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Well this has been years coming, but here’s my part 2 in the Red Series. Haven’t really proof-read or edited it, but if someone wants to make corrections or edit it I won’t mind. Anyway here you go:

Red The Myth Hunter:

Chapter One: reflections of the past

The silk sheets felt incredible against Red's naked body.  She lifted her hands over her head and stretched as she yawned deeply. If there was one thing she had learned after years of traveling, it was to always spend the necessary money for the best room at an Inn.  She rose slowly to a seated position at the edge of the bed and then stood up.  Her knees popped, her back cracked and she let out a little sigh. Placing her hands on her hips she rolled her shoulders backwards and tilted her head from side to side. More pops, more cracks.  She walked over to the long, finely-crafted mirror that stood against the wall to one side of her bed.  Red always felt a mixture of pride and disgust whenever she took the time to glance at her reflection.

It had been 10 years since her battle with the wolves that had killed both her family and later her adopted father, but the years had done nothing to lessen her natural beauty.  Her long and wavy red hair framed a face that was nothing short of gorgeous. Piercing green eyes were set like jewels above a small but perfect nose and luscious full-lips, freckles dotted her cheeks and nose, giving the impression that she was younger than her 28 years.

Gazing downward she inhaled deeply as she took in the sight of her battle-scarred body.  Following her neckline down her eyes came to rest on her one naked breast.  Perfectly tear-drop shaped with a tiny pink nipple, her single breast was about as perfect as a breast could be, however it's image was ruined by the deep white scare where its partner should have been. Only a little of her flesh remained beneath the old wound, almost giving the impression that she still possessed both, one just far smaller than the other. With the clever use of a couple handkerchiefs tucked into her undergarments she was confident that no one she met on the street ever knew of her disfigurement.

Her eyes drifted further down her body, lingering briefly on the scars that crisscrossed her hips and belly.  She shuddered as memories of the long crawl through the forest swept through her mind; horrific images of her own guts dragging behind her as she prayed for salvation caused her to shudder involuntarily and her gaze quickly dropped further. 

Despite the brutal ravaging she had suffered that day at the hands of the werewolves, her pussy was still an image of perfection: a tiny red bush led downward to perfect alabaster skin and a tiny pink slit. She had no idea how the dwarf doctor had managed to stitch her up both inside and out, but she owed him her life and what was left of her beauty. 

Finally her eyes came to rest on her right hand. Where once there had only been a ragged stump, she now possessed a hand of purest silver.  She flexed the metallic appendage and felt the heat of the power contained within.  She lost herself for a moment in the memory of the events that led to her acquiring the mystical artifact.

After months of using the dwarves' woodland cottage as a base of operations for hunting werewolves, both she and her hosts were surprised to find another young and beautiful woman arrive on their doorstep.  The girl could not have been a day over 18 and had hair as dark as night, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood. She was the very picture of aristocratic beauty, and as it turned out an heiress who's stepmother had arranged for her assassination.  The dwarves called the girl "Snow White" and fell in love with her almost immediately. Soon after taking her in they devised a plan to raise the local lords to their young guest's banner and overthrow the evil queen.  

On the day of the rebellion Red and the dwarves infiltrated the castle disguised as traveling performers, and let Snow White's supporters in through a secret entrance behind the castle.  The following battle was short and gruesome, and ended with Snow White retaking her thrown while the Evil Queen suffered a very un-lady-like death at the business end of 7 dwarfish cocks (not to mention their axes).  While Red listened to the messy end of the queen from the next room she discovered a long silver mirror in the Queen's dressing chamber, as she passed by it the mirror spoke to her, "What do you wish to know my mistress? What do you wish to see?".  Red knew magic when she saw it, and she despised it, so without hesitation she lunged at the mirror with the silver dagger mounted to the stump of her right hand and impaled the center of the enchanted looking-glass.  Rather than shatter, her hand sunk into the mirror as if engulfed in water. With a shriek she pulled her arm from the glass, only to watch in shock as the once solid material pulled away from the wall and slithered onto her arm.  An intense burning sensation caused Red to scream again as every nerve in her arm felt like it was catching fire.  When she looked down the glass had formed into a perfectly shaped silver hand.  Inside her head Red once again heard the voice of the mirror, your wish is my command mistress, I can be whatever you desire...

Snapping back from her daydreams to the present, Red once again clenched and unclenched her silver fist. Thinking of a sword, her hand suddenly shifted and changed into a great silver blade.  Now focusing on armor, she watched the liquid metal slide back up her arm to form a gauntlet and pauldron, both iron hard.  With a quick flick of her wrist she transformed it back into a simple silver hand.  She had learned well the secrets of the magic mirror over the years, and although she had been through many close calls, since that day in Snow White's castle, she had never lost a battle.

Taking one more glance at her nude reflection, Red grabbed her clothes and began to dress. First she pulled up her breaches: tight, brown leather pants which perfectly accentuated her curves but still allowed her to move without difficulty in combat.  Next she pulled on her white undershirt, and carefully tucked her handkerchief into the pocket of fabric which covered her missing breast. Finally she strapped on her boiled-leather corset, shoulder-armor, and boots. 

Red had traveled far for this hunt.  After slaying every werewolf, vampire, and witch she could find in Europe, she had begun traveling further afield to slay magic beasts wherever they roamed.  Word had come to her that in Greece, creatures of ancient legend had begun appearing once more. She had heard stories of towns terrorized by Centaurs and Satyrs, entire villages carried off by flocks of screeching harpies and even a story of an entire fishing fleet burned to Ash by a fire breathing beast that could only have been a Chimera.  

Red had been staying at this in for 3 days now, based on rumors that wan had begun to go missing at night, stolen away to the wilderness by packs of beasts. So far Red had seen no signs of trouble, and was beginning to doubt that any of the rumors were true. 

As she grabbed her belt and coin pouch and headed for the exit of the Inn, a piercing cry rose up from outside, followed shortly afterwards by another, and then another.  "Finally!" Red thought as she bolted towards the door.

Once outside carnage greeted her, across from the inn at the center of the town square a one sided battle was raging.  Huge and hairy beasts with the bodies men, but who bore the cloven hooves and spiraling horns of goats, had invaded the small town and were attacking any townsfolk foolish enough to cross them.  

Red watched as a huge man armed with two hammers attempted to smash in the head of one of the beasts, only to have his head split in half down the center by another beastman  armed with a large and rusty axe.  A second man armed with a pitchfork had his guts split open by a beast's machete, he gurgled and coughed up blood as the beast fell upon him and began to chop his body apart.  The few defenders that remained began to retreat, doing their best to fend off the beasts' attacks as they made their way towards the Inn.

Red had seen enough, these were the creatures she had come to slay, no doubt about it, and she was ready for the task.  She burst into a sprint and quickly pushed through the men, making straight towards the closest monster.  She visualized a long-sword in her mind, and her silver hand transformed into a long and slender blade.  The beast raised its crude hatchet over its head only to have its arm severed at the elbow. It's head followed a second later and Red kicked the dismembered corpse to the dirt.  A second beast lunged at her with a spear, but before the deadly tip could pierce her, she spun to the side and sliced across its waist. It cried out in pain as its torso rolled free from its hips and blood sprayed across Red as she continued past the ruined corpse. 

