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For the last few years, Dina was getting ready for a century-long trip that would ensure she and her new husband would have a rich life on a planet far away.

The FCM Dilafin 3 was a long-distance ship powered by the gravity well produced by a singularity. Incapable of traveling faster-than-light (FTL), it would streak toward Dina’s new home while firing beacons which was used by the FTL system that spread out from the center of civilization.

By the time they reached their home, they would have a steady connection with the rest of civilization, a share of every ship using the beacons they laid out, and centuries of interest in their bank accounts. It would be a good life, a rich life. Perfect for the newlywed couple ready to start their new lives.

Except, the ship never made it. Pirates from another civilization hijack the ship on their way for their own adventures. With nothing else to do, they decide to use the thousands of people in stasis pods as a pleasant diversion to pass the time.

For Dina, her remaining time would decidedly be unpleasant. More so when they finish surgically altering her body to be the perfect receptacle for their other desires besides violent death and games of chance, a way of passing time as a victim of the pirate’s lust.

This was a patreon-requested story that has surgical alteration, aliens with barbed cocks, quite a bit of rape, and my fondness for massive cocks in tight holes.

I'll post as the chapters are made public.


Chapter 1: Edging

Dina’s heart fluttered with excitement as she headed toward the doors to the automated courtroom. The bottom of her summer dress caressed along her thighs that she spent the last three months trimming down until they were sleek and beautiful just for this day. The dress was only one part of her outfit, though it was the most expensive because of the imported cotton. There was no cotton on the station and even a kilogram of the material required enough permits that she almost didn’t have it in time for her big day.

“Slow down,” chided Korin, her husband-to-be. He squeezed her hand to emphasize the point.

Her arm straightened before she registered his words. With a faint blush on her pale cheeks, she slowed down for him to catch up. “Sorry.”

“I know you’re excited.” He reached up with his other hand to brush the black hair from her face. The strands clung to the faint texture of her makeup and one caught on her long eyelash. He tugged it free and smiled, his lips curling in a way that her heart beat faster for a different reason.

“It has just been so long.”

“Compared to getting married ten minutes after you said yes?” His brown eyes shimmered with amusement. He had a faint scruff on his face. Even though she had a faint annoyance that he didn’t spent four hours preparing like she did, she thought he was just as handsome as the day they stumbled into each other at the station safety presentation a year ago.

She squeezed his hand as the flutters in her chest moved further down to focus on the aching sensation between her legs. It had been almost two days since they last had sex. They wanted to make the first orgasm of their marriage intense, so both had been edging since then. She could still remember the torture he inflicted on her by gently stroking her pussy on the tram.

Dina’s nipples grew harder, peeking up out of the fabric.

Korin’s eyes flickered down and then up. “What are you thinking about?”

She worried her bottom lip. “What do you think?” she whispered.

He glanced at the couple behind them. They were easily three meters away and waiting their turn. Returning his gaze back to her, he leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “I’m thinking about licking that pretty little pussy of yours a few more times before—”

She turned, her lips brushing against his ear. “I’m going to fuck you the moment we get into that room. Period.”

“I was hoping for at least a little—”

“Period,” she said with a grin. She stepped forward to shield her hand as she reached down and pressed her palm against the ridge of his cock inside of his slacks. It was almost the perfect length, from her wrist to the tip of her finger. She could feel the heat through the synthetic fabric and could almost imagine the familiar smell of his excitement when she finally pulled him open.

He groaned and grabbed her wrist. “Careful, I’m about to blow.”

“Aww,” she said with a grin. “Poor baby. Don’t worry, I’ll kiss it later.”

His cock throbbed. “I thought you—”

“After I fuck the hell out of you,” she said with a kiss on his ear.

He groaned again and pulled back. “Who’s great idea was this?”

Dina smirked. “Yours.”

Whatever Korin would have said was interrupted by a ding. When she saw “138 A” on the digital sign, her heart began to beat faster. Squeezing his hand, she gestured to it. “It’s our turn.”

Holding hands, they headed into the kiosk to get married.


Chapter 2: Consummating (MF denial oral)

Korin half-lifted and half-jammed her body against the plastic wall just outside the door to their apartment. His mouth kissed hers frantically, smearing her lipstick. His body was hard and his hands were insistent as he wormed his way between her legs. The ridge of his cock pressed against her pubic bone.

The emitters in their biometric implants triggered the door. It opened up and the smells of her old perfume and musk floated out.

Dina already knew that there was a wet spot on his pants, but it wouldn’t stay dry nestled so tightly against her soaked crotch. She moaned into his kiss, parting her lips to welcome his tongue. The taste of the wines they were both drinking blended together in the steamy confines along her tongue. She drank in the varied tastes and enjoyed how it tickled the back of her throat.

The headiness of the wine, food, and lust blended together inside her heat. The excitement plucked at her exhaustion, pushing back the urge to crawl into a bed and sleep in favor of finally being able to fulfill her own aching needs.

They had both been up for close to twenty-five hours but they had one last thing to do. The same thing they had both been teasing each other for hours. Little whispers and touches have kept the fires burning for hours.

Her own body was on fire. The exhaustion only made the thrum of her body more intense. She felt it through every part of her body but the most sensitive parts were her aching nipples and clitoris. Both had been hard for hours with her thoughts and their days of edging, it made it almost impossible to keep a straight face when she listened to speech after speech from their extended families.

Dina couldn’t wait for her new husband—she loved to even think of him as that—to peel off her soaked panties. The fabric had wormed its way into the narrow valley of her vulva and every step had rubbed against her sensitive clitoris.

Now that she was pinned against the wall, her spread legs and his hard cock were grinding the fabric against her abused nub. It was right on the edge of agony, a sharpness to contract with the overwhelming desire to have his cock buried deep inside her pussy. She wished it was enough to set her off, but the exhaustion and discomfort kept the rising pleasure at bay.


He kissed her.

“Korin!” She said, pushing him away from her chest.

His hips thrust against hers, pinning her to the wall. “W-What?” he said breathlessly.

She grinned. “In the room. I don’t want an obscenity charge to ruin this trip.”

Reluctantly, he stepped back. But instead of pulling away, he clamped his hands on her tight rear and picked her up.

Dina squealed with joy, not only for the searing hot cock grinding against her aching pussy but also how her husband easily carried her into their room.

The door hissed shut behind him, the seal making a faint thump as the security systems activated.

“Baby, I need you so badly,” moaned Korin. His fingers dug into her buttocks, almost tearing the expensive dress. He staggered toward the bedroom but his eyes were locked on hers as he continued to kiss her passionately.

Dina clutched to his shoulders. She ran her fingers through his short brown hair before clutching to his scalp. She trembled with the rush of being carried to the room. Trembling, she hooked her ankles behind his ass and rocked against his cock.

Korin moaned. He managed to make it to the bed.

Her buttocks pressed against the firm edge.

He tried to set her down but she didn’t want to let him escape. She continued to kiss him passionately as she clawed at his shirt; it wasn’t as expensive as her dress.

“B-Baby!” he managed to gasp. “Let me at least take off my clothes.”

She looked up at him with burning eyes. “No,” she said. “I need you so badly.” Her pussy throbbed with her aching need. “Please, right now?”

He gulped. His eyes shimmered for a moment.

Reluctantly, she released her ankles and let him step back. When he did, she glanced down to the tent in his slacks. The tip was soaked completely through and growing larger. It jumped with his pulse.

Smiling broadly, she sat up and reached out for it. Her fingernails, cut short for the coming trip but painted with slowly shifting OLEDs, trailed along the ridge of the slack.

His groan of need was enough to send a flutter racing through her veins. She smiled and trailed her fingertips up and down his shaft, watching how the glistening patch of wetness grew with every stroke.

“If you don’t stop… wife—”

Her pussy throbbed with his words.

“—I’m going to blow.”

She looked up. “Is that a bad thing?”

Dina continued to tease his cock, tracing it through the strained fabric.

“Love… wife, I’m only going to come one place and that is inside you.”

“I love it when you say that,” she purred.


“Wife.” She smiled broadly. “I’m your wife now. Now and forever.”

Korin took a deep breath. “Well, my wife,” he said the word forcefully which sent a pulse of heat coursing through her body, “I really want to fuck you. So if you don’t stop teasing me, I’m going to stick it in whatever hole is closest.”

Knowing how much he always wanted to fuck her face, she parted her lips slightly and licked them. A smile quirked the corner of her lip and she looked up at him with what she hoped was seductive eyes.

Korin’s mouth opened with shock and she could feel the heat pulsing through the fabric underneath her palm.

Feeling playful, she did it again. “Any hole?”

“Oh, Love.” At her playful frown, he corrected himself. “Oh, my wife.”

She smiled and opened her mouth even more.

His eyes locked onto her lips. After a second, he pulled back and fumbled with his slacks.

Dina got up herself and made a show of removing her dress. It was expensive and she managed to get through the night without staining it.

In the morning, she would set it into an automated kiosk where it would get cleaned and then rented out to the poorer folks in the station who needed a fancy dress. Every time they did, a small portion of the proceeds would go into her bank account. It was only be a fraction of a c-coin but the compound interest from the dress along with other investments her family made in her name would ensure a healthy profit when their trip ended in a few centuries.

She glanced over at him but he was focused on removing his clothes. His fingers kept slipping, either from the wine or the exhaustion. She considered doing a strip tease to attract his attention but he didn’t seem to notice.

Instead, she quickly stripped out of her clothes. She could smell her panties as she peeled them off, she was more than soaking wet.

Dina glanced at herself in the mirror. She was slender and short like most station natives. Her breasts were smallish and tipped with large aureoles and puffy nipples. They were erect, sticking out from her body into gumdrop-sized points of aching skin. Her belly only had the faintest of swells to it, a natural pouch as her mother used to say.

After months of working out in the gyms, she was the most beautiful and fittest that she had ever been.

Her eyes trailed down further to her hairless slid. In the light, she could see that it glistened with her excitement. The same glistening coated her inner thighs. She could feel it prickling her skin but it only added to the pleasurable throb of her clitoris and hard nipples.

Reaching down, she plucked a bit of printed plastic and rubber. It was a loop controlled by a small biocircuit. She grinned as she glanced at her new husband. Palming it, she strolled over and sat back down on the bed just as he managed to tear open his pants and reveal his hard red cock.

She grew wetter at the sight of it. For two days, she had been craving his hardness buried inside her cunt. Now, she was considering teasing him a little longer despite the exhaustion and her own need for an orgasm.

It was beautiful, with a smooth shaft and bullet-shaped head. It dripped with his precum and it glistened along his entire length to his hairless balls.

“Oh, Baby,” he moaned.

She parted her lips again.

“Oh, don’t tease. I need it. I-I don’t know if I can resist.”

She needed him also but she wanted to push the edging a little further. Licking her lips, she leaned forward slightly. “You said any hole?” she said wryly.

He froze, as if not sure of what she meant.

Dina answered by planting a small kiss on his tip.

He moaned. “Oh, ba… wife.”

“Well, my husband,” she purred. “I know you always wanted to be a bit more demanding in bed. I just never let you, did I?”

His cock jumped with his thoughts.

She looked up and smiled broadly. “So, think you are husband enough to enjoy it?”

Korin reached up for her head. It was his fantasy to fuck her face, though she never let him before. For their wedding night, she was willing to do anything for him.

Of course, there was some limitations. She rolled the printed plastic in her hand and nodded, a thrill rising up as she prepared to torture him a little further. “Yes, Husband.”

As he ran his hands through her black hair, pulling the ends from where they tickled along her shoulder, she moved. Reaching up, she stretched the plastic ring wide and slid it down his length. It only took a heartbeat to press it against the base and release it.

Automated circuitry activated and the plastic tightened, pulling taunt around his base.

Korin shuddered and gasped. “What—?”

She silenced him by kissing the tip of his cock. As the salty taste of his precum, she opened her mouth and enveloped the entire head until her lips sealed around the ridge of his glans.

His words ended in a long, shuddering moan. “Oh… you fucking bitch…” but there was no anger in his voice, only hunger and lust. He chuckled and his cock bobbed again.

She pulled her mouth off, her body growing hotter with her own need. “Well, I think it would be a proper wedding gift to let you do what you want. So, how much do I have to tease you to have you take advantage…”

Dina kissed his cock head, parting her lips around it and leaving a faint smear of her lipstick when she pulled off, she said, "… for you to use any hole?”

He wrapped one hand around the back of her head, pulling her closer. “Part of the fun is coming though. You seemed to have ruined that part… wife.”

“It’s programmed to dissolve when I come,” she said with a grin. “So you better be really fucking good—”

His cock slammed into her mouth before she could finish speaking. It slid across her lips and she opened her jaw to welcome it as her nose was crushed up against his pale abdomen. The heat and pressure was intense and she almost came just from being penetrated for the first time in days.

Korin pulled out an inch and thrust his cock back into her mouth. The wet heat slipped along her tongue and it tickled the throat. The salty tang of his precum flooded her mouth and she gulped down on it.

His balls slapped against her chin, the soft skin caressing her lip. The smell of sweat and his excitement flooded her mouth. He groaned and gripped her head tighter between his palms before pulling and thrusting. The steady thump of his base against her lips, the balls on her chin, and the tickle of his cock head at the back of her throat grew more intense with every passing moment.

With every slurp, his shaft glistened with a thick layer of saliva. Strands of it coated her lips and chin. More of it hung down from his cock and dangled along his balls. She loved the sound of his wet slurps as he fucked her face. It would only be a matter of moments before she felt it between her legs.

Unwittingly, she reached down. Her fingers stroked along her nipples and along the curve of her breasts. The touch was electric but she couldn’t help herself as she grabbed one nipple and twisted. The sharp pain flashed through her body, emphasizing the pleasure of the hard cock driving in and out of her mouth with rapid, wet thrusts.

His cock was swollen as he drove into her. The head was so thick that it no longer had wrinkles, only a smooth helmet. She could feel how badly he wanted to come, not only from the hardness that thumped on the back of her throat but the way he shook as he held her head. The steady beat was frantic and driving, pounding into her with breathless speed.

She moaned around him, parting her jaw just to enjoy the wet thrusts. Her entire body shook with the impacts. Leaning forward on the bed gave her a sense of helplessness, a feeling she didn’t normally enjoy but in that moment, it was an erotic rush that beat in her ears.

Korin’s fingertips dug into her head. “Oh, Baby. Oh… wife, wife wife…” With every word, he thrust into her. His cock was swelling and thick in her mouth, drooling precum until it poured out of both corners of her mouth.

Her fingertips trailed further down. She tried to resist touching herself. She knew she was also only seconds from an orgasm herself. Her clitoris and pussy were aching her her touch, a sharpness of lust that seared her senses and hovered right on the edge of exploding inside her.

Dina peeled her fingers away and curled them up. She tried to concentrate on the cock fucking her face and the beautiful husband that rode her. She looked into his brown eyes and felt him almost explode with an orgasm of her own.

With a whimper, she pressed her hand against her pubis. Carefully to keep her fingers curled up in a fist, she strained not to touch herself. She could feel the heat radiating from her cunt. Her pussy drooled down her thighs and into the blanket, soaking it without touching her. But she wanted to. She wanted to finger herself as fast as she could.

“Oh, Baby,” whispered Korin. “You are so pretty. You are so… so beautiful.” He grunted as he pounded her fact, driving his cock deep into her mouth. His hardness lengthened his cock and it thumped on the back of her throat.

Starting to gag on it, Dina accidentally stretched out her fingers. Her fingertips caressed against her aching vulva and she felt the heated slickness that coated her folds. She fought the urge but it was too late. With a choking gasp, she shoved two fingers into her pussy.

It was all it took. Days of teasing and edging had pushed her right to the edge and beyond. The slickness of her own pussy, the anticipation of the night, and teasing her husband kept her hovering on the edge of an orgasm.

A ripple of pleasure raced along her veins, right on the edge of agony and ecstasy. It tensed her muscles and filled her with a surge of lust and joy.

She kept choking on his cock. Her husband’s cock. It pounded her face and drove deep into her mouth with wet, slurping strokes. She swallowed his precum as much as she could but she couldn’t do anything else without breaking the tableau of their orgasms.

His grip tightened almost to the point of breaking bones. With a load groan, he slammed hard into her face. And then suddenly there was cum pouring out of his cock. It splashed against the back of her throat and she choked on it. More of it flooded her mouth, spurting out around her lips wrapped around her husband’s shaft.

Korin cried out as he jammed his spurting cock deep into her mouth and held it there. Surges of cum poured out, flooding her mouth until there was only way it could go.

She desperately swallowed, drinking his salty come in desperation to keep breathing. It poured into her stomach, hot and gurgling.

Shuddering, Korin released her head. Stagging back, he pulled his hot shaft from her lips. A few spurts of cum splattered against her face before his cock finally went limp. “Oh, Baby.”

Dina coughed a few times to clear her throat. She reached up to wipe her lips but her hand came back completely coated in cum. She looked at it for a long moment. Then she slowly drew up her other hand which was dripping with her own juices.

She looked up at him. “I love you.”

He smiled and wiped her cheek with her thumb. “I love you too.”

Dina started to invite him to continue fucking her but weakness sapped her strength. The hours of preparation, ceremony, and the parties afterwards ground down on her. She yawned and the world spun around her.


Her pussy still ached for cock. She wanted it, needed it. The orgasm that ripped through her had left her humming with pleasure but her body still craved the powerful release that days of teasing had built up. Her small orgasm was enough to trigger the sensors on the biocircuit but not enough to leave her sated. She fought exhaustion and her lusts.

His face softened. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…” He stopped with a yawn of his own. "… didn’t mean to blow my load.”

She smiled up at him. “It’s okay. Let me,” she paused as the a wave of exhaustion hit her, “let me get cleaned up and we can go to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow.”


Chapter 3: Preparation (FF)

Only a few hours of sleep wasn’t enough for Dina. The itch between her legs made it impossible to have a deep sleep. She wanted to sleep in, to enjoy a leisurely morning with her new husband and maybe a little head for her.

But, trillion c-coin trips don’t wait for anyone and she soon found herself standing in a preparation room filling out the final paperwork of their trip. The ache remained, plucking at her senses as she tried to concentrate.

It was a small room, only a few meters across. It had a small desk in one corner with just enough room for the slender nurse to fit on one side and for her on the other. In the other corner was a shower and toilet but not even a privacy curtain. Instead, the white fixtures were disturbingly disconcerting compared to the data entry system in the middle.

The chair in the center of the room bothered her the most. It looked like an old style gynecological chair complete with stirrups for her ankles. There were straps dangling from the stirrups and the arm rests. Dina wondered who needed to be restrained before getting into the chair.

She glance at the nurse entering her data. A blonde woman with striking green eyes and long hair. She was fit, like most station residents, but had darker skin that meant she had either gone on a vacation recently or took advantage of the tanning facilities on level eighty-six. The scrubs hid most of her body but no fabric could prevent the material from draping over her wide hips and large breasts.

Dina realized she was blushing. While she had experienced a few nights with female lovers, she was definitely into men. Her new husband in specific. But, a night of teasing without relief kept her mind drifting toward sex. She rubbed her thighs together and tried to find some position that relieved the itch that throbbed at the edge of her senses.

Clearing her throat, she gripped the tablet in her hand tighter and tapped the answer to the question. It was a short, couple hundred question, psychological profile. She had done dozens of them in the last year while preparing for the trip and she guessed they were looking for some sign of second thoughts or too much stress.

The only stress in her life was trying to find a bit of privacy to masturbate.

She sighed and finished up the test. It gave her a waiting screen so she set it down.

“Thank you, Dina,” said the nurse. She had a sultry voice and a smile that was easy to look at. She pursed her lips for a moment and Dina wondered what it would feel like to kiss them.

Blushing hotter, Dina glanced away again. She tapped her toe for a second before grinding her thighs together. It had been hours since they woke up and she really needed to come. She scanned the ceiling and floor for any hint of a privacy shield, but there was none.

She wondered if the nurse was going to remain in the room the entire time.

Her foot tapped louder.

“Is there a problem?”

Dina jumped and looked back with a guilty look. “No!”

She gulped. “I mean, no. I’m just a bit nervous.”

“A three hundred year trip can be scary but there is nothing to worry about. With the stasis pod, you won’t experience more than a few hours at most. This is a Cylonic 31-DA. It is the safest ship in the known galaxy. It can handle everything from gravity wells to black holes. There is nothing…”

Dina knew that, but listening to the often repeated words gave her a small amount of relief. She took a deep breath and nodded at the appropriate points.

The nurse went on for only a few more seconds before she stopped suddenly.

Tensing, Dina looked at her. “What?”

The nurse narrowed her eyes. “You aren’t worried about the trip, are you?”

“W-What?” Sweat prickled Dina’s brow.

“Your psychological profile and your tests. You’ve been planning this for close to three years. You’ve gone through every inspection, physical, and profile we could subject to you. It has to be something else.” The nurse’s bright gaze drifted down Dina, her gaze almost analytical and measuring.

Dina felt leaving the young woman feeling like a piece of meat. She could imagine that the nurse could see through the simple shift she wore, it was a throw-away outfit intended to last only a few hours. To avoid the blush on her cheeks, she looked away. The nurse’s badge caught her attention, it said “Melodi Simer 4.” The number indicated she was one of the neo-genetics, a group of people who were vat breed for genetic specialization.

“I see you got married yesterday, congratulations.”

Dina smiled. “Thank you.”

Melodi grinned. “Was it beautiful?”

“The ceremony was at the kiosk on thirty-seven but the family threw a big party at The Golden Starlight Buffet. We rented out the entire place and everyone came. It was wonderful.” She didn’t mention that she still wanted to address the itch between her legs.

The nurse glance at the tablet. She started to swipe but then a frown crossed her face. She tapped on the corner and then used her fingers to zoom. After a moment, she dragged her finger along the screen.

Dina felt a prickle of concern.

“Got home late, didn’t you?”

Stunned, Dina stared at the Melodi in shock. “W-What?”

“Your hormone levels are elevated. Normally I would expect these to be a lot lower after a night of… celebrating.”

The blush on Dina’s cheeks threatened to burn her skin. She shivered and looked down at her lap as she clenched her legs tightly together. A heat pulsed inside her, blending with the humiliation that Melodi could see her anxiousness on her tablet. “Y-Yes, it was really late.”

“Even if you missed a night,” Melodi said with a faint smile, “these levels are a lot higher.”

She finally looked up at Dina. The smile was still on her face. “You must be horny as fuck right now, aren’t you?”

Dina’s throat was very dry. Still stunned, she could only nod.

Melodi stood up. She set down the tablet and gestured toward the opposite side of the room with a broad smile. “Well, maybe we’ll help with that a bit later. We need to get you cleaned up and out.”

Dina rose automatically. She wasn’t sure she heard Melodi correctly the first time but didn’t dare ask. What she did know was that the next step after intake processing was to be cleaned down in preparation for being immersed into the stasis fluid. The chemicals were a trade secret but she knew that they permeated her cells to protect it against the century-long trip. It also would put her in a state of hibernation.

She would also be placed into a firm suit, an outfit that monitored and protected in case of emergencies. Like the chemicals, she didn’t know much about it other than it could be uncomfortable when she put it on.

Shivering, Dina followed Melodi who stopped next to the shower.

The nurse turned and took a deep breath. “Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

She reached out and started working on the top button of Dina’s blouse.

An intense wave of humiliation and heat washed over Dina. She inhaled sharply as she felt the firm hands unbuttoning her shirt. “I-I…”

Melodi winked at her. “Relax, I’m going to take good care of you. Besides,” she said with a smile, “the next few steps are a tad uncomfortable and I’d rather we get the embarrassing bits over with now before then.”

Dina reached up for the next button but Melodi smoothly finished and pushed her hands away to grab it first. She expertly unbuttoned the shirt and move down but her eyes never left Dina’s nor did the smile on her lips ever fade.

The heat rolled along Dina’s skin. Her nipples grew erect as a strange sense of helplessness rolled over her. She wasn’t used to that, even with the night before. In their relationship with Korin, it was always teasing and pushing each other. With the nurse who was already on the fourth button, Dina felt like she was being dominated.

She made one more effort to take over undressing but Melodi interrupted her by sliding her smooth, warm hands underneath the shirt and spread the synthetic fabric open. Her fingernails scraped slightly on Dina’s pale skin as the fabric was pushed off her shoulders.

The blouse caught on Dina’s shoulders. A heartbeat later, part of it draped on her small breasts and caught on the nipples.

Dina looked down just as Melodi slid her palms up and cupped her breasts. Her touch was electric against Dina’s skin. When the nurse pushed the fabric off the hard nipples and replaced it with her own palms, a soft gasp slipped out from Dina’s lips.

“Oh,” purred Melodi, “these are very pretty, aren’t they?”

Dina’s nipples grew harder under the nurse’s touch. The heat across her body grew hotter as she stared down at them, unsure what to do. Her pussy, on the other hand, grew wet almost instantly. She shivered with pleasure and fought the whimper that threatened to rise in her throat.

Melodi chuckled and pushed the blouse completely off Dina’s arms. It fluttered to the ground into a puddle. She returned her hands to cup Dina’s breasts before trailing her hands down to the simple skirt.

Because Dina knew that she would be wearing the firm suit, she hadn’t bothered with either a bra or underwear. She knew that there was only a bit of fabric that shielded her from Melodi’s hands. She wasn’t sure if she was ready but Melodi was already working the fastener to the skirt.

The whimper finally escaped Dina’s throat as the nurse knelt down in front of her and pulled the skirt down. Her breath was hot against Dina’s pubic mound.

Dina knew there was no way of hiding the smell or sight of her excitement. She could feel it prickling her skin. The heated folds were swollen with the days of teasing and her failed orgasm from the night before. The aching need to masturbate had been replaced by something out, an unfamiliar but rapidly growing exciting surprise moment with the woman in front of her.

Melodi leaned forward slightly, her nose only centimeters from Dina’s pussy, and took a deep breath. When she looked up, her eyes were bright. “My, you are horny, aren’t you?”

Dina whimpered.

“Are you sure he’s the right guy for you? Going to sleep on you? Leaving you feeling anxious? You might need a girl on the side.”

“It… it was… we were teasing each other and it got out of hand.” Dina’s blush traveled from her neck down to her breasts. She trembled with saying the words but she couldn’t help as the heat pulsed deep in her pussy.

“How long?”

Dina worked her mouth for a moment. “T-Three days.”

Somehow, Melodi’s smile grew wider. “You’ve been teasing each other for three days to have one mind-blowing orgasm for your nuptials? Damn, I wish I thought of that when I got married.”

Dina chuckled and relaxed slightly.

Melodi caressed Dina’s thighs. “Well, poor baby, I’m sure we’ll do something. But right now, I need you to step out of your slippers and this skirt.”

With Melodi’s firm guidance, Dina lifted one foot and then the other. The warm air against her pussy tickled and she was sure that a dribble of her excitement ran down her inner thigh.

The nurse tossed the clothes to the side. Then she ran her hand up the back of Dina’s thigh. “Okay, I need you to turn around and let me see this pretty ass of yours.”

Gulping her dry throat, Dina obeyed. Her pussy ached even more, an intense heat boiling between her legs.

Melodi kept her hand firmly on her buttock. One finger caressed the line of Dina’s crack, teasing it as she guided Dina to face toward the wall. The caressing finger grew more insistent as it worked between Dina’s buttocks and pressed up against the tight sphincter.

Inhaling sharply, Dina planted her hands on the wall and lifted up on her toes.

“Oh, don’t worry. I just need to show me that pretty little pussy.” As to emphasize the point, Melodi kept her one finger pressed against Dina’s asshole, but slipped the rest of her fingers down the slick slit.

Dina whimpered as the nurse caressed against her aching clitoris. When Melodi spread her fingers, Dina obeyed the silent command and spread her legs, inching her feet apart until her ankles were almost a meter apart.

“Oh, now that’s lovely,” whispered Melodi.

Dina squirmed, trying to dislodge the finger caressing her ass. It was only a light touch, but the hypersensitive opening felt like she was being impaled. She shivered with the touch and clutched at the wall, scraping her fingernails against the smooth surface.

She was hot, hotter than she had ever been before. Her pussy throbbed with need. She pressed her cheek against the cool wall and took a long breath.

“There you go, just relax. This will make it a lot more comfortable.”

“W-What are you going to do?” asked Dina. She looked along the wall at the edge of the digital displays but her senses were focused on the fingers that rested against her slick pussy, aching clitoris, and her asshole.

“I need to clean you out. It won’t hurt but see those bar above your head?”

Dina looked up. As she did, her hard nipples ground against the wall. “Y-You want me to grab them?”

“Yeah, just hold tight.” Melodi slipped her hands away from Dina’s pussy.

Dina reached up for the bar.

When she felt two fingers caressing her sphincter again, she grabbed it tightly. Her elbows thumped against the wall with the shock. She had forgotten that she was going to get an enema. Though, she never thought it would be nearly as intense or erotic as the process indicated.

She gave a chuckled at the surrealism but it became a soft moan as Melodi pressed a little harder, parting the wrinkles of her opening and worming her way deeper into the tight opening.

Both of them were breathing deeply as Melodi teased the opening, stroking along the sides before pushing in a little further.

Then Melodi pulled her hand back.

Dina moaned softly.

“Don’t worry. I just need to calibrate this… okay.” The nurse sounded distracted for a moment. Then she pulled a long flexible hose dangling from the wall next to Dina.

Dina watched with growing anticipation. Her body grew hotter and her pussy tingled with excitement. Somehow, this morning was turning out better than she could expect and she hoped it ended with her aching cunt getting some relief.

The nozzle was warm and slick when it pressed up against her asshole.

Dina jumped and lifted up on her toes.

“No, no, back down,” Melodi said with a chuckle. Dina started to obey but then a slick pressure presented itself at her pussy, right along her clitoris.

Dina’s gasp turned into a low, guttural moan as Melodi ran the digit along the line of her pussy before pushing inside. It wasn’t her finger but her thumb. The digit caressed Dina’s clitoris and circled around it.

Tightening her grip on the bar, Dina moaned and rocked her hips, trying to increase the pressure.

Melodi chuckled softly before pushing her thumb down into the soaked opening. Without a second hesitation, she pushed the thumb into the slick depths of Dina’s pussy. The webbing between her thumb and the pointer finger rested right along Dina’s aching clitoris. It was maddening.

Dina tried again to rock herself to an orgasm, but Melodi clamped her hand on her pubis, fingers digging above the bone and thumb pinning her deep inside. As Dina move, so did she.

The lack of friction was torture. Dina could tense her muscles around the thumb that impaled her but the growing pleasure wasn’t enough to set off an orgasm. She whimpered and tried again.

Melodi pushed the nozzle harder against her sphincter. This time when Dina tried to rise up on her toes, Melodi halted the movement by pulling down on her pubic bone, driving her harder against the thumb that slowly swirled into liquid depths.

Dina gasped loudly as the nozzle slid into the tight opening of her ass. The lubrication and warmth gave her no resistance. It was uncomfortable but erotic at the same time. She felt like she was being fucked as the nurse pushed it deep into her until a thick plug-like opening ground against her sphincter.

Melodi whispered something. Warmth began to spread out deep inside Dina. It didn’t feel like rushing but there was no way of describing as liquid began to fill her rectum.

Dina had never had an enema before. It was strange at first, just a tickle of her insides but then pressure began to build. At first, it felt like she had to go the bathroom. She tried to shift her hips away from it but the thumb impaling her pussy kept her in place. She groaned and gripped the bar tighter as the pressure built.

“Just another liter… take a deep breath…”

Melodi spoke quietly but it was difficult for Dina to focus. Instead, her world focused on the growing pressure as her insides were filled with water and the thumb that pinned her in place. Dina tried to rock against it, but the firm grip holding her in place and the nozzle flooding her ass made it impossible to move. She panted and got a tighter grip on the bar. The muscles in her legs and arms tightened as she tried to think past the growing pleasure and discomfort.

The pressure slowed then stop. “There you go,” said Melodi. She kept her thumb buried in Dina’s pussy but held it tight as she eased the nozzle out.

When the nozzle slipped out, Dina felt the hot liquid starting to dribble out. she let out a cry and clamped her muscles down, straining to keep the pressure inside.

Melodi shifted her other hand, pumping a few times into Dina’s soaked cunt.

The pleasure made it hard to concentrate and a thick river dribbled out of Dina’s clenched sphincter and ran down her legs. Humiliation burned her cheeks as she squeezed down.

“You have a lovely ass, you know that?”

Dina gulped, her body trembling.

Then Melodi pried her buttocks apart, stretching the straining ring.

“No!” gasped Dina. “I’ll—”

“I know,” said the firm woman. She jammed her thumb deeper into Dina’s pussy, swirling it around a few times.

With a humiliating sob, Dina lost control of her asshole and the searing hot liquid sprayed out.

Immediately, a fan rose up to whisk the scent away.

“There you go… push, push.”

Sobbing, Dina ducked her head and obeyed. Her entire body strained as she expel the water. Hearing it splatter loudly on the floor brought a fresh wave of humiliation.

Melodi kept her pinned with her thumb deep in Dina’s pussy and her fingers stroking along the puffy mound over the ridge of her bone. It was strange being pinned by a single digit but every time Dina tried to shift her hips away, the hand pulled her back into place.

As soon as she finished pushing, Melodi sprayed her backside with hot water. The liquid sheeted down her legs.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Dina tried to pull away but Melodi kept her pinned.

The nurse flexed her fingers, sending a wave of pleasure rising inside Dina. She dragged the nozzle back up the back of Dina’s leg and nestled it between her cheeks.

Dina looked over her shoulder. “No, no, I can’t…” she pleaded. She tried to clench her muscles but her spread legs made it impossible.

Melodi smiled warmly as her, tightened her grip, and ground the lubricated nuzzle against the tight hole again. “Take a deep breath. Only three more times.”

Dina whimpered.

The nozzle seated itself into Dina’s ass, filling the stretched sphincter and reaching deep into her body. She lifted up on her toes to resist but the thumb and fingers around her pubis pulled her back down until she could do nothing but let it impaled her.

It settled firmly against her and she clenched her inner muscles around it.

The water flooded into her rectum again. It was hot and slick.

Dina moaned and leaned into the wall, panting as she felt the pressure rising up inside her. She could feel her stomach swelling from the pressure. She squirmed against the sensation.

Melodi thrust her thumb deeper. It teased against her senses and little waves of pleasure coursed along Dina’s insides. She pumped faster as the water continued to flood inside Dina but it wasn’t fast enough for friction or against her clitoris. The nurse was teasing her, pushing her to higher levels of pleasure but never enough to push her over.

Dina moaned and ground her cheek against the wall. Her body trembled as she strained around the water flooding her insides. It was reaching deep into her body, pushing up into her abdomen.

Her body shook with her effort. A long moan rose from her throat and she clawed at the wall. “I-I…”

“You can. Just a little more. Just a bit… more.” Melodi thrust the nozzle harder into the sphincter, forcing the flared tip past the clenching opening, and then held it there. It felt thick and swollen, a metal pole that impaled her sensitive opening.

Dina’s toes curled as she whimpered again. Melodi was keeping her on the edge of an orgasm. She was so excited she couldn’t tell if the hot liquid dribbling down her thighs was from her ass or her drooling cunt.

Melodi eased the water out. It splattered loudly. “Okay, Girl, you know what to do.”

With a fresh burn of humiliation on her cheeks, she pushed. The water sprayed out of her ass but she couldn’t stop her herself. Every time she tried to stop, Melodi would swirl her thumb around her pussy and she would start expelling the water once again.

Finally, she was empty again. The puddle at her feet was clear with only a few streaks in it. She felt empty, a void deep in her rectum. She wondered what it would feel like to have a hard cock inside it. When Melodi’s digit twitched again, her thoughts drifted to the woman kneeling behind her.

She moaned and clutched the wall, scraping her nails along the ridges.

“Enjoying this?” Melodi asked slyly as she circled Dina’s aching clitoris.

Dina panted and looked down. She was shaking from the torture and pleasure. “Y-Yes.”

“Good. Just two more and we can get you suited up.”

She whimpered.

“What?” Melodi said with a wry smile. She pulled her thumb out and drove it back in.

Dina lifted up on her toes for a moment and then sank into the swirling digit. It felt good. She tried to push herself up, to fuck herself on Melodi’s thumb but the nurse lifted her hand so there was no friction.

“Just two more. Then I’ll give you a nice ending.”


“I promise.”

Dina trembled with excitement. She had never been so dominated by a woman before and it was making it difficult to think. She twisted her hips but Melodi wouldn’t give her the relief she craved.

When the nozzle was pressed against her sphincter, she trembled with the touch and pushed her ass back.

The smooth, lubricated end slid into her puckered opening easily. It sank deep into her body.

Her pussy grew hot with searing pleasure as she impaled her ass deeper, willingly sliding it until it was seated completely against her rear.

“That’s like what I like to see, a lovely little girl impaling her ass.” Melodi rewarded her with a few short thrusts of her thumb. The wet thrusting felt good deep in her pussy as did the friction along her clitoris. She stroked Dina slow and teasingly as she turned on the water.

