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[Grimm] Soul Calibur: Temple of the Dark Gods [2014]
Tags: Gore, Death Dismemberment, mf/fm/ff.

The towering fortress rose up like a spear of darkness into the Blood red sky. Taki looked to her left and right, surveying her companions, hoping they would be ready for the battle to come. On her left stood Siegfried and Cassandra; a brave knight from Germany who once wielded the Soul Edge, and a young warrior-woman from Greece destined to help destroy the evil blade. On her right was Seung-Mina and Ivy. The first a young girl with a heart of gold who had traveled from Asia to fight against darkness, the second a Noblewoman who's fate was somehow linked to the evil sword.

"Let's go" she said, and with that the group of warriors began their march toward the gates unsure of their fate, but certain of one thing, if they failed to stop the spread of evil that the legendary sword unleashed, the entire world would be consumed by violence and evil.

Their first obstacle was a band of mercenary soldiers guarding the gate. Normally the odds would not be in the favor of a small group of 5 against 30 trained fighters, but each of Taki's companions was a veteran of countless battles, each worth at least 100 soldiers. Within minutes the battle was over. Severed limbs and broken bodies now lay in heaps before the heavy wooden gates. Siegfried picked up a battle axe from one of the fallen, and made his way to the gate, ready to force their entry, but as he approached, the gate swung open on it's own.

Part 1: The fall of Seung Mina

The door opened to reveal a large entry chamber, the floor and walls bare of any decoration with the macabre exception of a dark stain across the floor. A flight of stone steps led up across from the entryway, and to the left and right were hallways which led off into darkness.

The silence that had greeted the companions was suddenly broken by a woman's pitiful cry "Oh god! Someone please help me!" The voice screamed from somewhere above them. Without hesitation Cassandra and Taki charged forward towards the stairs. Siegfried and Ivy each spread out and began to survey the entry hall. Seung Mina stood her ground in the center of the room, unsure of where to proceed. She took a hesitant step forward, intending to follow Taki and Cassandra, when the air in front of her began to ripple. Before she could step back their was a flash of bright red light, and a sound like a thunderclap. All of the companions turned at once towards the sound, and watched a a body of living flame appeared in front of Seung Mina. A voice like a desert wind entered their minds, "You are all fools for coming here, I am more powerful than ever, and not one of you will leave here alive".

With that the fiery apparition dropped straight down into the floor, this time the explosion was even louder. The walls began to shake, and Seung Mina struggled to keep her footing. The quaking continued and Seung Mina screamed as the stones beneath her feet fell away. Ivy was closest to her and lunged towards the rapidly expanding hole in the floor as she watched Mina's body drop straight down.

Mina reached frantically for Ivy's arm, for a second she thought she was saved as she felt the silken fabric of Ivy's long white gloves. A second later that hope was ripped away as the glove came free and Seung Fell through the floor.

Almost instantly her back smacked into the side-wall of the chasm. The beautiful brunette's halter-top was torn to shreds along with the skin of her back as she rubbed against the hard rock surface. Looking down she realized she still had a long way to fall, she couldn't see the bottom, only a warm orange glow at least another 100 feet down. In front of her a flash of something silver appeared and she reached out frantically, hoping for anything that might stop her fall. Her hand wrapped around something solid, she felt her arm stretch at the shoulder, her muscles bulged and strained for a second and then she felt a terrible burning sensation in her hand, and suddenly she was falling again.

Seung Mina watched horrified at the result of her actions: what she had grabbed was a large blade mounted to the inside wall of the hole. Now as her descent continued she was followed by her severed fingers and droplets of blood that sprayed from 4 stumps at the base of her knuckles. A single thought entered her mind, "Oh god, I'm going to die."

The blade and the removal of her fingers caused her to spin backwards as she continued to plummet, now she was spinning end over end. She felt a small amount of relief as her right leg narrowly missed another blade protruding from the wall. That moment of relief was short lived however, she wailed as the small of her back skimmed the end of another blade, the point dug a deep furrow through her lower back, tore through the loin cloth she wore as well as her panties, and left a horrible gash in her left butt-cheek which nearly divided the muscle in two.

Once again her body flipped and spun. She picked up speed and momentum, an image of the hole she fell through spun past only to be replaced with the dull orange glow of whatever lay below her. Suddenly orange light exploded around her. Seung Mina had only half a second to take in her surroundings: an underground lake surrounded by dark cavern walls, in its center was a tiled platform which rose out of the water. The platform was lit by many flickering torches, the Orange light she had seen from above. Almost the moment her brain took in the cavern her legs impacted with the water.


Her scream might have been the loudest she had ever let out, but it was swallowed by the water that immediately engulfed her. The pain that radiated below both of her knees was like nothing she had ever felt, completely drowning out the warm burning sensation in her left hand, the one that was now completely bereft of fingers.

If it had not been for the pain she might have drowned, but instead she managed to dog paddle to the surface, and slowly but surely splash her way towards the platform. She reached up with her right hand, and with every bit of strength she had left hauled herself up onto the cold tile floor. With a deep exhale she fell down onto her back, the pain radiating from the deep cut on her backside was hardly a distraction compared to whatever the fall had done to her legs. With hesitation she looked down at herself.

Her large D-cup breasts rose and fell with her ragged breathing, her small brown nipples stood erect in the cold air. Her little brown tuft of pubic hair glistened with moisture from the swim and covered the tiny pink slit of her pussy. She gasped as she looked at the ruin of her legs. Her right leg was twisted completely backwards at the knee and her foot was now facing the wrong direction, but the damage was far worse on her left leg, a shard of her femur jutted out from the skin directly above her knee, and her shin was purple. judging by the 3 different directions it was twisted in, it was broken in multiple places. Seung Mina shuddered and passed out.

All around her scaled heads rose from the water and made there way towards the platform. One by one the huge lizard-creatures rose up from water and crawled onto the platform. The largest of them opened his jaws and spoke. "The master will be pleased"...

That's all for now, I'll start work on Siegfried vs. Tira today. Should be finished in a couple days (and don't worry, we haven't seen the last of Seung Mina yet.


Chapter 2: The Knight and the Jester

A rage he had seldom felt before welled up inside Siegfried as he watched the spirit of the Daemon Sword "soul edge" disappear into the floor along with his companion Seung Mina. He had recognized the creature instantly, years before he had been possessed by the blade, and the voice of the daemon inside it still haunted his nightmares. It had taken every ounce of his willpower not to charge it immediately, and he wondered at his lack of self control, normally one of his strongest points. As the knight reflected on his own emotions he took in his situation. Taki and Cassandra had already disappeared upstairs, a path now blocked by a 15 foot chasm in the entryway floor, and he could see Ivy walking away down the hall directly across from him on the other side of the pit. His choice seemed obvious, he turned from the entryway and began to walk down the hallway which could only lead to the west wing of the temple.

Tira let out a sigh of frustration, the young assassin had been hoping for a chance to murder the young Asian girl, but it looked like the Lizardman and his companions would be seeing to the woman themselves. As Tira looked on, six of the great scaled beasts rose from the water and surrounded the naked girl. Her eyes were drawn almost against her will towards the crotch of the largest lizard. She gasped as a long red cock slid out from between the beasts scales. Tira had never felt much arousal from nudity or sexuality, but something was stirring inside her, she had known there was something dark and evil about this temple when her master had told her they would be staying, but she hadn't been able to tell exactly what it was, now she was fairly certain she knew: whatever emotion a person was feeling this place amplified it, twisted it, and turned it into something darker.

She forced herself to turn away as more of the beasts crowded around the broken body of the young girl, their cocks glistening in the torchlight. She ran back up the hallway she had come down, pussy-juice dripping out from the corners of the brown panties she wore under her orange jester costume as she ran. She had wanted to stay and watch the festivities, but she didn't want to miss a chance to kill one of her master's enemies. If she was too long getting back one of the temple's other guardians might get to them first.

Siegfried saw the dim glow of torchlight coming from under the door of a room situated at the end of the long hallway. He unbuckled his greatsword "Requiem" from his back and shouldered his way into the room. ready for anything.

The room was something out of a child's fantasy: brightly colored carpets covered the floor and walls, and children's stuffed toys of all sizes were strewn about everywhere. Across the room was a staircase which looked like it lead both up and down. Standing guard in front of it was a pretty young woman dressed like a court jester. She had brown hair done-up in pigtails and a pale complexion highlighted by dark purple eyes. Her outfit was a loose fitting orange leotard split down the center connected to a pair of puffy jester's hose, the outfit was belted around the waist, but the woman wore only a thin brown pair of undergarments below the belt, undergarments Siegfried could see were clearly stained with moisture. He also noticed that the woman's nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top. Normally he would not have given the girl's appearance a second thought, but again his emotions raged against him, and he felt an uncomfortable tightness beneath the codpiece of his armor. Still he did not hesitate as he moved towards the woman, her only weapon appeared to be a bladed circlet she was lazily spinning around her right arm, and a pair of sharp-looking gauntlets.

"All servants of Inferno are my enemies!" He shouted. "Prepare to die!". As the words left his lips he charged, covering half the distance between them in seconds. With a flash he swung his enormous sword horizontally aiming to decapitate the girl with a single blow. For a second he was sure the strike would land, but then the woman bent backwards impossibly quickly and the blade whizzed over her chest. Before Siegfried could raise his guard she was back on her feet and flung her blade at him. He managed to bring a gauntleted fist up in time to block what could have a fatal strike, but the barbed hoop punched into his gauntlet, and when she tore it back towards herself the armor covering his hand was torn free. Siegfried cursed as blood dripped down his hand from the long gash her blade had left on his forearm. The distraction was enough to leave him open to her follow up: she had caught the blade in her left hand, and with her right, she caught him by his left shoulder. The claws of her own gauntlet hooked in behind the metal Pauldron that protected his shoulder, and with a hard tug she yanked him forward. Pain exploded in his face as her knee connected with his jaw. At the same moment his pauldron clattered to the floor, torn from his shoulder. Blood wept from 4 long scratches her gloved hand had left behind.

Tira shuddered with pleasure as she stepped away from the wounded knight. "Fuck" she whispered as warmth exploded in her crotch. She had always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, the pleasure of the kill, but never like this, this was incredible. She smiled as the knight wiped blood from his mouth. She was surprised he was still standing, a knee that hard would normally knock a person out. Despite losing all the armor covering his left arm, the knight stood defiant.

Now it was Tira's turn to be taken off-guard. In a truly amazing display of speed the Knight cut upwards with his massive blade, reaching out the full length of his arm. Tira slammed her weapon down on the blade as hard as she could, stopping it right before it connected with her groin. Her relief was short lived: instantly the knight grabbed the front of her tunic with one hand, and with the other smashed her hard in the face with the pommel of his sword. Tira crashed to ground, her face a bloody mess.

Siegfried smiled, this fight would soon be over. The woman struggled to her knees, spitting blood and a broken tooth out of her mouth. Siegfried should have finished her right there, but he noticed she was now topless, and the sight of her perky C-cup breasts, now covered in a thin layer of sweat, caused him to pause. Once again he felt the uncomfortable sensation of his cock growing against his armor. He dropped the woman's torn clothing from his left hand and advanced towards her.

