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My name is Mai and am kinda of shy,

my sister like to talk about how she masturbet every night and that i should try it,  well not my thing yet,

But my first time i did, let me tell you.

It was the morning of my birthday and i went out to this new shop, some antic shop, i saw this knife, with two blades one gold and on silver, i ask the seller way and he told me that, i should buy it and find out my self, i laught and went for the door, he call me and told me to come to the counter, and that it was my birthday, shock that he knows that so i went to him and ask him how he knows that, he told me the knife tld him and it wants you, he said in a deep voice, "go home and cut one of your body parts and you will see, each side is different".

i went home, ran to my room and lock the door, i wanted to see so, i layed my hand and cut my finger with the gold side, no pain no blood, i can see the cut the bone but no pain, i couldent move my finger but when a move my hand closer it reattached it self. i was not dreaming, so i tried with the silver blade, some story but i could move my finger, i dont know what went in my head thet moment but i layed on my back and lossing my belt moving my finger like a litle worm up my jeans, sliding inside, my finger was juste inch from my clito, and then i jsut went in moving my finger around insie deep in deeper, the orgasm was like nothing i experience, i wanted to move my finger out but couldent find the wat out i was still shy to touch it with my are hands but had to, i reach down, started to search with my feel hand with all its finger in my crotch, the feeling was crazy,   my finger find its way out, i freed my hand holding my finger, i remember my sister saying that your own taste is the best, i so but my finger in my mouth and sucked it dry, the rest of the story later.


An interesting idea. This could be a lot of fun. You should clean up this story and keep working.



Especially because their user name is 'girl in half'. Really want to see more of this.

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