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Lauren-I'm Lauren

Alice-And I'm Alice!

Lauren-And we'd like to announce to you

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2!

Lauren-indeed, and it will have more to it than knew fights

Alice- Oh? Like What?

Lauren-New creatively kinky deaths for one

Alice-But we've already had back breaking, cannibalism, swords, arrows, asphyxiation, bullets, crushing, throat slitting, poison, and neck snapping! *starts counting fingers* that's like 10 deaths!

Lauren-Uh yes that's um very perceptive oh you. But along with these new fights and deaths, well have a wider varieties of combatants, some more obscure, so we'll be here to give you a brief bio

Alice-Haha you're stuck with me!

Lauren-yes sadly. But while you wait, check out Waifu Wasted for something special

Alice-Waifu Wars Season 2 starts soon, so see ya then!


Lauren-It seems that Waifu Wars Season 2 is finally here

Alice-But you know what else is coming up? E3! so let's celebrate with some of video games most prominent pink damsels in distress

Lauren-Princess Peach

Alice-Vs Amy


Alice-It’s my first fucking fight, I'm not doing a fucking furry!

Lauren-Alice, calm down

Alice-I will not fucking calm down! That flying fuck who writes these is going to fucking get it!

Lauren-It’s Princess Peach Vs Amy Rose, stop the recording, hurry

Alice-I’d fucking choke the fucker with his own dick, but I bet it's so small he'd just fucking swallow it! So I'll just fucking jam some barb wire up his


Lauren-sadly Alice couldn't be here as she's to busy screaming into a pillow, but voting ends June 6th, and remeber our bios on each character, coming soon


Amy to win please


Lauren-Peach, the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom

Alice-Mhm, she can rule me any time

Lauren-Alice you're drooling


Lauren-...anyway, standing at 6'01, weighing approximately 140 lbs, and approximately B cup breasts is Princess Peach

Alice-Do you think her vagina tastes like peaches?

Lauren-Though she may seem like you're ordinary damsel in distress, she's far from it. She can effectively wield multiple melee weapons such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and her trusty umbrella

Alice-And would that mean Daisy's pussy would smell like daisies?

Lauren-And if that's not enough, her heart magic can keep her foes at bay. It gives her the power of flight, heal her, shield her from evil forces, and blast her enemies aside

Alice-And would Luigi's penis taste like pasta? Mhm pasta penis

Lauren-Alice! For the love of god stay on topic! Besides that's linguine

Alice-Sorry guess I'm just hungry

Lauren-(adjusts glasses angrily) Anyways, after having possession of the Vib Scepter She gained the ability to harness and weaponize her emotions

Alice-I have a Vib Scepter if you know what I mean

Lauren-(sighs) great, now I need therapy

Alice-(giggles) your welcome

Lauren-Though on, while her anger slows her down, it drastically increase her power and ignites her

Alice-Her sadness speeds her up by giving her a trail of tears to slip on

Lauren-Being Calm allows her to heal herself

Alice-And joy allows her to glide through the sky

Lauren-Is it just me or do these powers seem redundant

Alice-And even her body can be used as a lethal weapon, especially her sweet a


Alice-What? I'm deathly series, she can and has butt bumped people hard enough to send them flying

Lauren-It is true that she posses inhuman strength

Alice-And it reaches a climatic peak with her Empress Peach where she sprouts wings, a crown, a halo, then strikes a ball hard enough to clone it and set it and it's clones on fire. Holy shit that's metal

Lauren-(adjusts glasses questioningly) but is that enough to put down her foe Amy Rose?



Lauren-They say fame can change a person, but they never talk about how it can change those around them

Alice-I’m not fucking doing this

Lauren-One extreme cause of this is Amy Rose, Sonic The Hedgehog’s ultimate fangirl

Alice-Why the fuck does he get fangirls?

Lauren-standing at 2'11, with an unknown weight, and an estimated A cup. Amy might be small, but don't let that fool you

Alice-She’s a fucking hedgehog! Why the fuck does she have tits?

Lauren-Years of chasing after her hero have trained her to keep up with the blue bluer, who has reached insane speeds

Alice-How? She's a freaking hedgehog! Have you ever seen one of those things run?

Lauren-She’s a skilled acrobatic and can use her idols signature spin dash

Alice-Can hedgehogs even fucking jump? Like I'm serious?

Lauren-Alice please! If your not going to help, just keep quiet

Alice-How the fuck am I supposed to be quiet when your talking about fucking rodent tits!

Lauren-Alice will you ple

Alice-And besides, couldn't Peach just step on her? I mean she's a freaking giant, and her opponents a 2 foot rat

Lauren-(Adjusts glasses opportunistically) I wouldn't count on it. Amy is surprisingly strong. She can take hits from Knuckles, and can easily shatter Eggman's machines, even without weapons

Alice-Please don't tell me they gave that thing a weapon…

Lauren-Indeed they did! The Pico Pico hammer is more of just a giant mallet to Amy. She can do all the normal stuff with it like strike her foes and throw it, but when the situation calls for more...extreme measures, she can use it to fly, and even create tornados

Alice-Are you telling that a 2 foot pink rat with a hammer can make a fucking tornado!

Lauren-Yes Alice, that is exactly what I just said

Alice-Oh come on!

Lauren-Amy has shown impressive feats of strength as well. She has staggered foes far larger than herself, and once brought down one of Eggman's airships by simple throwing her hammer at it

Alice-She’s a fucking hedgehog! How!?!

Lauren-But will all that be enough to make up for her size advantage, and beat her vertically inclined royal foe?

Alice-Please vote for the fucking furry to die...


Lauren-They say fame can change a person, but they never talk about how it can change those around them

Alice-I’m not fucking doing this

Lauren-One extreme cause of this is Amy Rose, Sonic The Hedgehog’s ultimate fangirl

Alice-Why the fuck does he get fangirls?

Lauren-standing at 2'11, with an unknown weight, and an estimated A cup. Amy might be small, but don't let that fool you

Alice-She’s a fucking hedgehog! Why the fuck does she have tits?

Lauren-Years of chasing after her hero have trained her to keep up with the blue bluer, who has reached insane speeds

Alice-How? She's a freaking hedgehog! Have you ever seen one of those things run?

Lauren-She’s a skilled acrobatic and can use her idols signature spin dash

Alice-Can hedgehogs even fucking jump? Like I'm serious?

Lauren-Alice please! If your not going to help, just keep quiet

Alice-How the fuck am I supposed to be quiet when your talking about fucking rodent tits!

Lauren-Alice will you ple

Alice-And besides, couldn't Peach just step on her? I mean she's a freaking giant, and her opponents a 2 foot rat

Lauren-(Adjusts glasses opportunistically) I wouldn't count on it. Amy is surprisingly strong. She can take hits from Knuckles, and can easily shatter Eggman's machines, even without weapons

Alice-Please don't tell me they gave that thing a weapon…

Lauren-Indeed they did! The Pico Pico hammer is more of just a giant mallet to Amy. She can do all the normal stuff with it like strike her foes and throw it, but when the situation calls for more...extreme measures, she can use it to fly, and even create tornados

Alice-Are you telling that a 2 foot pink rat with a hammer can make a fucking tornado!

Lauren-Yes Alice, that is exactly what I just said

Alice-Oh come on!

Lauren-Amy has shown impressive feats of strength as well. She has staggered foes far larger than herself, and once brought down one of Eggman's airships by simple throwing her hammer at it

Alice-She’s a fucking hedgehog! How!?!

Lauren-But will all that be enough to make up for her size advantage, and beat her vertically inclined royal foe?

Alice-Please vote for the fucking furry to die...


Peach dies Amy wins is my vote



why does no one read the /lit/ sticky before posting their story?
this is almost unreadable.


I post the fights in that format, but sense the bios are entirely diolouge, I write them like that


I love it. It's like Wiz and Boomstick, only female!

Also, I vote for Amy to win, Peach to die.


Voting is closed


Princess Peach laid in her bed, her clothes next to her on the floor. Her cream colored skin covered in sweat. Her blue eyes were clenched shut, and slight moans of pleasure escaped her full pink lips, her one free hand clenching the sheets. Her small breasts bounced with each jerky movement, and her flat, smooth stomach filled with air and quickly pushed it out. Her thin legs spread out, her feet sweaty, smooth feet smelled strongly of peaches, and her tiny toes which where painted pink, stretched out, and curled up. With her other hand, she rubbed her tight, pink pussy with a red and white, mushroom shapped vibrater. The slight moans of enjoyment, quickly turned screams of erotic pleasure, as she pushed the toy inside herself. She was reaching her climax, it was moments away!


A giant hole appeared in her wall, sending dust, and chunks of stone flying everywhere. From the derby emerged Amy Rose, angrily dragging her hammer across the ground. Her green eyes were filled with hate, and all her pink quills where on edge. Two nipples were visible under the fur, on her tiny breasts. Her stomach was flat and furry, besides her belly button. Her young pussy was tight, and her small butt firm, with pink tail sticking out of it. Her arms were furless unlike her legs which led her three toed paws that smelt of strongly of roses. Peach quickly hid the vibrater behind her back and covered herself the best she could, her face turning bright red.

“W-what are you doing, barging into my room so rudely, I was changing”

Peach said quickly. Any smirked as she rested her hammer on her shoulder.

“Yeah I doubt that”

She said, before her expression turned back to one of furry fury.

“I walked in on my honey bunny sonic looking at porn of you on Deviantart so I've come to get rid of you!”

The Hedgehog exclaimed. Peach looked a bit taken back.

“This is rather extreme don't you think? Besides as creepy as that is, it's not my fault he has good taste”

The Princess said.


Amy demanded, gritting her teeth and foaming at the mouth.

“I can see your crazy, but might I ask why your in the nude?”

Peach inquired. Amy looked and yelped in surprise.

“Aw come on, I just bought that outfit”

She whined before sighing.

“Guess it wasn't made to handle hyper sonic speeds”

She said weakly. Peach cleared her throat, standing no longer trying to obscure anything, and obviously very annoyed with her guest.

“As rude as it may be, I must ask that you leave”

She said firmly.

“Or I will take it as a threat to my kingdom”

She added as she grabbed a golf club, she had laying next to her bed. Amy smirked.

“Oh no blondey, I'm going to finish what I started, your about to die”


Amy rushed forward almost faster than Peach could see, bringing her hammer down. The princess just barely managed to block the strike with her golfclub. Amy stumbled backwards, losing her balance due to the recoil of her swing. The Princess took advantage of this, hitting the hedgehog in the gut with a solid swing of her golf club. Amy was sent flying into a wall, cracking it. Peach lunged forward, butt first at Amy with a feminine


The Princesses peaches slammed into the Hedgehogs belly with a surprising amount of force. Amy coughed up blood before collapsing onto the ground.

“Did I win?”

Peach asked rhetorically as she put her pointer finger to her, and sticking her ass out.

“Not yet”

Amy grunted as she pushed herself up, and grabbed her hammer. Peach gave a shocked gasped, but before she could react, Amy dashed forward faster than the eye could see, and smashed Peach in the gut with her hammer, knocking her into her bed, shattering it. Amy slowly walked towards the princess with a cocky smile, as she casually swung her hammer around. Peach stood up with a girly whimper, as she started to heal her bruised belly with her heart magic. She noticed her pink parasol next to the remains of her bed and grabbed it. Amy brought her hammer down again, but the princess opened her parasol, the Hedgehogs weapon bouncing harmlessly off the the canopy, knocking Amy backwards. Peach jabbed her weapon, managing to stab Amy in the shoulder. The Hedgehog gave a cry of pain as blood squirted from. She winced and dodged the Princess next stab, before slamming her hammer onto the ground creating a shockwave, and dazing Peach.

“I got you know Princess”

Amy exclaimed as she jumped into the air, swinging her hammer downward, but a sudden shockwave emerged from Peach knocking Amy to the ground. The Princess naked body began to glow with a heavenly light, and angelic wings emerged from her bare back. She floated off the ground, and a small pink laser shot from each nipple. Both lasers met up a few feet in front of Peach, forming a ball of energy, before a blinding beam of golden pink light fired froth from the ball, colliding with Amy, and sending her flying through the castle with a panicked scream. Peach gave a slight sniff as tears formed in her eyes. Waves of tears blasted from her eyes and ran after Amy with superhuman speed.

Amy crash landed in the kitchen. She sat up with a pained groan as the toad cooks stared at the nude hedgehog in shock. Peach dashed into the room, still crying. The Toads screamed in aw seeing their beloved Princess in way most only fantasies. Peach quickly regained her composure and whipped away the tears.

“As your ruler, I demand that you size that intruder”

She demanded, pointing at Amy. The Toads charged at her with a shrill battle cry, pinning down their stunned adversary.

“Huh? What's going on?”

Amy said trying to pull free, but to no avail. Two toads walked over with meat tenderizers, and slammed them into her breasts, squishing them like mashpatitties. The Hedgehog gave a girly cry of pain, before pulling her arms in, curling into a ball and spinning at rapid speed, shredding the toads that were holding her down into spores. The spinning ball of pink quils launched itself at Peach, who grabbed a nearby toadette, using her as a shield. Amy slammed into the toadette, who barfed up spores. Amy squealed in pain and annoyance as she blindly threw an uppercut, which connected with the toadettes chin, sending her head flying from her body, into the air.

“Oh my”

Peach said as she dropped her headless subject on the floor. Amy angrily whipped the seed from her eye. She jumped back and grabbed her Pico Pico hammer, and swung it hard enough to create a tornado. The swirling winds tossed Peach into the air, but she simple floated in the air.

“Oh come on!”

Amy exclaimed angrily as she slammed her foot on the ground. She jumped in the air, swinging her hammer fast enough to lift herself upwards. Amy slammed into Peach knocking her out of the air, and curled up into a ball, launching herself again.

“That hurt!”

Peach exclaimed angrily as her body was engulfed in flames. She thrusted her hand out, blocking Amy, and knocking her backwards.


She whined as Peach through a turnip which bounced harmlessly off her head. Peach stabbed at her with her parasol, but Amy stepped to the side, and slammed her hammer into Peaches gut sending her flying, out of the castle. Amy dashed after her faster than the eye could see.

Peach crashed through the well of a building. She sat up, grabbing her head as the frightened customers ran. She looked around and realized that she was in an adult magazine shop. She was flooded with powerful ergues as Amy skidded to a halt, a few feet in front of her. She had tried anger, sadness, happiness, and calmness, but she had never tried harnessing arousal. The young hedgehog looked around, observing many magazines not appropriate for her age. Peach gasped in pleasure as power radiated from her body. She was lifted off the ground as she gently rubbed herself. Gravity seemed to increase ten fold. Most of the shops customers from busty toadettes, to kinky koopas where instantly crushed, and Amy was forced her belly.


Amy demanded as she pushed herself to her knees. Peach let out another sharp gasp of pleasure, as Amy rolled up in a ball and began spinning. She launched herself at Peach, knocking her to the ground and tearing into her soft stomach with her spinning quills.


Peach exclaimed as Amy cut and tore into her. The princesses fruit scented feet kicked outward, and her hands clenched the floor. She coughed up blood as her belly was cut to pieces, but the pleasure still ran through her body, due to her harnessing her arousal. The orgasm she had been holding of sense the beginning of the fight was finally released, but the poor girl was in fair too much pain to feel it, much less enjoy it. She cam herself as her body flaid around. Her nipples stiffened and secreted a few drops of sweet tasting milk. But soon she it was over. Her arms went limp, and her feet fall to the ground, her toes twitching. The last bit of blood and lipstick ran down her cheek as her tongue hang out of her mouth. She barely had time to register what was happening before the last bit of light left her eyes. Amy hopped up, her spins covered in the princesses blood. Peach lay on the ground, her belly, cut open. She'd soon be remembered and mocked as the the whore princess do to the items found in her room and the fact that she had an orgasm during her last moments. Princess Peach was dead.

“Well that's that”

Amy said.



Alice-Next time on Waifu Wars!

Lauren-The worst thing you can give a mentally unstable women is weapons

Alice-No one told that to the guy who armed these ladies!

Lauren-But will obsession be enough to take down pure violence?

Alice-That’s right folks! It's time to Rev up your Harley!

Lauren-Harley Quinn Vs Revy


Lauren-Voting ends June 21st


Awesome addition

Also Revy should win


Very nice.

Also, Revy to win, Harley to die.


Lauren-Obsession can make people do drastic things

Alice-Like make you go fucking psycho apparently!

Lauren-Yes...sadly that often does happen

Alice-Like with today's fighter Harley Quinn

Lauren-Real name Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, age around 25, 5ft tall, weighing 140 lbs, and possessing B cups

Alice-But nice tits aren't the only thing she has. When push comes to shove this lady can put her acrobatic skills to good use by both maneuvering around the battlefield, or beat the living shit out of her foes

Lauren-And if physical strength isn't enough she can pull out her one of her many weapons. From the normal stuff like pistols, baseball bats and mallets, to quirky gadgets like exploding pies

Alice-hold on, didn't we just use a girl who fights with a hammer, and is dangerously obsessed with?

Lauren-Harley has traded blows with Batman and has survived years of abuse from the Joker that would killed a normal person

Alice-She lives in the DC universe, pretty sure those two light weights are the least of her worries.

Lauren-She's survived falls from rooms multiple stories up, and shrugged of punches from the Bat

Alice-I mean seriously! This girl lives in the same universe as Superman and Dr. Fate and still manages to make a name for herself.

Lauren-(Adjusts glasses critically) for one she is a tad ditsy and will fail to notice important details till to late

Alice-And as crazy, and skilled as she may be, she's only human. So a bullet to that cute little belly of hers will put her out of commission...just like with Lauren


Alice-But for a ditsy blonde with a clown fetish she's pretty impressive

Lauren-(watching Alice cautiously) be sure to check in for Harleys opponent Revy’s preview, and for the fight itself

Alice-See ya!


Revy must WIN


I say Harley should win


Screw Harley, REVY MUST WIN


I’m gonna give my vote for Harley to win just to see what happens if she does.


Would you kindly have Revy win?


I saw the crazy clown girl should win.


Lauren-What goes well with psychopathic women?

Alice-Guns! Guns, Guns, guns and more guns!

Lauren-I was going to say an orange jumpsuit…

Alice-Hahaha, I like my theory better. Just give a bitch two guns and watch her run wild!

Lauren-That sounds oddly similar to who were focusing on today, the infamous Two Hands, aka Revy. Real name Rebecca Lee, standing 5 foot 6, weighing 122 lbs, and carrying around E cup breasts

Alice-Oh? Bringing in the big guns is she?

Lauren-Alice we are supposed to be professional!

Alice-What? I'm being deathly series. Her duel stainless steel modified Beretta 92FS's; are rather impressive!

Lauren-Uh, I was assuming you meant

Alice-Ohhhhhh! So you think that all that matters to me is tits and ass, well I'll have you know that I am a weapons expert...who happens to love tits and ass

Lauren-Okay then

Alice-Moving on from Lauren so offensively assuming I am the physical manifestation of a single character trait, I'm pretty sure they don't call her Two Hands cause of her hand jobs!

Lauren-You were doing so well, then you brought up hand jobs…

Alice-I ain't here for your approval bitch, I just want a paycheck. Anyway she's an insanely skilled marksmen. She can shoot with both hands, and at foes who she's not even looking at, most likely using other senses such as hearing

Lauren-Her physical abilities aren't lacking either. She can effortless jump from boat to boat, knock people unconscious with a single punch, and shrug off bullet wounds

Alice-With these skills she's pulled of some pretty impressive feats like tying with Roberta both in a shootout, and a fist fight, and taking out a ship full of neo nazies almost by herself.

Lauren-However she's not perfect. She has a dangerous tempore, is only human, seems to be always drunk, and smokes. Smoking kills kids

Alice-But some anger issues and a drinking problem are excusable when your badass enough to be considered the Lagoons Companies signature gun women

Lauren-But is she skilled enough to kill the Jokers stalker? Find out soon in the full fight


Revy must win, SHE MUST!


I want a DC girl win Go Harley!


My vote is for Revy to win!


I Vote Harley to win


Revy deserves the win


If Revy doesnt win we riot

Revy must win!


Then there will be a riot because I vote for Harley!


Harley’s taken on some crazy shit so l saw she should be able to handle almost anything


Well I’m going with the underdog Harley for the win!


I’ve been playing injustice and I want a Harley Quinn win.


Considering she survived Joker I think Harley Quinn should win she also fights some crazy strong people so it’s possible


I feel like the last five posts are rather suspicious, posted in the span of just over thirty minutes, all voting for the same person, having names that are a variant of Anonymous, and utilizing a similar grammatical structure as they are...but maybe I’m just being paranoid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


But regardless, my vote’s gonna be for Revy to win, but for her breasts to get maimed in the process.


Lets make the DC fanbrats cry and have Revy win!


Revy wins and maybe shoots up Harlys ass some?


Alice-Holy shit bitches we gots a lot of catching up to do

Lauren-First things first, two Waifu Wars have went up sense Gurochan has been down. Harley Vs Revy, and Cammy Vs Nina. You will be able to read them here.

Alice-Second. A new fucking fight has been announced! Next time on Waifu Wars!!! Aqua Vs Lana! Sense Gurochan is up again, voting will be extended to July 22nd


The Joker cackled to himself, his plan nearing completion. In an hour or two Gotham would be nothing more than a creator. He, and Harley where in the 30th floor of a 60 floor skyscraper, and where surrounded by tables, and round chairs, along with an unnamed bar.

“Why don't we we celebrate a bit before the fireworks go off Mr. J?”