Tira spat a cracked tooth from her mouth and rose to her knees, she noticed a dark look in his eyes she had seen many times before, he wanted her. She was going to have to go all out to prove to him what a foolish idea that was. As she stood she began twirling her weapon around her right arm, then switching to spinning it around her body, and again back to her arm, she noticed the knight was now hesitating, unsure of how to attack. Before he could make the first move, she tossed her blade. The hoop connected with the thin layer of chain-mail beneath his armpit before bouncing back to Tira. She heard him curse and watched red blood flow out from the wound and across his breastplate. Tira took the advantage and cartwheeled towards him. As her hands touched the floor she threw herself into a backflip, her body launching into the air above the knight. With a scream she descended, both hands locked to the sides of her weapon and angling it down towards her enemy's neck...

Siegfried smiled as the woman descended towards him. The wound under his arm was hardly a scratch, but he had played up the injury hoping she would over-extend herself. She had fallen for the trap fabulously. The moment her blade should have hit his throat he brought up the hilt of his sword and blocked, sliding his weapon through the center of her hoop. With a jerk he twisted out of the way like a bullfighter and simultaneously swung his sword hard, looping it behind his back. The female assassin looked quite surprised as her blade was torn from her grasp and hurled across the room. She connected hard with the ground and tumbled head over heels past Siegfried.


Tira felt at least 2 of her ribs fracture inside her chest as she impacted hard with the stone floor. Knowing she only had seconds before the knight followed up with another attack, she used all her agility to bounce to her feet. As she spun to face him she saw a flash of silver arcing down towards her legs. Unable to block she jumped straight up, attempting to leap over the low cut. She didn't quite make it. She felt a burning sensation in her right leg and suddenly she was tumbling end over end through the air.

This time her back connected with a hard stone wall, and she slid down it like a rag-doll, landing hard on her ass. Her right leg was still burning and when she looked down she was quite surprised to see that it was missing below the knee, a pool of blood was forming beneath the stump. A second later the severed limb landed nearby her with a splat. Frantically Tira pulled off her leggings and wrapped the cloth tightly around the stump. The knight was advancing slowly now, a dark smile on his face.

Siegfried felt the sweet satisfaction of blade connecting with flesh, and watched the half-naked assassin cartwheel through the air as her leg came free of her body. If he had wanted to finish things quickly he would have charged straight in and decapitated her after she hit the wall, but a dark idea was forming in his mind, and his normally strict chivalric thoughts were being drowned out by a deep throbbing in his loins. As the woman struggled to tie off her wound, Siegfried slowly approached.

Tira knew the look in his eye, and realized she might still have a chance to salvage a victory from this defeat. Without a second thought she used her bladed gauntlet to tear her brown panties off, and then quickly pulled her right gauntlet free from her hand. She pushed the throbbing pain in her leg to the back of her mind and sunk two fingers into her tiny pink pussy. Juice dripped around her fingers almost instantly and as she plunged deeper and faster into herself, the pain actually seemed to disappear, replaced by a burning desire.

Siegfried was astonished by what he was seeing. The little bitch was playing with herself! He couldn't believe it. She now had her entire hand inside herself, and a pool of wetness was forming under her little bottom almost as big as the pool of blood under her tied-off stump. "Do it!" She said to him. "Just fucking take it out". Siegfried hesitated, he knew he had won, but she might be waiting for him to let his guard down.
"Can't get it up little man? Or just afraid I'll laugh at your tiny cock?" She taunted. Lust and anger filled his mind simultaneously, he tore his codpiece away and threw it to the ground beside him, he pulled his trousers down and whipped out his cock. He was surprised. Normally his cock stood a respectable 7 inches, but now it looked more like 10, and his balls swung heavy beneath it. He felt ready to explode with lust. Grabbing Tira by a pigtail he forced his long thick member down her throat.

Tira choked as the knight's cock pushed passed her tongue and down her esophagus. Part of her wanted badly to bite down hard, another part knew that he would surely kill her if she did, and another part of her was too busy masturbating to care. The knight began slowly, but soon he was pumping hard, cramming the full length of his cock into her face as his heavy balls slapped her chin. She couldn't breath but it didn't matter, her whole hand was inside her pussy, and she knew she was close. When he grabbed her head in both hands and started banging it against the wall as he pumped, she didn't mind, in fact the pain was even more arousing. As the first trickle of blood fell from the back of her head onto her shoulders she came.

"Fuchghcjsjskkkkk!!!" She yelled into his crotch as pussy juice flooded out of her and her body began to convulse. Siegfried felt himself getting close as well, he let go of her head and grabbed her by the throat with both hands. As he continued to thrust into her, he could feel his own cock as it slipped past his hands on its way down her neck. The sensation was too much. After three more pumps he came. The first shot went straight down into her tummy, she tried to gasp for air, and so the second shot was pulled up into her sinus cavity and shot out her nose, warm cum dripped down her face into his pubes. He pulled his cock free of her and the third shot completely drenched her face, cum continued to stream out of him until his balls were completely drained and her chest and face were splattered in jizz.

As soon as her own orgasm began to fade Tira's pain returned along with her fury. Wiping the filthy semen out of her eyes she looked up at Siegfried with pure hatred and slammed the claws of her remaining gauntlet up into his belly directly above his exposed cock.

Siegfried groaned as the 4 blades pierced his gut. Without hesitation he gripped his weapon tightly and slammed it forward into Tira's cum drenched face.

The massive greatsword caught her right in the mouth. As he pulled it free of her head and the wall behind her, the world spun and turned upside down. She blinked 5 times and was gone.

Siegfried looked at what he had done. The girls lower jaw and neck were still attached to her jizz-covered and now twitching body, while the top half of her skull had landed upside down next to her. He watched the light fade from her eyes as blood squirted out from between his fingers; now pressed tightly to his gut. By the time he had wrapped what was left of the girl's clothes around his middle and stopped the bleeding somewhat, he found himself hard again. He spent the next half-hour fucking the headless assassin's corpse from behind, switching between her pussy and asshole. When he was finished with her, he once again strapped on his armor and made his way up the staircase.

That's it for part 2! Who would you like to read about next? Ivy? Taki? Cassandra? Or would you like to here how Seung Mina is getting along with her reptile friends downstairs?


Chapter 3: The Alchemist and the Golem

After losing poor Seung Mina in the entryway, Ivy made her way down the only pathway available to her. The long hallway that lead to the temple's east wing. However she didn't find a stairway like she expected, instead the pathway began to curl and descend, the a spiral downward. The further down she traveled the hotter the air became, and it was dry, much more like an oven than a sauna. Each time she came around a curve it was sharper than the last until abruptly she reached an opening in the floor. A small metal ladder lead below, into darkness.

Stepping down the ladder into the darkness, Ivy immediately noticed the intense quiet. The clip of her high heeled boots on the ladder sounded as loud as the clash of blade on blade. She felt relief as her boot finally touched stone. She turned and tried to see anything through the only blackness.

"Welcome companion." A deep, slow voice boomed from across the darkness. "I am rude, let me greet you properly".

A spark of light flashed from across the hall, the spark spread in a line across from Ivy and moved horizontally across the wall. As the flame began illuminating the darkness Ivy could see it must have been an indentation cut about halfway up the wall and filled with oil. Soon the line of flames circled the entire room and Ivy got a good look at her host.

It was Astaroth. The monstrous golem who had once served Nightmare alongside her. Before he had been a creature of clay and stone, animated using dark magic and formed to look like a towering man. This time she could feel a shard of Soul Edge, the same feeling that resonated within her sword "Valentine". His appearance was also much more frightening, where one he was forged of clay, now he seemed to be made of living stone with molten fire glowing orange through his veins.

"As before you will serve me again Astaroth!" Ivy ordered, "Now out of my way!"

The golem did not budge from his position as guardian of the only doorway out of the room.

"If you do not let me pass I'll be forced to destroy you Astaroth, just like the young pirate did last time" Ivy threatened.

"You may try!" Boomed the voice.

Ivy did not hesitate. In forging her sword she had fused it to Soul Edge, giving it the power to move, strike, and attack with only a thought. Since her true father Cervantes had devoured most of her soul and she had been forced to craft a new one, her swords powers had grown even greater. With a longer extension, faster strikes, and a more powerful blade, she was not worried about Astaroth. She would crush him.

Ivy released her whip-sword the instant Astaroth had finished speaking, the living blade lanced along the floor and when it came close to the golem lanced upwards, impaling and then constricting his right leg. With a powerful yank Ivy snapped the blade back to her, Astaroth's leg was destroyed in the process, and he sank to one knee.

"Foolish girl, it will not be that easy!" the giant roared. As he spoke liquid rock, orange with heat, spilled from the stump of his right leg. Soon the orange-hot liquid was spinning and within a minute, Astaroth had a new leg.

The monster charged at Ivy, the huge axe it carried swung horizontally towards Ivy with more-than-lethal force. She dove backwards out of the way, but as she regained her footing she saw the massive axe descending towards her, Astaroth had spun again after missing, and was now bringing the axe down to cut Ivy in two.

As fear engulfed her, her cursed snake-sword took over, snapping up over her head and deflecting Astaroth's blow to her right side. Ivy felt power of the Golem's swing rush by as the axe missed her by less than an inch and imbed itself in the ground.

Ivy immediately flew forward, this time she retracted her sword into a solid blade and stabbed it straight up in the Monster's chin as it tries to retrieve it's axe. The blade entered the creatures head and exited though the top of its skull. Ivy jumped back waiting for the creature to fall.

It didn't. Instead it retrieved the axe from the floor and lifted it up over it's shoulder. Lava once again flowed out of it's wounds, and one again within a minute, Astaroth was completely whole again.

Before Ivy could jump back, Astaroth rose to full height and grabbed her body around the waist using only one hand. Ivy shrieked as the rocky fingertips pressed into her stomach and pulled her leotard down over her perfect double d breasts. Ivy pulled her body free with a powerful twist as Astaroth attempted to slam her into the ground, when he flung his fist down all he managed was to throw I Ivy's leotard down in torn pieces. As Ivy rolled to her feet she found herself almost completely naked, only a few torn strands of cloth that had once covered her torso hung loosely from her purple stockings, her little pink snatch and a thin silver strip of pubic hair were now exposed. Her huge, perfect tits bounced as she stood, but the moment she regained her feet she was struck hard in the gut by Astaroth's knee. The impact was hard enough that she heard her ribs break, and blood and vomit spewed from her mouth. This time she went down hard on her back, the wind knocked completely out of her. Immediately Astaroth loomed over her, he raised one giant rocky foot into the air over Ivy's middle, ready to crush the woman beneath his monstrous bulk. If Ivy had needed anything more than thought to command her blade, she would surely have been crushed, but instead her blade shot out, impaling the monster's standing leg through the calf, and then retracted even faster, yanking Astaroth's foot out from under him. The creature actually groaned as he backflipped through the air and landed on his head and neck with a crunch.

