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So, not my first story and not something I started last night. Been picking at this for at least two years now and figure that its as good as its gonna get without outside input. I am gonna be posting this elsewhere (4uckedinthehead on hentaifoundry and AO3.) I will tag as thoroughly as I can think to because theres gonna be a broad spectrum of fucked up in this story. That being said, I probably wont think of everything, so be forwarned. In general, the main themes are cannibalism, slavery, mindfuckery, torture, transformation and non/semicon.

Last thing, I have about another 50k words written, in about 20 chapters in varying stages of completion and polish. If anyone would like to speed up the otherwise glacial rate I will post, hmu


Chapter 1: The Ramen Cook’s Daugher

hard cann, slavery, some jutsu mind weirdness

Sarutobi Hiruzen was an old man, a leader and shinobi long past his prime, a fact that he was far from ignorant of when he returned to office after the untimely demise of Namikaze Minato. Knowing that the newborn infant, whose parents had barely lived long enough to name him Naruto, would be one of the most powerful shinobi to ever live, Sarutobi Hiruzen made the decision to help his potential in every way possible. Sarutobi Hiruzen was not a stupid man. He knew that by revealing his Jinchuuriki status, he was condemning Naruto to much hardship. He had no illusions about the population receiving the boy as a hero, respecting him as a protector. Having revealed the truth about Naruto to Konoha, he knew that he had a responsibility to him because of it. Naruto could not afford to be average. Being anything but the absolute best he could be would kill him, not instantly, but in ten years or twenty, it mattered not.

So he took Naruto as his protege, teaching him everything he knew about everything he knew. He trained with Naruto after school, correcting his bad forms that the instructors at the Academy had ignored.

He bought Naruto his own apartment as soon as he was old enough to leave the orphanage, taught him how to count money, how to save it, how to spend it.

He tried to visit as often as he could, but he knew he could not devote the attention Naruto needed.

When Naruto had been born and the Kyuubi sealed in him, everyone had expected for there to be side effects. Up until this point, both of the Kyuubi's previous Jinchuuriki had been female, and while there had been side effects in them, Naruto's side effects were of a whole different type. Naruto had never been a normal baby. When he had been breastfed by Tsunade, he always bit. As he grew older, he developed a distinct taste for meat and developing an equal dislike of anything not meat. The Hokage had figured that he was just being a kid, as no kid likes their vegetables. But as the years passed and Naruto grew older, his aversion to any non-meat products only became more pronounced. At the same time, the Hokage, who spent a lot of time with Naruto noticed that he slowly began to lose his taste for meat.

Growing concerned, the Hokage cornered him on the subject one day at Ichiraku's. They were both eating when the Hokage popped the question. “Naruto, I have noticed that you have not seemed to find much of your food tasty, even beef ramen,” which had been his number one food.

“I don't know. Everything, even meat just seems to be blander lately. Not even Old Man Ichiraku's beef ramen seems as good. No offense,” he hastily added.

The Hokage soon became very worried about him, because he began eating less, and losing weight, and generally becoming malnutritioned. He even had his personal physician take a look at Naruto, a Dr Eboshi Kanagura. She changed his diet to a super-nutritious one, and he still didn't get better. Getting desperate at seeing Naruto waste away before his eyes, he spent several weeks doing some research on the Kyuubi. Eventually he found what he thought might be the problem. He called Naruto into his office several days after he finished his research. Eboshi, who was the best medic after Tsunade in Konoha was standing with the Hokage, as well as Ichiraku Ayame. Confused Naruto let the Hokage explain what was going on.

“Naruto, you know how you haven't been feeling very well lately?” Naruto nodded. “I think I know why. You remember how I told you that you have the Kyuubi sealed inside you, but you aren't the Kyuubi?” Naruto nodded again. “Well, just remember, no matter what I am about to tell you, you are not the Kyuubi.

“Demons, like the Kyuubi are constructs of pure chakra. Demons are created when the chi of a spirit falls out of balance. You know the duality of Yin and Yang; Yin is associated with light and the female; Yang is darkness and the male. Most of the time, they gain more Yang chi than Yin chi because of their actions. All things must exist in balance, even demons. Demons can only handle a certain level of imbalance before their own chakra destroys them. To prevent that, demons feed on women, to get Yin chi. Now, I think that because of the Kyuubi in you, your chi is starting to become unbalanced as well. So to rebalance your chi, you need to eat women too.”

