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Tags: Trap, Gay, Guro (Obviously).

((Okay I've played the game quite a bit and I love it so this is using characters from the game if you don't know a character Google them. I'm writing a story and a character will die in it. Then I'll write an alternate ending where a different character dies. Once all characters have died (Ones that I want to kill.) I'll start a new story with alternate endings. Characters can be voted on to be in the next story by any reader. Now the way it will usually go down is they have sex then die and get their body raped. It'll always be part 3 Jason so he won't have a cock resembling beef jerky. Most of these are written after I've died in the game so I'm sorry in advance for typos. Enjoy.))

Story 1, Ending 1: Tiffany Cox.

Camp Crystal Lake. Or Camp Blood if you listen to those old folks. I sat in the passenger seat as me and Brandon Wilson drove there, Buggsy was his nickname but he never told me why. We met a year ago when I was still officially a boy.

1 year ago.

I had just finished football practice when Buggzy approached me in the locker room angrily "Bu--" he cut me off with a push against the locker causing me to cry out a little.

"You didn't follow the gameplan!" He yelled loudly as spittle spattered my face.

"B...But I was having fun..." I weakly respond as He raised his hand as if to hit me and I whimpered again. 

"Why do you do that!? You act like a fucking girl!" Before I could speak he just pushed me over and left.

Feeling rather hurt I regained myself and headed to the shower.

I was showering in the locker room shower when a hand grabbed my neck and I heard Brandon's voice.

"You act like one so now I'll treat you like one."

He bent me against the shower wall. I had always wondered how big his black cock was and I found out as he slid deep into my tight boy pussy and I moaned, he grabbed my hips and started pounding away.

After awhile he groans and dumps a nice thick load of cum in my ass as I moan "I love you...."


After that day a year ago he's been fucking me constantly. We graduated today and Crystal Lake was where the celebration was going down. 

"What if they recognize me?"

I ask and he waves his hand dismissively. "They won't Kyle..."

I groan "Tiffany remember?" 

He chuckles "Got me there."

He had asked me to dress as a girl to prove he had a girl ever since his girlfriend mysteriously vanished at Camp.

As we rolled up he casually took a deep breath and got out looking at the rather large main cabin, I did as well adjusting my bra and fake tits, they would have been bigger if Brandon had his way. We walked towards the cabin and he took my hand, I looked over to him admiring his general appearance for he always looked good in his Letterman jacket. He knocked on the door and none other than Chad Kensington opened the door

"Hey Buggz! And um...?" He looked me over with a rather critical eye.

"Tiffany..." Said Brandon and Chad nodded speaking to me in his familiar sultry voice for wooing girls

"Well nice to meet you...Tiffany..." I blush a little as I feel Brandon tightens his grip on my hand. 

"We should head inside yeah?" Brandon would be quick to say as Chad looks over to him smirking.

"Alright." Chad replied. I guess Brandon wasn't as tough as he liked to pretend, it almost seemed he cared. Chad led us inside where we saw just about everyone. They were never my friends then were Brandon's. I just knew them, we walked about as they greeted Brandon and mostly ignored me mostly. We split up at some point and I exited the main cabin in search of interesting things to do. I walked to the water and looked at it shimmer almost haunting yet beautiful.

"Hey Jason..." I said jokingly "You having fun?" The water didn't respond. Jason Voorhees was a kid that unfortunately drowned here. Or that's what I heard, I didn't care to much

"Hey there." Said a voice causing me to startle and turn to see Chad /Shit!/ I thought as he sidled up "Nice lake right?" He said as I remained silent and I turned back to the water "Never heard of a from around here?" I shook my head.

"No..." Even with my back turned I could feel him grinning.

"Where you from?" I controlled myself and responded in a near hostile tone.

"Why should I tell you?" I heard the sand crunch under his step as he approached.

"Me and Buggz go way back...and he hasn't spoke of you." He said, at this point I could feel his breath on my neck. Before I could speak however there was a scream from the cabin and me and him turned to the sound.

