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Quick and short story I just wrote, to be continiued. Feel free to add your suggestions for what's going to happen next.

Johanna sat in class, doing her schoolwork quietly when the school nurse entered the classroom.

“Johanna, can you come with me please?” she said, half whispering, as to not disturb the other students.

The young girl glanced at her teacher, which approved of her absence with a single nod before returning his gaze to the stack of papers on his desk. Johanna knew what was happening; she had just celebrated her thirteenth birthday which meant she was eligible for the Student Financing Program. Known simply as “the Program” between students, it was the main source of income for the school. Students aged thirteen and over were put up on the school website, where wealthy individuals could purchase their meat for a hefty price. They could bid on either certain cuts or the whole girl, and if the bid was high enough the school would accept and begin processing immediately. Meat from young girls was highly sought after but very scarce, and so the cost was very high. The school did not have to sell many girls at all to raise enough money, and in return the students paid only a symbolical admission fee. The girls were grouped in sixteen batches, each batch available for bidding one week each semester. Johanna was available for the first time that very week.

When Johanna walked out of the classroom that day she didn’t know what parts of her were going to be missing when she returned, or if she would return at all. Still she did not hesitate, eager to fulfill her duty to the prestigious school she had been accepted to. She was a very pretty girl, with long brown hair, usually worn in a braid, bright green eyes, lush smooth lips and perky, budding breasts. She wore her uniform, with a green jacket, matching skirt, black shoes and a white shirt with a red tie.

The girl and the nurse walked in silence through the hallways before reaching the processing room, located in the cellar. The processer on duty was already there, a muscular guy in his thirties with a moderate tan and a surprisingly friendly face.

“Hi Johanna,” he said. “A local business owner, Mr Hansen, placed a bid on you today, and the school has approved. He only wants your breasts, so you can relax a bit. You’ll walk out of here alive today, and many girls are not that lucky. Shall we get to it then?” he asked. Hannah nodded. “Alright, please remove your clothing.”

Johanna hesitated for a second. She hadn’t thought of this beforehand, and it had been a long time since she had been naked in front of anybody. “At least he’ll only see my top half,” she thought to herself as she started undressing. She was a dutiful girl, and wasted no time trying to delay the process. First off was her jacket, then her shirt and tie. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor. The processer inspected her breasts, two perfectly formed and pert mounds, crowned with light pink areolae and tiny nipples. They were moderately big for her age, measuring B cups. As such they met the minimum size requirement set by Mr Hansen.

“These will do nicely, sweetie,” the nurse said. “But I’m afraid there will be a bit of blood, and i suggest removing the rest of your clothes as well so they don’t get stained.”

The girl was taken aback by the statement. She had not expected this, and the fact that she found the processer attractive only made it worse. But, once again, the sense of duty took over and she started removing the rest of her uniform. She was now completely naked, revealing her lovely legs, her shapely butt, and her pink pussy with only a trace of hair above it, as smooth as peach fuzz. She was a stunning sight, even at her age. Still, the processer did not waste any time, and led her to a metal chair with straps attached, constructed for the sole purpose of harvesting sweet, perky, young tits. Johanna was firmly secured to the chair, having straps over her arms, legs and torso. The nurse took a syringe from a prepared tray nearby, and presented it to the girl.

“This will keep most of the pain away, sweetie. Just close your eyes, relax, and you won’t even feel it,” she said.

Johanna did as she was told, and sure enough, she barely felt anything when the needle went into her skin. After waiting a few minutes to let the drugs kick in, they were ready to proceed.

“Okay Johanna, we’re ready to start now. I suggest you lean back, keep your eyes closed, and relax. It will be over in just a couple of minutes,” the nurse said.

Once again the girl did exactly as she was told. She had grown fond of her cute little breasts since they started growing a couple of years ago, and she was sad to let them go. Still, it could have been worse, and if this was what it took to get the best education possible while paying nothing for it, she was prepared to do it.