The pressure built up quickly. It spread out to fill her intestines, filling her with a warmth that pulsed against her insides. The pressure sent more waves coursing through her body and she clutched the bar to keep her balance.

When Dina pressed her breasts, she could feel belly swelling. The flat skin was bulging out, stretching out tight. She could almost imagine she was pregnant, though that wasn’t in the plan until long after they arrived in their new home.

Melodi continued her slow teasing by pumping her thumb in and out delicately. The wet slurps filled the air.

Dina’s nether lips clung to her digit, clinging with every stroke as it came out. She moaned and pushed into the thrusts, soft gasps escaping her throat as she tried to push herself to an orgasm.

After an eternity, Melodi finally pulled it out.

Without needing direction, Dina expelled out the clear liquid from her ass. It splattered along the wall. It felt like an orgasm, a rushing slipping out of her, as she moaned into the push.

“Oh, such a good girl.”

Dina gave a little chuckle, her humiliation fading slightly.

Melodi ran her finger along the sphincter and then replaced it with the nozzle. Slipping it in, she slid it deep as Dina pushed back. “You never know, once we get to Porethon, we might do this in a slightly…”

Dina looked down surprised. “Y-You’re coming with?”

“Yep,” Melodi said with a thrust of her thumb. “I’m going to be your nurse for the next three hundred years.”

Dina shuddered, the possibilities racing through her head.

Melodi said nothing but slowly stroked her thumb in and out. She curled so it pressed against the sensitive parts of Dina’s inside. It wasn’t fast enough to set off an orgasm but it only added to the rapidly building pressure.

With a warm smile, Melodi held up the nozzle. “One more time?”

Dina took a deep breath and pushed her ass out. She shook as she lowered herself further onto Melodi’s thumb, rocking against it even though she knew Melodi wouldn’t let her come but it felt good.

The nozzle slid in deep, flooding her insides. The gurgling was thicker and hotter. It seemed to pour deeper into her. The pressure sluiced up into her body and she felt dizzy as it seeped into her body.

She moaned and rocked back and forth, the pressure in her insides adding to the pleasure of stroking herself on Melodi’s thumb. Occasionally, she felt the ridge of the nurse’s finger along her clitoris but when she tried to lean into it again, it pulled away.

It felt like forever before Melodi pulled the nozzle out. A thick streamer of fluid poured out of Dina’s ass. It was pleasure and ecstasy shaking through her body. Her knees buckled and she clutched tighter to the bar.

When Melodi finally withdrew her dripping hand from Dina’s crotch, Dina couldn’t move. She slumped against the wall, aching nipples hard against the wall as every part of her body shook.

Slowly, she started to slide down.

Melodi caught her. “No, no, one more step. Come on.”

Pulling Dina on her shoulder, Melodi helped the shaking young woman across the room to the stirrups.

Dina’s dread of the seat had faded with her torture and teasing. Her body hummed with the intense pleasure rolling inside her and she felt like she was one touch away from an orgasm. She sat down on the padded seat and willingly let Melodi set each leg in the stirrups. She didn’t even resist when Melodi worked the straps over her ankles and buckled them tight.

The nurse winked at her before taking one arm and setting it on the arm. Her fingers were firm as she wrapped the leather on. Her palm and thumb was still dripping wet, she was working carefully without touching anything to her thumb.

Melodi paused when she caught Dina looking at it. “Looking at this?”

Dina nodded, unsure of what to do or say.

Melodi reached over and pressed it to her lips. “Go on, lick it. I was saving it for you.”

Dina trembled, her breasts rising and falling with her growing excitement. The heat washed over her body before pooling into her dripping snatch. She looked at the dripping thumb and knew that it was her juices drying on it. It was her own pussy. She took a deep breath and felt the perfume of her sex tease her nose.

Lifting her eyes to Melodi, she parted her lips.

Melodi slid the thumb in, giving Dina a taste of her own pussy. It was tangy and sweet. It was intimate and familiar. “Good girl.”

The world spun around Dina as she suckled on the nurse’s thumb for a moment. A bolt of pleasure coursed along her skin. It almost set off her orgasm but she only jerked helplessly.

Circling around with keeping her thumb still in Dina’s mouth, Melodi approached the other arm and strapped it down. The straps were firm against Dina’s skin as Melodi pulled back.

Dina tested the straps, the concern and excitement warring inside her. She couldn’t move, not even a centimeter. Neither of her wrists or her ankles would budge. The only thing she could move was arching her back and lifting her hips, but that wouldn’t help.

The sense of vulnerability peaked inside her. She panted as she started at the nurse, waves of helplessness spreading across her body in a wave of heat before they puddled in her cunt. She felt on fire, so excited that her pussy and nipples ached for release… any release.

She lifted her hips and felt her pussy lips splaying open. They were slick and hot.

When she lowered her body, they were still parted but the pressure sent a little tickle of pleasure coursing across her veins. She moaned and did it again, desperate and hungry.

“Ready for the last step? Time to get you into your suit.”

“I think so. Does it hurt?”

Melodi winked at her. “You seem pretty hot in all the right places. Normally I’d say it is uncomfortable but I’m planning on making it feel good enough.”

Still panting, Dina tensed her muscles and then relaxed again. “Why the restraints?”

“Well,” Melodi shrugged before she headed toward one wall. “Most folks have trouble with the rectal probe.”

Dina inhaled and her sphincter tightened.

“But I think you can handle it,” she finished with a wink.

Growing nervous, Dina watched as Melodi pulled out a small crate with a two-dimensional bar code and her name on it. Her body trembled with excitement and ached with lust. She couldn’t wait for the nurse to bring her to an orgasm, it was the only thing holding back the panic.

Melodi brought back the crate and set it down on a table. She broke the seal and pulled out the first part of the firm suit. It was a deep blue color with the bar code that Dina recognized from the box. It also had her name, serial number, and a few numbers on it.

The material looked tough and rubbery, but relatively thin. From her vantage point, it didn’t appear to be more than a millimeter thick but it was enough to survive a vacuum for a short period of time and enough survival supplies for a week.

Not that a week in deep space would make a difference.

As she watched Melodi pull out the suit, she saw a number of thick tubes and plugs. They were uncomfortably shaped like the one that gave her an enema. The realization tightened her sphincter even more. The only difference was that there were more of them: three thick ones and a couple smaller ones. They looked like there were too many to count but the uncomfortable thoughts made her squirm, they were designed for humans which meant every single tube was going into her body.

Fear rose and she squirmed harder, her panting growing more frantic as she stared at the tubes and devices. Her breasts rose and fell as she looked around and tugged at her restraints.

Melodi glanced at her and then took a double take. “No, no,” she said quickly. Stepping around, she rested one hand against Dina’s pubis and cupped her head with the other. “It’s okay.”


“Take a deep breath.”

Dina whimpered, her body trembling.

Melodi curled her finger along Dina’s slit. She stroked it slowly while making soothing sounds. “It’s okay, just calm down.”

Panting, Dina looked at her and whimpered. She knew what was going on but seeing it presented in front of her made some part of her panic. She squirmed for a long moment.

As Melodi continued to stroke her pussy, Dina’s squirming became less panicked and more humping against the hand. The little sparks of pleasure eased the anxiety and she felt herself growing wetter as she focused on pleasuring herself on the willing fingers.

“There you go, there you go. Just fuck yourself nicely, nice and slow.” She cooed as Dina stroked herself.

Just as Dina was reaching an orgasm, Melodi pulled back.

Dina looked at her with a whimper.

“When we’re done,” Melodi said with a smile. “I promise I’ll make it all feel better.”

“You better.”

“Or what, you’ll spank me?”

Dina’s eyes widened.

Melodi laughed and returned to the suit. This time, Dina didn’t panic as she watched her pick up the first piece of the suit. It was a breastplate though it didn’t have shaped mounds like all the advertising videos.

The nurse sprayed the inside with a clear, pink-like fluid and then set it down on Dina’s chest. It squelched for a moment, the slimy interior stroking every part of her body and teasing her nipples.

Dina gasped as her body grew hotter.

Melodi shifted it around for a moment until the gel seemed to seal around Dina’s body, capturing her nipples in a thick layer that left them untouched but still erect. A suction tugged on them, pulling them and her breasts into the padded cups on the other side.

“T-That,” gasped Dina as her toes curled.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” It was hard to talk.

“It gets better.”

It did. As Melodi fitted each plate and piece on, Dina was encased in the thick gel which tugged at her body. It left her tingling as the plates were fitted to her back, shoulders, and even feet. She tried to curl her toes again but the boot prevented movement other than to sent a strange tingling racing along her skin.

It was also erotic. Melodi stroked and teased as she worked. As each plate went into place, Dina found it harder to move but it only made the uncovered area more sensitive. Melodi removed the restraints as she went but locked the joints of the firm suit so Dina still couldn’t move.

It didn’t take long before the only parts of her body exposed were her face and her crotch. The rest of her was bound in the firm suit, pinned in place and helpless. Her body was shaking with the need for an orgasm. Soft pants escaped her lips in time with the dribble of juices that drooled out of her pussy.

She was desperate to be touched and stroked. Her hips couldn’t move with the locked joints and she was almost sobbing with the ache in her pussy. “Please.”

“Just a little more,” Melodi said as she picked up the faceplate.

“I need to come. Please, I need it,” Dina was begging but she didn’t care.

Melodi ran her still-fragrant finger along Dina’s lips.

Dina caught them and sucked on them, desperate to encourage the nurse to bring her to an orgasm. She was aching for it, her heart pounding and her hips straining against the bonds of her own suit.

The nurse smiled and held up the plate. There were a number of tubes that dangling from the inside. It had a visor which flickered with the digital displays. “Now, normally I’m supposed to put this on last but I’m thinking you’re a screamer. So, this is going first so you can come as hard as you want.”

Gulping, Dina nodded her head vigorously. She couldn’t take much more. She squeezed her muscles and gulped for air.

Melodi stood next to her. “No, take a deep breath. This can get scary but it will be over before you know it.”

Dina nodded, not feeling relaxed.

“Deep breath,” ordered Melodi.

Trembling, Dina took a deep breath.

“Open your mouth.” Melodi held out the thickest tube with one hand and brought it up to her lips.

Dina whimpered but obeyed, parting her lips. She could taste the plastic of the tube. Along the ridge was a series of bumps and ridges. She knew enough about printing biocircuits to know that there was something inside it. No doubt, it was going to activate and crawl down her throat.

Melodi gave a warm smile as she pressed the opening of the tube to her lips. She caressed Dina with it, the smear of the thick gel leaving a shimmering tingle across Dina’s mouth.

Cringing, Dina obeyed and opened her mouth. Her entire body grew tight with the knowledge of what would happen.

The edge of the hose suddenly contracted. Tiny cilia reached out and grabbed her lips, pulling the end in.

She let out a cry, her body jamming up against her firm suit.

The hose sucked into her mouth. It dragged itself over her tongue and down into her throat. The speed was stunning but also was the sudden sensation of choking on the thick, rubbery hose that worked its way down.

More hoses, much smaller ones, dove into her nostrils. There was a brief moment of intense discomfort as they worked their way through her sinuses and into the back of her throat.

Dina screamed out, an unconscious response as the squirming hoses slithered down her throat. Her entire body shook violently as she cried out, jerking back and forth. Only the locked joints around her neck kept her from breaking free.

Heart pounding in her chest, she tried to pry herself free. Her muscles strained to pull herself as the hoses worked their way into her chest. Cool, moist air flooded her lungs. She choked on it and spasmed again.

Melodi plastered her hand across Dina’s exposed pussy. She shoved two fingers into the aching opening and pumped hard.

Dina’s eyes bulged out as she fought against the reflexive fear. It beat against the pleasure, a rush of an orgasm about to crest inside her. She cried out, a mixture of many emotions fighting against her.

“Calm down,” cooed Melodi. She thrust her fingers hard into Dina, driving them deep and pulling them out.

The slick movements against her heated flesh was intense. It felt like an orgasm about to build but it was painful. She tensed but strained to move her hips to meet the fingers that pounded her.

Concentrating on the pleasure, she tried to push herself to an orgasm. Her entire world briefly focused on the two digits driving into her pussy and banging into her clitoris. The impacts blasted against her senses, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Dina cried out, shaking as she welcomed.

Just as the crest reached its peak, Melodi pulled her fingers from Dina’s sex and pushed the faceplate into place. The hoses drove their final distance into her stomach and lungs before a whine filled her ears. Those noises ended as more hoses slithered into her ear canals.

The panic was brief and brutal.

She tried to scream out but there was no way to get air out of her lungs. They were being filled with warm, thick gel.

Dina shuddered with the sensation but she was completely and utterly helpless. Her body shuddered as the orgasm flickered and rose, dancing tantalizingly close to her orgasm but not quite reaching it. Her pussy and captured nipples ached for release but no blast of pleasure came.

Before she realized it, the panic faded. She had tubes down her throat, nose, and ears. Warm gel filled her chest, making it hard to breathe but it was nothing compared to the stuffed feeling of her captured body against the firm suit.

The only part free was her pussy.

“Can you hear me?” Melodi’s voice had a deeper timbre to it. She could hear it shaking her bones, as if she was speaking to herself.

Dina nodded, or tried to. The suit’s joints were still locked in place.

A hand stroked her pussy. She couldn’t look down to see it, but the fingertips that caressed her swollen pussy were almost agonizing as they trailed through the slick juices that coated her sensitive lips.

“Getting a little wet, are we?” Melodi said as she spread Dina’s lips further apart and ran her fingertip against the aching fold of her clitoris.

Dina jumped. “Yes!” but her voice sounded muted without air rushing past her lungs. It didn’t echo into the room, it didn’t even fill her ears.

Melodi flicked her clitoris and Dina jumped again.

She moaned loudly and strained toward her but couldn’t.

“I can’t hear you.”

Dina tried to call out again.

Melodi chuckled. She switched to her thumb and circled around Dina’s aching clitoris with torturous slow movements. They were slick with her own juices but nothing even remotely close enough to trigger an orgasm. “I know, you can’t make a noise. I can’t hear you moan or ask me to start.”

A hot prickle ran down Dina’s spine. Her pussy grew hotter.

“In fact,” Melodi said, “I bet I could push you right up to an orgasm and not let you have it. Can you imagine that? Three hundred years desperate to come?” Her voice was playful but cruel.

Dina whimpered, or tried do. She shifted her body but the suit kept her firmly in place. She couldn’t even close her legs, they were bound far apart and there was nothing she could do to stop the torture of the woman teasing her.

Melodi continued to roll her thumb over Dina’s clitoris, moving faster for only a second before slowing down.

Tears filled Dina’s eyes as she tried to come again and again. It was too much and she was too excited. Everything rushed through her veins like liquid magma, waves of pleasure and humiliation and helplessness all blending together into a pleasure that kept rising and rising.

Melodi trailed her finger down to Dina’s opening.

Dina’s heart pounded faster as she waited for thrust.

It never came.

Melodi chuckled softly and reached over for the final part of the firm suit. It had three hoses, two thick and one slender. “Time to get this on, right?”

Dina wanted to scream. Her body needed to come. She needed it. Craved it. Every part of her was on fire as she tried to speak out but couldn’t. She was helplessly. It only made the pleasure rise higher.

The hose pressed against her sphincter activated immediately. It crawled into the loosened sphincter and wormed its way up into her rectum.

Dina could only shuddered with pleasure and desperation as it traced against delicate nerves, sliding deeper and deeper until the pressure built up between her own body and the suit encasing her belly. She squirmed, or tried to, as it swamped her body with intense sensations.

Melodi added to the torture by returning to thumb her clitoris, sliding up and down with slow movements. Each one sent sharp agonies of pleasure scraping against Dina’s nerves but she couldn’t do anything.

Dina wouldn’t have sobbed if she could. She would have screamed, broken the straps, and finger herself so violently that her bones would break. Everything in her world was focused on the desperation to reach her orgasm.

The final plate slid further into place. Melodi used her slick thumb and another finger to spread Dina’s pussy, exposing it to the warm air. Then she guided the thinnest tube up against the tiny opening.

As the hose slithered into Dina’s urethra, her entire world exploded into panic and discomfort. She strained against it.

The horror crumbled as Melodi returned to thumbing her clitoris, moving faster through along the slick bump as waves of pleasure coursed along Dina’s body. She felt the pleasure rising and rising and she prayed it was enough to set her off.

The final hose began to worm its way into her pussy. It was thick and ribbed. It filled her completely as it reached further into her. As it did, the plate was drawn closer.

Melodi looked into Dina’s eyes through the faceplate and began to masturbate her rapidly. Her hands and fingers rubbed against the sensitive flesh, stroking and teasing it.

Pleasure sparked along Dina’s senses. She could feel the ecstasy swelling inside her, driving by the expert fingers against her sex and deep into her core. Even as the three hoses were squirming into every private place of her body, she couldn’t feel anything besides the woman finger-banging her.

Just as the orgasm started to crest, Melodi pulled her fingers away.

Dina’s eyes bugged out as she tried to scream.

The plate sucked into plate, enveloping her pussy and ass with thick gel as it sealed into place.

Her orgasm ebbed inside her, an intense wave that almost peaked into an unimagined pleasure.

Dina sobbed as the suit sealed itself into place and the final joints locked.

Melodi leaned over and kissed the face plate. “When we wake up, we’ll finish what we started.”

There was no words to voice the longing, desperation, and sobbing that tore through Dina’s heart. The pleasure ebbed slowly but she was helpless to do anything about it. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t touch. For three hundred years, she would be right on the edge.

The world grew dark as the faceplate turned opaque and she was plunged into a world of her aching pussy and the horror of a three-hundred year itch.


Marvelous beginning, as always. I look forward to see what kind of indignities our poor colonist will suffer. Edging for three hundred years is a promising start!


Chapter 4: Awakening

There was a flashing red light. It wasn’t rapid or beating but a slow pulsating that seeped through Dina’s closed eyes and sank into her consciousness. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she tried to think of why the red light was important. It seemed important but the memory of why refused to focus in her hazy thoughts.

She focused on the light. There was no sense of what time it was, only the slow and steady passing of time. She focused on it, swimming in the light until her body began to finally to respond. With each beat, her body tensed and relaxed.

Every movement brought more awareness of her body. She could feel the muscles in her legs tensing, flexing against the pressure that encased her body. The tendons in her arms quivered with every movement and she was able to clench her fingers together in sluggish movements.

The light bothered her. Flashing red wasn’t a good color on the space station. It meant something but her thoughts slipped away before she could dredge her memories. She only had a vague image of a placard posted near almost every corner in the station she grew up. It was a warning about something. Something important. Something dangerous.

Her memories slipped away and she was once again on the chair before the flight. The nurse—Melodi—was teasing her with her fingers and sending little flashes of pleasure coursing through her body.

Parts of her body that she had forgotten drew her attention. She was aching from Melodi’s teasing from hours before. She could feel how her nipples were hard and erect, rubbing against the inside of her suit with every pulse of the light.

She twisted her hips but that only brought her focus on her stuffed pussy and ass. The tubes and probes swirled her insides, striking against hypersensitive nerves. Her swollen labia clung to the tubes as they penetrated her, every twitch of her body rubbed the aching folds against the intruding devices. Little flashes of pleasure raced along her nerves as she shuddered with the resumed and aching need for an orgasm.

Lips working silently, she cursed Melodi’s name as she continued to twist and writhe in the confines of her firm suit. She could feel the liquid pressure encasing her body, buffering her movements until she ground against the firm edges of her protection. She twisted back again until she hit the other side.

The swirling of the tubes and devices buried inside her throat, pussy, and ass sent waves of heat rolling through her body. She shivered around it, tensing her insides to clamp her body around the thick intruders before relaxing in time with the red light.

Dina drew her attention back to the light. It was brighter or her vision was growing clearer. She blinked through the hazy liquid that surrounded her toward the faceplate that covered her.

There were only a few digital displays being projected on the glass, only the important things were every shown to avoid information overloaded. The ones on the right were tied into the ship’s navigation system and measured the distance and remaining time until their destination. She frowned as she focused on it, impatient until she could read the numbers clearly.

She did a double-take. The exponential numbers looked too high. She tried to remember the expectations but she was sure that they should be closer than petameters from the destination. The countdown clock still had over a hundred years of travel left, but it was only inching closer to their destination.

Slowly, she realized that the remaining seconds wasn’t moving as fast as it should have been. It felt like an eternity as each second rolled over, more than her hazy mind could account for.

A new display flashed into existence. It was her pulse. The sensitive measurements were picking up a rapid increase before she could even feel it beating in her chest. She stared at it and then at the clock and then back again. Every time she looked at the countdown, her pulse would jump.

It took longer for her brain to catch up to her subconscious. They were still a hundred years out and she was up. She shouldn’t be up, there was thousands of failsafes to ensure she wouldn’t wake up until they were already in orbit. There was no reason she would be staring at the clock.

Her heart beat faster in her chest. A whimper rose in her throat. She reached out. Her movements were sluggish, slowed by the pressure of the liquid both inside and outside of her firm suit. Her outstretched palm thumped against the edge of her stasis pod. It was a solid chunk that shot down her arm but it didn’t move.

Dina tried to call out, but her lungs were filled with fluid and tubes. No sound or movement could be heard as she beat helplessly on the inner wall of her pod.

She needed to escape, she needed freedom.

Kicking out, she thumped harder against the pod as her heart rate monitor turned yellow, orange, and then red. She couldn’t feel the impact of her toes through the firm suit but she heard it vibrating through the liquid.

A strange burning in her eyes told her she was crying. She blinked but the itching refused to subside.

With a flash of red, a new display rose above the heart rate: “Administrative Sedative.”

She tried to scream out that something was wrong.

A rush of warmth flooded through her body. She didn’t feel the needle but with so many tubes inside her body, they didn’t need it. Her heart rate plummeted. It no longer beat against her ribs, crushing her lungs with every pulse.

The monitor went back through the colors: red, orange, yellow, and then white. Finally it faded away along with the sedative notice.

She shivered at the intensity of the movement. She was terrified but it no longer caused her pulse to pound in her ears. She felt disconnected from herself, as her body was just a meat suit draped over her frame. At the same time, her mind was sharper as the haze cleared away. Whatever drug was pumped into her system, it pulled her completely out of the sleep haze of stasis.

Dine looked around until she spotted a display she missed in her initial panic, the pulsating red one. It was an atmosphere alert. She knew the icon from endless classes as a young girl but it had never happened in her life. Now, it was pulsating red with the poisoned display next to it.

Below the display was both her pod and suit integrity indicators. They were both green to show that she was still safe from whatever dangers were beyond.

She squirmed with discomfort. The vague pleasure and ache from having her orgasm denied had faded with her fear. Now, the tubes buried inside her body were a discomfort that reminded her that only a few layers of protection shielded her from whatever poisoned air surrounded her stasis pod.

There were no other displays on her monitor. The system that prevented information overload didn’t have anything else that would help her.

She worked her lips around the tubes impaling her throat and tried to figure out what to do. The sedative continued to wash through her system, flooding her with a pleasurable warmth that left her mind unfortunately sharp to realize her situation.

Caught, she could only stew as a thousand fears raced through her mind. Could it be a crack in the hull? No, then the displays would have shown the pressure sensor. A poison indicator meant that something must have ruptured. But if that was the case, the security systems were supposed to seal off each individual hanger—each one having a thousand stasis pods—from each other. That meant that the rupture would have been in her hanger. Automated systems should have easily handled that, so why was she woken up?

Fear fought against the sedative. She bobbed between growing anxiety and terror and the sinking sensation of her body falling further away from her consciousness.

A new indicator flashed on her screen: “Opening Pod 1%.”

She stared at it as her entire world shuddered. Something was opening her pod into the poisonous atmosphere.


As usual, you turn smut into an art form. Keep it up!


Chapter 5: Rude Surprises

The top of the stasis pod slid to the side, rotating around so it could tuck underneath itself. It was an efficient design for packing half a million people into an arc ship. There was only the faintest of vibrations as it stopped and locked into place.

The entire process only took a second.

Dina’s chest rose and fell against her firm suit as she stared into the open air above her. The pod had been pulled out from its enclosure and carried down with a mechanical lift. She could see thousands of doors for the rest of the enclosures, most of them closed but all of them blinking with the same pulsating light that flashed on her faceplate.

The air didn’t look poisonous but the sensor still indicated that it was dangerous for her to breathe. Seeing the warning was just as surreal as knowing there was still a century left on her trip. Her eyes scanned from one sensor to the other and then up at the wall of pod enclosure doors that stretched a hundred meters above her head.

Fear hummed in her veins and only the sedation kept it from consuming her thoughts. She tried to sit herself up but her muscles were too weak against the heavy suit and the thick liquid inside. After straining for a few seconds, she gave up and slumped back.

There as nothing she could do but wait for someone to help her get out of the stasis. She felt a burn of humiliation on her cheeks.

An errant thought wafted across her mind. Was Melodi coming back to tease her?

The brief moment of hope was shredded by the pulsating red light. There was no reason Melodi would want to continue teasing her with poison in the air.

Before she could figure out a new hope, something dark reached over her. It was a thick, muscular arm tipped with four squarish fingers tipped with black claws. On the back of the arm, she could see short black quills about five to eight centimeters long. On the nearest side, the spikes smoothly became short, bristly hairs. The hairs and quills both quivered as it grabbed the far side of her pod.

If there wasn’t sedation surging through her veins, Dina would have screamed at the top of her lungs. Reflexively, she planted her feet and pushed herself up toward the top of the pod. Her body slid through the puddle of liquid underneath her. She flailed for the edge of the pod but her slick gloves couldn’t gain purchase.

The muscle above her flexed and then contracted, pulling the rest of its owner into view as it loomed over the pod. It was a broad-shouldered humanoid with thick cords of muscles crossing over its chests. The thick ridges weren’t quite the same pattern as a human, they were arranged differently without any pectoral muscles. Instead, it looked like the abdominal muscles continued further up stretched almost clear the collarbone.

Her body began to shake despite the sedation. She traced her gaze along the powerful arm up to the creature’s face. It looked almost human except that its eyes were too large, nose too wide, and ears too narrow. The pupils were crosses that stretched out of sight and gave an impression that the eyes were quartered into four pieces of the purest jade.

It smiled broadly, a large lower jaw pulling forward from its head to reveal dozens of sharp teeth behind thick lips. It started to talk, or at least appeared to speak, but instead of a guttural sound she expected, it came out as a breathy, complex humming.

The humming only went on for only a short time before ending with a low note. Then it looked at her. When she didn’t respond, it shrugged by rolling its shoulders back. It repeated itself, the same short hum ending in a low note. It sounded like a question.

Dina shook her head. She couldn’t speak with all the tubes gagging her. She also couldn’t stop trying to pull away. She kept grabbing on the edge but the firm suit slipped off the edge.

The creature asked another question.

She shook her head and kept pushing away.

It made a loud sigh and then reached into the pod. The squarish fingers spread out wide, two in each direction. The grip was wide enough to grab her entire face.

Dina tried to scream out but ended up choking on the tubes in her mouth. She shuddered and frantically pawed in all directions, her panic finally surging past the sedation flowing through her veins.

The pulse indicator flashed on her faceplate, immediately becoming red with her painfully rapid beat. The sedation indicator flashed up and there was a wash of warmth but nothing held back the terror.

The creature caught her throat. Claws scraped against the outer edge of the firm suit and the material flexed from its strength. The pressure increased around her throat and she was worried it would crush her. However, it stopped after only a heartbeat. A beat later, it started to lift her out of the pod.

Dina pawed at the hand around her throat. She could get her fingers wrapped around the thick claw but when she tried to pry them away, the smooth tips of the gloves slipped. She tried again, choking and thrashing as her fingers refused to get enough of a grip.

The creature lifted her easily. The tubes and devices in her orifices twisted painfully inside her body, swirling and stretching her organs. Her legs and arms shook violently as white-hot pain coursed through her senses. Her feet didn’t touch the ground, the creature was easily half again her height, maybe about three meters tall.

There was a flash of movement. She looked down to see a knife in the creature’s other hand. It was a serrated blade about a half meter in length with a sharp, needle-like tip.

Dina thrashed violently. She kicked against the side of the pod. One blow struck the creature’s chest. Even through the solid boot of her suit, it feel like hitting a wall. She tried to kick again but her foot got tangled up with the tubes and cords coming from her crotches; agony burst inside her as the devices were twisted deep inside her organs.

The creature jammed the knife between her legs. Powerful muscles flexed as it pulled up. The knife scraped along her inner thighs, the vibrations shaking through her firm suit. It thumped up against her crotch and scraped along the tubes.

Expecting an explosion of pain, she tensed up.

Twisting, the creature yanked the blade out. There was an intense tugging sensation, like he had pulled the devices out of her pussy, but it only lasted less than a second. The pressure faded as the pressure sank deeper into her body, settling into place without the familiar weight of the tubes pulling her down.

Coils of tubes and cords smacked loudly on the ground, followed by a loud splatter of fluids. A pressure gauge on her faceplate showed an immediate reduction in the stasis fluid pressure. The suit also showed a drop in integrity before automatic systems sealed her up.

She shuddered as she kicked out, no longer encumbered by the tubes that impaled her pussy and ass.

The creature pulled the knife back. A few coils of plastic and metal clung to the serrated edges to it as it brought the blade her chest and levered the blade underneath the mess of tubes that lead into her mouth. Twisting the knife slightly, it pulled it away from her and she saw the tubes being sliced apart, freeing her from the stasis pod.

More warning indicators flashed into view as automatic systems shut off the now severed tubes from pumping poisoned air directly into her lungs. There was a humming and then a clamping sensation as they finished sealing her up and the suit’s integrity remained firmly at 97%.

The creature dropped her on the ground.

Her feet struck the ground unexpectedly. She didn’t wasn’t ready for it and she collapsed to the ground. She tried to back away with her movement. In her panic, she stumbled forward toward the bare, dark gray legs of the creature. At the sight of seeing quills sticking out from the back of its legs, she panicked even more.

With a surge of strength that tore muscles, she threw herself to the side. She landed hard on the ground, the impact shaking her through the firm suit. Her palms slipped on a puddle of crimson liquid and her head crashed face-first into the ground.

Thankfully, the face plate held from the impact but her entire vision was washed in crimson. She pushed herself from the ground, shaking violently from the effort.

As she did, she stared at the red liquid. The stasis fluid that splashed out of her tubes would be clear after two hundred years. There was nothing to stain it. She could see some droplets of it rolling down the front of her faceplate but most of the color came from the crimson streaks that chased the clear liquids. She could see black flecks rolling around the droplets.

The faceplate continued to indicate that her heartbeat was going too fast despite the sedative surging through her veins.

Dina couldn’t pull her gaze away from the crimson droplets on her faceplate. She knew what it was, blood. Old blood kept liquid by stasis fluid. Someone had died.

A selfish part of her desperately hoped it wasn’t from her tubes. She sat up, hyperventilating. Her body shook with her pulses, it beat in her ears and slammed against her ribs. She used both hands to wipe her faceplate, looking around for both the creature and some place to escape.

Her gaze passed over the corpse twice before she realized it was a body. With a gasp, she stared at it with a sick burn boiling in her stomach. It was a man with long hair and a tattoo. His faceplate had been pulled off and his face had melted; long rivulets of blood glistened on his face from where his eyeballs had burst open and his tongue was black. The man had clawed at his own face, stripping off his skin. She could see strips of it clinging to the tips of his gloves.

Dina choked in terror. She shook her head and pulled her head back. Her lips worked around the tube as she tried to look away from the rotted corpse but failed. The skin was drawn and stretched tight over the man’s skeleton. It looked like the old corpses from the videos, maybe days or even weeks old.

She had no clue how long he had been there but it felt surreal. She had just gotten to sleep for their trip. The body was too old to be someone on the ship but the firm suit looked almost identical to her own.

Body shaking, she couldn’t stop staring.

The powerful claws of the creature grabbed her, yanking her back to her own plight. She turned to fight him off. When she saw an immense cock only centimeters from her head, she began to panic again. It was half a meter in length and just as thick as her wrist. Like the back of the creature’s legs and arms, it was covered in quills that stuck out toward the base. The end of the shaft, there was a sharp point that looked like a single quill that reached past its shins. The terrifying part was that the inhuman shaft was only half-hard.

Every part of her body tensed with terror and fear. Her imagination burned with the idea of it tearing into her body. Her vision blurred with tears floating in the stasis fluid. She screamed, or tried to, and kicked back.

The creature grabbed her by the tubes in her throat. Dina felt them tearing inside her esophagus and tugging at her lungs and stomach. She tried to pull back but the intense pain that ripped through her body left her choking in agony.

He pulled her forward.

Unable to handle the agony of her organs being torn out, she stumbled to her feet. She slipped with the effort to follow the naked creature as he backed away from her, pulling her up by the thick tubes with his powerful grip.

Sobbing and hyperventilating, she stared past the flashing indicators and sedatives that refused to relive her from the all-consuming terror that burned through her brain.

Dina managed to get to her feet. She was helpless to do anything but follow the creature as he lead her out of the hanger.


Chapter 6: Reunion

The creature dragged Dina down the formerly pristine hallway. Her eyes were blurred with tears from the agony of having her insides tugged and twisted by every grip, but she managed to lessen the pain by holding onto the rock-hard hand wrapped around her tubes. Muscles ached from keeping up while standing as the creature roughly guided her.

It wasn’t until a few minutes of walking that she realized that the creature’s cock was growing harder. It started as a half-meter length of barbed meat but every time she couldn’t help up or her shoulder slammed against a corner he took too sharply, it pulsed and jerked. It wasn’t long before it was sticking out from between his legs at a low angle, almost a meter-long thickness with quills sticking out in all directions. The quills were short but thick, maybe about four centimeters in length.

Dina sobbed, or tried to. There was no question that the creature intended to rape her. It was getting excited by abusing her against the walls or her helplessness. The sight of the sharp points, hundreds of quills that would tear into her insides, that drove the despair directly into her heart. There was no way she could survive the brutal creature’s rape and the anticipation of agony only made her terror worse.

She tried to look away from it while still following. The sight of him and his cock terrorized her and she needed something. Her eyes caught on the interior of the hallway as they passed. She didn’t know the ship’s layout; she wasn’t supposed to be freed from her stasis pod until they were ready for her.

Even though she didn’t know the corridor plan, there were signs that the creatures had been on the ship for some time. Discarded wrappers and tools were piled up near intersections. There were open panels, exposed wiring, and signs that the creatures had been savaging the ship for parts.

They also passed many open doors leading into quarters that were prepared for those like herself after they were released from stasis. Each room was only a few meters to a side but it had simple foam bed, a table, and small living quarters. Like the hallways, they had few signs of being used mostly from garbage on tables or a few panels resting against the wall.

There were more of the creatures walking around. All of them were in various states of undress with about half of them naked or wearing only a pair of briefs that reached their knees. She could tell the males by the thick bulge pinned to one side of the briefs or the others. They were also grays, browns, and blacks.

The females were slightly smaller but just as muscular. Their back quills were much larger and colorful, meter long spikes that would skewer Dina in an instant. They, like the males, remained in various states of undress as they worked at removing panels or tapping on a computer. They had four large nipples and slightly wider hips but otherwise didn’t look significantly different from the males.

Many of them looked at her curiously and then returned to their duties. Apparently a naked human being dragged around by the tubes in her throat wasn’t unremarkable, a fact that left Dina sick to her stomach. It meant that they had been torturing the passengers for quite a while.

The creature continued to lead her down the path.

She stumbled after it, her muscles aching from the effort of keeping up. Her vision blurred repeatedly but it cleared quickly as the suit shifted the fluid around. There were still dozens of displays on her faceplate, all warning her that she was experiencing stress, the air was poisonous, and her suit’s integrity was slowly decreasing.

The creature lead her to an elevator and pushed her inside. She stumbled forward and slammed against the far wall. Gagging on the tubes inside her, she clutched the hand railing and tried not to think about her fate. It was too much for her and she was terrified.

The lift hissed for a moment and then the creature pulled her out. This time, he shoved her ahead of him as they went down a brightly-light corridor. The open doors she passed showed more signs of being used, including thick blankets draped over the tables, the mattress moved to the higher counters, and even buckets with cleaning supplies. Each one brought more dread and Dina stumbled with the effort.

As they reached the end of the corridor, one of the doors hissed open and a creature came out. It was a naked male, with a half-hard cock swinging from between his legs. To Dina’s shock, the cock quills were flat against the length but there was crimson liquid dripping from its length. It left a wet trail leading back into the room.

The second creature looked at her and then her captor. He smiled broadly, the lower jaw jutting out as it hummed some form of greeting. His blue eyes were brilliant, like sapphires, which made his black body stand out.

Dina wanted to keep walking past it but the one behind her stopped her with a firm grip on her shoulder. The points dug into the firm suit as it addressed the other one.

They hummed quickly to each other, punctuated by a strange hissing noise when their shoulders shook. The one that had left the room gestured inside.

