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Autumn wept as she was lead into the room. A cold steel scaffold was erected in the back against the wall, it’s joints configurable so the bound victim could be moved and positioned in any number of ways. A video camera sat on a tripod pointed directly at it, it’s display open and a single red light blinking.

“Oh god, please” Autumn meekly teased out. Tears were streaming down her gentle cheeks from eyes concealed by lengthy bangs. “Please just kill me and get this over with.” she pleaded, but she knew in her heart it would be to no avail. She and the other girls were forced to watch the execution preceding their own, so she knew what horrors awaited her. Just yesterday, she had been taken to this exact room to find one of the other girls from her group strapped to this very scaffold. Over the course of several hours she watched in complete horror as the executioner slit open the poor girl’s abdomen and dumped her guts out between her legs. The screaming and crying and begging of the girl was now stamped on her brain. She cried all night and didn’t sleep for even a moment, her mind in shock from seeing such a tortured and drawn out death. They came for her the next morning.

The moment she saw which room they were taking her to Autumn began to cry and beg. She knew what was in store for her and she couldn’t even begin to imagine what the experience was going to be like. All she knew was that she had to stop it somehow, there was no way that was going to happen to her. But she couldn’t see a way to get out of it. She was handcuffed and deep within a facility she couldn’t even begin to guess the location of. She had no tools or resources, only the cuffs around her wrists and ankles and what little clothing they had been issued, which mainly consisted of a skin tight short sleeve crop top several sizes too small and similar tight shorts. The clothing had hardly been appropriate for the cold nights on the concrete floor of the girl’s cell and they had resorted to huddling together in as they slept for warmth.

As they began to unlock her cuffs, she briefly started thinking about running for the door, but the guards were careful and kept a tight grip on her, making sure to bind her feet to the scaffold before undoing her hands. The scaffold was arranged so that she was standing up with her feet spaced about a foot and a half apart and her arms strapped down by her sides. There were two handles just below the binds which she could grip and hold onto. The middle of the scaffold was extruded slightly, forcing her to push her belly out a bit.

“Oh god, please please please don’t do this to me!” she started tearfully screaming. “PLEASE! I’ll do anything you want, ANYTHING!”

She was completely ignored and her executioner continued to configure everything. Once she was fully strapped in, he adjusted her head strap so that it forced her to look down towards her abdomen. “Oh god.” she whimpered in horrible anticipation.

The executioner then took a red marker and traced a dotted line down her stomach from her sternum all the way down through her belly button and to her shorts. He then placed a frying pan on the floor between her legs, looked up at her with cold eyes and a smirk on his face, and began to finger her belly button. “Today you are going to become extremely familiar with the contents of this lovely belly of yours.” he whispered in her ear as tears streamed down her face. “Did you know you have over 25 feet of intestines coiled up in there? You saw what happened to the other girl so you know exactly what to expect. I hear the pain is just unfathomable, not to mention the gruesome sight of your own bowels hanging out the front of your bisected belly.”

At this point another man entered the room leading one of the other girls from her cell and tying her to the same chair they had bound Autumn to yesterday. Apparently they were making each of the girls watch an execution the day before it would be their turn, probably in a sadistic attempt to build fear and anticipation. This entire situation was cruel and unusual beyond measure.

They had barely gotten the girl strapped into her chair when the executioner turned back towards Autumn and grabbed a small razor from the surgical table sitting next to the scaffold. He moved it over and hovered just over her sternum with it and Autumn immediately entered full panic mode. “NO NO PLEASE WAIT NO NO NO NO.” she screamed at the top of her lungs, her eyes wide in fear, tears and saliva dripping down her fair but contorted face. “WAIT WAIT WAIT I’LL DO ANYTHING I’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING OH GOD PLEASE JUST DON’T CUT MY STOMACH OPEN!”

But it was too late. She felt a sudden burning pain shooting outward from just below her chest, and looked down to see the razor had pierced her soft flesh and made a small incision of about an inch or so below her sternum. A small amount of blood trickled down the front of her belly, and the executioner removed the razor and then grabbed a different tool. This appeared to be a strange knife with a small curved blade, but it was sharp in the inside of the curve and dull on the outside. He gently inserted the blade into the one inch incision he had made with the curved sharp end facing down. Autumn immediately understood what he was about to do.

