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Solely for Her Comfort


He's a Shoe-in

A girl decides that her new shoes need to be lined with something special: her boyfriend's cock!

F/m, Soft Amputation, Penectomy, Castration, CBT, Objectification, Foot Fetish, Consensual, Reluctant


 "Oh, my feet are soo sore." Tiffany complained, to no one in particular, as she slipped her new shoes off.

 Steve, her boyfriend, glanced up at her, from his place kneeling down before the couch, as she made her way from the entrance way of their apartment over too him. He noted, as he set aside the broom and dustpan he had been using to clean underneath the piece of comfortable furniture, that she winced slightly with every step she took.

 "Those are your new shoes, aren't they?" Steve observed, raising his eyebrows as she tossed her footwear aside, then flopped down in front of him on the sofa. "Are they not fitting right?"

 "They fit fine." Tiffany replied, grimacing as she put one of her slim ankles across the opposite knee, then began rubbing and kneading the flesh of her exposed sole. "They're just really uncomfortable, for some reason. It's like there's no padding inside of them at all."

 "Hmm.." Steve mused, as he slipped his hands down the smooth skin of her calf, caressing her lower leg fondly, before he took the foot she was working on into his own lap. "Maybe you need inserts?"

 "Ohhh.." Tiffany moaned, as Steve began pressing his strong thumbs into the sore flesh of the bottom of her foot. "..I don't think there'd be.. ahh.. room. Like I said before, they do fit.. but only barely, I'll admit."

 "Can't you take them back, and get a slightly larger pair?"

 "No. This was the only size they had, unfortunately." Tiffany replied, pouting a little, before she arched her back and pressed her foot more firmly into her boyfriend's firm massage. "Ooh, just like that..!"

 "Well, maybe you should give up on them, then." Steve suggested, as he worked his thumbs around the ball of her foot, before moving lower to her arch. "There's not much point in wearing them if they're so uncomfortable."

 "I couldn't do that!" Tiffany replied, sounding slightly scandalized beneath her ongoing groans of pleasure as Steve dug his thumbs deep into her aching flesh. "No way!"

 "Why not?"

 "They're just so cute!" Tiffany responded, with a relaxed sigh as the pleasurable pressure moved down from her arch and engulfed her heel.

 Steve snorted out a laugh.

 "You are.." he said, grinning as he released her heel and began tickling her delicate little toes. "..utterly ridiculous."

 "Gah!" Tiffany exclaimed, as she began to writhe in response. "Hey, stop that!"

 "No." Steve responded, his grin growing wider as he increased his efforts to torment her wriggling toes. "You deserve this for being so silly."

 "Ack! No!" Tiffany sputtered, as she began squirming around, desperately trying to free her foot from her boyfriend's grip, while laughing and giggling. "Stop it, you.. you..!"

 Steve's strong hands, which had so delighted her when they were kneading her flesh moments ago, proved to be quite difficult for Tiffany to escape from. It was only when she brought her other foot up and began pressing the bottom of it against Steve's face, pushing him away with the full strength of her long, lean legs, that he finally relented.

 "You're.. you're terrible.." Tiffany complained, through another bout of giggles.

 "Guilty.." Steve admitted, as he released the foot he had been tickling to take up the one pressing on his face.

 "Mmmm.." Tiffany groaned, as he began massaging the soreness out of her other foot. "You're good at this.."

 "Well, it isn't particularly hard.." Steve said, as he grinned again and winked. He then paused in his efforts for just long enough to give the toes of the foot he was holding a light kiss, each in turn, from largest to smallest, before he resumed his massage.

 "Oh, isn't it..?" Tiffany replied, with an arched eyebrow and a little smirk, as she ran the toes of her already massaged foot across his groin.

 Her pointed toes traced the length of his member, which was quite erect, through the thin fabric of his boxer shorts, which, in contrast to the smart business blouse, jacket, and skirt she was still wearing from work, was all he was wearing for his lazy day at home.