Unwittingly, Dina looked inside. When she saw a woman spread out on the table with blood pouring down from her gaping pussy. One leg was up against the table, exposing the ruined opening. The woman’s pussy had been completely torn open, the outer lips shredded by what Dina assumed was the creature’s quills. Crimson froth oozed out of the wound, sliding off the table and hitting the ground in wet splatters.

It felt like someone had punched her in the stomach.

The look of horror on the woman’s face burned itself into Dina’s mind. She choked on the tube as every muscle inside her body tensed around the tubes. She shuddered with fear as a large gout of blood splashed down off the table and onto the floor to join the huge puddle already there.

She almost threw up but the pipes prevented it. She started to bend over in agony, to pray that the world would end for her quickly, but the claws on her shoulder tightened and forced her up.

Dina started to look away just as the second creature stepped up to her. He shoved his thick hand between her legs and lifted up.

She gagged in terror as she felt the pipes shifting inside her, twisting and stretching her insides. With her terror, it was only agony that pierced her body as the creature shoved hard and then pulled back.

He made the strange hissing noise and then gestured down to his dripping cock. The crimson continued to ooze off the quills, splashing down on the ground. Dina closed her eyes tightly to avoid looking at the victim again, all in fear of picturing herself in the same position.

The creature behind her pressed her forward.

She sobbed and resisted.

It pushed harder.

Dina stepped forward even knowing she was going to her murder. She gagged and prayed as the creature marched her forward. After a few steps of stumbling, she had to look up and was relived to find out that the other creature was not following them.

She was led further down to the corridor to a double-set of doors. The icon indicated it was the brig, the short-term jail for trouble makers. With her head swirling from terror and panic, she only moved numbly as the creature pushed her inside.

There were eight cells in the brig with a table in the middle. Seven of the cells had a glass shield blocking the entrance. Various digital displays were painted on each glass, shifting and moving with indicators about the humans inside them. It looked like most of the cells had two to four people though the last open one had a single person sitting on a padded bench with her head bowed low. Even from that position, Dina could tell that she had a large gas mask on but was otherwise wearing a thin shift that did nothing to hide her large breasts and wide hips.

When the creature pushed her around the table covered with papers and toward the open cell, Dina obediently obeyed despite the dread filling her. Her footsteps made a heavy noise as she crossed over the threshold. She shook and stumbled, choking on the tubes.

Another creature, a female with bright red and orange quills, stepped up with a mask. It was just large enough to cover Dina’s eyes, nose, and mouth. With her other hand, she pressed her palm against her nose and mouth. The female repeated the action twice, then held up four fingers.

Dina stared in fear, unsure of what she meant.

The female creature held up the mask higher and then reached for Dina’s firm suit’s helmet.

Dina’s heart skyrocketed. She panicked and lashed out, striking the female in the arm. It was like hitting steel but she didn’t care. She kicked and punched, trying to keep the woman from removing her only safety from the poisonous environment.

The male alien holding her suddenly slammed her against the wall, stunning her. Stars swam across her vision as she felt the helmet of the firm suit being pulled open.

A blast of acidic air caught her nose. It burned sharply as they yanked off the helmet. Stasis fluid poured out of her suit, splashing on the front of her suit and to the ground. At the same time, she could feel the air burning at her face, ears, and nose.

The male yanked the helmet away and tossed it out of the cell. With one hand still pinning her shoulder, he grabbed the tubes sticking out of Dina’s mouth and pulled.

The respond was immediate, a sharp agony as the carefully placed tubes and devices were rapidly pulled out of her lungs and stomach. Her insides, after two centuries of having them impaling her, screamed out in sharp agony as she felt every ridge and bump of the tubes.

Dina tried to scream. To her surprise, she could inhale which brought an immediate burning agony flooding into her unused lungs. With pain burning inside her, she let out a scream, real one. It rose in high pitch as the poisonous air ripped at her insides and she felt the tubes being torn out one by one. More of them scraped against her nostrils as they were pulled out, a dozen glistening rubbery tubes that let even more acidic air into her lungs.

Her eyes blurred with agony and the pain. Tears ran down her face as she jerked and shoved, trying to escape the claws pinning her.

It was less than a second before the last tube was ripped from her mouth. It smacked against her throat before the male creature tossed it out of the cage.

Dina sobbed, her lungs burning and her world becoming a single moment of acidic agony.

The other mask, far simpler than her firm suit’s, smacked against her face. A blast of icy air rushed across Dina’s face. A heartbeat later, it sucked hard on her face, sealing into place and ripping the air from her lungs. The rapidly growing agony of the poisonous air subsided almost immediately, only to be replaced with the dull burn of asphyxiation.

Icy air was pumped back into her lungs, a rush that flooded her and caused her chest to inflate. It was intense, a rush. It felt like liquid drugs being pumped directly into her body.

Less than a second later, it was yanked back out before another blast filled her lungs. Each time, the agony of the poison subsided until it was nothing more than a dull ache, no more than acid reflux.

An indicator showed up on the mask, “Purging atmosphere… complete.”

She tried to hold her breath, not quite trusting the mask. The white stars from hitting the wall turned black as her lungs tried to remember how to work. They were no longer attached to the suit and she could feel the hardness grinding into her insides, flooding her with sharp agonies.

Dina’s eyes teared up from the icy air. She struggled but it was too much, she had to breathe. She fought it with every iota of her body but her body betrayed her. With a sobbing gasp, she opened her mouth and drew in a lungful of icy air.

She expected the agony to burn away her insides. She knew the poison should have killed her instantly.

It was only air. Icy cold, but soothing air. The drug of oxygen hummed through her veins and she realized she was vibrating with the intensity of breathing. It felt raw, almost erotic, to use her body once again.

Hesitantly, she took another breath and then a third. The air wasn’t killing her. She took more tentative pants, a whistle of her breath coming through the severed tube.

The female creature peered at her through the mask visor for a moment then then shrugged to the male. She then looked back at Dina and reached out with her other hand toward Dina’s wrist.

Dina tried to move out of the way but she couldn’t escape. The female caught her with a grip like steel and forced her hand up.

Tensing with the fear of hearing a bone break, she was surprised when the female creature pressed her palm against the front of the mask and then relaxed her other grip.

Reflexively, Dina held the mask to her face. She could barely see through her tear-filled eyes as the male and female released her. They both backed up but the female was holding up her claws with her knuckles aimed toward Dina. Slowly, she lowered one, then two, and then the other fingers. She repeated herself.

Dina didn’t understand. She shook her head but couldn’t move away from the wall. The panic and pain kept her pinned as much as the desperation to keep the mask on her face to prevent her insides from being burned out.

The female creature repeated the folding figure gesture twice more. Then she had finished backing out of the cell. Reaching over, she pressed a button and the glass shield slid down into place. A blast of cold air buffeted Dina as displays on the inside of the glass came to life.

The biggest was an atmosphere indicator showing poison and a recycling icon. Moments later, a percentage indicator appeared underneath the poison as it rushed toward zero. It only took a few seconds before the poison indicator brightened from red to white and then faded.

In the corner of her vision, Dina saw the other occupant of the cell pulled her mask away. “God, I hate that,” said a familiar voice.

Dina tensed. She turned toward the occupant, staring at the blonde hair that could only belong to one person. It was Melodi.

They stared at each other, their jaws slack with shock.

Melodi looked ragged. The shift straining over her body told Dina that she was wearing nothing underneath it. The material was translucent, only enough for the thinnest protections. Hard nipples, from the cold Dina guessed, stuck out from the fabric as two dark points. A patch of darkness darkened between Melodi’s legs but the Dina’s attention was drawn to a series of dark lines that traveled from Melodi’s crotch to her throat. It looked like a surgical scar.

“My… gods.” Melodi stood up slowly, the fabric settling off her hips. “Is that you? Dina?”

Dina panted as the mask slipped from her fingers. It clung to her nose for a moment before bouncing off her firm suit.

“Oh, Dina!” Melodi launched herself off the bench and rushed over. She wrapped her arms around Dina and hugged tightly, a gesture that could barely be felt through the firm suit. “I thought… I didn’t… oh, Baby, I’m so sorry!”

Dina coughed as Melodi squeezed her tightly.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Feeling sick to her stomach, Dina glanced at the glass shielding them from outside of the cell. There was an indicator that the atmosphere outside was still poisonous but otherwise it only had a few quality displays and a clock. Nothing to give a hint of what was beyond. She closed her eyes tightly, her visions still adjusting to having air brush against them. A tear ran down her cheek. “W-What happened?”

Melodi pulled back. Her own eyes were glistening with tears. “I don’t know, but they woke up me up about a week ago. They… they are raping the women, ripping them open with those… those things as they laughed.”

She pressed her palm against her stomach and looked away. With the fabric pressed against her skin, Dina could tell that it was some sort of scar that ran up her body. The faint lines of staples were clearly evident through the thin material.

Dina frowned. “Did they… what happened?”

Melodi shivered and looked back. There was something terrifying about her look, like a broken woman. “No, they haven’t raped me yet.”

Dina reached out with shaking fingers. “What about this?”

Her fingers pressed up against the scar but she couldn’t feel anything through the firm suit.

Melodi stepped back and clutched her stomach with one hand and her breasts with the other.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean.”

A tear ran down Melodi’s cheek. “We… we should get you out of the suit. Harmmon will be coming back soon for it.”


“The female. She’s a doctor or surgeon, I can’t really tell.” Melodi’s grip tightened and Dina worried about the tone.

It was obvious that Melodi had some other horror that was far worse than being raped by the inhuman cock with the quills but Dina couldn’t imagine what could be worse. Her inner muscles tensed around the tubes and devices as the back of her throat burned. Dina gulped at her dry throat.

Melodi sniffed and wiped the tears from her face. She turned to face Dina and stepped closer. “I’m sorry, but we really should get you out of it.”

Dina cringed.

“If you don’t, then Naam will come in. He’s the assistant or something but he’s really rough.”

“That’s the one… the one who got me?”

Melodi sighed and reached up. Her fingernails were broken and cracked but that didn’t stop her from starting on the first buckle of the firm suit. It took her a few tries before she managed to get it open. When she did, a trickle of stasis fluid dribbled out. “There is also Lumme, he’s the one who does the… the…” The words choked in Melodi’s throat. Her fingers slipped at the tears came.

Dina felt her own tears burning in her eyes. “He’s going to rape me?”

Melodi looked up, her gaze heartbreaking. “I-I’m sorry.”

The world spun around Dina. Tears ran down her face as she tried to inhale but her lungs didn’t seem to work. She closed her eyes tightly to squeeze out more tears but when she opened them again, her vision was still wavering with the ones dripping down her face. “W-Why?”

Melodi returned to working open the firm suit. She managed to get one clasp open and worked on another before she answered. “I think they’re bored. They caught this ship and they’ve been… just screwing around. Some of them are tearing it apart for pieces, others are making some of us fight like gladiators, and then others just want to…”

She worked a few more buckles with tears running down her cheeks. She finished both sides of the breastplate and broke the seal to pull it out. The icy air rushed around Dina’s glistening breasts as the stasis fluid poured out along her legs. The liquid was quickly sucked up by a small vacuum drain leaving only a few droplets on the ground.

Dina shivered at the cold air. She could almost remember the pleasure that Melodi teased out of her before putting her in the suit. If they were in a better situation, she would enjoy the closeness of the nurse to her naked breasts.

Melodi let out a snort. “It only took them a few times to realize that we weren’t compatible. Those cocks of those, they shredded their first few victims. I think they died in minutes at most… the lucky bitches.”

She sniffed and started on the right shoulder plate. “They aren’t in a hurry, they have a hundred thousand of us to play with. Harmmon and the others are trying to get us to survive being raped.”

Melodi paused long enough to gesture to her scar.

“They are trying to surgically alter us.”

Dina shuddered at the pained look.

“Even with that, the others still pop a pod every few hours. You… you can hear them screaming as they are raped.”

Dina shook. She looked down at the suit. “Isn’t there something?”

“Anti-weapon and suicide scanner. If you try anything violent, they shock the entire room until you pass out.” Melodi looked up, the tears still shimmering in her eyes. “I tried four times. They won’t let me die.”

Dina sobbed and wrapped her arms around Melodi. Her bare skin felt raw against Melodi’s skin.

After a few seconds, Melodi returned to pulling off the firm suit. “They keep the cells safe for us so we can’t escape. Thirty seconds out there and we’re probably dead. Of course, they know that after a few of the girls killed themselves that way. In the last few days, they’ve been really careful to keep us penned up her as they experimented.”

She looked away for a moment and then returned her attention to the plate at Dina’s hips.


Melodi didn’t look up. She finished unbuckling the plate and pulled it aside for the stasis fluid to pour out. She tossed it aside and continued on the next one.


“They…” it came out as a whisper. “They are changing us to survive. New lungs, throat, inner tissues. Polymers to make our insides strong enough to handle the atmosphere and those fucking cocks. It hurts though, I can feel everything they do, but they… they..” She sniffed. Her fingers trailed on a buckle for a moment then she pulled away.

Dina expected her to step back but instead Melodi sank to her knees.

“Those lucky bitches got to die fast. I’m… I’m not lucky.”

With a cry of her own, Dina knelt down. It felt strange having her legs still encased in the firm suit but the tubes dangling out of her naked crotch and the rest of her bare bare to the cold air. She couldn’t quite kneel, but she wrapped her arms around Melodi.

With a sob of her own, the nurse broke down into a long wail of terror. She clutched Dina as all the agony and terror pulled out of her. It was heartbreaking and terrifying itself, it told Dina that her perfect life had been completely ruined by hijackers looking for a cheap thrill and someone to rape away the time.

They both cried for a long time.

When the tears slowed and the sobs were no longer tearing out of her throat, Dina felt dead inside. She looked into Melodi’s green eyes. Without a word being said, she reached over and held her chin with both hands before kissing her.

Melodi kissed her back, her breath tasting sweet. It was only a single kiss, a brief touching of lips, but somehow it pushed back some of the horror more than any sedation.

“We should finish, right?”

The blonde nodded. She reached up between Dina’s legs. Dina felt her grip on the tubes, they were transmitted deep inside her body. Every twitch and twist telegraphed against her insides.

Dina began to pant faster.

“I won’t hurt you,” whispered Melodi. She ran her fingertips around the junction of the tubes and Dina’s body, working her digit against the tightly stretched lips and sphincter. Her touch was electric and delicate, more so against the backdrop of horror that approached both of them. It was more intense than any teasing, with every caress transmitting across Dina’s nerves like lightning.

It wasn’t sexual as much as tender. Melodi worked the thick device around to loosen it and then twisted lightly. Every movement transmitted deep inside Dina’s pussy but it didn’t hurt. Instead it felt like something huge and slick was sliding out of her, an immense cock or a lover’s fist. Her eyes glazed over as her world focused on the sensations.

Melodi smiled. “Just breath. Take a deep breath and then breathe out. As you exhale, push.”

Still balanced on her feet, Dina moaned as she pushed at the devices. They oozed out of her pussy, her tightly stretched lips caressing and clinging to every bump and ridge as it did. She shuddered and kept pushing, whimpering as an empty feeling filled the void the devices left behind. She had been stuffed full for two centuries and now, for the first time in a long time, she was emptied.

It took almost ten minutes of pushing to get both sets out of her. Her pussy and ass felt hollow, a gaping void that begged to be filled. She shivered, not from an orgasm, but the sensation of being only human.

Melodi caressed both gaping openings with her finger. “They’ll tighten up, you just need rest.”

Dina panted and looked at her. “I’m scared.”

“Me too, Baby, me too.”

A tapping on the glass caused Dina to jump. She looked up to see the female—Harmmon—standing on the other side. The creature tapped on the glass and a countdown indicator flashed up. They had ten minutes.

Melodi took a deep breath. Her finger still rested right against Dina’s raw and puffy folds; Dina could feel the pulse against her clitoris which was only beginning to respond. “Come on, let’s get you stripped. You really don’t want Naam mauling you.”

Letting out an uncomfortable laugh, Dina stood up. She knew she looked ridiculous wearing only a pair of armored leggings and naked otherwise.

Melodi remained on the floor. She looked up with a sad smile.

Neither said anything as she began to unbuckle the next plate.


Chapter 7: Apologies

Dina shivered to herself as she desperately tried to pull her thoughts away from her fate and concentrate on going to sleep instead. It was late into the dark cycle that the creatures had programmed into the ship, apparently they had a thirty-hour day which meant that fifteen or so was dedicated to sleeping.

A muted scream, a woman’s, rose up even through the security glass. It was high-pitched and desperate, shrilly ringing out despite the distance. The long wailing was interrupted steadily and Dina couldn’t help but imagine it was an inhuman, slaughtering cock pounding into the poor helpless victim that caused the punctuations.

Tears burned in her eyes. She rolled over and covered her ears. Melodi told her that the creatures were still murdering women but she didn’t think she would hear it. More importantly, she could picture herself lying on a padded mattress with a thin blanket draped over her and imagining herself in whatever poor woman’s position. Her entire body shook as she morbidly pictured the quills driving into her sensitive pussy, ripping flesh and spearing deep.

She couldn’t get comfortable. She tried shifting again but the movement accidentally exposed her ears just as a fresh scream ripped through the ship. With a sob, she shoved her face into the pillow and clamped her palms over her ears.

Movement caught her attention as the mattress sank down.

Dina let out a shriek and rolled away.

“No, no, Baby, it’s me,” said Melodi.

Dina blinked and looked up at her. The entire cell was bathed in a faint red light. It wasn’t enough to read by but she could see it shining along Melodi’s body. For a moment, she didn’t know how to respond to the blonde. She didn’t know what she wanted, what she needed.

Melodi caressed her knuckles along Dina’s cheek.

Dina lunged forward to hug the curvy woman tightly. A sob tore out of her as she wrapped her arms around Melodi’s waist and shoved her face in between the woman’s large breasts. The surgical scar was a ridge against her face, a reminder of their fate.

“Oh, Baby,” whispered Melodi as she hugged her back. “I’m so sorry.”

“Why? Why?”

Melodi didn’t say anything.

Together, they rocked back and forth as Dina cried into Melodi’s chest. It had been hours since her stasis pod had been opened. Hours since her perfect life and plan had been destroyed by creatures looking for a diversion. She shuddered as a fresh wave of sorry rose up. Planting her mouth against Melodi’s breast, she cried out loudly.

The sorrow didn’t last long, though. She couldn’t keep crying. She wanted to never stop, she wanted to make the world disappear. There had to be a way of escaping, a way of breaking out of the cell. She gulped and closed her mouth, her lips caressing against a surprisingly hard nipple.

She inhaled, breathing in Melodi’s delicately perfumed scent.

“You know,” Melodi said with a sudden grin in her voice, “I know how to get your mind off this.”

Dina pulled away, confused. There wasn’t anything that could distract her from the realization she was going to be raped and murdered by psychopathic monsters. There was nothing that could ever make things right.

Melodi lowered her head slightly as she lifted Dina’s, pulling her up to her knees. Soon her breath tickled Dina’s face. “It wasn’t too long ago that I was teasing this cute little thing.”

Dina frowned but her body began to tingle.

“I might have promised her that I wasn’t going to bring her right up to an orgasm and then seal her into a suit for a couple centuries.”

A heat flashed on Dina’s cheeks. “Melodi, I don’t—”

She was silenced with a kiss. She resisted, her hands stroking along Melodi’s shoulders but she didn’t try to push away too hard. It felt good, the kiss, and she wanted to believe that it could soothe away the terror that burned in the back of her throat.

Melodi broke it after a second. “Trust me, please?”

“It won’t—”

“Trust me. We both need this. Just a little.”

Dina shivered as her pussy grew hotter. She desperately wanted to deny what Melodi was saying but it was something sweet and delicate that she suddenly craved. For a few moments, she could pretend her life wasn’t about to become hell.

When Melodi guided her to her back, she didn’t resist. Panting softly, she settled back on the mattress with her legs slightly spread.

Melodi smiled and knelt between her knees. With her eyes locked on Dina, she brought her hand up Dina’s thigh and pushed the shift up. The touch was electric, the destination even more so.

Dina couldn’t look away. There was pain in Melodi’s eyes, she was trying just as hard as Dina to forget her future. With a gasp, Dina levered herself up to pull her buttocks off the mattress.

“Good girl,” whispered Melodi as she pushed the shift out from underneath Dina. Her fingernails trailed along the sensitive skin. The touch sent an electric surge dancing across Dina’s nerves.

The fabric bunched up at Dina’s waist, exposing her lower body to the cool air of the cell. Her pussy ached but it wasn’t wet. Even as she struggled to focus on Melodi to get some pleasure, she could still hear the screams echoing through the cell.

“Trust me,” whispered Melodi again. She slid her body down the mattress until her chin was resting right above Dina’s pubic bone. “I promise, this time you’ll come.”

The absurdity struck Dina and she giggled. “I’ve heard that before. Two hundred years ago, actually.”

Melodi grinned and kissed the smooth skin above Dina’s slit. “I promise.”

The fragile moment almost cracked. “Don’t,” Dina whispered back.

Melodi stroked Dina’s thighs and spread them further apart. A tingle raced along Dina’s pussy as the blonde lowered her head and pressed her lights directly against the swollen folds. The electric kiss seemed to gather inside Dina, pulsating inside her pussy as she felt soft lips dangerously near her clitoris.

A moan slipped from Dina’s throat.

“This isn’t so bad, is it?” asked Melodi before she kissed Dina’s slit once again. It was hot and smooth against Dina’s pussy, a pressure that couldn’t help but feel good.

Dina moaned against, her breath coming faster as she stared down at the black eyes staring at her through the red light.

Melodi smiled and then kissed her again, lapping out to trail her tongue along the puffy folds. When she reached the tip, she slid back down toward Dina’s opening and then back up against. It was slow, leisurely, and erotic.

Her body resisting at first, Dina felt the tingling and heat growing with every stroke. The smell of her excitement, the first musk of the morning, rose up and she breathed it in. It was something familiar, the scent of lust. She had grown up with it and it was comforting to know her body responded.

Melodi lapped harder, working her tongue past the folds. She smiled as she winked at Dina and then nestled her nose into Dina’s folds.

The touch against her clitoris was a flash of muted pleasure.

Dina jumped before settling down. The tongue slathered up and down her clitoris, bringing back to life the pleasure that had been lost in the last day. Neither was rushing and the slow build felt good. She reached down to stroke Melodi’s hair. “T-Thank you,” she said.

Melodi answered by worked her mouth deeper into Dina’s folds and then kissing directly against her clitoris. The heat brought more pleasure, a soft wailing moan. Wet slurping noises filled the cell as Melodi focused on lapping and sucking, moving up and down Dina’s pussy with her eyes never breaking the gaze.

Dina began to pant. A crest of pleasure rose up. It was slow and steady, waving through her body in time to the wet slurps that echoed from her thighs. She whimpered and rocked into it, enjoying how Melodi’s tongue traced back and forth before swirling over her clitoris.

Part of her wondered if Melodi was going to tease her again, leave her aching for an orgasm. She couldn’t take it anymore, she needed something, anything to push back the horror.

Frowning, Dina focused her attention on Melodi’s and concentrated on the sensations. She bore all her strength into ignoring the rest of the world except for the wet slurping that was bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Hesitant, she spoke up. “Finger me, please?”

Melodi obeyed, pulling one hand away from her thigh to trace her pointer finger up and down the slit. Slowly, the digit slipped into Dina. It was hard and swirling. It moved in time with the lapping.

Heat washed over Dina. “Oh, more… please.”

A second finger was added as Melodi shifted her mouth to suckle directly on Dina’s clitoris. Waves of pleasure radiated from the touch, the sucking to the plunging. It dominated Dina’s world, filling her with pleasure as a century-delayed orgasm began to rise up.

She cried out and gripped Melodi tightly, her fingers digging into the blonde hair as she pulled the nurse tight against her pussy and breaking their shared gaze.

Melodi smiled into her pussy and sucked harder, pulling the fold of pleasure from Dina’s pussy and driving her fingers deep into the wet, sucking depths. The little impacts of her knuckles against Dina’s pussy pushed the woman closer to her orgasm, driving wave after wave of heat into her body.

“I… I…” Dina gasped. “I think I’m…”

Melodi pulled her mouth away from Dina’s pussy. A strand of saliva and pussy juices connected. The orgasm hovered right on the edge.

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

Melodi grinned and shoved three fingers into Dina’s cunt before diving back down. She lapped hard and furiously, stroking with the broad edge of her tongue against the soaked folds. At the same time, her fingers were driven into Dina’s pussy again and again, the knuckles smacking loudly against tortured flesh with an impact that drove pleasure directly up Dina’s spine.

“Fuck!” screamed Dina. The orgasm rushed to the edge but didn’t quite set off. “No, no!”

Melodi drove her fingers hard against Dina’s cunt and bit down on her clitoris. It was a lover’s bite but the brief moment of pain set off the orgasm like ac circuit breaker popping.

It exploded inside Dina, rushing through her veins as an aching wave of pleasure. Heat and lights exploded across her vision as her body shook violently underneath Melodi’s mouth and hand. For the firs time in her life, Dina lost control as she writhed on the mattress, lost in the intense wave of pleasure that crashed into her. They pummeled her, shaking her from her core as juices dribbled out across Melodi’s hand and into the mattress.

Before she knew it, Dina’s ass was off the mattress as she ground Melodi against her cunt. She needed every iota of pleasure that she could get.

Melodi’s gaze caught with her own as the blonde continued to suck hard on Dina’s clitoris. The suction reignited the flames of passion and a second, smaller orgasm slammed into Dina.

Too soon, though, the sucking turned to discomfort. Dina pulled her aching clitoris away from her lips. “Thank you.”

Melodi lifted her head and eased her fingers out of Dina’s pussy. “Sorry for taking too long.”

Dina’s skin prickled with sweat. “Centuries late.”

She started to say something but Melodi drove her fingers back into her pussy. She jumped.

Melodi looked at her. “Feel better?”

Dina nodded and slumped back. “I…”

Melodi thrust again. “Don’t think about it. Right now, it’s just our pleasure.”

Dina caught the emphasis. “Our?”

Melodi looked to the side with a grin on her glistening lips. “I know I teased you, but I was kind of…” She cleared her throat. “I’m kind of hoping for a little quid pro quo.”

Feeling playful, Dina gave her a mock glare. “After what you did? Got me all hot and bothered and then stuck me in a stasis pod?”

“I said I was sorry,” Melodi sounded like she was being playful.

Her tone was a relief to Dina would was sure her attempt at humor would have failed. She gulped and licked her lips. She could pleasure Melodi, but first she needed a bit of courage and fingering would be a good start.

“Well…” Dina grinned, “maybe bring yourself up here and see what I can do.”

Melodi gasped and a broad smile. She scrambled to her feet. She stood with her legs on each side of Dina and worked her way up until her ankles were on both sides of Dina’s head and her pussy was right above her head.

Dina frowned, she meant to only kiss and finger Melodi, but then her mouth opened wide with surprise. From her vantage point, she could see that the surgical scars started from her opening, bisecting her clitoris, slicing through the ridge of her pubic mound before traveling up her body. There were more sutures along her perineum connecting her pussy to the wrinkled bud of her sphincter.

She tore her eyes away from the stark reminder of their fate.

Melodi planted one hand against the wall and began to lower herself.

Dina cleared her throat. “No, I meant…”

Melodi stopped. “Oh, I’m—”

Hearing the heartbreak in the blonde’s voice, Dina cried out. “No!”

Gulping, she looked up at Melodi’s bisected pussy. In the dim red light, she could make out the inner folds were already peaking out between the stitches. They were glistening and she could smell the tangy sweetness of the other woman’s cunt.

Dina had never licked a woman, but she knew what Melodi had done for her and was willing. Heart pounding, she reached up and stroked her hands along the warm flesh of Melodi’s inner thighs. “No, let me try. I haven’t done but I’m willing.”

Melodi’s hips rocked and she let out a low moan. “Baby, there is no way of doing this wrong. Are you sure?”

Dina nodded, a strange heat bubbling inside her. To emphasize the point, she reached up to cup Melodi’s buttocks. They were soft and curvy with just a hint of muscle underneath; it was far different than Korin’s thinner ass. She thought it felt good as she caught the upper edge of Melodi’s buttocks and tugged her down. “I sure.”

Melodi panted as she braced herself on the wall and lowered herself. Dina watched her pussy spread open as the nurse straddled her head and then the musky tangy scent of a woman’s pussy pressed against her lips. She gulped and then gave a tentative lick, half terrified it would be sour.

It wasn’t. Just like when she tasted her own juices on her fingers, Melodi was sweet with a hint of a bite. She smiled and gave another slurp.

“Oh, Baby,” gasped Melodi. One hand planted next to Dina’s head as the weight shifted more on her face. The swollen and slick lips smeared across Dina’s face; she could feel the scars scraping along the ridge of her nose but Melodi’s pussy was soaked and it was barely noticeable. For a brief moment, it cut off her breathing but then Melodi rocked to back and Dina could breathe again.

There wasn’t much that Dina could do. She cupped Melodi’s buttocks and lapped deep. It was a strange taste but she could feel the shudder of pleasure that shook from deep inside her lover. She did it again, exploring the first woman against her tongue. The clitoris was easy to find, it was hard and throbbing around the stitches. The wet folds clung to every bit of her tongue as she worked it down to the soaked opening of Melodi’s pussy.

“Right there, lick? Please?” Melodi’s cracked fingernails scraped against the wall. “I-I know it’s scary but it feels good.”

Dina obeyed, lapping deeper and faster. Her tongue ached from the unfamiliar action but she wanted to feel Melodi have an orgasm, just like the blonde had given her. She needed it. No, they both needed it.

Digging her hands into the smooth ass, she licked harder and faster, using her entire head and her soaked chin to add pressure against the writhing woman’s cunt. The harder and deeper she lapped, the easier it was to ignore anything but the hot thighs on each side of her head and the wetness flooding her mouth.

“Fuck,” gasped Melodi. She grabbed Dina’s short hair with her lower hand and held her down as she rocked her hips, fucking Dina’s face as much as Dina was licking at her pussy.

“Fuck, fuck,” came the soft, muted cries. Dina couldn’t hear every one, Melodi kept clamping her thighs against her ears but it didn’t matter, the sound vibrated through her lover’s body.

Melodi cried out and a flood of juices splashed against Dina’s face. It poured into her mouth and she gulped at it, surprised at the sharp taste but also enjoying how every part of Melodi’s body seemed to be grinding into her face.

The blonde’s weight shifted and then suddenly her other hand was grabbing Dina’s breast. Fingernails dug into the sensitive nipple as she held on. The sharp pain only enhanced the pleasure of lapping and a burst of ecstasy hummed along Dina’s veins.

Dina gasped, choking on the flood of juices. She couldn’t breath for a moment, her nose and mouth pressed tightly against the flooded cunt.

Melodi moaned and rocked back and forth, her weight shifting back and forth while only giving Dina the briefest of moments to breathe. It was intense and wet and slick.

Another orgasm slammed into Melodi and she clamped her thighs tight against Dina’s head. She shoved down, smothering Dina, as the juices came pouring out of her. “Yes, Baby! Right there!”

A moment of clarity slammed into Dina. She couldn’t breathe. If Melodi kept going, there was an escape from her horror.

Dina felt sick to her stomach but she couldn’t delay. She wrapped her arms around Melodi’s thighs and pulled tight. With her face buried deep in the blonde’s pussy, there was no chance she could breathe. In fear that Melodi would realize it, Dina began to lap with all her might, as if her death depended on it.

Melodi jerked as another orgasm slammed into her.

Dina fought the flood of juices pouring down her throat. She wanted to drown, to suffocate. If she could just keep licking then it would all be over. She bore down and licked harder, fighting every urge to breath as she gulped and teased the pussy that smothered her.

Writhing with her own orgasm, Melodi seemed lost in the pleasure. Waves of tension raced through her body as she clenched and unclenched her muscles in rapid beats.

Dina’s tongue and jaw hurt but she kept licking. Black spots raced across her vision as she felt her lungs burned but she kept moving her tongue, swirling and plunging deep into the clenching tunnel while holding Melodi tight against her face. Other sensations intruded on her fantasies, the rough ridges of her scars, the musky smell of her asshole, and even the brush of a few hairs against her cheeks.

Melodi jerked again. She tried to pull herself up, the muscles of her legs tightening.

Shaking her head, Dina pulled her back down. She licked harder.

Melodi tried to twist to the side.

Sobbing, Dina shoved her entire face hard against the pussy and bore down.

Suddenly Melodi’s weight drove down on her. It was no longer a lover’s caress but something more. It crushed Dina hard against the mattress, cutting off any chance of breath.

A lightheaded feeling swam across Dina’s thoughts. Everything felt like pleasure as the black spots clustered around her vision even beneath closed eyelids. She was burning and and in agony. Melodi’s juices were flooding into her lungs and it would only be a moment before she suffocated.

An explosion of pain slammed into her. White-hot, electricity shot through her body. Every muscle tightened painfully and she lurched up, throwing Melodi off her.

The electricity subsided but then slammed into her again. With a cry, she curled into a fetal position as Melodi screamed on the floor next to her.

Two more jolts of electricity punched through Dina’s body before it finally stopped. She remained on the mattress, curled into a tighter fetal position than she ever had. Tears burned in her eyes from her near death experience. Her body betrayed her by drinking in the icy air. As fresh oxygen flooded her lungs, the black spots faded.

Still sobbing, she looked up.

The glass in front of the cell had grown transparent. On the far side was Harmmon. The female creature was naked with one leg hiked up on the table and two of her claws buried into what Dina assumed with her pussy. It didn’t look like a human one though. It wasn’t a slit flanked with pussy lips but simply a rectum-like sphincter.

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Dina looked up at Harmmon’s face.

Harmmon picked her other hand off the control pad and wagged the thickest claw at Dina. Then she pulled her claws out of her pussy, slipped off the table, and circled around it to sit down on a stool. Her orange quills flattened back her back as she did.

“I’m sorry,” Melodi said.

Dina looked at her lover. Sweat glistened on her naked skin, soaking into the thin shift. “I… I should have said something. I just didn’t think. I… I shouldn’t have. You would have… you would….”

Melodi got on her knees and crawled over. “It’s okay. If I thought of it, I would do the same. It’s okay. It’s okay.”

Dina burst into tears and hugged Melodi tightly.

The blonde chuckled and then lifted herself up to crawl into bed. “Though, the penalty is that you are going to keep me company tonight.”

She stretched out next to Dina and wrapped her arms tightly around her.

Dina nestled closer, still crying.

“I need some cuddling after sex, you know.”

Dina started to nod then sighed.

“Sleep, Baby, I’m here.”

There was no more sounds of screaming echoing through the cells but she didn’t want to think way.

To her surprise, Dina drifted to sleep almost immediately.


Chapter 8: Waterfall

An unfamiliar noise tore Dina from her nightmare-fueled dreams. With horrors still flashing through her head, she tried to identify the source but all she could discern was a loud hissing noise. With a groan, she tried to sit up but a soft heavy pressure prevented her from sitting up.

“No,” Melodi said with a low murmur. “You aren’t allowed to leave me.” The blonde wrapped her arms tighter around Dina’s waist before she rested her head back on the crux of Dina’s hip.

Peering around, Dina saw that the wall between the cell and the central area was transparent. The alert indicators for the poisonous atmosphere had moved to the side, no doubt because nothing had changed since she had been thrown into the cell.

Beyond the shield was Harmmon, the female alien. Her hulking form was hunched over in one of the stools, her face in profile to Dina. She had an angular face. Her orange eyes matched the color of her quills as they scanned over papers in the alien’s hands.

Crud in the corner of Dina’s eyes blurred her vision. She tugged her hand out from underneath Melodi’s large breast. Her skin felt disgusting, it had been over a day since she had a shower and she still smelled of pussy and sweat and stasis fluid. She frowned at the scent but still use her hand to rub the dried tears from the corners of her eyes. Her effort only spread the gritty feeling until she used a corner of her wrist to wipe her vision clear.

When she finished, she peeked back at Harmmon. “I wonder what’s she doing. She looks peaceful.”

“This isn’t good news. She’s working.” Melodi had her chin on Dina’s hip and was looking out past the glass. There was a faint frown across her brow and she looked upset. Her bare legs stretched out along the bench of the cell and muscles twitched.

“Harmmon? That’s her name, right? If she’s studying, she isn’t going to hurt us, right? That’s good.”

Melodi sighed and closed her eyes for a long moment. Her body tensed, her buttocks flexing and her breasts grinding against Dina’s thigh. She buried her face against Dina’s thigh. Her hot breath tickled Dina.

“No, this isn’t good,” said Melodi with a muffled voice. She clutched Dina tightly.


“She’s working on you.”

Dina froze, an icy pressure squeezing down on her. “W-What?”

“That’s what she’s doing here, she’s a surgeon. She’s planning on how to cut you open and rip out your organs.” Melodi spoke in a low, broken voice. “She’s going to turn you into a rape toy for those monsters. You probably won’t survive it either.”