“NO DON’T DO IT PLEASE STOP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” she screamed at him, but a moment later, she felt a wave of agony as he slowly pulled the blade down, following the dotted line he had drawn and unzipping her belly from top to bottom. It took a couple minutes for him to reach her belly button and she screamed louder than she had ever before, eyes bulging and fixated on her stomach. “OH GOD STOP PLEASE!” she screamed over and over. Her breathing had picked up and she was nearly hyperventilating, her rising and falling chest a sharp contrast of life against the specter of death just inches below. The man cut cleanly through her belly button and then in a quick motion pulled the blade all the way down to her shorts, then removed it.

Autumn was shaking visibly and realized she had just pissed herself, warm urine trickling down the inside of her thighs. The giant incision down her stomach was starting to open up, pushed by pink tubes which slowly ballooned out of the cut, forcing the sides of her bisected belly further to the left and right. She just stood there trying to hold her breath, shaking and trembling and knowing that any sudden motions could result in her exposed intestines succumbing to gravity and tumbling out to hang between her thighs like with the other girl. She looked up, eyes as wide as saucers, and noticed the girl who had been brought in earlier crying with her hands over her mouth. Then she looked down again at her ruined stomach and her breathing started to accelerate again.

The man approached again and Autumn could hardly find the words to protest as he reached towards her belly and grabbed a clump of the small intestines poking out. “WAIT PLEASE JUST STOP!” she started screaming at him again, but she knew it would be to no avail. With nothing but a gentle tug, she felt the strangest sensation of her life as nearly the entirely of her digestive tract unfurled before her eyes, fleshy tubes tumbling and wiggling as they settled between her legs in a horrific mess of loops, coils, and spirals. Almost the entire length of her grey bumpy colon hung out as well, connected to the pink intestines around the edges. She knew at this point she was definitely going to die soon. But how soon?

She had been so consumed by the horror of the imagery that she had almost entirely forgotten about the pain itself, but it came back to her in a sudden wave, and combined with the strange feeling of having her guts extruded from her abdomen, she began to wretch and vomit. She was hysterical at this point and hardly cared as she puked all over her exposed entrails. Had she been of clearer mind, she might have recognized the irony.

“KILL ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” she shrieked at her killer, “JUST FUCKING KILL ME ALREADY!”


Great stuff, very vivid. Thanks for sharing! Can we have more please?


I loved it as well. But how is she tortured for the nrxt hours and how will she be kept alive? I must know!


Well, it happens sometimes that someone write this awesome kind of stories and post it here. Please do more!!!


More to come soon.


This is awesome. I’d like to know a little more about what Autumn looks like, though.


I can do you one better, here's a portrait I just whipped up of her. I'll be posting pics in the artwork thread here to go with the story as it continues:



Autumn came to in a haze. Her vision, a blur, returned in throbbing waves, Her head felt like hell. In a convulsive fit she rolled over and tried to throw up but nothing came out. She rolled back over and started to recollect herself. She was in a concrete room. A concrete room.

Oh fuck. Her memory started to return at a rapid rate. The cells. The other girls. The torture.

Her eyes went wide and she instantly clutched at her stomach, attempting to restore her eviscerated entrails back to their proper location. But they weren’t there. Her stomach was intact, exactly as she remembered it and without even the evidence of a scar.

What the hell? Had she dreamed it all? How could anything that felt so real have been a dream? Her memory had returned to her and she could recall what felt like every single moment of her ordeal. The cutting, the screaming, the blood and guts. The exact feeling of the blade cutting her belly, the sight of the man cutting her digestive organs out and laying them, arranged in pans, before her very eyes. Rubbing her intestines in her face and mocking her. Fucking her in the ass and making her watch as cum splattered and covered the internal walls of her empty abdominal cavity. And the pain. A pain she could never, ever forget.

Holy shit.

But what had happened? She looked around and saw she was in a cell still. So at least that much had been real. She also wasn’t alone. Four other girls sat in the cell, huddled together in one corner but not speaking. Three of them were staring straight at her, a silent creepy burning stare.

