to care, as a moment later he tied a rope around the girl’s neck, locking her in place.

Despite the ropes, the girl tried to move but she was unable to. The ropes were simply to tight for her, and the only movement Valerie could see was her chest, moving faster and faster as the girl became even more scared than before.

Unable to look away, Valerie watched as the man disappeared, and then he returned a moment later, holding a long metal shaft.

Valerie gasped in shock as she realized what it was, even as her mind refused to accept what she now knew would happen.

It was a spit, just like the one her uncle had used on the pig. It was the same size and it looked just as sharp, and as Valerie saw the metal shining under the lights, she shuddered hard, remembering how it had looked as it came out of the pig’s mouth.

Moving confidently towards the bound girl, he stood in front of her, looking into her eyes.

“Eeeasseeeee…” the girl moaned as another drop of saliva dripped onto the dusty floor.

The man looked at her sadly before he nodded and then he moved around her, until he was standing behind her.

Without saying a word he leaned the spit against the girl's body and he kneeled behind her, until his face was in front of her sex.

Then he started playing with her pussy as the girl moaned in lust despite her obvious pain and fear. A moment later, the man buried his face between the girl’s legs, sucking her pussy with obvious hunger.

The girl, now obviously aroused, moaned loudly as the man sucked her juices greedily, but not long after he started he suddenly stopped, leaving her obviously frustrated.

“Eeeaseeee…” the girl moaned once more, but the man didn't listen.

Instead he got up and he grabbed the spit as he tested it’s balance. Then he took a step back and he held it in both hands, aiming the tip into the girls ass.

“Nooooo…” Valerie moaned as she felt her body shuddering in fear.

But the man simply pushed forwards, burying the sharp metal point into the girl’s asshole with ease.

Inch by inch, it advanced slowly until a whole foot had disappeared inside of her, and then he stopped.

Valerie's face returned to the girl, who now looked terrified as the steel shaft invaded her body. She could see the girl struggling against her bonds, but she only managed to cut herself.

The man, though, soon resumed his to work and he started pushing the spit forward as his face twisted in concentration. Valerie could see him moving the spit from side to side, apparently trying to find the right way as he pushed it deeper and deeper.

With two feet of steel inside of her, the girl started crying desperately, and a small trickle of blood was dripping down her legs, but even then the man kept going.

He was merciless, and thought Valerie too started was crying, she still watched as she held her breath.

“That’s it… relax, Lucy.” he said. “Take a deep breath…It’s almost there.” he said a moment later, his voice soft and compassionate despite what he was doing to the girl.

And despite her obvious terror, the girl did as told, taking a few short breaths before she managed to take a long, slow breath, and then she held it.

A second later the man grabbed the shaft firmly with both hands, and he pushed with all his weight, driving the spit forward a whole foot in one go.

The girl’s body tensed in agony, but she remained silent as her body trembled uncontrollably.

The man wasted no time, tough, as he drove the spit forwards with practiced ease, moving it deeper and deeper into the now dying girl.

Valerie felt herself shuddering too. Though she couldn't explain why, the girl had obviously wanted him to do that to her. She had chosen to be killed with the spit, despite knowing it would be incredibly painful.

She had followed him, she had let him tie her up, and as Valerie watched the girl dying, she wanted to know why she had done those things.

Another feet suddenly disappeared into the girl, whose face was now locked into a grimace of agony. She wasn't breathing either, as her chest had stopped moving.

Then the man slowed down and he leaned forward, watching the spit as it disappeared even deeper into the girl.

Valerie watched in amazement as something started moving in the girl’s throat, just like when she had taken him into her throat, but this time coming out instead of going in.

Then she heard the girl gagging as her body shuddered in agony.

A second later, the tip of the spit came out from her mouth, just in the middle of the metal ring. It was covered in the girl’s blood, but not as much as Valerie had expected.

The man pushed once more, forcing the spit even further, until a whole foot was coming out of the girl, and then he finally stopped, looking exhausted but satisfied. It was a tight fit between the spit and the metal ring, and Valerie shuddered as she imagined what it must have done to the girl’s inside.

Despite the metal shaft piercing her body, the girl managed to open her eyes, and then she looked at the spit coming out of her.

The girl blinked a few times, and then Valerie thought she saw her smiling despite the spit. Before she closed her eyes, a single tear ran down her cheek and then she simply collapsed in exhaustion as the man watched her silently.

A single shuddered moved along her body and then Valerie knew she was dead.

The video ended a moment later, but Valerie’s eyes remained glued to the screen.

She should have been horrified by the girl’s death, but she wasn't. Her body burned in arousal, and she was still rubbing her pussy.

There was something incredibly arousing about the girl’s willingness to submit to the man, that she couldn't even begin to explain.

Unable to stop herself, she closed her eyes and she started playing with herself harder, desperate to come.

With her eyes closed, she saw the girl once more as the man fucked her, and she imagined herself in her place, bend over the bench and with his cock inside her asshole. The thought was incredible erotic to her, and soon she felt herself approaching the second orgasm of the day.

But before she managed to cum, she returned her attention to the laptop sitting on the bed next to her.

There were more folders there, and Valerie couldn't stop herself.

She looked at the list of names, looking for another one to watch, and then the finally noticed one that filled her with dread. Right in the middle, one of the folders was named Jessica.

She was scared of what she might find inside, but her curiosity proved to be too strong.

Before she could stop herself she was in it and inside she found a few videos. The names said nothing to her, so she opened up the first, as she felt her rear growing inside of her.

Like before, the video started with a girl, standing naked in front of the camera. She looked young, and very thin. She had small breasts, short blond hair, an a nose ring, just like Valerie’s.

Once she saw her, though, Valerie gasped in shock as she finally recognized her.

Unable to deny the truth, she watched as her aunt smiled at the camera.

She must have been her age in the video, surely no more than 15 years old, but she had the same round face and the same smile she now had.

Smiling warmly, her aunt did a spin for the camera, and then she started posing. She was standing in the living room of the house, and though the decoration was different, it was obviously the same room.

Unable to stop herself, Valerie advanced the video a little. Now her aunt was blowing the man, taking him into her throat just as the other girl had done. A minute later she was being fucked over the couch, then the man forced himself into her ass, and despite her cries of pain, it was obvious that she was enjoying the rough treatment as she was also playing with her pussy.

The video lasted a whole 15 minutes, and in it, the man used her aunt for his pleasure, fucking her as hard as he could. But her aunt always smiled, and it was obvious that she enjoyed herself just as much as the man.

Like before, Valerie started picturing herself in her place, suddenly envious of her aunt. Having sex with her boyfriend had never been like that, and she wondered what her aunt was thinking as she shudder in pleasure.

When the video ended, Valerie clicked on the next one. It was much shorter, and the moment it started Valerie realized that this one was different.

Now her aunt was standing under a tree, with her hands tied behind her back. Next to her, hanging from a branch, was rope tied into a noose.

Her aunt was looking nervously at the camera, until the man appeared next to her.

As always, he was already hard, and when he stopped next to her aunt Valerie couldn't stop herself from shuddering.

Grabbing her chin, he pulled her face up and he kissed her roughly before he slapped her ass hard, making her jump in surprise.

Then he grabbed her hair, and as the girl smiled shyly, he dragged her under the rope.

“Nooooo…” Valerie moaned as she watched the man slipping the noose around her aunt’s neck.

But her aunt just smiled in excitement as the man released her. Working silently, he adjusted the rope before he pulled it close around her neck, and then he moved the knot behind her left ear.

And as the man worked, her aunt smiled shyly at the camera.

Then he moved towards the tree, where the other end of the rope was hanging. A moment later he pulled from the rope, forcing her aunt up until she was standing on the tip of her toes and then he tied it in place to the tree behind her.

Once it was done, her aunt was forced to balance as best she could unless she wanted to hang. Her face twisted in concentration and she closed her eyes, but she was still smiling.

The man then returned to her aunt as one of his hands grabbed the rope. A moment later he smiled darkly before he took his hand between her aunt's legs.

Valerie watched in amazement as she pulled her legs apart, giving him access to her pussy, and he wasted no time before he started playing with her.

“Yessssss…” her aunt moaned a moment later as her face twisted in pleasure.

But it was obvious that she had trouble breathing, as her voice sounded strained and broken. Despite that, the man leaned his weight into the rope, lifting her aunt into the air.

Suddenly her face twisted in surprise as she felt her feet leaving the ground, and a moment later she started looking for it desperately.

But the man was merciless as he held her up into the air, while he played with her pussy.

Seconds passed as Valerie held her breath along with her aunt, until she couldn't hold it any longer. Her aunt wasn't so lucky, though, and soon her face started to turn purple and then blue.

But it was obvious that she was enjoying it, as her hips were now moving in a circle as she searched for the man’s hand.

A moment later the man lowered her for a second, allowing her one or two broken breathes before he pulled her up once more.

Then Her aunt started dancing under the rope again, obviously lost in her own pleasure as the man pushed a couple of fingers inside of her.

Valerie felt her own body trembling in excitement as she watched her suffocating under the rope.

She had never seen something so erotic in her life. Her aunt’s nipples were hard and they stood proudly from her small breasts, and her whole body was covered in goose bumps.

Valerie’s own hand was working her pussy, pushing her panties deep into her sex as she moaned loudly into the empty room.

Then the man redoubled his pace, and he pushed a third and then a fourth finger inside of her aunt, stretching her pussy. Her aunt managed one broken moan of pure lust and then she finally managed to cum.

Her body flopped desperately under the rope as every muscle in her body pulled tight under her skin. Her face though, was becoming a deep shade of blue, and her tongue was now bloated as it hung out of her mouth, pushed by the rope.

The man, suddenly realizing it, grabbed her around her chest and he lifted her into the air while he used his other hand to pull the noose open.

Once she was free, he quickly lowered her onto the floor.

Her aunt was completely still though, and for a second Valerie became really scared.

The man, too, seemed to become scared, as a moment later he slapped the girls face hard, rocking her head to one side.

Slowly at first, the girl seemed to wake up. She opened her eyes lazily as she smiled, and her face seemed to return to her normal color, though it was very slow.

Valerie was watching the rope marks around her neck, though. They looked deep and painful, and as she ran her fingers along her own neck, she shuddered in place.

Then her aunt looked into the man’s eyes, blushing shyly as she licked her lips.

“Was it good?” he asked her a moment later.

Her aunt, apparently unable to talk, laughed softly as she looked into the camera. A moment later she nodded, and the man smiled in satisfaction.

Then he then lowered her onto the ground with great care not to hurt her, and he moved towards the camera before the video ended.

Valerie was left gasping as her body trembled just at the edge of her own orgasm. Her hand was soaking wet, and only then did she realized that at some point she had pushed her panties to one side, and she had been masturbating furiously.

There was one more video in her aunt’s folder, and just as she was about to click on it, she finally looked outside.

Her uncle’s truck was parked outside the house, and as panic rose inside her, she finally looked towards the still open door.

Her uncle was leaning against the frame, his face blank as he watched her niece playing with herself.

Valerie’s face turned red in humiliation as she realized she had been caught. Unable to speak, she watched him as her face burned a deep red, and before she could stop herself she jumped off the bed and she ran past her uncle.

Desperate to escape, she ran down the hallway as her pussy dripped between her legs, and once she was inside her room, she slammed the door behind her, leaning her weight against it.

But there was no way to escape from her own mind, and even with her eyes closed, Valerie could see her uncle, watching her silently.

How long had he been there, and why hadn't he said anything?

With those questions burning in her mind, Valerie started crying in humiliation.

Then, as she dropped herself onto the floor, she felt her arousal fading away, and she shuddered in frustration, as she realized that worse part was that she hadn't managed to cum.


Well, as I said that is only a third of the story, so if you want to find out what happens next, let me know!


Would definitely be interested in reading more.


Great as always


Great as always


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Thanks! This was great. I think we definitely want to see the rest of it.


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Well, if you know how I write, you better so it soon!

Enough waiting, I think. I will try to post que next third tonight, if I have a few minutes. If not tomorrow!


Well, if you know how I write, you better so it soon!

Enough waiting, I think. I will try to post que next third tonight, if I have a few minutes. If not tomorrow!


Valerie spent the rest of the day, locked in her room. She wanted to be alone, and luckily for her, her uncle seemed to realize it was best to just disappear for a while.

Sleep came late for her, well after midnight, but despite her fears, she did manage to sleep.

The next day though, she woke up after another wet dream, with her panties soaked through and her body on edge. This time, though, she did remember the dream, and as she shuddered under the sheets, she bit her lips to avoid screaming.

“What is happening to me…” she moaned softly a moment later.

And then the dream, still perfectly clear in her mind, replayed in her mind.

She had been having sex with her boyfriend, back at his parents house. She was on all four as he fucked in her asshole. The pain had been terrible, but even then she was still moaning loudly as lust burned within her body.

Then without warning her boyfriend had pulled out of her asshole and he had slapped her ass hard, making her jump in pain. Without saying a word he had grabbed both her arms, and after pulling them back behind her back, he had handcuffed her wrists together.

In her dream, Valerie had let him restrain her with no resistance, and once it was done Noah had pulled her up from the bed.

He stopped for a second, smiling darkly at her, and then he started pushing her along the empty house, and for a moment Valerie had feared that his parents would be there.

What if they saw her like that? Naked and handcuffed, while their son dragged her along. But the house was mercifully empty.

Following him meekly, Valerie was taken into the garage. She had never been there before, and when they stopped by the dark entryway, she started to shudder.

Then the lights had come on and she saw it. A rope was hanging in the middle of the room, with a perfect noose tied at the end.

In her dream, Valerie had been suddenly terrified but she hadn't fought. Then Noah looked at her, smiling darkly once more, and he pushed her forward until she was standing under the noose.

“Ohhhh, god…” Valerie whispered as she remembered her dream.

Then her boyfriend slipped the rope over her head before he pulled the noose close around her neck. She could still remember how real it had all felt, and back in her bed, Valerie couldn't stop herself from pushing her panties to one side before she forced a couple of fingers inside of her pussy.

Not wanting to scream, she buried her face in her pillow, as in the dream her boyfriend finished adjusting the rope.

Once it was done, he stood in front of her, his still hard cock poking her belly and he fondled her breast for a while, pulling from her nipples until they turned white and Valerie was left gritting her teeth from the pain.

Gasping in pleasure, Valerie did the same as she continued to masturbate, pinching her sensitive nipples until they started to hurt.

“What are… what are you... going to… do…” Valerie managed to ask her boyfriend in her dream.

But Noah only smiled as her caressed her face tenderly, making her shiver in arousal, and then without warning he slapped her face hard, leaving her cheek stinging from the pain.

“Don’t act as if you don't know, you wanted this...” he said a moment later.

Valerie had no idea what he was talking about, but in her dream she nodded slowly at him.

Before Valerie could say anything else, he did as the man in the video, pulling the rope taunt until she was forced to stand on the tip of her toes. Even then, the rope dug painfully into her neck, making it difficult to breathe.

A moment later Noah had returned and then he had shoved a couple of fingers into her still dripping wet pussy.

A broken moan had escaped her mouth as her body responded almost instantly, and she felt her arousal expanding inside her, until it seemed to consume her completely.

Back in her bed, Valerie closed her eyes and she took her free hand towards her neck. Then she squeezed softly, trying to imagine it was the rope. In the dream, her boyfriend pulled the rope a little tighter as he played with her, and she picked up her pace, her fingers blurring over her pussy as she tried desperately to cum.

Then Noah’s hand disappeared from her pussy, leaving her frustrated, but the feeling didn't last long.

Without warning the rope pulled even tighter around her neck and she moved up into the air, until her feet were left dangling above the floor.

Suddenly, panic exploded inside of her and she started dancing under the rope as her throat was mercilessly crushed by it. Her feet kicked under her, searching desperately for the floor that just wasn't there, but even then her lust grew higher, until moment later she finally managed to cum.

Valerie could still remember what that orgasm had felt to her, and back in her bed, as she held her breath until her lungs started to burn, she pushed her hand into her pussy as deep as she could, and she finally came.

Unable to stop herself, she gasped in shock as another orgasm exploded inside her, sending waves of pleasure along her body until everything around her seemed to disappear.

She could still feel her hand around her neck, though, and while it wasn't a rope, the sensation made her shudder in lust.

Then she felt herself returning to her body as her orgasm slowly faded away. Minutes later, when she managed to open her eyes once more, she found herself lying on her bed, her whole body soaked in sweat and her own juices.

She felt exhausted and feverish, but she also felt a deep joy that she hadn't felt before, as if something that had been trapped inside of her for a long time, was finally able to escape.

Unable to move, she simply laid on her bed, feeling as the cold spot under her ass grew cold.

“What is happening to me…” she asked once more as she realized what she had done.

Every time she closed her eyes she could see the videos and the girls in them. Their faces of lust as they had sex, and how Charlotte and Lucy had looked into the camera calmly before they were killed.

As her body trembled for release, even after her orgasm, Valerie suddenly feared that she was becoming crazy. Surely she must be, as otherwise she couldn't understand how she found the videos arousing when they should have been horrifying.

