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written by JestInPieces and PogueMahone

Chapter 1: Once shy, twice bitten

“Ow, my head.”

Clara blinked against the bright sunlight. She raised her right hand to block out the sun and opened her eyes. Right in the middle of her bare forearm was a blood-stained bite mark. For a moment, she struggled to remember how it had gotten there, her memory a swirl of confusing images. Then everything suddenly popped into focus. She had been walking across campus with her best friend Janet when a man had come running up to them. His skin had been grey and he was slobbering and growling, like a wild animal. Or a zombie.

But that couldn’t be. Zombies weren’t real.

There’d been a stab of pain, then a loud bang, like a gun going off. Then darkness. Her eyes flew open. Where was Janet? She looked to her left, but instead of the girl she was looking for she saw the man that had attacked her, lying face down on the ground with his head in a pool of blood. There was a gaping hole in the back of his head, revealing a mass of pink and red. She quickly turned away, choking back the bile she felt rising in her throat. She looked to her right, and her relief was almost palpable when she saw the body of her brunette friend lying next to her in the grass. She quickly crawled over to her and patted her cheek.

“Janet? Janet, are you okay?”

“Unnnnhhhhh,” Janet groaned. “Five more minutes.”

Janet was not allowed to doze, being forcefully shaken awake.

“Jeez, what… actually, why am I asleep outside? With you? Oh my god, it’s summer camp all over again. Please tell me we have clothes this time–”

“Janet, this is serious!”

Clara showed off the clearly dead man, which Janet took slightly better than her friend did.

“Oh. Well, shit. This is serious, huh? Wait, the fuck?”

The brunette looked down at her leg; there was a tear, with a little bit of blood.

“Did that fucker ''bite'' me? And you?!”

They both looked down at the corpse. Grey skin. Shambling. Biting… it couldn’t be, could it? There was only one thing they could do to learn the truth.

“Two secs, I’m gonna check Facebook”

“…Well, fuck,” said Janet, putting words to both of their thoughts.

“You can say that again. This is not how I saw my life ending… or, um, my pre-life? How does this work? I suppose I’m still alive… or undead?”

She mulled this over for a few seconds before exclaiming “Ugh, I can’t believe I died a fucking virgin! That bitch Cynthia was right after all! Fuck!”

“Aw, honey,” Janet chuckled. “I’ve told you before I’d be happy to help you out with that. I promise, playing for the other team is way more fun. You might have been a virgin in life, but you don’t have to be one in your, um, unlife.”

“I might just take you up on that offer. But I, for one, don’t plan on making out right here in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Let’s get up and get our bearings, find somewhere to hole up, gather supplies… wait. Do we still need food? Or are we turning into zombies and should we be looking for brains? Jesus, how have we seen so many zombie movies and yet we’re still this unprepared?”

Not knowing exactly where they stood, what to do, where to go, who to call or even what they were, the girls decided that the best course of action was a simple one: to go back to their dorm apartment and lay low. In other words, what they always did, although with maybe just a little more existential dread than usual.

“It’s a lot quieter than I thought it would be. Maybe it was only, like, a couple of zombies,” said Clara as they slunk into the deserted building. It was true; there hadn’t been a soul in sight so far. There was, however, a lot of blood in the hallways. “Yeeaah, doubting the wisdom of this now.”

“Oh it’s fine, Clara. Come on and let’s grab some stuff out the apartment,” laughed Janet, walking ahead.

Clara stared. “Um, Janet? Your ponytail is kind of… falling off…”

“Huh? What?” asked Janet, turning her head, trying to look behind her. Her pony tail, naturally, turned right along with it, and a few more strands of brown hair came loose and fell down when it bumped into her shoulder. Not being able to see, she tentatively raised a hand over her shoulder and gave a light pull on her pony tail. Most of it came right off, and she stared at the clump of hair in her hand. She gulped.

“So much for being immune to the zombie virus, I guess.”

Clara grabbed a strand of the red hair that fell past her shoulders and tugged on it. Then once more when it didn’t come off.

“Huh. Maybe I’m like Ellie in The Last of Us, the only one immune the zombie vi–” Clara stopped and frowned. She moved her jaw from side to side a little before opening her mouth and reaching in with her thumb and forefinger. She pulled out something small, red and white. Letting it drop into her palm, she spread her hand out, giving Janet a better look. It was a tooth.

“…Or maybe not.”

“Great. Just great,” said Janet, ditching her ponytail and sighing. “Well, guess there’s not much we can do…”

“We could go to the hospital, maybe?”

“Yeah, great idea; can’t believe only you and every other person in the city thought of it. Never go to hospitals during a zombie epidemic, that’s basic.”

Janet opened the door to their messy apartment, taking a look around.

“Good news is, it’s safe in here.”

“So what, we’re just gonna mess around on the sofa?!”

“If we’re gonna slowly fall apart and zombify in the next few hours, I wanna do it somewhere comfy. Come on, get in. I’ll make poptarts.”

Janet walked in, before promptly tripping over the carpet, tumbling over…


“I told you that was going to happen one of these days.”

“I know, I know, but it really ties the room together.”

Clara walked around her, leaned down and extended her hand.

“Here, let me help you up.”

Janet took the offered hand.

“Okay, one… two…”

On three, Janet was pulled upwards. She put her knees under her and got to her feet.

“Thanks Clara, much oblig–”

She saw the look of shock on Clara’s face, her eyes wide and her mouth hanging open.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, looking down, following the redhead’s gaze.


Her right arm was still lying on the floor.

She looked at her shoulder, which now ended right there, with only a ragged wound where her arm had been, the tank top she was wearing doing nothing to hide the sight.


“Fuck! I’m so sorry!” said Clara. Not really thinking, she bent down and picked the arm up, offering it to Janet. The one-armed brunette stared.

“Uh, it’s fine, not your fault…” she took the arm, holding it and marveling at the lack of sensation when she squeezed it. Her arm was now basically just…

“Meat,” she said, quietly.

Clara stared, then stepped back slightly.

“Uh, no, I didn’t meant that in a zombie way!”

“Uh-huh,” Clara said warily. “You just let me know if I start looking like a turkey leg with arms like they do in cartoons when somebody’s really hungry, okay?”

“Look, all I’m saying is it’s not going to magically reattach itself,” she said, smooshing the bloody end of her arm against the stump of her shoulder with no effect, “so we might as well treat it for what it is. And since you brought it up: maybe it would be a good idea to put this in the fridge, just in case we do end up going all John Romero?”

“Ew, no! Just… I don’t know, toss it out or something.”

“But it’s my ''arm''! I’m not just going to toss it out!”

“''You’re'' the one who called it meat. And speaking of meat, we really should do something about that shoulder of yours. Let me go grab the first aid kit.”

As soon as Clara had stepped into the bathroom, Janet quickly but quietly opened the refrigerator and shoved her arm inside.

“All right, here we go. Sit down on your bed and let me have a look at you.”

Janet went into her room, full of posters of obscure bands and DVD cases, collapsing into her unmade bed. It was a much needed dose of familiarity.

Clara sat down and inspected the wound. The muscle and skin were torn and ragged, and the bone was clearly visible in the middle. She grimaced, then gave it a poke with a pair of tweezers.

“How does that feel?”

“Honestly not that painful, considering,” shrugged Janet.

It was true; having an arm torn out of its socket hadn’t really hurt at all.

“Do you feel weird anywhere else?” asked Clara.

“Not… really? Here, let me strip off,” replied Janet, peeling off her tank top.

“H–hey, wait, this isn’t a full medical–”

“It is now, doc. Work your magic.”

Clara blinked. This was the first time she been face to face with a pair of boobs other than her own. Sure, she’d caught some glimpses in the shower after gym class in high school, and of course she’d seen her share of porn, but she’d never seen a real pair so close. She had to admit Janet had a lovely pair of tits. She might have fantasized about them once or twice ever since the brunette had offered to sleep with her a few years ago, but she’d never quite imagined them this soft yet firm. She could just reach out and touch…

She shook herself and cleared her throat. No. There were serious matters to attend to. Her friend was hurt, and needed medical attention. But perhaps she combine business and pleasure… and since Janet insisted on a full medical…

She looked down at Janet’s jeans, than back up at her face and, in a voice that sounded more confident than she felt, she said dryly “Pants too, please.”

This elicited a big grin from the brunette, who started to slide her jeans off. Or tried to, at least.

“Urgh, this isn’t easy with one hand, you know…”

“Oh, fine. You better hope I don’t lose a hand too,” said Clara, bending down and pulling the waistband down, ‘accidentally’ pulling her friends panties down along with them.

“Woah, getting a little ahead of yourself there, nurse,” said Janet, although she made no real attempt to cover herself. Clara’s confident air took a blow as she came face to face – or, rather, face to cunt – with Janet’s holiest of holes. She lingered for a moment before sliding the rest of the jeans off.

“Might be easier if you just go about naked, you know. Not like you should worry about catching a cold now,” she laughed, before putting a hand to her friend’s forehead.

“Actually… wow, you’re really cold…”

She rummaged around in the first aid kit, pulling out a thermometer. She held it out in front of Janet’s mouth, who took one look at it before pressing her lips together and shaking her head.

“Uh-uh. Not happening.”

Confused, Clara looked at the thermometer.

“Why not?”

“Read the bit of text near the middle.”

“Recta– oh. Right.”

A blush appeared on Clara’s cheeks.

“Aw, aren’t you adorably shy,” chuckled Janet. “I’ll have you know that I never go this far on a first date, but I suppose given the circumstances….”

She climbed onto the bed, getting on her knees, and bent down until her head was lying on her pillow, her ass up in the air. She gave it a wiggle.

“Have at it, doc.”

Clara gripped the thermometer so tightly that she almost snapped it in half right there.

“Um… I…”

“Oh just do it, come on. We might be slobbering, brainless wrecks in a few hours. Literally, given the way this is all going.”

Janet reached her one remaining hand around and spread her cheek, giving Clara a better view of her hole.

“Get a-measuring. Now.”

“Okay, okay, jeez.”

The redhead gingerly slipped the thermometer inside, with more ease than she had expected. After waiting a little while, she checked the temperature.

“Hmmm, much lower than normal– ''hey''!”

Janet, not particularly caring about the medical details, slid herself ass-first towards Clara, swallowing up more than just the thermometer…


Clara’s elbow bumped into her stomach, pushed back by Janet’s ass. Her friend, however, kept pushing, and the thermometer sank in deeper. The rim of her asshole opened a little further and slipped over the tips of Clara’s fingers. Clara, who was too stunned to react, watched in growing amazement as her fingers slipped into the brunette’s ass almost effortlessly. Her fingers had already disappeared from view, and now the back of her hand was steadily being swallowed up as well. Her eyes opened wide and her eyebrows shot up as Janet managed to take her whole hand. She could feel the ring of Janet’s ass clutching her wrist; not too tightly, but definitely noticeable.

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

“Well, technically a shit is something that comes ''out'' of your ass,” Janet laughed.

“But– I– How– Err… Is this a new zombie ability?”

Janet looked over her shoulder.

“Oh, you poor little straight girl. You are far too precious for this world. Looks like it’s up to me to educate you in the ways of the world,” she said, as if accepting a burden.

“Trust me, it’ll be fun,” she added with a wink.

“Let me just see if I can actually get free first,” said Clara, giving a tug. “I have this image of my hand getting torn off by your butt.”


“No, ''inconvenient''.”

Clara pulled her arm back harder, expecting resistance. Instead, her hand came out fairly easily, which was the good news. The bad news…

“Uh… J–Janet…”

The brunette looked back.

“What, have you never seen a gaped out asshole befo–”

She paused, looking at the thick red tube connecting her friend’s hand to her butt, stretching about 8 or 10 inches.

“…Okay, that’s… I think that’s a zombie thing.”

“Uhhh… oookaaayyy… I, err… well, since I’m supposed to be giving you a full checkup, I suppose this is something we should definitely examine further, right?”

Janet found herself nodding.

“Yeah, I guess so. Just, uh… be careful, please? I already lost my arm and most of my hair today. Not really looking to lose my ass as well.”

Clara slowly nodded.

“Of course. Do you want to turn around? The two of us can see more than one.” Janet agreed, and turned around, which was a little awkward with one arm. It wasn’t long, however, before she was lying spread-eagled on the bed, propped up against the headboard and studying Clara like a hawk as she gingerly poked the red tube between her legs.

“Assuming the zombie virus didn’t mutate your insides yet,” Clara said, “these should be your bowels.”

She inserted two fingers of each hand into the opening at the end and pulled them apart, gaping the opening about three inches wide.

“They’re pretty stretchy too, but given how you just swallowed my hand like it was nothing I’m not really surprised.”

Keeping the opening spread with one hand, she moved her other arm inside, this time of her own volition. She didn’t stop until the red flesh had covered her entire forearm, up to and including the elbow.

“Wow, this is really deep.”

Clara chewed her lip, seeming to be making some sort of decision. She looked Janet in the eyes.

“Do you suppose the same thing would happen if we tried this on your pussy?”

Janet arched an eyebrow. “Well, look at you, you little minx,” she smiled. “Looks like we’ll make a lesbian out of you yet. Go on then, why don’t you find out?”

The first issue, of course, was whether or not Clara could slip her arm out of the red, warm prison it was enveloped in. She brought her other hand up and started trying to peel it down like a fleshy sock.

“Oh, that feels really weird.” said Janet.

“…''This'' is the bit that feels weird?”

“You know what I mean. Fisting, been there, done that,” said her friend, rolling her eyes. “Not quite to this degree, or at this, er, angle… but still.”

“Well, fine, you big baby.” said Clara, stopping the process and leaving herself engulfed to just under the elbow.

“We’ll leave that for now and get on with the other arm.” Lining up her hand, she hesitated. She’d never done this before. Janet’s pussy looked up at her; despite the circumstances, it still looked so… cute, really. Hairless, and slightly damp. She took a deep breath and poked her index finger through the velvety lips and inside her friend…

Janet smiled at her encouragingly.

“That’s it, don’t be shy. You can add a few more fingers if you want.”

Following her friend’s instructions, Clara added her middle and ring fingers as well, and started slowly moving them back and forth. Janet’s breathing grew heavier at the stimulation.

“Mmmm. That’s it. Keep going.”

Clara increased her pace a little and, since she didn’t encounter a whole lot of resistance, added her pinky as well. Her hand was moving in and out almost the entire length of her fingers now, plunging in to her knuckles and only stopping just before she was about to pull out.

When it became clear that there was nothing out of the ordinary going on, Clara grew bolder, curling her hand into a fist inside her friend’s pussy.

“Ooooh, I felt that,” commented Janet, leaning back against the headboard. Her one hand started to massage her nipples as she was technically double fisted, Clara’s other arm still wedged in her prolapsed asshole.

Clara, meanwhile, felt herself get warmer and warmer as she got into her task. She was forgetting all about the chaos outside, their possible undead status included. All that mattered right now was pushing more and more of her arm inside that sloppy wet cu– hang on, what was this? Her fist banged against something.

“I think I just hit your cervix.”

“So? What, are you gonna worry about hurting me? My guts are halfway out my body, dumb dumb, now get in there and pulverize that thing!” Janet squealed, eager to ride this train as far as she could now that the world was crashing down around them.

Clara briefly considered just punching right through the obstruction, but given their somewhat fragile state she decided to take a slightly more subtle approach. She stopped thrusting when her fingers hit the back of the brunette’s vagina again and uncurled her fingers. She guided the tip of her index finger into the small divot in the center of Janet’s cervix, steadily ramping up the pressure until she could feel the little hole open up. The tip of her middle finger joined the fray, as did the other three whenever one got through. With all her fingers through the barrier, she pressed them together tightly and pushed on. The ring of Janet’s cervix squeezed her hand like a vise but, once the widest part of her hand was through, the rest, to her surprise, slipped in easily. Not prepared for the sudden lack of friction, her hand shot forward and punched the back of her friend’s uterus.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you?”

“Hell no, that felt awesome. Do it again.”

Clara shrugged, which apparently made Janet feel really nice given where both of her hands were at the moment. She pulled her fist back and repeated the action a few times, whacking the back of the uterus. She could even see each blow through the skin of her friend’s tummy.

“Uh, maybe no Alien-style chestbusting,” said Janet. “Or… wombbusting?”

“Yeah, yeah, fair,” commented Clara. She tried flexing her hand inside Janet’s womb, and as her fingers uncurled and explored, she found two further holes.

“Oh… your fallopian tubes! I wonder…”

“No wondering, more weird shit,” hissed Janet, pulling her legs up towards her body. “Fuck, should have done this ages ago…”

As she felt curious fingers prod at her most innermost holes, she reached her free hand down and started to pull more of her bowels up her friend’s arm…

Figuring that using her smallest finger would probably be easiest, Clara worked the tip of her pinky into this new hole, pushing on until she hit the second digit.

“Wow, I didn’t even know this was possible! Do you do this often?”

“Depends. I fist myself pretty frequently and I’ve had my cervix fisted a couple of times, but you fingering my fallopian tubes? That’s a new one.”

Clara smiled. “Good. That way I’m not the only one getting deflowered today.”

With her other hand otherwise occupied, she had to stretch her pinky and thumb to reach the hole on the opposite side, but after a minute or so she had the first digit of her thumb embedded in that small tube as well. Now that she had a bit of grip, she pulled her two extended fingers towards each other, allowing her to get deeper still. Janet was now panting and moaning uncontrollably. She’d pulled out her guts far enough to cover the redhead’s arm all the way to her shoulder, but she’d abandoned that quest as her orgasm came closer, and was furiously rubbing her clit instead. Clara bottomed out, her knuckles reaching the two openings, which prevented her from going deeper.

“Come for me,” she whispered as she wiggled her fingertips, tickling Janet’s ovaries.

“Oh, believe me, I’m way of ''yoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu''!” said the brunette, the last word turning into a scream as a toe-curling orgasm roared through her body. Once her hips had stopped bucking, Janet collapsed on the bed, allowing the redhead to gingerly extract her hand from the depths of Janet’s sex. But Clara wasn’t done yet – she still had one hand trapped, after all.

“Don’t relax just yet…”

With no purchase to be found on the slippery walls, she pulled up a fold of intestine and squeezed it between her palm and fingers as tightly as she could. She got to her feet and started walking backwards, unspooling Janet’s guts even further as one arm length turned into two.

“Should I keep going?” she asked.

“Hey, why stop now, right?”

Keeping the opening in place with one hand, Clara plunged her other arm right back in up to her shoulder, grabbed another fold and pulled. When less than half her forearm remained inside, she encountered resistance and lost her grip.

“Ooh, I could feel my stomach dropping,” said Janet. “I think this is as far it goes. But before we play around with my ass, I think it’s high time I popped your cherry.”

She stood up, careful not to step on the giant red tail hanging from her ass and gestured at the bed with her one hand.

“Your turn.”

Clara went to sit on the bed, heart beating against her ribs as she imaged just what Janet has in store for her. She almost jumped out of her skin when all of a sudden she heard a thud against the door. She turned, mouth open, and started at the equally startled one-armed brunette.

“You don’t think…”

There came a ghastly moan. Then another thud.

“I do think. We gotta go, ''now''!” yelled Janet. She moved towards the window, stumbling a little as her feet became wrapped up in her intestines.

“God damn things! Give me a second…”

She started to coil them around her neck, fingers slipping over the wet loops. Then, with a deafening crash, the door slammed open…

A group of seven people burst through the door. With their grey skin, shuffling gait and constant moaning there was no doubt as to what they were.

“Guys, it’s okay, we’re zombies too,” said Clara, “so there’s no need to eat us.”

There was no reaction.

“Umm, Janet? What do we do?”

Janet’s eyes darted back and forth between the zombies and the fridge. She rushed forward. One of the zombies took a swipe at her, but she ducked beneath it. She threw open the fridge, grabbed her other arm and sprinted back to Clara.

“What the fuck?” the redhead yelled before she was almost knocked over when Janet threw her arm around her, forcefully guiding her to the window.

“No time!” the brunette yelled, “Get ready to jump!”

She let go of Clara, raised her arm protectively in front of her head and leapt forward, shattering the window and falling to the ground one story below.

Clara’s momentum carried her forward, and she barely had time to jump before falling through the window as well. Her foot caught on the window sill, sending her tumbling down. The last thought she had before she landed was ‘''At this rate I’m going to be a virgin forever.''’

Janet landed and rolled, feeling extremely cool as she got to her feet.

“Hah, that actually worked like it does in the movie! Awesome!”

She looked down at herself, noticing a few lacerations from the glass, but no bleeding or pain.

“My lucky day, I guess.”

She walked over to Clara, pausing. Her redheaded friend was lying on her back, unresponsive.

''Uh oh.''

She went over and put a hand on her neck. No pulse… then again, they were zombies, right?

Suddenly, Clara sat up, eyes rolled up into the back of her head, tongue out as she moaned.

“Aaaaah!” Janet cried, leaping backwards and landing splaying out on the grass, before growling as Clara pointed and laughed.

“Got ya!”

“Yuk yuk. You scared me, dummy.”

“I’m a zombie, I’m meant to be scary, silly!” giggled Clara, getting to her feet. She turned around to look up at the window she had just jumped out of.

“Eeeesh, that’s something I would not have tried alive, alright,” she said. She scratched the back of her head, and paused. It felt very… soft.

She gave a careful push with the tips of her fingers. She could feel something shifting around underneath her skin. That wasn’t supposed to happen, right? She prodded again. Her vision briefly went white, as if someone flashed a camera right in front of her in a dark room.

Yeah, something was definitely wrong.

Before Clara had a chance to tell Janet about it, they heard the sound of glass breaking from above. They looked up, and saw one of the zombies climbing through the window. He took a step off the window sill and slowly turned forward as he fell to the ground like a sack of grain.

The two girls winced as the zombie landed on his head, piledriving into the pavement with a loud snap. His body went limp and collapsed on top of him. His head was bent back 180 degrees, sandwiched between the ground and his upper back.

“Guess we got off lucky,” said Janet. “Come on, let’s not wait and hang around to see if any of the other stick the landing.”

Clara started to nod, but quickly stopped when colorful spots start dancing in front of her eyes. Janet grabbed her hand and they hurried off. Clara tries to ignore the strange sensations she felt as they ran along. There was the feeling of something moving below the skin on the back of her head. The smell of laundry detergent. The sound of ducks quacking. A sudden memory of the first time she rode a bike. As soon as they were safe, she should probably get this looked at.


Chapter 2: Dear penthouse

The rest of the town was… well, grim. Abandoned cars, burning houses, distant screams, blood on the ground… and zombies, of course, so the girls stuck to the alleys. They had to be better at stealth than they realized, since no zombies seemed to spot them, or at least they didn’t pursue.

Janet considered the fact that she was stumbling around the town totally naked, with her own intestines hanging around her neck. She was a pretty wild girl, but not this wild, so it was definitely a new experience. Seeing an open door in an alley leading into a kitchen of some sort, she poked her head in. The coast seemed clear: it was an empty takeaway place. It was easy enough to push some boxes in front of the kitchen door, giving them a temporary safe spot. And with any luck it would have something to eat as well.

“Yo, Clara, you good? That fall didn’t actually hurt you, did it?”

“I’m okay, but I think I broke something in the flatulence…”

Clara paused, looking confused. “Frozen… fumble… foam…”

Janet frowned, staring curiously at Clara before a light bulb went off.

“Fall?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Clara nodded, before pressing her hands to the side of her head to combat the spell of dizziness. She turned around and pointed at the back of her head.

“Something here feels wallflower… warehouse…”

Janet walked up to her friend and gently touched the back of her head.

“Wow, weird,” she mumbled to herself.

“Ugh, thanks,” Clara sighed.

Janet traced the back of Clara’s head, finding that almost the entire back half of the redhead’s skull had been fractured in the fall.

“Okay, not to alarm you or anything,” she said, “but this seems pretty serious. If we want to prevent damaging your brain, I’m afraid you’re going to need an operation. Except we can’t go to a hospital and I don’t have a medical degree. Or a scalpel. Or anesthetic. Or even two hands.”

Clara looked around, walked up to the kitchen counter and grabbed the chef’s knife lying on it. She gave it a quick rinse under the tap and handed it to Janet, handle first.

“Maybe, but you’re also the only person I’ve g-string… damnit.”

Janet smiled. “Don’t worry, I know what you mean. Now, how do we do this? I guess the easiest would be if you lay down on the counter.”

Clara shrugged and hopped onto the stainless steel countertop before lying down on her stomach. She gathered her hair in one hand and pulled it forward and out of the way.

“All yours, doc.”