Autumn stared back with her emerald eyes for a few minutes, not knowing what to do or say, and then just rolled over again and closed her eyes. Waves of exhaustion coaxed her quickly back into a slumber. Hopefully her dreams would be better this time.

She awoke to the sound of the cell door opening.

“Anne, come.” were the only words spoken. Autumn rolled off her back and opened her eyes, catching the sight of one of the other girls standing up and walking silently toward the man at the door. Leisurely even. There was no denying it, Autumn thought, she was beautiful. Long brown hair and perfect features; a porcelain face. But her beautiful face betrayed no emotion whatsoever. Creepy. Looking back at the other girls huddled in the corner of the cell, she recognized the same expression.

A moment later she heard the door slam behind her and Autumn cried out in surprise! Her hands went to her mouth, realizing the noise she had just made. A quick glance behind her confirmed that beautiful Anne was gone. She didn’t want to think about where she was going. The other girls in the corner were still looking at her, only this time she detected a slight smirk on one of their faces.

Autumn put her hand on her forehead and clinched her eyes. This fucking headache. This fucking place. What the hell is going on!? Maybe it was time to start talking.

“Who… who are you all” she stated to nobody in particular.

One of the girls, a pretty girl with black hair in a tomboyish short cut, responded after staring at her weirdly for what felt like several minutes.

“You just had your first day.”

“My… first day?” Autumn responded. Her mind started reeling again with the memories of the previous day. The words “first day” suddenly started to frighten her. Terribly.

“What… what does that mean?” she continued. The other girls continued to stare into her eyes like they were attempting to penetrate her very soul. Her anticipation burned.

“It means that there are many days to come.” answered the same girl unhelpfully.

Autumn failed to reply before another of the girls spoke up: “You’re going to be tortured again, probably in the next few days. They give us a few days between sessions, the machine works better that way.”

Unsure how to respond, Autumn simply sat there a moment and pondered. Tortured again. Best not to think about that right now. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to avoid thinking about it soon enough. But the machine. The machine? What machine?

“What… machine?”

In a flash, before she could even react to what was happening, the short haired girl was on her feet and her foot was planted firmly in Autumns face. She blacked out in mere minutes as the girl pounded her face into the concrete floor. Teeth came out, blood was everywhere. She thought at one point she though she felt her nose cave in. “FUUUCK… ING…. STOP!!” She was going to die here in this room, she was sure of it. She passed out just seconds after she heard the sickening sound of her skill cracking against the cold floor.


Blinding light. Autumn batted her eyes in an attempt to reorient herself. She was on the floor yet again, staring right up into the single blinding incandescent light above her. Her head was throbbing again. She pulled herself together and sat up to find she was in what looked like the same cell she had been beaten half to death in. She clutched at her nose, half expecting it to be gone, but it was still present and intact as far as she could tell. Aside from throbbing headache, it was like it had never even happened.

Her surprise was waning; clearly something weird is going on here. She looked around and spotted the same four girls lounging in the corner, chitchatting quietly about something. She couldn’t quite make out the words. She noticed Anne was back, looking good as ever, no evidence of torture or grievous injury.

The girl with the short black hair noticed her stir and immediately jumped to her feat, causing Autumn to instinctually crawl back against the wall and wince. “Wait! Wait! Please don’t hurt me, I just want to know what the hell is going on!” she eeked out. The other girl just walked up to her and squatted down, putting her face mere inches from hers. Now that she had a better look at her, Autumn noticed she was pretty as well. A quick glance at the other girls confirmed what she suspected. Everyone here was beautiful.

The girl had the same smirk she had worn earlier before she had turned Autumn’s existence into a flurry of feet and fists.

“I’m Dana, welcome I guess.” Quite the heartfelt introduction.

“I’m… Autumn. Uh, I thought you were going to murder me, what the fuck is going on here?”

“I bought you an extra day, as a favor, because you are new.” Confusing response to be sure.

“What do you mean you… bought me an extra day?”

“They can’t do the procedure on you if you are already close to death, and it wouldn’t do any good even if they could. The machine can fix many things but it can’t bring someone back to life.”

