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Zookeepers 2: Eclectic Voraloo

The continuing tales of the girls who work at the zoo. A zoo that has decided to feed its female employees to its animals (why? 'cause it's cheaper, silly). A sequel to both Zookeepers and Hanna Goes to the Zoo (both of which were based, in part, on the vore comic "A Tight Fit", aka Jimmy the Giant Frog, by PD), but it can also probably work as a stand alone story. Read them all in any order you wish, though the build up of tension and stakes might be more effective if you read them in the order they were written in (Hanna -> Zoo -> Zoo2).

Content Tags: F/f oral and masturbation, Animal/female Vore (Soft and Hard), Partial Vore, Nipple Torture, Digestion, Beheading, Butchering, Orgasm Denial, Objectification, Casual Attitude, Consensual, Reluctant

Parts 1, 2, and 3 are soft and juicy, but parts 4, 5 and 6 get progressively more hard and crunchy. Part 7 is a fluffy little breather, and part 8 returns to soft vore once again. If you're only interested in soft vore, you can probably skip directly from 3 to 8 without problems, I think, though you'll be missing out on a lot of fun stuff if you do.

1 - Alicia's Turn (Sunday)

 The world may have changed over the past few years, with everyone's ideas about norms and taboos shifting slowly and subtly enough that most hadn't even noticed it happening, but apparently not everyone had gotten the memo just yet, so to speak. Not everyone was quite on the same page about a girl's role, in this new, hungry world.

 Jasmin reflected on this, in an uncharacteristic moment of introspection, as she watched Alicia fret and pace. The girl, her coworker and fellow zookeeper, was obviously nervous about what the next few minutes held in store for her. Although, Jasmin mused, she probably had a good reason to be so apprehensive, if one looked at what was about to happen to her from an objective point of view.

 What was about to happen to her was currently resting in his large metal transport cage, just outside of the zoo's amphitheater, waiting patiently for his next meal. It was a little after two o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and Jimmy, the zoo's genetically engineered giant frog, was due for his weekly feeding. His weekly live feeding, which would take place in front of an audience of eager zoo patrons, no less. And Alicia, who was slated to be the "feed" part of the approaching live feeding, seemed less than completely enthused at the prospect.

 While the girl's nerves were perhaps understandable, especially considering the way she hadn't so much volunteered for this duty as she had been drafted for it by the higher ups in the zoo's management, Jasmin thought that she was being a bit over dramatic about the whole thing. It really was a bit silly to fret so much over something so routine. It wasn't even like she was going to be the first girl that Jimmy had eaten, after all.

 Although, that might actually be the source of most of her nervousness, Jasmin realized. Alicia hadn't seemed to mind the thought of what was going to happen to her too much until she had seen it happen to the other girl, Trina, first. Perhaps the idea of being eaten hadn't been real to her, not really, until she had witnessed it first hand.

 Seeing Jimmy make such surprisingly short work of Trina had certainly been quite an eye opener for Jasmin herself. And she, unlike Alicia, had been told up front, at the time of her hiring, exactly how her term of employment would likely come to an end. Alicia didn't even have that. She'd been employed at the petting park part of the zoo, and had been basically just a glorified day care worker, before being transferred over to the reptile and amphibian department. She'd been moved there, with no explanation or warning, to cover the employee shortage that feeding the larger animals on their female keepers was creating.

 Alicia had begun to grow steadily more nervous all throughout the week after seeing Trina's feeding of Jimmy. Maybe because of how Trina had talked to them several minutes after she'd been swallowed, surprising them all, when they'd expected her to unconscious, at the very least, by that point. The former zookeeper had then somehow lasted for hours and hours inside of Jimmy's stomach, if the continued squirming was anything to judge by, and had still seemed to be hanging on, if only barely, even after closing.

 Trina was gone now, though. The only signs that she had ever existed were the small pile of bones that Jimmy had regurgitated a few days ago, and the much larger piles of amphibian poop that he'd been leaving for Alicia and Jasmin to clean up since about midweek. The bones were probably what had disturbed Alicia the most. Jimmy had only spit up the larger ones, like Trina's femurs, humeri, pelvis, and skull, which he apparently couldn't digest completely. The bones had been bleached white, perfectly clean aside from a glistening coating of stomach mucus, and left in a disorganized tangle near Jimmy's moisture mister. They had also been rough and eroded, too, their surfaces etched deeply by the giant frog's strong stomach acids.

 Alicia had refused to touch the bones, shuddering at the sight of them, so Jasmin had been the one to pick them up and dispose of them. She had done this under the watchful eye of Jimmy, who had been sitting on his rock under his heat lamp, blinking slowly at her the whole time. The bones, all that had been left of Trina, had ended up taking a surprisingly small amount of space in the trash can she'd dumped them into.

 "Okay, girls." Ted said, interrupting Jasmin's thoughts and Alicia's pacing. "It's time. Bring him in, would you?"

 Jasmin nodded, and Alicia gulped, before they both pushed the heavy cage cart into the amphitheater. Unloading Jimmy was simple. The giant frog was very easy going, and would usually move in any direction in response to firm taps or pokes on his legs or hind end.

 "Uhmm.." Alicia hummed nervously to herself as she glanced briefly and apprehensively at the enormous amphibian. Then the girl looked over at Jasmin and asked "..Wish me luck?"

 Jasmin only blinked at her in surprise, then rolled her eyes.

 "Luck?" she replied, with an amused snort. "Girl, you're about to get eaten. What possible good could luck do you now?"

 Alicia frowned at this, in apparent consternation.

 "..I guess you're right. Crap." was all she said in reply, before gulping again and looking even more nervous than she had previously.

 Alicia gave Jasmin a small, halfhearted wave goodbye and then moved over to join Ted next to Jimmy.

 Jasmin watched from the doorway as Ted introduced himself and Jimmy, and ran through his little pre-feeding explanation of how Jimmy had been created and how the zoo had acquired him. Alicia received no introduction to the audience from Ted. Apparently he had either forgotten about it, or thought it wasn't worth the bother, or maybe even thought that the audience simply wouldn't care what her name was. Or, Jasmin mused, more probably it was some combination of all three.

 Jasmin noticed that the audience itself was larger, by at least a factor of two, than the audience for Jimmy's last live feeding had been. The zoo's advertising department must have been doing its job right this past week, she thought, because word about the change in feeder animals from boring old goats and pigs to the apparently much more interesting nude girls was definitely getting out.

 Said audience ooh'd and aww'd in all the right places, with the occasional excited comment or encouraging cheer, as a trembling and worried looking Alicia stripped off her clothes and knelt down before Jimmy. They broke out into polite applause when, less than a minute later, the giant frog succeeded in grabbing and swallowing down the girl. This, despite her frantic squirming and writhing, which may or may not have been involuntary, that began once his lips clamped around her body. Her struggling, balled up form slid through his mouth, down his throat, and most of the way into his stomach, where its progress finally halted.

 Jimmy, who was now the better part of ten pounds larger, heavier, and stronger than he had been the week previously, seemed like he'd had no trouble disposing of his latest meal, despite the fact that Alicia was actually an inch or two taller than Trina had been. Perhaps this was because he was a little bigger. Or, maybe he was just getting better at eating girls, now that he'd had some practice at it.

 After the audience's short meet and greet with Jimmy, where they took pictures of the full frog and the still wriggling and struggling contents of his throat and stomach, Ted waved Jasmin back over and had her usher Jimmy back into his travel cage. The large, overfull giant frog moved slowly and ponderously, but without too much apparent trouble. Jasmin, taking her cue from Ted and the audience, ignored the squeaks and gasps of surprise and fear emanating out of her now former coworker, deep inside of the tummy where the girl turned food was now so thoroughly and permanently trapped.

 As Jasmin wheeled the cage back to Jimmy's terrarium, the noises Alicia was making began to change. The girl seemed to be settling down a bit, into her new place inside Jimmy's stomach, and her panic and fear seemed to be subsiding a little as well. Her words, though very muffled, now seemed to be wheezy pleas and begging instead of simple cries of fear.

 Jasmin couldn't make out everything Alicia was saying, as Jimmy climbed out of his cage and back into the familiar environment of his terrarium habitat, but the girl didn't seem to want to be released, which somewhat surprised Jasmin. Instead, she was asking, very nearly pleading in fact, for help shifting her position around inside of Jimmy. Something about his tongue, making her uncomfortable?

 Whatever Alicia's problem was, it would sort itself out, and wouldn't matter much in a few hours, anyway. Heck, it didn't even matter all that much now, Jasmin thought to herself, as she wheeled Jimmy's empty transport cage back out of his habitat and closed the door behind her. The girl was now just food, mere nutrients and calories for the frog that had eaten her. She might still be alive for awhile yet, inside of Jimmy, but her wants and desires no longer really mattered, either to him, or to anyone else.

2 - Alicia's Plight

 Despite herself, Jasmin's curiosity did eventually get the better of her. Alicia's struggles inside of Jimmy had continued all throughout the rest of the day, as evidenced by the near constant squirming of the giant amphibian's bulging belly. So, at the end of her shift, just after the zoo had closed for the day, Jasmin went back into Jimmy's terrarium.

 "Alicia?" she asked quietly, as she knelt down before Jimmy. "Alicia, are you still.. there?"

 She had been about to ask "Are you still in there?", but had realized that it have been a dumb question before it had gotten all the way out of her mouth. Of course Alicia was still in Jimmy. Where else would she be? But, just coming out and asking if the girl was still alive, however, seemed a bit tactless.

 There was a noise, low and indistinct, from inside of Jimmy's stomach, and its contents squirmed again, trying to move around. Jimmy quashed this movement with a strong swallow, which visibly pushed the girl down further into his stomach for a moment, before the giant frog relaxed once again.

 "J-Jasmin..?" came a muffled, gasping question from inside the frog's belly, a few moments later. "Jasmin, is that you?"

 "Yes.." Jasmin replied, a bit loudly, so Alicia could hear her better. "How.. How are you doing?"

 "Oh, thank goodness.. you're here.." Alicia wheezed, while Jimmy regarded Jasmin indifferently, blinking slowly at her. "Please.. Please help me.."

 "I can't let you out of there, Alicia. You know that." Jasmin replied patiently, as she had been more than half expecting to hear the girl beg for release, if she were still conscious and able to talk. "Aside from the fact that Ted and everyone else would be irritated at me for it, think about poor Jimmy.. Just imagine how he'd feel, after he's worked so hard to keep you down all day, if I helped you out of his stomach now. It wouldn't be fair to him."

 Jimmy, as if he understood and agreed with Jasmin's words, swallowed around the meal lodged in his throat and belly again.

 "..Not that." Alicia managed, a few moments later, after she had gotten a little bit of her breath back. "Not that.. But please, help me.."

 "You.. you don't want out?" Jasmin asked, surprised. "What do you want, then?"

 "My.. my pussy.. Oh, god, my pussy!" Alicia cried out, sounding like she was nearly in tears. "E-Every time Jimmy swallows.. his tongue rubs up against my pussy.. It's driving me c-crazy!"

 "..Oh." Jasmin replied, her mouth shaped exactly like her exclamation. "I.. I see. Why don't you just.. um.. play with yourself, then?"

 "I can't reach it.. I can't reach it!" Alicia wailed, squirming around again in frustrated need, before being shoved firmly back into the bottom of Jimmy's stomach by yet another swallow. "..Please.. Help me free my hand.. Please.."

 "Umm.." Jasmin waffled, as she regarded the giant frog before her warily. "..I don't know if that's a good idea, Alicia. Jimmy might not like me reaching down that far into him.."

 "Please..!" Alicia begged again, before her plea was cut off by another powerful swallow.

 "Oh, alright." Jasmin finally agreed. "I'll.. I'll try."

 Getting Jimmy to open his mouth wasn't hard, as it was already open slightly in any case. Once his large lips had parted as wide as Jasmin could get him to open them, Alicia became visible to the outside world once again. The only parts of the mostly swallowed girl Jasmin could see, though, were the bottoms of her little feet and toes, her shapely rump, and her sex, which was just barely visible in the small gap between her folded legs.

 "I.. I don't know if I'm going to be able to reach very far into his stomach.." Jasmin commented, as she looked down into Jimmy's gaping maw. "There isn't much room.."

 "Oh, please.." Alicia moaned again, her voice a little more audible now.

 As if to demonstrate her predicament, Jimmy chose that moment to swallow again, despite his open mouth. Jasmin watched, fascinated, as the giant frog's throat constricted around Alicia, and as his long, sticky tongue rubbed up against her inflamed pussy, dragging along its length and tugging on her outer lips and hood as it passed across it, causing the trapped girl to cry out in pleasure and desperate need.

 Hesitantly, after Jimmy's throat had relaxed once more, Jasmin slipped her right arm into the little crevice between Alicia's legs. The fit was tight, very tight, and she felt the skin of her arm brush up against the flesh of Jimmy's tongue below, Alicia's thighs to the sides, and the girl's sex above it.

 She felt around for several moments, reaching as deeply down into Jimmy as she could, but couldn't find anything to grab hold off to try to help her former coworker.

 "I.. I don't think I can do anything for you.." Jasmin said, after another moment's effort. "I just can't reach deep enough.. Sorry.."

 "Oh, god, please..!" Alicia cried, her desperation very obvious, even if Jasmin could barely hear it now around her arm. "Please, I need to come so badly!"

 "Sorry, I just can't reach your arms or hands.." Jasmin replied, a bit regretfully, as she began to pull her own arm and hand back out of Jimmy. "There's nothing I can do for you.."

 Alicia's only response to this was a wail of despair, and another frantic bout of squirming, to which, quite predictably, Jimmy responded to by again swallowing down hard on her writhing form. Jasmin, whose arm was still half way down Jimmy's throat, felt her limb be squeezed even more tightly between Alicia's legs as this happened. In addition, her arm was also pushed firmly up against the girl's hot sex by the frog's strong, sticky tongue.

 "W-wait!" Alicia gasped out, after Jimmy had completed his swallow and as Jasmin finished pulling her arm free. "Wait, you can do it, instead!"

 "Do what?" Jasmin replied, frowning slightly, puzzled.

 "Rub my pussy!" Alicia replied, her tone hopeful and excited. "Please, help me come, Jas!"

 "Oh.." Jasmin replied, biting her lip and glancing away. "Well, I don't know, Alicia.."

 "Please, Jas!" Alicia begged. "I need to come so badly.. You have no idea! Please!"

 "My.. my ride's going to be here soon.." Jasmin said, as she used her left hand, the one that wasn't coated in frog drool and stomach slime, to check the time on her phone. "I need to be waiting in the parking lot for him.."

 "Please, Jas.. It won't take long, I promise!" Alicia said, desperately. "I'm so close already.. God, I need it so badly, please!"

 "Alright, alright.." Jasmin finally agreed, sighing. "But, I've got to go as soon as my boyfriend gets here. He hates waiting.."

 "Thank you, Jasmin, thank you so, so much.." Alicia burbled, her tone enormously relieved, before Jimmy swallowed down on her again.

 Jasmin eased Jimmy's mouth back open wide, and slipped her hand into his maw once more. This time, though, she didn't have to reach nearly as far into him as before. Her upturned hand slipped between Alicia's thighs again, and she brought it to rest gently against the girl's sex, which felt so hot that Jasmin thought it might be in danger of melting.

 "Ohhh.. Myyy... Gawwd..." Alicia whimpered, as Jasmin cupped the mound of her pussy and began stroking and caressing it. "That feels amaaazing.. Please, don't stop!"

 Jasmin didn't stop. She used the fingers of her right hand to slowly rub the quivering sex of Jimmy's meal, her former coworker. After a moment's warm up on the girl's outer lips, which Jasmin quickly realized wasn't needed in the slightest, she started circling Alicia's clit with the tip of her index finger. The girl gasped, then began bucking, even as Jasmin slipped her middle and ring fingers into her cleft.

 Jimmy chose that moment to swallow on his now frantically squirming and bucking captive, which caused his tongue to push up against Jasmin's hand, mashing her slim fingers even deeper into the ecstatic Alicia's sex.

 "Ahhh, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..!" Alicia begged, once she had gotten her breath back. "That's so good. I'm sooo close!"

 Jasmin, who was starting to feel a little heated herself, didn't intend to stop. She could tell, even without Alicia's gasped and strained words, just how close the girl was to orgasm. The girl's sex was spasming and clenching hard around her fingers, and she knew it would be only moments more before she pushed her friend over the edge.

 Which was when her phone rang.

 Jasmin froze, surprised for a moment, then used her free hand to fumble for her phone.

 "Wha.. what?" Alicia asked, panting as deeply as she could, restrained as she was inside of Jimmy. "Why are you stopping?"

 "Hold on a sec.." Jasmin said, as she concentrated on answering her phone, her coworker's burning sex momentarily forgotten. "I've gotta answer this."