Harley asked as she scooted closer to her pudding. Her blue eyes sparkled with lust, and her full red lips quivering with excitement. She slipped out of her red and blue jacket, and tore out of her already torn up T shirt. Her small, but perky breast bounced free, as her flat stomach was exposed. Her smooth hands ran down her body till she reached her red and blue booty shorts. She effortless undone them and dropped them on the floor. Her tight virgin pussy was covered by a small bush which she dyed pink and blue to match her pigtails, and smelt of cotton candy (an extra detail which she added in hopes it would help her pudding get in the mood). Her tiny ass was as cute as they come and just as perky as her breast. Her legs were both lean and incredible smooth. She slipped off her stylish boots, and pulled off her fluffy socks revealing her cute tiny feet, with toes painted red and blue.

“If you ya know what I mean”

She asked with a devilish grin, as she put his hands on his shoulder. The Joker scowled, and shoved her off. Harley landed on her cute butt.

“Cut it out Harley, we don't have time for this”

Revy walked through the room of dead grunts with a sadistic smirk, smoke emanating from her l guns, and the cigaret in her mouth. The grunts where poor shots. They managed to graze her a few times, and tear her clothes to shreds, but gave her no serious wounds. The torn up pieces of fabric that once made up Revy’s outfit fell to the ground. Her giant breast fell and bounced the sudden lack of support. Her muscular stomach was covered in scars, she had a few fresh wounds on her sides and shoulders, but nothing serious. Her pussy was shaved, and her bubble butt bounced in similar fashion to her breast. Her thick legs were shaved, and muscular like her arms, and led to a pair of combat boots.

“Damn it”

The pirate swore as she kicked off her boots, letting her sweaty feet breath. She reached down to the shredded remains of her shorts, sticking her fine ass in the air, and picking up a few extra clips of ammo, and her portable radio.


Dutches voice rang through the radio.

“Yeah I'm here, what is it”

She replied.

“You better be careful, a group calling themselves the Feminazi Enforcement Division, or F.E.D for short has showed up in hopes of killing the bat. There an anti male terrorist organization, and while their not well trained, they'll try to kill you on sight sense you work with us”

Dutch said.

“Good, I was getting a bit lonely up here”

She said.

“Just be careful and kill the clown”

Dutch grumbled.

“Yeah, Yeah got it”

Revy said as she reached the elevator, entering it. When the elevator door opened, Revy was greeted with the sight of the Joker, glaring down at Harley as she rubbed her sore butt.

“Haha! Found you!

The Pirate exclaimed as she shot at the clown, who barely managed to duck out of the way.

“Harley, keep her distracted, I'm getting to the chopper”

The Joker exclaimed, as he ran to the elevator.

“Yes sir Mr. J!”

Harley exclaimed as she jumped to her feet, grabbing her pistol and baseball bat, which were laying next to her.

“Get out of the way, this won't end well for you cunt”

Revy said, aiming her pistol at Harley.

“Let’s play gloomy!”

Harley exclaimed. Suddenly two helicopters flew next to the 30th floor, and two black haired women wearing only bikini tops with the words “F.E.D” printed on them, and a pair of booty shorts jumped from them, through the window, landing into the room with a combat roll.

“Freeze! You're under arrest for associating with men!”

One of the women said, as the both aimed their side arms at the women.

“Ah damn it”

Both Harley and Revy said in unison as the pointed their guns at the newcomers, and Revy her extra gun at Harley. They pulled the triggers.



The bullets pierced the F.E.D soldiers, and the force knocked them out of the window. Revy’s grazed Harleys shoulder.


The criminal shouted in announce. Two more F.E.D soldiers leaped from the helicopter, a red headed one landing next to Harley. Before the soldier could even lift her weapon, Harley slammed her bat into the soldiers face killing her instantly. Revy tackled an asian F.E.D soldier, and held her like a shield as Harley pointed her gun at them.


The soldier said with a panicked expression.


Harley lodged a bullet in her head, and her eyes rolled backwards. Revy charged forward, still using the dead girl as a shield.

Pop pop pop!

Harley fired repeatedly, but her bullets only hit the corpse. Revy collided with her foe, knocking them both to the ground, and sandwiching the dead asian between them. Harley shoved both girls off her, and stood, but by the time she got to her feet, Revy was already standing, pointing a gun at her.

“It's over bitch”

She said, but before she had the chance to shoot Harley through her gun. The butt of her pistol slammed into Revy’s head with a satisfying thump.


The mercenary said as she stumbled backwards.

“Batter up!”

Harley cheered as she ran forward swinging her bat. The blondes weapon slammed into Revy’s but, causing her to gasp in pain.

“D-damn it”

Revy groane as Harley grabbed her gun, and swung again. Revy ducked under her swing, and kicked Harley in the gut knocking her backwards.

“That f***ing hurt bitch!’

Revy growled. Harley chuckled.

‘Kinda the point”

She said. Revy roared in anger aiming at Revy, But 3 more F.E.D soldiers jumped from the helicopter into the building. Two redheads faced Revy, and a blonde Harley.

“I'm getting f***ing sick of these cunts”

Revy said.

“Hey, language”

Harley said as the two almost instinctively went back to back, their bubble butts smushed together

Bang Bang!


The bullets found their targets in the girls hearts. The F.E.D soldiers fell dead.


Revy said as she pointed one gun at the helicopter, and the other at Harleys head.


Her duel Beretta 92Fs rang in unison. Harley ducked just in time, and the bullets pierced the skulls of both F.E.D Pilots. The helicopters swerved out of control and crashed into the building, and exploded. The blasts flung the two women into each other.


Revy groaned as she sat up.

“Well that was a blast”

Harley said as she jumped to her feet. She noticed something on the floor that her Mr. J left behind. She reached down and picked it up.

“Ya know what I like ya two hands. What do you say we bury the hatchet, turn over a new leaf, maybe even f**k a little”

The clown said as she offered Revy her hand.

“Not sure if I can take you up on that last part but”

Revy went wide eyed as she grabbed Harleys hand. electricity coursed through her body. She clenched her teeth, and relaxed her bladder. Piss splashed against her leg. Revy fell to the ground, her skin smoking, and Harley laughed to herself.

“Got ya good”

She said as she pulled the joy buzzer off her hand, and tossed it to the ground. Revy growled in pain, and announce as she lifted her gun.

“Funny, looks like we had the same idea”

She said as she aimed her pistol at Harley.


The blonde shouted as she pulled her guns trigger. The bullet sailed from the barrel into Revy’s shoulder. The pirate grimaced in pain as she dropped her gun, and grabbed her wound with her free hand.

“Ain't so tough when you got a tunnel in your shoulder are ya?”

Harley said as she casually walked towards the asian. She swung her bat. The cold bloody wood collided with a Revy’s face with a satisfying crack, knocking her to the ground, and a few teeth out.


Revy groaned as she pushed herself up, her vision blurry. She noticed a F.E.D soldiers hand gun and grabbed.

“Game Over hun”

Harley said, pointing her pistol at Revy.


Harley screamed in pain as a bullet shattered her kneecap. Revy forced herself to her feet, and pointed the pistol at Harley. She pulled the trigger.

Click click.


The pirate said before tossing the gun aside. Harley started to push herself to her feet. Revy noticed one of her Berettas next to Harley. She ran forward tackling the criminal, and grabbing her pistol. Revy ended up on top of Harley, the barrel of her gun resting on the blondes forehead. Harley gave a sheepish smile, and held her hands up showing that she was unarmed


She asked. Revy scowled.

“f**k no!”

She exclaimed. Harley gave a surprised and panicked expression.

Bang bang!

Harleys body jerked with each shot to the head. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her tongue jousted out, hanging out of here mouth. Her brains splattered against the floor, staining the carpet. Her tits bounced with each jerk, and her belly arched upwards. Her legs kicked out, her small feet rubbed against the carpet. Her bladder gave out, and piss ran from between her legs. In an instant, Harley Quinn was dead.

“f**k that was close”

Revy said with a sigh of relief. She walked over to her stuff, and picked up her walkie-talkie.

“Revy Revy! Are you alright”

Dutch voice rang from it when she switched it on.

“Yeah, yeah don't get your panties in a bunch”

She replied.

“Did you get the clown?”

Her boss asked. She laughed.

“Nah, but I killed his bitch, and f**ked up F.E.D pretty bad. I'll go after him now”

She replied.

“No, that's a bad idea. The Bat has arrived, and this guys calling themselves U.M.B.R.A have showed up, the seem way more dangerous than F.E.D”

Dutch said.

“I can handle them”

Revy said.

“No, get out of there. That's an order”

Dutch replied.

“God f***ing damn it”

Revy exclaimed as she threw the radio to the floor, shattering it.



Lauren-*adjusts glasses prologicecly* Psycho Power is a both amazing and terrible dangerous force. M Bison, one of the most powerful users of this energy found that out first hand. You see the power was slowly eating away at his body. To solve this problem, he made a clone of himself which he planned to transfer his consciousness into. This clone become known as Cammy White

Alice-Ewww I thought Waifu Wars was for hot ladies, why are we using a clone of that greasy old ma *Lauren shows a pic of Cammy* holy sh*t! Yeah I'm ok with this

Lauren-Standing at 5’4”, weighing 134 pounds, and sporting C cup breasts, Cammy may be small, but she’s a force to be reckoned with

Alice-Mhm I can see why Bison would want to have that body, it's almost as sexy as mine...this is starting to feel like a Yugioh abridged episode

Lauren-In combat Cammy uses a combination of Shadaloo fighting techniques, and her Special Forces training. Not only is she a master of combat, but her ability to gather info is almost unparalleled

Alice-”Give me your body Seto!”

Lauren-Alice stay focused!

Alice-S-sorry. Her spiral arrow which allows her to hit her foes, and avoid projectiles, Cannon Strike which allows her to strike her foes from above, and her Holguin Combination, a jumping attack that can lead to all kinds of weird sh*t are just a few examples of what she is capable off.

Lauren-But those pale in comparison to her ultimates which range from her basically penetrating her foes body like a bullet, to breaking their bones multiple times

Alice-Haha penetrating...And if that's not enough she can always tap into her Psycho Power

Lauren-While it's true she does possess that power, she struggles using it, and tends to only manafest it during fits of extreme anger

Alice-Not like this british bitch needs it though, she's pulled of some crazy sh*t

Lauren-Cammy has survived falling from a plain, kicked a man through a train, and tanked hits from other Street Fighters

Alice-And these aren't your run of the mill street brawl participants. The people she goes against are doing crazy sh*t like killing elephants with their fist and blowing up islands with their spirits! I can't even touch my spirit so that's gotta be impressive. Oh and she likes cats, that's kinda cool I guess.

Lauren-But will her combat skills, and love of felines be enough to save her from her foe Nina Williams? Find out on the full fight!


Nina William Seductively Infiltrates Waifu Wars Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
Lauren-What do Ireland, assassination, being brainwashed, martial art tournaments, and cryosleep have in common?

Alice -Oh boy! Are we talking about me?

Lauren-I was going to say they were all major factors in Nina Williams life….

Alice-Dumb blonde bitch copying me…

Lauren-Annnnnyway, Nina was raised in Ireland and thought the art of assassination by her father

Alice-Normal dad “If a boy ever touches you I'll kill them” Ninas dad “ehhh I'll just teach you how to kill boys and cut out the middleman. Hell I'll probably just kill the middleman”

Lauren-technically 43, but only looking 24, standing 5′4″, weighing 108 lbs, and sporting estimated DD cup size

Alice-”But dad, wouldn't that mean you'd be killing yourself sense your the middle man?” “Shut up bitch! I'll kill you, your boyfriend, your dad, my dog, and myself” “but you are my dad” “exactly!”



Lauren-*adjusts glasses aggravatedly* When it comes to combat, Nina utilizes Aikido, and Koppojutsu to take down her foes

Alice-And does so featuring a wide of emotions such as. Bitch cold, sadistically flirtatious, and childish anger. That last one is saved for her sister though.

Lauren-Though her lack of emotions does not translate into a lack of techniques. She uses a variety of swift straight punches, round kicks, sweep kicks, and open hand strikes

Alice-And when combos are needed she can pull out her Biting Snake, Assassins Blade, and Bermuda Triangle. Mhm I'd want to see her Bermuda Triangle

Lauren-Knocking her foes to the ground is a cinch with her Blonde Bomb, Double Explosion, and Spiral Explosion techniques

Alice-And her Geyser Cannon is a jumping kick that allows her to launch, and juggle her foes in the air

Lauren-With these skills she's pulled of many incredible feats such as becoming Jins bodyguard when he started his on world war to summon the devil, or when she defeated her sister, and rival Anna Williams

Alice-But she has her fair sure of flaws

Lauren-Like how she's only human, has gotten brainwashed TWICE, and is rather impulsive when it comes to her sister

Alice-Are we just not going to talk about how someone stole her DNA when she was frozen in cryosleep and used it to create her son?

Lauren-No Alice we weren't, but you just HAD to bring it up...Good job

Alice-But is this irish assassin enough to take out Street Fighters british one? Found out in the full fight!


Anna Williams ran down the street of a bustling night time city, a shoe in her hand, and a gleeful smirk on her face.

“You give that back!”

Nina Williams screamed as she chased after her sister, wearing a white wedding dress. Her dress snagged on a piece of slightly chipped car paint, and was completely torn off of her body. Yet this didn't faze her one bit, her blue eyes still fixed on her sister. Her giant tits bounced free, and jiggled with every step. Her slender yet muscular arms thrusting up and down as she jogged. Her flat, muscular stomach inflated and deflated quickly. Her large ass bounced in time with her steps, as her powerful legs pushed her forward, her smooth cantaloupe colored feet, repeatedly slammed against the concrete.

Meanwhile Cammy White was enjoying a calm walk down the street, a nice distraction from the fact that she was a clone of a psychotic dictator, who posses dark powers, and is hell bent on world domination. Suddenly a woman ran into her, knocking her back as the women fell to the ground. Anna winced in pain as she hit the ground, but smirked when she saw Cammy. She quickly stood, and shoved the shoe into her breast.

“Here, guard this with your life”

She said, her face deadly series


Cammy said looking confused as she grabbed the shoe, but before she could ask any questions Anna ran off. The naked Nina Williams skidded to a halt in front of Cammy, a cold hatred in her blue eyes. A crowd started to form around the two, as crowds tend to do when there are nude big tited bloundes in public.

“You! Give me that shoe!”

She demanded, pointing at Cammy, her bare skin glistening with sweat. Suddenly a fiery determination filled the Brites green eyes as she remembered the promise she made to Anna.

“No! I will not let you take it”

She replied. The irish women glared at her.

“Fine, then die”

She said, lunging at Cammy, thrusting her arm forward


Cammy went wide eyed as Nina's palm collided with her face. She was knocked off her feet, But landed on her her hands, and flipped, landing on her feet. Nina thrusted her other palm at Cammy, but she stepped to the side, and threw a punch. Her fist collided with Ninas face. The assassin stumbled backwards, but Cammy didn't give her time to recover, and quickly followed up with a barrage of kick and punches. Nina, forced on the defensive, managed to block every attack, before performing a spinning side kick, slamming her bare foot into Cammy's gut. The Brit yelped in pain as she was sent flying backwards, and Nina jumped backwards, landing behind a fire hydrant. Cammy stood just as the Irish Women kicked the fire hydrant, sending it flying at her.

“Spiral Arrow!”

Cammy exclaimed as she dashed forward, and slide under the flying hydrant, which crashed into a cute black girls head crushing her skull, and killing her instantly. Cammy slide into Ninas legs, knocking her to the ground. Cammy quickly stood, and tried to stomp Ninas head in, But she rolled out of the way, stood, and kicked upwards. Her toe collided with the hand Cammy was holding the shoe with, knocking it into the air. Both girls watched the article of clothing as it sailed into the air.

“My shoe!”

Nina exclaimed jumping after it.


Cammy yelled, following suit. Both women grabbed the shoe at the same time, their combined might shattering. Nina landed on her bare booty, and watched with a mixture of terror, and disbelief as the shards of glass fell to the ground.

“The shoe!”

Cammy exclaimed, as she landed on her feet.

“You bitch!”

Nina screamed as she forced her palm into Cammy's gut. The Brit coughed up blood, something obviously ruptured.


Cammy whimpered, as she grabbed the injured part of her belly.

“I'll kill you!”

Nina yelled, roundhouse kicking Cammy in the face, her toes rubbing against the Brits moist lips. Cammy crumbled to the ground. Nina walked over, coldly glaring at her foe. She lifted her leg straight up, giving Cammy a good view of her pussy.


Nina said, bringing her leg down.


Cammy exclaimed, catching Ninas kick by the ankle. A plus of energy erupted from Cammy, ripping her clothes to shreds. Her perky breast, almost leavated from the power, her nipples fully erect. She flexed her muscular abs, and legs. She clenched her tight little pussy, and small, but bouncy butt. She curled her toes, which tore through the concrete. She looked up at Nina, the fire in her green eyes reignited.

“We’re not done here”

She demanded.

“Wait what”

Nina exclaimed, before Cammy shoved her to the ground. The Brit brought her leg up, and brought it down at Nina, who just managed to roll out of the way. Cammy's foot slammed into the ground, shattering a small hole into the concrete.

“She must have the Devil Gene”

Nina said to herself as Cammy glared at her. The Brit blitzed behind Nina leaving an after image, and roundhouse kicking her foe. The Irish Women managed to block, but it was of no matter. Nina was sent flying into a department store. Customers screamed, and fled as she sat up. Cammy slowly lumbered towards her, a dark purple energy radiating from her, and the shards of glass from the window shattering under her bare feet.

“N-not good”

The assassin groaned as she whipped away the blood from her lips. Cammy vanished and appeared in front of the Irish Woman, leaped on her, wrapped her legs around her shoulder, and with one swift movement, broke it. Nina screamed in pain as Cammy wrapped her legs around her neck. The assassin fell on her back, slamming Cammy between her neck, and the floor. The Brit grunted in pain, and momentarily loosened her grip, allowing the assassin to slip free. But before Nina could even turn around, Cammy punched her in the cheek, sending her flying back onto the street. Just as Nina managed to get to her feet, the Brit kneed her in the gut, sending her soaring into the air. Cammy leaped after her, kicking her in the gut while spinning at dangerous speed. The assassin coughed up blood, before crashing into the ground. Cammy landed gracefully on her feet, as Nina hit the ground like a meteorite, sending a cloud of dust, and chunks of concrete everywhere. When the dust cleared, Nina Williams lay there, broken, bloody, unconscious, and beaten.

“It’s time to end this”

The bloodlusted Cammy commented absentmindedly to herself, as she slowly walked towards her foe. But something else caught her eye. Something that caused the Psycho Power to fade, and stirred up primal desires with in her. Parked next to a store was a ment condition, grey, Toyota Celsior. Her eyes darted between the vehicle, And her foe. End the fight, or destroy the car? End the fight, or destroy the car? End the fight or destroy the car?!?

“Spiral Arrow”

She exclaimed. Her foot penetrated the cars side, digging itself into its interior. She pulled her foot out of the hole. Cammy lifted her leg over her head, and slammed it into the roof of the car. When Nina came to she saw what appeared to be her foe...beating the ever living sh*t out of a car? She pushed herself up with her good arm. Her entire naked body was covered in blood, and gashes, her broken shoulder had taken even more of a beating, her breathing was rugged, and her vision blurred. She started to shamble towards the occupied Brit, the only thing giving the Assassin the energy to move was the knowledge that the destruction of her shoe was caused by Cammy.

“She ruined my shoe”

Nina grunted, as she limped across the destroyed street.

“She’s working with Anna”

The Irish Women growled, her voice growing a tad louder.

“I'll kill the bitch”

Nina exclaimed, before breaking out into a full on sprint. Cammy was far too occupied pummeling the car, to notice her charging opponent. Nina grabbed the back of Cammy's head, and slammed her face into the car. Cammy elbowed the Assassin in gut, knocking her backwards.

“How are you still standing”

The Brit gasped sounding surprised, after pulling her face out of the indention in the car, which it created. Nina ignored the question, and performed a spinning round house. Cammy ducked under the attack, then leaped on Nina, wrapping her legs around Ninas neck. The Brit was about to snap the Assassins neck, but Nina gently rubbed her lips against Cammy’s bare pussy. Cammy gasped in pleasure, and relaxed her legs falling to the ground. Nina lifted her leg above her head, and slammed it into Cammy’s stomach. The Brit coughed up blood, before going limp, barely breathing.

“P-please you win, just let me go”

Cammy whined. Nina ignored her, and walked behind the car. With her anger enhanced strength, she lifted it above her head. Cammy’s eyes filled with fear, as she realized what the Assassin was planning.


Cammy screamed, kicking her legs out, and bonding her arms in front of her face protective, but she was far too exhausted to move. With the strength of ten Irish Women, plus two, Nina slammed down the car onto the Brit. Her upper body was completely crushed, killing her instantly. Her kicking legs paused mid kick for a moment, before slowly lowering to the ground. Her feet twitched a few times, and a gush of piss squartied from between her thighs, then all was still. Cammy White was dead. Nina walked over to Cammy’s none crushed side, and stepped on her wet vagina, Her soft foot causing Cammy to squirt more.

“Finished all ready? Please…”

Nina commented sounding annoyed


Alice-Oh, that looked painful

Lauren-Actually, I doubt she felt it

Alice-But still, poor Cammy. She had it in the bag

Lauren-Indeed she did. Cammy was far more powerful than Nina, and could have easily killed her

Alice-But she got to damn distracted by that car

Lauren-If the Brit could have handled the arousing feeling of Ninas lips against her pussy she might have survived

Alice-But the poor girl was too innocent to be used to that, hell she didn't even get to satisfy the urge Nina must have given her

Lauren-Cammy should have just given up the shoe

Alice-But I guess Nina had a crush on her


Aqua Casts Seduce on Waifu Wars

Alice-There cannot be light without darkness

Lauren-Keyblade Masters are powerful, and mystical soldiers who protect this balance

Alice-Ventus, Terra, and Aqua where three Keyblade Masters in training under the tutelage of Master Eraqus

Lauren-Around 21sh, standing 5’6’’, weighing an estimated 150 pounds, and an estimated C cup

Alice-Man, that's a lot of estimations. Kingdom Hearts is vague

Lauren-Eventually Terra, and Aqua where able to take the Keyblade exam, but only one past

Alice-A tad pissed off that failed, Terra ventured out alone to the world's beyond, his worried friend Ventus chasing after him

Lauren-Master Eraqus sent Aqua on her first mission. To both watch over Terra, and bring Ventus back home

Alice-And did we mention that these other worlds we've been talking about are worlds from f***ing Disney movies?!?