Her next opponents weren't so easy; she found herself surrounded by three particularly large creatures, I'm each armed with a scimitar in both hands.  The next moments were blurs of movement as Red dove underneath hacks and slashes, parried thrusts aimed to impale her, and returned her own brutal strikes.

The first of the larger beasts cried out in pain as Red's sword punched straight through it's chest, transfixing it's heart. Red's satisfied smile disappeared in an instant as another beast's blade flashed towards her face, only pure reaction saved her as she back-flipped away from a strike that would have split her head in two.  As her feet hit the floor Red threw her dagger with expert precision into the forehead of the beast that had just attempted to kill her. It fell backwards, it's blades falling free of it's dead fingers as it hit the dirt. As the third and largest beast advanced towards her, something strange caught her attention, a blur of movement that was almost imperceptible flashed across her peripheral vision.  Her head spun to follow it, but she found nothing behind her.  As she turned back towards the third beast she was forced to parry a brutal thrust of it's sword. The rusty weapon skidded past her guard, showering sparks through the air, Red yelped as the weapon grazed her left arm, biting through her skin and splattering blood across the dusty ground.

Now inside the monster's guard, Red quickly drove her weapon up under the beast's mouth transfixing it's brain and exploding out the top of its skull. It grunted as blood spurted from the top of its head and then it collapsed in a heap.

Red turned to her left and right. Every beast that had set foot in the town square was now dead, it was time to search the village for stranglers.  As she turned back to leave something grabbed her from behind and shoved something into her mouth.

As she inhaled a gasp of air, a burning sensation shot down her throat.  More shocking and painful going down than even the strongest dwarven whiskey, the sensation caused her eyes to bulge wide in her sockets.  She tried to spin to face her attacker, but suddenly found her arms and legs weak and limp, as she turned she fell to her knees.  A large goat-legged beast with the head of man smiled down at her, he wore a cloak of black that looked like it was formed of crow-feathers that seemed to shimmer and reflect images of the world around him. 

"You're quite deadly", he mused. "I must say It was terrifying trying to sneak past you, I could swear you almost saw me. Good luck for me that you didn't, else I'd be as dead as the rest of my Faun brethren.  Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Satyr."

Red tried to rise to her feet as anger filled her, but instead her knees gave way and she fell to her side in the dirt, her arms and legs now completely useless. 

"You're certainly a fighter, most people can't remain conscious for the first few minutes, it's quite a powerful dose I gave you..." He trailed off.

Red had an idea, she focused all of her thoughts on her mirrored hand, imaging it becoming a tendril of cold silver, snapping upwards to decapitate the beast. To her dismay her silver hand simply reverted into a silver stump, somehow this poison had completely immobilized her.

"It's made from the fermented seed of the Minotaur; the creature is half-god you know, a deformed abomination, but magically quite powerful, what it lacks in looks it makes up for in charm... Of a certain kind." The Satyr continued. "Don't worry about the paralysis, it passes quickly, it's what comes next that's the fun part, and you certainly deserve what's coming." He smiled at her and licked his lips.  "You see we don't kill females, we can't really afford to, we have none of our own. In order for we, the wild children of Baucus, to continue living and thriving, we must occasionally venture  out from our hiding places and find ourselves compatible mates." He once again licked his lips, this times showing off a long, thick tongue which curled across his upper lip. "We usually just kill the men who fight, take the young women, and leave.  However you've made quite a mess, we'll need to make an example of this situation so that the word of what happens to those who resist us spreads. Nothing personal of course, you're quite a fighter, and would otherwise be exactly the type of woman I would prefer to grow my children within."

Red did not like where this was going, she tried once again to rise, she tried to scream and kick, however all she managed was to moan softly and open her mouth enough to let a long strand of drool spill out onto the dirt.

The Satyr had stopped talking, and had placed a small wooden flute to his lips.  He played a fast paced series of notes and put the instrument away again. The sound hooves moving towards her filled her with dread. Suddenly and painfully she was jerked upright by her hair, her arms and legs dangled limply beneath her as she was spun to face her assailant.  The beast that had grabbed her was far less human than the Satyr.  This creature had the horns of a goat but the face of a lion and a long black mane of hair to match.  It's thickly muscled chest and arms were covered in a dark brown fur which transitioned again to black at it's waistline. Red's eyes were quickly drawn to it's free hand however, which held a foot-long jagged knife.  Red tried desperately to will her arms into action as the Beast's knife descended towards her neck, but she found herself still completely paralyzed.  She gasped as the tip of the blade slowly sank into the skin of her chest, just below the neckline. With a expert flick of its wrist the creature dragged the blade downward through her blouse cutting the fabric cleanly in two and simultaneously drawing a long shallow cut down her torso. As blood began to flow and drip from the wound she was spun once again to face the Satyr. 

With the larger beast still holding her up by the scalp the Satyr came closer and reached out its hand to caress her face.  "So beautiful", it muttered, "what a shame to destroy a creature almost as beautiful as Athena herself..." As it trailed off Red felt a sharp pain in her lower back, and once again a long dragging cut, this time through the seat of her trousers. 

Red knew what was coming, everything suddenly felt like a bad dream. She was going to relive her rape at the hands of the werewolves all those years before. She closed her eyes tightly as her blouse was ripped off her back, she gritted her teeth as rough, fur covered hands gripped her waist and tore her trousers off along with her dagger and sheath. The next instant she was once again back in the dirt, although now completely naked. 

Images of her brutal assault at the hands of the werewolf pack filled her mind.  She remembered how the big wolf had pinned her to the forest floor, her dagger impaling her hand. She remembered how the beasts had fucked her tits, how the creature grunted and groaned, how it's huge, blood-red member had slapped against her face as it violated her.  She remembered the stink of its cock, the awful smell of it's semen, the feeling of suffocation and drowning as it had covered her face in its spunk. 

Red realized quite abruptly that she was once again able to move, she found that as her thoughts wandered back to those dark memories her hand had wandered as well. It was was wrapped around her breast, her index finger and thumb pinching her fully erect nipple.  She felt flushed, and her pussy itched like crazy.  She sat up to a kneeling position and spread her legs as she continued to rub her breast.  Her mind wandered back to the moment the great wolf had torn her breast off and swallowed it.  Without thinking her hand found the scars of her small mutilated tit,  she massaged it deeply, digging her fingernails into what remained of the fatty tissue. "Oh fuck! Oh God!" Red screamed as she came violently, rivers of juice ran down her thighs, creating a pool of mud beneath her.

For a moment she regained some clarity, what the hell was happening, why couldn't she control herself, it didn't make any sense, why was she so aroused?

Laughter caused her to look up. It was the Satyr.