 "Hey, babe." Jasmin said into her phone, over Alicia's protest. Her eyes moved away from the sight of her fingers buried in the girl's pussy, her mind obviously switching focus to her phone conversation now. "You're here already?"


 "Yeah, I'm still in the zoo.." Jasmin said. "I'm, uh, kind of in the middle of something. Can you give me a few minutes, please?"


 "No, my shift's over.." she answered into the phone. "I've just got something I'd like to finish before I leave, that's all. It'll only take another minute or two.."


 "Now? But I.." Jasmin asked, before she was cut off.


 "Okay, okay!" she said, rolling her eyes and sighing in exasperation. "I'll be out in just a moment."

 With that, she hung up, tucked her phone away, and slipped her hand out of both Alicia's sex and Jimmy's mouth.

 "Man, some people just have no patience.." she commented to herself, as she stood up.

 "Jasmin?!" Alicia called out, her voice high and beginning to sound panicky. "You're.. you're not leaving, are you?!"

 "Yeah, sorry." Jasmin called out, as she turned from Jimmy and began walking away, toward the exit to his enclosure. "My boyfriend's in a big rush, for some reason, so I've gotta go."

 "Right now?! Can't you..!" Alicia protested, desperately, before her words were cut off by another swallow from Jimmy.

 "..C-can't you finish me off, first?! I'm so close!" she pleaded, a couple of seconds later, after she had gotten her breath back yet again. "God, I'm so close! Please!"

 "Nope. My stupid boyfriend says he'll leave without me if I'm not out in the next minute." Jasmin replied, shrugging absently, even though Alicia wouldn't be able to see it. "Sorry."

 "Jasmin, wait, please!" Alicia wailed, begging hopelessly. "Please, I'm so close! I need..!"

 Whatever Alicia needed, Jasmin didn't get to hear, because the door to Jimmy's terrarium clicked shut behind her as she walked away, cutting off her former coworker's plea mid sentence. Jasmin felt a little bad about leaving Alicia in such a state, but really, nothing had changed from before. Her friend's supposed need, however important she herself thought it might be, really didn't matter, in the not-so-long run. She was just food, after all.

 And food didn't need to orgasm, even if it would really, REALLY like to. The only thing it actually needed to do was to digest.

3 - Alicia Comes and Goes (Tuesday)

 The next day was Monday, which was the zoo's closed day. It was also Jasmin's day off. Some of the animals in the zoo needed constant attention and care, but the reptiles and amphibians in her department actually thrived best if left mostly alone. So, it wasn't until Tuesday morning that she returned to the zoo.

 Her first stop, after clocking in and grabbing a breakfast snack from the canteen, was Jimmy's terrarium. She was curious to see just how he and his meal had fared over the past day and a half since she'd last seen them.

 Jimmy was in his habitat, of course, almost exactly where he had been when she had left on Sunday. He also looked very much the same, too. His belly was bulging, still packed almost to bursting with his last meal, and even his throat still looked fairly full. And, if her eyes weren't deceiving her, an occasional little quiver and shake was rocking his body, as if something were trying, very feebly, to move around within his stomach.

 Jasmin stared at him for a few moments, wondering if Alicia could possibly still be alive inside of Jimmy, and was on the verge of entering his terrarium to check, when Ted found her. Her boss descended on her immediately, trailing a wide eyed and mildly overwhelmed looking pair of young women behind him.

 "J.. Jasmin." he said, hesitating slightly, as if it took him a moment to remember her name. "You're here. Good. We've got a lot to do, today."

 "These two.." he continued, waving offhandedly at the two girls standing behind him. "..are some of the new hires. They might have even been a part of your batch, actually, but they only just started this morning. Anyway, I'd like you to train them up today."

 "Uh, Ted.." Jasmin began, frowning at him in consternation.

 "Yeah, I know.." Ted replied quickly, cutting her off. "You haven't been fully trained yourself. I get it. But I've got a meeting all this morning with the rest of the managers, and this afternoon I'm going to be helping HR whittle their way through another new batch of prospective hires."

 "Not fully trained" was an understatement, Jasmin thought, as she regarded her boss dubiously. She had received about three hours worth of very distracted training from Trina, right before the girl had been fed to Jimmy as his first meal in the new dietary regime. Trina had been very knowledgeable, Jasmin was sure, but it had been obvious that day that her mind hadn't really been as focused as it should have been on Jasmin's training.

 After Trina was gone, it had been Alicia who had done the rest of Jasmin's training. While Jasmin couldn't fault her new coworker's diligence, it was quickly apparent that the girl knew much less about keeping the animals of the reptile and amphibian department alive and healthy than Trina had. She'd only had about a week's worth of training herself, after all.

 And now Alicia was gone, or at least very nearly so, Jasmin thought, as she stole a quick glance into Jimmy's terrarium once again. Ted leaving her to train the two new girls by herself was a joke, and a bad one. Jasmin was only half trained, by someone who had also only been half trained. She knew where the shovels were located, where she was supposed to dump the animal waste that she scooped up with those shovels, and where to get the feeder mice that kept most of her smaller wards generating that waste. After that, she wasn't much more knowledgeable than the two newbies standing in front of her.

 "Look, just do the best you can." Ted said with a sigh, as he correctly interpreted the look on her face. "I know this isn't ideal. I'll be back here all day tomorrow to patch up the holes in you guys' training. Just try to keep everything alive today, okay?"

 "I'll try.." Jasmin replied, with a frustrated little sigh of her own.

 "Good girl!" Ted said, beaming at her, before he turned to leave.

 He paused after a few steps, then shook his head and turned back to all three of them.

 "Sorry, almost forgot the introductions." he said, smiling ruefully, before pointing at Jasmin. "Girls, Jasmin."

 He then pointed to the taller of the two new hires.

 "Jasmin, this is.. Bethany." he said, then shifted his finger and his gaze to the other. "And this is Anna. Um.. I think."

 With those minimal introductions out of the way, he then turned again and strode off, apparently intent on getting to his meeting.

 "Right then.." Jasmin said, shaking her head at her departing boss. "Let's get started, I guess. Bethany, Anna, if you'll follow me, please."

 "Umm.." said the shorter of the two girls, as she motioned between herself and the other girl. "Actually, I'm Bethany, not her."

 "Oh, of course." Jasmin replied, blinking in surprise for a moment, before looking over at the tall girl. "Then I guess you're Anna?"

` "No." she answered, looking a little sheepish.


 "No." the girl repeated, shaking her head. "I'm Susan."

 "Oh." Jasmin replied, nonplussed. "..Then who's Anna?"

 The girls just looked at each other for a moment, before Susan replied for both of them, with a shrug and another sheepish look.

 "No idea.."

 "Of course.." Jasmin said again, rolling her eyes as she thought of Ted, her boss. "Well, anyway, come on. I suppose we DO have got a lot to do, like Ted said."


 Unfortunately, training up the two new girls, in addition to her usual duties of keeping the animal habitats clean, coupled with an usually large rush of lunch and afternoon patrons, meant that she didn't have hardly any time to spare to indulge her curiosity about Alicia until it was nearly time for the zoo to close.

 Bethany and Susan had both gone home already, and Ted was still off somewhere else, doing who knows what, which meant that Jasmin was finally free to check up on Jimmy and Alicia. She wondered, as she slipped into the giant frog's terrarium, whether or not she had really seen Alicia moving inside of Jimmy that morning. And, even if she had, would the girl have been able to survive the additional seven or eight hours since then?

 Jasmin had stolen quick glances into Jimmy's habitat several times during the day as she had walked by it, and had seen no further sign of movement in his stomach in the brief moments she'd looked at him. Surely, Alicia must be gone by now, she thought.

 Jimmy eyed her, apparently completely unconcerned, as Jasmin walked over and knelt down before him. At her gentle prompting, he opened his mouth wide once again, to reveal the fate of the girl who had already spent slightly more than two full days inside of him.

 Alicia's rump, feet, and sex were still visible at the very back of Jimmy's mouth. They were positioned quite a bit deeper than they had been when Jasmin had last seen them, two days ago, though, and she felt certain that this must mean that Alicia's upper body was already starting to digest. Which meant, in turn, that she must already be gone. What Jasmin was looking at was no longer a girl anymore, just meat.

 Then, even as Jasmin came to this conclusion, Alicia's feet shifted ever so slightly inside of Jimmy's mouth, and her delicate little toes flexed and curled weakly.

 "A.. Alicia?" Jasmin asked, scarcely believing what she was seeing. "Alicia, are you still there?"

 Very slowly, as if waking up from a deep doze, Alicia's voice replied from out of the depths of Jimmy's stomach.

 "..Jas..min..?" the girl asked, her voice weak, sounding slurred and a little confused.

 "Alicia, wow!" Jasmin exclaimed, amazed. "I never would have thought you'd have lasted this long! How're you doing?"

 "..Long?" Alicia eventually replied. "How.. long?"

 "Umm, a little over two days, now." Jasmin answered. "It's Tuesday, nearly closing time."

 "..Jas.. min.." Alicia said, after several moments had passed. "..Jasmin.."

 "What, Alicia?" Jasmin asked, as she peered curiously into Jimmy's maw.

 "Help.. me.." came the weak response, from the girl trapped within it. "Please.."

 "Do.. do you still want me to help you help you come?" Jasmin asked, with a glance towards the empty viewing room beyond the glass of the terrarium.

 "..No.." Alicia responded. "Want.. out.."

 "Ah.." Jasmin responded, a bit uncomfortably. "Um.. Sorry, but I can't do that. You know that."

 "..Out.. Please.." Alicia repeated, her voice still slurred, but now sounding forlorn, rather than confused. "Please.."

 "I'm sorry, but no." Jasmin replied, more firmly. "I know you didn't exactly choose this, Alicia, but what's done is done. Jimmy swallowed you, so you're his, now."

 "..Please.." Alicia begged. "Please, Jas.. I'm m.. me.. melting.."

 "I'm melting.." she moaned again, when Jasmin didn't immediately respond.

 Jasmin chewed her bottom lip. She wanted to help her friend, but simply couldn't do what she asked. Apart from how Ted and the rest of the management of the zoo would feel about it, the fact of the matter was that it wouldn't be.. well, just it wouldn't be right. Jimmy had already swallowed her down.. days ago, even, and it wouldn't be fair to him to deprive him of his well earned meal, especially considering how it was only now starting to properly digest inside of him.

 Still, she wanted to do something for the girl who was her friend and former coworker, something to ease her plight, even if she couldn't, in good conscience, release her from it.

 Of course, there WAS something she could do for her, wasn't there? She had the time, today, didn't she? She could finish what she had started two days ago..

 Slowly, Jasmin eased her hand and arm into Jimmy's mouth once again, and laid her slim, warm fingers upon the sex of the trapped girl before her.

 Alicia gave a small, very weak little jerk when Jasmin's fingertips began stroking and caressing the folds of her cleft, which, of course, caused Jimmy to swallow down on her. Jasmin watched, intrigued, as the bottom, sex, and feet of the girl she was touching nearly disappeared down Jimmy's throat, before the giant frog relaxed once again, and Alicia's lower body eased slowly back into view.

 "Try not to move too much, Alicia.." Jasmin instructed, as she resumed her ministrations upon the girl's sex. "..or Jimmy might swallow you down completely, before I can finish."

 "..Ahh.. Jasmin..!" was the only reply she received, as Jasmin gently rubbed her index finger back and forth across the slowly squirming girl's clit.

 Alicia wasn't as aroused as she had been this time two days ago. Perhaps she had managed to come on her own after all, though Jasmin doubted it. A more likely explanation was that her body simply hadn't been able to sustain her arousal at such a high level for hour upon hour, for two whole days. Whatever the reason, it took her several long minutes to bring the trapped girl's pussy back to the state she had left it in.

 She was persistent, however, and soon, despite her warnings against it, Alicia was once again bucking and writhing inside of her captor's throat and stomach. Jimmy responded to this predictably, swallowing hard on the squirming meal inside of him. And, during every swallow, a little more of Alicia would disappear down his throat, and a little less of her would emerge again afterward.

 Finally, after several more minutes of aroused wiggling and low, incoherent gasps and moans of pleasure, the orgasm Jasmin could feel building within Alicia finally began peaking.

 "Jasmin..!" she cried out, her words finally fully audible and clear once more, as she spasmed and squirmed in ecstasy inside of Jimmy. "Ohhh, Jasmin!"

 Alicia came hard. Her body, which had been moving weakly and feebly at first, seemed, for a few moments at least, to be just as strong again as when she had first been swallowed. Her wild orgasmic thrashing caused Jimmy, who had probably been quite happy with the quiescent state of his stomach before Jasmin had started stirring its contents up again, to rear up high on his front legs. His entire body then clenched and flexed mightily, as he made his most powerful, determined gulps yet.

 Jimmy, with his mouth now clamped down on Jasmin's arm, swallowed once, then twice, then three times in a row. Each successive swallow pulled Alicia's body further and further into him, and finally, after the third enormous gulp, Jasmin felt the pussy she still had her fingers in, then the rump above it, and finally the toes of the feet below it, slide completely past the back of Jimmy's mouth. The entrance to Jimmy's throat closed around her wrist, then closed completely when Jasmin pulled her hand and arm free from inside of Alicia's quivering sex and the frog's now slackening jaws.

 Jasmin quickly pried those jaws back open, even as Jimmy settled back down into his usual relaxed crouch. Where before Alicia's bottom and feet had been visible, now there was only empty froggy mouth and a closed amphibian esophagus. Alicia had finally been fully and completely swallowed.

 Jasmin released Jimmy's jaws, which he closed again, and leaned back away from him. She could still make out the slowly diminishing movements of the girl now trapped wholly within his stomach. Those movements, however, soon subsided, as the air needed to sustain them was now completely cut off.

 "Alicia..?" Jasmin asked, as she leaned her head forward toward Jimmy's now almost completely still belly, putting one ear against his moist flesh.

 "..Jasmin.." came the response from Alicia, so faint that Jasmin almost thought she might be imagining it. "..Jas.. thank.. you.."

 With that, the last, feeble movements inside of Jimmy ceased, and the frog, who had been eyeing Jasmin with something almost like an annoyed glare, turned away from her. It seemed to her that the giant amphibian, having finally gotten its nearly too large, very squirmy, and amazingly persistent meal finally under full control, now wanted nothing more than some peace and quiet to digest it in.

 Jasmin, however, couldn't quite accommodate him, just yet. Playing with Alicia's sex, getting the girl fired up and aroused once again, then feeling her both orgasm and finally be completely swallowed at the same time, had all made Jasmin herself rather hot and bothered, as well.

 With another glance out into the public viewing area, which was still thankfully deserted, Jasmin pulled her polo shirt off and undid the top button to her short khaki work shorts. Then, using fingers that were still slick with the fluids from both Jimmy's digestive tract and Alicia's sex, Jasmin brought herself to a very satisfactory orgasm. Perhaps it was witnessing Alicia's end, and having such an active role in it, or perhaps it was the thought of being in exactly the same place herself in only a mere week, or perhaps it was just the thrill of public masturbation, of getting caught and fired, but it took her much less time to come than it usually did.

 In only a scant few minutes she was moaning and writhing in ecstasy, kneeling before an indifferent amphibian who probably viewed her as either just an annoyance or as mere food, depending entirely on how clothed she was and on how hungry he felt at the moment. Afterward, she simply collapsed back onto the mossy pebbles of Jimmy's terrarium, and spent a few moments basking in the afterglow of her orgasm.

 Before she left, she bent down and patted the bulging side of Jimmy's belly.

 "Bye, Alicia.." she whispered. "I guess.. I guess I might see you again in about a week.."

 Then Jasmin left Jimmy's habitat, and went home for the night.

4 - Nipple Nibble (Wednesday)

 As promised, Ted spent almost the entire next day with Jasmin, Bethany, and Susan, shoring up their woefully lacking knowledge about the animals they were responsible for. It seemed, despite his being a rather mediocre boss and supervisor, that he actually knew quite a bit about the care of the various and sundry reptiles and amphibians in their department, and all three of the girls learned quite a bit under his tutelage.

 Unfortunately, Jasmin missed out on some of this training, as Ted gave her a special chore to take care of right after lunch.

 "We've started harvesting some of the girls each day, not for live feedings, but just to provide meat for the animals' regular feedings." Ted told her, as he stood over her while she finished her lunch sandwich.

 Her boss wasn't trying to be intimidating by doing this, Jasmin knew, he just had a terrible sense of other people's personal space. Still, even knowing this, it made his next pronouncement seem all the more menacing.

 "So, I'm sending you off to the meat locker for the rest of this afternoon." he said, firmly. "You'll need to swing by a couple of other departments on the way, and pick up a few more girls first, though."

 "I.." Jasmin said, stammering a little in surprise and consternation. "..I thought that I was going to go to Jimmy..?"