Lauren-Aaaaaaaand you killed the tone, thanks a lot Alice

Alice-But seriously it's all like mystical reality hoping warriors, dueling literally manifestations of evil, And hatred, then hey look it's Mickey Mouse!

Lauren-Aqua traveled from world to world, fighting both the Unversed, creatures of pure negative emotions, and each world's inhabitants

Alice-Buuuut she slowly watched Terra become super edgy, and stuff

Lauren-End the end, things did not go well for Aqua

Alice-Long story short, Terra become so edgy some old dude took over his body, Ventus went into some kinda coma, cause he was fighting an evil version of himself WITHIN himself, and Aqua fell into a world of darkness

Lauren-Kingdom Hearts is weird


Lauren-Well Aqua had to survive ten years in that “world of darkness” which was affectionately titled The Realm of Darkness. For those ten years she battled the creatures if darkness known as The Heartless

Alice-How does one girl pull that off?

Lauren-With her Keyblade of course. Aquas Rainfell Keyblade may not look very sharp, but it allows her to tear through her foes. But she mainly uses it to harness her main weapon, her



Yeah, it's nice and soft, and rumble, and feminine, ugh it's so soothing

Lauren-I was going to say her magic

Alice-Ohh that does make sense, her firaga, Blizzaga, and Thundaga are some pretty impressive spells

Lauren-And when times get rough, Curaga can mend most wounds

Alice-She has quite a few spells that can cause negative side effects like sleep, And poison

Lauren-And when she needs some more fire power, Ice Barrage, Firaga Burst, and Raging Storm are rather effective

Alice-And if worst comes to worst, she can just freeze her enemies in a giant chunk of ice with Glacier

Lauren-with these impressive skills she's she’ accomplished plenty of impressive things like defeating numerous powerful Heartless, many of Disney's greatest threats, and surviving a duel with Terra-Nort

Alice-Plus there's that whole thing about surviving 10 years in The Realm of Darkness. But I think time works differently there sense she wasn't 11 when she went in

Aqua isn't perfect thought by any means, and has her flaws. She more often than not puts others ahead of herself, that often lands her in lot’s of trouble, like how she ended up in the Realm of Darkness

Alice-And while skilled with the blade, she's arguable the weakest melee fighter of her trio

Lauren-But all and all, Aqua is a skilled wizard, a better Keyblade master, and an even better friend

Alice-But how will she fair against Lana, Hyrules Guardian of Time? Find out more on her next time!


Lana Summons Sexiness to Waifu Wars

Lauren-Long ago, there lived a guardian of time named Via. Cia was powerful sorceress who could peer into other realities, and times. Eventually her gaze stumbled upon the hero Link, and she soon became infatuated with the young Hylian. Ganondorf, A powerful warlock, and an incarnation of evil, saw this as an opportunity. In her state of vulnerability, Ganondorf forced the good from her heart, turning Cia into an agent of chaos. However all was not lost. The good in Cias heart formed into Lana, The White Witch

Alice-And with her evil half running a muck, it was time for Lana to kick some ass!

Lauren-Probably ageless, standing at approximately 5 foot 5, weighing approximately 150 pounds, and carrying A cups, Lana is rather small

Alice-For fighting waves of monsters, she's pretty fucking adorable

Lauren-Yes, well she rarely realize on physical might. Her main weapon is her spell book, which can summon bolts of lightning, and summon magic walls. She can use these wall as platforms, send them sliding at enemies, or even ride them around

Alice-Her Faron Spear, is a long range water weapon, that also incorporates the element of nature. Besides just stabbing with it, she can summon waves, small glaciers, and even a Deku tree

Lauren-But sense she is a sorceress she’s far more comfortable using her spell book, or her Summoning Gate. Her Summoning Gate is a magic portal that follows her around, and allows her to use fire based attacks, and summon minions such as dodongos, and a giant cucu.

Alice-We all know how well using cucus went for the other Zelda combatant

Lauren-With these weapons she can easily kill hundreds of grunts with a dozen attacks, and can stand up to the more powerful Zelda combatants

Alice-But is that enough to stop Aqua? Find out in the full fight!




Aqua the keyblade mom must win


Oh Krom, please have Aqua win

And if you do not



Aqua to win


Aqua should lose. I have a salt mine to run, and though it seems impossible, I believe that her fans could even outpace her own production.


Can Aqua rape her foe with her keyblade as her finishing move

Yes Aqua should win


I believe in Aqua, she deserves the win


Aqua has to win

Would you kindly?




Lana relaxed in the Gerudo bath house. Hyrule had gone to shit. There was no other way to say. With the Hero of Hyrule missing a dangerous darkness had began to grow in Death Mountain, and Linkle who went to retrieve the master sword to fight said evil had failed to return. The young leaders of the Zoro, and Kokiri had acted irrationally due to their infatuation with said hero, and personally killed the daughter of a farmer who had a great deal of influence with the Hyrule Royal Family, as they blamed her for the hero's disappearance. Now tensions between the Hyrule Royal Family, and the new Zora, Kokiri alliance was high, the Gorons have cut of all contacts with the outside world, and the darkness looming over Hyrule only seemed to grow stronger. She sighed as she let herself slide into the water, her petty breast barely visible from under the steamy water, and her creamy feet, sticking out of it. It seemed that that Gerudo City was the only safe place left in Hyrule.

Aqua walked down the dimly light halls of the Gerodo bath house. She had no knowledge of this world, only that she could feel a great darkness.

“What could Ven and Terra be doing here”

She asked herself, her feminine, yet rumble voice, tainted with a tad of worry. She covered her eyes as she stepped into a bath, the sunlight blinding.

“Well aren't you a cute Vai”

A muscular Gerodo asked, smirking at the newcomer, as she soaked in the bath.

“Where are you from? I haven't seen a woman of your beauty anywhere in Hyrule. Well other than myself of course”

A smaller Hylan girl asked.

“Why don't you strip down and join us? Preferable a little closer to me”

A Zora girl asked, giving Aqua a wink as she stretched out. Aqua blushed.

“Well um, I um”

She said. Suddenly a group of Gerodo soldiers rushed in, pointing their spears at the Keyblade Master.

“Halt, your under arrest”

The leader demanded. Aqua frowned as the other girls sinked further into the water as if to avoid getting involved. Lana leaned out of her bath, her breast resting on the stone floor, to catch a better glimpse of the conflict in the one next to her.

“What for? I haven't been here for more than a few minutes. What trouble could I have caused”

Aqua asked.

“We don't have to answer to you foreigner”

The Gerodo hissed. The where being influenced by the darkness, she could feel it.

“Step away and let me through. I don't want to have to cause any harm”

Aqua said, Rainfell appearing in her hand

“Cocky bitch”

The soldier growled, as they rushed forward.


Aqua shouted, thrusting her Keyblade skyward. A bolt of lightning struck the bath..a the women other than Aqua stiffened up, and clicked their teeth as electricity coursed through them. Suddenly they all fell dead.

“Such a pity”

Aqua said, touching her hand to her breast.

“You killed them!”

Lana said as she emerged from her bath, her entire body soaked. Her wet stomach glistened in the light, her little pussy covered by a light blue bush which matched her hair.

“You just murdered those people”

She growled as she walked forward, her thin legs making swift, and long strides, her feet gentle splashing against the wet floor.

“They forced me”

Aqua replied weakly.

“A sorceress shouldn't abuse her power”

Lana said as her spell book appeared in her hand.

“Guess I'll just have to teach you that”

She added. Aqua sighed sadly.

“I'm deeply sorry about this”

She said pointing Rainfell at Lana



Aqua exclaimed, And a ball of fire shot from her Keyblade. Lana thrust her hand forward, and a wall of magic appeared in front of her, blocking the fire ball. She thrusted her hand forwards again, and the wall vanished, 6 others, forming a hall between the two taking its place. Aqua backed away, observing the walls, unfamiliar with the magic. Lana jumped onto the wall, before kicking off it to the next wall. She kicked off that wall, and slammed her soul into Aquas face. The Keyblade master stumbled backwards, into one of the walls, the salty taste of Lana's foot, and the metallic taste of blood filling her mouth. Suddenly all the walls vanished, another appearing in front of the naked sorcerers. She gestured towards Aqua, And the wall was sent sliding towards her. With a quick flick of her wrist, Aqua carved the wall in half with Rainfell.


Aqua said, pointing her Keyblade towards the sky. Suddenly some unseen force ripped Lana from the ground.


Lana said sounding confused, as Aqua jumped at her. She prepared to cut through the floating sorceress, but she thrusted her hand forward, sending a bolt of lightning at her. The Keyblade Master managed to block with Rainfell, but the blast still knocked her to the ground. Suddenly Lana fell free from her curse. As she fell, a large cube of magic appeared from under her. She landed gracefully on It, and began rolling it forward similar to a circus clown on a large ball.


Aqua exclaimed pointing Rainfell at Lana. Three blasts of electricity emerged from her Keyblade, the first two slammed into the cube, cracking, and stopping it. Lana stumbled from the shaking and fell on her butt. The final ball flew at Lana. She gave a yelp of fear, and covered her face with her hands, but the blast slammed into her, knocking her off her cube. The magic cube shattered and vanished.

“I'm deeply sorry”

Aqua said weakly, as she bowed her head apologetically. She turned to walk away, but suddenly vines began to emerge from the ground, a few grazed her, leading small gashes on her skin, and tearing her clothes to shreds. Her large breasts bounced free from. Their admittedly tight holders. Gashes covered her soft belly, and long legs. A deep blue bush covered her virgin pussy, and her bubbly ass glistened in the sunlight. She jumped backwards to avoid the barrage of plants, her bare feet making a satisfying “tick” sound as they hit the ground, and her breast jiggled upon her landing.

“W-what” she said weakly, breathing heavily do to her wounds. The smoke from the cube cleared revealing Lana, alive and well, wielding the Deku Spear, with a confident smirk. She giggled

“Didn't think it would be that easy did you?”

The sorceress asked playfully before thrusting her spear forward. A wave of water appeared in front of her, which rushed at Aqua.


Aqua exclaimed, and a barrier of air formed around her causing the water to flow over top of her.


She shouted, thrusting her Keyblade into the air, after the water had past. A green light engulfed her, and her injuries faded away.

“No fair”

Lana exclaimed as she charged at Aqua. The Keyblade Master easily blocked Lanas spear with her Keyblade. Aquas sad blue eyes met Lanas confident purple ones

“Give up, you can't win”

Aqua said weakly as she effortlessly defended against Lanas various thrusts. She jumped backwards.


She said exclaimed. A chunk of ice shot from her Keyblade at Lana.

“Your pretty good”

Lana said, as she shattered the projectile with her spear. She swung the butt of her spear in the air, and spikes of ice emerged from the ground. She jumped out of the way, nearly avoiding an ice cycle up her vagina.

“Icy barrage”

She shouted. Suddenly 3 pillars of ice emerged from the ground, one slamming into Lanas soft stomach. She was sent flying backwards with a yelp of pain, and landed on the hard stone ground of the bath house, cutting three large gashes on her back, and leaving a small trail of blood. She forced herself to stand, gritting her teeth.

“It’s over”

Aqua said walking over. Lana glared at her, and threw her spear.


Aqua commanded calmly, but firmly. The spear froze in mid air, and with one swing she split it in half. Lana clicked her tongue in annoyance. She snapped her fingers, and her Summoning Gate appeared behind her.

“Another weapon!?!”

The Keyblade Wielder said looking shocked. The Sorceress giggled.

“More than that”

She replied winking. Suddenly a Goma emerged from the gate, charging at Aqua

“Mega Flare!”

Aqua exclaimed. A flash of light blasted forth from the tip of her Keyblade. The Goma screeched in pain as it's exoskeleton was seared, and with a single swing, Aqua carved it in two. The Keyblade Wielder lunged at Lana, thrusting her Keyblade forward. Lana jumped to the side, and her gate flew into Aqua. She yelped in pain as she was knocked off her feet, but caught herself on her hands, and flipped back to her feet. A dodongo emerged from the portal, it spewed a hot flame from its mouth which Aqua narrowly avoided. She thrusted her Rainfell into the air, and small magic mines appeared on the ground, before flying into the beasts mouth. It smacked it's lips looking around, before exploding in a bloody mess. Suddenly three gates surrounded Aqua, a large deku baba emerging from each. All three bit at her.


She exclaimed. Three pillars of fire shot from the ground engulfing the plant beasts, reducing them to ash.

“You call that fire magic?”

Lana asked as she performed a peculiar dance, her large breast jiggling relentlessly with each movement. Large eruptions of flames came forth from the gates. Aqua screamed in pain as the blast launched her in the air, and seared her skin. She hit the hard ground with a sickening thud. Lana performed another strangely erotic dance, and the three gates became one. Suddenly a giant cucu stuck it's head out of the gate, before jumping from the gate, rushing towards Aqua, while aggressive clucking.


Aqua exclaimed. Lana and the Cucu where flung into the air. An Argorok emerged from the gate, catching Lana on it's back. The beast flew at the Keyblade Master. Aqua jumped at it, swinging Rainfell. The Argoroks head fell to the ground, it's body following soon after. Lana tumbled off the dragons corpse.

“Take this”

Aqua said pointing her Keyblade skyward. Suddenly Lana felt strangle calm. Her eyelids felt heavy, and the wet stone ground oddly comfortable. Moments later, she was asleep. She looked peaceful there sleeping in the nude Aqua thought, and felt bad for what she had to do. She walked over to the sorceress, and swung Rainfell. A large gash appeared across Lanas belly, and she screamed in pain, her purple eyes shooting open, now filling with tears. Everything came back to her in moments. She knew that she couldn't beat this foe, and the sudden realization that she was about to die dawned on her. She reached towards Aqua, preparing to beg for her life, but the words never got the chance to leave her lips.


Aqua said thrusting Rainfell Skyward. There was a moment of intense pain for Lana as she was frozen inside the giant chunk of ice, then it was gone. The glacier shattered, and the sorceress body fell to the ground. Her skin was now almost as blue as her stiff hair. Small sheets of ice covered her body, and her full lips especially blue. She was halfway curled up in a fetal position, her face was one of pain, and her purple eyes where glossy. Her nipples were stiff, and her fist, and ass clenched. The White Sorceress Lana was dead. Aqua looked down sadly.

“You should have listened”

She said beginning to turn away, but paused. She walked over to Lanas corpse, grabbing her foot by the ankle. Her toes were curled. The poor thing was in so much pain before dying she thought. She ran her tongue across Lanas soul. The frozen texture, and the salty taste reminded her of an ice cream she once tried in a fair of world. Feelings of arousal and nostalgia filled her. She decided to enjoy the sorceress feet for a bit, before facing the darkness.



Alice-That was...cold

Lauren-*adjusts glasses shamefully* While Lanas weapon variety was impressive, it paled in comparison to Aquas magic variety

Alice-Plus Lanas magic is used almost exclusively for crowd control, while Aqua has spells made specially for healing, one on one duels, and yes crowd control

Lauren-And while Lanas minions were dangerous, their simple minded attack strategy made them more of obstacles than threats to Aqua

Alice-She even has the advantage in melee, being a master swords women, and possessing a mystical blade and all

Lauren-Lana should have just listened and backed off

Alice-But I guess that stubbornness was Aquas KEY to victory


Alice-Next time on Waifu Wars!!!

Lauren-Naruto and One Piece, the kings of Shonen Jump

Alice-And kings of hot anime girls!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses dramatically* But these two long standing rival’s, and members of Shonen Jump's big 3 are about to put two of their finest ladies against each other

Alice-Tsunade Vs Boa Hancock!

Lauren-Voting ends August 4th!


I vote for Tsunade to win.


There used to be an internet show that was kinda to Deadlist Warrior what Waifu Wars is to Death Battle. They would take two sexy women like a ninja, space princess, galactic empress, etc, and let the viewer vote on the outcome. Anyone remeber the name of this show?


Fantasy Women Battles is what I was looking for if any of you want to check it out


My vote will go towards Hancock’s victory!


I vote for a Tsunade win.


Tsunade Fists Waifu Wars

Lauren-Genin, Chunin, and Jounin. These are the three levels that make up the Shinobi world. Yet there is one above this, more legend than fact, a title given to those who surpass the limits of humanity, those whose power rivals the 5 Kaga. These are the Legendary Sannin

Alice-There are only 3 Sannin. Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Lady Tsunade

Lauren-55 years old, weighing in at 107 pounds, standing at 5 feet 3 inches, and carrying E cup breasts

Alice-Okay first of, how is she still so fucking hot if she's 55! Secondly how does she carry around those things without serious back problems?

Lauren-Ninja Magic Alice. Ninja Magic

Alice-Well oooooooookay then

Lauren-Well to be more precise, medical Ninjutsu. Using this she can greatly increase her cell regeneration, giving her a far more youthful appearance

Alice-So it’s like all those green tea extract things I see on infomercials, but it actually works!

Lauren-Oh, it's much more than that. She can also use it heal from wounds, or take the offensive with by affecting enemies on a cellular level. She can damage your organs, or even interfere with your nerve system so trying to move one body part will move a different one

Alice-Like being confused in a video game!

Lauren-Exactly. However, medical Ninjutsu is not her main method of combat

Alice-She punches shit real good!

Lauren-*Adjusts glasses explanatively* It's more accurate to say that she infuses her limbs with Chakra

Alice-...which allows her to punch shit real good! She can easily shatter giant boulders, and can send a grown man flying with ease!

Lauren-She’s one of the Naruto Universes heaviest physical hitters in right behind characters like Rock Lee, Might Guy, and her apprentice Sakura

Alice-If being an eternally hot granny with giant titts who can punch things really well isn't enough, she's got a super form!

Lauren-You see Tsundes stores a little bit of Chakra she generates everyday in a seal in a seal for a great deal of time. She can unlock this seal to gain enhanced...well everything, and a nifty healing factor to top it all off. This technique is called the Yin Seal: Release

Alice-With all these abilities, and skills she's managed to pull of some pretty impressive shit

Lauren-Like that time she survived an encounter with Madara Uchiha alongside the other 4 Kage

Alice-That might not sound impressive sense she only managed to survive, and she had the help of 4 ninja presidents, but once you remember that Madara is basically undead, evil, ninja Jesus, yeah that's pretty impressive

Lauren-She even managed to shatter his Susanoo with her strength

Alice-And notice how the bitch that we all call Lauren said the other 4 Kage. That's right! Tsunade became the ninja president of the Hidden Leaf, the Hokage. Finally, a woman in office!

Lauren-However she does have a few minor flaws. Manly her Chakra


Lauren-She’s completely dependent on it. Without, she's just another old lady

Alice-Plus the fact that she lacks Ninjutsu, And Genjutsu kinda sucks

Lauren-But when you've gained the title of Sannin, that hardly matters


Boa Hancock Turns Waifu Wars Rock Hard

Lauren-Shichibukai, the 7 warlords of the sea

Alice-Of them there is only one women. Boa Hancock

Lauren-31 years old, standing at 6 foot 3, weighing an estimate of 152 pounds, carrying J-cup breast, and holding a 80,000,000 belly bounty

Alice-She might look fragile, but god damn is she strong. She can shatter stone statues with ease, easily throw around people, and traded blows with some of the strongest One Piece fighters like Smoker

Lauren-*Adjusts glasses theoretically* It seems most logically to conclude that there is an off shot the human species in the One Piece world that function just like normal humans, but physically speaking are superior in every way. This would explain how characters like Zoro and Boa can perform superhuman feats without eating a strength enhancing devil fruit, or activating their haki.


Lauren...Anyway, speaking of devil fruits, Boa has eaten one. Boa ate Mero Mero no Mi, or Love-Love Fruit. This allows her to turn anyone who's aroused by her to stone. Or she could simple touch you, which would have a similar effect, though only to the part of the body hit

Alice-Holy shit! How do I fucking stop this? Oh god I don't wanna be a fucking statute!

Lauren-Relax Alice. She can't sense that you want to see her naked.

Alice-*wipes sweat off forehead* phew. Well it looks like my comment about shattering stone statues wasn't just a random claim

Lauren-Indeed. She tends to do that a lot. Her devil fruit powers are even more dangerous once you take into consideration Boas charisma, and umm...assets

Alice-take out the ets part of that last word and you'd be golden! She's a master of using what her mama gave her!

Lauren-Her ability to convince people to do things is...for a lack of better words, downright incredible. To quote her “No matter what I do, whether I kick a kitten, rip off your ears, or even kill people in cold blood… the world will forgive me! And that is because... I am beautiful!”, and to be honest, I believe her. Her time leading the Kuja Pirates, and ruling over the island of Amazon Lily may be have helped her master the art of charisma

Alice-That’s right bitches! She's not just a pirate queen, she's an actual queen to! Jeez she really earns that warlord title

Lauren-And that's not even going into her Haki.

