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David watched with terror as the loan shark stood over him. He and his wife Lara were bound and gagged inside what looked like some kind of abandoned warehouse surrounded by several very unfriendly looking men.

“You own me twenty thousand dollars David,” the loan shark growled at him. “I’m growing impatient.”

David tried to respond through his gag, but the only thing that came out was a series of faint moans.

The loan shark nodded at one of his men who went over to Lara. At this both she and David let out a series of panicked moans through their gags, growing even more frantic as the man produced a knife. Grabbing Lara’s blouse he used the knife to help rip it open, then cut the strip of fabric connecting the cups of her bra, exposing her perky, ample breasts.

The loan shark gazed at his wife appreciatively for several moments before returning his attention to David.

“Your wife has lovely tits David,” he said dispassionately. “It’s a shame really.”

The loan shark turned and went over to Lara. David watched as he reached into a bucket on a stool next to the chair his wife was tied too and picked up what looked like a piece of ice. Then cupping her left breast with his free hand he rubbed the ice over her nipple, causing the rosy nub to harden from the cold. Throwing the peace of ice away the thumb of his other hand stroked the crown of her breast, rubbing her chilled, slightly damp flesh.

Still grouping his wife’s breast the loan shark looked back at David before reaching into his coat pocket with his other hand and taking out a bright, silvery object. Holding it up for him to see David realized after a few seconds that it was a cigar cutter. He stared at it for several long moments as he tried to figure out what it could be for before his heart froze with horror as it suddenly hit him.

Lara could see the cigar cutter as well, and it was fairly obvious the exact moment she realized its intended purpose as well from the way she suddenly started thrashing around against her bonds with a loud, muffled cry through her gag.

Given how tightly she was tied down she wasn’t able to move much though, and after holding up the cigar cutter up for another moment for them to see the loan shark turned back to Lara. Husband and wife both stared in terror as the loan shark positioned the cigar cutter atop her pale breast with her nipple inside it. He pressed the cigar cutter as hard as he could into her supple flesh, her nipple bulging through the hole along with some of her areola.

The loan shark looked back at David and gave him a wink before looking at one of his men standing behind Lara and giving him a nod. The man undid her gag and pulled it way. It took Lara a second to realize that her mouth was free before she opened it to beg for mercy. However all that came out was a loud scream as at that moment the loan shark snapped the cigar cutter closed over her breast, cutting off her beautiful nipple.

David stared transfixed with horror as his wife sobbed in agony before realizing that the loan shark was standing over him again. The man was holding his palm out and looking at it David saw his wife’s bloody, ruined nipple resting in the center of his hand. Then he went over to a large, sleek, back dog that until now had been sitting quietly and David watched with revulsion as the loan shark casually offered the dog his palm and it surged forward to collect his wife’s severed teat with a swipe of its tongue.

The loan shark went back to stand next to Lara and David saw a new man, he didn’t think he’d seen him until now, bent over his wife’s disfigured breast apparently treating her wound.

“This is Doctor, well you don’t really need to know his name, do you?” The loan shark told David. “Suffice to say this isn’t the first time he’s treated a wound like this, and all of his past patients have recovered, well the ones who weren't killed some other way first,” he added with a chuckle. “Anyway, I want at least five thousand dollars within two weeks or,” the loan shark reached up and pinched Lara’s remaining nipple, drawing an extra hard sob from the woman. “your sweet, young wife here loses her other tit. And their wont be any cigar cutter either, next time Ripper gets to bit it off himself,” the loan shark said coolly with a nod towards his dog, which once again was sitting calmly.

“Oh,” the loan shark said turning his attention to Lara, who was still crying quietly. He stared down at her for several moments until he was sure he had her attention. “If you think that just by leaving that loser over their your other titty is off the hook I’m afraid not. And if he doesn't pay me back and you try and run, when I find you, and I will find you, you’re going to lose a lot more then this,” At the last word the loan shark’s thumb and forefinger pinched down savagely on her remaining nipple, drawing out a chocked cry of fear and pain.

Stepping away the loan shark walked towards and then past David. “You know I would have thought you’d start taking this more seriously after I had some of my guys rape your pretty little wife last month,” he said as he strolled past, “but you certainly haven't been the first not to take a hint.”


Great story Darkly, I would love to hear some more about our Loan Shark and how he deals with other customers wives who are late with their payments!


Definitely interested to see where this goes.

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