 She had been anticipating a fairly smooth and gentle end to her employment at the zoo, swallowed down whole and squished inside of Jimmy's stomach. Seeing first Trina, and then Alicia, go that way had convinced her that she was definitely getting a better deal than many of the other girls now working at the zoo were going to wind up with. She shuddered at the thought of the animals some of the girls were scheduled to feed.

 Though she hadn't witnessed it herself, she'd heard second hand accounts of the live feeding for the zoo's hyenas, which had occurred just the day before. Being torn apart, while still alive and screaming, by a dirty, stinky pack of cackling and laughing hyenas, was definitely not something that was high on her list of things she wanted to experience.

 Similarly, getting ignominiously butchered for parts was not how she had seen herself going out, either.

 "What?" Ted asked, distracted by her sudden question. "What are you talking about? You ARE going to Jimmy, this Sunday. You've been scheduled for him ever since you started here."

 "..But, you're sending me to the meat locker..?" Jasmin asked Ted, now very confused.

 "Not as meat, girl." Ted replied, rolling his eyes. "As help. Tammy asked for a hand or two, yesterday at the manager's meeting, and I volunteered you. You just have to help her with whatever she needs doing. If you somehow manage to get yourself butchered while you're there, I'm going to be rather miffed, because I'd be a girl short for my live feedings, then."

 "Oh." Jasmin replied, not quite sure of how to respond to the last part of Ted's statement. "I'll.. I'll do my best, I suppose."

 "Good." Ted stated, nodding. "Now, you'll need to grab a girl named Cindy from the insect and arachnid department. She's got fairly dark skin, short curly hair, and she's a bit busty. You can't miss her. She was scheduled for a live feeding this morning."

 "A live feeding..?" Jasmin asked, puzzled. "But, then won't she be..?"

 "A partial live feeding." Ted clarified, correcting himself. "The creepy crawlies over in the bug house aren't all that big, after all. She'll probably only be missing a few bits, which is why you're going to take however much is left of her over to the meat locker."

 "O-okay.." Jasmin said, wincing slightly at the thought.

 "You'll also need to pick up a girl named.. something. Hmm.." Ted said, frowning and rubbing his chin, as he tried to remember the girl's name. "Well, I can't recall what she's named, but she works in HR. She's been there for awhile, but apparently Namela hasn't been very impressed with her recent work, so she's being demoted and transferred. She's a tall, skinny redhead, with a pretty amazing chest, if it isn't too sexist of me to say so. I'm sure you'll be able to find her."

 "Okay. When do you want me to go?" Jasmin asked.

 "Right now." Ted said. "Tammy said she'd be ready to start right after lunch, and she doesn't like to waste any time. So, don't dawdle. Grab those girls and get them over to her."

 So, just a few minutes later, Jasmin found herself walking through the building the zoo had devoted to arachnids and insects, the "Bug House" as most people referred to it. There were quite a few zoo patrons wandering around, looking curiously at the exhibits, and Jasmin had to force herself not to follow in their example. She hadn't spent much time outside of the reptile and amphibian department yet, and some of the various spiders and insects on display looked fascinating. Unfortunately, she didn't have the time to spare to indulge her curiosity about them. She needed to find Cindy and move on, so she wouldn't be late for Tammy, who, she supposed, must be the manager of the meat locker.

 Unfortunately, the only other zoo employee she could find in the bug house was in the middle of a small group of patrons, all of whom were looking on with interest as he lectured them about the living, reproductive, and eating habits of some insect or another. With no other clues to go on, Jasmin decided to wander over and see what had them all so enthralled. Maybe she'd have an opportunity to discretely interrupt the man's spiel and ask him where she might find Cindy.

 As she approached, Jasmin noticed something odd about two the the displays the group was currently circled around. That something odd turned out to be a set of bare human breasts, which were thrust, one each, into a pair of neighboring terrariums. Jasmin frowned at this at first, wondering just what on earth was going on, when what the man lecturing the group was saying finally penetrated through her concentration.

 "So, as you can see, the preying mantis is a very aggressive and voracious eater. It is quick to strike, and even quicker to begin consuming its prey, even if that prey is still very much alive and squirming." the man, who must be the head of the arachnid and insect department, said to his very interested audience. "Now, the emperor scorpion, on the other hand, likes to make sure its prey is, if not completely dead, then at least immobilized and helpless, before it starts in on its meal."

 The first terrarium the man had indicated did indeed contain a rather large preying mantis, which was currently engaged in using its sharp mandibles and other mouth parts to rip its way into the prey it held pinched and helpless in the spiny crooks of its bladed forelimbs.

 That this prey consisted entirely of the nipple of the breast hanging into its habitat seemed to disturb no one in the audience in the slightest, and several were even using their phones to take pictures and video of the insect's gruesome feast.

 While no one in the audience seemed to mind the fact that a human nipple was currently in the process of being messily eaten by a rather large bug, there was one person who did seem to take some issue with it. That person was, of course, the mostly concealed girl to whom the large and shapely mammary gland that was hanging in the terrarium was attached. While the audience murmured in appreciation, and casually asked inane questions about the life cycle of the insects before them, the girl whose nipple was slowly disappearing down the mantis' throat, bit by bit and bite by bite, seemed incapable of preventing herself from giving out low, muffled, and yet rather frequent pained yelps, agonized moans, and even the occasional sulfurous curse.

 Of course, most of the noises she was making, and especially the curses, could probably be more correctly attributed to the emperor scorpion in the second terrarium, and what it was doing to the nipple of her other breast. The alarmingly large, be-pinchered and venomously be-tailed arachnid had the meat of her areola in a death grip in one of its strong claws. The massive scorpion was using the leverage its grip gave it to aim frequent and precise strikes with its long stinger, peppering the whole area around the trapped nipple, but mostly concentrating on the helpless pink nubbin itself, with deep holes, which oozed trickles of blood and venom in equal quantities.

 Jasmin realized that she was witnessing the bug house version of a live feeding. Or, at least, a partial live feeding, as Ted had said. She shuddered at the sight, suddenly very glad indeed that she was destined for Jimmy's stomach, rather than something like this.

 The man giving the presentation about the two large bugs paused in his speech for a moment and caught Jasmin's eye, once she had managed to tear her gaze away from the dual atrocities being committed against the breasts before her. The man nodded to her, then leaned his head to the side, while pointing with a finger in the same direction, toward one of the "Employees Only" doors that were set in regular intervals throughout the zoo.

  Jasmin nodded in return to him, then took the hint. Her zoo key allowed her access, and she slipped through the door into the corridor that ran behind the displays and terrariums. The narrow hallway was what the employees of the zoo used to maintain, feed, and service the creatures in their care, all out of sight of the general zoo-going public. Her own department had several, one of which ran to Jimmy's large terrarium. This particular corridor, however, led to the space just behind the terrariums where the current live feeding was taking place.

 Jasmin saw, as she moved back toward the spot where she had seen the group gathered around to watch a girl's nipples be devoured, two young women in the corridor with her. The first was the girl whose breasts were thrust into the terrariums before her. She was pressed up against the opaque rear panels of the displays, which had been slid open just enough to allow her large boobs to poke through into each small habitat. She held her arms, which were also pressed up against the rear wall of the terrariums, above her head, and her fists were clenched in apparent determination. Her trembling legs were spread wide, both to help lower her torso to the same level as the terrariums her chest was pushed into, and to allow the second girl access to her sex, which was as bare and uncovered as her breasts were.

 The second girl, who Jasmin suspected was the one she had been sent to find, was sitting on her heels, her back to the terrariums and her folded legs poking out into the corridor, with her face buried in the first girl's crotch.

 "Cindy?" Jasmin asked, as she approached the pair.

 The second girl murmured something, then ducked her head out from between the first girl's legs, so she could look up at Jasmin.

 "Yeah?" she asked, even as she wiped her mouth and chin clean.

 "I'm Jasmin. My supervisor, Ted, said I was to take you to the meat locker right after lunch?" Jasmin said, turning her statement into a polite query at the end.

 "Jeez, is it that time, already?" Cindy asked quietly, so the zoo patrons on the viewing side of the terrariums wouldn't be able to overhear. "I don't suppose you can give me a few more minutes with Clare, here, can you? I wanted to make her come while her nipples were getting munched. It helps take the edge off, a bit."

 "Uh, sorry, but Ted said we weren't supposed to dawdle.." Jasmin replied, while shrugging apologetically. "You're not the only girl I'm supposed to collect."

 "Dang. Oh, well." Cindy said, before she clambered to her feet. "Sorry, Clare, but it looks like I won't be able to return the favor, after all."

 Clare only groaned, then yelped sharply again.

 "Return the favor?" Jasmin asked, quirking an eyebrow up curiously.

 "Yeah. Clare licked me out while I was getting my own nipples eaten, earlier this morning." Cindy replied, while giving the girl in question's bare bottom a fond pat.

 "Did.. did it help? With the pain?" Jasmin asked, unable to keep herself from shuddering slightly.

 "Yeah. Like I said, it took the edge off, a bit." Cindy answered, nodding sagely. "But I think it hurt even worse after I had come down, though. The goliath bird eating tarantula on my right teat wasn't even half way done, by that point. It just kept injecting more and more venom, until my nipple started liquefying, before chewing the whole thing to a pulp while sucking out the juices."

 "D-dang.." Jasmin said, wincing at the other girl's casual description of the destruction of her nipple.

 "Yeah." Cindy agreed. "At least the giant centipede that ate my left nipple was relatively quick about it, even if did take a bit of extra meat off before it was through.. That thing was seriously hungry!"

 "So, both of your nipples are.. just gone?" Jasmin asked, shaking her head in disbelief.

 "Yep." Cindy answered, lifting up her uniform polo to prove it.

 Where the tips of her breasts should have been were only two squares of white gauze, taped neatly onto her flesh, which stood out starkly against her dark skin. Of the nipples that would have visibly poked up on an intact breast, only little speckles of dried blood, which had seeped up through the smooth gauze from underneath, marked what was now missing.

 "Dang.." Jasmin repeated, as she watched the girl lower her shirt, then turn to her coworker once again.

 "Clare, how're your bugs treating you?" Cindy asked, curiously. "I haven't been able to see what they're doing to you, so give me the scoop before I take off, won't you?"

 "Ffffuu.. f-ffreaking preying mantis is bad enough.." Clare whispered, after a moment's hesitation and a few more pained grunts. "Stupid thing feels like it's gonna chew its way down to my rib cage.."

 "..but the damn scorpion just won't quit stinging me!" she continued, her tone aggrieved. "It hurts like hell, every time! Why won't it just eat me, already?"

 The girl then yelped in pain again, and swore quietly under her breath.

 "There it goes again! Enough with the stinger, already, you stupid bug!" she complained. "Cindy, are you sure you can't stay a little longer? I'd really like a tongue in my pussy, right about now.."

 Cindy looked from Clare to Jasmin, who shook her head.

 "Sorry, girl." Cindy said, sighing and shrugging regretfully. "I guess I'm out of time."

 "Damn.." Clare swore, as she jerked slightly again, in response to yet another sting. "I'll see you later, then, I suppose.."

 "Probably not." Cindy replied, over her shoulder, as she began to follow Jasmin out of the corridor and toward the HR building.

 After the rather unusual sights Jasmin had just witnessed in the bug house, the human resources department proved to be plain and generic office space. Rather than wander around looking for someone whose name she didn't know, Jasmin just marched straight into the HR manager's office, so she could ask her directly.

 Namela glanced up as Jasmin walked into her office, with Cindy trailing along slightly behind her, and answered her question before she could even finish opening up her mouth to ask it.

 "I already sent her over to the meat locker, Jasmin." Namela said, in an offhand manner, before returning to whatever it was she was doing. "Honestly, I couldn't bear to have that air headed bimbo around for even a second longer. If I'd had to listen to her give me hair care tips one more time, then I probably would have volunteered for a live feeding myself."

 "So, just take Cindy there with you and run along after her." Namela finished, waving the two girls out of her office.

 Recognizing the dismissal, Jasmin retreated, pulling Cindy along with her, and headed for the other girl's final destination: the meat locker.


5 - The Meat Locker

 The meat locker, which was what most of the people who worked at the zoo called the enormous refrigerator and freezer units that held the zoo's meat fodder, and the building that housed them, was very chilly. Even the white walled butchering room, with its stainless steel sinks and counters, was brisk enough that Jasmin could see her breath.

 "Good, you're here." came the terse greeting from the woman who, judging from her stern expression and no nonsense attitude, must be the manager in charge of the meat locker. She was standing behind a large steel table, sharp knife held casually in one hand, with a nude and restrained girl laying out face up before her on the slightly tilted surface.

 "Tammy?" Jasmin asked, as she stepped into the cold, starkly lit interior of the butchering room.

 "Yes." Tammy replied. "And you're the girl Ted sent over to help me out. Jasmin, right?"

 "Yeah." Jasmin answered, nodding affirmatively, even as she shivered and broke out into gooseflesh.

 "Jeez, it's cold in here.." Cindy stated, as she followed Jasmin into the room.

 "It's necessary." Tammy replied, shortly. "And you're Cindy, right?"

 Cindy just nodded and hugged herself, running her hands up and down her her own suddenly shivering arms.

 "Good, we can get started then." Tammy stated. "Jasmin, how much experience do you have butchering animals?"

 "Umm.. none?" Jasmin answered, hesitantly.

 "Ugh.. Of course." Tammy replied, her tone disgusted, as she rolled her eyes. "Well, you'll just have to learn by watching and doing, then. Strip your girl, then tie her down to one of the butchering tables, just like mine is. Make sure her head is on the downhill side, and hanging over the edge a bit."


 With help from Cindy herself, Jasmin got the girl undressed, up on one of the large tables, and then bound to it, hand and foot to each corner, more or less like the other girl was.

 "Good." Tammy stated, as Jasmin finished. "Now, get an apron on, or your clothes will be a mess for the rest of the day, and come over here and watch what I do."

 Jasmin pulled an apron off a hook on the wall and donned it, then moved to stand next to Tammy. The slightly older, yet still fit and trim woman, who looked to be somewhere in her mid thirties or early forties, nodded to her, then started explaining what they would be doing.

 "Taken all together, the calorie demands of the zoo's carnivores and omnivores mean that we go through three or four hundred pounds of meat each day." Tammy said, waving her knife around slightly for emphasis. "Since Ted's bright idea to switch from feeding our critters on goats, pigs, or chickens to you girls, we've been saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a day. Which is great for the zoo."

 "But, that means we're going through you all pretty fast. Which, in turn, also means that I, instead of simply buying cheap, low grade meat in bulk like I used to, now have to spend half my day slaughtering and parting out girls, just to keep up with demand." she continued, sounding mildly put out. "And, I'm tired of doing it all by myself.."

 "So, that's why you're here. Watch me, learn, then apply what you learn on Cindy over there." Tammy finished, pointing her knife vaguely in the direction of the pretty, dark skinned girl.

 "Jeez.." Cindy commented, gulping slightly and looking a bit nervous, from where she lay helpless on her table.

 "Okay." Jasmin said, after fortifying herself with a deep breath. "Show me what to do."

 "Well, first thing's first." Tammy said, as she moved around to the end of the table. "You've got to take off the head."

 The girl on the table between Jasmin and Tammy, who seemed just as nervous as Cindy was, if not more so, whimpered a little when Tammy said this. She squirmed slightly against her restraints, which caused the smooth muscles of her slim shoulders and lean torso to stand out attractively.

 She was, as Ted had said she would be, a natural redhead. Her hair was just a shade too dark to be called ginger, but was still very vivid, especially in the bright white light of the overhead florescent bulbs. Her skin was pale and virtually flawless, with scarcely a freckle or mole to be seen. She couldn't be called skinny, though, so much as just naturally lean, with slim, graceful arms, a narrow chest and waist, and long, coltish legs. Contrasting against the rest of her litheness was her chest, which was, as Ted had described, pretty darn amazing. Her breasts were large, full, and plump, and, despite their size, somehow managed to retain a large measure of pert perkiness, with well defined pink areola and large, erect nipples that looked very, very suckable.

 She was, in short, utterly gorgeous. She was so pretty that it seemed almost a waste for her to end up here, in the meat locker, Jasmin thought. Surely, if she had to be food for some animal at the zoo, she would be better utilized as a live feeder, rather than as mere anonymous chunks of meat, right?

 Tammy apparently didn't think so, because she reached down, grabbed the girl's chin with her free hand, and pulled back on it firmly, revealing a throat that was, just like the rest of her, slim and graceful. Then, with a glance up at Jasmin to make sure that she was watching, Tammy unceremoniously drew her knife across the skin just under the girl's jaw, cutting deep.

 "Guh-Glurk..!" was the only noise the redhead made as Tammy did this, before she began spasming and squirming fiercely against her restraints.

 "And that's why we bind them down.." Tammy said, as she held on to the girl's chin with her hand. "Normally, we might wait until she's settled down a bit before proceeding, but we're in a bit of a hurry, so.."