 "Why is it that touching my feet always gets you so excited?" she asked, her knowing smirk deepening as she wriggled her toes against his hot, throbbing flesh. "You're not some sort of weirdo, are you?"

 His only answer was to look up at her lustily, while biting his lip, then bend to kiss her toes again.

 "Pervert." Tiffany declared, looking not at all displeased as she regarded him.

 "Tease." Steve responded, as she used her toes to cheekily bobble his tumescent member up and down.

 "Oh, a tease, am I?" she asked, while cocking her head and attempting to reign her amused expression into a look of prim disapproval, and almost succeeding. "That's rich, coming from you, Mister Tickle Toes."

 Before Steve could respond, probably by living up to the name she had just dubbed him with, Tiffany planted her free foot in the center of her boyfriend's chest, and pushed him, firmly but not ungently, over backwards.

 "Perhaps I should show you just how much of a tease I can be.." Tiffany mused, as she got up from the couch, so she could lean down over his splayed form, her bare feet planted outside his spread knees. "Take off your boxers. Don't bother to get up."

 Steve hurried to comply, his grin turning eager as he did so. He slid his boxers off his hips, then down his legs, revealing a large and very erect cock, along with an equally generous set of plump balls. He spread his knees out a bit more, and then leaned back on his hands, allowing his manhood to rest on the hardwood flooring at his girlfriend's feet, completely at her mercy.

 "Hmm.." Tiffany mused, as she altered her stance, placing one foot between Steve's legs, with the other raised just above his cock, toes pointed down at it. "Judging from the state of you, you seem to be enjoying this."

 "You aren't enjoying this.." she continued, quirking an eyebrow up at him skeptically as she began tracing her toes up and down his now bare length once again. "..are you?"

 "Mmmm.." Steve murmured in reply, his gazed alternating between the sight of his girlfriend's toes teasing his flesh and the amused expression on her face, the dominant glint in her eyes.

 "You don't like having your silly cock beneath my toes.." Tiffany asked, as she laid said toes across the head of his member and began pressing down on it gently. " you?"


 "You couldn't possibly want me to put my whole weight down on your manhood.." she asked again, as she slid her toes up to the base of his cock, then pressed the whole of her foot firmly down along the length of his flesh. "..could you?"

 "T-Tiffany.." Steve groaned, his hips bucking a little at the feel of his girlfriend's entire mass, slight though she was, beginning to bear down upon him.

 "You know.." Tiffany mused, as she began to grind her foot back and forth, balanced precariously on Steve's erection with one foot and only a single toe on the floor with her other. "I think you ARE enjoying this.. You LIKE to be crushed beneath me, don't you?"

 "Oh, God, Tiffany..!" Steve moaned, half in agony, half in ecstasy, writhing his hips futilely.

 "Pervert." Tiffany repeated, her tone triumphant, as she watched her boyfriend's face contort. "Should I do your balls, too? Smush them under my toes, like grapes? Would you like that?"

 "G-Gah!" was all Steve could muster in reply, his whole body shivering.

 "Hmm.." Tiffany mused, her tone suddenly turning from teasing to pensive. "You know, it actually feels pretty good from this angle, too."

 She bounced in place, while frowning down speculatively at her foot, and at the cock crushed beneath it, eliciting another squawk of pleasure and protest from her boyfriend, which she ignored.

 "Yes, it's rather comfortable, actually.." she said, before hopping off Steve's erection.

 "Hahh.. ahh.." he gasped, as Tiffany turned from him and bent over to retrieve something from the floor by the couch.

 "What.. What are you doing..?" he panted a moment later, when she turned back to him. "Oh, God.. Tiffany, I was so close.."

 He looked up at her, a little dazed.

 "Shush." Tiffany instructed, as she knelt down between Steve's legs. "I've had an idea."

 "Can't.. can't it wait until I've.." Steve began, before his girlfriend interrupted him.

 "This is more important than whether you've come yet, or not." Tiffany said, rolling her eyes. "I think I may have just solved my problem!"