"What a powerful effect it's having on you! Normally the Minotaur's blessing simply makes our victims very responsive to our needs, I don't know that I've ever seen such a powerful and lustful reaction, you really are something special my dear"

Shame filled her as she realized what she had done.  She had pleasured herself in front of these beasts, cum in front of them.  She felt disgusted with herself, she had to end this quickly before she lost her clarity once again. She visualized a long spear-tip extending from her right arm and looked up, ready to impale the smart-mouthed goat-man.

As her eyes rose to meet his, they drifted up his legs and over his groin. All thoughts of vengeance and murder suddenly left her as she found herself entranced by what she found there.  The Satyr had removed his loin-cloth and was stroking a long, thick, red cock. Below his shaft hung the largest pair of balls Red had ever seen, they were long and oval-shaped and hung down to his knees. Part of red was horrified and disgusted in equal measure, but the greater part of her only felt lust. 

Her pussy felt like it was on fire, she was more turned on than she had ever been.  She glanced down to find her silver hand had never formed a spear, but had instead found its way between her legs.  Her silver fingers spread her pussy-lips apart and she began to rub her clit. As the satyr approached her, she stared longingly at his cock and moaned. Another orgasm washed over her, and a jet of cunt-juice splashed to the ground. 

Path 1: The Beasts make an Example of Red.

"You want this cock, don't you, little whore?" The Satyr questioned as it approached.

No, not in a million years, that cock was the last thing she wanted. She was going to kill the horrible bastard.

"Yes, I want it in my mouth...", Red heard herself say.  She couldn't believe what was happening to her.  She had no control at all over her urges. Memories of the Young Black wolf suffocating her on its cock flashed through her mind. She needed it to happen again.

The Satyr was now inches from her, still stroking its large, slimy cock. It reached out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head towards its member. Red arched her neck, attempting to reach the big,red shaft with her mouth. 
"Not yet, whore", he said as he smashed her face down into the mud.  Red felt her nose break with a crunch but instead of pain she felt pleasure; it had hurt her, and she loved it. Clawed hands on her ass pulled her mind away from her bleeding nose, and she turned to look, it was the other creature, the goat-headed faun.  Red inhaled sharply as the monster's cock slammed into her pussy as deeply as it would go. A long, uncontrollable moan escapes her lips as the goat-beast thrust in and out of her, her tiny pink pussy stretched wide and gripped the creature's shaft as it plunged in and out of her. Drool mixed with blood and ran down her chin as she stared open-mouthed at the Satyr.  "Choke me with your cock, please, shove it down my throat!". She pleaded, her words broken up every time the beast behind her rammed his cock into her cunt.

"You may not make requests", the Satyr replied coldly, as he motioned to someone behind her.  Seconds later Red found herself surrounded by two more Fauns. She reached out to grab the Satyrs cock, but found herself forcefully dragged backwards her ass landing on the faun behind her, who must have sat down. The sudden drop pushed its cock even further into her tight snatch, and she screamed in ecstasy. Her pussy shot juice out and around its rod as she came for the third time. 

Her orgasm once again gave her a moment of clarity. She needed to act now or once again lose herself to her uncontrolled lust. She formed her silver hand into a sword. And slashed wildly at the faun on her right. Although surprised, the beast managed to dodge backwards away from the slash and came away with only a small cut across it's abs rather than a fatal wound. 

Red pulled back her arm, intending to swing again when she felt something hard and wet press against her asshole. 

"Oh god" 

Her resistance faded in an instant as ten hard inches of faun cock filled up her virgin asshole. The sensation of two cocks penetrating her at the same time was almost too much, she screamed in pure ecstasy as she felt the thin piece of flesh that separated her two holes pinched between the two pistoning members.  As the powerful double-penetration continued, she felt something clamp down across her right wrist and then her left.  Looking up she saw that the other two beasts had strapped manacles around both her forearms and they were now advancing towards her, their cocks at attention. 

Once again the desire to have a cock slammed down her throat overtook her, and she reached out for the closest beast, grabbing his pulsing shaft in her once again benign silver-hand. The faun made no attempt to resist and Red took him into her mouth. It's cock was sour and earthy, a horrid combination of dirt and stale sweat, but Red loved it, her tongue ran under and around the head of the monsters prick and then she took it deeper. The faun took over from there, grabbing Red's head in both hands it crammed at least 12 inches of cock down her throat. Red choked and gagged while spit and bile dribbled from her bottom lip, her pussy clamped down with pleasure in response. Just as quickly as the monster had pulled her into deep-throating it's cock it pulled out of her mouth.  Red looked up in dismay to see that it had been pushed backwards by the other faun, who just as quickly shoved its own cock into her open mouth. Soon the pair was taking turns face fucking and being strokes off by her, all the while the best beneath her and the one behind her continued to ravage her holes.

Red had no idea how long the rape continued, she was lost in forced ecstasy, fueled by whatever drug the Satyr had given her, her only concern was to cum as many times as possible.  Almost in unison she felt the pace of the fauns becoming more erratic.  The one fucking her ass sped up to a ridiculous speed, its cock slamming into her at a furious pace. She felt it spasm and suddenly hot liquid spurted into her bowels, jet after jet of hot jizz flooded her insides, and still the creature continued to cum.  At the same moment the cock currently invading her throat began to shoot load after load into her belly; there was so much it felt like trying to chug a pint of ale. Red was forced to pull her head away and off of the cock, she retched and hacked up a copious amount of semen onto the dirt in front of her.  As she looked up the cock in her hand began to go off, the first shot streamed up her forehead and into her hair, and then continued to douse her nose, chin and cheeks, she closed her eyes as a particularly powerful blast streamed across them. With her eyes closed she suddenly felt the cock in her pussy start to ejaculate, hot liquid filled her pussy and began to spurt out of her around the beast's shaft. The feeling was too much, Red's pussy clamped down hard and she bucked furiously, screaming out in the most powerful orgasm of her life. She rode the orgasm wildly, still stroking the cock in her hand and bucking backwards to impale her asshole and grind her pussy deeper. Her whole body shuddered with pleasure as the waves began to subside. 

One by one they pulled away from her.  The monster behind her pulled out of her ass and with a wet slurping sound Jizz began to bubble and squirt from her anus.  The Faun who's cock she held simply backed away, leaving her face coated in its seed. The one who had filled her throat wiped it's dick in her hair and stepped away as well. Red found herself unceremoniously lifted up and dumped into the mud as the beast beneath her picked itself up and left. Red was shaking in the afterglow of her orgasm but also sobbing at the same time.  She rose to her knees. Cum coated her chest and face, now a disgusting mixture of semen and mud and a steady stream still poured from her ravaged holes.  Once again she was retched and another torrent of cum spewed onto the ground, she stared at the mess as long thin strand of jizz dangled from her lips.

Shock and exhaustion quickly turned to anger.  Rage burned in her as she looked up through cum-caked eyelashes at the Satyr.  Her hand once more became a spear and she lunged at him. 