Autumn stared like a deer in headlights, her pretty green eyes blinking a few times before she finally found the words to the questions streaming through her brain.

“Uh… uh….. what is the machine?”

Dana sat down cross legged in front of autumn and grabbed each of her hands and held them in a tight but compassionate manner. She leaned forward and Autumn’s heart nearly stopped as she unexpectedly kissed her passionately on the lips, though it was more out of surprise then anything. The other girls in the corner were continuing to whisper amongst themselves barely paying any mind.

“The machine is now your world. When you are broken, you go into the machine. When you wake up, you are as good as new. Better even. Aging itself is reversed. The machine is immortality. You, Autumn, are now an immortal, for as long as you continue to have access to the machine. That’s why we are here.”

“Wha… what?”

“The Master found the machine long ago. The machine is the center of everything. I know you don’t understand everything that is happening to you or why, but trust me, the machine will save you. It will save us all.”

Dana flicked her hair out of her eyes and then relocked her gaze in a rather creepy manner. Her expression looked… off. As though someone was trying to smile a very dishonest smile. As though behind that smile was something terrible.

“Now that you are past day 1, things will become clear to you very quickly. The other people here are the closest things to friends you will ever have and you all will come to know each other better then you’ve ever known anyone in your entire life.”

“You are one of the chosen, Autumn. I have spent the last 50 years in this literal hell, being tortured and nearly killed in every conceivable way, over and over, day after day. 50 years. But my ascension is imminent and I will be leaving here soon. Tomorrow, I will face my final trial and will then walk the world again. In 50 years, you will do the same, you just have to remain strong. Your time will come.”

Autumn’s thoughts were everywhere and nowhere. What the fuck was she talking about? A machine that makes people immortal? Could Dana really have been here 50 years? She looked like she was barely 20.

“Dana!” she squeaked, “Dana… You… nearly beat me to death last I remember. I felt my face cave in for fucks sake! But I’m still here, how is that possible? Please just tell me what the fuck is happening to me.”

“Have you not listened to a fucking thing I have said?” she yelled in reply, “The machine repairs all. Your body is nothing, just a trinket. You go in broken and come out whole.” She paused for a moment and leaned back, letting go of Autumns hands. “You will meet the Master in time and he will explain everything. In the meantime, just try and remain strong. You will face terrible shit, horrible experiences, things that you couldn’t even imagine in your worst dreams, and they will become the entirety of the next 50 years of your life. But there is a reason for it and you will come out the other end stronger then any mere petty human. It is your destiny to become more then human. 50 years is nothing to an immortal. Think of these as like the pain of being birthed. A terrible but necessary ordeal.”

“But” Autumn coughed, “but why are they fucking TORTURING ME!? How could that POSSIBLY be relevant to ANYTHING!!”

The next moment was as strange as anything Autumn had ever encountered. Dana, without any hesitation, stuck her pinky finger in her mouth and bit it off. Entirely and bloodily. Then she did the same with the next finger, and then the next, spitting them to the floor as she went. Blood was squirting from the open wounds and Autumn immediately jumped up to try and help. She was rewarded with a quick and brutal punch straight to the middle of her chest, causing her to roll over trying to catch her breath. She could feel her heart pounding. What the literal fuck was going on?

“Don’t you see!?” Dana yelled as she bit off another finger, no sense of fear or pain present on her face whatsoever. “Pain doesn’t matter. The machine fixes all! The cruelty of the procedure teaches us how to accept pain, how to understand it, and how to inflict it. In a few years you will hardly even care if all your limbs are sawed off slowly. In a dozen years you will yawn as your skin is peeled off your face. Pain will mean nothing to you. When the procedure is complete in 50 years, you will be one with the pain. You will be capable of anything, or of hurting anyone. You will be the ultimate war machine, an angel of death, walking the earth and destroying everything that stands in your way.”

“That is your destiny Autumn, OUR destiny. To become an immortal, a weapon, an instrument of change! And to carry out the Master’s great plans! Your anguish is your weapon, and you will ascend whether you like it or not. I don’t envy where you are right now. I remember how I suffered here for my first few decades, how every single day was a new terror, a new pain, a new suffering. But you will get used to it, and in the end it will be worth it. Because it’s not about the pain. It’s about the total freedom you will find when you are liberated from care.”