But not a minute later she heard a knock on her door, and she jumped in fear.

“Valerie?” her uncle said from outside her room as she tried to cover herself with the wet sheets as fast as she could.

“Breakfast is ready. Why don't you come down so we can have a talk?” he said a moment later.

Valerie felt her face burning in shame as she realized that there was no way he hadn't heard her cumming. Worse, she could still see his face from the day before when she found her on his bed, playing with herself as she watched the videos.

Mortified, Valerie crawled even deeper into her bed, wishing she could just disappear, but her uncle wasn't leaving.

“Please, honey.” he said a moment later. “I think it’s best if we talk about this.”

Valerie, who was still recovering from her last orgasm, knew he was right, and though she was scared of what he might say to her, he sounded more concerned than angry and she wanted to understand what was happening to her, and why the girls had done the videos willingly.

“Okay.” she managed to say a moment later, her voice barely a whisper.

“That’s great. I will wait for you in the kitchen.” her uncle said a moment later.

With that, the finally left and Valerie hear his footsteps fading away as he climbed the stairs.

A minute later, Valerie finally managed to get up, but she wasn't ready to face her uncle just yet. Her pajama was soaked through and she could smell her juices in the air, both sweet and musky.

After gathering her courage, she managed to run into the bathroom and after taking a shower she changed into fresh clothes and she finally headed into the kitchen.

Her uncle was waiting for her at the table with a plate of cookies and a cup of coffee in front of him.

“Do you want some?” he asked her a moment later.

Valerie wasn’t hungry, and her stomach was twisting nervously inside of her, so after sitting in front of her uncle she shook her head.

She had many questions to ask, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to ask them yet. Why did the two girls had chosen to die? It was obvious to her that they weren't forced by the man. The idea was both horrible and exiting to her, which only added to her confusion.

Unable to talk, she looked at the table in front of her and she waited.

“About the videos…” her uncle said a moment later.

Valerie felt herself blushing at the mention of the videos, but she remained quiet.

“I think I have to explain what I did in those…” her uncle started before he suddenly stopped.

“What?” she said as she gasped in shock.

Valerie couldn't believe it was her uncle under the mask, but unable to resist she finally looked at him. They were about the same built, true, and it was obvious that the videos were years apart in some cases, but still, she refused to accept that it had been him all along.

“Well, let's start with that, then. It's me, the man in the videos. I used the mask to… well, in case they were ever found, I guess…” he said as he smiled warmly at her.

“You... murdered them… ” Valerie blurted a second alter, before she could realize her mistake.

“No, honey. I didn't murdered them. I did kill them, though, but murder… it would mean… you have to understand that they wanted me to do it. It might not make much difference to others, but to us, it did.” he said as his face turned a deep shade of red.

“So… they did want to…” she said, unable to finish the sentence.

“Yes, strange as it may seem, they choose to go that way. Don't ask me why, I… well, I see it from my point of view, its… well, incredibly arousing when a girl ask you to do that to her. It's the submission, the total submission that I find... well, anyway…” her uncle told her.

Valerie looked at him a moment later, seeing him in a different light.

She couldn't deny what he was saying about the girls. They weren't forced, that was true, but she still had no idea why they had chosen that. Still, she couldn't deny it either, that the idea aroused her too.

Then she remembered the last video, the one she was watching when he found her in his room.

“Aunt Jessica…” she started before she trailed off.

“My sister… is a very special woman, and I love her very much. We used to spend a lot of time together, back in the day, and we explored things that… well, you saw the video.” he said a moment later.

Valerie could still see her aunt, dangling under the rope as the noose crushed her throat, and the look of ecstasy she had.

“I know what you are thinking. She never wanted to go. I don't know what I would have done if she asked, but luckily for me she never did. But she did enjoy hanging, she said the rush she felt as she came with the rope around her neck was unlike anything else.” he said as he looked fondly into the distance.

“I loved to see her hang too, of course.” he added a moment later, smiling at Valerie.

Valerie smiled shyly under his gaze, as she caressed her neck without realizing it.

“What about the other girls?” she asked him.

“They were friends, or friend of friends that just heard about me. Maybe they shouldn't have, I guess, but they did and I could never say no to a girl, especially a pretty one.” he said as he laughed out loud.

“Sorry, I shouldn't joke about it.” he added a second later, looking sheepishly at Valerie.

Valerie closed her eyes as she sat back in her chair, trying to clear her mind but it was impossible. There were just too many emotions mixed together, but among the confusion she suddenly wanted to know something.

“And after?” she asked, her voice barely a whisper. “After you… killed them?”

Her uncle looked at her uncomfortably for a while, and after taking a deep breath, he finally smiled again.

“What do you think?” he asked her instead of giving a straight answer.

And Valerie suddenly knew. She remembered the pig, hanging from the tree as her uncle butchered it and suddenly it wasn't a pig but one of the girls, hanging naked as her uncle bleed her.

A shudder ran down her back as she imagined the scene, but there was something else there, that Valerie didn't dare to uncover.

“What about my mother?” she asked him a moment later, trying to push the image away.

“She… well, the three of us, both my sisters and I, are very close. We always have.” he said as he smiled warmly.

Valerie sat in silence for a while as she tried to understand what she now knew, but it was impossible. There was just too much to processes, and every time she tried, she started to panic.

Then she looked up at his uncle in panic, as she realized something.

“Did she want me to die? Is that why she left me here?” Valerie said a moment, as she started sobbing softly.

“No! No, honey, that’s not it…” he said quickly. “Neither her nor you aunt want that, they just… I guess, they wanted you to explore and to feel free. At least that is what they were always searching when we did what we did. They all were.”

Valerie was even more confused than before, but a moment later she nodded slowly. Her mother had always told her about her life when she was her age, what she called her wild years, though she had obviously never mentioned anything like this.

Still, she didn't know how she was supposed to do what her uncle had said, much less what to feel about what she had seen.

“Would you?” she asked her uncle a moment later.

He looked at her in confusion for a second, before he finally realized what she meant.

“I would love to do whatever it is you want to do. But I won't force you into anything, that I can promise.” he said as he smiled compassionately at her. “You are safe here.”

Unable to continue, Valerie pushed her chair back as she hung her head down. She needs time, and before her uncle could say anything else, she got up.. But suddenly she felt dizzy and everything around her started to spin. Her hands shot towards the table as she swayed in place, but the feeling was gone a second later.

Her uncle, looking worriedly, was about to get up, but she waved him away.

“I have to go…” she managed to say.

Without waiting for his answer, she turned around and she left the house.

Valerie’s mind was a confusing jumble of emotions. She was both terrified and aroused at the idea of being killed and eaten by her uncle, and as she started wondering what she should do she finally gave up.

Crying hard, she opened the front door and she ran into the forest as the tears blurred everything around her.

Valerie spent the rest of the day alone in the forest. Now that she was alone, she felt slightly better, but every time she tried to think about what her uncle had said she seemed to panic once more, at least at first.

Not long after leaving the house, Valerie had arrived at the clearing and then she sat under the big oak tree where her uncle had killed the pig. It was the coolest place she could think of, besides the house, in the stifling midday heat.

The table was gone, but she could still see the remains of the fire to one side. As she closed her eyes, she took a deep breath and she filled herself with the smell of the place. There was something beautiful about it, though, that Valerie couldn't explain.

She felt safe there, and though it was slow, she finally managed to calm down. As she looked around the clearing, she realized that her uncle must have spent a lot of time keeping it like that.

Despite the size, the grass was neatly cut, there were no weeds and the circle of stones around the edge was obviously not natural. To her, it looked more like a giant garden, and soon she was in love with the place.

Suddenly, though, her last question returned to her mind, and she started wondering if that was the place he used to roast the girls. As a shiver ran down her spine, she remembered Lucy, with the spit coming out of her mouth, and she imagined her turning over the fire, just like the pig had.

But despite everything, Valerie was no longer horrified about the idea.

“Ohhhhh… god…” she moaned a moment later. “What is wrong with me…”

Unable to come up with an answer, Valerie simply sat under the tree as the hours passed, thinking about everything and nothing at the same time.

Hours later, when the sun started to go down, and air became colder, she finally got up. Her body was stiff and covered in goose bumps, but she felt better than in the morning.

She wasn't panicking, at least, and though she still had no idea what she had to do, she believed her uncle. He wouldn’t force her into anything she didn't want to do.

Feeling tired, she went into the house, knowing that her uncle might be waiting for her, but the house was empty and his truck was nowhere to be found.

Valerie felt both disappointed and relieved. On the one hand, she didn't know what she would have said to him, but on the other she didn't want to be alone any more. Still, she thought that it was probably for the best.

After eating something quick, she headed into her room, but after opening the door she suddenly stopped.

Her uncle’s laptop was laying on her bed, with a folded piece of paper over it.

With trembling hands, Valerie picked up the note before she read her uncle’s message.

This is for you. I hope it helps you understand.

I will be back late.

uncle Merle

Valerie left the note on the nightstand as she ran her fingers over the hard plastic case of the laptop.

What if it hadn't been an accident when her uncle left his door open? What if he had done it so that she would find it? He wanted her to see the videos and pictures now, but maybe it had been his idea, or her mom’s idea, from the beginning.

But a moment later Valerie shrugged the tough away. It didn't really matter anymore, at least not to her.

If he wanted her to see them, it was fine. Valerie herself wanted to. There were a lot more, and she had to know what was in those folders.

After taking a deep breath, she locked her door and she pulled the curtain down, leaving the room in twilight.

A moment later Valerie kicked of her shoes and she took of her dress. She wasn’t going to lie to herself anymore.

Wearing only her panties and her bra, she climbed onto the bed and she sat against the headboard, pulling the laptop between her open legs.

She was trembling nervously, but under the fear there was the now familiar arousal and the excitement she had felt before.

With practiced ease, she opened the folder and she watched the list. The same names stood out. Abby, Zoe, Charlotte, Paula, Lucy, and lastly her aunt Jessica. She had watched those, but almost two dozen remained, and after opening another one at random Valerie sat back and watched.

They were all similar, just as she had thought they would. Some had simple photo shoots around the farm or near a small creek. In them, the girls were always smiling as they posed naked for the camera. There was something beautiful about them, that made Valerie feel envious.

But among the folder there were more videos, about ten in total. In them, the girls, and sometimes women, had sex with her uncle before he killed them. They were always smiling and always willing, no matter how gruesome the method would be.

Some were hanged like her aunt and others were impaled alive like Lucy. A few were beheaded with an axe, just like Charlotte, and one, a young girl with long curly red hair, had her throat slit with a knife before she was gutted.

Her name had been Olive, and at the beginning of the video she had been standing among the pigs in their pens. She was just as naked as the rest, thought she was wearing sneakers and a big nose ring.

When the video started, she was looking shyly into the camera but a second later she started laughing softly.

“What are you?” her uncle asked Olive from behind the camera.

“Me?” she asked innocently. “I am a piggy.”

“Oh, really? You are?” her uncle asked a moment later, laughing softly.

“Yes, I am.” she said as she turned around, showing the camera a pig tailed buttplug that she was wearing.

“Oink! Oink!” she added a second later before she turned around once more. “See? I really am a delicious piggy!”

Valerie watched the girl laughing on the screen while she played with herself. Her body was burning for release, and after more than an hour watching the videos she was soaking wet and ready to cum whenever she wanted.

“Ohhh, that I agree. You do look delicious!” he uncle said a moment later.

Holding her breath for as long as she could, Valerie watched the whole video as she moaned in pleasure at her uncle’s treatment for the girl. It was rough and sometimes brutal, but the girl was always smiling.

Near the end, he had tied her feet to a branch, keeping them apart, and then he had hoisted her up into the air, under the same tree as the pig.

The girl, now hanging upside down, and obviously flushed with excitement, let him tie her small breasts together until they started to bloat and turn a deep blue color. To Valerie, it looked excruciatingly painful, but the girl was moaning in lust as her uncle finished his work.

Once he was done, he pulled her up just a little higher, until her face was right in front of his cock, and he started fucking her mouth as the girl choked. Her uncle was merciless, though, and it was obvious to her that the girl was having trouble taking him into her throat.

From time to time she would start gagging desperately and saliva would explode from her mouth and around his cock until it her face was covered in slime. But her uncle didn't seem to care, and when he pulled out from her throat, it was never for long.

When he did stop, though, the girl would always laugh shyly as she looked into the camera. Then she would take just a few deep breaths, and it would start all over again.

“Cum in my face!” the girl screamed after what felt like hours to Valerie.

Her uncle nodded eagerly, and a moment later he resumed his abuse, thought this time he picked up his pace. As his hips became a blur, he started grunting as he neared his orgasm.

A moment later he pulled out of the girls throat and he started jerking off furiously, until he finally came. Several jets of cum landed on Olive’s face as she tried to recover her breath, mixing with her saliva until her face became an even worse mess than before.

“Do it… now… pleaseeeee…” she managed to say in between breaths.

Olive’s eyes were closed, and her face was frozen in pure ecstasy despite the previous abuse.

Her uncle looked at the girl for a second before he nodded once more.

Without wasting time, he moved off camera and when he returned to her, he was holding a small curved knife in one hand and a bucket on the other.

He placed the bucket under Olive’s head, and then he kneeled next to her. Grabbing her long red hair, he pulled her head back, exposing her neck and then he waited.

A second later Olive opened her eyes and she looked into the camera before she nodded as best as she could, and a second later her uncle ran the blade along her neck.

A thin red line appeared a second later, but it slowly expanded until a torrent of blood was coming out of her neck, pumping out from her body with every beat of her heart.

Valerie watched in amazement as Olive started bleeding to death. The girls mouth was opening and closing as she gasped for air, and soon her face was covered in blood, looking just as red as her hair.

Her uncle, though, wasted no time. A second later he was standing up next to the girl, and with practiced ease he sliced her belly open, from her pussy all the way to her ribs. Then dropped the knife and he pushed one of his hands inside, pulling everything out.

A few moment later Olive’s tortured body jerked a few times under the rope and then it was finally still. Valerie knew she was gone, and in just a few moments she had gone from being a young, beautiful girl to being a piece of meat, ready for the fire.

Unable to stop herself any longer, Valerie finally came, and the world around her exploded into brilliant show of light as she gasped for air.

Everything around her seemed to disappear in an instant, and she was left floating in a white sea, unable to feel or see anything except herself. She was still cumming, though, and as waves of pleasure kept washing over her body she thought she would die too.

But before she did, she managed to take a breath, and then another and another. Then, slowly at first, the world around her returned bit by bit.

She was still sitting on her bed, with the laptop between her open legs. Her hands were soaked in her juices, though, and her body felt hot and sticky with the remains of her orgasm.

On the screen, her uncle had finished working with Olive’s body, and the video faded into black for just a second before it finally returned.

Valerie shuddered in lust as she watched Olive’s body turning over the fire. Her uncle had chopped of her head at some point, along with her hands and feet, and then he had ran the spit through her body before her secured her with some wires.

She didn't know how long she had been cooking, but by then her skin was a beautiful golden brown, that made her mouth water.

When the video ended a minute later, Valerie collapsed into the bed, completely exhausted.

She was trembling hard, and out of breath. Her body was covered in sweat and her juices and whenever she closed her eyes the girls in the videos would start flashing by, one by one.

She couldn't deny how aroused it made her feel to watch them, and neither could she hide the fact that the idea of being in their place was also incredibly arousing.

What did it feel to die, she asked herself once more. And would she do it? Would she let her uncle kill her and then eat her body? Like before, the idea was both horrifying and arousing at the same time, but only as a fantasy.

Unable to believe what she was thinking, Valerie dropped the laptop onto the nightstand and then she laid on the bed.

She was too excited to sleep, she thought, but a moment later she started nodding and then she couldn't resist any longer.

Sleep pulled her in and the world around her disappeared once more, thought this time she had a dreamless night, or if she had a dream, the next morning it was gone.

The next couple of days were very hard for her. She hoped that time would give her the answer she was looking for, so tried to distract herself as much as she could, but it wasn't easy.

She kept thinking about the videos and the girls in them, but also about her life and her friends. Her still silent boyfriend was a constant source of grief for her, and for some reason she just refused to give up even when she knew she should.

Wanting to be as busy as she could, she finally gathered the courage to ask her uncle if she could work with the pigs.

She had expected him to say no, but instead he had taken her to the pens and he had explained the various things that needed to be done.

It was hard work, something that Valerie wasn’t used to, but she found it strangely soothing. The pigs, which she expected to be hard to control, were completely submissive too.

It was strange to be all day among them, as she found it strangely exciting. From time to time she remembered Olive, who had called herself a little piggy, and she found it hard to believe that it had been in that very same place.

As for her uncle, just as he had said, he never forced her to do anything. Instead he helped her whenever she asked him to, but otherwise he was just in the background, working on his own.

It was also strange to share her day with him, as soon they were together from early in the morning until she went to sleep, completely exhausted, after having dinner with him.