 Tammy then ran her knife, which seemed like it must be very, very sharp to Jasmin, all the way around the top of the struggling and choking girl's neck. She did this several times, making her circular cut deeper and deeper with each pass, until finally Jasmin could hear the scrap of steel on bone.

 "There we go.." Tammy said, as she set her knife aside.

 The girl, despite the fact that her head was the next best thing to completely severed from the rest of her body, still gurgled and twitched feebly against her restraints, and her eyes were rolling wildly and fearfully back and forth between Tammy and Jasmin.

 "..and now, we just.." Tammy said under her breath, as she brought her other hand, the one not holding the girl's chin, around to cradle the back of her head. "..twist."

 With a low grunt and a sudden flexing of the muscles of her shoulders and arms, Tammy jerked the girl's whole head around to one side, twisting it savagely. The bones and tendons of the girl's neck made a loud, sharp cracking sound, which then led into grisly, squelchy crunching as the butcher woman then twisted the head trapped between her hands back in the opposite direction.

 The girl's beautiful body gave one final, mighty spasm as her neck was snapped, then fell limp, with only small, involuntary muscle twitching at the ends of her arms and legs as the sole remaining signs of life, and even those quickly tapered off into nothing.

 Tammy blew out a breath, then dropped the girl's head. It clanged against the edge of the table, hanging down at an unnatural and unsettling angle. Only a few small scraps of flesh and sinew still connected it to its former body, which Tammy quickly sliced through with one final pass of her knife. Then, holding the girl's now completely severed head by its long, lovely, and now blood spattered red hair, she lifted it up and away. With scarcely a glance at it, she absently handed it over to Jasmin, who, surprised by this, barely managed to keep from dropping it on the floor.

 "Put it in the bin, with the others." Tammy instructed, with a glance toward the door to the walk in refrigerator. "It's just inside. You can't miss it."

 Jasmin, after looking back and forth between Tammy and the severed head now dangling from her grip by its hair, gulped and nodded. As she walked over to the large metal door, she glanced back at Cindy, who had watched the whole short, brutal affair, and was now looking rather more pale than she had before.

 "J-jeez.." Cindy breathed, her voice trembling, from where she was restrained on her own butchering table.

 There was indeed a large bin just inside of the refrigerator, which had at least a dozen more girl heads carelessly piled in it. Jasmin carefully lay the head of the girl, whose name she realized she hadn't yet learned, and now probably never would, gently atop the pile. Her face had gone slack, and she looked oddly peaceful, despite the panicked expression of pain and fear her features had born only a few moments ago.

 Looking up from the pile of discarded heads, Jasmin glanced around the large refrigerated room she found herself in. All along the wire shelves, and hanging from large meat hooks set in rows from the ceiling, were butchered bits of girl. The shelves were full of tubs of calves, thighs, and arms, with each limb piece showing raw and bloody meat at each end, where it had been separated from the rest of its original body at the joints. Headless torsos, most of which were missing their breasts for some reason, dangled from the hooks in the ceiling, and there was even another large bin, like the one for the heads, that housed a sizable pile of small, feminine severed hands and feet.

 Perhaps most disturbing of all, however, was the row of breasts, all carefully line up and arranged with their nipples facing upwards, that ranged down the middle shelf of one long wall. Someone, presumably Tammy, had taken the time to sort them from largest to smallest. Why, Jasmin didn't care to guess.

 The display of soft, curved female flesh was particularly incongruous with the cold, bare metal shelving and walls of the interior of the stark, brightly lit refrigerator.

 Jasmin, her own nipples poking up through the fabric of her polo due to the cold, shuddered at the sight, and she was very, very glad that her own fate wasn't to end up in this chilly room, crudely disassembled and laying out in pieces like this.

 "Now, we've got to let her body drain for a few minutes." Tammy said, when Jasmin returned from the refrigerator. She was at one of the sinks, rinsing her knife clean, before giving it a few strokes across a whetstone. "So why don't you start on your girl, while I watch."

 "Okay.. I'll try." Jasmin said, her unsteady tone betraying her lack of surety.

 "It's not difficult girl." Tammy said, gruffly but not unkindly, as she leaned back against the edge of the sink, after handing Jasmin her knife. "No different than slaughtering a goat. I'm sure you'll do fine."

 "What.. what do you plan to do with all the heads?" Jasmin asked, as she moved to stand before Cindy, who had started trembling violently, and not just from the cold.

 "We haven't figured out anything, yet." Tammy replied, as she held up one hand and absently inspected her nails. "We might end up tossing them out. They're mostly just bone and teeth, anyway. We wouldn't want something to chip a fang while gnawing on one, would we?"

 "Jeezz.." muttered Cindy, with closed eyes and a little shudder.

 "Hmm.." Jasmin mused, with a little frown, as she stroked Cindy's cheek reassuringly with her fingertips. "That seems like a bit of a waste, though.."

 "Eh, it isn't like we'll be running short of meat any time soon.." Tammy replied nonchalantly, with a shrug.

 "Still.." Jasmin said. "Maybe we could feed them to some of the larger animals over in my department? A lot of them could swallow a head down whole.. Perhaps the alligators? We could even sell them to the customers, so they could toss them into the 'gator pit themselves.. Ten dollars a head. It wouldn't be a large profit, but it would be something.."

 "Oh, jeez!" Cindy repeated, whimpering at the thought.

 "That's a decent idea. You might mention it to Ted, after we're done here." Tammy replied, nodding. "Now, are you just gonna stand there talking, or are you going to cut off that girl's head?"

 "Okay, okay.." Jasmin replied, blushing slightly. "I'm just a little nervous about it, that's all. I've never done anything like this, before.."

 "Y-you're nervous?!" Cindy exclaimed, choking a little in surprise. "You've.. you've got to be kidding me! How do you think I feel about it!"

 "Well, you knew something like this was going to happen eventually, didn't you?" Jasmin asked, her tone reasonable. "I mean, they explained it all when they hired us.."

 "What? Are you serious?" Cindy replied, sounding aggrieved. "You sound just like Clare. You must be one of the new girls, who just got hired and knew what they were getting into. I've been here for nearly a year, and until last week, I'd only ever worked in the gift shop. They never mentioned anything like this in the job description when I was hired!"

 "Oh, well.." Jasmin said, faintly. " least it's all for a good cause, right?"

 Cindy just snorted disbelievingly, then rolled her eyes.

 "Jeez, if I hadn't needed this job so badly, I would've quit already, BEFORE I fed my poor nipples to a couple of gross, giant bugs!" Cindy grumped. "But my rent isn't going to pay itself.."

 "Well, I suppose you won't have to worry about your rent anymore, at least." Jasmin replied, trying to reassure the girl. "Are you ready?"

 "I.. I guess.." Cindy sighed, with a fearful look at the knife Jasmin was holding. "Just.. just be gentle, alright?"

 Jasmin didn't reply, but patted Cindy's cheek with her free hand consolingly. Then, taking the trembling girl's chin firmly in hand, as she had seen Tammy do, Jasmin steeled herself to cut off her first head.

 She, quite predictably, made rather a mess of it. Her first cut across Cindy's throat wasn't clean, and not deep enough by half. It took her several more hasty swipes with her blade to finally cut deep enough to fully silence the girl's shocked squeals of pain, which had quickly filled the small room and were loud enough to make even Tammy flinch.

 Then, when she tried to slice through the rest of the struggling and squirming girl's neck, she kept fumbling and dropping the knife, due to the copious amounts of slick blood now coating its handle. Finally, though, she managed to hack a ragged ring all the way around Cindy's neck, down to her vertebrae. She set her knife aside and made to snap the girl's head off, as she had seen Tammy do, only to find that it was much harder than the older woman had made it look.

 In the end, she didn't manage to firmly twist the girl's head until her neck broke cleanly, so much as she slowly and haltingly unscrewed it from her body, with the hideous sounds of grinding and crunching ligaments and cartilage to accompany her efforts. After the second or third rotation, enough bone and tendon had broken that Jasmin was finally, finally able to saw Cindy's head completely off with her by now much duller and blunted knife.

 Breathing hard, splattered liberally with blood, and quite embarrassed at how badly she had screwed up her first attempt at girl butchery, Jasmin held up the severed head to look at it. Thankfully, the agonized and betrayed expression that Cindy had been shooting at her during the entire fiasco was already sliding off into blank slackness, and she, like the redhead before her, soon looked rather peaceful, as if she were just in a relaxed doze.

 "Well, I suppose you managed.." Tammy said, with an amused snort.

 The older woman had watched her struggle, offering no advise and just shaking her head in frank disbelief at what she had been witnessing, for the entire duration of Jasmin's attempt.

 "Ugh.." Jasmin gagged, horrified. "That.. that was awful!"

 "Yep, pretty bad." Tammy confirmed, chuckling darkly. "Don't worry about it. You'll do better next time, I'm sure."

 "..N-next time?" Jasmin asked, hopelessly.

 "Oh, yeah. We've got four or five more girls to get through today." Tammy confirmed. "And, after what I just saw, YOU are going to be the one to take off each of their heads. You definitely need the practice."

 Jasmin only whimpered, her shoulders slumping.

 "None of that." Tammy ordered. "Now, go dump that head. I'm going show you how we part out a girl's body next."

 Thankfully, working with girl meat that was already dead was much easier, both physically and emotionally, than making that meat dead in the first place. After re-sharpening her knife, Tammy showed Jasmin how to separate the limbs at each joint, and, soon enough, the bodies of both headless girls were reduced to a pair of torsos and a loose pile of parts.

 "Do.. do we have to gut them..?" Jasmin asked, a bit warily, as she eyed the limbless and headless torsos, which were by far the largest bits of girl left on the butchering tables.

 "Nope." Tammy replied easily, patting the flat, lean tummy of the torso before her. "The bigger carnivores, which is what these will go to, like the taste of intestines and all the other internal organs. The only thing we need to do is slice off their breasts."

 "How come?" Jasmin asked, as she watched the older woman casually grab one of the former redhead's large breasts and, with only a few easy strokes of her knife, cut it free.

 "They're good to slice up into smaller strips, for the littler animals." Tammy replied absently, as she held the severed globe of female flesh up high by its pink nipple, and poked around with her knife in the raw underside of the fresh cut. "Huh, I really expected these have implants, but I think they were completely natural. Some girls just have all the luck.."

 "So, do the limbs parts need to be broken down further too, or are they fine as they are?" Jasmin inquired, as she sliced off what was left of Cindy's breasts. She had peeked under the gauze that had covered where the girl's nipples had been, and, after seeing the raw, ruined flesh where a giant spider and a giant centipede had apparently had their breakfasts earlier in the day, was doubly glad that she hadn't been assigned to the bug house when she'd been hired.

 "Limb pieces are fine as is." Tammy said, as she took off the ex-redhead's other breast, and set it aside along with its mate. "The medium sized animals, things like skunks, foxes, raccoons, and badgers, make pretty short work of them."

 "So, we're done, then?" Jasmin asked, as she surveyed the remains of the two girls she and Tammy had butchered.

 "With these two, yes." Tammy confirmed. "All that's left is to store the meat in the fridge. I'll do that while you go get the next two girls. You'll probably want to wash up a bit, before you go, though. You've got a lot of blood on you.."

 Jasmin looked down at her gore splattered clothes and sighed, then did as she was told.

 "Well.." she thought to herself. "Only four or five more to go.."


 Thankfully, the rest of Jasmin's time with Tammy at the meat locker went much more smoothly. She learned from her disastrous first attempt to cut a girl's head off, and managed to take off the rest of the girls' heads much more quickly and cleanly. In fact, by the fifth and final girl, she thought that she might be nearly as good at it as Tammy was. Not as fast, certainly, but her movements were much more practiced and confident, now.

 She returned to the reptile and amphibian house just before closing, to find that Ted had already sent Bethany and Susan home about an hour earlier.

 "They've got a big day, tomorrow." Ted said, by way of explanation, after he had welcomed her back. "I want them rested up and looking their best."

 "A big day? What do you mean?" Jasmin asked, as she picked at a spot of blood still stuck to her uniform polo.

 "Goliath and David." Ted said simply, beaming. "I've decided to move up the switch in their feeder animals to this week, rather than next. Our live feedings have been drawing in such large crowds that it's more than worth the inconvenience to the personnel scheduling."

 "Ohh.." Jasmin replied, comprehension dawning. "So, Bethany and Susan are going to feed them tomorrow, then?"

 "Yep, it should be great! I'll bet it'll bring in loads of people to watch!" he said, enthusiastically. "Though I feel kind of silly, now, having spent so much time training those two today. Ah, well.. I guess I'll have you still, at least until Sunday."

 "..Yeah, until Sunday.." Jasmin said, with a little flutter in her stomach, as she looked over her shoulder into Jimmy's terrarium, spying the giant frog resting comfortably on his rock, like usual. "Are you going to send me over to help Tammy again, tomorrow?"

 "Yeah.." Ted said, suddenly frowning. "Dang, I'd forgotten about that. I'd said that I would lend you to her every afternoon for the rest of the week.."

 "Well, maybe I can get Namela to send me your replacement a little early." he continued, thoughtfully. "That'd give me a chance to get her trained up properly, before Sunday rolls around.."

 "Anyway, I'm going to head on home now, too." Ted said, as he stood up and began walking away. "Make sure you lock up, before you leave!"

 Jasmin sighed, completely unsurprised. Ted made her close every night. Still, it meant that she had a chance to collect her thoughts, almost alone in the zoo as it was closing down for the day.

 She turned to regard Jimmy, and as she stared at him, that little flutter in her belly returned. Perhaps it was helping to butcher all those girls with Tammy, or maybe it was seeing a girl's nipples be gnawed on by insects, or maybe it was even how she had watched Alicia finally fade away completely the night before, but suddenly Sunday, and her dinner date with Jimmy, seemed much more real, and much closer, than it had ever felt before.

 She thought she understood now why Alicia had started to become so distracted and nervous, the closer her scheduled feeding day a gotten.

 "..Sunday." she murmured aloud, looking at the bulge, which had shrunk visibly since the day before, that was all that remained of Alicia, deep inside of Jimmy's stomach.

6 - Susan and Bethany's Turns (Thursday)

 Susan, Ted had decided, would go to Goliath, the enormous saltwater crocodile. Mostly because she was a little taller and heavier than Bethany, and Ted thought that Goliath would be able to make better use of the extra calories than David would.

 Goliath's feeding took place nearly first thing in the morning, and drew, despite the early hour, quite a crowd. Unfortunately for all those people, however, the big croc's first live feeding proved to be something of an anticlimax.

 A nude Susan had let herself into the extra large terrarium, which served as Goliath's home, and walked, her strides confident, even if her expression was a bit apprehensive, over to the muddy edge of the murky pool which dominated the center of the habitat. After giving a brief wave of acknowledgement to the audience watching in the viewing room, she'd just stood there for a moment, shuffling her feet and fidgeting nervously with her hands, staring out across the surface of the water. Goliath had been concealed beneath that surface, out of sight to both Susan and the audience, and everyone, including Jasmin and Bethany, who'd both been watching along with all the others, had obviously been wondering how long it would take him to notice Susan. And, of course, just what he would do with her when he did.

 After about thirty seconds, just when the audience's building tension had become thick enough to feel in the air, the giant crocodile had exploded out of the pond. Water had sprayed everywhere, displaced by the rapid movements of the enormous reptile's scaled body, as he'd lunged up out of the depths at Susan. His huge, saw toothed jaws had closed around the girl's legs at the knees, snapping shut on her soft flesh viciously. And then, with no further ado, Goliath had quickly pulled her back into and under the water with him, submerging them both in the impenetrable murk of his pond.

 A few splashes and bubbles on the surface had indicated the spot where he had apparently come to rest on the bottom, with his squirming prize still held firmly between his strong jaws. Even these had stopped after only a few more moments, and, as the waves that were rippling back and forth across the top of the pond slowly died away, it had become almost impossible to tell that anything had just happened at all.

 The only signs that had been left of Susan, who hadn't even had enough time for a surprised scream, were a set of small, shallow furrows at the edge of the pond, where her grasping fingertips had dragged through the mud as she was pulled down the bank. Just those faint marks, and a slowly blossoming, dark red stain, visible even against the muddy green brown color of the water, that marked where Goliath was no doubt beginning to devour his scheduled weekly meal.

 The entire live feeding had taken less than a minute. Or, if one counted only the brief moment when Goliath had been visible to the audience, as he'd snapped up his victim, scarcely a handful of seconds.

 "Wow, folks.." Ted said, nearly at a loss for words. "I guess Goliath knows what he wants!"

 A smattering of polite applause greeted this, though there was an undercurrent of disappointed muttering running through the crowd of people watching as well, which Ted picked up on.

 "Now, I know that was over a bit more quickly than any of us expected, but don't fret!" Ted said, smiling genially at the audience. "We've got another live feeding scheduled in only an hour!"