Somehow Ivy was able to climb to her feet. The pain in her middle should have been intense and she could see and dark bruising was forming across her abs, but she felt very little. Only a year before Ivy had been forced to fight her real father, the undead pirate Cervantes. The aftermath of the battle saw Ivy's soul nearly torn completely from her body. Had she not been able to forge a new soul for herself using alchemy she surely would have died. However the side effect of the ritual was that she often did not feel pain, and wounds that should have killed her sometimes would go unnoticed until her body simply gave out. She was beginning to worry she may have transformed herself into the same type of creature as Astaroth, an immortal, unfeeling golem, less a human and more a daemon.

As these thoughts drifted through her mind, she rose up over the body of Astaroth, plunging her Ivy blade into his middle and using her mind to guide her blade around his entire body, twisting across his torso, limbs and neck. With a triumphant shriek she ripped the blade back into it's sword form. Ivy was forced to duck, liquid fire spat across the room as Astaroth was torn into 6 pieces. His arms, legs, torso and head separated cleanly and fell two the floor in a heap, his monstrous axe clanged to the floor beside him.

"You were overconfident Golem" Ivy whispered over the corpse, "and now you are no more". Pleased with her victory, Ivy turned away from the body and made her way back towards the stairway. As she placed her high heeled boot on the first step down she heard the sound of metal sliding across stone. "It can't be..." She muttered.

Shock filled her face as she turned towards the noise, standing behind her was Astraroth. Fully restored. Red hot fire glowed throughout his body and burned in his eyes as he glared down at her, but that wasn't what caught her attention. His loincloth had been tore away when she dismembered him, and now he stood naked in front of her, an 18 inch long phallus made of rock and as thick as her arm stood straight up in front of her, an enormous ballsack glowing with orange light swung below it. "Whoever rebuilt this creature was a twisted fuck" she thought to herself. With a grunt Astaroth thrust his axe at Ivy, trying to stab her with the barbed spear-tip that stood atop the blade. Without thinking Ivy parried the strike, but was forced to step backwards down the stair. Again he thrust the weapon, and again she parried, this time she was forced to her knees. Astaroth roared and plunged the axe-tip at her a third time, his body glowing orange with exertion. Ivy tried in return to put everything she had into blocking it, but it was not enough. Ivy coughed blood as the point of the axe head entered her stomach and then punched out the middle of her back. Astaroth yanked the weapon back and Ivy was pulled with it, the barbed tip of the spear preventing the weapon from pulling free of her. She coughed up more blood as the creature lifted her up into air atop his mighty weapon. "Let me help you down, Alchemist" he said. Then he began to spin, whipping his axe around him like a windmill. Ivy tried to pull free, but the barbs held her in place, she tried to kick out with her legs, but realized with despair they no longer worked. The spear tip had severed her spine.

With one last tremendous swing Astaroth suddenly jerked his axe to a stop, like a whip cracking Ivy was flung from the weapon, and tumbled through the air. With a crash she hit a wall, bounced off, and landed on the floor in a crumpled heap. When the spear had pulled free it had taken huge chunks of flesh from her stomach and back with it. In addition a long rope of intestines now connected Ivy's broken body and the Golem's axe. At least 20 feet of her guts now connected them from across the room.

Ivy groaned and twisted to her back. Her left arm was broken in multiple places, and bones pushed through the skin, thankfully her right seemed intact, and somehow she still held her sword. Below her tits it was a different story, a massive hole was plunged through her gut, and somehow her body had twisted in half during her fall. While her upper body was propped up on her elbows, her lower body was turned upside down, her large, beautiful ass faced upwards while the front of her pussy and bush were pressed against the stone floor. What little skin and muscle was left of her middle was wound up tightly like a rag being rung out by powerful hands.

Ivy was strangely calm. She could feel no pain from her wounds, she was ready to use her blade for one final strike, she realized the shard of soul edge at Astaroth's core must have been what had rebuilt him, if she could remove it, she might be able to use it to restore herself. She watched not with fear, but with interest as the monster dropped his axe and moved closer to her. His giant cock was once again at attention and the orange flame burned in his eyes.

"I will find great pleasure in your defeat Ivy, devouring a tortured soul, a disgraced soul, a sullied soul gives me even greater power! You will be tortured, you will be disgraced, you will be sullied, and then I will feast on your soul."

At first Ivy felt nothing as the monster crouched over her and began to rub the head of his monstrous dick against the fold of her pussy. But soon she began to feel a warmth through the haze of numbers below her middle. Despite the destruction of her spine, he soul was someone getting sexual pleasure from her violation. She didn't know whether it was Astaroth's power or an effect caused by this wicked temple, but as he thrust his massive prick into her tight pussy, she felt a rush of incredible satisfaction. There was something both horrible and incredible about watching herself get fucked doggystyle, usually during a sexual encounter she'd be staring down at the bed, but this was very different. As Astaroth's thrusts penetrated deeper and gained pace she started to notice that she could see the head of his cock pounding into her womb through the twisted opening in her middle. The fire of arousal in her pussy grew fiercer and fiercer, she realized if she didn't do something soon to stop him, she might not get another opportunity. As Astaroth's thrusts continued to grow faster and harder Ivy raised her right hand and pointed her blade towards the monster's chest and the shard hidden within.

Without stopping his thrusts Astaroth slammed his fist down onto Ivy's elbow. Her sword clattered from her hand. After disarming her, the creature grabbed onto her hips with both hands and redoubled his efforts. He was pounding her wildly now, and Ivy forgot all about her weapon and started to moan. As she watched, her pussy started to rip and tear against his repeated assault. Despite her flesh tearing to accommodate the enormous girth of the Golem, Ivy still felt no pain, just white-hot pleasure continuing to rise. She once again noticed his cock pounding into her womb through the gory hole in her gut. Without thinking she reached into herself with her now-disarmed right hand and grabbed ahold of her own womb. The feeling of her own womb with his monstrous cock inside drove Ivy over the edge. All at once an orgasm overcame her, she howled in pleasure as blood and pussy juice spurted out around The monster's dick.

As Ivy convulsed in orgasm, Astaroth begin to groan, his pace picked up, and he started to arch his back, pulling up on Ivy's legs and hips. Still basking in orgasm Ivy hardly noticed the growing pinch her middle. She had let go of her womb in order to support herself as he lifted her hips higher into the air. The thrusts were getting so powerful now that juice and blood were splashing from Ivy's cunt and splattering across both their bodies. Suddenly their was a great ripping sound followed by a wet plop. Ivy shuddered as she watched her lower half tear away from her upper half, and a pile of steaming organs fell out of her. Astaroth grunted in pleasure as an orange glow spread from his chest through his body, his huge and pendulous balls began to quiver and their already bright glow increased.

All pleasure that Ivy had felt was now gone along with her legs. Reaching out feebly with her right arm she again found the hilt of her sword. Just then Astaroth ripped her legs apart, flinging one to each side of himself. His cock glowed a fiery red, and he grabbed Ivy by her huge tits, lifting her upper body towards him. What was left of her lower organs fell from the ragged hole where her lower body used to be. Using her tits as handles, Astaroth began to fuck her cleavage, smashing her fleshy mounds around his girth. Ivy could feel a terrible heat in his shaft growing as he began jamming her upper half up and down his member. Her left arm flailed uselessly by her side, the flesh stretching terribly around the bones protruding from it. Her right arm she still controlled, slowly and cautiously she raised it, taking carefully aim at the Monster's heart.

"Arrrggghhhhhhhh!" The creatures scream of orgasm shook the very walls. With a final jerk he slammed Ivy's tits down over his cock. Her left arm gave out at the elbow, and flung away from her landing with a splat. At the same moment he let go of her breasts and grabbed her hair in one hand and her chin in the other. Forcing her mouth open he planted the tip of his cock on her tongue and the first jet of his hot semen erupted down her throat.

Completely distracted, Astaroth didn't even notice when the woman's blade shot straight through his heart and out his back. As a second massive stream of jizz filled her mouth, his body began to dissolve into a pile of black clay. Within seconds he was nothing more than mud, and Ivy's ruined body fell to the floor.

She had fallen straight down, landing on opening below her ribs and somehow remaining upright. Her face burned badly, and she reached up to touch her mouth. She smelled burning flesh before she felt it. Astaroth's semen had been liquid fire, and she could feel the flesh of her throat and jaw bubbling and running down her chest like hot wax. As she cupped her right hand to her chin she felt it come away in her hand. Looking down she saw what was left of her cooked lower jaw, mostly black skin and ivory teeth. She tried to scream, but only bubbles escaped her melting throat. With a hiss and a pop, her tongue plopped down into her open palm as well. She watched as the river of magma-hot jizz boiled out of her neck and across her chest. She moaned as her tits began to melt, and shuddered when they melted off and splashed to the floor.

Ivy closed her eyes and waited to die.

Death however did not come. Someone the ritual she had used to forge her new soul would not let her life be extinguished. In horrific agony she was forced to drag her torn, burnt, and disfigured upper torso across the room with her one remaining limb. When she finally reached the large shard of soul edge she was ready to make any bargain, use any dark magic to restore herself...

Inferno saw everything, and was pleased.

That's it for chapter 3! Impalement? Check! Disfigurement? Check! Lower-body fucked while upper body watches? Got that too! Hope you enjoyed it everyone, let me know who you want next. I have something fun planned for Seung Mina, but I'm open to any suggestions for Cassandra and Taki.


Chapter 4: Time's up!

Seung Mina woke up in intense pain. The last thing she remembered was crawling out of the underground lake she had fallen into. As she cleared her head and looked around, nothing seemed familiar. Rather than the stone platform she had lost consciousness on, she was now in some sort of underground tunnel. On each side of the stone slab she was was rushing river of water, and beyond that curving walls that sloped upwards, she had heard some of the larger European cities had things called sewers so that water and waste could be disposed of. The long underground hallway she found herself in matched the description.

Her breath suddenly caught in her throat as she realized she was being watched. A man in a long gray robe stood behind where she lay, his face was mostly covered, but she could she he was an African, his complexion was very dark. Before she could say something he spoke.
"I'm glad you're finally awake. I've been very excited to have the chance to try a new game I've created, I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I've even taken the liberty of binding and setting your wounds as best as possible, although their was nothing to be done about your fingers, sorry."

Seung Mina looked down at herself. She was still mostly naked, although her legs were now wrapped tightly in black bandages, one of her feet was still facing a decidedly crooked angle, but they weren't nearly as awful as she had remembered before she passed out. Her left hand was another story, her palm was wrapped in the same black cloth and she could see clearly that only her thumb was still attached. As she shifted she felt a tugging from her backside.
"I wouldn't move to much, you might pull out your stitches" the man chided.

"So about that game.." He said, "it's a competition, a competition between you and my other captive here". He gestured with one hand as he stepped to the side. Behind him was a face Seung Mina recognized! It was Sophitia, Cassandra's older sister. The woman was bound; her hands tied behind her back, and a chain led from them to bigans hand. Her left leg was missing at the knee, which was covered by a bloody white bandage. Otherwise she was wearing a shear white tunic which left nothing to the imagination. Seung Mina blushed when she found herself staring at Sophitia's enormous rack and cute pink nipples. Aside from her obvious injury, Sophitia didn't look how Seung Mina remembered her, back then she had been a young warrior, blessed by the gods and full of life. She still looked young, but the air of goodness and innocence she used to possess were now gone. There was a darkness about her.