Still, Valerie felt happy, and much better than before, though she still had no idea what to do.

On the sixth day of her stay at the farm, Valerie woke up early in the morning. She was still deeply tired, but she was ready to face a new day.

She got dressed, and then she went into the kitchen, where she could already hear her uncle working. The breakfast was already served, and after saying hello to him she sat down and they both ate in silence.

By the time they were done, Valerie felt full and happy. She wasn't used to eating so much, especially not in the morning, but she knew the day would be hard and having a full belly was better than starving.

Working silently, she picked up the table and she took everything to the sink, but before she could start working, her uncle leaned against the counter before he looked at her.

“Valerie, I was wondering if you wanted to help me with something new?” he said.

“Yes, uncle Merle.” Valerie said without even thinking about it.

“I have another pig to slaughter, I thought that maybe you could help me do it…” he said a moment later.

Valerie stopped for a second, thinking about the past week. She found it hard to believe that she had been a vegetarian a week ago, and that the idea of killing a pig was suddenly no problem to her.

“Can I…mmmmh... do it?” she asked shyly a moment later.

Her uncle smiled warmly at her and then he nodded. Valerie felt her face blushing in excitement as he felt his gaze on her, but she remained silent.

“Of course honey. Let me get everything ready. I will meet you in the pens in once you're done, okay?” he added a second later.

With that, he was gone, and Valerie was left alone in a blur of emotions.

Not wanting to disappoint her uncle, she finished the dishes as fast as she could and then she headed into the pens, not really knowing what to expect.

Her uncle, though, was already there. He was holding a leash in his hand, and after they went inside he, gave it to her and he swept his hand around.

“Why don't you choose one?” he told her as Valerie trembled in excitement.

Suddenly she didn't know what to do and the idea of choosing one of them, filled her with dread.

Still, she didn't want to disappoint her uncle, so a moment later she took a step forwards and she looked at them. After her time with them, they didn't seem worried with her presence, and a few of them actually approached her, probably thinking that she was there to feed them.

Biting her lips, Valerie looked at them, until her eyes settled on one. It was small and light enough that she felt comfortable picking up if she had to, but enough for a big meal with plenty to spare.

A moment later she looked at her uncle for a brief moment, not knowing if she had chosen right, but he simply nodded encouragingly.

With trembling hands, she then clipped the leash into the pig’s nose ring, and she returned to her uncle, who was watching her calmly.

The pig followed her obediently without her having to pull from the leash, unaware of what awaited it, and suddenly Valerie felt her stomach twisting painful inside of her as she realized that she was going to have to kill it.

Her uncle, though, didn't seem to notice her problem. A moment later he grabbed a wooden box from the floor and then he headed into the forest, following the trail that led to the clearing.

A moment later, Valerie followed him silently, and the pig followed her, trotting calmly behind her.

The day was just as beautiful as always, and though she knew it would soon change, the temperature was still very nice. She felt the cool wind blowing deliciously over her body as she shivered, both scared and excited.

A few minutes later they arrived at the clearing, and Valerie led the pig under the oak tree.

Her uncle had already swung a rope over the branch, and by the time Valerie stopped under it, he was already laying out his knifes over the table.

“Flip her onto her back, honey.” he said as he pointed at the ground behind him.

Valerie nodded shyly, only then realizing that she had chosen another sow to roast.

Suddenly, she was afraid she might make a mistake, but despite that she kneeled next to the pig, and she started pushing until the pig laid on its side. Then she grabbed the rear legs and she rolled it over, until it’s feet were pointing up.

The pig simply waited as Valerie held her in place. She was rather small, at least compared to some of the hogs that she worked with, and her pink skin felt warm under her hands.

Then her uncle was kneeling next to her, and while she held the pig, he tied it’s legs apart using a short branch. Once it was done, he tired each feet to the rope hanging from the branch, moving quickly and efficiently.

With the pig tied, he got up and Valerie did the same.

“Hoist her up, honey.” he said as he pointed at the other end of the rope.

Valerie did as she was told, grabbing the rope and pulling hard. The pig was lighter than what she expected though, and soon it was hanging high into the air. Once she was satisfied, she did her best to tie the rope around the trunk, and though the knot looked ugly and uneven, it seemed to work just fine.

When she returned, the pig was looking around curiously, apparently unfazed by that fact that it was hanging upside down.

With trembling hands, Valerie took her hand behind its head and it started caressing it slowly, just like her uncle had done before.

It felt strange and Valerie was nervous, but she continued nonetheless. Then she realized that the leash wasn't needed anymore, and she unclipped it. Unable to resist, she ran her fingers along the pig’s nose ring, but this one wasn't like hers.

It was a closed loop of steel, much thicker and bigger than hers. The metal felt cold and hard under her fingers, making her shiver.

“That’s it, not reason to make it suffer.” her uncle said a moment later as he approached her. “Be careful, this is really sharp."

In his hand was a knife with a short curved blade. Valerie took it and only then did she realize that it was the same knife he had used to kill Olive on the video.

A shiver ran down her back as she swallowed nervously, but she didn't say anything.

“How… how do I do it?” she managed to ask, her voice barely a whisper.

Her uncle smiled warmly at her, and then he pushed a bucket under the pig.

“Here, give me your hand.” he said as he took her hand into his.

His finger were hard and calloused from the constant work, but Valerie didn't mind. Instead she let him take her hand towards her own neck.

“There, do you feel it?” he asked a moment later.

And yes, just under her fingers, Valerie could feel one of her veins beating slowly as it carried her blood along her body.

“It's the same with her. Just find it, drive the knife in and then move it along her neck to cut her throat.” he said as her finally released Valerie. “It's the fastest way.”

Valerie remained still for a moment as her fingers caressed her neck. She could still feel her uncle’s touch, and as a shiver ran down her back she could feel her body responding to it.

Then, the pig gave a single squeal, breaking the moment.

Knowing what she now had to do, Valerie grabbed the pig’s head as she searched for the spot. And she soon found it, just under its jaw, like hers was.

Licking her lips nervously, she held onto the knife firmly and she started to caress the pigs head, praying that she wouldn't make a mistake.

Incredibly, the pig soon pushed its head back, searching for her hand and leaving her neck exposed. Valerie, realizing that the moment had arrived, took a deep breath and the she stabbed the pig in the neck.

The knife disappeared into it without resistance, and though the pig jerked a little at first, it didn't seem to realize what was happening. Without wasting time, Valerie then moved the knife to the side, sawing through the pig’s muscle, it’s throat and everything in between.

The pig was bleeding hard by then, and Valerie tried to hurry. She didn't have to, though, as it was obvious that it was enough.

Soon a fountain of blood was coming out of the pig’s neck. It dripped into the bucket below, and along her hands. She was still caressing the pig’s head, and thought it’s eyes were wide and alert, it wasn’t fighting her.

“Good work.” her uncle said from behind.

Despite the grisly scene, Valerie nodded quickly as her body tingled under the compliment.

But there was something more, too. As the pig slowly died in her hands, she felt her body burning from within. Despite how crazy it sounded to her, the idea of having killed it was incredibly arousing, and Valerie soon felt her pussy becoming moist and soft.

A moment later the pig gave one last jerk and it became still. It was still bleeding, though, but much more slowly.

After that, her uncle guided her as best as he could in how to prepare it. He told her how to open its belly and how to pull out the organs inside. How to clean it as best as she could and finally how to ran the spit along its body.

By the time the pig was ready for the fire, Valerie was covered in blood up to her elbows, but she didn't care.

“Great job, honey.” he uncle said as they both took the pig to the fire.

Valerie, her face flushed with excitement, laughed softly at her uncle’s compliment.

She realized she had done a mess of it, but she had done it nonetheless, and as the pig started roasting she looked at her hands and finally at her uncle.

“I… I have to…” she tried to say, but simply couldn't.

“You have to go?” he asked her innocently, thought his smile said that he probably knew what was happening. “Go ahead, I can take care of it from here.”

Valerie nodded eagerly as her face turned red in shame, but it would be worse to stay.

Before she could stop herself, she hugged her uncle and then she started walking towards the house. By the time she was back in the forest, though, she was already running, an when she arrived at the house, she was desperately out of breath.

Still, she ran up the stair two steps at a time, and she threw herself onto her bed, without even bothering to lock the door.

Despite the blood that covered her hands, she pulled off her dress and she started playing with her pussy.

She was already soaking wet, and the moment her hands touched her sex, she started moaning loudly. Pushing her panties asides, she forced two fingers inside her and she started pumping them furiously as she gasped for air.

Closing her eyes, she pictured Olive’s body, hanging from the same tree and thought she wanted the moment to last longer, she simply couldn't resist.

A moment later her body arched over the bed as every muscle pulled taught under her skin, and she finally came.

Valerie screamed loudly into the air as waves of pleasure washed over her body. She needed to breathe and her lungs were burning for air, but she simply couldn't. For a moment she thought she would die like that, and that her uncle would find her naked and covered in blood on her bed, with a satisfied smile on her face.

Then her vision started to close around her and the bed under her body seemed to fade away into nothing, but before she lost consciousness her orgasm started to fade too and she was finally able to breathe.

Exhausted, she collapsed onto the bed as her body tingled in excitement, and her mind became a blur of emotions that she couldn’t explain.


Naked, and with her door halfway open, Valerie had fallen asleep right after her orgasm. Luckily for her, she had managed to wake up before her uncle came looking for her.

She was half asleep when she heard the front door opening, and thought at first she didn't understand what was happening, soon her mind kicked in and she jumped off the bed. After slamming the door closed, she collapsed on the floor, panting and out of breath as felt her heart beating furiously inside her chest.

Her hands and her pussy were covered in dried blood, but she hardly noticed it. Instead, Valerie closed her eyes and she remembered her orgasm and how powerful it had felt.

Lost in her own world, she didn't hear her uncle approaching until was actually knocking on the door.

Valerie gasped in shock, pushing her weight against the door in a desperate effort to stop her uncle entering her room if he tried, but he didn't.

“Launch is ready, honey. Do you want to come down?” he said from the other side, oblivious to his niece's situation.

“Yes! I… give me a minute… I need to take a shower!” she screamed desperately, her voice shrill with fear.

“Sure, honey.” her uncle said before he retreated downstairs.

A minute later Valerie had managed to relax, if only a little. As her body trembled, she peeked outside and then and she ran quickly toward the bathroom where she took a quick shower to wash the worst of the blood and the smell of her pussy away.

Once she was relatively clean, she changed into fresh clothes and she went downstairs to eat.

As before, the pig was mind numbingly delicious, and Valerie filled herself with the meat until she felt ready to explode.

After they were done, they both sat in silence. Valerie could feel her uncle’s gaze on her as she tried to gather her courage. She wanted to ask him a question that had been burning in her mind since that morning, but it wasn't easy.

“The rings…” she managed to ask, her voice barely a whisper, before she stopped.

“You mean the pig’s rings? What about them?” he asked her a moment later.

“Yes… Mmmh... do you… do they hurt?” she finally asked as her face burned bright red.

“I guess it hurts a little. The pigs don’t seem to complain afterwards, and it's very useful, of course…” he explained to her, though he didn't seem to realize it wasn't what she wanted to know.

“No…” she said a moment later, as her face burned even brighter. “I mean… if you… I if wanted to… have one… would it hurt?”

Unable to look at him, Valerie looked at her empty plate, but she could still feel her uncle’s gaze on her.

“Well, never had one, but your aunt told me it hurt quite a bit when she had hers done.” he finally said.

Biting her lips, Valerie pressed her legs together, as he felt her body shuddering in lust. The idea of changing her ring was suddenly the only thing she could think of, but she was also terrified of it.

Still, the idea was incredibly arousing, and before she could stop herself, she had taken one of her hands under the table and she started touching her pussy over her panties.

Looking quickly to one side, she noticed that her uncle seemed distracted, but the idea of getting caught wasn't enough to make her stop.

Her fingers danced delicately over her pussy, until her body started tingling in excitement and then she had to bite her lips as a soft moan threatened to escape her.

“Be right back.” her uncle said a moment later, but Valerie wasn't paying him any attention.

Now alone, she pulled her legs apart and she redoubled her efforts. Despite her earlier orgasm, she was desperate for release, and ignoring the fact that her uncle could come back at any moment, she kept playing with herself.

But not long after that, and before she could cum again, she heard his footsteps approaching once more.

Valerie was desperate to cum, but the fear of getting caught was suddenly much stronger than her lust.

Grunting in frustration, she finally stopped. Fighting the urge to continue, she placed both hands over the table, oblivious to the fact that her hand was dripping wet with her juices, and then she waited.

Her uncle stopped behind her a moment later, and as Valerie trembled, he placed something on the table next to her right hand.

It was a pair of weirdly shaped pliers, and its metal, polished with years of use, shone under the light.

Valerie watched it nervously, unable to move or even talk, until her uncle dropped a few metal rings next to it. They were about an inch in diameter and the ends were open, but Valerie recognized them instantly.

“Do you want one?” her uncle asked her.

A moment later he grabbed her shoulders as he started massaging them slowly. Valerie felt her body burning from release as his rough hands worked on her back, still sore from the work around the farm.

She wasn't wearing a bra, and for a moment she imagined her uncle pushing the straps of her dress to the sides and exposing her small breasts.

Unable to talk, she simply nodded.

A moment later her uncle moved his hands towards her neck, caressing her softly before her pulled her chin up. Valerie trembled nervously under his touch, but he let her tilt her head back, until she was looking up and into his eyes.

Standing behind her, he smiled warmly before he removed her nose ring. The thin wire seemed tiny in his hands, and a moment later he threw it away.

Then he grabbed the pliers, and with practiced ease he slipped one of the open rings into the steel jaws.

Valerie looked at it as he took it towards her face, and unable to stop herself she tried to move away, but her uncle was quicker. Before she could move, he clamped his left hand around her neck and he pulled her against his body, pinning her in place.

Valerie tried to resist, but only for a second. A moment later she surrendered to him, and after closing her eyes, she waited.

A moment later she felt the cold metal pushing into her nose, and before she could even gasp in shock, she felt the jaws clamping hard into her tender flesh and then a sharp pain exploded in her nose.

“Aaaaarghhhhh!” she screamed in agony as tears streamed down her face.

But her uncle, much stronger than her, held her easily in place while he finished closing the ring, and only when it was done, he released her.

Once she was free, Valerie took her hands to her face, feeling the ring now permanently closed around her septum. It was much bigger than the one she had before, and much thicker too.

The pain though, started to fade a away moment later, leaving only a dull itch behind that made her feel as if she was about to sneeze.

Valerie wanted to look at herself in a mirror, as the idea of having the ring made her suddenly feel sexier than before, but her uncle soon returned his hands to her back. His massage was rough and hard, but it made her body tingle nonetheless.

“Valerie…” he said a moment later, his voice low and husky.

“Uncle…” Valerie responded a second later as her body burned under his touch.

Then, without saying another word, he did just as she had imagined before.

His hands pushed the straps of her dress to the sides and she felt it falling away, leaving her small breasts free. Her uncle wasted no time before he moved down, and soon he was fondling her breasts with both hands.

Valerie, lost in her own pleasure, leaned back into her chair as her uncle’s hands roamed her chest.

The sensation was intoxicating and soon Valerie was panting and out of breath. Then she felt his hands pinching her nipples and she gasped in shock.

“This two would look much better with rings in them...” he said a moment later, as Valerie trembled in fear.

She could only imagine how much it would hurt, but despite that, she nodded slowly.

A moment later, her uncle grabbed another ring from the table, and after setting it into the pliers like before, he grabbed her left breast.

“Grab the chair.” he ordered her, and Valerie obeyed him instantly.

After kneading her breast for a bit, he took her already hard nipple between his fingers and he started pulling from it. It hurt horribly, and as Valerie gritted her teeth, she tried to prepare herself for the pain she knew would follow.

Before she could get ready, though, her uncle took the pliers to her nipple and he quickly closed the jaws, forcing the ring into her sensitive flesh before it closed inside her.

Tremendous pain exploded in her breast, and Valerie heard herself gritting her teeth as she tried to stay still. Like before, though, it slowly faded away, leaving only the dull sensation of the metal piercing her tender flesh.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at her chest and she smiled proudly. The ring looked huge next to her nipple, but Valerie fell in love with how it looked.

The second one was slightly less painful than the first, and a minute after he had started, her uncle had given Valerie a new nose ring, and two nipple rings.

Feeling her arousal burning inside of her, she took her uncle’s hands when he offered it to her, and she then followed him towards the hall, where a big mirror hung.

She stopped in front of it and then she looked at her body, feeling sexier than ever before. Her nipples were red and a little swollen, and they felt much more sensitive than before, but she was in love with how they looked.

Her nose ring was twice as big as her previous one, and she could feel the weight on her nose, like a constant reminder that she had it.

“Take that dress off.” her uncle ordered next, and like before, Valerie nodded eagerly.

Without hesitating, she grabbed it around her waist, and then she pushed it down until it dropped onto the floor.

Wearing only her shoes and her panties, she stood under her uncle’s gaze who was standing silently behind her.