"Oh what now..." He groaned heading off in a hurry as I tried to calm myself /Does he know? Lucky someone screamed.../ I figured that someone saw a snake or something else asinine.

An hour or so passed as I continued wandering the camp. Soon enough I wound up at the boat shack and started poking around some drawers disinterestedly. Not much except some bug spray and old newspapers, I headed outside to be greeted by Chad running right towards.

"Chad?" I say as he slides to a halt in front of me panting as he tries to answer.

"D...Dead! He killed them...!" As he gets his sentence out my heartbeat picks up.

"Who's dead?!? Is Brandon okay?" I ask worriedly as he shakes his head.

"I don't know...we gotta hide!" Almost as if to punctuate his words a loud scream echoed through the woods and he pushed me indoors clicking off the light, we both went to a nearby cabinet and climbed inside face to face with my back to the door.

It probably had been 15 minutes but it felt like eternity when we heard footsteps. They were heavy and near thunderous as they got closer to us, we both held our breath as it neared. The steps seemed to have passed us when Chad gasped in fear causing those footsteps to halt. I give him a look of fear and loathing and he just looks scared when suddenly a machete blade stabs through the cabinet and into the back of my head "K...nch....ku...." I babble as my tongue lolls out dribbling saliva, my hips buck while my eyes roll back, while Chad can't see it cum dribbles down my now impotent cock staining my panties. I moan my last as the machete is yanked out and the footsteps recede.

Despite my death Chad can't help but reach around me and grab at my fat girly ass, he carefully turns my body so his crotch is against my ass, he let's out his already hard cock and grinds it against my ass and shorts a bit before slipping his fingers into the edge of my shorts and panties. To be fair he probably wanted to fuck me alive but I guess he wanted a hole to fill. In a practiced motion he yanked my shorts down exposing my fat rear and small girly cock. He didn't respond negatively to this, maybe he swung both ways. He rubbed his cock against my asshole before sliding into my rapidly cooling ass. He bit his lip trying not to groan with pleasure. Soon he started a nice gentle pace sliding in and out of my now loose boy cunt. His balls smacked against my cumsoaked cock as his cock throbbed in my jiggling ass. Every thrust made my arms sway back and forth. He thrust inside deep slamming my prostate and causing my eye to twitch a little as cum dribbled from my useless cock. His balls tightened as he emptied several shots of warm cum into my body giving it the last warmth it would ever receive.

Chad survived as well as Brandon and a few others. Police chalked my raped body up to the killers fault. Chad would keep this secret till the day he died.

((Tell me what you thought and who you think should die in the next ending. Females only please. Fox isn't in this one for obvious reasons. :) ))


Ouch no feedback. I'll just do Deborah Kim.


Don't expect feedback so quick. I like this tho.


It's pretty damn good, there's not enough necro in /lit/
And I choose Jenny Myers by the way.


I already started on Deborah Kim but I'll do Jenny after :)


Any chance you'd be willing to do original characters with more specific deaths?


Depends on what you mean by specific deaths.


Tags: Hetero, Guro.

Story 1, Ending 2: Deborah Kim.

Why did I go to this party? I hate parties...and people too. My friend Kenny Riedell has this silly notion that more people will like me if I 'socialize'. Idiot. Kenny sat next to me checking his phone as Brandon walked about showing off his new arm candy. Kenny lowered his mobile and spoke.

"You should smile more." I glare at him and cross my arms.



"No." He'd groan at this.

"Well if you're going to be like that..." He'd pause almost dramatically as I knew what was next "Maybe we could..." He trailed off hinting heavily.

"Fine if you'll shut up..." I say slowly standing. We had 'encounters' a lot but usually handjobs. Maybe he only liked me for that, not that I'm complaining. After all he was basically my bitch. He got what I wanted to give.

He lead me upstairs as casually as possible as to not be completely obvious in what we were going to do. He spoke as we reached the top, his voice rather quiet.

" or bathroom?" An odd question considering any place would do at this point.