The man pulled a large hourglass out from underneath his robes. "The game is simple, you have 10 minutes to relieve our other friends of their hunger." He wrapped the bottom of his scythe against the floor, and almost immediately the lizardmen that Seung Mina had seen before she lost consciousness climbed out of the water. "You see every living being has needs: The desire to eat and drink, the desire to sleep, the desire to procreate..." He hesitated as he said this. "This temple increases that final need to the point where it overpowers the others in humans, however these creatures are only half human... Our Greek demigoddess over here did not want to play my game, so I had to make sure the lizards were well fed enough for us to play when you woke up." As he said this last line Sophitia clutched the stump of her leg and started sobbing.

"The rules are simple: each of you has three lizards to satisfy, now that they have been fed, their hunger for the pleasures of the flesh has grown once more, just look at them." Seung Mina's eyes were drawn to the three lizards closest to her. Their long, slimy, red cocks had begun to protrude from their groins, and the one closest to her was eyeing her body and making a disgusting croaking sound. "I am a kind master to these creatures, and they must be fed, you have exactly 10 minutes to get all three off, every one that you relive saves you 1 limb... Your fourth limb you can save by relieving me, Zasalamel!" Upon uttering the words the man opened his robe to reveal the largest cock Seung Mina had ever laid eyes on. It was at least 12 inches flaccid and curved to the left. "If you refuse I will simply remove a limb now, feed my pets, and we'll try again tomorrow."

Seung Mina interrupted him. "This doesn't seem fair! What happens if I win your twisted game? We play again tomorrow?! I'd rather die now!"

Zasalamel responded, "Do I look that unfair? If you win, you may leave the temple, I'll even escort you out!"

Sophitia's eyes sparkled, and without saying a word, she grabbed the cock of the lizard closest to her, and began stroking it. Instantly the creatures cock became fully erect, the tip of its bright-red member instantly leaking milky pre-cum which dribbled down onto Sophitia's hand.

Zasalamel laughed. "Wonderful! Wonderful! It begins!" With that he dropped to one knee and flipped the hourglass and placed it onto the floor. Red sand instantly began to flow down into the empty bottom of the device.

Seung Mina was taken aback, she hadn't agreed to any of this. Her mind fought with itself. How could they trust this sorcerer? He had already mutilated Sophitia, he might do the same again or worse! What choice did she have though? Perhaps if she had kept her weapon during the fall the two of them could have made a bloody stand against the 6 lizards and the sorcerer, but if she tried to fight in her condition, she'd surely be killed. As she struggled with her emotions, she watched Sophitia continue to hand-fuck the lizard. The creature had its head back and was making that disgusting sound with it's throat. Sophitia stopped pumping it's cock for a second and started smacking the lizard's member across her own face. "You like that don't you you fucking monster?" She cooed to it. Despite herself Seung Mina couldn't help but get aroused, her companion's outright slutiness caused her pussy to burn with desire. With a bit of a struggle Seung Mina rose to her knees. Her legs hurt terribly, but somehow her arousal helped shut out the pain. She noticed the 3 lizards closest to her had moved in to surround her, the raw smell of their cocks assaulted her nostrils, but instead of disgust she felt her pussy getting wetter. Seung Mina grabbed the closest lizard's member with her good right hand and began to stroke. The feeling of the creatures warm, thick rod in her hand turned her on immediately, and almost without hesitation she took the lizard's prick into her mouth. The creature's pre-cum was a mixture of salty and sour that assaulted her senses, but she pushed through the taste and sucked it deeper into her mouth. The creature started to croak and threw it's head back, but at the same moment Seung Mina heard a noise like a screech coming from the lizard behind her, the one being serviced by Sophitia. Seung Mina pulled her mouth away and turned to look over her shoulder.

Behind her Sophitia was now stroking the lizard's cock with two hands, pumping furiously as she sucked on its strange red balls. A second later her lizard screeched again and it's balls popped out of her mouth and into it's body cavity. She redoubled her efforts with both hands twisting her pals around its shaft. A second later the first spurt of yellow-white lizard cum exploded out into her face. It splattered her forehead and covered her hair, the second blast hit her straight in one of her eyes and she jumped back a bit, the third and final blast coated her tits. Sophitia licked her lips and swallowed a gulp of the creatures load as she wiped it's jizz out of her eye. Without hesitation she turned and grabbed onto the next lizard's shaft.

Seung Mina cursed, Sophitia was going to win and she was going to be fed to the lizards if she didn't do something. She looked over at the hourglass and cursed again, a third of their time was already up! An idea came to her and she reached up and grabbed her lizard by it's shoulders, pulling it out. The lizard croaked questioningly, but Seung Mina was able to direct it to the floor, carefully she straddled the beast feeling it's member slide across her slit until she positioned herself above the head of its cock. She moaned in ecstasy as she slid herself all the way down it's shaft, feeling her insides stretch to accommodate its massive size. Behind her she heard another screech.

Sophitia was moaning in ecstasy as she jerked the tip of her beast's cock. Her other hand frantically rubbed her own clit. As she brought herself to a powerful, squirting orgasm, the lizard screeched again and came. This time Sophitia jammed it's cock into her mouth and gulped down its load.

Seung Mina cried out in despair. If she didn't do something truly drastic she would die. She reached out and grabbed the cock of the next closest Lizardman, pulling him roughly she positioned the lizard behind her. She had seen women in japan use this trick during her time there, and as much as she felt it degraded her to do it, she did it anyway... She pressed the head of the second lizard's dick against her asshole and bucked backwards, once the tip of it's prick was inside, the creature did the rest. As the feeling of two monster cocks inside her really hit home, Seung Mina came. As her face and chest turned red and she shook with orgasm she reached out and grabbed the last lizard by the hips, without thinking she crammed it's cock into her mouth.

Across from her Sophitia had run into trouble. The last lizard was the largest of the entire bunch, and try as she might, he didn't seem all that turned on by her stroking and suck. In frustration Sophitia grabbed it's cock in both her hands and squeezed hard, roughly pumping it's shaft. The lizard let out a sharp chirp of pain and grabbed onto Sophitia's head with both hands. Sophitia's look changed to pure shock as it shoved its entire member down her throat. She choked and gagged as it throat fucked her mercilessly, and soon she felt bike riding up her esophagus. The creature didn't even slow down as vomit shot out from Sophitia's nose and dribbled down it's cock. The poor girl's face started turning blue as her airway was cut off completely, but the creature was oblivious and continued to it's brutal penetration of her throat. Suddenly Sophitia's eyes fluttered and she went limp, the lizard croaked in surprise as she fell backwards onto her bottom and lay unconscious in front of him.

Across from the Greek woman's misfortune Seung Mina was having much better luck. She bucked wildly on top of the first lizard's cock while the second fucked her anus mercilessly, the third lizard's cock she sucked and stroked hungrily. She let out a cock-muffled scream as she came again, her milky-white pussy juice flowing out in torrents around the lizard's shaft who lay below her. All at once all three lizard's began to screech, and the two penetrating her started shuddering. She squeeked in pain and pleasure as she felt herself suddenly filled with their cum. Her belly bloated noticeably as her anus and uterus filled to the brim with lizard jizz. As she looked down to see it, the lizard she had been stroking exploded it's load across her face, drenching her mouth and nose in it's sticky load. It continued to cum copious amounts, completely drenching her tits and tummy.

Before she knew it the three lizards had scrambled away, slinking back into the water that surrounded her. Seung Mina turned to look at the hour glass. She gasped, it was almost empty, she had perhaps only a minute to go. She crawled on hands and knees towards the large black sorcerer, cum dripping out of her ass and pussy in huge quantities as she went, when she reached him she saw his enormous cock was already hard as a rock.

Frantically Seung Mina began stroking the sorcerer, she sucked on the tip of his cock, she licked his balls, she even pressed her cum drenched tits around his cock and rubbed it up and down. He seemed to be enjoying it, but when she looked up it seemed it was watching Sophitia and not her. Without slowing down her fast paced tit-fuck she looked over to see what was happening.

Behind her the unconscious body of Sophitia was being fucked by the Lizardman, his body was pressed down on top of her, pressing her tits tightly to her chest between their two bodies. As the lizard's hips bucked up and down she heard it start to screech. Seung Mina looked up to see excitement on the face of Zasalamel, she felt his member get harder and realized he must be getting close. Looking over she saw that the hourglass was almost completely empty, she had maybe 10 seconds left. Looking back to Sophitia she saw the girl's belly distend outward as the lizard rose up over her and continued to thrust into her snatch as it came. Unlike the other lizards though, it didn't immediately get up and leave. Without pulling out it sniffed at Sophitia's face. The girl didn't move and Seung Mina wondered if she was dead. The Lizard struck her hard across the face, and she groaned, but didn't move. Cock still inside her, the beasts began to sniff it's victims breasts. Soon it's long, reptilian tongue dropped out of it's mouth and began to lick Sophitia's tits. Seung Mina looked on in disgust and fascination as the Lizardman lowered it's powerful jaws around Sophitia's right breast and bit down. The creatures pulled it's head backwards, taking it time as the unconscious girl's perfect tit stretched away from her body. It's teeth tore her soft flesh and blood began streaming down the side of her tit. Both Zasalamel and Seung Mina stared on as skin and fat tore apart and Sophitia's tit came away into the lizard's mouth. As the lizard began noisily chewing and chomping down his victim's breast, Seung Mina heard the sorcerer groan, his balls tightened up, and soon she was doing her best to choke down swallow after swallow of his enormous load. He pulled his cock free of her mouth and shook the lasts drops out across her forehead. Looking over they both watched the last grain of sand fall to the bottom of the hourglass.

"Well done girl, I did not expect you to win! As I am a man of my word I will carry you from this place, although how long you'll survive with your body as broken as it is I cannot say, but at least you will have a chance." As he finished speaking Seung Mina glanced over at her former companion, she wished she hadn't.

The Lizardman had torn Sophitia's second tit away and begun rooting around in her gut, Seung Mina saw that Sophitia was now awake and staring straight at her. The woman's eyes pleaded for help, begged for rescue, but Seung Mina could only turn away as the lizard ripped a large pile of guts out and set them aside. Zasalamel picked her up under one arm, and the last Seung Mina saw of Sophitia before she was carried around a corner was Lizardman ripping one of her arms away from her body. Seung Mina noticed with disgust that it had once again begun fucking her as it are her.

A heavy door creaked open and Seung Mina saw the outer courtyard of the temple lit by moonlight. Zasalamel let her down on her hands and knees and turned to go. "Good luck little whore, you'll need it" as his last word rang in her ears the door slammed shut.

