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She was dead.

David looked at the girl lying at his feet. Her eyes looked lifelessly into the sunset as the rope marks faded from her neck. A young high school freshmen, with blonde laces, and beautiful blue eyes. She had been wearing a fluffy white jersey top and denim shorts.

Her parents were out for the weekend. Off to a trip to the Bahamas leaving her alone to take care of the house. Well, that was until he showed up. He sniffed, taking a look around to make sure no one had seen him before putting the rope next to the side of the house.

He lifted her up by her armpits, and then got her on his back, before piggy backing her inside. He sanctimoniously dropped her dead body off in the living room on a couch and locked the door behind him before making his way to the kitchen to fix himself some dinner.

He was starving. It had been a few days since he had a proper meal. A side-effect of being a runaway homeless teen. But, even homeless teens had perks. He fixed himself a sandwich and scarfed it down. The TV was right by the couch and he sat next to her,
sitting her upright, as he flipped on the channel.

Her head leaned grossly to the side. Her mouth hung open, tongue sticking out.

“I guess it’d be too much to expect a conversation, huh?”

He touched her on the lips, savoring the light pinkish lipstick she had on. He wasn’t sure if she had been planning to go to a party later that night. Maybe, that’s why she opened the door.

“I don’t even know your name. I wonder if you taste good.”

He seductively pushed her down on the couch, closing her dead eyes. He wanted to make it look as if she was enjoying this, if she was asking for this. It was a game he liked to play with his dolls. They always like this. They always ask for it.

His hands fingered her mouth drawing her tongue out like a fish. He laughed, looking on how ridiculous she looked. Does it taste good? My fingers?

He pressed down on her lips, sucking on her soft succulent lips, tasting her like fruit. Strawberry flavor? It could be better. His right hand glided down to her shirt, feeling her breasts, cupping them in his grip. He took a moment to admire the firmness of her assets and then moved his left hand down to her shorts, unzipping her flier, and pressing his fingers on her clit.

He leaned over her, feeling her up before plunging his fingers deep into her vagina. It was lukewarm. He then unzipped his pants, letting his dick slide out, and slowly pushed it into her wet open flier.

He grunted as it pushed through her vaginal walls, slowly worming its way up her uterus. He could feel a slight stiffness as he got half his dick in, but he firmly gripped her shoulders with both his hands and shoved it all the way in.

“Uhh,” he moaned, erotically feeling the pleasure rising up his hips. He kissed her, twisting her tongue in his mouth. He smiled, feeling deep inside her body. His dick exploring all of her bodily wonders. He curled her legs around his waist, and tucked his arms under hers, and began to pump his hips.

Her legs began to bang on his sides, as if inviting his fucking. Her breasts bobbing up and down. He moved his hands under her bra, and fucked her while holding them tight.

“It feels good doesn’t it?”

He laughed and began to talk while still kissing her. His voice, echoed in her throat, as if she was alive.

“I’m dead and I’m getting fucked. Your dick is so big! It feels great. Keep fucking me. I don’t need my parents. I don’t need anyone. Just your big fat cock in my pussy.”

He held her tight, pushing all of his weight into his hips, before letting it all go. His legs quivered as he ejaculated, feeling her soft bossom between his legs.


He lay on top of her gasping, leaning his head on her chest.

“Hey, that wasn’t half bad for a blonde.”

He leaned in, feeling up her breasts, before watching televsion. His hips fucking her as he watched.

“It’s strange isn’t it?” he said, as her legs softly bobbed to his fucking, “I’m here in another person’s house fucking someone I don’t even know. Life is weird.”

He looked over and felt up her phone in the pocket of her shorts.

“Oh, that’s right. I wonder if she has friends.”

David smiled softly, before burying himself back in her dead cunt.


This was good. Hope more is on the way.


I really enjoyed this one. Hoping for more. Thanks!


“I got a present for you.”

Sergov snapped his fingers, and a group of men walked into the basement of the storage unit. There an eight year old boy sat by his computer, typing a string of code into an online website.

“Whats the client?” said the little boy, typing.

“No, client,” smiled Sergov, “Let’s say. We had a misunderstanding with someone and we want to make our opinion on the matter clear.”

There was a thud and the men dropped off four people, each with a trash bag over their face. Their arms and legs were bound by a rope.

“I tried to leave them intact for you, but you know,” shrugged Sergov, “We know all what happens here. Just make sure when you are done, it is messy. And if you happen to have a bit of video. That would be good, too.”

The boy scratched his head,

“I guess this is express mail?”

“Yes, you can say that. Make it happen. I trust you know how fast to go. When you are finished. You know who to call.”

Sergov laughed, leaving the room, beckoning the rest of the men with him.

The boy sighed, “I guess I better get started.”