As Red thrust forward with her spear hand she found her arms suddenly and forcefully drawn straight out to her sides, the force was almost great enough to dislocate both her shoulders simultaneously. She frantically looked to her right and was terrified by what she saw.  The manacle on her wrist was attached to long chain that wound it's way around the body of a huge creature with the abdomen, head and arms of a man attached to the lower body of a horse; a centaur.  Looking left she saw the same thing, another centaur held the chain connected to the other manacle. 

"I told you bitch, we're going to make an example of you..." The Satyr whispered.

Looking up it screamed in a language she didn't understand and then the Centaurs began to pull against the chains.

Red screamed in pure agony as her shoulders were pulled slowly and agonizingly outward away from her body.  She flexed every muscle she had and tried to pull them back in towards herself, her hips and feet were lifted up into the air as the beasts stepped farther apart. Her resistance only managed to last a fraction of a second once she was lifted upwards, and with a sickening pop her left shoulder dislocated.  The centaurs continued to pull, with each small step forward the skin and muscle in Red's left shoulder and upper arm stretched hideously.

Her screams took on a pitiful note of desperation, small short screeches that matched every little step the centaurs took.  Red was overcome by the pain, a sound like a wet-cloth being ripped apart seemed to come from inside her head.  She looked at her left arm and watched as the skin began to tear open, blood spewed out of multiple rips mixing with the pool of beast cum covering the ground beneath her. She watched the muscle beneath the skin stretch and begin to fray, and then with one last rip followed by a wet pop her left arm was torn from her body.  She smashed into the ground violently and was briefly dragged on her side by the chain that still bound her right arm, but the centaur stopped almost as soon as her arm was torn free.

She lay still, feeling blood pump from the gaping wound with every heartbeat. Cum dribbled down from her hair into her eyes as she began to shiver and shake, cold sweat beading from every pore.  She looked over at her right arm, and was surprised to see her silver hand had melted back into her arm and was wriggling its way up her body.  She had not asked the magic-mirror for anything, but with a mind of it's own it traveled across her naked body to the ragged stump of her left shoulder.  It wrapped itself around the frayed skin and muscle, coated the white bone visible from inside the wound, and within moments Res was no longer bleeding, her arm left arm was gone and in its place was now a small silver colored stump, it covered her collar-bone and her armpit looking almost like an armored pauldron.  She felt relief as the pain slowly faded, but then realized she no longer possessed even a single hand.  That's when she heard his voice.

"Well that's a surprise, usually when they play this game the winner ends up fucking a corpse. It's not every woman that manages to survive having one or both of her arms torn off... You see it's a lot like playing for a wishbone, the centaur that gets the bigger piece gets to fuck what's left.  In this case that'd be you..."  The Satyr trailed off as he grabbed Red by her cum-soaked hair.  He began dragging her back towards the center of town the remaining chain slipping off of her arm now that she no longer had a right hand.

The loss of blood made her too weak to resist. Her boots kicked feebly at the ground as she was pulled towards the center of the small town. She caught a glimpse of two Fauns setting down a long bench in the town square.  Before she knew it her body was hoisted up onto the bench face-up, her arms and legs dangling pitifully off the sides.

The sound of large hooves clipping cobblestones filled her with dread, and soon a large shadow loomed over her.  The centaur was actually somewhat handsome, his upper body was that of a muscular young man with a chiseled jaw and tanned skin.  Below the waist the creature was a huge chestnut stallion. Red only caught the briefest glimpse of its face before it walked over her, straddling the bench with its forelegs. Red looked down to see a fully erect horse-cock pointing straight at her. At least two feet long and thicker than her arm, there was simply no way it would fit inside her.  

"Hold her" she heard a voice from above her say, it was the Centaur's.

The same two Fauns that had brought the bench now appeared on either side of her. Each Faun grabbed one of her thighs and forced them up and apart, while their opposite hand pushed her shoulders downward onto the bench.

She felt the tip of the horse cock rub up against her labia and gasped.  Dried cum flaked from her opening as the enormous cock-head thrust at her entrance. The centaur pushed forward jarringly and at the same time the fauns pressed her in the opposite direction.

"Noooo!" She sobbed as she felt her labia tear as they were pushed up into her opening, the centaur didn't stop and thrust forward even harder, driving at least a foot of it's cock into her. Red convulsed in pain as she watched her belly distend upwards with the force of the penetration. She could feel her organs shifting to accommodate the monster's girth. The Fauns at her side pulled her slightly backwards giving her a brief second of relief before they slammed her down even further onto the monstrous shaft. At least 18 inches of horse cock were now burrowed inside her; she coughed heavily as most of the air was forced out of her lungs and then vomited another stream of Faun-sperm and bile down onto her chest.

She heard grunting from above her, and the centaur bucked forward harder than before. The final 6 inches was jammed into her with overwhelming force.  Red would have screamed if she had any air left as she felt something tear inside of her. The grunting continued from above, then all at once the creatures hot seed began to explode inside her.  
Each jet was like a spear being thrust into her, there was just no room left inside her for the liquid to go. Red's belly ballooned outward as more and more horse-cum filled her up, some of it managing to escape her pussy in powerful spurts. 

Then as quickly as it had started it was over.  The centaur backed up and Red felt her pussy being torn to shreds as the horse-dick left her body. She watched horrified as blood and bits of her vaginal wall stuck to the monster's softening member as it fully exited her body with a loud sucking sound. 

A torrent of blood and semen followed the release as the centaur simply turned around and walked away. The Fauns finally let her go as well and moved away.  Red no longer had the strength to move, her skin grew pale and her vision blurry as her life-blood pumped out from between her legs. 

"Looks like we're almost done here" whispered the Satyr, who now stood to her right side. "We got what we came for, and I think this will be a stark reminder of why it's best not to try to stop us. There's just one last little thing to do..."

Red glanced towards the beast, her eyes hazy, in its right hand it held a cleaver, and in his left a plain white cloth.  He placed the cloth firmly over her mouth and for an instant she feebly tried to push him away with the stump of her right forearm. It was no use, she inhaled deeply, it was the same musky scent as before, but unlike the first time, this time she was not paralyzed, instead her list once again instantly overwhelmed her. As soon as the Satyr removed the cloth she spoke.

"Please, fuck me! Fuck my ass, fuck my ruined pussy, fuck my throat, fucking dig a new hole in me and fuck it, just use me!"

"Not yet, cunt. Not yet" the Satyr replied.  He grabbed her by her left ankle and pressed it tightly to the wooden bench, then with heavy swing he brought his cleaver down through her lower calf.

Red felt the pain of her foot being severed from her body for only an instant, as blood spewed from the wound warmth filled her up, and she started shaking. She couldn't believe it, she was cumming. As blood poured from both her ruined cunt and left leg, the Satyr brought the cleaver down a second time, her right foot flopped to the ground near the bench to join her left.

"Fuck yes! Ruin me!" Red screamed as another orgasm rocked her body. The Satyr smiled down at her and turned his back.

"One more friend would like private minute with you little one, I'll leave you two alone now, goodbye." 

