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Spanking Booth

(Inspired by the Kissing Booth movie on Netflix)

Sally wakes up, starts getting ready for school and her uniform gets ruined by her dad's breakfast. OMG she needs to find her backup. But she can't find it.

"Dad, where's my second uniform?"

"At the laundry."

She don't have a third option, needs to find another option. She looks in her closet and the only thing she sees is the one she wore at first grade.

"Oh, c'mon! I'm on 6th grade now!"

She has to wear it, looks for some underwear now. Nothing. What's happening? It's all dirty. This can't be happening to her. Doesn't matter, she only got 4 minutes to get into the school bus. Tight white shirt, small skirt, and no underwear. Great!

She's a small blonde 11 years and blue eyes, going to Beverly Hills Elementary in a 6 yrs old outfit.

Once she gets at school, her butt and pussy are showing off as she walks. One guy comes around and spanks her. "Hey!" The guy runs away.

Her best friend, Amy, comes to her.

"We need to present our idea for the school fair in a few minutes!"

"What? We don't have anything!"

"I know but principal says we have to do it now or forget about everything."

Damn, could this be worse?

The principal asks her about her idea, but also about her very short skirt. She comes up with an idea.

"We are doing a spanking booth."

"So, it's that why you are wearing such a small skirt?"

"Yes. You see? Many parents are now deprived from spanking their own kids. But what if we give them the chance to span another girls, not theirs? For a small price. I'm sure even teachers would pay to be able to spank some of the students. This would raise a lot of money."

"Will you be one of the girls to be spanked?"

"No, it will be voluntaries from 6th grade. The most popular and pretty girls from the grade."

"And will the parents be allowed to spank their own kids?"

"No, anyone can only spank girls who are not theirs. We'll ask them for pictures of their parents to verify before the spanking."

"Ok, I'm looking forward to see that. Approved."

The day of the fair, she and her best friend have managed to convince 12 of the most popular girls to volunteer for the booth. First goes mexican Maria.

"10 bucks for a minute, come on! You can spank a girl bare bottom!"

Maria bends over and gets her skirt and bottoms down.

The first dad approaches. "Mmmm... nice butt, she looks like my maid's daughter. I want to hit that big butt."

Maria is spanked by several dads, so hard. Leaves her red hand marks on her butt.

"Now it's Duani's turn. A popular brunette here in Beverly Hills Elementary. She's 11 and have been a very bad girl. Now it's your turn to punish her!"

More dads come to the booth and pay for the privilege.

Duani's white butt gets more red with the hard spankings she's getting.

"Excuse me, is this only for spanking or i can do anything else with their butts?"

"Well, you can also rub their butts to tear away their pain if you wish." Answers Sally.

"But i mean, their pussy is showing, can I also spank it?"

"We don't have strict rules so i guess you can."

"So, are there any limits?"

"I guess you can do anything you want with their butts for the time you pay." Sally clarifies. "Now, let me announce the next girl." She cleans her throat. "Now it's the turn for Wendy, one of the most pretty and popular girls here at Beverly Hills Elementary. She is known as the Regina George of our school, so feel free to punish her as hard as you like!" She says with some satisfaction, remembering everything she has done to her.

The next parent, after hearing Sally's permission, inserts his finger into Wendy's ass. The girl starts screaming, as it goes deeper and deeper.

"Wait!" Sally intervenes. "You can't do that!"

"But you just said i could do anything to her butt for the time I paid.

Sally remembers again that time Wendy humiliated her so bad in front of school. She deserves it.

"Ok, It's allowed."

The guy continues fingering her ass and her pussy while Wendy keeps screaming.

"Sally! Come here!"

She hears the voice behind the curtain. "What's happening, Lora?"

"Wendy's time is almost over and the next parent is my dad, and he already paid 100 dlls for 10 minutes! You said parents couldn't spank their own daughters, so I can't go, so you have to do it."

"No, I can't participate, I'm in charge of the booth!"

But before she knew, Sally was already bending with her panties down. Lorna's dad had 10 minutes with her.

She was spanked soft at first, got her butt fondled, then her pussy slapped, fondled too, then the hard part came in, and inserting his fingers in her. First anus, then pussy too. She felt pain but also pleasure. Couldn't stop it, but wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop. Felt so good. Like never before. She wanted to spend all the time like that. Like a dirty cheap slut, or maybe like the popular girls. She can't think clearly. She's just enjoying her time. This is so great. Now this is what this booth all about.

"Come on, Sally, it's my turn!" Says Olivia. "Are going to present me or should i tell Amy to do it? I'm very popular too, you know?"

"Well, sally, I have to admit" Says the principal, "I was very skeptic at first about your idea, but you managed to raise more money than any other stand on the fair, so I'm considering to make it permanent for every year."

"Wow, that's wonderful, thanks!"

"But I'm also considering to extend this to our wealthiest donors. With all the rules you said. They can do anything they want with the butt they are paying for."

"That is great, thanks!"

"And you will be our first girl. Please let me introduce you to my close friend, Mel Gib. Say hi and bend please. I'll take your skirt and panties down."


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