Looking away, Dina’s tears run down her cheeks. She ran her hands on Melodi’s shoulder, switching to trailing her fingers along the curves of her neck. She wanted to run away screaming but the horrified words echoed in her head.

“Once she’s done, then Naam gets a chance. He’s… he’s…” Tears splashed on Dina’s hip. “He’s going to shove that spiked cock into you again and again, ramming into you as those fucking spikes rip out your insides. You’ll feel him driving into you… so hard and cruel.”

Melodi choked on a sob. “Naam is much smaller Lumme. He’s the test subject, the sample.”

“Melodi….” Dina couldn’t stop crying. “Please, don’t.”

The blonde rubbed her tear-streaked face on Dina’s leg. “I-I’m sorry. It hurt so much.” She rested her cheek on Dina’s leg and shuddered. “I can’t take it again, I can’t take….”

Sniffing, Dina spread her fingers along Melodi’s shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“No,” Melodi lifted herself. “No, no, not him.”

Dina followed Melodi’s gaze. When she saw the towering alien coming down the hallway, the breath caught in her chest. Lumme was massive compared to the other aliens. His pitch-black quills were spread out behind him in a halo of darkness. Dina’s eyes trailed down, a cold shivering coursing along her body, before her gaze focused on his cock.

It was almost impossible to miss. Over a meter long, the thick club had hundreds of quills sticking out. They were bent slightly back, the tips curved back toward his hardness.

“Oh, god,” whispered Dina.

The sight of Lumme terrified and disgusted her. Her inner muscles cleaned in her fear. Fresh tears threatened to roll down her cheeks. She couldn’t look away from it as her mind helpfully offered nightmares of how anything so sharp or long would feel inside her pussy. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and tried to look away again but failed.

“Fuck,” sobbed Melodi.

Harmmon looked up from her notes. Immediately, her quills spread out as she stood up. She hummed loud enough to shake the glass. With one hand, she gestured toward the hallway behind Lumme with short, violently waves.

Lumme scratched the side of his head. His lower jaw stuck out in their strange smile. He gestured to the cells before reaching down and grabbing his cock with his left hand. The large grip easily crushed the quills against the shaft.

He pumped his hand forward, levering his inhuman shaft up. The quills in front of his four fingers fanned out before being angled forward. The movement folded the spines against his shaft. He reached almost a half meter before dragging his fist back, crushing the spikes easily.

It was terrifying watching the quills fanning out before being crushed. Every time one bounced back, Dina’s inner muscles clenched in horror. She could too easily imagine one of them piercing her skin, slicing through too-sensitive flesh and tearing her open.

Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

Harmmon’s own quills shook violently as she slammed her fist on the table. She hummed loudly and repeated her gesture for Lumme to leave. She looked furious, judging from the spread-out quills, the darkness on her face, and the way she crumpled papers with her other hand.

Lumme, on the other hand, didn’t seem concerned. He continued to pump his cock with his other hand while peering at the cells. The other glass doors were initially opaque but grew transparent as he looked at each one. Lumme peered into each one, inspecting the cowering women inside as he continued to pump his shaft.

When his gaze scraped over Dina, she shuddered in fear and revulsion. She covered her breast with one arm as she clutched Melodi tightly.

Melodi whimpered and pushed herself up, pressing her naked body tight against Dina as she did. She was cowering as much as Dina. “H-He’s coming for me. I know it, he’s going to kill me.”

She drew her knees up to Dina. Her entire body shook as she gripped Dina tightly, the pressure hurt as did Melodi’s nails against her skin.

Dina sobbed, her tears streaming down her face.

Lumme’s focus passed out.

Letting out her breath in a sob. “L-Look. He’s not going to pick you. It’s going to be—” The words froze in her throat. Even if Lumme didn’t rape her or Melodi, it was just a matter of time. The suffering, the agony, the fear would still happen, it was only a matter of how much torture they went through before dying on his killing cock.

A wail rose up in Dina’s throat, her entire body shook with the effort to stop it from ripping out.

Lumme stepped out of sight toward one of the cells.

Melodi buried her face against Dina’s shoulder. Her cheeks were soaked and the hot tears added to Dina’s. She whispered against Dina’s skin, the sound transmitting through her body more than being heard. “He’s going to pick me. I know it. That fucker is going to kill me.”

“N-No—” Dina choked on the words.

Lumme stepped back in front of her cell. He grinned, sharp teeth sticking out. Without hesitating, he slapped the control on the cell and the glass shield slid away with a whisper of sound.

Warning lights and sirens punched the silence, blaring loudly.

Dina inhaled sharply in surprise. She clamped her free hand over her mouth but some of the stinging air had already flooded her mouth and prickled along her throat. The searing sensation spread across her face and seeped into her eye. Her body’s attempt to clear her vision with tears did nothing but blur her vision.

Her fingers weren’t enough to prevent the sharp pains that spread across her body and invaded her nostrils and ears. Even her pussy and ass weren’t spared from the agony that rapidly spread across her.

Lumme reached in and shoved his hand between Dina and Melodi. His claws scored Dina’s breast. He pried them apart and tossed Dina to the side.

When she hit the wall, Dina lost her grip on her face. Her aching lungs drew in more of the poisonous air while she crumpled to the ground. She sobbed at the pain, shaking as she tried to cover her mouth and nose to keep her safe.

Still embracing the blonde, Dina let out a shriek of surprise as she was also pulled from the bench. Her bare knees struck the ground hard and she slumped forward. Without realizing it, she inhaled the sharp agony of the poisoned air and felt her lungs burn.

If she had her wits, she would have forced herself to breathe deeply and end her suffering. Her hand clamped tighter against her face, fingernails digging into the side of her head. Her entire body shook with the effort to breathe in and to prevent the agony from continuing.

There was a flash of orange as Harmmon raced in front of her cell. Her quills were standing straight out in a bush of brilliance. Looking directly at Dina, she slapped the controls for the cell.

The door slammed shut and the atmosphere began to purge.

The agony continued to spread over Dina’s body, consuming her senses as the acidic air ravaged her skin. She sobbed into her palm, the muted sounds weren’t capable of drowning out Melodi’s high-pitched screams that pierced the shield.

After agonizing seconds, the air had been completely replaced. The flashing red lights turned green before fading out of view. The stars across Dina’s vision took longer to slide away.

Dina, her cries wracking her body, managed to force her hand away from her mouth. Her sobs echoed against the wall, beating against her hearing as she drew in one icy breath after the other. Her wits cleared with every breath but along with it came a dread magnified by the screams that filtered through the wall.

By the time she could see again, she couldn’t help but look through the glass wall into the cell. When she saw Melodi on Harmmon’s table, papers sailing in all directions, her heart almost stopped. She thought Lumme would have taken her to the other room like before, but he apparently didn’t want to wait to rape her.

Melodi’s legs and arms flailed in all directions. She managed to kick Lumme in the chest repeatedly, but the impacts shook her body more than budge him even a millimeter.

The dark alien grabbed one of her legs, just below the ankle, and then slammed it down against the table.

Melodi screamed, her entire body arching off the table. When she slumped back, her leg wasn’t moving.

Lumme grabbed her other thigh and pried it open. His dark body was between them, but Dina saw flashes of Melodi’s pussy and surgical scars between the swaying cock that obscured her vision. With the quills stick out in all directions, it looked larger than Melodi’s abdomen much less the pink line of her sex.

The black-quilled alien reached out and wrapped his four thick fingers around his cock. The spikes didn’t seem to bother him as he crushed them down along the thick member and then angled it up.

Dina let out a choked cry.

Melodi’s scream was far, far louder. It beat against the walls and pierced the glass shield into Dina’s cell. It was the sound of a cat being tortured and a woman about to know her fate.

It only rose as Lumme planted the spiked head of his shaft against her pussy. Every muscle in Melodi’s body tensed as she tried to pull herself away. Her back arched with her effort to grab the far side of the table. Her one moving leg flexed and twisted but Lumme’s grip kept it pinned tightly in place.

Dina cringed. She couldn’t help but imagine herself in the same position. The idea of having sharp spikes pressed against her labia sent waves of sympathetic agony coursing through her body. She sobbed louder and the tears dripped off her hand and down her arm.

Lumme jammed the head of his cock into the opening. The spikes fanned out and then bent back as he drove his shaft into Melodi.

The blonde’s screams became a high-pitched wail of agony. She continued to paw at the table, thrashing violently as she tried to escape. Her good leg flexed against Lumme’s claws; it looked like she was trying to push herself off his shaft but he responded by shoving forward even further.

Every quill that disappeared inside Melodi’s pussy sent a flicker of agony through Dina’s. She sobbed and cried as she watched centimeter after centimeter disappearing into Melodi. It seemed to go on forever and Dina could only sob as he continued to bury more of it into her friend.

Then Lumme stopped.

Dina’s inner muscles clenched as she stared at the shaft. It was easily as wide as her fist, stretching Melodi’s opening obscenely apart. Her labia was a white ring except were a few droplets of blood were welling out from the scratches from hundreds of spikes.

Melodi cried out, but her body wasn’t moving as much. From Dina’s vantage point, her stomach looked swollen and her ribs were forced out. Melodi’s breasts were thrust high into the air, tipped with hard nipples that shook with every pant.

Dina flexed her inner muscles, unable to tear away from the horror that was about to begin.

Lumme grabbed Melodi by the hips. His immense hands easily circled around her as he clamped down.

He started to pull out.

At first, nothing happened.

Melodi’s screams renewed. She clutched her belly as it swelled underneath her grip. It was the spikes on Lumme’s shaft, they were reversing themselves as a hundred sharp points pierced her from the inside.

Lumme continued to pull out. Blood welled out of Melodi’s sex. With a surge of power, he yanked a few centimeters out. A sheet of crimson liquid poured out as he yanked half a meter of his cock from Melodi’s body.

The screams that rose were horrifying, the sound of someone being gutted from the inside.

Lumme didn’t seem to notice. He pulled almost completely out of her, sending blood flying everywhere, and then rammed them back in. Dina could only watch in horror as the spikes reversed themselves, ripping through Melodi’s labia and inner thighs before disappearing into her body.

The alien drove deeper, almost his entire length.

Melodi’s terrified sounds cut off with a wet gurgle as he buried himself to the base inside her.

Without pausing, Lumme yanked his shaft out, forcing her body to swell as a thousand spikes stood up and cut into her insides before being yanked out. More blood sheeted out of her body, it came in thick gouts of crimson, a flood of life that soaked the table and poured to the floor in a macabre waterfall.

Dina shook violently, her stomach twisting with agony as she tried to look away. She couldn’t. Instead, she crawled over to the glass and pounded on it, trying to interrupt Lumme or find some way of stopping him. She couldn’t see Melodi executed that way, not to see her friend die while being eviscerated from the inside.

Her futile attempts did nothing to stop Lumme as he drove in and out of Melodi, pumping his shaft deep into her body before ripping it out in a shower of blood. It coated everything: the desk, the walls, the floor. Even splatters struck the cell door, obscuring the sight of her friend being brutally murdered.

Melodi’s leg thumped against the table and was still.

Dina slid to the ground. Crying out, she begged Lumme to stop. She knew it was too late but she still needed to try. She gave the glass a few more pounds before crumbling. She was speaking, begging, but couldn’t understand her own words.

Something tall loomed over her. It was Lumme. His blood cock thumped against the glass and left a red smear against it. There was hatred and anger in his blue eyes, a contempt that left Dina shaking.

Tears pouring down her face, Dina backed away from the glass.

Harmmon rushed over and pushed Lumme away. She hummed loudly at him.

Lumme shrugged and turned around. He left a river of blood behind him as he strolled down the hallway and out of view.

Dina watched him until he was gone. Then she lifted her tear-filled gaze to Harmmon who stood at the glass of her cell.

The alien had her hand pressed against the glass, her four claws spread. Her orange eyes were lidded, half-closed as she panted. Her quills were flat against her back, almost a cloak. She looked sad, as much as any alien could. Harmmon turned away and her shoulders slumped. As she stepped away, she kept her hand pressed to the glass as long as she could. One by one, the thick claws scraped against the glass before she pulled away.

When Dina saw Harmmon heading over to Melodi, it was too much. With sobs wracking her body, she flung herself onto the bench of her cell and buried her head in Melodi’s discarded shift. Crying out, she bunched it over her head and prayed that the world would end.

It took a long time for oblivion to yank her into sleep.


Chapter 9: Training

Dina sat in her cell with her head against the wall. Her eyes and lungs ached from her sorrow. Even her mind was quiet, the images of Melodi’s death no longer playing endlessly in her head. Instead, she felt stretched out and broken, no images or thoughts swirled in her head. Only a bone-deep despair that left her limp and drained.

Harmmon and Naam were still cleaning up the mess. The female alien was picking up the blood-soaked papers and waving her hands around as she hummed angrily. Her quills, a sign of her emotions, were sticking out in all directions as she angrily tore the ruined sections and tossed them into a garbage.

Naam was sponging up the blood that had pooled on the ground. His own brown quills were down. He didn’t respond to Harmmon’s gestured, only kept his head down and cleaned.

Thankfully, taking away Melodi’s body was the first thing Naam had done. Dina had watched him easily pick up her form and sling it over her shoulder. Blood poured out of her mouth and between her legs. There was also bruising along the line from her crotch to her throat.

Her skin wasn’t ruined though. Dina remembered how the bodies near the stasis pods had their eyes melted and skin sloughed off. The acidic air had ruined them, though Dina didn’t know how long they were exposed before they melted. Melodi’s skin didn’t show any sign of it, there wasn’t even red around her unseeing eyes.

For a moment, Dina thought a sob was about rise up again but nothing. She had been broken, her mind briefly stripped away by the all-consuming horror of seeing her own fate being raped and murdered on the table in front of her.

She rubbed the dried tears from her face. The gritty feeling didn’t go away but it didn’t bother her as much. She looked at her fingers for a moment and then let her arm drop. It bounced off her knee and slid between her legs to rest against her sex.

The idea of fucking disgusted her but she didn’t have the energy to pull her arm away. She left it there and watched without focusing as the two aliens finished cleaning up the blood and mess.

Naam stood up with his cleaning supplies. He looked at Harmmon. If he hummed, it was too quiet to get through the glass. Harmmon just waved him away and then went back to sorting through her torn notes. She had a tablet out now, a large sheet of plastic about half a meter across. It was opaque but images swirled around it; it also looked like the images had some depth but Dina didn’t care enough to inspect it.

The male alien left.

Dina waited for him to return. She didn’t have anything else to do.

An hour passed, stretching out infinitely long because Dina wasn’t thinking about anything. The only measure was her heartbeat. She could feel it pulsating along her arm and legs, the tiny tremors that bumped against her exposed sex and the pulse in her neck.

Occasionally, Harmmon would glance at Dina and her quills would shake slightly but then she went back to her notes. It looked like she was transcribing them into the tablet, using her fingers to draw on the board as she worked through the ruined pages. When she finished each one, she crumbled it up and tossed it into a garbage can.

Naam returned with a bag hanging from his claws. It was from the ship’s supplies with Standard words written on the side but too far away. The fabric was bright orange and she thought she saw the emergency supply indicator on the side. It was also heavy, judging from the way it bulged near the bottom and how it bounced off the alien’s leg quills but pulled free.

Dina perked up. Seeing something from ship drew her attention. She leaned forward to try reading the side.

Naam set the bag down on the corner of the table and opened it up. Reaching in, he started to grab narrow boxes and stack them up. Each one was clearly marked as emergency food rations, the contents were written on the side and front. From her lessons on the stasis ship, each one had enough food and water to last a day. They were also tasteless and bland, just enough to encourage eating but not enough to tempt gluttony.

Her stomach rumbled. It had been over a day since they pulled her from the stasis pod and she was suddenly hungry. She protectively curled her hand over her sex and brought her other up near her face for when they opened the glass wall and let in the poisonous air.

To her surprise, Naam didn’t bring the food to the cells. Instead, he opened up a large cabinet near the door and began to set the boxes inside.

She worked her dry lips for a moment. “Fucking bastards,” she whispered.

Harmmon’s quills jumped for a moment.

Dina froze, wondering if the alien was listening. After a long moment, she cleared her throat. “Bitch,” she said. Her voice was broken and hoarse, it scraped against her dry throat as she spoke.

The female alien didn’t respond.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Dina returned to watching Naam load the rations into the cabinet and closed them. He returned to the bag and fished out more supplies. These were bars, labeled much like the rations but more colorful. It took her a moment to realize they were all treats: confectioneries, chocolate, nuts, and fruits.

Her stomach rumbled louder as she tried to remember how they tasted. Her thoughts broke through the despair that had consumed her thoughts and she found herself watching the treat bars intently as Naam set down five boxes on the table next to Harmmon.

She sat forward, her hands still near her openings.

Harmmon stood up and took the boxes. Her eyes looked around at the other cells, they were all opaque, before she looked at Dina. For a moment, the brilliant orange eyes focused directly on Dina.

Dina shuddered in fear and tried to lie back down.

Harmmon’s quills quivered for a moment, then she carried the boxes to a cabinet on the far side of the room. She was out of sight for Dina for a long moment.

Naam left with the empty bag.

The female alien came back with something in her hand. She glanced around the room again and then turned to Dina’s cell. Reaching over, she tapped something on the control and a faint hissing noise filled the air.

Dina trembled.

Harmmon pressed the chocolate bar against the glass. “Melomi mitch? Mant miss?”

Her voice was a high-pitched human but it was almost words. Understandable words.

Dina frowned, her heart racing.

Harmmon tapped the bar against the glass and then brought it to her mouth. She mimed eating, her teeth flashing. Then she brought it down and pressed it against the glass. "Mant miss?”

Trembling, Dina frowned. The tears were threatening to come again.

Harmmon pressed the chocolate to her chest. “Harmmon.”

It was her name.

The female alien did it again and repeated herself. Then she pointed two fingers at Dina with one hand. "Mama?”

When Dina didn’t respond, Harmmon tapped her chest against. "Mama Harmmon. Harmmon.”

Dina didn’t know what to do. With tears in her eyes, she shook her head.

Harmmon shook her head and then took the chocolate bar away. She set it carefully on the table in front of Dina, right where Melodi had been murdered. Then she sat down and returned to her work.

Dina’s stomach rumbled louder. The chocolate would help sate her hunger. She knew what Harmmon wanted, or at least guessed it. But would she help the alien who altered Melodi, who would alter all of them, so they could be raped and killed?

She tried to look away but her hunger drove her to look again. The bar was just sitting there, a treat for a dog who knew how to obey commands. She read the book, she had a good idea of what Harmmon wanted.

But Melodi knew all of their names. Melodi had done the same thing, no doubt talked to Harmmon and learned things.

Only a few tears burned in her eyes, the rest were already dried up.

After a long moment, Dina pushed herself up. She worked her lips for a moment and then spoke in a broken whisper. "Mama Dina?”

Harmmon’s quills jumped. The female alien looked over her shoulder, a smile slowly stretching to reveal her pointed teeth.

Encouraged, Dina pressed her hand between her breasts. “Dina.”

Harmmon turned on her stool. She tapped her chest. "Mama Harmmon.” She pointed to Dina. "Mama Mina?”

Dina nodded. "Mina. Mama Mina.”

Harmmon stood up, scooping the chocolate bar from the table as she did. She walked over to the glass. Her towering form blocked most of the view. She pressed the chocolate against the glass and her quills flattened against her back. "Marmif mu mafma, nifo loa kuul. Melomi fu mirmuni. Mu… Harmmon marif.”

Dina didn’t understand any of the words but Harmmon looked sorry for a moment.

The alien set the chocolate bar into something to the left of the cell door. On Dina’s side, it looked like a cylinder. There was a hiss and the cylinder rotated, revealing the chocolate bar.

"Harmmon marif.”

Harmmon turned and walked away, her quills still pressed tight against her body. As she headed toward the archway leading into the hall, she tapped on a control above the cabinet where Naam had loaded the rations.

With a cheerful ding, a shelf slid out of the wall near the chocolate bar revealing a box of rations already steaming slightly.

Dina watched the orange alien walk down the hall and out of sight. As soon as Harmmon was gone, Dina stumbled off the bench and rushed over to the food. She was starving.


Chapter 10: Seconds

Right before the night cycle, Lumme came back. He was already hard again, his pitch black cock a bristle of spikes and quills. His heavy footsteps shook the ground as he marched down the hallway.

Dina cringed at the sight of him. Sitting up sharply, she shook her head. “No, no, don’t do that.”

Harmmon stood up, her brilliantly-colored quills spreading out. She took a few steps to the side, obscuring Dina’s sight of Lumme.

Dina frowned for a second and then sat up straighter. Was Harmmon protecting her?

The female alien hummed loudly.

Lumme answered curtly but then walked to the side toward one of the other cells.

A selfish part of Dina immediately breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t his next victim. She immediately felt guilty and despair for the next woman. Sorrow rose up, clutching her heart.

The other cell door opened quickly but remained opaque. Inside was two women wearing shifts. Even through the thin fabric, they had surgical scars from groin to throat. Unlike Melodi or Dina, they didn’t scream or thrash out at the sight of Lumme. Instead, they bowed their heads.

Lumme reached down and grabbed one of them, a red-haired girl with an angular face and small breasts.

Dina expected to hear screaming.

The redhead only stood up and let herself be dragged out of the cell.

Lumme guided her out of the holding area and down the hallway. Past Harmmon, Dina could see the woman meekly following the black alien to her death.

Harmmon turned around, her quills flattening. “Imika muf niffo.” She kept humming a little and then sighed.

Dina frowned.

Harmmon shrugged and then pointed to the other cells. She then mimed hefting breasts in front of her, her four claws cupping the air. “Imika…?”


"… omen. Muf niffo.” Harmmon looked around for a moment, a frown on her face. Her quills jumped for a moment. Striding over to the table, she grabbed an empty ration box. Turning around, she held up the empty box. "Muf niffo.”

Then she grabbed some papers and a fruit bar from the top of the table and shoved them inside. "Muf sasomu.” She emptied the box. "Niffo.” She tapped her head and then pointed to the other cells. "Imika muf niffo.”

She then pointed to Dina. "Mina muf sasomu.”

Dina looked around. “All of them are… broken? Muf niffo?”

Harmmon nodded, her quills showing sadness. "Ho. Imika muf niffo. Melomi u Mina, muf sasomu.”

“Melodi and I were the only ones who kept our wits?”

"Ho.” Yes.

Behind Harmmon, the redhead’s screams began.

Dina bowed her head before the tears started up.

Harmmon hummed, "Onka, Mina. Harmmon marif.”

There was a hiss as the delivery cylinder rotated. It had the fruit bar inside it. A moment later, there was a click and the speaker shut off, muting the screams as Lumme raped the other women.


Chapter 11: Quiet Time (FF exhib)

It was ten hours into the dark cycle on the ship. The thirty-hour day was brutal on her human psyche. Eight hours into the night cycle and she was wide away, unable to sleep as she stared at the dim lights in the cell. The time display on the cell was still coded for human hours, which mean it was meaningless.

Fortunately for Dina, Harmmon left her glass door transparent so she could see more than the cramped cell. Not that the slightly increased viewing area didn’t help much with the long hours as she waited for her body to be willing to sleep again.

She sighed and pushed herself off the bench. Her shift, grimy and dirty, fluttered against her nearly naked body. She still felt disgusting, it had been days since she had been pulled out of the stasis. For the endless time, she looked for a control that would give her access to a shower or bath, but couldn’t find one. There was a toilet that created a privacy shield but no corresponding shower facilities.

Dina groaned and leaned on the glass shield. It was cooler than the rest of the walls and the temperature easily seeped through her thin shift. She thumped her head against the glass. “Fuck.”

Passing the time was easier the night before. She had Melodi to keep her comfort. Melodi to touch her… kiss her.

Memories rose up, raw and fleeting. Melodi’s lips against her neck, her shoulder, her pussy. A flicker of heat road up.

She tried to squelch the heat. Sex with Melodi shouldn’t be the memory that she held of Melodi. It was too base, to primal. There had to be another way of holding on to Melodi, some other way of remembering her.

Images of the blonde’s rape rose up. The horror of seeing the spiked cock tear into her.

Tears burned in Dina’s eyes. She balled her fists and rubbed her eyes. “No, no! Not that.”

She wracked her memory for a more peaceful memory, but there were precious few. Even the first meeting was sexual, with Melodi teasing her for almost two hundred years, though most of the time in stasis.

Her pussy grew moist. Her memories shifted from the first meeting to the night after she was thrown in the cell. Melodi’s fingers and lips intruded on her mind, drawing her thoughts to the sweet and tender moment that also brought her more than a little pleasure.

Dina gave up trying to find a non-sexual memory. It was better than the horror.

Squaring her shoulders against the glass of her cell, she rested one hand on her breast and stroked her breast. Her nipple was hard and sensitive, just like the time when Melodi caressed it with her fingers. The aureole wrinkled at her touch and little sparks of pleasure raced along her nerves.

She pinched her nipple and sparks of pleasure swarmed across her senses. She let her head tap against the glass as she closed her eyes and sank into the pleasure.

Melodi was fond of teasing her fingers along Dina’s skin. Dina used her other hand to trail down her belly, tracing along her ribs and further down to the curve of her pubis. Her pussy was already wet with her thoughts, the memories of Melodi’s body tight against her own and the feel of her tongue laving between Dina’s swollen lips.

She curved her fingers under the curve of her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to find the aching hardness of her clitoris. The fold of her pleasure was already dripping wet. At the touch, Dina let out a soft, shuddering moan.

A heavy knock on the glass interrupted her.

She screamed and spun around, staggering back as she tried to yank her hands from her sex. At the sight of one of the alien standing in the darkness brought a sudden surge of terror. She stepped back sharply but the bench caught the back of her knees and she sat down hard.

The alien leaned over and tapped something on the control panel. The lights in her cell brightened, lighting up the glass and revealing Harmmon on the other side. The female alien wasn’t wearing her normal briefs and her orange-tinged gray skin was a rippled line of muscles down to the sphincter-like opening of her own sex. Her quills were at half-mast, not spread out but not flattened against her back.


Harmmon ducked her head and then stepped back. Her large form easily covered the distance to the table. She sat down on it before scooting back until her knees rested on the edge. Her muscular thighs pressed together. “Mina namma Melomi?”

Dina wiped her finger discretely on her shift. She sighed. "Namma? Miss? Y-Yes, I… I miss her. She was a friend. She…” Dina sobbed. “She was so nice to me. Well, not that nice. She got me all hot and horny—” She pressed her pussy against her sex before she continued, "—and then stuck me in stasis for two hundred years, but it was teasing. I think we were going to finish up once we got there. My husband, Korin…”

Tears were beginning to blur her eyes. “We just got married. It was really late and… I… I… he and I never really consummated our marriage.”


“Yeah, Korin.”

"Ragu misumanu Korin on Melomi?” The female alien cocked her head.

“I-I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Harmmon frowned for a moment. Then she spread her legs and exposed two sphincter. They were both almost black and ringed with tight muscles. They also looked like about the same size. The one on the top was the one she was fingering while she watched Melodi and Dina fucking.

Dina blushed.

Harmmon pointed to her top sphincter. Then she raised her hands, formed a loop with one large paw and began to thrust a finger from her other hand into the ring.

There were a few signs that were universal.

Dina stared at it for a moment and something broke inside her. She snorted with amusement.

Harmmon’s quills rose up but she kept thrusting one thick claw into the ring. "Misumanu.”


“Fu-Fuk? Misumanu, fuck.”

Dina couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah.”

“Korin fuck Mina?” Harmmon continue to thrust her finger.

Dina couldn’t come up with the words to explain what they did. She almost pointed to her mouth but then realized she didn’t want the aliens to get the idea of ever shoving their spiky shafts into her mouth. She gulped and then nodded. “Korin fuck Dina.”

Harmmon smiled broadly. She stopped thrusting her finger. Then lifted the ring to her mouth and lapped at it. “Melomi fuck Mina?”

A flush crossed Dina’s cheeks and a welcoming heat rose inside her. She took a long shuddering breath as she remembered Melodi’s mouth against her pussy. It was sweet and tender.

“Melomi fuck Mina?”


“Korin fuck Melomi?”

Dina shook her head. “No. I don’t think they ever knew each other. Melodi was… mine.”

“Korin here?”

She looked up again. “Here?”

Harmmon pointed to the ground. “Here?” She pointed down the hall. “Here?” Then she waved her hand widely and pointed to the sky. “Gone?”

It took a moment for Dina to realize. “No, Korin is on the ship with me. We were… this was our honeymoon trip.”

Harmmon sighed. She toyed with some papers for a moment, not reading them but straightening them. It was a remarkably familiar movement, one that looked like the alien was thinking.

"Mina muf sasomu Melomi?” Was Dina thinking about Melomi?

Dina sniffed and nodded.

"Muf sasomu Melomi fuck Mina?” Harmmon gestured to Dina and then pressed her own large digits against her sex. Two of her claws pressed together looked almost twice as thick as a human shaft. “Sasomu fuck?”

“W-Was I thinking of Melomi… Melodi fucking me?”

Harmmon brightened, her quills briefly standing up. “Ho.” Yes.

Dina’s blush grew hotter. She started to reach between her legs to hide her pussy, not that it could be seen. She gulped. “Ho.”

Harmmon tapped her own pussy, then pushed down harder. The knuckles grew darker as one finger slowly sank into the tight sphincter. The tiny black wrinkles of the opening clenched down and Dina could see how Harmmon had to force the digit to the first knuckle into the tight hole. “Mina fuck Mina?”


“Harmmon fuck Harmmon. Mina fuck Mina?” She continued with a complex humming for a moment. "Nogo?”


Harmmon repeated herself. She shoved her thick digit harder into her sex and then pulled it out. It looked like it was incredibly tight judging from the way the ring of muscles bulged out and the cords of muscles that stood out with even a single finger inside.

Dina squirmed for a moment, twisting her hips. This time, her hand slipped between her legs and she cupped her pussy. Even through the thin fabric, the heat and moisture seeped into her palm.

"Nogo?” Harmmon said in a softer voice, a low rumble of a hum. "Mina fuck Mina. Harmmon muf sasomu Mina.”

The female alien hiked her legs further apart. Her muscles strained as she fingered herself, the force needed to drive even a single digit into the tight opening appeared to be incredible. Every thrust, her abdominal muscles flexed with each stroke.

Dina slowly levered her legs apart. She used her toes to spread her thighs wide. Her hand was still cupped over her pussy. Even with her trembling fingers protecting her moist folds from Harmmon’s sight, she felt as exposed as when Melodi stripped her naked so many centuries ago.

Harmmon gave a toothy grin and continued to pump herself. “Mina fuck Mina?”

It started with just a little stroke, Dina ran her longest finger up and down her slit. It soaked the fabric of her shift immediately but soon the friction felt good against her sensitive folds. She pressed harder as she traced her sex. The pleasure of masturbating was magnified by the knowledge she was being watched, admired even.

Dina’s breath came up deeper, low gasps punctuated by moans. She spread her legs further apart, to the point of straining, and braced her toes against the edge of the bench.

Across from her, Harmmon continued to slowly pump into her own pussy, the tight opening resisting every stroke.

Dina didn’t know why she wanted to please Harmmon, an alien who was going to surgically modify her in a matter of days, but for a brief moment, she saw the orange-quilled creature as just a female. The gulf between them felt just a little narrower.

Wanting to give more, Dina used her other hand to tug the shift up from between her aching pussy and her fingers. The fabric scraped against the sensitive nerves and sank into the pleasures of the movement. She pulled the fabric higher, dragging it over her soft belly and up over her breasts.

As soon as Dina’s nipples popped into view, Harmmon suddenly leaned forward. Her finger popped out of her pussy as she balanced on the edge of the table.

Dina smiled with the surprise movement. Harmmon’s attention brought a welcomed rush of heat coursing through her body. She kept dragging her shift up to free both breasts from the thin fabric. She hooked the hem up over her shoulder and pinned it against the wall. As soon as it was secured, she trailed her hand down over her small breasts and cupped them.

Harmmon hissed, her quills spreading out as she slipped one foot to the ground.

“Do you like these?” Dina asked as she circled her thumb around her aching nipple.

"Ho,” came the low reply. Yes.

Harmmon’s response sent a wave of pleasure racing along Dina’s nerves. She circled one nipple and then other, tracing along the wrinkled skin and enjoying the little sparks of pleasure that danced. She moaned and arched her back, abandoning to protecting her pussy to bring her other hand up to her other mound.

She watched Harmmon carefully as she squeezed her breasts, twisting and pushing them together. The sensations were pleasurable, but seeing the intensity that Harmmon watched her added to her pleasure. It was a rush to see how Harmmon’s orange eyes watched every flick of Dina’s nipple and every swell of her body.

Dina’s breathing grew deeper and stronger. She was panting as she squeezed harder, bearing down until the flickers of pain ignited into pleasure. She did it again and again until her hips were twisting and her pussy was drooling.

Finally, she slid one hand down her belly to her pussy. The bare sex was soaked and searing hot. Her finger easily slipped inside and slid down the ridge of her clitoris. Bursts of pleasure raced through her veins as she curled her digit and slid it into her, pumping with a liquid ease.

Harmmon hummed something. Her eyes focused between Dina’s thighs.

Dina felt wanton for masturbating in front of someone else, an alien much less. It nothing that she thought she would be doing.

She almost stopped as the horror of the events leading up to them slammed into her. Images of blood and memories of screaming bubbled up.

Dina closed her eyes and focused on the pleasure, mauling her breast with one hand and plunging a finger in and out of her cunt with the other. Her fingernails strummed along her nerves, pushing away the horror until she could once again enjoy the slickness of her pussy around her plunging fingers.

She shifted to her middle two fingers to thrust inside her, driving deep into her soaked hole. With her index and pinkie finger, she spread her labia to give Harmmon a better view of her most private of places.

The alien leaned forward, stepping forward with one hand between her legs and the other reaching out to plant against the glass. The glass fogged slightly with her panting as she pressed her muscular body up against the door and watched intently.

Dina kept her eyes focused on Harmmon’s orange gaze, staring into the reddish pupils as she spread herself obscenely while plunging faster. Her wrist hurt but the discomfort was nothing compared to the slick pleasure that burned inside her. She sank into the pleasure, enjoying how it rose and fell inside her as she filled the cell with the slick sounds of her cunt and the rising moans slipping out of her throat.

The pleasure built slowly but it felt good. She enjoyed it rising inside her, a heat that threated to burst across her senses. She pounded her pussy harder, slapping her palm against her outer lips and driving her curves fingers deep into her cunt. Splatters of wetness soaked her insides but she didn’t care.

Dina drank in the scent of her excitement, a tangy sweetness of her juices. It sw2irled around her and filled her, reminding her of the taste of Melodi on her lips and the way the blonde teased her before locking her away. Centuries later, it was the sweet teasing that finally came in an orgasm.

The memories that blew through her mind became the ignition of her own passion. Curling her toes, Dina finally broke her gaze and focused on her pussy, smacking down harder and faster. A guttural cry rose in her throat, it came from deep inside her as the crest of pleasure rushed up.

Her orgasm was a spark of intensity, a blast of pleasure that tore through her senses. A spray of her juices soaked her palm and wrist before dripping tot he floor. The sound was painfully load as she screamed into the orgasm.

Sharp agonies of ecstasy ravaged her insides and she jerked as it took control. Both legs slipped from the edge of the bench and she slumped down, spasming as she continued to thrust with the best of her ability.

It grew too much. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as the orgasm exploded once again and the world grew white for just a second.

When Dina came, she was on the floor of the cell. She laid in a pool of sweat and her cum. The smell of it surrounded her. Panting, she tilted her head over to look at the glass.

Harmmon was just putting something into the rotating cylinder that would deliver supplies into the cell. She cycled it with a hiss before she looked up at Dina. Her orange eyes were bright in the dim light. Spreading her fingers over the glass, she said, "Mamagoo.”

Dina didn’t know how to respond. She pushed herself up into a sitting position to watch Harmmon as she walked out of the cell and down the hall. The wall to the cell grew hazy and then opaque, blocking Dina’s vision.

With a frown, Dina crawled over to the tray. In it was a fresh shift and a wash rag neatly folded next to a low tray filled with water. Two fruit bars were stacked in the corner.

Dina smiled and set out to clean herself off and feel human.


Chapter 12: Procedures

After her night exposing herself to Harmmon, Dina approached the morning with an unexpected joy. She felt clean and human for the first time in a long time, even though she knew that it wouldn’t last.

The door to her cell grew transparent as an alien entered the room. She hoped it was Harmmon but it was Naam. The male alien wore the most clothes Dina had ever seen an alien wear: an apron that covered him from throat to to his knees. When he turned to the side, she could see he had on a pair of tight briefs. Both were shiny and black, shining off the light as he moved.

He circled around the cells, looking through the transparent doors at the cowering or unmoving women. Dina followed him with her eyes, trying to discerned the difference of his outfit but also inspecting the other women. Harmmon’s words came up and she could already see a difference.

The other women were broken: slack-jawed and not even responding as Naam tapped on the glass or walked by. Their shifts did nothing to hide the surgical scars that traced a line from pussy to throat.