At this, Dana embraced Autumn in a rather uncomfortable and sudden hug. She hadn’t even finished digesting all the garbage Dana had just spewed from her mouth. Immortal killing machines? 50 years of torture? None of this makes any sense!

She couldn’t help it. She was trying so hard to stay composed but this is all just too much to take in. Tears started welling in Autumn’s eyes. “Dana…” she meekly purred. “Dana, what’s going to happen to me?”

Dana leaned over and put her forehead against Autumns and stared deeply into her pretty green eyes.

“Tomorrow, you’ll begin your second trial. It will be even worse then the first. And I will leave this place, finally, after all these years.”

She leaned back again and winked at Autumn. “See you on the other side”

The last thing Autumn recalled was Dana’s fist planting itself firmly between her eyes and knocking her head against the concrete wall.


DAY 27

Autumn was just sitting huddled in the corner, trying to keep herself warm and staring at the ceiling like she always does, when the door to her cell opened with a loud clink and two of the more familiar drones, James and Adam, entered dragging Emily. They dumped her on the floor and left quickly without even so much as looking at Autumn.

After a few minutes, Autumn stood up and dragged Emily to the corner and then held her closely, providing warmth and waiting for her to awaken. Emily… wasn’t taking any of this very well and would often suffer from nearly continuous panic attacks, especially after awakening from a procedure.

They had grown to be close friends over the last few weeks. In fact, they were basically the only people in their world for the last few weeks. The drones had moved Autumn into her own cell after the week one and had left her completely alone for several days before Emily had been brought in. She was a Day 1 when they had thrown her into the cell with Autumn. The first Day 1 Autumn had encountered at that point. Since then, nobody else had shared a cell with her. Like all the girls, she was gorgeous in her own right, a petit redhead, like Autumn, with a surprisingly perky chest for her age.

Emily would often cry, often think about home, her family, her boyfriend. She was kind and gentle. She was only 18, practically a child still, who had loved life and didn’t understand what was happening to her or why she was here. Autumn had tried to explain what little she knew but Emily just couldn’t quite accept any of it. Even Autumn had trouble accepting any of it. She had yet to ever see the Master, and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to anything. The explanations she had encountered thus far came from the other girls she had been celled with for the first week before they threw her in here. For all Autumn knew, the Master might not even be real. Maybe this was actually just hell and she was already dead.

Emily started to wake up, and Autumn clinched her close.

“What. Oh. Oh god.” Emily murmured. “Oh god.” She started to cry and held onto Autumn like her life depended on it. Maybe it did.

Autumn cried with her for a while, and eventually said “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“I just… I just want to go home. I just want to go home! Why am I here? The things… the things they did to me.” Emily was bawling at this point, rivers running down her cheeks, her words broken by sobs.

“They peeled off my skin! My whole skin! I had no fucking skin Autumn! WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT TO ME!?” she shrieked at the ceiling. “IT HURT. IT FUCKING REALLY HURT!”

Emily didn’t used to curse at all, but after a day or two of being in this place, it was hard to blame her for picking it up. At a certain point you run out of words to express your anguish when you are being carved apart while fully conscious.

“I hate them. I HATE THEM!” she screamed and sobbed. “How could anyone get enjoyment from doing these things to someone. What is the fucking point?”

Autumn didn’t have an answer. She didn’t know much more than Emily about the drones or why they did these things. The things she did know she had learned, like everything else, from the other girls in her first week. The drones are sadistic assholes. The drones are all men. The drones don’t use the machine, they grow old and die. The drones never say anything meaningful to the girls. They just rape, taunt, and torture. That’s why the girls referred to them as drones, even though they are people, what personality they have they never share with any of the girls, ever. The only reason she even knows any of their names is from when she overhears them talking to each other.

Emily was shaking and bawling in Autumns lap. Autumn was crying too. “I gotta keep it together” she thought to herself. Strength was a hard commodity of late, but Emily had given Autumn more strength. Someone to help, someone to be strong for, someone to nurture. Autumn had to stay strong for her, because Emily couldn’t be strong for herself. And because Autumn loved her.