Valerie felt her lust burning brightly inside of her as she waited for her uncle, but for the moment at least he seemed satisfied to just watch her. Valerie herself was full of fear, but she suddenly knew what she wanted, at least for now.

After closing her eyes, she kicked her shoes off, and then she slipped her panties down before she kicked them away with her dress.

Now that she was naked, she started trembling under her uncle’s gaze. She feared that he might think her body childish. Her breasts were surely too small for him, and her hairless pussy would look like a child’s one.

A moment later, though, she heard her uncle grunting in lust behind her, and then his hands returned to her body, running along her back and then her neck as she moaned softly. His touch was more urgent than before, rougher too, but Valerie didn't mind.

“Get on your knees.” he ordered.

And Valerie nodded eagerly, already knowing what her uncle wanted. Without wasting time, she turned around and she dropped onto her knees while her uncle pulled his pants open. A moment later he pulled out his already hard cock and Valerie stopped to look at it.

She had seen it before, of course, in all of the videos, but having it in front of her suddenly drove her mad with lust. It was much bigger than her boyfriend’s, and for a moment she feared that it would be too big for her.

But Valerie pushed the idea away, and unable to stop herself, she took it in her hands, marveling at how hard and hot it felt, and then she swallowed it into her mouth.

“Yeeessss… that's it…” her uncle moaned above her. “Swallow it…”

But Valerie was in no rush yet. Instead she stopped, savoring the taste of her uncle’s cock for the first time. It was both musky and salty, not unlike her boyfriend’s cock, but much stronger. It was bigger too, and Valerie had to open her mouth as wide as she could to take it in.

Despite that, the sensation was maddeningly arousing, and soon she was sucking it deeper into her mouth. Then, halfway through, she felt it bumping against the back of her throat.

Valerie stopped for a second as a shudder ran down her back. She knew what her uncle would want, and this time she knew she wouldn’t say no.

After swallowing nervously as best as she could with his cock still in her mouth, she made herself comfortable and she started blowing him.

Soon she was working a good rhythm as she sucked his cock, and once she was ready, she tried to relax and she started taking him deeper.

The sensation of his cock forcing its way into her throat was deeply uncomfortable to her, and in her inexperience she started gagging almost instantly, but Valerie was determined. Not wanting to disappoint her uncle, she redoubled her efforts and she grabbed his hips, pulling him towards her.

Her uncle, sensing her intentions, grabbed her head in one hand, holding her firmly in place before he started rocking his hips.

Slowly, his cock started to move deeper and deeper and she felt the tip stretching her throat. The sensation was even worse than before, but Valerie kept struggling as she watched his cock disappearing slowly in front of her.

Unable to breathe, her lungs were soon screaming for air, and the constant gagging was making her stomach twist painfully inside of her.

Then, her uncle pushed himself forwards without warning and Valerie felt his cock popping into her throat until his belt slammed into her face.

Moaning desperately, the girl tried to push him away, but he was merciless now, and he held her there for what felt like an eternity to her.

Then, before she started puking, he finally released her and she fell back, desperate to breathe.

The moment his cock left her throat, though, she finally had enough. Without warning, an explosion of saliva escaped from her mouth and around his cock. The slimy mixture splashed onto his pants and her face, until it was dripping onto her legs.

Valerie gasped for breath as she felt her face turning red in humiliation. She had failed miserably, she felt, but when she looked at her uncle he was smiling.

“Ohh, fuck. That…. that feels great.” he said as he too tired to catch his breath. “It's been to long…”

Then, using the back of her hand, Valerie cleaned the worst from her face as she felt her face burning once more, though this time it was with pride.

A moment later, when she had managed to recover, she took him into her mouth once more, and she started sucking him as deep as she could without gagging.

And this time, her uncle seemed satisfied to let her do all the work, and Valerie could feel her own body burning in lust. The sensation of his uncle’s cock inside her mouth was intoxicating, and she was soon lost in her own pleasure.

But not too long after that, her uncle's hips started moving faster, she knew what it meant.

Her boyfriend had always insisted in cumming in her mouth, and though Valerie had always found the idea slightly disgusting, she had always done so. Now, though, the idea of her uncle filling her mouth with his cum was the only thing she could think of, but he had other plans.

Before she could make him cum, he pushed her away.

Valerie, panting and out of breath, looked at him in confusion. She was worried that she might have done something wrong, but her uncle just smiled at her before he started taking off his clothes.

Valerie watched him undressing, noticing how much he had changed from the time of the videos. His hair was more grey than black, of course, and he was slightly bigger, with a belly that now hung in front of him, even though there was also a lot of muscle under it.

Then her uncle kicked his pants away, and once he was naked he moved a little closer to her.

Valerie, still kneeling on the floor, looked up at him as he towered above her. His cock, still hard and standing rigidly in front of himself was wet with her saliva all the way to the base and as she watched it, she started shuddering in anticipation.

“Follow me.” her uncle ordered her before he headed towards the living room.

Valerie nodded eagerly and then she started to get up, but a moment later she stopped. Next to her was the mirror, and as she looked at herself in it, she marveled at her new rings and at her naked body.

The idea of walking seemed somehow wrong, and an suddenly image popped in her mind. After taking a deep breath, Valerie felt a shudder running down her back, and with her face burning a bright red, she started crawling on the floor, following her uncle on all fours.

By the time she made it to the living room a few moments later, her uncle was already sitting on the couch. He looked surprised at first, but then he smiled in satisfaction as he saw her crawling on the floor.

A moment later, her uncle pulled his legs apart and Valerie stopped in front of him before she resumed her previous work. After taking him into her mouth, she started blowing him again, thankful that she could take her time.

Like before, she didn't want to disappoint her uncle, and though she didn't want to start gagging again, she tried to take him as deep as she could, and as the minutes passed she started to make progress.

His cock, now covered in her saliva, moved deeper and deeper into her mouth as her technique improved, and above her, her uncle’s moans became louder.

Valerie was lost in her own pleasure as she felt his uncle cock pressing into the back of her throat, and soon she started fantasizing about what his cum would taste like, but before she managed to make him cum, he grabbed her hair again and he pulled her back.

“Stop.” he ordered as he held her in place.

A moment later he took his hand to her face and he started caressing her. His touch was soft and tender, and Valerie started shuddering under it. Then his hands reached her new ring, and her grabbed it while Valerie held her breath.

“Before, you asked me if it would hurt… Does it?” he asked her as he pulled just a little from it.

Valerie had forgotten about the pain, but when her uncle pulled from her ring, the pain flared up inside of her, making her nose itch and her eyes water.

“A little…” she moaned a second later, trying to stay still.

Then her uncle’s hand moved downwards and he started fondling her breasts, kneading them in his hands while he pulled from her rings.

Her breasts were much more tender than her nose, and every time he touched them she winced from the pain, but even then she remained silent as her uncle played with her body.

“You look beautiful.” her uncle said a moment later.

Then, her uncle finally released her and Valerie felt herself blushing brightly under his compliment.

“Time for something else, I think.” he said as he got up from the couch.

Still kneeling on the floor, Valerie nodded eagerly as her uncle gave her his hand.

Swallowing nervously, Valerie took it and he pulled her up. Unable to resist, she took his cock in his hands once more, pumping it a few time, but his uncle had other plans.

Without warning, he clamped one of his hands around her neck, and then he squeezed. It wasn't hard, but Valerie had never felt something like that, and as she panicked, her hands grabbed his arm desperately, trying to pull him away.

Her uncle, though, just held on to her neck with ease as he looked into her eyes.

Valerie shuddered under his gaze, and though she was still terrified, she knew what she had to do.

After releasing his arm, she hung her hands at either side of her body as a dry gurgling sound escaped her throat.

“That’s better.” he said a moment later, as he smiled.

Valerie, despite her uncle's hand, nodded in submission a second later.

Then her uncle, with his hand still clamping her neck, pushed her into the couch. Before she could catch herself, he flipped her around and he pushed her face first into it before he kicked her legs apart.

Valerie gasped when she hit the couch, but it was more in surprise than in pain. A second later, though, she felt his cock rubbing over her already soaking wet pussy and she tensed her body.

“Please…” she moaned a second later as her uncle teased her.

Then, wasting no more time, he pushed himself forward and Valerie felt his cock burying itself into her body in one swift movement.

A moment later, she gasped in shock as she felt her pussy stretching around his cock as it moved deeper and deeper. Closing her eyes, she imagined it growing inside of her, until it had pierced her body like the spit had done to Lucy, but a moment later she felt his hips resting against her ass.

Then he was finally fucking her and Valerie felt all the tension leaving her body as he rammed his cock into her tender pussy. As she moaned in lust, she concentrated on his cock, and how every thrust forced her against the couch as his hips slammed against his ass.

Her uncle was brutal, but Valerie was mad with lust and her body burned in arousal.

Lost in her own pleasure, she took one of her hands between her legs and she started playing with her clit, while the other started fondling her breasts and playing with her new rings.

It was both painful and arousing, and soon Valerie could feel her orgasm approaching quickly.

“Don't you dare cum…” her uncle ordered her a second later, and Valerie stopped almost instantly.

She could feel her body burning for more, but she didn't dare disobey her uncle. Gritting her teeth, she buried her face on the cushions and she tried to relax, though with his cock pounding her pussy, it was almost impossible.

A moment later her uncle pulled out of her, leaving her pussy feeling sore and empty and before she could even open her eyes, he had flipped her over onto her back. Without giving her time to get comfortable, he pushed himself inside her pussy once more and then he resumed his work.

Now that he could, his hands returned to her breasts. As he smiled in lust, he started pulling from the rings, until her breasts stretched into two cones of flesh.

A second later her mind filled with pain as he started torturing her tender breasts, but since he was still fucking her, the pain mixed with the pleasure until Valerie couldn't tell one from the other.

And despite her uncle’s orders, Valerie could feel her orgasm approaching rapidly. She tried to fight against it, but it was just impossible.

“Please… no…” she moaned a second later.

But her uncle didn't listen, and as he continued his assault onto her body, Valerie realized that it was a losing battle.

“Ohhhh, Valerie…” her uncle moaned a moment later.

Then, before she could realize what was happening, he pulled out once more, and he folded her legs against her chest before he pulled her feet up onto his shoulders.

Valerie, who was panting and out of breathe by then, took the opportunity to make herself comfortable. She wiggled herself lower onto the couch, allowing her neck to stretch above her and then she waited for his uncle’s cock to return.

A moment her, though, her uncle looked at her and he smiled coldly before pressing his cock against his asshole.

Valerie tensed in panic as she felt him pushing against it. It wouldn't be the first time she had anal sex, but suddenly the idea terrified her.

Still, her uncle pressed on, pushing the head of his cock hard against her asshole as she tried her best to resist.

“Don't struggle, you will only make it hurt more.” he told her a moment later.

Valerie knew he was right. The first time her boyfriend had fucked her ass, she had struggled as hard as she could and the process had been agonizing for her. The second, though, where she had managed to relax a little after one of her friends advice, had been less painful.

Still, his uncle was much bigger, and she feared he might hurt her.

Panic filled her mind as Valerie tried to move away from him, but he had most of his weight resting against her, pinning her body against the couch.

Ignoring her struggles, her uncle pushed relentlessly, forcing his cock into her asshole until she felt it give in from the sheer force.

The pain flared up inside of her mind, and gritting her teeth, Valerie tried to relax, but it was impossible.

Then her uncle’s hand moved quickly towards her neck and he started squeezing until she could feel his hand crushing her throat.

Valerie managed to take one last raspy breath and then she couldn't breathe anymore. This time, though, she didn't panic. Instead she closed her eyes and she tried once more to relax.

The pain kept increasing, and as his cock managed to move past her sphincter, it only grew worse.

But despite the pain, and not being able to breathe, Valerie finally managed to relax, if only a little. Suddenly her uncle moved forwards a couple of inches, stretching her asshole wider than ever before, and Valerie discovered that the pain wasn't so bad.

He released her neck for a few moment, too, allowing her to take a few broken breaths before he squeezed her neck again.

Little by little, Valerie managed to relax, until suddenly she felt her uncle’s hips resting against her ass. Opening her eyes, she watched in awe as his cock disappeared inside of her, and though the pain was strong, she managed to cope with it.

Then her uncle started to pull out, and like before he started fucking her. This time, though, he moved slowly, giving her time for her asshole to relax a bit more before he started ramming himself against her.

Soon the pain lessened, and Valerie felt herself relaxing under his weight, until the pleasure returned and she felt herself moving towards her orgasm once more.

Unlike with her boyfriend, Valerie felt uncomfortably full with her uncle’s cock inside her bowels, and she could only endure as best as she could.

“Do you want to cum, Valerie?” her uncle asked her as his face twisted in pleasure.

Unable to speak, Valerie nodded as best as she could. She could feel her body burning for release, but she knew it wouldn't be enough.

“Go ahead.” he uncle said a moment later. “Play with your cunt.”

Valerie nodded eagerly as she continued where she had left. She took one of her hands between her legs and she played with her pussy, while her other hand started fondling her breasts.

They were still tender from her uncle’s abuse, but the pain only added to her pleasure, driving her forwards as her uncle fucked her asshole raw.

Then, without warning, he picked up his pace and he started fucking her asshole like an animal while Valerie moaned in lust under him.

Finally, she had had enough, and before she could stop herself, an incredible orgasm exploded inside of her. The world around her disappeared in an instant, leaving only her uncle’s cock, still inside her asshole, and the fire that seemed to burn all over her body.

Waves of pleasure crashed over her body as Valerie felt herself drowning in orgasmic bliss. She had never experienced something so powerful and so wonderful in her life, and for a brief moment she thought it would just go on forever.

Soon though, the world around her seemed to return. She could feel her uncle’s weight on top of her, crushing her against the couch, and the smell of her pussy filling the air.

The pain, too, returned, but it didn't seem to distract from the sensation, only add to it.

But as soon as her orgasm faded away, a new one appeared ahead of her, and as she readied herself for it, she closed her eyes and she smiled to herself.

Her uncle, though, had other plans.

As soon as she closed her eyes, he pulled out of her abused asshole, leaving her feeling sore and strangely empty. Her asshole, though, now gaped open and she could feel it twitching along with her heartbeat.

Before she could realize what he was doing, her uncle pulled her legs to one side, and he climbed on top or her, pinning her arms to her sides.

When she finally managed to open her eyes, she saw him masturbating in front of her face.

She knew what he was going to do, and though Valerie would have felt repulsed by the idea before, she soon opened her mouth, ready to accept her uncle’s cum.

And not a moment later, her uncle too had enough. Without warning he grunted in pleasure as his whole body tensed and he finally came.

A couple of jets of cum landed on her face, until her uncle managed to aim his cock into her open mouth. Valerie could feel it sliding over her tongue as she played with it. It was hot and tangy, not unlike her boyfriend’s, but much thicker.

Then she felt one finally jet of cum landing on her chin, and it was over.

Her uncle was left panting and exhausted as he looked at her, his cock still in one hand.

Valerie’s own orgasm was too far away for her, but it suddenly didn't seem to matter much.

A moment later she closed her mouth, and all of her uncle’s cum pooled over her tongue. As her face burned in shame, she opened her mouth once more and she showed it to him, just like the girls on her boyfriend's porn videos did.

She could feel it oozing over her tongue, a sensation that she found incredibly erotic, and then she saw her uncle nodding in satisfaction. A moment later she closed her mouth and she finally swallowed his cum.

Once it was gone, she opened her mouth once more, to show him it was all gone and she smiled in pride.

“Clean my cock.” her uncle said a moment later, as he moved his cock towards her face.

Valerie swallowed nervously as she looked at it. It was covered in cum and the insides of her asshole. The idea was both disgusting and humiliating, but Valerie still did as she was told, opening her mouth and taking his cock into her mouth once more.

The taste hit her almost immediately, making her gag. It was much stronger than what she had expected, but luckily for her it was soon gone, replaced by the now familiar taste of his cock.

Soon she was sucking him deep into her mouth as she ran her tongue all over it. It was hard, pinned as she was under his weight, but she did as best as she could until his cock, now clean, glistened with her saliva.

Once more, her uncle smiled in satisfaction, and Valerie felt her face burning in pride as his cum dried on her face.

Exhausted, Valerie laid down against the couch as he finally climbed off her. Slowly, a feeling of deep satisfaction washed over her, something that she had never experienced before.

Her uncle, meanwhile, stood above her, simply watching her young naked body as it shone with her sweat and her own juices.

“Come on, let’s go to my bed.” he told her as he took her hand.

Valerie was too tired to even think what that could mean, but she let him pull her up from the couch and then she followed him drunkenly towards his bedroom.

She could feel the hot afternoon air washing over her naked body, a sensation that she found strangely delicious, and once they arrived at his room, he turned her around until she was facing him.

Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her slowly and tenderly, until she felt her body melting into his. Valerie could feel his cock, hard once more, as it poked into her belly and soon he broke the kiss and he took her into his bed.