“WHAT!” Naruto shouted.

“Don't worry, I have worked out a way that you can do it without killing people. Let's start by you eating Ayame here. But you need to pass your regeneration on to her first. Remember that special technique I taught you?”

“You mean the one that I was never to show anyone?”

“Yes that one. I want you to use it now.”

“Are you sure, Old Man?”

“As sure as it is possible to be.”

“Alright then,” he said, apprehension apparent. “Here goes nothing.” Taking a bracing breath, Naruto threw his hands together in a dozen seals. Nothing happened for a long few seconds after he finished the jutsu, but then, with no warning at all, red chakra flared from his form, enough to be visible. The chakra flare quickly died down, compressing until it was little more than an aura surrounding his form. His eyes had become slit-pupiled and red, while his lips became black and rubbery. Once the transformation had completed, Naruto looked over to the Hokage and waited for him to nod.

“Now what?”

“Now you eat my heart,” Ayame said, a faint tremble in her voice as she pulled her robe open to expose her chest. ”Just…?” Narto asked, making a spearing motion.

“Just rip it out,” Ayame insisted, taking his hand and placing it so his claws dimpled her soft flesh.
Naruto did so, his claws rending meat and bone with little effort until the vital organ sat in his bloody palm. It was tough, being a hard-working muscle and not particularly tasty, but he was pelted with little jolts of vital energy.

There was a sucking-slipping-slurping sensation as he finished and suddenly… well, he wasn’t one hundred percent certain, but he he was pretty sure he could feel Ayame in his head.

“So?” Eboshi asked after a moment.

“Uh, I think it worked, maybe. I feel… something, up here.” His eyes widened, his whole expression shifting to one of surprise as the female presence in his head agreed. There were no words, no images, just an impression of assent.

“That is very good then,” the Hokage said, nodding and stroking his goatee. “Now, try to revive her. Try to take hold of Ayame’s soul and push it out.”

Naruto frowned in concentration, concentrating on the presence that was Ayame’s most essential essence and grabbing it (with what, Naruto couldn’t precisely say) and casting her out. Perhaps a little too hard, judging by the way that Ayame flopped and rolled as she was enveloped by a cocoon of red chakra. The hole in her chest where Naruto had ripped her heart out shrank, the damage regenerating in a few seconds.

Ayame sat up a moment later, feeling her body. “Wow. That was…” The brunette shook her head and got to her feet, not bothering to tie her robe closed. She pulled Naruto over to the Hokage's desk where a single sheet filled with text was. There were three lines at the bottom.

“What is this?” Naruto asked.

“A bill of sale,” Ayame said.

“For what?”

“Myself,” the brunette replied nonchalantly. “I want to sell myself to you, Naruto-kun.”

“What do you mean, sell yourself to me?”

“I mean I want to be your slave.”


“You don't need to know why.”

Naruto shrugged. “Okay, if you insist.”

“I do,” Ayame said decisively. Naruto took the pen and signed the contract, which was then approved by the Hokage.

“Ichiraku Ayame, you hereby lose all rights assured to you under the Konoha Constitution. Your body and possessions, including but not limited to all assets, finances and material now belong to Uzumaki Naruto.”

Taking a pair of scissors from a cup on his desk, the Hokage motioned for Ayame to kneel down. Sitting seiza style, Ayame bowed her head. “In order to mark a slave as yours, you need to notch their ear. In the past, when slavery was more common, different slave owners would notch their slaves ears in different ways to tell which slave belonged to who. Now, as slavery has fallen out of practice completely, you can choose your notch to be any kind.”

Naruto cocked his head, clearly thinking as he accepted the shears, pushing Ayame’s head forward so that her chin was resting on her chest. Pulling Ayame's ear forward, he carefully snipped a large wedge of her ear out. The Hokage pulled the slice of Ayame’s ear from Naruto’s fingers and inked Ayame’s name on the wedge, first name on one side, last name on the other. Handing the piece of Ayame’s ear back he said, “keep that. It is your proof that you own Ayame now.”

Nodding contemplatively, Naruto pocketed the piece of ear. “Also, you need to choose your personal device. If you obtain a shinobi slave, that device will be put onto a new hitai-aite as a sign that you own her. What do you want it to be?”

“Why not my family’s swirl?”

“That will do. I will have a dozen of your personal hitai-aite created. You can give them to any kunoichi you buy to mark them as yours, in addition to the notched ear.”