 "Problem..? What?" Steve asked, obviously confused, as Tiffany brought the thing she had retrieved up alongside Steve's still rampantly erect cock.

 It was one of her shoes. One she had been wearing all day, and which had caused her so much pain.

 "What..?" Steve repeated, as Tiffany held the piece of footwear up to his cock, as if measuring it.

 As if she were gauging the fit.

 "Your dick is practically the perfect size." Tiffany said, excitedly, beaming at him.

 "The perfect size for.. what?"

 "You said earlier that I should get some inserts for my shoes, so that they'll be more comfortable." Tiffany explained, patiently. "Well, I think that you're right, and now I think that I've found just the thing!"

 "..Just the thing..?" Steve repeated, still trying to catch up. "You mean.. my cock!?"

 "Yes!" Tiffany confirmed, happily.

 "..Tiffany, that doesn't make the slightest bit of sense." Steve stated, after a few moments of staring up at his girlfriend, perplexed.

 "Oh, come on." Tiffany sighed, rolling her eyes again. "Just follow me. I'll explain in the kitchen."

 A moment later, after Steve had stood to his feet, and Tiffany had retrieved her other shoe, she led her still confused, and still quite aroused, boyfriend into their kitchen. One of her hands was firmly grasping and tugging his cock, pulling him along eagerly behind her.

 "Okay, put your cock up here." she ordered, as she drew a heavy cutting board out of a drawer, then slammed it firmly down on the counter beside her.

 "Umm.." Steve said, hesitating. "..Why?"

 "Just do it." Tiffany said, frowning at him. "It'll be easier to just show you, I think, rather than explain."

 As her boyfriend eased his manhood onto the cutting board, while looking more apprehensive than at any point during his time, mere moments ago, beneath her feet, Tiffany pulled a long, thin, and rather sharp looking knife out of the knife block.

 "What.. What are you going to do with that?" Steve asked, gulping nervously as he eyed it.

 "Slice up your cock." Tiffany stated simply, as she bent down to his erection, knife in hand.

 "Why?" Steve asked, grimacing a little as his girlfriend took firm hold of his penis with one hand, even as she lined up the knife over it with her other.

 Though worried, he seemed to be taking her blunt statement of intent far more calmly than an outside observer might expect. Unless, that is, they noted the particular shade of blue of the handle of the knife his girlfriend was holding.

 "Just hold still, and you'll see in a minute." Tiffany said, as she brought the razor sharp edge to rest at the base of Steve's large, erect member.

 Then, with no other warning, she sliced into his flesh.

 The effects of this were, again, probably not what an outside observer would expect. Instead of squirting blood, raw, exposed flesh, and a screaming, agonized man, all that resulted from this action was a perfectly clean, perfectly straight separation of one side of the cut from the other. There was no blood, no gore, and seemingly very little pain, if Steve's expression was anything to judge from. Where the blade passed through his flesh, only two flat planes of smooth, cleaved cock meat remained: detached, but apparently not damaged.

 Tiffany finished her cut less than a moment after she began it, for the blade seemed to pass though her boyfriend's meat almost as if it wasn't there, with virtually no resistance, and his cock, still grasped firmly in her hand, came easily free from his body.

 The knife was, of course, a Q-knife. Capable of parting living flesh like warm butter while not injuring it in the slightest, Q-knives were developed to be used by medical professionals. They allowed surgeons to bloodlessly open up a patient, perform whatever examination or operation was needed, then seamlessly put everything back together afterwards. Any cut made by the knife would, if held together for a few moments, reseal itself completely, leaving not the slightest mark or scar behind afterwards. They were invaluable tools of modern medicine, and their bright blue handles were their universal marker.

 They were also, however, prone to be used, and some might even say mis-used, recreationally. Used at least as much at home, by non-professionals, as they were by actual doctors or surgeons in hospitals. A large reason for this was because flesh separated, even flesh completely detached, by a Q-knife could still be felt by the person it had originated from. In addition, it would go on living as if it were still attached, because, in many ways, it WAS still attached. Blood would flow, nerves signals would propagate, and muscles would flex across the planes of the cut.