A moment later he was inside her once more, and Valerie was moaning in lust as he made love to her, slowly and passionately.

This time, when the time came, he finished inside of her. Valerie thought she should have been scared, but the sensation of her uncle’s cum filling her pussy was intoxicating.

Almost an hour later, while her body ached all over, she fell asleep with his arms wrapped around her and a smile on her face.

The next morning, Valerie woke up naked and in a place she didn't recognize. For a few seconds she was lost, as she didn't remember how she had gotten there, but a moment later she realized she was still in her uncle’s bed.

Slowly, the events of the previous day came back to her and she felt herself blushing as she remembered the things she had done.

Though she was now alone, she could still feel her uncle’s smell on herself, and her body burned from the things he had done to her.

Valerie had a vague memory of waking up earlier in the morning, as her uncle was leaving, but if he told her anything, she couldn't remember what it was.

It was still early in the morning, though, and it felt too nice under the sheets to get up.

As the previous day’s events flashed through her mind, Valerie closed her eyes. She could still remembered her uncle’s hands roaming all over her body as his cock filled her pussy and her asshole.

Unable to stop herself, she started touching her body. Her breasts, her neck, her belly and her ass. Just her own touch was enough to drive her crazy, and as she moaned desperately she pulled her legs apart and she started playing with her pussy.

A moment later, though, she heard the kitchen phone ringing.

Valerie jumped off the bed and without realizing she was still naked and with her pussy dripping between her legs, she ran downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Hello?” she said, panting and out of breath when she managed to pick up the phone.

“Honey, it's that you?” a woman's voice asked on the other side. “It’s me, your aunt Jessica!”

It was only when she recognized her aunt’s voice that she realized that she was completely naked, but luckily for her the house seemed to be empty, at least for now.

“Hi, aunt Jessica.” Valerie answered a moment later as she thanked that her aunt couldn't see her.

“Hi, Honey. Your mom told me I had to call you today, to see if you wanted to come to my house for a week. What do you say?” she said a moment later.

As Valerie leaned against the fridge, savoring the cool sensation, she closed her eyes.

It was true that she had asked her mom to leave after a week, but things had changed. She couldn't exactly tell her aunt why, though, not even as she remembered her aunt’s video when she was younger.

“I… I think I wanna stay…” she said shyly.

“Are you sure? Your mom told me you wanted to leave as soon as possible.” her aunt said. “I can be there in a couple of hours, it's not a problem, honey.”

Valerie felt herself blushing even harder as her aunt insisted, but she had made a decision.

“Yeah, I am sure… thanks though, I… I wanna stay another week.” she answered a moment later.

“Okay, no problem. I understand how it is, honey.” her aunt said a moment later.

“You do?” Valerie asked a moment later.

“Of course, honey. I know you saw the… videos, and you probably know what your uncle… does. If you want to stay, that's okay. I understand how it feels.” she told Valerie, her voice full of understanding.

Valerie couldn't believe what she was hearing, but her aunt insisted.

“Don't worry about anything, and just enjoy yourself. I will talk to your mom, she… well, she knows too, of course. I figure she knew that this could happen when she took you there, right?” her aunt added a moment later.

“Right…” Valerie answered a moment later.

She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and as she took a deep breath she looked around the kitchen.

Suddenly, she felt as if she had taken a huge step in an unknown direction, and though she was terrified by it, she felt it was the right decision.

“Right…” she repeated.

“Honey, are you enjoying yourself there?” her aunt asked a moment later.

Valerie blushed once more as she looked down at her naked body. Her two nipple rings shone under the kitchen light, and though she couldn't see her nose ring, she could still feel it there, its weight now a constant reminder.

It was strangely comforting to have them, thought she wouldn't have been able to explain why to anyone else.

“Yes, aunt Jessica.” Valerie answered a moment later.

“Then everything is perfect. Remember that you can call me at anytime if you want me to pick you up, or maybe just to talk? Otherwise you mom is going to pick you up in a week.” her aunt explained. “Okay?”

“Sure. Thanks aunt Jessica.” Valerie said.

After saying goodbye, her aunt hung up the phone and Valerie made her way into the bedroom once more.

As she looked at the empty bed, she felt a shudder running down her back and her body started tingling in lust.

She had thought she would continue where she had left, but instead she went and took a long shower, using the time to think about what she would do on the coming week.

Late in the afternoon, when her uncle returned, he found her sitting outside under the porch.

Valerie could feel herself blushing brightly as her uncle watched her, though he didn't mention what they had done the previous night and Valerie was happy to leave it like that, at least of the time being.

She spent the rest of the day with him, and though she enjoyed herself, her mind was a jumble of emotions that the young girl had trouble understanding.

On one hand she wanted more. She wanted to give herself to her uncle in every way, to discover more of what he knew and what he could do to her, but she was also terrified. Every time she closed her eyes she remembered the videos and the girls in them, and the idea filled her with equal parts fear and arousal.

There was more, too. She had never expected to be with a man so much older than her. Her uncle, who was already 55 years old, was almost 4 times older than her, and though he didn't look old to her, and he certainly didn't act like an old man, she still found the idea strangely weird.

That night, after they had dinner together, they each went into their rooms.

Valerie closed her door behind her as she felt a pang of sadness inside her. She wanted to go with her uncle once more, but she didn't dare to, not again.

As she crawled under the sheets, though, she felt her body burning in arousal as she remembered how his hands had explored her body.

She wanted to have him again, or at least to touch herself as she thought of him, but she didn't dare do either. What if he heard her moaning?

Biting her lips in frustration, Valerie tried to sleep, and though she managed to in the end, it took many hours and by the time sleep finally took her she was even more confused than before.

Suddenly, Valerie woke up with a scream. Her room was still dark, but the door was open and with what little light came in from the hallway she could see a man’s silhouette in the doorway.

“Uncle Merle?” she asked fearfully.

“Valerie…” her uncle moaned a second later.

It was then that Valerie realized her uncle was naked. She could see his cock hanging between his legs as he watched her from the door, and the girl felt a shudder running down her back.

As she swallowed nervously, her uncle finally came into the room, his heavy footsteps making the bed tremble under her. A moment later he was standing next to her, and she noticed the rope, neatly coiled in one hand.

“What… what are you doing?” she asked him with a trembling voice.

“I came here for you. You want this…” he said a moment later.

Valerie, unable to talk, shook her head, but as a shudder ran down her back she remembered her aunt, with a noose around her neck while she hung under the tree.

“Nooooo…” she moaned a second later, thought the idea aroused her tremendously.

“Valerie… don’t lie to yourself, you want this.” Her uncle told her a moment later as he smiled at her. “Come here.”

Valerie, as scared as she was, did as she was told. After she got up from the bed she stood next to her uncle and then waited for his next command.

Then her uncle looked into her eyes, and he kissed her softly on her lips.

She was shocked at first, but a moment later she surrender to him and she started kissing him back, feeling her arousal growing inside her.

A moment later she heard her uncle dropping the rope on the bed and his hands started roaming all over her body, exploring every inch of her as she moaned loudly.

Then without warning her uncle grabbed her pajama, an old cotton shirt that hung mid-thigh for her, and he ripped it off her body in one swift movement. Valerie wasn't’ wearing any panties, and now naked, she stood under her uncle’s gaze as he leered at her body.

“You are so beautiful…” he said, making her blush.

Then her uncle started caressing her neck as he played with her nose ring. Valerie waited meekly as her body tingled under her uncle’s attention. She could feel his rough and calloused hands on her face, until he moved them lower.

“You will look even more gorgeous with a noose around her neck, though.” he said as he caressed her neck.

Valerie swallowed nervously as her uncle’s hands clamped softly around her neck, and once more she saw her aunt, flopping under the rope as her uncle pulled her up into the air.

Before she could realize what she was doing, Valerie nodded softly, and her uncle smiled at her.

“Put your hands behind your back.” he told her as he grabbed a piece of rope from the bed.

Valerie did as she was told, clasping her hands behind her back as she looked at her feet. A moment later, her uncle started tying them, wrapping the rope around them before he pulled it tight.

She could feel the rope digging painfully into her flesh, and soon her hands started to tingle as blood pooled in them, but she still remained silent.

Once she was tied, her uncle picked up the remaining rope, and he started tying a noose. His hands moved effortlessly as Valerie watched in awe, until the noose was done. She could only imagine what it would feel once it closed around her neck, and as she trembled in anticipation, Valerie lowered her head towards her uncle, surrendering to him.

Her uncle wasted no time, slipping the noose over her head before he pulled it closed around her neck.

The rope felt rough and prickly under her skin, and as her uncle arranged the noose on one side of her neck, Valerie swallowed nervously.

A moment later her uncle grabbed the other end of the rope and he threw it up into the rafters. The tip sailed effortlessly through one of them, and then if fell into her uncle’s hands.

Then he looked at her, and pulling hard from it, he forced her to stand on the tip of her toes, unless she wanted to hung.

The noose pulled even tighter than before, crushing her throat and making it harder to breathe. Valerie could feel her heart beating furiously inside her chest as she struggled to maintain her balance, but a moment later her uncle released the rope and she was finally able to catch her breath.

Suddenly, Valerie felt a rush of adrenaline filling her body, pushing away her fear and leaving only lust.

Her uncle, though, looked at her in satisfaction as he started playing with his cock.

“I want you to blow me, Valerie.” he told her.

And like before, she surrendered to his commands.

As she dropped on her knees, she now saw her uncle’s cock in front of her. It was already hard, and without hesitation she took it into her mouth and she swallowed it as deep as she could, savoring the taste and the feeling of his skin over her tongue.

With her hands tied behind her, thought, it was harder than she thought it would, and it was a constant struggle to keep her balance. Worse, her body was burning for release, but she couldn't play with herself, which only added to her frustration.

Her uncle, oblivious to her problems, closed his eyes and he started moaning in pleasure as she did her best to please him.

Soon though, he grabbed her head in both hands, clamping her in place before he started rocking his hips into her mouth.

Valerie tried to relax as best as she could, but her uncle was merciless. Soon he was forcing his cock into her throat, and Valerie started gagging. Drool was dripping down her chin and onto her chest, and still her uncle pushed forward, burying himself even deeper into her throat.

Despite the abuse, she could feel her body burning brightly as she felt her own orgasm approaching.

Then, without warning, something popped inside her throat and his cock jumped forward, until his belly was pressing against her face.

Valerie struggled to pull free, desperate that she would suffocate on his cock, but her uncle simply held her down as tears of panic streamed down her face.

A moment later he grabbed the rope while his other hand still held her in place, and he pulled from it. The rope moved up, and the noose closed even tighter than before, until Valerie could feel it crushing her throat.

Her uncle, lost in his own lust, ignored her as she struggled to escape from him, but it was useless. Then, just when she thought she would pass out, he finally released her.

In her panic to breathe, Valerie let herself fall backwards, until her back hit the bed. She took one big gasp of air, and then another, filling her lungs with the cool night air. Panting heavily, she looked up into her uncle’s eyes as he lazily stroked his cock.

Her own body felt hot and feverish, and though she was closer than before to her own orgasm, she was growing frustrated.

She knew what she wanted, though, and after taking another deep breath, she looked at her uncle’s feet and she swallowed nervously.

“I… I want you to… please… hang me…” she stammered as she felt her face burning in humiliation.

Her uncle, though, grunted in satisfaction before he took a step back.

Before she could even look up, she felt the rope pulling her up without mercy as the noose closed around her neck, crushing her throat completely and making it impossible to breathe.

Valerie grunted in agony as she felt herself flying into the air, and when she stopped moving she saw the floor under her, just out of her reach. In her panic, though, she stretched herself as far as she could, trying to reach the floor so she could lessen the pressure on her neck, but it was just too far away.

A moment later she felt her uncle’s hand forcing it’s way between her legs before he pushed half his hand inside her pussy.

Valerie could only grit her teeth at the sudden intrusion, thought a moment later the pain disappeared. She could feel her pussy dripping down her legs as her uncle started pumping his fingers inside of her, fucking her as her lungs burned for air.

The panic was raising inside of her, but so too was her arousal, and soon Valerie was pumping her hips into his hand, desperate for a release that still seemed to be too far away.

Her vision started to close as she slowly ran out of air, but her uncle kept fucking her pussy with his fingers as Valerie tensed her whole body.

“Don’t fight it, just let it happen.” she heard her uncle saying through the confusion that filled her mind.

And though she didn't know how she could even begin to do it, Valerie concentrated on his hand and she closed her eyes.

Then, without warning, the whole world around her exploded in a brilliant show of light and color that seemed to blind her. As Valerie finally came, she felt herself writhing in orgasmic agony under the rope.

To her, it was as if a floodgate had suddenly been opened and a rush of white water had crashed over her. Soon she felt herself drowning as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body.

A moment later she managed to open her eyes and she saw her uncle, smiling warmly as he held onto the rope with both hands.

Suddenly she wanted to go higher, to stay like that forever, but she had no way to say so, and now that she had cummed her uncle started to lower her to the floor. Her lungs, though, had finally ran out of air and her oxygen starved brain had had enough.

As Valerie felt her vision closing in around her, she realized that it was too late. She was dying, and strangely enough the idea was far from sad.

Valerie felt herself smiling as her feet touched the floor but a second later her heart finally stopped and she felt herself drifting away into the dark.

A moment later she opened her eyes once more and she gasped for air.

She was back in her bed, and though her body was soaking wet with sweat and her juices were dripping down her legs, she realized it had all been a dream.

As Valerie cried in frustration, she buried her face against the pillow and she screamed in rage, hoping that her uncle wouldn't hear her.

The last of her dream finally faded away, leaving her feeling confused and frustrated. Her body still burned for release, though, and as she remembered the rope closing around her throat, she took her hand to her neck.

Even if it had only been a dream, her throat still felt sore and tender.

Before she realized what she was doing, she got of the bed and she stood in front of the mirror.

Valerie had always thought that her body looked childish and immature, but there was something different now, though she couldn't why. Whatever it was, it felt raw and incredibly powerful and Valerie felt it burning inside of her body.

At first she had thought it was the rings, but though she loved how they looked and how they made her feel, it wasn't them.

Her nose ring didn't hurt at all now, though her nipple rings still made her breast feel tender. Valerie pulled from them a little, watching as her breasts stretched and the pain flared up inside of her.

She had never found pain to be erotic before, but now it was. Even if it made her feel ashamed of herself, there was no denying it.

Valerie looked longingly at her bed, but knew she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Instead she went downstairs and into the porch, where she sat on the rough wooden steps.

The cold night air felt wonderful over her naked body, and though she was soon shivering, she enjoyed the sensation as she started thinking about her life and her boyfriend.

He still hasn't answered any of her messages, and there was no doubt in her mind that he had simply chosen another girl to sleep with. He might take her back once she returned home, but Valerie wasn't sure she wanted to.

Even more, the idea of being cheated on wasn’t as painful as it was before, though she didn't know why that was.

Then her mind wandered away, as it always did now, to the videos. She was still confused about them, as she was both sad about the girl’s deaths, but also incredibly aroused by them. As she closed her eyes she could still see them in their last moments.

Most had been smiling, a few obviously cumming even as their lives ended.

Not for the first time Valerie wondered what it would feel like to die. She thought that the idea of ending her life should be sad, but it wasn't. She felt mostly curious about it, and even if she still found it strange, arousing too.

She had always made plans for her future, about college and work, but suddenly they all seemed childish and naive. Boring, too.

Was that why the girls in the videos had wanted her uncle to kill them? To Valerie there was more to it than that of course, but she didn't know what it was.

Not long after that, the sky started to become lighter and Valerie felt the temperature raising. She watched the sunrise from the porch in silence, as she enjoyed the sensation of the first rays of sun hitting her body.

Strangely enough, Valerie felt better after that, even if her mind was still a jumble of emotions.

“Hey…” she heard her uncle saying from behind her.

Despite all that she had done with him, Valerie still felt herself blushing as she realized she was naked, but it was too late to change that.

“Hi, uncle Merle.” she said shyly as she crossed her legs together.

Her uncle, though, wasn't watching her. He had a cup of coffee in one hand and as he sat next to her he looked into the distance.

It felt nice to have his company, and even with her eyes closed, Valerie could feel his presence next to her. Taking a deep breath, she filled herself with his perfume, and unable to contain herself she leaned against him before she held onto his arm.

“Long night, uh?” he asked her a moment later.

Valerie nodded in silence, just enjoying her uncle’s presence, but she was also hungry and a moment later her stomach twisted loudly inside of her, reminding her of the fact that she needed to eat.

“Do you want to have some breakfast?” Her uncle said as he chuckled softly. “I can make you some toast…”

“Yes, please…” she said a moment later, finally releasing him.

After that, he got up and went into the kitchen while Valerie followed him.

When she passed through the hall, she briefly considered going into her room to change, but her uncle hadn’t seemed bothered by her nudity, and she didn't see the need anymore.

Once in the kitchen, they sat side by side and they had breakfast together in silence.

Valerie could feel her uncle’s need to say something, but he didn't and she was thankful for that. She needed time to think, to make a decision, even if the idea filled her with fear.