Alice-You see, there are three different kinds of Haki, and Boa can use all three

Lauren-Kenbunshoku Haki allows her to sense her foes, even if they are hidden

Alice-Busōshoku Haki allows her to juice up her already superhuman body by covering it with her spirit

Lauren-And Haōshoku Haki, a rare spiritual ability that allows those who possess it to overpower the wills of others, and dominate their minds

Alice-Oh kinky

Lauren-She’s also learn to harness all these abilities into signature moves

Alice-Mero Mero Merrow is her signature teaching, which allows her to send a heart snapped beam from her hands, that makes whoever it hits more attracted to her

Lauren-She can also Awaken whomever she petrifies, turning them back to normal

Alice-Her pistol kiss allows her to condense her powers, which instead of arousing her foes penetrates them...which probably ends up arousing them

Lauren-When she performs slave arrow, and creates a heart which explodes into hundreds of petrofying arrows

Alice-And finally her Perfume Femur. Boa does a handstand, and kicks the shit out of everyone near by, turning them to stone

Lauren-With these great powers, she's performed many incredible feats

Alice-Most notable, not only did she participate in the front-lines of the Marineford War, where dozens of powerful fighters died, but she's walked out on scathed!

Lauren-She almost convinced a group of marines to give her their treasure just by asking

Alice-And has seduced plenty of people attracted only to men

Lauren-But she's not perfect. Not only is she cocky, but sinks in water, and loses her power if submerged in it

Alice-But will the only female member of the Shichibukai, and captain of the Kuja Pirates, be able to take on the only female Sannin, and 5th Hokage? Find out in the full fight!!


Boa Hancock Turns Waifu Wars Rock Hard

Lauren-Shichibukai, the 7 warlords of the sea

Alice-Of them there is only one women. Boa Hancock

Lauren-31 years old, standing at 6 foot 3, weighing an estimate of 152 pounds, carrying J-cup breast, and holding a 80,000,000 belly bounty

Alice-She might look fragile, but god damn is she strong. She can shatter stone statues with ease, easily throw around people, and traded blows with some of the strongest One Piece fighters like Smoker

Lauren-*Adjusts glasses theoretically* It seems most logically to conclude that there is an off shot the human species in the One Piece world that function just like normal humans, but physically speaking are superior in every way. This would explain how characters like Zoro and Boa can perform superhuman feats without eating a strength enhancing devil fruit, or activating their haki.


Lauren...Anyway, speaking of devil fruits, Boa has eaten one. Boa ate Mero Mero no Mi, or Love-Love Fruit. This allows her to turn anyone who's aroused by her to stone. Or she could simple touch you, which would have a similar effect, though only to the part of the body hit

Alice-Holy shit! How do I fucking stop this? Oh god I don't wanna be a fucking statute!

Lauren-Relax Alice. She can't sense that you want to see her naked.

Alice-*wipes sweat off forehead* phew. Well it looks like my comment about shattering stone statues wasn't just a random claim

Lauren-Indeed. She tends to do that a lot. Her devil fruit powers are even more dangerous once you take into consideration Boas charisma, and umm...assets

Alice-take out the ets part of that last word and you'd be golden! She's a master of using what her mama gave her!

Lauren-Her ability to convince people to do things is...for a lack of better words, downright incredible. To quote her “No matter what I do, whether I kick a kitten, rip off your ears, or even kill people in cold blood… the world will forgive me! And that is because... I am beautiful!”, and to be honest, I believe her. Her time leading the Kuja Pirates, and ruling over the island of Amazon Lily may be have helped her master the art of charisma

Alice-That’s right bitches! She's not just a pirate queen, she's an actual queen to! Jeez she really earns that warlord title

Lauren-And that's not even going into her Haki.

Alice-You see, there are three different kinds of Haki, and Boa can use all three

Lauren-Kenbunshoku Haki allows her to sense her foes, even if they are hidden

Alice-Busōshoku Haki allows her to juice up her already superhuman body by covering it with her spirit

Lauren-And Haōshoku Haki, a rare spiritual ability that allows those who possess it to overpower the wills of others, and dominate their minds

Alice-Oh kinky

Lauren-She’s also learn to harness all these abilities into signature moves

Alice-Mero Mero Merrow is her signature teaching, which allows her to send a heart snapped beam from her hands, that makes whoever it hits more attracted to her

Lauren-She can also Awaken whomever she petrifies, turning them back to normal

Alice-Her pistol kiss allows her to condense her powers, which instead of arousing her foes penetrates them...which probably ends up arousing them

Lauren-When she performs slave arrow, and creates a heart which explodes into hundreds of petrofying arrows

Alice-And finally her Perfume Femur. Boa does a handstand, and kicks the shit out of everyone near by, turning them to stone

Lauren-With these great powers, she's performed many incredible feats

Alice-Most notable, not only did she participate in the front-lines of the Marineford War, where dozens of powerful fighters died, but she's walked out on scathed!

Lauren-She almost convinced a group of marines to give her their treasure just by asking

Alice-And has seduced plenty of people attracted only to men

Lauren-But she's not perfect. Not only is she cocky, but sinks in water, and loses her power if submerged in it

Alice-But will the only female member of the Shichibukai, and captain of the Kuja Pirates, be able to take on the only female Sannin, and 5th Hokage? Find out in the full fight!!


Boa Hancock Turns Waifu Wars Rock Hard

Lauren-Shichibukai, the 7 warlords of the sea

Alice-Of them there is only one women. Boa Hancock

Lauren-31 years old, standing at 6 foot 3, weighing an estimate of 152 pounds, carrying J-cup breast, and holding a 80,000,000 belly bounty

Alice-She might look fragile, but god damn is she strong. She can shatter stone statues with ease, easily throw around people, and traded blows with some of the strongest One Piece fighters like Smoker

Lauren-*Adjusts glasses theoretically* It seems most logically to conclude that there is an off shot the human species in the One Piece world that function just like normal humans, but physically speaking are superior in every way. This would explain how characters like Zoro and Boa can perform superhuman feats without eating a strength enhancing devil fruit, or activating their haki.


Lauren...Anyway, speaking of devil fruits, Boa has eaten one. Boa ate Mero Mero no Mi, or Love-Love Fruit. This allows her to turn anyone who's aroused by her to stone. Or she could simple touch you, which would have a similar effect, though only to the part of the body hit

Alice-Holy shit! How do I fucking stop this? Oh god I don't wanna be a fucking statute!

Lauren-Relax Alice. She can't sense that you want to see her naked.

Alice-*wipes sweat off forehead* phew. Well it looks like my comment about shattering stone statues wasn't just a random claim

Lauren-Indeed. She tends to do that a lot. Her devil fruit powers are even more dangerous once you take into consideration Boas charisma, and umm...assets

Alice-take out the ets part of that last word and you'd be golden! She's a master of using what her mama gave her!

Lauren-Her ability to convince people to do things is...for a lack of better words, downright incredible. To quote her “No matter what I do, whether I kick a kitten, rip off your ears, or even kill people in cold blood… the world will forgive me! And that is because... I am beautiful!”, and to be honest, I believe her. Her time leading the Kuja Pirates, and ruling over the island of Amazon Lily may be have helped her master the art of charisma

Alice-That’s right bitches! She's not just a pirate queen, she's an actual queen to! Jeez she really earns that warlord title

Lauren-And that's not even going into her Haki.

Alice-You see, there are three different kinds of Haki, and Boa can use all three

Lauren-Kenbunshoku Haki allows her to sense her foes, even if they are hidden

Alice-Busōshoku Haki allows her to juice up her already superhuman body by covering it with her spirit

Lauren-And Haōshoku Haki, a rare spiritual ability that allows those who possess it to overpower the wills of others, and dominate their minds

Alice-Oh kinky

Lauren-She’s also learn to harness all these abilities into signature moves

Alice-Mero Mero Merrow is her signature teaching, which allows her to send a heart snapped beam from her hands, that makes whoever it hits more attracted to her

Lauren-She can also Awaken whomever she petrifies, turning them back to normal

Alice-Her pistol kiss allows her to condense her powers, which instead of arousing her foes penetrates them...which probably ends up arousing them

Lauren-When she performs slave arrow, and creates a heart which explodes into hundreds of petrofying arrows

Alice-And finally her Perfume Femur. Boa does a handstand, and kicks the shit out of everyone near by, turning them to stone

Lauren-With these great powers, she's performed many incredible feats

Alice-Most notable, not only did she participate in the front-lines of the Marineford War, where dozens of powerful fighters died, but she's walked out on scathed!

Lauren-She almost convinced a group of marines to give her their treasure just by asking

Alice-And has seduced plenty of people attracted only to men

Lauren-But she's not perfect. Not only is she cocky, but sinks in water, and loses her power if submerged in it

Alice-But will the only female member of the Shichibukai, and captain of the Kuja Pirates, be able to take on the only female Sannin, and 5th Hokage? Find out in the full fight!!


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Blood rushed to the pirate captains face as the naked Tsunade's hand ran from his bare chest, to his crotch. She was laying on top of him in his candle lit quarters, blushing from the sake. Her fair skin seemed to glow in the candlelight, and her brown eyes drunkenly sparkled. Her large breast where squashed up against his chest, and her ass stuck up skyward as she got on her bare knees. Her stomach was smooth, but muscular as where her arms, and legs. Her pussy was tight, and covered by a blonde bush. She leaned in close, her red lips inches away from his.

“I heard you had a thing for sexy ninja women”

She said. He grinned, eyeing her up.

“What gave you that impression”

He asked. She giggled softly, as she rubbed her toes together, her soft soles wrinkling ever so slightly.

“A friend. A redheaded ninja from the mist, she said you hired her”

The man snorted.

“Oh yeah, that cunt. She was cute, and a good fighter, but when I tried to make a move on her she got violent. She would have killed me, or at least tried to”

He said before letting out a belching laugh. Tsunade smiled at him.

“She would have stood no chance against the powerful Pirate King”

She said, staring into his eyes with admiration. He gave another snortish laugh.

“I'm not the Pirate King just yet”

He said. Tsunade put a finger to his lips.

“You are to me”

She said. Suddenly she gently clenched his chest hair looking troubled. He gave her a worried frown.

“It hurts me that a women like her was able to insult you so, and live”

She said, before her eyes lit up as if she had an idea.

“Do you know where she is? If so I can hunt her down, and punish her”

She said. He grinned.

“That's a wonderful idea. In fact, I've had my men keep a close eye on her, she's currently”

He said, but was suddenly interpreted by the door to his room being slammed open.

“What's the hell is this?!?”

He demanded trying to cover himself, but suddenly a look of terror covered his face. In the doorway, butt naked, stood Boa Hancock. Her dark brown eyes met with the pirates, her lips twisted in the smile. Her pale skin, and midnight black shown in the moonlight. Her giant breast hung from her chest. Her stomach was smooth, as was her slender legs. One arm rested on her hip, the other on the doorway. Her bare pussy was there for all to see, and her perky ass reflecting the moonlight.

“I hired all female guards, just to stop you!”

The man exclaimed. Boa began taking long strides toward them, her bare feet making a gentle “pat” sound as they hit the wood floor.

“Yeah, but apparently they were all lesbians. Not that, that would matter”

She replied. Tsunade looked from the Boa, to the man, back to Boa.

“Why is he so scared of you?”

She asked looking confused. Boa’s smile widened.

“Let me show you”

She said snapping her fingers. Suddenly the man turned to stone. Tsunade looked at him, then screamed in terror.

“You bastard! I needed him, I was so close to getting what I needed to know!”

The ninja demanded jumping to her feet. Boa giggled.

“Well that's just to bad for you isn't it”

She said. Tsunade growled, a nerve bulging from her forehead. She marched over to Boa, standing so close to him that their giant breast where squashed together.

“You turn him back”

She demanded. Boa smirked.

“And if I don't?”

The pirate asked. Tsunade glared at her.

“Then I'll kill you”

She growled. Boa laughed as both women jumped backwards.

“I'd like to see you try”


The ninja charged forward. Boa performed a spinning roundhouse but Tsunade ducked under It, and punched the pirate in the gut. Boa was sent skidding backwards, her toes tearing through the ships wooden floor. Tsunade leaped out of the door, landing behind her foe. What greeted her was a large ship, maned only by a crew of statues of pirate girls. Tsunade glared at her foe, her blonde hair flowing in the wind. Boa turned to the ninja, and smiled at her, her black hair flowing in the wind. Tsunade lunged at the pirate throwing a flurry of punches, which Boa easily blocked. The pirate captain grabbed her foes wrist and flipped her. Tsunade's bare body slammed into the wooden floor, cracking it. She winced in pain, and when she opened her eyes, Boas smooth foot was falling towards her face. The Hokuga rolled out of the way just in time to avoid her foes foot, which crashed through the wood floor, turning the planks to stone. She made a mental note of this, but hardly had time to ponder it, before Boa kicked at her. She jumped backwards, and Boa picked lifted one of the statues, tossing it at Tsunade.


The ninja hissed, she slammed her fist into the statute, shattering the poor girl. Boa leaped into the air, and brought her leg downward. Tsunade jumped backwards, as the pirates foot shattered the floor, turning the the planks into stone. She lifted the stone planks up with her toes, and tossed them into her hands. The queen tossed them at her foe faster than the eye could see, but the Hokage managed to grabbed them out of the air. She spun 360 degrees, carried by the moment of the caught projectiles, and tossed them back at her foe now infused by her chakra. Boa managed to avoid the first stone plank, but the second grazed her cheek. The queen growled in anger as blood ran down from her wound, covering the side of her body. She kissed the tip of her finger.

“Pistol Kiss”

She said, before a pink projectile flew from her finger, piercing Tsunade's shoulder, leaving a small tunnel through it. The Hokage grunted in pain, and began to heal her wound, but Boa was already on her. The pirate kicked at her foe, but Tsunada ducked, and punched her in her exposed pussy, sending her flying backwards. The nude pirate would have been knocked into the ocean, if it wasn't for the railing which caught her, somehow not breaking. She gritted her teeth as pain rushed through her lower region, before she grabbed another petrified pirate, throwing her at Tsunade. The ninja punched the girl, reducing her to rubble, but a pink heart shaped beam emerged from the cloud of dust, hitting her in the stomach. A sudden feeling of lust for the pirate filled Tsunade, but she quickly purged the thought from her mind. It must be another way she can petrified people, the sannin realized. That's how she turned the man to stone, that's why it mattered that the guards were lesbians, that's why she showed up naked.

“I'm surprised you can resist my womanly charms”

Boa said walking towards Tsunade, twisting her hips seductively, and making sure that the ninja got a good view of her...assets.

“Us Shinobi are trained to control our thoughts. Your cheap tricks won't do you any good”

Tsunade said. The pirate giggled.

“Guess I'll just have to it the old fashioned way”

She said dashing forward. She kicked at Tsunade, but the ninja blocked with the back of her hand. The pirate jumped back with a grin, and the Hokuga realized too late had happened. She glanced at the back of her hand which was now stone. Tsunade growled in pain as the back of her hand crumbled away, revealing her veins, and such.


The ninja hissed quickly healing her wounds. Suddenly a sense of dread filled her. She feel to her knees as if gravity itself had intensified. Boa began to walk towards her foe, but the pirate captain had the presence of a giant. There was no way she could bet her.


Tsunade growled definitely. It must be something similar to Genjutsu, she could fight this.

“I’ll beat you”

The Hokuga whimpered.

“Oh? What's that darling? I can't hear you”

Boa said, tilting her head seductively. Tsunade pushed herself to her feet, and glared at the pirate. A strange mark had appeared on her forehead. Her breast perked up as lines emerged from the mark, and ran down her body, touching parts of her that most only dreamed they could.

“I said that I will beat you!!!”

She exclaimed before jumping at Boa, her bare feet crushing the wood beneath them. Tsunade threw a punch at the queen, who raised her arms in defense at the last second. Boa skidded backwards, her arms now coated in a purple tented metal of some kind.


She hissed. She knew that if she hadn't of activated her Haki right then, she'd be dead. The ninja ran at the pirate, and threw another punch. Boa threw a punch of her own, the boat was rocked as they’re colding fist caused large waves, the the two women's body’s ripples from the impact. Boa threw another punch, her fist slamming into Tsunade's check knocking her a few feet backwards, but when she landed, it seemed that she'd already healed from any injury the punch might have caused. Boa growled in frustration and lunged at Tsunade. The ninja vanished, and appeared behind the pirate captain. Boa turned around, just to have a fist slammed into her soft belly. She gasped in pain as she skidded backwards, stopping inches from falling of the boat. She gave the sea behind her a worried glance.

“that would have been it” she thought, but hardly had time to worry, as Tsunade threw another punch. Boa jumped over her before, kissing her finger.

“Pistol Kiss”

She said, a pink projectile firing from her finger, piercing Tsunade's shoulder, but the injury was healed in mere moments. Boa growled in announce as more Haki flowed through her body, her already stiff nipples now coated in the Haki armor. She kissed her finger, creating a heart in the air.

“Slave arrow”

She said striking it, sending a volley of arrows at the ninja. Tsunade covered her body with with her arms, suffering many cuts, but they healed almost instantly. Boa leaped at her foe, landing on her hands.

“Perfume Femur”

She said performing a barrage of kicks. The Hokage jumped backwards, but not before Boa’s soft foot rubbed against her leg. Tsunade screamed in agony as her lower leg between her foot, and knee turned to stone.

“It seems that I've won”

The pirate captain said as she seductively advanced, and the Hokuga fell to her knees. Suddenly the queen went wide eyed as she coughed up blood. Tsunade gave her a pained, yet victories smirk, and forced herself to her feet.

“What did you do to me?”

Boa growled as she coughed up more blood. Tsunade karate chopped the stone part of her leg, shattering it. The ninja winced in pain, before beginning to reattach her leg with medical ninjutsu.

“Did you really think I was just punching you?”

She asked as Boa fell to her knees, staring at the Sannen with both fear, and anger.

“What are you talking about?”

The pirate snapped. Tsunade's smile widened.

“Every time touched you, I used to medical Ninjutsu to alter your cells. I reprogrammed to them to reproduce at a rapid pace, and kill of all your healthy cells till they've all been replaced by the corrupted one”

“You bitch”

Boa hissed, before coughing up more blood. Her hoki armor faded, and she fell on her side, convulsing, barely conscious. Tsunade snickered, then walked over to her fallen Foe, and pushed her over with her foot so that Boa was facing her.

“I may be a bitch, but at least I'm going to live”

She said, smirking down at the dying pirate. Boa opened her mouth to utter one last curse, but no words came out. The light faded from the pirate captains eyes. The Captain of the Kuja Pirates, and Queen of the Amazon Lilly, Boa Hancock was dead. Tsunade leaned down, and lifted her foes face up by her chin. She was dead, but her eyes were not yet entirely empty, rather they still held the dying embers of her hate. Her smile widened as blood rushed to her cheeks.

“Your kinda cute for a criminal”

She said before planting her lips firmly on Boas. They were still warm, and exceptionally moist. Tsunade moaned softly, and pulled herself on top of Boas body, they're large tits squished together once again. One hand stroked the dead pirates upper body, as the other, wandered to her wet pussy. She pushed her fingers inside of herself, and began to gently rub. Her moaning intensified as she continued to make out with Boas corpse. She wrapped her free arm around Boas back, and her legs around the pirates legs. She let out another long shriek of arousal, before a climactic burst of pleasure rushed through her entire body. She lay on top of the corpse for a moment, before standing, painting, and dripping with sweat.

“That was the most fun I've had in a very long time pirate”

She said before turning to leave. Maybe killing her reversed her powers, and she could get her info after all.



Alice-Ahhh, poor Boa, I thought she had this in the bag

Lauren-While it is true that Boa has the better variety when it comes to combat...her devil fruit wouldn't be at its fullest potential against Tsunade

Alice-Yeeeeaaaahhhh the only source we could find suggesting Tsunade is a lesbian was my fanfics, not to mention her ninja training taught her how to block out emotions when necessary

Lauren-There is also the fact that while Tsunade can easily heal her wounds, Boa has no such ability

Alice-But LaUrEN, WoUld’Nt bOaS aTtAcks bE enOugh to tURn TsuNaDe To StOnE?!?

Lauren-*adjusts glasses counter argumentatively* well you see, Tsunade could easily counter this. When Orochimaru’s arms were turned to stone, he seeked out Tsunade as he was aware she was the only one capable of healing them

Alice-Plus she's like way stronger. She could probably crack mountains with those fist

Lauren-Then we have their super forms. While Boa’s Haki armor provided her with a moderate attack, and defence enhancement, Tsunade's Hundred Seal is on a whole other level, it even makes gives her an automatic healing factor

Alice-Boa really should have known there was more to Tsunade's punches than what meets the eye, after all the devil is in the details….and the fruit


Hey guys, it's the Vice Dark Lord here, and I'm going to have to go on a hiatus. You see I was planning on doing another furry fight, and now Alice is trying to kill me. I'm going to hideout for a month or two, and let her simmer down. I'll be back soon


Joy! Gurochan has returned! And not a moment to soon! Along with it returns Waifu Wars! The next match up is Gardevior Vs Dark Magician Girl. Voting ends October 18th


Gardevoir Has a Precognitive Wet Dream About Waifu Wars

Lauren-In the world of Pokemon, there are as many stories, as these incredible creatures. Some remain secret to all but a select few, others have become the stuff of legend, and there are those who are born of our dreams. Like the pokemon themselves, these tales have survived the test of time, and everyday countless adventures unfold. From on top of the world, to the bottom of the sea There are over 802 known species that continuously add to the pokemon lore. But they don't do it alone. Humans, and pokemon often team up for sporting competition by combining strength, courage, wisdom, and trust the partners hope to emerge victories in what are known as Pokemon Battles. Together humans, and pokemon share the world in friendship, peace, and harmony.

Alice-However some of species manage to stand out, like the powerful yet gorgeous, Gardevoir

Lauren-Say, Alice shouldn't you be freaking out right about now considering we're talking about a pokemon?