Seung Mina fell flat on her stomach in the mud. She had been crawling this way for hours and could no longer will herself to move. Her face, hair, pussy and ass were covered in dried cum, and her knees and palms were bleeding badly from the long, slow journey. Something was wrong inside her, she knew that now. At first she thought the horrible pain in the pit of her stomach was just hunger, she guessed it had been at least 24 hours since she last ate, however she started feeling a distinct pushing and pulling inside her, and her belly was growing disgustingly large. As she lay face down in the mud the pressure grew far worse, she rolled onto her back and gasped, her stomach was stretched and bloated, far larger than the average pregnant woman, and she could see something moving underneath. Unable to move she cried out long and painfully into the night. Suddenly she heard a tearing sound and the pain increased tremendously, Seung Mina blacked out.

She woke up to excruciating pain all over her body. Before her vision cleared she heard shuffling and wet slapping sound coming from all around her. As her eyes finally focused she screamed. Her stomach was a red mess of torn skin and organs, all around her tiny lizard babies were feasting on her flesh. Most were chomping away at her exposed guts, but some had started chewing on her limbs. She tried to move but found herself helpless and paralyzed, but the pain continued. She screamed feebly, but it was no use... By morning the lizard's had gone, and all that was left was Seung Mina's beautiful head attached to fleshless red ruin. Far away in the bowels of the temple, Zasalamel looked into his scruing glass and laughed at what he saw. Of course he wasn't going to let her live, but the hope he had seen as she crawled away had been priceless.


Part 4: "Vampire Hunter T" part 1: Gods and monsters

"I'm glad you convinced me to break into the wizard's chambers, Amy", Raphael turned and said to the woman who's head was propped up on his shoulder. "This is much hotter than watching the front door!".

"Anything for you my love" she purred in reply as she continued her reach-around cock stroking. Both them then quickly returned to watching the small pool of water in front of them. They had discovered the bird-bath like contraption at the back of the wizard's room covered with a red cloth, as soon as they removed the cover they were shocked to see a vision of things happening underground, the wizard at the center of all of it.

A young Asian girl drenched in semen was frantically sucking the sorcerer's cock while a huge-titted blonde was being fucked by one of the lizardmen that lived in the caverns below the temple. "Wow that's hot!" Amy squealed, as the Lizardman bit one of the blonde's tits clean off and started chewing it. Apparently the sorcerer thought so as well, and Raphael watched in fascination as Zasalamel plastered the young Asian girl in Jizz.

The couple watched the sorcerer and the girl leave the catacombs as the lizard continued to feast on the blonde. After finishing chewing off both her meaty breasts, and tearing one of her arms off, it opened her guts with it's jaws and started pulling her organs out. Amy moaned deeply into Raphael's ear as she plunged her fingers in and out of her snatch. Raphael looked back down at the pool and smiled. The blonde was feebly kicking her legs and screaming as the lizard began fucking her again, Raphael felt his own orgasm building as Amy continued to jerk off his prick. As the lizard tore the woman's other arm off with it's jaws Raphael's cock began to spurt Jizz into the pool. He groaned in pleasure as his copious amounts of sperm turned the water a milky white. The last thing he saw before the image disappeared was the lizard tearing the woman's face off with it's teeth as it spurted it's own load into her open belly. She was still alive and kicking...

"Well that was fun my dear", but we should leave and find our own pray before the sorcerer returns. As a sign of agreement Amy licked his cock clean, buttoned up his trousers and the two of them turned and quietly left the room. They had not made it two steps down the hall when both of them heard heavy footsteps coming towards them. "Our guests have arrived", exclaimed Raphael as the pair turned to face the direction of the sound.

Taki bolted down the corridor, Cassandra following close behind. Her enchanted short-sword, Reki-Maru, told her their was evil up ahead. It was not as powerful as Soul edge itself, but Taki could tell that whatever they were running towards would be a formidable opponent. As the two women rounded a corner in the hallway Taki spied her foes: One was a tall man dressed in expensive-looking western clothing, the other was a very small woman who looked liked she could have been a teen if not for her ageless features and the look of malice she wore upon her face. Both held razor sharp rapiers.

Raphael smiled as he saw the approaching women. The first was an Asian girl dressed in a form-fitting red body stocking which left nothing to the imagination, especially her enormous tits and pert nipples. The second was a smaller blonde woman wielding a sword and buckler who looked very similar to the blonde Raphael had just watched being devoured. The thought of maiming and having his way with this blonde, who was probably the other's sister, instantly gave him a hard on. "The blonde's mine!" He shouted to Amy, "You take the one in red".

Seconds later the battle was joined. Raphael stepped in front of Cassandra and let fly a vicious series of cuts and thrusts, all were parried and deflected with ease by the Greek warrior. Cassandra counter-struck with a combination of overhead strikes, thrusts, and cuts, which Raphael was forced to retreat from. He smiled briefly, it was going to be fun breaking this one.

Across the hall Amy was finding her opponent more difficult to battle. Taki was lighting fast; ducking, kicking, rolling and cutting, all too fast for Amy's eyes to keep up with, it was all she could do to make a hasty retreat while barely deflecting Taki's strikes with her sword. She realized quickly she would lose in a fair fight, she'd need to even the odds a bit, use her knowledge of the temple to turn the tide of the fight. "Catch up with me later okay?" She cried to Raphael as she turned around and sprinted down the corridor, Taki immediately followed right after her.

Back in the hallway Raphael's frustration was growing. He was faster than she was, but he was only attacking with one weapon. Every time he stabbed or sliced past her guard she was always able to bring her small shield up in defense. As his frustration grew he felt the darkness rising up inside him, giving him strength and speed in exchange for his reason.

He tried to push the feeling back down. Ever since his battle with Nightmare years ago, a battle that had fractured the Daemon-sword Soul Edge and sent shards of dark energy into his body, he hadn't been the same. Amy had nursed him back to health, but in doing so she had become cursed like him. Neither of them could ever again walk in the sun or they would be destroyed, neither of them could stand to be around felt hunger or pain like they used to, but both had been forced to sustain themselves on human blood and human souls.

Raphael tried as best as he could to control the darkness within him, every time he let it take control he gained terrible speed and strength, but in exchange he always felt as if he lost a piece of his soul, his free will, he worried that at some point he would lose himself completely, becoming nothing but a pawn to the desires of soul edge, no better than the Golem that dwelt in the caverns below.

He pushed his thoughts back down, along with the darkness and continued to fight. As the minutes sped past, the fights momentum shifted back and forth, sometimes he would overwhelm the girl with furious combinations of attacks, forcing her backwards, he even managed to drive his sword through her guard once, carving a thin line across her shoulder and colar-bone. The cut wasn't deep, but it did slice through the cloth and straps of her pauldron and tunic, and the small piece of shoulder armor fell to the floor. Raphael was distracted for just a moment as the woman's left breast spilled from her top, no longer supported by the straps he had cut through...

Cassandra gasped as she felt his blade cut into her flesh, but she didn't lose focus on the battle, she saw the man's eyes dart down to her chest and instantly took advantage of her opportunity. She struck out with a tell jabbing her sword at the man's face, he looked up from her breasts in time to lift his sword and barely deflect the blow over his head. Cassandra however, had been anticipating this, with a scream of triumph she smashed the edge of her shield full into the man's face. She felt the satisfying crunch of both as she broke his jaw and sent teeth flying from his mouth. As his other hand came up involuntarily to clutch his face she grabbed him with both hands and drove her knee up into his crotch. Again she felt a satisfying crunch, this time as the man's balls ruptured between her knee and his own body. Cassandra stepped back as he crumbled to the floor.

Anguish filled every corner of Raphael's mind and body, he tried to focus, to get up and force the darkness back down, but he couldn't, he felt blood dripping past his broken teeth and lips and it enraged him, he felt the fiery pain in his loins and his fury grew greater. He would give in, he would let the darkness take hold, and this woman would not survive.

Cassandra was just stepping back towards the man to finish him off when suddenly her rose to his feet. She gasped. Darkness began to flow from the man, first just an aura, then tendrils of market darkness began to swirl around him. He opened his mouth and laughed, and Cassandra watched in horror as new teeth pushed past the old, his jaw clicked back into place and he spat the broken remains of his old teeth back at her. He continued to laugh as he brought his sword back up on guard.

Cassandra took a deep breath and once again stepped back on guard. She had been holding back up till this point, but it looked like it was time to go all out. With a silent prayer to Hephaestus, the God who had forged her blade, she charged. Her sword came down in a powerful arc, intended to split Raphael in two from shoulder to hip, but before she had taken her first towards him a black shape sped past her, much faster than her eye could follow. She stopped suddenly realizing her target was no longer where he had been. She heard the sound of metal crashing into stone and turned towards it. Somehow her sword had left her hand and was bouncing off the floor to her right. She noticed a severed hand was clutching the handle. Realization dawned on her and she looked down at her right hand... Instead she saw a stump squirting blood. Shock gripped her and she turned to find where the man had gone, as she pivoted to spin, she felt something wrong, her body tipped and she fell backward onto her ass. Looking down she realized her right foot was no longer attached to her leg, it had been severed at the ankle and now lay in front of her. She screamed, perhaps out of shock, perhaps out of horror, she didn't know, but with two of her body parts now missing the fight had gone out of her. As she sobbed, darkness flashed past her again, and now Raphael stood in front of her, still grinning, the world suddenly tilted out of view and now she was staring at the ceiling instead of the man. Her head rolled to her left and she saw her entire left arm, which she had been propped up on only a second ago, had been severed at the shoulder. She watched in disgust as the fingers of her left arm twitched and spasmed. She turned her head back up towards the ceiling, and saw the man looming over her. "Not quite done yet, I'm afraid", he said with a hint of mischief on his voice. Cassandra found she still had enough energy left to scream in pain as he plunged his rapier through the bone of her left thigh. She felt her femur crunch and separate as the sword was driven completely through. "Just one thing more" he said with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. Bracing his foot against her crotch he grabbed her left leg in both hands and pulled. Cassandra's shrieks of pain turned to pure madness as her muscle and skin stretched and then tore. With a grunt he flung her completely severed left leg across the hall away from her body. Cassandra's screams died out as blood began to pool underneath her. She still had her right arm and leg, they were just missing hand and foot, but her left leg was gone below mid thigh, and her left arm had been cleaved off at the shoulder. Her body took on a very pale tone as blood flowed freely from her stumps. "Now for the fun part" he said as he began unbuttoning his pants.

Cassandra's mind was only half functioning now, she thought maybe her soul was being lifted up into the Elysian Fields, as she felt what was left of her body rising up off the floor. The truth of what was happening only registered dimly as she felt her outfit being pulled to the side and the vampire's stiff cock slide into her pussy.

Raphael was completely lost to the darkness now, driving the mutilated body of the blonde up and down on his cock like a rag doll. He laughed as he ravaged her, the limbs still connected to her flopped about like a puppet with it's strings cut as he bounced her up and down. Her eyes darted about in her skull, never focusing on anything for more than a second. His paced grew faster and he spun her around on his dick, now fucking her doggy-style as her head and arms dangled towards the floor, her stump occasionally grazing the stone and leaving red smears behind. With a groan of pleasure he pulled her off his cock and dropped her body to the floor. She flopped against the cold stone and didn't move. She lay with her face up, her tits and pussy now both exposed, her eyes fluttered, somehow she still lived. Raphael advanced to where he had deposited her, stroking his throbbing erection as he approached. With a grunt that sounded more like the cry of an animal he ejaculated. His first stream drew a line between her breasts and across her face, from chin to forehead, his second blast drenched her tits and left a milky white pool. He dropped to one knee next to her and grunted as his last small spurt dripped straight into one of her open eyes. She didn't blink and he smiled as he wiped his cock off in her hair. Her chest had stopped rising and falling. She was dead.