Not in a sexual way, but as she might love a friend or a sister. They had shared so much in the last few weeks and they were the only people they had left now. Autumn knew about Emily’s geeky boyfriend from back home, about her favorite plush toys and all their names, including Mr Snuggs, and about how her favorite food was strawberries. She knew about the time she blew Jake from History class and how she spent days afterward crying and lamenting and fearing her boyfriend leaving her. He forgave her. She loved him dearly, especially after that. She hadn’t even had her braces removed before she came here. Perhaps at some point they will pull her teeth out, Autumn had thought to herself, and when the machine restores them the braces would be gone. Weird thoughts.

After a few hours of holding each other, the crying subsided and they both dozed off into an uneasy sleep.

Only to be interrupted by the sounds of the door opening again, with an unmistakable clink.

Autumn’s eyes sleepily opened to see 4 drones entering the cell. Weird, she wasn’t certain she had ever seen 4 drones in the same room her entire time here. Wasting no time, they approached the two of them and quickly grabbed Emily, jarring her from her sleep.

“Wait, what are you doing!?” Autumn asked, growing more alarmed by the second.

They lifted Emily up and she started squirming, her eyes suddenly wide and filled with terror.

“No, not again, you already did her today!” Autumn yelled as she scrambled to her feet. “You can’t do her twice in a day, that’s not how the machine works!!” But before she could say more, one of the drones punched her in the gut and grabbed her. Despite their struggling, they dragged them both out into the hallway and toward the procedure rooms, Emily’s crying and begging being the only spoken words.

“HELP ME AUTUMN!” Emily screamed as they strung her up by her wrists in the middle of the room. Autumn had been bound to the steel chair in the corner. There was always a chair, and there was often a girl bound there, forced to watch the horrific tortures which took place here. But Autumn hadn’t been made to watch since the first time, before her own first procedure. She had come to assume that it was something for the new girls only, something to build their own fear and anticipation.

Watching Emily go through the procedure was going to be hard. She had preferred not to think too much about it, not to imagine too much. Emily was such a loving and gentle person, it was hard to imagine her being put through such unthinkable levels of suffering. Autumn had hardly even noticed the tears streaming down her own face.

“I’m here with you Emily, it’s going to be ok!” she replied. Or lied. Hard to interpret.

“PLEASE AUTUMN I AM SO SCARED! PLEASE HELP ME!” … the begging was starting to sting Autumn’s core. The helplessness. Why were they making her watch this?

Emily’s face revealed the true level of her panic as she was hoisted up by two ropes, one attached to each wrist. She was left standing but barely, and was mainly just hanging from the ropes with her feet dragging on the floor. All but one of the drones left the room and the remaining one began to fetch the tools from the hatch in the corner of the room. Knives again. These drones weren’t very creative it seemed.

Emily was trembling visibly as the drone named David approached her with an unnecessarily large blade in hand. “No… please” she whimpered.

“Oh yes. Yes indeed.” the drone replied. He waved the knife in her face and laughed as she started bawling. “Please just let me go, I can’t take this anymore. PLEASE!” she cried and shrieked at the same time. The drone kept laughing in her face and then suddenly slapped her hard, causing her to instantly become dead silent, though her eyes still failed to belie her emotion. She was a total wreck.

Autumn couldn’t help but watch as he raped her in the ass as she hung from those ropes. Her own mind raced with anger and chaos. Every time Autumn was tortured it was hellish beyond reason, but this was somehow even worse. Watching someone she cared for deeply, someone as innocent as Emily, suffering was even worse then her own pain. “LET ME TAKE HER PLACE, PLEASE!” Autumn screamed at David.

David was balls deep in Emily’s tight young asshole at this point, fucking her as roughly as one could imagine, while Emily cried. Some of the drones seemed to delight in seeing if they could get a girl to come in the midst of the trauma and torture, and this seemed to be the case now. He reached over and started to massage Emily’s clit while she whimpered. Pretty soon the whimpering developed into moaning and before long she burst into a full on orgasm. Well, if you can call it that, the mix of pleasure and terror in her face was hard to interpret, but she was definitely coming.