Alice-Nah, you see I had a sudden realization. Gardevoirs aren't human sure, but they don't have fur so their not furries, so we're all good

Lauren-Ooooooookkkkkkkkaaaaayyyy then, moving on. Standing an average of 5 feet, weighing an average of 105 pounds, and average cup size of A, Gardevoir is a psychic fairy type pokemon with a special affinity for special attacks

Alice-Yeah that thing can hit like a tank when it uses its head


Alice-Wait? So this thing headbutts people?

Lauren-...not that literally


Lauren-(adjusts glasses pseudoscientificly) you see as I've mentioned before, Gardevoir are psychic. Using their mind they can perform a variety of attacks

Alice-This bitch can mind f**k the sh*t out of you with movies like Confusion, Psychic, Psyshock, Stored Power, Telekinesis, and Zen Headbutt. That last one is using your head in more ways than one! In fact, it's said their power is so great that when their trainers are in danger, they will create, and control black holes! Oh yeah, They're also pretty found of their trainers

Lauren-Movies like Calm Mind, Future Sight, Heal Pulse, Light Screen, Teleport, Trick Room, and Hypnosis provide many non direct attack strategies to this pokemon

Alice-But there is more to this pokemon than meets the eyes, something more mystical

Lauren-That's right Gardevoir aren't just psychics, their fairies.

Alice-Using this mystical power, Gardevoir can harness moves like Draining Kiss, Misty Terrain, and Moonblast

Lauren-But if the situation calls for it, Gardevoir can use many other movies from many other types

Alice-And if the going gets rough, they can go Super Saiyan!

Lauren-(Adjusts glasses correctivly) upon undergoing a mega evolution, her states get a major boost

Alice-Especially her already impressive special attack!

Lauren-But no pokemon is perfect, and they all have their flaws, with Gardevoir, it's their lack luster physical abilities. Their psychic, and mystic powers may be exceptional, but their bodies can't give, or take much

Alice-Plus they have a nasty weakness to poison, steel, and ghost type attacks

Lauren-But these weakness matter little when you have the raw strength of a Gardevoir

Lauren-But how will she fair against her opponent, Manas Ka, The Dark Magician Girl


Dark Magician Girl Makes her Clothes Disappear for Waifu Wars

Lauren-Duel Monsters. To some, a childish card game that billionaires with daddy issues spend to much time on, but to a select a few, it is a old, and powerful battleground which the fate of the world is dependent on

Alice-When playing one of these dangerous shadow games, a young hero would want a specific card in their deck. A card that is not only powerful, but is unique to them, and that inspires hope to anyone who sees it. A card like The Dark Magician Girl

Lauren-standing 5 foot 3, weighing an unknown weight, and caring an estimated pair of C cups, Dark Magician Girl was once a young magician in training named Mana, who after death reincarnated as the Dark Magician Girl so she could continue serve her pharaoh

Alice-But like she also summoned herself, and lives in another reality full of monsters, but this might be cause Yogi introduced her to the Dark Magician Girl card inside of the pharaohs memory, now weather that would change the past, or just the Pharaohs memory is up for debate, but all that really matters is that she's a cute magical blonde with big boobs, and even bigger eyes

Lauren-Sense she is a stronger form of Mana, we can assume that she posses the same spells. This means that she can put people to sleep, make things levitate, and most importantly, create bubbles

Alice-But if that pussy ass stuff doesn't sound like your cup of tea, she got a few new tricks when she gained duel monster status. She can hide from foes with magical hat's, reflect attacks with magical cylinder, escape an attack with magical pigeons, and of course decimate foes with her Dark Magic attack

Lauren-With these skills she's pulled of some pretty impressive feats. She became Mahad’s (The Dark Magician) star pupil, destroyed multiple powerful monsters, and has fused with many powerful beings like Timaeus

Alice-But she's far from perfect. She's much weaker than her male counterpart, and is only at her strongest when one or more Dark Magicians are in the graveyard. In Fact most of her most prominent feats had outside help, like when she fused with the previously mentioned Timaeus

Lauren-But are these faults enough to get her killed, or will she rain victories? Find out in Gardevoir Vs Dark Magician Girl


Diantha walked down the stairs of the ancient Egyptian temple following a torch bearing archeologist. He was the second highest ranked archeologist in the world, well first after the unfortunate tragedy that had befell the original first.

“So, you’re filming a movie down here”

The professor asked.


She replied looking around taking in the ancient architecture.

“An action, adventure moving involving mummies I believe”

She added, before turning to an open door, and walking towards it.

“N-now hold on young lady, we haven't explored that room yet, it may not be safe”

The man said grabbing her by the shoulder.

“I just want to see it, I'll only be a moment”

She said gently nudging him off, but losing her balance, stumbling into the room, and falling on her fine ass. Suddenly a stone pillar shot up in the doorway, sealing her in. Her breathing quickened, as a fear that she would be stuck in there in the dark filled her, but was soon washed away as a magic light filled the room. The light revealed that the walls of the room which were covered in hieroglyphs. Suddenly a rainbow light radiated from one of the hieroglyphs, and a skinny, yet busty blonde women wearing strange attire emerged from it. She landed on her feet, and glared at Diantha, her large blue eyes filled with anger.

“Those who disturb the tomb of the Pharaoh must be punished”

She demanded in her shrill voice, pointing her wand at the trainer. Diantha panickedly grabbed the ball of the only pokemon she had brought, and threw it.

“Go, Gardevoir!”

She exclaimed. A flash of light erupted from the ball, crashing into the floor. The light faded, and the pokemon stood, opening her red eyes. Green helmet shaped hair covered her head. Small breast stuck out from her chest, and red spike smushed in between them, and perky pink nipples emerging from the tips providing a strong bit of contrast from her pale skin. Her stomach was smooth with a small, yet defined belly button. Her slender legs were visible from beneath her dress, which was currently being blown behind her from the wind of the summon, and where green like her arms. Her tight, pink vagina was hairless like most of her body, and her tiny but was firm. At the bottom of her legs where smooth, white human like feet with claw like toenails. She didn't know what exactly what was going on, but she could feel her master's fear, and this strangely dressed human was surely the culprit.


She said holding her hand out towards her foe, ready to whip her out.

“Your beast will not save you”

Mana said, pointing her wand at the pokemon.


Gardevoir lifted chunks of stone of the floor with Telekinesis, and flung them at Mana. The sorcerers raised her wand, blasting them out of the air, before sending an orb of magic flying at her foe. Gardevoir calmly raised her hand, creating a Light Screen, which the spell slammed harmlessly into. Mana let out a feminine growl of frustration, before sending multiple blast of magic. Gardevoir created another Light Screen, but the blast shattered it, sending her skidding backwards. The pokemon vanished, using Teleport, and appeared behind the sorceress. She grabbed Mana with Psychic, and slammed her into the wall of the temple. The girl yelped in pain, falling to the ground.

“That hurt”

Mana growled pushing herself to her feet. She floated back in the air just in time to avoid a Shadow Ball from her foe. Rainbow coloured leaves suddenly appeared behind the pokemon, before flying at the sorceress. Mana covered her face, but whimpered in pain as the projectiles cut her exposed arms, and legs, blood seeping from the fresh wounds. Gardevoir took a deep breath, and unleashed a Moon Beam. The blast of energy pierced the stund magician's young stomach, but she suddenly turned into a flock of pigeons. Gardevoir stepped back looking confused, as the flock flew behind her, turning back into Mana, but now with a distinct lack of clothes. Her skin was a smooth, and fair. Her large breast, And perky bubble butt looked almost jaring on her comparable slime figure. Her stomach was soft with a defined inny belly button. Her arms, and legs where thin, not in a muscular way, but rather that perfect popular girl kinda. At the ends of her legs where small, smooth feet with toenails painted blue similar to her fingernails. Mana slammed the end of her wand into the back of Gardevoirs head. The pokemon yelped in pain stumbling forward, hot, red blood running down the back of her neck. She turned to the magician, glaring at her, before unleashing an Energy Ball. Dark Magician Girl flicked her wand, freezing the projectile in time, before blasting Gardevoir with a flash of magical energy. The pokemon flew into the wall with a scream of pain.


Diantha exclaimed in panic.

“Let me help”

She exclaimed thrusting her fist in the air, as her pokemon stood. Suddenly an orb of pinkish light engulfed Gardevoir, before shattering, Mega Gardevoir emerging. Her dress had grown longer, but flew backwards do to her power, so that she still was showing off all her...assets, her breasts had grown by a cup size, and power radiated from her body.

“What's this?”

Mana said looking confused, before unleashing another flash of magic. Gardevoir saved herself with Protect, before attacking the magicians brain directly with Confusion. The blonde screamed in pain, grabbing her head, and stumbling backwards. She thrusted her wand forward, and bubbles suddenly surrounded the pokemon. Gardevoir gave them all a look of concern, as she stepped backwards, accidentally bumping into one. The bubble burst, the pokemon whimpered in pain as her back was seared, and The Dark Magician Girl winced, emotional damaged by her foes Disarming Voice. Gardevoir took advantage of her foes moment of hesitation, destroying the bubbles, and knocking Mana backwards with a Dazzling Gleam. Mana pushed herself to her feet, spitting out blood, before unleashing a barrage of magic orbs. Gardevoir escaped, using Teleport, appearing behind the young sorcerers.


The pokemon exclaimed, unleashing Psyshock.


Dark Magician cried as the blast sent her flying into a wall, her back being scrapped open as she slid down leaving a bloody trail on the hieroglyphs. She pushed herself up just in time to have a Shadow Ball slam into her gut. She coughed up blood, her eyes widening in shock, and fell to her knees. Gardevoir walked forward, ready to end the fight. She held her hands in front of her, a ball of white light forming in them.


She exclaimed, firing her Hyper Beam. Suddenly two black rectangular boxes appeared, one where Mana stood, the other where Diantha stood. The Hyper Beam crashed into the box that covered Dark Magician Girl, but didn't even leave a scratch. Swords magically appeared next to the box that Mana was hiding in, before being stabbed into it in a way that definitely skewer anyone inside.


The pokemon said, cautiously stepping backwards. The box where Diantha was opened, and The Dark Magician Girl sprung out with a cry of


The swords that had embedded themselves in the remaining box retracted now covered in blood, and vanished. The box opened, revealing the corpse of Diantha, who’s eyes had crossed, and who’s gorgeous body had suffered many fatal stab wounds. She collapsed out of the box, with one last dying, feminine groan, a puddle of blood forming under her body. The pokemon let out a heart broken wail as she laid eyes upon her master's mangled corpse. She turned to the killer firing a Moon Beam with a cry of rage. The sorcerers raised her arms in defense, but the blast sent her flying into the wall. Mana shrieked in pain as the wall tore into her already bloody back, and the beam burned her arms. The sorcerer's barely managed to push herself to her feet, as the pokemon lumbered forward. Mana thrusted her staff forward, and for a moment Gardevoir was frozen in time, but with a mix of her psychic powers, mystic abilities, and anger, she broke free. The pokemon vanished with Teleport, appearing directly in front of The Dark Magician Girl. The sorcerer's went to step back, but Gardevoir placed her hands on the girl's checks, and shoved her lips onto Manas. The sorcerer's squealed in shock, trying to push away her foe as the pokemons tongue rubbed against her own, but felt her energy being drained. Gardevoir shoved the weakend Dark Magician Girl to the ground as the sound on the back of her head healed due the Draining Kiss.

“Y-you won't beat me!”

Mana cried thrusting her wand in the air. Suddenly three giant sorcerer hats appeared, one covering the sorceress. The hat's suddenly slide around all on their own, making it hard to tell which one The Dark Magician was hiding under. Gardevoir let out a cry of frustration, as she let out her Hidden Power, destroying all three hat's in a fiery blast.


Mana screamed as she was sent flying, managing to land on her bare feet.

“Dark Magic Attack!”

She exclaimed thrusting her wand forward. Gardevoir screamed as the magic burned her insides, but that scream of pain quickly turned to one of anger. The pokemon overpowered the magic with her own power, causing the pink orb in Manas wand to shatter.


Mana said stumbling backwards, giving her wand a worried glance, before screaming in pain as she was hit directly by Gardevoirs Thunderbolt, and Single Beam. The sorcerers coughed up blood, and fell to her knees, now unable to move as she was both paralyzed, and confused. The pokemon picked up her foe with Telekinesis, and slammed her into the wall, before dragging her body against the wall, further scrapping her back, and, leaving a streak of blood. Mana crashed into the ground, and managed to get to her feet, but slammed her broken wand into her head do to the confusion. She stumbled backward, and dropping her wand as blood ran down her face from the wound on her forehead. Gardevoir picked up the wand with her Telekinesis, pointing it at the sorceress. Mana gave the pokemon a pleading look, tears forming in her big blue eyes, and her lip quivering in fear, but before she could say anything Gardevoir thrusted her hand forward causing the wand to stab its owner through the belly button. Mana groaned in pain grabbing the wand, before vomiting up blood. Gardevoir ripped the wand from her foes belly, leaving a large exit wound. Mana fell to her knees, but was quickly lifted in the air by Gardevoirs telekinesis. The pokemon flicked it's wrist, and Mana was sent flying across the room, her blood guts, and intestines spilling out of the wound, leaving a trail of gore. The Dark Magician Girl slammed into the cold floor with a whimper. She was barely conscious, but couldn't move her body. Her bladder began to relax, allowing warm urine to splash out all over her legs, and the floor. Her eyelids twitch violently as her lower lip continued to quiver. Her left big toe rapidly curled, and uncurled rubbing against the floor, as her fingers twitched as if she was trying to grab something. She let out a weak moan as blood leaked out of her lips. Mana, The Dark Magician Girl was dead. Gardevoir turned to her fallen master, and began to stumble towards her.

“I'm sorry”

She thought as she reached the body

“I'm sorry I couldn't have better her sooner. I'm sorry that I couldn't have saved you”

She thought as she looked down at her master. But she knew that she'd soon join her. The wounds from the Dark Magic Attack had crushed most of her organs, and where most definitely fatal.

“I'm sorry”

Was the last thing Gardevoir thought before falling dead on top of her trainers dead body.



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Alice-Well that was umm… depressing, and graphic

Lauren-Yes, well… *adjusts glasses swiftly* happy Goretober Alice

Alice-Thanks...Anyway, looks like we got our first tie. Suppose that Manas magic was enough to keep with Gardevoirs psychic, and mystic powers. Pretty impressive considering that a Gardevoir can create a black hole

Lauren-Yes, but The Dark Magician Girl did have time manipulation, which is a pretty powerful weapon

Alice-I guess this time, we don't get to know who's the very best

Lauren-The result of this Waifu War is a draw


Alice-Zombies, they want to eat your brains, but I'd want these two to eat something else

Lauren-Oh god…

Alice-Rottytops Vs Squigly!

Lauren-Why must I feel with you?

Alice-*gives the double bird* Halloween special bitches!

Lauren-Votkng ends October 27th


Rottytops Moans her way into Waifu Wars

Lauren-Vampires, ghosts, werewolves. Many creatures prowl the night, but among the most simple yet most terrifying are the shambling corpses known as zombies

Alice- So of course, the first thing you do when you see when is apparently try to make friends with it

Lauren-That's the situation Shantae found herself in when she met Rottytops

Alice-Well I can't blame that genie. Zombie or not, Rottytops is fucking hot!

Lauren-16 years old (at least at the time of her death) standing at an unknown height, weighing an unknown weight, and carrying estimated D cups, Rottytops is not your average zombie

Alice-Mhm I'd say, look at the way she moves those hips, work it girl! But aren't zombies like mindless animals that just stumble around eating brains? Why is she so...lively?

Lauren-Coffee apparently. Coffee allows zombies to avoid going feral, however she still has a taste for brains

Alice-Well that aside, being a big titted zombie doesn't matter if you can't catch your prey, and luckily for Rottytops, she's not part of the whole walking dead club, this bitch is fast!

Lauren-(adjusts glasses caculutivully) she's able to keep up with the superhuman Shantae, dodge cannon fire, and even dodge bullets from Risky Boots musket. Not only this, but she can fling her head to hard to reach places, and summon her body to it

Alice-Speeds not all this corpse got, she's pretty strong, and is capable of using her own leg as a weapon

Lauren-With her leg, Rottytops can shatter stone, take down monsters several times her own size, and even kill soldiers who can survive airship explosions

Alice-She can also take a solid hit. Being dead seems to make it so she can't feel pain, and her body can take a hell of a lot. From Canon balls, to lightning she'll get back, and keep swinging

Lauren-And even if she takes significant damage, she can simple eat a brain to heal it off

Alice-Coffee, and brains. What a healthy diet

Lauren-She also likes small animals


Lauren-Rottytops is also crafty, and is willing, and able to manipulate just about anyone, even her best friend Shantae

Alice-I'd um want to manipulate her body into a sexual position!

Lauren-A for effort

Alice-hehe thanks, but like any good monster, Rottytops has her fair share of weakness

Lauren-Namely her head

Alice-Like with the classic zombie, a headshot will put this cutie down, this time for good. Seems like a major weakness considering she's literally throwing her head around

Lauren-Also, if she does not get a steady supply of coffee, she risks becoming Feral

Alice-But how will she fair against another sexy zombie? Learn more about her opponent in Squgilys bio


Lauren-The Contiellos, a famous family of opera singers where renowned for their talents

Alice-Yet sh*t like that’s not meant to last. When the Medici Mafia, who the Contiellos where clients of came close to finding the Skull Heart, a powerful wish granting artifact, they ordered for the family to be assassinated. This is where 14 year old Sienna Contiello met her end

Lauren-Not quit. When the Skull Heart was discovered, the women who wished upon its heart was not pure, which turned her into a Skullgirl, a demonic yet extremely powerful entity. The Skullgirl rose an army of undead, including young Sienna. However do to her family's parasite Leviathan, she managed to regain her free will.

Alice-Family parasite? That's f***ing disgusting!

Lauren-(adjusts glasses medically) actually, parasites in the Skullgirls universe are different from the ones in our own. The relationship between them, and their host is more symbiotic. The human provides the parasite a place to live, who intern gives the host a wide variety of unique abilities, and provide them with companionship.

Alice-So after Sienna regained herself, she realized that this Skullgirl thing probably isn't good, so she, and her new companion set out to stop it, after she changed her name to Squigly.

Lauren-Real name Sienna Contiello, age 28 (physically 14), height 5'03”, weight 118 pounds, and carrying estimated A cups, Squigly may seem small, but she has the skills to back up her goals.

Alice-I'd say! Her undead body makes her tough enough to take hits from the Skullgirl universes heavy hitters, and even fall of a skyscraper

Lauren-It’s not just her defense that improved, but her speed, and attack as well

Alice-But even without that attack boost, she'd still be a pretty big threat as Leviathan does most of the basic attacking

Lauren-The skeletal serpent, dragon, worm hybrid can act as a living spear, or breath a purple flame which she can enhance her melee attacks with

Alice-She can also use him as a freaking Scorpion spear.

Lauren-Even without her parasite she's a threat. Mixing the martial arts with the ballet she learned in life, she creates a graceful, yet formidable fighting style

Alice-She can also harness her voice as a weapon, creating music notes that can harm enemies

Lauren-Her, and Leviathan seem to possess a form geomancy, allowing them to bury themselves, or their enemies

Alice-Also they can summon coffins for some reason

Lauren-And when the going gets tough, they can perform their Inferno of Leviathan, where Leviathan enters his true form, and fires a boulder sized enemy seeking fire ball at their foe, or Shun Goku Saltsu where Squgily causes her enemies very soul to burst into flames

Alice-But are those fancy movies enough to keep her from facing a second death? Find out soon! This Waifu Wars is dead ahead!!!


File: 1543878973087.jpg (100.7 KB, 389x346, 20181022_213804.jpg)

Rottytops dragged Shantae's unconsciousness body through the dark woods by her ankle.

“Jeez girl, I go for a nice walk through the woods, and find you napping in the dirt, and like 20 pounds heavier might I add”

The zombie girl commented.

“But hey, what are friends for?”

She added.


A feminine voice shouted from behind them. Rottytops turned to see Squigly standing on the forest trail with Leviathans head floating over her menacingly.

“Your unconscious cohort has become a possible Skullgirl, and therefore is an extreme threat. Step aside allowing us to remove her, and we will let you live”

Squigly said slowly walking forward. Rottytops frowned.

“I'm not sure what all those big words mean, but I take it you wanna hurt my friend. Well you’re going to have to go through me first.

Rottytops replied before flinging Shantae into the foliage. The zombie girl placed her hands on her hips her smile returning, and started swaying her hips back and forth.

“Very well, I apologise in advanced”

Squigly said bowing her head, before taking a fighting stance.

“I don't”

Leviathan whispered.


Rottytops charged forward ripping her leg off, and swinging it at the duo. Squigly gracefully dodged the swings, before Leviathan lunged forward. Rottytops jumped backwards, but Leviathan still managed to grab the tip of her top with his teeth causing it to rip, and fall off. Rottytops large, green breasts bounced free as she landed, her nipples a slightly darker shade. The corpse girl paid no mind to her sudden lack of clothing, and pulled her head off, tossing it over her foe. Squigly gasped in shock, turning to the head behind her. Faster than the parasite user could react, Rottytops body emerged from below, and reattached to her head. Rottytops ripped her leg from her body once again, and slammed it into Rottytops cheek. The dancer whimpered in pain.

“Get away!”

Leviathan roared thrusting forward, stabbing Rottytops like a spear multiple times. The corpse girl let out a few pained “ows” before grabbing Leviathan mid thrust, and flipping the duo. Squigly slammed into the ground, before pushing herself to her feet. Rottytops ran at the two with a hiss, but suddenly a coffin emerged from the ground, capturing the topless zombie.


Rottytops muffled voice poundered from within her wooden prison before the coffin exploded, sending her flying outwards.