As he approached her cell, Dina felt the muscles in her back tightening and her heart speeding up. She stood up and crossed her arms over her breasts and crotch just as he walked in front of her cell.

Naam stopped and looked at her. His brown quills stood up slightly as he inspected her from head to toes. A smile stretched across his face, his lower jaw jutting out to reveal a sharp row of teeth.

Dina blushed. She didn’t want to be too defiant but she couldn’t just sit there meekly.

For a long moment, Naam stared at her. Then he turned and continued down the line.

She let out her breath in a long gasp of relief. She half expected him to enter the cell and rape her; not unlike what Lumme did.

He finished his circuit and then stopped by the food dispensing unit. Pressing a few buttons, he ended with a tap on the dispense button.

Nothing sounded in Dina’s cell.

The other prisoners perked up and went over to pick up their trays. They ate in silence, using the benches for a table.

Dina jerked toward to where the food would have come out but nothing happened.

Naam grinned and walked away from the dispensing unit.

She let out a soft groan. “What about me?”

He didn’t respond. Instead, he sorted papers for a few minutes before carrying the tablet out of the room and down the hall. He didn’t go the full distance but turned to another door and entered it. Dina didn’t know what was on the other side but the strange action filled her with dread.

When she saw Harmmon walking down the hall with the same full-length apron, the feeling of dread rose up even higher. There was a purposeful way of the female alien walked but also she didn’t look at Dina.

Dina shuddered with realization, it was the day they were going to cut into her. She turned and looked around for something, anything to do. Panic filled her but there was nothing.

Suddenly, the bench slid into the wall.

Dina spun around in surprise.

Naam grinned as he slowly lifted his large claw from the control. The smile grew wider as he tapped on other elements. In her cell, the buttons for the toilet turned dark, the lights brightened, and she felt an icy wind rush past her.

Her nipples grew harder.

Harmmon looked up and said something but the humming was too fast for Dina to pick up a word.

Naam answered, crossing his eyes, and then walked away from the controls.

Harmmon replaced him, looking over Dina. Her quills were flat against her back. “Harmmon marif Mina.”

Naam exhaled hard behind her, his shoulders shaking.

Harmmon looked over her shoulder to glare at him and then turned back to the glass. "Mina,” the rest of the words didn’t make sense. When Harmmon used her claw to trace a line from her own crotch to her throat, no translation was needed.

Dina looked down at her body, past her small breasts and to her belly. She was about to be cut into it, spread open to be turned into Lumme’s sex slave. Tears blurred her vision. She couldn’t do anything to stop it.

But there was something she could do. Trembling, she pulled the shift over her head and folded it. It took her two tries to neatly square it up. Looking around, she tried to find some place to put it. She couldn’t find one. Her one attempt to retaining her own agency failing, she looked up.

Harmmon’s eyes were wide and her quills were up.

Dina held it up. She thought about the night before, thinking about a word Harmmon used that sounded right for a request. "Nogo?” She was careful to end on a down note for a question.

Harmmon’s mouth opened slightly. Reaching out, she fumbled for the control for a moment and then the delivery cycler turned around with a hiss.

Dina said, "Mamagoo,” in hopes it meant “thank you” before placing her clothes in the cylinder. It didn’t rotate away, the clothes just stood there as if it was on a shelf.

Taking a deep breath, Dina returned to the center of her cell. She tried to find some center but failed. The tears were burning in her eyes and she could feel her heart pounding on her chest. She was about to be hurt and all she could do was stand there naked, waiting for it.

Harmmon watched her for a long moment. Then she said something to Naam.

The male alien came back with a full-face mask. He handed it to Harmmon while looking at Dina with a confused look.

Harmmon rotated the cylinder and put the mask on. "Nogo,” she said as she returned it back. The mask was on Dina’s clothes.

Shaking, Dina grabbed it and pulled it on.

Harmmon held up her large fingers and she slowly folded one after the other.

Dina held her breath.

The female alien finished and then spread out her fingers again, ready to count.

Naam positioned himself in front of the controls.

Dina exhaled and then inhaled again, drawing in deep breaths until she felt dizzy. She was scared, terrified actually. A bit of pee dribbled down her thigh as Harmmon began to count down again. This time, there would be acidic air rushing around her when the last finger folded.

“P-Please don’t hurt me,” whispered Dina knowing it would probably be the most painful moment in her life. She tensed as the second to last finger folded.

There was only one.

Harmmon closed her fist.

The glass opened.

Dina took one last breath and held the mask on with both hands.

The air rushed around her, hot and tingling. It felt like a thousand tentacles wrapping around her as the caressing sensation grew hot and sparking. She could feel the acid pricking against her pussy and asshole, her sensitive openings.

Naam started in the cell but Harmmon stopped him with an arm across his chest. She looked at Dina and then gestured for her to approach. "Nogo. Nogo. Misinni. Nogo.”

Sobbing, Dina stepped forward.

Naam stepped back, his mouth slack and his quills down.

Harmmon backed up and gestured for Dina to follow.

Dina did, stumbling forward as she felt the pricks of agony swirling against her sphincter and pussy. The tears were flowing faster down her face as she almost chased after Harmmon.

Naam followed after her, his hands out as if to block her escape.

Harmmon lead Dina down the hall to the door Naam entered earlier. Inside was a large shallow tank. A large auto-surgery unit was mounted next to the tank, a column of white-coated steel that would contain a thousand drugs, cutting instruments, and devices for repairing humans. The tank bubbled with a strange greenish fluid, swirls of yellow rolled through the liquid as they were injected by nozzles near the edge.

Harmmon pointed to the stairs leading into the tank.

The burning sensation rolled over Dina, sending new agonies across her skin. It felt like fingernails scraping. Her pussy burned and the agony ripped a fresh sob from her throat.

Clutching her face mask tight to her face, Dina stumbled for the stairs. It was obvious she was supposed to go into the tank but she didn’t know how she could keep the mask on her face under the water, she would drown almost instantly.

Harmmon helped her up. The female alien’s arms were like hot steel against Dina’s burning skin. Every touch was fire, magnified by the acidic environments that permeated the alien’s atmosphere. She grabbed one of Dina’s feet and plunged it into the green liquid.

Dina expected the fluid to be hot but it was almost a balm. It felt thick around her body, more like rolling gelatin instead of water. The acidic agony subsided slightly.

Relieved, Dina stepped into the tank. At Harmmon’s guidance, the steel-grip of the alien pushing her down, she plunged into the liquid as she sat down.

The immediate relief of the fluid against her burning pussy was almost an orgasm. The acidic air didn’t burn her sensitive openings. She clenched her muscles and then tried to relax but it was hard.

Harmmon spread her immense fingers across Dina’s back. It was obviously a sign to lean back.

Dina knew she didn’t have a choice. She leaned into the thick fingers. Tears burned in her eyes as the air ripped against her exposed nipples, shoulders, and even her ears. The sharp pains were increasing.

The female alien tapped Dina’s mask and then held up her clawed fingers again before counting down.

Dina started to panic. She was about to lose her face mask. She shook her head. “No, no, I can’t.”

She started to thrash, panic surging through her veins.

Naam plunged his hands into the fluid and grabbed her thighs. Shoving them down, his grip ground her into the bottom of the tank with a pressure that caused her joints to pop.

Dina screamed out, trembling. “I can’t. I can’t. Please don’t do this.” It was wild and primal, a desperation to flee.

The steel-like grip easily held her in place as Harmmon finished counting down and then spread open her hands again. The second time was the real time. She was about to breath in acid or drown in the liquid.

As soon as Harmmon folded her hand, she reached over and yanked the mask from Dina’s face.

Dina’s fingers cracked from the effort to hold them in place. She clamped her eyes shut and held her breath, struggling to contain the sobs that threatened to burst out of her throat. Her entire body strained against Naam’s grip, trying to escape.

Pressure smothered against her just before a powerful hand shoved her into the liquid. Her entire world became an overwhelming surging of ice.

Unable to hold her breath in shock, Dina’s mouth reflexively opened and she drew in a breath.

It was oxygen, not acid.

She opened her eyes and saw that she had a form-fitting mask over her face. It was attached to the auto-surgery. Monitors flashed up on the columns and she could ready sensors about her own body: oxygen levels, pulse, temperature.

Her heart still pounding, she stared in shock. She still struggled but the powerful aliens easily kept her pinned in the liquid.

“Administering sedative” flashed on the column. A rush of sweeter air flooded her lungs. Immediately, her heart slowed and a lethargy filled her veins.

Dina tried to pull herself up but her fingers felt rubbery and useless.

The sensor for her heartbeat stopped flashing red.

Dina drew in another breath and then a third.

Naam and Harmmon worked around her for a long moment. Dina couldn’t move her head to watch what they were doing, but they moved with practiced grace that reminded Dina that they had done the same for many other women in the last few weeks.

Pressure caught Dina’s thighs, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. It increased for a moment and then she found herself being pulled to the bottom of the tank, pinned in place by straps that restrained her utterly. The only part bare was her torso.

Harmmon adjusted something and Dina’s legs were pulled open.

Dina tried to resist but the drugs and the powerful machine easily spread her obscenely open, exposing her pussy and ass to the cool fluid that inside her openings.

Then there was thick fingers at her sex. It looked like Harmmon from the orange quills but Dina couldn’t look down. Instead, she could only stare at the ceiling as the digits, each one twice as thick as any human cock, rubbed against her opening until it found the entrance to her pussy.

Harmmon pushed her digit inside. It was lubricated by the thick slime that covered Dina but there was still resistance from the girth.

Dina tried to clamp down on her inner muscles but they were useless as Harmmon eased one of her digits deep into Dina’s cunt. The thickness stretched her inner walls, sending little sparks of pleasure to dissipate under the drugs that flowed through Dina’s veins. It was pleasure, not enough for an orgasm, but it brought a faint smile to Dina’s lips.

Harmmon eased the finger out and then back in, slowly pumping.

Dina bucked her hips, or tried at least.

Harmmon leaned over her and hummed something. There were no sounds through the surgical fluid, but the intent was obvious as was the digit that continued to pump deep into her pussy and back again.

Dina tried to give her a smile, even though she didn’t feel it. She was scared but the fear had been pushed back by the drugs and the small amount of pleasure was magnified by her helplessness. She shivered and sank into the pleasure of being penetrated.

It didn’t last.

Harmmon pulled out after a few minutes. Her quills flattened against her back as she straightened up. She stood on the edge of Dina’s vision, thankfully out of sight.

At least until Harmmon lifted up a short, narrow-bladed knife in her vision.

Dina tensed and the sensors flashed.

Harmmon mouthed something, Dina guessed it was an apology and then reached down.

The first cut felt like tugging, not slicing. It was right at the top of her labia, right along her clitoris. A burning sensation rushed through the drugs as the tugging sensation moved higher, working its way up as Harmmon cut into flesh above Dina’s pelvis before moving higher up.

Dina prayed that something would knock her unconsciousness but she had no luck. Instead, she could feel every slice as a muted tugging as Harmmon worked at slicing up her belly.

The large alien stepped into Dina’s vision as she continued to cut up, working the blade across her ribs. Her eyes were focused on, not looking at Dina’s.

Dina felt the knife scraping across her sternum and into the cavity of her throat. The agony increased, the drugs weren’t capable of muting the sharpness that speared her thoughts.

When Harmmon cut through the bones of her ribs to expose her heart and cheat, the unnatural sensation burned brightly. White stars swam across Dina’s vision, born by the agony that savaged her.

She tried to tense but the drugs kept her limp. She struggled to open her mouth but couldn’t. Instead, she was forced to focus on the blade as it cut clear to her throat before stopping.

Harmmon continued down, cutting deeper and spreading open her flesh.

A thousand nerves screamed out in agony as the two aliens pulled open Dina’s body, exposing her organs to the thick fluid that rushed in around her lungs, stomach, and intestines. It was icy, too cold, but the overwhelming sensations weren’t enough to knock her unconscious.

Thick fingers began to prod and push her insides, tugging something out of the way as they formed a cavity. Knowing how long Lumme’s cock was, Dina knew it was to create a long channel for his shaft, an opening that could take his full length inside her.

The tears burned in her eyes as Harmmon pulled up a coil of Dina’s intestines. She inspected it for a moment and then sliced through it, cutting a meter and a half long coil out of Dina’s own body.

It was torture for Dina. The muted agonies of having her own organs sliced open was nothing compared to the images and fears that ravaged her mind. She couldn’t do anything as Harmmon sealed the two ends back together, shortening her insides by the cut out section.

Naam came up. He held something dark just under the surface of the water. It looked like a deflated urn with two wide arms.

With a shock, Dina realized it was her uterus. The sliced off end was the remains of her pussy, the thin flesh looked like delicate paper as he held it over Dina’s head and began to finger it.

She had a front-row view as he jammed his law into her cervix, painfully clear in the light. He twisted and prodded, ripping open the knot of muscle with one and then two digits. Soon, it was a bloody ring that he could easily thrust two fingers into. When he dropped it to the side of her head, he was grinning directly at her.

Dina shuddered as the tugging and ripping continued. Her lungs felt crushed against the sides of her ribs as Harmmon stretched out the sliced off intestines along the entire length and then fitted the ruined uterus as an end cap right underneath Dina’s collarbone.

The auto-surgery came to life as it worked at sealing the sounds, the microscopic ends of the device reconnecting nerves that were never intended to be attached again while sealing up the flesh. Sparks of white floated across Dina’s vision but she couldn’t scream out as she felt new sensations wracking her body.

Time continued to stretch into painful infinity as the aliens worked their way back down to her belly, attaching and moving things around. It felt like they were stuffing her back into place as they finished modifying her body into an unnatural purpose, to be a victim to die on Lumme’s inhuman cock.

They started to touch her, prodding and stroking. Her mind struggled with the new sensations, she could trace the pressure from one finger as it ran along her organs, but then it jumped sharply to an entirely different place. When they drew their finger back, the jump was even starker. It make her feel broken, like her body had been put together wrong.

The tugging sensation of them closing her up was disturbing. They were pulling on both sides of her body to bring her back together again as the auto-surgery bonded the flesh together. She knew that the scar would mark her alteration for every but it also meant that the procedure was almost done.

It wasn’t. Even as the last of her ribs was sealed back together, there were digits prying her labia apart and something being shoved into her. It was a ribbed tube, easing past the still sensitive opening. It kept going and going, tracing out the nerves that were never intended to be together. It felt like an immense cock entering her but then a pressure as if she had to shit. Finally, it thumped against her ruined cervix with blasted her with a pain that was far more intense than anything she had experienced before.

Her mind cracked from the effort. It was wrong, it was terrifying. She tried to scream out but no sound came out.

Hot fluid poured into her severed womb. It surged to fill her uterus completely before pouring out the bloody ring of her cervix. The thick, searing liquid poured down the new length of her pussy, soaking it completely.

The tube was twisted and swirled inside her, overwhelming her with sharp agonies. The hot liquid being pumped into her quickly coated every ridge, bump, and crevice of her insides. The agony seared her senses but refused to go away. It kept building.

Dina kept trying to scream.

Finally, they pulled the tube out of her. Her entire body felt like fire.

Harmmon stood over her. She looked sad, quills down and her eyes wide. She mouthed something and reached down. Her thick fingers caught a port in the tube leading into her mask. She had another tube in her hand, one filled with something bright and yellow. Slowly, she fitted the two together until there was only a single valve between Dina’s aching lungs and whatever Harmmon was going to pump into them.

Dina found the strength to shake her head. She wanted to beg for mercy but her lips only quivered through the drugs.

Harmmon turned the valve.

Searing hot liquid poured against Dina’s lips, tingling. It easily surged into her slaw jaw and down her throat.

She was drowning.

She was choking.

Black swirls covered her vision, punctuated by the bright white agonies of her ravaged body.

Dina tried to thrash to escape but couldn’t.

The world was going to dark.

She prayed to whatever gods listened never to wake up.

Then there was nothing.


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Chapter 13: Healing [F-solo]

Dina moaned as she dug her hands into the sides of her hips. She desperately wanted to clutch her stomach or dig into the source of the agony but didn’t dare. Touching the ragged wound that marked her from crotch to throat would bring a sharp wave of agony that she couldn’t take. When she dug into her side, even leaving bloody scratches, it gave her the sense of doing something despite the fact it did nothing to relieve her.burned painfully but it also held sharp suffering if she brushed it or even breathed too hard.

She had never felt so much pain from her insides. Every part in channel they had formed throbbed and pulsed no matter what she did. She couldn’t put pressure on it to relieve it or find a comfortable position on the hard bench that didn’t scrape against her nerves. Every second passed into infinite slowness, dragging her through agony as she waited for her body to slowly heal.

With a groan, she rolled to her since, wincing as something pulled behind her ribs, and pressed her cheek against the cooler wall. It was the only relief she had, but if she used the wall too often, it would warm up and give her no relief.

Her bare ass stuck out over the edge of the bench. She was sure Harmmon or Naam would be watching but she didn’t care anymore. They weren’t going to touch her yet, she was sure they would wait until she was fully healed before raping her violently.

The thought of rape sickened her. She inched her hand toward her wound, wondering if she had the courage to tear herself open and bleed all of the ground. It would end her suffering. Her fingertips caressed against the tender line. When an instant sharp agony raced along her nerves, she yanked it back with a sob. She didn’t even have the strength to kill herself knowing that she was going to be raped and murdered in the future; when all hope was last, she didn’t have enough to end it herself.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she ground her face into the wall and berated herself.


Chapter 14: A Glimmer of Hope


Dina shuddered and peeled herself away from the wall and unfurled her body. The dried fluids of her healing wound cracked from the effort and she winced as it scraped against her senses. Sweat from where she ground her knees into her breast prickled along her skin, bringing a fresh wave of cool air across the damp flesh.

The last few days had lessened some of the pain but it still hurt to do anything other than lie still and stare at the wall.

It took most of her effort to look over her shoulder at Harmmon who stood at the wall.

"Mina vavfa ma Harmmon?”

Dina shook her head. “Why?”

A tremble coursed through her body and she clenched her nether muscles to keep it in check. Her last meal wasn’t sitting well but she didn’t dare crawl away from the wall to use the bathroom or even throw up. The cool air tickled at her exposed buttocks and slit. The bench granted no comfort or shelter.

“Harmmon goo chi Mina niffo.” The alien’s quills were flat against her back. She had only a pair of shorts on and her nipples were standing up. She cocked her head. "Mina niffo?”

Dina thought for a moment. She was breaking down. It had been hours since she moved from the bench. Glancing around, she looked at the dead-eyed women in the other cells. There were a few fresh ones, replacements for those who Lumme had taken away and murdered on his cock. They were already broken, a few of them before they even arrived after walking past the corpses and mess.

She winced and shook her head. "Mina niffo,” she said.

Harmmon’s quills rippled. "Ki Mina niffo. Ki niffo.”

Dina shivered and shook her head. “No more Dina.”

The female alien sighed and then held up a tablet in her hand. "Ki Mina niffo. Mina lama Korin. Mina sasomu Korin.”

She tapped the tablet against the glass. "Lama Korin.”

The strange words threw Dina for a moment but she recognized Korin’s name. That brought a quickening of her heart and pried her from her funk. Slowly, she pushed herself around, wincing and tearing up from the pain from the healing wounds deep inside her body. “Korin? You found Korin?”


Dina’s lips parted. “Is he okay?”

Harmmon frowned, her quills quivering. After a second, she held up the tablet and made a show of putting it into the tray that would deliver it inside the cell. "Mina lama Korin.”

Despite the agony, Dina found the strength to pull herself off the bench. Her bladder protested the movement, it had been hours, but the hope that Harmmon had found Korin pushed it away as only a wave of discomfort. She hobbled over to the tray as it rotated around. As soon as she could, she snatched the tablet from the tray and looked at it.

She couldn’t read a single thing on the page. There were controls all around the side. They were labeled in a language that had a lot of swirls and straight lines. Unable to comprehend it, she held her hand over it and looked up. “What do I press?”

"Lama.” Harmmon repeated herself a second time and then sighed. She held up her thick finger and drew an image in the air. It looked like a cross with a bowl at the end of it.

Blood rushing in her ears, Dina looked down. She found the image on the bottom left. It was in a yellow button that was pulsating faintly. With a gasp, she jammed it with her thumb.

The screen of the tablet flashed twice. Images came swirling on the screen. They only took a second to solidify. It looked like the inside of a large hanger. Along the wall, she could see the name of the sleeper ship on the side, FCM Dilifin 3. The paint was faded slightly but otherwise looked as fresh as the day she spotted it while they were putting her stasis pod into place.

The center of the hanger had been cleared out for a large ring made of waist-high dividers. The fliers that were housed in the hangers had been moved around so the wings formed seats for almost a hundred of the aliens. The mostly naked creatures were sprawled out on blankets and buckets; a couple of them had taken mattresses from the quarters and used them to form cushioned seats. Their size made even the largest of beds—a double for married couples—appear to be nothing more than a pillow or throw cushion.

The aliens were cheering but Dina couldn’t see the reason. She stroked the side of the tablet, anxious to see Korin but also knowing that it would happen soon enough. She glanced up at Harmmon who gestured down.

The cheering grew louder, a high-pitched humming noise as a few stamped their feet.

The camera panned around until it focused on a pair of humans in firm suits walking toward the ring. They were both holding what appeared to be spears in their hands but there was an obvious battery pack and the tip looked like a crystal of some sort. She frowned for a moment, it looked like a plasma touch, an oxygen-fueled device for cutting thick metal in space. It wasn’t something anyone would carry for no reason.

Her eyes scanned back and forth between the two humans. They were too far away to see. Without thinking, she reached up and pressed two fingers against the surface of the tablet and pulled them apart, the almost universal gesture for zooming.

The image contracted instantly.

She whimpered and reversed her direction, pinching across the screen as the images zoomed in toward the two humans. She couldn’t change the angle of the view but she found she could pan around using two fingers against the glass.

It only took her a second to find her husband. Korin was the one on the right. She could tell by his name on the label and the brief sight of his eyes through the visor.

Dina realized she was crying. Slowly, she sank down on the ground as she clutched the tablet. “Korin,” she gasped. “Korin. I found you,” she whispered.

The video continued forward. She tried to pause it by taping but that didn’t work. After a few moment, she found she could stop the video by using three fingers and swiping down. It took a few more moments to figure out how to rewind so she could look at her husband in more detail.

His firm suit was far more damaged than her own. There were scorch marks along the shoulders, chest, and even his thighs. Other scratches exposed the carbon fiber and metal frame underneath the ceramic coating, the shocking silver and black material made it looked like he was only seconds away from being exposed to the toxic atmosphere. A few of the cuts had tape and cloth shoved into them while the others appeared to be nothing more than superficial damage.

Tears ran down her cheeks. She ran a finger along his face, sobbing quietly as she looked at her husband of centuries. She couldn’t see his face, but there was a hardness in his eyes. It was obvious that he had been woken up long before her.

Korin wasn’t being prepared for surgery though. Remembering the ring she saw earlier and the way he held the plasma torch in his hand, it would obvious that he was being forced into some sort of gladiator game.

She didn’t want to see more, but the morbid part of her needed to see how the video ended. She unpaused it and zoomed out, watching through shimmering eyes as Korin and the other human entered the ring.

The surrounding aliens cheered louder, stamping their feet and humming in a hundred different voices. None of them entered the room.

With a sick feeling and anticipation rising in her throat, she watched as the two humans turned and faced each other. They bowed slightly.

An alien, a male with his barbed cock dangling down, jumped into the room and hummed loudly to the others.

Slowly, the crowd’s din died down until there was only the scrape of metal and the occasional hum.

The announcer hummed some sort of brief speech. Dina didn’t catch a single word of it. Instead, she focused on Korin and watched his body. When he stepped, it looked like he was favoring his left foot lightly. There was a dent in his firm suit digging into his hip; it no doubt was making it harder for him to maneuver.

“Please don’t die,” she whispered.

The alien walked over to the side of the arena and then yelled out "Laman!”

Korin and the other human slammed their lances on the ground. A spear of plasma burst out of the far end. The light was too bright to look at and the video blurred from the intensity.

Her husband held back while the other human attacked him. The plasma torch left a burning arc in the air as he swung it around.

Korin stepped back at the last instant and then swung with his own weapon. It cut through the barrier before coming in underneath the other man’s arm. The bright flame seemed to bend and twist before it washed over his leg.

The scream that followed would haunt Dina for the rest of her life. The super-heated flame melted away part of the metal.

The other man attacked again, wild and violent.

Korin parried with his own weapon, barely avoiding the long jet of brilliant white.

Dina found herself holding her breath, an aching in her lungs as she watched her hu78sband fighting for his life. The tears kept rolling as she watched the swing and parried. She was convinced that he was going to die with every blow but somehow he managed to keep safe.

Then, the attacking man swung a little too high. Korin slid the haft of his plasma torch down until his hand was less than a meter from the oxygen-fueled flame and then jammed it right into his opponent’s chest.

Flames didn’t burst or splash, they just cut through metal and ceramic as if it wasn’t there. A second later, the brilliant white burst out the other side of the man’s chest, right where his spine would be.

With a surge of strength, Korin twisted the torch around and burned a large hole out of the man’s back. Then, he pulled it back and shoved the corpse to the ground.

Seconds later, even through the charred opening, Dina could see the acidic environment beginning to bubble the exposed flesh. She panned away violently as her stomach grew queasy.

After a few seconds, she focused on her husband. Korin only rised his hand in a fist, which seemed to bring a wave of cheers from the aliens.

As the announcer approached, his plasma torch went out. Dina could see a blinking device the announcer’s hand, it flashed in time with the flickering flames and then glowed steadily as the torch grew dark.

She watched him being escorted off camera. When she looked up, there were still tears rolling down her face.

"Mina muf sasomu Korin?” Mina is thinking of Korin?

Dina sobbed. “Y-Yes.”

"Mina sasomu Korin. Mina nagamo Korin.” Harmmon held up her hands and the thick fingers. She inverted them and moved scissored them together, mimicking walking. Slowly, she brought them together. "Nagamo.”

“I-I can see him?”

"Ho? Ho.” The quills rippled along Harmmon’s back, the fluttering of orange and red. "Mina sasomu. Nogo?”

Wiping the tears from her face, Dina forced herself up. Her body hurt, her insides burned, but the hope of seeing her husband pushed back both. She swayed for a moment and then nodded. “For Korin.”

“Korin.” Harmmon nodded. She pointed to the tablet. "Mina lama.” Dina watch.

Dina looked down at it. She should watch it?

When she looked up, the female alien was walking away.


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Dina rolled onto her back and looked up at the ceiling. It hadn’t changed in days but she didn’t want to watch the tablet for a while. She glanced at it on the shelf near the cell door. The blinking light said it was charging, another relatively common concept, but she was sure that it had enough for another few videos if she wanted.

It had been two days since she saw Korin on the tablet. After messing around with it, she managed to stumble on the rest of the videos. Without being able to read the alien’s language, she was forced to randomly pick videos.

The first one was an up-close and detailed rape of a woman. In the few seconds that Dina had spotted, the memories of the spiked cock plunging into a blood-soaked opening had burned itself in her mind. The screams refused to stop echoing in the back of her thoughts.

Her inner muscles clenched with the memory. It was going to be her in a few days, maybe less. She was going to feel the sharp edges scraping at her insides and tearing her up. She could only hope that her organs would be yanked out of her body like the woman on the video, though she knew the surgical alterations made were to ensure she would survive every thrust driven into her.

A tear burned in her eye.

She wiped her eyes and glanced at the tablet again. Thankfully, she eventually deciphered the words for fight, laman, and later Korin’s name to find his videos.

Being able to see all of his fight, from his first brush with death at the hands of a man wielding a hammer to the latest one, she could see the slow progression of him growing harder, stronger, and faster. There was a surety to his movements in the later videos, a predatory way of walking that sent her insides quivering and moisture to gather along her aching clitoris. He was sexy and powerful.

She dreamed that he would break into the cell and rescue her. During the day, the hard reality would silence those fantasies. At night, however, she could play the images of her walking in, slaughtering the aliens with his plasma torch, and freeing her.

Dina smiled to herself. She could almost feel his strong arms around her shoulders or when he picked her up. The fights were violent but brief, flashes of quills and blood, and then nothing but the freedom of a spaceship.

She sighed and ran her left hand down her side. Her nipples were hard from both the cold and her fantasies. She didn’t care, only that they felt good as she trailed her fingertips along the hardness that peeked out from her shift. With a soft gasp, she traced the wrinkled skin and enjoyed the little flashes of pleasure that danced against her nerves as she stroked harder and faster.

Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine the Korin who made love to her the day he proposed but it didn’t fit. It was the strong Korin she wanted know, the hero and her rescuer. She craved to feel his warmth against her body. She needed to feel his roughness, the violence she saw in the videos as he slammed her against the bed and forced his knees between her own.

Lost in her thoughts, she slowly parted her legs. There was a slight discomfort at her crotch, the wounds were almost completely healed but the scar tissue wasn’t soft or flexible. She tugged harder, spreading her labia apart with her movement. Slowly, she drew one hand down to between her legs.

Her pussy was hot against her fingertips as she trailed up and down. It wasn’t a frantic pleasuring, but a slow build up of joy as she explored her pussy with strokes that reached from clitoris to asshole.

Even through the thin fabric of her shift, the pressure danced against her sensitive openings. It was interrupted when she touched against a scar, but otherwise it wasn’t any different than when she masturbated for Harmmon earlier or even Korin the day before their wedding; of course, the day before they were teasing each other so neither enjoyed an orgasm.

She grinned. They had such high hopes when they got married. They teased and touched and stroked each other until the orgasms were ready to burst at the seams but then stepped back.

Dina pressed her palm against her sex and used two fingers to work into her furrow. She drew it deeper, curling her digits to slide into the rough opening of her sex.

When she felt pleasure, the first in a long time, she let out a sigh of relief. She didn’t know if the aliens would have ruined that with their surgery. The fear of never being able to feel anything haunted the back of her thoughts.

When her toes began to curl with pleasure, Dina thrust two fingers into her sex with slow, steady movements. It was dry and cool, no doubt from the days of pain, but she could feel a thin sheen of moisture gathering along her fingertips. It eased her passage as she added a third finger to the tight opening and thrust even faster.

Her wrist hurt from the angle but she didn’t care. She moaned and ground down faster. With her other hand, she mauled her breast and pulled at her nipple, adding discomfort and a bit of pain into her pleasures. It only made her pussy wetter.

Soft gasps slipping from her lips, she stroked faster. She couldn’t remember what Korin’s cock felt like anymore but she could enjoy the pressure three digits stretching her opening felt like.

The scar tissue resisted her, tugging in a new and unfamiliar way. At the same, it brought a sense of “newness” to her pleasure.

She pushed herself harder, thrusting faster with her fingers until her knuckles were driving into her opening and her palm smacked against her clitoris. Every impact shook her through her body.

Dina thrust harder and faster, rubbing her thumb against her clitoris. The pleasure rose, she could feel the orgasm rising to a crest, but it wasn’t enough to send it over the edge.

Frustrated, she tried again, thrusting hard and fast with her fingers until her juices ran down her thighs and the cell was filled with her gasps, but her orgasm refused to push past a wall that no doubt came from being altered like nothing more than a beast.

After almost an hour of trying, she slumped down. “Fuck.”

“Mina fuck Mina?”

Dina jumped. Inhaling sharply, she turned to see Harmmon standing on the other side of the door watching.

The alien wasn’t wearing clothes and she had her thick-digit hand pressed against her own sex. Her quills shivered with her thoughts.


Dina sighed. “Y-Yes, I fuck myself. Or try to.”

“No fuck?”

“No…” Dina didn’t have a word for an orgasm. She thought for a moment and then fingered herself a few times, hard and fast. It sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Then, she pulled out her dripping finger and mimed an explosion. “Boom.”

“Boom? Mina fuck Mina, dan Mina boom?” The alien seemed to smile and her quills stood up.

Dina held back a snort. “Yes, Dina wants a boom.”

“Mina boom bassin—”

Harmmon clutched her fingers as if she was gripping something and then expanded her fingers.

"—ku fasor—”

She mimed something getting longer.

"—ku abbano—”

Harmmon frowned for a moment and then reached over to her table to pick up a cup. With a frown, she poured some liquid on her fingers.

"—abbano. Ku… papapa?”

The alien finished by pounding one fist into her palm. "Papapa?”

Dina smiled. There were a few more things that were nearly universal. "Yes.”

Harmmon wiped her hand on her chest and then turned around. She held up two fingers as she headed over to the storage units. It took her a moment but she came back frowning. Then, she turned and headed out.

Dina watched her curiously, some of the fear and loathing for Harmmon’s part in tearing her open fading with the growing curiosity. Slowly, she returned her palm to her pussy and ran her finger up and down her slit, teasing but not fucking herself.

It took Harmmon almost twenty minutes to return. When she did, she was grinning. In her right hand, she had a thick, rod-like object in her hand.

With every step, the rod bounced and bent around. It looked like a thick piece of translucent rubber. It had a few tags on the edge and it appeared to have just come off one of the rapid 3D printers that most ships had; it was used for creating parts and could print a variety of materials. Dina knew the basics of how to use it.

Harmmon stopped in front of the cell and held out her newly printed device. It was a thick rode, maybe ten or twelve centimeters thick and almost a meter long. Both ends were rounded without a single ridge.

Dina stared at it for a long time as her cheeks grew flushed. She knew what it was, it was a dildo.

Harmmon’s quills shook as she smiled broadly. "Bassin rim fasor. Mina papapa. Rim…” Harmmoon looked around and then held up a finger. She left the cell area and came back only a few moments later with a tube of silicone lubrication for pipes. "Abbano?”

Dina’s cheeks were burning but she couldn’t help but nod.

"Mina papapa Mina. Mina fuck Mina. Harmmon muf sasomu Mina.” Mina pounds herself and Harmmon will watch.

Dina’s body grew hotter as she stared conflicted. She was considering masturbating in front of a woman who was going to help rape her. She didn’t know why she was being friendly to such a beast. Dina was nothing more than a pet to torture to them.

Slowly, she looked up into Harmmon’s eyes. There was something more, a kinship that bridged species. Harmmon wanted it as much as Dina did.

Dina already knew she was going to fantasize about Korin. If she was going to be an experiment, she could at least have a little orgasm to help her prepare for it. She nodded. "Yes.”

Harmmon set the dildo into the tray and cycled it. As it spun around, she backed up to the table before sitting on it. One hand dropped to between her legs, her thick fingers circling around the sphincter-like opening of her sex.

Gingerly, Dina headed to the tray and picked up the dildo. There was a faint whiff of the acidic air outside of the cell but Dina had gotten used to it other than tasting it in the back of her throat.

She hefted the dildo. It was heavy and smooth. It also feel thick and slick in her grip, a feeling that sent a clenching wave of pleasure through her own pussy.

A small part of her was curious about the alteration. They changed her to fuck the massive cocks of the aliens. She knew that, but holding the immense toy in her hand, she realized that she could probably take the entire thing inside her.

Ashamed at her curiosity, Dina returned to her bench. Sitting down with her back against the wall and her heels hooked on the edge, she faced the female alien.

Her body was tight with anticipation. She dropped her free hand to her sex and shivered at the pleasure. The minutes of waiting and holding the dildo had finally brought heat and moisture to her cunt and she could feel the slick lubrication forming at her opening.

Turning her attention to the dildo, she stroked along it. It was so thick, far more than anything Korin couldn’t have provided, longer than any mortal human. It was obscene and disturbing, but also alluring.

Licking her lips, she bent the head of the dildo down and rubbed it against her slit. The rounded was was thicker than her fist and felt good sliding up and down the furrow of her begin. She let out a soft moan and swirled it even harder, working it into her valley until she felt it pressing up against the opening of her sex.

"Ho….” hummed Harmmon.

Dina couldn’t look up. She stared at the translucent dildo, marveling at the girth. It was going to stretch her, no matter what changes they made. It was too big, too large, but she wanted it.

With a soft gasp, she grasped the head tighter and forced it into her sex. Her outer lips stretched around the opening, clinging to it as she worked it in and out with tiny little strokes.

The feeling of having her inner entrance stretched was incredible. They had loosened up her opening, she could tell that, but the thickness still rubbed against her insides. Her inner walls clung to the he4ad as she increased the length of her pumping until she was sliding four then ten centimeters in and out of sex.

Dina let out soft moans as she found she could take more. The pressure built up in her belly but kept doing. She slipped her hand down further and continued to pump, driving it into her body until her knuckles and thumb pressed against her wet slips.

There was still pleasure. It felt good . Her belly swelled with the girth of the dildo, expanding as she watched the head push past her pelvis and toward her belly button.

Dina stared with rapturous attention as she feed a few more centimeters of dildo into her cunt. It stretched her completely and every part of the dildo inside her strained against her insides.

She was half afraid they killed her insides with their changes. That wasn’t true, instead it felt like they were hyper sensitive as she pumped the thick intruder further than she had ever had it before. The head was past where her vagina and even womb were, sliding with delicious friction up toward her ribs. Her stomach and chest rose with every thrust.