And then, in the blink of an eye, he opened her stomach up from clits to tits with the long knife and dumped her guts out. Emily started screaming at the top of her lungs. Autumn had to cover her ears, her screams were so loud. And the drone kept fucking her, her guts swinging back and forth between her legs with each thrust, blood dripping all over the concrete floor.

“FUCK FUCK OH MY GOD!” Emily screamed at the ceiling. “Mmm… MOMMY!”

Autumn had to close her eyes, she couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody deserves this, this is so unfair.

“FUCKING AAAAAGH!!” Emily reeled “AAAAAAHHHHHHH MY GUTS MM… MMY GUTS!!” And the rape continued.

“JUST FUCKING END IT!” Autumn screamed at the drone. “You’re done PLEASE just put her in the god damned machine!”

The drone stopped fucking Emily for a moment, leaving her hanging from her wrists and screaming at her own exposed viscera. He then turned to Autumn with a strange look, almost a smile… a psychotic one at least. He moved over to Emily’s frontside and grabbed her guts and moved them aside, reaching within her stomach. And then up, into her chest. Emily’s eyes were fluttering and her breathing grew more intense.

Something was wrong. Autumn realized it just as the drone started to grab at Emily’s beating heart. Something was very very wrong.

In a compulsion she had barely even thought through, Autumn shrieked at the drone. “STOP! STOP! IF YOU REMOVE HER HEART SHE WILL DIE! SHE WON’T MAKE IT TO THE MACHINE IN TIME! STOP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!”

But it was too late. Before she even got the words out, the drone was holding Emily’s still beating heart in his hands. Emily’s screaming was subsiding. She stared at her heart, her expression locked in agony. And then Autumn saw her eyes glaze over. And her head slump. And then… she was just hanging there. No words, no motion.

She was dead.

“No. No. NO. NOO!” Autumn screamed. She had become an avatar of tears and fury. “NOOOO! EMILY! NOOOO YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HER! YOU FUCKING COULD HAVE SAVED HER!!!”

The drone threw her now still heart on the ground with an audible splat and then began untying Emily.


The drone didn’t even look at her or respond at all.



DAY 53

Another day.

Autumn had barely spoken with anyone since Emily was slaughtered. They actually had stopped doing the procedure on her entirely for a whole week immediately after her death, leaving Autumn to just lay on the cold floor of her empty cell staring blankly at the wall when she wasn’t sobbing uncontrollably. She didn’t eat, she didn’t speak; she was alone with nothing but the ghost of Emily’s memory to keep her company.

Even now, weeks later, she didn’t eat. Not that it mattered. Every time she went into the machine she was restored, so what is the point of eating? She wasn’t alone anymore though. After a week of nothing but her grieving uncontrollably by herself, they finally moved her to another cell. This one had 3 other girls in it.

By nature of proximity, Autumn had learned a good bit about them, overhearing their own conversations and observing their behaviors, though she almost never spoke to any of them. In different circumstances the other girls might have found Autumn to be creepy, but she was hardly the weirdest thing in their world now. They were mostly just happy to have an extra body to curl up to when shivering in the cold nights.

All three of them were newer than Autumn, all three still reeling at their ordeals and trying to understand the pain being inflicted on them day after day. They would talk about it, they would cry about it, they would comfort each other, and they would speculate on what this place was and why they were there. Autumn usually said nothing and sat alone in the corner, listening but not participating. They reminded her too much of Emily. What’s the point in making friends when they will just be taken from you?

Her dreams had become pure nightmares. The blood and agony incarnate in her sleep, endless suffering, and people dying. She dreamt of Emily’s death many times, reliving the moment in vivid detail. The shocked look on her face as she stared at her own beating heart in her last few moments. The thing that haunted her the most though was her very last look at Autumn, their eyes locking momentarily just as she expired. She had hardly even noticed it in the moment, but her brain had recorded it for her and taunted her with it in her dreams.

And sometimes the pain became rage. This was a side of herself Autumn had never experienced before. She had never been an angry person. Even while being tortured half to death she hadn’t responded in anger, just in fear and anguish and confusion. But something had changed in her after watching Emily’s brutal murder. The fury seethed just below the surface at all times. She started thinking about things that she never would have thought about before. Hurting other people.