Red was left feeling haunted by the Satyr's last words as silence descended upon her. She began to shiver from blood-loss and the cool wind which chilled the coating of jizz that covered her.  Soon the silence was broken by the sound of heavy hooves coming her way along with a noise like something heavy being dragged across the dirt. Red rolled her head to the side to see what was coming.  Perhaps she should have been afraid by what she saw; a towering beast, easily 10 feet tall with the head and hooves of a bull but the lower body and chest of a man. It was a deformed creature, with legs too small for its body and a torso and arms that were far too large.  Between the creatures legs hung a cock longer and thicker than Red's arm and a pair of balls so large heavy that they dragged on the dirt behind it. This was the Minotaur.

"Mayte, mayte, MAYTE!", the beast's words were a guttural blend of braying, grunting and English but Red knew what it meant.  Tears streamed down her face as the beast came closer. The only clothing the Minotaur wore was a thick belt around its waist that held a huge broad-bladed knife. As it approached it unsheathed the blade.  

Red tried to push the monster away with the stump of her right hand as it grasped her around the middle wth one huge hand, but it was a futile attempt at best, the creature hardly noticed as she smashed the stump of her arm against it's hand and fingers. Without warning the monster slammed the blade between her legs, artfully separating the fold of skin and tissue between her pussy and anus and creating a much larger cavity. The creature's shaft began to grow larger as it pulled the blade free and positioned itself between her thighs, the huge tip of its cock began to drip as it grew even larger and thicker until it was almost the size of Red's leg. Blood streamed around the head of its cock as it pressed hard against Red's opening, she expected the pain to be unimaginable, but instead she felt only warmth.  

Its cum is a drug, she thought to herself as she began to drift once more again into euphoria. 

The Minotaur didn't waste any time, it thrust forward hard, cramming at least a foot of its shaft into her.  Red heard a sound like fabric tearing as her body was torn open from within. The creature bucked again, this time harder and Red vomited a torrent of beast cum and blood out into the dirt.  She continued to wretch and heave as the beast rammed into her again and again, almost two feet of Minotaur cock was inside her now, smashing her organs up into her body. The Minotaur grunted in frustration. "Too small. Not good!" It drooled onto her belly as it spat out the words. 

Red wasn't sure if this was good or bad. The monster seemed frustrated, but at least it had stopped driving into her. It pulled its dripping member from her torn opening and a rush of blood and bits of intestine spilled instantly from the wound. It picked her up in both hands, gripping her by the hips and chest, it's massive hands nearly able to encircle her body and then spun her  so that she was horizontal in front of it.  With a grunt it smashed her downward as one of its fur covered knees rose up to meet her spine from below. 


Red's spine splintered just above her pelvis and suddenly she felt nothing below her waist. The Minotaur began pulling with all his might, still gripping her by the hips in one hand and the chest in the other. Red's stomach began to stretch obscenely, the skin and muscle now the only thing keeping her together. With a powerful yell the Minotaur ripped her in two, her intestines and other organs splashed through the air and landed on the ground below the bench with a squish. The Minotaur tossed Red's upper half to the side like a piece of trash, and then positioned her severed legs and hips for penetration once more.

Red landed on her back in the mud, her single arm flopping uselessly by her side.  She looked down at the ruin of her body. Ropes of intestine hung from a gaping opening below her navel. She closed her eyes and wept. "I don't want to die" she thought to herself. Her head fell heavy to the dirt turning in the direction of the Minotaur, she watched as the beast used her severed legs as a fuck-toy, running her hips up and down its massive cock as it grunted with pleasure. 

Red felt a tingling sensation in her right shoulder, she looked over the see the silver liquid of her magic mirror leaving the stump, now a ragged red scab, but no longer bleeding, and slide down her torso to the huge opening in her gut. The liquid metal settled over the gaping hole and began to stretch her skin over the wound. Red’s breath was coming in shallow pitiful gulps now, and the world around her began to grow dark. A few yards from her the Minotaur grunted in pleasure as a huge torrent of cum blasted from its cock and onto the ground near Red. It pulled her now deformed legs and lower-body off of it’s enormous member and tossed them back towards her. They fell lifelessly in a heap a few feat from her upper body.

It was at this moment a warm feeling began to spread from her midsection, a feeling not unlike napping outside on a sunny-day. Red blinked heavily, struggling to keep her eyes open, as the warm feeling continued to spread she drifted out of consciousness...

... Some time later.

As consciousness returned to her the first thing she felt was pain. Her entire body was pain, her hands burned, her feet burned, her head ached, and her back was screaming. The second thing she noticed was her mouth was full, something was squirming in and out of it pumping back and forth. “Oh god! What’s happening to me?”

Red struggled to open her eyes as the memories of her fight with the beasts and her subsequent rape and defeat flashed back to her. Horror washed over her as her eyes finally managed to open. The first thing she saw was a curly patch of brown pubic hair slamming forward into her face. She struggled to lift her head and look up and when she did she locked eyes with the dirty face of a boy no more than 19.

A look of shock washed over the boy when he realized that Red was awake only to have the shock quickly replaced by ecstasy as his cock began to convulse in her mouth. A salty load of jizz blasted its way down Red’s throat as the boy groaned and quickly pulled his cock from her mouth. Another rope of jizz shot from his tip and painted Red’s cheek.

Red tried to speak, to demand an explanation, but only a tiny wheeze escaped her lips, followed by a dribble of cum which rolled down her chin.

“Don’t speak”, said the boy, “you’re too week. Everyone in town thought you were dead. They were happy you were, the beasts killed twice as many this time because of you. I thought you were dead too, well at least at first, so I brought you back here to my hideout, even all ruined you were still the prettiest girl I’d ever seen, so I thought maybe I could get a few days out of you before you started to rot. It wasn’t until I put my thing in you the first time I realized you were still warm. I think it’s that thing sticking out of your gut that’s keeping you alive”

Red finally looked down at what was left of herself. One arm, no hands, a single breast, and a strange silver pipe sticking out of a huge pink scar right below her ribs. Below that, nothing. It was then she noticed that she was hanging about a foot off the ground by her long red hair, looped above her head and tied to a hook.

Red gagged and then wretched up a stream of thick yellowish semen which pooled beneath her.

“Don’t worry miss, I’ll keep you alive and keep you company, I watched how much you liked sucking on the beasts, so don’t worry, I’ll take great care of you!”

Red wretched again and consciousness slipped away from her once more. A new nightmare was just beginning...


Red's back! I didn't think I would ever see a sequel to this story, haha. Amazing as usual. Hoping to see a good ending as well at some point!


Working on the good ending now


I've never seen the part 1 to this story, is it uploaded somewhere?


Its so good to finally have the sequel to one of my GOAT stories on Gurochan.



Here is a re post of it. Hopefully Grimm doesn't mind.

"Red vs. The Pack" by Grimm

Red entered the woodland clearing silently, careful not to disturb even the smallest twig. An average wolf could be roused from sleep with even the slightest noise, and the pack she was hunting possessed a better sense of both hearing and smell than the average wolf. After all, these weren't common canines, they were werewolves.