"Who cares?" I say as I open the first available door into a rather nice bedroom, maybe it belonged to the owner. He would smirk at me. Honestly it was rather goofy and a bit cute. I sank to my knees as he unzipped his cargo shorts to let his moderately sized cock out. I say moderately compared to pornstars so maybe I was off a bit. I wrapped my delicate hand around that cock already feeling his heartbeat. I decided to surprise him by wrapping my lips around the tip of his cock to get a taste for it and he moaned a little.

"D..Deborah..." He'd say in a pleasant surprise looking into my eyes as I simply wink and slide about half his cock into my warm mouth, my heartbeat sped up since this was rather daring and exciting for me. He timidly placed a hand on my head thrusting into my mouth gently as his cock already throbbed, I bob my head up and down his shaft while stroking his cock practically milking it.

"Fuck D...Deborah I'm cumming!" He'd say pistoning into my mouth rapidly and shooting a rather large load of cum into my mouth causing me to gag and cough as I push away from him and spit it onto the floor.

"I...It's so salty!" I mutter loudly coughing more as he put his cock away.

"S-Sorry..." He said placing a hand on my shoulder and I wave my hand at him.

"Oh go away." He nodded backing away towards the door muttering a few more apologies. It wasn't even his fault but I made it out to be. As he left I crawled over to the bed to wipe my face off on his blankets before hearing a strange creak from the closet, I stood raising an inquisitive brow as my heartbeat hastened only a bit as I inched closer /Perhaps I should just leave.../ I thought but still walked towards it. As I reach the door right before I can touch the handle a large hand bursts from the door and seizes me by the throat. The giant figure lifted he up as I kicked and gasped, his mask. His mask filled me with terror as I felt his hand tighten /Kenny!/ I thought trying in vain to scream, the hulking figure slowly tilted his head and with one tight squeeze he cracked my neck ending my pathetic life, I let out a weak and hushed moan as girlcum pours from my tight cunt soaking my jeans, I wriggle violently in his grip while my eyes roll back, he walks towards the bed as I slowly stop moving and my head droops in a sad manner, tongue lolling out of my mouth. He chucks me face first into the bed. He wasn't quite done with me. I guess whoever this sick man was liked dead girls as he took no hesitation in pulling my jeans down showing off my pink girlcum soaked panties. My killer undid his pants and let out his big cock (not too big) before lowering my panties. The jeans always hid my ass well, it was nice and big, my pussy was shaved. I only did it to try and convince myself someone would see it and I suppose I was right. He grabbed my legs and dragged me over to a bent position on the bed and pressed the tip of his cock against my tight slit, even dead it was very tight but well lubricated. He slid right in hitting himself inside me with a nice wet squelch. Would someone walk in? I don't think the killer cared much though. He started a rather fast pace thrusting inside me causing me to shake and the bed to creak, this wasn't the first 'romantic' conquest this bed had seen. He stopped leaning forward and placing a hand on my back and resuming, he thrusted faster into my wet pussy hilting himself every single thrust and slamming into me making my fat ass jiggle. He was already throbbing inside me. Somehow he hit the right spot causing a postmortem orgasm making my pussy tighten and eye twitch randomly, this put him over the edge as he hilted one more time and shot his load deep inside me. He pulled out with a wet pop watching him cum run down my legs....

I was killed a virgin but when the police found my body I wasn't. So that's something.

((Sorry if the sex is short. I'm not the best.))


Forgot to use my name. Also I'm working on Jenny next.


Honestly, I had a few ideas. Mainly a chubby blonde with DD breasts getting caught while either taking a piss or playing with herself. She is then stabbed right up her cunt, before having her tits carved off. All while she's still alive.


Oh, and her name is Julie


You've certainly thought this through. Killed while pissing could work but I'm not into carving or pussy mutilation I'm sorry.


Very good, waiting for the next story


That's mildly disappointing, but I understand. I was just hoping to find someone better than me to write out the fantasy. The pain and humiliation of her being caught rubbing her cunt, or taking a piss, only to find a knife between her labia... And then to lose her precious tits too.. *blissful shudder*


Lovely, thank you!


Hey I got the flu. This may stall the next story I'm very sorry. It will come just give me time :)


No worries, just relax and get well soon

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