Janet considered the task at hand for a second , lowering the knife gently down towards the back of Clara’s head. She prodded the blade into the skin.

“Feel anything?”

“Not raspberry.”

“I… see.”

Shrugging, she continued to cut forward, making a thin cut from the base of Clara’s neck up towards the top of her skull. She could feel the skull pieces shift under the blade, and she went slowly so as not to do any damage to the brain underneath. When she was finished, she put the knife down and, gently, pulled the cut open with her one hand, revealing fractured bone. In a way she was actually surprised at how well she was taking this as she examined her friend’s skull. It was a mess, with small and large shards everywhere.

“Hey, can you maybe hold this open?” she asked. “I’m going to have to take some of these bits out. And by some, I mean… er… probably all.”

“That sounds very balls.”

“I don’t think you meant to say that, but yes. Very, very ''balls''.”

Clara reached behind her and curled her fingers around the edges of her scalp, holding the back of her head open.

Janet carefully reached in, grabbed a medium-sized piece and slowly lifted it out, letting it clatter onto the counter.

“Holy shit, I can see your brain,” she said, looking at the wrinkled grayish mass visible through the gap in Clara’s skull.

“Just whore up, would you? Ah, crap.”

“Wow, who knew little miss innocent had such a dirty mind?” Janet chuckled.

One by one, she cleared the debris of Clara’s skull, the pile of bone chips steadily growing.

“There we go,” she said when she finished. “How’s your vocabulary now?”

“I dunno, let’s see. Testing, testing… well, everything seems to be alright so far. I guess your first operation was a success.”

“Thank goodness. I would hate to have lost you.”

She looked at her friend’s brain, which was now completely exposed. She couldn’t resist lightly brushing her fingers across its surface. There was a sudden sound of rushing water.

“Ew, gross! What did you do?”

Janet looked to her right, seeing a puddle rapidly growing between Clara’s legs.

“Whoops, sorry,” she snickered.

Clara shoved her aside, jumped to her feet and stared at the front of her summer dress, which was now completely soaked. She was about to grab the hem and lift it over her head, but remembering her current state she thought better of it. She pulled the shoulder straps off her shoulders and pulled the dress down to the floor. She yanked her equally wet panties down as well and stepped out of the pile of piss-soaked clothes, leaving her standing in nothing but her bra. Turning on the tap, she collected a handful of water and splashed it onto her crotch, trying to clean up as best she could.

“Thanks for that,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“You’re welcome,” Janet laughed. “Now come here, We need to get your head closed up and since I don’t have a needle and thread I guess all I can do is to close it by tying your hair in a braid.”

Clara wished there was a chair or something she could sit on, but the best she could manage was a box of what she thought was pizza dough as Janet attended to her hair, tying the red strands into a braid and trying to ignore the smell coming from Clara’s ruined clothes.

“It’s not super visible, is it?” asked Clara, nervously. “People are gonna see it and think–”

“–that you’re a zombie? You totally are.”

“Yeah, but we’re not ''zombie'' zombies. We’re basically normal,” explained Clara, as her friend did her best to hide the girl’s exposed brain.

“This is, uh, kinda hard with one hand,” admitted Janet. “Put your hand behind your head… yeah… ok…”

This went on for a bit. On the outside they heard the odd sound of gunfire, screams, groans, car alarms… after a while it all pretty much faded into white noise.

“There you go, all done,” said Janet.

Clara stood up and walked up to the horizontal mirror that lined the wall above the seats in the waiting area. She turned her head sideways, trying to get a look at the back of her head.

“Hm, not bad. I rather like it, actually.”

“You’re welcome. But before you go all ‘Project Runway’ on me, how about we get out of this dump and find some place less exposed?” the brunette asked, gesturing at the big glass front door.

“Yeah, good call. Any suggestions where we should go?”

“Let’s see, our dorm room is obviously not an option,” Janet said, taking a few steps towards the font door. “We need something quiet to avoid more zombies, ideally with some provisions avail- ''hurk''!”

She stopped and looked behind her. The loop of intestine running up from her anus had gotten caught behind the corner of the counter, pulling the coils around her neck tight.

“We’d probably better get you fixed first,” giggled Clara. “Do you want me to try to stuff everything back in or should I give this whole surgeon thing a go?”

Clara looked at the long lengths of intestine coiled around Janet.

“I mean, do we even need to eat anymore?” she asked, giving a loop a tug with her finger. Janet paused, made a sign to be patient, and hurried over to the fridge in the kitchen. There was a bunch of food that would need cooking, but also some salami that looked ready to eat. She took one out, but before she even took a bite she recoiled.

“Pe-ew! This stuff must be out of date. It reeks!”

“Check the date on it,” said Clara, moving towards the fridge herself. The closer she got, the more a very offputting odor started to overpower her.

To their surprise, the meat was well in date. As was the cheese, which seemed similiarly repellent to them now.

“God damnit, am I never to eat a Pizza again?!” moaned Janet, arms outstretched. “Right, fuck it then.”

She lay down on the counter and pointed to the knife.

“Gut me, now, just slice the whole thing off.”

“But maybe we can eat–”

“Just do it!”

“Alright, your loss,” Clara shrugged. “Okay, first let me help you with this.”

She approached Janet’s head and helped her untie her bowels, laying them out on the counter. She picked up the knife, tapping her chin with the tip.

“Hmmm, do you think you could spread your legs a bit? I don’t want to cut into them by accident.”

“Oh, I think I should be able to manage,” Janet smiled. She pulled up her legs, sticking them into the air in a large V-shape.

“Thanks, much better,” Clara said, but her friend wasn’t done yet. Her legs continued their arc as Janet folded herself in two. When they were almost parallel with her torso, she hooked her arm over the left one, pushing her foot behind her head. The other one took a little more effort since she had to reach over, but it wasn’t long before she was lying on the counter folded like a pretzel, her ankles crossed behind her head.

Clara looked at her, wide-eyed.

“Wow, where’d you learn that?”

“Let’s just say that some of my past girlfriends have convinced me of the benefits of yoga.”

The redhead couldn’t help but stare between the girl’s legs, her pussy gaping slightly.

“I can see how. Perhaps when this is all over you can teach me.”

“I’d be more than happy to,” Janet grinned deviously. “I can think of a few positions I’d like to bend you in.”

“Right,” Clara said, blushing. “First, though, let me focus on this.”

Now that she had completely unrestricted access, she placed the edge of the knife right up against Janet’s anus, figuring that a dangling piece would only be uncomfortable. She swallowed, and took a deep breath. Hopefully Janet wouldn’t change her mind later…

Janet’s breathing increased slightly as she watched Clara shrug and begin sawing away at the tube sticking out of her butt. She knew that this was the sensible option, but still, it was hard to say goodbye to hours of anal training… she took solace in the new access she would have to her torso, at least.

“Heh, bet I could fit her entire upper body in now…”


“Oh, sorry, just thinking out loud.”

Clara held up the now sliced-off entrails as best she could, given their length, before letting them fall to the floor. Then she looked at the still gaping anus. Curious, she couldn’t help but slip her fingers inside, smiling as she heard Janet sharply exhale. Her fingers soon pressed into something…

“What’s this?”

“I think that might be my stomach entrance. Not often I get something touching that…” said Janet, grinning now. “Go on, might as well do some exploring, eh?”

Forming her hand into a duckbill shape, Clara pressed on, pushing her hand into Janet’s stomach.

“Ooh, it feels like butterflies in my stomach,” Janet commented. “It’s strange, but I rather like i- ''guh''!”

Janet’s remark was cut off when her esophagus was pulled down sharply as a wincing Clara quickly retracted her hand all the way out of Janet’s ass. Turning her hand around a few times, she inspected it, studying the myriad red spots dotting its surface, marking the places where Janet’s stomach acid had burned through to the flesh beneath her skin.

“Ouch,” she said, pouting.

“Oops, sorry. Probably should have thought of that. Besides, it was your turn anyway.”

A particularly loud explosion outside sent a tremor through the room they were in.

“And I think that that’s our cue to get out of here and find a safe place to fuck you,” Janet said. “Before we go, though…”

She swiped the knife lying discarded on the counter and slid it up between Clara’s boobs, with the edge pointed towards herself. With a quick jerk of her hand, she cut through the strap connecting the two cups of Clara’s bra.

“There. That thing’s been bugging me for a while now.”

“Hey!” Clara said, “I liked this bra!”

“So did I. Just not around your boobs.”


Annoyed, Clara shrugged off the destroyed bra, letting it fall to the floor.

“Happy now?”

“Much better,” Janet smiled innocently. “Come on, let’s go.”

“But… my dress…”

“Is soaked and smelly and you’re ''not'' putting that on again. I’ve been running about naked ever since the apartment and I’m fine, so quit whining.”

She grabbed Clara’s hand and pulled her to the door, peering outside for signs of movement. There weren’t any.


“Now or never,” said Janet as she opened the door and they hurried outside.

Clara cast one more look back at her ruined clothes. She was feeling very exposed. She was yanked away, and the newly-braided redhead felt the air on her skin. The sun was starting to set, which put her further on edge.

“I don’t like this…”

“Shhh, we might get spott– ''argh''!”

Janet, who had turned her head to shush her companion, almost ran head-first into a zombie. She jumped back, colliding with Clara and sending them both tumbling to the ground.

Clara scrambled her hands to keep the back of her head from hitting the concrete – bashing her now unprotected brain onto the sidewalk would probably not end well.

Both of them stared at the zombie, a woman in her twenties with a missing jaw and eye, guts protruding, who looked back at the two girls. Neither of them moved.

Then the zombie turned to the side and slowly ambled towards a shopfront, banging her head against it and completely ignoring the couple. Another zombie – a man in a tattered motorcycle outfit with a shattered helmet leaking brain matter – also moaned in their direction but chose to move past them.

“I… they…” Janet spluttered. “Holy shit, we really must be zombies then!”

“Yeah, seems so,” said Clara as she pulled Janet to her feet. “Still, we can’t be sure none of them is going to try to eat us anyway, so we’d best try to keep clear regardless. And since we’re zombies, I guess joining a colony of survivors isn’t an option anymore either. Not that I was looking forward to meeting anyway like this anyway,” she continued, gesturing at her naked body.

“Well, ''I''’d offer you shelter,” Janet said in a sultry voice. “But yeah, probably best we stick to ourselves. But where do we go? We never did get round to discussing it.”

“Hmm, good question,” the redhead said. She casts her eyes about, then shifted her gaze upward at a tall apartment building. “Most zombies are going to be outside at ground level, right? Maybe getting away as far as possible from that would work.”

Janet looked up as well, and started slowly nodding.

“Sounds good to me.”

The two girls started walking the two blocks to the base of the building. As they passed a store front, Janet suddenly stopped. She pulled back her arm and slammed her elbow into the window. The window shattered and a cascade of glass shards rained down. A few zombies on the other side of the street looked up in their direction.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” Clara said in a low voice between her clenched teeth.

Janet reached in and grabbed an axe from the hardware store window display.

“A key for the apartment we’re about to crash.”

“I– Okay, that’s a good point actually, but let’s get the hell out of here before those zombies come and investigate.”

They ran along and reached the entrance to the residential tower’s lobby. The automatic doors slid open, allowing them inside.

“Wow, swanky,” Clara whistled as they looked at the marble covering the walls and floor.

To their surprise, the elevator still worked, so they pushed the button for the top floor. The calming elevator music was a stark contrast to the destruction and chaos outside. With a ding, the elevator doors opened onto a very small hallway that featured only one other door aside from the stairs down.

“Must be the penthouse,” Janet said as she readied the axe. “Always wanted to live in one of those.”

A few good axe swings had the door open in short order, and the girls stepped inside.

“Holy shit,” said Janet. “So this is how the 1% live…”

The penthouse was in immaculate condition, a stark contrast to the chaos on the streets below. Clara wondered where the owner was; maybe they had been at some party at the wrong time. Poor fuckers… well, at least she and Janet had a good place to stay for now. She walked over to a large glass window, looking down at the streets below and seeing the shambling, aimless forms of her ‘fellow’ zombies.

Janet, meanwhile, was happy to collapse onto a large white sofa.

“Heh. You know, this place is to die for.”

“More jokes like that and I’ll push you through that window. Now…”

Clara turned around, her naked form reflected on the window behind her. “Where were we?”

Janet quirked an eyebrow.

“Subtlety never was your strong suit, was it? But yes, I’d be more than happy to pop your cherry. Before we do, though, let’s barricade the front door. We don’t want any repeats of our dorm room, do we?”

The girls looked around for something heavy, settling on a large bookcase.

“Alright, one… two… three,” said Janet.

“Holy crap, this thing weighs a ''ton'',” Clara said, gritting her teeth.

“Well… at least… it’ll keep the zombies out,” Janet groaned.

There was a low scraping noise as the bookcase moved a fraction of an inch. For the next half hour, the apartment was filled with the panting, cursing and grunting of the girls as they very slowly moved the bookcase across the floor.

“Jeez… getting laid… is hard… work,” said Clara, breathing heavily as they finally pushed the bookcase flush against the door.

“No kidding,” Janet said, sitting down on the floor with her back against the bookcase. “This might be the hardest I’ve ever worked to fuck a girl. I’m gonna need a minute.”

“Good call.” Clara sank down next to Janet.

The two girls were sweating like pigs, their hair plastered to their foreheads.

Janet crinkled her nose, then took a sniff.

“Ugh, I smell disgusting. How do you feel about shower sex? I bet this place has a great one.”

“Sounds good. Just… five more minutes?”

Janet nodded.

Once the two had gotten their breath back, Janet got up and pulled Clara to her feet.

“Come on, let’s get you deflowered.”

She took another sniff.

“And washed.”


Clara followed her friend in search of the bathroom, her pout quickly fading away as the anticipation for her first time took over. Like everything else in the penthouse, the shower was almost insultingly extravagant, easily large enough to fit both of the girls in.

“Get a load of Richie Rich. Call this a shower?” said Janet, stepping into the large, curtained-off area.

“Shower sex is meant to be claustrophobic and confusing, damnit! Oh well.”

Clara stepped inside as well, anticipation growing as Janet turned the water on. The redhead reveled in the feeling of water washing away the day’s sweat and dirt. Then she frowned.

“Hey, is the heating on?” she asked, looking down. It had been set all the way to maximum heat, but she barely felt it, tugging har arm away from the water and looking at the slightly red skin with curiosity.

“Oh, sorry,” said Janet, adjusting the temperature. “There, now you… well, won’t feel a difference, but at least you won’t turn bright red afterwards.”

The two of them enjoyed having an actual shower for a few minutes. Clara wondered if it would be smart to try shampooing her hair, given what had happened to Janet’s pony tail. She went back and forth a few times, but finally decided that not smelling like a locker room would be worth the risk. She picked up a fancy bottle with yellow liquid labeled ‘''Acqua di Parma''’. She’d never heard of the brand, but it looked expensive. After unscrewing the bottle cap, she held the bottle under her nose. She smelled oranges, jasmine, and some other scents she couldn’t quite identify. It smelled lovely, though. She poured a decent-sized dollop onto her hand, lathered up and started rubbing it into her hair. When her head was covered in foam, she covered her neatly trimmed bush as well. A few small clumps of hair stuck to her hands, but nothing too serious. Perhaps everything would be fine. As she rinsed off her hands, she was startled by a hand on her side. The hand turned her around before gliding upwards along her skin and cupping her breast. The brunette stepped closer and looked Clara in the eyes, seeking permission.


Clara grinned, breathless with excitement. She went to lay down, but Janet stopped her, holding her up with her one hand.

“No, no. Hmmm. Normally I would pin you against the wall with one arm, but…” she waved her stump. “Work with me, okay?”

With that, Janet launched into a passionate kiss, darting forward and planting a tongue inside her long-time friend’s mouth as she pressed her wet, naked body forward. Clara took a step backwards, and then let out a muffled gasp as she felt that one arm snake over her breasts, groping them both one after the other, pinching her hard nipples. When her hand started to move downwards, Clara took another step back, letting herself be dominated by this one-armed girl she had technically died with? She was still getting what was left of her head around that as she backed closer and closer to the shower wall.

Her back and butt bumped up against the dark grey tiles. Janet pressed forward, leaving Clara with nowhere to go as their slick bodies slid across each other, their mouths only parting long enough to take a quick gulp of oxygen when their lungs started to protest. Janet’s one hand was pulling double duty as it roamed across the redhead’s body; caressing her back, squeezing in between their breasts to pinch a nipple, grabbing her ass… Clara’s heart skipped a beat when she felt the hand slide between her cheeks and going down between her legs. She felt something brush against her labia before the slender digit curled into her pussy. A needy whine forced its way up her throat.

“Fu… fuck me,” she said in a quiet voice, before plunging her tongue right back into Janet’s mouth.

Janet continued her assault, her fingers jabbing at and into her lover’s entrance, her middle and ring fingers soon joining the index digit. Clara was obviously tighter than Janet was, but the brunette had picked up a thing or two about getting her women all stretched out. She broke the kiss for a moment.

“Let’s see what you’re made of, then,” she purred at the panting Clara. “Figuratively, for now.”

“What do you mean for no-''aaaah''!”

Janet quickly crouched down and attached her lips firmly to Clara’s clit, and in the same movement speared her three digits inside that tight cunt of hers. Clara moaned loudly, throwing her head back and accidentally squishing her brain a little in the process.

“Ah, that felt Wednesday!”

‘''Not this again…''’ thought Janet as she continued to clamp her mouth over that magic nub.

Between her own fingers kneading her tits like pizza dough, Janet’s pistoning in and out of her pussy, and her lips and tongue playing her clit like a fiddle, Clara didn’t stand a chance.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I think I’m gonna cum… yes… yes… Oh goooooooooddddd!”

Janet, who had covered Clara’s opening with her mouth, felt a squirt of cum spray onto her tongue. She waited for her friend to stop spasming. She could feel small tremors running through the girl’s legs.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked with a smile, giving Clara’s sex a long lick from her perineum all the way up to her clit, stopping just before the cloud of shampoo covering her venus mound.

“Ooooohhh fuuuuuccckkk,” Clara stammered.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Janet got to her feet and the two girls shared a long, languid kiss.

“There’s more where that came from. But first, let’s get you cleaned up.”

She pulled Clara back under the stream of water.

“You take the top, I’ll take the bottom,” she said, sliding her hand down between their bodies, down to Clara’s crotch.

The redhead could only nod as she closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair to rinse out the shampoo. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so good. There was something off, though… With her mind still hazy from her first orgasm that she hadn’t caused herself, it took her a while to work it out, but suddenly she know what it was she felt: her head was a lot more slippery than usual…

Clara brought her hands down. There was a lot more hair in her palms than she would have liked to see. Her hands flew to her head again.

“Janet, holy shit, look!”

“Whargle?” said Janet, who had been rinsing her mouth with the shower water. She looked up. Clara’s red hair was now falling out at a rapid pace, with clear bald spots all over her scalp.

“Oh shit! What were you using as shampoo?!”

“I don’t think the shampoo is the issue here. We’re zombies, they tend not to have great hair. Turn the shower off a sec!” said a panicking Clara, rinsing off what was left of the shampoo. This was having more of an affect on her than aything else so far. She liked her hair. And it was something that made her look normal in a world that was now anything but. By the time the shower had been turned off, all of that auburn hair was on the shower floor., leaving Clara’s dome shining in the bathroom light. Janet handed her a towel.

“Clean off, cueball.”

“This isn’t funny!”

“Clara, dear, don’t take this wrong way when I tell you to cry me a fucking river,” said the brunette, again wiggling her one remaining arm. This made Clara count her blessings at least.

“Oh, sorry… hah, I guess I can live with just being kinda bald. Hey, wait… what about my braid?!”

She reached behind her head, but instead of a braid all she could feel was skin.

“Looks like the carpet matches the drapes,” Janet pointed out. “Or, erm, the hardwood floor, I guess.”

Clara looked down. Her sex was now completely bare, as if she had just had a full brazilian. She rushed over to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. The only hair remaining on her body were her eyebrows; everything else was smooth as silk. She rubbed a hand over the top of her head, still not quite believing it was all gone. Wait… she felt a bump. Maybe there were a few strands left? No, it didn’t feel like hair; it felt… squishy. Her hand froze when she realized what she was feeling. The tips of her fingers had slipped into the cut in the back of her head. She was touching her brain. She quickly retracted her hand. On the verge of tears, she felt Janet walk up behind her. her friend hooked an arm around her midsection, drawing slow circles on her stomach.

“Hey, it’s okay. You still look beautiful to me.”

“Really?” Clara sniffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t we get some sleep? It’s been a hell of a day, and I think we can both use some rest.”

Clara nodded meekly. The girls quickly toweled off, careful not to get too close to the cut in Clara’s head or the ragged stump on Janet’s shoulder, and walked out into the hallway. After a few doors they found the bedroom, and they each crawled into one side of the absurdly large bed. Neither was happy with the distance between them, though, so they quickly shuffled over until they lay in a tight embrace, foreheads pressed together. Janet pressed a quick kiss to Clara’s lips.

“Sleep tight. I promise everything will be better tomorrow,” she said.

“Sweet dreams,” Clara said, stifling a yawn.

The two girls drifted off in less than two minutes.


Chapter 3: Opening up

Clara slept like a dead woman, and woke up like one too. She felt something in her arms and opened her eyes, blinking blearily. There was Janet, the small spoon in this setup – due to her one arm, of course. Her one arm… Clara shot up and felt her head. Yup. Still bald. Her heart sank a little as reality set in. They were freaks now… but it was better than being zombie chow. Or an actual zombie. Suddenly, a pang of hunger hit her stomach, which grumbled noisily. As if reacting to this, Janet stirred.

“Whozzit… wut?”

“Oh, morning,” said Clara, putting on a smile and trying to forget her many, many worries. She leaned down and kissed Janet on the lips, arms down on either side of her lover’s head.

“Looks like this was a good safe place after all: we’re not dead!”

“Hurray. Christ, I’m starving. Anything nice to eat in that big fridge in the kitchen?”

The two girls got up and walked over to the kitchen.

“Hopefully there’ll be something edible in here,” said Janet. “I don’t know what was wrong with the food in that takeout place.”

She pulled open the fridge…

…and quickly closed it again as both of them tried to suppress their gag reflex.

“Ew! Gross!” said Clara, swallowing heavily to keep the bile down. “Okay, I’ve got to check something. You might want to go stand over there.”

Keeping her nose pinched tight with one hand, she opened the refrigerator again and started examining the various items of food.

“Next week,” she reported in a nasal voice, “two days from now… two months from now… this head of lettuce still looks fresh…”

She quickly slammed the fridge closed and let go of her nose.

“Okay, I’m pretty sure the food’s not the problem here. I think it’s us.”

“Sooo… what are you saying? Should we be eating brains?”

“Maybe. Or human flesh. Can I test something real quick?”

She walked over to Janet, leaned down so her nose was close to the ragged wound on her shoulder and sniffed.

“Smells pretty good, if I’m honest.”

“Right. So where are we going to get human flesh?”

“Well, I bet there’s people outside…”

“Yeah, and tons of other zombies who might see ''us'' as food. Fuck that.”

“Well, it’s either that, or…”


There was a silence as the two girls sized each other up. Clara wasn’t offended; she had more meat on her right now, technically speaking. This wasn’t lost on Janet.

“Now, I know this sounds bad, but… I mean… I think it would only be fair, you see…” Janet said, trailing off before giving a sigh.

“Yes, okay, we can eat a little bit of me. I can afford it more.”

“You tasted damn fine to me last night.”

“Oh, you,” Clara laughed.

If it had been anyone else she’d probably be taking this harder…

Janet looked her friend up and down, stroking her chin.

“Now, let’s see…”

She poked at Clara’s exposed breasts.

“Guess you can afford to lose these things, but then I can’t play with them. Oh, the agony of choice.”

“Okay, one: we are ''not'' eating my boobs. Two: they’re mostly fat anyway, so I doubt they’d taste very good. And, most importantly, three: we are ''NOT''. Eating. My. boobs.”

“Alright, alright,” said Janet, holding her one hand up in a defensive gesture, “not the boobs. Got it. I’m guessing your brain is out too, then?”

Clara didn’t respond, but gave her a withering scowl.

“Yeah, thought not. Let’s see,” she said, tapping her chin as she slowly circled her friend. “A foot or hand would probably be easiest, but it would give you quite a handicap. There’s some good meat on your legs, but you need to be able to walk… how do you feel about your ass?”

Clara sighed. “I guess it’s the most expendable part.”

Janet opened a few drawers until she found the one she wanted and pulled out a large knife.

