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This is my first attempt, so I'm not sure about the quality.

Hinata inn Slave Dorms Chapter 1.

Kaolla hopped along the pavement on her single bare foot. It was awkward and tiring but she didn't really have a choice. She felt every single bystander's eyes on her, even with her head held down in shame. The young Indian girl's body was bare, she was wearing only a heavy gold bangle on her ankle and a steel slave collar on her neck. Her right arm was amputated a bit below her shoulder, ending in a wrinkled short stump. Her left arm ended a few inches below her elbow with a similarly scarred round stump, she had her elbow slightly bent forward as she hopped. The leg she had lost, the left one, was amputated mid-thigh, the stitch marks from the amputation run across both the stump's tip and the inner side of her residual leg. Her left eye was missing leaving her with an empty eye socket, she couldn't close it since the eyelids were also removed. Who could blame anyone for staring at her? She could hear most of them whisper and some not even bothering to hide what a huge spectacle she was.

''Whoah, look at that slave girl!''

''Three stumps? What'd she do?''

''She's still good for a footjob though.''

''Is she also missing an eye? Damn.''

Of course she expected those kind of reactions, but actually hearing them out made her want to die out of humiliation on the spot. But she had to keep hopping around town for at least twenty more minutes, if she wanted to keep her remaining limb and one good eye.

Though she was used to going barefoot before her amputations, the sole of her foot wasn't that used to the rough surface of the pavement. But that was just a minor physical discomfort, with each hop her poorly healed stumps bounced and jiggled, earning her sharp jolts of pain. A stream of tears runs down Kaolla's right cheek as she chokes back a sob.

'I have to continue. I have to. I don't want to lose my only limb, I don't, I don't. '

Some agonizing and humiliating minutes later, Kaolla was done with her forced self exposure and arrived at the steps of the Hinata inn. One by one, she slowly started hopping up the steps with uncertain and wobbly movements, made worse by her current fatigue and anxiety. As she's nearing the last step, she loses her balance and falls face first on the cobblestones. Momentarily forgetting that she doesn't have three of her limbs anymore, she unconsciously tries to break her fall by extending her stumps forward. The immense pain that shot through the Indian girl when her stumps impacted the hard stones made her scream her lungs out, not even realizing that at the next second she was quickly rolling back down the stairs. Gaining a few more bumps and bruises all over her body, her rapid descent ends with a concussion, courtesy of her head meeting the tip of an uneven stone. She made no effort to move, Kaolla just lay there face down, sobbing and whimpering. Just before unconsciousness gripped her senses, she made out the familiar sound of a bare foot and a wooden peg leg approaching.

'Kitsune, help me...Please.'

That's it for starters, I will probably continue it.


Intriguing start! I'm interested to see what rules the girls live by that earned these punishments. The forced exhibitionism was icing on the amputee cake.


Ooh, now this was exciting! Very interested to seem what’s in store here!

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