“Got ya”

Leviathan said as he snagged Rottytops out of the air, and pulled her close to Squigly. Rottytops grabbed the top of her foes dress, but before she could do anything the dancer headbutted her. Rottytops stumbled backwards, ripping off the top of Squiglys dress as she did. Sienna instinctively jumped backwards as her petty blue breast, and smooth stomach where exposed. She glared at Rottytops, and would have been blushing if she could have.


Leviathan exclaimed in panic.

“It's fine”

Squigly replied quickly. Rottytops grabbed her head with a groan, but quickly noticed the squirrel next to her, staring up at the topless zombie with interest. Rottytops swiftly snagged the critter, and shoved it in her mouth, slurping up the tail.


She said patting her bare stomach, her wounds healing slightly


Squigly said covering her mouth, looking appalled.

“Down right disgraceful to the undead”

Leviathan added. Rottytops shrugged

“Girls gotta eat”

She said. Squigly scowled, before charging forward. Leviathan lunged at his undead who easily dodged his attacks. He groaned in frustration, before submerging himself into the ground. Rottytops looked down in confusion giving Squigly the opening she needed. Sienna threw a punch which stroke her foe in the face. Rottytops stumbled backwards, cupping her now broken nose. Leviathan emerged from the ground behind her, biting into her shoulder. Rottytops screamed in pain as the parasites teeth sank into her soft flesh. The dragon, worm thing flung the girl forward. Rottytops landed on her back but quickly jumped to her feet.


Leviathan exclaimed, exhaling a blast of purple flame. Rottytops tried to jump backwards, but her shorts caught ablaze. Rottytops let out a panicked scream.

“Hot! Hot! Hot!”

She exclaimed quickly pulling off her boots, and socks revealing her small green feet with toenails painted blue, and a golden to ring around her left big toe. She yanked down her burning shorts, her large bubble butt bounced free, and her pussy, which was surprisingly tight for a dead girl.

“Few, that was close”

She sighed. Suddenly Leviathan lunged forward, stabbing all the way through his foes soft belly with a splat. Rottytops groaned in pain, weakly grabbing the parasite. The duo lifted the stabbed zombie girl of the ground, her feet kicking wildly, before flinging her, sending her flying into the forest.

“Perhaps we went to far”

Squigly suggested.

“Yes, now we must go into the woods, and find her”

Leviathan added, sounding annoyed. Rottytops crashed into a tree, before sliding to the ground. She pushed herself to her feet with a groan, covering the hole in her stomach. She needed to find something to heal herself with, and forest animals wouldn't do. She needed something more potent.


A feminine voice said. Suddenly a young redhead girl emerged from the forest. She appeared to be around 19, and to be a lost traveler. Her slender legs were shaking with fear, she was covering her large breasts with her arms protectively, and her green eyes were closed
to tears. Rottytops grinned.


She exclaimed jumping at the girl. Squigly, and Leviathan wandered through the forest searching for their prey, when they heard a scream.


Leviathan exclaimed, and Sienna took of running towards the sound. They found Rottytops hunched over the fresh corpse of a woman, now fully healed.


Squigly groaned, before letting out a musical cry, sending a music note slowly floating at Rottytops. The coffee loving zombie easily jumped over it, swinging her leg at Squigly.

“Missed me”

She cheered. Leviathan leaped forward, wrapping around her.

“Not hardly”

Squigly said before the parasite tossed Rottytops into the music note, which had seemingly been homing in on the naked corpse. Rottytops screamed in pain as the note exploded, sending her flying towards her foe.

“Take this”

Squigly said punching Rottytops into the ground with a flaming fist. The naked zombie cried in pain as she was slammed into the cold earth. Leviathan lunged at his downed foe, but she rolled out of the way at the last moment. Rottytops jumped to her bare feet, and brought her claws down, leaving large gashes on Squiglys belly, and tearing through her leggings. Sienna jumped backwards the remains of her leggings falling to shreds. She cringed from both pain, and embarrassment. Dancing had made her cold blue legs muscular, and her small butt firm, and her small pussy was as tight as it was in life. The only bits of clothing on her remaining was her sleeves, and her red and white socks, which you could easily see her feet through.

“That's it!!!”

She exclaimed, beginning to levitate. Sienna floated towards her foe, and slammed her hand on the coffee loving zombies forehead.

“Shun Goku Saltsu”

She whispered. Rottytops hiccuped, a small purple flame exiting her mouth, but nothing else happened. A look of shock spread across Squiglys face.

“Your soul, where it is it?”

She exclaimed.

“Oh that old thing?”

Rottytops asked pulling her leg off.

“I lost it years ago”

She said before swinging her leg like a bat. Rottytops barefoot scrapped across Siennas face, her toe rubbing her most lip, even entering her mouth. The impact sent the duo flying backwards. Squigly landed gracefully on her feet, glaring at her foe.

“Get over here!”

Leviathan demanded flying forward with surprising speed, impaling Rottytops through the gut once again. The coffee lover groaned in pain, before being flung into tree behind Squigly. Sienna slammed her flaming fist into the stuned Rottytops, causing her to cough up zombie juice. The barefoot zombie fell to her knees, as Squigly jumped backwards into the air. Suddenly Leviathan plopped out of Siena's head, and took the form of a giant skeletal dragon, with Squigly wrapped in his tail.

“Now burn!”

He exclaimed, before exhaling a massive purple fireball. Rottytops screamed as the fireball exploded. Rottytops pushed herself to her feet. Her entire body felt heavy, and her legs wouldn't stop shaking. She was surrounded by a purple inferno.

“I-i'll beat you”

She growled.


Squigly exclaimed, emerging from the flames, now above her foe. Leviathan (In his worm from again) lunged forward, stabbing Rottytops through the forehead. The barefoot zombies eyes crossed as she fell to her knees. The parasite slithered out of his foes head, and she fell face first into the mud. Suddenly the fallen corpses body convulsed violently. She rolled over onto her back. Her legs kicked violently as the dark forces that kept her alive tried in vain to revive her. Her arms repeatedly slammed into the cold ground, weak feminine moans left her lips, her back arched, her breast jiggling with each death throw. Her convulsing slowed till only her toes, fingers, and lips twitched. In the end her bladder gave out, releasing a puddle of pee from her pussy. Rottytops was dead, and this time for good


“I almost feel sorry for you”

Squigly said stepping on the dead zombies face. If she was still alive, she would have witnessed the stout, yet surprisingly pleasant aroma of Sienna's stockings. Suddenly a swarm of bats flew behind Squigly. She turned to it.

“Who are you?”


Alice-Noooo my super hot zombie Waifu

Lauren-(adjusts glasses unsurprisedly) This outcome was rather predictable

Alice-Yeeeeeaaaaahhh poor Rottytops was dead as soon as Squigly deemed her an enemy

Lauren-Sure Rottytops not having a soul protracted her from Squigly's ultimate attack, and her healing abilities allowed her to stay in the fight longer, but that's about all she had going for her

Alice-Not only was Squiglys moveset larger, and more varied, it was far better suited for combat. While Rottytops leg made a decent improvised club, Leviathan, his flames, and even Squiglys voice where obviously designed with combat in mind. Rottytops was a bumbling corpse that could improvise if the situation called for it, while Squigly is a spectral warrior always ready for battle

Lauren-and even when you look back at Rottytops's advantages there are a few holes in them. Sure she could heal, but she'd need a human brain to do so. Her durability my have been greater, but Squiglys far more devastating arsenal could easily tear through it, and yes she may be immune to Squiglys ultimate attack, yet she still had plenty of other moves up her sleeve

Alice-Ya know I feel bad for Rottytops, she might have just had this if she had used her head!


Alice-Well looks like Gurochan is back up

Lauren-Indeed, and our next fight is Korra Vs Raven!

Alice-And voting ends…yesterday

Lauren-Sadly voting is already closed, but the good news is the fight should be out within the next few days! And all you lovely people here on Gurochan can vote on the next fight as long as the website lives long enough for us to get to it


Alice-Well looks like Gurochan is back up

Lauren-Indeed, and our next fight is Korra Vs Raven!

Alice-And voting ends…yesterday

Lauren-Sadly voting is already closed, but the good news is the fight should be out within the next few days! And all you lovely people here on Gurochan can vote on the next fight as long as the website lives long enough for us to get to it


Lauren-Water, Wind, Earth, Fire. These are the four elements that make up the base of our world. People called Benders can control, and manipulate these elements, but only one can control all four. The Avatar. A eternally reincarnating force for good, The Avatar has lived many lives, but one of the most notable is of a girl named Korra

Alice-Strong, mystical, and sexy. What more can you want from a hero?

Lauren-21 years old, standing 5'7, weighing an estimated 140 lbs, and carrying estimated D cups, Korra's powerful physique only shows of a fraction of her true strength

Alice-Well yeah, she might pack a decent punch, but the point of the show is controlling the elements, and she's one of the best at it!

Lauren-That is definitely true. She was taught Waterbending by the legendary Katara, though her aggressive bending style is a far cry from the hydromancers much calmer, and more graceful style. With her Waterbending she can send blast of water at her foes, create watery barriers, summon large waves, and even freeze her enemies solid

Alice-Through the totalge of the White Lotus she become adept at Firebending, the coolest of the four elemental arts, though not literally. With it she can create, and shoot balls of fire, spew flames out of her mouth, and even redirect blasts of lightning!

Lauren-With her Earthbending she can manipulate the very ground below her to attack enemies with flung stones, and pillars of rock, as well as defend herself with walls of earth. She's also capable of using a subcategory of Earthbending called Metalbending which you guessed it, allows her to manipulate metal

Alice-But it wasn't till she had all of these abilities taken away by Amon that she unlocked the final of the four main types of bending, Airbending. She's capable of sending powerful gusts of wind at her foe, as well as increase her own mobility with it. She later trained under Tenzin the other last Airbender, and the son of freaking Aang! That's right she basically trained under her own son, which if my calculations are correct, is f***ing weird!

Lauren-*adjusts glasses numerically* But four elements are far better than one, so after losing her abilities, she returned home to the Southern Water Tribe hoping that Katara could restore her other bending powers

Alice-Katara couldn't, but her ghost from her past lives could! The spirits of the past Avatars returned her bending abilities, and helped her unlock the Avatar State!

Lauren-In this form not only are Korra's elemental abilities enhanced, She gains Energybending. With this power, She can take away, and return the bending abilities of anyone with a simple touch

Alice-Even without that fancy form she's pretty f***ing OP. As a young child she was capable of creating an igloo strong enough to withstand a violent snowstorm. Mind you she only was in this cause she willingly ran out into it as to play with a polar bear dog cub, a species of animal that most full grown benders are scared of! This girl has got some real balls, especially considering she has two less actual balls than her predecessor

Lauren-She also has a lot of experience for such a young age. She's trained under various skilled masters, participated in many Pro-Bending matches, and has fought in many dangerous Battles

Alice-This hot headed bag of muscle also has a pretty decent track record. She's overpowered, and outsmarted the Bloodbender Amon, the Dark Avatar Unalaq, Zaheer, and Kuvira

Lauren-While impressive, her hot headed temper can land her into some trouble

Alice-Which really doesn't matter considering the fact that she can just burn most of her problems to the ground! But will the Avatar be able to stand up against the Daughter of Trigon? Find out in the full fight!


Lauren-Emotions, a powerful thing. They can influence humans to steal, fight, and even kill, but with Azarathians they are not only the motivation, but the method

Alice-Possessing telepathic abilities, this species of extra-dimensional aliens where pretty lit till one of them decided that “Hey I'm going to go fk royalty free Satan” cause apparently that's a popular thing to do. Like why do so many characters do that? How many f*ing antichrists do we need? I mean, I guess people wanna f**k that tiger from zootopia so it's not that unbelievable

Lauren-For hating furries you sure talk about them a lot

Alice-Haha shut the f**k up Lauren before I snap that little neck of yours! Anyway, through this unholy union, Raven was born

Lauren-Real name Rachel Roth, around 16 years old, standing 5’4”, weighing 139 lbs, and carrying B cup breasts

Alice-The best thing Teen Titans GO was making those two episodes about her legs, mhm those legs. So pale, so muscular. I wanna lick em

Lauren-At a young age Rachel fled from her homeland to earth, as to avoid her demonic father

Alice-f***ing hell of a plan considering this is DC earth, like one of the most dangerous places ever. There's more supervillains there, then playboy magazines under my bad

Lauren-Don't misunderstand. Raven is not fleeing because she's helpless, rather quite the opposite

Alice-I guess you're right. Do to her Azarathian heritage she posses natural telepathic abilities. She can read enothims, speak to you mind to mind, levitate, and so much more

Lauren-*adjusts glasses occultly* But her real combat prowess is do to the traits granted to her by her demonic father, namely her Soul Self. This shadowy bird shaped phantasm is by far Rachel's greatest weapon. It can protect her from incoming attacks, ram into foes, change shape, put pieces of itself into objects allowing its owner to move them telepathically, teleport her, or even trap her enemies. All with the simple command “ Azarath Metrion Zinthos”

Alice-She's also proficient in the dark arts cause being a half demon, half alien psychic wasn't good enough for her

Lauren-She mainly uses her magic to create concussive beams of darkness, but it is implied she can do much more with it

Alice-But she's not perfect in anyway, and has her weaknesses. Namely chickens


Alice-She’s allergic to them

Lauren-Alright then. Her actual most problematic weakness is her emotions. Rachel does her best to keep her emotions under control. Her feelings are the key to dragging Trigon, her father into our world. The more she uses her powers, the more she is forced to face her emotions leading to a dangerous snowball effect, which if she doesn't manage well, could have dire consequences for earth

Alice-Damn, imagine what her periods are like

Lauren-Only you Alice. She probably manages her intensified emotions through meditation.

Alice-Ah dang. Well I suppose her Red Raven form makes up for it. She's like combined wrath of twenty periods

Lauren-Indeed. This form is taken on when Rachel gives into her anger. Her body morphs, and contorts into a more demonic form, her attacks become far more potent, and she adopts a sadistic demeanor

Alice-There's also White Raven, but besides being incredibly boring being based on emotional stability and sh*t, is extremely vague on how it works so we're going to leave it out

Lauren-But even without her final form Rachel is immensely powerful. She is considered one of, if not the strongest Teen Titans. Don't let the group's pubescent nature fool you. Powerful heroes such as Starfire who can survive planet destroying explosions have been part of the group

Alice-She's defeated Dr. Light who uses well um Light which is widely considered the anti dark, and her DD


Alice-Demon Daddy

Lauren-God damn it Alice

Alice-But are emotions, and darkness enough for Raven to match her opponents elemental versatility? Find out in the full fight!


File: 1544055616843.png (216.48 KB, 379x297, 20180430_204618.png)

Korra paused as she saw the temple at the top of the mountain, just up ahead. It was a long, treacherous climb up the snowy mountain, but from what she heard she could learn to master her bending at that temple. Korra sighed, now that she reached this point, it was going to become a lot harder. To complete her training she would have to meditate in that cold temple, complete naked for who knows how long. She pulled off her heavy fur jacket, dropping it in the snow. Goosebumps covered her muscular light brown body as she undid her blue bra, letting it fall next to her coat. Her large breast feel free, her nipples already erect from the cold. She yanked of her heavy brown boats, and socks revealing her feet which had smelt rather strongly do to being inside boots for the past few days. The bender pulled down her winter pants, her muscular legs stepping out. She instinctively clenched her firm butt, and tight vagina. Though it provided little warmth, she was thankful for the black bush covering her pussy. She smirked as her black hair blew in the wind. Her blue eyes fixed themselves on the temple, as she stretched her muscular arms. The bender took a step forward, but the moment her smooth sole hit the cold ground, she could sense another person on the other side of the mountain, almost as far up as she was with her seismic sense.

“Only one person can meditate her at a time, this could be bad”

she said to herself.

Raven paused looking up at the temple. The walk was long, and perils. She could have just opened a portal to the top of the mountain, but she felt that climbing it was part of the process. The Azarathian unbuttoned her cap, tossing it aside, then spread her arms out. Her eyes turned solid black, as her remaining clothes were engulfed in shadow, before vanishing. If it wasn't for her demonic heritage, her slender naked body wouldn't have lasted a second. Her breast where small, and perky, as was her booty. Her pale stomach was perfectly flat besides the small indention, and her legs smooth, and slender. Her bare pussy burned a little from the cold, and her a small feet felt numb in the snow. She looked down at purple painted toes.

“I have to gain control over myself before I summon Trigon. I'll just have to deal with it”

She said, before continuing her trek up the mountain.

Korra reached the summit first. She stood there for a moment waiting for the second climber. As soon as Raven reached the top, her purple eyes meet Korra's blue ones.

“Who are you?”

She asked, watching her carefully.

“I'm the Avatar” Korra replied firmly.

“Now I'm sure you know the rules of this temple”

She added, starting to walk forward. Raven nodded.

“Only one person may train here at a time”

She said. Korra smirked.

“That's right gloomsville, now we need to decide who stays, and who goes”

She said. Raven prepared to hold her ground.

“I can't afford to wait”

She said. Korra's smirk widened.

“Neither can I. I'm not going to budge, and I'm guessing you won't, so shall we settle this the old fashioned way?”

The Avatar asked.

“I don't want to fight you”

Raven said coldly looking down.

“But if you don't leave now, I won't go easy on you”

she said her eyes turning solid black


"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Raven cried thrusting her hand forward, firing multiple bolts of dark energy at her foe. Korra punched the projectiles out of the air with flaming fist, before sending stream of flame from her palms at Rachel. The Soul Self flew in front of it's master, taking the form of a giant raven, and stopping the flame.

“What in the word?”

Korra asked stepping backwards, as the Soul Self flew back behind it's master. Korra clenched her fist, glaring it her foe. She slammed her bare foot into the ground, and large stones shot out of the ground, floating in the air. With a few heavy movements, she sent them flying at her foe. The stones stopped moments before slamming into Azarathian, now solid black. Raven flicked her wrist, and the projectiles were sent flying at their master. Korra gasped in shock, before slamming her foot into the ground again. A wall of stone emerged in front of her which the stones shattered against.

“How the heck are you doing that? Is that even bending?!?”

Korra exclaimed, placing her hand on wall, causing it to heat up violently. The Avatar performed a quick kata, slamming her palm into the stone at the end, sending the wall of molten rock, sliding towards Rachel.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

She exclaimed shattering the rapidly approaching wall with a blast of dark energy, her Soul Self protecting her from the lava hot debri.

“Are you really that scared of me?”

Korra asked performing an aggressive kata. The bender flung two fireballs at her foe, the Soul Self blocked each, but recoiled slightly. Raven growled in annoyance.

“Enough of this!”

She exclaimed thrusting her hand forward. The Soul Self lunged at Korra who just barely jumped out of the way. The bender landed on her back, and quickly rolled to her bare feet, flinging another fireball at the unprotected Raven. The Azarathian ducked under the fireball, before sending another beam of dark energy at Korra, as the Soul Self charged at her. Korra slammed her foot into the ground, causing another wall of stone to shoot up, taking the blast of energy as she ducked under the Soul Self. Raven growled in annoyance, putting all her focus into the beam. The wall shattered, but behind it, Korra was nowhere to be seen.

“Behind you!”

The bender shouted. Raven turned around to see Korra performing a kata before sending another stream of flame at here. The Soul Self flew between it's master, and the flame just in time. Rachel stepped backward, when she heard a crack. She looked down to see a small bulge in the earth. Suddenly a thin pillar of stone shot up from the bulge hitting the Azarathian teen in the stomach. Korra


Rachel screamed falling to her knees. Korra smirked, calmly walking over to her fallen opponent.

“It's over. Leave now before it gets ugly”

She said. Suddenly Raven looked up at her, her eyes now glowing red.

“I'll tear you to shreds!”

She exclaimed, her voice now carrying a demonic echo. Korra jumped backwards just in time to avoid being impaled by a black tendrils. Raven began to float, black tendrils emerging from her naked body.

“What's the matter? Scared of the dark?”

The Azarathian hissed with a sinister smirk. Korra took a fighting stance, glaring at her foe.

“Are you kidding me? I'm the Avatar, the dark is scared of me!”

She said performing a graceful kata, her large tits swing with her movements. All the ice shot up into the air, before melting into water. Korra thrust her hand forward. Blobs of water flew at Raven at high speed. She blocked a few with her tendrils, before engulfing herself in her Soul Self, both vanishing.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Raven roared from behind the bender, firing another blast of dark energy. Korra slammed her foot on the ground summoning another wall of stone, but the blast shattered it as if it were glass.


Korra cried as she tumbled backwards, managing to land on her feet. The Avatar performed a swift kata, sending a gust of wind at Raven. Rachel was knocked backwards, now hovering off the cliff. She snarled angrily at Korra, before a tendril emerged from it's wrist, launching itself toward, and wrapping around the Avatars waist.


Korra said blushing as the tip of the tendril rubbed against her bare pussy. The tendril yanked her towards Raven, sending the bender falling of the cliff. Korra swiftly made a few graceful arm movements, and some of the water from before, flew under her, catching her. The bender was ejected from the floating bubble with a jet of water, sending her flying at Raven.

“Take this!”

She exclaimed kicking her with a flaming foot. Raven crashed back onto the mountain on her firm butt, as Korra landed safely on her feet.

“And this!”

The bender added with a few graceful movements, tossing a blog of water onto Raven which froze instantly, encasing the demons lower half in ice. Korra walked forward, a flame igniting in her hand, as she prepared to end the fight.


Raven demanded, shattering the ice with a barrage of tendrils from her body. Korra screamed in pain as the tendrils lashed her like whips. She fell to her knees, blood dripping from multiple gashes.

“Now die”

Raven hissed, grabbing Korra by her throat with a tendril, slamming her into the side of the temple, and squeezing. Korra went wide eyed as she gagged desperately for breath. She clinched the tendril, trying to pry it free, as her feet kicked violently against the air. She was already exhausted, and weak from blood loss, she knew she couldn't last long. Her vision faded, her hand fell beside her butt limply, and her kicking slowly stopped. Was this the end? she managed to think to herself. No! There was a blinding light, sending Raven flying backwards.


