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Just a random musing I had. Contains incestuous sex between two young men and a piece of male meat, and then the story of what happens to that meat... so don’t read it if you don’t like that kind of thing or can’t read that kind of thing for any reason.


Mike Jensen was sleeping peacefully that hot Monday morning, face down on top of the covers, hugging the pillow, his nude body on full display. At barely 40 years, he had sculpted a nice amount of muscle, but it was softened slightly now by a thin layer of fat around his ass, thighs, and belly. The previous day he had been thoroughly cleaned of all hair, and his ass looked like two firm, pale, smooth globes in the light from the window. He was dreaming peacefully about some kind of garden, when suddenly he was rudely awakened by a heavy hand slapping down onto each ass cheek... firmly gripping them and pulling them apart. As his eyes snapped open, he heard a very familiar younger voice.

“Today’s the day, Dad,” his older son Chris said cheerfully, before pressing the fat head of his cock against his father’s asshole. With a satisfied grunt the 21 year old felt the tight little hole yield to his dick. Mike opened his mouth to protest, only to find it stuffed full of another swollen cockhead. Raising his eyes, he saw his younger son Aiden grinning down at him.

“Ohhh fuck, I wish I could get a couple more days with this throat...” the 18 year old groaned, forcing his girth further down his father’s throat until his balls hit chin.

“I know what you mean, but hey, his number came up and... mmmmm... he’s just meat now,” Chris moaned, driving his cock further into his dad’s nicely toned ass, “Plus, we’re each getting a $50 check out of this!”

The two young men high fiver each other as they double teamed their dad. Since Aiden had turned 18 last week, Mike was no longer a minor’s guardian and so his name had gone into the meat lottery. And as luck would have it, his name was picked only a few days later. Since that time, in the eyes of the law he’d been considered nothing more than meat, required to undergo pre-processing and then report to the butcher for his appointment. His two sons were now his legal guardians, and they had taken full advantage of the fact that sexual abuse of meat was a complete non-issue.

In short order they each pumped their morning load into one of their dad’s holes, with almost synchronized sighs of pleasure and relief. Aiden pulled his cock from his dad’s mouth, wiped it on his face, and went to take a piss. Chris pulled out of his dad’s ass and slapped one cheek affectionately.

“How about waffles and sausages for breakfast, dad?” He said, before going to clean himself up. Mike sighed, feeling the cum leak from his ass, but got up and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. They could still punish him more if he tried to refuse them anything, no point in that. He didn’t bother cleaning the cum up... the butchers would do that during processing, and he got a smug sense of satisfaction knowing that Chris’s cum was dripping onto the floor and that they would have to clean it up later.

He turned the stove on and set a pan on it. Rummaging in the fridge he found the sausages. A brand new package; he decided to use all of it. Mike hadn’t been allowed to consume anything but cum and water for the last 46 or so hours, but the boys could save some for later if they didn’t eat it all this morning.

He glanced down at the package of the meat he held, really appreciating it for the first time. It was boy sausage of course, so a cute, fresh, smiling blonde face beamed out from the package. The label next to the headshot stated, “Age: 19, Name: Brandon, Grade: A.” These were high quality, finely seasoned sausages produced by a local family who only used their own boys for meat, which he had splurged on knowing that his days were numbered.

As he mixed the batter for the waffles, Chris came down the stairs, wearing a pair of boxers now. He took a couple pictures of Mike making breakfast in the nude and posted them, tagged #MeatMakingMeat. By the time the waffles were done one of the pics had almost 2,000 likes.

Mike watched his sons dump maple syrup all over the waffles and expensive sausages alike, smiling and shaking his head. They’d mature eventually, he figured. Either when they started their own families, or when their names were called for the lottery.

After breakfast Chris went out to see his girlfriend. Aiden stayed around to wait for the butchers’ transport to show up. Mike was a little touched, now that his older son was gone his younger son seemed to be a little more emotional about the whole situation.

“Sorry, I guess this is kind of my fault for turning 18,” the boy mumbled, as they were idol watching some preseason thing or other on tv. Mike smiled, “It’s not your fault, kid. It’s just the luck of the draw.”

Aiden was just finishing up giving Mike the last blowjob of his life when the Butcher Transport Vehicle arrived. Chris texted Aiden telling him to say goodbye, but Mike was already trussed up and in the back of the truck with a number of other pieces of meat.


Once at the butcher, the meat was offloaded piece by piece. Mike was picked up by a large, hairy man with a thick beard who seemed to spend much more time than necessary groping and squeezing the bound man’s body. He was dropped off in front of a man who put him on the floor, cut his bonds, arranged him in a “face down ass up” position, and then jammed a hose up hid ass. As Mike tried to struggle the man kept him down simply by pressing his boot down on Mike’s face.

After the internal cleaning was done, it was time for the external. He went through a sort of human carwash before being dumped out on the other side and briefly blown dry.

“Thank you for you cooperation,” a friendly recorded voice said, as Mike’s head was placed in a clamp. SCHWICK. The blade came down so fast, he could see the ground rushing up before the attendant caught his head and tossed it into a nearby meat grinder. Mike’s brain was destined to be processed into pet food.

The rest of his body was carefully prepared. His smiling headshot, taken the day before, was put on every package at the grocery store... lean steaks, ribs, sausage, and even a few packages of bacon.

Chris and Aiden each spent part of their $50 subsidy on dad meat. They had a cookout and grilled him up. Everyone agreed he was delicious.


Oh, fun. Not enough men get plated.


Love you... Love this. Needs more boys on the grinder and the grill getting fucked by boys.

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