A footstep from behind him caused him to turn his head. Behind him the Asian woman in red appeared from around a corner. Her outfit was torn in several places and she was bloodied, but it wasn't weakness he saw in her eyes, it was rage. "Welcome to the party" he said...


Chapter 4: Part 2 - Don't break the seal.

Taki took off running in pursuit of the small red-head. For someone so short she ran at an incredibly fast past, Taki was quite surprised. As the girl ran ahead, her short skirt bobbed up and down, and Taki was disgusted to see she wasn't wearing anything underneath. As they turned another corner the torchlight illuminating the corridor suddenly vanished. Taki stopped for a second and unsheathed her mystical short-sword Reiki-Maru, a dull orange glow emanated from the naked blade, and Taki managed to catch sight of Amy as the other woman turned another corner. Taki took off running again, and the power of Reiki-Maru enveloped her, allowing her to pick up even greater speed.

As she turned the corner that Amy had just disappeared down, she felt the stone under her right foot depress slightly, instinct took over and Taki tossed herself forward into a roll. Behind her spears erupted from both walls, crisscrossing the first half of the hallway in deadly blades. If she had hesitated for even a second, or if she hadn't rolled quite as far, she would have been impaled multiple times. Further down the corridor she heard a curse and looked up to see Amy again retreating.

This time Taki was able to cut the distance between them quite quickly. Amy was now only slightly further than arms distance away, and Taki readied herself to jump forward and tackle the girl. The instant before Taki jumped Amy reached out and grabbed something hanging from the wall to there right. This time Taki was not quite fast enough, the floor below her feet split down the middle and she felt herself drop straight down.

Taki's eyes widened in fear as she saw the ten foot spikes rising up from the newly revealed chasm beneath feet. Relying on years of training she gathered all of the chi in her body into her hands and dropped straight towards the closest spike. She clapped both feet around the sides of the deadly trap, and pulled her hips away, preventing herself from being impaled from crotch to head. Her feet only served to slow her fall, and as the tip of the spike rose towards her face she clasped it in both hands, using all the strength and chi she had within her to hold herself in place. She froze there for a second, hands and feet gripping the metal rod between her legs, spider-like in her pose, and then she screamed. A wild sound that expressed both pain and frustration. Despite her swift thinking, there were many spikes which rose from the floor of the pit, although she had avoided horrific bodily impalement, some of the smaller spikes had pierced her arms and legs. A particularly rusty spoke now protruded from the outside of her thigh, just above her right knee. A second and third spike had grazed her backside, cutting open her jumpsuit and exposing her now cut and bleeding ass-cheeks. Ever-so-carefully Taki lifted her right leg off of the spike, fighting back another scream as she did so. With her body free she jumped to the bottom of the pit, wove between the spikes, and jumped out on the other side.

Amy now had a good lead and Taki only had the sound of footsteps to guide her as she continued her pursuit. At first she drew on the power of Reiki-Maru to maintain her pace, but soon the wound above her knee began to bleed heavily, and the pain became almost unbearable. As Taki slowed down she suddenly realized that Amy had stopped running and was now standing about 15 feet away, staring straight at her. The petite woman positioned herself into an on-guard stance and pointed her rapier at Taki.

With a shout Taki drew her second blade and charged towards Amy. Almost immediately she realized she had made a mistake. Once again she felt the broke beneath her feet depress downward. Only years of training and luck saved her as a huge blade swung down from the ceiling towards her. In the fraction of a second it took the blade to reach her, Taki dropped backwards and planted her palms on the floor in a bridge position. The axe-like pendulum blade would have split her in-half down the middle of she hadn't moved, although she didn't end up split from crotch to crown, she didn't quite drop low enough either, the bottom of the blade drew a line up her belly and between her tits, she felt the fabrick of her outfit split open, and a burning pain exploded across her abdominal muscles where her back had been arched the highest.

Rolling to one side she came up on her feet and looked down to inspect the wound. Her outfit was split from navel to collarbone, and as she stood up her enormous tits spilled free. A red line appeared across her skin, visible through the opening in her suit, and blood streamed from it. Just the act of standing opened the cut wider, and Taki clutched the wound. She felt a small sense of relief that the blade hadn't completely sliced through her abdominal wall, but it had come close. She wondered how much she'd actually be able to move without spilling her guts across the stone floor.

Taki sheathed her second sword and advanced once more towards Amy, one hand held across her stomach. The other woman wasn't a bad fighter, but Taki knew she could still beat her, even if she only had one arm to do it with. With a powerful battle-cry Taki charged. Amy smiled, turned, and pressed a small stone button on the nearest wall.

Instantly Taki felt air whistle past her face, and caught a glimpse of a small metal dart as it shot past her. She turned towards the wall the dart had come from, narrowly avoiding a second projectile as the she turned. She saw that the wall was covered from top to bottom in small holes. What came next was like a hail-storm. Dart after dart began firing out of the wall cutting the air and filling the hall with the sound of whistling air. Taki dodged at deflected, striking as many darts from the air as she avoided, spinning and ducking and weaving. Sweat poured from her brow as she was forced to deflect one dart with her sword and simultaneously snatch another from the air with her other hand. Then as abruptly as it had started, the storm of projectiles stopped. Taki once again turned towards Amy, raised her sword and prepared to attack. Taking a step towards her enemy she suddenly felt light-headed, she tried to shake it off but the feeling was replaced by an incredible hot-flash, she felt like she was being burned alive. Feeling pressure against her chest she looked down and gasped; protruding from her left breast was the back end of a dart, imbedded under her nipple and buried almost completely in the soft flesh of her tit. She slipped Reiki-Maru back into it's sheath and tried frantically to remember the chi-gung ritual that would purge the poison from her body. Before her fingers could form the symbols, and her mouth could utter the first line of the sacred chant, she slumped to her knees. She tried to lift her arms, but they felt heavier than mountains and all she managed was to shrug her shoulders.

Amy walked towards her slowly, sword still held ready. "You're truly a spectacular warrior you know." She said with a grin. "anyone else would have been dead two or three times over, even now, still conscious, still defiant, it's such a turn on!". Now that Amy was only inches from Taki, the young woman switched her sword over to her left hand and lifted her skirt with her right. Despite the haze Taki was in, she could still smell the musky aroma of Amy's cunt, and admired the thin patch of bright red hair above it. Amy pushed even closer and grabbed the back of Taki's head in her hand. "Do you like it my brave little ninja?" She whispered as she pushed Taki's cheek against her mound. Taki was astonished by just how much liquid poured out of the girl's cunt as her face was violated. "Oh my, your skin is so hot little Ninja! Let me help!". With a grin Amy stepped back, spread her pussy lips and began to piss. The last thing Taki remembered before she lost consciousness was how warm the piss felt as it doused her face and chest. With that Taki slumped to floor is a pool of urine and her own blood.

When Taki awoke she was no longer in the hall. Somehow she was back in Japan, in the very familiar place, a hidden shrine, tucked away high in the mountains, the very shrine in which her life as a Daemon hunter began. Looking down at herself she saw that she was wearing the same outfit she had worn during her years of training with the Fu-ma ninja clan. A robe like tunic with a loin cloth, made of white fabric, belted around the waist with a simple black sash. She reached back and found her sword Reiki-Maru in it's sheath. Drawing the blade she immediately noticed it felt powerless, the same as any normal sword. Something was very strange, and she new what it was. This was not the present but a glimpse into the past. She knew this day well, she knew what was about to happen, and she hated to think about it.

Almost on cue, the first daemon burst from the wall on her right. Uno-Gi, the so-called "flesh-tearer" a horned, 7 foot tall mountain of flesh and spirit-muscle with a 14 inch cock to match. She felt herself going through the motions of fighting him. Her body moving to strike and block without her consent. She saw her hands form the symbols that would bind him but knew exactly what would happen next. An explosion of masonry showered her in debris as the wall behind her broke open revealing a second daemon, Kami-sensin, the "soul-raper" a short but powerful daemon, covered in blue fur, and blessed with 6 long tentacle-like cocks. Taki tried to tune out what happened next. The first daemon used the distraction to grab her arms and crush them to her sides. Pinning her helplessly. The second daemon immediately tore her outfit off. Taki braced herself for the humiliation to come. She was sure it was a dream now, and tried to will herself to wake up.

Instead of waking up, the dream became more vivid, Taki felt every inch of the larger Daemon's monstrous cock as he slammed it into her freshly exposed snatch. This was no ordinary dream, Taki felt the shock of her womb being violated as intensely as she had on the day this dream had been reality. She also felt how pain swiftly became pleasure, how the walls of her cunt stretched to fit the daemon's massive rod, and enjoyed the sensation of her juice spilling from her pussy and running down her asshole and thighs. She was waiting in anticipation as the second deamon speared her then-virgin asshole with two of his writhing cocks. Taki quickly lost herself to the pleasure of the dream, moaning as every inch of her was ravaged, gasping in bliss as tentacle-cocks were jammed into her mouth and wrapped around her body, screaming in ecstasy as Daemon spunk was sprayed across her. As had happened on that fateful day, Taki's endurance outlasted the Daemon's, and as they lay back exhausted, their spirits spent and their balls empty, Taki performed the ritual that would bind them to her scabbard, the first of many evil souls that that she would trap during her years as a daemon hunter. They were however, the only two she ever bound into her sheath. As their bodies and souls were sucked away, she heard the distinctive patter of liquid hitting the stone floor between her legs. She looked down and watched daemon spunk pour out of her snatch and anus, hypnotized by the sound it made as it splattered against the ground. She blinked and the room started to change, the floor of the temple replaced by the cold stone of Dark temple. She closed her eyes, and tried to clear her head. When she opened her eyes again she took in her surroundings, and pain came flooding back to her body.

The first thing that came to her was the pain in her arms, her shoulders were on fire, and her wrists and hands felt numb. Trying to blink the darkness from her eyes and the fog from her brain, she looked up towards her right arm. Wire was wrapped tightly around her wrist, strung from the ceiling, looking over she saw her left arm was in the same position. Her legs were spread-eagled, each locked into a boot like, metal vice that wrapped around her ankle and over her instep. Her feet were set wide enough apart that it was hard to support her weight, which explained why her arms were on fire, she had no idea how long she had been hanging there. A sudden movement caught her eye, and she spied Amy tinkering with something on a table across the room. The sounding of something splashing against the floor drew her attention away from the girl, and she again looked down. Her outfit was still split down the front, open from her tits, and now all the way down to her pussy and asshole, she could feel the cold air on her bottom and assumed the back was torn as well. More troubling was the wound down her stomach, the cut had opened wider, exposing at least an inch of her abdominal muscles, and crusted with dried blood. This however, was not the source of the dripping, protruding from her cunt was the handle of one of her two swords, the sheath of the 16 inch blade was jammed all the way inside her, she watched as juice from her pussy ran along the handle and dropped off onto the floor. This was the sound that had woken her from her dream, and most likely the cause of it in the first place.