 Tiffany set her Q-knife aside for a moment, and fixed her attention on her boyfriend's detached cock.

 "Yes, I think this will do perfectly." she said, happily, examining the erect and throbbing phallus closely and intently.

 "What are you going to do?" Steve asked, once again, as he stepped back a pace from the cutting board, his groin looking odd without its usual occupant.

 "Like I told you, I'm going to slice your cock up." Tiffany replied, turning her gaze on him. "You're already the perfect length, so if I slice you thin, I think I'll be able to slip a few layers into the bottom of my shoes, and still have enough room for my feet. I might even be able to fit the whole thing into both of them, if I cut it up right!"

 Steve only stared at her for a moment, an odd expression on his face.

 "Wh-why would you want to do that, though?" he finally asked.

 "Why?" Tiffany asked, as a slow, wicked smile passed across her features. "Because your cock is really rather comfortable to stand on, dear, that's why. I think I could be on my feet all day, on YOUR cock all day, and not feel the slightest soreness in my poor little feet."

 Steve only gaped at her, his eyes widening in disbelief, as she said this.

 "Bu.. But.."

 "Surely you don't mind, do you?" Tiffany asked, her amused expression growing knowing. "I know you love being under my feet. You might like it even more than being inside of me, I think. Imagine, instead of waiting for me to get home and step on you, I could be stepping on you every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day."

 Steve's breath seemed to freeze in his chest, and his throat worked visibly as he gulped.

 "Just think, every time I took a little stroll, or a single step, or even just stood up, I'd be crushing your silly little cock down into the bottom of my shoes, right where it belonged." Tiffany continued, leaning in close to her boyfriend so she could whisper directly into his ear, her breath tickling him. "It would be getting exactly what it deserved. YOU would be getting exactly what you deserve, underneath my feet, every moment, all day."

 "So, what do you say?" she finished, quirking an eyebrow up even as she whirled away from him, to lay his member down on the cutting board once more.

 Steve just stared at her a moment more, his heart racing, his mouth hung open.

 "Well..?" she asked, drawing out the question daringly, even as she pick up the Q-knife in her free hand.

 "O.. Okay.." Steve finally managed, after gulping his apprehension down one final time.

 "Perfect!" Tiffany exclaimed, a radiant smile coming over her features, which she beamed full force at her boyfriend. "Be a dear and go get the tear mending glue out of my sewing kit, would you? It's meant for fabric and leather, but it should work well enough to bond your cock to the insole of my shoes, I think."

 Steve went, glancing back over his shoulder as he did so at his girlfriend, as she bent over his penis, which he could still feel quite clearly, with her large Q-knife poised ready. He felt the blade begin to move lengthwise, back and forth through his flesh, the slight pinching sensation mildly uncomfortable and no worse, as he rummaged through her sewing things for the requested glue.

 He was back a minute later, and saw his male member, or what remained of it, spread out on the cutting board in thin strips. Each bit of his cock looked odd, the sides of each slice flesh-colored, so it appeared as if bits of skin had been lain out. Tiffany had set her footwear beside the cutting board, and was busy sizing one of the largest strip up against the inside of the right shoe.

 "I think these will work almost as is!" she commented happily, as Steve set the glue down beside her shoes. "I'll have to trim a few bits for the toes, I think, but otherwise I'm ready to start gluing."

 Steve watched as Tiffany, humming contentedly to herself, measured, trimmed, patched, and glued every single bit of his cock into the insole of her shoes. She didn't waste even a scrap of his flesh. When she was done, and had given the glue several minutes to dry, they both looked into the shoes curiously, to see the results of her efforts.

 "Oh, my.." Tiffany breathed, as she gazed down into the shoe she held, before reaching in to run a finger up and down the length of it. "Practically seamless."

 Steve shivered at her touch, and couldn't help but agree. His girlfriend's work was nearly flawless: the bottom of the inside of her shoe looked like a smooth plane of flesh, HIS flesh, with only tiny, barely visible joins between each section of his parted-out cock.