He slowly dragged the first body onto an operating table and unwrapped the person’s face, revealing a hispanic teenage boy with dirty brown hair.

“Fifteen,” said the boy, “Teeth are fine. Eyes ok.”

The boy then reached into the teenage boy’s pants, touching the kid’s dick. The boy thought for a bit, molesting the unconscious hispanic boy’s dick until it was hard.

“Ok, it works.”

The boy then went back to his computer, typing a few lines into the website.


He flipped on his mic and then flipped an electric switch on his desk.

“Ahhh!” screamed the teenage boy, his arms and legs shaking the operating table.

“Hello?” said the young boy, tapping on his mic. “Hello, can you hear me?”

“What? Where…?”
“Good. Let’s check the sound on your side.”

The boy pressed the button again.


“Ok, everyone can hear you.”

“Who….are…you? What…”

“Oh, my name is Otto. I work here.”

“Work? I…was at a club and…”

“A club? I have a club.”

Otto walked and picked up a club with nails sticking out of it.

“Y-Your…a kid?”

“Oh, I guess I am a kid, too. I guess as kids, I should ask for your name, too.”

Otto leaned next to the boy’s head. “So, what’s your name mister.?”

“I-I’m…Emilio…look….I..can tell you anything…”

Otto grinned.


He swung smashing into the boy’s right hand.


“That’s not how things work here mister. Or, I guess I can call you kid, too.” giggled, Otto.


“You are here because you did something bad. ”

Otto pulled back his club and smashed the boy’s left hand, leaving the bones sticking out.

“” Emilio, nearly cried. His eyes tearing up. His legs shaking.

“Still don’t admit it? If you say what you did wrong. I’ll stop for a bit.”


Emilio’s leg grotesquely bent to the side.

“Stop…! I’ll say…anything…stop!! Please…”

“No way!” laughed Otto, smashing Emilio’s other arm.


Thud. Thud. Crack.

“I…was a dealer..drugs…stop..its under the..second bed..Sebastian…he..….”

Otto wiped the blood from his forehead.

“See, I knew you were a bad person. Bad people need to be punished.”

Otto put the club to the side and unlocked the clamps on the boy’s hands and feet. The preteen then undressed the Emilio’s pants, before stroking his dick.

“uhh,” gasped Emilio, struggling to breathe.

“I’m pretty good at sex, too.” said Otto, before sucking the boy’s dick. He could feel Emilio quivering painfully as his broken arm and legs struggled to get free.

“No..not..I don’t…”

Otto grinned, holding Emilio’s hips, as he licked all over his dick, swirling his tongue, until he could feel the boy’s dick throbbing.


Otto then laughed, picking up the club as he mounted Emilio’s waist.

“You want to be a girl? Well, that’s okay too.”

Otto then swung full force smashing the club right into Emilio’s hard-on ballsack dick, exploding the sack into paste. Emilio entire body violently shuddered as he screamed louder than he had ever screamed in his entire life.


His body shook uncontrollably like a wild bull as Otto rode on top of him.

“It’s a horsie!” laughed Otto, as he got off.

Otto put his head next to Emilio’s bloodied mouth to see if the boy was still breathing.

“Not dead. Boo…I guess, I have to be the horsie for a bit.”

Otto picked up the Emilio and flipped him over. He could hear Emilio wheezing for air as blood trickled from his lips.

“My…friends……you fucking…di…”

“lala,” said Otto, pulling out his tiny 8 year-old dick. “Still not dead. Still not dead.”

Otto then pried open Emilio’s ass as he guided his dick into Emilio’s butthole. He shoved his tiny dick in.

“…uhh…you..uhh..” grunted the teenager as Otto began to fuck him.

“How, hmph! Much…Hmph! Fucking…Hmph! Till you dead.”

Emilio struggled as Otto continued to fuck him, trying to move his broken arms like a dead fish. A minute. Two minutes. Slowly, but surely he began to slow down. His eyes dimmed. His breathing slowed down.

Otto began to fuck him less forcefully. His tiny hips plowing as deep as he could. He then listened in as Emilio’s heartbeat slowed to a crawl. One fuck. Emilio’s leg shuddered. Two fuck. His legs flopped again. Three fuck. And it was still.

Tired. Otto, then rested as his dick lay inside the dead boy’s ass. He began to pee in the dead boy, filling the boy’s bladder with yellow piss. Otto thrusted two more times, flopping the boy’s dead legs around, before being sure the kid was dead before getting off.

He then got up and got an axe from the wall before chopping the boy’s head off.

“And for the finale!”

Otto put the Emilio’s decapitated head on his own corpse’s ass and kicked the boy’s stomach, sending piss back out and into the boy’s mouth.

Otto giggled, putting two fingers up next to Emilio’s fucked up body as his first snuff tape of the day was finished.

“Now, I wonder who is in bag number 2?”

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