“One rump steak, coming up. Okay, bend over.” said Janet, putting her hand on Clara’s back and pushing her downwards. Then she went round to the soon-to-be steaks and caressed them with her hand.

“Ooooh, and we had just become such good friends… “

“Stop dragging this out and get on with it.”

“Oh, you mean like you dragged out my ass?”

“That’s nothing to do with anything!” hissed Cara, still staring forward.

Janet looked up and saw her exposed brain staring back at her, and a part of her worried that it would just fall right out at some point. But for now she went about her job. She picked up the knife, brought it to just above the bone she had felt in there when digging her fingers into the flesh, and started to apply pressure. The knife started to slice right on through.

“Bit like carving a turkey, really,” she said, gently sawing the knife back and forth as the knife made its way through her friend’s ass. Once she was through, the steak fell onto the floor with a wet splat, landing skin-side up. She quickly picked it up and laid it on the kitchen counter with the cut side facing up, wiping off a bit of dust from the floor.

“Alright, one for me…”

Clara’s other cheek soon followed its twin.

“…and one for you.”

As Janet started opening cabinets looking for a pan, Clara rubbed her now much smaller ass.

“At least it doesn’t hurt too much. Guess being a zombie does have its upsides.”

“And just think,” said Janet, having found a skillet, “I’ll never be able to tell you to get off your lazy ass and do something again.”

“I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.”

“Spoilsport. Now, before I fire this up, do you want yours with the skin on or off?”

“Skin on, thank you.”

“Weirdo…” muttered Janet, putting Clara’s portion to one side as she worked on her own steak. Picking up the knife, she cut a line along the center of the ass cheek, before peeling back the skin with her hand. Or trying too.

“Uh, a little help?”

“You want me to skin my own butt?”

“Well, it’s just meat now. Don’t be so dramatic.”

Sighing, Clara helped the handicapped chef remove the skin pieces, which were put straight in the bin as Janet turned on the stove and placed the meat in the frying pan.

“Okay, fair warning, I’m more of a takeaway food person than a cook, haha…”

“Fine, I suppose I’ll ''ass''-ist you,” Clara sighed theatrically.

“See? Now you’re getting into the spirit of things.”

Clara cast a sidelong glance at her friend as she set the kitchen timer for 1 minute.

“If you manage to burn this, you’re providing the alternative.”

“Fair enough.”

Fortunately for Janet, two minutes later they had two golden-brown steaks. Quickly loading them onto two plates, they sat down at the dinner table. It took Clara a few moments to find her balance, but she managed to settle into a stable position.

“I’ve got to hand it to you, you have a mighty fine ass,” Janet commented, a few bites in.

“You mean ''had''.”

“Just take the compliment.”

“Fine,” said Clara with a roll of her eyes and a slight smirk on her lips.

“Sooo,” the bald girl said once the two girls had finished their steaks, “since we’re not going out, we’re going to need do something to spend our time here. Got any suggestions?”

There was a slight twinkle in her eye.

Janet smiled lecherously.

“Admit it. Watching me eat your meat turned you on, didn’t it?” she said.

Clara stumbled a little at this.


“It better have,” purred Janet, standing up and leaning over the table. “Cause I’m pretty much soaking wet right now.”

The brunette wasn’t lying, as Clara could see from her friend’s glistening thighs. And she had to admit, the act of cannibalism had seemed at once so debauched and yet so intimate, a little secret between the two last sane people in the city as far as they knew. Well, sane was relative of course…

Clara stood up, wrapping her arms around Janet’s neck and kissing her deeply, driving her backwards towards the bedroom.

“If this is how we spend the rest of our lives, well, I can think of worse fates.”

“Our unlives.”

“No more semantics, please. Just sex.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Clara pushed Janet back onto the bed and sat down Indian-style between her friend’s legs when the brunette had pulled herself all the way on to the bed.

“So, I know that this hole is rather flexible,” she said, pushing one hand into Janet’s gaping ass without a hint of resistance, “so of course I have to wonder what the other one’s like.”

In its soaked state, she was able to push in three fingers into Janet’s slit very easily, soon followed by her pinky and the tip of her thumb. She started easing her hand in and out, but Janet was having none of it. She grabbed Clara’s wrist tightly.

“Come on, none of that gentle shit,” she said, giving a sharp tug that pulled Clara’s hand up to the wrist. “I want you to pound my fuckhole like you mean it.”

Clara was briefly taken aback by her friend’s words, but she quickly recovered and began fisting both of Janet’s holes in earnest. The girl’s already sopping hole got even wetter, causing a rapidly expanding wet spot on the sheets below her crotch. Had Clara paid attention, she might have noticed the second, smaller stain growing beneath her own sex, as small droplets of precum fell down every couple of seconds. Instead, she was focused on her friend, who was growing increasingly vocal.

“Oh, fuck yeah! Harder! Deeper!”

Clara had closed her eyes, concentrating only on two things: The feeling of wet tightness that engulfed her hands up to the wrist, and the impassioned screams of her friend and lover as she laid back on the bed. The hand shoved up Janet’s ass was slightly more cautious: with her intestines gone, it would be too easy to slip her hand all the way inside the stomach again, and Clara had no intention of getting handicapped. The other hand was not so reserved. Already she could feel it battering against what must have been the cervix.

“So, we’ve done this before, yeah? I actually have a few interesting ideas abou–”

“For ''fuck’s'' sake just get on with it! Aaaaahh! Fist my womb! Punch my ovaries! Turn me inside out!” cried Janet, beating the mattress with her one hand.

“Fine, fine, I’ll just explain later.”

Clara started to repeat the process from before of working fingers inside that little hole until, bit by bit, her whole hand was inside. But this time, she didn’t push further; she pulled…

Keeping her hand spread wide so as not to slip back out, she slowly withdrew her hand, pulling Janet’s cervix out through her vagina until it poked out from between her pussy lips. Clara had no intention of stopping though, and kept pulling until the pink ring clutching her wrist was stretched almost four inches outside of its lair. Here she appeared to reach the combined limits of Janet’s practiced stretchiness and the added zombie elasticity, since further pulling only succeeded in opening up her cervix further. Clara wasn’t finished by any means, however.

Pushing in the tip of her index finger alongside her wrist, she pinched the entrance to Janet’s baby factory tightly between her thumb and forefinger to keep it in place. With her other arm she reached back in, running her fingers along the back and sides of her uterus until she found what she was looking for and hooked her middle finger into one of the brunette’s fallopian tubes. Curling it against the palm of her hand, she started pulling her arm back once more, determined to see just how far she could take her exploration of Janet’s birth canal. Janet apparently had no objection to being pulled inside out; quite the opposite, in fact. She screamed her approval loudly and often.

Excited, but not moving too quickly so she wouldn’t damage anything, Clara threaded Janet’s womb through her cervix until the entire reddish pink bag hung outside in the open air for Clara to marvel at. Her gaze was drawn to the two small holes situated opposite each other on either side of the innermost – though currently outermost – part of her sex. One still had her finger embedded in it. She cast a glance at Janet, but the brunette was lying with her eyes closed, moaning loudly. In for a penny…

Janet went to speak, but she barely got past the first syllable before being reduced to nonsensical squealing as Clara continued to play with her most feminine part. A second finger soon joined the first and she forced the digits up into that tiny tube, reaching and prying until she found it at last: a soft little thing right at the back.

“A-ah, yes! Do it! I’m a fucking freak anyway, don’t hold back!” Janet spluttered out as she felt Clara pinching her eggs.

“Aaaa! Fffffuck! You’re the best lay in my whole… fucking…”


“Ahh! I’m too horny to laugh, just get to ''iiiiiEEEE''!”

Clara’s fingers started to withdraw from the tube. When they emerged, they had taken a white ovary with them; it touched the bedsheets and rested there. Then Clara did the other one, because she didn’t want Janet feeling asymmetrical…

Clara stared in wonder at the fact that Janet’s entire reproductive system was lying on full display before her. She couldn’t resist and leaned down, gingerly picking up one of the twin white orbs and lifting it upwards. She placed her other hand beneath the prolapsed cunt and lifted the fleshy sock up too so as not to strain the fallopian tube. She stuck out her tongue, and looked Janet deep in the eyes as she touched the ovary to its tip.

“Oh fffuck, yes! Suck on my eggs! Swallow my floppy cunt! Do whatever the fuck you want, just don’t fucking stop!”

Clara quirked an eyebrow. She hadn’t considered that, but if she had permission…

She wrapped her lips around the brunette’s ovary and pulled it into her mouth, running her tongue all along its ridges and folds before opening her mouth as wide as she could. It was difficult to see with the uterus in the way, but she fumbled for the other ovary, pushing it and the tip of Janet’s uterus into her mouth as well. Leaning forward even further, she got about half of her friend’s womb into her mouth. She could feel the ovaries rolling around in the back of her mouth. She still had quite a few inches to go, though. Taking some calming breaths, she tried to relax her throat as much as possible. Then she swallowed. And again. On the third attempt, she could feel something sliding down her esophagus…

Janet had to stop herself from thrashing about like a child in the middle of a temper tantrum, instead merely shuddering and mewling. She held herself up on her one hand and saw Clara with her lips edging closer to her slit, cheeks and throat ever so slightly bulging as she deepthroated the brunette’s womb. Deepthroated her womb! Janet had kept her cool during the chaos earlier, taking it in her stride, but for some reason this was proving too much. When she finally did feel Clara’s nose and lips press against her mound, the windows nearly shattered. She came hard, juices flowing down Clara’s throat, who was starting to struggle to breathe.

‘''Wait a minute, do I even need to breathe anymore?''’ she thought to herself. As an experiment, she placed her face fully against Janet and stopped trying to breathe around the organ in her throat, staying that way for well over a minute as Janet squirmed on the bedsheets…

When one minute turned to two and there were no burning lungs, no desperate desire to take a breath, Clara considered the matter settled. And since her throat was currently otherwise unengaged, she decided to tease Janet a little more by repeatedly swallowing. Whenever she did, there came another little mewl from the brunette, which Clara thought was just adorable. She even started strangling herself to provide a bit of extra pressure. The mewling continued, but didn’t get much louder. Surely she could do better?

Perhaps another look would give her some inspiration. She pulled back, producing intermittent choking sounds as Janet’s fuckhole was pulled back out of her throat. She bit down, grazing the brunette’s sex on the way out, which caused the girl’s moans to rise in pitch. Thick strands of saliva hung between her lips and Janet’s uterus when she pulled it free and laid it back on the bed, eyeing it critically. The entire assembly had already been sopping wet on the way in, but now it was also covered in a thick layer of spit, causing the dark spot on the sheets between Janet’s legs to grow even further.

Her eyes traveled from the two white oblong balls up the thin red strands keeping them connected to Janet’s womb, past the cervical ring, along her vaginal canal… hey, wait a minute. There was a hole there that Clara hadn’t noticed before. An ''unviolated'' hole. Worse yet, a hole that hadn’t been pulled inside out. Wasting no time, the former redhead set about fixing this outrage.

Janet thought that Clara had just about come to the end of her rampage. The brunette was genuinely impressed at this previously unexplored level of sexual deviancy and creativity. But when she felt a finger prodding at her urethra, her eyes almost popped out of her skull – which, given their current status, was a statement in danger of becoming literal.

“Hoooooly shit, really now?” she panted, looking down at her deadpan friend.

“Well, I might as well, right?” replied Clara. “You said it yourself. You’re a freak now. ''We’re'' freaks” she said, pointing at the back of her head. “So…. you know? Fuck it.”

“Well put, you delicate poet you. Now ruin my pisshole.”

“Indeed, Wordsworth.”

Janet watched in fascination as Clara’s finger disappeared up the path to her bladder. While Janet had always been an adventurous one in the bedroom, she had never tried peehole fucking yet. The unfamiliar sensation of pressure in her urethra made her need to pee, but relaxing her muscles brought no relief, since the exit was plugged by Clara’s finger. At least, it was until Clara started trying to get a second finger inside. As soon as she pulled the opening a little wider with her fingertip, a golden stream arced into the air before splashing down on Clara’s tits.

Janet burst out laughing at Clara’s wide-eyed look of surprise.

“Hahaha! Oh my god, you should see your face! Oh, it’s priceless! I’d say… haha… I was going to piss myself laughing, but…”

As Janet roared with laughter, the stream gradually faltered, then stopped. The sheets, which had already been covered in wet spots from the girls’ cum, was now positively sodden, squelching whenever either of them moved. It took Clara a while to recover from her surprise as droplets of piss made long tracks down her glistening stomach and dripped off her nipples.

“Jeez, I thought that at your age you’d be housebroken by now. Do I need to get you a diaper?”

Janet went to wipe a tear of laughter away with her missing arm. When she realized her mistake, it just made her laugh harder.

“Hahaha, what did you think was going to happen?”

“Yes, thanks, ''doctor'', I was aware of what is stored in a bladder.”

Clara returned to her work. Getting just two fingers inside that little round hole was much harder than the fun that had gone before. She wasn’t sure how long it was until the third finally joined the rest in there, but when she hit that milestone she practically whooped.

“Yeah, great! Just don’t spend all night in there, honey, that can’t be hygienic,” noted Janet, lying holding her head in her hand. She could feel her upside-down, inside-out uterus swaying off the side of the bed, brushing against flesh and fabric…

Progress was slow, but in the end Janet’s urethra was no match for Clara’s determination. After a couple of minutes, she had managed to work in her pinky and thumb as well, and was now in the process of forcing the rest of her hand inside. The tips of her fingers had already invaded the chamber beyond, judging by the lack of walls that were squeezing the rest of her hand like a vise. Her hand sank deeper and deeper, a fraction of an inch at a time, until the resistance suddenly decreased and her hand shot forward, punching into the back of Janet’s bladder.

“Oh fuck, that feels good!” Janet shouted. “Why didn’t I try this sooner? Come on, fist-fuck my bladder!”

Clara tried pulling her arm back, but unlike the brunette’s vagina, which had been relatively loose, the flesh around her arm stuck to it like a surgical glove, making fisting all but impossible – but prolapsing all the easier. Pinching the back of Janet’s bladder between her fingers, she set about extracting both it and her hand.

“Uuurgh, this feels even weirder than before…” said Janet, clutching the sheets with her hand as Clara dragged her thankfully now empty bladder out of her body. The urethra was stretched impossibly wide as the former redhead’s fist emerged, pulling the small round organ outside with it.

“It looks like a cute little balloon…”

“That stinks of piss?”

“Does it?” asked Clara, genuinely curious. She leaned it and rubbed her nose on the inside-out bladder, inhaling. She pulled her head back sharply.

“Oh, yeah, it totally does.”

“Clara, serious question: have you ever pissed before? If I couldn’t see your brain every time you turned your head, I’d doubt its existence.”

“Remember who’s partially inside out,” said Clara, giving the bladder a purposeful squeeze. Her friend was now fully prolapsed; the only missing thing was her asshole, and that was only because her intestines had been pulled out back in that crummy little pizza place…

Janet reached down, brushing her hand along the former insides of her pussy and playing with her bladder. Curling her fingers around her uterus, she got a good grip and pulled down, stretching her birth canal tightly. It was almost like she had a…

The corners of her mouth curled upward as an idea took shape. She smiled up at Clara.

“Thank you, that was fantastic. But you haven’t even had an orgasm yet while I’ve come twice already, so I reckon it’s your turn. Because while you may have lost your virginity yesterday, that was just a bit of fingering and oral. Now it’s time for you to get a proper fucking.”

“Not to burst your bubble, but I don’t think you have the required equipment.”

“Wanna bet?”

Janet grabbed Clara and pushed her sideways, rolling over until they switched positions, with Clara now lying on the bed and Janet on top. She arched her back, reaching down and shoving her hand into her asshole. Feeling around, she found the second hole she was looking for and plunged her arm inside, causing her prolapse to expand as her hand traveled down through her cervix until it was surrounded by her womb. The position was rather uncomfortable, and the brunette thought she could feel her asshole tear a little from the strain, but the look on Clara’s face when she raised her arm and gave her prolapse an erection was worth it.

“How’s this for equipment?” she asked as she positioned her womb at the entrance to Clara’s pussy.

“Trust me, it’s bigger and better than any guy’s.”

Clara bit her lip as the ‘penis’ lined itself up.

“Well, given the current shortage of suitable bachelors, I say we– ''oooh''!”

Janet shove herself inside Clara, parting the pussy wide. Clara could feel her friend’s knuckle sticking out of the womb-flesh, as well as the two ovaries trailing behind as the whole weird contraption moved up and down.

“Oh, s–shit, is this what sex is like? Mmpph…”

“Well, it’s not exactly like this, but you know. I do what I can.”

Janet shifted herself so that she was closer to the hole she was currently fist-fucking in a very literal sense, her legs intertwining with Clara’s as she forced herself further and further inside.

Clara gasped. “Oh! That hit my cervix!”

“That’s the idea. Now, work with me here. Press yourself against me.”

They worked in tandem, with Clara thrusting her hips in tandem to the brunette’s probes. It was slow, but eventually, Clara felt something deep inside of herself give way…

Despite having been a virgin before her death – or whatever you wanted to call it – Clara was no stranger to using vibrators, her fingers, or the odd piece of fruit to get off. None of those, however, had ventured more than a couple of inches down her vagina. Janet was going deeper. Much deeper. She had never really been aware of the existence of her cervix before, but now she could feel it opening up before the assault of the invader, allowing Janet to slide in all the way.

The brunette paused, allowing Clara to get used to the feeling as she lightly rubbed her clit against the former redhead’s. She leaned down and gave Clara a deep kiss before whispering into her ear:

“Now comes the fun part.”

She slowly withdrew herself almost a full foot, leaving only the tip of her womb and her dangling ovaries inside, before pushing in again.

Clara’s mouth formed into an O-shape, though no sound emerged.

“I think our little baby lesbian is enjoying herself,” Janet smiled as she bottomed out again. “How about I pick up the pace a little?”

She continued to punch the back of her friend’s womb with her own. Her asshole was definitely suffering as a result, and she wasn’t sure if she was dreading or looking forward to seeing what it looked like after this. As she went, Janet could also feel her bladder flopping against the front of Clara’s clit and slit. She looked over at the nearly-comatose girl, and had a brilliant idea…

Before she could do that, though, she wanted Clara to be awake so she could enjoy it too. And speaking of assholes, Janet figured she had a pretty good way of waking the girl up. She pulled out completely, savoring the feeling of her walls sliding past Clara’s. This time, she lined up against the girl’s puckered ass and began applying force. It wasn’t as easy as fisting her pussy had been, but not nearly as difficult as the times she’d fingered the ass of other girls who hadn’t had anal before. She figured the whole zombie thing had something to do with that.

Clara didn’t seem to respond much, so Janet tried to force in her whole fist in one go. She could feel Clara’s ass slowly opening up. Just a little further…

“Whoa!” Clara shouted as her eyes flew open. “What are you doing?”

“Ah, look who’s back,” Janet laughed. “Since you didn’t want to be a virgin anymore, I thought I’d go ahead and relieve you of your anal virginity as well. You don’t mind, do you?”

Clara considered this for a moment, getting used to the strange sensation in her ass, then shook her head.

“No, you’re right, we should do this properly. Whatever cherries I’ve got left, I want you to fuck them right out of me.”

“That’s the spirit. Who knew that the best thing to happen to your sex-life was undeath?”

Janet pushed harder, watching with obvious delight as Clara’s previously cute little hole expanded around her womb-clad fist. With a wet sound, it sank into her body.


“Ooft… that feels so much more…”


“Yeah. Not painful…”

“Lucky bitch. First time someone fisted my asshole? I couldn’t sit down all week.”

Janet thrust in and out a few times. The feeling of that tight, warm cavern clenching over the outside of her womb brought indescribable feelings to the horny brunette and she rubbed her clit harder against Clara, who grunted with little to no shame.

“Ah, Janet, I’m sorry for calling you a slut all those times,” she gasped.

“You were clearly right to be one.”

“I kept trying to tell you that! Ah…”

Both girls went for another kiss as Janet thoroughly gaped Clara’s asshole. But this was just a warm up. She extracted her hand, watching with fascination as the hole only contracted slightly instead of closing up.

It was almost like an invitation. Accepting it would just be the polite thing to do, so Janet punched her prolapsed cunt back up Clara’s ass like she was Muhammed Ali in the world heavyweight championship. After all, her parents had raised her to be a polite girl. Now that she knew the other girl could take it, she was done being gentle, so she trust her hips back and forth as fast as she could. The feeling of her ovaries getting squeezed between her fist and the walls of Clara’s bowels every time she slammed home drove her wild, and her frenzy only increased when her friend grabbed her dangling bladder and started furiously rubbing it against her clit.

Clara, meanwhile, was hardly unaffected either. Like Janet, she’d been raised to be a good girl, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from the language she was using, nor that she’d been a virgin less than 12 hours ago.

“Oh god, Janet, yes! Ram your womb up my gaping hole!” Clara shouted at the top of her lungs. “Turn me into a slut like you! Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! Rip my holes apart! Whatever the fuck you do, don’t fucking stop!”

“Wow, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” the brunette laughed as a few drops of sweat beaded on her forehead.

“That’s what I love about girls like you: you act all shy and innocent, but give them one taste of being naughty and they turn into raving whores. Don’t worry: I’m more than happy to be the one to corrupt you and I’m not stopping until you cum so hard you can’t even remember your name anymore.”

True to her word, Janet kept up her pace, causing a near constant stream of yelping and moaning from both girls.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I think… Ah! I think I’m gonna cum,” Clara squealed.

“Unh! Finally!” Janet panted. “Not that I’m not… fuck… enjoying myself, but this is hard work. Just… yes… tell me when you’re almost there.”

“Okay… just keep… shit… doing what you’re doing… aahh… just like that. Yes… yes… harder… harder… oh fuck, that’s it! Make me cum. Make your little slut cum!”

Clara grabbed her boobs with both hands, squeezing them tight enough to leave bright white handprints behind. She pulled on her nipples so hard that Janet half expected them to come off at any moment.

“Ohhh, just a little more… yes… yes… ooookay, I’m about to cum any second now!”

“Try to hold on for a few more seconds, love, there’s something I want to do.”

Janet pulled out of Clara’s gaping asshole completely and drove down into her pussy, battering through her cervix like a freight train until she could feel the back wall of her friend’s uterus pressing against her own. She pulled her hand back, leaving her womb in place as she tried to locate the hole at the top of her vagina. When she did, she slipped her middle finger into her urethra before rubbing it along the top of Clara’s vagina.

“Babe? I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re going to have to be quick because I’m going to come my fucking brains out any second n– ''ah''! That’s my g-spot!”

Janet quickly curled back her finger a little to avoid the sensitive spot and resumed her search closer to the entrance.

“Come on, where’s that fucking hole? Ah, there we go!”

Having found the entrance to Clara’s urethra, she stuffed her own bladder-covered finger into it until she felt it emerge into the open space beyond. She pistoned her finger in and out a couple of times, trying to stuff as much of her bladder into the other girl’s as possible.

“Just a couple more seconds, honey. I’m going to deflower every fucking hole you have.”

When most of her bladder was inside and additional poking didn’t seem to help, she quickly retracted her finger and lowered her hand back down to her womb.

“Okay, I want you to come for me in three…”

She tucked her thumb into her left fallopian tube and her pinky in the other.


She lined up her fingers until she felt her ovaries slipping into Clara’s fallopian tubes.


With a final push, Janet forced her way into the deepest part of Clara’s sex until she felt their ovaries bump into each other.


Janet could see her eyes roll into the back of her head as every muscle in the girl’s cunt clamped onto Janet’s like a vise, which sent her hurtling over the edge as well. Unable to keep herself upright, she collapsed forward onto her friend, causing her arm to be wrenched out of her cunt and ass.

The two girls lay spasming for several minutes, unable to control their limbs in the aftershocks of the most intense orgasm either of them had ever experienced.

When Janet was able to move again without feeling like she had a car battery wired up to her clit, she pushed herself up a little and planted a deep kiss on the bald girl’s lips.

“Wow, that was…”


“Well, congratulations. I think it’s safe to say that you’re no longer a virgin. In any way, shape or form.”


Janet raised an eyebrow.

“Is that all you’re able to say?”


“Wow, I think you really did cum your brains out.”


This time, Clara was unable to keep herself from smiling.

“Hmmmm… well, since you’re in such an agreeing mood, how about agreeing to let me have a look at your insides? We’ve seen mine, and I’d love to get my hands on yours.”

“What, do want to pull my pussy inside-out as well?”

“Tempting, but I had something else in mind…”

“Uhm, my ass?”