The Azarathian hissed, as she began floating again. Korra stood, her eyes now glowing white. The Avatar thrusted her hand forward sending spikes of earth shooting up out of the ground below Raven. Rachel flew above them in the nick time, before dozens of tendrils emerged from her back, all flying towards Korra. With a few aggressive movements the bender sent a blast of white flames at the tendrils, causing them all to recoil. Raven roared in anger, ripping to giant stones from the earth with her telekinesis, and attempting to crush Korra between them, but the bender simple held out her hands as if to catch them, stopping them before they even touched her. Korra clenched her fist, and both stones shattered into dozens of smaller chunks. With a few heavy movements she sent the chunks of rock at the telepath. The Soul Self leaped in front of its master, but one rock managed to pierce through it's shadowy body. Raven yelped in pain as the stone smacked her in the face, falling back to the ground. The Soul Self rushed under her, catching, and wrapping around her before vanishing. Raven appeared behind her foe, throwing a kick, but Korra ducked without even turning around, before slamming a flaming fist into Ravens face. Rachel stumbled backwards, grabbing her broken, and burnt nose as blood ran down her face from the wound the rock caused. Korra quickly performed a graceful kata sending tiny bullets of water at Raven. The Soul Self put itself between it's master, and the projectiles, but a few penetrated the shadowy bird, and grazed the Azarathian behind it. Raven moaned in pain stumbling backwards, blood leaking from multiple cuts on her legs, arms and side.

“I will annihilate you!!”

She exclaimed as the Soul Self launched itself at the Avatar, engulfing. Korra found herself standing in complete darkness.

“Now you will experience the true power of darkness”

Ravens demonic voice said, seeming to come from everywhere. Suddenly it was as if the darkness was closing in on her. Korra smirked

“You call that power? Let me show you how it's done”

She said slamming her fist together. A giant blast of bright flame erupted from her body. The darkness was blown away, And Raven screamed in pain as her flaming body crashed into the snow.

“It's over”

Korra said walking over to her foes burnt body, reaching for her forehead. Raven unexpectedly sat up, hissing at Korra, her eyes glowing even more intensely. Raven telaphatichly forced all her angry, and hateful thoughts into Korra's mind. The Avatar let out a surprised shriek, grabbing her head.

“Get out get out get out”

She whimpered.


She screamed at the sky. A black tendril emerged from her throat, along with a small splatter of blood. She went wide eyed only for a moment, before her face relaxed completely, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her hands fell limply by her side. The tendril going in the benders pussy, And out her mouth vanished, and Korra's body collapsed. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as blood, and saliva dripped off of her lips. Drops of milk leaked out of her erect nipples, falling on the cold ground. The blood from her wounds had frozen on her muscular belly. Blood leaked out of her pussy, followed by a quick gush of pee. Her cold legs shook, and kicked for a moment before going limp, but her feet (which after the fight smelled stronger than ever) continued to violently twitch. Korra, the Avatar was dead

“You where a fool to think you could defeat me”

Raven said as one of her tendrils grabbed Korra's corpse by the neck, and flung her off the mountain. The Avatars body crashed into a large cart, shattering it.

“My cabbages!”

The man pulling the cart exclaimed, but paused as he noticed the corpse of the young naked women. Raven meditated, as ravens pecked at Korras seman covered body


Alice-Right in the pussy!

Lauren-Being older, and better trained Korra may have had the edge in experience, and versatility, but it is all for not when against Ravens natural advantages

Alice-Yeah, that Soul Self is pretty tricky to deal with. Its shapeshifting abilities, and raw power make it perfect for both offense, and defense, while its speed, and teleportation ability make her almost untouchable. Gotta get me one of those!

Lauren-Sure Korra can do some pretty impressive stuff with her bending, but Raven has lifted the titan tower with a little help from Terea which is a far more impressive than anything Korra can do

Alice-And even if Korra had the power advantage, she couldn't hit her. The Soul Self can take a ridiculous amount of abuse, and can teleport Raven. Plus she can freaking fly!

Lauren-And the Avatars experiences factor is almost complete undermined by her brash personality

Alice-But what definitively killed off Korra was Ravens telepathy. Bending is a complicated art that requires concentration to use, especially when she goes into the Avatar State. Raven could easily break said concentration, really fucking over the poor bender

Lauren-(adjusts glasses Super Saiyanly) Speaking of their super forms Ravens is just well better. Unlike with Korras Avatar State which requires concentration, Red Raven just sorta happens. The increases in power is also far greater, and it removes any pesky moral restrictions she has

Alice-The early bird may get the worm, but in this cause the late one got the temple

Lauren-Have any of your puns been even remotely good?


Alice-Next time on Waifu Waahhhbleh I'm so sick of this job. I wish my life was more like a video game, or action movie

Lauren-Well sadly for you, we must live by the laws, and logic of real world

Alice-But that's not the cause for these two hotties!


Alice-Next time on Waifu Wars! Scott Pilgrim's lovely love interest Ramona Flowers Vs Viewtiful Joe's hot girlfriend Sexy Silvia!

Lauren-Voting ends December 12th


Lauren-Bosses. Extremely powerful foes usually in groups of 7, and fought one on one at the end of intense challenges

Alice-To face these obstacles a man would need some serious motivation like money, power, or Ramona Flowers

Lauren-Age 25, Height 5'7”, Weight unknown, Bra Size estimated 32 B, Hair Color a lot of them, Evil Exes 7

Alice-Holy shit! How the fuck do you date 7 evil people? Like dicks I get? But full on evil? That's really freaking impressive

Lauren-She has also attended The University of Carolina in the Sky, and works for a delivery company that uses extra dimensional mind realities to make faster deliveries

Alice-The world of Scott Pilgrim is weird…

Lauren-Speaking of her partner, Ramona's life changed forever when she met him

Alice-Yeah, Mrs. Flowers here moved to Canada to escape her problems which makes sense when you dated 7 fucking super villains!. Well there she met Scott Pilgrim. At first she didn't think much of him, but he? He was obsessed with her? But I mean can you blame him? She's fucking hot! Well also she was using his mind to get from place, to place faster, and I might not have one of those fancy PHDs like you Lauren, but I'm pretty sure that can cause attachment issues or some shit. In the end she decided to give the dork a chance, but with one catch. He had to fight her Seven Evil Exes. Somehow he was up to the task, but even he needed a little help. Luckily for him, his girlfriend was a badass

Lauren-*adjusts glasses stat measuringly* The word that describes Ramonas fighting style is strong. Like many in her universe, she posses an unproportional amount of strength. She may not be as strong as her boyfriend, but considering he can punch people “so hard that they see the curvature of the earth” that's still nothing to scoff at. She can rip metal polls from the ground, crack concert with her strike, send people flying backwards with a single hit, and was able to take on a group of older jokes in 7th grade

Alice-She backs that strength up with her speed. On those skates of hers she can keep up with Roxey who can move at near ninja speeds, which is still almost faster than the eye can see

Lauren-And if her natural abilities are not enough, she can pull one of her many weapons out of her purse, which connects to her own personal reality

Alice-Most notable of which are her Titanium Bat, and Large Hammer which do +1 damage to blondes, and +2 damage to girls respectively. Going with blunt melee weapons. I see she like me is a woman of culture

Lauren-When it comes to durability she can take multiple hits from many super powered fighters, and kept on trucking

Alice-And Remember those super mind roads we mentioned earlier? She can access those with ease

Lauren-Subspace Highways

Alice-You want a subspace glock up your ass?!?

Lauren-But even with all those strengths she has her weaknesses. Most notable her below average mental health which comes standard with seven evil exes

Alice-Damn cunt ignoring me like that. Those weakness haven't stopped her from pulling of some crazy shit. She can keep up with Envy Adams, and her ex from her sexy faze Roxey Richard, as well as defeat Knives Chau. And when teamed up with her nerdy hunk Scott she was even able to over power Gideon, the most powerful of the Evil Exes!

Lauren-But will her foe Sexy Silvia just be another boss fight? Or is Scott about to be single again?

Alice-Find out in the full fight!!!


Lauren-Joe absolutely loved movies, however his girlfriend Silvia was not the biggest fan of them. She would degread him for his “immaturity”, and was over all unlikable. It may be considered karma then that during one of her dates with Joe, she was dragged into the movie world

Alice-With the help of Captain Blue, and the V-watch, a device that can transform the wearer into a superhero, and alter time, Joe managed to save his girlfriend. But in the end it turned out that Captain Blue was the villain all along, and was planning to use Silvia to enter the real world. Joe beat the shit out of him, but it turns out Captain Blue here is both the creator of the Captain Blue movies who got trapped in the movie world, and Silvia's father!

Lauren-But rather than being traumatized by the experience, and fostering her distaste for action movies further, Silvia decided to take a more active role. When UFO's attacked Silvia demanded that her reformed father give her a V-watch. And so Sexy Silvia was born

Alice-Mhm sexy doesn't began to describe It!

Lauren-Real name Silvia, Age around 25 Height unknown, weight unknown, Cup size estimated C

Alice-And as Sexy Silvia, Silvia's strength, and durability are greatly enhance, and she gains two energy pistols. Her fighting style consists of a mix of shooting, and kicking.

Lauren-And when these abilities aren't enough, she has her V-watches time manipulation. Like Joe she can slow down time making it easier to react, but unique to her is her Reply ability which allows her to make one attack hit a foe three times for massive damage.

Alice-These superhuman abilities have allowed her to keep out with her man Joe, and fight many of the evil forces of the Movie world, but her most impressive victory is over her father Captain Blue

Lauren-But are her action movie skills enough for her to make it to the credits, or will Ramona's high level abilities spell a Game Over for Silvia?


File: 1545178781615.jpg (123.14 KB, 483x355, 20180413_230013.jpg)

Ramona sat on a bench, her head laying on Scott's shoulder.

“This is nice”

She said softly, a small smile spreading across her face.

“Yeah it is”

Scott replied munching on his sandwich.


a third voice exclaimed. The two lovers turned to its source to see Silvia pointing at them.

“Umm can I help you?”

Ramona asked. Silvia smirked, adjusting her glasses snubishly.

“Actually yes, you can give me Scott”

She said. Scott went wide eyed, as Ramona glared at her.

“Wait, what!?!”

Scott exclaimed.

“Hey back off. He's mine”

Ramona said as her brown. eyes met the blondes blue ones. Silvia's smirk widened into a cruel grin.

“Then fight me for him”

She said. Ramona sat up in shock.

“What? No way!”

She demanded. Scott sighed.

“Come on”

He whined. Ramona glared at him.

“What the hell Scott”

She exclaimed, almost ready to hit him.

“I fought seven guys for you, seven!!!”

He exclaimed back.

“Well I fought Envy, and Knives, and also helped you beat Gideon!”

She replied angrily.

“Well that's still like”

Scott said looking down at his hands, as he counted on his fingers.

“two and a half, to six and a half. Plus I saved you from Envy so only two!”

He added, before giving her puppy dog eyes.


He begged. Ramona sighed.

“Damn it Scott”

She said.

“Are we going to fight or what?”

Siliva asked, putting her hands on her hips. Ramona glared at her again, before jumping of the bench, landing on the sidewalk, her fist slamming into the concrete, creaking it.


She said taking a fighting stance. Silva smirked.

“Oh look Ramonas about to fight”

A random park goer said.

“Hey, is it that Joe's girlfriend? This should be good”

Another one added

“Now that’s more like it”

Silvia said thrusting her hand in the air.


She exclaimed. Her V-watch started to glow, but sparks shot out of it. There was a flash of light, and after it cleared Silvia stood in that ridicules pouse, complete naked besides her glasses, and the guns in her hands. She looked down at her nude body, blinked a few times, and blushed, covering her breasts. A few of the park goers whistled, and cheered. Blood ran out of Scott's nose as he stared in aw, and Ramona backed away in shock. “Not good” she thought to herself. The V-watch must have malfunctioned, but she still had her enhanced strength, she could feel it. Super human or not, she needed to cover this up, or her reputation would be ruined. The blonde forced a smirk. She let her arms fall to the side exposing her decently large tits. The sunlight was warm on her flat stomach, and thin, yet muscular arms. She started to take long struts forward with her slender legs giving her opponent long, and clear glances at her pussy, and the little blonde bush covering it as her smooth feet gently hit the hot concrete.

“Oh but this isn't just a normal fight honey”

She said stopping. A line ran from her mid back, to the crack off her tiny butt, which she clenched tightly.

“We're gonna fight in the nude”

She said, doing her best to show no signs of embracement. Ramona backed away in disgust.

“What the hell? No way!”

She said looking at Silvia like she was crazy.

“Oh come on”

Scott complained.


Ramona shouted clenching her fist.

“I fought seven EVIL superhuman exes for you! I literally died!”

He replied. She scowled.


She said pulling off her hand bag. She undid the laces on the back of her dress, letting it fall to the ground. Her face turned bright red as she stepped out of the black dress. Everyone was staring at her body. She was larger than her foe, but in an attractive, and healthy way. Her stomach was smooth besides the dip that was her belly button. Her arms where thin, and muscular, and her legs a little thick, but just as muscular. Her bra, and panties where seafoam green to match her short dyed hair. She undid the straps on the back of her bra, letting it fall next to her dress as her petty tits jiggled with freedom. She pulled her skates of showing of her smooth soles, and toenails painted blue to match her fingernails. She slide down her panties to reveal her bare tight pussy (she had to keep her original hair color a secret after all), and large bubbly ass. She slung her bag over her bare shoulder, and pulled her titanium bat from it.

“Let’s get this over with”

She said.

“Let's get it on!”

Siliva cheered


Siliva charged forward, firing blasts of energy from her gun, but Ramona easily smacked them out of the air with her bat. Silvia skidded to a halt, kicking at Ramona who ducked the leg, and slammed her titanium bat into Silvias gut, sending the blonde flying backwards. Silvia landed on her feet, as Ramona leaped in the air, swinging her bat at Silvia. The blonde rolled out of the way, and shoot a nearby fire hydrant as time slowed down. The titanium bat crashed into the sidewalk, narley missing its target, and sending chunks of concert flying. A blast of water shot forth from the fire hydrant, slamming into Ramona, sending her crashing into a large tree next to a lake. The delivery girl got to her feet tiny birds circling her head as the gush of water seised. Sexy Silvia dashed forward, jump kicking the stuned Ramona in the face. Silvia's foot slammed into the delivery girls mouth smashing the back of her head into the tree. Suddenly it was if time was reversed, but the pain remained. Silvia's barefoot crashed into Ramonas mouth, smashing the back of her head into the tree again, then time was reversed again, and the kick collided for the third time. The delivery girl grabbed her head getting rather sick of the salty taste of the blondes foot, as Silvia pointed her gun at her head. There was a cracking sound. Silvia looked up at the tree,
as it slowly started to fall. The blonde leaped backwards out of the way, but Ramona glared at the falling tree, before striking it with her titanium bat, sending it flying in the sky. Ramona took a batter position, and when the tree feel in front of her, she slammed her bat into it, sending it soaring at Silvia. Time slowed down as the blonde rolled out of the way of the giant wood projectile, which went flying into town, crashing into a strip club, killing it's entire workforce instantaneously. Silvia stepped backwards, realizing she was no match for Ramona in a one on one fight, and ran off.

“Catch me if you can!”

She cheered playfully.


Ramona exclaimed running after her. Soon they ran out of the park, into the city itself. Silvia crossed the street, and twirled around, waiting for her foe. Ramona charged after her, but a spending bus slammed into, sending the delivery girl skidding across the road, her bat rolling out of her hands. Ramona opened her eyes just in time to see Silvia falling towards her with a jumping sidekick. Ramona rolled to her feet, avoiding the kick, before delivering a solid uppercut to the blondes gut. Silvia yelped in pain, grabbing her stomach with a weak whimper. Ramona pulled her giant hammer out of her bag, flipped it, and swung it at her foe. The blunt head of the hammer slammed into the stunned blonde, sending her flying upwards. Silvia landed on top of a five story building, and managed to get to her feet, as the delivery girl ripped a lamp post out of the side of the road, and threw it at her foe like a spear. Time slowed as Silvia rolled out of the way of the flying lamp post which went flying to who knows where, before she began firing a barrage of energy bullets at her ground level foe. Ramona ran for cover as the ran of energy fell upon her. She blitzed into an alleyway out of Silvias range. The delivery girl gasped for breath as she leaned against a wall, her naked body now covered in sweat. Her leg felt wet as pain flared through it. She looked down to see blood gushing from a small gash on her calf. She swore to herself. One of the blast must have hit her without her noticing.

“Above you sweetie!”

Silvia cheered. Ramona looked up to see Silvia falling towards her. The delivery girl jumped backwards just as Silvia landed where she was standing. The blonde pointed her pistol at her foe, but Ramona slammed her hammer into the gun, sending it flying out of Silvias hand.


She said stepping backwards, before ducking under another swing of Ramona's hammer. The blonde rushed forward, kicking Ramona in her exposed belly. The delivery girl coughed up blood, gasping in pain. Silvia kneed her foe in the side, slamming her foe into the wall of the alleyway. Then it was if time was reversed, and she was slammed into the wall again, then again. Ramona grunted in pain, and anger taking another heisty swing which Silvia easily ducked under, before lunging at Ramona, grabbing her by the throat, and slamming her into a door on the alleyway wall. The door swung open, and the two nude fighters fell through. The two girls rolled out of the door into a giant, seemingly never ending rainbow colored road in the middle of space.

“W-where are we?

Siliva asked standing, and looking around in aw. Suddenly Ramona slammed her hammer into her distracted foe in the gut with her giant hammer, sending the blonde flying. Silvia landed on her feet, skidding across the rainbow floor, as the delivery girl leaped in the air, bringing her hammer down. Time slowed down as Silvia jumped backwards, just as the giant hammer slammed into the ground. The blonde aimed her remaining pistol at her foe, and fired rapidly, but Ramona spun her hammer around like a bow staff, blocking each laser as she slowly walked towards her foe. Silvia lowered her pistol when she realized that her strategy wasn't working, giving Ramona the opportunity to swing at the blonde. Time slowed as Silvia bent backwards, the hammer flying right over her nose as her large tits were flung upwards with the momentum. The momentum of the swing pulled Ramona off balance causing her to stagger to the side. Silvia charged forward, slamming her foot into Ramonas cheek, sending her flying into the railing of the road. The delivery girl stood with a groan of pain, grabbing the railing for balance, but Siliva grabbed her by the back of her head, and slammed her face into the railing, then time reversed and her face slammed into the railing again, and final time. Ramona stumbled backwards now with a bloody nose.

“It's over baby”

Silvia said with a smirk, pointing her remaining gun at Ramona. The delivery girl swiftly kneed the blonde in the gut. Silvia doubled over in pain, as Ramona ripped the gun from her hands, and tossing it over the edge.


Silvia gasped desperately reaching for the falling pistol. Ramona slammed her hammer into Silva with a powerful swing, sending her foe soaring. Another door appeared behind Silva. The blonde crashed through the door. The delivery girl ran over, and jumped in after. The two fell into a large, heavily decorated room. Against the center wall was a large bed with a young man in his underwear with a naked Ramona, and asian girl cuddled up to him. Ramona got to her feet, and frowned at the man

“Really Neil? This is what dream about?”

She said. The man's face turned bright red.

“R-Ramona? Is that you? Like the real you, not dream you?”

He asked.

“Ignore them baby”

The naked knives said cuddling into him. Before the conversation could continue any further, Silvia leaped at her, sidekicking her in the cheek. The two went flying into a door on the other side of the room, smashing through it. The fighters emerged from an airplane door, now in a free fall over the park. Ramona opened her bag, light pouring out of it, but time slowed down as Silvia tore the bag from her hands, and kicked her away from her.

“Wait no!”

Ramona exclaimed reaching for the blonde as she retreated into the bag.

“Crap! Crap! Crap!”

She exclaimed in a panic as she looked for some way to save herself.


Hitting the ground was the most painful thing she had ever experienced. Her vision blurred, and her ears rang. Her stomach felt both burning hot, and freezing cold at the same time. Her head felt it was going to explode, and she could feel her heart starting to slow down. If she moved, even if just a little she might die. She opened her brown eyes weakly to see that she had landed next to Scott! A jolt of hope filled her.

“Oh, hey babe”

He said finishing his sandwich finally

“H-help me”

She whimpered reaching for him,, blood dripping out of her mouth.

“Sorry, no can do. This is like some kinda honor bound duel or something, but I'm rooting for you!”

Replied. Her bag landed next to her, and Silvia emerged completely unharmed. The blonde rolled her over with her foot, so that the dying delivery girl was facing the sky.

“Let's end this honey”

She said, gently placing her foot on Ramonas pussy. A rush of pleaser jolted through her body, followed by cold fear as she realised what her foe was planning.

“No please”

She begged. Silvia just smirked, and started running her foot against the girls bare vagina. Ramona closed her eyes, squeezed her fist, and clenched her teeth as the pleasure rushed through her body, but it in her heavily damaged state she couldn't control her body, it was already to late. She arched her back as she climaxed, and went wide eyed as the pain hit her, tears now running down her face. She let out a weak shriek of pain, digging her fingers into the dirt as her feet kicked violently. Goosebumps emerged all over her skin, and her nipples went fully erect . A gush of discharge squirted from her pussy, onto Silvias foot. Her whole body collapsed against the ground, her breathing slowing, and her vision fading

“Scott you dick”

Where the last words to weakly slip through her lips along with a sob, before the life left her body. Ramona Flowers was dead. She gave one more squirt, before her body vanished, leaving behind exactly 69 cents.