There you go, the next third. Let me know what you think, and next week I will post the last part!


Well, this part slammed on a lot of my hot buttons. Thank you, it was amazingly yummy.


Consensual stories are my favorite, and you have a particular gift for them (I also enjoyed your story "The Hangman"). I can't help but hope that Valerie will survive her dark desires - and join in the family business, of course.


Oh i like it. Very nice storry about exploring things.

For the first 2 parts it lloks like only she andher uncle drive the story forwards. I would wish me that she strugle with her decision and too help her with her decision her uncle would pick up an other girl and let her do it. Like with the 2nd pig. Some girl on girl is never wrong. And it would allow her to taste some human meat too.


Nice story ! When can we have next part ? :)



oh yes, it would be hot if Valerie told her uncle that she would like to kill another girl...


her own mother perhaps?


Sorry for the delay, but I have been having some problems to access gurochan and I had to use tor to post this...

I am glad you liked it! The Hangman is one of my favorite stories. I don't know exactly why, but I think it turned out great, and certainly much better than what I expected!
While writing this, I toyed with the idea of adding more characters, but it would have made the story much longer and complex. In the end I decided to leave that for the prequel, which is, of course, another story!
Here you go!


The rest of the week passed by uneventfully for her.

She started working more and more along the farm, and thought the work was hard and she usually ended her days completely exhausted, Valerie found it strangely calming.

Sometimes she worked with her uncle, and others, after he had told her what to do, she worked alone.

She liked working with the pigs the most. They were docile and easy to control, unlike the chickens, and thought they smelled if they were not cleaned regularly, she enjoyed her time with them.

Valerie wouldn't be able to admit it, but sometimes at night, just before she went to sleep, she stripped naked and she looked at herself in the mirror. With the rings on she thought she looked just like one of them, and they idea was strangely arousing for her.

Sometimes she laughed at herself, as the idea of thinking herself a pig sounder weird to her, but she couldn't deny it anymore.

The rings, too, had become something that she needed to in order to cum. She played with them constantly, especially the two in her breasts, and the more time she had them, the more she couldn't imagine a life without them.

She had toyed with the idea of getting another one, too. When she played with herself, she imagined another ring, clamped forever around her clit, and thought she knew that it would be excruciatingly painful to get it, the idea made her mad with lust.

And that was it, though. She was constantly aroused, from the time she woke up to the moment she went to sleep. She played with herself two or three times a day, more if she found the time to, but it still wasn't enough.

Every night brought a new dream, too, adding to her constant arousal. In them she always took the place of one of the girls. Sometimes she was being impaled alive or hung from her neck, and others she suffered the same fate as Olive.

In those dreams, the ones she had the most, her uncle would hang her upside down from the oak tree and he would then fuck her throat raw for a while before he used a knife to cut her throat open.

As Valerie bled, he would then gut her, working quickly and with practiced ease. She was always close, but she never managed to cum, and when he took her to the fire she was still alive. Only then, as she felt the flames licking her skin, she would manage to cum, and as her orgasm exploded inside her, she would finally drift away forever.

She hadn't slept with her uncle again, though, even if the idea of offering herself to him was incredibly arousing.

She certainly knew that he wouldn't refuse her, but he hadn’t asked her and though she now felt an urgent need for him, she was scared of where it might lead her.

Still, Thursday arrived without her realizing it, and when her uncle mentioned it to her, offhandedly while they had breakfast, Valerie realized that her two weeks were almost over.

The rest of the day dragged on for her, and as her mind wandered off to what that meant, she realized that she had already made up her mind.

That night, after dinner, she stayed to help her uncle with the dishes. She was both terrified and excited, but she didn't say anything yet.

“Okay, honey. I am going to sleep, see you tomorrow.” he said as he finished putting the last of the dishes away.

“See you tomorrow, uncle Merle.” she said as a shiver ran down her back.

A few minutes later, once she was sure he was in his room, she went into hers and she stripped naked. Once more, she stood in front of the mirror and she looked at herself.

Her long blond hair was tied into a single ponytail behind her head, and though she looked just like she always had, Valerie thought she had never looked so good.

Her nipples stood proudly in front of her breasts, adorned with the two rings, and her pussy was already wet in anticipation. Biting her lips nervously, she touched her nose ring, feeling it's comforting weight, and then she turned around to look at herself from behind.

She was making time, and she knew it, but she was suddenly filled with fear at what she was about to do.

Still, she had made up her mind, and after one last look, she left her room and she opened her uncle’s door.

He had obviously been waiting for her, as he was sitting on his own bed, naked and watching her.

Valerie felt herself blushing as she wondered if her uncle had been like that every night since their time together, but she quickly pushed the idea away.

Unable to move, she stood under the doorway as she trembled in anticipation. She could feel her uncle’s gaze all over her naked body, adding to her arousal, and she could already feel her body burning from within.

“Come.” her uncle said a moment later.

It was all she needed to hear, as a moment later she started moving slowly towards him, as if it was a dream from which she could wake up at any moment.

She had fantasized with this moment for so long that she was scared it was just another cruel dream, but when she stopped next to her uncle’s bed, she felt his hand brushing her thighs and she relaxed.

A moment later he pulled her towards him before he buried his face between her small breasts.

“Valerie…” her uncle moaned as he pressed himself against her chest.

Valerie herself moaned in lust as he felt her uncle’s warm breath on her skin, and unable to stop herself she wrapped her arms around his head, pulling him even tighter against her.

Then her uncle broke free and he pulled her into his bed. Valerie laid next to him and then she surrendered completely as he started exploring her body. His hands and his mouth covered every inch of her skin, until Valerie was shuddering and at the edge of an orgasm, but her uncle kept teasing her.

He started massaging her belly and her thighs, moving his hands in circles around her sex, getting closer and closer before he would pull them away, leaving her burning for his touch.

Valerie’s frustration grew, but so did her arousal, until she could feel her lust burning as bright as the sun.

And then her uncle’s fingers dragged along her belly until they found her pussy lips. In between moans, Valerie felt him pushing his thumb inside of her sex while he wrapped her hand under her ass, putting pressure in her asshole.

After fantasizing for so long, it quickly became too much for her, and she was soon cumming.

She felt herself writhing in the bed as her orgasm overwhelmed her, and like before, the room around her disappeared and Valerie felt herself floating away.

Then her tortured mind filled with images from the videos. Soon she could see her aunt hanging under the tree, Lucy being mercilessly impaled by the spit as she screamed in agony, and Charlotte having her head chopped off.

And most of all, just like she herself in her dreams, Olive being butchered by her uncle.

With that image in her mind, Valerie gasped in shock and a new orgasm exploded inside her, before the last one was even gone. She had never felt something so powerful in her life, and as she struggled to breathe, she could still feel her uncle’s hands moving inside of her, adding more pleasure.

Soon though, her orgasm started to fade and Valerie was left panting and out of breath on the bed. She could feel herself trembling from exhaustion as sweat poured from her body, and her pussy dripped between her legs.

She got only a moment of rest, though, as soon her uncle was laying on top of her.

Valerie looked into his eyes as tears of joy streamed down her face, and then she felt his cock pushing his way into her pussy.

Then he was rocking his hips against hers, though this time he was moving gently, sliding in and out of her slowly and tenderly. And Valerie, once more, surrendered to him as he made love to her.

After all the confusion and frustration of the past few days, after all the dreams and the constant arousal, it was all that she wanted.

Her uncle, meanwhile, took his time, savoring her body as Valerie let herself drift away. Another orgasm was close, but this time she could relax herself as she tried to stretch her pleasure for as long as she could.

Soon she had lost all sense of time, and she just enjoyed herself as her uncle played with her body. His hands seemed to be everywhere at the same time, and to Valerie the sensation was intoxicating.

After another orgasm, though, he suddenly picked up his pace, and he was now fucking her as savagely as he had done before. Valerie felt his body slamming her against the bed with every thrust, and though the rhythm soon became painful, she had to bite her lips to stop herself from screaming in lust.

A moment later he grabbed her neck and he flipped her around into the air. Valerie felt herself flying through the air before she fell facedown against the bed, and then he forced his way into her asshole without warning.

She wasn't ready for the assault, and Valerie felt an explosion of agony burning through her body as he rammed his cock all the way into her asshole in one go.

Unable to escape, she screamed hoarsely into the pillow, until her throat started to hurt. Valerie tried her best to escape her uncle’s abuse, but he was much heavier than her, and it was useless to struggle.

But despite the incredible pain, soon she managed to relax once more, even if only a little, and the pain seemed to fade away leaving only her increasing lust.

There was something raw and visceral in the way he was fucking her, that she found incredible arousing. The sensation of fullness and how tight her asshole felt as it wrapped around his cock, were slowly driving her mad.

Soon she was moaning loudly as her uncle fucked her. Lost in her own pleasure, she forgot about everything else. Her doubts and fears, her life and her boyfriend. The only thing that mattered was her next orgasm, which she could feel approaching rapidly.

Her uncle, oblivious to her troubles, simply fucked her as he tried to satisfy a hunger that he hadn't felt in a long time.

Suddenly he felt much younger and with an energy that he had thought lost a long time ago. He was fucking his niece’s asshole raw, and though the sensation was intoxicating, he could have kept going like that for hours.

For Valerie, though, the assault on her body soon proved too much to endure, as she came for a fourth time. She felt her body spasming in pleasure under her uncle’s body as her mind went blank once more.

When she returned, her uncle was still fucking her. She could feel his hips slamming into her ass with a loud and meaty sound, and her body seemed to be burning from within, as if every nerve cell in her body was on fire.

His hands, pressed on her back and her neck, forced her against the bed, making it difficult to breathe and forcing her into submission despite her struggles to break free.

But her uncle had had enough of her asshole, and just as quickly as he had entered, he pulled out. Her asshole suddenly felt sore and empty, and she could feel it gapping open grotesquely while her uncle watched her from behind.

Before she could recover, though, he grabbed her by her neck once more and she pulled her from the bed.

Disoriented as she was, Valerie fell awkwardly onto the floor. Then, before she could recover, her uncle pulled her up once more until she was kneeling in front of him.

He was holding his cock in front of her face while he played lazily with it, and Valerie looked at it with open lust.

Without having to be told, she took it in one hand, and looking into her uncle’s eyes, she started running her tongue all over it.

A moment later, her uncle grunted in satisfaction as she did her best to clean the remains of her bowels and her pussy from his cock. Like before she found the idea both revolting and arousing, demining and incredibly erotic.

Regardless of the strong taste of his cock, she was soon sucking him as deep as she could while her uncle moaned in pleasure. She wanted more, though, and after grabbing his ass with both hands, she pulled herself forward, forcing his cock into her throat.

At first she could feel it’s head pushing against the back of her throat. Valerie started gagging and saliva was soon dripping down her chin, but she was determined to prove herself.

As she had seen on one of the videos, Valerie tilted her head back, straightening her throat and she tried again.

As she pulled his hips towards her face, she felt the head pressing against her throat once more, but this time it started to move deeper into her.

The sensation was incredibly uncomfortable to her, but she pushed on as his cock stretched her throat. Her mouth, overflowing with saliva, closed tightly around his cock as it slowly disappeared, and then she felt his pubic hair pressing against her nose.

Valerie could feel her uncle’s cock twisting in pleasure inside her throat, and thought her lungs were burning for air, she struggled to stay still as her uncle savored the tightness of her throat around his cock.

Towering above her, her uncle smiled in satisfaction as her face burned with pride.

Soon, though, the sensation became too much for her and she had to pull back. His cock left her mouth in an explosion of salvia that was soon dripping down her chest, while Valerie tried to catch her breath.

“Ohhh... Valerie…” her uncle moaned above her.

A moment later she managed to look up into his eyes as she blushed shyly.

“I want to fuck your throat.” he said a moment later.

Valerie shuddered in place as she contemplated the idea, but though she was scared to try, she could already feel another orgasm approaching.

A moment later she nodded shyly as she looked into her uncle’s eyes, and then she waited, not really knowing what to do.

“Keep your hands behind your back.” her uncle ordered her.

Valerie did as told, and then her uncle crouched in front of her. Without warning, he clamped one hand around her neck and the other behind her head, and then he kissed her fiercely, forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Valerie felt herself melting under the unexpected intrusion, and soon her body was burning once more.

But a moment later her uncle stopped and he grabbed he grabbed her long blonde hair before he looped it around his hand, giving himself a firm grip on her head.

Valerie could only watch as he forced her head down and back, and then he pushed his cock into her mouth.

Like before, she tried to relax as best as she could, but her uncle was merciless and soon he was forcing his cock into her throat. It was easier this time, but the sensation was just as uncomfortable as before, and she couldn't breathe.

This time, though, as soon as he was all the way inside her, he pulled back, and then he started fucking her throat as he would her pussy or her ass.

Valerie panicked almost instantly, taking her hands to her uncle’s thigh as she pushed desperately, but he was much stronger than her. Meanwhile, his hips pumped in and out of her throat, fucking her as hard and as fast as he could.

Despite her panic, though, she felt her body responding to her uncle’s abuse. Incredibly, her pussy was dripping between her legs and her nipples were hard as rock, poking in front of her chest until they started to hurt on their own.

“So tight… Ohhhh, Valerie… it’s so tight...” her uncle moaned loudly.

But Valerie wasn't listening. Her lungs were burning for air and her stomach was twisting painful inside if her. She was desperate to escape, but she simply couldn't, her uncle was much stronger than her and her grip was unyielding.

Unable to escape, she closed her eyes and she waited, hoping that her uncle would release her.

But seconds passed and he was still fucking her throat just as savagely as before. Valerie felt herself retching, but even that didn't stop him.

Then, without stopping, she felt him kneading her breasts before he started pulling from her rings. She could feel the flesh from her nipples stretching painfully, until she thought he would simply rip them off her flesh.

The pain was excruciating, but the new agony only added to her mounting pleasure.

Almost a minute later, when Valerie was starting to become dizzy from the lack of air, her uncle suddenly stopped. Like before, he rammed himself as deep as he could and then he grabbed her head with both hands, keeping her in place.

He was going to kill her, she realized in her panic filled mind. Strangely enough, the idea helped her relax, if only a little, and she finally stopped struggling as her uncle moaned loudly.

A second later he finally cummed, shooting his seed deep into Valerie’s throat.

Valerie could feel her uncle’s cum, hot and sticky, sliding down her throat and then the world around her exploded as she came for the fifth time.

As her mind seemed to drift away into the light that surrounded her, Valerie felt her body going limp. Her uncle was still holding her in place, though, and his cock was deep within her throat as he finished cumming.

But just as she felt the last jet of cum shooting inside of her, Valerie’s tortured lungs had enough and her oxygen starved brain started to fade away, just like in her dream.

Her vision started to close in around her, until she could only see her uncle’s face, twisted in pleasure as his own orgasm faded away. Then the sounds around her became muted and finally her body seemed to become numb.

A moment later, he finally pulled out of her throat in one swift movement. Saliva flowed freely from her still open mouth, but Valerie was already drifting away.

Suddenly, breathing didn't seem so important to her, and as the last of her orgasm faded away, she closed her eyes and she smiled warmly.

A second later she felt a sharp pain in her face, though, and when she opened her eyes she saw her uncle’s hand flying towards her.

As the second slap hit, her face flared up in pain, and Valerie was forced back into consciousness. She looked around groggily as her uncle helped her up into the bed.

He looked worriedly at her, but she didn't know why. Then she tried to swallow and her tortured throat screamed at her in agony. Slowly, she remembered everything that had happened since she had opened her uncle’s door.

How he had made love to her, and how he had fucked her afterwards. How she had taken him into her throat and how he had choked her with his cock. How it had felt to be dying.

Valerie smiled shyly as her uncle looked at her, his face filled with compassion, and she finally understood why he had been so worried.

“I am okay…” she managed to say, her voice barely a broken croak.

She was sure she had been dying, just as her orgasm exploded inside of her, and for a brief moment the two had merged together to form something that she couldn't even begin to describe.

Then her uncle nodded sadly, and he pushed her gently onto the bed.

Once she was laying down, he started massaging her, going over every inch of her body as she relaxed under his touch.

Not long after, he made love to her again, though this time he was tender and caring. Valerie could feel his love in his touch, and she could hardly contain her own as she finally came for the sixth time, just as her uncle came inside her once more, filling her womb with his seed.

“I love you…” she blurted out before she could stop herself.

For a moment she thought her uncle would laugh at her, maybe even get up and leave, but he didn't. He stood still, just looking at her from above, and every second that passed doubled Valerie’s fear.

“I love you too, honey.” he finally said. “Ohhh, Valerie…”

She could feel her heart beating furiously inside her as she heard his words, and then they were kissing each other passionately.

After it was over, they stayed in each other’s arms for a while. Valerie was tired, but there was just too much in her mind to sleep, and she was also afraid she wouldn't be able to say what she wanted.

“I don’t wanna go back…” she managed to say after a while.

Like before her uncle nodded sadly as he caressed her breasts. Valerie wanted more, but she didn't dare ask him for it, not yet.