 "I'm sure our Komodo dragon will be much more inclined to put on a good show!" he finished, giving the crowd a wink. "She's a bit fussy, and likes to take her time when she eats. So, make sure to stick around and see it!"

 "Dang.." Jasmin muttered, as she pressed forward through the dispersing crowd, to get a better look into Goliath's terrarium. "That didn't take long.."

 "Y-yeah.." gulped Bethany, who reluctantly followed her.

 "It's too bad no one can see anything." Ted commented, as both girls neared him. "It really put a damper on the crowd's enthusiasm. I wonder if there's anything we can do about that for next week.."

 "Maybe lower the water level?" Jasmin suggested, as she bent forward and peered through the thick glass. "Or have whoever is feeding him stand back a bit further from the edge of his pond, so he has to climb out of it to get to her?"

 "Hmm.." mused Ted, as he stood looking into Goliath's habitat, rubbing at his chin thoughtfully. "Those're pretty good ideas, Jasmin. I think we can manage them without too much trouble. Thanks."

 "Well, I'm going to go get set up for David's feeding." Ted said, turning away, obviously dismissing Goliath, and meal he was currently engaged in eating, from his mind. "You two can get back to your regular duties, for now."

 "But, I'll need you in an hour or so, Anita." he called back over his shoulder at Bethany, as he walked away. "Don't forget!"

 "F-forget?" Bethany asked, blowing an exasperated breath up at her bangs. "How could I forget?! And, I wish he would remember my name, just once! That wasn't even the same one as last time."

 "Ah, that's just Ted being Ted." Jasmin said, patting the girl on the shoulder. "Don't mind him. How are you feeling? Getting nervous?"

 Bethany shot Jasmin a look that was hard to decipher, then turned back to look into Goliath's terrarium again, folding her arms across her slim chest protectively as she did so.

 "Well, I wasn't before.." Bethany said, after a moment's silence, with a nod in the direction of the widening red stain on the surface of the crocodile's pond. "..but after seeing that.. Yeah, I guess I am, a little."

 "I mean, I know they explained it all when we started here. That it was a big part of the reason why they were hiring so many of us in the first place, but still.." she continued, her tone thoughtful. "I guess hearing someone talk about it just isn't the same as seeing it happen with your own eyes."

 "Well, at least you won't have to worry about it after another hour or so." Jasmin said, reasonably. "It'll all be over, one way or another, by then."

 "Yeah, that's true." Bethany replied, brightening a bit. "I think the waiting might be worse than anything else, you know?"

 "Yeah.." Jasmin replied, glancing over her shoulder at Jimmy's terrarium, on the opposite side of the viewing room. "Yeah, I know."

 "Well, I just hope it doesn't hurt too much." Bethany said, before tossing her hair back and taking a deep breath. "Anyway, I guess I'd better get some work done, while I still can."


 "Oh, there she goes! That was a close one!" Ted commented loudly, chuckling cheerfully, as he, Jasmin, and a large crowd of zoo goers watched Bethany scamper frantically around in David's habitat, the small, nude girl barely avoiding another snap of the big lizard's jaws.

 "I told Angie to run around a bit, to act frightened and scared." Ted said to Jasmin, out of the corner of his mouth, as the crowd yelled and cheered. "So David has to work for it a bit, you know? Make her chase her lunch down, rather than just standing there and letting her have it. That way, the audience gets to see a good show."

 Jasmin glanced up at Ted skeptically, one eyebrow raised, but said nothing. It didn't seem to her that Bethany was having to do very much acting.

 Of course, considering what the girl was locked in a relatively small area with, Jasmin didn't think she herself would have had to do much acting, either, had she been in Bethany's place. The big female Komodo dragon wasn't nearly as large as Goliath, but still had to weigh nearly twice what Bethany did, and possibly more. In addition to her size, the economy sized lizard was just plain ornery and mean, even when she wasn't grumpy from being woken up from a nap under her lamp, as she obviously was now.

 "Ouch!" Ted exclaimed, in mock sympathy, for the crowd's benefit. "I think David might have her, this time!"

 Bethany had moved just a fraction of a second too late, zigging when she should have zagged, and the dragon had managed to clamp its slavering jaws around one of her shapely calves. The cry of shock the girl uttered at this quickly morphed into a pained wail, as David began jerking and twisting her head and neck back and forth, yanking viciously on the girl's trapped leg.

 Bethany was knocked on her rump by this rough treatment, but, rather than give in quietly, she began beating and kicking at David's nose and head with the heel of her other foot, clearly desperate to escape.

 "Oh, play nicely now, girl!" Ted called, his voice amused. From his tone, he obviously didn't think that the small, nude young woman, who couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and ten pounds, was any serious threat to the big dragon.

 Somehow, Bethany's efforts paid off, and she managed to yank her leg free from David's mouth, though it looked like it cost her a large measure of flesh and skin to do it. She scrambled up and away, with the dragon in close pursuit, and the chase was, once again, back on.

 The girl was at a disadvantage now, though, and it seemed that both she and the dragon knew it. She hobbled, as quickly as she could on her injured leg, over to the exit to David's habitat, only to find that Ted had locked the door behind her when she'd entered, a few minutes earlier.

 "Hah, you're not going to get away that easily, girl!" Ted called out, chuckling as she banged frantically on the sealed exit.

 The rest of the watching crowd, except Jasmin, laughed and jeered goodnaturedly along with him.

 Bethany, realizing that she couldn't escape the way she'd come in, reversed her course, only to find the hissing Komodo dragon blocking her path. Instead of trying to skirt past to one side or the other of the angry lizard, the girl, clearly panicking, decided to try to jump over it entirely.

 She was mostly successful, clearing the surprised lizard's snapping jaws by a hair's breadth, but landed poorly. Her injured leg seemed unable to take her weight, and it gave out beneath her, making her fall on her side to the ground once again.

 She immediately flipped herself over onto her back, and, with her bare bottom scraping roughly against the ground, crawled and scrabbled backwards away from David as quickly as she could.

 Her quickest, however, wasn't quick enough.

 David charged forward, jaws open wide, directly at the girl. Somehow, Bethany managed to parry the lizard's first lunging bite, kicking out with her good leg and knocking the dragon's head to one side. However, this left her unable to scoot any farther backwards, as her injured leg was clearly almost useless by this point. In addition, with her good leg now out of position after her desperate parry, she was completely helpless and vulnerable to the big dragon's next lunge.

 With a furious hiss, David struck, plunging downward between Bethany's spread legs, clamping her mouth around the girl's pelvis. The wickedly sharp teeth of the lizard's lower jaw drove upward into the skin and flesh of Bethany's bottom, even as their counterparts in the upper jaw sank into tender meat of her lower belly, bringing the girl's flight to a sudden halt.

 For a moment, both predator and prey were almost perfectly still. Bethany, her eyes wide and disbelieving, was gazing down in horror at the head of her pursuer, whose nose was resting just below her navel. David, on the other hand, seemed to need a moment to breath and gather herself, now that she'd finally caught up with and captured her quarry.

 Then the moment passed, and David bit down, hard, causing Bethany to issue a shrill scream as her flesh was pierced and crushed by strong reptilian teeth and jaws.

 The big Komodo dragon then proceeded to start jerking its head back and forth, as it had done earlier when it had a hold on Bethany's leg. This whipped the girl's lower body, the pelvis of which was trapped between the lizard's jaws, back and forth along with it. Each sharp movement was clearly agony to the screaming and pleading girl, whose futile and impotent struggles against the actions of her captor were completely ignored.

 Finally, with a horrendous crunching crack, which was clearly audible even through the thick terrarium glass, Bethany's pelvis broke, crushed to pieces between David's strong jaws. The girl's yells of pain stopped as well, perhaps because the she simply couldn't express the agony she was in with mere words and sound anymore.

 Bethany, her eyes rolling wildly, and her arms still feebly flailing and scraping at the ground behind her in a vain attempt to escape, was then unceremoniously dropped from David's jaws, back onto the ground. Her legs flopped out wide, bonelessly, now utterly useless without a pelvis to support them.

 The huge lizard crouched over the sobbing and crying girl, looking down victoriously at her broken form, then bent to begin eating its well earned meal.

 Bethany tried to push David's nose away from her ruined flesh, but her hands and arms were weak with shock, and the dragon simply brushed past them to sink its teeth directly into her vulnerable sex. At this, the girl found her voice once again, and she let out an anguished wail as, after several rough jerks by the dragon, her womanhood was brutally torn from her body.

 The shreds of meat proved to be only a mere appetizer for the Komodo dragon, who snapped them up and swallowed them with a casual flick of its head. It licked its bloody jaws with its forked tongue, seeming to savor the taste of Bethany's flesh for a few moments, then leaned in to take another bite, apparently eager for more of her flesh.

 "Well, this is turning out much better than Goliath's feeding did." Ted commented to Jasmin, his tone both happy and a bit smug. "I knew it was a good idea to give them Samantha and Angie today, instead of next week."

 Jasmin, whose mouth had gone a bit dry as she'd watched Bethany lose her battle for survival against the Komodo dragon, could only nod her head in stunned agreement. Despite the horrible agony the girl was having to endure as David continued to tear into her helpless body, it was clear that the audience was, on the whole, enjoying the spectacle quite a bit. Oh, there was the occasional person, usually a young woman like herself or Bethany, who looked a little green at seeing so much feminine blood and gore, but most, even the rest of the other girls, were pretty enthusiastic about what they were seeing.

 Many were holding up their phones, recording images and video of the big Komodo dragon as it pushed its nose deep into Bethany's innards, ballooning her abdomen up as it dug for more morsels of her flesh. The lizard's effort were so insistent and aggressive that she was slowly pushing the girl's ruined body around in her habitat, leaving a bloody trail of shredded meat and gobbets of intestines and organs behind her.

 Bethany's agonies only came to an end when David pushed and ate all the way up into the girl's rib cage. The Komodo dragon dug deep into the flailing girl, and then ripped out what looked like a still beating and fluttering heart, which finally stilled her continuing, utterly futile efforts to push the big lizard away from her mutilated torso.

 "Well, it looks like that's it for this live feeding." Ted said a few moments later to the audience, as Bethany's head and shoulders fell backward, flopping limply against the ground. "Thank you all for coming. Please feel free to stay and watch David finish her meal, if you like. If you're interested in seeing something like this again, the zoo has live feedings scheduled for every day of the week, now. Usually at least one every morning and afternoon."

 "The reptile house's next scheduled live feeding event will be this Sunday!" he continued. "You'll be able to see our giant frog, Jimmy, do what he does best then! I hope you all can make it!"

 "That went well." Ted commented, as the crowd began to disperse, before he turned to Jasmin. "Go ahead and take lunch, why don't you? Then, get on over to the meat locker and give Tammy whatever help she needs."

 "Oh, and after you've done that.." Ted said, as he turned to look at David, who seemed content to keep gnawing and tearing at the body of their former coworker. "..make sure to clean up David's habitat, won't you? I know no one's supposed to go in there with her alone, but she'll probably be full and sleeping off her meal by the time you get back. You should be perfectly safe."

 "Well, safe enough, anyway." he amended, as he watched David rip a particularly large chunk of flesh out of the upper part of one of Bethany's inner thighs.

 "Okay." Jasmin replied, finally pulling her gaze away from the sight of Komodo dragon feeding. "Umm.. Just out of curiosity, what're you going to be doing?"

 "Oh, I'm just about to go collect the new girls." Ted said, happily. "Namela promised me four! That means I'll have replacements for everyone, including you, plus a spare! We're all going to spend the whole afternoon together, getting their training basics out of the way."

 Jasmin watched Ted stride off, to go get the girls who would replace the now eaten Susan and Bethany, as well as herself.

 She wondered how she'd feel, meeting the girl who would be taking her place after Sunday.

7 - On the Way, to Sun Day (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

 Unfortunately, at least as far as Ted's ability to remember names was concerned, three of the new girls all had names starting with the same letter. Lara was the odd girl out, but, equally unfortunately, her name was close enough to Sarah's that Ted managed to mix them up anyway. Then there was Stacy, whose name was unique enough, at least in their little grouping, that Ted was able to remember it correctly almost fifty percent of the time.

 Susan's would have been worst of all, since she had the exact same name as the OTHER Susan who, just a little earlier that morning, had been eaten by Goliath, but Ted had never been able to remember the first Susan's name anyway. Jasmin mentally dubbed the new girl "Susan II", just to keep everything straight in her own mind, at least.

 Jasmin's work with Tammy had gone much more quickly that afternoon than it had the previous one, owing at least partially to her own growing skill and speed at butchering the girls the stern woman sent her out to collect. That meant that she was able to return to the reptile house a little sooner, which meant that she got to meet all the new girls before they went home for the day.

 "Oh, I don't mind at all." Stacy told her, during a little break from the group training session. "Actually, I think it's kind of exciting! I mean, just think of it! Gobbled down by an animal! How cool is that?"

 The girl, as Jasmin was learning, clearly didn't mind the thought of what her eventual fate would be, now that she was employed by the zoo. In fact, she had actually applied only AFTER she had seen a video a friend had taken, of Alicia being swallowed down by Jimmy last Sunday.

 "I mean, wow!" the girl burbled on, when Ted had paused the group in front of Jimmy's terrarium to explain about his life cycle, temperature and moisture needs, and feeding habits. "You can still see some of her in his stomach, awesome! In the video, it looked like she was still moving around, even several minutes after she'd been eaten. I wonder how long she lasted inside of him?"

 Jasmin had a feeling that telling the girl would have resulted in even more excited, inane chatter, so decided to keep that information to herself.

 In contrast to Stacy's eager enthusiasm, Lara seemed much less happy to be where she was, doing what she was doing.

 "I'm only here because Daddy threatened to cut me off if I didn't get a job." the willowy, raven haired girl pouted, when Ted was looking the other direction. "Honestly, if I had any choice in the matter, I wouldn't be anywhere near this zoo at all. I don't even particularly like animals very much, but it was this or a fast food restaurant, so.."

 Sarah and Susan II, on the other hand, were clearly here just because they needed the money the job would pay.

 "I needed SOMETHING over summer break." Sarah stated, shrugging her shoulders, and tossing her long, silky blonde hair to one side. "They keep raising tuition, and financial aid only goes so far, you know.. I considered working at a strip club, at first. A lot of girls do to get through college, but I really wasn't comfortable with the idea. This job doesn't pay nearly as well as that one would have, but it seems a lot less yucky, somehow.."

 "This is the only place that would hire me." Susan II said, simply. "Everywhere else drug tests.."

 "You.. you do drugs?" Stacy asked, wide eyed, as if Susan II had just declared that she was guilty of war crimes.

 "No, I just love poppy seed muffins." Susan II replied, shrugging, as a dreamy, hungry expression crossed her face. "They're just soo good. I can't resist. I have one every day for breakfast."

 "Stupid false positives.." she added a moment later, kicking absently at the ground, as her hungry expression shifted to one of annoyance.


 "So, did you really already feed two girls to the animals here, today?" Stacy asked, excitedly, when the topic came up a little later.

 "Yes. Goliath and David's live feedings were this morning." Jasmin confirmed for the girl. "Actually, if you peek into David's terrarium, you can probably still see what's left of Bethany. Which reminds me, I'm going to need to go clean that up, before I leave."

 "Ugh, gross.." Lara commented, with a little shudder, as all the girls looked into David's habitat.

 Bethany's torso and thighs were nearly stripped down to the bone, but the rest of the girl seemed more or less untouched. David had pushed the girl's body over into the corner, right near the exit, while she had been feeding on it. The Komodo dragon herself was dead asleep on her rock, under her heat lamp, looking very full and content after her large meal of soft and tender girl flesh.

 "Yeah, you're right.." Stacy agreed, looking uncharacteristically serious. "I don't think I'd want to be eaten by that one.. I wonder if we can request what animal gets us..? I'd really prefer for Jimmy to have me, when my time comes."

 "Well, you can always just ask Ted." Jasmin replied, shrugging. "I don't think he cares much, one way or the other."

 "Hmm.. maybe I'll do that." Stacy replied, thoughtfully.

 "Well, girls, it was nice to meet you, but I guess I'd better get in there and clean up Bethany." Jasmin said, waving to all four of her new coworkers, who were just about to leave for the day. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow."


 "Good news, everyone!" Stacy bubbled excitedly, as she hurried up to Jasmin and the rest of the girls the next morning. "I just got done talking with Ted! He says I can feed Jimmy the Sunday after next, if I want!"

 "Umm.. Congratulations?" Lara said, before rolling her eyes. "Though, I don't see why you're so thrilled that you're gonna be frog poop."

 "Hah!" Stacy giggled, pointing back at the other girl. "Well, it's better than being lizard poop, which is what you're going to be! Ted says you're going to David next Thursday."

 Lara just crossed her arms and frowned at this.