Focusing on her sword made her realize just how turned on she still was, the pain in her shoulders, belly and wrists was as nothing compared to the intense lust burning in her cunt. A flash of movement caused her to look up, and she saw Amy moving towards her. The woman was completely nude and held Taki's sheathed sword in both hands. She looked very frustrated.

"Why the fuck won't your sword come out of this scabbard?" Amy growled. "I was having all kinds of fun fucking you with your own weapons, and it seemed like you were enjoying it as well..." She glanced down at the puddle between Taki's feet, and Taki felt her face growing red. "Then I felt it. This sword is literally swarming with souls, thousands of them, maybe tens of thousands, and I know it contains a piece of Soul Edge! If I could just hold it, touch them, feed on them, I would become even more powerful than Nightmare, I could rule this wonderful place! Something is stopping me though, is it a trick? Is there a special button I need to press? A special way to turn the handle as you draw it? Well? Answer me bitch!" Amy was practically screaming as she spat the words out, and followed the question up with a hard slap across Taki's face. Taki looked up into the Soul-Vampire's eyes and smiled. "The sheath is guarded by powerful spirits, in order to break it, you'd need a weapon powerful enough to kill a demon...". Amy looked very pleased and immediately turned around and walked back to a small work table covered with what looked like implements of torture. She placed Taki's weapon on the table and then disappeared through a door. When she returned she was carrying a short Greek-styled sword. Taki immediately recognized it. "Where did you get that?! What have you done with Sophitia?". Amy didn't reply and instead held the sword up high over her head. With a crash she brought the God-forged weapon down upon Taki's weapon. At first nothing happened, but then an unnatural silence descended over the room. The silence gave way to the sound of cracking, like a dead tree breaking apart under it's own weight. Fissures of red light started to appear along the handle of Taki's sword. The red light played along the walls, expanding and brightening the dimly lit chamber. Suddenly their was an explosion.

Taki was rocked backwards against her restraints, the wires around her wrists bit into her flesh as her body swayed against them. Amy was much closer and was tossed through the air and against a wall. Sliding back to the ground with a groan. As she tried to get to her feet an inky smoke began to rise from the shattered pieces of Taki's sword. The smoke swirled and twisted forming the body of large horned-demon, beside the first demon a second appeared, amorphous and foul, 6 long tentacles protruding from below its waist. Before Amy could rise completely, the second demon struck. 4 of its tentacle cocks shot out and grabbed onto each of the girl's limbs, lifting her off her feet and into the air. The first demon approached slowly, licking its lips and drinking in the sight and smell of the tiny nude red-head. "Years inside a cage... It muttered to itself, no release, nothing to eat, trapped... You look tasty..."

While the demons surrounded Amy, Taki was frantically straining against her bonds. Her fingers a blur, she formed the symbols for holy fire and clutched the wire binding her right hand. She held in a scream as the thin metal suddenly glowed orange and her wrist sizzled and popped where it touched the wire, but with a tug it snapped. Using her skills as a ninja it took her no time at all to escape the other four restraints. With a jolt she then raced past the tentacle demon, grabbed her sword from the table and ran out the door. The two creatures hardly noticed her as she disappeared out into the hall.

Amy saw the ninja vanish, but was forced to hold back her rage, she had to find a way out of this situation. Despite the pleasure to be had, she knew that once the creatures were done with her they would most likely kill her, or worse. She watched the first demon circle closer to her, his clawed hand reaching out to brush her thighs. "This one looks young, but she is more like us than a human. She will do nicely as a first meal". Amy struggled against the tentacles binding her as the horned-one circled behind her. Despite her situation she felt a tingle of lust run up her spine as she felt the demon's cock press against her asshole.

Looking down Amy saw the huge red tip of the demons cock swaying back and forth between her spread thighs. A pair of enormous red hands covered in course hair grabbed her around the waist, it's long black claws digging into the skin of her hips. Fear and anticipation filled Amy's mind as the demon's cock brushed against her pussy and asshole, leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum dripping from her snatch. As she steeled her mind against the coming penetration, she was taken off guard as the other demon's final two tentacle-cocks assaulted her. The first slammed into her snatch, pushing deeper into her than Raphael ever had, the second wrapped around her neck, yanking her head backwards until she was staring demon behind her in the face. He grinned and spat on her, and then she screamed as his enormous cock penetrated her asshole. At first all Amy felt was pain, her cervix was instantly torn apart as the tentacle-demon pushed through it and into her womb, the asshole wasn't fairing any better, she could feel herself being stretched impossibly wide as the demon lifted her up and down onto it's shaft. Soon though, the pain slipped into the back of her mind and warmth and pleasure took over. She shuddered in ecstasy as her first orgasm washed over her, juice gushed from her pussy, sliding past the tentacle cock and splashing to the floor. With her womb open it was like a dam had burst, she couldn't stop cumming.

The demons kept going and going, and with each minute that went by the violation became faster and harder, the demon behind her kept smiling down, licking its lips, and spitting in her face. Suddenly its expression changed, its brow furrowed and its eyes closed. A deep guttural sound escaped its lips and Amy felt its already impossibly huge cock grow even stiffer inside her. What she felt next was not pleasure, but pressure. As the demon groaned it came; enormous amounts of demon spunk sprayed out of its cock and into Amy's badly torn asshole, she could feel her insides expanding, she screamed in pain as the demon's orgasm continued, her belly distending in response, growing huge, a massive balloon of skin and organ, filled with demon spunk. Just when she thought she could take no more, the first demon's orgasm stopped... And that's when the tentacle-creature's began. Now instead of her ass-hole, her womb was being filled up, her eyes bulged in her sockets and her jaw clenched, it was everything in her power not to lose consciousness. The skin of her belly stretched and contorted as her womb was filled to bursting... Just when she thought she might actually be torn apart by the torrent of jizz, the second demon's orgasm ended as well. With a sickening pop, both demon's removed their members from Amy's impossibly swollen body.

The instant they pulled out semen came rushing out of the girl, her pussy sprayed thick demon-milk into the floor with the force of a geyser, and at the same moment her ass belched forth an enormous pile of spunk. Despite her best efforts to keep it down, Amy found herself vomiting even more of the stuff down onto her tits no belly. The demon's cum had managed to push it's way through all of her intestines, her stomach, and finally out her mouth. Both demon's began to chuckle at sight of the ruined girl, completely covered in their seed, her asshole and pussy now not much more than bloody scraps of flesh hanging down between her legs. When the vomiting finally stopped she looked up at them and realized in a moment of fear that it was no longer lust that filled the demon's eyes, but hunger.

"Well how shall we divide our meal friend?" The red demon said to the other. "Down the middle, 50/50?"

"I have a better idea.." The second demon said. Speaking for the first time.

Amy gasped as she felt the tentacles tighten around her upper arms and thighs. What once had been thick cocks, easily as big around as her own wrists, suddenly began to shrink and tighten, now they were as thin as wires, and growing exceptionally tight. "No!!! Don't even think about it! Fuck-You! No!!!" Amy screamed as her hands and feet started turning blue, her circulation cut off by the demon's now wire-like appendages. Amy screamed once more as four sprays of blood exploded from each of her limbs.

Suddenly she was choking, her body suspended in the air now by only the tentacle wrapped around her neck. Unable to talk to breath, she was forced to watch as the her arms and legs were drawn back towards the tentacle-creature, severed completely from her body, blood poured from the four stumps of her limbs as the first demon walked over and snatched her right arm and leg away from the other demon. The light started to fade from her eyes as she listened to the two monsters chomping and tearing away the flesh of her limbs, gulping loudly as the swallowed piece after piece. She nearly lost consciousness as the first demon pulled her left arm apart at the elbow and swallowed her upper arm in one gulp, but that's when she saw it, the tip of the demon's tentacle cock floating inches from her mouth. She knew suddenly how she could survive, with a chomp of her own she but down onto the demon's cock, and her fangs sunk in. For a soul vampire, a creature made entirely of spirit energy was easy pray...

Some time later Amy stepped out of the room and into the hallway. Her eyes were Jett-black, and it looked like she wore stockings and gloves made of darkness and smoke, with a hiss she raced back down the hallway towards Raphael and the sounds of battle, completely nude except for the rapier she clutched in the darkness of her new right-hand.


Chapter 4.3: Ninja vs. Vampires

As Taki raced down the hallway away from Amy and the sounds of a rough Demon-fucking, she thought about Cassandra, and hoped that when she found her way back, the girl would be alright, and the fencer vanquished. She tried her best to push down the pain in her upper thigh and abdomen, the spike wound was still dripping blood, and seemed like it might be infected, and her gut felt like it was on fire. She worried that if she moved too quickly she might tear it open.

Weaving her way through the same traps she encountered while chasing Amy, Taki did her best to cover the tears in her uniform, she pulled the split sides of her body-suit together over her exposed breasts and tightened the sash around her waist to help keep them in place. The very top of her pussy was still exposed however, revealing her thin patch of pubic-hair. As she came around the last corner, she heard grunting and the wet slap of flesh on flesh. "Please no..." She whispered to herself.

As Taki turned the corner what she saw nearly made her puke. The fencer was holding the ruined body of her friend, now missing all four of her limbs, as he fucked her mercilessly. Taki locked eyes with what was left of Cassandra for an instant, and the girl seemed to smile for a second as blood dripped from her eyes and nose, her face white as a ghost. With an animal like grunt the man dropped Cassandra onto her back and began to pump long ropes of cum over the body. Taki unsheathed both do her swords.

"Welcome to the party" Raphael said as he turned to face the Ninja. "You're going to die the most painful death imaginable for this!" Taki shouted, and without another word she charged at the fencer. Raphael did even have time to put his cock away before the battle was engaged. He was forced to dive across the floor towards his sword, barely managing to pick it up in time to deflect the first of Taki's cuts. Slash after slash rained down on him, each one harder to parry or deflect than the last. She stayed inside his guard, pressing forward every time he tried to step away and get the room he needed to strike. He could feel the dark power inside of him pushed to it's limits, even the unnatural speed of a vampire was hardly enough to keep up with the blazing pace of the ninja girl. Somehow in the midst of her attacks he saw an opening, drawing his body back like a snake to avoid her latest cut, he lunged forward, blade flashing upward towards her exposed throat. He gasped as Taki instantly launched herself over his head evading his strike and landing behind him. Pain suddenly shot through him as she cut two long furrows through his collarbones shoulders and back, ripping a bloody line through his muscles. His left arm fell uselessly to his side, the tendons completely severed. In desperation he leaned forward and kicked straight back. Raphael was amazed when he felt his boot sink into her middle and heard her shout as she was taken off her feet.