“Not quite, but keep going. I’m sure you’ll think of it.”

Clara pursed her lips, trying to think through the haze of her post-orgasm bliss. Something tickled the back of her mind.

Then something tickled the side of her mind.

Her eyes went wide when she realized that she was feeling Janet’s fingers, which had wriggled their way between her brain and the skin of her head.

“Ah, right. I’m sure that would be a terrible idea, but you’re in luck, because right now I can’t bring myself to care right now. So sure, go ahead. If I’m going to be getting my slut on, I might as well do it all the way. And who knows? Maybe this way you’ll be able to fuck my brains out for real,” she added with a wink.

“Holy shit, I didn’t think you’d actually say yes,” said Janet. “Uhm, okay, let me just go get something sharp.”

She carefully pulled her hand out of the slit at the back of Clara’s head, slowly pulled her reproductive system out of the other girl’s, sending a shiver through both of them, and got off the bed. Clara watched the brunette go, her prolapsed sex flopping around limply between her legs, dripping with their combined fluids.

About a minute later Janet returned, wielding a pair of scissors. Clara rolled over onto her stomach, giving a small whimper when her still hyper-sensitive clit touched the bed. Janet knelt down straddling Clara’s back, draping her birth canal from the bottom of her shoulder blades down to the small of her back. She opened the scissors and lined them up with the top of the cut on the prone girl’s head.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked when Clara’s skin was wedged between the blades.

“Eh, fuck it,” Clara shrugged. “Just, you know, try not to kill me.”

“I’ll try my best.”

For all her bravado, Janet was more than a little nervous when she pressed the two handles together, extending the cut about half an inch. But she couldn’t very well turn back now…

Clara decided that the best thing to do was to stare forwards and let Janet do her work. Due to her zombie-state, sensations that would have been painful before were now minimalized into merely ‘stingy’. But the sensation of the skin on the back of her head being sliced open burned bright.

“This feels like the world’s worst haircut.”

“I can cut your scalp off entirely if you’d like…” offered Janet, as she finished cutting up until the slice now reached the very crown of that red head, across the bone that hadn’t been removed earlier.

Clara thought about that offer longer than she ever would have a mere 24 hours ago.

“Mmmm… no, I’d at least like to keep my face intact.”

“Say no more. Now…”

Janet, finished with her vertical slice, now went horizontal. As she worked, more and more of that pink brain became more readily exposed; she had a good view of the crack separating the two hemispheres. It was tempting to slide the scissors in there just to see if she could. But for now, she focused on her work.

“Okay, you want to keep some flaps, or just skin the whole back?”

Clara pondered this question a while as well, weighing the pros and cons. The thought crossed her mind that normal people would probably think her insane for even considering it. Then again, they’d left ‘normal’ behind a long time ago.

“I guess having the back of my head flapping around would quickly get annoying, and it’s not like it provides a lot of protection. And your missing insides don’t seem to be causing a lot of problems. So go ahead and just cut it all off.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

Janet continued cutting along the chipped edge of Clara’s skull, going from the top of her head to just behind her ears and down to the top of her neck before going back up the other side and completing the circle. She lifted off the piece of skin, leaving the entire back half of Clara’s brain completely exposed. She could see the folded structure at the top of her brain, and the part at the base that connected to her spinal cord. There was a section just above it that looked different: more stripey than folded. She bent down and pressed the gentlest kiss she could against the grayish pink flesh.

“Oh come on,” said Clara, “you can do better than that. I almost swallowed your uterus. Go on, get your tongue in there.”

“Well excuse me, Mrs. ‘''please try not to kill me''’ for being gentle,” smiled Janet, before taking her friend up on her invitation. She placed her hands by the jagged edges of the hole in Clara’s skull before leaning forward again, this time pretty much planting her nose against the folds of the brain and inhaling. It smelt… unique, in a way she found hard to place; it wasn’t quite a meaty smell. Shrugging, she lapped a tongue all the way up along the main dividing crease, flicking it a little inside. This made Clara twitch.

“Feel anything?” she asked.

“Well… there are no nerves in the brain, so… not really? But it is my brain. I might get all funny during this.”

There was a pause as Clara considered what she had just told Janet.

“Now, that doesn’t just give you an open license to plarawaaaaa–”

She stopped mid-sentence, eyes rolling as Janet immediately pressed her teeth into a random part of the back of her brain. The brunette was careful not to properly bite, but took satisfaction in seeing how just that was enough to get Clara to derp out.

“Hohoho. I sense a lot of fun to come, here.”

“Just don’t make me piss myself again like in the restaurant, okay?”

“No promises.”

Janet stroked her brain, running her fingertips along the folds. If only she could get a more complete look…

Getting an idea, she wedged her fingers between Clara’s brain and top of her skull, slowly reaching deeper until she could hook her fingers around the front of her brain. Once she had a good grip, she gently started pulling upwards.

“Uh, Janet, stop.”

Janet froze immediately.

“What is it, hon?”

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m feeling tension in my eyes.”

“Oh, fuck, of course. Sorry, had a fun idea, but I didn’t think it through.”

Disappointed, she released her grip and withdrew her hand, trailing her middle finger between the two hemispheres of her friend’s brain. It was almost like fingering a… her eyes lit up with another idea. She reached back and once again shoved her arm through her ass and into the glove that was her ruined sex. She stretched her hand flat, lining up her fingertips with the vertical divide between the two halves of Clara’s brain.

“Guess what?” she asked. “Turns out you do have a cherry left after all. And you’ll be one of the only people to get it popped.”

Clara blinked her eyes, glad that the weird tension she had felt right behind them was gone, but now she had something else to ponder as she thought about this cherry that had apparently gone unpopped.

“What… you mean…”

As if to answer the half-spoken question, Janet prodded forward ever so slightly, causing the girl in front of her to jerk forward.

“Ah! My… hahaha, no, I can’t say that…”

“What? What were you gonna say?”

“It sounds… oh, alright.” Clara cleared her throat. “I want you to fuck my brain-pussy.”

There was an eruption of laughter, and even Clara couldn’t help giggling at maybe the most ridiculous thing she had ever said.


“Oh, absolutely.”

Janet slid her womb-covered fingers in up to the second knuckle, feeling the spongy pressure on her fingers. Clara’s head shuddered involuntary. If she wasn’t careful, Clara might end up doing damage to her own brain. The brunette slid deeper into the divide, until her fingers bumped into the front of Clara’s skull.

“Are you still alright?”

“Think so.”

“Ah, good. You know, it might be best if you just keep talking so I can tell when something goes wrong.”

“Alright, I think I can manage that. Go on then, get your freak on and fuck my brain.”

Janet pulled back before gently pushing back in, settling into a much slower rhythm than when she had been fucking Clara’s ass and pussy.

“Hmmm, yeah, skullfuck me, you naughty bitch. Slide your cunt into my brain and drench it with your cum.”

“Got to say, this is way better than the usual skullfucking I’ve been on the receiving end of,” said Janet, moving slightly faster as she felt her own arousal start to rise again. This had the effect of making Clara’s stream of conscious dirty talk lose some of its focus.

“Yes! Marmalade my butter with your Utah! I love it, foxtrot tango!”

“Hahaha, I wish I was recording this,” muttered Janet.

She gave the front of Clara’s skull a few more good thunks, her juices leaking out over and into the brain she was penetrating. A few lobes came apart during this; regrettable but necessary casualties on the road to a literally mind-shattering orgasm.

“Hah, your mind is just my sex toy now. How do you like ''them'' apples?”

“It’s Stacy as hat! Yes! Mlarh!”

“Okay, that wasn’t even a… mmmpf… word, you fucking retarded slut,” moaned Janet, making sure that every inch of her mangled womb was getting covered in grey matter before she came.

She watched as her juices sprayed and leaked onto her friend’s brain. There wasn’t quite as much of it as she was used to, but then again this was like her fourth or fifth orgasm this morning. She’d kind of lost count. Still, it made a hell of a mess, and what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t help clean up? So she leaned down and ran her tongue all over Clara’s brain in long, languid licks, lapping up every drop of cum, digging the tip of her tongue into every fold and crease she could find.

Once she thought she’d gotten all of it, she opened her mouth wide, covering up her front teeth with her lips, and wrapped them around the back of one of the halves of her friend’s brain. She pushed her head down, taking more of the spongy matter into her mouth until she felt it press against her uvula. Not wanting to risk choking and accidentally biting down, she pulled back, keeping her lips wrapped around the sensitive organ as if it were an ice cream. She gave the other half a similar treatment before lying down on her stomach next to Clara.

“There we go, all clean again. So, now that you’ve been properly mindfucked, what do you want to do next?”

“Wow, you’re insatiable, aren’t you?” laughed Clara. “You might have to go play with yourself for a bit then, because I’m not sure I could take any more stimulation right now. I can still feel everything tingling down there.”

“To be perfectly honest, I could do with a little break myself. At this rate, I think we’re going to get dehydrated.”

She shifted around a bit, trying to find a spot that was at least a little dry, but failed to do so.

“Jesus, did we wet the entire bed?”

“I think we might have. I’m lying in a puddle of piss and cum too, but I can’t be arsed to move right now.”

“Help me kick off the covers, at least?”

The two girls halfheartedly tried to push the covers down with their hands and feet, neither getting up from their prone position save for occasionally raising the bodies a little to get the sheets out from under them. Janet gave an occasional whimper as they moved underneath the sensitive exposed flesh of her prolapse, but after a minute or so of shifting around the two girls managed to kick the covers to the floor at the foot of the bed.

The mattress beneath was already fairly damp from the liquid that had soaked through, but it was an improvement. The two girls settled down and relaxed, enjoying the first quiet moment they’d had ever since waking up in the grass on campus.

“Wow, it’s been a crazy 24 hours, huh?” said Clara.

“Yeah, you can certainly call it that. Who would have guessed we’d ever see an actual Dawn of the Dead?”

“Personally, I’m just glad I’m still alive. Or whatever we are. Can’t help but think what I would have wanted to do if I was going to die for real and had known in advance.”

“You mean like a bucket list?”

“Yeah, I suppose, though more in the order of ‘I would have hugged my mom goodbye’ than ‘I want to go backpacking through Thailand’.”

“Ah, right. What do you have so far?”

“Well, my brain is still a little fuzzy because ''somebody'' gave me the best – and only – fuck I’ve ever had, so I hadn’t really gotten beyond hugging my mom yet. What would you want to have done?”

Janet rolled her eyes into the back of her head as she thought.

“Dunno really. Mom stuff too, I guess.”

“Mom stuff is always a solid choice.”

“Yeah. Do my mom. That’s first on the list.”

“That’s fair– wait, ''what''?” Clara said, propping herself up on one elbow and turning onto her side, the mattress squelching underneath her. Janet was trying her best to keep a deadpan face.

“Hey, fuck you, it’s ''my'' bucket list and I’ll do as my please!” she said, stifling a laugh.

“Well, to be fair, your mom ''is'' pretty hot. Shit, I’m going to add that to my list.”

“Hahaha. It’s cool, she’s probably dead.”

“Hey, not cool.”

Clara frowned, putting a hand on Janet’s shoulder stump.

The brunette looked down.

“Sorry. It just kinda hit me there. I… you know, they…” She trailed off.

“Well, this is the worst pillow talk ever. Apologies.”

“We don’t know what’s going on. Tomorrow we’ll explore the city, find out what’s up, okay?” said Clara, patting her friend, lover and undead companion, before crawling into a tight hug.

“And if we do find her…”


“I was going to say hug her, dummy.”


“But yes.”

The two girls maintained their embrace, neither one willing to let go. Janet rubbed small circles across her friend’s back with her remaining hand.

“So, I was your first, huh?”

“I think we established that, yes.”

“How come?”

Clara furrowed her brow.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, come on, pretty girl like you? I bet you had boys lining up around the block to take your virginity.”

“Yeah right,” scoffed Clara. “Most guys just go for the girls with the biggest tits and the loosest morals… no offense.”

“None taken.”

“Sure, there have been a few boys that have show interest in me, but I never did anything more than kiss with any of them. I don’t know, none of them ever really did it for me.”

“Maybe you were just a lesbian in denial.”

“Huh. I’d never really thought about it, but… maybe? I’d always just assumed I was straight.”

“Eh, you wouldn’t be the only one. But don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. Nothing a guy can do that a decent vibrator can’t do better. Wait, you did at least masturbate, right?”

Clara rolled her eyes.

“Yes, obviously. I wasn’t raised in a convent or something.”

“Okay, so what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever gotten off?”

“Oh my god,” said Clara, her cheeks turning pink, “I’m not going to tell you ''that''!”

“I can ''literally'' see your brain right now. Yet you think ''this'' is going too far?”

“I– Well, I guess you do have a point there. Okay, fine. There was this one time…”


What is this, a cross-over episode?

Anyway... Dear lord, my two favorite authors collaborating to make this. I love you.


Works can not express how much I loved this. It's been months since an author posted anything even remotely related to the extreme nonlethal niche you two are so famous for, so reading this story was a breath of fresh air. Even better, if I'd known you two working together would produce such an amazing story, I'd have suggested you do it way sooner than you did.

I'm not sure if you two are going to continue this, but I'm going to assume you are given that you left the ending open for additional chapters.

I'll just post a list of ideas that are hopefully original enough not to be boring, especially since you two essentially ran the circuit as far as nonlethal guro goes by including just about every kink and fetish found in all your stories combined plus some in the case of the bladder prolapse.

Seeing as it seems like you're going to be having the girls explore the city in the next chapter, you could have them go swimming in a pond or something similar and have a snake(for instance) snake its way into one of the girl's bodies. In the case of Janet, it could either go up her vagina and out her fallopian tubes into the rest of her body or go through her ass where it could potentially wreak havoc on the rest of her body. In order to get it out, Clara could force her fist down Janet's throat in order to reach the snake, potentially being forced to remove several of Janet's organs. In the end, Janet could be completely gutless.

As for Clara, the snake could go through her fallopian tubes as well, but something even more interesting could be the snake going in through her head and traveling down her spine. In order to remove it, Janet would, of course, have to force her hand down Clara's spine where she could potentially end up removing Clara's pelvis. It'd be interesting to see how far she could stretch without her bones in the way.

Another idea is the concept of nipple fucking. You could open the idea up with one of the girls mentioning she missed drinking milk. This could lead to them trying breast milk as it's technically from humans and thus they might be able to drink it without vomiting. Taking it a step further, one of the girls could attempt to prolapse the other's nipples(don't ask me how it would work), failing that, one of the girls could remove the other's milk ducts and glands without damaging them in order to have better access to milk. On a side note, this could potentially solve any food issue the two might have as they could live off each other's(or their own) breast milk.

You could also have the girls gain the ability to control their dismembered parts, such as Janet's vagina and womb if it were ever to be torn out of her. It would open a whole new range of possibilities if the girls remained connected to their body parts even after being separated from them. This would also allow you to remove Clara's brain without worrying about her losing her eyesight and having Clara steal Janet's vagina and womb for a prank is just all kinds of promising.

Building on the last idea, you could have the girls gain the ability to reattach parts, whether it's their own parts is, of course, entirely optional. You could even expand this to have Clara(or Janet if she has the chance) control other bodies by placing her brain inside of it. You could even have the girls attach multiple copies of the same organ, such as Janet deciding to have two vaginas.

As far as more brain fuck goes, in addition to whatever shenanigans occur due to removing Clara's brain, you could have the girls end up at a doctors office at some point and decide to use the technology there to see if they can learn anything about their condition, which would include studying Clara's brain. In this scenario, Janet could attach sensors to Clara's brain so she could study it on a computer and inadvertently figure out a way control Clara's mind and body with/without her knowledge, even going so far as to view her memories on the computer. If you feel like throwing any sense of realism out the window, you could have Janet download Clara onto the computer where Janet could toy with her online with all the power of the internet at her disposal. This would, of course, leave Clara's body completely empty and mindless and free for Janet to toy with in ways Clara might not have been completely comfortable with.

And for more ovary/fallopian play(because I'm quite fond of that as well), you could perhaps have the girls get caught in a situation where a vacuum the gets shoved into either(or both) of the girl's vaginas and essentially neuter them. They could then go on a journey to get their ovaries back, which would be especially difficult if they retained a connection to their body parts and thus experienced whatever was happening to their ovaries.


Goddamn this story is gonna be nut fuel for months. How Clara deepthroated Janet's parts, and swallowing it... Whew.

So after some thoughts, I realized that Janet can be impaled ass to mouth with no harm at all now. Also, can you get stump-fucking somewhere in the story? Janet has a perfectly good stump now.


How would something like that even work? I mean, in stories like these, certain liberties are taken when it comes to anatomy, but I just can't think how something like that could work, even in fiction.



Replace bone with bone. Or put bone in what used to be the blood vessels. Or just brute force it between the muscles. They're not one solid unit, anyway.


That sounds.....painful to say the least, which is ironic considering the rest of the story. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see when JIP and Pog release another chapter, whenever that is.


Part of me feels guilty for bumping this and getting peoples hopes up, but I have to ask; any update? Given the fact that it took months for either of you to release a new story, I'm not surprised there isn't a new chapter yet, which is fine as stories this good take time, but neither of you has made any comments towards this story aside from the initial post, and I'm just curious as to why.



Updates will come, and we're hoping that the collaboration process speeds up the writing. We wrote all this in a fairly short amount of time all things considered. We may have plans for other stories as well but we'll keep that under wraps for now.

Glad you and Narra enjoyed the story so far!


That's fine. Take your time. I was just curious as to why you hadn't posted any comments or responses to anything.


Chapter 4: Going out in style

The girls talked the day away, once again losing themselves and their worries in each other. For dinner that night, they had kidneys cooked in a rich sauce they found in the penthouse kitchen cupboards. Specifically, Janet’s kidneys, which she figured she wouldn’t be needing any longer and thus could be put to a better, more appetizing use. After a solid night’s sleep – they had rather exhausted each other, after all – the two girls woke up some time in the morning.

A few days ago, hearing distant gunfire and screaming after waking up would have been the stuff of panic-attack inducing nightmares. Now it was like hearing birds chirping away in the trees. Clara rose first, leaving Janet still snoring on the bed and brushing the sand out of her eyes. She stank of sex and vaguely of urine; showering might be a good idea, regardless of whether or not social standards had fallen somewhat in the last 24 hours. She walked over to the giant window overlooking the city, wondering where to go. She could see several fires dotting the cityscape, sending up black plumes of smoke. She looked down into the street outside the apartment building. Well over a dozen zombies shuffled between the crashed and abandoned cars that lined the streets. One was sitting down, feasting on a half-eaten corpse. She hoped the building had a back exit. Still, even if they could get out of the building unharmed, what would they do? Should they stay in the city or try to travel to a small village? Or should they instead build a tree hut in the middle of the forest and just live in the woods, avoiding the whole zombie apocalypse entirely? Each one had its pros and cons; they would be able to find more resources in the city, but they’d be safer in the forest…

She went to scratch the back of her head, stopping immediately when she felt her fingernails sink into the squishy folds of her brain. Right. So maybe not the forest. She didn’t want to spend the whole day leaning leaves and bugs out of her head. And speaking of cleaning, it was high time she took that shower. Maybe Janet would have a good idea when she woke up.

She padded off to the bathroom and turned the water on full blast. As soon as she stepped under the shower, her vision exploded in burst of color as the water pounded down on her exposed brain. This whole ‘openminded’ thing was going to take some getting used to…

Barely able to see anything, she groped around for the knob and turned it back down until the colourful spots reduced in intensity, as if she had stared at the sun for too long. She grabbed a bottle of fancy-looking shower gel and a washcloth and started soaping up her body. Once she’d worked up a good lather, she dropped the washcloth and began rubbing it off with her bare hands. Clara closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her hands running over her bare skin.

When she reached her breasts, she couldn’t help but massage them, temporarily abandoning her cleaning work. She squeezed them tightly, rubbing her index fingers roughly over her nipples. She could get used to this. Maybe they could just stay in this apartment, spending their time fucking each other and occasionally going out to get supplies. There were worse ways to spend the rest of her life than having constant orgas–

Wait. Something felt strange. Something was wrapped around her right index finger. She tried to wiggle it around, but it seemed to be locked in place. She opened her eyes and looked down. Somehow she had managed to wedge the entire first digit of her index finger into her milk duct. She knew where this was going, and while playing with Janet’s stretchy prolapse was fun and all, Clara had no intention of ruining her boobs by turning her nipples into gaping holes. Not quite yet, at least.

With a loud plop, she quickly pulled her finger back out. Thankfully the hole closed back up relatively quickly, leaving her nipple looking mostly normal. Not wanting to run the risk of stretching herself out any further, she quickly rinsed off the remainder of the foam and toweled herself off.

“Morning, beautiful,” said Janet when she entered the bedroom.

“Good morning. Sleep well?”

Janet yawned, stretching out her one arm.

“Hmmm, very much so,” she smiled. “I had some very pleasant dreams.”

“Oh really? Was I in them?”

“You could say that. Up to your shoulders, in fact.”

“Hmm… is that a promise?”

“Does Scarlett Johansson have a nice rack? But that’ll have to wait, since we should be hitting the streets. Are you ready to go?”

“I think so. But don’t you need a shower first?”

The brunette gave herself a quick sniff.

“Eh. I’m sure given the circumstances any survivors we run across can excuse the smell.”

Clara went quiet for a second.

“Right. Survivors.”

She looked down at her naked body.

“We should probably wear some clothes.”

“Why bother?”

“Because if they see us walking around naked they’ll probably think we’re zombies and shoot us on sight?”

“Ughh, ''fiiiiine''.”

Janet got to her feet and walked over to the wardrobe, throwing open the doors.

“Huh,” she said.


“It’s… something, I guess?”

Clearly, the owner of the penthouse had beaten them to the punch. Empty clotheshangers were scattered across the floor of the closet. Virtually all the clothes had been taken, save for a few items that lay amid the hangers. They bent down to collect their meagre haul. Clara picked up a thin long-sleeved white shirt. It was rather small too; the owner couldn’t have been much more than five feet high. Still, it was better than Janet’s find: the brunette was holding the flimsiest top she had ever seen. It looked like it had originally been a beige, almost skin-colored, tank top, but the bottom part had been cut off just below the breasts. The only other article of clothing that was left was a belt, which, given the complete and total lack of pants, was rather useless.

“Dibs,” said Clara, hugging the white top to her chest.

“Fine… prude.”

Clara pulled the top over her head and started worming one arm into the sleeve. The garment was at least two sizes too small for her, and the fabric felt like it was going to tear at any second, but after a lengthy struggle she finally pushed her hand through the opening at the end. The other arm wasn’t any easier. When she was nearing the elbow, she pushed a bit too forcefully, causing a small rip. As she moved forward, repeated tearing sounds could be heard as the gash grew steadily bigger. By the time her hand emerged, it ran from the elbow to halway up her upper arm.

Pulling the shirt down over her boobs was no mean feat either. Clara’s breathing was starting to become labored as she tried tugging the hem down over her boobs. She breathed out to make her chest as small as possible, allowing her to finally get it down past her nipples. Once she had passed the widest point, the rest was at least a little easier, allowing her to pull the shirt down to just above her belly button. At that point, however, the top had clearly reached its limit. No matter how hard she dared to tug, the bottom edge refused to budge so much as a fraction of an inch.

Not that there was any give left in the garment. It didn’t so much hug her curves as vacuum-seal them. Clara couldn’t just see her nipples poking through the thin fabric; she could even see the little bumps on her areola. Because of how much the top was stretched, the already sheer fabric was almost see-through.

“Well, you said you wanted to become a slut,” chuckled Janet. “You’re certainly dressed the part now.”

“Says the girl who’s only got one boob covered.”

The top that the brunette was trying – and mostly failing – to wear was apparently meant to be worn off one shoulder, since the shoulder straps were pretty far apart. This assumed, of course, that the wearer had two arms to fill it out. Since Janet was somewhat lacking in that department, the off-the-shoulder side feel down to her side, leaving one breast bare. She kept trying to pull the errant strap over her mostly missing shoulder, but it never lasted more than a few seconds before the first sign of movement sent it sliding back down.

Growing increasingly rustrated, Janet tried switching sides, hanging the garment on her damaged shoulder and letting the other side hang down. This way she actually managed to cover her entire chest… for the five or so seconds it took for the strap to slide off her stump and cause a complete wardrobe malfunction. Annoyed, the brunette jerked her arm upwards to stop the top from sliding down her body. This, however, put more strain on the fragile material than it was designed to handle, and she tore right through one of the straps and the side, leaving the garment fluttering to the floor.