And she could still take more.

Moaning, she squeezed her nipple with one hand and pumped with the other. Every few seconds, she would add more of the dildo to slide into her cunt. The strokes were longer, a quarter meter and more. Every centimeter, every ridge and bump along the shaped head.

It kept disappearing into her body. She could feel it sliding up against her spine, into her ribs, and up against her lungs. When she shoved forward, burying over half of the length into her cunt, her breath came out in a moaning gasp. Every pull drew it back in.

Toes curling even more, Dina focused on pushing harder and faster. She inched her way down to the far end of the dildo until she could take meter-long strokes into her pussy.

Her insides were soaked and fluid, swirling around the dildo as the pleasure rushed up toward her. With a whimper, she grabbed it with both hands and began to drive it hard and fast into her cunt. Thrust after thrust. It shoved into her ribs and toward her throat. She could feel the pressure on her lungs and heart but it didn’t matter, she took every centimeter of the cock and could easily handle more.

Her entire body clamped down ton the length of the dildo, a meter length of firm rubber that sent off sensitive nerves from crotch to throat.

Sweat prickling her body, Dina focused on pounding it into her, slamming it deep until pleasure burst out from the impact. She sobbed and cried with it, only dimly aware of the puddle of juices that formed under her ass.

The orgasm crested brutally. One moment, she was riding on the ridge of pleasure, the next every muscle in her body tensed into rock-like hardness. The friction increased on the dildo, locking it into place as she came with her entire body. Even the scream of pleasure froze in her throat, sealed away by the muscles locking in her neck and chest.

Sparks of white danced across her vision as she stroked the cock; she couldn’t even get a good grip on it anymore with her juices coating the surface.

Her body shook from her pleasure and she sank into it, writhing on the bench before slipping off it. The edge dug into her spine but she didn’t care. Unable to see or do anything, she crumpled to the ground and let the last pleasure consume her.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a puddle of cum and sweat. Panting, she looked up at Harmmon.

The female alien was licking her fingers, the same hand that she had used to pleasure herself. She noticed Dina looking at her and cocked her head. "Mina boom?” Did Dina come?

Dina gasped. "Dina came.”

"Harmmon boom muf sasomu Mina.” Harmmoon came thinking of Minda.

Somehow, that little phrase brought a smile to Dina’s lips. "Ho,” it was the closest she word she could think of.


Dina sniffed quietly to herself as she cradled the tablet in her arms. On the screen was the latest of Korin’s fights. This time, it was against two men freshly pulled out of the pods. She could tell because their suits were pristine and shiny compared to the patched, scarred surface of her husband’s armor. It was a brutal fight and she couldn’t bear to see how it ended so she slowed down the video to prolong the agony.

Her eyes were blurry as she watched Korin’s attack with his plasma lance. The brilliant flame swept along the inside of the fighting ring, the tip of the flame splashing against some form of force shield that protected the aliens, and then into the side of one of his opponents.

She wondered what the newcomer thought. He probably had been out of his stasis pod for only a few hours or days before being thrust into a fight. He was going to die within five minutes of entering the ring without any skills or talents. It seemed pointless and brutal, just a way for the damn aliens to cheer and bet on the winners while enjoying themselves.

The bitterness of her position was magnified by her own situation. She still had a scar from crotch to throat and she could feel her insides twisting around the channel that could now take a meter-long cock with relative ease. But in the end, raping her was the same thing as throwing Korin into a fight; they were nothing more than diversions for the aliens as they looted the ship.

A tear ran down her cheek. She wiped at it and returned to watching the video.

The camera was focusing on the plasma flame as it sliced through the first opponent’s arm. A cloud of vaporized flesh and blood burst around the flames, curling in the air as the lance continued to cut into Korin’s opponent.

Movement on the corner of her vision stopped her. She looked up to see Harmmon and Naam coming into the room, arguing. Both of them had their quills stand up on end and Harmmon gestured around her with sharp waves of her hand.

Naam looked unamused as he hummed back, the lower tones almost shaking the floor as he pointed directly at Dina.

Seeing his thick finger aimed directly at herself, Dina felt a quivering in her belly, the first tingles of fear that rose up around her. Gulping, she clutched the tablet tight to her chest and lifted her body so she could slide on the bench.

Once on top, she clutched her knees to her chest and kept the tablet ground between her thighs and breasts. She could see the video still slowly advancing the video, her husband’s plasma spear almost cutting completely through his opponent.

The two aliens continued to argue as they approached. Harmmon glanced at her and there appeared to be sadness in her eyes.

Dina whimpered. She shook her head and clutched the edge of the bed. No, they can’t be coming to rape her yet, she wasn’t ready. The tears from watching her husband turned into tears of fear. Panting, she shook her head again, this time more forcefully. “No, not now.”

Every part of her body grew tight as she shook her head. “No, no.”

They stopped less than a meter in front of the controls for the cell. Naam reached out for it but Harmmon batted his hand away.

Almost instantly, the quills on her back flattened. She stepped back and brought her hand to her side.

Naam’s quills flared out, spreading out until he looked like a ball of spikes and needles. His face twisted into an angry glare as he took a step toward her, raising one hand as if to slap her.

Dina wanted to Harmmon to lash out, to do more than just bat Naam’s hand away, but she didn’t. Instead, she remained there with a devastated look in her red eyes as Naam held his position, ready to strike if she did or said anything.

Dina whimpered slowly, watching with fear.

Naam stepped away and back to the controls. Without looking at it, he reached over with his hand and smacked a button.

Instantly, red warning displays flashed across the wall, ones that she hadn’t seen since the day she first arrive. There was atmosphere and air quality reports, warnings about a toxic environment, and even chemical analysis. The largest was a display that showed a rapidly increasing parts-per-million rise in acids and poisons.

Dina stared at the wall of flashing red, unable to gather her thoughts. She knew what it meant, Naam had opened up the cell and the air that had melted the flesh off of its victims was now pouring around her. She was going to be gassed to death and there was nothing she could do about it.

Clutching the tablet tightly, she took a deep breath and held it. It wouldn’t matter, but she had to do something .

The first burning scent the alien’s air tickled her senses. It burned the back of her throat and sent shudders of agony coursing along her skin. She looked around for something, anything to cover her face and keep breathing but there was nothing.

With a cry, she flung the tablet aside and rushed to the delivery device. Looking directly at Harmmon, she pounded on the glass. “Ki, ki! Ki!” She knew it was the word for no.

Harmmon’s quills were grinding and rippling along her back. The red and oranges growing darker with the second. She turned and glared at Naam who watched Dina with wide, cruel eyes. He looked excited, with his quills up and his cock half-hard, but that only made the growing terror worse.

Dina realized that she wasting oxygen. She tried to gulp in another breath of air but she was too close to the glass and she ended up brining the burning air deep into her lungs.

Her throat and insides jerked violently at the burning acid. She started to cough but it only made things worse. She tried to stop but she couldn’t, her body refused to give up expelling the poison from her lungs but only managed to bring more back in.

Dina clawed at her throat and lungs. She couldn’t stop herself, she couldn’t do anything else. The pain increased until it was an all consuming agony that spread out across every centimeter of her body. She sobbed as it continued to seep into her lungs, filling them with acidic agony.

Her legs failed her. Collapsing to the ground, she rolled to the side.

She could see the video still playing on the tablet. It had continued to advance. It was a different shot. The second opponent had a hand-held blowtorch aimed directly at her husband’s shoulder. With a furious look visible through the face shield, he was pounding on Korin’s fake with one hand awhile keeping the flame on one of the patched scratches with the other.

Dina’s mouth opened and she gasped despite everything she could to stop it.

Acid filled her.

She exhaled, sobbing.

On the screen, her husband was dying.

The world grew darker.

She inhaled again.

And then again.

She wasn’t dead.

The air hurt her lungs, it burned, but it wasn’t melting her skin.

A low humming filled the air, Naam laughing.

Tears running down her cheeks, Dina looked up to see Harmmon as the female rushed in and fell to her knees next to Dina. Humming something too soft to get through the pounding in Dina’s ears, Harmmon scooped her up into a tight hug.

Dina looked at the slow-motion video on the tablet. Her husband was still dying.

She wished she was dying with him.

With another deep breath, she tried to hold it to kill herself.

It burned but wasn’t agony. The pain had subsided, the fear ebbing away to leave her feeling weak and helpless. The acid didn’t even burn her skin.

They had changed her more than she realized. She didn’t need a cell anymore, she didn’t need oxygen or protection.

With a sob, she buried her face into Harmmon’s shoulder and breathed in the spicy scent of the alien’s body. Tears rolled down her face, leaving tingling marks as the salt interacted with the atmosphere.

Harmmon wrapped her thick arms around Dina. “Geffim, geffim. Mina geffim. Harmmon sorry.” The low hum was the only relief that Dina could have.


It was another day before Dina had gotten used to the acidic sting in her lungs. Whatever fluid they had forced into her during her surgical alteration somehow protected her against the acid and poison. She assumed the same solution had been soaked into her cells to give the same defense.

Somehow knowing that her flesh wouldn’t melt off her bones didn’t make it any easier. The threat of being raped loomed over her, a monstrous fear ready to sink his claws into her body.

Dina shivered and glanced out at the main area of the cell. All three of the aliens were there, humming amongst themselves as they inspected tablets. The conversation had been going on for almost an hour. She saw chemical symbols and displays projected off the tablets for solutions. She didn’t have the knowledge of what they were, only that they looked similar to her own chemistry assignments when she was a teenager.

Her eyes drifted toward Lumme. She hated when the imposing alien visited, an occurrence that happened far more frequently since she was exposed to the poisonous air. She didn’t have a wall between herself and him only, no barrier to slow him down or give her warning that he was going to rape her. Only empty air and the constant fear that her breath would be the last before he tore into her with his cock.

Unwittingly, her eyes slid down. Lumme was naked. His meter-long cock swung between his legs, the quills sticking out in all directions. It was half-hard but that didn’t make it any easier to contemplate with the bristled appearance or the nearly jet-black length that shimmered in the overhead lights.

Her pussy clenched with fear, the muscles along the entire channel responding until she felt it catching in her chest. Her entire body had been prepared for him and the anticipation was brutal. It wasn’t a matter if he raped her but simply when.

Lumme walked around the table.

Dina tensed, terrified it would be the time he grabbed her.

He looked at her and smiled, baring his teeth and giving a low hum.

Harmmon looked frustrated and her quills shook for a moment.

Naam, on the other hand, smiled and returned to his paper.

Lumme picked up another tablet and continued his lap around the table. his eyes never left hers.

Dina felt naked and exposed under his black gaze. The thin shift felt like transparent paper and she could almost imagine his hands reaching out to maul her breasts and hips with his lusts. She blinked and fought the tears, her fear and terror only seemed to make the inhuman cock grow thicker and longer.

She considered running. Ever since the exposure, Naam and Harmmon had left the cell door open. The indicators were no longer needed and the glass appeared to be transparent. There were no other doors leading into the hallway and she was sure she could sprint down when they weren’t looking.

Fear stopped her. She didn’t know if they implanted a bomb inside her when they were reshaping her pussy. They could have a device that fried her brain and locked her muscles. If they did, then any rape and torture they had planned for her now would only be that much worse for her escape attempt.

Instead, she sat on the bench and clutched herself. She didn’t dare pull out the tablet in front of Lumme; she didn’t know if he would take it away from her. She hadn’t looked at it since she saw her husband dying on the screen. The slow motion replays continued to wash over her thoughts, pushing her further into despair knowing that her husband wouldn’t be the one rescuing her.

She sniffed and looked away, praying that Lumme would leave as soon as possible. At least with the dour alien gone, she had some flexibility. Harmmon might even allow her to venture a few steps outside of the cell.

With a start, she shook her head to clear her thoughts. No, Harmmon was just like the others. No… she was slightly different. She was there to help prepare Dina to be raped but there was a tiny amount of compassion in her eyes as she held Dina as she sobbed.

The conversation between the three aliens stopped.

Dina peeked up.

Lumme glanced at her and then headed down the hall, away from her. His large cock swayed back and forth. She wasn’t sure, but it looked like it was larger and thicker. He was horny.

Exhaling, she breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t going to be raped for at least another day.

When Lumme stopped at the end of the hall and looked back, the breath stopped in her throat. Blue eyes scanned over her, lustfully her from even a distance. The look on Lumme’s face sent a shiver of fear coursing along Dina’s body. She could feel something was about to happen, something terrible. Every muscle in her body, from crotch to throat, tightened up in the long seconds that he stared back at her.

Lumme turned back toward her.

“Ki, ki,” whispered Dina under her breath. She knew what he wanted.

She shook her head as the tears began to flow.

Harmmon, not looking down the hall, looked up and there was a look of concern. Her quills stood up straight as she straightened and looked back. A moment later, she held out her hand and started to hum loudly in a pleading tone.

Lumme chuckled and continued closer, stalking her.

Sobbing, Dina shook her head and tried to clutch herself even tighter. Her breasts ground against her thighs and her legs trembled as he approached. She couldn’t take it, she wasn’t ready. She wanted to scream out and kick but she knew that it wouldn’t stop anything so powerful.

Harmmon stood in front of Lumme, holding out her hands while her hums lowered in pitch.

Lumme glanced at her and then casually backhanded her. The impact was palatable as it shook the air. Dina felt it in her chest and then again when Harmmon’s heavy form slammed against the wall and started to slump down.

Naam looked at Lumme and stepped back, grinning wildy.

Dina shook her head. She struggled with the alien words. “Ki, ki. Ki misumanu Mina.”

Her words only seemed to engorge the massive cock. A ripple ran along the length as more quills stood out, giving the entire length a bristling appearance.

Lumme grinned and strode directly into the cell. His thick fingers reached out for her. The short, triangular claws glinted on the overhead lights.

With a scream, she tried to slide along the wall and away from his grip.

The powerful alien slammed his hand down. She managed to avoid him catching her shoulder but he caught her in the gap between two fingers. With a surge of strength, the muscles in his arm bulged. His hand stapled her to the wall with the force of an iron rod, his claws punching into the wall.

Dina let out a cry and tried to fling herself away. She only made it a few millimeters before the pressure pinning her to the wall stopped her. The momentum caused her knee to slip off the bench and she swung out.

She didn’t even fall.

Panicked, she kicked at his chest and hip. Her bare feet bounced off his muscular thighs and she felt the slash of quills cutting into her soles. She cried but kept doing it, her footprints smacking loudly against his body and leaving bloody smears.

She yanked at her body, pulling herself away from the hand pinning against her. Muscles in her arm bulged and began to tear but she couldn’t free herself.

Lumme leaned to the side until he was looking directly at her. His blue eyes bore into her.

Dina shook her head, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Ki.”

"Ho,” he said in a low voice.

His other hand snapped up and grabbed her shoulder. The force of the blow slammed her against the wall, almost breaking bone. Leaning forward, he took a deep breath and hummed words too low and fast.

She shook her head. Up close, she couldn’t avoid smelling his sharp musky scent. It was choking, more so than the poisonous air. There was also the scent of old blood that clung around him.

Desperate, she kicked out. Her bare feet smacked against his chest. With his grip on her shoulder and arm, she found she could kick with both feet. She did, bunching her legs up and slamming into him with all her might.

Even with both feet, she couldn’t even budge his body.

Lumme hummed something and then peeled her off the wall. Pieces of the wall bounced off her back as he easily hefted her off the ground. His grip ground down on her joints, squeezing down until they throbbed with agony.

Away from the wall, she kicked faster.

Her foot caught the side of his cock. The sharp quills tore at her sides, leaving bloody scratches. She tried to kick the other side, but hit his spiked cock again. It was far thicker than she remembered it.

With a choking gasp, she looked down. When she saw his cock, she did a double-take. It was huge compared to her kicking legs on both sides. The quills stuck out with a slight angle back toward his base. A small part of her knew it would be agony to thrust inside her, but the quills would tear her bloody when he pulled out.

Dread and terror flooded through her. She kicked out one more time but instead of flailing, she planted her bloody foot against his chest. As soon as she braced herself, she pushed with all her might, forcing her body away from the cock that killed her friend and was about to rape her.

It started to work. Her muscles strained as she forced herself away slowly, each centimeter away from his cock giving her hope. Her joints and shoulders burned but she forced herself to lever herself more.

The quills on Lumme’s back quivered for a moment. Then he tightened his grip on her. Before she could do anything, he started to shake her violently, knocking her legs off his chest and snapping her head to each side.

Dazed, Dina tried to keep her feet against his chest but it slipped. She couldn’t focus enough to kept her sole planted firmly on it and it kept falling off to land against his cock.

He spun her around, moving fast enough that her legs flung out from the momentum. It only lasted a second before he slammed her against a wall.

The impact drove the air from her lungs. She gaped for air, trying to force her lungs to draw in oxygen.

Just as she managed to breath, he drove his knee up between her legs. The thick, muscular leg forced her legs apart only a moment before his bony kneecap crunched into her crotch, crushing her labia and jerking her body up.

Dina gasped, her eyes bulging out.

Lumme stepped into her, shoving his other leg between her legs and spreading his knees apart.

Her legs, caught on his limbs, were pulled excruciatingly apart. Her hips screamed in agony as she struggled to keep them tight.

A heavy weight smacked against her pubic, sending sharp agonies exploding along her senses as a dozen quills pierced the soft, delicate flesh. A few of them scraped against her hip bone, overwhelming her with sharp agonies.

Lumme chuckled and hummed something.

She could feel his heartbeat through the quills, it was a steady pounding beat that shook her. Every pulse dragged the quills back and forth in her flesh, tearing the holes open wider.

He stared into her eyes, his brilliant blue gaze boring into her.

Dina sobbed, unable to look away. She strained to close her thighs and pull away, but she couldn’t budge the powerful legs that pried her limbs apart nor could she move past the wall that ground into her back. She was helplessly, the only part she could move was her hips and even those were pinned by the quills that stuck into the soft mound above her opening.

"No, no!” she gasped. “Don’t do this.”

Lumme smiled, his teeth sticking out. He drew back his hips, tearing the quills out of her pubis. Blood oozed out from the wounds and she heard it splashing on the ground.

The heavy weight didn’t lift. It slid down, scraping and scratching. The quills dug furrows into her hypersensitive flesh.

She winced with agony and tried to escape again but stopped as the quills dug deeper.

The tip of the cock scraped down the furrow of her pussy and along the surgical scar. She could feel the sharp pains but it was nothing compared to the growing fear and anticipation.

Dina was helpless, completely and utterly unable to stop Lemme from doing whatever he wanted to her. She could see that he knew the same thing, it burned in his eyes and caused his cock to jump with his heartbeats.

Lumme lodged his cock head against her channel. Even the tip was huge, a swollen mass tipped with sharp barbs that pried open her lips and scraped against her insides.

Unwillingly, she glanced down to see the meter-long shaft poised to enter her. He had already pulled back and she could tell he was tensing to drive most of it into her.

Sobbing, she looked up into his eyes. “Please don’t. Please… ki, ki? Ki?”

He smiled wider.

Tears running down her cheeks, she knew he wouldn’t stop. She clenched her body, the muscles of her belly, chest, and thighs tightening. It wouldn’t stop him, it wouldn’t even slow him. The dread choked her, suffocating with the inevitability of her rape.

Lumme chuckled and leaned forward. He breathed deeply.

She could feel his muscles tensing.

Sobbing, she shook her head. Her breath came in deep gasps as every part of her body tingled with terror.

He opened his mouth. "Yes.”

She tried to say something but he suddenly drove his cock into her. Her mouth remained opened as every sense focused on a single thing, her penetration.

It was huge, an immense weight slamming into her pussy. It tore open her lips and stretching them painfully apart before they started to rupture. The ridges and bumps of the quills scraped against her insides, tearing at the delicate flesh as he plunged deeper.

His stroke continued in. The girth of his cock grew thicker and harder, ripping her further apart. The pain of its passage into her pussy and deep into her tunnel was excruciating, a wave of pain as the flared quills dragged along her insides, cutting into her inner flesh. The girth continued to increase, a hardened mass that pried her tight channel painfully apart.

The agony of being impaled by a pole was magnified by the stretch of her stomach and chest from the thickness inside her. Her belly stretched around it, outlining the thick cock.

The quills never stopped scraping her. A thousand tiny needles drew lines against her insides, scraping delicate flesh as he drove his cock deep into her body.

It kept going into her. Quill after quill, ridge after ridge. Like the dildo before, it just felt like it would never end. Every moment felt like her last, a heartbeat before her insides were torn out and she suffered a thankfully messy death.

The pressure and hardness and pain shot up into her, sliding into the tight passage made by their surgery. It continued high into her chest until she felt the quill scraping her insides from behind her ribs.

He bottomed out on her in the first strong, his powerful muscles finished impaling her crotch to throat with a single movement. The slam of his hips against her destroyed pussy was almost too much.

The pain exploded inside her, her insides clenching around the entire length of the cock as she let out a gurgling gasp. The force of his shaft had emptied her lungs and it hurt to try drawing in pressure with the sharp pricks near her critical organs.

Lumme’s hips drive into her harder, scraping her up the wall until she was completely seated inside. He drew his face close to hers and smiled. "Ma vasium muchim gill?”

She didn’t know what to do. She sobbed and tried to move but the heated pressure made it impossible to move but even a centimeter of flesh caused the quills of his cock to pierce into her insides.

Lumme’s blue eyes narrowed. "Ma vasium muchim gill?”

He finished by screwing the cock deeper into her, griding back and forth. The steel-like hardness twisted inside her and the sharp points tore into her insides.

The alien repeated himself a third time.

She didn’t know what to say but it was obvious he needed an answer. "Yes! Ki!”

He grinned and stopped.

Dina panted, her entire body in agony.

"Ki? Lumme gill agar.”

He yanked his hips back and her world exploded into pain. The tight pressure of her pussy and channel wasn’t enough to keep the quills flattened. Instead, a thousand points jammed into her insides and suddenly stood on ends, expanding to double their width as they tore into her insides.

Her eyes bugged out and her breath halted in her voice. She could feel it tear into her, ripping her insides.

His cock plunged out of her. As it exited her bloody hole, it tore out more shreds of her labia and pussy. The stench of blood filled the air as she felt a wall of agony as her insides were tugged and pulled, scraping and ripped.

She was sure she was going to die, she only prayed it would be over soon.

The tall alien only took a second to yank his meter-long cock out of her pussy. The last few quills caught on the shreds of her labia, ripping the flesh from her body in a wet ripping noise.

Dina screamed out, a high-pitched noise that beat against the walls. She tried to kick or do anything but her legs had gone limp. She could hear blood dripping from her body, wet sheets of it splattering on the ground.

Lumme looked down and then inhaled.

Sobbing, Dina followed his gaze. She didn’t want to but a morbid pressure forced her and she prepared herself to see her organs pouring out all over the ground.

To her surprise, there was a puddle of blood on the ground but nothing else. No organs poured out of her body, no stream of crimson and gore sheeting down. It was raining her blood, but it came from the shredded pussy.

From her vantage, she couldn’t see what the barbed cock had done to her entrance but it felt like there were only strips of flesh dangling from between her legs. They were raw and in agony, the curls of skin that did sway into her vision were coated in blood.

Lumme chuckled and looked over. "Harmmon, goo cabbo.”

Harmmon, kneeling on the ground outside of the cell, had her quills down and her red eyes cast. "Fagu mu.”

Lumme laughed. He turned back to Dina. "Goo cabbo. Lumme gill agar.”

He positioned his cock against Dina’s bloody entrance.

Dina shook her head. "No, no.”

"Ho, Lumme gill.” With that, the alien slammed his cock back into her body. It drove deep, scraping and cutting but not piercing the flesh. She felt every point as they scraped against her insides but the realization that she wasn’t going to be disemboweled made the agony even worse. She would suffer but wouldn’t die on his cock.

He leaned into her, his shoulder against hers as he started to a deep, powerful thrusts. His cock slammed in and out of her, punching clear to his base and back again. Her blood lubricated his shaft as the quills sank into her body and then spread out to scrap their way back. Every thrust was an agony, a world of suffering as she was torn open from the inside as he yanked out.

It went on forever, thrust after thrust. He grew harder with every stroke but she didn’t know if he would come or what it would feel like. It seemed like he was enjoying himself, judging from his breathing and his face, but she didn’t think any male could pound so fast and hard and not be on the edge of the orgasm.

He kept slamming into her, completely pulverizing her pussy as his cock violated her body completely. Every time he yanked out and his cock bristled even further, it caused her chest and stomach to swell with the immense girth.

She couldn’t even breathe on her own. The girth and pressure did it for her, forcing the air out of her lungs when he withdrew and sucking them in as he impaled her again.

Dina prayed for death but it wasn’t coming.

She was nothing more than a hole to fuck.

Her cries filled the room and the tears blurred her vision but it didn’t matter anymore. There was nothing she could do, nothing at all. She was just a body to fuck and sleeve for his shaft.

Lumme’s thrusts continued to hammer into her, tearing and scraping. It felt like her insides should have been bloody but whatever they did to strengthen them held. She felt every scrape but it didn’t tear into her.

She couldn’t get used to the pain. His cock seemed to get more prickly with every stroke. Soon, it felt like the quills were all standing on end with every stroke, the points catching and adding to friction.

Lumme grunted and then slammed hard into her, driving her up on the wall. His cock swelled immensely, doubling in width, and the barbs dug into her flesh. It felt like she was impaled by a thousand sharp needles.

He stopped moving completely. His blue eyes rolled into the back of his head. She couldn’t feel anything other than being completely wrapped around his shaft. There was no pulsating only pain.

Time slowed down, stretching out the agonizing pain as he held himself still. Seconds passed into minutes.

A pressure slowly built inside her chest. It wasn’t jetting or pouring into her, just slowly growing until it was squeezing her lungs and making it hard to breath.

Without warning, he ripped his cock out one more time. This time, the quills weren’t bending or flexing. It felt like a wire brush had been torn out of her pussy, shredding her insides as each quill seemed to flick against her bloody opening.

Lumme pulled out completely and dropped her.

She plummeted to the ground and splashed into the puddle of blood underneath her. The pressure remained in her chest, stuck like something caught in her throat. She pawed at her sweat-slicked breasts and ribs but couldn’t reach it.

Lumme’s cock swung between his legs. The quills slowly settled into place. A white foam clung to the tip of his shaft and she could see s strips of her own flesh still clinging to it.

With a grunt, he turned and left. "Harmmon, goo cabbo.”

Dina watched him leave, half afraid he would turn around again.

The cells grew quiet.

When Lumme disappeared, Harmmon crawled into the cell toward Dina.

Tears still burning in her eyes, Dina started to reach between her legs. She had to see the damage.

"Ki, ki. Ki Mina.” Harmmon’s voice was cracked.

Dina pressed her palm against her sex. Sharp agonies tore into her and she felt the shredded opening of her pussy. It came away in her hands, long strips of bloody skin that ripped off with only the lightest of pressure. She lifted up her bloody hand, staring at the remains of her ruined pussy that dangled from her fingertips.


She couldn’t take it. It was finally too much for her. With a sickening groan, her eyes rolled up in her head and then Dina was falling.


Dina rocked back and forth on her seat, her bare buttocks aching from contact with the unyielding surface underneath her. Every time she reached the end of her movement, when her shoulders thumped against the back wall, her thighs would clamp together and grind up against the ruining opening of her pussy. The raw wounds and few remaining strips of flesh were agony but it didn’t stop her from rocking endlessly.

She sniffed and closed her eyes. Her eyelids were dry and aching from hours of sobbing but she couldn’t stop.

Nor could she stop forcing herself to suffer from the agony of her rape. She wrapped her arms underneath her knees and pulled them tight, winching at the pain.

It had been two days since Lumme had raped her. Harmmon had cut away most of the damaged flesh, removing away the thick folds that protected the entrance. Now, there was only a gaping hole where her pussy was.

She started to reach down to cup it and then stopped. She already knew it would hurt.

The morbid part of her wanted to remember what it felt like to have a meter-long cock rammed into her pussy, the quills digging into her chest, and the flesh being ripped away.

Gingerly, she cupped her pussy. The first touch was a sharp agony of pain but she pushed through it. Grinding her fingers down, she dug into the dried scabs to the raw skin underneath. Pain pulsed through her nerves as she explored the opening, running her fingers along the opening before delving two fingers into the opening.

There was still pleasure underneath her touch, half-forgotten in her torture and pain, but still there. She remembered how it felt to have Korin’s cock sliding into her, Melodi’s fingers and tongue, and even her old vibrator. She sobbed through the pain as she stroked herself looking for more pleasure, trying to find an orgasm before the agony overwhelmed her.

It refused to come.

She fingered herself faster, thumping her knuckles against raw, agonized flesh. Her insides grew wetter with every thrust but the smell of her excitement was tinged with the scent of fresh blood.

Dina couldn’t look down. Clamping her eyes shut, she pumped herself faster and harder, slamming her fist against her pussy and reopening her wounds. Adding a third finger brought additional pleasure, she couldn’t hurt her sex anymore. With a whimper, she bore down and pumped faster.

Her orgasm hovered right on the edge cresting.

She cried out, grinding her thighs together and pounding into her raw, bloody cunt. The pleasure rose in fits and starts but she couldn’t stop. A few tears squeezed out of her eyelids as she slammed into herself, driving with brutal hard strokes.

With a pop, she came.

Her entire body tightened around her fingers. Grinding her legs together,the pressure scraped against the ragged opening of her sex. The burst of agony added to the white-hot pleasure that wracked her frame, burning along the same nerves that were afire with her pleasure.

Legs shuddering, she slumped down. The smell of blood and sex filled the space around her. With a shaking arm, she pulled her hand from her pussy and lifted it up to inspect it. Her clear juices mingled with streaks of blood.

“Fuck,” she whispered to herself.

Hot liquid dribbled off her thighs to pool underneath her pussy.

With a sob, she leaned back against the wall. Her hand hovered over her pussy, dripping blood and juices on her shivering flesh. She curled her fingers and relaxed them, fighting the urge to torture herself by going back for pleasure.


Dina looked up as Harmon came into her cell.

The large alien’s quills were down against her back. Her weight caused the the bench to shift minutely. The faint smell of dusty flowers washed over Dina.

With her thick, wedge-like fingers, Harmon reached over and took Dina’s bloody hand. The strength of the alien was obvious but she only held Dina’s wrist firmly as she pulled away. “No. No more, Dina.”

After days of torture and talking, the alien’s words were finally understandable without a struggle. She could still hear the humming but she had picked up enough from the videos and speaking to understand more.

Sniffing, Dina looked at her. “It hurts.”

"I know.” The quills shivered and settled down. "Your wounds will heal.”

Tears ran down Dina’s cheeks. “Will he do it again?”

She didn’t have to hear the answer, the quivering quills and the low hum was enough.


Harmon looked down.

“Why are they doing this? The rape? Torture?” Dina wasn’t sure she actually wanted a response. She wiped the tears from her face with her free hand; Harmon still hadn’t released her. She ducked her head herself. “It hurt so much.”

Her hand quivered as she tried to press it against her ruined pussy but Harmmon wouldn’t let her.

The alien’s shoulders tensed and she sighed. Her heavily muscular arms brushed against Dina’s, a few short quills dragging along the skin. She hummed something complex but Dina couldn’t understand any of it. After a moment. "Bored. We fuck, we fight.”

When the alien looked back, the heartbreaking look in her bright orange eyes caught Dina’s heart. "We captured the ship. To… to…,” she made a low growling noise. Then, she released Dina’s wrist to hold up her fingers. "Wait.”

Dina nodded.

As soon as Harmmon stood up, Dina slid her hand between her legs to press against the agonized, raw flesh. It hurt but it also felt comforting that she was in pain. She circled the opening with one finger before relaxing.

Harmmon came back holding a tablet. When she stepped into the cell, her eyes focused on Dina’s hand. "Stop.”

Dina didn’t dig her fingers in but she didn’t move her hand either. She leaned against the wall, her bare breasts and healing scar stretching in the cool air.

Humming deeply, Harmmon sat down next to Dina and held the large tablet between both of them. "Watch.”

She tapped on one of the symbols that Dina couldn’t figure out. It brought up a wall of symbols. The alien hovered as she mimed counting to the fourth row and then to the second column. She tapped it loudly, the entire tablet rocking against Dina’s knee.

It brought up another menu, but one with numbers.

"Poke,” said Harmmon before tapping the first one.

The screen flashed and a brightly colored cartoon appeared. It looked like a hedgehog with yellow eyes. It hummed in a high-pitched noise and then a symbol showed up along with a little plant.

It was a child’s education program.

"Dina watch. No touch. No sad.”

Dina looked up.

"Harmmon sorry. Dina learn. Dina talk with Harmmon.”

Harmmon reached down between Dina’s legs, her thick hand spreading the human’s legs.

An intense surge of heat filled Dina even as she cringed.

"Dina no hurt Dina.”


Dina stretched out across the bench, her belly pressed tight against the unyielding material and her breasts crushed underneath her weight. She held herself up on her elbows as she stared at the tablet in front of her.

She was on the seventh education section. She wasn’t sure how to correlate her own Standard Education Levels to whatever the aliens used but she guessed she was at an eighth-grade level from the complexity. She tapped on the first topic, math, and started working through the base-8 formulas.

Just as she was finishing up one of the tests—she was getting good at the multiplications using only eight fingers—she saw Lumme striding down the hall with Naam and Harmmon following.

Immediately, the muscles in her back and legs tensed. Trembling, she forced her head to remain focused on the tablet but she stopped seeing the brightly colored images and focused on the three aliens with her peripheral vision.

The last time Lumme had come into the cell was the day he raped her. Her inner muscles tensed as she remembered the sharp agonies of being impaled. Her pussy, less pained after a few days of healing, clenched and she felt the dull ache of healing wounds grinding against each other.

Naam stopped at the center table of the cell. He had some sort of device in his hand. It was new, something Dina hadn’t seen before. It looked like a wide drill bit with teeth a few centimeters apart but a smooth tip. The flared edge shone strangely.

The male alien held it with a thick handle with the point aimed away from him. He twisted it a few times and hummed with amusement. Then he turned and looked directly at Dina.

Her body tensed with fear.

He mimed thrusting it into her, driving up pointedly, and twisted again. With a cruel smile on his lips, he pressed a thick button on the handle and a circular blade snapped out along the ridge.

Dina jumped.

Naam hummed at her. “You have already been drilled, fuck hole.”

Laughing, he headed for the far end of the cells with his quills standing up on their ends with his excitement.

Harmmon came around, her quills flattened. She had on her apron and surgical equipment. She was also not happen, judging from her eyes.

Seeing it, Dina finally turned and backed against the wall. Her shoulders ground against the wall. "No, no,” she whispered.

Harmmon nodded her head, leaned toward her. "Not Dina, number one-zero-three.”

Dina frowned until she realized Harmmon referenced another cell number. With a feeling of dread, she looked over her shoulder at one of the cells. A tired-looking brown-haired girl with dark shadows for eyes looked dully up as Naam slid away the door protecting her from the acidic air.

The glazed look faded away as pain registered. She let out a brief scream which ended in a rasp as the acid burned her throat. She clutched it, flailing helplessly as she tried to escape Naam.

The alien slapped a face mask across her face, driving her forward to slam her head into the wall. His muscles bunched up as he shoved her up, pulling her off the floor until her feet were kicking against his hard chest.

She clutched his wrist, trying to free himself.

Naam lowered his his other hand, the one with a drill.

With a sickening realization, Dina knew what it was designed for. The dread pooled in her stomach but she couldn’t look away.

Naam shoved the drill up between her legs, driving it deep into her pussy. There was a spray of blood as he tore through her labia and inner walls, shredding the very opening Dina had lost.

With tears in her eyes, Dina snaked her arm underneath her body to press against her own destroyed sex. She knew what was going to happen.

Naam twisted hard. The teeth of the drill caught the poor victim’s nether lips and pulled them straight, stretching them along the cutting blade until they were taut. The tiny hairs stuck out.

She screamed shrilly, kicking and lashing out. Her words came out in a rush of babbling, high-pitched and desperate.

The alien thumbed the control on the drill. The cicrcular blade snapped out, cutting easily through flesh. More blood splattered in all directions.

The scream rose higher until her voice cracked.

Blood sheeted down her thighs as Naam yanked down, ripping her pussy lips completely from her body in a spray of crimson.

Dina sobbed and covered her mouth, her vision blurring with tears. She clenched her other hand against her pussy, cupping it protectively even though she had already been mutilated.

With the woman still screaming into her mask. Her legs kicked out, spraying blood everywhere.

Naam easily carried her out of the room and down to the surgery.

With her quills flat against her back. Harmmon followed.

Lumme, on the other hand, remained behind to circle around the prison cells. He stopped in front of Dina’s cell and peered inside. His piercing eyes bore into her.

Unable to pretend to be looking at her table, she sobbed and shook her head. "Ki,” she whispered in her own broken voice.