A few minutes passed in silence as she felt his body pressed against hers. Valerie was nervous, as there was much she wanted to say, but she was afraid of what her uncle might think.

Still, she had to try. Missing her chance would be much worse.

“Do you miss them? After they are… gone?” she asked him next.

After taking a deep breath, her uncle looked at her and then he kissed her lips. It was just a brush of his lips on hers, but Valerie was left panting and wanting more.

“I am always sad to see you go.” he told her as he looked out the window.

Valerie didn't miss the fact that he had said you, and not them, but she didn't say anything. After all, she had made up her mind before she entered her uncle’s room. Maybe he already knew what she wanted, but she needed to be sure.

There was one more thing that she needed to know first, though.

“And… after, what do you do… with… them…” she asked him as she blushed shyly.

“Well… whatever they want me to do. It's up to them, not me.” he said as he caressed her back. “Some just want to be buried in the clearing, others want to be roasted. A few wanted to be given to the pigs, though… well, not many want to, it's kind of… grisly.”

Valerie had seen the pigs eating many times since she started working with them, and she could imagine what it would look like. Then she remembered his earlier words and she looked at him.

“The stones… in the clearing.” she managed to say before he nodded at her. “Are they…”

“Yes, they are gravestones. One for each one of you.” he said a moment later.

Again, he had included her with them, but Valerie remained silent, unable to continue as a knot formed inside her throat.

It wasn't that she was having doubts, it was just the she was afraid she wouldn't be able to do it. That she would live the rest of her life thinking about that moment that slipped by her.

“I don’t wanna go back…” she said once more.

“I know, honey.” her uncle answered a moment later, kissing the top of her head.

This was it, the moment she had been waiting, she just had to say it and she was sure he would agree. Valerie took a deep breath, and as she felt her face turning red in shame, she gathered her courage.

“I want… I… I want you to…” she said as she stammered pathetically.

She was trembling hard, but she was determined to continue. Before she could, though, her uncle gently shushed her, hugging her tightly against his body.

“I understand, honey.” he said as Valerie nodded shyly. “We can talk about it tomorrow morning, what do you say? It's been a long day, you are tired.”

Valerie nodded once more. She knew she was tired, but she didn't want to sleep. For a moment she felt like a kid again. When she was younger, she used to play videos games late into the night and it seemed to her that her mother would always tell her to go to sleep at the very worst time.

She used to put up awful tantrums back then, but this time she simply nodded, knowing he was right.

A moment later she rolled to one side and he pressed himself against her back. The he slipped one of his arms under her neck and he pulled her towards himself. She could feel his cock, nestled against her ass and his breath on the back of her neck.

Despite what she might have thought before, the moment she closed her eyes she felt herself drifting away into sleep. And like the previous nights, Valerie was soon deep in a dream.

She dreamt that she was following her uncle towards the clearing. She was naked, as he was, and as they approached, she suddenly saw the fire going in the middle next to the tree

Though she stopped just at the edge, her uncle continued until he standing next to the table.

Stuck on the wooden surface, was his knife, the one she herself had used to kill the pig. The edge gleamed in the sunlight looking impossibly sharp, and a moment later her uncle picked it up and he showed it to her.

Valerie looked at it for a second, shuddering under her uncle’s gaze.

She had always thought that when the time came it would be hard, that she would be afraid, but she wasn't. Instead she felt herself smiling warmly at him, and then she too moved towards the fire as her body burned in anticipation.

The next day Valerie woke up feeling calm and refreshed. Her uncle was gone, but she could hear him working on the kitchen, probably making breakfast.

It was late in the morning, but the air still felt cool, and she savored the moment knowing that it wouldn't last. Still, she knew she had to get up, so she rolled herself off the bed and then she finally got up.

Despite the fact that her uncle didn't seem to be the kind of man that looked at himself in a mirror, there was one as tall as he was hanging from one of the walls.

Valerie moved towards it, and then she stopped in front of it as she looked at herself.

Her body was covered in bruises from the previous night. Her breasts, her neck, her ass and her thighs, all had red and purple mark from her uncle’s abuse. To Valerie, though, they looked beautiful, and despite the pain she loved how they made her look.

She was also covered in sweat, his uncle’s cum and her own juices. She felt filthy, but the feeling was strangle erotic to her. The idea of taking a shower suddenly crossed her mind, but she didn't see the need.

Instead, she went into the kitchen, and once there she found her uncle, just as naked as she was.

He was making coffee for himself, and when he saw her, he smiled warmly.

“Well. Hello there, honey.” he said. “I thought you would sleep the whole day away.”

Valerie felt herself blushing under her uncle’s joke, but she knew he was just trying to lighten up the mood.

“Hello, uncle Merle.” she answered a moment later, before she sat on one of the chairs.

The wooden surface felt cold under her naked ass, but she didn't really mind. It was starting to get warm, and as she looked outside the window she just knew it would be another one of those miserably hot days.

Suddenly she wanted to ask him about last night, but she was scared of what he might say. What if he told her he wouldn't? That he had changed his mind.

Valerie’s mind started racing along before she could control it, filling her with fear.

“Toast?” her uncle said a moment later.

“Mmmh… no, thanks, I’m not hungry.” she said a moment later she trembled under his gaze. “I could have a cup of tea, though.”

Her uncle nodded and soon he was making her tea. He worked silently as Valerie watched him nervously.

The previous night she had told him that she loved him. And she did, more that she could have thought possible, even if they had only known each other for a short time.

He had told her that he loved her, too. And as she remembered his face the moment he said it, her heart started beating furiously inside her chest once more.

In her short life, Valerie had never felt something so powerful as that, and the more she thought about it, the happier it made her.

A moment later her uncle returned, and he place a cup of tea in front of her. Valerie took it, savoring the warmth as she closed her hands around it, and then her uncle sat in front of her with his own coffee.

He looked into her eyes for a few moment, while Valerie struggled to hold his gaze. She didn't want him to think she was scared or nervous, even if she was.

“Are you sure?” he finally asked her.

Valerie felt a shudder running down her back as she heard her uncle’s question. This was it, the moment she had been waiting for. This time, though, she wanted to say it out loud, though she wasn't sure if she would be able to.

After taking a deep breath to try to calm herself, she closed her eyes.

“Yes.” she said firmly. “I… I want you… to do to me, what you did to Olive…”

She felt herself blushing madly under his gaze, but she had done it, and once it was out it was as if a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Her uncle smiled warmly at her, and then he nodded.

“Okay.” he said.

Valerie had expected more. Maybe he would ask her again, just to be sure, or worse, maybe he would have said no. Valerie didn't want any of that, she was sure, and she had made up her mind a long time ago, even if she hadn’t know it.

After that he started asking her how she wanted him to do it. He told her that every girl had a particular fantasy, and that he wanted to get it right. There were no second tries, and he wanted to do the best he could for her.

Valerie was a little overwhelmed about it. There was just so much that she hadn't thought about, and it was strange to be deciding on how she would die.

Still, she knew what her uncle meant and she was thankful for it. It would make it easier for her in the end, and as he told her, it was the only way she would get to enjoy it.

After a few minute of discussion, her uncle seemed satisfied, and everything was arranged. It would happen at midday, so Valerie had a few hours left.

For a moment she panicked, as she was scared that the free time would only make her panic, but her uncle had other plans.

After she finished her tea, he grabbed her hand and he took her to his bedroom once more.

Once they were inside, he looked at her, and he smiled as his eyes darted towards the bed.

Valerie knew what he meant, but she was conflicted.

On the one hand, she remembered the previous night and how her uncle had used her body, and she shuddered in pleasure. But on the other, at that moment, she just wanted him to make love to her.

Unable to speak, she kissed him, and it seemed to be enough for him.

Without breaking their kiss he took her into the bed and he made love to her, caressing her body as she kissed her.

Valerie felt herself in heaven as her uncle pleasured her as best as he could. She could feel his rough hands running all over her body while his cock filled her completely.

Even after the previous night activities, Valerie was still on edge, and she could have cummed at any point. But she didn't want to, not yet. She resisted as best as she could, struggling against her uncle’s best efforts to pleasure her, just enjoying the sensation as her body burned from within.

Sensing that she didn't want to cum, her uncle finally allowed himself to cum, shooting his seed into his niece’s pussy.

Valerie shuddered in pleasure as she felt her uncle’s cum splashing inside of her, but despite how arousing it felt, she still managed to hold on, until a moment later it was over and her uncle collapsed on top of her.

Not long after that, he rolled to one side and he started caressing her body once more.

She could feel her orgasm fading away, though not completely. It was still there, just out of her reach, but ready to return when the time came.

Feeling happy and content, she laid next to her uncle, just enjoying his presence. For a brief moment she wished she could stay like that forever, just the two of them, but she knew she couldn't.

“I have to go. There are things to prepare.” he told her as he slipped his arm off her shoulders.

Valerie nodded sadly, not wanting to see him go, but knowing it was necessary.

“Don't worry, I will be back in no time. Just relax.” he added a moment later.

Before leaving, though, he leaned towards her and he kissed her softly in her lips, leaving his taste behind.

After that, he grabbed his pants and he left.

Now that she was alone, Valerie started to get nervous again. She tried not to, but soon she started thinking about the details she had decided with her uncle and how everything would play out. She didn't want to act scared when the time came, though inside she knew she would.

Her mind was a jumble of emotions, too. Fear and excitement, arousal and panic, all mixed together until Valerie felt herself becoming overwhelmed.

Soon she was trembling hard as she tossed and turned on the bed.

There was nothing for her to do, though she wished there were. Instead, hoping to distract herself, she went into the bathroom and took a long, warm shower.

As the warm water cascaded over her naked body, Valerie finally managed to relax, even if only a little and for a while, but when she came out of the shower she felt a little better than before.

After drying herself, she tied her long blond hair into a ponytail behind her head, as she didn’t want it to be in the way, and then she returned to her uncle’s room to wait for him.

Valerie knew, deep down, that her time was approaching, and though she knew she could stop everything at any time, she didn't want too.

“I am going to die...” she whispered a moment later.

Strangely enough, the idea did not fill her with dread as she thought it might have done before.

Standing in front of the mirror, she watched herself once more. The bruises and the rings still looked beautiful to her, but there was more. As she bit her lips nervously, she realized that she had never looked so beautiful before.

Everything, from her small breasts, her thin hips and her long blonde hair looked gorgeous. She couldn't tell what had changed, if anything, but to her she looked more beautiful than ever before.

But despite that, there was a part of her, maybe the rational part, that was screaming desperately inside her mind. It was telling her that she was crazy, that she had to stop. There was just so much to live for, but Valerie didn't want to listen to it.

After closing her eyes, she slowed down her breathing and she started running her hands all over her body as she imagined they were her uncle’s hands.

She touched her neck, still bruised and tender from the previous night, her breasts and her two rings. She ran her hands along her ass and between her legs, marveling at how wet she still was.

Soon she was shuddering in pleasure as her moans became faster and faster, but before she could lose control of herself, she heard her uncle moving behind her.

Valerie opened her eyes in panic, feeling like she had been done doing something wrong, and then she turned around.

She felt her face burning in shame as he watched her with a knowing smirk on his face, but Valerie knew he wasn't mocking her.

“I am sorry I took so long. I wanted to make sure everything would be ready.” her uncle told her.

Unable to talk, Valerie nodded shyly as she clasped her hands behind her back, trying to hide the fact that they were dripping with her juices.

Then her uncle moved towards her once more, stopping just in front of her.

He was more than two heads taller than her, and much bigger too. Big and imposing, he towered above Valerie looking like a giant, but even despite that she knew how gentle he could be.

Feeling safe in his presence, she closed her eyes and waited as he laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Are you ready?” he asked her a moment later.

Valerie felt her heart miss a beat inside her chest as she heard those word. It was finally time, and after this there would be no turning back.

In the last few days, after she had made up her mind, she had thought that when the time came she would suddenly panic. She imagined herself running away, screaming in horror at the idea of what her uncle would do to her, but now that the moment came, she was strangely calm.

Suddenly she knew everything would be alright. It would go just as the two of them had planned, and she would get to experience that which the other girls had before her.

Unable to contain her excitement, she nodded shyly, feeling as her face turned just a little redder.

Then she opened her eyes and she saw her uncle, holding up a leash to her.

She looked at it for a second, though of course she knew what it was. They had agreed on every detail, just so she could feel safe until the end.

It was the same leash he had used to lead the pigs. It was just a short leather strap with a carabiner in one end, but as Valerie watched it, she felt herself shuddering in pleasure.

Once more, she nodded slowly and then her uncle clipped the leash to her nose ring. Almost immediately she realized how heavy it was, and how much it could hurt if he pulled from it.

Valerie, knowing that her uncle wouldn't hesitate to uses it if her thought he needed to, dropped onto her hands and knees and then she looked into his eyes.

Above her, he smiled at her in satisfaction, and then without another word he turned around and left the room.

Valerie started crawling behind him as fast as she could, feeling the weight of the leash on her nose as a constant reminder that she had to keep up.

The stairs were difficult, as she had never crawled down them before, but her uncle slowed down, if only a little, to give her time and once at the bottom he took her outside and onto the porch.

Once there he stopped for a second while Valerie tried to catch her breath.

Before she could though, he gave a gentle tug of the leash, and he started moving once more.

Valerie winced in agony as she felt the leash pulling from her ring. Suddenly her nose started itching like crazy and tears were streaming down her face. The pain, though, was gone almost instantly, leaving only a dull feeling of discomfort.

Her uncle, oblivious to her problems, headed into the forest, and soon they were following the path.

By then she was growing used to crawling, and it soon became easier to follow him.

She would have never thought it possible before, but being leashed made her feel free and unburdened. She didn't have to worry about anything anymore, her uncle would take care of her, and to Valerie that felt incredibly arousing too.

As she looked around, she started to see and feel the world around her in a different way.

The sky above her, what little she could see between the treetops, was a perfect light blue. There were no clouds and the wind was barely a whisper among the leaves.

Around her, she could see the trees and bushes that covered the forest floor. She could suddenly smell every single one of them in what felt like an explosion of aromas she hadn't known existed before.

Under her hands she could feel the wet earth, still moist from the morning dew, and the faint perfume it had.

Minutes passed as she followed her uncle in silence, an Valerie was in awe at the world around her.

Then she saw him stopping once more, and she did the same.

They had reached the clearing, and as Valerie looked around, she quickly found everything as they had agreed. The table was set, and though from the floor she couldn't see the top, she knew her uncle had arranged everything he needed there.

Next to it, the fire was already going. She could hear the flames crackling even from the distance, and the idea that she would soon be over it, drove her mad with lust.

Then her uncle looked at her, and she felt his gaze piercing into her eyes.

Valerie swallowed nervously, but she wasn't scared, just nervous.

After nodding once more, her uncle started walking towards the fire and she followed him once more.

The grass that covered the ground was also wet. It reached almost to her chest, and she could suddenly feel every blade and every drop of cool water brushing her thighs and her breasts.

The breeze too, became something that she started to notice as it blew over her body and around her pussy.

The sensation was delicious, and she was soon shivering in pleasure as she approached the fire.

Then, before she realized where she was, they had reached the fire and her uncle stopped once more.

This time he didn't ask her if she was okay, and he didn't look at her waiting for a nod either. That point had passed, and now he was all business. Still kneeling on the floor, she watched him as he worked quietly, his face twisted in concentration as he arranged a few thing on the table.

For a second she wondered if she could still call everything off. What if she told him she didn't want to do it, not anymore? Would he listen to her, even when she told him before that he shouldn't?

Back in the kitchen, when they had discussed how she wanted it to be, she had been specific about it. She had been scared that when the time came she would panic, and he told him that he shouldn't listen to her pleas, no matter what.

She didn't want to, of course. It was just a passing thought. Maybe it was her mind, trying to distract her from the fact that she was about to die.

Strangely, though, the idea didn't scared her. If anything, she was curious and excited about it.

Then her uncle returned his attention to her. Without saying a word, he crouched near her and he unclipped her leash before he let it fall to the floor.

Valerie was a little sad it was gone, but she knew it would only be on the way.

A moment later her uncle grabbed a length of rope from the table and he moved behind her. Without asking for her permission he grabbed one of her hands and he forced it behind her back.

Valerie surrendered to him as he started tying her hands together behind her back. The rope felt rough and itchy on her skin, and her uncle tied it much tighter than what she imagined he would, just like in her dream.

Once that was done, he grabbed another length of rope, and he started fondling her breasts from behind her.

He was rough with them, and Valerie was soon gritting her teeth as she tried to endure the pain. Her uncle, though, seemed to be enjoying himself, and soon her was pulling from her rings, stretching her breasts until tears were streaming down her face.

Once he was satisfied, he took the rope and he looped it around her torso, before he started wrapping it around her arms and her breast. With every loop, he pulled just a little tighter, and then he started wrapping it around her breasts.

Valerie could feel the rope digging painfully into her flesh and then her breast started swelling with blood. Soon they a couple sizes bigger than before, and Valerie looked at them in awe.