Clara tried to contain her sniggering, but she was too late.

“Sure, laugh at the poor little invalid girl,” Janet said mockingly.

“What, like you wouldn’t do the same of our roles were reversed?”

“Yeah, okay, you’ve got me there.”

“Here, let me help you.”

Clara picked up the poor excuse for a bra and examined it.

“I think using this to cover your tits is a lost cause. Besides, I think coverign this mess is more of a priority,” she said, indicating Janet’s crotch. Reaching around the brunette’s back, she tied the torn piece of clothing into a loincloth, which largely failed at its intended task, given that over half of said loins merrily dangled out from underneath it.

“Hold on, let me just…”

Clara grabbed hold of Janet’s swaying sex and tried to shove it back between the other girl’s labia, but as soon as she pulled her hand back everything tumbled right back out again. Another attempt was barely any more succesful, except this time her prolapse fell out of her asshole instead. She roughly shoved them back in and thought she’d fixed the problem, until she stood back up, at which point the entire assembly drooped right back out again, with her bladder and ovaries bouncing against each other like a set of windchimes.

“Oh, just leave it, I’ll manage. And I suppose I can use my arm to cover up my nipples.”

Clara quickly eyed the empty wardrobe, which was still as devoid of clothing as before. Except…

“Hold on, you might not have to.”

She grabbed the belt and tied it snugly around Janet’s chest. It wasn’t a very wide belt, but it just about covered her friend’s areola.

The brunnete looked herself up and down in the mirror.

“Well, I suppose it’s not ''the'' trashiest thing I’ve ever worn.”

“Yeah right,” Clara scoffed.

“What? It isn’t. Ever hear of zipper bikinis?”


“Trust me, they’re quite fun. Maybe we’ll be in luck and run into a swimwear store outside. I bet you’ll like them. Besides, if we’re having a whore-off I bet you’d win; ''I’m'' not the one walking around bottomless right now.”

“Hm, yeah…”

The wardrobe would be of no more help to her: only empty hangars remained.

“I guess you could wrap the bedsheets around yourself like a skirt? Maybe they’ve dried up by now.”

“Ew, no.”

Clara rubbed her chin, considering the couple of inches of fabric between her breasts and her belly button. It wasn’t much, but it would have to do…

Using the nail of her thumb as a knife, she started slicing through the fabric. It didn’t take much force to tear through the sheer fabric, and in less than a minute she had torn a complete loop just below the bottoms of her breasts. Grabbing the hem of the shirt once more, she started pulling the tube-shaped section down her belly, quickly running into trouble when her hips started flaring out.

“Come on you little bastard, ''move''!” grunted Clara opping up and down in an effort to convince the stubborn piece of fabric, which was stretched to within an inch of its life, to slide down her legs.

Janet said nothing; she was just quietly enjoying the effect all of this bouncing was having on Clara boobs. She would have suspected the taut fabric would have anchored everything in place a bit more, like a push-up bra, but clearly she would have been wrong.

She really didn’t mind.

After quite a bit of cursing, Clara finally got her makeshift miniskirt pulled down to the appropriate height, though in this case ‘appropriate’ was a relative term. The skirt was slightly less transparent than her top by virtue of her labia not being pressed right up against it like her nipples were, but given a pencil, a piece of paper and a few years of art school Janet would have been able to make a rather lifelike drawing of them regardless.

Still, it was slightly better than nothing, and now that the girls were – in the loosest sense of the word – dressed, they headed to the front door and pulled the book case just far enough out of the way for them to be able to squeeze past and out the front door.

“So,” said Clara, “where to?”

They decided not to take the elevator. Janet was paranoid about it not working; at best they would be stuck inside it with no one coming to help them, and at worse they would plummet to their… well, not deaths, but it would be damn inconvenient to be flattened at the bottom of an elevator shaft. “Huff… puff… I hate taking the stairs…” wheezed the brunette as they made their way downstairs. Every now and then they would find something like a splash of blood, or a discarded shoe, or an empty wheelchair.

“Technically we don’t need to breathe anymore, so there’s no reason for you to be tired,” said Clara, calmly.

“Oh, right, yeah. I forgot.”

As she walked, her swinging womb would knock and slap against her knees, which provided some amusement at least. Eventually they reached the bottom floor, and found themselves standing in broad daylight for the zombie apocalypse. Which kind of took the edge off things a little.

“Huh,” said Clara as she looked around at the street that was bathed in warm sunlight, “looks almost… cheerful. You know, if you ignore that guy over there gnawing on somebody’s leg.”

“I dunno, he seems to be having fun,” said Janet.

“I’m guessing the previous owner of that leg isn’t.”

“Fair point.”

“But as I was saying before we got sidetracked with the elevator discussion, do you have any suggestions where we should go?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go check out my mom’s place.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Clara. “Let’s go check out your mom!”

Janet rolled her eyes at her smirking friend.

“That’s not what I– You know what? Close enough. Come on, this way, you dork.”

As she set off, Clara started skipping beside her.

“Clara and Janet and Janet’s mom, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G!”

Janet just shook her head, muttering “Not the worst girlfriend I’ve ever brought home, but it’s close.”

Clara and Janet knew these streets well. To see them like this was… interesting. Death and destruction all around, yes, but it had become clear to both of them that the zombies milling around posed no actual threat to them. At the start of the trek they cautiously skirted around the sides of any zeds, but by the third corner they had stopped bothering to even cross the road.

“Honestly, they’re kinda cute, in a really fucked up way,” said Janet, pointing her arm at a male and female zombie loitering around a lamppost.

“Look, they’re like a couple!”

Clara looked. The undead man had a torn out throat, and was wearing a string vest, underwear and slippers. The woman, who was missing most of the skin on her face, was in a torn nightie with fuzzy bunny slippers, stained red with blood.

“Must have died in their homes…” said Clara. “But now they’re still together.”

“See? Cute,” smiled Janet, as the female coughed wetly into some bushes. She waved politely as if greeting a neighbour as they strolled past. The woman snarled but in a vague sort of way.

“How much further until your mom’s house?”

“Oh, we’re almost there. Next turn, then third on the right.” Janet seemed rather casual about this, looking like she was in no great hurry to get there…

Clara noticed her friend slowly falling behind and stopped.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Well, I was just thinking… what if we actually find my mom? We’re going to scare the shit out of her, looking like this.”

Clara couldn’t deny that their current state and attire would be somewhat frowned upon in polite society.

“It’s not like we have much of a choice. We’ve tried pushing your prolapse back in; it just keeps falling out. And if you ask me, ''I'' think you look ''much'' better this way. A little overdressed, even.”

“Sure, but my mom’s not a raving slut like you.”

“Not yet, at least,” said Clara in a sing-song voice.


“Oh, alright, let me see what I can do.”

Clara knelt down beside the brunette.

“Hm, let’s see… we could just rip off the whole thing, but that’d be a waste.”

“Yeah, let’s not.”

“Not seeing a whole lot of options otherwise, unless…”

She reached one arm into Janet’s asshole and started feeling around. When her hand wrapped around the girl’s spine, she had an idea. With her other hand she pushed Janet’s prolapse back into her, grabbing it with the hand already inside to keep it in place before pulling her second hand back out in, shoving it through her friend’s asshole alongside the first. She pulled Janet’s sex organs tight, stretching them far enough to wrap them around the spine. If she pulled hard enough, she might just barely have enough room to tie a knot, but it was going to be close.

Positioning her arms was tricky, and she had to stretch Janet’s ass quite a bit to be able to make the necessary maneuvers.

“There we go… almost there…”

The final twist of her arm proved to be too much for Janet’s abused asshole, and both girls felt it tear open a good two to three inches more, right between her butt cheeks, almost to the top of her ass crack.

“Thanks for that. I’m sure my mom won’t think that’s weird at all.”

“Oh, stop complaining. I fixed your womb, didn’t I? Just keep your butt clenched.”

Clara pulled her arms out of the now significantly larger hole.

“Wow, I think I could fit my head in here.”

“Maybe later.”

With Janet now ‘fixed’’, for lack of a better term, the two girls continued on their way. The street was relatively quiet, in that there were only a few undead corpses moaning into the air. It occurred to Clara that, if Janet’s mom was here, they would have to find some way of escorting her around unseen…

The house they were looking for looked eerily intact. Janet knocked on the door, making Clara laugh.

“What?” she said, frowning.

“That was very polite of you.”

“Hey, it’s my mom’s house, okay? Show some respect,” said the girl with the now permanently gaped asshole.

Clara nodded, her brain jiggling somewhat.

“I know, I know, but I doubt she’s in the kitchen making tea. Just… hang on, let’s go round the back.”

The two girls first peered into the living room window, but there was no sign of life. Everything actually looked untouched by the chaos the world had found itself in. They navigated around the side of the house into a small garden.

“Mom usually keeps her back door open. I never liked that, but… well, convenient.”

They entered the house, and began to search.

“Mom?” Janet called out.

“Mrs. Simmons?”

When they had covered the ground floor, they went upstairs.

“Mom, it’s me. Are you here?”

“Yeah, everything’s safe. We’re not the flesh-eating zombi– err… we’re not the… hmm… we’re not going to eat you!”

Janet shot her a look.

Clara shrugged. “What? We’re undead and we’ve eaten each other. Twice.”

“Yeah, but my mom doesn’t need to ''know'' that,” Janet hissed through her teeth.

One by one, they opened the rooms on the first floor.

“Awwww, look at you,” said Clara, picking up a photo frame from the nightstand in the bedroom of Janet’s mom. “With your pink tutu and everything. You look adorable.”

“Ugh, fucking ballet classes. I’ve begged my mom to get rid of that picture a thousand times.”

“But it’s so ''you''”, said Clara, unable to control her laughing. “I could totally see you running around in tights. I think I’m gonna call you my little sugar plum fairy from now on.”

Janet gave her a look that could peel the paint off the wall.

“Sure, go ahead. Just one quick thing before you do: would you like your brain diced or julienne?”

Clara swallowed nervously.

“Okay, maybe I won’t. Say, is this were you got to be so limber?”


“Ooh, did you have a little ''pas de deux'' with some of the other ballerinas?”

“Hm, there may have been some ''entrechat''.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Oh, just a little lesbian ballet joke.”

It became apparent that Janet’s mom was not home. Janet walked around the house a little, unsure what to do, or what to feel. She went back to her mom’s bed and sank down into it, feet on the floor.

“Well… ''that'' was a waste of time,” she said with a sigh, looking up at Clara as she joined her.

“Well, it’s not so bad. We didn’t find a dead body,” said the bald woman, parking her non-existant butt on the bed next to her friend. “That’s something.”

“Barely. It’s barely something… but, yeah, I guess.”

Janet leaned into Clara, rubbing the top of her hair against the other’s cheek.

“Can’t even think where she could have gone to.”

“Best thing is to not worry about it. You’ll go mad with stress if you do.”

“I know.”

Clara turned her face and gave Janet’s ear a nibble, enveloping it in her mouth for a moment, then kissing her cheek.

“You should just relax…”

“Mmmm… you’re right…”

Janet sat up suddenly, stretching her remaining limbs.

“But later. We’re not doing it on my mom’s bed. Let’s go check out the town.”

She quickly marched out of the room, leaving Clara pouting.”

“Hmph. Teasing bitch…”

The two girls wandered along the streets for a while, which were deserted aside from a series of pools or trails of blood, and an occasional limb, whose owner had either been eaten or dragged off somewhere. After a few blocks, they ran across another zombie. It was a girl in her late twenties, who had either been in an accident, or had zombiefied partway into being devoured. She was missing her left leg halfway up her shinbone, and her right leg had broken off a little above her knee, a splintered femur still sticking out of the wound. Her arms fared only a little better: Her left arm ended at the elbow, while her right arm was only missing a hand. The female zombie was trying to drag herself along the asphalt, but wasn’t making much progress.

Clara stopped and looked at the girl for a while. She was rather cute, dressed in a green t-shirt and denim shorts. Had they been any less lucky, they might have ended up just like her. She decided to put the poor girl out of her misery. But her helpless state might just prove useful…

“Hey, Janet?”

“Yeah?” asked the brunette, turning around.

“I was just thinking… we’ve been pretty happy-go-lucky with removing body parts so far, but we have no idea what we can or can’t survive. How about we do a bit of… experimentation on that zombie over there before we relieve her suffering?”

“Depends… does ‘experimentation’ mean kinky shit?”

“With you around, I’m sure it will.”

“Oh, like you’re so innocent,” Janet laughed.

The two girls approached the struggling zombie, wearing matching smiles.

“So, Doctor Simmons,” said Clara as she stood over the struggling zombie girl. “What is your hypothesis?”

“Well, Doctor O’Shea, after going over the data again, its the position of this expert that you’ll have to destoy their brains to kill them. Anything else and they’re fine,” said Janet. She nudge the zombie over onto her back. The poor thing protested briefly, but only in a vague sort of way, wiggling her stumps like a turtle on its back. Janet looked around, and found a glass bottle lying on the ground. She picked it up and smashed it against a wall, creating a knife.

“Jeez, watch yourself there, Janet.”

“Oh, yeah, wouldn’t want to get a cut.”

“Hey, don’t come crying to me if you end up severing a tendon…”

Janet kneeled down and began her work, slicing down the zombie-girl’s belly and pulling the wound open.

“Now, to demonstrate: I’m going to empty out this girl’s torso. Everything; heart and lungs too. I bet she’s still ‘alive’ when I’m done,” she said, as she began to spool intestines out of the girl.

“Hmmm… well, I was inclined to agree with you , but sure, I’ll bet you one favor that she’s worse off. I bet something bad will happen if she has, like, no lungs.”

“I guess we’ll find out. Come on, help me tug these out,” said Janet, cheerfully elbow deep in viscera.

Clara knelt down as well to assist her friend, but the asphalt was uncomfortable on her bare knees. She shifted her position, choosing to sit with her legs crossed instead. As soon as she spread her legs, her tight skirt tore open down the side, leaving a rip that ran several inches up from the hem of the former shirt, covering over half the skirt’s length. The top held for now, though, and it did allow her to cross her legs.

For the second time in less than a week, Clara got a close-up look at a girl’s insides. She hadn’t really studied them in detail the first time, so she made sure to pay extra attention now as she dug her arms into the slithering mass. Since Janet was using the broken bottle, she had to resort to using her bare hands. It seemed as though zombies were indeed more fragile than humans, though, because she had little trouble ripping and tearing organs out of the zombie’s belly. Every time she yanked out another balloon-shaped piece of flesh, she inspected it closely, turning it around in her hand.

Soon they had most of the intestines and other organs out of the way, exposing the girl’s sex. Both girls reached for an ovary simultaneously, glancing up to look each other in the eye when they noticed.

“It’s like that scene in Lady and the Tramp,” giggled Clara.

“Haha yeah. of course, they were ''sucking'' on the spaghetti…”

A shared understanding passed between the girls, and both of them leaned down, each sucking an ovary into their mouth. They attempted a kiss, but ended up smooshing the zombie’s uterus between their mouths instead. With a shrug, the girls started pulling their heads back, pulling the womb and the fallopian tubes taut between them. With a snap, both of the girl’s egg sacks popped off as her uterus fell back down into her abdomen. Janet swallowed visibly, licking her lips.

“Go ahead, you might as well.”

Feeling extremely naughty for doing something like this, Clara swirled the tiny organ around her mouth a couple of times before gulping it down as well.

“Hm, it’s not every day that I get to have eggs for breakfast.”

Having snacked, they continued the lesson. It was strange, but the consumption of raw flesh really did make Clara feel better. The thought would have horrified her last week. Now it was simply reality, and she accepted it rather easily. Once the abdominal cavity was fully empty, the uterus being removed as well, Janet started to cut up between the zombie’s smallish breasts, which she pushed to the side to expose the ribcage.

“Okay, these things are usually kind tough to crack open, right?” she asked Clara.

The bald girl nodded.

“That’s right. Usually. Let’s see though…”

Clara picked up a tough-looking rock and brought it down with surprising force on the exposed bone. It cracked easily after just a few blows. Flinging the rock away, Clara and Janet reached their hands down into the smashed hole where the clavicle used to be, each picking a side, and pulling as hard as they could. There was a loud snapping noise, and the ribcage was easily pulled open. Amazingly, the zombie seemed to register no obvious pain or discomfort to this, continuing to stare dumbly up.

“Huh, she took that like a trooper,” said Janet, waving her hand daringly in front of the zombie’s formerly pretty face. The zombie’s mouth opened and clothed, but made no sound…

“Now I’m no expert, but I imagine that ''these''–” said Clara, pointing at the zombie’s lungs, “shouldn’t be deflated like this. I mean, don’t you need air to make a sound?”

“A valid theory,” agreed Janet. “But of course we need to apply proper scientific rigor and make sure the subject is indeed incapable of making noise.”

“Sounds fair. And how would you propose we test this?”

“Start tearing some more parts off of her? If she protests, we’ll know our theory is incorrect.”

Putting action to her words, Janet wrapped her hand around one of the girl’s trachea and gave a sharp pull, ripping one of the girl’s lungs right out of her chest. The zombie’s dislocated jaw moved and her shortened limbs flailed about, but no sound escaped her mouth.

“Hm,” said Clara, “her voice does indeed appear to be gone. Her arms and legs still work, though. Let’s see if she responds when we remove those.”

She got to her feet and grabbed the zombie’s handless right arm, twisting it counterclockwise so that the elbow was facing almost upward. Putting one foot on the arm just above the elbow to keep it in place, she took hold of the lower arm with both hands and wrenched it upwards, against the natural bending direction. With a series of loud cracks and snapping sounds, the limb was twisted into an unnatural position. Aside from that, there was only silence.

“I would imagine that would’ve gotten a reaction out of her,” said Clara. “Still, can’t hurt to make sure.”

She started twisting and pulling on the zombie’s lower arm, slowly severing the connections keeping it attached. After a few minutes it tore free, leaving the zombie with two truncated arms of almost equal length. She was obviously trying to protest, but no sound could be heard.

“Okay, I’m ready to call it at this point,” said Janet. “Opening the chest means no more talking. Good to know; wouldn’t want to miss your screams of pleasure as I fuck your brains out. Now, what do you think would happen if we remove the heart?”

“Let’s not prevaricate, Doctor; the heart is right there, so…”

Clara reached a hand inside and, without ceremony, pulled the heart right out of the chest. It continued to beat for a few seconds before slowly stopping and sagging in the girl’s hand. Beneath them, the zombie girl continued to silently moan out, apparently unaffected.

“Huh. Not much, really,” said Janet, nudging the girl with her foot. “And the heart even stopped. I was going to use it as a toy as well. And yours.”

“You still can, if you really want.”

“Eh, it’s not as fun when it’s not beating. Right, well, moving swiftly onwards…”

Janet kneeled down next to the girl, getting a good close up look of her face. The skin on the top right of her face was peeled away, and there was a scratch down one cheek, but otherwise she was relatively intact. She handed Clara the bottle.

“This is a two-handed job, I’m afraid. I’ll hold her head, you take it off.”

“Uh, I don’t think I’m going to be able to slice through a spine with this.”

“Improvise, then!”

Shrugging and taking the bottte, Clara knelt down while Janet scuttled around, grabbing hold of the girl’s scalp with one hand while Clara began sawing though the soft pale flesh of the throat…

After a few minutes of making a big mess, Clara had to admit that ‘sawing’ wasn’t really the right word, as that would imply a single cut. While the jagged glass edges had been fine for cutting through skin, the shape wasn’t suited in the slightest for cutting through the much thicker mass of the girl’s neck. What she was doing was more ‘mashing’. Deciding that this wasn’t going to get her anywhere, she put the bottle aside and dug her fingernails into the now ragged flesh, digging out small chunks of meat until she’d removed most of the flesh between the girl’s head and shoulders, leaving only the spine. Bracing the torso with her foot, she placed one hand on each side of the girl’s face, curling her fingers around the jaw, and pulled.

The spinal cord was severed between two of the exposed vertebrae, allowing Clara to lift up the decapitated head, a bit of the spine dangling below the neck. She turned it so Janet could see as well, watching the head work its mouth and roll it’s eyes, no doubt in its death throes. Or, at least, that’s what she assumed. She started to doubt herself when five minutes later the head still hadn’t stopped moving.

“Jeez, she’s full of beans this one, huh?” said Janet eventually.

She asked Clara if she could hold the head, and when she got it she held it up by the blonde hair, the face having calmed down a little as it stared blankly ahead, still ‘alive’ but now back to the standard zombie apathy.

“You know, she really is kinda… cute…”

Janet couldn’t help but lean in and lock lips with the undead head, causing Clara to gasp and pull the head away.

“Are you crazy?!” she said, and as she pulled the scalp was pulled off almost entirely, staying in Janet’s clenched fist.

“That’s how you get your tongue bitten off!”

“Jeez, aren’t you in a fun mood today…” muttered Janet, before tossing the torn-off scalp at her friend. By complete chance it landed perfectly over her brain.

“Hah, I like the blonde look on you, actually…”

“That’s not the worst idea, actually. Maybe one day I’ll steal yours?”

“Hey, the rest of me is fair game, but no touching the hair,” said Janet, waving her locks about.

“Would you rather lose your pussy or your hair?”

“Well… um…” Janet bit her lip, before turning back to the matter at hand.

“''Okay'', last test! And if this doesn’t kill her then jeez, I am just plumb out of ideas…”

She held out her hand, and Clara reluctantly handed the scalped head back to her friend. Making sure she had a secure hold on the girl’s head, Janet smashed it against the pavement. A quick examination revealed a sizeable crack in the exposed part of the zombie’s skull. After slamming the head into the ground a couple more times, the top of its skull broke loose, clattering to the ground where it wobbled back and forth. After peeling back the skin along the edge of the hole, she banged the sides of the head against the road as well until they were sufficiently fractured. She placed the head on her lap and broke away the pieces with her hand until her entire cranial cavity was opened up, completely exposing the brain. Only a bit of bone around her eye sockets remained.

After making sure that the former redhead – and temporary blonde – was watching, Janet held her gaze as she dug her fingers into the zombie’s brain meat, scooped out a small chunk of it and dropped it into her open mouth, never breaking eye contact until she swallowed it down, at which point she closed her eyes and uttered a moan of delight. Clearly the first bite had made her hungry for more, because rather than scooping out another serving she instead lifted the open head up to her mouth, taking a big bite.

Clara watched in fascination as her friend scarfed down the girl’s brain as if it was a giant ice cream sunday. She felt both sets of her lips grow moist as she imagined the brunette devouring her own exposed brain. She didn’t want to die yet, but what a way to go…

“Wha’re yu wai’ing fer?” asked Janet with her mouth full. “Ge’ in ‘ere.”

Clara sat down next to her friend, digging her own teeth into the spongy brain matter. Janet, meanwhile, had taken a bite of the frontal lobe near the zombie’s left eye socket, severing the optic nerve and causing the eyeball to fall to the ground. She picked it up and placed it on her tongue before drawing Clara into an open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues dueled for control of the orb for a good minute or so, with each girl gaining and losing the upper hand several times. In the end, neither won: as the tug-of-war turned particularly heated, it was squished between their tongues and teeth. They hungrily slurped up the jelly before returning their attention to the brain, which they started eating in the same manner, biting off a mouthful of brain meat before locking their lips together and swirling it around their mouths.

They weren’t quite sure exactly when the unfortunate owner of the brain stopped moving entirely; the lack of any sort of moaning or groaning made it hard to judge. But it was obvious by the time they were both licking up the remaining scraps of brains from the bottom of the girl’s skull cavity that she was quite dead.

“You know, you have to hand it to her,” said Clara, in between long licks up the backside of their test subject’s face, “She was a real trooper. Didn’t complain once. I hope all zombies are like her.”

“It’d be nice to know we can have some fun with at least some of them,” agreed Janet, smiling and licking her lips. “Not saying I’m bored of you yet, just saying. Good to make friends.”

“And it’s good to win bets. I believe that’s one favor I’m owed now.”

“Hmm? Oh, right.”

Janet shrugged her one arm, leaning forward and licking a wayward piece of grey matter from Clara’s nose.

“That’s fair, I guess. Know what you’re gonna do with it yet?”

The ‘blonde’ thought for a few seconds.

“I’m happy just to have that one in the bank for now.”

They kissed again, a slow and long one this time, both of them feeling full and alive in the city of the dead…

Feeling like they owned the girl at least something of a decent sendoff, they dragged her corpse over to the nearest front yard and started digging a shallow grave, using her pelvis bone as an improvised shovel. After almost twenty minutes of digging, they had made a hole about a foot deep that, after folding the body into something of a fetus position, was just barely large enough. They piled the dug up earth back on top of it as best they could, but with nothing around to make a headstone they left the grave unmarked.