“So how does this work? We gotta keep this a secret, right?”

“At least for the time being,” Sarutobi agreed. “Ayame, you will continue to live with your father, but visit Naruto in the mornings and evenings to feed him. The advisory council is aware that Naruto’s seal is unique among Jinchuuriki, even if they aren’t cognizant of the specifics. Should they learn of the seal’s side effects, the best we could hope for is for you to be shunned socially. Worst case, you be required to live with a far higher degree of supervision.”

“Well, I know I can keep a secret,” Naruto said. “Can you?” he asked Ayame.

“That is one of the reasons why I wanted you to own me. Being your slave keeps me from being used against you in some legal shenanigans as you would have to consent for me to even open my mouth in any sort of offical setting, and eating me isn’t even cannibalism in the most technical sense, as I’m no longer a person.”

“Well. That’s cool,” Naruto said, the implications of his ownership of Ayame finally sinking in. “So, I could tell you to go streaking down the middle of the town or jump off the Hokage Monument, and you would have to do it?”

Ayame rolled her eyes, completely not surprised that Naruto hadn’t realized the full extent of his new authority. “Yes, Naruto-kun. I have to do anything and everything you tell me to, that’s what being a slave means.”

“As long as it doesn’t contradict what I’ve told you,” the Hokage added.
Naruto eyed the other two people in the room before uttering his next words. “Take off your clothes. All of them.”

“Actually, unless anyone has anything else relevant to add, I must be going,” Kanagura said as Ayame started to strip. “But I would like to see both Naruto-kun and Ayame-chan tomorrow, Hokage-sama. We are entering uncharted waters and I’d like to monitor the both of them for the time being in order to make sure neither of them develop any unintended side effects.”

“That sounds like a very good idea, Dr. Kanagura. Naruto, why don’t you take Ayame-chan home so you can eat? I’ll excuse you from class tomorrow and I’ll tell your father I requested your presence, so the both of you meet Dr. Kanagura at the hospital first thing in the morning.”

Kanagura took that as permission to leave, nodding to the Hokage as she left. Ayame retied her robe closed, following Naruto as he left the Tower. The wwalk home was odd for Naruto, being of two minds about what was going to happen. One the one hand, while he and Ayame weren’t really friends, they were certainly very friendly, given his constant patronage of her father’s restaurant. He thought he knew her pretty well, or at least as well as possible and the thought of not only seeing her naked, but eating her had him simultaneously incredibly nervous and incredibly aroused. On the other, Ayame had been nothing but patient and compliant the entire time. In fact, the waitress had acted as if everything that had happened was completely natural and simply yo be expected.

“Well, this is where I live,” Naruto announced as he unlocked his door. Ayame strolled in, looking around the unfamiliar space. Her hands went to the belt that kept her robe closed, draping the white garment over the back of the couch that was one of the two pieces of furniture in the living room. Naruto froze, unable to help himself as he drank in the sight of Ayame’s bare backside.

“Hm. I had thought your place would be a little bigger,” Ayame mused. The place was quite small, being perhaps a couple hundred square feet. The living room took uip almost all the space, with a cubicle shower and a bedroom that was mostly filled by the bed. She turned when Naruto didn’t immediately respond, smiling a little when she saw he seemed to have been stunned by her nudity. She turned to face him fully, resting a hand on her cocked hip.

“Normally I’d say take a picture because it’ll last longer, but you don’t need to.”

That seemed to rouse him from his paralysis and he approached, raising a hand to her breast, but drawing back just before he touched her. For a guy with a reputation for utter brashness, it amused Ayame quite a bit to see him suddenly so hesitant. Taking his hand, she led him to the couch, sitting with her hip touching his and placed his hand on her breast. “Let me start off by reiterating that you own me, Naruto. I will do absolutely anything and everything you tell me to, no hesitation, no questions asked. The only thing I would ask of you is you don’t hold back. From now on, I exist to serve you, so whatever I can do to make you happy, makes me happy.”

“I’m still not quite sure this isn’t a dream,” Naruto admitted, fingers slowly squeezing the supple flesh. “And if you are so eager to obey me then tell me the truth; why did you sell yourself?”

