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As demand for farmed children increased, sourcing semen became difficult and expensive. After public criticism of the government selling semen to private human farms, we had essentially no legal way to obtain sperm. As our supply department dipped into the grey market, we began to look for an alternative solution. The senior board eventually elected to begin farming men for semen. The research and development team got to work.

The main issue was that semen naturally takes time to be produced and to mature. It takes seven days for a human male to be at capacity, and it can take longer for the semen to be mature enough to store. The solution was pharmaceutically administered follicle stimulating hormone to catalyze sperm production, as well as physical stimulation of the reproductive system.

All female breeding units were designated as “A” (A1, A29, etc). We acquired Eric, herein BP (B prototype), for the first trial of the new sperm harvesting program. BP is a tall and slim white man. He is well toned but is not especially bulky. His genitals are very healthy. His penis is six inches long and average in girth, and his testacles are slightly large for a man of his build. He is an excellent candidate, but given that he is the first attempt at installing a male into the farm, he may not survive.

Preparing BP for installation will be similar to how women are prepared. First, he is stripped completely naked and taken to the operating theater, where he is tied down like any other unit. First, his genitals are precisely measured. His scrotum is then injected with Serum 226, an experimental drug to increase sperm production. His muscles begin to spasm. Fortunately, he is secured well enough that by the time he stops spazzing, he is still secured. The spasm is noted as a side effect. He is administered a general anesthetic and open surgery begins. His liver is removed to implant the hormone regulator, but his kidneys are also removed. This is to ensure that they will not be ruptured in the process of his installation and service. They will not be needed anyway, as the farming pad will be able to perform the duties of his urinary system. He is sealed again and moved from a lying down position to a seated position. His head is shaved bald and neurosurgery is performed to chemically enhance his pituitary gland to produce as much sperm as possible. When the surgery is complete, he has been under for nine hours. It is no wonder that his survival odds are low, but he has made it through one of the more intense parts of the installation.

This part of the process is still known as seating, but the pad is in no way a seat. BP is laid down flat on his back on a metal table, and his feet are tied to two suspended foot braces. He looks like a woman in delivery. His hands are tied down above his head, and straps are placed at his waist and his collarbone. The prostatic stimulation piston (PSP) is positioned near the anus and is calibrated so that the three inch thick probe is aligned with the anus.

Full access to the prostate is necessary, so a high powered surgical laser is used to cut open his abdomen. BP screams out in pain, and it is necessary to hold him down. While the laser is still active, a purple tube is placed directly into his heart again and a light anesthetic is administered. Finally, the laser stops. A two-inch incision is enough to slide in an IV tube that is inserted directly into the prostate. This will regulate hormones inside the actual organ. Beyond this, the same tubes are put into BP as all the other units. Tubes for blood filtration, nutrition, solid and liquid waste disposal, hormonal regulation, et cetera. Because bodily stimulation is such a necessary factor in efficient production, two electrodes are placed on his pectoral muscles. They should only be used for utilitarian purposes. A mask is sewn into his face, covering his nose and mouth, to deliver gaseous medicine. Finally came the real challenge: setting up his reproductive system for constant ejaculation. The earlier measurements of his genitals had been used to manufacture a custom-built plastic pump to be fastened over BP’s penis. It is cylindrical and rather large, yet soft and padded on the inside. It is placed over the penis, fastened around the waist and thighs, and secured to the ceiling. A tube leading out of it will carry semen into reserves. An elastic band is wrapped around the scrotum, and small suction pads are placed on the testicles to observe precise temperatures and semen volume.

Finally, BP has become one with the machine. He is administered a very heavy synthetic aphrodisiac called Serum 30 and his breathing rate slows almost instantly. His penis becomes erect. He is still conscious and semi-alert, but his arousal blurs his judgement. The pump is turned on, and hormones and drugs begin flowing into him. His reaction is orgasmic at first but after about thirty seconds of continuous ejaculation he enters a fit of hysterical laughter. The rate of flow of semen begins to decrease after ninety seconds, so we begin physical stimulation. As the PSP is being set up, BP verbally begs for us not to turn it on. He is ignored. The device is initially on too high of a setting, and BP yelps in pain immediately. The speed is lowered to a tolerable level and the device is adjusted to finely contact the prostate. BP’s sensation returns to an orgasmic level, and the rate of semen production is stabled. After ten minutes of service, the rate of production has not significantly fluctuated, so BP is put into a semi-conscious state to produce sperm as long as possible.


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