 "Did Ted say what the rest of us will be doing?" Susan II asked of the excited girl, looking curious.

 "Yep. Jasmin's feeding Jimmy this Sunday, of course. He says she's been on his schedule for weeks, now." Stacy replied. "And you're going to feed Goliath, also on Thursday. Ted says he hopes you'll do a better job of it than the last girl, though. Apparently it wasn't very interesting to watch."

 "And me?" Sarah asked, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

 "You're just a spare." Stacy said, shrugging apologetically. "Though, Ted says he might give you to Samson, if he seems like he's hungry enough sometime in the next week or two."

 "Oh. Which one is Samson, again?"

 "He's the big snake, just down a bit from Jimmy." Stacy replied, pointing. "He's actually pretty neat, too. He would have been my second choice, after Jimmy."

 "Say, do you think Ted's gay?" Stacy asked suddenly, derailing the conversation completely.

 "W-what?" Sarah asked, sputtering a little. "I.. I don't know. Why do you ask?"

 "Well.." Stacy drew out, blushing a little and looking sheepish. "It's just that I was trying to flirt with him a little bit. I thought it might help to, you know.. persuade him to change his mind, if he wanted to feed me to something other than Jimmy. I was being totally obvious about it, too, but I don't think he noticed me doing it, at all!

 "Actually, he really didn't seem to care who fed what animal, just that they all got fed by someone in the end." Stacy said, picking at her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Then he started talking about attendance numbers, and the other managers, and all these meetings he was going to go to next week, and all sorts of other boring stuff like that.. It was very strange."

 Jasmin just snorted, amused at the confused looks on all the other girl's faces.

 "What?" Stacy asked, blankly.

 "Ted isn't gay.." Jasmin said, laughing. "He's promosexual."

 "P.. Promosexual..?" Lara replied, looking at Jasmin strangely. "What on earth is that?"

 "It means that the only thing he's interested in is promotions!" Jasmin stated, before breaking out into giggles. "S-sorry girls, but you haven't got a chance!"

 The other four girls just looked at her like she was being very weird, or perhaps a little crazy. A couple did giggle a bit, though, in the end.

 Oh, well, Jasmin thought. It was probably like that old saying went..

 You don't have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps!


 Sometime later that day, Jimmy regurgitated what was left of Alicia.

 Jasmin noticed the small pile of bones in front of his rock just before closing, and, after most everyone else had left, went in to clean them up. Just as she had done for Trina's, a week previously.

 She was kneeling before Jimmy, who, like always, regarded her with mostly casual indifference (although he seemed slightly more interested in her than usual, now that his stomach was empty again), and gathering up the clean, if slimy bones. That was when she came across a small glint of metal. Frowning, she pushed aside a couple of acid scoured and thinned ribs to reveal a glittering steel bar, with rounded beads on each end, about the length of the last knuckle of her pink finger.

 It was a piercing. Apparently, it was Alicia's. Or had been, at least.

 Jasmin's frown deepened, as she pondered the little bit of metal in her palm. She couldn't remember Alicia having any piercings. Had she been hiding it somewhere out of sight, in her tongue perhaps? Or maybe somewhere else, a little more private?

 The thought made her feel a bit funny, and her stomach fluttered once again. Here was a little bit of Alicia, which, even more than her scattered bones, marked that she had once been a living, breathing, intelligent young woman, with her own desires and feelings. At some point in the past, the girl'd had a bit of her anatomy pierced, perhaps as a little bit of teenage rebellion, or perhaps for the sheer thrill of it, or perhaps even at the request of a lover.

 And now, all that was left of that moment, of her intentions and feelings at the time, whatever they had been, was the short section of thick, sturdy wire between her fingers. The flesh that had held the piercing was gone, melted and absorbed by the digestive tract of the large amphibian before her, but the piercing remained, a little testament to the fact that she had existed.

 Jasmin almost kept the barbell, when she was dumping Alicia's bones into the garbage. She even considered getting a piercing of her own, so she could wear the little metal bit of Alicia on Sunday, when Jasmin herself would follow in the other girl's footsteps. It seemed appropriate, somehow, like a small, personal tribute to the girl.

 Then, after a moment's reconsideration, Jasmin tossed the piercing into the garbage along with the rest of Alicia.

 While Alicia had been a living, vital young woman, who was no doubt passionate about her ideas and beliefs, none of that had mattered. They hadn't mattered because, more than any of those other things, Alicia had been something else. Her hopes and dreams for the future, her industriousness and dedication to her work, her wit, charm, caring, and intelligence, all mattered not, because, in the end, the fact that she had been a young woman was far less important than the fact that she was, in the right circumstances, also just food.

 And, food didn't need a tribute, however small. It didn't need to be remembered or cherished. It merely served its purpose, and was then discarded.

 Jasmin left the zoo for the day shortly thereafter, wondering who it would be next week, disposing of her own bare and empty bones. The fluttering of her stomach continued all the way home.


 "Hmm.." Tammy murmured the next day, Saturday, as she and Jasmin were finishing up parting out the last two girls for the day. "We're still a little short on meat.. The girls today were all on the skinny side, I'm afraid."

 "Is that going to be a problem?" Jasmin asked, as she sliced a smaller than usual breast off a thin, and honestly kind of bony, headless girl's torso.

 "Not a huge one, really, but the other managers get grouchy if I can't get them the amount of meat they've requested.." Tammy replied, frowning, before looking over at Jasmin suddenly, as if just realizing she was there. "Oh.. Hey, you wouldn't mind doing me a favor, would you?"

 "What favor?" Jasmin asked, as she sliced off the scrawny torso's other small breast.

 "Can I butcher you?" Tammy asked, her tone hopeful. "That'd put me above my quota for today, and still leave me with a bit of extra wiggle room for tomorrow, too."

 "Uh, sorry.." Jasmin replied, shaking her head, suddenly very glad that Ted had specifically warned her off against something like this. "But Ted told me that I wasn't to let myself get butchered. He needs me for a live feeding tomorrow."

 "Damn.." Tammy stated, before shrugging. "Oh, well. I guess those guys will all just have to make due with what they get.."


 Jasmin had just returned from her daily afternoon chore of assisting Tammy, and was sitting in the main viewing room of the reptile house, snacking on a granola bar on her break, when Sarah called out to her.

 "Hey, Jasmin?" Sarah asked, poking her blonde head around a corner. "Could you come help me for a moment?"

 "Sure, what do you need?" Jasmin answered, as she got up and followed the girl, who led her out to the 'gator pit, just behind the reptile house proper.

 "Do we have any more heads?" Sarah asked, as she stopped by a small family, consisting of a mother and her two daughters, who were standing next to the pit, looking down into it.

 Jasmin's idea about selling the heads of the girls who had been butchered for their meat had gone over well with Ted, and he'd implemented it the very next day. Apparently, it was proving rather popular with the zoo's patrons, many of whom seemed to love the idea of being able to feed one of the zoo's dozen or so hungry alligators themselves.

 "Was the noggin bin in the meat locker refrigerator empty?" Jasmin replied, surprised. "There were three or four in there last I saw, less than half an hour ago."

 "I sold all those." Sarah stated. "A big tour group just came through, and they all wanted to let their kids toss in a head."

 "I'm still one short, though." she added, gesturing to the family standing next to her.

 "Well, if the bin is empty, then I guess we're out." Jasmin said, shrugging.

 "Are we? Dang, they were really hoping to be able to toss another one in.." Sarah said, frowning. "Are you sure there aren't any more? There's got to be an extra head around here somewhere.."

 "Well.." Jasmin replied, drawing out the word thoughtfully, as she looked at the family next to Sarah.

 "My oldest got to throw one in, already." the mother said, motioning towards the larger of the two girls, who looked like she might be in her mid to late teens. "But my little Cora wants to do it, too."

 The girl in question, an absolutely adorable little girl who couldn't have been more than six or seven, looked up hopefully at Jasmin.

 "You know.." Jasmin said, rubbing her chin thoughtfully and shifting her gaze back to Sarah. "I think I just might be able to come up with a head for you, now that I think about it.."

 "Really?" Sarah asked, smiling and sounding relieved. "That's great! Where?"

 "Follow me, and we'll go get it." Jasmin said, as she turned to walk away.

 "Okay!" Sarah agreed, before she turned to address the little girl and her mother. "Wait right here, okay? We'll be back with a head for you in a few minutes."

 Then Sarah turned back around and hurried after Jasmin, who was walking purposefully towards the meat locker.


 "Here's your head!" Jasmin stated, when she returned a couple of minutes later.

 She presented the severed head, which was still dripping a little, to the little girl, who squealed in delight.

 "Oh, thank you, Miss Zoo Lady!" Cora said, as she took the head from Jasmin, holding it carefully by its long, blonde hair. "I can't wait to see the 'gaties eat it. I bet they're super hungry!"

 "Yes, thank you very much." the girl's mother repeated, even as she handed over a ten dollar bill to Jasmin. "I must say, our visit here today really has been a delight. All of your staff are so very accommodating.. It's quite nice. We'll have to come back again, soon."

 "Well, we try to hire only the best." Jasmin said, shrugging and smiling faintly.

 "Really?" the woman asked, looking interested. "Are you hiring now?"

 "Yes." Jasmin stated, nodding. "Management has been pretty busy lately, trying to fill a lot of empty positions."

 "High turnover rate?" the woman asked, curiously.

 "We do seem to go through a lot of girls, these days." Jasmin answered, agreeably.

 "Hmm.. That's good to know." the woman said, thoughtfully.

 "My oldest here.." she continued, laying a hand on her teenaged daughter's shoulder. "Is going to need a job for the summer, before she goes off to college."

 "It'd be nice to have her working somewhere close.." the woman finished, beaming. "A place where we could even visit her, and watch her at work!"

 "Well, stop by the main office on your way out." Jasmin said. "I'm sure they'd be happy to give you an application."

 "Thank you." the woman replied. "Maybe we'll do just that."

 As Jasmin walked away from the little family, the younger daughter, with the help of her older sister, flung the head her mother had bought for her into the 'gator pit.

 "Oh, they're fighting over it!" she giggled, as she stared down into the wide, shallow pool of alligator infested water through the iron fence. "Cool!"

 Jasmin smiled and chuckled to herself, pleased. She'd solved two problems at once. Tammy had been happy at the unexpected, but very welcome batch of meat Jasmin had brought her. Also, seeing the little girl cheerfully chattering away with her mother and sister, while they all watched the alligators wrestle for the head they'd just tossed them, was definitely something that would put a smile on anyone's face.

 She just hoped that Ted wouldn't be too cross with her, for using up his spare girl without asking first.


8 - Jasmin and Jimmy (Sunday)

 "Feet first?" Jasmin asked, looking at Ted as if he must have misspoke, as they stood just outside of the amphitheater, on Sunday afternoon. "You're serious?"

 "Yes." Ted responded, nodding firmly. "I think that it'll be good to mix it up a bit, so people don't get bored. You're going to let Jimmy swallow you down feet first."

 "Umm.." Jasmin asked, hesitantly. "..How exactly is that going to work? I'm way too long for him to swallow, if he starts at my feet."

 "The same way he did Trina and that other girl, what's her name.." Ted said, trailing off and snapping his fingers as he tried to recall Alicia's name. "..Well, whatever. You'll just curl up into as tight a ball as you can. Then, instead of kneeling down in front of him, I'm going to try to feed you to him by hand, rear end first."

 "Well, if that's the way you want me to do it.." Jasmin said, her tone reserved. "..then I guess that's how we'll do it. You're the boss, after all."

 "Darn right." Ted said, thumping his chest and smiling. "Don't worry, I'm sure it'll work out great!"

 "Ooh, this is so exciting!" Stacy exclaimed, once Ted had turned and walked into the amphitheater, to start warming up the still gathering crowd. "Are you excited, Jasmin? Are you!? I sure am!"

 "You're always excited." said Lara, who shook her head and rolled her eyes at the eager girl's antics.

 "I have to admit, I'm pretty interested to see this, too." Susan II said, as she nudged Lara in the ribs goodnaturedly. "I mean, most of the ways to get eaten around here.. well, they don't look like they're always very comfortable, you know?"

 "Jimmy, though.." she continued, trailing off thoughtfully. "Well, from what I've seen and heard, he's almost a gentleman compared to a lot of the other animals here. I mean, you did hear about how the lion feeding went down, didn't you? I heard some of the girls say it was even worse than when David last got fed. A LOT worse."

 "So, I guess that I'm actually sort of jealous of you, Jas." she finished, shrugging. "Maybe that sounds a bit strange, but it's true."

 "I'm glad that it's going to be Jimmy, too." Jasmin admitted. "I just hadn't expected Ted to try to give me to him butt first. I think it's gonna be a little weird."

 "Alright, girls, enough chatter!" Ted said, poking his head back out of the amphitheater. "It looks like almost everyone's here! Push Jimmy in and get him unloaded. Jasmin, I'm going to need you up on the stage. You may as well go ahead and get undressed now, too."

 "Okay.." Jasmin said, her voice a little tremulous as a thrill of nerves thrummed its way up her body, before it then settled in her stomach as a continuous little flutter of apprehension. "I.. I guess this is it."

 "Don't worry, Jas." Stacy said, trying to sound reassuring, but still mostly just sounding excited. "You're gonna do great! Jimmy's the one who's going to have to do all the hard work, after all!"

 Standing there next to Ted, completely naked in front an audience and about to be eaten, felt rather surreal to Jasmin. It seemed like she should be embarrassed, to be nude in a public place, but most of her attention was focused, not on Ted or the audience, but on Jimmy himself.

 The giant frog was waiting by Ted's side patiently, just as he had done during Trina and Alicia's feedings, and seemed, like Jasmin herself, to scarcely notice the large crowd in front of him. Instead, his eyes were fixed squarely on her bare body, and she wondered, briefly, if he knew what was about to happen. Perhaps seeing yet another nude girl was triggering some sort of Pavlovian reflex response in him, now that he'd had a few very beneficial, at least from his perspective, previous encounters with them.

 "..something as large as a fully grown young woman, like my friend here!" Ted said, bringing his monologue almost to its conclusion, and patting Jasmin on the shoulder. "Now, Jimmy has already proved that he can swallow a girl just like her headfirst, so today, we're going to try something a little different."

 "I'm going to attempt to hand feed this little lady to Jimmy feet first, instead!" Ted finished, beaming out at the audience.

 Jasmin, taking her cue, turned around and knelt down, folding her body up and wrapping her arms around her knees, which suddenly felt a little watery and unsteady to her.

 "Whoa, there, big fella! Not just yet!" Ted said suddenly, laughing. "Hah, I guess we know he's hungry now, don't we, folks?"

 Jasmin glanced back over her shoulder, to see Ted shooing Jimmy back, from where he had apparently tried to lunge at her. It seemed that Jimmy DID know exactly what was going to happen to her, and was eager to get on with it.

 "Okay, Jasmin, hold still.." Ted said, as he made to pick her up. "Hmm.. wait a moment.."

 Jasmin looked up at him, to see him frowning down at her balled up body in thought.

 "What?" she asked, biting her lip.

 "Shift your arms around some.." Ted instructed. "I think your chest and knees might be too big for him, with your arms wrapped around them like that."

 Jasmin complied, first laying her arms along her sides. Then, remembering how Alicia had spent her final few days inside of Jimmy, agonizingly aroused and unable to do anything about it, she shifted one around so it instead ran down the inside of her legs.

 "Yeah, that'll do." Ted said, nodding. "Now, hold still and try to keep quiet, at least until he's got you most of the way down."

 "Okay folks, here we go!" Ted exclaimed. "Sorry for the brief delay."

 With that, Ted picked her up bodily. He did it with surprising ease, his arms and chest apparently much stronger than they appeared. She felt him shift her around slightly in his arms, balancing her on his upraised knee, and knew he must be positioning her with her feet and bottom presented squarely to Jimmy.

 It felt very strange not to be able to see the giant frog coming. She grabbed and clutched at her small, bare feet with her hands, holding onto herself desperately as another nervous thrill ran up through her flesh. Then, she waited for the giant frog to make his move.

 She waited for Jimmy to claim her for his own, for him to take her for his regular Sunday lunch, just as he had done before to both Trina and Alicia.

 With absolutely no warning, something wet and sticky splatted firmly against and into her sex, something which stuck fast to the sensitive folds of her cleft and then yanked Jasmin backward by her pussy, right out of Ted's hands. And then, only a split second after that, there were suddenly large, moist, rubbery frog lips clamped around her ankles, upper thighs, and lower back. And amphibian jaws, far stronger than she had expected, backed up those lips, holding her lower body trapped between them, as Jimmy started to swallow her down.

 "Wow, folks!" Ted exclaimed, laughing. "That was something else, wasn't it? Jimmy's never used his tongue before. He must really want her bad!"