“Here lies… somebody,” said Janet as the two girls stood beside the grave, feeling obligated to have at least something of a funeral ceremony. “She gave her body to science.”

“And our stomachs,” added Clara. “She was delicious. Amen.”

Janet just looked at her.

“What? She was!”

The brunette rolled her eyes.

“Come on, you dork, let’s get back to town.”

Clara intertwined her fingers with Janet’s as they set off, trying to come up with a good use of her new favor.


Loved the new chapter. Just something I remembered from the last chapter but didn't Janet knock some of Clara's brain lobes loose when she fucked her brain? Figured you might be able to make something of that along with whatever nipple fuck shenanigans you come up with. You also might be able to do something in the line of Frankenstein's monster by having the girls be able to scavenge an attach others body parts.

Can't wait to see what you two come up with next.


Glad to see you back there! It's always a pleasure to find a new story about some girls happily playing with their inner bits.
That idea of writing in pair seem very cool to me. I'll hope you will have a lot of fun doing so, so we can see a lot of your excellent stories.
Just one question: is the zombie apocalypse the same as in “A Cunning Plan”, and if so, is a cross over envisaged. Or even better, are this story and A Cunning Plan both parts of a huge saga where the intertwined yarn of countless characters destiny become the fabric of a dramatic masterpiece? In other words, are you writing the Game of Thrones of non-lethal guro? Hushh..., don't answer the two last ones, just let me dream.

On the suggestion side, I like Astro idea of having some animal climbing in on of the girl. It could also be fun that the end up choose to let the snake dwell in their body and call it a pet.

I'm a bit disappointed that the girls didn't found Janet mom, but I guess that will happen in a future issue.

Something else that may be fun is to introduce a male non-zombi survivor that for some reason, would end up stuck with the two girl. Clara would be interested to have sex with him out of curiosity but not Jannet that know what she like. The man would be on his side very interested in running away from this overly friendly zombi. But Jannet would realize, to her great surprise, that she actually feel a very strong attraction for this man, but she realize that the appetite the presence of the man arouse in her is of the literal kind. Jannet never was attracted to men but maybe it's because she never considered the question from a gastronomical point of view. The guy would have to try to use Clara initial interest in hop to convince the girls that devouring him would be a waste.

As always thank for your great work!

(And sorry for the ones that came here expecting a new issue ?)


Glad to see you guys are enjoying the story.

We have, in fact, discussed adding a cross-over with 'A Cunning Plan'. We haven't made a final decision yet, so we'll see which way the story ends up going.

Just as a little heads up: we've decided to alternate between this story and a new one. If everything goes as planned, we should have the first chapter of that new story up on friday/saturday, depending on your time zone.


Maybe eating enough will let their missing bits grow back?




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Checking in for the season: this story is still my nut fuel. I do hope y'all are still working on stories, either on HF or somewhere else (do tell if you do lol)


We are; in fact, we are currently working on the next chapter to this story. However, PogueMahone is on vacation at the moment and I will be too in a few weeks, so unfortunately I expect the next installment won't be finished until late November or early December.


Apparently chapter 5 was released during gurochan's downtime, so here it is for the sake of continuity. For those who follow us on hentai-foundry and have already read it, the new chapter 6 is down below.

Chapter 5: Mall to themselves

The two girls walked through the city streets hand in hand, occasionally commenting on a zombie they passed. When they were within a couple of blocks, Clara looked up at the sky.

“Looks like it’s around noon,” she said. “Seems like a waste to spend the rest of the day sitting in the apartment. Is there anything you’d like to do before we head back?”

“Hm, good question. It’s not like we can go catch a movie or anything anymore. I don’t know, I guess we could go window shopping?”

“Ooh, good, idea. If I’m not mistaken, I think there’s a mall around here somewhere. Let’s see, I think it was…”

She turned around a few times, trying to orient herself.

“…that way,” said Clara, pointing ahead of her.

Sure enough, after the third block they found the entrance to the mall. The automatic doors no longer worked, but someone had been kind enough to smash in the glass, allowing the girls to step inside.

“So, you think I qualify for the five-finger discount?” asked Janet, wiggling the fingers of her one remaining hand.

“Hah, well, let’s see what’s on sale.”

“Everything must go.”

The inside of the mall was… not pretty. While the streets had been bad, something about being indoors made all of the death and destruction inside seem much worse, much more intense. There wasn’t a storefront in sight that wasn’t smashed to pieces; more than half of them seemed to have some sort of grizzly remains inside. The two girls stared at the carnage in silence for a moment.

“Jeez…” said Janet, before whistling. “And I thought coming here on Black Friday was bad.”

“At least it’s quiet,” added Clara, looking around. “I was expecting a lot more zombies.”

There were still a few stumbling around, but it was hardly Dawn of the Dead stuff.

Janet laughed.

“Hah, even the undead hordes know this place is a dump.”

“Hey, I kinda like this place. I used to go here and browse magazines and get smoothies.”

“We should totally do that, then.” said Janet, moving towards a broken escalator. “Drinks are on me!”

“I’m pretty sure a berry smoothie would taste awful now, but I wouldn’t mind having a relaxing day catching up on the place, yeah.”

The two girls moved deftly past a corpse at the bottom of the broken escalator, climbing up towards the first floor.

Their first stop was a perfume store, where they sampled all of the most expensive bottles before they exited, smelling like a flower store had thrown up on them. They skipped a CD store and were walking past a menswear outlet when Janet’s stomach started to rumble.

“Why do you still have that, anyway?” asked Clara.

“Have what?”

“Your stomach. I mean, it’s not like it’s connected to anything; we pulled out all of your other guts.”

“Sure, but I still like to eat.”

“You don’t need a stomach for that; just a mouth.”

“Fair point. Then again, it’s not bothering me either.”

“Really? Won’t stomach acid, like, leak out of the hole at the bottom?”

“Hmm, good question. Hadn’t considered that, to be honest.”

“Well, then it looks like this is your lucky day, because it just so happens we’re standing right in front of…”

Clara stopped, turned to the store front and held both arms up to the sign.


“Jim’s hardware store. Oh, what the hell, why not?”

The doors were locked and still undamaged. One of the windows, however, was not, which provided access to a hammer that was on display. One swift strike later, Janet and Clara stepped through the door, trying to avoid the fragments of glass that now littered the floor.

“My uncle runs a hardware store upstate,” commented Janet, as they perused the aisles. She held her fingers up to touch the blade of a hedge trimmer.

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“Nah, he’s a dingus. My mom said he was a meth fiend.”

“Eeesh. Wonder if he’s okay,” said Clara as she made her way over to the other end of the store. There was a female torso lying on the floor in front of the counter; she gingerly stepped over it without a second glance and made her way over to some power tools.

“Hmmm… what were you thinking then, some electric fun?”

“Hey hey, we’re not doing intensive surgery here, we’re just removing my stomach,” said Janet, completely seriously. She was waking down the side of the store towards her friend. “Does this place even have power?”

“Mmm, true.”

“Saying that, there’s chainsaws here–”

“I’m not using a chainsaw.”

“I don’t mean on me! I’m just saying!” said Janet, innocently.

Clara couldn’t help but stare at the big saws hanging from the wall… but she would resist their siren call for now.

“Ah, hell with it. Come sit on the counter.” said Clara, reaching for her chosen tool.

While a boxcutter might not have been as impressive as one of those large sawblades, it would be a hell of a lot easier to maneuver in the confines of Janet’s belly. When Janet saw what Clara had in mind, she lay down on her belly, spreading her legs as wide as she could.

Clara spread Janet’s ass cheecks and reached into the elongated asshole with both arms, moving carefully so as not to tear it open even further. She was in almost to her elbows when she felt the bulge of Janet’s stomach. Location the esophagus required her to move a little deeper still, past her elbows. With a couple of clicks, she extended the blade of the boxcutter and started sawing just above the upper entrance to the brunette’s stomach. She slipped a couple of times, earning her some shallow cuts on her other hand, but after a bit of concentrated effort she sliced through the final connecting strands. Pinching both ends closed, she started extracting the severed organ. Janet’s stomach wasn’t exactly small, however, and Clara was pretty sure she saw Janet’s asshole tear open a little further upwards when she forced it out. She glanced around her for something to close off Janet’s esophagus, settling for a zip tie. After pulling it tight, she felt around Janet’s abdominal cavity before pulling her arms out once more.

“All right, there we go ma’am,” she said in her best New York construction worker accent, “I’ve removed the offending organ and your belly is now nice and empty, save for your, emm… your unmentionables. Let’s see, that’s going to run you, emm… materials, plus labor… let’s call it 200 bucks.”

“Oh my, but I don’t have that kind of money,” said Janet in a breathy housewife voice as she pushed herself up from the counter. “Isn’t there some other way I could pay you instead?”

She gave Clara a peck on her lips.

The perfume from before was still working as intended; she smelt jamine and lavender and all sorts of flowers, which was a nice change from everything else. Clara giggled.

“As eager as I am to receive my payment… let’s go somewhere else first. I dunno if a half-wrecked hardware store is the right setting for this.”

“Oooh, aren’t we picky,” tutted Janet. She pressed her hands down on her bare middrift, showing how skinny she was now – she could easily wrap a hand around the base of her spine, exposing her own pelvis.

“You sure you don’t wanna drill me here?” she asked, getting off the counter and accidentally stepping on the torso below. There was a faint squishing nose, and then air being expelled from… well, the holes that were there. The two girls looked at each other.

“Yyyyeah, that was a moodkiller,” said Clara. She turned around. “Come on, let’s go find somewhere more comfortable. As she walked away, Janet shot the headless torso a dirty look, her foot still half-sunk into her belly. “Way to go, cock-blocker…” she muttered at it, before following her friend out.

On her way out, she grabbed the boxcutter and a roll of duct tape, secreting both away up her ass. She had some ideas how she was going to pay that fictitious bill once Clara was a little more in the mood.

The two girls continued their trek through the mall. They passed the food court where Clara used to get her smoothies, which looked more like a war zone now. Overturned chairs and tables were strewn around haphazardly amid trays full of half-eaten food and spill drink cups. Barely a minute after they had crossed the plaza, a voice called out to them.

“Stop right there! Don’t come any closer!”

Clara and Janet stopped and looked at each other. Could it be? Had they actually found another survivor?

“Hands up where I can see ‘em!”

Obeying the command, they raised their hands as they searched for the origin of the voice. They found it in a head poking up from a makeshift barricade some forty yards away, behind the barrel of a rifle that was aimed at them. It was a woman, probably somewhere in her early thirties. She had dark brown hair, but that was about all they could make out at this distance.

“Are you two still human or… whatever those other things are?” asked the woman.

They hesitated. While they weren’t exactly full zombies, they suspected they would get a face full of lead before they could explain the intricacies of their situation.

Janet gave Clara a ‘What now?’ kind of look, her one arm raised. Clara cleared her throat.

“We’re… human!” she said. “We didn’t think there’d be another survivor…”

“Human, eh?” replied the survivor, not budging. “Come closer. I want a good look at you two.”


“But what?! You hiding something from me? I will put you both in the fuckin’ ground–”

At this, Janet stepped forward, undoing the belt around her chest.

“We’re kinda underdressed, Captain Eyesight. We came here to get clothes,” she said, standing there with her one arm on one bare hip. Clara couldn’t believe Janet’s stupidity. There’s no way that gun-nut would miss those wounds on her stomach, the one arm… she closed her eyes, simply accepting that gunfire was inevitable. There was, instead, just an embarrassed cough from the gun-toting survivor.

“Oh… um… sorry,” she said, the rifle lowering slightly.

“I uh… kinda lost my glasses in the chaos… I wasn’t trying to be a p–pervert or anything.”

“Yeah, yeah,” replied Janet, dismissively. “Look, sister, we’re gonna go make ourselves presentable, then we’ll come over and we can chat, okay?”

“Sure. Sure… be safe now. Can’t be t–too careful…”

As the two friends walked away, Janet couldn’t help but grin a smug grin. Clara just stared at her, unsure if she was a secret genius or just a lucky bitch…

The two girls didn’t have to walk far to find a clothing store. To their surprise, the inside looked pretty much untouched, despite the fact that the doors were open. Then again, zombies weren’t exactly known for their fashion sense, though the two zombies in question were planning on being the exception.

“Man, this is the way to shop for clothes,” said Janet. “We don’t have to pay, there’s nobody in our way, and the best part? We don’t even have to keep walking back and forth to the dressing rooms.”

She unclipped the belt around her boobs and let it fall to the floor. A light downward tug on her loincloth was enough to send it sliding down her legs, leaving her to walk around the store naked. Clara gave a quick self-conscious look around, though even she wasn’t sure who she would’ve expected to be watching, and tried to strip as well. ‘Tried’ being the operative word, because her shirt and skirt were practically vacuum-sealed to her body.

“Uhm, little help?” she asked.

Janet walked over with a smile on her lips.

“Sure thing,” she said, and hooked her fingers into Clara’s collar. She yanked downwards, tearing the thin fabric right down the middle. Before her friend had a chance to protest, she tore through the skirt as well, leaving it fluttering to the floor.

“Subtle,” laughed Clara as she started tearing through the sleeves as well, dumping the ruined shirt on the floor when she had freed herself.

The two naked girls started browsing the racks of clothing, looking for something that caught their fancy.

Clara considered what she was going to get. As a student, and as a girl who had ever exactly been with the ‘in’ crowd, she had never thought as much about fashion as other girls she knew. But as she cast her gaze over at the various dresses on display, she started to wonder if this was the time. A dress would at least cover up her rather absent butt rather nicely. And since she would almost certainly wear a hat to cover up her baldness, now seemed a wonderful excuse. So she grabbed picturesque red number, long and flowing, and got to work putting it on.

“Hah, going fancy?” asked Janet as she wandered around the store.

“Might as well. You looking for any dresses with a size in the negatives? Given your new waistline and all.”

“They just don’t cater for women like me.”

Janet stopped suddeny, rooting through some clothes before holding something up. It was a smart, but tight-looking corset. She looked at Clara with a huge smile. Her friend pursed her lips.

“Um… cute, but shouldn’t you get something that hides how thin you are now, rather than emphasizes it?”

“Don’t worry,I have a plan for that too. I just wanna see what it looks like first. Come on, help me put it on.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Clara walked over and began to fit the corset over her friend’s diminished waist…

She did up the laces in the back and started cinching them shut. Working from top to bottom, she pulled each set of laces tight enough to have the two metal rings touch each other. This was much tighter than the corset was supposed to be worn, but it still was very loose around Janet’s midsection. Clara pinched the two sides of the corset together between her fingers and squeezed the remainder of the corset tighter and tighter. When she finally encountered some resistance, she goggled at her friend’s waist. Everything between the bottom of her ribs and the top of her pelvis had been reduced to a tube barely two inches in diameter. She undid the ends of the laces, wrapped the flattened part of the corset around Janet’s spine as well, and tied everything up with the lace to keep it in place.

Janet walked over to a mirror to get a better look at herself, twisting this way and that to admire herself from all angles.

“Milan, here I come!” she said.

“You do know you’ll be shot on sight if you wear this, right?”

“Hey, at least I’ll be a small target.”

“Ha ha.”

“Oh fine. But I do like the way it looks, so I’m not giving up on the idea entirely.”

Clara freed her friend from the corset and they wandered deeper into the store, towards the swimwear section.

“Hey Clara, look!” yelled Janet. “You said you’d never heard of zipper bikinis? Well, guess what they have here!”

The brunette held up what looked rather like a collection of colourful string. Clara looked harder.

Those are bikinis?”

“Yeah! Sexy, right? Come on, try ‘em on,” encouraged Janet.

Shrugging, Clara got out of her red dress so that she was nude again, and took a pink one from her friend’s hand. The top was barely anything at all once she had it on. The zipped up portion barely covered her areola. She carefully unzipped it, exposing her nipples.

“Hmm. Not bad…”

“I’m expecting to see a lot of this once we’re done with Claire Redfield out there.”

“Maybe…” She pulled on the bottom. Or tried to. Without any asscheeks, getting it to stay on was a problem, as they tended to slide downwards. Janet laughed at the sight, shaking her head.

“Ahh, we’ll find a fix for that another time. Just go commando for now though. She won’t look up your dress, something tells me.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah. She’s a virgin if I ever saw one,” continued Janet, confidently. “Now, about my brilliant plan…”

She walked over to a rack of summer dresses and pulled one over her head, shimmying into it as elegantly as she could with one arm, which was to say not very.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Well, the fit isn’t very good, and I can’t say I like the pattern…”

“Good,” said Janet, pulling the dress over her head again. “Because I wasn’t planning on wearing it. Not on the outside, at least.”

She spread her legs a bit and started pushing the fabric of the dress up her pussy with two fingers.

Clara watched as inch by inch the dress disappeared into Janet’s snatch, until nothing of it was visible anymore.

“Okay, so what was the point of that?” asked Clara, a little confused.

Instead of replying, Janet picked another dress off the rack and started stuffing it up her cunt as well.

“Still nothing?” she asked when it too had been swallowed up whole.

“Sorry, I’m drawing a blank.”

“Well, I figure if I do this enough times, eventually my abdomen will fill up enough to look normal.

She held out another dress as realization dawned on the former redhead.

“Help a girl out, would you?”

Janet lay down on the floor as Clara approached, eager to help. She untied Janet’s womb from around her spine before grabbing a wad of the dress and ramming her whole fist into her friend’s vagina.

“Mmf, eager beaver. Don’t blow me open, now,” purred Janet, as her friend got to work stuffing her with fabrics.

“It’s nice that these things are… mmmf… getting put to use, right?”

“Exactly. Those dressmaker’s work was not in vain.”

After a few more dresses, Janet’s waistline had actually plumped out a little. Clara poked at it with her fingers, Janet’s one hand also exploring it. She hadn’t quite felt anything like that before; flesh covering cloth, rather than the other way around. After making sure that the last dress had properly plugged Janet’s pussy, and that the whole lot wasn’t just going to fall out immediately, Janet whipped on the micro bikini and stood up, letting Clara do up her corset once more. “There. Janet, I dare say you’ll look rather presentable once we find a dress to complete your outfit.” said Clara, nodding her head like a critic appraising a piece.

“Okay, go find something nice. I have one thing I wanna get…”

She went over to where the hats where kept. She toyed with several ideas: a jaunty fedora, a sunhat, and so on. But when she saw a massive, wide-brimmed black hat, complete with bows, she was sold. The bald girl placed it on her head and inspected herself in the mirror. She was enjoying this so much, she realised. It almost felt… normal. Like two friends just hanging out…

“Hey, baldie, I need your opinion about colours!” shouted Janet from across the store. Ah, friends…

Clara walked over to Janet, who was holding up two blouses next to the grey corset around her abdomen.

“What to do you think: the white one, or the purple one?”

“Do you have to wear anything underneath? I think you’d look much better wearing nothing but that corset.”

Janet rolled her eyes.

“You’re so predictable. Come on, help me pick or we’ll be here all day.”

“Oh alright. Definitely the white one. And to complete the ensemble…”

She walked around for a bit, browsing the racks of clothes.

“Ah, here we go.”

She handed Janet a pair of black shorts.

“Turn around, I’ll help you.”

She helped her girlfriend out of the corset and into the short-sleeved white blouse, which she buttoned up for her – most of the way, at least; she left the top four buttons unbuttoned, revealing quite a bit of cleavage. Once she was satisfied, she waited for the brunette to pull on her pants before helping back into her corset. No sooner had she cinched the last of the laces tight than Janet rushed over to a mirror to admire herself.

“Ooh, very cute, I like it,” she said, turning this way and that. “The missing arm might be a bit of a giveaway, though,” she said, looking at the empty sleeve on her right side.

“If she asks, just say it was a childhood accident,” shrugged Clara.

“Only assholes point out stuff like that.”

“She might be an asshole” replied Janet. “I’m willing to say that she is. First impressions, I know…

“We will see. Come, my respectable-looking, non-zombie friend. Let us head out for a lovely meeting with friends.”

Climbing back into her red dress, Clara offered a hand, which Janet accepted. They strode out of the store, and made their way back to the barricade past the food court. Clara wondered if their ‘friend’ would still even be there – it would be amusing in a very dark way had she somehow been overran while the two of them had been playing dress-up. No sooner had they gotten within forty yards of the barricade, however, than Clara got her answer.

“Stop right there! Hands where I can see them!” cried the voice of the survivor.

Janet rolled her eyes.

“It’s us, genius. From before?” she said. “The girls who went away to get clothes?”

“O–oh, yes. I see,” replied the voice, sounding a little unsure. “Uh… just come a little closer then, so I can check.”

The two newly-clothed zombies walked closer, until the survivor could be better seen, holding a shaking rifle in her hands and squinting at them. She visible relaxed as they approached.

“Huh, well, look at that. Survivors!” she said. “Oh, what happened to your arm?”

“Told you…” whispered Janet.

“What was that?”

“Childhood accident,” she said. “I uhh… got my arm caught… in uhh… a door. You know how people always say ‘Don’t let the door hit you on the way out’? Well, I learned that the hard way. And I’m kind of self-conscious about it, so I’ll thank you not to bring it up again.”

“Oh, well, uhh… excuse me, I guess. Just making sure, you know. Can’t be too careful these days. Yes, I suppose that’s quite alright then. Okay, come on up.”

She raised the barrel of her gun into the air, allowing the girls to walk up to and climb over the barricade.

“Hi, I’m Clara,” said Clara, extending her hand.

“Liz,” said the survivor as she shook it. “Liz Foster.”

“And I’m Janet.”

The brunette went for a handshake as well, which was a little more awkward due to the fact that she only had her left hand.

“So, what brings you girls to this neighborhood?”

“Oh, we’re just looking for interesting places to fu– I mean, forage for food,” said Clara, quickly correcting herself. “And how’d you end up here?” she added, hoping the other woman would ignore the slip-up.

“I work a couple of blocks from here in an office building,” said the woman. “I managed to hide in a supply closet there to avoid the worst of the initial outbreak, but eventually I got hungry. Once I found this place, I decided to set up here instead. It’s pretty quiet and there’s still a lot of food left. Other than that, I’m mainly just waiting for the National Guard to come into town and rescue me.”

“Think they’re even coming?” asked Clara, as they were lead into a makeshift room made out of cardboard and furniture. Liz had managed to find a matress somehow. Empty bottles and other garbage aside, it looked pretty cosy.

“Oh yeah, of course! They’ll clean those zombies up easy,” said Liz, pointing her rifle at an imaginary zombie. “Boom, boom, boom. They won’t know what hit ‘em.” She sat down on her matress, running a hand over her face. “Then we can get back to normal.”

Clara wanted to say some things about this. But it was important to be diplomatic. Liz was clearly very, very stressed. So she just sat beside her instead. She saw Liz tense up a little, but the former office worker said nothing.

“That would be nice.” she said, pre-emptively glaring at Janet before she could say anything to poo-poo Liz’s hopes for the future. “How did you get that gun?|

“Took it from someone that didn’t need it anymore.”



Said gun was propped up against the wall of the little shelter. Liz looked over to it.

“Fucking zombies, man. You know you gotta get every last one. That’s how you stop this happening again.”

“Maybe they’ll nuke the city,” said Janet.

Everyone stared at her.

She shrugged. “What? They might!”

“Let’s assume that they’re not going to go that far,” said Clara, giving Janet a pointed look.

“Oh, uhh, yeah, I’m probably just being silly,” said Janet.

The trio was quiet for a while after that.

“So… what do you when you’re not guarding against zombies?” asked Janet, in an effort to break the silence.

“Well, sleeping, mostly. Or going out to gather food.”

“No, I mean what do you do for entertainment?”

“Not much. Not like I got a TV here or anything. Don’t even have anything to read. Man, what I wouldn’t give right now to be back home, curled up on the sofa next to Kate.”

“Who’s that? A friend of yours?”

“Sort of. We’ve never really put a label on what we are yet. We’ve only known each other for about two months.”

Clara and Janet gave each other a knowing look.

“So I’m guessing you two are more than just friends?” asked Clara. “Have you guys kissed?”

“I– wh– yes, we did,” stammered Liz, blushing a little as a shy smile crept onto her face.

“And did you fool around?” asked Janet.

“What? I’m not going to tell you that!” exclaimed Liz. The blush on her cheeks was rapidly turning crimson.

“I’m going to take that as a yes,” said Janet with a smirk. “You know, you’re not the only one around here who’s into girls. I’m sure that after several days of not getting any you must be getting pretty horny. Perhaps we can be of some assistance?”