As she carefully pushed past a low tree-branch, the hood of her long red cloak dropped back to reveal a gorgeous eighteen year old face framed by wavy red hair. Her nose was small, her lips full and pink, and her eyes an emerald green, the very picture of young beauty. Slowly her hand dropped to her hips, pulling back her cloak and revealing the silver handle of a long dagger, one of
two twin blades she wore about her waist. Beneath the thick leather belt holding her daggers, Red wore skin-tight leather pants which hugged every glorious curve of her perfectly rounded backside. On top she wore a white-cotton blouse that struggled to contain her more than ample breasts, milky white and perfect, just like the rest of her.

Still moving cautiously, Red made her way towards the opposite end of the
clearing, where large flat rocks and boulders leaned against each other forming shelter against the elements. Red's face took on a determined look as she continued her slow journey towards the rocks.

For three long months she had been searching for the pack that had killed her adopted father, a woodsman who
had raised her after her mother, father and grandmother were murdered and eaten by a particularly powerful werewolf. The woodsman had taught her how to care for herself in the wild, as well as the secret to killing these creatures: silver. Unfortunately for him, he had been caught while sleeping under his favorite tree while out scavenging. Red had found what was left of his body the next day, and that gore-soaked memory haunted her still. Since that day, it had become her mission to find his killers
and make them pay.

Red caught sight of her first victim, a girl who most likely was only a few years older than herself, sleeping completely nude under the shadow of a large boulder. Red drew her first dagger and moved quietly up the the sleeping teen. The girl was gorgeous, long blonde hair fell in loose curls around her shoulders and framed a face that might have belonged to a faerie princess. Red did not stop for even an instant to admire her; with a jerk she grabbed the woman by her hair, lifted her head, and dragged the
blade across her neck. Without so much as a cry, the Woman's head separated from her shoulders. For a brief second blood gushed from the stump of the woman's neck, but then smoke began to rise from the wound, and it grew dark like a burn. Silver was a powerful tool against these creatures. "One down, two more
to go ", Red thought to herself. Behind her the woman's severed head blinked frantically as her legs kicked and then lay still.

Not to far from the blonde woman's corpse, Red spotted her next target: Another woman, also nude, but this one was older, a woman in her prime, perhaps thirty years old, with brown hair, and a voluptuous body. It was obvious to Red that this was the pack-mother. As Red approached she realized that although the woman's eyes were closed, she was not asleep, her hand was between her thighs stroking her snatch, and as Red inched closer she could hear moans of pleasure escaping the woman's lips.

Red did not hesitate, she surged forward, knowing that she might have only a single chance to kill the she-wolf without a serious fight that could attract the Pack-Alpha. Her last four steps she took carefully as she unsheathed her second dagger. Once both weapons were in hand she charged up the slope towards the woman. Adrenaline took over and things seemed to happen at a lightning pace: a twig snapped under her boot and the she-wolf looked up. As their eyes met the woman began to change: dark fur sprouted from her body, her arms and legs extended and changed, claws the length of knives grew from her hands and feet,
and her face contorted into the long snout of a wolf. With a snarl the
once-woman-now-werewolf charged at Red, fangs bared.

Within seconds the beast made it's first move, swinging wildly with one arm in an attempt to rip Red apart. The teen dropped backwards under the swipe, sliding on her knees as the beast's talons sliced through the air above her head. At the same moment Red brought her daggers upward, and was rewarded with the satisfying feeling of metal sinking into flesh and the cry of a wounded animal. As Red rose from her knees and spun around she saw the beast clutching a stump where it's right arm had been only a moment ago. Smoke coiled out between the creature's claws and it's amputated arm fell to the floor at it's feet, shrinking back to human-size a second later.

Red charged forward, hoping to plunge her daggers into the she-wolf's neck, but was surprised when the creature spun towards her and lashed out with its good arm. Red tried to turn, but was too late; the beast's claws dug into her right side then continued across her chest, tearing her blouse completely off and shredding through the flesh of her young breasts. Agony erupted across her torso, but Red ignored it and lunged forward, jamming both daggers hard into the she-wolf's gut just below the naval. The monster howled and then locked it's huge, clawed hand around both of the teen's wrists. Werewolf flesh popped and sizzled as Red's blades began to cook the creature's insides. Red pushed upwards as hard as she could against the beast's vice-like grip. For a second it held her fast and the knives didn't budge, then the she wolf pulled back it's lips, snarled and snapped down with it's jaws. Before its teeth could snap closed around her neck, Red drove her knee up into the she-wolf's cunt. There was a howl of agony as Red's knee-cap crushed the tender flesh of the beast's pussy, and the grip that held her loosened. With a grunt she slammed both daggers upward. Silvered-blades tore through skin, muscle and guts leaving two gaping, crimson wounds in their wake. Torn intestines and viscera pushed through the openings and Red's face and chest were instantly soaked in a spray of gore as the beast's organs spilled out onto the forest floor.

A sick sense of satisfaction filled Red as thick coils of the she-wolf's guts piled out of her. Her dagger had carved a path upwards all the way through the bitch's ribcage, The once towering beast began to change again, it's fur disappearing, it's snout shrinking. Red savored the look of fear on the face of the woman in front of her as she desperately tried to hold onto her insides with her one remaining hand. More and more slipped out, wriggling past her shaking fingers, but it was no use; the bitch clutched at the two gaping wounds one last time and then folded awkwardly in half at the middle, falling face forward into a pile of her own steaming insides. "Two down, one to go" Red muttered as she wiped the dead woman's blood from her eyes.

Red looked down to check the damage she had taken and nearly puked. The flesh of her right breast was badly cut, three long, gaping wounds ran across it and her once-perfect skin hung loosely from the openings like torn clothes. To make matters worse it was weeping blood quite badly. Her left breast wasn't as badly injured, three scrapes drew lines across it but the bleeding was much less severe. Red knew how bad blood loss could be and needed to do something about it. She tore away a long piece of her red cloak and tied it tightly across her chest, grimacing as the cloth compressed the wounds.

Red spun as she heard a long and mournful howl, it was the sound of an animal in pain, and it was coming from where she had only minutes before made her first kill. When the howl stopped she readied her daggers and assumed a fighting stance, the Alpha would be coming to avenge his pack, and she would be ready for him.

When the attack came from behind her and her hood was yanked backwards with tremendous force she was completely unprepared for it. It was like an explosion of little white lights inside her head as her back and skull collided hard with the rocky ground. Through the haze of her blurred vision and ringing ears she
saw the monster looming over her.

He was the largest of his kind she had ever seen. His fur was a dark grey with patches of white and his entire body was crisscrossed with scars. He had only one eye, the other was just a closed lump of scar tissue. He stood at least nine feet tall and his muscles form was as wide as a barn door. For the first time in all her years hunting these creatures, Red was truly terrified.