 Jasmin took little notice of Ted's words, because, at that moment, Jimmy pulled her several more inches further into his mouth. He did this by slightly relaxing his mouth's grip around her curled up body for a moment, then using his tongue, which was still stuck deep in her sex, to tug her backward again.

 Jasmin was unable to help herself from uttering a shocked little yelp, each time Jimmy repeated this, pulling her deeper and deeper inside of himself. The feeling of having her sex act as a mere handle for Jimmy's tongue to grab and manipulate her body by was, unsurprisingly, quite intense.

 After only a few more moments of this rough treatment, Jimmy had Jasmin far enough into his mouth and throat that his grip around her was as strong and secure as it could be. Which was why he then chose to change his tactics and speed up the process.

 Jimmy, with strength that again surprised her, lifted Jasmin up from the ground with his jaws, and tilted back his head and neck, turning her body almost completely upright. Then, her eyes wide as she looked around at all the people watching her be eaten, Jasmin felt Jimmy relax his throat completely.

 And then Jasmin, whose term of employment at the zoo was quickly approaching its end, started sliding, inch by rapid inch, down Jimmy's open throat.

 All told, it took Jimmy even less time to swallow her than he'd taken with Alicia, despite Jasmin's unusual orientation. Perhaps it was because he was even larger still this week, than he had been on previous live feeding days, or maybe curled up and bottom first was simply a better, easier shape for a girl to be in when Jimmy swallowed her.

 Whatever the reason, after a mere thirty seconds, Jasmin's view of the world shrank dramatically. Her eyes slid below the rim of Jimmy's lips, and her last sight was the incredulous and amazed (and in Stacy's case, excited) faces of her coworkers, as they watched her be gulped down whole and alive by Jimmy.

 She came to rest with her shoulders and neck inside of Jimmy's tight throat, and her rump, hands, and feet all sitting at the very bottom of his stomach. Her bent knees were also just inside of Jimmy's stomach, tucked just below its entrance. The only parts of her that remained outside of his throat and stomach were her face and head, which sat at the back of his mouth.

 "And there you have it!" Ted said to the audience, enthusiastically. "Now, I know that seemed to be over pretty quickly, but just seeing Jimmy eat isn't all we have for you! Who would like to come up and get a picture of him and his meal? You can even feel her squirming around inside of his tummy if you want, if you're gentle and don't spook him!"

 Then, as Jasmin writhed and shifted in place, trying to find the most comfortable, or least uncomfortable, position inside of Jimmy, one which would allow her the most room to draw breath, her captor's mouth was pried open by a grinning Ted.

 "Hey, Jasmin!" he said cheerfully, as audience members crowded around behind him. "How're you doing in there?"

 "Been.. better.." Jasmin wheezed, struggling to breath with most of her chest crushed in Jimmy's throat and upper stomach.

 "I'll bet, ha hah!" Ted replied, chuckling. "We're going to be taking some pictures, so give us a nice smile, won't you?"

 Jasmin did her best, but even her best probably looked fairly forced and strained at the moment. People from the audience peered into her prison interestedly, men, women, and children gawping down at her face and taking photographs, their cameras' flashes blinding her anew each time. She felt, through the flesh of Jimmy's stomach, hands and fingers rubbing, poking, and prodding at her body trapped within him.

 Finally, after over fifteen minutes of such treatment, even Jimmy himself seemed to grow tired of it, and she felt him began shifting and moving restlessly.

 "Well, folks, I think that's going to have to be it, for today." Ted called out, to murmurs of protest. "I know, I know, but Jimmy looks like he want to return to his habitat, and have some quality time alone with his lunch."

 "Please feel free to continue viewing him there, and, if you like, also return next weekend, for his next live feeding!" Ted continued, to the audience.

 "Girls, get Jimmy caged up, would you?" Ted said to Jasmin's former coworkers, who she thought must be gathered close by. "He's looking a bit agitated. We wouldn't want him spitting up his meal, if he started feeling too threatened, now would we?"

 Jasmin, who was still having trouble getting as much oxygen as she'd like, trapped within Jimmy's tight throat as she was, thought that it wouldn't bother her too much if Jimmy decided to puke her back up. The thought of suddenly being ejected from the giant frog, still naked and smeared liberally with saliva and stomach mucus, briefly made her wonder where her clothes had gotten to. Had Stacy or one of the others already thrown them away?

 "Sure, Ted!" Stacy said, excitedly, distracting Jasmin from her idle speculation. "That was a pretty great feeding, wasn't it?!"

 "Yeah, pretty good." Ted replied, offhandedly. "Look, I've got another meeting scheduled for a few minutes from now. Can I trust you girls to handle Jimmy for me?"

 "Of course!" Stacy bubbled. "No problem, Ted!"

 "Great. Get him back to his enclosure, then go back to your normal work schedule." Ted instructed, before apparently leaving.

 "Man, that was awesome!" Stacy exclaimed, once Ted and the rest of the audience seemed to have departed. "He just snatched her up, then sucked her down! I can't believe how easy it was for him!"

 "Snatched is definitely the right word.." Lara replied, sniggering. "Did you see where his tongue landed? I wonder how THAT felt to the poor girl.."

 "Well, we could always just ask her." Susan II said, as Jasmin felt Jimmy be herded back into his cage. "Jasmin, you're still.. in there, aren't you?"

 Jasmin rolled her eyes and fought the urge to respond with sarcasm. It wouldn't help her situation, and she knew from experience how odd it was to be talking to someone inside of Jimmy, someone who might not be conscious or even alive anymore.

 "Yeah.. I'm here.." she replied, breathlessly, as Jimmy's shifting bulk pressed even more air out of her lungs.

 "Oh, neat!" Stacy said, enthusiastically. "Jasmin, Jasmin! How'd it feel, huh? How'd it feel when he grabbed you? By your pussy, even! Wow!"

 "Bit.. of a surprise.." Jasmin replied, as dryly as she could.

 "And when he swallowed you! It went so fast, I could hardly believe it!" Stacy continued, eagerly. "How'd that feel, when you slid down his throat?"

 "Very.. tight.." Jasmin said, succinctly. "Not as tight.. as now, though.."

 "How.. how long do you think you might last, inside of his stomach?" Lara asked, her tone odd.

 "I.. I don't know." Jasmin admitted. "Alicia lasted.. a little over two days.. and she was face down in him.. rather than face up.."

 "Two days?!" Stacy exclaimed, amazed. "Wow, you never mentioned that before! How cool!"

 "So, do you think that you'll last that long, then?" Susan asked, as the cage rumbled over some small obstruction, jouncing it, Jimmy, and Jasmin slightly as it was rolled along. "Or maybe you'll last even longer?"

 "Maybe.." Jasmin replied, struggling for breath. "It just.. It just depends, I guess.. on how long it takes Jimmy.. to start digesting me.. and on how long.. I can keep my head.. out of his throat and stomach.."

 "Wow.." Stacy said. "Is he digesting you now? Can you feel your butt dissolving already?!"

 "Not.. Not yet.." Jasmin replied, rolling her eyes again. "It'll probably take.. awhile to start.."

 '..Oh." Stacy responded, sounding almost disappointed. "That makes sense, though, I guess.."

 "Well, we're here." Lara stated, as Jasmin felt Jimmy's transport cage roll to a stop. "Let's unload him and get out of here. Listening to Jasmin talk from inside of that frog is kinda giving me the creeps."

 "That's rude!" Stacy said, her tone outraged. "She can still hear you, you know."

 "So?" Lara asked, her voice dismissive. "Soon, she's gonna be nothing but little piles of grossness that we're going to have to clean up. It doesn't matter if she can hear what I say or not."

 "Don't mind her.." Susan II said, to a huffing and indignant Stacy, after Lara had apparently left. "You remember what she said when we were all first hired. She doesn't even want to be here."

 "Well, still.." Stacy said, and Jasmin could hear the pouty frown that must be on the girls face. "She doesn't have to be so inconsiderate.."

 Jasmin felt the clang of the cage door opening, then the squishy, crushing movements of Jimmy's stomach around her as he climbed out of the wheeled cart.

 "Well, I guess this is it, Jasmin." Susan II said, before trailing off. "I.."

 "..I don't really know what else to say." she admitted, a moment later. "Lara's right about that, at least. Sorry, Jas, but this IS kinda weird. Bye."

 "Hmph.." Stacy harrumphed, as Susan II's footsteps away marked her departure. "Well, I happen to think this is all pretty neat, Jasmin. I hope you don't let those two negative Nancys ruin this for you."

 "R-ruin it?" Jasmin asked, arching her eyebrows up even though Stacy couldn't see her face.

 "Yeah!" Stacy replied, her enthusiasm returning. "Just think about it! You're the first girl to have gotten swallowed bottom first. The very first!"

 "Whatever you're experiencing now is completely unique and original! No one has ever done it before! Ever!" she continued, sounding so excited that she was probably bouncing in place. "I'm totally jealous!"

 "But, at least I'll get to do it next week. If Ted feeds me to Jimmy the same way, that is." Stacy said, her tone hopeful. "I hope he does. Anyway, I've got to get back to work, so I'll see you later Jas, okay!?"

 "Okay.." Jasmin started to reply. "..See you.."

 But then she heard the click of the door closing. Stacy, it seemed, had bustled off without waiting for her response.

 "..later.." Jasmin finished, to no one.

 She was, except for Jimmy himself, finally completely alone. She wondered, as Stacy had, as she sat there curled up and trapped inside of him, how long it would take the giant frog to start digesting her. And she also wondered, as Jimmy began to shift and move around inside his terrarium, what it would feel like when it started happening.

 She supposed that she would find out, sooner or later, and resigned herself to waiting.


 Being slowly digested alive inside of a giant amphibian was, Jasmin decided several hours later, pretty darn boring. Yes, it had been exciting and terrifying and thrilling and scary at first, but, after some time with absolutely nothing to do but try her best to keep breathing, the nervous flutter that had been winging its way around in her stomach and chest had faded away. It had been replaced with utter, grinding boredom.

 That, and the constant smell of frog breath.

 The only activity she had to do was trying to make out what the sounds around her were. The low thump-pulse that she felt more than heard was Jimmy's heartbeat, of course. Then, when he was underneath his mister, she could hear the low hiss of the water as it sprayed out of the tiny holes in its plumbing.

 The occasional muffled conversation on the other side of the terrarium glass was the most interesting things got, and even then, Jasmin never could make out much of what was being said. Were they talking about Jimmy? About his bulging and distended belly? About what, or who, might be in it? She didn't know. Maybe, while she was trapped inside of a giant frog's stomach mere feet from them, they were all talking about something as inane as the weather.

 She thought back to the first few, exciting moments of her situation, and just how Jimmy had swallowed her down, using his long and sticky tongue. Said tongue was now resting just under her chin, and unlike Alicia and probably Trina before her, when Jimmy swallowed, its moist and tacky surface only ran across her face, rather than her sex.

 Thinking of Alicia's pussy, as it had looked when trapped between the girl's rump, legs, and Jimmy's tongue, made another little flutter thrill through her. This time, though, it wasn't a flutter of nervousness, and she realized that she did have something she could do to occupy her time, after all.

 She might not be trapped the same way Alicia had been, with her sex at the mercy of Jimmy's relentless and indifferently insistent tongue, being slowly driven mad with lust and arousal, but she supposed that, on the whole, her situation was a bit better.

 After all, she reflected, as she began running her slime slicked fingers along her pussy's outer lips, at least she, unlike Alicia or Trina, could orgasm if she wanted.

 Smiling briefly to herself, before then biting her lip in pleasure, Jasmin began to masturbate inside of the stomach she was trapped within. Each flick of a fingertip around her clitoris spread some of the building, thick slurry of acid and enzymes that was being secreted around her across her sensitive nubbin. And each thrust of her gooey fingers pushed more of that digestive fluid deeper and deeper into her sex.

 Jasmin knew that what she was doing would only hasten her eventual digestion, and that, if she continued, it would start earliest with the bits of her that she would least like to be parted from. She didn't stop, though. The thought of her sex dissolving into the goo that was surrounding her didn't disturb her over much, because instead of feeling fear at the prospect, she actually almost anticipated it.

 She was, after all, only food now, right? And food in a stomach only had one duty, which was to digest and nourish the creature that had eaten it. And if her own attempts to pleasure herself hastened the process, then so much the better, right?

 With a growing sense of purpose, Jasmin redoubled her efforts, moaning quietly at the feel of her fingers, and at thought of her sex feeding the giant frog around her.


 "Jasmin..?" a voice asked, as Jimmy's lips were pried open for the first time in hours, at least. "Jasmin, are you still there?"

 Jasmin opened her eyes to see Stacy peering down into her fleshy prison.

 "..Stacey..?" she asked, as a little thrill of panic ran through her.

 Jasmin had been in the middle of the final build up to her third or fourth orgasm, she had lost count exactly, when the girl had appeared suddenly. Jasmin had been so distracted that she hadn't even heard her approaching, and now, caught slimy handed, so to speak, she felt rather embarrassed.

 It was completely ridiculous, of course, because there was no way for the other girl to even know what she had been doing, but still, the feeling of being caught out persisted. Why she felt this way, she wasn't sure. Alicia hadn't seemed to be embarrassed about her situation at all, just desperate. And Cindy and Clare, whom she had come upon in a much more compromising position, hadn't even blinked when Jasmin had interrupted them.

 "Hey Jasmin.." Stacy said, looking at her curiously. "..uh, are you alright? You look a little flushed? Has your butt started digesting, or something?"

 "..uh, no.. Nothing like that.." Jasmin replied, evasively. " least, not much, yet.."

 "Not much? What do you mean by that?" Stacy asked, suddenly very interested.

 ", well.. I suppose that I can feel.. a sort of tingling on my bottom.." Jasmin admitted. "..and on my fingers and toes.."

 "..and on my pussy.." she finished, quietly, while glancing away in embarrassment.

 The slowly growing tingling had, in fact, been a part of the reason why she hadn't noticed the other girl's approach. The sensation felt so.. alive and intense, she supposed, that it had been making her efforts to pleasure herself all that much more effective.

 "Coool..!" Stacy commented, enthusiastically. "I bet that feels weird and awesome! Are you masturbating right now? I totally would be!"

 "W-what? No!" Jasmin replied, stammering a little. "Of.. of course not."

 "You are!" Stacy crowed, delighted. "That's so cool! Can you feel your pussy dissolving? How about your clit?"

 "I.. I.." Jasmin stuttered, blushing hard. "Oh, okay.. I am.."

 "Hey, don't be embarrassed.." the girl said, smiling down at Jasmin. "I told you, I totally would be too. I mean, why not, right? It's your last chance, after all. I'd be jilling off like crazy too, ha hah!"

 "Well, I suppose that I'll let you get back too it." Stacy stated, before standing up and away from Jimmy's mouth again. "Have fun! The zoo's about to close for the day, so I'll check on you again Tuesday morning, if I get the chance. Try to last until then, okay?!"

 Without another word, the girl left, and Jimmy's lips and mouth closed around Jasmin again.

 Tuesday.. She would be completely alone with Jimmy until Tuesday morning.

 She wondered, as she slid her tingling fingers back into her tingling sex, whether she could last the nearly two days until then. And, as she gently pinched and rolled her buzzing, tingling clit around in the slimy, acidic ooze that coated it, even if she did, how much of her would be left?



 Once again, Jasmin was surprised by Stacy's face peering into Jimmy's mouth, down at her where she was trapped within him.

 This time, though, she had a bit more of an excuse, as she had been very nearly asleep, dozing lightly inside of the back of Jimmy's mouth.


 "Hey, girl.." Stacy said, looking solicitously at her. "How are you? You seem a little out of it."

 "..I'm sort of tired.." Jasmin whispered, her voice croaking. "..and, and thirsty.. Have you got any water..? Please?"

 "Ooh, that makes sense." Stacy replied, snapping her fingers. "It has been over two days, after all. Give me a moment.."

 With that, Stacy disappeared, and Jimmy's mouth closed once again.

 Just a few minutes later, though, the girl returned, with a little half liter water bottle clutched in her hand, which she opened and offered to Jasmin.

 "..Oh, God, that tastes so good." Jasmin said, after she had downed most of the bottle, sipping it greedily as Stacy slowly tipped its contents into her mouth. "..makes my mouth.. taste a lot better, too. Can I have.. have the rest, too?"

 "Wow, I almost can't believe that you're still alive.. er, conscious.." Stacy said, after Jasmin finished her drink. "It's Tuesday afternoon, and the zoo's just closed for the day. I wanted to check on you this morning, but I didn't have the time, unfortunately. I could still see you squirming around a little occasionally, though."

 Jasmin was having a weird sort of déjà vu, as she experienced what was basically a replay of her conversation with Alicia a week before, just from the opposite side.

 "Say, you look like you've slipped a little deeper into Jimmy's throat.." Stacy mused, as she regarded Jasmin curiously. "Have.. have you started digesting, then?"