Liz didn’t say anything; she was staring at Janet with her mouth open, her head doing its best impression of a tomato.

“I think you broke her,” giggled Clara. “Not everyone’s as big a slut as you, you know.”

“Oh, sure they are. Some of them just might not know it yet. I managed to bring out your inner whore, didn’t I? I’m sure we can do the same for her. We just need to help her along a little.”

She sat down next to Liz and placed her hand on the woman’s leg.

“How about it, Liz? Ready for a bit of fun?”

The survivor babbled out a few syllables, looking between the two ladies she had invited into her shelter. She was visibly sweating now. Clara sat down on the opposite side, placing a hand on Liz’s side and moving it up and down, feeling an athletic body beneath her ragged shirt.

“Tense… so tense,” she whispired, feeling her new friend shivering.

This was a new feeling. Her sexual confidence was such a recent development, after all. Clara felt like some succubus tempting a lovely virgin, a metaphor only a step or two removed from reality.

Janet leaned in closer, her face inches from Liz’s.

“I’ll take that as a yes, babe.”

“Blurgh–” Liz was cut off by a quick kiss, and somehow went even redder. The two girls locked eyes. Seeing Janet looking at another woman so lustfully… was this jealousy Clara was feeling suddenly?

Well, two could play at that game. She grabbed Liz by the collar and pulled her into a fierce open-mouthed kiss. She forced her tongue into Liz’s mouth, dominating the stunned woman’s tongue. She started trying to undo the buttons, but in her distracted state she wasn’t getting anywhere so she grabbed a fistful of fabric in each hand and yanked them apart, sending a spray of buttons clattering to the ground. Pulling the shirt open just far enough to reveal the woman’s torso, Clara slid her hands underneath the cups of Liz’s cream-colored bra, pawing at her breasts.

Janet, meanwhile, having no intention of being a bystander, had pushed the woman’s navy pencil skirt up around her hips and had taken the waistband of her panties between her teeth. With a jerk of her head and a loud ripping sound she tore right through them. After ripping through the other side as well, she pulled the destroyed scrap of fabric free and tossed it over her shoulder before latching onto Liz’s pussy with her mouth, slurping and sucking with gusto.

“Ahhh! Sto– no… yes! ohhh!”

Their former antagonist had been reduced to a mewling mess. As Janet went down on her, Clara climbed on top, thankful that she had went commando under her dress. She knew how to put a stop to that nonsense talk Liz was spewing. The girl didn’t even have to be told – her head lunged at the pussy that had suddenly appeared in front of her face. Two arms went towards Clara’s butt – or at least where her butt used to be. The former redhead quickly redirected them onto Janet’s breasts, where they were thankfully happy to stay. She sat there for many blissful minutes, reveling in her conquest. She stared down at Liz, who made eye contact with her. Clara couldn’t help but notice how lovely and full-looking her skull was, filled to the brim with delicious, warm… she shook her head. Liz asked her something, but it was muffled by cunt.

“Pardon?” asked Clara, lifting herself up.

“I said is something up?”

“Oh, no no.”

“Cause if I’m doing this wrong, uh, you can say–” Clara sat back down again. She’d override these weird feeling with an orgasm, then think later.

Soon Clara was moaning loudly. Despite her timid behavior, Liz was actually pretty good at eating pussy. Her time with Janet had left her spoiled, however, and she wanted more. Scratch that, she needed more. Her hands slid up her sides, towards her breasts, which she grabbed roughly, raking her nails across her flesh, which left white tracks that quickly turned red. Her index fingers circled her areola as she slowly approached her nipples, her fingertips pushing hard against the two small nubs. Suddenly, she felt the same strange sensation she had felt earlier that day when she had been in the shower. She looked down to see both fingers embedded in her boobs up to the second digit. She knew she would probably regret this later, but right now she was too horny to care. With a bit of extra pressure, she buried her fingers in her tits all the way to the knuckle. It felt different than her pussy; tighter, for one thing, but the texture was different as well. She pulled her fingers back about halfway before driving them deep again, and began finger-fucking her milk ducts.

Liz could barely comprehend what was happening to her. One minute she had been carefully trying to keep herself from getting eaten, and now she was being smothered by somebody’s pussy, eating and being eaten out in a rather different sense. Not that this was a bad thing; the unplanned threeway was the best – and only – stress relief she’d had in days. And who knew? Perhaps the three of them could join forces and help her look if by some miracle Kate was still ali–

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something pushing against her asshole. She tried to look down, but all she could see were a set of labia sliding back and forth.

“Wait, don’t,” she tried to say, “I’ve never done anal before,” but all that came out was “Mrf, nnf. Uf nfr fn nf nfr!”

This stunning example of eloquence did nothing to dissuade Janet from slipping first one, then two fingers into Liz’s rectum, which she responded to by giving a loud high-pitched yelp, though that too was muffled by the folds on Clara’s sex.

The third finger was too much for Liz, and she jolted on the bed, coating Janet’s hungry face with her juices even as she tried to lap every drop. Clara made sure to wiggle about on top of Liz’s face to ‘encourage’ her to keep going. After a lull, Liz went back to work on the girl straddling her face.

Janet, withdrawing her fingers, got off the bed and walked over to Clara, looking down and gasping when she saw what her lover was doing to her own breasts.

“Oh, shit. Wow.”

“Uh huh, well said. Mmmf,” managed Clara, as her lower lips were toyed with.

Janet bent down and started to kiss Clara deeply, squeezing her breasts so that Clara’s fingers went in even deeper. Soon she was also cumming, splattering Liz’s own face. She collapsed backwards, panting heavily.

“Hey now…” said Janet, climbing on top of both of the women at once. “Don’t leave me hanging here, yeah?”

No sooner had Clara moved out of the way, allowing Liz to lick some of the juices coating her face, than a different set of labia covered her nose and mouth. The intent was obvious, so she wasted no time getting to work. Janet crooned in pleasure as Liz’s tongue pressed against her clit and slid backwards between her pussy lips. Clara captured her mouth in a deep kiss, starting a duel between their tongues. It went back and forth for a while as the girls struggled for dominance, but Janet steadily gained ground until she had her tongue extended all the way into Clara’s mouth, almost deep enough to lick her tonsils. At that point, however, Clara bit down, squeezing Janet’s tongue between her teeth tightly, but not hard enough to draw blood. She looked at the brunette with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Reading the bald girl’s intent, Janet shook her head. She didn’t want to lose the ability to talk.

Reluctantly, Clara opened her mouth and let her girlfriend go, sporting an exaggerated pout.

“Aww, spoilsport. Guess I’ll have to go find a new plaything.”

She let her eyes wander across Janet’s body, from her head down to her crotch where Liz was producing a steady stream of slobbering noises. Getting an idea, she got up and crawled over behind Janet, pushing between the girl’s shoulder blades to tilt her forwards, until she was lying in a 69 position with Liz. This exposed her asshole, which was gaping slightly. Pushing her fingers together, Clara rammed her hand into the opening and fumbled around between the dresses that were stuffed in Janet’s abdomen until her fingers closed around the womb. She hoped Liz wouldn’t be able to notice this, because explaining it would get a little awkward. Tracing her fingers around its surface, she located one of the ovaries and started rolling it between her fingers, occasionally letting her nails press into it lightly.

“Oh god, yes,” mewled Janet.

“Mmmhmmm,” mumbled Liz, eyes closed, apparently too lost in her revelry to notice Clara with a fist in Janet’s ass. Clara continued her ovary stimulation, giving it a big pinch and repressing a grin when Janet bucked and moaned. The redhead’s pussy practically rode up Liz’s whole face, her nose dissapearing underneath the slick folds and getting slick with juices.

“Oooo! Er… L–Liz, you’re so good at that…” said Janet, turning around and making a “cut it out” gesture with her hand. But Clara wasn’t quite ready to leave yet. She reached her hand in further and wrapped as much of her hand as she could around her friend’s womb, making sure she could feel both ovaries around her fingers and her palm. Then, mercilessly, she squeezed hard. Just once, and very quickly, for she let go a second later and quickly withdrew her hand at speed. It was enough though. Janet drowned her scream in Liz’s sopping cunt, vibrating and shaking like she’d been tasered, and she came. Her empty asshole gaped and even fluttered slightly, being only loose skin after all.

Janet rolled off of Liz and onto her back, and for several minutes the only sound was that of three women panting lightly as they caught their breath.

“That was…” said Liz, but paused as she failed to come up with an adequate description. In the end, she settled for “wow.”

“Yeah, that wasn’t half bad,” said Clara.

“Not half bad? Do I dare ask what amazing sex is like for you two?”

Clara and Janet looked at each other, and burst out giggling.

“Probably best you don’t,” Janet manged to get out between fits of laughter.

“Well jeez, you guys know how to get a girl curious, don’t you? That’s alright, perhaps another time. Uhh, that is if you wish to stay here. You’re welcome to, if you’d like. I could use some company, even if it’s just to talk; we don’t have to have sex. Unless you want to, of course. I’d totally be up for– I’m babbling, aren’t I? Please, somebody say something so I can shut up.”

“Okay, calm down,” said Clara with a smile. “To be honest, we hadn’t really planned on staying.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid we have some plans of our own,” said Janet. “We’re still trying to find my mom.”

“Oh, of course, that’s fair,” said Liz, looking disappointed.

“Will you be okay?” asked Janet. “I suppose we could stay a day or so if you really want…”

“No, that’s okay. It’s just that, aside from the company, I was looking forward to being able to sleep while somebody else stood guard. I’ve barely been able to sleep since this whole mess started for fear of being eaten, and I’m exhausted.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” asked Clara. “Look, we can spare a few hours. Why don’t you grab some shut-eye while we stand watch, and when you wake up we’ll continue on our way?”

“Really? You’d do that?”

“Sure, happy to help.”

Liz flashed them both a grateful smile, laid back down and closed her eyes, not even bothering to get dressed. She was out like a light in less than a minute.

A little over four hours later, she blinked her eyes open again and yawned.

“Wow, that feels so much better. Thank you so much,” she said to the two girls, who had gotten dressed in the meantime.

“You’re welcome,” said Clara.

“So, I suppose this is goodbye?”

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

Liz awkwardly extended a hand. Janet looked at it for a second.

“Seriously? Come here, girl,” she said, pulling Liz into a big hug. When she was done, Clara took her place.

“Be careful, okay?” said the former redhead.

“I’ll try. And you too, huh?”

“Oh, I’ll think we’ll manage,” smiled Janet.

With a final wave, the two girls set off again, further into the mall.


Chapter 6: Having a ball

Clara and Janet walked past a series of deserted store fronts before climbing another broken escalator. The scenery was much the same as on the lower two levels: broken glass, smashed furniture and the odd mauled body as far as the eye could see. While Clara looked around, scanning the signs for anything interesting, Janet walked over to a fallen bookcase that had been pushed through the window of a bookstore. Careful not to step on any of the scattered shards of glass, she picked up one of the books. The book was called ‘No pun intended – Volume tree’, and the cover featured a squid saying ‘Are you squidding me right now’ and a seal saying ‘That’s the sealiest thing I’ve ever heard!’

“Hey, look what I found,” said Janet.

Clara walked over to her and read the cover.

“Seriously?” she said, arching an eyebrow. “Oh well, I guess a little entertainment as we walk around this place can’t hurt. Alright, hit me.”

Janet turned to a random page as they continued on.

“What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches?”

“Umm… a sea monster of some kind?”

“A nervous wreck.”


“My ex used to hit me with stringed instruments. If only I had known about her history of violins.”

“Ooh, good one.”

“Yeah, I like that one too. Let’s see… I’m a big fan of whiteboards. I find them quite re-markable.”

“Hmm, kinda lame.”

“Yeah, It’s a bit far-fetched.”

“Can I have a go?”


Janet handed Clara the book and she started riffling through it.

“Hmmm… my friend Joe lost the left side of his body. He’s all right now.”

Janet groaned, in a rather zombie like way as it was.

“Urgh, these are getting worse. Although, actually, that one seems pretty relevant to the whole zombie apocalypse thing. There was a girl in the mall, head split in two. Clean through.”

“What the fuck, why didn’t you tell me?!” said Clara, visibly annoyed as she started to flick through the pages for more terrible jokes.

“She was near our good friend Captain Eyesight from before; it would have been a weird thing to say.”

“Fair. Think Liz will be okay?”

“Hmmm… not sure. To be totally honest, if this was a movie, I wouldn’t be putting money on her surviving.”

There was an awkard silence after that, Clara hiding her face in the book she was carrying as she thought about this. Sometimes she forgot about the horrible loss around her, and meeting a real living person had now made her realise how much that poor, frightened girl had to lose. Maybe the next time they saw each other, Liz would be just another mindless abomination, doomed to shuffle the earth in search of brains forever… Then she tripped, because you can’t read books and walk at the same time, especially during the apocalypse.

“Woah!” she yelled as she fell forward like a tree, slamming her nose against the book when she hit the floor.

“Ow. Nguess I wasng’t paying attengtiong,” she said in a nasal voice before rubbing her nose, which was definitely bent in a way it wasn’t supposed to be. She grabbed it and, with a crack, twisted it back towards its original position.

“Nganganganangananananana,” she said as she made some final adjustments. “Testing, one, two, three, testing… there we go, good as new.”

Janet watched her with a bemused expression.

“What would be the equivalent here of ‘Don’t drink and drive’? ‘Don’t pun and run’?”

“It might be, if I’d been running. What did I trip over, anyway?”

She looked back and saw a hairy leg wearing a flip-flop and the leg of a pair of bermuda shorts with a flower print. The top of the leg wasn’t attached to anything.

“Ugh, just because you’re dying doesn’t mean you have to be a slob,” said Clara. “He could’ve at least cleaned up after himself.”

“Maybe he… couldn’t stand it,” said Janet.

“Oh, ha ha. Let’s leave the punning to the professionals, shall we?”

Clara picked up the book and got to her feet. Keeping it further away from her face so she could see where she was going, she turned the page.

“Sex in an elevator is wrong on so many levels.”

“Bullshit,” said Janet. “It’s fun. And quickly getting dressed before the doors open is quite a turn-on.”

“Hmm, I’ve never tried it, but now you’re making me curious. Does this place have an elevator, by any chance?”

“Probably, but I doubt it still works, given the state of the escalators. Also, there’s not much chance of anyone walking in on us.”

“Aw, boo.”

They walked on, alternately laughing and groaning at the puns. After turning a corner, Clara’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god, look! A Chuck E. Cheese! I haven’t been in one of those in forever. I used to love playing in the ball pit as a kid. And now we have one all to ourselves!”

She sped off towards the restaurant, dropping the pun book on the floor.

Janet chuckled and followed her at a more relaxed pace, shaking her head.

There were no signs of any barricades on the restaurant doors; maybe people had decided that they weren’t going to make their last stand at the home of an animatronic rat. Maybe they’d played too much Five Nights at Freddy’s to stand the idea. This did mean that, when the two girls entered, there were a few stray zombies strolling around inside. But they weren’t causing any harm. Really they were just doing what Janet and Clara were doing, which is to say, killing time.

“Okay, real talk,” said Janet, as her companion led her past the main dining area in search of the fun bits. “I never liked Chuck E Cheese. The place and just, like, the rat.”

“What? Why not?!”

“It’s just kinda lame, isn’t it?”

“Uh, no?” said Clara, looking genuinely offended, before they stopped in amidst a sea of arcade machines, dark and dusty as everything else in the room. “Not when I was 10, anyway.”

“I always knew I was the real mature one out of us.”

Janet winced as she stood in something sticky and looked down. It was just spilled soda. “Gross.”

“In the grand scheme of things…”

“I know, I know, but it’s still gross!”

“I hope Chuck’s about as a zombie rat. That would be amazing. We should go check.”

“Yeah, have fun with that. If there’s a giant anthro robotic zombie rat in here I’m going to Burger King instead. Not to eat, obviously,” added the brunette, poking at her mostly emptied abdomen. “You hungry, actually?”

“A little, I guess. But I don’t expect we’ll find anything here that caters to our new palate. Unless you want to try and take down one of these other zombies.”

Janet grimaced.

“No thanks. I think most of them spent so much time here that they’ve got grease pumping through their veins. Besides, I bet if we did manage to down one we’d be crushed by the others rushing in to have a bite.”

“Yeah, good call. We’ll try to find somebody more free-range later. And if we don’t, we’re pretty tasty ourselves.”

Before Janet could respond, something caught Clara’s eye.

“Hey, look! It’s the ball pit!”

She grabbed Janet’s wrist and dragged her over to the basin of brightly-colored balls. With a giant grin on her face, she knocked her hat on the floor, pulled her dress over her head and jumped into the pit, where she burrowed her way down until only her top half was visible. Clara scooped up and armful of balls and threw them up into the air.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?”

Deciding she might as well go along with it, Janet started stripping as well. This took rather longer than Clara, since she was short one arm while having to deal with the laces of her corset. She emptied out her womb as well, pulling out the dresses one by one. Making sure that Clara wasn’t looking at her, she reached into her asshole, pulled out the boxcutter and the duct tape, and slipped them under the pile of clothing. The now naked and empty Janet joined her girlfriend in the ball pit, wading in as her legs sank deeper and deeper.

“Alright, show me what’s so great about this thi–”

The brunette felt one of the plastic balls pop through her distended anus and enter her abdomen, which gave her an idea. Perhaps this childish play area would turn out to be fun after all…

“Hey Clara?”


“How many balls do you think are in this pit?” asked the one-armed girl, wading her way through the ball pit and feeling another ball slide into her ass. Clara shrugged.

“What? Er, I’ve no idea. Three hundred. Four hundred and twenty.”

“Haha. Well, here’s another question for you.” She leaned in close. “How many can you get inside me? Cause I count two already.”

Clara grinned, before placing both hands on Janet’s chest and giving her a shove. Janet, in an exaggarated and playful manner, threw herself backwards until she was lying on her back, half sunk in the pit. She felt her legs getting spread wide.

“Are you picky what hole? Oooh, I see one in your ass now, yeah.”

“Knock yourself out.”

Clara went to pick up a individual ball, and was met with a derisive snort from Janet.

“Pffft, one at a time?! Just shove those bad boys in already.” Nodding, the bald girl took a different approach, placing her hand into the pit and shoving the multi-coloured plastic balls towards her girlfriend’s crotch. Given how loose Janet was, especially in her empty flap of an asshole, it barely took any effort to start filling her up. The brunette could feel the balls scrape along her spine and pelvis before getting pushed further in. Not to mention the ones starting to creep inside her womb. “Mmmm…”

“See, I told you it was fun here.”

“Bet you never did this when you were ten, though.”

Clara laughed.

“No, I certainly didn’t. Of course, if I’d known then what I know now…”

She stopped shoveling balls towards Janet’s holes for a second, picked up a yellow one and stared at it thoughtfully before moving her hands towards her ass. She spread her cheeks with her other hand, placed the ball against her puckered asshole and started pushing. While Janet’s fists had certainly loosened it up a little over the past few days, she still had to exert quite a bit of force, and her face was scrunched up in concentration. Her efforts were paying off, though: she could feel the ring of her ass opening up slowly.

Janet saw the other girl’s mouth open into a surprised O-shape when it suddenly popped inside.

“Feels nice, huh?” she asked.

“Yeah, it kind of does.”

“How about we turn this into a contest? See how many each of us can take?”

“Um, you’re going to win that one, obviously. You’ve got way more space than I do.”

“You mean you’d win easily, since points go to the one stuffing the balls. That way there’s more of an incentive to get in as many as possible.”

“Oh, okay. I’m going to need some sort of handicap then. How’s this? For every ball you put in me, I have to put two in you?”

Janet considered this for a moment.

“Sure, seems fair enough.”

Clara made her way over to Janet’s left side and turned around so her girlfriend could reach her ass.

“Ready? On your marks…”

Janet picked up an orange ball and pressed it into Clara’s butt crack. “Get set…”


As Clara started scooping, she felt the pressure against her anus increase as Janet pushed against the two balls. She clearly had no intention to be gentle, and it only took a few seconds for the first ball to shift deeper into her and make room for the second to be swallowed up.

“Two,” Janet called out triumphantly.

Well, two could play at that game.

She shoved the pile of balls between Janet’s legs and saw two of them disappear inside.

“Four,” she said smugly.

This kicked off the games in earnest. The next few minutes were filled with the two girls calling out ever-increasing numbers as they filled each other up. For every ball that was added to the train of spheres making its way up Clara’s intestines, she crammed some into Janet, who by this point was starting to look very pregnant. Annoyingly, Janet’s two-to-one advantage meant that she was currently in the lead. Clara tried to force another ball into Janet’s over-stuffed vagina.

“Thirty!” she yelled, ramming the last of it past her girlfriend’s labia. This, however, caused one of the balls in the other girl’s ass to be pushed back out. “Crap, never mind,” she grumbled. The problem was that Janet’s cunt and abdomen were competing for space. Unless…

Clara dug the fingers of both hands into Janet’s pussy and started scooping all the balls back out.

“Are you giving up?” asked Janet.

“Nope, just doing a bit of reorganizing.”

She was back down to 24 once she cleared the last ball out of Janet’s uterus. Reaching in one last time, she hooked her index fingers into her friend’s fallopian tubes and prolapsed the girl’s birth canal. Next, she dug the heels of her hands into the top of Janet’s belly and pushed downwards. She could see two bulges descend into the pink meat between Janet’s legs.

Further massaging of Janet’s belly forced another ball into her prolapsed cunt, but after that Clara’s progress halted. Meanwhile, Clara had felt three more balls passing through her own sphincter. She decided to take matters into her own hand and wormed her fingers into Janet’s ass. She clutched one of the balls inside and blindly pushed it downwards, trying to locate the entrance to the prolapse. She had to strain her wrist, but finally she felt the plastic ball slip out of her fingers and into the hole. Now that she knew where it was, scooping additional balls down the hole was a bit easier. Gradually the pink balloon between Janet’s legs grew in size from a grapefruit to a small watermelon, albeit an incredibly knobbly one. It was stretched so far that it was actually starting to put up a decent amount of resistance; Clara really had to strain to force in the ball she was holding.

Suddenly, she could see the balls inside starting to shift around. As she pushed down on the ball, the flesh on either side of Janet’s uterus bulged outward, right below the entrances to her fallopian tubes, which soon started expanding as well. The bulges grew into hemispheres, and then full spheres as the two balls were pushed deeper and deeper until they collided with her ovaries. Clara smiled and quickly took advantage of the space that had become available to shove in another ball.

Feeling that trying to keep going would probably pop her friend’s birth canal like a balloon, Clara shifted her attention back to Janet’s abdominal cavity, which she started filling up one ball at a time, trying to fill up every nook and cranny as if she was stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey. The two girls kept going for another 10 minutes or so, until both of them were crammed. Clara wiped the sweat off her brow. Janet looked like she was pregnant with octuplets. Curious, she looked down and found that her friend had made a lot of progress too: she didn’t so much have a six-pack as a twenty-something pack. Running her fingers across her stomach, she could clearly feel the indentations between the balls.

“Well, that was fun,” said Janet. “So, shall we compare scores?”

“Yup. How many did you get?”

“Nineteen. Beat that!”

“Ha-hah! Forty-one! I win! In your face!”

“Aw man! I thought I had it. Wait…” Janet counted on her fingers. “I just need two more to win!”

Clara confidently tapped the purple ball that was partially poking out of her asshole.

“Well, good luck, because you’re not fitting any more in he–”

Before she could finish her sentence, Janet snatched up a ball between her thumb, ring finger and pinky and speared her hand towards Clara’s right breast, index and middle finger outstretched. Her areola was pushed inwards almost half an inch before her nipple yielded and allowed the two invading fingers inside, which Janet spread immediately, forcing the ball inside with the palm of her hand.

Clara’s mouth fell open in surprise, which gave Janet time to pick up and other ball and assault her left boob as well. Barely three seconds later, Clara was staring down past her tits, which had grown several cup sizes, at the face of a triumphant Janet.

“Make that twenty-one. We never said where the balls had to be stuffed. I win!”

“Oh yeah?”

Clara grabbed a ball of her own and tried to mash it into Janet’s breast, but unlike her Janet hadn’t spent the past few days slowly gaping her nipples. Clara sighed in defeat and dropped the ball.

“All right, fine, you win.”

The girl stood and admired their own and each other’s bodies. They tried to climb out of the ball pit to find a mirror, but moving around turned out to be quite a challenge in their current condition.

“Wow, now I know what pregnant women feel like,” huffed Janet. “Would you mind emptying me out again?”