Despite her terror and the blood now pooling behind her head, Red managed to quickly roll to one side and get to a knee. The next instant she lunged at the beast, the dagger in her right hand slashing towards it's throat. She expected to feel the sweet sensation of blade meeting flesh, but instead her arm was yanked backwards from behind, a black furred claw gripped her wrist. Before she had time to think she was once again thrown to the ground. A second beast now stood over her, not quite as big as the first, but obviously much younger, a wolf covered in Jet black fur. Unlike the Alpha this wolf did not hesitate. She screamed in agony as the beast closed its impossibly powerful claw around her wrist. the bones of both her radius and ulna cracked and then shattered and as the monster twisted hard. Jagged shards of bone tore out of the skin and she dropped her dagger as her hand was turned completely backwards. Seconds later she screamed again as the black wolf picked up the weapon and thrust it through her now-useless hand, pinning it to the forest floor. She immediately tried to slash at the beast with her left hand only to
find herself in agony once again as the Black wolf simply grabbed her left arm and yanked it hard, pulling it out of it's socket. Her second dagger dropped harmlessly to the floor next to her, her hand no longer able to form a fist to grip it.

She began to sob. "This is it, I'm going to die here", she thought to herself. She was completely helpless. She lay face up on the forest floor, one wrist
crushed and her hand impaled by her own blade, and the other arm dangling loosely next to her. As she contemplated her fate the beasts began to circle her. "They're probably trying to decide which of them get's to eat me, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll end up fighting each other over–" her train of thought derailed as she noticed something extending between the legs of the old white wolf. Between it's thighs the most massive cock she had ever seen began to protrude, a great red phalus at least 18 inches long and thicker
around than most men's forearms; Red gasped.

She was still in shock when the beast straddled her, sinking to it's knees over her stomach. It's enormous cock bobbed up and down as it moved into position. She was overcome by the horrible stink of it, this massive, red rod, now dripping with precum. A blob of the stuff dropped from the tip onto her neck and a smell like curdled milk and rotten fish invaded her nostrils. Red turned her head and puked violently. The beast gave
her no time to recover, grabbing her jaw in it's clawed hand and yanking down hard. With a crunch she felt the bones dislocate from her skull, and a deep and horrible cry escaped
her now wide-open mouth. The old wolf wasted no time at all, it quickly tore away the scrap of cloth she had tied around herself, revealing her badly wounded chest. It pressed it's thick member between her tits and then smashed them around the shaft, completely ignoring her screams of pain and protest. As the werewolf's claws dug into her torn right breast she could see puss and fat ooze out between it's fingers. She tried to bite at the monster's cock, but any attempt to move her jaw was excruciating, and she gave up. Red nearly puked again as the slippery red tip of it's cock began to rhythmically slap her across the face as it began to slowly fuck her tits. Her blood acted as lubricant as the old wolf pumped faster and faster. She tried to close her eyes and block everything out, but every time she did its slimy cock managed to hit her across the face and agony erupted from her dislocated jaw. As it continued to violate her chest, she couldn't help but notice how monstrous the creature's balls were, each one was at least the size of a large grapefruit, and they were so hot, she thought she could feel them
pulsing as her tit-rape continued. Suddenly, a deep animalistic groan came from the beast and a massive gout of foul smelling semen spurted across Red's face. She tried to look away, but another spurt erupted from the cock and blinded her, then another and another. The beast howled in pleasure and then gripped her ruined tit in one of it's claws. Red moaned in pain as it ripped her milky white orb away from her chest. Skin stretched and tore and fat dribbled down the creatures wrist as it yanked it completely free . Without a moments hesitation the monster popped the lump of flesh into it's mouth and began to chew. The entire time it's half-hard cock continued to dribble and spurt semen across Red's face and open mouth. When it was over, her entire head was covered in thick, white, wolf-sperm. It coated her hair and face completely and much of it had found it's way between her lips. She had no choice but to gulp the foul liquid down.

Red assumed it was finally over, but began to shriek pitifully as the beast lifted her up off the forest floor. As her body rose, the broken skin and muscles around her right wrist gave way and her right hand was torn off, leaving a jagged stump and her severed appendage pinned to the forest floor. As groans of pain rose from her mouth they were suddenly silenced as the great wolf shoved
it's now half-hard member down her throat.

She tried to cough, tried to scream, but the beast did not stop. He pushed past her tongue and she felt his member extend all the way down her esophagus. As the throat-fucking began she struggled feebly, but then grew frantic for breath, she smashed the stump of her right arm against the beast and agony exploding up her arm. His enormous cock was thick enough that it completely blocked her airway, she choked and gagged, fought for breath and squirmed against him, but it was no use. As the light began to fade from her eyes she was suddenly saved as the beast unleashed another huge torrent of cum straight down into her gut, even after all the jizz he had blasted across her teen face even more filled her belly. Suddenly he pulled out, spraying even more sperm across her face. Red's head rolled to the side and she vomited for what felt like over a minute, a thick stream of white, sticky, ooze spilled down her lips and ran off the bottom of her dislocated jaw. She coughed pitifully and emptied the last of it onto the forest floor.

He let her go and she fell backwards hard, landing on her dislocated left
shoulder, she was beyond screams now, and didn't even flinch at the enormous pain she felt as the bone was pushed roughly back into the socket. The wolf didn't seem to notice as she flexed her fingers, it was now preoccupied sniffing between her thighs. With a flash of movement the creature clawed at her
trousers, tearing the crotch and some of the surrounding fabric away and
exposing her pussy. At the same moment she noticed the other werewolf looming over her, stroking it's own monstrous dick.

The younger wolf moved in first, kneeling next to Red's face, it grabbed her head in both hands and started cramming it's giant member down her already badly abused throat. Seconds later she felt the wet slap of the bigger wolf's cock against her pussy lips. All at once she was overcome with a sensation of absolute fullness as the bigger wolf drove his 18 inch cock all the way into her, pushing past her cervix
and into her womb. If her vision hadn't been blocked by the young wolf's giant, black balls slapping against her eyes and forehead as he began to ravage her mouth, she would have seen the outline of the older wolf's cock pressing up
inside her abdomen. At first she could only focus on the pain inside her, but soon the fear of asphyxiation became her biggest concern. The younger wolf had more stamina than it's elder, and she began to grasp at the forest floor with her one remaining hand, hoping to find anything she could use to fight her attackers. Just as she felt herself losing consciousness, her fingertips found the handle of her second knife, the one lost when her arm had been ruthlessly dislocated…