"Soon you won’t be the only one, fuck slave.”

His low, growl of a hum sent a shiver of terror down her spine. She clamped her thighs around her hand and clutch herself.

"You were the first… and the best. I’ll be enjoying you for a long time.”

A scream snapped through the air but it ended in a wet gurgle. Dina knew that the other woman was being shoved into the vat of chemicals that would protect her from the acidic air and allow them to surgically length her vagina to handle the brutal, killing cock of the aliens.

Shivering, she looked at the other cells.

"They will all be fuck slaves, thanks to you.” He chuckled, a low growling noise. He tapped the side of her cell and headed toward the surgery room.


The cells used to be silent, a morose place where broken women waited for their deaths. Now, the moans of agony drifted from cell to cell, following the scent of fresh blood and the sour smells of the chemicals that permeated their skins.

It was torture. Dina wanted to comfort them, not unlike Melodi, but none of them would let her. Instead they lashed out at her, accusing her of working with the aliens, blaming her for their torture.

They were right, in a way. She was the first of the slaves, the first of the women who were going to spend the rest of their lives on the barbed cocks.

With tears in her eyes, she looked over at cell one hundred three. The second victim was rocking back and forth in a pool of drying blood and tears. She clutched herself, prying her knees apart to keep them from touching against the bloody opening that was her sex.

Their gazes met for a moment.

She glared at Dina with tear-filled eyes. Then with a sob, she turned away.

Dina cried herself as she looked away. Blindly, she reached out. Her fingers felt raw as she scraped the bench. She caught her table with two fingers and pulled it closer.

Reflexively, she started toward the education section but stopped. It had been days since she looked for Korin. She went through the video selection looking for his name. The last eleven videos had a symbol for liquid tagging the video. To her surprise, she spotted his name as the last one recorded. From her lessons, it was less than twenty minutes old.

Her heart beat fast as she tapped on the video.

The fighting arena was familiar, it was still between the various scout ships with barrier to form the fighting ring. There were half a hundred of the aliens sitting on wings and in chairs, drinking and celebrating as they waited for the fight.

There were two warriors inside the fighting ring, but neither was her husband. She didn’t see the scuffed and dented firm suits. Instead, the two men wore shimmering outfits that fitted to their muscular bodies. There was no obvious joints or even a helmet, just a triangular black triangle over the face.

She frowned and started to back out of the video but stopped when one of the aliens yelled “Ready!” and both men brandished their weapons. She recognized the plasma lance, it was Korin’s.

Her finger hovering over the tablet, she waited. She didn’t know why his armor had changed. Why did they change his firm suit? Was he hurt? Did she miss something in the other videos?


At the command, Korin surged forward. Her husband moved smoothly forward except for the limp from an ax wound in the previous fight. The smooth armor appeared not to hamper his movement as much as his firm suit, he looked more free and agile than before.

He feinted before swinging around, bringing the burning weapon in a low arc that came up at the end.

His opponent easily parried with an electrified rod of some sort. The parts were crudely welded together, but it looked solid when it caught the metal part of the lance.

The crack of metal on metal rang out. Before the sound faded, Korin’s opponent snapped his right foot into a powerful kick, slamming it against Korin’s wounded leg. His thigh pulled back and kicked again in less than a second.

The impact shook Korin and he staggered to the side.

Dina let out a gasp of surprise and fear. Korin’s opponent knew exactly where to hit her husband. She clutched the tablet even tighter in growing fear.

Another snap kick and a rapid blow from the rod sent Korin to one knee.

"No,” gasped Dina. She sobbed as she hovered her finger over the pause button, terrified to watch it forward.

It happened before she could blink. Korin’s opponent caught him with a left cross and then slashed down with his electrified rod. It slammed into Korin’s shoulder, right at the junction of his neck. There was a burst of brightness. The armor seemed to melt away, boiling away in sparks and mists to expose bare skin and his heavily scarred face. He had a beard now, a short scruff crossed with healing wounds and patches of burned skin.

Instantly, the flesh along his exposed shoulder, neck, and face began to redden. The hairs smoked as the acidic air burned his body. Blood seeped out of sores and burns.

Tears burned in Dina’s eyes as she forced herself to watch. More attacks came, rapid kicks and blows from the rod. Each one slammed into Korin mercilessly, driving him into the ground.

She knew it was the end. Her husband was going to die.

Dina couldn’t stop watching.

His opponent lifted his electrified rod with both hands.

Dina bit her finger, crying out as she stared, praying to any gods that were listening that it wasn’t the end. She couldn’t lose him, he was the only thing left of her past life, the only thing keeping her sane with a lifetime of rape and torture in her future.

She shook her head. “No, no, no.”

The victorious fighter swung down.

The world slowed down in sickening slowness.

The electrified rod blurred and sparked as it came down. It swung past Korin’s nose, missing by millimeters. The fighter took a step, planted it on Korin’s chest and lunched himself toward the edge of the fighting ring.

A shimmering field briefly sprung up along the top of the barrier. It was a force shield of some sort, it rippled with expanding circles of energy.

The electrical rod slammed into the field. It exploded in a shower of sparks. The ripples grew brighter.

On the far side of the barrier, visible to the camera but not the fighters, a square box mounted on the barrier began to spark also. Light grew from inside the device, sparking and flickering. It flashed twice and then exploded.

The shield disappeared instantly.

The mood of the aliens changed almost instantly. Many of them began to scramble away from the fight, crawling over the wings of the ships and chairs as they tried to flee the escaped human. Others froze. Despite the violence of their rape, she was surprised that only a few fought to approach to the human.

The human spun around on his heel. He stopped sharply and then charged along the barrier. His head was focused on something and she followed it with her eyes.

Amidst the chaos, there were three aliens that stood out from the rest. They were not panicking judging from their lowered quills, nor where they fighting or trying to run away. All three had matching colorations, dark and light blue strips with quills tipped in black. Two of them were large and bulky, the third was smaller and frailer.

The escaped man jumped off the barrier and charged straight for them, his shorted rod smoking as he held it right above him.

The resolve of two of the two larger aliens cracked. Then stepped back as their quills rose up. Then they turned on their heels and joined the panic.

The smallest one stood his ground and slapped at his arm. A display appeared along the dark skin, symbols glowing from subdermal implants. She could see the edges of letters but the camera angle made it difficult to discern which letters were on top but they looked like the keyboard on her tablet.

Without glancing down and his gaze focused on the charging human, he tapped a series of letters along his arm. The impact of his thick finger would cause the letter to flash.

Three meters away from reaching the blue-quilled alien, the man’s armor dissolved into sparkling mist. He was naked, his body as scarred and bruised as Korin’s. He had been dueling for a long time, a plaything for the cruel humans.

Dina’s breath caught in her throat as she watched the unnamed human stagger forward. She wanted him to make it, desperately wanted to see one of the aliens beaten and broken.

The other human made it only made it two more meters before coming to the ground. His entire body smoked from the acidic air. Blood ran from his ears, mouth, and nose. Face reddening and wounds opening up, he tried to swing his rod.

The alien batted it easily away. Taking a step forward, he stepped over the human and then slammed his fist down. The powerful muscles drove the alien’s knuckles into the side of the human’s head.

A sickening crunch brought a gasp from Dina.

The alien beat the human again, punching him repeatedly in the side of the head and neck. Pieces of bone and splashes of blood sprayed in all directions as he mercilessly punched the man’s head into a pulp.

Dina almost threw up.

It was over in less than a minute.

The alien stood up and looked back toward the barrier. With his fingers dripping blood and gore, he tapped on his arm again. She caught the first few letters before the camera panned away and back to the fighting arena.

Korin was lying on the ground, gasping for breath. His entire face was coated in blood as more of it poured out from his mouth, ears, and nose. More blood came from burns that opened up from the acidic air.

One hand was trying to cover his mouth with blood-streaked fingers but it was his other that caught Dina’s attention. He was clutching his wedding ring, holding it tight with his thumb.

He was thinking of her with his last breaths.

A sob of despair ripped out of her throat.

The camera operator zoomed in, obviously wanting to catch his last breath.

The liquid-looking armor surged over the wound, sealing up and covering the flesh.

The camera turned toward the blue-quilled alien, almost as a surprise look. The alien finished typing. It looked up at the camera and then gestured toward the arena sharply.

By the time the view focused on her husband, he was once again covered in his armor but his body was still. She couldn’t seen even a hint of breathing, no rise or fall of his chest, no twitch of his arm.

“No, no!” she screamed, slamming the tablet down on the bench. “No, you can’t! You can’t!” She sobbed and bowed her head. “You can’t be dead.”

Dina couldn’t take it anymore. Sobbing, she sank to the floor of her cell and clutched herself tightly. She had just lost Korin.

"Dina?” Harmmon came rushing in.

Dina didn’t look up. "Korin. He’s d-dead.” Her voice caught as she tried to hum out the words.

Harmmon snatched up the tablet. She tapped a few times hard. The video flashed back on the screen, the last few moments of her husband’s death.

Dina sobbed and crawled away. She curled up into a fetal position and clapped her hands over her ears. "No, no more. No play. Don’t play it again!”

The female alien didn’t say anything else. Instead, she stood up and rushed out of the cell. Her heavy footsteps shook the ground, rattling items on the desk. She threw the tablet on the central table before continuing down the hall.


It was a night of hell for Dina. The lights were low and the room was still except for the occasional cry or sob. She could hear it echo off the walls, punctuated by the high-pitched scream that rose up in the distance. Some of them were men, some were women. She had no doubt that the women were being raped the death, torn open on barbed cocks by aliens too impatient for Lumme’s and Harmmon’s surgical alterations.

She felt sick listening to the screams. There was nothing she could do, nothing at all. She was trapped, trapped in an open cell, unable to escape the aliens that would hunt her down and torture her.

Dina lifted her head and looked at the opening of her cell. It would be the easiest thing to just step outside. She considered it more than once. She didn’t know the ship or the layout, which meant she would be wandering the hallways until she stumbled on an alien.

The idea of being impaled on a barbed cock sent a shiver of spine.

No, she would remain in her cell.

Turning away, she pressed one sweaty arm over her ear and tried to drown out the sounds of screams. It didn’t work but there were brief moments when her flesh muffled out the terror. She closed her eyes tightly and prepared herself for long hours before she could sleep again.

As she laid on the bench, her thoughts drifted aimlessly, bouncing between her time with Melodi and the days leading up to her fateful trip. But then an errant thought of her marriage brought a far worse memory to the fore: Korin’s death.

Before she could stop it, she was recalling the video with unwanted clarity. Her memories came as flashing images, highlighting the worst of the fight as she saw him beaten by the rod, the look of terror on his face, and the his still body at the end. She tried to pull her thoughts away from it but her focus snapped back to that terrible moment when she lost him.

Desperate, she rolled over and shoved both hands between her legs. The raw opening of her sex protested but she morbidly shoved her fingers into it, blasting away the memories with sharp agony.

She fingered herself roughly as long as she could, ripping apart one horror for the short-term benefit of excruciating pain.

Finally, it got too much. Her entire body shook from the agony. She yanked her fingers from her pussy and slumped back. The relief was immediate, like the afterglow of an orgasm.

She needed to sleep. She needed to forget her husband’s death.

The memories started again, playing through the fight. The dread rose inside her, gripping her lungs in icy claws.

Sick, she shoved her hand back into her pussy and fingered herself violently. This time, she wouldn’t think about her husband before she willed herself to sleep.

Ten minutes later, she slumped back again. “Damn it.”

Her mind kept going back to Korin, no matter how much she tried. She closed her eyes and sank into the memories, wallowing in the sorrow that filled her as she pictured her husband’s still body on the ground.

In desperation to avoid her husband, she focused on the blue-quilled alien instead. He didn’t panic like the others. In fact, he seemed to be the only one in charge. He had the controls for peeling back the armor and putting it back.

Dina frowned. She didn’t know if it would be useful to know, but she saw him entering the commands. There were symbols on a keyboard, she had enough lessons to understand them.

She sat up, her eyes aching as she peered into the dark. It would keep the nightmares away for a little longer. She just needed her tablet.

It was out on the table beyond the opening of her cell.

Every since they removed the barrier, she hadn’t dared to step outside. She didn’t want to be a threat, to provoke them.

The tablet was only a few meters beyond it.

Memories of Korin began to rise up, crawling from her subconsciousness. She blinked past the tears and pushed herself up off the seat. Her heart bet faster as fear surged through her. Her bare feet padded on the ground as she leaned against the side of the cell and peered outside.

Like her own cell, the barriers sealing the other women had been opened up. Just like Dina, though, no one made an attempt to escape. There was too much horror outside of the cells, too much chance of a short, brutal life.

She didn’t know what kept her from racing out and committing suicide though. It would be a sure thing… maybe. With her surgical alterations, she suspected that it would be years before she actually died.

Korin’s death hovered in the back of her head.

Taking a deep breath, she reached out for the tablet but it was out of reach.

Some of the other women were awake, staring with broken eyes into the cell. None of them responded as she took one hesitant step and then another. Staggering forward, she leaned across the table and snatched the tablet.

She was convinced that they would be coming for her.

Dina smacked the tablet to her bare breast and fled back to her cell.

No alarms went off, no marching filled the air.

She curled up on the bench, staring over her shoulder for someone to come for her. She could imagine what tortures they had.

After a long moment, she finally relaxed. Setting the tablet down on her knee, she brought it up and went to the video with her husband’s death.

Her eyes burned with tears as she watched her husband joining the fight. She fast-forwarded it past the violence to focus on the blue-quilled alien. When she got to the scenes with the alien tapping on his arm, she stopped and started to puzzle out the various symbols he tapped.

As she worked, she knew it was pointless. She would never need to know how to form the armor or to remove it. She was just giving herself false hope by trying.

Then the image of Korin’s still body flashed across her mind.

Biting her lip, she rewound and tried again. She didn’t have paper but she found a note-taking application in the tablet. Soon, she had a series of letters that made up the command to remove the armor. The command to reform it was missing letters.

It took her a bit longer to find a dictionary application. It was higher level than her education, but she found a few words that could be command to restore the armor; they had the correct first and final letters.

Finally, she leaned back with a faint rush. Korin’s death wasn’t entirely in vain. She had something. Maybe it would help her later.

More importantly, it gave her enough relief so her eyes could close and sleep finally came.


Dina’s dreams turned into nightmares as something loomed over her. In her half-woken state, she started to imagine it was some beast like a rabid tiger. As she rapidly woke up, reality replaced the fantastic tiger with something far worse, Lumme.

She could almost feel the thick, wedge-like fingers reaching her. She all too well the spiked cock that was growing harder with every second. It was only a matter of seconds before she was being torn apart on the cruel cock and raped almost to death.

Her breath quickened and she felt it dancing over her arm. She was on her side, face toward the back of the bench and her ass sticking out over the edge. Unwillingly, she tensed her buttocks in fear that Lumme would decide to rape the exposed opening, a feat that would no doubt slaughter her.

When she found herself wishing to be killed, guilt slammed into her. She closed her eyes tightly and waited for the brutality to begin.

A warm breath tickled her ear. “Wake up, Dina,” hummed Harmmon next to her. The low vibration shook Dina’s body.

Dina gasped. She turned, her lips were centimeters away from the female alien’s. "Har—”

Harmmon clamped her thick hand over Dina’s mouth. Her bright orange eyes almost glowed in the dim light. She leaned forward until her lips caressed Dina’s ear. "Come,” she hummed, the sound felt more than heard.

Confused, Dina stared at her.

"Come, I need help. Quiet. Discrete. Dina help?”

Her brow furrowing, Dina nodded. "Yes,” she hummed back.

Harmmon stepped back as Dina got to her feet. Reaching out, the alien held out her hand. "Dina quiet. Dina follow.”

Trembling, Dina took Harmmon’s hand and let herself be led out of her cell. After her previous sprint to grab her tablet, crossing over the threshold had the same intense feeling of vulnerability. Her half-forgotten nightmares of Lumme rose up and she stared down the hall in fear that he would be standing at the end, ready to torture her.

Body tensing, she glanced at the others cells. If one of the other victims raised their voices, both of them could be in trouble.

Most of the naked women were sleeping, curled up in tight fetal positions as they cupped and protected their ruined bodies. She could see bloody fingers and hear the soft cries. Others were awake, their eyes glittering as they watched her but they remained silent.

Her heart almost stopped when she saw their gazes, but then she realized the looks were dead and broken. These were women who hated her but they were also shattered by their surgeries and their obvious futures. Each one of them would spend the rest of their short lives being raped and tortured. They would suffer nothing but pain and agony until they died.

She looked away, the guilt gnawing at her. Unwilling to look back, she followed after Harmmon as the alien lead her down the hallway.

Dina had no clue why Harmmon wanted her. The alien didn’t give any hint to the specifics.

Then a flash rose in her thoughts. Harmmon had pleasured herself while Dina masturbated. The alien was obviously interested in her, what if she wanted more that night? What if the alien wanted to use her also? Was if this was something far more carnal?

A blush crossed her cheeks. She felt humiliated and nervous.

They approached the room where Lumme had raped Dina. The tension in her shoulders ratcheted up as a heat fluttered inside her.

Would Harmmon be gentle? With the strong hands, fingers capable of snapping bone, touch her like a lover or use her like Lumme did?

Harmmon drew her past the door.

The warm feelings faded into a burn with humiliation. Harmmon liked her too much to abuse her like the others.

When the female alien stopped in front of the surgery door, Dina’s humiliation turned into confusion.

"Harmmon? Here?”

"Dina wait here. Be quiet, do not make noise. Do not touch. Please?”

There was an insistence to Harmmon’s hum. Her quills were flattened against her back but they were tense, quivering with soft rasps and rustling. Dina looked into her orange eyes and felt something worrying.

Without another hum, she nodded and slipped inside.

To her surprise, the various devices inside the surgery were active and prepared for surgery. Lights and displays flashed on both the auto-surgery and the chemical vat.

Harmmon closed the door behind her.

Dina looked back at the door and shivered. It felt ominous. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she rested her fingertips on her breast as she padded around the room.

The soft beeps and pulses followed her as she went from one station to the other. After a few minutes of being uncomfortable, she drifted over to the auto-surgery. She half expected to see a program for altering her further. Instead, it looked like Harmmon had activated the critical care program. Flashing red lights implored the reader to place the victim on the bed with various warnings about effects of oxygen deprivation on long-term survival.

The liquid vat, boiling with activated chemicals, was also ready to run a program. This one she had more trouble understanding with her level of education, but she could tell it was a gene-altering program related to resistances of acid; she guessed it was the same program used to give her the ability to survive the alien’s atmosphere.

A small counter on the program menu told her that the same program had been used forty times in a row. Once they found a way, the used it.

The two programs worried her. She already had been altered to survive. She also wasn’t critically injuries.

A shiver of fear rippled down her spine.

It wasn’t for her. It was for someone else. Someone who Harmmon needed help with but couldn’t get it from the other aliens.

The door opened and she jumped.

Harmmon rushed into the room, pushing a laundry cart in front of her. The hard-sides of the cart were dripping something on the ground. "Dina!”

The door snapped closed behind Harmmon.

Dina froze, unsure of what to do.

Harmmon sighed and flung the top over. "We don’t have much time, he can’t breathe.”

"Him?” The world spun around her for a moment. Then she rushed forward.

The laundry cart was filled with a thick, blue-tinted fluid. It smelled of flowers and chemicals: hand soap. There was something in the bottom, a vague shape, humanoid.

She knew who it was, there was only one person. “K-Korin?”

Harmmon made an agreeing noise and plunged her hands into the soap. It poured off the sides as she grabbed Korin and pulled his naked body out of the liquid. Streamers of soap poured off his scarred body as she hoisted him across the room and tossed him into the gene-splicing vat.

As the liquid thinned the soap, she saw the deep wounds, blood flecking his lips, and the glaze look in his eyes. He looked almost like the victims she saw in the hallway.

With a sob rising in her throat, she rushed over to the auto-surgery. Hitting the activate button, she watched as the metal arms and tentacles sprung to life. They plunged into the vat and started to manipulate his body, scanning and poking as they did.

A diagnostics display flashed on the screen. Behind it, a list of injuries and warnings scrolled past. She didn’t know much of the words but “internal hemorrhaging” and “blunt force trauma” were not good words to see.

Then other displays came into play: heart and pulse, various levels in the blood. When she saw his heart beating and his brain working, she let out a loud sigh of relief. Tears burned in her eyes as she realized her husband wasn’t dead.

She gulped and fought the tears.

"Dina, what does it say?”

“I… I… "It’s bad.”

Harmmon came over, her powerful body looming over Dina. "I cannot read this fast enough to save him. What do we do?”

Dina gulped and read the displays. There were a lot of them and she didn’t understand, but the auto-surgery was designed to be operated in combat conditions. She pressed the largest flashing button.

The surgery began to operate, indicators showing the progress as it tried to heal her husband.

Dina stepped back. She only made it a step before she thudded against Harmmon’s chest. She turned into it and buried her face into the warm but hard flesh. A sob rose up as she forced herself not to look at either the controls or her husband.

Harmmon wrapped her arms around, a few quills scraping against Dina’s skin before they were tilted away. Powerful muscles squeezed down to a comforting pressure.

"Thank you, Harmmon.”

"Dina needs Korin.”

“I-I… I need you too.”

"I’m sorry. I cannot say anything else. I’m sorry.”

They held each other, Dina quietly sobbing into Harmmon’s chest. The auto-surgery and vat made various beeps, trills, and warnings. Slowly, the flashing danger indicators faded into amber and then green before fading away.

It felt like hours before the medical device made a chime and pulled away.

Dina peeled her face away from Harmmon and looked over. Korin was still in the vat, his eyes opened as he breathed in the colored liquid. There was a faint shimmer along his body.

Seeing his scars and injuries broke his heart. She knew his body intimately but what she saw was like looking at a stranger. The best way was to say he was harder than before. Years of living on the space stations gave him a softness but the countless gladiator fights had left him hard and wiry. He looked dangerous and powerful.

Her body grew hotter looking at him. It was an intense attraction, a rush of liquid heat boiling inside her.

She never thought she would like men with hard bodies, but seeing her husband brought something deep inside her to the fore.

Harmmon chuckled.

Dina looked up, a flush on her cheeks. "What?”

"You look happy.”

She didn’t know what to say. Clearing her throat, she hummed, "Where did you find him?”

"He was in the gladiator quarters, they were going to let him die before his next fight.” Harmmon’s quills shook. "I couldn’t let him, so I hid him in the soap until I could get him here without being seen.”

Dina’s mouth opened with surprise. "W-Why?”

Harmmon smiled. "For Dina.”

Dina sniffed. She started to say something but then Korin’s hand broke the surface of the vat. She spun around and stopped. Seeing that the gene-alteration was completed, she rushed over and took his hand. “Korin!”

Together, they helped him sit up in the vat. As the liquid cleared his face, Korin looked around in confusion. For a moment, he stared at Dina without comprehension. Then it blossomed across his face. “D-Dina?”

Crying happily, she hugged him tightly. “Korin!”

His arms wrapped around her, dripping with fluids but tight. They held each other.

He burned his face in her neck. “I didn’t think I would see you again.”

“Oh, love. I missed you so much.”

They kissed, the sharp taste not even ruining the moment as the two lovers met each other. They just hugged and touched. He stroked her face, staring at her as if he had lost her.

He had. She did the same, her fingers trailing over his body in fear that he would disappear in a moments notice.

Harmmon leaned in. "I’m sorry, but I must return him.”

Dina clutched Korin tightly. “What? No, I can’t lose him.”

Korin tensed, his body tightening as he stared at the orange alien. “Dina?”

“Oh, this is Harmmon. Harmmon, Korin. Korin, Harmmon.”


Korin didn’t say anything.

Dina held him tightly as she addressed the alien. "Why do you have to return him?”

"I stole him. If they find him here, the three of us will be killed. He has to be returned before the day light.”

“I… I can’t lose him.”

“She’s right.”

Dina jumped and looked over at him.

Korin smiled and her heart almost broke at the familiarity to it. “I picked up a few words. I can’t speak it like you but she’s right. Escape prisoners are tortured right on front of us, it wasn’t pretty.”

“W-What will I do?”

Korin held her tightly. “Survive. Do whatever you can. If I have a chance, I’ll save you. I have to.”

She sniffed and smiled at him. “I… let’s save each other.’

He nodded. “I’m sorry, love. My beautiful, beautiful love. This marriage didn’t start off well but, I promise, I will do anything I can to make it right.”

Korin looked at Harmmon. “Will you help her?”


He crawled out of the vat. His naked body looked perfect for Dina, the right size and fit. He was her lover, her passion. Turning to Dina, he held her hands for a moment and then pulled her into a tight hug. “I miss you so much.”

Tears in her eyes, Dina kissed him. “Don’t die, please don’t die.”

“I won’t.”

“You better.”

After a few moments of kissing, he pulled away. Looking around, he grinned and grabbed a few things from the shelves. He didn’t have anywhere to put them, so he tossed them into a cloth bag.

Harmmon gestured to the soap-filled cart. There was a massive puddle of liquid that had leaked out underneath it and the level was no longer high enough to cover him. It didn’t matter, though. He wasn’t affected by the acidic air.

“Well, I’ve been in worse.” He crawled into the cart. Leaning over it, he kissed Dina one last time. “I’ll be back.”

Dina felt another sob rising up in her throat. She wiped her eyes and tried to keep her wits.

With sickening dread, he watched as Harmmon pushed her husband out of the room. She didn’t know if she would see either of them again, she didn’t know if there would be anything other than rape or torture in her life.

But there was hope. The smallest shred of hope.

With a faint smile, she turned off the machines and slipped out of the room. She could probably make it back to cell before anyone caught her.


It was morning, only a few short hours after the lights turned on. Dina had woken up but hadn’t moved away from the bench. There was too much going on and she didn’t dare leave with Naam wandering around outside of her cell as he fed and watered the various prisoners.

She kept her knees up near her chest, angling her body to avoid exposing her sex to his curious gaze. The tablet rested on her thighs as she worked her way frantically through the lessons. She needed to know more, to understand the language enough to interpret the codes she gleamed from watching the videos.

The first one didn’t show up in her lessons but she managed to find a dictionary that had part of the word for “open” in it but she couldn’t figure out the prefix of the word. The second command, the one to restore the armor, had the same four letter prefix but the rest of the word was intelligible.

She frowned and tapped through the lessons. It like she was cramming for a lesson now. She and Korin didn’t have much time. They may never have enough time but the tiny shred of hope gave her impetus to learn as much as she could.

Lost in thought, it took a moment to realize that there was standing over her. With a start, she looked up to see Naam looking down at her, grinning. His cock was half-hard, the prickly length rising up to bump against her thigh. The sharp points scraped against her leg.

Startled, she shivered as her heart began to beat faster.

He leaned toward her, his azure eyes slowly taking her in. His look lingered between her legs and she clamped her thighs and tilted further away in hopes that it would discourage him. “I know you can understand me,” he hummed in a low voice.

Dina wasn’t sure how to respond.

He rested one heavy hand on her thigh. With a steady pressure, he pulled it to the side. When Dina kept her thighs clamped, he grabbed her other knee and squeezed down. Pain shot up her leg as he pinned her in place. Then slowly, he forced her thighs apart.

It felt like she was being torn apart.

"You slaves are so soft. No teeth, no fighting. Just a wet hole.” His hums were low and growling, shaking her body as his cock twitched and grew up between her forced apart legs. The sharp barbs stuck out, quivering with his heart. One ridge thumped against her ruined opening. Sharp points dug into her skin as he continued to lengthen and grow harder.

He shoved one hand down her inner thigh, forcing it further apart.

Dina shuddered as she tried to find. She desperately wanted to lash out but the quills sticking out prevented her from attacking. He was too strong and powerful.

He jammed two thick fingers into her ruined pussy, easily penetrating the gaping opening and shoving deep inside her. A burn of agony started then the intense feeling of fullness. He was cruel as he jammed his fingers knuckle deep into her pussy, stretching healing skin and tearing deep inside her.

"To easy to penetrate,” he chuckled as he pumped in and out. "I don’t have to break my fingers just getting it inside. Such soft opening.”

She gasped in discomfort, squirming and twisting as he impaled her repeatedly on his two thick digits. It hurt but also had just a hint of pleasure as he thrust deeper, driving his fingers deep into her cunt until she was uncomfortably full.

He leaned into her, his powerful body looming over her. His breathing was a low rumble as he forced a third finger into her pussy.

Dina gasped in agony. She tried to clamp her thighs shut but his cock had grown up between them. The delicate skin caught against the sharp points. It cut into her until she could stop.

Forced apart, she sobbed as he chuckled. "Such soft fuck hole.”

He rammed his fist against her pussy, smacking against her labia as his three fingers tore into her. He didn’t care for her pleasure, only to loosen up her pussy to rape it.

She clutched at the wall, sobbing. Her entire body smacked up against the wall, her naked skin striking with harder and faster strokes.

Naam finally yanked his hands free. His fingers were dripping with red-tinged clear fluids.

She tried to twist away but he ground down on her knee, pinning her hip to the bench by pinning her leg bone in place. With his other hand, he grabbed the thick, quill-filled cock. It wasn’t quite a meter long, but the thick cock was wider than her fist before the thousands of sharp points seemed to make it twice as large. His thick hand squeezed down on the quills, bending them forward to get a grip on the thick member.

"No, please don’t,” she whimpered.

"Scream for me.” He lowered his knees and aimed the sharp points of his cock up against her opening. The sharp points scraped against the stretched open skin.

He just shoved it in, forcing the sharp points into her opening. She could feel every sharp edge but—like before—it didn’t pierce her inner skin. The chemically hardened flesh shielded her from none of the pain as he rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

It sliced into her, plunging deep. There was friction as she was ripped further open but otherwise there was no resistance as the quills were forced deeper and deeper.

Her belly swelled as the quills spread open, forcing her wider with terrifying pain. The massive cock continue further along, the steel-hardness forcing her back to arch forward.

The cock head drove into her chest, forcing the air out of her lungs. She cried out, a long wail that ended with a gurgled cry. The length of the hardness impaled her like a pole, forcing her body to wrap around the agonizing shaft.

"Scream for me,” he hummed loudly. "Scream, you fucking bitch.” He grunted and jammed his shaft deeper. The hardness impaling her forced her back to arch as it drove deep. She could feel it scraping against her insides. As he drove it to the base, she felt the quills lodging themselves into every centimeter from her pussy to her throat.

"Scream!” he snapped.

He yanked out his cock. The quills blossomed inside her, spreading out as they caught on delicate, sensitive flesh. Every point slashed into her as his cock pried her length obscenely open.

He yanked his cock out with a splatter of liquid. Before she could catch her breath, he rammed his cock into her. His quills tore out of her pussy, each quill snapped free with a burning line of agony as it slipped out of her body.

"Fucking cunt. So soft.” He rammed his cock back into her, crushing her body against the wall as he impaled centimeter after centimeter into her pussy. His quills tore at her insides as he hammered her body, fucking her with long, brutal strikes.

Naam rammed her body against the wall, fucking harder and faster. Her body slid up along the wall. He gripped her knees tighter, forcing her body up until she was pinned against the wall, her entire weight forced down on the barbed cock tearing in and out of her wet, brutal strokes.

Her shaking hands planted against his chest, she tried to pull herself off his cock but couldn’t. It was too long, too hard, to powerful as it tore through her, ripping her in and out. Wet splatters struck the bench, she couldn’t tell if it was pre-cum, blood, or something else.

Naam grunted as his hips pounded his cock into her. It felt like his cock was tipped with blades as it continued to tear into her, ripping open her pussy and plunging deep.

Unwillingly, her inner walls clamped down on the cock. It only increased the pressure and pain of having the quills tear into her.

His shaft swelled, the sharp points punching into the delicate inner walls. His thrusts were halted, locked into place as he groaned and drove it deeper. The quills made it possible thrust into her but his growing pleasure made it impossible to escape. His shaft worked deeper and deeper, filling her with agony as it swelled to easily twitch its girth.

Naam’s cock exploded inside her. Searing hot jets of cum splattered deep inside her, a veritable hot that hammered against her insides. She could feel it flooding it in her throat with thick globs of cum oozing down the burning length of her pussy.

With a snarl on his face, he grabbed her by the throat. Powerful fingers dug into her shoulder and neck, cutting off her breath.

Instantly, she grew dizzy.

He pulled his hips back.

His cock blossomed further into her, the quills standing on end as they bristled inside her. Thousands of sharp points tore into her, bending back.

It was too much. She tried to scream but she was suffocating. Her entire body tensed in agony as she writhed.

One quill popped out of her pussy, ripping at the opening as it snapped back into place. Then another, each one felt like a sharp blade cutting into her pussy as he tore his massive cock out of her tortured opening.

The world grew dark as she screamed and writhed. It hurt more than anything else, centimeter after centimeter of sharp edges cutting and slicing into her sex he pulled out.

His entire body shook from the effort. His cock continued to pop free, one sharp edge at a time.

Her world grew dark with agony.

Finally, after an endless eternity of agony, the lack of his massive cock tore free of her body. Thick jets of cum poured out of her pussy, pouring down on the ground.

Naam released her.

She slumped into a puddle of cum. Waves of dizziness slammed into her. Trembling, she reached down to her tortured pussy until she felt the hot liquid pouring out between her digits. Dreading what she would see, she pulled her hand up. She expected to see blood on her fingers but there was only thick streamers of cum.

The sight of it brought up the terrifying reason. She wasn’t going to die on the alien’s cock. There was no freedom. She was stuck, a slave until she managed to escape with her husband or died.

She sobbed.

Naam chuckled. "Until next time.”

He turned and headed off. "So soft,” he muttered.

Left alone in a puzzle of cum, Dina could only sob as she lost herself in the fading agony of her brutal rape.


Dina leaned against the wall of her cell, shielding the light of the tablet from the rest of the prison cells with her arm and leg. Her pussy and insides still ached from Naam’s rape. Every time she shifted, she felt the scrapes and cuts deep inside her body, the aching reaching from cunt to throat.

She wanted to cry and break down, but then she remembered Korin. Setting her jaw, she pressed her thighs tightly together and sank into the pain. It drove her to concentrated.

She used her fingers to swipe through the dictionary pages until she found the entry she was looking for. It was the word for “restore”, the last three symbols matched what she saw on the video.

Tapping on the switch program, she brought up a programming game. It had taken her a while to understand it but the on-screen keyboard was almost identical to the one she saw on the blue-quilled alien’s wrist.

It felt right. She figured that the first four letters were a transponder for the suit, the rest was the command to restore the armor. She ran her fingers over the command, going through the motions as she repeated the command again and again.

She felt foolish pretending she would have any impact on Korin’s life.

Her fingers hovered over the keyboard, doubt striking into her.

Slowly she closed her eyes as a well of sadness rose up. They were going to die on the ship, along with hundreds of other humans that were going to be turned into sexual slaves or gladiators. All to cater to some bored aliens who stumbled on their ship.

There was a scuffle of movement, the sound of firm suit boots thudding against the ground. She tensed and flipped the tablet over to press against her belly and the long scar that bisected her. The movement caused her insides to twinge but she couldn’t afford to let the Lumme or Naam know she was reading.

The lights flickered on.

In the other cells, a few slaves lifted their heads and peered out with glaze, listless eyes. Soft cries rose up, mere hints of noise. Many of them turned away, curling up in fetal positions to cradle their own recent surgical injuries.

The sounds grew wider. Women’s voices echoed down the hall.

“Why are you doing this?”

“What is happening!”

“Oh, God. God, please, please don’t let…”

Dina shuddered. They were fresh humans from the stasis pods. More women to turn into slaves for raping. Their outfits still glistened with the gel that had filled the pods. They left a trail behind them, marred by their scraping feet.

Naam came in, shoving two humans in firm suits ahead of him. He dragged a third one behind him. The furthest one staggered as she was half-dragged into the room. Her cries, high-pitched sobbing, echoed against the walls.

Naam shoved two of them toward the center before picking the third completely off the ground. He looked over her for a moment. Her outfit showed little of her body but apparently he was judging by weight. He turned and looked at Dina, grinning widely with bright teeth. “Yeah, this one screams nicely.”

Her jaw tensed.

"I bet you’d like one of these for company. I know you fuck women.” He turned back to her. "You think you’d want to comfort her? Tell her that I’m going to rape that cunt of hers until she bleeds?”

The other two women sobbed as they clutched at the counter, looking around. Naam stood in the only exit and Dina’s heart fell as she saw any shred of hope cracking.

One of them caught her gaze. “Please help me,” she sobbed. Dina could see tears running down her cheeks. She reached out for Dina.

“I… I’m sorry,” Dina said. “I’m so sorry.”

Naam chuckled. "Telling them the truth?”

She glared at him.

Shaking the girl in his hands, he strode over to one of the other cells and tossed her in. He reached over and grabbed the third woman, the one who wasn’t talking, and tossed her into the same cell before slamming the glass plate shut.

He headed over to the third one.

She screamed and stumbled back.