She had started to formulate something of a plan, the vaguest beginnings of a plan, in her moments of anger. The image of Dana biting off her own fingers lingered in her mind. She was beginning to realize that her own body was a weapon. She could use it, mold it even, into whatever form she required. She was becoming so used to pain and suffering that the idea of hurting herself hardly even seemed a bother any more. It’s not to say that she wouldn’t feel pain, but it seemed to matter less and less as time went on. After being boiled and flayed and gutted dozens of time, what does a little more matter?

She imagined chewing the flesh off her own arm in the night, revealing the bone, and grinding it into a weapon. A shiv or sword of sorts. She hadn’t really thought it through all too well, but she often fell asleep lately to the thought of her walking the hallways of this facility and stabbing every drone she came across to death with the bones in her own mutilated arm. She wanted to see them suffer the way they inflicted suffering on others. She wanted to throw them into the machine and fill it with acid, their bodies disintegrating and regenerating forever in the hellish bath. Justice was beginning to look more and more like killing and death in her eyes, and she relished the thoughts.

Her murderous meanderings were disturbed by a question. She looked up at the Farica, the girl who was apparently it’s source, and saw her lips moving, words coming in her direction.

“I said, why don’t you ever talk to us? You’ve been in here with us for over a week now and all you ever do is sit there in the corner looking dejected.”

Autumn stared at her with what must have looked like a blank expression, but her mind was a maelstrom of memory. She saw Emily sitting there in Farica’s place looking back at her. These people, they were just another liability. Another form of torture. No. They were the worst form of torture.

“Fuck off.” Autumn said, closing her eyes as she leaned back against the corner wall.

“You fucking bitch. We know you know shit about what is going on here, why the hell won’t you talk to us? We’re hurting just as much as you are but you’re just being an emo shithead. Fucking talk to us!”

Farica was making an annoying face at Autumn. These fucking people.

“Look, I don’t know nearly as much as you all think I do. You all have figured out half of what I know already.”

“Why are they DOING this stuff to us!?” Jamie yelled at her, interrupting whatever it was Farica was about to say. “Is this hell? Are we in hell? Just tell us the truth!”

“I’d imagine you can’t die in hell, so no, we’re probably not in hell.”

“But we can’t die! They fed me into a blender yesterday up to my waist! SHIT! SHIT!” Jamie’s expression made it clear that even the memory of the pain hurt. It was contorted, and she was shedding tears.

“Oh, well, I have seen people die here.”

The statement didn’t have a soothing effect. Fear became evident in all three of their faces. It’s strange how even extreme torture can seem preferable to death as long as you have some thread of hope that you will continue to live and will eventually come out the other side of it ok. When people beg for death, it’s because in the moment it seems better then experiencing whatever THIS is, but once it’s over we cling to life again like an addict clings to a bottle.

“Are… are they going to kill us then?” Amilla asked with a shaky voice from between the other two girls. “Are we going to die here?”

Autumn nearly rolled her eyes. “How should I know? Do you think I run this place or something?”

“But you’ve been here so long. Surely you must have like… heard stuff, right?”

She couldn’t help herself and Autumn literally laughed out loud. “So long?” More awkward laughter. “You all really hadn’t heard yet? We’re going to be here for 50 years. 50 YEARS! A few months doesn’t sound like much now, does it you silly cunt!?”

“50… years….?” Jamie replied teary eyed.

“But, but… oh shit.” Amilla chimed in. “I.. I don’t think I can take this much longer, much less… years of this.” Her eyes, were fixed on the wall, or more likely, on some fit of her imagination.

“Well, maybe they will kill you and you’ll get your escape. I don’t know their rhyme or reason.”

Torn between fear of torment and fear of death, the girls were a huddled mass of confusion and fear. Autumn has the odd thought that she could use a cigarette right about now. She had never smoked a day in her life. Weird thoughts.

“Well, I think today is your turn Jamie, if I’ve been keeping track correctly. So have fun with that.” Autumn offered tauntingly as she collapsed into the corner and closed her eyes. She could hear Jamie start sobbing loudly as Farica and Amilla tried to say worthless words of comfort. They came for Jamie a couple hours later.

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