Johanna felt the man pull at her left nipple, stretching her breast. Her tits were very sensitive, but the drugs obviously dulled the sensation because she barely felt anything at all. The girl braced herself for what was coming, and she gasped when a cold sensation spread from the base of her breast to the top. In just a couple of seconds it had been cut from her body, but she dared not look down just yet. She could feel the trail of blood running down her tummy and down her crotch, where it dripped off her inner thigh, forming a puddle on the chair. The nurse stood ready with a cauterization tool, and immideately after her breast was removed and put on ice, she pressed the tool against the newly formed wound where her breast used to be. The girl could hear the hissing it coming from it, but only felt a faint stinging on her chest.

“You okay, sweetie?” the nurse asked.

“Yeah,” Johanna answered between her now rapid breaths. Her pulse was high and her forehead was glistening with sweat, but all things considered she was doing very well.

No time was wasted as the processer grabbed Johannas right nipple as soon as the nurse had removed the cauterization tool from the wound where the left one had been. It’s effect was remarkable, and it had stopped the bleeding immediately. With one swift motion he moved the razor sharp knife in his hand through the breast of the young girl, and pulled it from her body. The hissing of the cauterization tool followed immediately. He took a good look at the girl, her tummy now covered in crimson red blood, eyes still shut. She was looking a little pale, but her blood loss was relatively little and she would recover swiftly. The nurse bandaged the wound while the man wiped her off with a dry cloth at first, then a wet one to remove the traces of blood on her skin.

“You can open your eyes now, Johanna,” the nurse said.

The girl looked down, taking in the sight of her now completely flat chest for the first time. Her breasts were lying on ice just next to the chair she was sitting in, and when she saw them like that they did look delicious.

“Well done, Johanna,” the nurse said, while starting to remove the straps that still attached the girl firmly to the chair. “Most girls protest quite a bit when they get here, but you’ve been exceptional! I think you deserve to take the rest of the day off.”

Johanna got up from the chair and began getting dressed. Instinctively she reached for her bra first, before remembering that she wouldn’t need one from now on. The nurse noticed the mistake, and with a sweet smile on her face she said;

“Easy mistake to make! I think you’ll get used to it in no time. My sister went through the same thing some years ago, and now she’s just glad to not have to worry about wearing a bra.” Johanna smiled slightly, at least some good things would come out of this. “But do take this though,” the nurse said as she gave her a white cotton t-shirt. “Wear this under your shirt, just in case some blood gets through the bandages.”

Johanna put on the shirt and then dressed as normal. Before she got ready to leave she took one last look at her breasts, as the processer put a lid over them, ready to ship them to the lucky man who could afford such luxuries.

“Be sure to come by my office tomorrow to change the bandages,” the nurse said as Johanna walked out of the processing room. “Goodbye!”

“Bye,” the girl said as she began walking towards the exit. Although she was sad to lose her breasts, she also felt very proud to have fulfilled her duty to her school. After walking just a couple of steps, she noticed a familiar tingling in her crotch, a feeling she usually would only experience when she was in bed by herself late at night. The feeling was accompanied by a sensation of wetness forming at the opening to her most private spot. The girl was getting a bit worried that something might be wrong. She peeked over her shoulder to make sure she was alone, and then discreetly slid a finger into her panties. She pulled it out again, and to her surprise it was coated in a generous amount of clear, slippery fluid. Though her mind had been occupied by other things, she had clearly also gotten quite aroused during her ordeal. A thought appeared in the back of her head, wishing for more. She tried to make it go away, but as she made her way home the thought only grew, and by the time she had arrived in her room she immediately locked the door, threw all her clothes on the floor and masturbated herself to the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She had her second orgasm to the thought of the wealthy businessman biting down on her cooked, crispy nipple. Johanna didn’t dare confessing it to herself, but a part of her wanted to go back into the same room in the cellar again. After all, she was available for bidding during the whole of the week, and it was only Monday…


Great story ! I hope you'll write another part ! :)


Perhaps she can get her pussy taken from her too?


My first thought is that Johanna confesses to a male friend how being butchered made her feel, and how it was her attraction to being meat that scared her. Said friend reassures that her feelings are normal and demonstrates it, by ordering Johanna to strip. Johanna does so reluctantly but is talked into it by shear horniness. sex scene where Johanna rollplays as meat. Boy orders her meat while his dick is inside her. The order is for Johanna taken alive. Boy wants to be butcher when he grows up, and partially butchered girl is relatively cheap.


Very well done! Can we have more please?

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