 "Well, the glue says it sets after only a few minutes, so it should be safe to try them on!" Tiffany bubbled, excitedly. "I can't wait to see how they feel!"

 Tiffany set her shoes on the floor, then, one after the other, eased her feet slowly into them.

 Steve gasped as he felt her weight settle onto his erect cock flesh once more.

 "Oh.. my.. goodness.." Tiffany breathed, as she took her first few tentative steps in her newly lined shoes, her face visibly transported with delight. "This is amazing! Like standing on a cloud!"

 Steve, however, seemed like he might disagree with her assessment. The expression on his face was both pained and a bit confused. The sensations his cock was sending him were unlike anything he had felt beneath his girlfriend's feet before. Previously, when his cock had been whole, having Tiffany's weight astride it had been an exquisitely pleasurable agony. The force of her body's mass compressing his cock underneath one of her feet had been a steady, firm, unrelenting pressure on his oh-so-very sensitive flesh, making him feel something like a balloon that might pop. And then he WOULD pop, orgasming like mad, despite, and even because of, the pain.

 Now, though? Now, with his cock cut into thin slices, then put back together in the wrong order, in the wrong orientation, and even in the wrong shape, not to mention the wrong amount of final pieces, the pain of having Tiffany's weight on him was greatly exceeding the small amount of pleasure he was feeling.

 "T-Tiffany!" he managed to gasp, as she began walking more rapidly and confidently around the kitchen. "Tiffany, please, stop!"

 "Why?" Tiffany asked, after she had paused and turned back to him, her grin of delight not fading despite the interruption of her enjoyment of her shoes.

 "It hurts!" Steve cried, as he leaned heavily against the counter top for support. "Jeez, it hurts way more that it did before!"

 Tiffany blinked at this, seemingly nonplussed, before raising her eyebrows questioningly.

 "So?" she asked, as if surprised that he had decided to state something obvious, like that the sky was blue or that water was wet. "I thought you liked the pain?"

 "Ahh! No, no, it's too much now." he replied, wriggling in place, clutching his groin, as his girlfriend shifted from foot to foot in front of him. "I don't think I'll be able to stand it!"

 "Oh, you're just being silly." Tiffany said, smirking wryly. "You liked the pain before, so, now that there's even more of it, you should be enjoying yourself that much more!"


 "But, these aren't quite perfect yet, I think." Tiffany mused, neatly overriding and dismissing her boyfriend's objections as she balanced on one foot, so she could lift and removed the shoe from the other, to examine inside it again.

 Steve groaned as his girlfriend's weight shifted onto just one of her feet, and onto only half of the flesh of his cock. It wasn't even all the same half, which felt very peculiar, even aside from the pain.

 "Yes, there needs to be just a little more padding in a few, key areas, I think." Tiffany mused, and she felt around inside her shoe. "But where am I going to get more padding? I've run out of cock.."

 Then, to Steve's surprise and chagrin, his girlfriend's eyes suddenly fell to his half empty groin, and she snapped her fingers, before pointing at it excitedly.

 "Oh, perfect! Those will do wonderfully." she exclaimed, beaming once again. "Steve, be a dear and put your balls up on the cutting board, will you? I'm going to need them, too."

 Steve, taking in the happy, enthusiastic grin of his girlfriend, then looking down at his balls, then to the cutting board, then finally to the shoe in her hand, blanched as he realized what she intended for his testicles.

 "Chop, chop!" Tiffany ordered, as she took up her Q-knife again, smiling happily.


 Sometime later, Steve was laying on the floor of the living room, not far from where he had been sweeping underneath the couch only a little while before. He was moaning and shaking in apparent pain, occasionally letting out little agonized yelps or brief, dry sobs.

 He seemed to have collapsed there, unable to move any farther. He was still completely naked, and his groin, which he was hunched over and cradling, and which had previously been the home of such a large, masculine set of male equipment, was now completely bare: sexless and smooth.