“Yeah, I’d like to get rid of mine as well. I feel like I just ate a 17-course Christmas dinner.”

The two of them sank back into the pit. Clara turned Janet around and began the task of emptying her out, reaching a hand inside and pulling out as many balls as she could each time. Janet pushed on her ridiculously swollen stomach walls with her hand, trying to push them out of herself at the same time. She could watch as she slowly deflated, leaving her with a bit of loose skin as a result of the sudden stretching. Eh, she could live with that, all things considered.

Emptying out her womb needed a little more finesse.

“Heh, you could jump on it and see if all the balls fly out.” she laughed, before quickly clarifying that this was a joke suggestion not to be taken literally. When the last plastic ball had been squeezed ouf of it, her womb looked bigger than before, flopping around and draping itself over the other balls in the pit as Janet made her way around.

“Okay, your turn,” she said to her friend. “Come on, spread those cheeks and try to push when my hand’s out”

“Yes, nurse.” replied Clara, doing as she was asked, her tits still stuffed. Most of the balls fell out of her ass quickly enough, but it was a lot trickier to empty her out when she still had her guts inside herself.

“Hmmm…” said Janet, arm shoved in past the elbow and wiggling around. “I might have been a little over-zealous with packing you. They’re in good and deep.”

“What? You can’t reach– ooooft…” Clara groaned as her girlfriend pushed her arm as deep as it could go, but still Janet couldn’t get a grip on the balls deep inside her. She slowly pulled her arm out and sighed.

“Okay, two options here. Option One, we pull your guts out like a rope and squeeze ‘em out that way.”

“That sounds sensible…” said Clara, squirming as she imagined herself with a mega-prolapse.

“Yeah, but, I dunno, not feeling that. I’ve got a better idea about reaching those balls in you…”

“Let me guess: pushing them out from the other side?”

“Don’t be silly; I’d never reach that far. No, I was thinking of cutting open your belly button so I can reach my hand in and squeeze them out.”

“Riiiiiight. Yeah, that’s much less ridiculous then my idea,” said Clara with a skeptical look.

“What? I’m pretty sure it’ll allow me to get the balls out, and it doesn’t do too much damage to you in the process. Of course, if you’d rather I slice open your whole abdomen and cut out your guts we could do that too. Or I could find some high-powered vacuum cleaner and suck them out… though I suppose there’s a risk that it’d turn you completely inside out in the process.”

“Woah, woah, woah. Let’s not do any of that. Okay, fine, I guess we’ll go with your idea.”

“Excellent. Besides, it’s not every day you get a new fuckhole,” said Janet, waggling her eyebrows.

Clara smiled and rolled her eyes.


“Don’t act like you don’t love it,” replied Janet, and gave her a quick kiss.

Clara lay back, stretching out her arms and legs to pull her belly taut, or as taut as it could be with the bulges beneath.

“Okay doc, have at me.”

Janet knelt over her.

“Can do. Let’s see, how am I going to do this…”

She tapped her chin in thought, then pulled back her hand and looked at her fingernails.

“Hm, perhaps these might do…”

She placed the finger nail of her index finger against Clara’s belly button and started applying pressure. Her nails weren’t excessively long, but the quarter inch or so was enough to make a somewhat decent cutting edge. Her finger was making a fair-sized dent in Clara’s stomach, but when she lifted her finger to inspect her progress there was only a white line in the shape of her fingernail. Redoubling her efforts, she dug her nail into the small divot and leaned down on it. She could see a tiny drop of blood well up from underneath her fingertip. Then, suddenly, she broke through. Her finger sank inside down to the knuckle, surrounded on all sides by something slimy.

“There we go,” said Janet. “Ok, bear with me here, need to widen your new hole a little.”

She started pistoning her finger up and down, poking the soft wet guts she knew lay undernearth, loosening the belly button up enough that she could fit two fingers in it. She repeated the process until soon she had three fingers, then four. Spreading her digits wide a few times left Janet with enough room to do what she intended to do.

“Wow, this is going to make it awkward to wear swimwear if we ever go to a beach again,” said Clara, looking down at herself. “Although I guess it already would be. Wearing bikinis is hard enough with no buttcheeks.”

Janet started to move her hand around between the skin of Clara’s abdomen and her intestines. She watched the imprint of her hand move around, fascinated, as she found the knobbly bits that showed where those plastic balls had ended up. Finding the ‘top’ ball, Janet squeezed at it, trying to force it downwards.

“Oh that feels so weird, I can feel them moving down with every squeeze.”

“I bet,” grunted Janet in reply. She would occasionally fish a loop of intestine out of the belly button to make it easier for herself. The going was slower than she’d like, but eventually, Clara spread her legs, and a green plastic orb was pushed out of her asshole. The rest followed in due time.

“Phew. That was relatively clean,” said Clara. “Relatively.”

She reached a hand down and held her own exposed entrails, warm and slippery just like Janet’s – but these were hers. She pushed them back inside herself before righting herself; a small loop poked out of the hole but stayed mostly inside herself. It would have to do for now.

“Well, that was fun. GG, Janet.”

“Janet, Queen of Balls.”

“Long may she reign.”

“Over balls. Okay, let’s get outta this pit before I trip and accidentally swallow some more.”

The two girls clambered out of the ball pit slightly unsteadily, having to get used to the emptiness inside them again.

“So, are you going to keep the implants?” asked Janet, looking at Clara’s chest.

“Oh, right,” said Clara, following her gaze. “Nah, I prefer to keep mine all natural.”

She circled the base of her left breast with the thumb and forefinger of both hands and squeezed. There was an audible pop as the ball was launched out of its confines, bouncing several times on the floor before rolling away. It left a gaping void in its wake; her areola was now a pink ring circling a hole almost two inches in diameter that showed no sign of closing.

“Sorry hon, but I don’t think that’s entirely natural. Because I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be able to do this,” Janet said with a smile as she reached up and casually pushed her balled fist into Clara’s boob down to the wrist with barely any resistance.

“Says the girl who’s got her ovaries dangling between her knees.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to feel out of place.”

Clara stuck out her tongue, grabbed her other breast and squeezed, leaning back so that the ball shot right past Janet’s ear.

“Neat trick,” said Janet. “You should take that down to Tijuana. I bet you could make some real money doing that.”

“Yeah, and as an encore I could give them a good look inside,” said Clara, sticking four fingers of each hand inside and pulling them apart, spreading her milk duct to over three inches wide, giving Janet a crystal clear look at the yellowish tissue of the mammary glands inside. She pulled back her own hand a little so she could spread her own fingers wide, giving her girlfriend a matching gape on the other side. She leaned in her head between Clara’s hands and gave the roof of her milk duct a long lick.

“Hmm, farm fresh,” she said, licking her lips.

“Heh. Come on, you dolt, let’s get going.”

“Don’t you want to get dressed first?”

“Honestly, there’s not much point, is there? We got lucky with Liz, but anyone who isn’t half blind is going to clock as zombies from a mile away. I mean, look at me: my brain’s hanging out, my ass is missing, my tits can serve as gloves and there’s a little doggie door to my guts.”

“Hold on, I can fix one of those things,” said Janet, fishing out the roll of duct tape from underneath her clothing. She tore off a strip of it with her teeth, and stuck it over the hole in her belly.

“There you go, good as new.”

“Right, I bet that’ll make all the difference. And of course you won’t arouse any suspicion either, with your torn off arm, your missing bowels and your cunt flopping around between your legs.”

“Pretty much all of which we could hide with clothing,” said Janet. “But be honest, you just want to show off your body, don’t you?”

“I… err…”

Clara couldn’t stop the corners from curving upwards.

“Whore,” laughed Janet.

“Slut,” smiled Clara, a twinkle in her eye.

“Okay, fine. I suppose it’s warm enough. And I do like the breeze on my womb. All right, let’s go show all the zombies what a little hussy you are.”

It had felt as if they had spent the whole day inside the mall, but when the two naked zombies made their way outside the sun was still in the sky, albeit low and beginning to set. They had taken the opposite entrance from how they’d gotten in, finding the barricade there flimsy to the point of non-existence. Clara wondered if she should feel more concerned for Liz than she truthfully did. It was nice to imagine that she got out of this mess in one piece, but… if they did meet that cute, warm, delicious girl again…

“You listening, Clara?”

“Huh?” The bald woman shook her head harshly, trying to focus her thoughts again, which had the effect of causing her brain to jiggle. Janet looked at the exposed organ.

“Hmmm, you know, starting to think you need a little more air for that thing. You’ve looked kind of out of it since Mr. Cheese’s joint.”

She poked the gray matter, earning her a slap on the wrist from Clara.

“Maybe I should cut your head open and see if there’s anything inside.”

“See, even your jokes are tired. I–”

Janet stopped, looking at something. They had been walking down more towards the centre of town, as opposed to the more residential areas they’d stuck to before now. Shops were everywhere, and Janet pointed towards one that had a telltale red and white pole outside the storefront.

“Oooh. Idea.”

“Oh, I get it. It’s because I’m bald.”

“No, no, I didnt mean it like that!” Janet quickly clarified. “I mean, you’re not currently bald enough. You need a little more off the top. Come on.”


There was no arguing with Janet when she was in this mood. She politely pushed past a couple of zombies who had been shambling past them, picked up a rock from the ground, and threw it at the shop window. The glass shattered almost entirely, and Janet cheerfully leapt inside, her womb flapping behind her like a tail as she jumped. Clara shrugged. Man, the things you do when you’re undead and bored…

Clara gingerly stepped through the window, trying to avoid the shards of broken glass, and sat down in the middle of the three barber chairs, next to which Janet had taken up position.

“Can I interest you in a barber gown, ma’am?” she asked.

“There’s not much point, is there? It’s not like I’m going to get any hair on me. Unless you were planning on shaving my eyebrows, I guess.”

“True enough. Besides, I like the view much better this way.”

She pulled up a trolley filled with hairdressing supplies and rummaged through it.

“Clippers, shampoo, hair gel… ah, here we go.”

She picked up a straight razor and opened it up.

“You know, I saw the way you looked when I opened up that zombie’s skull this morning. You were riveted, weren’t you?”

There wasn’t much point in denying it.


“Did you like the way I cracked open her skull like an egg, until that big juicy brain was completely exposed, all naked and vulnerable?” the brunette asked in a husky voice.

Clara’s throat was suddenly feeling dry. She swallowed.


“Since you’re turning into quite the little exhibitionist, strutting that sexy body of yours for everyone to see like a two-dollar prostitute, how would you like me to expose your brain as well? Show everyone those slutty little lobes of yours?”

“I-” stumbled Clara. Her voice was very raspy, and she cleared her throat. “Do it.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” said Janet, instantly switching back into her role as a barber. She held the razor horizontally and placed the blade against Clara’s forehead, just a hair’s breadth above her eyebrows.

“How’s this, ma’am? Short enough?”

It wasn’t like there was any more that could be removed.


Janet pressed down, and Clara could feel the blade digging into her skin. When it hit bone, Janet pulled it along the curvature of the bald girl’s head, making a straight line to just above her ear before curving down and joining up with the cut going around the back of her head. Returning to the front, she mirrored the cut on the other side. Placing the razor back on the trolley, she dug her nails into the cut and started burrowing underneath the skin, slowly loosening it from the skull beneath. It took a few minutes of concentrated work, but in the end Clara pulled loose the piece of skin, having completely scalped her girlfriend, who was looking at the white dome in the mirror. She ran her fingers across its smooth surface.

“My little egghead,” grinned Janet. “Come on, let’s get you peeled.”

The flap of skin was unceremoniously launched over Janet’s shoulder, not even having any hair on it to make it a worthy trophy. Janet considered how she was going to do this, tapping on the smooth bone with her fingernails. That turned into tapping it with her knuckles, and finally full blown hammering down with her fist.

“Hey, careful!” protested Clara, wincing.

“Well, they don’t normally use hacksaws in most barbershops, so if we want this open it’s going to need a bit of force,” explained Janet, looking around for a suitable blunt instrument. She spotted a hairdryer and snatched at it, weighing it in her hand. Then she turned it around, holding the device by the nozzle, and raised it high.

“Are you sure about this?”

“If you end up drooling and stuff I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

Janet brought the hair dryer down on the exact middle of Clara’s skull – not quite full strength, but producing a much harder blow than she would have been capable of with her bare hands. There was an audible crack as a fracture spiderwebbed across the white bone immediately. The redhead brought the hairdryer down on Clara’s forehead for good measure, laughing as her undead girlfriend winced and shut her eyes reflexively.


“Oh, you little baby, I’m just caving your skull in. Don’t be a wuss,” Janet teased, putting the hairdryer down. She gave the skull some gentler blows with her fist, making sure the cracks were spread out wide. On the last blow, just on the ridge of the forehead, her hand sunk in ever so slightly. When she pulled her hand away, a chip of bone came with her. She looked down at the original hole at the back of Clara’s head. She could start by working her way towards there.

Much like she had done that morning, Janet started picking apart Clara’s skull, albeit much more carefully than she had done with the zombie girl. She dropped the fragments on the floor into a steadily growing pile. After around two dozen chips of bone she had made her way to the back edge of the skull, revealing the cleft between the two hemispheres of Clara’s brain beneath. Working from this central line outwards, she gradually uncovered the entirety of her girlfriend’s grey matter over the course of the next ten minutes or so.

Once she had plucked away every stray white fragment above the edge of her skin, she stopped to admire her work. She ran her finger all along the perimeter of Clara’s head, which, while not perfectly smooth, wasn’t very jagged either. She slipped her fingers underneath her friend’s brain and lifted it up a little to see if there was anything she’d missed. Underneath the brain there was only a slightly irregular bowl-like shape that she decided to leave in place so the Clara’s brain would have something to sit on. When she turned her attention to the front, however, she saw how even the minor displacement of her fingers was causing to nerves connecting Clara’s eyes to her brain to stretch. They nerves ran through a narrow tunnel in the bone structure that separated the eye sockets from the cranial cavity. If those barriers were gone, she could play with Clara’s brain all she liked…

“Janet? What are you smiling about? Are you planning something?”

“Yeah, but trust me, you’re going to like it.”

The only question was how she was going to remove it. Smashing it wasn’t an option, since it would risk blinding Clara. She tried scratching at the white wall with her fingernails, but while their zombie-like state had certainly affected their structural integrity, it wasn’t brittle enough to simply claw away. Looking around, her eyes fell on a pair of scissors. She grabbed them and placed the tip against the white wall, not too close to the left optical nerve. Pulling back half an inch or so, she stabbed it forward, repeating the motion again and again until a tiny networks started forming again, and some of the bone was starting to chip away. She repeated this on the other side and between the eyes, taking great care not to accidentally stab Clara in her brain. Now she got to work with her fingernails again, slowly scooping out small heaps of grit. It was slow going, but as she went she could see more and more of the back of Clara’s eyeballs.

“Okay, ready?” she asked when she thought the holes were big enough. “This might feel a little weird.”

She hooked her fingers under the front side of Clara’s brain and pulled up and back, dragging the other girl’s eyeballs back through their sockets and out into the open air.

“A little?” said Clara, nervously. “Try a lot! It’s like going into a tunnel backwards, and– woooaaaahhhh! What are you doing?”

The bald – well, now very bald – girl tried to sit up, but even if she wanted to it would have been impossible to keep her balance as Clara’s vision went haywire. Now it was like she was getting pulled up into the air, and yet still staying on the ground at the same time, as the inside of her own skull came into view.

“That’s… wow!”

“Yeah, this is pretty neat, actually,” smiled Janet, as she held her lover’s brain in one hand. She was gentle with it, of course, making sure not to press too tight and to not pull it up too much, but at the same time it was thrilling to be holding such an important yet vulnerable thing, so soft and fragile. The eyeballs dangled down on their nerves, the green irises staring unblinking.

Janet moved round to the front of Clara to get a look at her face. The eye sockets were dark and empty, and it was bizarre to see that familiar face looking so different. She leaned in, arm held high with the still-attached brain resting on her palm, and gave Clara a deep kiss. The bout of brain surgery had brought her libido back to the fore, and the two leaned into the kiss. Janet could almost feel her womb throbbing between her thighs.

“Being a zombie fucking rules,” she whispered, after the kiss had been broken. “I’m so glad all this happened. I don’t care if that sounds selfish.”

“God, we’re just awful,” laughed Clara, before wincing.

“Okay, put my brain back in my head for now before I get a headache.”

“I hear trepanning is good for that.”

“Clearly not. They lied.”

“Alright, let me put you down for now.”

Janet gingerly placed Clara’s brain back on top of the shallow bowl that was now the top of her head and draped the eyes over the rim of Clara’s forehead, making sure she could see herself in the mirror. Catching the gaze of the girl that was now technically ‘topless’, Janet bent down, stuck out her tongue and pressed it against the back of her girlfriend’s brain. She give it a long, leisurely lick, running her tongue all the way to the front before reversing course, this time working it deep into the groove between the two hemispheres.

“Well, I’m glad to see you don’t just like me for my body, but for my mind as well,” laughed Clara.

“All the more now that I have such good access to it,” said Janet before sucking her lips against the wrinkly surface and tracing the folds with the tip of her tongue, leaving a trail of saliva; she noticed she was drooling quite heavily. She ignored it; she didn’t care and Clara probably wouldn’t notice.

The other girl did, in fact, notice. She saw the thin ropes of spit stretch between Janet’s lips and her grey matter and pictured Janet devouring her like she had devoured that zombie, sinking her teeth into the very core of her being. She felt the barber chair grow noticeably wetter.

Wanting to get a good look at Clara’s brain, she reached in with her hand and poked her fingers into the fissure between the two brain halves. She probed deeper and deeper, until almost her whole hand was between them. Angling it left and right, she slowly made the gap larger and larger, pushing the two hemispheres as far apart as they would go. She stopped when she felt some tension, and instead started looking to see if there were any other trenches she could maybe open up a little. She found one running horizontally across the back of the brain, which she started exploring with her fingers as well.

“What are you doing?” asked Clara.

“Oh, nothing. Just trying to make you a little more… open-minded.”

“Hate to break it to you, but I don’t think it gets any more open-minded than this,” said the sitting girl, gesturing at where the top of her head used to be.

“Is that a challenge?” “Uhhh… maybe?” said Clara hesitatingly. She suddenly realized that she didn’t know how much further Janet could take this. Possibly quite far, given everything that had happened the past couple of days.

But that was a risk. As a zombie, the brain was her weakness, after all. But… oh, wasn’t that a thrill on its own? One she had almost forgotten about: the idea that she might actually die. Stupid, yes, but all thrill seeking was usually stupid if you thought about it…

“Just… if you feel anything about to break, try not to go nuts,” she said at last, deciding to err on the side of caution just for now.

“Oh, very well. But this is still okay, yeah?” replied Janet, pulling the crease apart and making a small gape there. “Not feeling anything funny are we? Seeing sounds yet?”

“No, but last time you messed with my brain– oh god not again…”

Janet looked down at the barber’s chair, which was now not only even wetter but also warm and smelling rather pungent, a golden stream making a puddle on the seat and spilling onto the floor. Janet made a face and mouthed “Sorry!” to the eyes that were hanging over the rim of Clara’s forehead. Clearly she would have to make up for this terrible faux pas. But how? As she thought about it, she realized she had pulled Clara’s brain up a little too high, and the brain stem twanged like a guitar string.

“Oh, sorry; should be more careful with that.”


“You okay?” Clara’s eyes seemed to twinkle.

“Keep doing that. That felt nice” said the woman in the wet chair. “Like a tingle all the way down my spine…”

Janet gave the brain a short, controlled jerk.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” yelled Clara, who grabbed one of her boobs in one hand and started furiously rubbing her pussy with the other.

Janet plucked the taut spinal cord with her pinky finger, producing another note.

“Mmmmm… more. More!” moaned Clara, thrusting the hand that had been squeezing her breast into the hole in her stomach while slipping her other hand into her hole, stimulating her pussy from both sides.

“You want more? Oh, I’ll give you more,” said Janet. Being a little more forceful now, but still making sure not to pull hard enough to tear something loose, she continued trying to separate the various parts of Clara’s brain as much as possible. She managed to get the creased outer part of the brain mostly separated from the more diverse bottom half of the brain. This left two mostly disconnected parts about the size and shape of a large banana, with an eyeball attached to the front of each.

“You want your brain eaten, huh? Well, down the hatch, girl.”

Janet twisted Clara’s brain so that the right half hung over the side of her head. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and guided the eyeball inside, followed by the rest of the brain meat.

Clara got a close-up of Janet’s tongue and uvula before her eye was sucked past the dangling little pink thing and the right half of her vision was plunged into darkness.

The brunette fought past the gag reflex and kept swallowing, taking more and more of the gray matter inside until her mouth closed over the back of it, only the connection to Clara’s cerebellum still poking out from between her lips.

“Aahhh! Do it! Suck down the rest of my brain as well! Slide my whory little brain down your throat!”

Janet opened her mouth and pulled back her head, releasing Clara’s brain, which was completely drenched in spit.

“Sorry babe, but that sexy brain of yours? Not so little. I could barely swallow this down. Don’t worry, though; I know just where to put that dirty mind of yours.”

She stepped on the pedal at the bottom of Clara’s chair, lowering it all the way to the ground until her crotch was almost level with Clara’s head. She grabbed her dangling prolapse and draped it over Clara’s brain before reaching behind her and shoving her arm through her asshole into her inverted womb, where she tried to get a good grip of her friend’s brain through the pink flesh.

“Get ready to mindfuck me,” she said as she started pulling her catch inside.

The soft folds of the brain fed their way inside the pink tube, and with each inch swallowed, the closer Janet’s prolapse got to the base of Clara’s head. She was thrashing about madly now, twitching and salivating at the pressure and the sheer debauchery of it all. There were audible splashing sounds on her chair as what was left of her ass bounced up and down on the puddle of her own piss.

“Yas! FFffk! Seeeeayayy!”

“Haha, oh wow, we should have done this way sooner,” laughed Janet, her womb now having sucked in every inch of Clara’s brain. Her thighs now brushed against the jagged rim of her lover’s skull, and she squeezed the head, briefly tempted to try and crush the rest of the skull. No, too much hassle, hot as the image was. Instead, she tried hopping in place, feeling the brainstem stretch and tense up each time. Her fingers dug into the meat of her womb, pressing against the brain inside and jerking herself off at the same time, as Clara’s own masturbation grew increasingly erratic.

“Gyaaaah!” Clara’s twitching intensified as she came, bringing her legs up. Unfortunately, this just tipped the chair she was sitting on backwards, knocking both girls over and into a messy, wet heap on the dirty barbershop floor.

“Clara, are you okay?” Janet immediately asked in a panicked voice, fearing the fall had torn through Clara’s brainstem.

“Ow. Yeah, I think I am.”

The brunette breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing her girlfriend’s voice.

“The judges probably aren’t going to give us any points for that dismount,” she joked.

“Doesn’t matter. We still win, because the rest of that was fucking flawless. Holy shit, best sex ever.”

“It’s got some stiff competition, but you might be right. Before we have another accident, though, let’s get your brain back where it belongs.”

Janet spread herself wide, gaping her cunt obscenely as she scooched backwards, gradually revealing Clara’s brain until it lay there upside down on the floor, her eyeballs just a hair away from Janet’s ovaries.

“I’m liking the view,” said Clara with a smile. “I know your cunt is huge, but it seems even bigger from this perspective.”

“Well, it’s always open if you want to take another dive inside,” said Janet. “For now, though, let’s get you up.”

She scooped the mass of greyish flesh into her hands and helped the other girl sit upright, depositing the slippery pile on top of her head and pushing the eyes back into their sockets. Looking outside, she noticed that it was getting rather dark.

“It’s getting kind of late. Should we head back to the apartment?”

“I’m not sure I’m ready for a long walk yet. My legs are still all wobbly. Can’t we just sleep here?”

Janet stifled a yawn. They’d had a pretty busy day, and it was taking it’s toll.

“Eh, I supposed. It won’t be as comfortable as a bed, but to be honest I can’t really be arsed to walk very far right now either.”

She got to her feet, gathered a few barber gowns and spread them out on the floor. Clara crawled over and they lay down, with Janet spooning Clara. She pulled the gowns over the two of them.

“Night night,” said Clara.

“Sweet dreams.”

“Oh, not a chance. My dreams are going to be very naughty.”

“Good girl.”

“What did I just say? I have zero intention of being a good–”

“Just go to sleep, you dork,” said Janet, rolling her eyes. She pressed a kiss to Clara’s neck and the two girls drifted off to sleep, sporting matching smiles.


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