Reaching over with his superior height, he grabbed her by the shoulder and yanked her back. His other hand caught her throat. Picking her up, he inspected her carefully through the firm suit. "She’s got a pretty face. I bet you’d like it between your legs.”

"Fuck you.”

She blanched as she realized she had spoken to him for the first time.

He grinned at her. "Already did, cunt. So, do you want her? Do you want a soft, mewing little bitch to warm you at night?”

She knew he wasn’t going to let her stay in her cell. He was toying with her, being cruel. She clenched her body, wincing at the pain from his recent rape. Panting softly, she clutched the tablet tight to her chest as she waited for the inevitable.

The woman was screaming, kicking out helplessly as her booted shoes smacked agianst his bare chest. Her fists were equally useless. The sound of his quills scraping against her firm suit bring a pang of sadness to Dina.

"No. You can’t have her. I don’t know why, but you don’t cry like the others. You aren’t broken like a proper slave.” He shook his head. "Best to get rid of you. Soon. Someone who will rape you to death.”

He strode across the open area. With a grunt, he threw the third woman into another cell.

Her body crunched against the wall and she slid down, landing on the two occupants already there.

With his other hand, he slapped the control and the shield slid into place. Naam stopped in front of Dina’s cell. "Tell them they have one minute to strip and get the face mask on or I will kill them.”

Dina shook her head.

"I’m going to kill them if you speak or not. You have less than one minute.”

With a gasp, she closed her eyes tightly and spoke out. “He’s going to vent the atompsohere.” Her voice filled the cell. “You have to get out of your firm suits now. T-There is a face mask.”

Dina hated herself for helping the enemy.

“The air is acid. It will burn, but he’ll… put fresh air in.”

“What is going on?” asked one of the women to her left. It was the one pleading for her. “What are they going to do?”

A tear dripped down her face. “They are going to surgically alter you and then rape you.”

“W-What!?” screamed all three.

“I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean.”

"Half a minute,” warned Naam.

“You… you….” Dina struggled with her words. “If you don’t put on the mask, the acid will choke you. It takes a few minutes and it will hurt so much, but if you want…”

She sobbed. “If you want, it will be over.”

The woman on the left spoke up again. “Why didn’t you?”

“I… I couldn’t.” Dina shook her head. “I couldn’t do it.”

There was scuffing and shuffles. Even without looking, Dina could tell all three of them were removing their suits. The pieces thudded against the ground, bouncing around.

Naam looked around. With a grin, he gestured to the cell with the one woman. "I bet this one is going to try killing herself. It won’t work.”


"Life. Everyone always tries to kill themselves but when the air is burning their lungs, they grab it. Just watch, maybe ten seconds.”

He headed toward the cell.

Dina called out. “He’s going to vent the air. It will only be a few seconds before you’ll have fresh again. Just a few seconds.”

The screams rose up, high-pitched and terrified.

A klaxon filled the air. She could imagine the flashing warnings on the screen, the burning acid in her lungs. She clutched herself and sobbed, hating herself and wishing that all three of them would die in brief agony.

There were screams that broke and then suddenly went silent.

Naam shook his head as he tapped on the side of Dina’s cell. "She’s going to live.”

She opened her eyes to glare at him.

His cock was half-hard, barbed quills sticking out. With a chuckle, he headed toward the entrance. "I quieted them so you can’t talk to them. Tomorrow, Lumme will sell you off. Which is a shame, because if I could afford you, I’d rape your body until you bled.”

Dina stared until he left the hallway, shutting off the lights.

A tear ran down her cheek. “Damn them. Fuck all of them.”

She flipped the tablet over. Positioning her hands, she typed the command again. Making sure she had it, she let her eyes closed and tried again. She had to keep going, had to keep hoping that she could save them. The only thing she could imagine, the only thing that gave her hope, was Korin out there and the possibility she could turn the tide in his fight.

Every time she entered the command, she thought about her husband’s body lying on the ground. Every time she verified, she remembered the fear she felt before every fight, every cruel game the aliens played.

When her vision blurred, she remembered how they raped her, used her, changed her to be a soft hole to fuck.

They were monsters. Horrible creatures that deserved to die a thousand deaths.

If she could kill them all, she would.

Until then, there was only thing she could.

She closed her eyes and entered the command again.


Lumme came for Dina about two hours after the light. There was no question his purpose as he came striding down the hall, his large body filling the space as his footsteps shook the ground. His eyes locked on her and he smiled as he headed around the table.

She cringed and pressed against the wall, as if it would make a difference.

It didn’t.

Lumme reached in and grabbed her shoulder. His thick fingers bore down into the joint, squeezing until the bones ground together. “Time to leave, slave.” His humming was deep and rumbling, it shook down his arm and into her body.

Her sphincter tightened in fear.

He yanked her away from the wall and into the main room. Unlike Naam, he didn’t release her at all as he half-dragged, half-carried her past the table and down the hall. There was no additional threats or speeches, just a cruel pressure tearing into her senses as he carried her down past the surgery and the rape room and into the hall.

It had been days since she saw the rest of the ship. There were more panels taken off the walls and signs of anything valuable being gutted. The corpse around the corner was gone, but she could smell the stench of blood and acid in the air.

As they passed rooms, she could see more signs of rape. Old blood had been cleaned up inexpertly, smears of crimson and brown stretching down the hallways where they dragged the corpses away. Many of the trails lead to the garbage slots where they would slide down to the recyclers and eventually into the incinerators. It was all automated.

She didn’t have time to feel sorrow for the women who had died. She could barely notice the hallways Lumme dragged her down. Her own bare feet slid on the floor, not quiet getting enough purchase to relieve the pain of being held up by her shoulder.

Lumme traversed the hallways with practice. He had no doubt traveled it more than once.

They were heading to the hanger. She saw navigation symbols on the intersections, neat little arrows pointing her to her doom.

That did little to help her growing fear. She didn’t know what was going to happen, but she knew it was going to be agony. She was made into a sex slave and there was only one fate left for her.

Gasping, Dina tried to get back up on her feet.

Lumme shook her violently, rattling her hard enough she bit her tongue. Blood flooded into her mouth, choking her. She gasped and pressed her tongue against the side of her mouth, up against the gum, and tried not to let terror consume her.

They came up to a large chamber. The sign indicated it was one of the stasis chambers. She shuddered as he dragged her through the door and into the room. The last time she was there, it was deathly still and suffocating. She was the only one free.

It had changed. Now there was a rolling belt mounted down the center of the open space. A line of chemical vats and auto-surgeries had been installed along the conveyor. Each one flashed as it was ready to perform its command.

When Lumme stopped, she realized they weren’t ready. They were operating. Mechanical tentacles and arms dove into the water as bodies thrashed inside. There were dozens of naked women pinned down in the liquid. They all screamed helplessly as they were cut open and automatically altered to handle the brutal, killing cocks of the aliens.

Bodies were piled up on the far side of the auto-surgeries. The ones who suffocated before they were tossed into the vat or ones who didn’t make it through the surgery. A pile of bodies, steaming and bleeding, rose in a high pile. The stench, sickly sweet and acidic, flooded through the room.

Humans in the glistening, liquid suits were hauling bodies into large platforms hovering off the ground. Judging from their sizes and their outfits, they were the gladiators and other males. Their lives wouldn’t be much better than the women, they may not die on some barbed cock but they were going to be worked or fought to death.

The sight of it sickened her. It wasn’t their fault they were caught en route. They didn’t deserve to be turned into a ship filled with slaves. None of them were getting out alive and it terrified her. It wasn’t a matter of how she did but how long.

Lumme glanced around and gave a nod. He turned to one of the other aliens supervising the proceeds. "Good?”

The supervisor tapped on his wrist computer. She watched him enter a four-digit code and the word for “disable”. One of the automated surgeries started to beep as it pulled its armature out of the boiling liquid. A moment later, the bottom heaved a writhing woman out of vat and into the pile of corpses. Her insides split open, spewing her entrails all over as she gurgled in the acidic air. The alien sighed and shook his head. "Efficiency is only thirty-two percent. We need to figure out how to crack open these shells under liquid.”

Lumme nodded. "Tell Naam and Harmmon start researching. Naam already has some ideas. Get going. I want to get to forty percent survival by the end of tomorrow.”

The supervisor nodded and typed in another command. This time, it was a longer code, eight digits, and a word for sound. He pressed his hand to his ear and stepped away. "Naam? This is….”

The rest of the alien’s words trailed off as Lumme turned and dragged Dina out.

She resisted but it was pointless. He was too strong.

"Time to see Kriim about selling this slave,” he muttered to himself.


Dina didn’t stop fighting Lumme as the more powerful alien easily dragged her down the hall and toward the hanger. The small, sterile indicators on the intersections of the corners couldn’t hide the growing fear. She knew what happened on the hangers, that is where they had their gladiator fighters, where Korin almost died.

At the thought of husband, she closed her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Lumme paused and looked down at her. “What are you muttering about?”

Dina sniffed and shook her head. "Nothing.”

He glared at her, bending over to peer directly into her face. As he did, his grip on her shoulder tightened until her joints protested. He glared at her, his breath hot against her face. "Nothing. You say nothing. Slaves do not speak. Slaves to not act. You keep your eyes down, your mouth closed, and your legs ready for that dick of his.”

She stared into his bright blue eyes. There was violence and hatred in his gaze. He didn’t have to say anything. Her short, brutal life was obvious in his gaze, it was clear in the way he held her and treated her as nothing more than a beast to be abused and put down. Tears welled in her eyes as she stared at him.

"Quieted, silenced. Fucked. Do you understand?” He shook her to emphasize his question.


He shook her one more time and then returned to marching her down the hall. His heavy weight thudded against the hall as walked. "Quieted. Hands down.”

It only took a few minutes of walking until the sounds of cheering rose up. It was muted at first but quickly grew louder as they came around the corners. The indicators for the hanger grew larger, the images moving up to the top of arcane images to indicate it was closer than the hospital, cells, and even food quarters.

Just as they entered the spaceship hanger, a cheer rose up. The sparkling flash of something reflected off the hulls of the ships and through the thrusting arms. The smell of ozone and gore filled the air, along with the overwhelming scents of aliens: perfume, sweat, and other smells.

Lumme chuckled and yanked her toward the crowd. "Hurry up. If Kriim won, he’ll be in a good mood.”

She cringed as he plunged into the crowd. In a matter of heartbeats, she was surrounded by tall, half-naked aliens. Men and women alike were bouncing around as they watched the slaughter below. The men’s cocks were half-hard, firm with excitement but not lust. The barbs on their lengths were flat along their swinging lengths, they were there for the violence not the sex.

The crowd was tight around the wings of a ship. The press of bodies ground against her, their towering height missing her slender form. She was knocked back and forth, shoved against Lumme’s leg as they cheered without looking down.

And then the first one glanced at her. Bright green eyes widened as the alien stood back. A moment later, another alien noticed her and then another. Soon, she was in an uncomfortable space around Lumme’s leg. Dozens of eyes stared at her naked body, seeing her for what she was, a slave to rape.

Around her, cocks began to wake up. The quills and barbs along thick black rods began to quiver to life. They rose up around her, killing spears.

Her own body responded, the fear tightening her insides and her breath growing rapid in her chest. She wanted to find some way of escaping them but she was surrounded and Lumme had not relinquished his grip on her shoulder.

Lumme dragged her deeper into the crowd, forcing her up against the sharp edges and quills. The points dug into her skin, opening up thin furrows that coated her arms and sides with streaks of blood.

She tripped over a foot. Her efforts to avoid the aliens turned into a stumble that was arrested by Lumme’s grip. Her ankle twisted as she burst out of the crowds and slammed up against the barrier surrounding the arena.

A bright light exploded in her vision.

Every muscle in her body tightened up as thousands of volts coursed through her system, shocking her. She screamed out in agony as she shook violently for a moment and then collapsed on the ground.

Lumme’s fingers slipped from her shoulder. The tips of his wedge-shaped fingers left shallow furrows against her skin.

Dina shook unable to control herself. In the corner of her vision, she saw one of the controls that created the field. It had a four-digit code printed on the side. It was the only thing she could see for a moment until the shaking subsided, the surreal moment left her memorizing the number.

Lumme made an annoyed humming noise as he reached down and hauled her back to her feet. "Get up!”

As soon as she managed to scramble to her feet, she swayed.

He dragged her around the barrier.

There was already a fight going on inside. It was two against two, all four of the men were wielding sparking knives. The hilts had heavy-looking batteries in them, it was obviously causing them difficulty as they swung at each other. The blades cut into the liquid armor, slicing it open to expose flesh to the acidic air.

"Come on.” Lumme was heading directly toward the trio of blue-quilled aliens. With a sinking sensation, she knew exactly which one was Kriim. Her body tensed with fear as Lumme stopped in front of the trio.

The two taller ones backed away, turning their bodies away from Kriim, Lumme, and Dina. Soon there was a small gap for the two aliens to speak.

Lumme gestured to Dina and then hummed rapidly to the other other alien. His conversation with Kriim was too fast for Dina to catch more than a few words. Even with the din around her, the vibrations of the two aliens speaking seemed to ripple the air between them.

They spoke intensely. Lumme’s grip loosened but not enough to escape.

Unable to run away, Dina glanced over to the fight. One of the men was already down, clutching his throat as he choked to death on his own blood and acid. The liquid armor had been burned away by his wounds. She gulped and tried not to think of Korin in that position.

Lumme grabbed her arm and shoved her forward. "—deal.”

Kriim typed something into his computer. A light traveled from his wrist up to his thickest finger. It stopped at the tip, a pulsating green light. With a sigh, the alien held up his finger. "You better provide, Lumme.”

Lumme casually reached up and tapped his finger against the light. The green pulse traveled down his arm and disappeared along his wrist. With a pair of nods, he shoved Dina toward Kriim.

She stumbled forward before smacking into the hard, muscular chest of her new owner. Her head spun with fear and despair. She felt dizzy as she took a deep breath, taking in a musky smoky smell. The air tastes of old blood and musky, the scent of ozone dancing on the back of her throat.

Trembling, she looked up into Kriim’s intense, blue eyes. He was looking down at her, a half smile on his lips. His hand reached up, four thick fingers spreading out.

She cringed and tried to pull away.

He grabbed her face, his thick fingers spreading wide before they snapped around her skull. She felt trapped as her nose was crushed against his palm.

Whimpering, she looked at him through the gap between his fingers.

Kriim twisted her head sharply to the side, twisting until she felt muscles and vertebra protesting. Then, he twisted her to the other side. "She isn’t good looking, isn’t she? Very small too.”

Lumme chuckled. "Not where it counts. She can take your full length easily.”

"She’s too short.”

"You’ll get base deep, I promise.”

Kriim released her face.

Surprised, Dina’s legs collapsed underneath her and she dropped to the knees. The impact shot pain up her spine. She started to fall forward and caught herself, gasping as she halted.

The sense of danger grew intensely. She was on her knees surrounded by powerful aliens. She felt weak and powerless.

Kriim turned to stare directly at Lumme. "I know these creatures are delicate. They may scream pretty but they bleed everywhere. If she dies, I’ll be coming for you.”

Lumme’s smile dropped.

"You know what I mean. Now, go back to your toys. You promised a thousand more by the end of the week. I have a bored crew and disappointment will only make it worse.” Kriim gestured sharply down to Dina who flinched. "I’ll try this one. If I like how she serves, I’ll put the word out.”

"Thank you, Captain. Profits to you.

"Profits to you.”

Kriim returned his attention to Dina. A slow smile crossed his lips.

She stared up at him, the fear rising.

He crouched down. His naked cock thumped against the ground. It was a pitch-black length bristling with quills that were beginning to quiver. His hand snapped forward and he caught her throat.

The powerful fingers clamped down, cutting off her breath. His arms bunched up as he lifted her off her hands, holding her up and twisting her toward him.

"You are such a tiny thing.”

His voice shook her body. He reached out with his other hand to stroke along her back, tracing the curve of her shoulders to her back and then to her waist. "So delicate, you things. So easily broken with your fragile systems and thin flesh.”

Dina tried to pull away but she couldn’t. The hands holding her down were too tight and strong. She wanted to cry out but no sound came out past the suffocating grip.

His fingers curled back over her buttocks. The thick wedge finger caressed against her asshole.

She tried to shake her head, the muscles moving but her head not moving.

He trailed down to the ruined opening of her sex. One thick finger shoved into the opening, the strength of his digit easily penetrating the gaping hole.

It would have been pleasurable, if it wasn’t a precursor to him raping her. She glance at his cock. It was growing harder and longer, the tip scraping against the ground as it swelled up. The barbs started to stick out, bristling along the length.

"So soft though. Easy to thrust inside.”

He shoved a second finger into her, plunging past his knuckles as he stretched and twisted around. Pumping, he jammed his fingers into her pussy with short, powerful strokes that shook her entire body.

"You have to fight to get into women’s cunts. They fight back, it hurts.”

He gestured down to his spiked cock. It was almost fully hard. To her surprise, it was shorter than anything she had seen before. Shorter but far thicker. It was easily twice as thick as Lumme’s, the width of two of her fists side-by-side. The barbs were also thicker but looked somehow sharper.

Her muscles tightened in fear as she tried to push his fingers out but it was impossible.

He continued to finger her, thrusting long and deep. His fist punched against the raw flesh, sending little bolts of pain but also the first hints of pleasure.

Dina closed her eyes. She didn’t want to enjoy it. She knew that if she did, it would make the inevitable rape less agonizing, but it also meant she was willing to accept her fate.

"Evolution found ways to stop men: strong openings that require strength, long passages that require length, and inner channels that need persistence to keep ramming. To breed a woman requires things I don’t have.”

He chuckled. "But you creatures. You are so soft and short and delicate. Maybe I can get some pleasure out of you?”

Dina squired with discomfort. His fingering was hard and insensitive. She could feel her juices coating his fingers, making it easier for him to pound into her.

He pulled out and looked at the clear strands that stretched between his digits. "Let’s find out.”

Kriim stood up, picking up Dina. Turning around, he tossed her face down on a large crate nearby. The sharp edge of the plastic frame dug into her hip and her breasts were crushed with her weight.

Dina let out a gasp. Her chin stun from the impact with the crate. Wincing, she pressed her hands on the crate and tried to lever herself up.

Kriim shoved one hand against her shoulders and bore down. He used his knee to kick her legs apart, the short barbs digging into her skin.

Dina cried out in pain. She managed to lift her head to see that she was facing the arena.

The fight from before was over, they were carrying three bodies out of the ring while the forth limps after the corpses. The aliens cheered loudly, no doubt for the deaths and the survivor.

She tried to pull her legs back together. Her thighs caught on his quills and she cried out. Spreading her legs, she tried to avoid the sharp points. It kept her helpless though, her pussy exposed to his barbed cock.

"So soft,” he hummed as he bore down on her shoulders. He was looming over her, his other hand reaching down to brush against her buttocks as he fisted his cock.

Tears ran down her cheeks as she stared forward, trying not to think about the thick member about to tear into her.

The cheering rose up powerfully, a wave of sound as the aliens surged to their feet. They stomped and threw their hands up.

As Kriim shifted behind her, the sharp edge of his cock caressing up against her inner thighs as he positioned it.

From the side of her vision, she saw the next fighters coming into the ring. She recognized one of them. Seeing Korin’s armor, her heart almost stopped in her chest. “N-No,” she gasped. “Not him.”

Korin’s armor shimmered, the liquid material didn’t show signs of his previous fight. She noticed that his limp was nearly gone after the session in the surgery.

He swung his plasma lance around and then set the butt on the ground. Standing straight, he saluted his opponent.

Just as they were about to attack, Kriim rammed his cock into her pussy. White-hot agony pierced her senses as his thick member slammed into her pussy, stretching it painfully open. The chemically-strengthened flesh didn’t tear but it felt like she was being ripped apart as he buried half of his cock into her opening.

Dina’s entire body locked up as she screamed out in surprise and pain.

Korin tensed and turned toward her.

Sobbing, Dina shoved her head down and out of sight. She couldn’t bear to be a distraction to his fight. Reaching out, she gripped the side of the crate as Kriim jammed his cock deeper into her body. The barbs dragged along her insides, a thousand sharp point against sensitive flesh.

Kriim seated himself, his hot length shifting deep inside her. He pulled out slightly and the barbs along his length spread open, digging into her insides.

Dina’s knuckles cracked against the side of the crate.

He pulled out, dragging his barbs along her insides. Each millimeter was agony, her tightly-stretched insides forced to feel every barb and scrape. She felt broke and bleeding as he pulled his cock out, one barb at a time.

Tears burned in her eyes as she held tightly, biting her lip to avoid crying out to distracting her husband.

The clash of plasma blades and weapons filled the air, filling in the gap from the blood rushing to her ears and the agony ripping outside of her.

Kriim pulled all but his thick head from her pussy. The last few spikes were agony, they were tugging on her insides, pulling the flesh.

"So soft!” vibrated Kriim. He slammed his cock home, driving it back into her body. His cock was so thick, stretching and ripping her open. The quills slid in easily as the head plunged up into her chest.

She cringed and waited for the withdrawal, then the agony would start up. Her body shook violently with her anticipation.

He plunged completely into her, sheathing his entire length deep into her body. She could feel his hardness filing her completely, a steel-rod that went from her abused pussy to the bottom of her ribs.

Kriim grabbed her hip with his other hand. With a grunt, he stared to draw out. The barbs spread open inside Dina, digging into tight flesh and cutting deep into her body.

He took his time to pull out. She felt every barb as it tore at her insides before popping out. The sick sensation only grew as more of his cock drew out.

It took forever before he withdrew completely. Then, leaning into her, he sheathed his cock back inside her body.

Dina opened her eyes as he penetrated her. Gasping for breath, she peeked up to see Korin fighting with the others. It was a brutal fight, the plasma lance flashing in wide circles as he beat against his opponent with rapid blows.

Kriim’s cock filled her completely.

She lowered her head and bit down on her lip, desperate not to let her screams distract her husband. Her eyes caught on the device on the side of the barrier that made up the electrical field. It was the same thing that had sparked when Korin’s opponent broke the shield. It had a small yellow light on the side.

Kriim yanked his cock out, tearing her insides as he yanked out. He was going faster. Without hesitating, he slammed it home again.

Dina whimpered. It was getting harder not to cry out as she was tortured from the inside. His cock was so thick, so hard. It hurt her until she thought she would die but she knew she would survive thanks to Lumme’s and Harmmon’s efforts.

Her eyes focused on the shield device. It was the only thing she could look at that wouldn’t distract Korin. Her entire body shook as she focused on it.

Then she saw the four-digit numerical code on the side. It was a control code. The same code that Kriim had used to dissolve and reform the armor.

As Kriim slammed his cock in and out of her pussy, almost shredding it if it wasn’t for her alterations, she struggled to keep her thoughts. An idea was forming but it was impossible to let the thoughts solidify.

She lifted her head, her entire body shaking from her rape.

Korin was still fighting, he was going to win but he was well matched. She watched as he gracefully swung his weapon down, blocking a blow before getting a stab in himself.

Dina ducked her head and pressed her cheek against the desk. She looked back at Kriim’s hand, the one on her hip and the one that had his control. She could enter a command, she knew what to do.

The cock was pounding into her body, thrusting deep. It was thick and huge, swollen with his lust. It was also impossible to not think about it tearing into her as he slammed into her hard, shaking the crate with every powerful thrust of his hips.

Reaching back, she flailed helplessly for a moment and then caught his wrist.

Kriim made only a token effort to dislodge her. When she clutched tighter, her body shook less and his cocks drove deeper and faster.

She winced at the agony but took the pain as she tried to memorize the location of his keyboard.

It took all of her effort to lift her head and flip to the other side. Her cheek ground against the crate, scraping back and forth as he pounded her faster and harder.

Blindly, she used her thumb to press against the keyboard. She hoped her hours of practice was enough as she worked out the command, entering the code for the shield and then the order to disable.

Sharp barbs continued to ravage her insides. It was getting hot and slick, he was about to orgasm inside her.

Dina thumbed the deactivation command.

The yellow light didn’t change.

Kriim continued to hammer into her but the device didn’t give any indication it was disabled. There was a splash of blood from the fight and it sparked along the shield.

Whimpering, she tried again, working blindly. She didn’t want to give away her attempts by looking but when the command didn’t work, she had no choice. Terrified that he would notice her, she lifted her head and looked up into the fight. As her body shook from the powerful blows, she glanced back.

She was off by a centimeter. The keyboard was live though, glowing faintly. There was an incorrect command displaying on the screen along with an error message.

Kriim started to slow down. The agonizing pounding of his cock skipped a beat.

Afraid he was going to see what she was doing, she pulled herself tightly on his shaft, driving the barbed length deep into her pussy and up into her chest.

Even though it was agony, she reached out with her other hand, trying to grip Kriim from the other side. She hoped that her flailing hand would draw his attention.

When his thick hand wrapped around her wrist, she had a brief moment when she realized she was about to torture her own self. Gasping, she gripped tightly and pulled back, driving the cock deep into her chest.

His barbed cock tore into her deeply, scraping her insides along her tightly-stretched pussy. He held her tight to his wide, muscular body before drawing back. He slammed his cock home again. Each thrust blurred her vision with pain.

Struggling with the pain, she reached out with her thumb and entered the command again. She hoped it would work, she couldn’t take much more of his cock impaling her and she wouldn’t have another chance if he came inside her.

Every impact of his hips drove against the healing wounds of her pussy. She could feel everything, every barb across her stretched.

Her hand shook as she pressed the final command.

The light on the shield device turned off.

She bore down, sobbing and crying as Kriim’s barbs spread further open inside her. It dug into her flesh, locking it deep inside her as it caught on her inner walls.

He came inside her, an explosion of searing hot liquid that flooded into her body. It poured into her, gurgling as it filled the space.

Dina choked in the agony. Taking a deep breath, she called out to her husband. “K-Korin!”

Korin was straddling his opponent, the plasma lance poised to cut off his head. He jerked and looked around.

“S-Shield! H-Help me!”

Korin jumped off his opponent and charged for her. There was no hesitation as he vaulted the barrier.

Screams filled the hanger as the aliens realized there was an armed human with a plasma lance among them.

Kriim kept coming, filling her with more cum as he gave a few thrusts that didn’t move in and out of her pussy; his barbs held her pinned in place. His grip on her hip tightened, grinding down until her joints protested. The other hand crushed her wrist.

Dina arched her back, screaming out as she felt cum painting in her insides. She twisted her body to try blocking the sight of Korin charging.

Korin lashed out at an alien as he passed, the plasma lance cutting through chest like butter. Vaporized blood and ash burst into a cloud from the wound.

Suddenly, Kriim let out a hum. He tightened his grip and tried to pull his shaft out. The barbs caught on her insides, keeping him caught. His grip tightened on her hip, pushing up.

The barbs dug into her pussy, the sharp pain increasing until she felt her flesh tearing.

The other warrior was out of the ring, attacking with his electrical weapon also. The chaos was tremendous as unarmed aliens fled in all directions, knocking over the ones who were armed.

On the far side, she saw a group of humans in armor being freed.

Kriim yanked his hand free of her one hand and reached over to grabbed at her fingers over his wrist computer. "Get off, stupid cunt!”

She tried to keep her hand plastered but he was too strong.

His wedge-like fingers dug into the joint before he managed to get one underneath her middle one. He pried it back, pushing until her joints protested.

With a sickening crack, he snapped her finger. Then forced his digit underneath the next one, breaking it off.

Dina screamed out, her body spasming in agony. She tried to keep her now bloody fingers across the computer.

"Get off!”

Korin was almost up to her.

She screamed for him, her voice a high-pitched agony.

Kriim swore again and abandoned her broken fingers. He grabbed her hips and yanked out, tearing his still spurting cock from her pussy. A splatter of liquid followed, an intense rush of cum surging out of her pussy. She caught the scent of blood in the air as he staggered back.

Korin’s foot slammed into the crate as he jumped over it.

There was a beep and his armor began to peel away.

The plasma lance caught Kriim in the chest. It sliced through muscle and bone, vaporizing everything before bisecting his cock. It exploded into a cloud of burnt flesh, ash, and boiling cum.

Dina slid down and smacked on the ground next to the crate. There was blood and cum pouring out of her. She sobbed as she cupped her pussy, trying to stop the flow.

Korin, now naked, spun around. “Dina!”

There was terror in his voice.

She saw the aliens beginning to recover from the panic. She wanted to grab him and hug him but she couldn’t. Sobbing, she forced herself up to her knees.

Korin helped her. “We have to get—”

“No!” she cried. “Not yet.”

Crawling across the ground, she reached for Kriim’s severed arm. Stumbling, she tapped on the wrist computer. It lit up. With a gasp, she smiled. She rapidly entered the command for Korin’s armor and to reactivate it, the practiced pattern coming easily.

The armor flowed back over his body.

He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you. W-What should we do?” He looked down. “You’re bleeding? You need the surgery, now!”

His hands caught her and pulled her up to her feet. He looked around for a moment. “Shit, where are we?”

Despite the blood pouring out between her fingers, she clutched herself tightly with her good hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as she peered around. They were nowhere close to the surgery they kept her, she didn’t know how to survive her insides being torn out by Kriim’s cock.

Korin held her tightly. “N-No, I have to… the emergency ship. It will have something. Come on, Love, get to the ship. Just get to the ship.”

She couldn’t use her broke fingers but she could keep her arm around his waist as they staggered toward the nearest ship. Every step was agony but she was almost there.

Just as Korin reached the port to the ship, a plasma bolt scorched it. He flinched back and spun around.

Two aliens were charging toward her, their guns flashing as they shot bolts at her.

“Damn the gods!” snapped Korin. He hit the open button on the control. It snapped open. With a snarl, he grabbed Dina and threw her inside with strength he never had when they married.

She struck the ground and the diamond plate pattern scraped her shoulder. She left behind a streak of cum and blood behind her.

The sounds of Korin’s plasma lance filled the entrance. He yelled as the light faded, he was charging against his opponents.

Dina pried herself up from the floor. She could see the emergency surgery to her left but the controls for the ship were to the right. She didn’t have a pilot’s lesson but she had enough to fire up the engines.

Sobbing, she crawled across the floor. She felt more of her blood pouring out but she needed to get them out of safety.

In the long moments to reach the cockpit, she wracked her thoughts to find some way to rescue the others. There were thousands upon thousands of helpless men and women still in the ship. The emergency ship had no weapons, only shields and a limited FTL drive that could go back the way they came from.

She was crying when she sank into the seat. She pulled her dripping, bloody hand from her pussy and worked the controls. It had been months since she went through the mandatory training for the ship but her memories were hazy from the days of torture.

Dina made a few mistakes trying to turn on the engines. Every time, there was a buzzing noise that only made her growing frustration words.

When the engines hummed to life, she let out a sob.

Gasping, she looked back at the opening. “K-Korin?”

Nothing other than screams and the blasts of plasma.


She started to get up but the wet sucking sensation stopped her. Looking down, she saw a puddle of blood and cum had formed underneath her rear. She hurt so much from when Kriim ripped out his cock.

Slumping back, she stared at the door. “Please live?”

Trembling, she reached out and held her finger over the launch button.

“Please be okay? Please?s”


A hand pressed against her shoulder. “Dina?”

Dina gasped as she snapped into wakefulness, her finger dropping down to activate the engines before her vision came into focus. She didn’t know she had passed out.

Another hand caught her. It was large and wedge-like.

With a cry, she flung herself away from the alien’s hand. Her body struck against Korin’s chest and she tumbled to the ground. “No, no! Not again!”

She curled into a fetal position, sobbing. Cooling fluids oozed from her ruined pussy, soaking her thighs. The smell of drying cum and blood filled her nostrils, choking her.

Korin crouched down and held her. “No, I’m here. We’re safe. We got away from the Dilifin just a few seconds ago. We’re in FTL. We’re safe. We’re safe.”

Sobbing, Dina looked up at her heavily scarred husband. He was out of his armor. The days of fighting had aged him. He looked at least ten years older than her.

Her hand reached out for him, touching him.

“We made it, Love. We’re going back home.”

Unlike the slow travel of the stasis ship, the rescue ship could use the FTL beacons that the stasis ship had been dropping behind it as it mapped out space. What would take centuries to arrive at their destination would only take days to return.

She sobbed. “W-We are?”

“We are.” He lifted his gaze up. “Thank you.”

“You are safe,” hummed Harmmon.

Dina gasped and turned around, the world spinning as she looked at the towering alien. “Harmmon?”

The orange-quilled female held up a plasma gun and set it down. "I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

"The others?” She knew there was no way they could have been rescued but she held onto a small thread of hope.

"I’m sorry. They remain slaves.”

Dina turned and clutched Korin tightly. Sobs wracked her body as she thought about all the women in the cells, the humans still in their pods. They had no chance to escape, no freedom from being raped and tortured.

"There was no way, Dina. If we gave the fleet time, they would have destroyed us.” Harmmon’s voice was raspy and her quills were limp along her back. She had blood and burns covering her nearly naked body.

“I-I know, all those people.” She looked up at her husband.

Korin had tears in his own eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said. He reached down to hold her tightly. “We couldn’t do it.”

A sharp pain radiated from Dina’s insides. She cringed and let out a cry.

Korin looked up alarmed.

"She needs help. Bring her to the surgery.” Harmmon coughed violently.

“I-I don’t know what you are saying.”

Dina gasped. “Surgery.”

Korin scooped Dina up and rushed over to the surgery. He almost threw her in and then straightened her lips, trailing his fingers along her thighs and up along the ragged opening of her sex before touching her stomach, breasts, and then lips. “Don’t die on me, Love. Please?”

She smiled. “I won’t.”

"Now send your lover back to the controls and let me repair this damage.”

Dina didn’t want to lose her husband. She looked pleadingly at him, stroking his hand. There was blood and burns covering both of them. They were barely alive. “I… I’m okay with her. She helped me.”

Korin sighed. “I’ll be right there.”

Harmmon frowned as he returned to the front of the ship, his bare footsteps fading away. She turned and then looked around for a moment before closing a transparent shield over Dina.

As she did, the auto surgery came to life. A prompt displayed on the screen. It rolled over a few times before “Scanning” came into view.

Harmmon panted heavily against the side of the control. She fished into a narrow belt and pulled out a portable drive. Shaking, she glanced down. "Where would I put data into this ship? I have a copy of my fleet’s data.” Her hum echoed through the speakers inside the shield.

A twinge blurred Dina’s vision. She lifted up one shaking hand to pointed to the general access port. It was the same physical shape as the ones on the FCM Dilifin 3.

Harmmon tried to insert the drive into her hand but missed. Her actions were clumsy as she tried again. On the third try, she finally managed to slide it into place. A loading screen started to pull down massive amount of data, information from the aliens.

She smiled and dug into her belt again, this time pulling up the tablet that Dina had used. "For later.”

Dina smiled.

The screen above her flashed and gave a wall of warnings. It detected the surgical alterations and her chemical changes. It also caught massive bleeding along the entire length of her pussy where Kriim’s cock had torn her open. There were hundreds of other minor entries.

The computer selected the most threatening for triage, her bleeding, and a program was loaded. In response, tendrils rose up in the air before carefully delving between her legs.

Dina moaned at the discomfort but she knew that the surgery would prevent her from bleeding to death. She groaned and squirmed, unable to hold still.

When she looked up, Harmmon was gone.

Worried, Dina lifted her head. "Harmmon? Where are you?”

The alien picked herself up off the ground. Her face was black and her eyes glazed. "Sorry. I won’t be making it,” she said in a low, broken hum.

"What? No!” Dina tried to flail at the tendrils to free herself. "You should be in here. Let me out. Come in. You can save yourself!”

Harmmon tapped something on the controls.

Plastic restraints shot out from the bed of the surgery. They looped around Dina’s wrists and ankles before snapping back into place. The length tightened until she was firmly pinned down.

Another tap on the control brought up the mute indicator.

"I can’t breathe this air any more than you could mine.”

"No, no, you can’t—” It didn’t matter what Dina said, her voice wasn’t being transmitted.

"We should have never caught your ship, Dina. We should have never done what we did. I can’t stop my kin from from enslaving the rest of you. For that, I apologize.” Her quills fluttered weakly.

Dina screamed helplessly. Her insides twisted violently as the surgery worked at repairing her damage.

"When I picked up the gun, I knew I wasn’t going to survive. You will, and that… that is the only thing I can do right now.”


"There is no program or time to figure out how to change me to fit your world. No experiments, no attempts. You and Korin are going to live… I…” She coughed. "… I promise.”

Dina sobbed as the alien dropped down for a moment. There was a loud thud as Harmmon hit the ground.

Dina was helpless to do anything but scream as her friend suffocated to death.


And so ends Unpleasant Diversion. Sorry it took so long to post, with Gurochan going up and down, it was hard to keep up.

If you want more, this story is set in the same universe as my novel, Eliza and the Raptor (space dino porn). Both deal with generation ships, though two much different ways of going through the years.

Thank you for reading!


Thank you!

All of my stuff is always on tsade dot com. That includes any edits or corrections because this type of forum isn't really good for that type of thing.


Excellent story!

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