Trying to lift his sword with his right arm was a struggle, but he managed to turn and raise his blade back to guard. What he saw caused him to smirk. Taki had dropped one her blades and was clutching her gut as blood streamed out around her fingers, he had seen the wound when their fight had started, but assumed it was superficial, it obviously hadn't been. Using what little of his vampire powers remained he focused on healing the muscles on the right side of his back, and slowly stepped towards the ninja-girl. With a grunt Taki rose to her feet, still clutching her belly with one hand she raised her sword with the other, and launched herself at him once again. This time Raphael was ready. Each of her thrusts he parried, throwing his own counterstrikes that she seemed slow to block, instead of backing away as he had before Raphael slowly let her get closer, readying himself to end the fight. With a sudden lunge he stabbed his rapier straight down through the top of Taki's foot. As she screamed in dismay he pulled the blade free and hooked her opposite ankle with it's tip. Yanking it back towards himself he ripped her completely off her feet, using the last of his energy to spin to the side of her falling body. With a crunch he simultaneously brought his knee up into her lower spine and his elbow down onto her sternum.

Taki felt the explosion of pain in her lower spine and then suddenly could no longer feel her legs as her body was bent in half backwards by the opposing forces of Raphael's strike. At the same moment tremendous pain erupted from her belly as her abdominal wall finally gave way and tore wide-open. As Taki slide off of Raphael's knee and onto the ground she watched her intestines spill from the wound and land in a pile next to her.

Raphael smiled in satisfaction as he stood over the body of the defeated ninja. "You almost beat me, you fucking she-witch, I'll give you that, but you didn't, and now I get to use you just like I did with your little friend over there". He gestured towards Cassandra's ruined body, as his cock began to stiffen once again.

Taki said nothing only glared with hate in her eyes as the fencer straddled her. She bit back tears as he held his blade across her throat and sat down on her ruined belly, smashing down on the wound as his stuff cock bobbed up and down in front of her. "Make one move to stop me and I'll slit your whore throat" he said. As one hand kept the sword pressed tightly to her neck, the other ripped open her top, letting her massive breasts spill free once again. Pre-cum dripped from his cock in anticipation. "These are fucking incredible" he said as he started to play with her tits with his free hand. At first Taki was in complete shock, she couldn't move anything below her waist, and even the slightest movement of her upper body caused enormous pain. Pain swiftly turned to disgust however; the fencer's prick bounced in front of her and as it slapped, rubbed and dripped pre-cum over her tits, she could smell the scent of her dead friend's juices all over it. That wasn't most awful part though, she started to feel the pain lessen, replaced by pleasure as her nipples grew erect, her body was betraying her!

Raphael smiled. "I can't believe you're enjoying this you little slut! Look at you!" He pinched one of her nipples and tugged on it, feeling it grow even harder between his fingers. Despite herself Taki moaned in ecstasy. Raphael briefly let go of the ninja'd tits and reached back, instantly finding the entrance to her cunt with his fingers. She was soaking wet, warm juice ran down her crotch and onto the floor. Raphael pushed three of his fingers as far into her as he could and was rewarded with another moan of pleasure from his victim.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were enjoying your murder, you little cunt!" He teased her again. Bringing his hand back in front of her, he smeared a long transparent string of her own juice across her cheek. Repositioning himself further up her torso he placed his cock between her incredible breasts. At the same moment he accidentally put his knee down on the steaming pile of the girl's intestines which lay next to her. Caught somewhere between pleasure and pain Taki's eyes bulged in their sockets as Raphael leaned forward and whispered to her. "May I remind you, if you try anything your head will find itself separated from this fabulous body of yours". With that he Smashed his free hand down over her tits, jamming his cock tightly between them and began pumping forward and back, rocking his hip. Taki could feel an incredible sensation of list rising up from her pussy and radiating from her breasts and nipples, and at the same time an unrelenting pain expanding from her gut every time Raphael thrust forward and further crushed her exposed guts with his knee. A cry of absolute, unfiltered sensation escaped Taki's lips as an orgasm unlike any other before overcame Taki. A stream of juice exploded out of her pussy as her dead legs spasmed uncontrollably. Raphael couldn't believe it, and his surprise only heightened his own pleasure. With a grunt of joy he shot an enormous load straight into Taki's chin, which splattered down her neck and across her cheeks. He lifted his head up towards the ceiling and cried out as he came again, his balls emptying everything they had left, this time straight into Taki's face and eyes. As his orgasm slowly faded he suddenly felt a terrible pinch in his groin. Looking down he shrieked. Taki had grabbed onto his cock and balls with one hand and cleaved them from his body by the roots with her blade. Blood streamed from the red-ruin where his manhood had just a second ago been, covering Taki's chest. Without thinking he clutched the wound with both hands, only realizing his terrible mistake as he heard his sword clatter to the floor. Taki smiled a wicked smile and crushed his manhood in her fist, blood, puss, and sperm dribbled out from between her fingers. "Enjoy your last meal!" She screamed as she jammed his ruined sex-organs into his open mouth. A second later her blade cut through his neck, and his head fell to the floor beside her.

After shoving the dead vampire's corpse off of her Taki feebly tried to move. She had no idea how to proceed, her legs were like dead weights, and even if she could move, she'd be trailing her guts behind her. She summoned all of her strength and managed to roll to her side in the direction of her intestines. The pain almost caused her to pass out, and she ended up sobbing onto the stone floor, her tears mixing with the jizz that still caked her face and forming a pool below her head. That's when she heard the voice of her sword, a voice she had long blocked out, a voice who's call lead to damnation. "Take his soul, just take it and you'll have the power to stand, the power to fight once again". Taki knew what she should do: cut her own throat and die with honor, but she didn't want to. Now that she faced her own death she wanted to live more than ever before. Grasping the blade of her soul-sword in one hand, and Raphael's severed head in the other, she jammed the blade down into his skull and gave in. Instantly she felt power flow into her.

A few minutes later Taki rose to her feet, darkness in her eyes. Her back was mended, and so was her leg, and as she stood her guts slowly started to suck back into her body. Black tendrils darted around her as the body of Raphael began to shrivel and crack, the former vampire's powers consumed by the ninja's evil blade.

A noise from the opposite end of the room suddenly drew her attention. Taki spun to face it, ropes of intestines still hanging from her, and spunk still dripping from her face. Across the room stood Amy, a look of pure anguish on her face. "You killed him... You're going to die for this, you're going to fucking die..." As the words left her Amy charged across the room at Taki, rapier drawn ready.

Taki scrambled to grab her second sword from the floor before Amy could reach her. She barely managed to grip the hilt before she was forced to parry the first of many rapid-fire stabs from Amy's rapier. The girl was much faster than before; Taki's fighting style had always been based around being quicker than her opponent, but now something was strange and different about Amy, the girl had gained a ferocious speed even faster than Taki's. As she was driven backwards by the force of the onslaught she suddenly noticed what was different about Amy; the woman was not wearing stocking and gloves like before, her arms and legs weren't actually there! What looked like clothing was actually dark energy formed into the shape and structure of limbs. Managing to still keep enough of her mind on the battle, Taki diverted some of her attention towards her own Soul-Blade. Using the same dark magic she had used to absorb Raphael's spirit and heal herself, Taki focused her mind on leeching the power away from Amy's limbs every time the woman's rapier clashed against her blade. Immediately Amy's attacks lost some of their speed and force, and her arms began to fade from a deep black to a lighter grey. Underneath the shadows Taki could make out the stumps of Amy's limbs, ivory spots of bone showing through the now-translucent spirit arms.

Amy instantly felt the power she had absorbed from the demons fading. "No!!! You will not win you bitch! This ends now" Amy screamed in Taki's face, and in a desperate gambit the reached out with the free hand and grabbed the strand of intestine that still hung from Taki's open wound. At the same moment Taki's second blade cut deeply across her chest, drawing a line from her collarbone through her breast and down past her navel. Still she had caught Taki by surprise and the wound was deep but not fatal, the damage reduced as Amy spun sharply to her right twirling like a ballerina and wrapping Taki's intestine around her waist in the process. The ninja was shocked by the pain and lurched forward, her tits bouncing in front of her as the tug on her organs dragged her off balance and almost to her knees. With a triumphant shriek Amy brought her rapier down hard towards the back of Taki's now exposed neck.

Taki felt the blow descending more than she saw it, and with every bit of speed she had left she arched her back and yanked her head backwards. The silver blade passed inches from her face, almost slicing off her nose, but missing by perhaps a hair's breadth. Her incredible tits however, were not so lucky. Amy's blade sliced downward through the skin and fat of Taki's magnificent cleavage like a hot knife through butter. With a cry of dismay Taki watched both of her fleshy orbs tumble through the air and land with a wet splat on the cold stone floor. Immediately she dropped one of her blades and attempted cover the enormous wounds that now gushed with blood. Amy laughed with glee and then continued to twirl, yanking more intestines from Taki's gut and dragging the ninja further towards her.

Taki was in shock, blood was pouring from her chest and her guys were being ripped out of her. Even the power of Raphael's soul could not dull the pain. Attempting A final desperate gambit Taki launched herself at Amy with a fully extended round kick towards the girl's head, attempting to crush her skull with her armored shin guards.

Amy saw Taki coming almost in slow motion, with her left forearm she caught Taki's kick and then wrapped her shadow arm over it hugging it tightly to her side and pulling Taki off balance, her legs fully spread. In the same instant she plunged her rapier into Taki's cunt. The combination of Amy's thrust and Taki's forward momentum drove the blade through Taki's cunt with easy. Impaling and destroying the woman's womb before continuing up into her body cavity. Taki's eyes bulged as the tip of Amy's sword exploded out of her chest between the ruin that had once been her breasts.

The pain blocked out all thought, and with a final exertion, Taki swung out wildly with Reiki-Maru. Amy's look of triumph suddenly disappeared as Taki's sword slashed towards her throat. With one arm holding up the ninja's leg, and the other holding the sword that now impaled the other girl, Amy could do nothing as the demon sword sliced through the muscles of her neck. The last thing Amy saw was her limbless torso tumble to the floor and land next to her now severed head.

With Amy's grip suddenly released Taki fell forward. As her pelvis collided with the cobblestone beneath her, Amy's blade was driven further into her cunt. Taki's head rocked forward from the force of the fall, she felt the cold steel of the tip of Amy's weapon travel up through her jaw, she felt a tickle on the roof of her mouth as it continued on it's bloody path, and then suddenly nothing at all...

When later Zasalamel entered the chamber he was delighted. The body of Taki, the famous Ninja Demon-Slayer was displayed in front of him, -tit-less and disemboweled, Taki looked like she was kneeling, her legs were splayed back behind her, and the hilt of a rapier acted like a tripod keeping her upright as it impaled her cunt. The silver blade of the weapon protruded through her chest and continued up through her head, the point rising up out of her forehead. Tears of blood had dried as they leaked from her eyes down her cheeks. He laughed again at the corpse of Amy, now just a limbless torso wrapped in Taki's guts, her head separated from her body and lying on the floor nearby. Despite his best attempts, Zasalamel could not for the life of him figure out how the battle could have possibly ended this way. The thought consumed him as he dragged the women's corpses back to his lab.


Dude. Thanks for finding and reposting, been trying to get it back for years. As a thanks I’ll finish Red part 2 and post it ASAP



Oh shit you're still around Grimm? Ive been waiting for the follow up to that red story for years! Its one of the best written pieces on here.

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