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Hey my name is Mia am a middle child, one big sister and little brother, anyway this story tells about how my solo masturbation change to boring to totally crazy.

My sister really like to talk about it, how she does it with boys and her self, what i can say she likes it deep.

Ok..ok the story, one day we receive a strange package with my name on it, so as a normal person i open it, in my room and what did i see, a knife double blade, silver and one gold, also a letter writen by hand and this is what it said.

" Use it well, the fun is greater then you think"

it didn't say from who or what it was, i pick it up and by the strangest accident i cut off my finger, but no pain, no blood but i can see the vain the blood inside, so creepy, it didn't make me cry, scream or what over a normal girl would have done.

i pick up my finger, oh god.... i can feel it and move it.

every girl in this situation would have freaked out but not me, ideas in my head was fusing, i but my finger in my pants still wearing my jeans i pick up the knife carefully this time, with some chivers in my spine, my finger was going deep in, i needed to know what was the difference from the two blades.

I choped of my lift leg with the gold side and stil the blood thing but no spill nor pain but cant move it so i guessed that the silver is the part that can be fun, but i continue with the gold side with the other legs, i just cut myself a jeans short.

I stripped naked and looked at my new pussy, i squizzed it with my hand both side still moving my finger inside.

now every girls wishes is to taste herself, it wasn't a easy thing to decide, but i holded the knife, looked before cutting that am using the good side and chopped my head.

I was holding it with my other head, i looked closer my tits with the other hand i digged to retrieve my finger,  i but my head not between my legs had no more, but close to my pussy i was so wet i can smell it, i started to go down with one hand.

just watching my hand inside, my lips folding was the biggest orgasm i had, i so wanted to taste it, i grabed my head and push it, my tongue went deep but i wanted more .....more, i cut my tongue and push it inside now..thats tasting myself.



Hey, look, you actually did more! Nice!

The super long run-on sentences makes it feel like Mia is talking to me. I had to reread some of the sentences to make sense of what happens next. You should slow it down a bit. Describe the touch of the knife inside her neck. The look, the taste of her pussy as she licked it.

It's a good start. Non-lethal is right up my alley, so, thanks for making more.


Well thank you l, english is not my first language so sorry for the spelling errors, more is on the way. Glad you enjoy.

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