“Because I love you,” Ayame answered without missing a beat. “Or at least in lust. You’re our Jinchuuriki, you save this village every single day just by breathing. Jinchuuriki from other villages are super crazy strong and you have the strongest of the Bijuu, so it stands to reason you’ll probably be the strongest. Your father was the Fourth Hokage so you’ll be rich when you graduate. Plus, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of other sluts that want to get in on the action. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

Naruto furrowed his brow. “Most of the village dislikes me. You really think there’s other girls that will want to be my slaves?”

“Trust me when I say that there’s a sub in every woman, it just takes the right man to bring it out.”

“There’s a sandwich in every woman?”

Ayame suppressed the laugh that rose at Naruto’s innocence. “No, sub is short for submissive. You know what that means, right?”

“Yeah, it means giving in, like, listening to someone else and doing what you’re told, sort of.”

“Yes, but in this context it means someone who likes being told what to do. For example, I’ve always been a sub. I became a waitress in Dad’s ramen stand because I’ve always secretly loved have men give me orders.”

“So if you liked it so much, why didn’t you sell yourself before now?”

“Because I was looking for the right man to own me. All someone would’ve had to say is “come home with me” and I would’ve. But nobody ever thought to, so now I’m your slave.”

“How did that happen anyways? Did the old man just come up to you and say, ‘hey wanna let Naruto eat you?’”

“He was a little more circumspect, but basically yes. I think he already knew I liked you before he came to me.”

Naruto cocked his head, mulling that over when his stomach growled. Ayame leaped up, blushing. “Oh my God, I came over to feed you and here I am nattering on about myself. Give me twenty minutes and I’ll have something for you.”

Naruto’s kitchen was the definition of basic, a two-element electric range and a microwave. His cookware was similarly sparse, consisting of two pans, three pots, a spatula, a ladle a fork and a steak knife. The nearby cabinet and fridge were utterly barren of anything that could be used to prepare an even halfway decent meal, lacking entirely of any produce or seasonings.
Ayame racked her brain trying to think of anything she could make given the tools on hand. “Yeah, I don’t really do much cooking,” Naruto said, coming up from behind her. “Or like, cooking at all. I’m fine eating you raw, if that’s okay with you.”

Ayame winced. “I would’ve liked for your first real taste of me to be something a little more sophisticated, but there really is nothing here for me to work with. And just for future reference, Naruto, my answer to any question concerning myself will always be yes, no exceptions. Anyways, I suggest we go to one of the training grounds or something. Eating me raw is going to be messy, unless you know any fire techniques?”


“Eating me outside means less cleanup. Unless you’d prefer to eat me here.”

“No, going to the training grounds sounds like a good idea.”
Ayame grabbed her robe without another word and followed Naruto into the small forest contained within the town’s walls. “I think this is far enough,” the brunette said ten minutes later, shucking her garment again.

“So…” Naruto said uncertainly, holding the only two eating utensils he owned as Ayame leaned back on a stump and spread her legs.

“I suggest you start with anything below my waist. My breasts are mostly fat, there isn’t a ton of actual meat on my chest or ribs and I don’t think my internal organs will be all that tasty. Here,” Ayame said when Naruto continued to hesitate, reaching for the knife and fork. The ramen waitress took a deep bracing breath as she placed the tips of the tines of the fork just above the split of her labia. Plunging it down, she gritted her teeth against the pain as she began sawing around her vagina with the steak knife. It was rough going, not able to see all that well between the tears of pain and the poor angle for a vaginal examination. It was hardly the best-looking cut, lopsided and ragged, but she presented the greater portion of her cunt to her master a minute later.

Naruto accepted her speared pussy, examining it for a moment before taking a modest bite. His eyebrows reached for his hairline, stuffing the rest of the tender meat into his mouth. Ayame repressed the wish that he had taken a little longer to enjoy the most precious part of her body. After all, it wasn’t like he wouldn’t be able to eat it again.

“Good?” she asked somewhat rhetorically.

“Amazing,” Naruto confirmed. He gave her a calculating once-over before he discarded the knife and fork and grabbed her right thigh in both hands and tearing a sizable chunk of muscle out with his teeth. The pain and pleasure at watching her master eat her alive was such that she probably would have come instantly, had she still possessed her cunt.

Her prediction about the mess turned out to be quite true as well, Naruto’s clothes becoming almost entirely red as her blood spurted and dripped. Surprisingly, Naruto didn’t gulp down the gobbets of flesh as he tore them off, he actually seemed to chew and taste her as he consumed her. He began drawing on the Kyuubi chakra before long, consciously or otherwise and seeing his red-slitted eyes looking at her face while he ate her sent her into new heights of ecstasy.