Silvia said, bending down, and picking up the money. She turned to the still sitting Scott.

“So, you wanna fuck?”

She asked.

“Well you did just kill my girlfriend, soooooooo sure”

He replied. And fuck they did



Alice-Well damn! I'd say the real winner of this fight is Scott

Lauren-While Ramona had the strength advantage, Silvia had just about everything else. Speed, range, experience. You name it!

Alice-And while Ramonas weapons would both be rather effective against Silva considering she was both blonde, and a women, Silvias time altering abilities proved far more helpful.

Lauren-But what really gave Silvia the win was her experience. Sure Ramona occasionally helps Scott in a fight, or takes on one of his exes, but Siliva has taken on an entire alien invasion along side Joe. Not to mention Ramona's abysmal win lose ratio

Alice-I guess Scott's going to be giving Flowers to a new girl

Lauren-The winner is Sexy Silvia!


Alice-Next time on Waifu Wars!

Lauren-The time has come for season two, to come to an end. The season finale is upon us!

Alice-Oh shit! Who's it going to be? Last time we had a battle between two super powered blondes capable of wiping out planets!

Lauren-Two cat girls

Alice-…Fucking genius!

Lauren-Neferpitou Vs Pixie-Bob!

Alice-Voting ends Christmas Day!


Alice-Ants, disgusting little things. Especially considering that they kill, and eat things way larger than them like spiders.

Lauren-But the Chimera Ant is an especially horrifying species of ant. Once a queen eats an animal of a different species, they can pass down it's traits to her offspring creating a large armor with a diverse set of abilities.

Alice-So of course some crazy mutation shit had to happen, they had to grow crazy big and eat larger prey, and eventually acquire a taste for people

Lauren-After eating humans, the queen's children gained the ability of speech, and complex thought. However this wasn't enough for the chimera ants, soon the king would be born

Alice-These royal guards where to be born as to protect, and serve the king. And the first to be born was a hybrid of cat, human, and ant named Neferpitou

Lauren-Age physically around 1, biological around 18, height estimated 5”7, weight estimated 135 pounds, cup size A

Alice-Pretty sexy for an ant, but she's more than just cute, she's hella strong. Actually how is that strong considering her size

Lauren-*adjusts glasses biologically* the ant, and cat parts of her biology probably are part of it, but the majority of it is do to her Nen. Nen is a spiritual power in the world of Hunter x Hunter that anyone can learn to use, but the chimera ants seem to be particularly in tune with it. They can easily learn to use it, and it would help explain how the queen can pase on the traits of her meals to her children, yet Neferpitou has an especially powerful Nen

Alice-So Mrs. Kitty her is like fucking Goku?

Lauren-I suppose you could say that. Her Nen is so powerful that Rammot, the first chimera ant to awaken his Nen, had his dream of becoming king crushed the second she was born

Alice-I mean that's fair considering she can effortless tear the head of Nen users, leap inhuman distances, and survive blows from Meruem, the chimera king himself!

Lauren-Neferpitou's physically ability is…terrifying to say the least. Her speed alone is enough to give her an instant victory against any normal, but what is even more terrifying is that she is a Specialist, not an Enhancer meaning that her real strength is in her unique abilities, not her physical capability

Alice-Her ability Doctor Blythe is a giant doll made out of her Nen that can perform life saving surgery cause being a sexy genocide catbug isn't terrifying enough

Lauren-She learned to use the Puppeteering ability allowing her to take control of corpses, and even make them use their Nen abilities

Alice-And finally with her Terpsichora she can summon a giant Nen puppet master to take control over her body, allowing her to to fight well past her limits even after death

Lauren-With these abilities she's proven to be a useful bodyguard to the king. She's gone toe, to toe with the likes of Kite, Gon, and even the legendary Isaac Netero

Alice-She can take on Pro-Hunters but how about Pro-Heros? Find out when she fights Pixie-bob!


I vote for Neferpitou to die


Lauren-The world is a terrifying place. Crime, natural disasters, wars and many horrors are global problems. In times like these, the world needs heros

Alice-Heros like the Wild, Wild Pussycats. A mountain rescue centred team of heros consisting of Mandalay, Ragdoll, Tiger, and the focus of today's bio, Pixie-bob.

Lauren-Real name Ryuko Tsuchikawa, age 31 years, height 5'5", weight unknown, cup size estimated B

Alice-Well shit this kitty's a lot older than she looks

Lauren-I wouldn't mention that around her, she's rather sensitive about that. What she's not sensitive to however is hero work. Her quirk Earth Flow which allows her to manipulate the ground beneath her is perfect for both combat, and mountain recuses

Alice-So why does she have cat paws?


Alice-Why does she have cat paws? Her quirk isn't cat or anything? What's the deal here?

Lauren-They're just part of her costume…

Alice-WHAT! You lied to me! I was promised cat girls, and all I'm getting is a cosplaying faker!

Lauren-shouldn't you be happy? Considering you hate furries, and such?

Alice-Ohohohohoho! Don't you dare go comparing furries to catgirls you cunt!

Lauren-But they're barely any different

Alice-*Adjusts glasses smarter than laurenly) You see catgirls are a work of art that perfectly represent what sex is, and the importance it holds in our culture, furries however, are fucking pieces of shit!!!

Lauren-Where did you even get those?

Alice-While impelling her foes with spikes of earth, or flinging giant rocks at her enemies seems like an efficient enough, Ryuko has a pretty unique ability

Lauren-Her Earth Beast Creation like technique allows her to create giant golem like beasts of stone. Not only are these minions extremely powerful, they can act on their own, making the extraordinary valuable to Pixie-bob

Alice-Also some of them can fly which makes no sense at all

Lauren-She may have an extremely powerful quirk, but she's somewhat of a glass canon

Alice-Well she's only a human after all. A bullet between the eyes, or a knife to the belly will put her down for good.

Lauren-But will her earth abilities be able to take down Neferpitou, or will the Chimera Ants raw strength over power the pro hero

Alice-Pssst vote for the fake cat girl to die


Do to the fact that voting is currently tied, and i'd rather the season finale to not have a winner, I am putting in a last minute vote for Pixie-Bob to die


File: 1546655095268.jpg (112.92 KB, 427x306, 20181217_224945.jpg)

Pixie-Bobs stone horse ran across the empty fields of NGL. The Pro Heroes Association had been getting reports of a dangerous new species in this region of insect, so they sent the Pussy-cats to scout out the countryside, and gather information. However they had already ran into trouble. The first major problem was they had to leave all modern equipment behind, including their gear. After her teammates had changed into the NGL approved clothes all that was left wasn't something she enjoyed. The brown fabric shirt was to small, and tightly hugged her breasts which bulged obviously out. The brown pants weren't much better, her bubbly butt was far to emphasized for her taste, and if she sat wrong, the outline of her pussy was clearly visible. The worst part however where the boots, and socks. Even though it was summer, all they had left where a pair off winter socks that went up to her knees, and a pair of beaten up boots that would blister her feet if warm without socks. So her feet where hot as hell, and her socks soaking wet.

“Ugh! I can't take this anymore”

Ryuko said ripping the boots off, and tossing them aside, before slipping of the socks doing the same with them. She sighed with relief as the cool wind hit her sweaty feet. She wiggled her tiny toes, admiring her blue painted toes for a second, before looking back at the horizon with a serious expression. The second major problem was the group had decided to split up to cover more ground. She was starting to regret that. Her stone horse skidded to a halt, as three figures appeared in the distance. She dismounted her horse, the wet grass felt nice against her bare soles, and in between her toes.

“Who are you”

She demanded as the figures approached.

“A human dares to talk to the king in such a way?”

A hulking red man growled. A fair skinned man with butterfly wings snickered

“Perhaps we should teach her a lesson”

He suggested.

“Pouf, Youpi calm yourself. There is no need to waste time on one human. I am full, and we have much more important matters to tend to”

A green alien looking man said.

“Yes lord Meruem”

The two men said bowing, but the third figure, a short pale women with curly white hair, and cat ears, just stood there, staring at Ryuko, a tail swishing behind her back.

“She looks fun”

She said, her abnormally large red eyes focused on Ryuko's blue ones. The two other guards turned to her with shock, but the green skinned man apparently named Meruem just gave her a look of disinterest.

“My king, may I stay here and entertain myself for awhile?”

The cat girl asked. Meruem looked away from her.

“I suppose so. Just don't take to long”

He said before crouching as if he was going to jump, and seemed to vanish. The two renaming men did the same thing.

“They're fast”

Pixie-Bob thought to herself as she store at the place the things once stood.

“My name is Neferpitou, but you may call me Pitou”

The white haired cat girl said, as she began to pass still watching the pro-hero. The blonde took a deep breath. She knew she could handle this.

“The names Ryuko, but you're to call me Pixie-Bob”

She said flashing the ant a confident smirk. Pitus unnerving smile did not falter.


She said unbuttoning her shirt, stretching her back, and letting it slide of her arms, onto the ground. The warm sunlight hit her pale skin. The pink nipples on her tiny tits stiffened in the heat. She stretched her slender yet muscular arms, as her flat, and pale belly all but glew in the light. Her perky butt, and tight white bushed pussy where right above her insect legs where her human parts seemed to end. Ryuko gave her a look of “WTF?”

“I don't enjoy fighting in clothes, I find them restricting”

Pitu said as she lifted her legs of, yanking off her shoes, revealing her smooth pale feet, her toenails curving into cat like claws at the end. Pixie-Bob calmed herself as her foe pulled of her second shoe.

“Just means I'm gonna kick your butt while you're naked”

She said.

“This should be fun”

Pitu said taking a fighting stance


The stone horse rushed at the chimera ant, who with a single swat shattered it, sending chunks of stone flying everywhere. Pixie-Bob flicked her wrist, sending stone spikes stabbing at Pitu, but the cat girl jumped out of the way, at the last second. The ant landed on her feet, just as Ryuko sent dozens of large rocks flying at her. Pitu effortlessly smashed each stone out of the air, before vanishing. The hero gasped in shock, turning around just as the cat girl appeared behind her. Pitu swiped at the blonde, who jumped backwards just in time to avoid death, but the ants claws snared the brown shirt, ripping it off. Ryukos bust jiggled every so slighty as she landed, and small rolls formed on her otherwise flat stomach as she crouched. A dome of earth formed around the pro-hero. She sighed In relief, before squeaking in shock, and embarrassment as she noticed her sudden lack of clothes. She covered her boobs with her arms as her face turned bright red. Suddenly there was loud boom as Pitus clawed hand stabbed through the stone wall, grabbing for the hero. Ryuko jumped backwards with a frightened yelped, pissing her pants a little. Pitu clenched her fist, and swung her arm tearing a hole in the dome, her large red eyes peering through. Pixie-Bob fell on her bubble butt with a panicked expression, before thrusting her arm upwards. A stone spikes shot up, slamming into Pitus chin. The spike shattered, but the ant was knocked on her back. The cat girl leaped to her feet, her expression unchanged. Pixie-Bob swung her arms, and the dome crumbled, and a giant stone golem formed as she got to her feet. She smirked at Pitu who was looking up at the golem, her ears twitching, and her tail swishing in excitement. The hero swung her arm downward, and the golem slammed it's fist into Pitu.

“That was two close”

Ryuko sighed. There where was a defining Boom! As the golems arm exploded, and the body crumbled to pieces. Pixie-Bob store in horror at Pitu who was completely unharmed.

“That all you got?”

She asked brandishing her claws, and tilting her head over so slightly. The hero scowled, thrusting her hand forward. Dozens of deer shaped golems emerged from the ground, and charged at the ant. Pitu took an excited fighting stance, and playfully destroyed the golems. Suddenly a bull shaped golem rammed it's horns into the cat girl, knocking her on her back. She leaped back to her feet as the golem dug its hove into the dirt, Pitus tail swished in anticipation. The beast charged, but Pitu grabbed it by the horns, spinning it around before flinging it at Ryuko. The hero raised her hand, and a thick wall of stone rose up in front of her, causing the bull to crash into, and shatter against it. Tiny spikes of stone emerged from the front of the wall, And the hero slammed her palm into the flat side, sending it sliding at the ant. Pitu smashed the sole of her foot into the spiked wall, crushing it without even scratching her foot. A giant shadow fell over the cat girl. She looked up to see a big ass boulder falling towards her. Pitu Leaped out of the way moments before the boulder crashed into the ground. A stone venus flytrap sprouted up from behind her the second her feet hit the ground. The ant turned to it with a smile as it lunged at her. It's stone teeth shattered against the smooth skin on her soft stomach. Her tail swished before slamming into the beast reducing to dust.

“You can't hurt me”

Pitu said turning to the pro-hero, her eyes widening.

“And you can't run away from me!”

She exclaimed charging at Ryuko. Suddenly the ground below the blonde shock, and a giant stone bird emerged from the earth, carrying her into the sky.

“W-what the hell was that”

Ryuko said to herself shakily, as she clinged to the soaring beasts back. She sighed trying to relax a little, her entire body was on edge.

“It's okay, I escaped”

She said, before looking at the horizon.

“I need to find the others”

She said, her voice now filled with determination. There was a loud boom, and Pitu appeared in front of the beast. Ryuko store at the cat girl in terror. The only thing she could think was

“There's no way she can jump that high”

The ant slammed her leg into the beasts head, shattering it. Pitu fell gracefully to the ground, as the bird started crashing towards the ground.

“Damn it”

Ryuko cried as she summoned a dome of stone around herself.


The Pro-hero felt her bird hit the ground. She had tried to restrain herself, but the impact had slammed her into the wall of her dome. She pushed herself up, her naked upper body covered in cuts, and a small stone had stabbed her in the leg. She whimpered in pain as she pulled backwards, the stone snagged on her pants, tearing them off her. Blood ran down her muscular legs as the flexed, trying to keep their weekend owner on her feet.

“I have to get out of here”

She said, a hint of determination seeping into her voice. She clenched her bubbly butt, and tight shaved pussy. The beast, and her dome crumble, but what greeted her where the naked corpses off Ragdoll, Mandalay. Pixie-Bob fell to her knees, screaming in fear. The two heroes where on their backs with looks of terror, and holes where their belly buttons used to be.

“I assumed that these were your friends”

Pitu said, as she confidently walked over.

“You monster! You killed them!”

Ryuko cried, tears streaming down her face. Pitu walked over, to Ragdolls body, place her clawed foot on the dead girls pussy.

“You'll be with them soon enough”

She said gently rubbing the dead hero, causing her to give an involuntary squirt. Pixie-Bobs face of terror, and heartbreak turned one of anger, and hatred.

“Get away from her!”

she exclaimed. A spike of stone emerged from the earth, smashing into Pitu, shattering against her face, but knocking her on her back. The cat girl sat up, blood running down her cheek. She whipped it off, and admired it, her tail swishing.

“I knew you'd be fun”

She said. The disembodied torso of a giant bloated clown appeared behind the ant, strings attaching it's fingers to the dead heroes. Ragdoll, and Mandalay stood, a clear discharge still dripping from Ragdoll. Ryuko gasped in shock, but had little time to react as he friends charged at her. She went to make a wall, but suddenly in her head Mandalay screamed.


The blonde paused, giving her friends time to punch her in the gut. She gasped in pain as she fell to her knees.

“You bastard. You can even make them use their quirks”

She whimpered as Pitu calmly walked over. Two hands of stone emerged emerged from behind the dead girls. Mandalay jumped out of the way as the hand tried to grab her, but Ragdoll was grabbed, and crushed.

“I'm sorry Shiretoko”

Pixie-Bob whimpered as blood gushed out of the fist.

“You monster you killed her!!!”

Mandalay's voice screamed in her head. Ryuko burst into tears as a stone T-rex appeared next to her reaming friend.

“No Pixie-Bob please!”

Mandalay begged. The beast bit into her, lifted her up, and crushed her from the waist up. The hero's lower half fell to the ground, spasming violently, before finally going limp .

“I'm sorry Sosaki”

She whimpered, before turning to the Chimera Ant.

“This ends now”

She said as a dome of earth engulfed the cat girl. Pixie-Bob clenched her fist, and the dome closed in with crushing force. The sphere of earth exploded into a million pieces as Pitu leaped free. The ant landed on her feet before rushing at the hero, but the upper body of a giant golem emerged, and backhanded her, sending her flying. Pitu crashed into the side of the mountain, and slumped to the ground. A giant stone, cat like beast ran over, Pixie-Bob riding on it's back.

“I was right, you're a lot more fun than your friends”

The cat girl said standing. Blood ran down her face from a cut on her forehead, but her smile remained. The stone beast let out a terrifying roar as hundreds of rock raptors formed. The hero pointed at the chimera ant, and her army charged.

“To think I'd get to go all out”

Pitu said as she held out her arms, as if to embrace the coming hord. The upper half of a giant deformed ballerina emerged from the cat girls back. It held out its hands, and strings formed, connecting the tips of the ballerinas fingers to Pitus arms. She lifted her arms, and raised one foot as the army reached her as if she was about to dance, then began to tear through the stone raptors at speeds far surprising what she had already shown. Pixie-Bob gasped in shock, jumping of her beast just as the cat girl uppercutted it in the jaw, sending it's head soaring skyward.


Ryuko exclaimed panickedly sending a barrage of stones flying at Pitu who effortlessly cut them out of the air. The blonde slammed the smooth sole of her foot into the ground, and a giant pillar of stone shot out of the ground in front of her, blocking out the sun. Ryuko thrusted her hand forward, and the pillar crashed towards Pitu who simple headbutted it, shattering it into trilons of little pieces. Pixie-Bob stumbled backwards with a look of panic, as the chimera ant lunged forward, swinging her claw.


Ryuko cried as she fell to her knees, blood gushing from the gash in her gut. Pitu licked the blood of her claws.

“You taste sweet”

She committed.


Pixie-Bob exclaimed desperately trying to crawl away. Pitu stepped on her back, pinning her to the ground.

“Please no”

She begged, fresh tears running down her face. Pitu gently placed her cold hand on the hero's shoulder blades, and leaned down, sinking her teeth into the girls shoulder. Ryuko let another sickening scream as the ant tore the flesh from her arm. The cat girl slowly wrapped her clawed hands around the girls neck.

“Mandalay, Ragdoll, Tiger, anyone please help me”

She sobbed, as a soft purr rumbled from Pitus stomach. Ryuko used to love the sound of a cats purr, but knowing she'd die hearing it made her sick. There was so much she was supposed to do. Get back home, tell the Hero Association about these monsters, avenge her friends, find the man of her dreams. Pitu leaned in close.

“I'm really going to enjoy killing you”

She purred, before yanking on the hero's neck. Ryuko gagged, sticking her tounge out as she went wide eyed. Indescribable pain, and terror rushed through her body. Her legs kicked violently, as her toes spasmed, and she dug her fingers into the dirt. Her bladder gave out, and a stream of pissed gushed from her pussy washing away any dignity she might have died with.


She screamed one last time before her head was torn from her neck. Her arched body fell to the ground, and continued to gently spasm, as a puddle of piss formed around it. Ryuko Tsuchikawa, Aka Pixie-Bob was dead. Pitu looked into the empty eyes of her now dead enemy, before holding the severed head over her own, allowing the blood to fall into her mouth, the warm liquid running down her throat. She gave a pleased moan, whipping the blood from her lips. She lowered the head to eye level, and pressed her lips against the heros, allowing her tongue to wonder it's way into the dead girls mouth.


She moaned softly as their tongue rubbed together, before she suddenly let go of the head, allowing it to fall to the ground. She stepped on her foes face, rubbing Pixie-Bobs tongue with her toes, before kicking the head away. She walked over to the blondes lifeless body, and flipped it over with her foot. She admired Ryukos generously sized rack, and smooth stomach, her tail swishing excitedly. The hero's body still jerked in twitched occasionally, as her stiff nipples slowly softened She crouched down on top of her foe. A rush of pleasure jolted through Pitus body as her pussy meet the heros. She gasped slightly closing her eyes, and started to grind on the corpse. The catgirl gave another sharp gasp, as she grabbed the blondes tits, hair claw like toe nails sinking into the dirt. She leaned down to the headless bodies blood covered stomach, and ran her rough tongue across it. She continued to lap the blood of the girls belly, before her large red eyes shot open, and she sank her teeth into the heros belly. With a yank she tore a chunk of the girls stomach out, slowly grinding on the girl all the while. Her pleasure intensified as the sweet meaty taste filled her mouth, and hit it's climax as the blood ran down her throat. Her entire body stiffened up. She curled her toes in, and dug her claws into the hero's breast. She let out a sharp moan as pleaser overwhelmed her. Then a moment later she relaxed, and bent over the heroes headless body covered in sweat painting for breath

“You were fun”

She said picking up the headless hero, and cradling her in her arms.

“I bet the king will enjoy your taste”

She said before jumping off.



Alice-…Holy Shit

Lauren-Pixie-Bob had an extremely powerful quirk, but that wasn't enough to keep up with Neferpitou's far superior physical abilities

Alice-That should have been our Halloween special, like fuck

Lauren-Not only that, but Pituos non-physical abilities are nothing to scoff at. Provided with the corpses of strong people, her underlings could easily over power Ryukos. Not only that, but she can bolster her already great physical advantage

Alice-Poor Pixie was also outdone in the mental side of this battle. Neferpitou was able to learn how to understand, and physically manipulate the human brain after only being born for a few hours, while Ryuko was only an average 31 year old women when it came to intelligence. The ant was also far more brutal than the hero. She was not only willing, but happy to attack Pixie-Bob emotionally, while Ryuko had a rather kind nature

Lauren-In the end Pixie-Bob was completely outmatched in this fight

Alice-I guess curiosity really did kill the cat, well curiosity, and the weird, blood thirsty, human, ant, cat hybrid

Lauren-The winner is Neferpitou


man i wanna this but now with Pitou being nice dead and played with! Mmm…

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