 The reason for his state of seemingly ceaseless torment became apparent when his girlfriend opened the front door and walked back into the house.

 "Well, that was a very pleasant little walk!" Tiffany said, cheerfully, as she shut the door behind herself. "I went all the way down to the park and back. That must be three, or maybe three and a half miles, there and back?"

 Steve only whimpered in reply, even as he gazed pleadingly up at her.

 "And, my feet feel great!" she continued, her tone delighted, as she bounced on her toes. "I could walk that far again easily, if I cared to."

 A gasp, followed by another muffled sob, were all that Steve contributed to the conversation.

 "Yep, slicing up your testicles and gluing bits of them under the balls of my feet and under each of my toes really did the trick." Tiffany finished, rubbing her hands together in satisfaction. "They're perfect now: I'll be able to stand all day in these shoes, no problem!"

 "..Tiffany, please.." Steve managed to wheeze. "It's too much.."

 "I can't wait to tell all my girlfriends at work about this tomorrow. They'll be so jealous!" Tiffany mused happily, as she moved to stand over her boyfriend. "They'll all be wanting a pair of their own, I'll bet you anything."

 "..Please, stop standing in your shoes.." Steve moaned, as he writhed on the floor at his girlfriend's feet. "It's too painful.. Please, let me have my cock back!"

 "You know.. You're really being quite whiny about this.." Tiffany sighed, as she looked down at the pathetically squirming figure of her boyfriend below her. "Can't you just be happy for me? I really love these shoes!"

 "Please.." Steve begged, as he clumsily scrambled up to his hand and knees. "Please!"

 Tiffany eyed him, her expression mildly annoyed for a few moments, before she broke out into a grin once again.

 "Okay, I'll let you have your silly little cock and balls back.." she agreed, placing her hands on her hips.

 "Oh.. Oh, thank God. Thank you, Tiff.." Steve began to say, before Tiffany cut him off.

 "..IF you can make me cum." Tiffany finished, as she bent slightly to lift the hem of her short business skirt, smirking slightly. "And you'd better do a good job, too, or the deal's off!"

 Steve just looked up at her, his face desperate, his eyes wide, before he nodded eager, quick acquiescence and crawled forward to her.

 "Can.. can you sit down, at least, while I do it?" he begged, as he knelt at her feet, his face inches from her bare womanhood, still squirming in pain.

 "No." Tiffany answered, a knowing smile played around her lips, as she shifted her weight consciously from foot to foot. "Now, get to work."

 Steve shuddered, then did as he was bid, burying his face in his girlfriend's sex in an effort to win back his manhood from beneath her feet.

 Tiffany moaned excitedly, then reached down and grabbed the back of his head with one hand, and used her new leverage to grind herself into his face, even as she went onto her toes.

 God, she loved these shoes!


Author's Note:

 This one's been percolating in the back of my mind for quite awhile, and I'm glad I was finally able to get it written out.

 Magic knives, or as I've dubbed them, "Q-knives" (Quantum Entanglement Knives, in sci-fi techno babble), are often a big part of my fantasies. I haven't used them much in my stories, though, aside from "Cock Vore" (which I still need to finish an ending for and repost). I hope to change that soon, though. I love the idea of being able to detach a body part, preferably a sexy one, and still have the owner feel what happens to it as others use and abuse it. How do they work? I've no idea, ha ha; they just do.


 "Ohh, yess!" Tiffany moaned, as she orgasmed to the desperately eager tongue and lips of her boyfriend, as he knelt before her nearly nude form.

 "Mmmm.. That was a pretty good one." she said a few moments later, satisfaction evident in her voice, as she slowly brought the grinding of her hips and sex against her boyfriend's face to a halt, then released him.

 He sputtered and gasped, breathing in fresh air for the first time in several long minutes. After he had recovered slightly, he looked up to Tiffany, his expression expectant and hopeful.

 "But, not good enough." Tiffany pronounced, with a sad little shake of her head.