Naruto for his part had meant what he said, one-hundred percent. Ayame’s flesh was the hands-down, without a doubt the tastiest meat he’d ever had. Naruto vaguely wondered how nobody had ever discovered how utterly delectable women were, if Ayame was any indication of her gender. Tender and juicy, even raw, her meat exploded with indescribable flavor on his tongue. The sharp copperiness of her blood contrasted wonderfully with the savoriness of her flesh. It was such that Naruto paused in his consumption of her leg to grab Ayame’s arm, slashing her wrist with a now-clawed finger and sucking and lapping at the vital fluid.

It wasn’t until he had devoured her entire right leg and a third of her left gluteus maximus, leaning back, stuffed and satisfied in a way he’d never felt before that he noticed his meal had expired.

“Uh, Ayame, you in there?” Naruto asked in a vain attempt to either look at his own forehead or stare into his brain. A second passed before he got the distinct impression of a nod, inexplicable but indisputably feminine and pleased.

“Cool. I’m gonna take a minute to rest because I am super stuffed, but I’ll get you out after that.”

A shake of a head this time, with the slightest hints of brownness accompanied by a feeling that could only be described as ‘no.’

“No?” he repeated aloud, confused. A sensation of ‘yes’ filled his head, followed by the startlingly sharp image of a stone labrynth.

“What?” the blond boy asked, baffled.

The labrynth returned, softer, less distinct with an impression of movement through the maze.

“You… want to explore?”

An excited bobbing of a head, with features smeared as if poorly painted in watercolors.

Naruto didn’t think his mind or brain or whatever would be that big, but he shrugged and flopped back. He knew Ayame pretty well, trusted her, especially after she volunteered to be his slave and food. He doubted she’d do anything bad while wandering around in his head, even if she could. He needed to rest his eyes anyways and perhaps Ayame would want out by the time he was ready to return home. He cracked an eye open a few seconds later and looked to where Ayame’s corpse was splayed. He hadn’t touched her upper body, and her breasts did look like better pillows than the grass currently under his head. He let out a short bark of a laugh as he got up. She was his slave, his property. Her body belonged to him and he was pretty sure she would approve of him using her corpse like this. He cocked his head, listening for anything from the ghost wandering around his head, but all he got back was a distracted ‘go ahead,’ and dismissive hand flick.

Yeah, he could get used to this, he thought to himself with a smile as he lay his head on a breast.


keep going? stop with both feet on the pedal?


I aint even read it yet but keep going. fucking duh.


Hmm, this reminds me of a similar story I read a long time ago, but I can't remember its name. Did you base this story off anything, perhaps?


What sort.of help do you need to post more? Grammar beta work? Or full on story design help?


It isn't yet on AO3. :-(


A fun and lovely start to a story. I love the details.


Please do continue this, I really loved reading it. My only small complaint is that I prefer a little more detail in the cannibalism scene and I am hoping that there will be some sexy times to come. Please update soon, I'm really looking forward to reading more.


I feel something amiss, and i don't know what


whoa. Keep going.


so super late tot hte game but fallout 4 happened (hur hur hur) and my spare time just... well... i love the settlements shit but it takes waaaaaaaaay to much time

tldr update tomorrow probs


oh and rando anonymous, both i guess

i think my grammer is pretty good (or at least no one has bitched about it) but im mostly looking for "hey this needs more detail like *yadda yadda yadda* i get wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too into worldbuilding (ie i got a Castle thing where I spent a couple hours thinking/researching on how females should be numbered without actually writing a single word of fucking) so anyone who wants to say HEY LESS BACGROUND SHIT MOAR PENIS IN PUSSY SHIT is welcomed



*one of the previous anonymous*
I really liked the world building, i think it added a lot to the story instead of just having Naruto suddenly a cannibal, I would just like more detail in the cannibalism scenes from both his and the females point of view and if it fits with the story I would enjoy if there was some kind of sex between him and Ayame or a different slave at some point


This is really good, I like the world building and I especially like how you treated Hiruzen in this. I do hope there is some more "PENIS IN PUSSY SHIT" in the future but I'd be fine with whatever you put out if you continue this. I'm really looking forward to more.


Bump in the hope of some more now that gurochan is back


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Anything new since gurochan has been down?

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