 "I.. I think so.." Jasmin said, as she realized that it must be so. "I've been sort of napping for most of the past day, I think.. I didn't see the point in staying awake after.. after.."

 "After what?" Stacy asked, licking her lips and looking intensely at down at Jasmin.

 "..After I stopped being able to feel my clit.." Jasmin said, her voice sad and a little forlorn. "It.. It was tingling there for hours, and then it started sort of.. burning, I guess.."

 "I could still feel it, though, and it still felt great to rub it.." Jasmin continued. "But.. but then it just sort of.. faded away.. after a day or so in here.."

 "W-whoa.." Stacy breathed.

 "My pussy lips went next, and then my pussy's insides." Jasmin stated, sounding lost. "I.. I really miss it.. My fingers and toes are mostly gone now too, and I think my feet and hands are going next.."

 "I'm.. I'm melting.." Jasmin finished, unconsciously repeating some of the last words she had heard Alicia speak. "Stacy.. I'm melting.."

 "Oh, my goodness.." Stacy said, her voice hushed. "Jasmin.. that's.. that's amazing!"

 "I.. I suppose.." Jasmin allowed. Even if what was happening to her was proper and right, it still hurt more than she'd thought it would, to finally lose her sex. "I had wanted one last.. one last orgasm.. but I couldn't do it.. not before my poor.. poor little clitty melted away.."

 "Oh, man, that sucks!" Stacy replied, though it looked to Jasmin, from the way the girl's eyes gleamed and the way she was squirming in place, that the girl was actually pretty excited at the idea. "Is.. is there anything that I can do for you, right now? Do you want more water, or.. or something like that?"

 Jasmin looked up at the girl, who, in her own earnest and enthusiastic way, really was quite cute, and felt something stir within her that she thought she had already lost forever.

 "..Yes.." Jasmin whispered, as she looked at Stacy's pretty, eager face.


 "Kiss.. me.." Jasmin pleaded. "Please, just one last.. kiss.. before I go.."

 "K-kiss you..?" Stacy responded, after a moment's hesitation, with an odd, unreadable expression on her face.

 "Kiss me.." Jasmin repeated, wearily, her hope fading at the strange look on her companion's face.

 "That.. that's.." Stacy said, apparently struggling with her words. "That's so.."

  "..So romantic!" the girl finally burst out, laying one cheek on her clasped hands, apparently transported with delight. "Oh, my goodness! One lass kiss before the end.. It's like a fairy tale!"

 "You'll do it..?"

 "Of COURSE I'll do it!" Stacy exclaimed, her face breaking out into an enthusiastic smile. "I'd be honored to give you your last kiss!"

 "Thank you.. Stacy.." Jasmin said, smiling faintly up at the girl.

 "Hmm, you're pretty deep in there, though.." Stacy mused, as she peered thoughtfully down at Jasmin, whose face was, by now, all the way at the back of Jimmy's mouth. "I'm going to have to basically climb in with you.. I think I'm going to need to take my shirt off, or it'll get all gucky!"

 Jasmin saw, through Jimmy's closing lips after Stacy released her hold on them, the girl shuck her uniform polo off, revealing the smooth skin of her torso and chest. Her full breasts hung down attractively as the girl opened up Jimmy's mouth once again, and began to force her way into it.

 "Dang, it's pretty tight in here.." Stacy said, as she pushed her shoulders and head back nearly far enough to reach Jasmin, and as her breasts plopped, one after the other, through the seal Jimmy's lips were making around her chest and upper arms.

 "Cosy.." Jasmin joked, as she felt the other girl's breath on her face and lips.

 "Very..!" Stacy replied, giggling a little and making her boobs quiver and shake attractively, where they were resting on the bottom of Jimmy's mouth. "Are you ready?"

 Instead of responding, Jasmin used what strength she had left in her legs and body, which wasn't much, to push herself slightly up and out of the stomach she was now held almost entirely within.

 Her lips met Stacy's, and Jasmin pressed herself into the girl's soft, sweet mouth.

 Both girls moaned, even as Jimmy responded to this interruption of his meal's digestion by clamping down on Stacy's torso with his jaws, then swallowing down hard on Jasmin.

 Their mouths broke apart as Jimmy forced Jasmin back down to where she had been, and then pulled her even farther into himself than she'd been before.

 Jasmin made a soft noise of protest at this, but seemed to accept it, and slowly, slowly, she began to relax her body completely, allowing herself to finally sink all the way into Jimmy's stomach.

 "Not.. not just yet!" Stacy breathed, gasping against the pressure of Jimmy's lips around her sternum. "I'm.. not.. through.. kissing.. you.. yet.. girl!"

 Then Stacy imitated Jasmin, and pressed her body forward with the strength of her legs. The girls' mouths met again, for one last time, and they shared lips and breath for a brief final moment. Then Jasmin, whose body had been unconsciously straining against Jimmy's for the past two days, finally gave in and relaxed completely, allowing the giant frog to pull what little was still visible of her head and face down his throat and into his stomach.

 "Thank.. you.." was all that she whispered to Stacy, just before her lips vanished into Jimmy's stomach forever.


 "That was amazing.." Stacy breathed to herself, as she panted heavily within Jimmy's mouth. "I.. I don't think I've ever been so turned on, by anything in my entire life before.."

 Then, as she gazed at where Jasmin's face had disappeared, just moments before, she realized something.

 "Oh, crap!" she said as she tried, and failed, to pull her upper body out of Jimmy's mouth.

 "I think I'm stuck!"


 An outside observer of Jimmy's terrarium would notice several odd things, not the least of which would be a girl's lower body, everything below the belly button, sticking out of an already quite full giant frog's mouth. The lower body was flailing and kicking, obviously trying to drag its upper portion out of the amphibian maw it was trapped in.

 After several moment's worth of futile effort, the legs, hips, and lower arms of the girl relaxed once again. Then, after something which might have been a shrug rippled through her trapped flesh, the girl's hands found their way to her short khaki shorts and unbuttoned them.

 The last thing our hypothetical observer would see, before the lights dimmed automatically for the night, was the girl's fingers slipping into her cleft, even as her thumb began tracing light circles around the top of her sex, as she began to masturbate herself to what would probably be an excellent orgasm. An orgasm fueled by the fate of the girl now resting wholly and completely within the stomach of the giant frog before her. A girl whose long, squirming struggle against the inevitable was finally coming to an end, as she settled in and became what she had always been meant to be: food for another.


Author's Notes:

 Whimsy grabbed me by the throat and shook me last weekend, demanding to know why I'd been spending so much time writing out silly castration fantasies about guys, when I should instead be writing out silly vore fantasies about cute girls. Seeing the logic in this, I promptly got to work on this story, bits of which has been floating around in my mind for the past few months, waiting for the chance to congeal together into a whole.

 I hope you like it, dear reader. It's my second longest piece to date, and I think it turned out fairly well. I almost broke it up into two or three separate stories, but decided to keep it together in the end, since the week long narrative works better as a whole, I think. The sheer variety of the types of vore on display should mean that almost anyone can enjoy it, if they enjoy any part of the vore fetish at all. I only hope the length doesn't intimidate people. I know not everyone has the patience to read something that is basically a short novella just for the swallowing scenes, after all.

 For the people who asked me for a sequel to Zookeepers after I first wrote and posted that story, the better part of two years ago, I hope this lives up to your expectations, and perhaps even exceeds them. For the people who really like hard vore, did my descriptions do it justice? Hard vore isn't usually something that appeals much to me, but it felt appropriate here, and I had fun writing out the scenes where it happened to the girls.

 Finally, I'd like to note that I'm particularly fond of the scenes in the bug house, where Clare and Cindy's nipples get nibbled on. I took inspiration for these scenes directly from a set of videos and images I recently came across, which show a woman allowing a real preying mantis to bite and chew pieces of her nipple off. The video is one of the most intense, amazing, arousing, and frankly disturbing things I have ever seen, and watching it for the first (and second, and third, etc.) time was absolutely incredible. Link here: Watch at your own risk..

 Stories from me to look forward to in the future:

 Punishing the Beast: a very non-con fantasy story of a giant dragon man getting his just reward for his tendency to rape any female he sees. Written as a special request from a fan, which was interesting enough to ignite my imagination, it involves a lot of CBT. A LOT of CBT, bwa ha ha! Approximately 60% completed.

 Her Birthday Gift: a very, very consensual story of a man giving his wife a special gift for her birthday. Involves erotic role play, cooking play and prep, D/s themes, CBT/genital cannibalism, and, worst of all, romantic love and affection. Approximately 75% completed.

 Hot Snack for a Hot Day: a story of a girl allowing a guy to persuade her to part with her pussy. Why? So he can eat it, of course.. Basically my Hitchhiker story, only with the genders reversed and Q-knives involved. Approximately 40% completed.

 And several others, of various themes and fetishes, in lesser states of completion.

9 - Extras and Outtakes

 Namela's phone pinged, and she picked it up to see that her girlfriend had sent her a message.

 "I still can't believe it, but you were right all along. They were totally natural. So I guess you win our little bet, dang it. At least we've got a good set for our anniversary dinner, though. That's something to look forward to, I suppose, since I won't be orgasming any more this week."

 After reading this, Namela smiled and chuckled fondly to herself. Tammy just hadn't been able to accept the idea that Namela's pretty redheaded subordinate's breasts were natural, and they'd both been arguing goodnaturedly about it with each other for most of the past year, ever since the gorgeous girl had been hired.

 Then that girl Rebecca, who'd been in Ted's department, had come up with the idea of the century. The idea which, once the zoo adopted it fully, began saving the zoo thousands of dollars a day in feed costs, in exchange for just a few of its easily replaceable female employees.

 Namela felt a little bad about sending her redheaded coworker off to the chopping block, since the girl's work had actually been well above average so far. Even if the zoo needed girl meat in seemingly ever larger quantities, the redhead really should have gone to one of the other managers, for a live feeding event, rather than to the meat locker. Or stayed right where she was, since her work was so good.

 Namela's real reason for sending the girl off to be butchered had been to settle her bet with her girlfriend, Tammy. Wasting the girl's beauty by turning her into cold cuts, instead of using her to draw in a larger crowd for a live feeding was inefficient, sure, but really not such a great loss in the long run. This minor waste of zoo resources did still bother Namela a bit, though, she had to admit, and was the first reason she felt a little guilty. Even if it meant that she had won the bet.

 The second, and primary, reason Namela felt guilty was because Tammy had taken to smuggling some of the choicest bits of the girls she butchered out of the zoo each evening. A firm girl thigh baked up so nicely, as did rump and calf meat, and belly bacon too. The best and most romantic meals, though, were undoubtedly when Tammy managed to snare a pair of nice, plump breasts.

 And her now former redheaded coworker's breasts were the best of the best, and, once marinated, seasoned, and baked to perfection, would make a wonderful anniversary dinner to share with her girlfriend. And even better, since she had won the bet, Tammy wasn't allowed to orgasm for the entire next week. Which meant that the woman's only outlet for her sex drive would be helping to ensure the quality and quantity of Namela's own orgasms instead.

 Namela smiled at the prospect, looking forward to the evenings she and Tammy would be spending together the rest of the week.

 Still, though, sneaking out the bits of girl meat WAS technically stealing, even if no one would ever probably notice. And the thought of stealing was what made Namela feel a little guilty. But, as she looked around and surveyed the other girls who were working in her office, directly for her and at her beck and call, nearly all of whom were rather buxom, she realized that she didn't feel TOO guilty, after all..

 ..because everyone swiped office supplies occasionally, didn't they?


 Bethany realized that she had been wrong.

 "This is worse..!" she thought to herself, as she desperately kicked out against the gaping jaws of David, briefly preventing the charging Komodo dragon from sinking its teeth into her vulnerable, soft flesh once again.

 "This.. this is so much worse!" she thought again, as David, now angrier than ever, finally caught up with her and lunged forward, to grab Bethany's entire hips and sex in her cruelly toothed mouth.

 "I definitely preferred the waiting!" Bethany thought, as she gazed down, horrified, at the sight of the skin of her belly being pierced and shredded by the big dragon's teeth.

 Then David started shaking her, and Bethany started screaming.


Note - I pulled this last bit out because it didn't match the tone (softcore bi/lesbian girls only club) that I was going for with the rest of the story. Having Jasmin's boyfriend make an appearance, however brief, poked a hole in the cuddly girly vore bubble I was trying to build. It went right at the beginning of part 3, but was fun enough to keep as an outtake instead of scrapping completely, I thought.

 Jasmin had idly wondered, as she'd been getting into her boyfriend's car after work on Sunday afternoon, how long Alicia might last inside of Jimmy. Would she still be alive and conscious when Jasmin came back, on Tuesday morning? It seemed unlikely, but who knew for sure. The idea of Alicia alive, agonizingly aroused, and completely unable to do anything about it, while trapped inside of Jimmy's stomach, for hours and perhaps even days, was something that made her insides flutter a bit. Maybe it was a bit mean to take enjoyment in the thought of her friend so desperate and frustrated, but she couldn't seem to help it. The idea only added to the heat that had already started to build in her during the few moments she had spent stroking the imprisoned, squirming girl's sex.

 Her boyfriend, mildly irritated at having to wait a scant few minutes for his girlfriend, had been pleasantly surprised when she, completely unprompted, had given him a very enthusiastic blow job on the way home. It had even distracted him enough to keep him from noticing the slime and mucus coating one of her arms, which she hadn't had a chance to rinse off. Nor from noticing the fact that her right hand, which was clenched firmly around the base of his cock, had smelled like another girl's pussy. Explaining that one to him would have been a strange conversation.



Well, shit son. That is some top-notch vore. Anyone who says a story of this quality is too long either has the attention span of a cat, or no stamina. Regardless, two thumbs up!


This was absolutely amazing.. especially the part where her orgasm was left unfulfilled when they were interrupted, as if totally unimportant! You always manage to capture the idea of disregarding someone as meat to it's fullest potential. Fantastic.


Well, damn! That was an exciting story. I especially loved the nipple torture parts. There's just something to a girl being eaten alive consensual that really gets me. Well done, good ser!

Now I'm really looking forward to your "Hot Snack for a Hot Day" story!


Great story!

Hate to be a noob, but what is D/s and CBT mean? Google didn't quite help me here.


D/s : Dominant / submissive
CBT : Cock and Balls Torture

You are welcome.


I'm glad you guys all enjoyed the story. I put a lot of effort into this one, and I'm happy to see that it wasn't in vain, ha ha.

Sometimes I'll spend twenty minutes on a single paragraph, trying to get the wording juuust right for a bit of dialog or description, so it conveys just how casually the characters are taking the idea of being food.

I'm a great fan of the idea of nipples and breasts getting nommed, especially by something like insects and bugs. Something about the contrast of hard, uncaring chitin versus soft, tender, and oh so sensitive flesh just works for me.

Dominance/submission and Cock and Ball Torture. Everyone is a noob at one point. If you don't ask, you'll never learn!


Ha! I got learn-ed today! Thanks for the explanation guys. I would never have guessed that's what those acronyms were and neither did google, apparently lol.

Looking forward to your next stories, Htabdoolb. These are excellent!


I admit I was a little dissapointed that we didn't get to see the hyena feeding. I was also a little sad we didn't get to see some pussy vore in the insect room. Be that as it may, this was very good. Thank you for making it.


Very well done. Love to see people winding up back in the food chain, for the good of the animals, of course haha. (Realistic) animal vore and dehumanization/objectification has always been an underappreciated but great combo. How better to be reduced to meat than by an animal that only thinks of people as a meal?

ps. I'd never want to be the person who tries to tell a writer how to write, but idea pitch: Boy Who Lied Thrice (school authority figures, objectification and punishment) meets Zookeepers: Part 4 (non-fatal pieces vore). Field trip where all the obnoxious students are "volunteered" to help feed the smaller animals. Just sayin, lots of potential ;)

Again, great stuff! Looking forward to your next works.



Well, I've gotta leave something for further sequels, after all, ha ha. I am glad that you enjoyed it.


That's not a bad idea.. I'm not saying that I'm definitely going to do anything with it, but I'll keep it in mind during future writings.. If an opportunity comes up, perhaps I'll use it.


Not my cup of tea but love your other work. Mostly enjoy your penectomy/cannibalism stories. Excited for your upcoming stories!

Also if I may offer a suggestion, I think it would be interesting to see some penises recycled/repurposed (utensils, toys, decorations, etc?)...Would have been great to see as an alternate ending to Vacuum Incident, but loved the simple trashification also. Solely For Her Comfort was along these lines and was great!

Also the flattened penis in Lied Thrice caught me off guard with how great it was! Perhaps some rolling pin play in the future?

Just suggestions, keep doing your own thing because you put out great work!


With all the horrible/fun things you've done to penises with Q-knives, I eagerly await to see what you'll do to pussies. Awesome work!


Always great to see your work, this is definitely a different turn, though not unwelcome I suppose. I hope you have more penis related stuff in the works too!

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