 "B-but, but..!" Steven sputtered, his expression falling into pained disappointment once again. "But, it's been over a month!"

 "So sorry!" Tiffany said lightly, smirking back over her shoulder at him as she strode confidently away, wearing only her favorite shoes. "Better try harder tomorrow!"


 Steve, confused, watched his girlfriend stride through the house, about to leave for work. Something was different, he realized with a little frown, and for a moment, he couldn't figure out what. Then, it hit him.

 He wasn't feeling agonizing pain in his long abused, long absent manhood with every step she took. She wasn't wearing her favorite shoes!

 "Tiffany?" he asked, tentatively, scarcely believing his luck.

 "Yes?" his girlfriend answered, distractedly, as she put on her jacket and picked up her purse.

 "You.. You aren't wearing your shoes?"

 "Hmm..?" she hummed absently, before she realized his meaning. "Oh, those old things? No."

 "Why.. why not?" Steve asked, hope blossoming in his chest. Perhaps she had tired of having him beneath her feet. Perhaps she would allow him his manhood, however much was left of it after all this time, back!

 "Oh, I found a nice, new pair of shoes the other day." Tiffany said, offhandedly, as she dug through her purse, checking to make sure she had something or other in it. "They're very comfortable; a perfect fit."

 "Then.. then, can I have.. have my cock and balls back?" he asked, daring to hope, at last.

 "What?" she asked, with a little frown, looking over at him for a moment like he was talking nonsense.

 "Oh." she said, snapping her fingers a moment later, when it clicked. "Oh, I'd quite forgotten all about that. My old shoes had gotten so worn out that it had completely slipped my mind that they still had your cock lining the insides. Oops."

 "Oops?" Steve asked, the hope filling his chest turning to dread at the word. "What.. what do you mean, oops?"

 "Well, since I've got my new shoes, now, I decided that I didn't need my old ones any more." Tiffany explained.

 "So, I threw them out yesterday." she finished, shrugging.

 "But.." Steve began, horrified, before grasping onto another thread of hope. "But, then they'll just be in the garbage can. I can go salvage them!"

 "Dear, yesterday was garbage day." Tiffany said, rolling her eyes a little. "Do you even keep track of what day it is, anymore?"

 "My old shoes, along with your manhood too, I suppose, are long gone by now." she stated, sighing a little. "It was a bit hard to let them go, but, really, it was time. Even great shoes, like those were, don't last forever."

 "But.. But.." Steve sputtered, aghast. "But what about my cock and balls?!"

 "Oh." Tiffany said, still apparently musing on her discarded shoes. "Oh, well, that is a bit unfortunate, I guess. I'll have to remember not to be so forgetful about things like that, in the future."

 "I mean, what if it had been something actually important that I'd tossed out by mistake, instead?" Tiffany asked rhetorically, while shaking her head ruefully. "I'd feel pretty silly, if that had been the case."

 "But.. What's going to happen to them?!" Steve asked, shocked.

 "Oh, whatever happens to the rest of the garbage, I suppose." Tiffany answered, absently, as she walked to the door. "Incinerated or buried, probably. Or, maybe dumped somewhere out in the ocean, if they still do that."

 Steve choked, goggling at her.

 "Or maybe they'll recycle it?" she mused, idly, as she paused for a moment with the door open. "Maybe you'll get turned into a plastic shopping bag, or something."

 Steve whimpered, disbelievingly.

 "Well, I'll see you after work, dear. Have a nice day." Tiffany said, over her shoulder, as she shut the door behind herself and walked to work in her brand new shoes.




Your best since Pool Party, IMO. Looking forward to the different uses for penis (hopefully lots of food recipes!) that this opens up. Like your vacuum story, I'm interested to see you come up with various ways to recycle the cock once it's been removed.



I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure anyone would, since it was a bit of an odd idea. I just loved the pure objectification of it, though, so I had to write it out.


I got to say, the detail and inventiveness of the unusual situations in your stories are some of the best parts, definitely hope to see whatever else you might do!

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