Then her uncle turned towards the table, and when he returned, he had a short length of pipe and more rope.

Grabbing her shoulders, he forced her to the ground until she was laying down.

Taking one of her feet, he then tied it to one of the ends of the pipe. Then he did the same to the other, forcing her legs apart.

Like before, Valerie could feel the rope digging painfully into her flesh, but she remained silent as her uncle finished his work.

A moment later he was done, and then he finally got up.

It was then that Valerie noticed the rope, hanging from a branch, right above her. She knew what would happen then, and as her uncle grabbed the end of the rope, she started shuddering in anticipation.

Her uncle ignored her, though. He worked silently as he secured the rope to the pipe, and once it was done, he moved to the tree. Valerie saw him grabbing the other end of the rope, and then he started pulling.

The rope pulled her legs up into the air, and then her body rose into the air until her head was three feet above the floor.

Hanging upside down as a little disorienting and for a moment Valerie started to feel dizzy. She was spinning slowly while also swaying back and forth under the rope, but a moment later she felt her uncle hands on her ass as he held her in place.

Valerie was grateful, but she remained silent as a knot formed inside her.

She was defenseless, much more so than at any other time in her life. No one had tied her up before, not even her boyfriend, no matter how much he had insisted. Worse, she knew that the ropes were never coming off, not while she was alive, at least.

Suddenly she felt her fear flaring up inside her and she started pulling from the ropes, desperate to escape, but her uncle had done his job too well, and the ropes held firmly. The only thing she managed was to cut herself.

She knew what came next, and despite her earlier calmness, she was getting nervous. She tried to find into her uncle’s eyes, hoping that it would calm her, but he simply ignored her..

Meanwhile, her uncle took of his pants before throwing them under the table. Once he was naked, he started playing with his already hard cock as he leered at her body.

Valerie’s face had ended just in level with his crotch, and as her uncle returned to her, she suddenly had his cock right in front of her. He hadn’t showered after their last encounter, and she soon realized that she could still smell herself on him.

Far from being disgusting, Valerie was aroused by the idea, and as she swallowed nervously, she waited for her uncle.

He was taking his time, though, and Valerie’s mind started drifting away. She could hear the fire crackling behind her uncle, a constant reminder of what awaited her. From up high, she could see the table too, and all the tools that were on it.

Her uncle had told her everything he would do to her, and the tools he would need for it. She had butchered a pig herself, too, but seeing them now that they were about to be used on her was different.

It was both exciting and terrifying, and as she watched them, she felt a shudder running down her back.

Then she felt a sharp pain exploding in her face, and her head rocked to one side along with her whole body.

When she opened her eyes once more, her uncle was grabbing her hair firmly in one hand.

Using it as a handle, he pulled painful from it and then he held her in place as he moved his cock towards her.

Valerie opened up her mouth obediently, taking his cock into her mouth as deep as she could while her uncle started fondling her breasts and her ass.

This time, though, his touch was rough and painful, just like she had asked him to.

While she did her best to please him with her mouth, her uncle abused of her body. Soon he was pinching her ass and pulling from her nipple rings until Valerie felt herself becoming dizzy from the pain.

But it wasn't enough, and a moment later he started playing with her pussy before he pushed a couple of fingers inside her.

Valerie was lost in pleasure as her uncle abused her, and she could feel her pussy dripping down her belly and her ass.

She could feel his cock, twitching in excitement inside her mouth, but in that position and with her hands tied behind her, there wasn't much she could do but to suck him as hard as she could.

Her uncle didn't seem to mind, though, at least not yet. She could hear him moaning loudly above her as he suddenly moved his attention to her asshole.

Without warning she felt him spitting between her legs, and then he forced his way inside her asshole. Valerie grunted in agony as she felt his fingers stretching her tender hole without mercy, but there was nothing she could do but endure.

Soon he was pumping his fingers into her asshole as he fucked her with them. He seemed to be trying to stretch her as much as he could, and the pain was tremendous.

Still, Valerie could feel her body responding to his abuse as her arousal increased. Soon her body was burning from within and Valerie felt her heart beating furiously inside her chest. Pain and pleasure, mixed inside her mind until she couldn't tell one from the other, and she could feel her orgasm approaching quickly.

Then, without warning, her uncle took a step back and Valerie was left swaying under the rope.

She was panting and out of breath, and as she tried to catch her breath, her uncle leered at her body. Her pussy and her asshole felt sore and abused, and she could feel them gaping open between her legs.

Then her uncle looked at the table, and Valerie panicked. It was too soon, she wanted more before he did her. She needed more, just as they had agreed.

But her uncle was just teasing her, and a moment later he returned to her as he smiled darkly.

Before Valerie could recover, he had grabbed her head in both hands, and he pushed his cock into her mouth once more.

Valerie did her best to relax, but her uncle was brutal. His finger dug deeply into her skull as he pulled from her head, forcing his cock forwards until she could feel it stretching her still tender throat.

Despite her struggles, her uncle pushed forwards until a moment later Valerie could feel his ball resting over her nose. The sensation of his cock filling her throat so fully, was deeply uncomfortable, and unable to breath, she could soon feel her lungs screaming for air.

“Fuck…” her uncle moaned above her, lost in his own pleasure.

Her uncle seemed to have forgotten about her, though, and soon Valerie’s panic doubled as her lungs started to burn. Desperate to escape, she started trashing her body around, hoping that her uncle would let her go, but it seemed to only add to his pleasure.

Seconds passed in what felt like an eternity, and Valerie started to think that she would die like that, suffocated by her uncle’s cock. As her vision started to close around her, she feared that he might cheat her out of what they had agreed.

But a moment later he pulled out, just as savagely as he had forced his way inside her throat, and Valerie felt an explosion of saliva coming out of her mouth.

Once she was free, she took a couple of big breathes and she started laughing in joy as the fresh air filled her tortured lungs.

Then her uncle crouched in front of her, and he smeared her saliva all over her face before he slapped her twice. The first blow wasn't so hard, but it caught her by surprise. The second though, was much stronger and her head flew to the side as her cheek was left stinging from the pain.

Before she could finish recovering though, her uncle got up and he pushed his cock into her mouth yet again.

This time, he started slowly, giving her time to grow used to the position.

Being upside down had its advantages, she soon discovered, as his cock could more easily get in her throat that way, but it also gave him much more leverage which allowed him to force her in any way he wanted.

Soon her uncle’s pace increased and he was fucking her mouth just as he had his pussy and her ass a few hours earlier.

Valerie could feel his cock pushing against the back of her throat. The sensation was painful, but not as much as before, and from time to time he gave Valerie a brief respite for her to catch her breath.

And as her uncle abused her, she felt herself becoming incredibly aroused.

Her uncle’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once. On her neck, and fucking her asshole. Pulling from her nipples and holding her head. Dazed as she was from hanging upside down, Valerie couldn't keep up with him.

Soon her face was dripping long slimy trails of saliva and her juices were sliding down her chest and her breasts. She could feel the slight breeze blowing over her naked body, adding to her pleasure.

Valerie was delirious with pleasure, and as her uncle fucked her throat, she felt her orgasm approaching with fury.

Oblivious to his niece’s situation, her uncle started ramming his cock into her throat until she started gagging violently.

It didn't matter though, as Valerie was shuddering in pleasure as her uncle abused her as savagely as he could.

Valerie could feel her balls, slapping her face with every thrust of his hips as her throat screamed in agony. The sensation was both raw and brutal, but it only added to her pleasure.

Then her uncle returned his attention to her body, and he forced his fingers into her pussy once more. Valerie felt his fingers moving inside her as he forced himself deeper and deeper until she could feel his whole hand inside of her.

And still he fucked her throat, giving her increasingly shorter breaks, until she had only a few seconds to catch her breath every time he stopped. Soon it wasn't enough and she started to suffocate. Her lungs were a constant agony as they burned from the lack of air, but her uncle pushed even harder.

She could feel his orgasm approaching, in the way his own body shuddered in pleasure and how frantic his movements had become.

Valerie was growing desperate for air by then. Her uncle should have already given her a break, but he hadn't.

As she counted the seconds, the agony in her chest increased until it became all she could think off. And still her uncle fucked her throat, until she felt something popping inside of it.

Then he suddenly rammed his cock as hard as he could into her throat, before he clamped both hands around her neck and he squeezed hard, crushing her throat.

Seconds later, Valerie could feel him cumming inside her throat. Jet after jet of sticky cum splashed inside her, and since she was hanging upside down she simply couldn't swallow it.

The moment seemed to stretch on forever as Valerie's vision started to close around her, just like before, and then her uncle moved back in one swift movement.

As his cock finally left her abused throat, Valerie felt his cum exploding from her mouth before it dripped down her face.

“Aaaaargghhhhh!” Valerie screamed, her voice broken and raw.

When she managed to open her eyes, she saw him standing in front of her.

Her uncle was panting and out of breath, and his cock, still hard, was a slimy mess of cum and her saliva. He didn't seem to have noticed, though.

He was leering at her with a dark smile on his face, and a moment later he moved his hand towards the table.

His movement were slow and deliberate, and Valerie watched him as he grabbed his knife before he showed it to her.

Suddenly she wasn't ready for it. She wanted to escape, to run away as far as she could. The rational part of her mind, the one that had screamed at her madness before, returned even louder than before.

But she was defenseless, and though she struggled with the ropes holding her down, she only managed to bring even more pain to her already tortured mind.

Meanwhile, her uncle mover closer to her.

Valerie could see him moving almost in slow motion as he approached her. She knew it was time, just as they had agreed before, but she now thought she had been crazy back then. She didn't want to die, not yet.

Panic suddenly overwhelmed her, pushing everything away.

But her uncle ignored her struggles and she couldn't speak. The best she could manage was a broken croak from her destroyed throat, and it wasn't enough.

A moment later he was standing in front of her, and without a word he started fucking her pussy with his hand.

Despite her panic, Valerie’s pleasure returned almost instantly, until she could feel herself burning up, desperate for release.

Her body felt feverish and weak, but under her uncle’s skilled touch, her panic slowly disappeared until the only thing left was her lust.

Valerie then closed her eyes, and she took a deep breath.

Suddenly her mind felt clear and focused, and she remembered everything that had happened since the day she arrived. The videos and the previous girls, how she had felt the moment she watched Charlotte dying as her uncle chopped her head off. How horrified she had been, and how that horror had turned into curiosity first, and then slowly into arousal.

She remembered her first time with her uncle, and how incredibly erotic it had been to strip in front of him for the first time. How the pain from her rings soon turned into lust. How he had used and abused of her body.

She didn't know how long the moment lasted, either minutes or seconds, thought it didn't seem to matter.

Then she remembered their conversation, and she swallowed nervously.

With the taste of his cum still in her mouth, Valerie took what she knew would be her last breath, and then she pulled her head back, exposing her neck to her uncle.

Not a second later she felt a sharp prick in her neck as her uncle drove the knife deep into her. There wasn't that much pain, not yet at least, thought the sensation was strangely uncomfortable.

She could feel her uncle caressing the back of her head tenderly as he held her in place. Then he dragged the knife along her neck, cutting her throat open and everything along the way.

Suddenly Valerie was bleeding hard, and she felt her blood escaping her body with every beat of her dying heart, until it was dripping down her neck and her face.

Valerie knew she was dying, but suddenly it didn't seem to matter to her.

The pain in her neck became a searing sensation that seemed to explode the moment her uncle pulled the knife out and suddenly the world around her disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Like before everything around her seemed to burn in a brilliant show of light, though this time it was much brighter and much more intense than ever before.

She could feel herself flopping violently under the rope as waves of pleasure assaulted her mind, one after the other, until she felt herself drowning in pleasure.

The glorious moment seemed to stretch on forever and Valerie savored it as much as she could. Nothing seemed to matter, except her orgasm.

Valerie wished she could stretch that moment on forever, but like before she couldn't. Slowly, her orgasm faded away, and she returned to the world.

Now that it was over, Valerie tried to breathe but she soon found out that she couldn't. She was drowning, this time in her own blood, but it didn't matter.

When she tried to open her eyes, she could only see red from the blood dripping down her face, but this did not matter either.

She could taste it on her mouth, that sharp metallic taste that she had found so fascinating as a kid, though infinitely more powerful.

Unable to see, she concentrated on her body. Her uncle’s hands had left her pussy, but he could still feel him caressing the back of her head. It was strangely soothing and she was happy to know that he was still with her.

Then, slowly at first, she felt her heart slowing down as her body started to bleed out and she felt herself becoming tired and sleepy.

She was dying, she knew it, but it didn't matter. She felt happier than ever before, and thought she knew she couldn't, she wanted to thank her uncle for everything he had done.

Her only regret was that she would never get to experience it again, but even that soon became unimportant.

Then her uncle’s touch disappeared from her head and she felt the knife returning to her body.

She distantly remembered asking her uncle to start butchering before she was gone, and he had kept his word.

There was no pain, not anymore, but Valerie could feel the blade cutting her belly open from her pussy to her ribs and then she felt herself becoming lighter. Her uncle’s hands were then moving inside her, much deeper than his cock ever could.

She was fading rapidly by then, though. She could hear the fire crackling distantly, and a moment later it was gone and the world around her became silent.

The smell too, seemed to fade away. First the smell of blood, her own she thought distantly, and then she smell of the grass and the fire, waiting for her.

A moment later she felt something cold, forcing its way into her asshole and then into her body.

It took a few seconds for her mind to realize what was happening, but when she finally did, she smiled at best as she could.

A moment later, the spit came out of Valerie’s mouth, covered in blood and gore, but she was already gone.

With the spit all the way through her, Merle took a step back, admiring his work as his niece finally died.

She was smiling, he noticed, and though he was sad to see her go, he knew he shouldn't.

After closing her eyes, he grunted in satisfaction and he took a deep breath, filling himself with the smell of her blood. He was covered in it, but it didn't matter. He would have time to shower once he was finished.

After one last look at her dead body, he lowered her to the floor and from there he took her to the table.

He worked slowly and methodically, getting her ready for the fire. First, he cut off her ropes and then he tied her hands to the spit, high above her head, and then he did the same to her feet.

After that, he cleaned up her body, both inside and out, and once he was done he took a step back, admiring his work.

The marks from the earlier ropes were still in her body. They looked deep and now that she was dead they would remain like that forever. He knew that they must have been painful, but it was what she had asked him.

The wound on her neck and the way she had been hanging, meant that her body had been drained from blood, so she now looked a little paler than before. The two wounds, in her neck and along her belly, remained of course, but the blood was gone.

Her face looked calm, and her lips formed a perfect circle around the spit, just as they had a around his cock. To him, she looked even more beautiful than before.

Then Merle took another deep breath, and he picked her up easily from the table. She was much lighter now, he noticed as he carried her with ease towards the waiting fire.

After setting the spit between the two supports, he took a step back and he watched as his niece started roasting.

It had been years since the last time he roasted a girl, but he had plenty experience in the past, and just as she had asked him, he would make sure that she made a great meal.

It would take many hours for her to be ready, of course, but he wasn't going to rush it.

As he smiled, he told himself that after all, he had plenty of time before her sisters arrived at the farm.


Well, that is it, the story is complete. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone with the end, but let me know what you think of it!


you are the best


Agreed. Very good.


Very good!!!!!


Since gurochan is dying, do you have anywhere else you post your stories where we can follow you?


Unfortunately I host everything in ASSTR which is also dying. I haven't been able to upload anything for the past few months and there is no telling how long it will stay there..

www asstr org/~Eficient/

Enjoy it while it lasts...


Ravishu is working well and is basically dolcettish with less rules.


You need to find somewhere else! Your consensual stories are amazing and it would be a crying shame if they were lost forever.


Holy shit!!! That was amazing!! Loved every bit of it! Was so worried that when the site went down I'd never see the ending.
I just wish there was more!!
Fantastic work!


I see you've updated asstr org ~Eficient with the new stories. Nice!


Rather than a forum (like here) y prefer to have them on a website, but due to the nature of my work its hard to find a place to host it. ASSTR is nice because its anonymous (kind of) and free, so its hard to find an alternative!

Thanks! I am glad gurochan is back, too!

There was quiet a bit of back log, so yes, check it out if you want more!


This story actually bothered me, and kept me awake last night. I couldn't digest the ending and I had mixed feelings about it. Oddly enough, I come here FOR consensual, so this should be right up my alley. I think the hard stop for me was just how well it was written, how the build up was slow and fleshed out, and how it really FELT like a real person consenting to the end. It was VERY good, but the more I thought about it the more I tossed and turned.

So my kudos to you for writing a story so well that it actually made me think and need to digest.


Well I am glad you liked it. I sometimes think gurochan is not the place for the work I am doing now, but so far it seems I was wrong.

Consensual stories are very nice, but they are also hard, because you can very easily fall into a cliche or an unrealistic character development (not that this is real, but lets say that its reasonable).

If you want to read a few more like this, I can recommend you "The Hangman".

www asstr org/~Eficient/


I hope this works...


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