Ending 1: Red's Dead

… As her hand gripped the handle tightly she felt to the younger wolf had completely stopped. "Oh fuck", she thought to herself as it yanked it's cock free of her throat. looking upward she saw the wolf was staring straight at her left hand, now holding the knife. The older wolf stopped as well, although it didn't pull out of her snatch. Red feebly slashed the knife out towards the young wolf, but she was far too slow, it grabbed her wrist in it's left hand and with its right
hand it viciously stabbed into Red's shoulder. The talons at the end of its long, black fingers pushed through the skin, muscle and tendons between her chest and shoulder-blade. With her chest now pinned to the floor, the beast adjusted its hold and grabbed her by her upper arm. All Red could do was watch in terror as it slowly began to tear her left arm off. Muscles popped and skin stretched like leather as Red's impaled flesh began to separate around the wolf's fingers. Muscle and tendon ripped and tore, and with a final, powerful yank the beast lifted the severed arm above his head. Red screamed long and pitifully, and in response the Old wolf began to fuck her again, this time doubling his pace. She was in shock now, blood poured from the ruined stump at her shoulder, and she began to shiver uncontrollably. Looking to her right she saw the young wolf had pulled the dagger from her left hand,
and wrapped the dead fingers of her severed arm around his shaft. It began to masturbate it's long
red cock with the limb and before long it's balls began to twitch. Aiming
the end of it's cock at Red, it shot it's load. Semen poured across Red's wounded chest and doused the red ruin that once was her right breast. The next stream of cum splattered over the stump of her left shoulder. If she hadn't been losing so much blood it might have stung…

Having finished shooting it's load, the young wolf brought it's head down
over Red's chest. It sniffed her bloody stump and then brought it's jaws down over her collar bone, it's teeth bit deeply into her left breast.
At the same moment the old wolf began to buck harder and harder; she felt incredible heat rising up in her womb. Her insides were being torn apart by the vicious fucking. The alpha adjusted it's grip on her hips and its long thumb nails dug into her navel. Blood streamed out of her tummy as it tore the skin and muscle apart with it's claws. All at once it slammed into her deeper and harder than ever before, and it's monstrous cock tore through her tummy. Her eyes opened wide in shock at the sight of it's gore covered member protruding from her body. That's when the monster came for the third time. As it spilled its seed over her in a fountain, as it came it dug it's
claws in deeper and pulled back hard. At the same moment the young wolf yanked back it's head to tear off Red's right arm and shoulder, but instead Red felt a terrible pressure in her middle.

The next second it was all over, the old wolf yanked her back towards itself as the young wolf pulled in the opposite direction with it's
teeth. Red's stomach split like a broken piñata, and her intestines burst out onto the forest floor. A second later the pressure and pain were suddenly gone as her spine broke in two above her hips and her upper and lower halves separated completely. More organs fell from her torso, kidneys, liver, stomach, everything spilled out and stained the ground. She felt a slight pinch in her chest as the young wolf started to chew apart her remaining tit. Red's vision began to fade to black, and the last thing she saw was the old wolf pulling her lower half off his cock. He tore her legs in two and began to devour them. The young wolf loomed over her upper half and then snapped his jaws down on her throat. Red was finally, mercifully, dead...

Ending 2: Little Red Riding Hood "The Wolfslayer".

When Red's hand touched her dagger adrenaline immediately kicked in, she knew she probably only had one shot at this, so she had better get it right. Despite her dislocated jaw, she bit down with all her might on the young wolf's obscenely thick cock. She felt a crack as her jaw somehow clicked back into place, and suddenly the taste of blood filled her mouth. Her jaw however, was took week to sever the wolf's member, and instead the pain of the bite sent him over the edge and he began to cum, powerful squirts of jizz fired down Red's throat. The beast let out a terrible howl and Red brought her knife up over her head and then scraped it downward against the
beasts lower abs, dragging it straight through it's cock and grapefruit sized
balls. it's huge oversized testicles dropped straight onto Red's face and landed with a plop before sliding to the forst floor. The wolf staggered backwards as blood and jizz showered down on Red. She would have felt some relief if she hadn't still been choking, the beasts
severed member was still halfway down her throat. As the cock began to shrink back down to human size Red felt herself swallow involuntarily, and was disgusted as the wolf's
cock slid down her esophagus. Looking up, she realized the big wolf
hadn't noticed and was now fucking her wildly, it's heavy balls slapping against her thighs and ass painfully. With a grunt the great beast grabbed her by the hips with both hands and shoved it's member all the way into her womb. At the same moment it's cock began to spasm in orgasm and it gripped tightly with both hands,
Red felt the razor sharp nails of it's thumbs slice through her abdominal
muscles and as the first huge load of sperm entered her womb, her intestines started to slip out through the newly created opening. A scream of rage escaped her lips as she slashed across both of the Big wolf's arms, slicing cleanly through
it's elbows.

The beast opened it's eyes, now filled with fear not rage, and jumped backwards off of Red, it's cock exiting her cunt with a sickening pop, semen continuing to pump out and over her body as it stumbled backwards. Red jumped up after it, and as she did a large pile of intestine slipped out of her wound and dropped down over her pussy like a loincloth of gore. She knew she
couldn't let pain stop her and charged in to finish the job. With one brutal strike the battle was over, and red held aloft the severed head of the beast, now just the head of an old bearded man. Turning around she saw the young black wolf squirming in pain and clutching the wound where it's genitals had once been, she limped over to it's prone body and swiftly finished the job. It was finally over.She turned to leave the clearing and fell to her knees in pain and exhaustion.

A few minutes later when she managed to regain her senses a little, Red tied what remained of her hood into a makeshift pouch and wrapped it around her middle,
hopefully it would keep her guts in, a bit more cloth she managed to tie above her severed right
hand, and then she began a slow and painful walk towards the road she had left when she entered the forest. A hour later she could no longer walk, and fell face down. Somehow she managed to crawl on her hands and knees for almost a mile
before she completely lost consciousness.

The next day a small group of dwarves were returning from their work in the local mines when they nearly stumbled over the body of a beautiful red-headed teen. She was completely naked except for leggings made of leather, torn open at the
crotch. Her pussy was a bright and ravaged red color, and a huge pool of
congealed semen had formed under it on the forest floor. One of the dwarves rolled her over to check for a pulse and gasped in disgust. One of her tits was just gone, replaced with a gaping red wound filled with dirt and twigs, what was worse was that her guts were hanging out of a wound in her stomach, and it looked like she had been dragging them for a while,
a strand of intestine lead away from her body and back into the forest. Aside from the copious amounts of blood covering her, the dwarf was horrified to see that her face was completely caked with dried sperm to the point where her features were hardly visible. He pressed two fingers against her throat…

"Holy shit guys! This bitch is alive!". The dwarf yelled to the others. "You
think you can fix her up Doc?". The oldest dwarf looked her over and replied. "I don't know, looks pretty bad, grab as much of her guts as you can boys and throw everything in the cart, I'm going to be busy tonight…"

Months later Red left the small house in the middle of the woods. Her scars had healed, and the dwarves had helped her replace her right hand with a long silver blade. She was finally ready to begin her hunt again!


Cool stories. I don't know about others, but personally I really like that you include a "good" and "bad" ending, as I equally enjoy gore and violence directed at males and females, and it's really rare to see it in these kind of stories especially directed at monstrous males since they usually totally overpower their victims. Fun fact: apparently one of the old myths out there said that a werewolf could be destroyed just by severing its dick.


Any updates to this at all Grimm?

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